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File 156393346605.png - (177.57KB , 533x700 , 10-1.png )
940228 No. 940228 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 10: Heart of the Mountain

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/932953.html
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No. 941484 ID: b1b4f3

Flashing Feathers can work on her tits too, and after this I'm guessing everyone will be ready to escalate.
No. 941651 ID: 7816e7
File 156514179488.png - (138.12KB , 500x700 , 10-21.png )

Pleasure crackles up Casey’s spine and her knees buckle for a moment as Cecil slowly builds up a rhythm. She squeaks a warning moments before clenching down on his fingers. The bird jabs furiously at her g-spot as she rides the orgasm, helping her crest again in a rolling wave. 

Mr. Ochre pulls his fingers free from the panting mouse and admires the gleam of slickness. “Oh my, I think she enjoyed that. Wouldn’t you, my dear?”

No. 941652 ID: 7816e7
File 156514179932.png - (164.92KB , 700x555 , 10-22.png )

The coatl leans over her and grins, “Oh yes, Most Beloved. You have done well. Now, Blessing Bearer, are you ready?”

Casey looks down and watches as a slick, blue shaft glides back and forth across the lips of her vulva. An unseen poke beneath her tail hints at the intentions of his second cock.

No. 941657 ID: e7848c

Get ready for a heavenly experience. Don't hold your breath~ Cecil, give that mouse something to lick when she opens her mouth in a second here.
No. 941662 ID: b1b4f3

No. 941761 ID: 7816e7
File 156522851307.png - (189.05KB , 700x500 , 10-23.png )

“Yesssss...” Casey urges as the tapered tips gently pierce her. The mouse softly moans as each inch slides inside, until glimmering scales bump against her pubic bone. She lays back, letting the coatl cuddle close to her and feeling her body adjust to the twin cocks.

Flashing Feathers leans close and smiles with satisfaction. “Your body is as wonderful as I remember it, Blessing Bearer. It is a good and joyous thing to feel myself within you again.” He pulls his hips back experimentally, savoring the shiver as her body clings to his shafts. “I will make love to you as only a god can.” He declares, pushing forward again achingly slow, letting Casey feel every millimeter of his gleaming sapphire shafts.

No. 941762 ID: 7816e7
File 156522852680.png - (121.60KB , 416x700 , 10-24.png )

As Casey lays back, something shuffles behind her. She opens her eyes to find a pair of feathery legs straddling her head. Cecil blushes in the moonlight and fidgets nervously with his glasses. “I- I hope I’m not imposing, but w-would you mind?”

Casey wordlessly reaches for his hips, diving between Cecil’s thighs. The bowerbird gasps as her tongue goes to work coating her taste buds with his pleasure. She traces his folds, finding where they meet and hide the sensitive pearl. She sucks hungrily at her prize and is rewarded with a clenching shiver from the bird.

"Ah! Oh my! Ohhhhh, I- I must admit, I wish I had your skill at… mmph- oral activities." Mr. Ochre pants as his glasses fall askew. "I- I still have much to learn, I see."

No. 941780 ID: ca7cac

Now this is a love train. Casey, everything you get from Flashing Feathers, make sure to put it right forward into Cecil.
No. 941833 ID: e6f10c

Disengage long enough to tell Cecil that you could be his teacher on that matter, if he wishes so. Then dive back in to pleasuring him.
No. 941877 ID: bddb0f

Go on to show him how much more he has to learn.

Also; let the very filling - and fulfilling - sex by Flashing Feathers slowly push you over the edge - and beyond.
No. 941896 ID: 7816e7
File 156532313309.png - (90.04KB , 700x476 , 10-25.png )

Casey takes a breather and wipes the dripping pleasure from her chin. "Don't worry, I have a lot to teach you." She goes back to eating him out, slipping a pair of fingers in alongside her busy tongue.
No. 941897 ID: 7816e7
File 156532313864.png - (210.15KB , 593x700 , 10-26.png )

Cecil grinds his hips in place, letting her have her way with him. He casts a backwards glance at Flashing Feathers and watches the hint of blue cock appear and disappear between their bodies. He clutches at his chest as the color fills his eyes. "Fates, you look simply magnificent, my dear. I could watch you for hours."

