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File 155993935327.png - (609.16KB , 700x600 , title.png )
935060 No. 935060 ID: 395c02

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No. 935061 ID: 395c02
File 155993937068.png - (494.19KB , 700x600 , 1.png )

I don't know what to write.

I want to tell everyone your story. I want them to know what you mean to me. I want you to be remembered.

I want you to matter.

But every time I try, I mess up and have to start over.

Maybe I'm just not good enough.

No. 935062 ID: 395c02
File 155993938566.png - (690.75KB , 700x600 , 2.png )

What would you say, if you were still here? If you could see what beautiful things you made. Would you be happy? Sad?

Would you, even now, say you were only doing what was expected of you?

I don't know.

But nobody will know your story if I don't do this. Even if I'm not good enough, I have to try. I'll start over, one last time, and finish this. Even if I mess up. Even if it's bad.

Because you do matter. You matter to me.

No. 935063 ID: 395c02
File 155993940047.gif - (1.82MB , 700x600 , 3.gif )

I miss you.
No. 935064 ID: 395c02

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/PFy588emWdo
No. 935065 ID: 395c02
File 155993943423.gif - (658.43KB , 900x600 , 4.gif )

A wishbe is a majestic insect said to be filled with Shaia's eternal love. One need only consume it to see their deepest desires made manifest.

It is the purest form of Her teachings. The natural order of the universe: we consume to create. We create so others may consume.


Existence can't be boiled down into such a simple idea.

Life isn't about the masterpiece. The ultimate creation. It's about failing, about learning. We're flawed. Our creations are flawed. It's those flaws that bind us together. In our mistakes do we find kinship.

What I want can't be granted by a wishbe. It isn't something anyone can cling to selfishly as theirs and theirs alone.

It can't be created. It can't be consumed. We only find it by seeking it out ourselves.
No. 935066 ID: 395c02
File 155993945108.gif - (5.29MB , 900x600 , 5.gif )

No. 935067 ID: 395c02
File 155993947781.png - (308.07KB , 900x600 , 6.png )

"Uh... Kliss? Not to complain, but I kinda gave you that so you could eat it."

"Be free, little bug! Explore All the rocks and dirt and other boring stuff in this underground prison!"

"Sweety, you really don't need to be so dramatic. And stop calling our town a prison."

"But look, Mama! It's so happy, getting to follow its heart!"

"Can bugs be happy? Like, is that a thing?"

"Food can't be happy, dear."

"Food makes me happy."

"Hshss~ Why can't you be more like Tyrsis and enjoy the simple pleasures in life?"

"I'm not a simple slissa!"

"Yeah! Kliss is a difficult slissa!"

"Okay I know you're trying to have my back, big guy, but sometimes you really don't have to help."

"Speep! But helping you is what I do best!"

I raise a claw to protest, but every time I hear that adorable 'ssspeep' noise he makes, I lack the will to challenge him.

"You're such a good boy, Tyrsis. Now come here, sweety. I gotta give you your present."


"I think she means me, since it's my hatchday?"

"Sorry, I got excited about being a good boy."
No. 935068 ID: 395c02
File 155993949110.png - (527.62KB , 900x600 , 7.png )

Huh? Mom's necklace...?

"Ah, the stories this could tell."

"Mama, you're not..."

"I am. It's yours now. Just as my mother to me, and her mother to her, I'm passing it down to you. This necklace symbolizes Shaia's devotion, a love that spans generations."

"But... it means so much to you."

"And it means even more to me in your hands. I'm proud of you, Kliss. You've grown into a fine slissa."

"I've really become a grown-up, huh? Does this mean I can go to the outside world!?"

"Oh, Kliss..."
No. 935069 ID: 395c02
File 155993950251.png - (390.00KB , 900x600 , 8.png )

"You're just like your father."


"Hss. You probably don't want to stay here watching your mama get emotional. Go on, have one of your little adventures. Remember to be home in 80 glimmers."

"That's four hours in ketza-time!"

"Yes, thank you Tyrsis."

80 glimmers is a good chunk of time. But what to do with it?

I should...

:sq_optbubble_left:A: ...Hang out with Mama. :sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: ...Go explore with Tyrsis. :sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: ...Embrace this feeling of deja vu. :sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: ...Visit Shaia's Temple with Mama and Tyrsis. :sq_optbubble_right:

Choosing things is hard. That's why I always choose twice! First, I choose my FAVORITE CHOICE. I'm really proud of my favorite choice so I always SHOUT IT IN CAPITALS.

Then, I pick my SECOND FAVORITE CHOICE. I'm less sure about this one, so I say it in small normal letters.

Let's apply this amazing decision-making technique to this very choice!
No. 935070 ID: 6ce86d

No. 935071 ID: 0fae41

No. 935077 ID: d6f490

C and D!
No. 935079 ID: 8d23f0

B go dig a hole for tyrsis to speep in. d, you could go on a naked speeping mission in the temple!
No. 935087 ID: ad51b8

Ac/Dc.... wait that's not right

there we go
No. 935090 ID: 4e280e

No. 935091 ID: 04ca3e

Deja vu? Wonder what that could be from.
No. 935094 ID: f2320a

C and D
No. 935106 ID: f724dc

What better way to honor this necklace than to learn more about what it means?
No. 935119 ID: 094652

No. 935121 ID: a9af05

Wow, how rude! Your boyfriend gave you that bug as a present and you just threw it away! You pretty much just told him that you hate his present!



No. 935123 ID: ecd116

first choice 'C' so you can Embrace the feeling, you might even remember a memory about how & why you are getting a sense of deja vu somehow from it if you are lucky,

then after that if you have time do choice 'd' so you can hang out with the others as you go to the temple together. who knows they may even like adventures as much as you do.
No. 935151 ID: bdd217

No. 935152 ID: f2320a

C and d
No. 935155 ID: 91ee5f

C , d
No. 935163 ID: 0cbbb1

C, b
No. 935173 ID: c3f16e

C, indifferent to the others tbh.

Also, check your Milk Stat:3.
No. 935397 ID: 9c293c

god damn that intro and animation are great
B, C
No. 935436 ID: 3121a1

Exploration, go!
No. 935438 ID: 758ff3

B or C
No. 935461 ID: 88a935

C, B
No. 935506 ID: 68d861

B, c
No. 935587 ID: 261cee

D, b
No. 935593 ID: 75ea94

No. 935710 ID: 395c02
File 156048610489.png - (399.64KB , 900x600 , 9-3.png )


There's something really familiar about all this.

Like I've been here before.

Why is that...?
No. 935711 ID: 395c02
File 156048610889.png - (342.83KB , 900x600 , 10-2.png )

Could it be because I've been making the same three choices every wake for the past ten cycles?

"Mama, I'm tired of doing the same things every wake! I don't want to go on 'little adventures'! I want to go on the adventure! I've seen everything there is to see in Saryssa!"

"Oh shush, there's no way you've seen everything here. Our town's full of wonderful places to explore!"
No. 935712 ID: 395c02
File 156048611157.png - (344.35KB , 900x600 , 11.png )

"Like the capitol building!"

"Ooh! There's a lot of lore in there!"

"Yes, we've been through it all. Three times."
No. 935713 ID: 395c02
File 156048611434.png - (345.34KB , 900x600 , 12.png )

"What about Nyssil's Costume Parlor? There's so many cute outfits you could wear! Oh, maybe you can dress Tyrsis up as that one ketza actor! You know, the one in that play?"

"Might want to narrow it down. There's like 50 ketza plays.

"I think I know which one she means. The Ketza Prince And The Scandalous Slissa. that outfit looks kind of silly, though..."

"Yeah, that's the one! Remember? Ah, the forbidden love between two species..."

