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File 156444678614.png - (1.73MB , 1287x987 , start.png )
940835 No. 940835 ID: 8442ba

You don't exist yet.

This guy wants you to exist even though he thinks he'll do a bad job creating you. From there you'll have some sort of adventure and hopefully start to look better. Things might even get... saucy.


What are you?
If you're something complicated it's likely you'll come out especially weird, but he's ready to take the plunge.
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No. 940836 ID: 094652

You're a Zombie Manhunter! You shoot living rabid men before they can bite other zombies, and get paid in flesh and brains!
No. 940840 ID: 8d4593

>You're a THICC Zombie Manhunter!
No. 940843 ID: 8eaf98

a fixed shape slime (think ditto but no transform)
No. 940845 ID: 0fae41

A gelatinous cube made of barbecue sauce.
No. 940865 ID: 96426b

You are fearsome amphibious squid.
No. 940868 ID: 44b1b5

Let's start nice and simple. A slime sounds good.
No. 940891 ID: 235ba5

A bone with legs.
and arms.
maybe a hat
No. 940910 ID: 8442ba
File 156448512899.png - (3.06MB , 1668x1210 , 1-1.png )

Sometimes you worry.
In this world worrying is a luxury, as most often you're terrified. But sometimes.
When you slowly slide the tip of your beloved .45 through the frothing lips of still-moving warm body you worry, just a little.
You worry that something is wrong. With this job, with society, with you.
But then you squeeze the trigger. Perfectly good brains splatter against the wall. Not edible, so they say. You never tried rabid brains. They say it's the one thing that can still get you sick.

That's another thing to worry about. The bosses.

You worry a little more while dragging the limp body back to get your payday. And lunch.
(Of course in your case those are the same.)
No. 940911 ID: 8442ba
File 156448537271.png - (2.26MB , 1548x1218 , 1-2.png )

You still remember the bite that turned you. The shapely and supple curve of your left ass-cheek tainted by some dead jackass's teeth. A love bite is one thing but this is ridiculous!
That joke always gets a laugh. Maybe slip your leggings down a little to give them a peek. Your body is incredibly well preserved so all the hard work and diligence in life was serving you well in undeath. Ass-wise that is.

No one pays a lot of attention to your rack. Always a little worrying. Don't want to be defined by one feature, incredible as it may be.
No. 940912 ID: 8442ba
File 156448562919.png - (2.48MB , 1668x1254 , 1-3.png )

Okay but let's be real, you're not a thicc zombie manhunter. None of that is real.

You have a lot of "curves" but not in a way any being has found scintillating (yet).

You definitely exist. You're a slime and you exist. You've existed for a little while now, although you're not sure how long that is.

As you've been absorbing the moisture that drips from the ceiling and the odd rodent who you manage to trap inside you, things have been getting a lot more complicated. You didn't really think of yourself as "existing" until just now. You just sorta... did stuff.

It's weird!
No. 940913 ID: 8442ba
File 156448612023.png - (2.51MB , 1548x1246 , 1-4.png )

In fact, you're especially confused about what any of those things before even were. There are some interesting shapes in the ground that you like to slide over. Really let your membrane sink into the crevices. They're very tiny and intricate and something makes you worry about where they come from. The rest of the cave isn't scary like that, it just exists like you do. Did.

There's a lot of those intricate little paths in various spots around the cave. There's some shapes that repeat and you feel like you're starting to get a feel for it. What it means.

There's a specific set of shapes that you really like. You've been practicing to shift your membrane around in specific spots to match them. There's no way to know how well you're copying them, but you like to think it looks pretty good.
It feels good.

It doesn't get rid of the existential terror though. That started recently and hasn't stopped. There were a few similar patterns but this one really spoke to you, really felt like it went with how you're feeling.

