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File 155826081464.png - (44.41KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch6.png )
933337 No. 933337 ID: e8f59c


It feels as if I've been running from problem to problem since waking up. But we're slowly digging in and slowly making progress.
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No. 941563 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156509144539.png - (28.07KB , 800x500 , frog_battle.png )

>Huh... we might need to actually have some of our future patrols around the dungeon focus on thinning monster numbers since this looks like our second infestation (first being the imps) and we still have yet to find that devil bear.
Bringing the surrounding area under control is always a little touch and go at first. Clearing existing monster nests and tweaking the geomancy to encourage more useful varieties to spawn is an important part of establishing a dungeon.

>Also what kinda of enchantments do you have on yourself right now and are either of you armed? I'm not seeing weapons and I can't exactly recall what you can do outside your dungeon.
I have no enchantments except for being afflicted with a melange of curses that is unlikely to be helpful! Of course we brought weapons and I can't do anything reliably outside of my dungeon except rely on my golem body!

>Fishing is quite meditative, it was a good choice.
It started well but I'm starting to get concerned. These frogs are proving harder to kill than expected and more keep showing up! The ground's getting a liberal spray of frog mucus, making it harder to move and Moriko and I have both taken a few glancing hits. The frogs can cling to the trees surprisingly well too, giving them an extra angle of attack.

We're penned in and we either need to get them to stop harassing us and leave or we need to break out.
No. 941564 ID: 9caba2

You're letting yourself get cornered by frogs. Frogs. Just powerwalk in a straight line out of their territory.

You should keep the secrets stored in those until you're willing to share them, I bet you have some big secrets you're keeping hidden; perhaps even some you're keeping from yourself?
No. 941566 ID: ad51b8

probably time to leave. I say who ever is quicker at clearing frogs pick a direction and just start taking down any frog dumb enough to stay in their path while the other one of you focuses on keeping the frogs from attacking the first person's back and overwhelming the two of you.

If you can't get out then try to find somewhere you can funnel them or at least find somewhere the two of you can put your backs too so you can't be surrounded.
No. 941574 ID: 12b116

Have Moriko just go all out on whichever frog is closest while you watch her back, you might be able to kill a couple of them before they run off in the face of a trained warrior
No. 941576 ID: 8d4593

Convert some of your internal stones and your stone weapon into a bunch of balanced stone Kunai. Hand half of them to Moriko and start wrecking these little assholes.
No. 941578 ID: f57349

Head for higher, drier ground. See if you can duplicate the enchantment you used in the Deem Duo fight to create throwing knives from your own bones, but direct excess curses into the knives so they'll be some frog's problem instead of yours. The earth-pulse-smell of cursed wounds might help attract the devil-bear's attention.
No. 941585 ID: 0fae41

Of course, Deem. You are a Keeper of Secrets after all.
You should turn the frogs mobility against them. Use the rock you're backing up against as a springboard to take a flying leap into their numbers!
If you keep them off Moriko for a bit, can she sense any larger creatures nearby? Perhaps this swarm came from one of the spawner beasts.
No. 941590 ID: b1b4f3

I think they are attacking you due to your location. Get away from the pond.
No. 941608 ID: a9af05

Leave the pond.
No. 941619 ID: b5bc34

If you want(?) to fight frogs you should do it with one of your AoE specialists at a later date. You and Moriko are direct damage dealers right now, which is a bad fit for mob enemies. Time to retreat!
No. 941622 ID: 977456

There isn't much the frogs can do to you that can't be fixed with some clay and tailoring. Go full "irresistible" force and march onto more open, drier ground. I might suggest the rocks behind you, although they could be come slippery when wet, depending upon their texture.
No. 941686 ID: b1b4f3

Also don't forget Deem you can POWER UP
No. 941797 ID: 0a7f21

I think standing your ground is the mistake, you need to push to the edge of the group and not let yourself get surrounded again.
No. 941926 ID: 1ed92d

Perhaps the pond is where their spawn live? Abort combat, withdraw.
No. 941980 ID: 151656

>Perhaps the pond is where their spawn live?