"It's :sq_heart:romantic:sq_heartr:, I know. Even if it couldn't happen in real life."

"I mean, it could..."

"The show's totally specist, anyway."

"That's most ketza plays."
No. 935714 ID: 395c02
File 156048611724.png - (411.80KB , 900x600 , 13.png )

"You could visit 'The Outside World!'

"Now we're talking!"

"That very nice restaurant that offers a taste of the world outside Shaia's Embrace!"

"Oh. That. It's nothing but crayon drawings, Mama. Not quite the real thing, is it?"

"I like their grub! Their other food's good, too."
No. 935715 ID: 395c02
File 156048612024.png - (609.48KB , 900x600 , 14.png )

"Um... How about the Water Reservoir? The water's for drinking, not swimming. Or the Reservoir Pond? That water is for swimming! But not drinking."

"I think you have those backwards, and even if you didn't it's boring! I've been to all these places many times already!"

"Okay, Fine. There's one other place, one no slissa has seen in generations. It's kind of dangerous, though."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes! Tell me, tell me!"
No. 935716 ID: 395c02
File 156048612473.png - (518.66KB , 900x600 , 15-2.png )

"Shisae Point."

The site of the Great Slissa Hero who first stood against the ketzas...

"Hss... Mama, that's like, the most popular attraction in town. And another place I've been to."

"Yes, but you and everyone else take the new path to get to it. But that was built later. I'm talking about exploring the old path."

"Oh, really...?"

"oh no you got that look in your eyes again"

"The old path was sealed off by the ketzas, which is adorable when you think about it."

"It is...?"

"You've been around us long enough to know this, big guy. You can't seal something away from slissas. We'll just dig through or around it! But wouldn't someone have done this already, Mama?"

"The new path is really convenient."

Hmm. On one claw, Mama might be trying to trick me into digging again, hoping I'll find some 'passion for digging' deep down in my heart.

On the other... if she's right, that 'old path' could contain some remains from the old war, undisturbed for generations. There could be much to see and learn.

I see two PATHS I could take. Obviously one path is exploring this delicious morsel my mother so kindly offered me. The other is standing firm, letting Mama know I'll accept nothing less than my dream. Then again, doing this could be a way to prove myself? But I'd be giving in and... Hsss! PATH decisions are so tough!

I'll need to be more strategic with my decision-making. Maybe I'll use my PRIMARY CHOICE to pick something from the PATH I like better, and save my SECONDARY CHOICE for something in the other PATH, just in case.


:SQ_pathl:Path of the uncovered ruins...:SQ_pathR:
:sq_optbubble_left:A: ...Explore the ruins alone.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: ...Explore the ruins with Tyrsis.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: ...Explore the ruins with Mama and Tyrsis.:sq_optbubble_right:

:SQ_pathl:Path of the heart's dream...:SQ_pathR:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: ...Make plans to sneak away.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:E: ...Try to convince Mama to let me go.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:F: ...Offer a way to prove myself.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 935717 ID: 0fae41

No. 935725 ID: b1b4f3

C! f.
No. 935730 ID: cb22c8

C/f. Either way, we should be able to show your mom that you're not a helpless kid.
No. 935732 ID: 094652

No. 935733 ID: 90f3c0

No. 935737 ID: 2df440

Primary B/Secondary E
No. 935740 ID: d4d69a

C f

Maybe we can convince Mama to come with us to the surface! Who the fuck am I kidding. Ofc we can't convince her, but still we should try!
No. 935741 ID: 1d29df

No. 935746 ID: 8d23f0

C,d. digging is pretty fun even if you don't want to do it for a living
No. 935755 ID: 506f96

No. 935767 ID: 9c293c

D, b
No. 935770 ID: bdd217

B f
No. 935828 ID: 3121a1

D, c
No. 935839 ID: 75ea94

No. 935868 ID: 83bf07

B4 you go on your grand adventure, give your mom another shot.
No. 935977 ID: 758ff3

C, d
No. 935991 ID: 4e280e

No. 936031 ID: 68550e

D and c
No. 936032 ID: a9af05

Primary C

Secondary F

No. 936034 ID: 91ee5f

>Ah, the forbidden love between two species..."
>Even if it couldn't happen in real life.
What do you mean it couldn’t happen in real life? Tyrsis is a ketza with slissa horns! Isn’t he proof that it could happen in real life?

Primary C

Secondary F

No. 936232 ID: 88a935

C, D
No. 936979 ID: 395c02
File 156132112969.png - (446.62KB , 900x600 , 16.png )

"All right, I'm sold!"

"I'm surprised."

"What's with that look!?"

"What look? This is my surprised face."

"Most surprised faces don't look like that!"

"Oh? Then what do they look like?"

"Like this!"
No. 936980 ID: 395c02
File 156132113271.png - (453.05KB , 900x600 , 17.png )



Tyrsis finds a way to sigh and speep at the same time.

"I know that face! That's the 'Kliss is my bestest friend ever but boy am I glad nobody else is around right now' face!" wait why am i excited about this

"It's a look I'm quite familiar with."

"Just what are you saying, Mama!?"

"Oh, nothing. Just picturing how it'd look on your eventual hot slissa boy life-mate~"

And now she's making her 'Teasing my daughter is pretty fun, actually' face. I much prefer things go the other way!

>Maybe we can convince Mama to come with us to the surface!
Five years ago I would have said it's a long-shot, and a year ago I'd go so far as to say 'impossible'. But now?

Still unlikely.

But there is a chance if I'm persuasive enough! Nothing's set in stone and rock, even if past experience might imply otherwise.

>What do you mean [a slissa/ketza couple] couldn’t happen in real life? Tyrsis is a ketza with slissa horns! Isn’t he proof that it could happen in real life?
Either Tyrsis didn't notice my gaff, or he's too polite to clear his throat. I'm hoping it's the former.

It gets easy to forget Tyrsis isn't the same species as us. He may look ketza-ish, but his accent and demeanor are very much 'slissa'. After so many cycles you stop noticing the differences.

Until moments like these happen. Augh, poor guy...
No. 936981 ID: 395c02
File 156132113608.png - (434.36KB , 900x600 , 18.png )

"But we can worry about slissa romance later. Up for some adventure?"

"Yes, but... okay, let's get to the point. What's the catch?"

"Catch?" Mama asks, trying and somewhat failing to sound innocent.

"We both know you don't want me to leave Shaia's Embrace and explore the world. Why encourage me now?"

"Because I love and support you?"
No. 936982 ID: 395c02
File 156132114026.png - (361.61KB , 900x600 , 19.png )

"I'm not lying this time!!!"

"Hss~ Is that so? Then you won't mind coming with us~"

"what's this 'us' talk why are you assuming-- oh who am i kidding of course i'm coming too."

"Y-you two don't need an old lady like me slowing you down! You two kids-- sorry! --grown adults can take care of yourselves! Go have fun, and I'll wait for you at home!"

"Yes, you could wait for us at home..."
No. 936983 ID: 395c02
File 156132114306.png - (387.46KB , 900x600 , 20.png )

"...And I could tell a certain handsome slissa that you have a :sq_heart:huge crush:sq_heartr: on-- ah! tail on face!"

"I'm gonna stay far away from this conversation."

"...Fine. I'll come too."

"Then it's settled! Lead the way!"
No. 936984 ID: 395c02
File 156132114797.png - (392.88KB , 900x600 , 21.png )

My name is Klissa-of-Saryssa. Child of Kyra and Lyrske. Generation 62 of my family.

My father sought to explore the world outside Shaia's embrace, to experience all that She was and all that was She. To feel her Warmth on his scales and witness the gigantic bodies of water spoken of in ketza lore.