>What should you do now?
No. 940914 ID: 3d1dd5

Show some backbone! And by that I mean assume as much of a vertical state as you are capable of so as to survey your surroundings.
No. 940916 ID: 8442ba
File 156449345127.png - (1.43MB , 1112x1208 , 1-5.png )

You're not really sure what this is supposed to mean. If you wanted to know more about the cave you would probably want to flatten out, be able to take more if it in at a time.

That does make moving around a lot slower though. Getting tall like this goes pretty quick, never really thought of that!
No. 940954 ID: b1b4f3

Re-examine the intricate patterns. Could they be writing?
No. 941000 ID: 8442ba
File 156452401254.png - (477.08KB , 644x596 , 1-7a.png )

Huh. You had felt these before but now you are actually remembering them for more than a few seconds. Things are looking up!

The three patterns that you like the most are in the weird metal part of the cave. The line where the rock ends and the metal starts is mostly painful. Sharp little points. Thankfully you can take your time so any damage to your membrane is temporary.

The metal part of the cave is delightfully warm. You don't want to stay in here too long, lest you warm up and stretch out too much.
It feels so nice though...

Before you get to the very interesting patterns, there's this one! Feeling it again sends a pleasant ripple outwards from deep within you.
No. 941001 ID: 8442ba
File 156452415541.png - (750.75KB , 818x748 , 1-6a.png )

The three extra interesting ones all have the same outline but the insides are delectable in their differences.

First there's this one. The sharp edges of the metal are just barely painful. It's worth it though.
No. 941002 ID: 8442ba
File 156452428990.png - (811.97KB , 839x769 , 1-6b.png )

Then this one.

Sometimes you like to fill in the center and then just push more and more mass downwards to squeeze outwards into the little lines. Another option is just pressing down on the whole thing at once.

Different, but still enjoyable.
No. 941004 ID: 8442ba
File 156452445568.png - (732.78KB , 786x680 , 1-6c.png )

Finally this one. You didn't like this one at first. The shapes are so random, yet at the same time so close to the straight parts that you can't even get used to the randomness!

It takes a more refined touch. And if you have anything, it's a refined touch.
No. 941005 ID: 8442ba

Each of those three are in front of a very slight indentation into the back wall of the metal part of the cave. You've tried to push against the cracks but it doesn't seem possible to slip through. Your natural slime instincts say there is some amount of empty space though, like part of the wall can just disappear up into the ceiling.

That'd be crazy!
No. 941007 ID: 8442ba
File 156452491666.png - (462.83KB , 628x605 , 1-7b.png )

Oh, you almost forgot.

There's also the pattern that's like your favorite one, the one you keep dug into your membrane. It's right in front of the incredibly spooky passageway of mystery that you dare not venture into.

You don't like to slorp over it very often. Just being close to that part of the cave makes you shudder with fear. Like something is going to punch through your membrane and suck out your insides!

You scared yourself just thinking about it.
No. 941016 ID: 0d443e

What do you mean sharp little points? Is it a jagged edge like the metal cave has been smashed into the stone cave?

Try fumbling around near the three markings. Maybe there's something on the wall that you can push or pull. Wouldn't that be fun!
No. 941020 ID: 8eaf98

so far it sounds like scary way is only viable way to go, does your favorite symbol include deep holes like the ones Pharros' Lockstone from dark souls 2 go in, if so go deep. otherwise brave the scary way.
No. 941059 ID: b1b4f3

Well, if the room is empty and there's no way of opening the "door", it may be time for bravery.
No. 941067 ID: 8442ba

You never miss a chance to press into your favorite spot. You know for sure it doesn't go down very far.

Hmm, jagged is a good word. You carefully check along the whole edge and notice for the first time it goes up the ceiling on both ends. You're not sure if you could climb the wall far enough to check, but your guess is that it's on the ceiling too.
Like the metal cave used to have a wall there maybe?

Smooshing up against the walls in front of the symbols sounds like a very safe and sensible thing to do, no reason not to try it out before doing something rash!

