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File 155797447155.png - (174.02KB , 700x583 , 9-1.png )
932953 No. 932953 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 9: Lost in the Stacks

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/926761.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

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No. 932954 ID: 7816e7
File 155797451679.png - (94.89KB , 700x456 , 9-2.png )

No. 932955 ID: 7816e7
File 155797453148.png - (82.72KB , 700x412 , 9-3.png )

No. 932956 ID: 7816e7
File 155797455631.png - (95.36KB , 700x583 , 9-4.png )

“Shhh!” The head librarian shoots a glare at the mouse.
No. 932957 ID: 7816e7
File 155797459563.png - (116.12KB , 600x700 , 9-5.png )

Gabe pulls himself up out of his boneless slouch and stares back at the book in front of him. Slowly his neck gives way and his head rolls, touching ear to shoulder as if reading sideways would make the dry historical tome any more interesting.

Gabe’s eyes roll over to his partner, nose deep in a book about known vampire lord history. A page turns reverently under Casey’s snout as her eyes snap to the beginning of the next passage. A notebook sits next to her, half filled with scribbles. Her hand moves snake-like, jotting down a tangent to explore as she continues to read.

Gabe whispers, “Ugggh there’s nothing here, its just he begat this and she begat that...” he flops over the pages dramatically, “It’s so boooring.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Casey agrees, only half listening. “You said it...” her finger traces a passage and she takes another note.
No. 932958 ID: 3ed3c3

All work and no play makes Gabe a dull boy.
No. 932959 ID: 83bf07

Who's up for a fun study method?
No. 932961 ID: b1b4f3

Boy, the character design sure took a turn...

Gabe go try looking up something different, like fae history.
No. 932962 ID: 10c408

That might be what he's already reading, given that Casey is jotting down notes about vampire history.

How long have you been at this, Gabe? it might be time for a break.
No. 932966 ID: 94e3ab

Grumble that the city could have coughed up the dough for a research team to do this so you wouldn't have to, given that, y'know, the fate of the whole city is at stake.

Get up, stretch and tell Casey your brain is frazzled. You're gonna take a little stroll, get some fresh air and a coffee. Ask if she wants you to get her anything while you're up.

And when you get back, instead of slogging through that whole dry text try skimming for the relevant names you know and work back from any hits.
No. 932967 ID: bb78f2

Fuck homework
You're not getting anything done here
Lets just... GATE the the knowledge INTO our brain!
No. 932968 ID: e8df9c

Go talk to the librarian about what you are researching. I bet they would have suggestions of better stuff to look through.
No. 932972 ID: c7f906

Find a source that's a little less primary, maybe a 'notes on' book that includes context and is easier to look through.
No. 932978 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, behave yourself or the head librarian will come over and smack you with a ruler!
No. 932982 ID: caf1de

just speed read
No. 932989 ID: 8d23f0

ask Casey if its ok for you to attempt seduce the librarian to relieve boredom, or is that rude when doing a group project?
No. 932994 ID: b5b4b5

Get yourself some notepads and pencils or something so you can doodle to relieve boredom. And also take notes if you do find something useful.
No. 933008 ID: 864e49

Offer to eat out librarian if she helps.
No. 933018 ID: a9af05

Have you tried looking in the children's books?

Sure, it may seem like a dumb idea, but there must have been a few children's books with stories about Augustine Moot in them. Even if those stories have a few details changed to make them child friendly, there could still be a few things in them that may not be in these other books.
No. 933020 ID: bcc41d

Investigate sources of ancient folklore about Augustine Moot and try to pin down the more credible ones by cross-referencing what might actually fit her timeline and be the root cause of the tale. Lean on research and compilations created by more competent individuals of the past.

If nothing else, it's gotta be more entertaining than dry geneaologies!
No. 933055 ID: 322af8

Go to the head librarian and apologize. Then apologize with your dick.
No. 933067 ID: 094652

Screw it, look for secret passages for forbidden books. These things are made just for the funsies.
No. 933073 ID: 7816e7
File 155806219629.png - (120.88KB , 700x486 , 9-6.png )

“You should stretch your legs, Gabe.” Casey suggests; continuing to read as fey drama and bitter conflict swirls in her mind.