Though he is gone, the burning flame of destiny passed down to me. I'll see all there is to see, and to learn why he vanished so long ago.

Some dared to believe the Great Beast got him, but that monster is surely long dead (if it ever existed at all).

Not that it matters. My father showed no fear, and neither will I.
No. 936985 ID: 395c02
File 156132115039.gif - (54.27KB , 900x600 , 22.gif )

Exploring the Old Path makes for a good trial run before I set out for real. There's little to worry about so close to home, making this a good opportunity to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Heath, food, and water are ever important. Tyrsis, being part ketza, has Shaia's Love inside him. Focusing that Love lets him produce intense heat or cold.

I don't know if Tyrsis will join me on my ultimate adventure, but I'm going to be optimistic and think of him as a permanent party member. Mama, for now, is just tagging along.

Since I may find some new friends in my travels (even if only from Shaia's Embrace), I think it only fitting that I come up with a name for my adventuring party.

:SQ_pathL:Please name Kliss's party.:SQ_pathR:
No. 936986 ID: 9c293c

The Seekers!
No. 936988 ID: ad51b8

is he looking at your butt?

>Please name Kliss's party
The B-Team

you know B as in birthday, since it's your birthday.
No. 936991 ID: 36980e

Coolest Dudes
Also, add a "Coolness" meter to the party screen.
No. 936994 ID: 64bd5d

Shaia's Curiosity
No. 936995 ID: 0fae41

Team Rockcrusher!
No. 937010 ID: 8d23f0

The Cone-heads!
No. 937011 ID: 297ccf

The Adventuring Expeditioneers!
It rides the line between obvious and over the top!
No. 937031 ID: 02ad28

I like this one, nice and simple.
No. 937032 ID: 8d4593

Two dead kids and a widow
No. 937036 ID: 094652

The WeeBeeSeeks! (The Wishbe Seekers)
No. 937044 ID: cb22c8

Why not "The Sun-Seekers", really wear your motivations on your sleeve? You've... heard of the sun, right?
No. 937049 ID: 91ee5f

>Just picturing how it'd look on your eventual hot slissa boy life-mate~
Tyrsis is right there! You’re gonna embarrass him if you keep talking about him like that!

>Some dared to believe the Great Beast got him, but that monster is surely long dead (if it ever existed at all).
Well, if the stories are true, then when the Great Beast got too fat to follow the ketzas down here, it got stuck at the surface entrance and was unable to get unstuck, which resulted in it starving to death.

So there’s most likely nothing to worry about.

>team name
Gurren Lagann

Because this is pretty much how Gurren Lagann gets started.

>is he looking at your butt?
Yes, he is.
No. 937067 ID: caf1de

the fuck squad
No. 937083 ID: 864e49

This IS pretty much how Gurren Lagann starts.
Team Dai-Gurren.
No. 937113 ID: a9af05

>is he looking at your butt?
That's exactly what he's doing.

Yes, do this!
No. 937169 ID: caf1de

oh yeah!
No. 937351 ID: 3121a1


But I'm partial to this also.
No. 937381 ID: ecd116


or even 'the way-finding Seekers of sol/the sun' if you want to combined it into one team name or at least shorten it to just 'way-finding Seekers'.

((if that allow & ok to do that, then again if we have to pick the three separate choices by themselves alongside the others names I will gladly stand by that choice in what the others pick as well))
No. 937740 ID: 4b08a5

This one!
No. 937746 ID: 395c02
File 156191818538.png - (330.54KB , 900x600 , 22.png )

The ketzas told of a shining ball of light atop an infinite ceiling. They claimed it to be Shaia herself, but knowledge of her story renders that theory impossible. Over time the slissas came to call it 'Sha', borrowing the Ketza word for 'goddess'.

Could we be 'The Sha-seekers'? No, that doesn't sound quite right. We're not after the light, but the world it illuminates.

Shaia's world...

Maybe we could call ourselves 'The Seekers of Shaia', or shorten it to simply 'The Seekers'.


:sq_optbubble_left:X: ...'The Seekers of Shaia' is a fine name.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:Y: ...'The Seekers' is nice and simple.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 937747 ID: 395c02
File 156191818930.png - (312.00KB , 900x600 , 23.png )

After a short walk we arrive at the rock Mama mentioned. A gentle scraping reveals it to be as weak as any other.

"See? Told you I wasn't lying!"

"Huh. You'd think someone would have dug through it by now, if only to grab any valuables."

"Apparently everything of value was taken long before the rock was put in place."

"If you're telling the truth... Mama, why do you know about this place? You've never been interested in stuff like this."

"I'm not, but he very much was."


"Hard to imagine he wouldn't have dug through this."

"Much like you, he never liked to take the obvious path in life. He insisted on finding another way in."

"And he succeeded, I presume. Why don't we go the way he did?"

"Oh, I'm much too old for that arduous path. Besides, Tyrsis wouldn't fit through some of the tunnels we-- he navigated."

"I'm kind of curious what's in there. Maybe some relics from the war? I'd love to see it first-hand!"

"First Mama and now you? Is it opposite day or something?

"Think of it as our hatchday present!"

"Just don't let this one fly away."

"Eheh... So, I assume I have to do the digging?"

"My claws aren't really built for it."

"And mine aren't what they used to be."

No. 937748 ID: 395c02
File 156191819215.png - (249.50KB , 900x600 , 24.png )

I get to work. As expected, the ketzas greatly underestimated us when putting this here.

In the silence that follows, I can almost feel something swirling in the back of my head. Thoughts? Feelings? The necklace weighs heavily on my neck, almost as though it were filled with an unreachable desire. If such a thing were even possible.

>is [Tyrsis] looking at your butt?
That's not quite what I meant by 'desire'.

>Tyrsis is right there [as an eventual life-mate]!

I never did like these quiet moments of introspection.

Tyrsis is a very dear and loyal friend. Loyal enough to destroy himself following me to the end of Shaia's world. I couldn't bear the thought of hurting him, or forcing him to live the kind of life I want to live.

He'll surely join me as I venture towards the surface world. Along the way, we'll pass by the ketza realm. Once there, I hope to use my great powers of matchmaking to find the perfect life-mate for him. Someone who can give him the life he deserves.

Only then can I leave Shaia's Embrace without regret. To do otherwise only invites pain.


My claws finally break through to the other side.
No. 937749 ID: 395c02
File 156191819644.png - (341.88KB , 900x600 , 25.png )


:sq_optbubble_left:What should I do?:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 937750 ID: 0fae41

Nibble on the spikes to see if they're edible.
No. 937755 ID: b1b4f3


What's with all the spikes? Those aren't natural.
First, make sure the entrance you dug reaches a spot clear of spikes.
Second, tell the others the tunnel's done.

What kind of life does Tyrsis want to live? Why would following you destroy him?
No. 937758 ID: 541b8b

ooh, so many things!
Is that spike pit in the middle of the room deep or just dark? have a look around and see where the different paths lead, get a closer look at that banner and ...is that a slissa skeleton?
No. 937760 ID: 3a3c64

Dig up a crystal, and either show it off to your friend and your mother, or use it as a flashlight
No. 937761 ID: 8d23f0

pick up the skeleton head and make it talk at tyrsis because that would be funny.
No. 937770 ID: a9af05


>Find Tyrsis a life-mate.
What makes you think he would want anyone other than you? What makes you think you're forcing him to follow you? He could be very willing to come with you.

Widen the tunnel so Mama and Tyrsis can come look at all of this.
No. 937774 ID: 83bf07

Make sure your path is clear. Warn the others that this place has been sealed off for a long time. Watch where you step.
No. 937785 ID: 58b4f3


Widen the path. And make sure it's extra wide for Tyrsis and his extra wide butt!
No. 937801 ID: ad51b8

is, is that a body over there? Next to the glowing crystal on the right that's on the ground floor. What happened here?
No. 937805 ID: 91ee5f


Tell mom and Tyrsis what you found.

