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File 156521872605.png - (43.47KB , 800x600 , ai-title.png )
941730 No. 941730 ID: 57353f

This quest will almost certainly be NSFW. Please avert your eyes.
Yeah, I know making another new quest is a bad idea, but I am a mercurial dumbass
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No. 941731 ID: 57353f
File 156521874744.png - (50.93KB , 800x600 , ai1.png )

Ngh... everything hurts. Can't remember anything.

Name's Rakkani. That's all I've got. Blurred things I can't piece together.

Where the hell am I? Why does my left eye hurt so much?
No. 941732 ID: 57353f
File 156521877942.png - (102.25KB , 800x600 , ai2.png )

...No, seriously, where the hell am I?

...I should... I have no idea where I am. Or what to do right now.
No. 941733 ID: 395c02

Look for the amtsvane.

Uh but your left eye hurts because it probably is or was missing. To start off with you should probably stand up and examine your surroundings better.
No. 941734 ID: b970b2

Waking up in the middle of who knows where is rough, get up and inspect your surroundings, kinda sucks but this is a survival situation now.

You have a eye patch over your left eye, probably best to leave it be and let your regen handle it for now. There's no safe way to inspect it unless you have some kind of reflective surface anyway.
No. 941736 ID: 83bf07

Get out of the sun before you burn. Check self.
No. 941737 ID: 465a14

Well you have amnesia, red eyes, and an eyepatch. It's time to wait for the rest of your anime protagonist powers to kick in. Try thinking about your friends, getting real mad, and screaming for hours.
No. 941739 ID: 0fae41

Look to your left.
No. 941740 ID: a9af05

You should get up and move inland before the tide comes in and drags you out to sea.
No. 941742 ID: ad51b8

well you're wearing an eye patch so maybe you are a pirate that got shipwrecked.
No. 941743 ID: b1b4f3

You might be in a wilderness survival situation. Look around you- if you're shipwrecked, is there some wreckage? Or anything else you can salvage supplies from?
No. 941751 ID: 2df440

You’re clearly on another island, silly~!

Look around for potential shelter.
No. 941753 ID: bddb0f

You do you, Cirr.

You're clearly on some kind of tropic island, and your left eye is something you should check in the reflection of a still pond if you can find one. Better yet if that pond can be freshwater so you can not die of thirst anytime soon.
No. 941805 ID: 864e49

Are you a neumono? Find pygmies.
No. 941831 ID: e6f10c

Alright, you appear to have amnesia. Hopefully it's temporary and you'll get your memories back with time.

Now, before doing anything else, do a physical self-assessment. Slowly and carefully move to check if you've got any broken bones or internal injuries you didn't feel 'cause you were laying still. Look around for any obvious nearby dangers before attempting to sit up, followed by standing up. Then look and feel yourself over for anything odd or stuck to you. After that, look around the area around you for points of interest, dangers, and resources. Check how damp your fur is and if it smells of seawater. Look in the indent in the sand where you were lying to see if there was anything under you.

It's plainly apparent that you've also stark naked, save for your eyepatch. Given that you're a neumono, if there's damage to your left eye it ought to heal relatively quickly, assuming there isn't anything stuck in there. Check if your left eye has regenerated enough to partially see by lifting the eyepatch slightly and checking if you can see any light with it.

Priorities are water and food. Unless neumono can drink seawater without detriment, you'll need fresh water. Search for a stream to drink from. Avoid standing water if possible.

Food for you means meat, and to get meat you need to hunt animals, trap animals or scavenge it from the carcasses of critters killed by other animals. Gotta get on that soon, before you get weaker from hunger.
No. 941832 ID: 8d4593

You are on a beach.
Perhaps an island paradise.
Island paradises could be dangerous.
Best weave yourself a grass hat.

Beware of Pygmies.
No. 941860 ID: 57353f
File 156530459035.png - (17.31KB , 800x600 , ai3.png )

That sounds familiar but I don't think I know what that is. Well. I don't know what it is, that's for sure, but maybe I did know.

I feel like I should be more bothered about this than I am and that fact is bothering me a little. I still have bigger problems.