The great snake chuckles, leaning back to give the bird a better view. "Would that please you Most Beloved? To watch me fuck our cherished Blessing Bearer until the sun rises?" Flashing Feathers smiles, driving his hips forward again. His pace is slow and gentle, relying on the sinuous ripple of his spine to arc his shafts into Casey; hitting each and every angle within her. Judging from the muffled moans from beneath his beloved and the steady trickle of lust coating his dicks, he can tell she's enjoying herself. "Give me the word and I will pleasure her until she can not stand."

No. 941898 ID: 2df440

Yes, do it~
No. 941900 ID: b1b4f3

Good thing we're not leaving tomorrow.
No. 941907 ID: 91ee5f

Cecil, open your mouth to give the word. Immediately get interrupted by Casey giving a thumbs up.

Then tell Flashing Feathers, “Well, it looks like we’re going until sunrise!”
No. 941910 ID: e6f10c

Make it a double thumbs up.
No. 941922 ID: 9d50cc

It'd be easier for Cecil to watch if he turned around.
No. 941936 ID: 83bf07

Let the sun greet us as one under the sky.
No. 942006 ID: 7816e7
File 156540591395.png - (190.67KB , 700x536 , 10-27.png )

Mr. Ochre looks down at the mouse between his thighs and gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. “Nothing would make us happier, my dear.”

“Very well. You should get comfortable, Most Beloved.” The elemental pulls himself loose and gently flips Casey onto her knees. He looms over the mouse and his voice rumbles in her ear, “Let us know if you require a break, Blessing Bearer. You will be well cared for.”

Casey nods in consent and gasps as the great serpent pushes back into her; spreading her ass and a moment later, her pussy.

The scaly body bumps flush with her asscheeks and pumps back and forth experimentally, feeling her readjust. Satisfied, the coatl swings his hips forward with a slap, building speed until he finds a comfortable pace. “Let us give my Beloved a show...” Flashing Feathers grins as the mouse squeaks beneath him.

Mr. Ochre lays back in font of the pair and spreads his legs for Casey. The mouse happily dives back in, her nose booping forward against his pubis with every pump of the god’s hips. He moans in appreciation, watching the thick, sapphire shaft slip in and out of Casey’s ass; each glimpse of color filling his eyes with an ecstatic flash.

No. 942007 ID: 7816e7
File 156540591835.png - (179.06KB , 700x476 , 10-28.png )

As the night goes on, Casey lays forward keeping her tail held high. The snake god grasps her hips, pounding away at her body. His long, powerful strokes pull his cocks out to the tip, showing off as much of the beautiful shafts as possible.

Mr Ochre grins, watching every glistening inch piston in and out. “That’s it. Give it to her my dear.” He cups Casey’s ears gently, “Are we doing alright down here?”

The thump, thump, thump interrupts Casey as she struggles to speak, "Fu-u-u-uck! Fu-Fuck! Go-od, ye-es! Fu-uck me-e-e."

No. 942008 ID: 7816e7
File 156540592337.png - (180.27KB , 700x476 , 10-29.png )

Time passes and the moon traces across the night sky. Casey moans, feeling the same relentless fucking from behind. She lays in Cecil’s lap, her chin dripping with his juices after a night of cunnilingus. Unable to keep going, she rests her tongue and watches the bird idly pleasure himself.

Her eyes roll back as another orgasm shudders through her, ejaculating another wave of her pleasure down her matted thighs to stain the coatl’s bed. The strange, smooth dicks continue their ceaseless rhythm; having paused only for the occasional glass of water or application of lube.

Somewhere above her, Cecil’s clipped voice remarks, “Was that another orgasm?”

Flashing Feathers huffs in between his thrusts. “Yes. It fills my heart with joy to see you still enjoying yourself, Bearer of my Blessing.”

“Mmmm, absolutely.” Cecil pets her head affectionately and yawns. “A simply amazing performance. But unless my eyes deceive me, I believe the sky is growing light. I think it may be time to finish our wonderful night together.”

No. 942021 ID: 83bf07

I think she's earned her second blessing, yeah?
No. 942022 ID: 2df440

let her bear your blessing deeply
No. 942231 ID: 4c46b6

“Second blessing",ha! How about try sending her to another peak while bestow your seed?
No. 942281 ID: 7816e7
File 156557693023.png - (207.39KB , 476x700 , 10-30.png )

“Very well. Blessing Bearer, will you watch the sunrise[color] with me?”