“Maybe the head librarian would know where to look?” The mouse slithers out of his chair and stands, casually stretching his lithe frame.

“You’re not gonna go flirt with her are you?” Casey mutters with a smile.

“Heh, I do like the bookish type, don’t I?” Gabe replies, his innuendo laced eyebrow wiggle unnoticed by his partner. “Nah, I don’t think Mariana would appreciate me trying to hit on her wife.” Gabe swivels on a heel and heads over, his footsteps muted by worn carpet as he sidles up to the librarian’s desk.
No. 933074 ID: 7816e7
File 155806220126.png - (148.12KB , 700x583 , 9-7.png )

“Hey Ashe, how’s it goin’?”

“Pretty good, Gabe. How can I help you?” She squints behind her half-moon glasses with uncanny patience. 

“I’m wondering where’s the good shit. You know...”

“The... good shit?” The lizard blinks as if it were scheduled on a calendar.

“The real shit. The ollllld shit.” Gabe pinches his fingers and waggles them.

“Gabe, those books would fall apart the second you touched them. We have archivists scouring our collection for clues, but these things take time.” She cocks an eyebrow over the frame of her glasses. “Half of them are written in fey runes that require translation.”

“Oh... well, are there any more modern translations?”

She scratches her scales thoughtfully, “I know Kol was poking around the fey lit section earlier, maybe he’s found something?”
No. 933075 ID: b1b4f3

Probably not but it's worth the diversion.
No. 933081 ID: a9af05

Let's go see if Kol found anything.

And before you even think about trying it, don't even try portaling yourself over there!
No. 933090 ID: e7848c

T e a m s t u d y
No. 933121 ID: 94e3ab

Ask Ashe if it would help to have a fey working on translating those runes. 'Cause you know two... Er... Maybe not Nixxy. Her around priceless, fragile tomes sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But besides Caleb and Nixxy, there's Rodwin, the devil up on the bargast. He'd probably know archaic fey runes.

Then ask Ashe to point you in the direction of the fey literature section, thank her and head on your way to meet with Kol.
No. 933166 ID: 7816e7
File 155814860209.png - (108.40KB , 700x516 , 9-8.png )

“Yeahhhh, I’m gonna go see how he’s doing...” An impish smile on his face, Gabe heads off between the shelves.

A thundercloud of suspicion crosses the librarian’s mind and she calls after him, “No gating in the library!”

The mouse waves back as he turns a corner.
No. 933167 ID: 7816e7
File 155814860692.png - (173.27KB , 700x475 , 9-9.png )

Gabe’s bare feet pad softly through the great library of the Sender Order. Carved into the stone of Moot Point itself, the cavernous space is lit with giant, flat windows and broken up by massive pillars. Made with the same techniques as the school itself, the senders didn’t so much as build the library, rather they removed everything that was in the way. Cut with mathematical precision, the walls, floor and shelves all form perfect cross sections of the mountain. Many historic buildings in the city still feature curiously smooth stonework, obviously taken from the unwanted slabs cast aside by the early senders.

Gabe peeks left and right as he crosses the isles. Row upon row of catalogs, ledgers and histories line the isles or pile up on tables. In some places, scrolls roost in pigeonholes, their thick vellum and parchment yellowing in the dry air. Old tomes bound in exotic leathers are chained to lecterns, or transferred tiny sheets of glass for preservation. Young senders-to-be meander this way and that with anxious expressions: looking for obscure texts to satisfy the most demanding of professors.
No. 933168 ID: 7816e7
File 155814861189.png - (112.53KB , 700x408 , 9-10.png )

He eventually comes to the fey literature section, its neatly bound tomes collected in rows dedicated to specific fey courts and legends. As Gabe works his way down the isle, he spies a ropey tail swaying between The Knight in Green be he so Merry and Fables for Lost Children.
No. 933170 ID: 06fdc0

Well, walk over and say hello!