No. 937829 ID: 176a63


Oh no! A slissa's skeleton? How could that have happened?
No. 937838 ID: 0fae41

They're reptiles, aren't they? They shed those every so often.
No. 937862 ID: 094652


You're rich! Stake your claim!

Check the skeleton, though. See if you can analyze the cause of death.
No. 937866 ID: caf1de

go say hi to dad
No. 937994 ID: 948104

What's that sign above the skeleton say? "Z'U3A`"?
No. 938429 ID: 4b08a5


Could those 'spikes' be some kind of crystal or plant? Looking back at previous images, many of them have similar 'spike' formations. If this is a natural occurrence, I would like to know what these 'spikes' are actually called.
No. 938839 ID: 395c02
File 156287998029.png - (227.35KB , 900x600 , 26.png )

'The Seekers' is a fine name, and there is plenty to be sought here. I should be mindful of the time, though. I don't want to keep Mama up too late, nor do I want to worry Tyrsis's dad. I'll keep an eye on the glimmering crystals so I don't lose track of how much time's left.

>What's with all the spikes? Those aren't natural.
The tsiki spikes surround Saryssa and litter the general region. They're not quite rocks, though I'd also hesitate to call them plants. They do grow and spread, and if not tended to they can infest the area.

Since they get more sparse as you venture away from Saryssa, many believe they're related to the war. Casualties were highest here, as this was where the slissas made their final futile stand against their oppressors. Could they be Shaia's sorrow made manifest?

>Nibble on the spikes to see if they're edible.
They really aren't.

>Widen the tunnel so Mama and Tyrsis can come look at all of this.
I really shouldn't need to. Even Tyrsis can probably...

>Widen the path. And make sure it's extra wide for Tyrsis and his extra wide butt!
...I mean, his butt isn't that wide...

No. 938840 ID: 395c02
File 156287998506.png - (386.73KB , 900x600 , 27.png )

"Man, that was one roomy tunnel. Did you have to widen it so much?"

"What can I say? I just uh, enjoy digging?"

:SQ_kyrastoked: "Really!?"

"Uh... hey look! Stuff!"


"Your butt is fine!"

No. 938841 ID: 395c02
File 156287998886.png - (345.17KB , 900x600 , 28.png )

>Is that spike pit in the middle of the room deep or just dark?
Looks like a dried pond. The stalactites give strong evidence to there being water here in the past.

"I never thought I'd see this place again," Mama says.

"Was it really creepy last time, too?"


"Are you cold, miss Kyra? I could use Shaia's Love to..."

"No, I'm okay dear. Actually, maybe I'll use your fluff to stay warm."


While Mama clings to her security-fluff, I explore further ahead. I'm not surprised to see them acting apprehensive, but I can't let myself be overcome with fear! My father was never afraid, and neither will I be!
No. 938842 ID: 395c02
File 156288000444.gif - (5.81MB , 900x600 , 29.gif )

>is, is that a body over there?
>Oh no! A slissa's skeleton?
No. 938843 ID: 395c02
File 156288002380.gif - (227.57KB , 900x600 , 30.gif )

"Haha wow that sure is a skeleton!"

:SQ_kyrateehee: :SQ_tyrsisnotsure: "...."

"Haha... W-why don't you tell me your thoughts, big guy?"

"Uh... Well, it's definitely a ketza skeleton, since there's no horns. Maybe a casualty of the war?"

"Hard to imagine there were any ketza casualties, with how one-sided the history books claim the war was."

"Maybe they exaggerated? Shaia's Love isn't that powerful, and the slissas were fighting for their lives. It makes sense the ketzas would take some losses."

"He came to the same conclusion. But why just this one ketza? Where are the slissa bodies?

"Maybe the slissas cleaned up their own dead, but left this ketza here out of spite."

"Wouldn't the smell be enough to change their mind about that?"

"Spite can be a powerful thing..."

I examine the area around the skeleton, but don't find anything of note. I half expected it to be clinging to a letter or a trinket of some kind, but any such things would have been looted long ago.

Maybe we'll find more answers as we explore.
No. 938844 ID: 395c02
File 156288003554.png - (316.33KB , 900x600 , 31.png )

We take a closer look at the old worn down sign. It says...


"I can't read it."

"We couldn't, either. We assumed it was something the ketzas put up."

"No, that's not their writing. This is the Old Script."

"You mentioned this before. Slissas used to write different than they do now?"

"Yeah. Over time language can evolve such that you'd hardly recognize its origin."

"Can you... read it?"

"Maybe? Let's see... G.. E.. ah. Gemune.

"What?" "What?"

"Accounting for sound changes, I think it says..."
No. 938845 ID: 395c02
File 156288003921.png - (277.81KB , 900x600 , 32.png )



:sq_optbubble_left:A: We should take a look at the decrepit buildings.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Let's look around for more writing.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Best we just continue down the path.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 938846 ID: 0fae41

No. 938847 ID: 8d23f0

No. 938848 ID: 2df440

A/B, but carefully
No. 938849 ID: ad51b8

A: We should take a look at the decrepit buildings.
No. 938850 ID: b1b4f3

The skeleton has a hole in the bottom of the jaw. Is that the wound that killed it?

A, b.
No. 938851 ID: a9af05

A , b
No. 938852 ID: 094652

In a warzone, anyone can die. No exceptions.
1) Someone got a lucky hit
2) Assassinated by another ketza
3) Died from stress-related health issues
4) Cave-in
5) Misfire
6) Smoke inhalation
7) Accidentally left behind, all Slissas too dead to dig them out

Take the skeleton with you. You can turn it in for autopsy and burial and get a finder's fee. A
No. 938873 ID: 330920

There's a story here, one that didn't make it into popular tellings.

>>938843 >>938845
Aww, there's something kind of sad about both of these.
A body simply left to be taken by time and a sign asking the reader to remember left forgotten. Would it be a little weird to bury the bones? It feels weird just leaving them there though.
No. 938880 ID: 2efb25

A, b
No. 938881 ID: 91ee5f

>"Your butt is fine!"
Kliss, you fool! You just flirted with Tyrsis by telling him that he has a fine butt! Now he’s going to think that you like him!

>My father was never afraid, and neither will I be!
That probably not true. Your father was probably very afraid, but he kept going anyways. That’s how being brave works, you keep going, even if you’re afraid.

So it’s ok to be scared, just don’t let your fear stop you!

.....but, uh, do you think there’s enough of Tyrsis and his security-fluff for both you and your mom?

A , b
No. 938901 ID: 83bf07

B, a

Did you know Tyrsis had a handle on the old tongue?
No. 939037 ID: 758ff3

B, c
No. 939051 ID: df0650

No. 939064 ID: 375461

Another thought on the ketza is perhaps he got stuck here. Without a slissa companion to make one, he may have starved trying to find an exit.
No. 939374 ID: a902cd

See what's further beyond the sign, C.
No. 939783 ID: 395c02
File 156367371615.png - (344.15KB , 900x600 , 33.png )

>Kliss, you fool! You just flirted with Tyrsis by telling him that he has a fine butt! Now he’s going to think that you like him!
He wouldn't-- It's fine. It's fine! Once I find him a wonderful life-mate he'll forget all about that stuff!

>Your father was probably very afraid, but he kept going anyways. That’s how being brave works, you keep going, even if you’re afraid.
That's right. No matter how scared I get, I must always move forward.

>Would it be a little weird to bury the bones? It feels weird just leaving them there though.
I worry they'll crumble the moment I touch them. I offer a silent prayer, asking Shaia to watch over them in the next life.