Casey nods her head weakly, managing a “Y-yeh...yeh”

Gentle wingtips lift her up, until she’s braced against the coatl’s chest. One goes under her leg and supports it, leaving her exposed for Cecil to watch. Flashing Feathers rests his head against hers and cradles her close. “I have been waiting for this. Please, receive my [color=teal]blessing
. Take all of me and let me fill your body and soul.”

No. 942282 ID: 7816e7
File 156557693594.png - (192.23KB , 537x700 , 10-31.png )

The serpent slowly starts to ratchet up his movements, building momentum in anticipation of a new day. His hips blur in a rainbow of scales as his shafts arc up into Casey again and again. The exhausted mouse bounces on the paired cocks, mouth agape and exhaling a rising, wordless cry. After riding out countless orgasms, she feels herself cresting the largest yet as the seconds tick down to daybreak.
No. 942283 ID: 7816e7
File 156557694033.png - (208.27KB , 700x694 , 10-32.png )

Her eyes drift down, watching Mr Ochre fingering himself furiously, matching their pace and staring hungrily at the glistening cocks as they slip in an out. In this endless pre-dawn moment, time stretches out into an endless curve, bringing each of them infinitesimally close to a finale.
No. 942284 ID: 7816e7
File 156557694682.png - (230.70KB , 476x700 , 10-33.png )

The first rays of sunlight stab through the trees and Flashing Feathers buries himself. Having held himself on the edge all night, the great serpent god finally lets loose, unleashing twin fountains of potent, magical cum deep within the twitching mouse. So great is his blessing that it rapidly fills the helpless rodent, and runs out of her gaping body in long rivulets. The coatl bucks, his cocks coated white, and drives himself back inside as more jets of built up mana fire off in sequence.

Casey shudders and squeals, her voice shattering the peaceful morning air. She feels each spurt crashing against her walls and leaking as tired muscles clench around the tapered shafts. Her own body, blazing with pleasure, goes rigid and bucks her hips back and forth frantically.

No. 942285 ID: 7816e7
File 156557695166.png - (203.65KB , 476x700 , 10-34.png )

As the last few trickles of endorphins fade from Casey’s mind, a sudden surge rushes through her. Pure, blazing mana courses across her skin as her aura boils over, forming strange prominences and arcs. Her thoughts are wiped blank and her eyes filled with blinding fire. As the morning sun slowly rises, so does she: floating a few feet over the amazed Flashing Feathers. Riding a double dose of magical energy, her aura bends itself into a symmetrical set of wings, which flap slowly in the morning air.
No. 942286 ID: 83bf07

Welcome to ascension, Casey. How does it feel?
No. 942287 ID: e6f10c

Casey, float above Flashing Feathers, tip forward 'till you're facing downward and passionately kiss him. Then disengage, flap your aura wings 'till they're a blur, and zoom around the clearing and over the pond like a ecstatic hummingbird.
No. 942288 ID: 91ee5f

>Casey shudders and squeals, her voice shattering the peaceful morning air.
I wouldn’t be surprised if that woke up Gabe and Kol. Then they come over here and realize they missed out again.

And now Casey has become a butterfly!
No. 942291 ID: b1b4f3

Once you start to think clearly again, try to hold onto as much mana as you safely can, and control your flight. Use this as an opportunity to increase your maximum and learn how to use it. Maybe someday you can reach this state on your own...
No. 942297 ID: 10c408

Use up that influx of mana, see if you can fly a little.

But most importantly, you need to remember this for your eventual test to become a full-fledged guardian.
No. 942380 ID: 9d50cc

I'm guessing the concentrated essence of a sky god at a moment of celestial importance has given you some sort of sudden awareness and comprehension of the firmament, air and flight, which has allowed you to transcend the limits of gravity and leverage. In other words, where you were able to lift other things using your tendrils, you can now lift yourself! Possibly through the function of the conceptually infinite edges of a butterfly's wing allowing you to anchor yourself into the atmosphere. I didn't notice you having to counterbalance yourself or act like you were supporting more weight when you lifted things with your tendrils before, so this is actually a relatively small shift in capability, from a certain point of view.

You're probably a bit tired out now, but perhaps some other time you could explore the possibilities of zero-g intimacy and joining the [distance] high club. For now, once your mind comes back, have fun at a safe height and make sure to give your thanks. Maybe try a spiderman-style kiss for your companions. Don't rush yourself, though - let your consciousness come back naturally, so you can be sure to remember what you're doing and feeling now.
No. 942381 ID: a9af05

So, any chance Casey is now pregnant with a god baby?
No. 942497 ID: 7816e7
File 156574590514.png - (198.33KB , 700x700 , 10-35.png )

“Hey, uh... Kol?”

