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File 155885108255.png - (15.15KB , 1600x712 , THE THING.png )
934026 No. 934026 ID: 78dbfb

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No. 934701 ID: 0efe8e

yeah but not all necromancers refuse death, some believe that death is a necessary part of life that should be accepted but that one should still aid those who live until their bones have reduced to dust.
Most beliefs around the world take issue with thing like necromancy because it's "disrespectful" to the dead.
No. 934707 ID: 977456

Can you do a handstand? Bet you can!

>necromancers are naughty?
Ehh, there are several ways that necromancy can be bad.
Politics: They can raise militias, aristocracy hates this. They meddle with the dearly departed, peasants hate this. They undercut conventional manpower, business hates this. They are an easy target.
Balance: Magic is the currency of The Powers that Be. Necromancy, regardless of how it is used, is "Evil" magic and grants power to The Forces of Evil.
Propagation: Necromancy involves the imperfectly efficient production or import of necromantic energy. The more tame zombies that are made, the more wild zombies that spontaneously animate and rampage.
Hygiene: Some things that kill people are contagious. Some necromancers do not practise proper quarantine upon human corpses...
Sanity: Everyone who spends enough time around mindless skeletons realises that they are better company than humans are. They inevitably engage upon the noble quest of converting the populace for the better.
Insanity: Nobody wants to leave their undead friends. Eventually they all want to ride the immortality train. This means replacing your brain with a magic rock. Human minds are not designed to operate on magic rocks...

Given that there is no evidence for any of these, I gotta assume that the church are just turbo-lame bigots who aren't real enough to get with the times yo.
No. 934726 ID: 58b4f3

Yes you are! You can't deny it!
No. 934771 ID: 8eaf98

Going to need to second this, you most certainly are the cute! If you do not want to be called cute I could stop I suppose
No. 934817 ID: 78dbfb

a time of a timeskip to get things going a little faster
You shake thoughts out of your mind until one sits and settles for a moment.
Being a PALADIN. While you don't really feel slaughtering people is good, it's certainly more reasonable than your subconscious trying to bring you into something you're probably not even capable of doing in the first place. Well, first, you'd have to know a thing or two about fighting, and...being religious? You think that's a paladin-y thing to do, anyways.

You let out a little growl for a moment as you imagine the words "cute paladin" in your mind, fur raising up a little bit. You totally are aren't cute!

Oh, the sun's setting! You can already feel the air around you becoming cooler and more friendly to you and your fairly bushy pelt. Now's the time to get out and do stuff.
No. 934818 ID: 78dbfb
File 155962759037.png - (18.38KB , 1760x1280 , u6.png )

damn it i did it again
No. 934820 ID: b1b4f3

How exactly is becoming a paladin more likely than becoming a necromancer?
No. 934827 ID: 977456

Your fur's getting a bit shaggy there. Might want to lick yourself for a while.

All else aside, magic would be pretty nice to have. You should try sensing your aptitude. Just close your eyes, sit down, and sense if there is anything momentous out there thrumming in sympathy with your soul. Like, the glorious radience of the sun, waiting to rise. The boundless potential of the endless oceans of bones from the ages, waiting, stilled, beneath your feet, desperate for the chance to rise. The brilliant gaseous laserbeams assembling within your large intestines...
You must have some sort of magic potential, just find out what it is and then you can work from there.
No. 934837 ID: 8eaf98

I see so you don't want to be cute, that will require some changes, your frustration about it is just making it worse. To be clear: it is making you more cute.
you are also probably going to want a better idea of what a paladin IS before you commit to being one. Would suck to find out you do not want to be a pally after it is too late.
No. 934861 ID: 891b91

Well, where to? Do you know where you might want to go to start on your journey to paladindom? Farnworth appears to be the nearest major city, so maybe you should head there.

Also, investigate that snake fellow in the background who seems to be staring at you.

At the very least, the powers that be probably won't murder him just for wanting to become a paladin.
No. 934872 ID: a9af05

So cute.
No. 935171 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156002888849.png - (39.90KB , 1760x1280 , u7.png )

Snake fellow...?
That's not...
No. 935174 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156002917475.png - (88.37KB , 1760x1280 , u7b.png )


Well...you have some options right about now.

A) Get the fuck out of there before whatever he's doing happens.
B) Confront the creepy dude
C) watch

this fits right about now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZk7QnPnoZw[/spoiler]
No. 935177 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156002993580.png - (34.56KB , 1760x1280 , u7b.png )

And by right now, you mean RIGHT. NOW.
No. 935178 ID: 094652

First, ask if he will accept surrender.

If he stays silent, run like hell.
No. 935182 ID: f3310b

This seems to be some sort of misunderstanding. Look behind yourself to see if there's someone else that the dude might be interested in.
If there's no one else, then look to your left and your right, and then point to your chest with a finger to confirm that the dude is actually interested specifically in you.

If he says something interesting (that doesn't involve your death), then B
Otherwise A
No. 935186 ID: b1b4f3

Oh look he brought friends.
No. 935195 ID: e6b8d9

There are many possible reasons that come to mind as to why a necromancer just whipped out his magic and raised skeletons in a middle of city that's strongly anti-necromancy and the vast majority of those reasons are bad and you do not want to be anywhere near them.