More substantial post hopefully later tonight.
No. 941088 ID: 8eaf98

>Smooshing up against the walls in front of the symbols sounds like a very safe and sensible thing to do
I assumed that was something you did before becoming exist but if not lets do that.
No. 941101 ID: 8442ba
File 156461969294.png - (1.62MB , 1260x1072 , 1-8.png )

You have, but never up so high! The idea of moving around like that is new and exciting.

There's three, one for each pattern, going across the back wall of the metal cave. This little thing off to the side is new!
No. 941102 ID: 8442ba
File 156462003741.png - (1.12MB , 880x1072 , 1-8a.png )

This is a joy!

Those patterns are nice, but this is coming out of the wall instead of going into the ground. There's something special about pushing against it, feeling your membrane stretch and distort around each detail, pushing all of your insides against it to really squeeze into all those nooks and crannies. Since you're kinda all warmed up it's even easier to squeeze yourself around it and really let it get inside your space.

You have a weird feeling that this is embarrassing.

You also kind of understand what 'embarassment' is!
No. 941103 ID: 8442ba
File 156462013381.png - (196.78KB , 424x316 , 1-8b.png )

It's fun to push up against things from different angles. This is that same thing but from below. Those little pegs kind of hurt but in a fairly pleasant way.

Woah there's that new feeling again. Yowza!
No. 941105 ID: 8eaf98

can you pull down on those pegs?
No. 941110 ID: b1b4f3

Try fiddling with the pegs. Do they move? Does the [ shape on top move?
No. 941137 ID: 8442ba


Pegs are in there really good. Something interesting happened after trying to move them around though. Specifically, you tried to push as hard as you can and after a little bit of that you felt a noise. Kind of an angry feeling BWERN is how you would describe it.

In the spirit of curiosity you try putting constant pressure on the pegs, changing up how hard for each peg a few times. Each of them gives that BWERN after the same delay.

I don't think it likes me.
No. 941138 ID: 8442ba
File 156467146541.png - (830.20KB , 792x888 , 1-9.png )

forgot the image whoopsie. also i tried to depict this well but probably should have looked for a reference picture. live and learn just like sonic
No. 941139 ID: 8442ba
File 156467152149.png - (542.49KB , 815x578 , 1-9a.png )

This thing is so weird! It's right against the wall, but like most things it feels different if approached directly from below.
No. 941141 ID: 8442ba
File 156467168443.png - (1.72MB , 2379x702 , 1-10.png )

It's getting a little difficult to stay up this high so you take a break. Wow you've gotten a lot warmer than you thought, just letting yourself relax is really spreading yourself out pretty far. Who knows what would happen if you tried to smoosh flatter while this warm.
No. 941142 ID: 8442ba
File 156467186712.png - (462.83KB , 628x605 , 1-7b.png )

You really want more water and moving things to eat, so you definitely have to go back there.

You head back to the non-metal part of the cave, but hesitate on top of that weird pattern. The one that's similar to your favorite pattern, but with that weird change. Whoever made this should've done a better job!

...huh, you hadn't considered before that something else probably made all these patterns. Maybe the rats are a lot smarter than you first thought.
No. 941143 ID: 8442ba

Progress soon, feel free to ask any burning questions or whatever and I'll fold those in to the next update.
No. 941158 ID: 8eaf98

I wish I remembered to specify functional eyes, they seem like they could be quite helpful right now >.<
How does this warmness work? Why is spreading out more worse when you are warm?
No. 941175 ID: 8442ba
File 156470128153.jpg - (309.38KB , 1293x992 , 1-11.jpg )

>functional eyes
You're not sure what 'functional eyes' would entail. You have a vague feeling that 'eyes' are a thing but not much more than that. Maybe something to think about...

When you get warm your membrane can stretch a lot more than normal and your insides (you feel like you should have a different word for that but you're not sure) flow around a lot easier and get less dense.

The dangerous part is if your membrane were to stretch so far that it can't shrink back again, or maybe even rip open! Oh and your insides would flow out so fast, there'd be no time to do anything about it!

