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File 155953759841.png - (343.11KB , 1400x1050 , 1.png )
934774 No. 934774 ID: 482fee

It's been a while, here's the previous chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/745119.html

Hey guys, I know you wanna tell me some shit, but be quiet first. I'm watching the vids.

INA Today: Iagn's 2nd Skip Continues to Deteriorate
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No. 944232 ID: 590351

I'm sure they can figure it out when things start melting. This is just to make sure they don't start fleeing until we got a way to escape.
No. 944377 ID: 482fee
File 156769906150.png - (318.06KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

:ty:"First things first. Are there any other escape pods?"

:karunboxed:"No, that was the only one."

:ty:"Figured. Can you hack it to broadcast some fake signals?"

:karunboxed:"No, I need to be connected to a broadcasting unit, and the only functioning unit here was Luca's terminal. Janu ripped the drive out while you were talking to me master."

:ty:"Stop calling me master."

:bee:"Hold a tick there, you lot can interface with anythin' right? Well why doncha be interfacilatin with that there elevatin pad. That should be connected to the network in this station ya?"

:karunboxed:I can and have. Is there anything you want?"

:ty:"Hack the escape pod!"

:karunboxed:"Wireless broadcasting is down. It seems key components are unresponsive."

:ty:"Dammit Janu...alright, at least point us to the nearest hangar."

:karunboxed:"Three levels down towards the solarside. The glare from the local star will make ship launches harder to detect."

:ty:"Right then, we make for the hangar."

:mako:"Wait, don't we still have at least one barricade between us and that hangar?"

:karunboxed:"Three automated checkpoints, and two manned barriers. Any of them can raise the alarm."

:ty:"Well can't you turn the automated ones off? Janu sabotage, can we postpone that?"

:karunboxed:"They are hardwired to the doors. Shutting them off locks them, and we'd have to take a detour which will add approximately forty minute to reach the hangar. And the rising temperature levels will trigger an automated response very soon. Even if I postpone the response, the pirates will feel the explosion."

:ty:"Then what can we do?"

:karunboxed:"I don't know. I'm sorry master."
No. 944378 ID: 094652

Fine. How long will it take to disable the bomb? How about hacking repair drones, or press-ganging any pirates with technical skills to disable the bomb for you?
No. 944379 ID: 094652

Alternatively, call your sponsor for help now that the boss is dead and the hacker is on your team. They might have a quick solution you're not seeing.
No. 944385 ID: b2aa6b

I think Janu said she just disabled the pirates' cooling system. I don't think our magic hacker can disable a wrench in the gears. I still vote we just confuse the hell out of the pirates so no one even pays attention to us stealing a ship. First by telling them to disregard any warning of meltdown followed by boarders on floors we aren't on.
No. 944391 ID: 4b02bb

How about we simply take command and organize an orderly evac around ourselves, so we can escape among the rest of the crew?
No. 944412 ID: b2aa6b

Organize pirates? Aside from the fact we'd be surrounded by criminals, how would that make us look to our current employer?
No. 944555 ID: 482fee
File 156788778120.png - (124.70KB , 1400x1050 , 55.png )

Several problems. Janu just rigged something to blow. To disable it, I'd have to go back down and manually fix the that something and I don't even remember what that something looks like. Second, my sponsor has a closed line I can only access on the ship. Don't ask, I don't understand it either. All I knows is if I try to call outside that room, I just get some random linecast. Last time it was an interplanetary sex chat. I just got us in the elevator and we're heading down now. No point in waiting around for something that might or might not happen right?

:ty:"Hey karver, can you send a message telling the pirates to evacuate calmly?"

:karverbox:"...I just tried master, all I'm getting is several replies to screw myself, and that I'm just 'shitposting'."

:ty:"What about if you tell them something is about to explode?"

:karverbox:"...same response."


:karverbox:"...now they think I'm the gear monkeys on level 12 trying to fake an explosion."