Also, ask if there's anyone named Gawain in the book about the green knight.
No. 933171 ID: b1b4f3

>this is dug into a cliffside
Uh I guess the cave-in risk is handwaved away somehow.
Go whisper a hello. Maybe grab some ass.
No. 933181 ID: 094652

Port his tail straight into your mouth
No. 933183 ID: 83bf07

Oh some entertainment! See how long you can watch.
No. 933212 ID: cb6404


You know, Toxo, now you have me wondering whether or not early senders might have had a capacity to shape gates in anything but a flat disk. Like a hyperbolic curve or even an enclosed region!
No. 933219 ID: f57349

While it's true sn arched ceiling would be more structurally sound than what's depicted, all else being equal, approximately flat ceilings could work if it's a sturdy enough type of rock. Looks like those pillars aren't more than twenty feet apart, at least on the more visible axis. The ceiling might be arched in some way that's concealed by perspective along the shelves.

Also, given that water and fire elementals are well-known in setting, and this place was built by a group which specializes in dealing with such entities in general, it's very plausible earth elementals were involved in selecting an appropriate site and/or providing subsequent maintenance, repair, even supernatural reinforcement, or at least warnings about potential structural problems while there's still time to do something.
No. 933253 ID: c7f906

Make sure it's him and not his uncle or someone else before you go up and act too friendly.
No. 933256 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. It would be really awkward if you grabbed the wrong person’s tail!
No. 933276 ID: 7816e7
File 155822744167.png - (197.85KB , 700x662 , 9-11.png )

Kol feels a tug at his tail. He finds himself being gently towed backwards until his butt is flush with the shelf. An unseen hand gives his backside a squeeze accompanied by a quiet “Honk.”

“Hi, Gabe.” Kol tucks a thumb in the book he was reading and tries to look behind him.

“How’d you know it was me? Coulda’a been a student reaching for a book and accidentally grabbing a bookworm.” He gives his partner’s tail another tug. “You find anything interesting?”

“Not much. Rodwin mentioned a war on the Plains of Dawn, but it seems like it was a campaign so dull and unmentionable the fey barely wrote about it. It didn’t so much as end as everyone lost interest.” Kol yawns, his brain frazzled by rather boring military history.
No. 933277 ID: 465a14

Pull his pants down.
No. 933278 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's try the children's books next then. Could be some hints in there now that we know what we're looking for.
No. 933279 ID: cb6404


New hair, huh? Just how long have we been at this hunt, and how much of our year remains?
No. 933280 ID: 8ef27d

I'd advise against such action in the library. It's worse than portaling, and we don't ant to piss off the librarian.
No. 933285 ID: 6e0cd7

Maybe just a little bit in the back for access.
No. 933387 ID: 7816e7
File 155829299097.png - (155.45KB , 564x700 , 9-12.png )

“I know the feeling. How about we take a break?” Gabe suggests, his hand reaching under Kol’s waistband. “Wanna show me your bookworm?” He drags the medium's pants down a bit and gives him a fondle. "I missed you these last couple of weeks."

The medium checks either end of the isle, hearing a murmur from around the corner. “Uh, maybe somewhere more out of the way?”
No. 933388 ID: 465a14

Nah, Gabe's already plenty out of the way, it'll be fine.
No. 933396 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, sure, this will probably be breaking a bunch of library rules so it'd be better to avoid getting caught.
No. 933398 ID: a9af05

Yes, let's avoid getting caught with our pants down!
No. 933406 ID: 7bb6a5

Normally I would say have at it, but you guys reeeeaaaally need to not get kicked out of the library. At least go to a stairwell, or some section that nobody uses, or something like that.

... Actually, Gabe, did you ever manage that personal pocket dimension trick from your fae theatre friend?
No. 933409 ID: 8eaf98

he did it's a question of how big he has gotten it by now
No. 933416 ID: cb6404


>Falling book

No. 933417 ID: 94e3ab

Yeah, definitely find a private spot, away from the books. Ashe would figuratively skin you two alive if you get the books... sticky.