>No signs of the tadpoles so far at least.
No. 942306 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156560100626.png - (38.14KB , 800x600 , stab_them_frogs.png )

>I think they are attacking you due to your location. Get away from the pond.
Yes well the problem is the numerous angry frogs in the way.

>See if you can duplicate the enchantment you used in the Deem Duo fight to create throwing knives from your own bones
That's slow, I don't have my Heart to do the heavy lifting for a stable casting and I'd need to get that token off Moriko to cast anything that's not golemetry.

>There isn't much the frogs can do to you that can't be fixed with some clay and tailoring. Go full "irresistible" force and march onto more open, drier ground.
Right, hardly the most elegant solution but repairs to my golem body are easily made. With Moriko covering my back, I switch to an all out attack. I'll make these frogs regret harassing us.
No. 942308 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156560111992.png - (41.92KB , 720x720 , the_aftermath.png )

We've waded through the wall of amphibians. Moriko and I croaked a few frogs and made our getaway but unfortunately we didn't get to take much with us. The fish we caught are safe and we also have a frog to eat, but one of the fishing rods was sadly a casualty of the battle.

We're also a mess again so I'm a little unsatisfied. I quickly patch up my wounds by absorbing some clay with my Gigant Mode but decide to play it safe and give Moriko one of the healing potions so she's in top form in case the devil bear decides to burst roaring out of the bushes.

She still seems fairly happy though.

>I bet you have some big secrets you're keeping hidden; perhaps even some you're keeping from yourself?
I wouldn't know.

I take some time over the next few days to brew some test batches of potion with Doyle's help. Seeing we ended up using one of the healing potions already, I make another attempt at them. No slimy skin side effects this time, but the effectiveness is limited since the drinker needs to absorb sunlight. In addition to the skin toughening potion (increased thirst), I now have a small batch of potions of jumping (webbed toes) and enlargement (consistency problems).
No. 942309 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156560121313.png - (30.87KB , 800x600 , basically_a_leash.png )

I've settled into a pattern of doing some rounds of the dungeon with my golem puppet twice a day. The new excavation is going well, I expect we'll have the new rooms done by the time we return. Despite the golem being completely unable to talk, Merud has started talking to me about his research so I've started setting aside some time for it in the early evening.

Maybe he just needs a listener to help him work through his ideas. Hin doesn't seem to have much patience for it and Reisarf is maybe too involved or too vacuous? I suppose that explains why he seemed to be talking to Moriko so much in the past.

"-The problem's going to be the core though." Merud continues. "This little slime isn't very strong so the reinforcing suit and the golem core regulating it both need to be very light. I don't think we can make anything out of stone or metal that'll be small enough."

I settle for tying a strip of fabric to a clay doll (slime stand-in) and a rock (golem core stand-in) to make my point.

"Right, we can make it as bulky and complex as it needs to be then! Deem, you're a genius!"
No. 942310 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156560155415.png - (36.12KB , 800x580 , the_boys.png )

We've started to run into more of the local wildlife too. The frogs are by far the most belligerent, and I have taken a certain petty satisfaction in exterminating any isolated ones I've encountered.

The insect life is both large and prolific too, which helps explain why the frogs are thriving here. They're mostly large by insect standards, but branch bugs have shown up.

They're a kind of giant stick insect. The grubs get laid in trees and migrate into the branch tips while they grow. They can be quite hazardous because they look like fallen branches and can whiplash their bodies for a forceful surprise attack. Firewood collection has mostly fallen on Moriko, as sense training.

There must be stagnant water nearby since I've seen mosquito fairies. Mainly a pest, since Moriko's the only one they'd be a danger to and they're cowardly. They can deepen sleep and make themselves hard to see, but the sound of their wings gives them away. The amount of blood they can drink does make repeated visits from one or a hungry swarm potentially dangerous. I caught one trying to drink Alkaline's 'blood' but it couldn't get through her membrane. I didn't have the heart to kill it.

