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File 156046180527.png - (393.32KB , 1558x1064 , Mr Blue Sky 1.png )
935639 No. 935639 ID: a451fc

You rise from a deep slumber, staring up at a beautiful blue sky. With no memory of how you got here, or where here even is. You are lost in both a physical and mental sense, but not for long because...
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No. 939415 ID: e24a03

Oh completely forgot about that. Is that no more digging at all or just a limit on how big we can make a room? What's a fast, sturdy home extension we can build? Stone base with a wooden roof?
No. 939433 ID: 977456

Make Jordy a mantis knife. It'll be a useful tool for whittling and such, and if it raises FG then... well golly, wouldn't that just be a crying shame.
No. 939434 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s examine those weapons to see if any of them are better than what we’ve already got.

If they are better, Arrayan can take the spear and Vermilion can take to crossbow and arrows.....after testing to see if he can accurately hit a practice target.

And that iron hatchet is just begging to be used to gather wood.

Gotta reinforce that door. Then dig out the pitfall traps and put spikes in them.
No. 939438 ID: 864e49

Is the iron spear better?
Can Verm use the hatchet or only knives?
Are any of use any good with a crossbow?
Are the Sleeping Roll good enough for Verms' delicate sensibility?
Can Jordy really do absolutely fuck all during combat?

We need to jerkify the goat meat and leatherfy any hide we have so start those processes, then we need to make good door then finish defense traps then go make new hunting traps and then smelt metal.

Once we have leather and metal we can start making better weapons and armor.
No. 939443 ID: 8d4593

Oh Sweet. Iron spear means we don't have to make a spare spear now.
Although... Thow that I think of it, we could just make another Mantis Glaive, since we have the unter perk now, it should be of higher quality this time!

That aside though.

Give Jordy the Mattock for now. He needs to dig himself a room.
Meanwhile, take the hatchet and go chop some wood. We got a door to make.
No. 939444 ID: 91ee5f

>He needs to dig himself a room.
We can’t do anymore digging, there’s a risk of a cave-in.
No. 939448 ID: a451fc
File 156337534211.png - (231.84KB , 1541x945 , Iron Sspear.png )

>Iron Spear better?
It deals a bit more damage than the Mantis Glaive, it's main appeal is that once the Mantis Glaive breaks there's an accessible back up that isn't made of rocks.
Iron Spear: A well made Iron spear. [FG + 3] [DMG = 3 Piercing/Slashing] [DUR = FULL] [WGT = 2]

>Who can use the crossbow?
It's not as hard to use as the bow and arrow, but it takes a while to reload and it's better used at a longer range
Crossbow: A simple crossbow. [FG + 4] [DMG = 1 Piercing] [DUR = FULL] [RNG = MID-LONG] [WGT = 4] [RELOADING = 2]
-[LONG SHOT]: Ignores 2 [FG] if target is at a long range, target gains 2 [FG] against attacks if within close range.

>Make Jordy a Mantis Knife
Arrayan carves down the Godless Mantis claw into a set of 2 knives
Mantis Knife: A knife carved from a Godless Mantis claw. [FG + 1] [DMG = 1 Piercing/Slashing] [DUR = FULL] [WGT = 1]
-[BACKSTAB]: When attacking an enemy from behind, ignores 3 [FG]
No. 939449 ID: a451fc
File 156337534704.png - (643.20KB , 1369x1007 , Productivity.png )

Are the Sleeping Roll good enough for Verms' delicate sensibility?
No, they're too small for his snake tail.

>Smoke meat, tan leather
The meat is being smoked and the leather is prepared for tanning. Vermilion uses the goat's brain and [x10 SLIME] to make more Quick-Tanning rub which he applies to the hide. Both should be finished soon.

>Make reinforced door
There is [x72 WOOD] to use, the door needs [x150 WOOD] to make. Wood needs to be gathered before the door can be built

>Use stone to make walls.
To make the stone into walls mortar is needed. Mortar can be made out of LIMESTONE, WATER, and SAND. Silica sand can probably be harvested from the mountain.

>Dig out the pitfall traps and put spikes in them.
>Gather wood
Who's going to do these things? With so many people now who can do different things it'd be best if certain people are addressed to do certain jobs.
No. 939452 ID: 8d4593

Honestly now that we have both a hatchet and a Mattock maybe we should send both Arrayan, Jordi, along with Sprite to collect wood.
We need a shitload of wood.

Door, traps, more charcoal, Cave supports so Jordi can have a room, tools, external structures, they all take wood.
No. 939453 ID: ce39da

I approve of not having Mr. 0 FG go into the woods alone; he should have Ar watching his back, as well as provide an extra set of hands, 'cause we're gonna need them. Have Verm watch the meat and leather while he gets started on some pits.
No. 939457 ID: a9af05

Everyone should unload all unnecessary things into storage. Just make sure you all keep the bags with you.

>Who does what?
Have Ar go into the woods to gather a lot of wood. He should bring the Mantis Glaive (equipped), Iron Spear (backup weapon, unequipped), Iron Hatchet, and one healing item with him.

Jordy should go with Ar to help with gathering wood. He should bring the Mantis Knife (equipped) and the Bronze Mattock.

Sprite should throw up everything she's carrying into the storage and go with Ar and Jordy, so that she can help carry the wood.

Verm should continue experimenting with potions to see what else he can make.
No. 939458 ID: b1b4f3

Arrayan and Jordy go chop a bunch of wood.
Verm go to the LAKE and search for ingredients there.

Ask Jordy how he scared off the bandits.
No. 939463 ID: 91ee5f

>everyone bring bags
Good call.

>here’s what everyone should do.....
I agree with what you said about everyone’s equipment and I agree with what Arrayan, Jordy, and Sprite should be doing. However, I disagree with what you said Vermilion should be doing.

