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File 155868339560.gif - (1.32MB , 560x354 , first.gif )
933892 No. 933892 ID: f7fe08

Congratulations young lady, and welcome to the Cherub Safety scouts. A thrilling summer ripe with science, fun, and most importantly safety awaits you here in Cerebrum City.
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No. 940161 ID: f2320a

are we even sure it was trying to kill us but it looks smart lets not kill it it could possibly be talked too like ask where it came from?
No. 940162 ID: 531f99

Offer your non gloved hand as a peace offering.
No. 940204 ID: 3ed3c3

Secure the offending rodent for future study.
No. 940222 ID: 44b1b5

Ask Rose really fast: “Kill or capture?!” She’s the expert. Also, when able, give her a look that says we’re ignoring the fact that she was well along hightailing it out of there and abandoning us down here if she’s good with ignoring how our reckless snap decision would have ended with her electrocuted if she hadn’t been doing that.
No. 940235 ID: 842ac4

Surely a well equipped lady like Rose will have a cage or something to put it in.
No. 940236 ID: c49ece

Capture Rat. No sense doing something you can't undo, and also you can spook Rose with it if she gets more annoying. Remember to turn down/off your glove so nobody gets hurt.
No. 940248 ID: 3551c0

Give it a snack and cuddles. We killed all of its family and friends, so now we're responsible for his safety.
No. 940305 ID: 9876c4

Keep it warm and safe until it's time for our vivisection badge.
No. 940310 ID: 9cf530

Keep the rat. Might be better/cleaner to give him as a cat snack than killing him now.
No. 940372 ID: d6afc2

grab rat
grab hat
put rat on your head
put hat un your headrat
No. 940375 ID: 977456

Did you SEE what happened to the last person to have that thing on their head? The impossible length? The numerous limbs? The clearly-spontaneously-generated ear-tag? Do you seriously want that?!?
Because that all sounds awesome. +1!
No. 940383 ID: 1ed92d

Pick up the creature. Analyze it for emotional state, possible intention and threat.

If it becomes hostile, destroy it utterly. Otherwise resume journey home with suspect acquired. We must know why it was engaging in hostile activities.
No. 940929 ID: f7fe08
File 156450982645.gif - (1.70MB , 560x481 , look around.gif )

“Th-That actually worked…I thought we…um good job.”

Rose mumbles stupefied, before noticing our interest in the brainy rat.
No. 940931 ID: f7fe08
File 156451009065.gif - (147.61KB , 560x423 , hahaha time for rat.gif )

“You want to keep it?! But its! It tried to-! Whatever I don’t care I just want to go home…”

“First things first, give me that glove I don’t want you shocking yourself (or me, mostly me), we can put that brain rat in this hat.”

She sighs while carefully scooping the rat into our “””borrowed””” hat.

"Don't tell anyone I let you keep that."
No. 940932 ID: f7fe08
File 156451073114.gif - (188.38KB , 688x660 , jodwjo.gif )

With our newly acquired psychic rat in hand we make our way back toward the exit, hopefully we can make it to camp

“Lets get going, maybe we can catch a bus back ho-“Rose urges, before losing her train of thought upon seeing a woman atop stairs.

“Hello? Is everything alright?” she calls out before approaching us with a flurry of questions.
“Are you the ones who called? Is this your phone…Are you the ones who threw it at me?” she continues sounding mildly annoyed, eyeing our rat hat suspiciously.

"Call? I didn't call anyone..." Rose, responds shifting her gaze over to us.

"Then it was probably you then, is everything alright?" The woman says switching her attention to us.
No. 940955 ID: f9ba2f

"yeah, we handled it mostly. you should call in humane animal services though, that was a LOT of rats swarming us and those guys can bite through concrete."
No. 941040 ID: 0fae41

Sorry, didn't see you in the dark...
It's okay now. The rats aren't bothering us, and we have adult supervision now. Are you the police?
No. 941041 ID: 977456

"Did you notice a giant mouse with a thousand legs?"
No. 941042 ID: 0a7f21

Hmm, go to the safety of a proper authority figure, or go with Ms Irresponsible here and have some great and possibly violent adventures.