:ty:"Welp we tried. Can't save the dumb. So do you got any ideas how to keep the pirates out of the hangar so we can hijack a ship?"

:karverbox:"Sorry master, I'm not good at thinking-"

:ty:"Outisde you box yes, and stop calling me master. Looks like it's up to me."

And by me I mean you.

No. 944560 ID: 094652

Search through Luca's files. Anything she has could be used as a distraction. If she's been underpaying her minions, post the ledger. If she has secret stashes of loot, post their locations now. If she has nude pics, post them on the boards and send a fake signal to your location away from the hangar, then post under another account saying 'who wants to see the scrub get splattered by the boss'.
No. 944571 ID: 9876c4

Honestly, we're a pretty ragtag crew, so I figured we'd just show up, take the nicest intact ship, and shoot anyone who says different. Even easier if the owner's are premelted.

Biggest problem now is getting the armada(and Rocket) to recognize us. Tech solutions to this would be helpful.
No. 944590 ID: b1b4f3

Can we hack into their security systems? If they've got any turrets or something in the hangar we can use that to clear the bay.
No. 944632 ID: 482fee
File 156798691626.png - (231.63KB , 1600x1200 , 56.png )

That does give me an idea.

:ty:"Alright, two things: do you have access to any of Luca's dirt, and did Luca have her own ship?"

:karverbox:"Yes master, the Trashark is her personal ship. As to her 'dirt', I'm afraid all the backup files were erased when Janu ripped the drive out of her terminal."

:ty:"Wait, how'd Janu erase all that so quick?"

:karverbox:"By releasing a worm in the network. Once all data pertaining to Luca and her business was deleted, it has since shifted to erasing all data and rendering it unrecoverable. It should be complete in about an hour the rate it's going. No one seems to notice yet, as the AI that would have caught it has already been corrupted by the worm."

:bee:"Now that's professional work."

:ty:"Okay...do you specifically have anything in your uh...brain implanted thingy?"

:karverbox:"Backups to material Luca was using to blackmail her fellow captains."

:ty:"That's even better, leak that shit under a new name, and get everyone distracted. Post it, I dunno, someplace far from the hangar so everyone heads out."

:karverbox:".....done. The hangar crew has emptied out. The Trashark is unguarded"

:ty:"Which one is it, the tiny one?"

:karverbox:"No, that one."

:ty:"That ain't a personal ship. That's a goddamn Mark VII Destroyer. The Empire just decommissioned these babies last years, how the hells did Luca get one?!"

:karverbox:"I wouldn't know master, I haven't been out much."

:mako:How can the four of us pilot that thing out of here?! That thing looks like it needs a hundred at the very least."

:bee:"Rezan ships don't need that many doncha know. Oh you can have them as a secondary option, but if you got a karver they can control the ship by themselves isn't that right sweety?"

:karverbox:"Luca would use me to control her ship if she had to space a mutinous crew."

:mako:"That still doesn't address how we can convince Cynisis this isn't a pirate vessel."
No. 944634 ID: b1b4f3

Could you rig the IFF up (or anything really) to broadcast a message that it's a recovered vessel and to please open communications before opening fire?

Uh, once we're clear of the pirate ship (and its explosion) anyway.
No. 944641 ID: 9876c4

What if we played "Do not fire on this vessel, It surrenders to the Guts and Glory" on comms Loop. if you're feeling theatrical, put up a white flag or spray paint SURRENDERING on the hull, and keep the guns powererd down.

Anyway, that'd be good for our rep, too. Not everyday a Mark VII surrenders to a cargo coaster.
No. 944642 ID: 094652

Whatever you're doing, do it fast because the reactor is like a few minutes to blow.
No. 944646 ID: 0fae41

There's no time or tools to paint anything, muck with the IFF and if that doesn't work, jam anything that targets you. Point defense systems are A-OK to spool up.
No. 944841 ID: 482fee
File 156821453564.png - (361.99KB , 1600x1200 , 57.png )

:ty:"Yes! My plan to broadcast my signal to everybody I'm surrendering to my own ship is working! The Cynisis ships aren't firing on me!"