Aaarhghh! You hate thinking about that!

You're fine though. The cave is very cool so you were back to normal shortly after leaving the metal part of the cave.
No. 941178 ID: 8442ba
File 156470338669.png - (339.31KB , 1030x908 , 1-12.png )


You start down the incredibly spooky passageway of mystery. There's some strange sounds you've carefully felt in the past. The passageway forks and there's two different sets of noises.

>On the left side:
-A low thumping sound that usually comes in pairs, one after the other.
-A few loud high pitched noises. You can kind of feel that it's far away, but from this distance it sounds similar to those rats from before.

>On the right side:
-A loud clacking thump that usually comes in pairs, one after the other.
-A very quiet and quickly repeating low sound that occasionally becomes a lot louder, sharp and sorta deep.
-A regular screeching rumbling that goes for long periods, stops briefly, then goes again, back and forth most of the time.

Both of them stop for a while around the same time and then start back up again around the same time.

This is so confusing!

It's a good thing you've got all these thoughts, makes thinking of things a lot better.
No. 941184 ID: 8eaf98

How pressed for time are we here, I.E. can we take a closer proximity listen to both ways? Can we divide or otherwise put things in front of us to hear if something happens to them in time with the sounds? How well can we echolocate? Regardless if we can do both I'm going to say first choice right side then check left side.
No. 941187 ID: b1b4f3

Left sounds like a smallish robot moving around and doing something squeaky.

Right... sounds like a larger engine-powered(?) walker robot dragging something around.

Let's go left.
No. 941226 ID: 8442ba

>put things in front of us

You have never really considered these as things you could do. You're not really sure what would happen if you... divided yourself. Sounds scary. But also kind of exciting!

Not sure about doing that though, should put some more thought into it probably.

Moving things around is a new idea but doesn't seem too difficult to you. If something was light enough you could try to ferry it across on top of yourself, or if it was something durable you could glorp around it and then leave it somewhere else.


The pathways seem flat, so not sure if I could move an object towards the noises without getting close myself. I like where my head's at though!
No. 941239 ID: 8eaf98

We seem to have some general control of our shape, I say lets go searching for something we can hold on top of us particularly of a roundish variety then we can become a slope and roll it off ourselves to get a little distance between us and it
No. 941241 ID: b1b4f3

If we can find a long, thin shape we could use it to poke things with.
No. 941308 ID: 8442ba
File 156488763967.png - (412.94KB , 733x379 , 1-13.png )

Hmm. You could slide something away from you, but then you'd have to go forward to get it back on top of you. This doesn't sound like an impossible goal, but jeez this sounds weird.
It would be a lot easier if you could move a lot faster, too.

Huh, it seems kind of obvious now that you think of it like that.

You flatten out an edge of yourself and slide around picking up various small rocks. You end up finding a rat skull you had disgorged before it was completely digested, that's kind of a rock if you think about it.

You take some time to practice and fairly quickly you're able to scoop a rock up (without fruitlessly pushing it around by accident) and then use The Ramp Maneuver to expertly roll it somewhat accurately.

So left and right. You've got plenty of small rocks and one rat skull.

-Should you roll something down each passage?
-If so, which one first? Should you wait a while before doing another one?
-Do you want to send the rat skull instead for one of them?
No. 941309 ID: 8442ba
File 156488766983.png - (337.95KB , 657x339 , 1-14.png )

Okay hold on.
Wait, wait.
Okay, wait.
Come on!
No. 941310 ID: 8442ba
File 156488769920.png - (281.74KB , 444x393 , 1-15.png )

okay hold on, it's happening, it's happening, careful

No. 941311 ID: 8442ba
File 156488773883.png - (292.27KB , 496x371 , 1-16.png )

Alright! Yeah!
This feels amazing, why wasn't I doing things like that before?
No. 941312 ID: 8442ba
File 156488788958.png - (379.23KB , 832x292 , 1-17.png )

It can get some speed going down your silky smooth membrane. The rock clacks against the opposite wall of the cave and it's very satisfying.