Honestly it's not even a choice, despite a rocky start it's clear this woman is going to let you play with dangerous toys and do things other adults would balk at. You aren't dumb, you'll come out ok. Downplay it, say you found your ride they were just really, really, really, really really late.
No. 941057 ID: 094652

"Just take me home. Please."
No. 941156 ID: 5fbe31

"It's about time you showed up! Do you know how many times I could have DIED?! You are a very irresponsible- er-- what are you? A cop? A nurse?"
No. 941240 ID: ae8ec4

Relay to her us being lost, and the whole fuck ton of rats.
No. 941516 ID: a34b8a
File 156506082114.gif - (360.62KB , 532x750 , explain game.gif )

We explain everything to the woman especially the rat problem we faced during our ti-

“Rats?” she interrupts us mid-sentence

“Never mind that’s not important right now, I’m with the CCPD and you girls look like you’ve had a rough night, There’s bandages and disinfectant in my car.” She says gesturing us to come with her.

“Lets go.” Rose softly urges us following the woman’s invitation.
No. 941517 ID: a34b8a
File 156506149995.gif - (943.84KB , 560x516 , car ride 2.gif )


“First things first. Please make sure to clean your hands, you have no idea where those rats could have been”

The woman instructs us struggling to talk over the car's radio with her monotone voice.

"Guessing by your clothing you're a cherub scout? and you're her guardian angel?" She asks gesturing toward the two of us.
No. 941518 ID: a34b8a
File 156506268619.gif - (434.97KB , 560x365 , car ride 3.gif )

"Y-yes ma'am...I was going to pick her up but got a little sidetracked." Rose whimpers in response.

"Well cadet, uhmm."

"Well Cadet Rose we all make mistakes, but be sure nothing like this ever happens again." The woman poorly disguising the malice in her voice.

In almost in instant the stern angry woman before us converts into a cheery almost mother-like figure in her demeanor as she switches her attention to us.

"I'm just relived both of you are ok, this isn't exactly the nicest city." She continues
No. 941519 ID: a34b8a
File 156506314232.gif - (3.98MB , 560x348 , car ride.gif )

"You've been awfully quiet since we left the metro, sweetie, I don't think I caught your name, what was it again?"
She asks

"You two are probably getting tired of me asking all these questions, you probably have a couple of your own, right?"
No. 941520 ID: a34b8a

(Oh yeah forgot to say our mom's last name has already been confirmed to be McCarthy so that's our last name too.)
No. 941527 ID: 23294b

Bonnie. I feel it fits her hair.
No. 941530 ID: 9876c4

Wammy Tiles
Cleopatra McCarthy
No. 941539 ID: a451fc

I like Bonnie
No. 941543 ID: 3ed3c3

Bonita McCarthy, but everyone calls us Bonnie for short.
No. 941547 ID: c571e8

Can we get another phone? We were on the phone with mother when this all went bad and she is probably very worried still.
No. 941548 ID: 094652

How about Maxxie McCarthy?
No. 941549 ID: 3d1dd5

What's up with the rats being so aggressive?
No. 941550 ID: b5fb67

Bonnie McCarthy sounds pretty good.
No. 941552 ID: 0fae41

So, what are we going to do at safety camp? Are we gonna fight more rat kings? Do bad people make the monsters or are they just a force of nature? When's lunch?
No. 941560 ID: b5bc34


Is this a common occurrence for a safety scout? I had assumed it was like, emt training.
No. 941572 ID: 75d1c4

Why does the CCPD travel around in a Hummer Limo? Police should be in police cars!
No. 941624 ID: 977456

Martha Mcarthay
No. 943024 ID: a34b8a
File 156621816284.gif - (857.76KB , 560x454 , snack wrap.gif )

As we tell the woman our name her once stone faced expression, explodes almost cartoonishly with shock and jubilation.
No. 943025 ID: a34b8a
File 156621847161.gif - (2.72MB , 560x373 , excite.gif )

“McCarthy?!” She loudly interrupts

“You must be Latoy-uhhm…Vermillion’s girl! Last I saw you, you were just a little baby.” she nearly hollers in excitement before regaining her veil of stoicism.