>The skeleton has a hole in the bottom of the jaw. Is that the wound that killed it?
It's hard to say. Do ketza skeletons normally have that hole? If it is a wound, it's very likely a fatal one.

Poor guy...
No. 939784 ID: 395c02
File 156367371981.png - (356.14KB , 900x600 , 34.png )

>Did you know Tyrsis had a handle on the old tongue?
He loves reading about stuff like that, but I wouldn't call him fluent. Hopefully he can puzzle out any writing we find.

"The tsiki spikes really did a number on these buildings," I say.

"Yeah. This is pretty much why we have clearers. And right now I'm really thankful for them.

"That was my job when I was young. Damn things always gave me the creeps."

"You never told me you were a clearer! What was it like!"


That makes sense.

"Let's be careful. We do not want to get poked here."

Our scales protect us a bit from tsiki spikes, but people do sometimes get hurt. They can make you very sick if you don't get to a care ward in time, though they don't tend to be fatal.

"I can't believe you roped me into this," Mama mutters with a snort.

"This was your idea!" I say with a snort retort.

"But you're the one who..."

"Who...? Come on Mama, you can finish the sentence! I believe in you!"

"The one who enjoys this stuff! I'd rather be at home where it's safe and warm. You understand me, right Tyrsis?"

"Please don't drag me into this I don't know whose side I'm on."

Spoken like a true hybrid.

"Exploring isn't my thing so much, but I'm really curious about this whole area."

"Then let's keep looking around! Mama will just have to deal with being the person whose idea this was!"

"I'm never having ideas again."

We walk past a few buildings. Most of them are rendered inaccessible by the spikes, but I notice one that isn't as badly damaged as the others. With some coaxing, I get my companions to follow me inside.
No. 939785 ID: 395c02
File 156367372273.png - (292.93KB , 900x600 , 35.png )

This place looks to be a childcare center, an unfortunate victim of tsiki spikes and time. There are damaged toys and glowgems scattered about, implying this building was abandoned in a hurry.

I see two doorways, one leading upstairs and another heading to what is likely a restroom area. On the right a rock blocks access to a likely cooling area, but I might be able to dig my way in with time.

I see a painting that fell to the ground in the back.

It's hard to see upstairs, but I think there's a resting area, possibly more?

That's all I can tell from here.

:sq_optbubble_left:A: Take charge and explore further. What do I do/look at?:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Let Tyrsis lead. He's the loremaster!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Leave.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 939786 ID: 0fae41

A. Investigate the fallen signboard and deflated beanbags.
No. 939788 ID: b1b4f3

B! a: check the painting. what's that horn thing on the left?
No. 939790 ID: 2df440

A. Look at the toy in the center, I hope it’s not foreshadowing!
No. 939791 ID: b1b4f3

...wait how did that doll get impaled? Are the tips of the spikes so sharp that the doll's weight was enough pressure to puncture it?
No. 939795 ID: 094652

B) Collect anything valuable and move on from this dreary place.
No. 939797 ID: a9af05

Are those valuable? Do any of you guys want to gather them up?

>a restroom area
Does anyone need to go? You might as well use it, since it's right there. It would also be helpful becuase if anyone sees anything really scary, they won't have to worry about getting the pee scared out of them, if they already went in the restroom!

>What do?
A: Dig through that rock blocking the cooling area!
No. 939799 ID: 32a875

B, and lets start by investigating that painting
No. 939802 ID: c571e8

Rescue those poor stuffed animals.
No. 939807 ID: 91ee5f

>He wouldn't-- It's fine. It's fine! Once I find him a wonderful life-mate he'll forget all about that stuff!
That won’t work if he wants you to be his life-mate.

A: Dig out that rock!

It’s either that or when these spikes show up, the sprout out of the ground fast enough to impale things.
No. 939815 ID: 864e49

A - Take horn, take wheel toy, take rope ball thing, look at painting, be disturbed at similarities between you and impaled toy.
No. 939829 ID: 68550e

B, oh no the plush.
No. 939877 ID: 83bf07

A, b
Check out that painting. Lament the loss of these perfectly good and cute toys.
No. 940012 ID: 9c293c

That's a really tall tsiki spike. A, b
Look at the painting.
No. 940176 ID: 8f6858

A, b
Take a look at that plush? How did it get impaled? Also try digging through to the cooling area.
No. 940189 ID: 3121a1

Share some confidence with Tyrsis! B
No. 940209 ID: cb22c8

Is that a leash? What would you keep on a leash around here? And yeah save the toys.
No. 940212 ID: 8d4593

Anyone else notice the number near he top of the frame counting down?
No. 940214 ID: 91ee5f

That was explained right here: >>938839 . Kliss said, “I don't want to keep Mama up too late, nor do I want to worry Tyrsis's dad. I'll keep an eye on the glimmering crystals so I don't lose track of how much time's left.“

It’s basically a count down of how much longer we can keep exploring before we have to go home.
No. 940874 ID: 395c02
File 156445536637.png - (274.06KB , 900x600 , 36.png )

I notice a stuffed toy in the middle of the room, victim of a tsiki spike. Poor thing.


"How do you two think that doll got there?"

"A tsiki spike grew right through it, looks like."

"I think I see what Kliss is implying. The spikes grow too slowly; It'd have been pushed to the side."

"Yeah. Someone or something put it there. "

"Maybe it was a mother overcome with frustration at her child's life-choices. She reached a breaking point and acted out against this poor toy!"


"What? I'm just offering ideas!"

"I got your back So! I wonder if a ketza did this? A spiteful move in response to how this battle ultimately turned out, maybe?"

"Huh? Oh! Yes, but would a ketza be this much of a jerk?"

"Remember what sparked the war in the first place?"

"Yeah, true..."

"Ooooor it was the thing I said!"

"Sorry, Kliss."

"It's okay buddy you tried.

"What are you two...?"

"Mama, are you saying you're gonna stab my toys the moment I leave?"

"I'll keep them safe for you!"

"I can always count on you, my friend."

"Oh for Shaia's-- I'm not going to do that! Do you really trust me that little!?"


"That one time was an accident! I apologized a million times!"

"...Hey look, something else to explore!"

"Not sure what worries me more, these caves or your barely-contained drama.

"When I said you should be more assertive, this isn't quite what I meant."

"You said assertiveness was all or nothing!"

Damn, he has me there.
No. 940875 ID: 395c02
File 156445537118.png - (399.39KB , 900x600 , 37.png )

I examine the fallen painting.

This must be the person who ran the youth center, and the children under his watch. Imagine the struggle of getting youths to sit still long enough to be painted!

Everyone depicted is long gone, making this a somber piece of a dark time in our history. Did they survive the war? What lives did they go on to lead? The answers are likely lost to all of time.

Shaia, please watch over them, wherever they are.
No. 940876 ID: 395c02
File 156445537455.png - (192.61KB , 900x600 , 38.png )

I check out the assortment of toys.

Oh, I remember this one! You put the strap around your tail, then try to catch the ball with your mouth. We'd always get so dizzy playing with these.

"Oh. That thing."

"Yeah! We had so much fun with one of these!"

"Maybe you did. It'd always fall off my tail.

"That never stopped you from chasing your tail anyway."

"It knows what it did."

Mama picks up another toy-- a soft horn you'd strap to your head to headbutt others with.

"Ah, this brings me back."

"You had one of these growing up?"

"Everyone would pick on me for being a runt, but when I'd wear one of these, I'd become the terror of the playground. Before long, they were the ones getting picked on! Hshshss~!"

"I knew you took after me!"

"Other way around, dear."

There's some pads for napping on, and a little roller toy modeled after... someone? Maybe a celebrity of the time.