>left eye missing
I slowly reach up to my face and prod the odd headgear I seem to be wearing. The dull but constant ache spikes into a burning pain that tells me maybe I shouldn't do that again.

>get out of sun
>move inland before tide takes you
>look for shelter
I get up, which takes a lot more willpower than I feel it ought to. The various aches all over my body complain but not enough to stop me, but I feel exhausted. Also hungry. Also thirsty. Just not in a good condition all around. I brush the sand off my back and shake around a bit to dislodge it. My body's dry, so I've been here a while, I guess.

>look around
Well, it looks like the sky is greener than it should be, some weird things are in the sky that look too solid to be clouds, but the rest of the environment looks like a beach. Rocks, but weirdly blobby looking ones. Driftwood, but it's a weird olive colour. Even the water doesn't seem right.

However, there are things that look vaguely like trees further inland, and trees mean shade. I don't know what kind of trees they are, and this for some reason is bugging me the most out of everything else here.

I see one other thing of note here, though...
No. 941861 ID: 57353f
File 156530460821.png - (15.63KB , 800x600 , ai4.png )

It looks like a backpack of some sort. One of the straps is broken. It looks like it has some maroon hairs on it so I guess that would make it mine.

It's mine now anyway, I guess.
No. 941862 ID: 57353f
File 156530464459.png - (75.00KB , 800x600 , ai5.png )

I empty the contents of the backpack on the beach a little further inland so I don't get things swept away.

Inside it is a note, written in a language I can't read, another note written in a language I can read, and a small green plastic container.

I gently open the container as I best as I can with my hands (fine manipulation was never my strong point) and place it on the sand, to observe the contents.

For some reason there are a lot of seeds in the container. I... feel like I ought to know the significance of them, and something does bubble up, but it's too foggy. I know they're seeds from plants back home. I know I didn't come from here. I know I used to know a lot about plants like this, but it's all so foggy and murky and slipping away. Maybe it'll come back to me.

I close the container and put everything back in the backpack, and keep going.
No. 941863 ID: 57353f
File 156530467353.png - (26.72KB , 800x600 , ai6.png )

I walk into the forest, a walk that takes maybe what feels like an hour but I can't be sure, pain distorts things, and I still feel really thirsty and hungry. A little light-headed, too, like the act of walking here was too much.

I find a tree to sit under. Shelter, of a sort, I guess. Next, water, I guess.

...can't see water from here. Well, with the way my muscles hurt, even breathing is feeling like a slight challenge. I guess I can rest and read that note first.

Rakkani, if you're reading this I guess I or we or you or whatever pronoun you use to address your future self you are still alive. And can read. That bit is important too. I don't know how you or me or whatever is alive or where I am will going to be you are but I packed the most useful seeds I still had on me in the backpack this note should be with. If you only have this note, look for the backpack. It should have the pillbox I used for seeds. If you have it and there's no seeds I wish you the very best. If you do have seeds start looking for somewhere to plant the weird yellow spongy ones next to a body of water. They'll grow spongy tubers that we can eat for a couple days until we find some meat. The red pointy seeds only grow in meat that should be safe for us to eat. Assuming decent conditions you'll need to wait a couple days for the Mamina's ogolboko tubers to grow and a day for the greater bloodvines to grow enough to show you can eat whatever they grew in. Well, the species. Don't eat the bloodvines it will not end well. They go deep so don't think you can just cut them out and be safe. Do cut them out after a few days, dry them out and they're a really tough fabric thread. MAKE SURE TO WAIT A FEW DAYS DO NOT WEAR FRESHLY CUT BLOODVINES.
Figure out the rest I'm out of time see you later - Rakkani <3

I vaguely remember writing this while explosions were happening. Then I was here. Huh.
No. 941864 ID: 57353f
File 156530468217.png - (25.06KB , 800x600 , ai7.png )

I put the note back in the backpack, and awkwardly try to wear the thing around one shoulder before I give up and carry it by the functioning strap.

Wait. I think I hear the sound of water!

I start to pace faster toward the sound and... and...