A! NOPE outta here as fast as you can run, putting as many buildings and things between this necromancer and you as possible. If there's a place you know is full of those who can face him, then alert 'em as you run past. I'd suggest running to the docks and jumping on a ship. If there's no ship available, get in a rowboat and row out to sea. If no rowboat is available, dive into the ocean and start swimming. (I'm not serious. Do not try to swim across the ocean.) Put all the distance you possibly can between this necromancer and you.
No. 935200 ID: 15a025

There wouldn't happen to be any paladins in this town, would there? If so, go find them and get help.
No. 935202 ID: a9af05

No. 935210 ID: 91ee5f

No. 935212 ID: 977456

Challenge them to a dance-off. They may have the backup-dancers, but you. Have. The skills!
Open with Cat-like Tread. Nobody expect The Gilbert and Inquisition!
No. 935597 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040230730.png - (40.87KB , 1760x1280 , u8.png )

You waste no time, immediately turning around and making a run for it, using all of that feline agility you've got in you!
No. 935598 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040248476.png - (61.68KB , 1760x1280 , u8a.png )

You only manage to get about five feet before something latches on to your boot and HARD.
You hit the sand with a thud, wincing as you feel something in your leg twist in a way it shouldn't...but that's the least of your worries. You feel adrenaline fill your body, feeling even more powerful. You desperately try to escape the hand digging into your leg, but it seems to be too late.
No. 935599 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040267855.png - (17.28KB , 1760x1280 , u8b.png )

As you stare into the eyes of death reincarnated, a surge of...something else fills you, your body tensing up, seemingly as it to brace yourself.
No. 935601 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040273482.png - (20.54KB , 1760x1280 , u8c.png )

No. 935602 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040277565.png - (196.16KB , 1760x1280 , u8d.png )

No. 935603 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040280199.png - (6.52KB , 1760x1280 , u8d2.png )

No. 935605 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156040307517.png - (184.51KB , 1760x1280 , u8e.png )

You start to return to consciousness, feeling your body strapped down at your midsection, for some reason.

brain please stop fucking up i beg you
No. 935606 ID: b1b4f3

Look around, ask nearest person what happened.
No. 935608 ID: 977456

Start making Bone Puns.
No. 935611 ID: 8eaf98

obtain higher resolution eyes to better assess the situation
No. 935614 ID: 094652

Mewl pathetically
Can I haz frees?
No. 935634 ID: 726b70

Do you know of anyone in the town that owns a dungeon?
No. 936756 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156118361355.png - (73.16KB , 1760x1280 , u9.png )

As you start to come back to consciousness, your subconscious takes the wheel for a moment, forcing you to let out a meow.
A moment of embarrassment later and you really try to assess the situation.
Fortunately, someone walks into the room, dressed in...Oh, it's a nurse, it seems.

"Oh, you're awake!" she says, standing by the bedside.

You ask the nurse what happened, a bit panicked.

"You're the one from Nantgarth, correct?"

"Yeah," you respond.

"The guards were tipped off about a siege there, and they thought it was you until you were apparently giving quite the lightshow when they tried to pick you up."

Huh. You got lucky.

"Wwwwhere am I?" you ask, the nurse having hinted at him being elsewhere.

"Accrington Hospital. You've been asleep for four days now." The nurse soon unbinds you, quite clear that you aren't going to accidentally zap someone.
No. 936762 ID: 977456

>you aren't going to accidentally zap someone
Well that just won't do! Great Universal Will of Static Electricity! I call upon you to grant your bounteous presence upon this forlorn feline! I mean, between the bedding and the fur...

That aside, You are likely hungry, dirty, and in desperate need of a latrine. Deal with such matters, likely not in that order.
No. 936802 ID: f2136e

Accrington? Wow, that's pretty far.

This is fine.

Ask her what you should do. Where can you go?
No. 936804 ID: b1b4f3

So you're a lightning mage then?
No. 936811 ID: 422cea

Black and white tiger pattern, inherent electromancy?

Have you by chance heard of an ancient deity known as Byakko? Is there a distant land somewhere ruled by individuals known as shogun and samurai?

...Wait, your'e literally hundreds if not thousands of miles/kilometers away from where you started. HOW?
No. 936860 ID: 765049

Perhaps you should mention the super Evil looking dude you were trying to flee from? Presumably they were the one sieging the place.

Also, apparently you can do lightning magic? Cool
No. 936885 ID: 977456

Have intrusive thoughts about sowing assorted body-parts together then animating them with lightning magic while crying "It's alive. It's Alive!".
No. 938785 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156281145592.png - (77.06KB , 1760x1280 , update.png )

You...are, indeed a lightning mage. You don't think you being a tiger has anything to do with it, but that's a cool coincidence, you think.

HOW you got here...by boat, probably. And...no, you haven't heard of this made-up deity. As far as you know, there's only one god.

You ask the nurse what you should do.

"That's...something for you to decide. But, you probably need to eat."
And eat probably should.

It isn't much longer before you are let out, now standing in front of the hospital, with significantly more buildings than Nantgarth.

You see a couple things you can go ahead and do right off the bat.

A) Eat at the in.
B) Go to one of the city's magic shops.
C) Go to the blacksmith's shop.
D) Look around some more.
No. 938786 ID: 0fae41

Look around some more. Maybe you'll find a food cart.
No. 938787 ID: 2df440

No. 938788 ID: 2efb25

D. Let's see what else this town has to offer.
No. 938789 ID: b1b4f3

B. New mage needs supplies.
No. 938792 ID: e7c7d3

B. See if you you can't get a cool lightning rod staff.

Hey, just wanted to say that this scene looks neat!
No. 938796 ID: 78bce9

Eat. You hunger.
No. 938803 ID: 765049

A: Nobody thinks well on an empty stomach.
No. 938926 ID: 58ee15

Because all the money on you is weighing you down.
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