>... Actually, Gabe, did you ever manage that personal pocket dimension trick from your fae theatre friend?
Probably not yet, but he does still have Vivian's permission to enter her heart's pocket dimension, doesn't he? She wouldn't mind Gabe bringing a friend, would she? Ah, but if Gabe has to Gate to get there, then he can't do so in the library. And if they have to leave the library to do so, then they may as well Gate back home for their sex break and not bother Vivian at all.

So, instead, find a windowless study room, supply closet or some other private room. Preferably one with good sound insulation.
No. 933421 ID: 23c164

Look, there's a lot of bookshelves here, the chances of someone seeing you must be one in a hundred! And if they do then they were a nerd for looking.
No. 933422 ID: 91ee5f

>Probably not yet
Actually, yes, he has learned how to make it already. He’s been seen using it a few times when everyone was traveling atop the Bargast earlier.

But it’s like >>933409 said, the only question is how big he’s made his pocket dimension by now.
No. 933439 ID: 7816e7
File 155831691195.png - (161.62KB , 700x501 , 9-13.png )

Gabe runs around the corner and excitedly takes Kol’s hand. Together they hurry over to a space between a couple of columns, tucked behind a couple of comfy chairs.
No. 933440 ID: 7816e7
File 155831691530.png - (133.07KB , 700x583 , 9-14.png )

Gabe positions Kol so that it looks as though he’s leaning against the wall and drops to his knees in front of him, hopefully unnoticed. He fiddles with Kol’s pants, trying to muffle the clink of his belt buckle as his shaft bobs free.

“Boy I really missed this...” Gabe licks his lips, his breath hot against Kol’s belly. “You get up to some good, salty fun with Caleb while you were gone?” He massages the base of Kol’s dick, bringing him to his full size.

“Heh, well, fishing is really boring.” Kol admits with a rosy blush. “Not a lot to do, you know?”

No. 933461 ID: c8974b

Tell me everything.
No. 933487 ID: 91ee5f

So, did he and Caleb find the fish they were looking for?
No. 933556 ID: 7816e7
File 155840851519.png - (138.80KB , 700x583 , 9-15.png )

“Ooh, I bet you did plenty. I would have loved to see that: a couple of weeks of getting wrecked by selkie dick. Why don't you tell me about it?” Gabe winks and slips Kol’s shaft between his lips.

“Ah-“ Kol manages to stifle his moan. His knees wobble under Gabe’s ministrations and he leans against the wall. He bucks lightly into the blowjob, his hand encouraging Gabe and helping set the pace. "Ah- We started off just kind of fooling around while waiting for fish to bite. I wanted Caleb to feel comfortable, you know?"

Gabe mumbles a "Mmhmm…" into Kol's crotch.

No. 933557 ID: 7816e7
File 155840851831.png - (154.71KB , 700x583 , 9-16.png )

"Caleb's not much for oral, but his hands- Ah- Man, those hands are amazing: so powerful and so big. But he's-uh- used to working with them, and he knows exactly what he's doing."
No. 933558 ID: 7816e7
File 155840852321.png - (116.14KB , 700x450 , 9-17.png )

"I think he was a bit worried about hurting me, you know… after last time. Ah-Caleb let me set the pace, gave me plenty of control; it was very sweet. Once we got going though, he would slam me down on his dick, over and over. Fates-uhh! I- I could ride him for hours."
No. 933559 ID: 7816e7
File 155840852721.png - (206.89KB , 700x700 , 9-18.png )

"Which was good, 'cause Caleb was really pent up. I- I swear, every time he came I could feel him filling me up. I- Ah- I loved it: feeling his cum leaking out of me as he fucked me senseless. I'd pass out, exhausted and dripping; laying on his chest, feeling his heart racing and his breath hot in my ear. Knowing that as soon as I was ready, he'd take me again and make me his…
No. 933561 ID: 347c6e

That's sweet! Almost just a little too sweet. Hmm. Wait until you're done before you ask, Gabe, but is it possible a little cinder-spark or two of Caleb's last lover got left behind after that body-sharing adventure?
No. 933576 ID: 094652

It occurs to me that Kol is a hit with fae who have big deer eyes. I wonder if there's a pattern, but we don't have enough data.