I look to the others hoping for more fun banter, but they just shrug at me. Not much to say about this one, I guess.
No. 940877 ID: 395c02
File 156445537840.png - (315.78KB , 900x600 , 39.png )

I didn't see much to explore upstairs from here, but I could check it out anyway. There's also a path likely leading to a restroom, and I see another path which might have lead to a cooler room? There's a rock in the way, so I'd have to spend some time digging through to explore.

I better not stick around too long, so let's just explore one more area.

What do I do?

:sq_optbubble_left:A: Investigate upstairs. There might be something hidden.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Check out the 'restroom'.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Dig through to the possible cooler room.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: We've seen enough. Let's move on.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 940878 ID: 0fae41

No. 940880 ID: b1b4f3

Let's check out the COOL ROOM
C, a.
No. 940892 ID: 1c55a8

No. 940894 ID: e7848c

We're here to explore. Explore we shall!
No. 940895 ID: 91ee5f

C , a
No. 940899 ID: 094652

C, and collect the glowshards! You can use them as breadcrumbs. Or sell them.
No. 940909 ID: 736b7e

C, b
No. 940956 ID: 9c293c

B, a
No. 940975 ID: b99069

No. 940983 ID: 2df440

No. 941037 ID: cb22c8

A/c, the trail going up is a bit conspicuous, and there looked like there was a bookshelf up there which if we're lucky might still have something on it.
No. 941091 ID: 3121a1

Maybe something's underneath the stuff you saw upstairs? A, c
No. 941502 ID: 758ff3

C, b
No. 941958 ID: 395c02
File 156538624781.png - (354.41KB , 900x600 , 40.png )

I dig through the rock blocking the cooling room. Shouldn't take too long.

>...collect the glowshards! You can use them as breadcrumbs. Or sell them.
I don't think they'll be needed here. This place was made for everyday use, so there shouldn't be any complicated branching paths to worry about.

Still, it's something to keep in the back of my mind for when I ready myself for the real thing.

Also nobody would buy these.

"This is going to smell so bad."

"Probably not. It's been so long that the food's probably fossilized."

"Fossilized food? Hsss! I'm gonna be sick."

"Don't worry, miss Kyra! Odors are the least of our worries!"

"That's not better!"

"It'll be fine, Mama! The zombies would probably eat you last!"


"I said I'm through! Come take a look!"
No. 941959 ID: 395c02
File 156538625269.png - (276.92KB , 900x600 , 41-alt.png )

This place doesn't look so bad, all told. The water troughs are empty and the evaporator sponges are long-gone, but the storage pots and boxes are still holding together. There's a heavy musk in the air, more a product of time than of rotting. That's not to say it's very... pleasant.

"Can someone swap noses with me? Mine's busted."

"This is the smell of exploration! Of knowledge yet to be gained!"

"It's the smell of I want to go home."

Tyrsis examines the large stone container in the center of the room.

"Nothing but bones in here."

"That tunnel back there tells me this room wasn't blocked off to protect the food."

"Tell me you're not-- of course we're going in there why am I even asking at this point."

"I haven't decided yet!"

"She's going to drag us in there and we're going to get lost."

"Mama doesn't need your help, big guy."

"Keeping up with you is a two-person... hey, is that writing?"
No. 941960 ID: 395c02
File 156538625665.png - (220.35KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

"Those random scribbles probably do say something! Can you read it?"

"Uuuuhh... 'se catse beot eyre ne... abredwain... cine arodnes.'"

:SQ_klissconfused: :SQ_kyraconfused:

"...Right. It says the ketza... uh... something... won't... hmm. I don't know most of these words."

"It's probably saying 'screw you, ketzas!'

"So they left a message taunting the ketzas and dug a path to freedom. We did it, team! We solved the mystery! Now let's go back on the main path and..."


"...It was worth a shot."

"If we are heading back, it could be worth it to check out some of these other containers, just in case there's some deep lore randomly hidden in one of them."

"Would someone really write a message and leave it in a random box so some strangers generations in the future would happen upon it and learn a bunch of mundane facts about their life?"

"Kliss, I've seen your bedroom."

"They must know my story."

"The very true story of how you solved every relationship problem in town before leaving."

"This is why I stopped reading you my diary entries."

"Aww, they were so cute, though! Like the time you..."

What's that? Ignore Mama and make a decision? Good idea, me!

I should put that in my diary later.

:SQ_pathL: A: Let's look around a bit then head back to the main path. :SQ_pathR:

:SQ_pathL: B: Through the tunnel! :SQ_pathR:
No. 941962 ID: b1b4f3

B obviously. Nobody's been in here! You're the first! THE FIRST!
No. 941964 ID: 2df440

B! We need to find the Deep Lore!
No. 941966 ID: 0fae41

B. Are you sure they didn't mean "the ketzas will never take me alive"?
No. 941972 ID: 736b7e

No. 941978 ID: ad51b8

to run away from mama's stories!
No. 942013 ID: a9af05

No. 942043 ID: 9c293c

I hope those aren't slissa bones...
No. 942056 ID: c7bc82

No. 942135 ID: 9d63bd

Adventure never stops! B!
No. 942447 ID: 3121a1

Press on! B
No. 942878 ID: 395c02
File 156609385613.png - (435.35KB , 900x600 , 43.png )

>Nobody's been in here! You're the first! THE FIRST!
Consider me one sold slissa!

My companions reluctantly join me as we see where this tunnel leads. I thought the tunnel would head downward, but instead we seem to be climbing up.

>Are you sure they didn't mean "the ketzas will never take me alive"?
That's very possible! Since the ketzas can't dig through rock, it makes perfect sense for it to be a declaration meant for other slissas to see.

Or maybe they wrote the message for their own satisfaction.

>to run away from mama's stories!
Aww, but she tries her best to tell good stories!

"This reminds me of the time your father dragged me down a different tunnel. We got to the end and had to turn around and come back."

She tries.

"Oof! Not a lot of room, is there?"

"You poor thing! Need me to widen things a bit?"

"We'd be here all night if you did that. I... I'll be fine."

A full-sized ketza would struggle to fit through here, even if they didn't find tunnel travel beneath their station. Thankfully Tyrsis is able to manage, just.

...Which is odd. Shouldn't this tunnel just barely fit a single slissa? For the moment I'll just count my blessings.

"Oh! looks like it opens up ahead!"

"Thank goodness."
No. 942879 ID: 395c02
File 156609385905.png - (196.18KB , 900x600 , 44.png )

No. 942880 ID: 395c02
File 156609386256.png - (210.77KB , 900x600 , 45.png )

What a view!

Below me I see the Shisae Memorial, at the end of the New Path. In front of the statue of Shisae standing up to a ketza is a plaque commemorating the event.

Further down is the graveyard where casualties of the final battle lie in peace. Seeing them both from up here, it all looks so small. It's easy to forget how big the battle really was.

Generations ago another slissa took in similar view under a wildly different context. How did they feel, seeing what they saw? What would they say if they could see it now? The ruins behind me, the clean and glimmering area below. The suffering and struggles they bore, reduced to a single statue.

And a gift shop.


I'd like to get down there, but it's a steep, tsiki-spike-filled drop from here. The path does continue forward, at least.
No. 942881 ID: 395c02
File 156609386855.png - (364.22KB , 900x600 , 46.png )

Not wanting to dampen the mood, I smile at my companions.

"Well! Shall we continue?"


"Are you crazy?? Why am I asking when I know the answer? Look, we can't walk on that tiny path!"

Oh. I hadn't even noticed-- the path ahead gets very thin, surrounded on each side by a long and deadly fall into the spikes below. Beyond it is another cave that looks to open up into a... place? Hard to see from here.