We've seen some gorebulb spiders too. They're a little messy - if threatened they reanimate carcasses they have digesting in their abdomen.

We've seen some spinning strangleroots. They look innocuous until disturbed, at which point they burst out of the ground and attack with the root mass. Their spinning leaves keep them airborne until it finishes unwinding. The skull-like shape on the root bulb is just cosmetic.

Lately there's slime spitters too. These lizards store slime in their guts to help digest food and to spit out as a defence mechanism. First spotted them sneaking up to Alkaline's slimes to lick them. I've been keeping a closer watch since. Belphe is acting like a few were stalking him too.
No. 942311 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156560168880.png - (47.71KB , 720x720 , slime_time_when.png )

Speaking of Alkaline, she's been producing at least one slime a day since getting here. All together the slimes been eating more than expected, but we've had plenty of frogs to feed them.

The most developed of her slimes have started terrorising the local wildlife and the rest have been sticking close to the camp where they're protected. All have been terrorising the orderliness of the camp.

Using the bangle on her has been excellent training for her slimy skills. It's supposed to resist physical changes, which is why I've been encouraging her to keep tweaking her clothes and appearance as practice, but between her constant use of Hydro Pump and Gluttonous Goo she's been getting bigger if anything.

Though with Alkaline being so prolific, I think we should do a little work with her and her children to get a head start on developing them into their final forms. She can demonstrate and they can try to copy her. I had three roles in mind, which should we work on encouraging to manifest early?

Hoplites: Alkaline's basic slimes. Creates shields of toughened protective slime similar to Toxic Shroud and able to fuse and change shape to assume more powerful formations.
Assassins: An advanced ambush slime. Uses its mobility and Shadow Slick to hide and attack unexpectedly.
Craftslimes: An advanced producer slime focused on reproducing some of Alkaline's useful secretions like her Nourishing Goo, Sticky Slime or Bad Eggs.
No. 942312 ID: 977456

Hoplites could be good but suffer from the risk of slimes generally being outmatched enough to lack persistence regardless of augments.
Assassins Get my vote for tactical versatility. Even if only a distraction, a distraction can be momentous if timed perfectly.
Craftslimes are very tempting, diversity in that field could be huge, but Alkaline already seems to provide enough chemicals for your current purposes.

Try to catch a mosquito fairy. They are adorable a good match to a darkness theme. Can the metamorphose into anything interesting?
No. 942315 ID: ad51b8


mostly because we don't really have any real front line minions. I mean we only have 2 brute golems and the rest are more item users and while some of our friends can get up nice and close they're more mini bosses/bosses so having a standard front line force would probably be best since they would complement the brut golems quit well and buy more time for the Homunculi to use more items to boast themselves even more.
No. 942316 ID: 0fae41

Hoplites. The slimes can fuse together to create a combatant that is hopefully more than the sum of its parts.
Can we trap any of those creatures inside our existing killzone to provide some additional nuisance to the bear? Gorebulb necromancy has potential. At the very least, it would be a shocking sight suitable to a Shadow dungeon.
No. 942322 ID: f57349

Hoplites. Close-order drill and formation fighting take a lot of training to master, especially for amorphous types, so you might as well start early. Also the most immediately relevant, since a shield wall could help with tanking devil-bear attacks, and the easiest to practice in wide-open spaces. Sneaking and crafting will probably be easier to teach back in the dungeon.
No. 942324 ID: b5bc34

Craftslimes. A lot of variety makes for useful combatants and useful workers.
No. 942335 ID: 2eba1a

We can specialize them in more quirky roles later, right now we want them to be as survivable as possible.