Words fail me.
No. 941865 ID: 0fae41

Follow it upstream. If it ends, dig for a spring.
No. 941866 ID: b1b4f3

Welp, follow it either upstream or downstream. Either direction will hopefully lead to a pond or something, where you can plant your tubers.
Not sure how the tubers will grow fast enough for you to survive by eating them, but maybe they're nanotech seeds or something?

Probably shouldn't try any of the other seeds until you remember at least general information about how the seeds work.
No. 941867 ID: ad51b8

follow it to the source
No. 941869 ID: b970b2

Ok, assuming this note was actually wrote by you we can deduce the following: You knew you were going to lose your memories, you knew a lot about plants, and judging by the little picture on the front, were pretty cheerful.

Hey, any running water is good. If you can find or make a container that's water you can drink, or at least make drinkable; and if you dig a hole for the trickle to fill you'll have a body of water to grow the spongy seeds to grow in.

What I'd recommend is tracing the water to see if it's just split off from a larger stream or a body of water, as that'd be easier to work with than just a trickle, but if not it's still better than nothing. It might be worth picking up one of the rocks too, it's better to have something if there's any hostile wildlife about.
No. 941870 ID: e7c7d3

Taste the water first to see if it's fresh. Then follow the trickle to it's source. If it's just leaking out from nowhere, use rocks to make a dam and build your own body of water to plant the tubers next to.
No. 941871 ID: 91ee5f

Apparently you wrote that note to yourself.

And considering the instructions on how to use certain seeds, your past self correctly guessed that you were going to lose your memories.

Follow it upstream. Maybe there’s something blocking the flow of water? That could be why this stream looks so pitiful.
No. 941873 ID: b1b4f3

You could just straight up drink some of this right now. Dig out a depression so you get a puddle to cup water out of (or however you drink it)
No. 941911 ID: 1ed92d

Search for THE SOURCE.

Also, write yourself a note at the first opportunity: "Label ALL the seeds next time, jerk!"
No. 941942 ID: 7fb87a

the soil is probably saturated, this could be as good a spot to plant the tuber as anyplace upstream, where creatures will be looking to drink
No. 941948 ID: 2202fb

Try and discern whether this is fresh or saltwater. If it is fresh, try and find a source.

Probably should try and make something to be used as rope as well.

Past-you mentioned turning the blood-vines into fabric, but do you even know how to weave, let alone sew?

Additionally, the note makes you sound like a complete scatterbrained airhead. I wonder if something happened to shift your personality to the more level-headed state it is now, or alternatively, whether you are even actually Rakkani.

cirr, why do you start so many different quests? Don't you have like five or six active right now? Seems like too much to handle.
No. 941968 ID: 12323b
File 156538824303.png - (18.16KB , 800x600 , ai8.png )

oops, all quests please help me i have a problem

>take rock
I pick up one of the smaller rocks and put it in the backpack. The one I choose feels like a good trade-off between carry weight versus rock... uh... heftiness. Worst case scenario, I can use this thing as a swinging weapon, I guess.

>weaving and sewing
Nope. No clue how to weave or sew.

For some reason something deep down inside me feels like tearing someone's throat out with my teeth for calling me that.

...actually, trying to cling to the last moments I can remember of writing the note, I think I was... trying to... boost future me, well, present me's morale?
I really was grasping at anything and everything, wasn't I. I guess whatever happened happened real fast.
Maybe I am or was scatterbrained and real defensive about it. Agh, I feel like I can remember more things but then they're just too far from my grasp.

>taste the water
I dip a finger in the water and lick it.
It tastes mostly like sand. No salt, though. Good! Good, this is at least a start, even if a disappointment.

My mouth is real dry right now, though. I dig into the sand and wait an agonising couple of minutes for the hole I've dug into the ground to fill to the point I can try to--

Okay my hands are too big to cup water out of a volume this shallow, and if I try digging any deeper I'll be here forever. Whatever. On my knees, snout into the water.

This feels a mixture of incredibly awkward (not to mention aggravating all my muscle aches) and incredibly refreshing. I drink what I can without swallowing a bunch of sand in the process, waiting for the tiny flow to fill up as I get my breath back in between gulps.