“I didn’t know you were coming here.” She finishes before inquiring about our other questions.
No. 943026 ID: a34b8a
File 156621887563.gif - (3.05MB , 560x458 , Illustration3.gif )

>What’s up with the rats being so aggressive.
>Is this a common occurrence for a safety scout? I had assumed it was like, emt training.
>Are we gonna fight more rat kings?
>So, what are we going to do at safety camp?

“Our job here at the CCPD is to keep the city’s peoples and its properties safe. While that does often include medical aid, it also includes rescue, protection and rehabilitation. But your job as a safety scout is to learn and have fun, you don't need to worry about anything else.”
No. 943027 ID: a34b8a
File 156621902781.gif - (2.86MB , 560x423 , underwawa.gif )

>Do bad people make the monsters or are they just a force of nature?

Bad people don’t make monsters, Cerebrum city is a city of unshackled science and [i]unfortunately[i/] accidents often happen. Those rats probably got their disgusting little paws in something dangerous.”
No. 943028 ID: a34b8a
File 156621944272.gif - (2.24MB , 560x395 , water drain.gif )

>Why does the CCPD travel around in a Hummer Limo?

“They don’t. This is only reserved for special occasions, or me . Any other work that we do is often accompanied by the appropriate vehicle, be it land air or sea.
No. 943030 ID: a34b8a
File 156622004047.gif - (6.18MB , 508x560 , elevate.gif )

A million more questions rattle around in our head but before we have time to ask. The woman's "assistant", nearly shoves us out of the elevator.

"I apologize about the sudden departure,but i'm running a bit late for an important meeting. It was a pleasure meeting you Cadet....Rosie, and Bonnie. I hope you enjoy your stay here with us."

she says struggling to speak through the closing elevator doors before leaving the two of us in an almost silent lobby.
No. 943032 ID: a34b8a
File 156622031354.png - (1.70MB , 5630x2362 , peepee poo poo.png )

Aside from the snoring from whomever is "manning" the front desk the place seems almost abandoned

"So...Welcome to camp kid." Rose Says cautiously

"It's still a bit early, do you still wanna call your mom? Sleep? or how about Breakfast?"
No. 943033 ID: 9876c4

No. 943035 ID: ce39da

"Is it morning already? Uh... I want to get this little guy processed. Make sure it's safe to keep him. I don't wanna wake up absorbed or something. Maybe call my mom to let her know I'm okay. Then sleep."
No. 943037 ID: b5bc34

Mom needs to be told I'm not dead because that's apparently a possibility and then I should probably sleep. Long, cold, wet night after all.
No. 943047 ID: 094652

>Bad people don’t make monsters
That is the most ridiculous thing I've read this week. Keep yourself alert for more bull.

>What do
Call your mother and ask her why CCPD is so weird.
Then order a fritatta with lots of veggies and a milkshake with fruits. And maybe one fried chicken strip for dessert.
No. 943049 ID: 125c76

Consume the Breakfast! For it is the most important of all activities!

Inquire about rat food and a leash for our little friend, (Proposed name) Rat-Thoney Bighead.
No. 943055 ID: 3ed3c3

To all.
Give food and phone, then direct to bed.
No. 943056 ID: b5fb67

Holy dang, this place is a fortress.

Let's sleep first and then have a rousing breakfast of fruits and pancakes.
No. 943110 ID: f2320a

Thats a cute name and a leash would be good
No. 943160 ID: 0fae41

I think the front desk lady has sleeping covered. Let's call mom.
No. 943856 ID: 965b25
File 156717725788.gif - (1.01MB , 782x402 , phoner.gif )

Lets call our mom first, she’s probably worried to death about us.

“alright” Rose agrees
“we can use the phone right here, I’m sure sleeping beauty wouldn’t mind.” She says gesturing to the front desk’s phone.