You are so glad all of these thoughts started happening!

But there's still further progress ahead of you.

>Previously detailed options
>So left and right. You've got plenty of small rocks and one rat skull.
>-Should you roll something down each passage?
>-If so, which one first? Should you wait a while before doing another one?
>-Do you want to send the rat skull instead for one of them?
No. 941314 ID: 8eaf98

well lets send one down each starting with the right path wait to see if any change in the sounds happens then do the same for the other path
No. 941315 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, alright.
No. 941320 ID: 3d1dd5

Good plan, do that.
No. 941369 ID: 8442ba
File 156496579019.jpg - (56.27KB , 578x258 , 1-18.jpg )

You take a few more practice rolls to feel like you're prepared. You ready yourself to roll the rock shortly after both sides of the passageway start making noise again after the latest pause.

You can feel the sound of the rock as it clatters its way down the passageway. It feels quieter like you'd expect, but it seems like it's picking up speed rather than slowing down. Interesting.

You barely feel a clack of the rock landing and settling somewhere.

There's something new: a voice! It's a deep, resonant sound with some obvious grit to it. It says,

"Hey! Hey somebody! I am over here! Stop what you are doing and move towards my voice! I am in danger and if you help me I will give you a prize!"

Well this is new.

Would it be weird to cut this thread short early and start a new one, so I can have the first post be more relevant? Not sure on the typical way things like that go.
No. 941381 ID: b1b4f3

Usually threads end at a stopping point that at least results in the new thread starting at a good spot, like after a particular story arc is concluded.

Go on, go down the passage towards the voice.
No. 941389 ID: e0c395

Roll another rock to see how they react. It's pretty weird to offer a prize in this situation!
No. 941447 ID: 8442ba

>weird to offer a prize
Now that you think about it, the whole way that voice talks is kinda weird isn't it? Something to think about probably.
No. 941666 ID: 8442ba
File 156514978496.gif - (1.04MB , 798x582 , rock-go.gif )


You decide to slowly advance and if nothing happens send another rock. You're getting pretty good at this!

You feel the same voice again. It says,

"Please say something! Are you becoming closer to me? Move towards my voice! Please! Good prize, big prize!"
No. 941673 ID: b1b4f3

Go on, closer, until the voice reacts to you. Then see if you can find another rock to roll towards the voice.
No. 941691 ID: 8eaf98

that sounds hella trap. 'move toward voice' not 'move toward me' or some such as well as "Are you becoming closer to me"
No. 941692 ID: 3d1dd5

Can you make any noises? Try vocalising.
No. 941706 ID: 8442ba
File 156520045908.png - (549.68KB , 620x499 , question.png )

Making noise...
When you move around there's a noise as your membrane makes contact with the ground, moreso when your membrane is pulled off the ground behind you.

You wonder what kind of other sounds you could make. What would you have to do?
No. 941735 ID: 8eaf98

trap a bubble of air under you then try to squeeze it out.
No. 941745 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, trap some air then force it out. You can force it out of a differently-shaped opening to make different vibrations.
No. 941854 ID: 8442ba
File 156530014331.png - (2.04MB , 1477x1101 , 1-19.png )

Alright this is completely insane, but this has been a completely insane time so far! You believe in yourself.

Well, you engulfed a rat once by making a shape similar to this...
No. 941855 ID: 8442ba
File 156530019339.png - (1.27MB , 1151x1025 , 1-20.png )

Okay so just close down the end part but make sure to... not... close the... part further inside you...
Wow this is hard!
No. 941856 ID: 8442ba
File 156530025488.png - (1.49MB , 1433x903 , 1-21.png )

Okay okay!
This is a bizarre feeling but you have a little air pocket. Now you just need to open up the other end and force it out, but just a little opening...
No. 941857 ID: 8442ba
File 156530054154.png - (652.91KB , 703x691 , 1-22.png )


you feel that sense of embarrassment again, but in a different way
you'd rather not think about it too much

The voice speaks up again,

"Do you mock me? Laugh at my life right now, but you are not allowed to mock me! If you laugh let me see you laugh!"