The water is almost as warm as my body temperature but I'll take what I can get over dying of thirst.
No. 941969 ID: 12323b
File 156538825270.png - (33.11KB , 800x600 , ai9.png )

Right. Actually, on that note, I don't seem to be doing too bad. I'm not visibly wasting away. I look healthy enough, despite all the aches. I've probably still got a few days before this gnawing hunger turns crippling.

>follow the stream
>find the source
I start trying to track this dribble of a stream to wherever it came from. It takes about all of a minute before I find what looks like a much, much larger stream that the tiny rivulet looks like it split off from.

I feel kind of dumb for sticking my face in the sand earlier now.

I keep heading upriver, before I notice the terrain gradient getting noticeably steeper.

Well, this river is a better place to try planting things, I guess?

Still haven't noticed any signs of life but me. Maybe a few bugs that have kept well away, but that's it. I guess I could always try eating those.

Okay. Shelter, I can be under a tree, water, found, food, planned, uh... what else...
No. 941970 ID: 0fae41

Giant floating eye... Eh, it's probably nothing. Punch the tree and build a crafting table.
No. 941971 ID: b1b4f3

Okay what is with that triangle thing with the eye in it, in the sky? It's been visible every update, somewhere.

>what else
Food, water, and shelter are the big three. Do you know how to start a fire? Cooking food is a real good idea. After that you'll want to explore and gather resources to climb the primitive tech tree. Get some tools, gather wood, clay, stone... attempt to get some access to metal at some point.
No. 941973 ID: bddb0f

Look about, explore your environs, in case there's a better place for your seeds, I suppose. Let's learn the lesson of tiny river mouthwash.

Those bamboo-like plants there? If there's vines around, you can probably use them to construct shelter.
No. 941977 ID: ad51b8

plant some of those tuber plants you talked about in that note... also I'm seeing something in the sky.
No. 941988 ID: e6f10c

Get a feeling that you're being watched. Look around then up in the sky and see the giant flying eye-inna-triangle looking down at you. Decide to find a place under cover near the river. One that blocks view of the sky.

Examine the stalk-like plants to your left for potential for use as crafting or building material.

Plant two of the Mamina's ogolboko tuber seeds on the river bank, but space them well away from each other. This way if something destroys one plant it'll be less likely to get both of them. Keep one seed in reserve in case you need to abandon your plantings here and move elsewhere. And hope that you'll be able to harvest seeds from these plants once they're mature.

Take a inventory of the seeds you have that aren't in the note. Try and remember what each of them does.

Since it's gonna be a few days 'till you'll have any food, resting as much as possible to conserve calories is gonna be the name of the game. Find a shaded spot near the river to make your camp and settle in.
No. 941992 ID: 8d4593

Is the sky watching you?
No. 942214 ID: 58b4f3

>I look healthy enough
If you were talking about your wide childbearing hips and your thick thunder thighs, then yes, you do look pretty damn healthy!

Also tell that eye to quick looking at your naked body like a perv.
No. 942229 ID: 1ed92d

Watch the skies!
No. 942244 ID: 12323b
File 156555595342.png - (39.40KB , 800x600 , ai10.png )

>eye in the sky
...Huh. There sure is.
Not much I can, uh, do that about that.
It's making me feel uneasy looking at it, so I'll just... ignore whatever that is. It doesn't feel like it's looking at me so much as through me. Like, I don't know how big that that thing must be for it to be this visible, but it definitely... yeah, okay, my depth perception isn't too hot right now, but if I wiggle my head around a bit it doesn't really change position. It's cloud high, that's for sure.

What the fuck-- I looked away for a second, turned back, and now it's... gone? How? What? How? Did I... am I seeing things? Nothing that big could just move like that.
Okay. I'm just gonna keep checking the sky now and then to see if it's back.

>hips and thighs
Yeah I have more important things to worry about right now. I have good genes, I guess.