I think Vermilion should go to the lake and look around for some ingredients there. He might even be able to get more of that healing moss if he happens to meet with that talking fish from earlier.

He should also bring his Throwing Knives and the Crossbow and Arrows with him.
No. 939466 ID: 864e49

Ar, Verm, LaForge go gather wood, while doing this Ar can make new hunting traps with that rotten meat and Verm can gather ingredients.
When they all get back then Jordy can dig the pit trap and if Verm can smelt metal do it else go explore the LAKE while Ar builds door.
No. 939532 ID: 8d4593

I'm with sending Verm to the lake.
No. 939534 ID: a451fc
File 156348971327.png - (364.33KB , 1558x1064 , Chopping.png )

>Jordy: How'd you scare off the bandits?
JORDY: Bombs. Found a couple and used em' up.

>Arrayan and Jordy: Chop Wood
The duo head into the forest with Sprite to gather wood, with two axes made of durable metal they manage to gather more timber than Arrayan could manage with a lone stone axe before.

Together they gather [x355] WOOD in total! along with the [x4] Round Fruits that fall from them.

SPRITE: Y'know wood doesn't taste too bad, d'you think different kinds of wood taste different too?
No. 939537 ID: a451fc
File 156348978813.png - (434.42KB , 1558x1064 , Desmond Arrives.png )

>Vermilion: Gather ingredients/ Experiment
Vermilion looks for components around the Lake. After some searching he finds another clump of Purple Moss, a clump of Red Moss, and he scoops some of the Mint Algae off of the surface of the water.

After taking what he can Vermilion heads back to the cave base, as he returns he notices somebody fly closer and land next to the cave...
No. 939538 ID: a451fc
File 156348979485.png - (322.85KB , 1558x1064 , Desmond.png )

DESMOND: Did Arrayan make a new friend while I was away? He must be quite popular. Regardless, my name is Desmond! and I'm here to trade if you're interested.

Desmond produces a number of items he's interested in trading.

Lantern: An Iron Lantern, comes with 5 candles
Flashbang [x2] : A makeshift flashbang grenade. Blinds enemies
Divining Rod: A Y-shaped wooden stick, carved smoothly and adorned with beads.
Whetstone: A perfectly cut Whetstone. Restores Durability to bladed weapons
Odd Book: Intricate cover, but illegible writing.
Bear-trap [x2]: Complete with chain and stake.
Sandbag: A heavy bag of sand, great for a weight.

Desmond isn't as hungry as he was before, so he isn't as interested in food as payment.
No. 939545 ID: 8d4593

I've heard of cold weather trees that have a wonderful sweet sap. I bet those taste good, Sprite.
I've never seen one tho.

Full inventory please.

Bear Traps, the Lantern, the whetstone, maybe even the book, all sound good.

We do have that Crossbow and bolts to trade. As well as that Powerful Rejuvenation Poultice, and the Mantis Knives.

If he would be willing to wait for a bit, we could make him a nasty stink bomb from the Iron bacteria, sulfur, and maybe a warp pod eye. Or we could enhance the frailty draft with slime to make it a more worthwhile.
Also the others will probably be back by the time a potion is done. They have an extra hatchet they may be willing to trade.
No. 939547 ID: b1b4f3

What about those gemstones we got?
Tempting to get the old book but if nobody can read it what's the point? ...maybe it's in code?
Flashbangs seem like they'd be VERY good against the nighttime enemies. Bear traps could be good too.
Ask what the divining rod does.
No. 939548 ID: c571e8

how far would that sandbag get us in that mortar construction project? How much do we want/need? Bag of sand can't be expensive.
No. 939549 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like we can- wait, where WOULD we get sand here?
No. 939556 ID: 8d4593

OH YEAH I forgot about those.

Sprite might know about the book, or maybe it's magic. Maybe it's useless to us for now. In any case, if one of our party members can't read it, surely someone on the chunk can. It's probably very cheap right now, but I imagine that it would be very valuable to someone who could read it. At the very least it's an investment.

That sand could be valuable as don't have a way of classifying out sand from soil or clay, nor do we have a suitable biome to collect it from.

I dunno how valuable the Divining Rod is, but the more everyone talks about this stuff, the more like I feel we should see if we can trade for just about everything.

Ask Desmond if he knows what's beyond the mountains.
No. 939600 ID: 91ee5f

I say we should get the Book, since Sprite might be able to translate it the same way she translated the book we found in the ruins.

>Desmond isn't as hungry as he was before, so he isn't as interested in food as payment.
Hmmm, maybe he’d want a potion? I’m sure Vermilion could make something Desmond would like.
No. 939622 ID: a451fc
File 156351468209.png - (123.16KB , 1101x675 , Inventory.png )

- Shelluk Shell
- 50 ft Rope
- x4 Woolly Goat Horn
- Woolly Goat Gristle (Bones and Guts)
- x6 Wool Clumps
- Ruby Dragon Eyes [x2]
- Cloth Wall Hangings [x4]
- Spoiled Meat [x3]
- Ghost Metal Shards
- Sleeping Roll [x2]
- Purple Moss Clump
- Stone Tools (Axe, Shovel)
- Carpenter’s Tools
- Torch [x20]
- Crossbow
- Stone Arrows [x12]
- Bow
- Mantis Knife
- Throwing Knives [x8]
- Bundle of Jerky [x3]
- Round Fruit
- Numbing Politice
- Frailty Draft
- Purple Moss Poultice
No. 939623 ID: a451fc
File 156351474297.png - (250.57KB , 1019x1064 , Desmond 2.png )

>Ask what the divining rod does
VERMILION: This Y-shaped piece of wood. What worth does it have? It seems like ordinary wood adorned with fancy baubles...
DESMOND: Supposedly it can lead you to buried treasures, such as ores or burial sites...I never had much use for it since I spend most of my time in the air. You could use any Y-shaped stick but from what I'm told this one was designed to be more efficient.