Also, go to the bathroom. This is a library, no liquids allowed outside of containers. Including yours.
No. 933668 ID: 7816e7
File 155849196407.png - (149.36KB , 560x700 , 9-19.png )

“Mmmm-“ Gabe pulls away, leaving a ghostly ring of lipstick. “Wow, you guys were busy. You think Adrian was giving you any tips?”

“Heh. It did feel kinda... familiar? Its weird, like there was some lingering connection. Ah!” Kol gasps as Gabe slips a finger under his tail.

“Good to know you’re not completely stretched out back there.” Gabe remarks as he teases his partner and finds his sweet spot.

“G-Gabe!” Kol bites his lip as the pleasurable pressure starts to build. His knees go weak and he pushes another hand against the wall for support.

“You gonna cum? Come on, give it to me, big guy.” Gabe opens his mouth and shows off an inviting, pink tongue.

No. 933669 ID: 7816e7
File 155849196961.png - (123.45KB , 700x583 , 9-20.png )

Stone shifts and Kol suddenly tumbles into the dark, taking Gabe with him.
No. 933670 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 933674 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like this is enough of an emergency situation to break library rules and portal out.
Just... look behind you first to make sure you aren't gonna cut anything important (and also to be sure you're not at the bottom already anyway)

Or, actually, maybe Kol can salvage the situation via his strength?
No. 933676 ID: 10c408

ohhh no.

Gabe, you need to get your right arm around the back of your head. Your left hand needs to not grab ANYTHING, at all.

Kol... Uh, fuck. Try and keep your head up and make sure the first collision you have with the floor is your arms and not your head.

...Either of them!
No. 933683 ID: a9af05

A secret passage? Maybe the information you're looking for is down here?
No. 933688 ID: 94e3ab

Gabe was kneeling when he fell back, so I think he isn't gonna impact the stairs so badly as long as he tucks in. Most he should get is bruises. That is, as long as Kol doesn't fall on him.

Kol, spirit boost or whatever yourself and shoot a arm out to the nearest wall to push yourself to the side so you don't land on Gabe. Roll over at the same time and then curl up to protect yourself.
No. 933689 ID: 85c48e

Dammit Gabe why weren't you wearing a skirt again?! We could've positioned ourselves for optimal gravity assisted entrance.
No. 933694 ID: 094652

Brace your head and try to gain some traction with your legs! Or portal if you are that good.
No. 933738 ID: eb6c64

oh no protect Kol's dick!!!

... and your heads, I guess.
No. 933745 ID: 7816e7
File 155857668685.png - (148.55KB , 700x583 , 9-21.png )

The pair manage to protect their more sensitive bits as they roll down the stairs, landing in an undignified heap. They groan and untangle themselves, thankful that they avoided any major injury.

Kol grabs his pants and drags them awkwardly up to his waistline. “Gabe, what the fuck? Did you know this was here?”

Gabe coughs, sending up a small cloud of dust. “Ack! I think I choked on your dick for a second. What is this? Where are we?”
No. 933746 ID: 17c2ee

Finish the job.
No. 933750 ID: cb6404


Clearly we are in {unintelligible markings}, which is just behind whatever section we were previously in.

That section is now the Blowjobs, But Dangerously section.

This section is, too, by proxy.
No. 933751 ID: b1b4f3

Those marks on the wall might shed some light on things.
No. 933753 ID: 94e3ab

The mood's been killed for the moment. Time to get down to business, not blowjobs.

From the layer of dust it's a solid bet this place hasn't been opened up in a long time. The both of you hold still and examine the dust on the floor for footprints. If there are and how deep they are will tell you how long it's been since anyone has been in here.