“Huh, that’s new....”
No. 942498 ID: 7816e7
File 156574591014.png - (202.29KB , 700x476 , 10-36.png )

Flashing Feathers kicks off the ground and brings himself face to face with the ascended mouse. “Blessing Bearer? Casey? Are- are you alright?”

Casey slowly turns to focus on the deity and somewhere in the distant fog of her mind recollection sparks. “Oh, hello...” She places a glowing hand against his cheek and leans in to kiss the concerned serpent.

As she does, her wings start to unravel, flitting away on the wind like scattered butterflies. Flashing Feathers scoops under her just as gravity takes hold and brings her back down to earth.
No. 942499 ID: 7816e7
File 156574596220.png - (159.32KB , 700x519 , 10-37.png )

He lays the dazed mouse across the bed and Mr. Ochre crawls over to check on her. “Casey? Dear, are you okay? Should I- d-do you need a healer?”

“Mmm? Cecil? Mmmtired...” She nuzzles up to his lap and sighs. “Feel loooovely, all floaty... you’re a sweet guy Cecil. Mmm... that was funnn.” She pats his thigh, puts her head down and immediately starts to snore. As the last of the mana-fire fades, it etches itself into her fur, leaving a smoldering rune across her shoulders.
No. 942504 ID: e7848c

Cecil, think fondly of your first interaction with Casey. I think it's okay to be a little proud of having helped her achieve this new blessing.
No. 942506 ID: 9d50cc

Well, Flashing Feathers, that mark is pretty distinctly in your style, so I'd say you made that blessing bearer title a bit more official this morning. I do wonder if Mr. Ochre might feel a little left out, though. You should think of something nice to do for him.

For now, maybe switch to your larger form so you can curl up around your partners, add a nice wing blanket, and keep them warm while you all catch some sleep.
No. 942508 ID: b1b4f3

Cecil ask Flashing Feathers if he's ever seen anything like that before.

Also I guess Gabe and Kol are gonna come down to find out what that was about.
No. 942509 ID: 10c408


Well the style is different and most likely more permanent given that it's from a god... But this isn't the first time that we've seen someone use more mana than normal all at once.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if Gabe knows just as much about this as his girlfriend.
No. 942615 ID: 7816e7
File 156583346477.png - (175.14KB , 700x476 , 10-38.png )

Cecil scratches his head feathers and wonders, “Have you ever seen anything like that?” His fingertip traces one of the coiled shapes on her shoulder-blade and Casey shifts slightly.

The coatl shrugs, “When Casey removed the spell binding me to my prison, she took the spell for her own. I do not understand how her magic works, but it seems tied to the markings on her body. It is an old magic; very primal.”

“Well, I suppose we should let her sleep. You were simply spectacular my dear.”

“As were you Most Beloved. You should rest as well. There will be much to do this day, and we will require you to be sharp and alert.”

The bird lays back and chuckles, “Very well, I suppose it was a bit indulgent to watch you all night.” He yawns and puts his spectacles aside, happy to have shared such an intimate moment between the three of them. As Flashing Feathers coils around the pair in a scaly blanket, he pulls himself close to the slumbering mouse. He takes one last look before drifting off to sleep at the massive house where he spent so many years cloistered away from the world and sighs. Despite his exhaustion, his heart races with warmth and love.
No. 942616 ID: 7816e7
File 156583347092.png - (146.16KB , 700x509 , 10-39.png )

“Looks like they’re going to nap.” Kol looks down from the tall window and smiles. “We should probably let them sleep in a bit.”

“You mean they were at it all night?” Gabe ties a bathrobe shut around his waist, hiding the cum streaks dripping down his chest. “Fates, that Casey has all the luck.”

“Gabe, you had an all night long orgy with three beautiful women a couple of months ago and left with, what I understand as, on open invitation.”