>Ask Desmond if he knows what's beyond the mountains.
VERMILION: If you travel by air then you must know what's past the mountain range, correct?
DESMOND: Past the mountain is a bit of forest, but then the Chunk ends and it quickly becomes swamp. Of course since I fly I never really go down there on foot.

>How far would that sandbag get us in that mortar construction project?
It's a pretty hefty bag. It's surprising that Desmond could carry it through the air. It looks like around [x85]. Enough to make small amount of mortar when paired with the Limestone, but more sand will be needed for larger stone structures.

>where WOULD we get sand here?
Silica sand can probably be gathered from the mountain, it'd still be a good aggregate for mortar.

>Make a potion for Desmond
Desmond isn't interested in waiting for a potion to be made for him. He's a busy bat after all.

Desmond is very interested in the Dragon Rubies. He'll offer two items for one
Desmond is interested in the Mantis Knife, Numbing Poultice, and Purple Moss Clump. He'll offer a one to one trade
Desmond seems somewhat interested in the Goat Horns. He'll offer one item for three
No. 939630 ID: 864e49

Bear-trap(can have both pls?)
Use Dragon Rubies.

Divining Rod
If get use Goat Horns.

Odd Book

I would also like to point out that each one of the three puzzle podiums had a gem in them so if we ever need them for trade or if we ever go back there to grind we can get them.

Verm while experimenting test Woolly Goat Horn, Shelluk Shell, Exoskeleton Shards and random spices that everyone forgot we have.
No. 939631 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, he knows the layout of the land? Can he sketch us a map? Just... you know, whatever's adjacent to the places we've been already.

We can get four items via the rubies. Five by trading the horns too.
Here's my shopping list:
Odd Book
Divining Rod
Bear Traps

sandbag (we can gather our own, and it's not even that much sand!)
lantern (we have 20 torches already!)
No. 939634 ID: 864e49

I fell like I'm forgetting stuff.

Hey verm is the Old Book like the book we found in the ruins?
Desmond what other places do you frequent, who are your other clients and can we ask you to try get specific things?

>we can gather our own, and it's not even that much sand!
But it is a free bag.

And NO Flashbangs! They're single use, makeshift and have the potential to back fire.
No. 939644 ID: 91ee5f

>shopping list
Yeah, let’s get those.
No. 939645 ID: ce39da

Don't forget to warn him about the eclipse; offer to let him stay with you for the duration. (There's a chance we could get a free item for doing this, but don't be rude by asking about it; let him decide if he's grateful enough for that.)

I'd say trading for the book, rod, and whetstone would be worthwhile. We don't need to keep both gems, but should we give both? If we do, I recommend one of the bear traps as our fourth item.
No. 939646 ID: a9af05

That's actually 7 items, since he's got 2 bear traps and 2 flashbangs.

Unless you only want one of each of those? Then that would make 5 items and I'll agree with you're wanting to get.

>Warn about eclipse
Yes, don't forget to do that!
No. 939651 ID: 8d4593

I feel like
Bear Trap
Bear Trap

are all the must haves, and can easily be traded for with the Gems and a knife.

I'd be willing to trade the other knife and/or the moss and horns for the Book and Rod.

The Lantern is useful for indoor light, and is iron which can be melted down, but I'm not sure I would trade anything we got for it specifically.

The sand we should definitely try to haggle for.
It does have value, as we don't have any right now, are on a strict time limit, and the little morter can bind a lot of bricks. At least enough to make a proper sturdy door frame and/or proper high quality forge.
He is getting a STEAL on the gems. They are practically weightless liquid value. I wouldn't be surprised if just one was actually worth his entire inventory to someone in his network.
Meanwhile the sand is only valuable in this specific situation, and it's literally weighing him down.

Tell him the gems are easily worth three Items each.
If he goes for it great, trade them along with a knife, the horns, and some moss and buy everything.
If he doesn't, suggest he at least throw the sand in free. It's dead weight anyway.
No. 939664 ID: a451fc
File 156355503504.png - (316.91KB , 1558x1064 , Haggling.png )

VERMILION: Now, far be it from to call one of Arrayan's comrades a liar, but I refuse to believe that one of these rubies is only worth two of your items. Honestly, I feel as though one would be enough to purchase your whole stock of items. At the least one ruby should be three items not two.
DESMOND: I understand why you'd feel that way. While it's true that rubies are quite precious, only two of that size aren't THAT valuable. I stand by me prices.
VERMILION: I see, still you acknowledge the value in these gems? The least you could do is include the sandbag if I use these to purchase other goods? That sand must be weighing you down something terrible, and really how valuable can it be?
DESMOND: That doesn't seem to bad...You got a deal.

Vermilion gives up the dragon eye rubies and 3 goat horns for the odd book, divining rod, bear trap, flashbang, and whetstone. The sandbag is thrown in for free.

DESMOND: It was a pleasure meeting you Vermilion! I look forward to seeing more of you after the eclipse.
VERMILION: Will you be okay during the eclipse?
DESMOND: Yes, I'm capable of taking care of myself. So long Vermilion, tell Arrayan I said hello.

Desmond flies away.
No. 939665 ID: a451fc
File 156355504052.png - (411.40KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cave Outside 3-1.png )

Arrayan, Jordy, and Sprite return from the forest with the wood. Vermilion shows the book to Sprite.

SPRITE: Mhmm...I can't read any of this!
VERMILION: What! Was I tricked? Was Desmond not a man of moral character after all!?
SPRITE: No, this book will be important for later, but right now it has no use. I'll tell you guys about it when we can use it for now let's focus on what we can do.

The Jerky is smoked and the Leather is tanned.
No. 939668 ID: ce39da

Arrayan: Make armor for Jordy; I anticipate him being a front-line tank in battle. Make him a shield too if there's time.