Still, it's plenty wide enough for a slissa to walk on. What's Mama worried about?

"It's not that oh right Tyrsis."

"Yeah. That's uh. I'm not gonna be able to do that."

"Huh? Oh! Yes! Think of poor Tyrsis!"

"It's okay! I can just wait here and rest a bit while you check out that tunnel!"

"why can't you help me out for once I'll uh. Keep Tyrsis company! You know how lonely he gets."

"I'll be f-- oh." Tyrsis must have noticed Mama's expression.

:SQ_pathL:The path of moving forward:SQ_pathR:
I must see what's at the end of this tunnel!

:sq_optbubble_left:A: Forge on alone, just long enough to see the room at the end of the tunnel.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:B: Convince Mama to join me.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: Convince both to join me, supporting Tyrsis so he doesn't fall.:sq_optbubble_right:

:SQ_pathL:The path of risks untaken:SQ_pathR:
That is a pretty long drop...

:sq_optbubble_left:D: Head back.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 942883 ID: 0fae41

C/a. If it gets too hard to walk upright, just crawl along on your stomach Tyrsis. Like the slissa do!
No. 942884 ID: b1b4f3

A seems fine. It's a short trip. If something is especially interesting you can come get them.
No. 942885 ID: 17c2ee

E. Tell Mama to go on ahead while YOU keep Tyrsis company.
No. 942889 ID: 05e505

A - it's awesome they've come along but there's not much point making either come along right now.
You can do some solo exploring, even if it's just for a couple moments.
No. 942892 ID: 094652

E) Dig a path DOWN towards the gift shop. If anything bad happens, you now have a shortcut back to civilization.
No. 942895 ID: e7848c

Forging forward sometimes requires you to go solo. But this is not farewell. You'll be back, with stories!
No. 942901 ID: 312a22

A,d Let's not make them walk the scary dangerous path if they don't want to.
No. 942909 ID: 9246e9

No. 942912 ID: 1c8cb2

Tell Tyrsis to just flap his arms around like a giant chicken if he thinks he's about to fall.

If that's not enough to convince him, well, we've come all this way already...
No. 942937 ID: ad51b8

can you just dug a little into the cliff to give Trysis more room so he doesn't have to worry about falling off?
No. 942987 ID: 9c293c

C, a

Maybe you can give Tyrsis support as you ride upon his back so he doesn't feel too scared by himself.
No. 943492 ID: 3121a1

No. 943495 ID: 91ee5f

A , d
No. 943502 ID: 395c02
File 156667646954.png - (291.55KB , 900x600 , 47.png )

"Alright, you two can wait here while I see where this path leads."

:SQ_tyrsisshocked: :SQ_kyrashocked: "Really!?"

"Of course! I'm not gonna make you do something you don't wanna do, and I especially don't want to put Tyr in danger!"



:SQ_tyrsisnotsure: "Nevermind."

"Please be careful."

"You're not gonna try and stop me?"

"Like I ever could. Just please try to think of your poor mother before doing anything crazy. More crazy than what you're about to do."

"I'll go nice and slow, okay? There's no rush."

"But the time limit..."

"...Is very forgiving. We'll be fine!"
No. 943503 ID: 395c02
File 156667647236.png - (155.19KB , 900x600 , 48.png )

It's one thing to say you'll cross a thin path high above the ground below, it's another to actually do it.

Eh. Being scared of things is Tyrsis's job. I'll just make sure I don't look dow-- I had one job. Time to distract myself by thinking about anything else!

This trip's been pretty fun so far, all told. My plan for exploring the outside world was to leave Mama at home and find Tyrsis a life-mate. But part of me wonders if... I dunno, maybe they could come with me? Tyrsis has Shaia's Love, which could be handy if I ran into something threatening. I swear that ability is magic.

And Mama... Well, I feel like there's a small part of her that doesn't buy into her own hype. It wasn't that hard to convince her to come with us, considering the uphill battles I normally climb getting her to do things. That means this trip could be less about me and more about convincing herself she doesn't want this life. But if she ends up enjoying herself...

Well, nothing's set in rock and stone, right?

I'm not going to make them join me, but what I can do is make sure they enjoy themselves on this venture! To that end, I hope I find something cool ahead to show them...
No. 943504 ID: 395c02
File 156667647503.png - (296.44KB , 900x600 , 49.png )

Ask unto Shaia and you shall receive!

Or something like that whatever doesn't matter look at all this cool stuff. I was seriously half-expecting an empty room!

Looks like our slissa friend carved out quite a bunker for themselves. The tablets and map give the impression they used this as a kind of staging area. There's slits in the walls that look out to the terrain below. Were they planning something? Did they view the climactic battle from above, or was this long before?

There's a necklace, maybe an heirloom like my own. There's some claw marks nearby...

My eyes are drawn to some maps on the table. What could they reveal?

I see several tablets in that old language. Tyrsis could reveal their intent, or at least try to.

There's a sleeping pad with another slissa doll. Was there more than one slissa here? Kidssas aren't generally capable of making a room like this, leading me to assume the caretaker fled here with some of the children. Did they all have to share one bed...?

More empty pots, implying they at least brought some food with them.

And... two holes? One might have been for uh, waste. The other... a tunnel? It curves down at a kinda harsh angle.

:SQ_pathL: The path downward :SQ_pathR:
:sq_optbubble_left:A: See where this path leads.:sq_optbubble_right:

:SQ_pathL: The path back to companions :SQ_pathR:
I shouldn't dawdle here while Mama and Tyrsis wait for me. I'd rather not put any of this stuff in my mouth, so a lot of it would have to be awkwardly held while I wobble on hind-legs. Now then-- what should I bring back?

:sq_optbubble_left:B: The necklace. Very easy to carry around my neck.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:C: The maps. They could reveal more paths to explore!:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:D: The tablets. There's a whole bunch of lore in them.:sq_optbubble_right:
:sq_optbubble_left:E: The doll. Uh, I guess I could give it to Tyrsis or Mama? It's in decent shape, all told.:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 943506 ID: 0fae41

A/b&c. You must equip the necklace! We must reconnect with our kin! Really, I don't see wy you couldn't carry that around your neck while you hold the maps in your mouth. You could even fit a third thing in one claw if you were sure of your footing...
No. 943508 ID: b1b4f3

>harsh angle
There's a chance you'd slip down and not be able to get back up...

D, c.
You can come back here again for the maps or to explore down the mystery tunnel, perhaps by digging it out into a gentler slope.
No. 943510 ID: 864e49

Throw doll down tunnel.
B Equip necklace.
D/C Take tablets and if you can maps too.
No. 943511 ID: ad51b8

No. 943512 ID: dbf437

B, C, and D if you can. I really think we should take the maps because they look like maps of the outside world.
No. 943513 ID: 83bf07

Easiest to move without risking yourself.
No. 943514 ID: 91ee5f

B , c

Those are the easiest to carry.
No. 943517 ID: a9af05


Do not go down that hole, you might not be able to climb back up!
No. 943533 ID: 2df440

Wait, why don’t you start taking the maps, necklace, and tablets back to Tyrsis and momma (make multiple trips if needed)?
No. 943552 ID: 3121a1

A, D otherwise. Gotta get Tyrsis up on his language skill!
No. 943579 ID: 58b4f3

>What do?

>Follow path?
Yeah, sure, go follow the path. Then when you're unable to get back up, both Tyrsis and your mom will get worried and try to cross the narrow path to come check on you. That's when Tyrsis will lose his balance and start falling. Your mom will bravely try to catch him, but Tyrsis and his extra wide butt will be too heavy for her and she'll end up falling with him. They'll both fall to their doom and it'll be all your fault because you went down a path you couldn't come back from!