>seed inventory
As well as the Mamina's ogolboko and greater bloodvine seeds, I have a few redgrass seeds. The names of the others escape me at the moment but the green spiky ones, the weird cyan clump, the weird pink wiggly ones and the ones with spurs jutting out are... hrm... ngh... nope, can't recall. Argh.
I'm also remembering the actual reason for the ogolboko seeds now. They soak up a lot of water and they work as a way to purify water and also I guess just fill up enough to fight off hunger cramps. Not very sustaining. Just slightly more comfortable than starving to death on an empty stomach.

>plant the tubers
Yeah, they can go here. I'll plant them on opposite sides of the river.

I... I don't really know how to make fire either.
Okay, I'm beginning to realise I don't know how to do a lot of things. A lot of any things.
Okay. No, get it together, Rakkani, don't start freaking out.

>stalk plants
Okay, okay, okay, sure, yes, yes, I think I can do something with these. Maybe make shelter. Don't know how but one step at a time.
Wow I just realised it's pretty hot out here.

Hm, these things are pretty firmly rooted into the ground, I'll just need to apply force a little higher up--


Oof! On the sand I go. Ow. Well, okay, that could have gone worse. Wow these leaves are sharp looking. I'm gonna just... just avoid any likely accidents and take these leaves off.

And plunge my head in the river because wow is it hot.
No. 942245 ID: 12323b
File 156555596536.png - (64.23KB , 800x600 , ai11.png )

Okay. It's taken a while but I have what amounts to a few sticks. They're much taller than me but they're not any good for shelter. If I knew absolutely anything about starting a fire I could go grab more rocks and set up a campfire, but without that all I know is, like, rubbing dry sticks together with stuff that burns well. And that's all I'm aware of. Like, don't get me wrong, I know the basic ideas behind making a fire but I've never done it before. And I know I'm having memory problems but I'm fairly certain it's nothing I've ever done before.

Also right now fire is the last thing I want. Jeez it's hot. Can I take all this fur off? I should have taken two rocks so I could bang them together and get a sharp edge on them. Uh. Somehow.

It's real wonderful to learn how I don't actually know a lot of basic survival techniques when I'm in a basic survival situation.
All I have to do is hold it together and hope I don't get myself killed from something really dumb or painful.

>conserve energy
There's no point trying to gather and strip any more of these stick plants, but... hm. I don't know what else I can do with one of these but...

I move to the tree I found earlier that's nice and cool in this increasingly awful heat. I take the sticks with me. They're surprisingly lightweight for their durability.
Something in the back of my head observes the phenotypic similarities between the tree and the stick plants. Those strange erratic sharp leaf-like sprouts from the main body. Possibly related?
The tree has more of them and they're flatter, and better at producing shade.

I get comfy beneath the tree, and-- oh good. It's raining.

Maybe I won't bake to death.
No. 942246 ID: 12323b
File 156555598178.png - (71.80KB , 800x600 , ai12.png )

I look around for any sort of rock with an edge and take one of the sticks as I slowly get drenched from the rain.
I'm terrible with this kind of fiddly work, but I have an idea. It might help me, or it might not.

I find a rock with a good enough sharp edge and start scraping it along one of the more warped sticks, one that hasn't grown as straight as the others.
The outer layer of the plant carves off as... bark? It seems like bark. I give it an experimental tug. Strong tensile strength, very easily snapped with shear force. Like the rest of the plant itself.

I don't remember how to make a fire but I sure do remember something about bark cordage. Well. I'm remembering it mostly because I think I was trying to sell some others on a particular plant's usefulness and decided a live demo was the only way I'd get through to them... was I some kind of plant merchant? Huh.

Ah, but it's raining, this is not a good time to be doing this. I remember that much.

Well. That... kind of gives me a bit of hope, I guess. I'll have to wait for the rain to pass but I can probably turn some of this into rope and if I have rope I can do a lot more with these sticks.

Still, I don't want to just waste this time. With some force I snap one of the sticks into two so it's not too big to wield, and start sharpening one of the ends into a point.

The sun goes down and the cool rain on my drenched fur no longer bothers me. My backpack is now soaked and I'm glad the seed container is waterproof, because I don't think the backpack is.

I'm exhausted and the rain feels and sounds so good. I'm going to sleep. Pointy stick in grabbing range.
No. 942247 ID: 12323b
File 156555599486.png - (23.38KB , 800x600 , ai13.png )

I wake up with a backache from sleeping on the sand, but a major improvement from yesterday.