Vermillion: Make potions. Focus on healing salves and FG buff/debuff.

Jordy: Make a good, sturdy door. Dig some pits if there's time. (Don't discard the foliage camo; it's still preferable if fewer things find the cave to begin with.)
No. 939671 ID: a9af05

Ar should go ahead and make that armor for Verm. And get a little upset that Verm gave away the dragon statue's eyes.

Verm should make some more potions. Focus on making healing ones.

Jordy can work on reinforcing that door.

>Make armor for Jordy
But we had already promised Verm he'd get the armor. It'd be kinda dick move to change our mind like that.

Also, Jordy said he wouldn't be good in a fight, so let's not gear him up if he doesn't want to fight.
No. 939675 ID: ae9bd9

I mean, we could make new eyes if we find any gems in the stone. Gems have to come from somewhere.

(we also need to engineer a way to bring the statue to our lizard hole)
No. 939677 ID: b1b4f3

Jordy would be an awful tank since he's got 0 base FG. FG is essentially a character's "level", and it increases outgoing damage while reducing incoming damage. He's also got lower PB (hp), at 5.
Jordy is mostly useful due to his high GW, which is like action points. He can act more frequently than other characters. I'm not sure how we'd take advantage of this in battle though. With low FG he'd have a hard time doing damage, and we don't have many expendable items that we'd want to spam during combat. Also if he gets burned he's completely useless.
Maybe he can learn some defensive abilities to boost his effective FG? Hmm, maybe Arrayan can give him some training to raise his base FG a little.

Okay we have building materials now. Let's make that reinforced door, and lay out a plan for the cabin or whatever.
No. 939684 ID: 864e49

>No Lantern
But now we won't be able to make a lantern shield :<

Ok first Jordy make door then work on pit, Ar make armor and maybe shield(metal reinforced wooden heater?) and Verm experiment. Remember to test Woolly Goat Horn, Shelluk Shell, Exoskeleton Shards and random spices.

We could give him the Crossbow.
Ar should also train Jordy on how to use the forge, at least how to smelt ore, it would free up a lot of Arrayans time.
No. 939689 ID: 8d4593

His low fg can be offset by giving him some quality equipment, but his size will make producing armor prohibitive.

We could produce him an oversized club though. Thick tapered wood, Carved, leatherbound grip, Band of Iron on the business end with nails or spikes poking out.
Fuck skill, he could just hit something Hard.

I guess Arrayan needs to build a door, Jordy needs to reinforce the Lizard hole with log supports and dig himself a room, and Verm Needs to Crush and cook the shelluk shell for lime... Unless we have limestone in which we just need to cook that.

What does our medium inventory look like?

I suppose while he waits for it cook up he could shape some clay bricks. Or gather clay. Do we have enough clay for bricks?
No. 939691 ID: 91ee5f

Arrayan, shed some tears for the loss of those Dragon Rubies.

No. 939722 ID: 972422

Here's an idea. We're planning on making some walls and a roof in front of our cave entrance, right? From the outside, it would look like a wooden shack built near the mountainside.

Well, how about we make a fake back wall inside of the shack? That way, if any monsters get close enough to break through the outer walls, they might think that we just left in a hurry and not get into the cave.

We could even disguise the actual door to our hideout using mortar and some carefully-placed stones. That way, it would blend in with the mountainside when it's closed.
No. 939724 ID: 977456

>Jordy would be an awful tank since he's got 0 base FG.
But FG is based upon equipment as much as skill. And there are special abilities to boot! Those could include effective FG on defence or direct damage resistance/evasion. Jordy Strong! And would look great in a metal chassis with a turret...
That said, Jordy seems a peasceful sort who might want to focus on craft-focused tasks rather than militaristic ones, though nobody should go defenceless on The Chunk. Maybe Arr can focus more of metal-working and Jordy can focus upon woodworking and farming?
No. 939725 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, I know equipment boosts stats. The problem is his base stats are low. Arrayan's base stats are much higher.
No. 939752 ID: a451fc
File 156364599402.png - (84.99KB , 898x975 , Vermilion's Armor.png )

>Arrayan: Make leather armor for Vermilion
Vermilion is larger, and as such needs a bit more leather for his armor. instead of the [x20] Leather Arrayan used for his armor, Vermilion's takes [x40]. Including the tanned rabbit pelts, there's [x20] Leather left.

SPRITE: So, are you upset about Vermilion selling those rubies?
ARRAYAN: Yes! I know there are more important things to worry about but honestly it bothers me a little. Not enough to say anything about it, but I'm not going to lie about how I feel.
SPRITE: I'm sure your dragon gods'll smite him for what he's done.
ARRAYAN: Lizards that desecrate dragon shrines do supposedly spontaneously combust.
SPRITE: So Verm might catch fire one of these days out of nowhere?
ARRAYAN: Hopefully not, but my superstitious ass is going to be thinking about it forever now.
No. 939753 ID: a451fc
File 156364600680.png - (208.12KB , 1394x998 , Vermilion Flask.png )

Inside Vermilion is using his alchemy set and experimenting on components. Arrayan hands him his armor.

VERMILION: This is well made Comrade! Definitely an improvement over what I was wearing before. Though I did have a nice coat I lost before I came here. Thank you.
ARRAYAN: No problem, hey you're not lighting fires in here right?

Verm equips the armor and continues to work on alchemy. Experimenting on a few components...

Woolly Goat Horn: Not too useful, better used to craft things with.
Shelluk Shell: Tingles slightly. When ground up and ingested restores energy.
Exoskeleton Shards: Tingles like the Shelluk Shell, tough to grind up, but possible.
Red Moss: It burns to touch for too long
Mint Algae: Useless on it's own, Minty taste.