If you don't want that to happen, then don't follow that path.
No. 943581 ID: 1c8cb2

We have plenty of time! Let's just bring all the stuff back to mama and then continue down the path.
No. 943593 ID: c3f16e

We really should loot everything. We can take more than one trip. After we loot it, we can go down the path.
No. 943635 ID: 9c293c

Maps eh? Doesn't look like anything from underground unless it's some big cavern oasis. C, d
No. 943784 ID: adb0d6

D, Gotta read the lore.
No. 944336 ID: 395c02
File 156764995195.png - (321.88KB , 900x600 , 50.png )

>Really, I don't see why you couldn't carry that around your neck while you hold the maps in your mouth.
I really don't want to put generations-old objects in my mouth.

>Multiple trips
Not a bad plan! Since there's no way I'm putting gross stuff in my mouth, I'll wear the necklace and use my arms to carry one thing at a time.

I need to be careful. We can't walk on our hind legs as well as those fluffballs-- I mean ketzas. And Tyrsis.

Guess I'll start with... the tablets! Tyrsis can work on them while I get the other stuff!
No. 944337 ID: 395c02
File 156764995496.png - (139.15KB , 900x600 , 51.png )

Hss... yep, this is awkward. Slowly and cautiously. No reason to rush.



Oh no!
No. 944338 ID: 395c02
File 156764995813.png - (368.87KB , 900x600 , 52.png )

I made it!

Why was that an 'oh no' situation?

"Whoa! You found stuff!"

"I found so much stuff!"

"Did you find my heart? You know, after it jumped out of my chest when I saw you walking that path on hind legs?"

"Yeah-- I'll have to go back for it."

:sq_kyrashocked: "What!?"

:sq_tyrsisshocked: "How!?"

"I'm kidding! Gosh, you two. There's some more stuff I want to grab."

"You're... going back...? Oh, I need to lie down."

"Do I have to be the pillow again?"
No. 944339 ID: 395c02
File 156764996253.png - (296.53KB , 900x600 , 53.png )


How about we just make the two trips? My legs really don't like me doing this. The map and tablets were the big things to grab, anyway.

And this necklace! I wonder who this was? Maybe they have descendents who still live...
No. 944340 ID: 395c02
File 156764997153.gif - (3.55MB , 900x600 , 54.gif )

No. 944341 ID: 395c02
File 156764999621.png - (243.86KB , 900x600 , 55.png )


Why'd I try to be greedy!?

...I can't...

...Hold on...

"Kliss! Just hang on! I'm coming to get you!"


:SQ_pathL:A: "--Help me!":SQ_pathR:
:SQ_pathL:B: "--Stay back!":SQ_pathR:
No. 944342 ID: d0db1f


No. 944343 ID: 0efe8e

Wow, what a... Cliffhanger
No. 944344 ID: e7c7d3


Try to grab onto a nearby spike.
No. 944345 ID: 0fae41

B. Fly, you fools!
No. 944347 ID: 736b7e

B, Tyrsis is big and could further collapse the path.
No. 944351 ID: e7848c

The structural integrity of the ground cannot be verified right now. B. You have hiking spikes, use them. Dig your front claws into the ground right in front of you and push back, any little bit you can gain is closer to safety. Just a little bit at a time until you can get enough leverage to use your back legs to pull you up. Do not panic.
No. 944352 ID: e6f10c

B. If the path is weak enough to break under just your weight, then it's likely it'll break under both your weight and Tyrsis', especially if he runs to you. Make sure you make this clear to him (and your mom) after you yell for him to stay back.

Be very slow and deliberate in your movements to right yourself, since sudden movements likely will break the pathway more. Tip your head back and keep it there to lock your necklace in place against your horns. Plant your claws in the rock face well apart to spread the load and slowly push yourself back up, winkling your legs and tail back over the path.
No. 944382 ID: c3f16e

Very B
No. 944383 ID: a9af05

Whoever told Kliss to take multiple trips to get everything, shame on you. She's in this situation because you got greedy.

>What do?

It's great that Tyrsis wants to help, but you've gotta tell him to stay back! The bridge will collapse if he tries to help! Say the same thing to your mom, so that she also stays back!

Of course, your mom isn't going to listen because she's your mom and wants to save her baby girl, so she's going to come over anyways.

Who knows? Maybe her small size and light weight will let her come help you, without breaking the bridge some more?
No. 944384 ID: 094652

No. 945057 ID: 395c02
File 156846978919.png - (264.05KB , 900x600 , 56.png )

"Stay back! I'll be fine!"


"Both of you, just... give me a second!"


>Tip your head back and keep it there to lock your necklace in place against your horns
Ah--! I have to make sure I don't drop it!

>Try to grab onto a nearby spike.
It might just barely be in reach. Okay... I only get one shot at this.

I start to reach out towards it...
No. 945058 ID: 395c02
File 156846979303.png - (493.03KB , 900x600 , 57.png )

"Kliss! Don't move! Stay calm and do exactly as I say!"


"Dig your claws into the cliff behind you!"

No. 945059 ID: 395c02
File 156846979668.png - (268.98KB , 900x600 , 58.png )

Don't panic. Don't panic.


I carefully bury my claws into the ground behind me. My legs feel like they're about to fall off!

"Good! Now push yourself up-- carefully! Use your claws as leverage and keep climbing. Don't stop until your legs and tail can get you the rest of the way!"

How does...? No time for that! I need to concentrate.

With slow and careful motions I move myself upwards, until I'm finally back on the path.

"Good job! But don't rest yet! You need to crawl over here where it's safe!"

Crawling is about the extent of what I can do. My legs have no desire to support my weight right now.
No. 945060 ID: 395c02
File 156846979901.png - (337.99KB , 900x600 , 59.png )

"Thank Shaia you're safe! I was so scared..."

"Oh, Kliss... I'm so glad you listened to me for once."


"You can't keep taking these kinds of risks! Eventually the time will come when I won't be around to save you."

"And... I can't do this. Not again."

How should I respond?
No. 945061 ID: 583a60

Just hug everyone for now while you recover.
No. 945063 ID: 015bf2

Meekly start to say "okay".

Then take a deep breath, grab your mother's shoulders, look her in the eyes and say, louder, "Thank you," then hug her back. Gesture for Tyrsis to join the hug-pile. Be silent for a short while, then sigh.

Tell her you were stupid, but... was there even a better way? Like, could you have dug a safer path? Spotted how crumbly the ledge was somehow? Just crawled the whole way from the beginning? You don't want to take super crazy risks - you don't want to make anyone afraid for you! - but you don't want to give up on adventure, even if it means risks. And sometimes it pays. Just look at the stuff you found! And there was a further path up there!

But that fall was... dangerous and scary. And mom saved you like a badass - where'd she learn that trick? - and has been super helpful so far, even in just telling you of this place, so maybe, if she wants, she can be there for you a little longer and come along on a few more of your adventures, uh, or just give some adventuring advice to start you off other than 'don't'. You'll listen a little better, you promise.

And... you think it's time to head back to examine your findings.
No. 945070 ID: b1b4f3

Well at least we got some stuff out of it. Look at the stuff.
No. 945072 ID: 83bf07

Hugs time? Hugs time. Thank your mom. She made the the right call. Steady yourself. It's a long way back.
No. 945081 ID: 91ee5f

That’s enough excitement. It’s time for us to go back.
No. 945091 ID: 58b4f3

Look on the bright side, at least this isn't some sort of cliché where your mom saves you and then she ends up falling to her death! Because if that happened, you would've become traumatized and you'd give up trying to go to the surface! Which would've been sad, since it too your mother dying to get you to give up on that!

So it's a good thing that didn't happen!

>What do?
Go home.

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