I head to the river to quench my thirst, head downstream to deal with other thingse, and then head back to the tree to work on making rope again.

The seeds haven't shown any sign of sprouting yet.

From sunrise to midday I spend all my time carving off strips from these stick plants and making them into weedy rope strands. Nothing I'd trust my own weight too, but good enough to tie some things together. If I knew a single thing about sewing, I could try mending that backpack's broken strap, but I do know one single thing about sewing and that's that I'd need a needle and I sure don't have one of those lying around.

Okay, so, now I have sticks taller than I am, and some way to tie them together. No idea how to make a better shelter from that, though.
Also wow I'm feeling the hunger now. I'm starting to wonder if I should try eating one of the sticks and I already know that's not going to go well.
No. 942249 ID: b1b4f3

You have sharp sticks. Go find something that you can kill with them, then test the meat with bloodvines. Either a fish or a small herbivore.

Also don't forget that in an emergency survival situation you can eat your own ears. Skin them before eating them, of course-- you can use the skin for rawhide or something. It's very much a temporary nutrient burst though, as your body will want to regenerate the missing parts. It will keep you going long enough to hunt stuff though.
No. 942261 ID: ad51b8

well you could take those tall sticks and maybe try to make a tepee like hut or something. You'd still need something to wrap around all the sticks for it to be worth a damn but outside of braking down some more sticks it would be fairly low effort to set up

other idea is to take the sticks brake them apart even more and build a ramp like structure. I mean brake the sticks till you have two you size sticks, place them in the ground, put one food length stick between the first two, then have two more sticks lean on the first two at an angle, then place sticks on top of these 2 angled sticks until you have a roof and you should have a simple ramped hut to rest in.
No. 942265 ID: b1b4f3

The ramped hut is probably the best we can do with our current resources. Once we can harvest some large leaves they can cover the roof to keep out rain.
No. 942269 ID: bddb0f

Explore upstreams to find potential sources of food - if there's animal life around it should take advantage of the river much like you did.

You haven't seen any signs of life other than plant food have you? No fish, molluscs, bugs in or near the river? Needles can be made from fishbone if you manage to catch one.
No. 942274 ID: 8d4593

Ruba bik stick against a rock till its sharp. Then see if you can stab a fish out in the shallows.
No. 942277 ID: a9af05

>I'm starting to wonder if I should try eating one of the sticks and I already know that's not going to go well.
Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. You could try a single bite to see how good it would be. And I'm sure a little fiber in your diet wouldn't hurt, right?
No. 942279 ID: 58b4f3

>I have good genes, I guess.
But you're not wearing any pants! How can you claim to have good jeans when you're completely naked?
No. 942299 ID: a7aaa7

You have your priorities set well so far.

No predators yet, so the the most basic shelter against the elements should do. Tie a bunch of the long whatever-they-ares (they need a name, you might as well give them one) together to make a wall, and lean it against a pair of trees. A basic lean-to. From there, you can either build something more advanced, or explore. I suggest finding an ideal spot for something less temporary. You have no idea when or even if rescue will happen.
No. 942373 ID: 864e49

I think you may have been a botanist and maybe you were on a team exploring alien worlds or different dimensions.
No. 942454 ID: 12323b
File 156573163056.png - (18.29KB , 800x600 , ai14.png )

>build a lean-to
I've heard about this kind of thing. Seems like it should be simple enough... although smacking the sticks into the ground when they're as tall as I am is gonna be hard.

>go explore upstream for fish or animals
Urgh. I'm so very very hungry. The idea of actually getting to eat something is far more appealing than more construction or crafting. I'll come back to this idea later.

Terrible, terrible excuse for a spear in hand, let's go hunting.

I head to the river and follow it upstream. I don't see any animals but I move cautiously, trying to be as quiet as I can. With my fur rubbing against itself on multiple places on my body, I can only minimise the noise so much. The wind and the river are probably both louder, though.

Wait. I hear noise up ahead.
I drop to the ground and start crawling towards the sound.