Vermilion focuses on creating healing items, making a Rejuvenating Moss Poultice ( [x5]Soothing Leaves, [x1] Weeping Lady Flower, and [x10] Slime each) All stored in clay bowls.
No. 939754 ID: a451fc
File 156364629343.png - (177.78KB , 942x992 , The Door.png )

>Jordy: Finish the door
Jordy takes the [x150] wood and the carpenters tools and gets to work. After some work Jordy comes up with a nice sturdy door, along with a bar to lock it with. Arrayan comes over to check it.

ARRAYAN: Lookin' good Jordy!
JORDY: Planks laid criss-cross. Vertical on front. Horizontal on back. Nice 'n sturdy. Hard to break.
No. 939756 ID: a451fc
File 156364635951.png - (76.45KB , 1114x806 , Base Plans.png )

>Lay out a plan for the cabin
The current plan for a small cabin like enclosure was estimated to need about 100 before, but with closer inspection it'll definitely need more. [x350] STONE will be needed for this cabin along with [x200] WOOD for the roof, and the mortar of course. There is currently [x276] WOOD left over along with [x415] STONE. It'll be about as big as the original cave dugout Arrayan made was.

>Make a fake back wall inside of the shack?
There would be no easy way to slide that thing back and forward to enter and exit the cave. Nor would there be a away to hide that it's obviously a separate constructed door.

>Make more pit traps
Jordy takes the shovel and wood and starts digging holes, he uses [x40] WOOD to make spikes in both holes leaving [x236] WOOD left over. The Stone Shovel breaks during this.
No. 939757 ID: b1b4f3

*minecraft tool breaking sound*
Alright let's make another shovel or two.

Also yeah let's build the cabin. It'll make enough room for Jordy to sleep comfortably, either by moving some stuff out into the cabin so he can sleep in the cave, or by him just sleeping in the cabin.
No. 939762 ID: a9af05

>my superstitious ass is going to be thinking about it forever now.
And then Sprite says, "I didn't know your brain was in your ass!"

>Pit traps with spikes have been made
Did we put a cover over them? That way if an enemy steps on it, they'll fall into the pit!

Do this.
No. 939764 ID: 864e49

Arrayan go out and set up the bear traps with the rotten meat, when you get baxk use whats left of the leather to make Jordy some armor. We can make a metal shovel after the eclipse is over.

Jordy and Verm get to work on that cabin.
No. 939769 ID: a9af05

>Make armor for Jordy
We don't have enough leather to make armor for him! We need more than 20 leather to make armor big enough to fit Jordy!
No. 939775 ID: 8d4593

Eh. I'm less worried about the shovel and more wanting to get this cabin up.

I'd suggest having everyone begin construction.
No. 939780 ID: a9af05

I've got an idea for a potion! Let's try combining some Redcap Mushrooms, Red Moss, and Slime, to see if we can create a potion to use on any enemies we run into!
No. 939782 ID: 8d4593

I bet Red moss and Demon Needles would make something that burns like hell.
No. 939798 ID: 977456

Consider putting a fireplace with a chimney in the cabin. It would let you cook things without smoke issues and hopefully it is sealed enough to heat up the cave and cabin without needing to burn down the forest.

Consider making wooden armour with leather straps for Jordy.

Hammer out an extremely thin all-metal torso-armour for Sprite. Just keep pounding on her stuff until it is almost foil. I mean, she would suit the Mysterious Stranger look with the all-obscuring(bar the glowing eyes) cloak much better, but that might be too heavy for her?
No. 939823 ID: 864e49

Yes but Ar made leather chest piece, leggings, gloves and crotch flap loin cloth with 20.
Jordy's not that much bigger then Ar so 20 should be enough to make a chest piece.

Demon Needles, Redcap Mushrooms, Red Moss, and Slime!
Poisonous burning paste we can put on arrows or our spear.
No. 939835 ID: a451fc
File 156371792430.png - (489.04KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cabin 1.png )

Arrayan: Set traps
Arrayan prepares the bear trap with rotten meat and resets the other two unbroken traps.

Everybody: Work on Cabin
[x350] STONE and [x200] WOOD are gathered. Vermilion mixes the [x85] SAND and [x50] crushed LIMESTONE with water into mortar. With everybody putting their all into constructing the cabin, it get's done quicker. An extra [x25] STONE is used to create a chimney and fireplace. By the time the building is finished and the door is set into the front the sun is about to set. Everybody eats a round fruit.

SPRITE: Great work everybody! Fort Lizard hole is complete!
ARRAYAN: Okay, I give up. Welcome to Fort Lizard Hole everyone!
SPRITE: That's the spirit Ar!
VERMILION: You're a broken man Arrayan. I'll weep for you. Or at the very least come up with a better name for this place than that.
No. 939839 ID: a451fc
File 156371863173.png - (101.97KB , 748x900 , Jordy Wooden Chetplate.png )

>Arrayan: Make Jordy leather armor
Jordy's a bit taller than Arrayan, and his body is more rotund as well so the armor will need leather that's not available. In place of leather armor, Arrayan uses [x10] Leather and [x25] Wood to make him a wooden chest plate. It's about as good as leather, accept it might break much sooner, especially if anything metal cuts it. Still, it's better than nothing.

>Vermilion: Mix Demon Needles, Redcap Mushrooms, and Red Moss
Vermilion crushes the Needles into a powder, grinds the mushrooms, and mixes all of it with the red moss and boils it in water turning the whole mixture into a thin paste-like concoction.

Vermilion has created Blaze Decoction and stores it in a glass bottle. (Applies Burn)

It's getting dark. Jordy still has energy, but nothing to really use it for. Regardless he can stay up tonight if necessary.
No. 939848 ID: 58b4f3

>Everybody eats a round fruit.
Didn't you say that you had food that was going to spoil tomorrow? It might be best if you guys eat all of the food that's about to spoil or eat as much of it as you possibly can. That way you guys will have less food to throw out in the morning!