I feel like those Spiders have some utility potential. Maybe we could use them to get some use out of all the dead blasted frogs.
No. 942339 ID: 12b116

No. 942342 ID: 151656

Aww, they're adorable. My vote's for Assassins, the enemy can't target what they can't see and with slimes it's better to make sure they always get the first hit.
No. 942344 ID: 7fb87a

Hoplites. Especially if it makes them conducive to teamwork and following orders.
No. 942345 ID: 10c408

Assassin. That adventuring duo are sure to return, and probably bring their bomb throwing friend along. So even if we trained our slimes to be hoplites, they'd just get picked apart.
No. 942351 ID: 1a6fd4

Do we get to choose again for the next group? Or is it a one-time thing? Also, we're not in the dungeon right now, does that mean that if any of them die out here they stay dead? I feel like this isn't exactly a safe place for children. For now, I'd say Assassins just to play it safe.
No. 942361 ID: d120e3

You make the basics before you jump to specialties. Unless these initial slimes are special in some way, there's no reason not to delay the assassins and support for after making the frontlines.
No. 942364 ID: 10c408

We *have* frontline grunts already. They're called golems!
No. 942379 ID: a9af05

I think we should attempt to recruit those lizards. They could pair well with our slimes.

Train the slimes to become Hoplites.
No. 942382 ID: b1b4f3

Any way we can teach the Hoplites to use Shadow Slick? Ambush in formation!
No. 942402 ID: 0a7f21

Should be assassins, we want them to be ambush troops while our golems do the actual fighting or defending.

Not that I expect a lot of adventurers are going to get beaten by a slime surprise attack.
No. 942409 ID: 58b4f3


>Recruit lizards
Do this!
No. 942414 ID: 6840e5

Let's make them assassins.
No. 942429 ID: 679a6d

Assassins, the whole plan for the Dungeon was to use the slimes for ambushing while the Golems handled the front line.
No. 942430 ID: 094652

I vote Craftsmen; they may not look committed, but they have the necessary curiosity needed to invent new tech.
No. 942440 ID: 8d4593

Assassins! Shadow Slimes Ftw!
No. 942441 ID: 465a14

assassins ofc
No. 942450 ID: 9b60d8

I have no idea why so many of you are voting for generic frontline soldiers when that's exactly what we use golems for. The whole point of slimes is being Assassins, they don't last long in any other role.
No. 942451 ID: 91ee5f

>potions side effects
What does “consistency problems” mean? I don’t understand what kind of side effect that’s supposed to be.

>slime spitters
>sneaking up to Alkaline's slimes to lick them.
>Belphe is acting like a few were stalking him too.
How are those lizards dangerous to Alkaline and Belphe?

>she's been getting bigger if anything.
Exactly how big is she now?

>I had three roles in mind, which should we work on encouraging to manifest early?
No. 942452 ID: 10c408

I wouldn't be surprised if the lizards coordinated enough to snatch some of alkaline's slime kids so they can have a steady supply of slime to digest food (at least until the slime is consumed)

And as for doyle... Probably just attracted to the smell of the healing potions.
No. 942453 ID: 465a14

From the esoteric, arcane powers of using my context clues and memory I proclaim that "consistency problems" is the bit where people go all slime-y.
No. 942480 ID: 09e13b


All of these are really great and we'll want them all eventually, but the 'stealthy ambush' role is the only one we can't fill any other way. Golems can be tanks and front line fighters decently well, Doyle and Alkaline can make substances already, and we've already got decent ranged options outside of throwing Bad Eggs en masse. I'm sure dedicated slimes would be better in these roles than our current options (through numbers if nothing else) but I think it's better to close the gap before doubling up.
No. 943039 ID: ac3398

Hrrm. I like hoplites, but assassins might not be a bad idea as well.
I’ll have to put my support behind Hoplites.
No. 943040 ID: 4cf79d

>I don't think we can make anything out of stone or metal that'll be small enough.
This statement offends my profession.
At diminutive scales it's easier to sculpt complex forms in hard materials because anything soft tend to deform or break with the slightest shake.

The slime spitter look adorable.

Go with Hoplites. Follow Alexander's example.
No. 943063 ID: f89679

go with assassins, it's the only role we don't have anyone to fill yet
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