“Heheh, oh yeah.” He grins, remembering that night. “I gotta see if Del wants to have a little fun before our trip. I wouldn’t mind another romp between Viv’s sheets.” The mouse stretches and scratches his neck. “ I’m gonna pop down and scrounge up some breakfast. You want anything?”
No. 942618 ID: 2df440

Pancakes and sausage!
No. 942626 ID: e7848c

No. 942628 ID: b1b4f3

yessss coatl bed

Scrambled eggs and sausage with toast.
No. 942634 ID: f0762a

I don't think you should feel bad Kol, considering your trip with Caleb. Actually if Gabe really went with Daliah, maybe you can meet him again? Or perhaps Nixxy and Fennel?
No. 942647 ID: 10c408

sausage, eggs, toast and tea.

In fact, just go with him Kol. It's going to be a long day and having a really good meal for breakfast is important.
No. 942699 ID: 7816e7
File 156591403704.png - (117.48KB , 700x507 , 10-40.png )

“Could you get me some eggs and toast, oh and some sausage?” Kol flops back onto the Nixxy-sized bed, sinking several inches into the mattress.

“Eggs and toast sound nice, but I already got stuffed full of sausage this morning.” Gabe winks and opens up a gate. “I’ll see what I can find.”

Kol lays back and smiles, happy to see Mr. Ochre opening up to see Casey having fun. His eyes cast around the room, picking out details in the new environment. Everything is well made, but worn slightly in a way that suggests years of use. Despite the obvious wealth on display, the room is largely unadorned: furnished with a rather spartan looking dresser and wardrobe. A slight concave to the mattress beneath him gives the faded impression of a single occupant. A reading lamp near the bed hangs over a copy of The First Guardians: Legends and Mysteries. Next to that lies a small glass etching, depicting a trio of birds clustered together stiffly.
No. 942700 ID: 7816e7
File 156591404142.png - (103.48KB , 476x700 , 10-41.png )

A few moments later and Gabe reappears, carrying a pair of plates. “Breakfast in bed for you, good sir.” He drawls, depositing Kol’s order in his hands. “Its still pretty quiet downstairs, so I had a look about. Check out what I found.” Gabe turns around and lifts his tail, revealing a gleaming silver plug.
No. 942702 ID: b1b4f3

Gabe, do you have permission to use Cecil's toys?
No. 942705 ID: edf377

Haven't heard from Delilah in while so it sounds like a good idea, not just because I like the idea of the main 3 taking Cecil and Flashing to the bathhouse for a bit of wet naked goodtimes.
No. 942711 ID: 9d50cc

Gaaaabe, you can't just stick things you find lying around into yourself! The last time you were here one of those was possessed!

Also it's not yours! That's very rude!!
No. 942724 ID: e6f10c

Dude, you don't stick other people's things up your butt without asking their permission first. That's just common courtesy. Better get that plug out before Cecil finds it's missing, and with enough time to spare to wash, scrub and polish it before putting it back.

...Hey, wait a second. Doesn't Cecil keep all his sex toys in that hidden vault room under the stairs? Hm, he may have some elsewhere nowadays. Still, Gabe, just how much of a detour from the kitchens did you take to nab that silver buttplug?
No. 942740 ID: f4c35e

Maybe it had just been cleaned and was on the drainrack?
No. 942743 ID: 83bf07

Oh my gosh. Gabe. Wonder how far in the day we can get with that hidden away.
No. 942745 ID: a9af05

Gabe, we ask for permission before using someone else's things.
No. 942795 ID: 7816e7
File 156600365022.png - (153.29KB , 700x641 , 10-42.png )

“Gabe! Don’t just use our host’s stuff without asking!” Kol admonishes, waving a sausage laden fork at him.

“I just wanted to pop in and have a look at his collection.” Gabe waggles his tail back at him in impish delight. “Honestly, looked like he hadn’t been in there in a while: everything was kinda dusty. I thought I’d borrow this little beaut’ so I wouldn’t leak cum everywhere.” He pokes it with a finger and gasps as it starts to hum. “Ooohh, someone got a vibration charm installed.”

“Well we should probably get it washed and cleaned so we can put it back.” The mouse takes a bite of toast laden with scrambled eggs. “We could probably do with a bit of a wash ourselves.”

“Oh! We could visit Delilah’s! There’s practically no one there this time of day. We could have a bath all by ourselves!”
No. 942797 ID: 9d50cc

Not just using someone's stuff without permission, but actually taking it out of their house? And what are you going to say when Del asks you where you got it? You can't just blab to people about other folks' intimate item collections. Were you raised in a barn, young man? A sex barn?