As I get closer, I realise it sounds like a song. It's high pitched, but not shrill. Higher than my own voice, anyway.

"Ahooo mi fipkalteee...~"

I hear a sudden splash, followed by a lot more splashing.

I crawl further, bushes by the river getting longer and thicker, disguising my movements. I have no idea what's singing or if it's friendly.
No. 942455 ID: 12323b
File 156573164459.png - (39.38KB , 800x600 , ai15.png )

"Ahooo ee mi jisha lo nu fipkalte klama tiii...~"

I don't know who or what this is, but they look about my height. A little thinner.

They look at the fish stuck on... is that a trident? How do they have a trident?! Anyway, that aside, they pull the fish off, and throw it into is that a fucking wicker basket.

I stand up, still holding my spear defensively.

This catches their attention. "UE!"

I keep the spear held just in case things get dangerous.

"Do na zhutlei mi. Ee do zhutsi sekai ma. Khu do ba khrani mi." They wave the trident at me. "D-do ba na khrani mi. K-khu."

I point the spear at them to deter them from waving that trident at me.


They take a few steps back, look at the trident, and drop it on the ground, stretching out their arms, looking at my spear nervously.

"Ee mi naljisha le nu ri khrani do! Ee mi se shmene zo sib."

I have not managed to figure out a single thing this thing's said.
No. 942457 ID: b1b4f3

Well drop your spear too. Start talking back so that he knows there's a language barrier.

Gesture to a fish. Take one when offered and plant your bloodvine in it to see if it's safe.
No. 942458 ID: c8d151

Unless you want to make enemies fast, point your spear down and ease your stance. This thing clearly has an advantage but it doesn't know that. Keep your spear close though.
No. 942459 ID: 0fae41

Exchange spear for trident.
No. 942478 ID: 1ed92d

Drop your spear too. This creature is extremely cowardly and there might be others around. If it's an ambush, then your spear won't help, whereas diplomacy will. Its language seems very similar to your own so learning it might be less difficult than you might think.
No. 942485 ID: ad51b8

stick spear in ground to grab quickly incase something happens.
No. 942515 ID: 0c9a8e

Hey, civilization, or what passes for it. An alien, definitely. Is that a metal ear piercing? Weird thing for a seeming primitive to have. Is it a tag set by whoever's controlling the Eye In The Sky? The alien also has some kind of vambrace in addition to the trident. Hm. Then there's the weirdly colored tips to the trident. What is that?

Looks like you have a new language to learn. Whoever - whatever - this is, they appear to be somewhat scared of you. 'Ee' may mean 'me' or 'I', since it sounds somewhat like they were making excuses for themselves after waving the trident. With that in mind, let's start you off with some wild shots in the dark.

>"Ahooo mi fipkalteee...~"
First part of the song we heard. Since they were fishing with a trident, it could be some kind of fishing-related song. Because we gotta start somewhere, let's go with

"??? am fishing."

>"Ahooo ee mi jisha lo nu fipkalte klama tiii...~"
Second part of the song. Repeats the words from the first, but somewhat differently.

"??? I am ??? ?? ?? fishing ???? ????."

An exclamation when you caught them by surprise. Could be a stand-in for "WHAT?" or "WHO?" or just be a general-purpose sound of dismay.

>"Do na zhutlei mi. Ee do zhutsi sekai ma. Khu do ba khrani mi."
Their first attempt at engaging with you. Nervous and defensive, waving their trident.

"Back this ???? mine. I back ???? ????? me. Go back this catch mine."

>""D-do ba na khrani mi. K-khu."
Followed after trident-waving. Asserting their rights.

"Back this is catch mine. G-go."

Pretty sure they were just screaming in panic here.

>"Ee mi naljisha le nu ri khrani do! Ee mi se shmene zo sib."
Dropped their trident, seem to be making excuses for themselves. Or just fearful for their life (despite having an arguably better weapon at hand).

"I am leaving have the catch back! I am only trying to eat."

Disclaimer: This is complete guesswork and I am certainly completely wrong.