>Lizard Hole
Now Arrayan can invite everyone to come into his hole! XD
No. 939850 ID: 864e49

>Lizard hole
Ar it can be any kind of hole you like. Though we could name it the crack shack, cause it started from a crack in the wall.

>years later, after all those involved in its construction have long passed, the people of the beautiful prosperous town will continue to wonder why the large lavishly built castle in the center of their small city where their Dragon Lord resides was named "Chateau de Lizard Hole".

Can he work the forge? Otherwise go get more wood just in case.

>Blaze Decoction
Would adding slime increase potency?
No. 939852 ID: 91ee5f

How about this? We call it the Dream Chasers’ Den? Because everyone here is chasing a dream. Yeah, I know it’s cheesy and not all that great, but it’s gotta be better than Lizard Hole! At least, Arrayan will think it’s better.

Speaking of dreams, let’s ask Jordy what his dream is. Arrayan wants to find a way to become a dragon and Vermilion is looking for the Philosopher's Stone. So what is Jordy’s dream?

>fragile armor
Guess we’ll have to fix that once we get more leather.

>It's getting dark. Jordy still has energy, but nothing to really use it for. Regardless he can stay up tonight if necessary.
Nah, he doesn’t need to stay up.

>eat more, have less to throw out.
Might as well do this. It’ll be better if only some of the food spoils instead of all of it spoiling.
No. 939865 ID: b1b4f3

Why not make the cooling pot now?
No. 939881 ID: 8d4593

Now all there's left to do is make plate for arrayans armor, a proper shield, a weapon for Jordy, some extra healing items, some extra food, finish up some holes... Yeah. We're on schedule. We got dis.

Rest up everyone.
There will be plenty to do tomorrow.

Verm: Dream of names.
No. 939883 ID: 44b1b5

Jordy: Got any dreams and/or ambitions? Might as well ask that question now that you're part of the team.

Better if he doesn't head outside. Just because he can, doesn't mean he should.
No. 939980 ID: a451fc
File 156378832160.png - (238.22KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cabin Night.png )

>Why not make the cooling pot now?
All of the sand that would've been used for it is gone! Not to mention there's no clay to make pots. It'll have to be made in the morning when more supplies are around.

>Can Jordy work the forge?
He can work the forge just fine, but staying outside would be dangerous, and the fireplace inside has no way of supplying air to the fire. Wood and Leather can be made into bellows later for an efficient way of doing so.

>Jordy: Got any dreams and/or ambitions?
JORDY: Have a place to sleep. Have food to eat...maybe learn how to make beer. Don't know, not much.

>Verm: Dream of names.
Vermilion sits in his bed thinking of different names for the cave other than lizard hole. Lizard Hollow is close enough without being awful. Dragon Grotto isn't bad. The Dugout is simple if not a little bland. The Cave of Dreams sounds like a strip club. Vermilion drifts to sleep before he can think of more.

>Everyone: Rest
Everybody falls asleep.
No. 939981 ID: a451fc
File 156378832583.png - (222.52KB , 1558x1064 , Up late.png )

...In the middle of the night. Sprite hears something outside, something that doesn't sound like monsters. She lets everyone else sleep but out of curiosity peeks outside on her own...
No. 939982 ID: a451fc
File 156378833173.png - (538.37KB , 1558x1064 , The Night Cart.png )

Sprite peeks through the wooden door, to see the ethereal image of a wooden cart pulled not by a steed, but by ghostly spider legs growing from the front of it. A music box can be heard grinding away somewhere inside filling the night air with an eerie yet soothing melody. Sprite floats out of the house to move closer. As she does the side of the cart opens up, and two wisps of faint light spill out. Their whispers linger in the air.

WISPS: ..spiIIIiin
SPRITE: ...Spin?

No. 939983 ID: a451fc
File 156378833711.png - (284.46KB , 1808x1064 , Ghost Roulette.png )

A panel in the side of the cart opens up to reveal a large wheel covered with numbers and different colors. The wisps take on a more solid form and shape into two small ghosts.

FISH: And when your luck screws you over throw your life away until you win.
SPRITE: Whoa! What's all of this?
FISH: Or lose, lose is much more likely to happen
SPRITE: But I don't really have any money.
HOTT: You got those MEDIUMS don't ya? So c'mon c'mon! PLAY PLAY PLAY! Don't you wanna be a winner!?
No. 939984 ID: a451fc
File 156378842940.png - (155.33KB , 1714x767 , Ghost Roulette Table.png )

Puffs of fog rise off of the carts chassis, twisting and solidifying into a board with numbers and words on it. The colors of the table correspond to the colors on the

FISH: Let's make sure know how to play before you blow all your stuff.
HOTT: NAH! THAT'S LAME! Besides, not knowing how to play makes it more fun! So, come on just make a bet and spin the wheel already!
FISH: Do you need a run down on how to lose? I mean play? If you're familiar with roulette it's basically the same. If you have any questions just ask before you lose.

[x51] WOOD
[x40] STONE
[x14] ONYX
[x13] TIN ORE
[x25] SULFUR
No. 939985 ID: 094652

Bad idea.
Statistically, the house is expected to win in the long run.
Practically, when you place a big bet they could simply run off.