While waiting for the phone to ring we ask Rose about our rat friend Rat-thoney.
“You named it?! (I was kind of hoping you’d forget about it and throw it away or something…)” Rose responds

“You just can’t walk around with that thing on a leash like a dog! Animals aren’t really allowed here, I can get you a cage, and you can keep it in your room or something but you can’t tell ANYONE about this, or we’ll both get into trouble.”

After a handful of slow rings from the phone we’re greeted with a familiar yet stern “HELLO?” immediately after we echo the greeting, the voice on the other end of the phone immediately erupts into a flurry.


“what’s she saying?” Rose ask
No. 943862 ID: 9876c4

"She's relieved at my safety."
No. 943865 ID: 1fe52b

"Ya know, fussing over me, worried about my safety, the usual mom thing."
No. 943866 ID: 3ed3c3

"Nothing unusual. Say, you guys have good health insurance, right?"
No. 943867 ID: 094652

Your mom's reaction is... weirdly appropriate.

But hang up and let her simmer down, or let Rose take the call.
No. 943869 ID: ce39da

"Mom, mom! Yes, it's me, I'm fine! Rosie's here, we're at headquarters now. Rosie got attacked by a monster down in the station underground and couldn't contact anyone for help, so that's why she was so late, but it's fine! She made it, eventually!"
No. 943883 ID: e7dcb0

"She was worried."

Let her vent for a bit and break in with an "I'm okay." Tell her about the monster attack that Rose was "busying delaying" but she got to you on time to help you stop the attack.
No. 943897 ID: 1fd9ec

"She's glad I'm safe."

Can't even be mad, that's probably how my mom would act in similar situations, too. Good to know she loves you and it was all just unfortunate coincidence.
No. 943989 ID: f3c77f

“I’m fine, I found rose napping nearby and I’ll make sure to whip her into shape don’t you worry. She’ll be a true CCPD ranger by the time I’m done with her!”
No. 944109 ID: 2a2f85

"Mom. Did you check the caller ID to see where I'm calling from?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Rose was late due to having to deal with a situation."

"Also, sorry about the dropped call earlier. My phone exploded because I forgot to take off the AED gauntlet. But the fire did help me set off the water sprinklers, so that's good!"
No. 944111 ID: e51896

Give Rose the phone.
No. 944168 ID: eb1fcc

this one. God, PLEASE this one
No. 944219 ID: e51896

After hearing your mom call Rose a whore, ask mom what a "whore" is.
No. 944223 ID: ce39da

OOF. Yeah, this might be a good way to snap her out of her tirade, make her realize just what exactly has been coming out of her mouth and into her daughter's ears.
No. 944414 ID: 965b25
File 156773005287.gif - (1.03MB , 657x330 , phoner2.gif )

"She's happy i'm safe." we tell Rose waiting for our mom to simmer down a bit.

Seems like she's a bit quieter now maybe we can tell h-
No. 944417 ID: 965b25
File 156773077010.gif - (1.49MB , 630x408 , thomk.gif )

"...She's probably little busy..." Rose comments

"We still got time for some food or a nap if you'd prefer."
She adds.

Both options seem enticing we haven't had any sleep all night or a real meal other than our snacks at the station.

Things are starting to look up from the chaos last night. We even got to learn a new word. "whore" we're not entirely sure what it means but mom said it so it's probably a good one!

Despite all these positive things we can't shake the feeling that something is going to disrupt our newfound tranquility.
No. 944418 ID: 9876c4

Oho, why not whore ourselves to some pancakes?
No. 944419 ID: b1b4f3

Sleep first, food later.
No. 944423 ID: 094652

Drink a supplement milkshake, sleep, then pancakes.
No. 944426 ID: 0fae41

Whore down some pancakes!
No. 944436 ID: b2949b

Pancakes are best eaten AFTER you wake from sleep.

Sleep first.
No. 944442 ID: 2a2f85

Get some sleep first. We’re exhausted.