Also pretty sure if you can enchant something to vibrate you can probably also enchant valuable items to raise an alarm when they're removed from an area, and anything made of silver probably qualifies.
No. 942803 ID: b1b4f3

A visit to the spa does sound nice.
No. 942804 ID: ce39da

"Clean that off and put it back where you found it first, then we'll see~"
No. 942805 ID: f9852f

we don’t have to put the plug back if we ask Cecil if we use it first! then go to delilah’s~
No. 942819 ID: e7848c

Hell yeah, let's go visit Del
No. 942821 ID: b1b4f3

Haha wait a fucking minute why didn't we think of inviting Delilah to the mountain adventure? She can keep everyone warm and in good health.
No. 942828 ID: 10c408

There was a bigger focus on the whole lack of oxygen problem to even think of inviting Delilah to do something about the cold.
No. 942829 ID: 864e49

Oh so you do want some sausage after all?

You think we should tall Delilah where we're planning to go?
No. 942830 ID: f57349

Open up a face-sized gate to the vicinity of that bed outside and get Mr. Ocher's retroactive permission before proceeding with any further buttplug hijinx.
No. 942831 ID: 4c46b6

Good idea. Deliah is a medic who's also quite strong, someone every adventurer party would like to have.
No. 942840 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, aren’t you the one that’s teaching Clio to not steal things anymore? What would she say if she knew you were taking things without permission?

Also, even though the plan was to leave later today, I think after 3 of our team stayed up all night, we’d better plan to leave tomorrow instead. That way we give everyone a chance to be rested for the trip.

But she runs the spa. She can’t just up and leave like that. Unless she’s got someone else that can run the spa while she’s gone, I don’t think she can come with us.

It doesn’t hurt to at least ask if she could come.
No. 942873 ID: 7816e7
File 156609290906.png - (122.17KB , 700x589 , 10-43.png )

Kol chews his toast thoughtfully. “It has been a while since I last visited the bathhouse. You should probably ask Mr. Ochre before running off with part of his collection, though.”

“Yeaaah, thats fair. Gimme a sec.” A small gate opens and he pokes his head through. On the other side, a sleepy bird blinks groggily at him. “Hey, sorry to bug you, Cecil. Quick question: could I borrow one of your, you know, toys?”

“Its not the blue one, is it?” Mr. Ochre yawns.

“Nah, its silver.”

“Oh, that one.” He waves his hand dismissively. “I felt like experimenting with materials, but the color never did anything for me. Just make sure its clean when you return it.” He yawns and lays back down on one of the coatl’s wings.
No. 942875 ID: 7816e7
File 156609291586.png - (169.76KB , 653x700 , 10-44.png )

A few minutes later a crack of thunder announces their arrival in the bathhouse. Delilah pokes her head through a doorway curiously. “Gabe? Is that you?”

“Hey, Del!” He waves, still clad in his borrowed robe. “Kol and I were wondering if we could snag a private bath real quick.”

The powerful pup hugs her pint sized lover and they share a quick smooch. “Yeah sure! I didn’t expect to see you up this early.”
One of her hands goes for a flirty butt squeeze and pauses. “Ooh, what’s going on back here?”
No. 942877 ID: e7848c

Oh you know..
The Good Touch™️
No. 942902 ID: 91ee5f

>”Ooh, what’s going on back here?”
I’m wagging my tail so fast, it looks like it’s not moving at all!
No. 942905 ID: 094652

How about sqrt(Bad Touch)?
No. 942944 ID: 3ed3c3

Did she just "OwO what's this" Gabe?
No. 942999 ID: edf377

Only one thing left to do: Get everyone naked (del too) and get on with the skinship.
No. 943005 ID: b1b4f3

Show her.
No. 943007 ID: 7816e7
File 156618198556.png - (162.57KB , 585x700 , 10-45.png )

“A little borrowed toy from Cecil.” Says Kol as Gabe starts to blush. “Gabe and I were having some fun and well...”

“Oh, can I see?”

Gabe obliges, lifting his tail for the healer and she takes an admiring look. “Pretty! Suits you well, Gabe!” She twists the plug between her thumb and finger and Gabe shudders. “Nice and tight.”

Gabe hangs onto her shoulders, his knees buckling as she tugs at it lightly. “Ah! Oh Fates, Del!” The metal plug thrums against his prostate and he squeaks. “Careful, I’m gonna-!”