Shoo ghosts don't bother me
No. 939986 ID: 44b1b5

I think we can try betting something we can afford to lose, just to try it out. Put 55 limestones on... let's try Odd.
No. 939998 ID: a451fc
File 156381027444.png - (168.43KB , 1714x767 , Ghost Roulette Table 55 Limestone on ODD.png )

rolled 24 = 24

Sprite coughs up 55 Limestone to bet on ODD. The chunks of MEDIUM shrink into a small poker-chip and lands on the ODD section of the roulette board. Hott spins the roulette wheel.
No. 939999 ID: a451fc
File 156381032926.png - (274.53KB , 1808x1064 , Ghost Roulette Losing Spin.png )

FISH: Even on a safe bet failure peaks it's ugly head. Unfortunate.
HOTT: Awww that's too bad, but don't feel down! One lose doesn't mean winnings impossible!
FISH: If you're dead set on blowing more resources we can always play more. This wheel's good for two more spins.


Should Sprite keep playing?
No. 940001 ID: 9cf530

Let's bet 100 limestones and go for ODD again! I'm feelin' lucky today!
No. 940003 ID: 7fb87a

Of course not. Do you really expect a magic gambling game run by dead people to be fair?
No. 940004 ID: 948104

Fish is right, we're more likely to lose. Really no point to doing this.
No. 940005 ID: 91ee5f

I’m not sure if I understand the rules correctly, but I’d like to place 2 IRON ORE on BLACK.

If we win, we’ve got some more iron ore. If we lose, then it’s a minimal loss we could easily fix next time we go mining for ore.
No. 940009 ID: 44b1b5

Making the same bet a second time to play the odds and recoup is tempting, but I’d rather cut our losses now and explain what happened in the morning. In the future, I think the roulette should only be used in all-or-nothing emergencies.
No. 940014 ID: a451fc
File 156382224385.png - (471.01KB , 1558x1064 , The Night Cart 2.png )

SPRITE: I think that's enough gambling for me.
FISH: Good choice, you can't win so why try?
HOTT: What? BOOO! And I'm not saying that cuz' I'm a ghost! Whatever, You'll be in a gambling mood later. BYE!

The roulette wheel retracts back into the cart as the ghosts fly back inside. The legs on the front of the cart start up and pull it out of view. Sprite quickly reenters the cave-cabin so nothing sees her and waits 'til morning...
No. 940015 ID: a451fc
File 156382226112.png - (446.98KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cabin Morning.png )

Once the sun rises Sprite gives her wake up call.

SPRITE: Good morning everyone! Today's our last day before the eclipse comes so let's make it count!
No. 940016 ID: b1b4f3

Well we're mostly ready. I think what we really need to do today is get materials for the cooling pot, make it, and then stock up on food.

Arrayan, Verm: go check traps.
Jordy: go collect some sand from the mountain. Make a shovel first I guess.
No. 940018 ID: 44b1b5

Sprite: Don’t forget to tell everyone what happened last night. Honesty is a good policy.
No. 940021 ID: 864e49

Everyone: eats foods.
Also everyone: go forest. Ar to check traps, Jordy to collect more wood cause we always seem to need wood, Verm to collect ingredients/help carry stuff.

When we all get back make a nice bronze shovel or two and get what we need to make cooling pots, then make cooling pots and then smelt the rest of our metal and then.....um.....what else do we need to do?
I guess if we get anything in the traps then we could make more leather but what else?
No. 940026 ID: a451fc
File 156383590456.png - (179.18KB , 1180x988 , Jordy Getting Sand.png )

>Sprite: Don’t forget to tell everyone what happened last night.
Sprite explains what she saw and did last night. She says everyone should be on the lookout for carts that appear like that one.

>Everyone: eat foods.
Everybody eats a bundle of jerky

>Jordy: go collect some sand from the mountain. Make a shovel first I guess.
Jordy makes a stone shovel with Vermilion's help, and heads off to gather silica sand. Without Sprite, Jordy can carry [x100] Units of a medium in one inventory slot. He manages to get [x150] sand after some work and he heads back to base with it.
No. 940027 ID: a451fc
File 156383592094.png - (232.81KB , 1832x1064 , Wild Boar Trapped.png )

>Arrayan: Check traps
Arrayan goes through all of the traps set. One has globs of slime caught in the ropes. Sprite picks up [x30] Slime. The bear trap has the corpse of a boar that attempted to escape it, but bled out. Arrayan harvests the corpse. The final trap has nothing in it. Arrayan resets the traps and re-baits the bear trap.

>Vermilion: Gather Ingredients
Vermilion pulls [x30] Slime from the inside of a hollowed out tree trunk, which he then harvests for wood with the Iron Hatchet [x125] Wood is gathered. A nearby tree stump has a [x5] Soothing Leaves growing next to it.

After gathering everything the group heads back to the cave while Vermilion proposes new names for the base.

VERMILION: Dreamer's Grotto!
ARRAYAN: Sounds like a strip club.
VERMILION: A lot of them do, I don't know why they all turn out that way. You ought to be helping, comrade Arrayan. You're the one who has the most objections to our new home being called "The Lizard Hole"
No. 940030 ID: eeb7d9

>"The Lizard Hole"
Because is like calling it "The Lizard Asshole"! And i don't swing that way... I think?
No. 940033 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's make the cooling pot, smoke more jerky from the boar, and forage for fruit and veggies. Once we have enough food to last us through the eclipse we can start doing other things.

Hmm how about Fort Scale? Stonefoot or Earthfoot? Since it's at the foot of the stony mountain? Or we could just name it after the mountain, what's it called?
Then there's uh, Origin Holdout...
No. 940034 ID: 8d4593

Alright were set on food.
We still need clay right?

Send Jordie to get clay. If it's off the mountain send Verm with him and make Jordie take the crossbow.

If you can get clay on the mountain just send Jordie on his own and have Verm start making more healing items.

Arrayan should get on making the metal plates for his armor (Which he made specifically to be able to hold plates that we never made) and a proper shield.

Make the armor plates from bronze.

As for the shield, might I suggest forging together Ghost metal with Iron that's been hardened with crushed exoskeleton shard, adorned in the front with woolly goat horn.
No. 940041 ID: a9af05

The boar hide can be turned into leather, which can be used to give Jordy armor that's not fragile.