It's that voice again. It feels like it's losing energy while still being loud, maybe it will stop soon.
No. 941858 ID: b1b4f3

Okay since you've made noise seriously get over there so they can at least see you.
No. 942263 ID: 8442ba
File 156556536371.png - (171.76KB , 578x258 , 1-18.png )

Wow, this is the farthest you've ever been down the incredibly spooky passageway of mystery. Half of it anyway.

You're pretty nervous because you don't know what the ground is like down here. You'd been over every little bit of the cave and the metal cave. The bottom part anyway.

You keep schlerping your way down until eventually you reach a very sharp downwards drop.

You feel that voice again, very close this time!

"I hear moving. Is someone near me? I cannot see anything. Mercy for me."

You wonder what the voice feels like.
No. 942264 ID: b1b4f3

Reach out towards the voice.
No. 942292 ID: 8eaf98

roll a rock at voice.
No. 942334 ID: 8442ba
File 156562586846.png - (3.32MB , 1687x1787 , 1-24.png )

Rock away!
You're not sure how to describe it but you've got an okay idea of how deep this hole is.

Alrighty, no problem. You're fine reaching down. Your membrane is plenty strong to support a lot of your weight, you've done things like this before.

Alright that's about as far as you want to go!
No. 942349 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, the voice is stuck in the hole.
Welp, guess we can't help them. Let's head down the other path, doing the same rock rolling method to scout ahead.
No. 942366 ID: 8eaf98

agreed lets check the other path, also what about all the other noises we heard on this path?
No. 942383 ID: 8442ba

Oh right, those noises! You almost forgot.

You think back, and as you were schlarping your way towards this hole you heard some of those sounds! You're pretty sure all of them were coming from this pit.

The thumping that comes in pairs stopped right when you dropped that rock, then got closer. It's like it stopped right at the bottom of the pit.
The other weird noise stopped completely once the voice talked for the first time.
The scraping noise normally goes along with the thumping, but this time it didn't. Weird!
No. 942384 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah I still don't know what those sounds could be. They're linked up with the sounds in the other passage, so I think we need to go investigate there first.
OR, we could explore more in this room with the pit? Maybe there's something we could push into the pit that would help the person.
No. 942434 ID: 8eaf98

let us check all around the hole, but at current it seems there is very little we can do for this fellow, i don't think we would be strong enough to lift him anyway. after hole check retrieve rocks and explore other way.
No. 942442 ID: 8442ba
File 156571056167.png - (1.32MB , 1428x1416 , 1-25.png )

You think back on hearing the noises before and they did happen at around the same time, but didn't seem to be precisely connected. Something to think about still.

As you scootlch around the pit you can hear the thumping again! This time it's a lot slower and with each alternating noise it's always right below you! Whatever that noise is, it's following you... somehow. At least it's at the bottom of the pit.

The voice speaks up again,
"I cannot die here."

You hope the voice means that they're immortal while they're in the cave, but you're pretty sure that's not what they meant. Dang!
No. 942443 ID: 8442ba

Exploring the other way is coming up.
No. 942712 ID: 8442ba
File 156591883245.png - (3.29MB , 1496x2085 , 1-26.png )

This is weird.
Kinda reminds you of the metal cave in a weird way.

You know, all of this thinking is giving you some ideas. You've thought about being able to sense things differently, or maybe split parts of your body off, or maybe talk like that weird voice.
Why not? What's actually stopping you?
Something to think about.

"Hey! Motherfucker I hear you!"

Woah you lost your train of th-

"You sack of shit, stay where you are! I've got a fucking gun!"

This is a very high pitched voice, and very loud. You like its moxie! You can feel it coming from around a corner past this weird grate thing.