No. 943008 ID: 7816e7
File 156618199048.png - (123.96KB , 435x700 , 10-46.png )

“Oh, no not all over my floor, you’re not.” Delilah hefts him over her shoulder, his butt hanging in the air for all to see. “Let’s get you dirty mice into a bath...”
No. 943009 ID: e7848c

Is it bad that I want to see Del yeet Gabe and dive in after him? Naked of course.
No. 943010 ID: cb6404


That is, without a doubt, the toothy smirk of "I'm gonna WRECK IT."
No. 943022 ID: 10c408

Gabe, make doubly sure that Kol actually came with you and that you didn't leave him behind by accident before you and your girlfriend get frisky.
No. 943078 ID: 7816e7
File 156626886706.png - (136.11KB , 700x476 , 10-47.png )

"Here we go! Oof-!" Delilah heaves and sends Gabe sailing through the air.
No. 943079 ID: 7816e7
File 156626887241.png - (168.12KB , 700x661 , 10-48.png )

"Nice form!" Kol chuckles, unwrapping his towel and leaning back from the splash.
No. 943080 ID: 7816e7
File 156626887817.png - (128.03KB , 529x700 , 10-49.png )

"What's the point of being a lifeguard if you don’t get to sling people around every once in a while?" Delilah steps out of her swimsuit and dips a toe in, testing the water. "Nice timing, guys. I was feeling a bit frisky this morning." Her tail wags excitedly as the grins at the mice.
No. 943115 ID: 83bf07

Ya got the dog exited with a new toy in her boy toy. Best spoil her, lads.
No. 943134 ID: b1b4f3

Kol, show off your own strength and toss HER in the pool. Don't hit gabe tho.
No. 943167 ID: 7816e7
File 156635257271.png - (91.49KB , 700x476 , 10-50.png )

Gabe comes sputtering to the surface and wipes the water from his eyes just in time to see a fluffy tail sharking towards him. The water surges as Delilah’s sleek form arrows under the surface and she wraps her arms around him.
No. 943168 ID: 7816e7
File 156635257729.png - (129.42KB , 476x700 , 10-51.png )

“Del-oooohhh!” Gabe braces himself against the tile as she engulfs him. Her enthusiastic tongue curls underneath his shaft as her lips form a tight seal against any water. She grabs his hips and pistons the helpless mouse in and out of her mouth, feeling him swelling between her lips as he edges closer. A warm hand cups his butt and presses the buzzing toy deep inside him. “Ah! Del, I- oh Fates! I’m gonna nut if you keep that up!”
No. 943174 ID: b1b4f3

I think that's what she wants. Kol can help her out after, and then Gabe will probably be ready for another round...
Heck, maybe they can keep taking turns. See if they can wear Delilah out.
No. 943180 ID: e7848c

Kol, help!
No. 943182 ID: 9a6a4f

No. 943187 ID: 094652

Wait, I thought life guards were taught about the dangers of underwater blowjobs.

You might want to show Kol.
No. 943252 ID: 7816e7
File 156643824619.png - (176.64KB , 630x700 , 10-52.png )

“Ah, Del! I’m-!” Gabe’s squeaks echo off the tile as he empties himself in a series of shuddering, hip-jerking spasms. Delilah gulps hungrily as the spurts paint the back of her throat and pool on her tongue. The last of the load tapers off and she pulls away with one last slurp.

No. 943253 ID: 7816e7
File 156643825107.png - (207.91KB , 700x700 , 10-53.png )

Rising out of the bath like a horny titan, Delilah takes a breath, licking her lips and smiling. “Not bad for a start. You up for more, Gabe?” She helps steady the mouse as he drapes himself in the shallow pool. He pants and coughs, but nods.

Kol sloshes up from behind, his dick bobbing above the warm water. “Mind if I join in?”

Del pulls him close with one hand, feeling him teasing under her tail. “Now, we're talking! Okay boys, let’s see what you got!”

No. 943267 ID: 83bf07

Oh dear, is Del about to run these boys into the ground? Heard those early morning workouts were intense.

fuck yes
No. 943278 ID: 58b4f3

Accidentally shove the butt plug all the way up Gabe's butt. Make an embarrassing visit to the doctor to get help with removing it.
No. 943285 ID: 864e49

Remove putt blug from Gabe, it either goes into Kol or, preferably, Del.
>Butt then only one hole
Shes a big girl I'm sure she'll manage.
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