:mako:"Yes but I don't think that applies to the pirates."

:karverbox:"Pirate Vessel Destroyer class Knife's Edge has made an intercept course with our vessel."
No. 944842 ID: 482fee
File 156821455945.png - (184.62KB , 1600x1200 , 58.png )

:ty:"Can we outrun it?"

:karverbox:"Negative. Knife's Edge has opened fire."

:tyuhh:"Ah shit."
No. 944843 ID: 482fee
File 156821476316.png - (126.16KB , 2400x1200 , B1T1.png )


Alright so this is also going to be a new system I'm experimenting with for future quests. Objective is to kill the crap out of the opponent. Every turn gives you two actions to either move back or forward one unit, or attack with a weapon. Then the enemy gets two actions to do the same their turn.

Your HP: 25
Enemy HP: 15

[_][_][0][_][X][_] MEDIUM RANGE

Distance represents the distance between you (O) and the opponent (X). Depending on distance, weapons and their potential damage get modified.

Your Weapons:
Reztech Railgun [1][1][3]
Luca's Torpedo bays [1][5][1]

Knife's Edge Weapons:
Scavenger Missiles [1][3][1]
Breach-drives [0][0][9]

Weapons have damage scores for whatever distance you are from the opponent. It's arranged as [LONG](+3 units apart) [MEDIUM] (1-3 units apart) [SHORT](0 units apart).

With one unit between you and the opponent that puts you at MEDIUM RANGE, which means you can fire torpedoes at their best range. There may be other factors later that can boost or reduce damage taken, but for now it's just a slug fest. Roll 1d20 per attack to determine if damage is normal or critical(3x).

No. 944848 ID: ce39da

rolled 3 = 3

Okay, so the bottom line is; we do NOT want to get in "CLOSE RANGE" with them. I say we back up and use our torpedoes.
No. 944849 ID: ce39da

Also, what happens when someone tries to advance when the range is 0?
No. 944850 ID: 9876c4

rolled 6 = 6

Yeah, can't fault that logic. But maybe I'll be better at it.
No. 944851 ID: aab8b7

rolled 13 = 13

Thirding, and hoping my roll is better
No. 944852 ID: b1b4f3

rolled 4 = 4

Torpedos away!
No. 944860 ID: 5b93d3

If it weren't for the breach drives, I'd be advocating for Operation Chicken
No. 944861 ID: 094652

rolled 20 = 20

Don't forget about environmental damage! Use the railgun to shoot asteroids and mess with your opponent's flight path!
No. 944865 ID: 0fae41

rolled 12 = 12

Move twice. RAMMING SPEED!
No. 944866 ID: b1b4f3

(I'm voting to move away, to be clear)
No. 944867 ID: aab8b7

But we got two actions. Railguns and what else?
No. 944895 ID: 482fee
File 156830195905.gif - (111.80KB , 2400x1200 , B1T2.gif )

You'd ram the ship. Since you're both the same size, both ships would take equal damage(10). And then the enemy gets two actions, so that might not be the best idea when the enemy has a Breach-Drive. Better to wait until you have a ship with higher tonnage to reduce ramming damage, or install upgrades that deal extra ramming damage while reducing harm to your ship(Kinetic Dispersal Unit, The Iron Dick, etc)

If however when the enemy is below 25% health, you can opt for a BOARDING ACTION. , not a good idea, as crew become the HP which won't end well with you (4 crew = 4 hp) trying to board a fully manned pirate ship(250 crew = 250 hp).