Since Ar was the one who first made the place, let's name it after something related to him.

Since he wants to become a dragon, let's name the base "Dragon's Roost".
No. 940048 ID: 977456

Check out the lake for clay and sand. Also see if Sprite slowly accumulate gold by sticking her tail in a river like some kind of magical automated panning.

Hungry Hungry Hollow? Or Cube aitch for short! Sometimes further abbreviated to Cabbage...

There are two kinds, how to win each:
Peer lottery: Many contribute an insignificant value, one gains a significant value.
Winning: Never invest enough that you would care about the loss ie. don't actually gamble, treat it as a clinical wealth redistribution.
Scam Organised: wherein someone runs it as a business in which people give them money for the privilege of being given less money in return.
1: Both be the one running the business AND live in a world devoid of karma.
2: Find an advantage that the business hasn't accounted for in their odds and sell it to someone else take advantage(such as by deciding that the 7 in "High" is either a font or crossed-out depending upon whether the result is within 20-37 or 20-3). *Take note, they have put in more time, effort, and expertise than you, if you think that you have found something they missed, then assume that you are wrong(they can make exactly the same claims about that font...).
3: Play the odds. In the long-run, you will always lose, but short term, you are likely to win eventually, ensure that your single win will provide a profit greater than your cumulative losses and then never gamble again.
Example: If you win double, then start with 1, then your total profit will be either 1 and you leave with 1 profit or -1 and you keep going.
Compound your -1 with a 2 for either a 1 net profit and [end] on a win or a -3 net profit.
Next bet 4 for 1 profit or -7 debt.
Note that the debt escalates rapidly and the profit remains static. Go in assuming that your profit should be tiny and give yourself a huge buffer against an extremely unfair losing streak, losing 20 times in a row on 50% odds is very possible. In theory you can just go back to the lowest value after every win, so long as every losing streak ends with a win that pays for the entire streak you will keep making a profit, but the longer you play, the more likely that engineered freak losing streak that leaves you unable to keep going until you next win happens or they eject you mid-losing-streak so you can't get back to a profit. They will also presumably know about this and have extremely limited options for doubling your bid after every loss. So this is more of an extension of 2...

No. 940078 ID: b1b4f3

It doesn't matter what you do, you can't win Roulette.
Thankfully this is a roulette table with only 1/37th profit for the house when betting on any of the non-1 options. I don't see anything stating what the return is for betting on 1 and winning, but let's just assume it's something like 35x your bet.
No. 940086 ID: 977456

I'm, uhh, I am pretty sure that you can win at roulette if you can keep playing until a win and follow the pattern of:
If lose then double bid and try again.
If win then reset to original bid.
I tested it with one-in-three win rates from random.org with doubling of the bid on a win(should be a two-thirds return on investment) and made a profit. Although I only made 1 on a win and was down beyond negative 400 after an 8 loss streak, but I did end up with a profit of 13 after 37 rolls. It fluctuates very far negatively, so if anything stops you (such as being thrown out or not having enough money to keep doubling your bid until your next win) you are likely to be far into the negatives at the time, but so long as you can keep doubling until you next win, you will pay off your entire losing streak because the amount you bid when you win will be equal to everything you bid since you started doubling, combined, plus the original bid. Then you reset to avoid an infinite doubling abyss. It doesn't change your odds of winning, but it does make sure that you bid more when you win than when you lose.
I believe that casinoes avoid this by having a maximum bid. That way eventually you will have a bad enough loss streak that you will hit the limit and not be able to keep doubling your bid, thus violating the ability to keep playing while following the pattern.
No. 940089 ID: b1b4f3

You already found the problem: that scheme only guarantees profits if you have an infinite amount of money in reserve. Otherwise, you have a non-0 chance to get a loss streak and go bankrupt MUCH faster than you would if you weren't doubling your bet every time. Raising the stakes increases your risk every time you do it.
Also the theoretical profit is based off of the initial bet, which you want to be small so you don't go bankrupt as easily, so your profit is very low, which makes you play more to get more profit, so you go bankrupt anyway just from random fluctuation.
Casinos set a maximum bid to lower the risks for themselves. They don't want someone coming in with a million dollars, putting it all on red, then walking out with 2 million. Casinos mainly get profits over time based on volume, not via winning large bets, so there's no reason to take large bets.
No. 940090 ID: b1b4f3

For a more detailed description:
No. 940092 ID: b1b4f3

The article doesn't say why losing streaks are more likely than you'd think. Let me explain:
Let's say you'd only go bankrupt if you lose 6 times in a row. You'd think "0.5^6 is only 1.5%, that's really low!" but in actuality, that's only valid if you play only six games. The reason is due to combinatorics.
In the 6 game situation, you go bankrupt in only one result out of 2^6 combinations, where all of them are losses.
If you play 7 games, there are 2^7 different combinations, and 3 combinations where you lose 6 games in a row- losing the last 6, losing the first 6, and losing all 7, though you never get to the 7th game in that situation so you may as well merge those two into one. 2/(2^7-1) is greater than 1/2^6.
If you play 8 games, that's 2^8 total and 4 bankrupt situations with 4 merges. 4/(2^8-4) is greater than the last one. It keeps going like this, obviously. I'd rather not continue giving examples since I'm doing it by hand. There's a formula for this of course but I can't be arsed to look it up.
No. 940093 ID: b1b4f3

...permutations, not combinations.
No. 940111 ID: 864e49

>Dead boar
Yes, make more leather and make cooling pots.

>Dreamer's Grotto
Chateau de Lizard Hole Dreamer. Or just The Chateau. the joke is that its actually just a shack

After all that make two bronze shovels, then while Jordy works Le Forge, Ar and Verm go mine more ore.
No. 940123 ID: 91ee5f

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