Y'know you've really accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. You're really proud of yourself. You thought this passageway was scary but it's just full of neat things you want to know about. It's even given you all these new thoughts, with new ideas on what your body can do. It will take some... you arbitrarily decide to call it gumption, to figure out how to do those fun new things. You wonder what to focus on...

Engulferate [1] | Given sufficient force, push something through your membrane while keeping bodily integrity. You can already do this to small things, like delicious rats, but your membrane makes larger things dangerous at the moment.

Opacity Slider [1] | Alter your membrane and biomass to let more light through, meaning you become much more transparent. Your membrane is a lot thicker and thus more visible, but in a space you can completely encompass this is negligible.

Eyes on the Outside [2] | Form visual sensory organs on the surface of your membrane when you feel like it.

Vocalize! Lv.1 [2] | Produce sounds that let you communicate with similarly intelligent beings. Based on being able to hear speech and synthesize it over time.

Splitsville [4] | Separate yourself into multiple functioning entities. Risk of philosophical terror.

You could also try to think of different things, you feel a lot of potential inside you! ...just not a lot of ideas on what that can do.
No. 942715 ID: b1b4f3

Vocalize! seems the most important at the moment since we've found not one but two sapients to talk to, and via conversation we should be able to get one or two more gumption points to spend on things like eyes.
Or tendrils. Long grabby things we can use to manipulate the environment with. Easier way to roll rocks! (or push buttons, use tools, etc)
No. 942757 ID: c571e8

I mean yeah, that's the BIG stumbling block recently. Eyes are also great, but solve the problem in front of you.

For future reference, how much Gump would it take to increase your membrane strength to let you hold on to things (and keep yourself together) better?
No. 942834 ID: 8442ba

"Seen Enough Hentai..." Lv. 1 [1] | Produce thin dexterous fine manipulators. Maximum circumference of around an inch, strength similar to a human child, number of tendrils dependent on available biomass.

Membranous Integrity Lv.1 [2] | Increase your membrane's elasticity and toughness to avoid leaking any precious biomass when under stress and strain.
No. 942888 ID: 3d1dd5

Vocalise seems important!
No. 943122 ID: 8442ba
File 156630778856.png - (176.96KB , 534x622 , 1-27.png )

Yeah being able to talk back would be nice. You're very curious about what these voices are like. The only other creatures you've encountered have all been very boring and you don't remember most of them very clearly.

Except for rats. Adorable squeaks which also feel extra fun from the inside. But you haven't seen any rats in a while.

Okay. Need to talk. Just focus on... talking... Thinking about those voices, thinking about recreating that somehow...
Okay, got it. Think this will do it!

...what should I say? Maybe I should practice or something, then try to talk to something!?
No. 943123 ID: 8442ba


>Vocalize! Lv.1
Produce sounds that let you communicate with similarly intelligent beings. Based on being able to hear speech and synthesize it over time.


Engulferate [1] | Given sufficient force, push something through your membrane while keeping bodily integrity. You can already do this to small things, like delicious rats, but your membrane makes larger things dangerous at the moment.

Opacity Slider [1] | Alter your membrane and biomass to let more light through, meaning you become much more transparent. Your membrane is a lot thicker and thus more visible, but in a space you can completely encompass this is negligible.

"Seen Enough Hentai..." Lv. 1 [1] | Produce thin dexterous fine manipulators. Maximum circumference of around an inch, strength similar to a human child, number of tendrils dependent on available biomass.

New!Vocalize! Lv.2 [1] | Produce sounds that let you communicate with just about anything that can do so. The amount of listening and synthesizing time required varies with complexity (animals with complex vocal communication vs. animals with simple sounds vs. electronics, and the like)

Eyes on the Outside [2] | Form visual sensory organs on the surface of your membrane when you feel like it.

Membranous Integrity Lv.1 [2] | Increase your membrane's elasticity and toughness to avoid leaking any precious biomass when under stress and strain.

Splitsville [4] | Separate yourself into multiple functioning entities. Risk of philosophical terror.
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