Good roll. Should note that a 20 does a critical hit which does 3x damage, and anything above 10 does 2x damage


Your HP: 22
Enemy HP:5

[_][_][0][_][X][_] MEDIUM RANGE

No. 944896 ID: ce39da

rolled 4 = 4

Back up again and fire torpedoes again. A safe victory for a safe tutorial fight.
No. 944903 ID: 9876c4

rolled 1, 8 = 9

Should be a productive time to try an alpha strike.
No. 944905 ID: b1b4f3

rolled 11 = 11

Let's minimize damage to the ship to reduce repair costs.
Continue to move back while firing torpedos.
No. 944908 ID: 0fae41

rolled 9 = 9

What I'm hearing is that we should move back 1 and fire the railgun.
Dice, stop screwing with me already.
No. 945129 ID: 482fee
File 156857328482.gif - (207.07KB , 2400x1200 , B1T3.gif )



:ty:"That was...way too easy. And that's just with you controlling everything?"

:karverbox:"Yes master. I can control basic systems, but more advanced manuevers require a full crew complement. Luca knew this which is why she had the Trashark's weapon array replaced."

:ty:"Stop calling me that. Well then, let's get this baby into the Guts and Glory and call it a day."

mako:"The Guts and Glory is a lot smaller than this ship."

:ty:"You know what I mean."
No. 945130 ID: 482fee
File 156857333315.png - (249.30KB , 1400x1050 , 59.png )

:rocket:"Hands where I can see them you sons a bitches! Don't-Ty?!"

:ty:"Hey Rocket."

:rocket:"The hells are you doing on that ship?!"

:ty:"Oh I own this one now."


:ty:"Oh and I got a slave now."

No. 945131 ID: 482fee
File 156857337218.png - (248.71KB , 1400x1050 , 60.png )

:rocket:"Explain. Now!"

:ty:"Later, I gotta talk to someone about somethings. Look I still got Orbip on. Why don't you talk with them about getting stuff settled? They can fill you in."

:rocket:"Oh no, you're not squirming away this time-no! Don't you dare put that in my ear you son of a-"


No. 945132 ID: 482fee
File 156857339809.png - (176.75KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )


:ty:"I'll be in my room when you're done."

Fuck! FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckEXPLETIVE CAP DETECTED. EXPLEBOT ACTIVATEDflipflipflipflipflipflipflipflipflipflip! Why does this sand always happen to me for fish sake?! I am so finding pissed off right now!

Gods Driving Ty just had to make things so much fortune harder for us.. How the ford are we gonna pay for this?

Oh yeah you're here aren't you. Well since Ty is being a fable-silver-crafting apple you can fill me in while I wait for Explebot to shut the family up

No. 945133 ID: 9876c4

Oh, hey. How's things.
The Good; Ty was successful, everyone's alive you just won 1040 crates of silver, and the resale market on battleships is booming.

The Bad; you have new enemies, powerful Spinstorm ones!

You should try to get a fancy dinner out of this, at least.
No. 945139 ID: 094652

Okay, Ty's being a dick, but you're getting a raise and X-mas bonuses. Just ignore him for a few days while he parties the ego off. We'll even let you handle more of the team's capital if you know how to invest it.

The slave's name is Karun, she belonged to the pirate queen of the giant asteroid that just blew up. No that wasn't our fault, we teamed up with some blackstabbed mercs on the queen's payroll who set the reactor to blow then backstabbed us by taking the only escape pod. Hopefully we can remove the slave conditioning, but she's extremely useful so far. Also, from our database, it looks like the slave has ancestry from the same alternate reality that Ty's grandfather came from, so she's practically family. She stays with you, period.
No. 945197 ID: acfea1

Have you eaten your lunch, Rocket? Had enough snacks? Did you drink adequate amounts of water? Take your protein pills? Please take good care of yourself, you really deserve to be in good health and spirits.
No. 945219 ID: 9876c4

Have you been using the lotus lotion you bought from the smugglers? You have to keep moist.