Gabe knows the layout of the Sender school, right? Can he take a guess about where and what this hidden area is under or above?

There also looks like some markings on the wall behind Gabe. Do they look like anything to either of you?

And don't proceed any farther in. There's the risk of danger in there, and nobody else knowing where you are means if something bad befalls you then it'll be a long time before anyone searches for you. Also, hidden ancient passages are right up Casey's alley and she will not forgive you two if you don't get her in on this ASAP. So go get Casey and perhaps Ashe as well, just to show her where there's a hidden passage in her library.
No. 933754 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, does you little pocket dimension have a lantern or some kinda light source? You might need one to see what’s down here.

And maybe you guys should consider telling the head librarian about this secret area of her library that she doesn’t know about.
No. 933756 ID: e7848c

Oh, good feelings gone. What light source do you have around here?
No. 933766 ID: 864e49

What would Frillsby and Gallsby do?

Don't do that, blue ball blue mouse for fun later and go get Casey and start exploring.
No. 933777 ID: 10c408

Go get Casey, and maybe see about acquiring supplies for a good old fashioned dungeon crawl.
No. 933783 ID: 719d94

It seems that when you casually leaned on a wall while absolutely nothing interesting was happening, you discovered a secret passage! Ashe might know where this leads, and if she doesn't she may need to be informed that it exists. Either way, talking to her seems prudent.
No. 933805 ID: ea82cb

Yell for her from inside the entrance. Hell, if this gets the librarians attention she might be interested too.
No. 933818 ID: 3ed3c3

Looks to be some manner of secret chamber.
No. 933868 ID: 7816e7
File 155866596001.png - (80.21KB , 700x583 , 9-22.png )

“Hey it says something here!”
His fingers trace a series of carved symbols, the edges still crisp despite their obvious age.

Kol buckles his belt and checks them out. “Can you read what it says?”

“Uh. It looks like the kind of runes we have etched around the school but... I can’t make anything out of it.”
No. 933869 ID: 7816e7
File 155866596964.png - (134.16KB , 700x700 , 9-23.png )

The pair exchange a glance in the dark and agree. “Casey?”

“Yeah we should go get her.”

“Well, you should. I don’t exactly want to be walking around like this.” The tent in Kol’s pants shifts, ad small dark stain of pre-cum leaks through.

“Heh heh, its cute seeing you pent up.” Gabe leers and runs a couple fingers up the length of the bulge. “Okay, be right back. Just hang onto that load for me, okay?” The sender gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and scurries off.
No. 933870 ID: 7816e7
File 155866597371.png - (171.84KB , 700x674 , 9-24.png )

"Psst, hey Case. Case!"

No. 933871 ID: 1b9176

We found a secret room, with secret runes!!
No. 933874 ID: b1b4f3

There's a secret room, and Kol has a boner!
No. 933875 ID: 422cea

This one.
No. 933876 ID: 83bf07

clearly this
No. 933879 ID: 91ee5f

Get directly next to her ear so that she can clearly hear you say this: >>933874 !
No. 933926 ID: 21d52d

Whisper in her ear.


Waggle your fingers dramatically.

"As in, me and Kol literally fell into a secret passage that I don't think anyone knows about. 's real dusty 'n old, and I know you love your dust. Oh and there's old runes or weird symbols to translate."
No. 933953 ID: 8eaf98

Kol and I triggered a secret door with a blowjob
No. 933961 ID: a9af05

"Remember that temple where you and Mr. Ochre found that secret room, where you guys found Flashing Feathers trapped in that pot? Yeah, me and Kol just found a secret room here in the library and I came to get you just in case there's another imprisoned god that you can set free in there."
No. 933967 ID: b1b4f3

And if there is, Gabe calls dibs.
No. 933974 ID: 91ee5f

Unless Kol found it while Gabe is out here getting Casey. Then it becomes “first come, first serve” and Gabe will have tragically missed out on getting to sex a god again!

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