Before we go to bed, though, ask Rose what “Whore” means.
No. 944443 ID: 2a2f85

Also, love how Mom’s icon is vibrating in rage and motherly concern.
No. 944445 ID: f3c77f

Hey rose, is there some kinda bunker here or nearby?
Just askin for a friend.
You’re that friend.
Get to safety.
No. 944447 ID: 3ed3c3

Oh, boy.
Ok, so, we need a plan to handle mom. The first thing she should see upon arriving is her daughter, so sleep is going to have to wait a bit longer. The priority is calming her down and reassuring her that everything is alright and that she doesn't need to maim or murder anyone on her daughter's behalf.
Rose should be singularly absent when that meeting occurs. She's liable to suffer an ignominious, painful fate otherwise.
No. 944454 ID: ce39da

That line implies that we do have some time. Being awake and alert is more important than eating a big meal. Ask Rosa where the vending machines are and be prepared to eat and walk as soon as your nap is over with.
No. 944596 ID: b5fb67


Power nap, then a wagon fulla pamcakes.
No. 944640 ID: c49ece

Food first. It's important!
No. 944717 ID: acfea1

After a night like this, the only thing you should be eating before bed is t̺̙͈̟̼̪͞h҉̘͕̮̪̝̩͜e̟̮͓͖̩͇̮ ̵̳̥̤͇̥̠̤f̰̺̮̜̘͚̙l͓̻̹̺̣̺͘͜e̮̣̝͙̕s͎̮̣̜͡ͅh̴̺̞͖̲͚̰̙̠̀ ̘͉̩̲̮̦̦o͏͇͍̗̦͓̫́f̧̳̬̘ ̢̳̝̥̜̰̣̰̬f̡̺̬̣͍̘̗̕a̕͏̵̠͖̺̖l̸҉̦͓̦̱̩̠̰l̰͈͔͜e̸͏͎̟͙̞͇̣ͅn҉̶̱̦͇ ̦̤̞͡͝a̦͞n̡̻̦̭̖g͓̀͢͜e̴̦̮̟l̡̝̝͟͞s̖̪͡͝

go to bed
No. 945279 ID: 469be6
File 156877421385.gif - (355.65KB , 560x337 , room.gif )

We tell Rose that a little bit of shut eye would be nice; we can always get something to eat later.
“Right” she agrees
“I’m pooped too…”

Rose leads us down the hall to what seems to be our room.

“Get into your pj’s” she says while reluctantly taking Rat-Thoney away, only to return with a cage soon after.

“Remember our deal right? You don’t let A N Y O N E know about last night or your little pet, and you get to keep him. Just put keep it under your bed or something” She preaches before handing us our rat friend.

“If you need anything my room is directly across the hall…goodnight kiddo’ see you in a couple hours.”
No. 945280 ID: 469be6
File 156877426543.gif - (1.02MB , 560x560 , Illustration.gif )

There’s something we HAVE to know!

What does “w h o r e” mean? We heard our mom say it over the phone when talking about Rose.
No. 945281 ID: 469be6
File 156877433377.gif - (866.13KB , 560x436 , whore.gif )

“Whor-WHAT! Your mom said!...”

“go to bed kid.” Rose mumbles before grumpily stumbling off.
No. 945282 ID: 469be6
File 156877441388.gif - (651.38KB , 560x362 , m spy.gif )

It seems our curious question still remains answerless. Oh well at least we can finally get our much needed beauty sleep...
No. 945283 ID: 469be6
File 156877446958.gif - (553.08KB , 560x362 , m spy2.gif )

No. 945284 ID: 469be6
File 156877449812.gif - (344.98KB , 560x362 , m spy3.gif )

or not...
No. 945285 ID: 094652

"Is bin' long day, talk when my brain work."
No. 945286 ID: b1b4f3

Can I help you?
No. 945287 ID: 977456

Hug at maximum velocity.
No. 945288 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 945289 ID: 9876c4

What are you supposed to be, some kind of whore?
No. 945294 ID: e51896

I love this because of the naivety of our character saying it.
No. 945295 ID: 10c408

seconding this.
No. 945297 ID: 0e2ebe

Hi, don't look at my rat.
No. 945310 ID: 8e55b7

Less talky, more sleepy.
No. 945380 ID: 2a2f85

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