You absolutely have to.
No. 945230 ID: 482fee
File 156873130140.png - (187.65KB , 1400x1050 , 62.png )

No, no I don't mean-he keeps doing this. Makes things harder than they need to be. First off, we planned on using this ship for the next decade or two and build enough cash to buy a larger ship. I had fuel stocked to keep the Guts and Glory running for years. But that destroyer will burn through the fuel in a month. That extra silver might buy enough to keep us going for a year or two, but after that I don't know. That's not counting the extra crew we're going to have to get, the supplies, problems problems problems. So many problems I have to deal with because Ty can't think farther than five minutes. I mean I'M the one who built most of this ship, I'M the one who arranged the crew Ty was supposed to hire but didn't because he couldn't keep on schedule, I'M the one that built the skiff her blew up, does he try to be careful? Noooo~

I could sell the ship, but the only places that would take that would arrest us for owning a stolen Rezan Destroyer that was illegally modified. We can't just sell it back to the pirates because they'd probably just kill us as soon as deal with us. And then there's the slave...Ach-ka I swear somedays I hate him but others...I...I just don't know what I'm going to do it seems Ty exists exclusively to make my life more difficult. How the hells am I going to get us out of this?

You probably had a hand in getting him that monster of a ship and the slave. Maybe you-oh gods I'm asking a bunch of anonymous people I don't know how to solve my life, I'm going insane. How am I going to fix this?

No. 945233 ID: 094652

>Destroyer is illegally modded and not licensed
Calm down. Worst case scenario, we salvage any usable modular rooms and scuttle the remainder by orbital-dropping it on a potential mining spot. Your mysterious contact guy will probably know people who can use something this big, so come up with selling points for better negotiation.

She's worth more than this destroyer. We nuked a pirate tanker in two rounds with her targeting protocols. Database says her mother's species was practically born to maintain ships and build AI, so that should be a load off your shoulders if you take the time to educate her.

>Ty is so shortsighted
Ty is a soldier. If soldiers weren't shortsighted by nature, they'd turn their backs on the battlefield and demand better social standards from their own nations.

>I'm going insane.
That's par for the course.

>What do
Get acquainted with our new Techcarver. Show her the ropes, teach her AI programming skills, and hopefully she'll learn in time to ease your micromanaging load before you have an aneurysm.
No. 945236 ID: ce39da

Ix-nay on the ontact-cay... Ah whatever, she already heard us.

You don't really need a crew for the battlecruiser with that grade-A technocarver at the helm, but yeah, the fuel issue might be more trouble than it's worth. You should definitely broach the topic of disposing of the ship with him; maybe he knows a guy (cough cough nudge)? BTW, she's prime material for the engineer position so you don't have to be that on top of being the ship's mechanic.
No. 945241 ID: bcf428

Sounds like you could have gotten yourself a ship without Ty. Why didn't you? Is tgere a thing between you two?

Anyway if you worry about how to keep your new ship afloat, you could consider negotiating with that megacorp who hired you. There has to be a bounty for surviving what even they knew was a suicide mission on top of that silver payout. See how much you can wring out of them before you worry about things like expenses.
No. 945242 ID: 9876c4

You're good at ships, but you're bad at Ty.

It's a battleship, so it's cool, Ty probably played with them when he was a kid. It was also an escape from certain death, and a means to blow up more pirates! And the culmination of an adolescent dream! He's happy, and he wants you to know!

That said, he's probably not that attached to it, he just wants to be recognized for surviving in grand fashion. Own up to his success, and the MK VII doesn't really matter anyway. Because I think he'd rather have the ship you built too. You 2 should have a talk.

(Anyway, you're surrounded by raiders and mercs who just lost boatloads of ships, who just got payout on their bets. They'd pay out the ass for an intact warship.)
No. 945245 ID: b1b4f3

If we can't afford the ship then we can sell it. Easy.
No. 945255 ID: bcf428

The problem was finding a buyer that won't try to arrest or kill her like she said
No. 945259 ID: 0fae41

You don't actually need much more crew, well maybe some more maintenance crew, but the ship literally flies itself thanks to the IFF scrambler. Maybe you should think like a pirate, and bury this treasure for later! Hide it somewhere no one will ever find it, and layer it with all sorts of nasty booby traps. Then, remind Ty who rigged all the detonators over his fancy destroyer when he does something boneheaded.
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