That said, if the language structure isn't too dissimilar, 'Mi' seems to have a difference between it being used in a sentence and at the end of a sentence. It may be related to 'ma' as well.
'Khrani' - and many of the noun-seeming words - may be related to fishing, fish, catch, fishing spot, given the context of the conversation.
'zhutlei' and 'zhutsi' seem like related words, whatever they are.
'Khu' could be a verb that can translate into a command, since it was uttered like one, if nervously.
'le nu' and 'lo nu' seem related. Different tenses of a verb?

At any rate, this fellow may think of you as an enemy, a hostile stranger, a ghost/demon, and this may be why they are currently so intimidated. Let's disabuse them of any of those notions for now - you are much in need of friends, especially ones capable of catching meat. Lower or raise your primitive spear, point at yourself and say "Rakkani". Then point at them to see if they understand the gesture and respond with a name. Then rub your tummy and point at the fish basket. Begging is less embarassing when you can only use sign language, right?
No. 942522 ID: b1b4f3

"fipkalte" might just be a word for fish...
If we're going to try to figure out their language later we need to confirm guesses by asking a native about words etc.

I hope this turns out less awkward and roadblocked than Koror Quest.
No. 942549 ID: 7ff815

Excellent, your first slave. Kidnap it, tie it up, and learn the alien's language. Treat it well though, it disarmed itself, showing that a velvet glove will work better than an iron fist in this case. Then follow it to its village, use your regeneration to convince them you are a god, and install yourself as their emperor.

Or you can be boring and go spear fishing to build bonds over something you have in common (or at least show you have something in common) despite the language barrier.
No. 942557 ID: 465a14

Clearly you should offer yourself as a slave instead. Then you won't have to worry about making important decisions, the alien will, and clearly the alien has a better idea how to get along here than you do, what with being a native and all.
No. 942559 ID: b970b2

I think this is a bad idea, you don't have any means of maintaining control over them nor caring for them. While you might be able to win a fight if it comes to that, they could easily stab you in your sleep or something if you managed to take them as a slave.

Try to talk to them, establish the presence of a language barrier, and lower your spear. Keep it close by in case things go sour.

We now know that this place has fish you can catch later, and you might be able to beg or convince them to part with some fish in order for you to leave them alone.
No. 942561 ID: dbf437

Look at their arms they clearly want a hug. Seeiously though you should probably stop waving your spear at a member of likely the only species that might be friendly to you.
No. 942590 ID: 12323b
File 156582530945.png - (27.96KB , 800x600 , ai16.png )

>become their slave
>enslave them
No. Well. Maybe. Not now. Wait. No, we don't do that anymore. Wait, who's we? What? No, back to reality, Rakkani.

>drop spear
>don't drop it but do lower it
I stop pointing my spear at its face and stand fully out of the bushes, stepping carefully forward.
They take a step backward, arms still held to the sides.

"Uh... hi," I say, trying to remember how to speak good. Not working. "My name is Rakkani. Rakkani." I point at myself. "Rakkani."

They look very confused. "Lo se bashru do smushau mi. Ee mi na tirna lo bangu do. Khu do tavla fo kaurbau."
"...Rakkani," I say again. "I'm very hungry." I rub my stomach and point to a fish. "Can I have one of your fish?"

I feel kind of pathetic.

"Wanai-- Khu do jisha lo nu do satre lo betfu be do pa finpe." They tilt their head and some of their head frills splay out momentarily.

I point at the fish and chew the air in an overly pantomimed way.

"Wa! Do jisha lo nu do sheetka pa finpe! Ee sohi finpe shu nenri lo rirkhe. Ee wi ehu miho fipkalte buhu ti!"
They sweep their arms out towards the river.

I point at the fish again a bit more determinedly.

They look at me tilted again. "Khu do shpedu le mi finpe."
"Can you give me one of those fish?" I try, hopelessly.

They tap at their chin for a moment. "Muhi ma lo khabzhu shu jisha tuha lo mi finpe. Ee do zhgari pa kilgaha ee zhe do bredi lo fipkalte."
"Please!" I shout with desperation, hoping I get something through that thick fluffy head.

They look at their basket, reach down, pick up a fish, and gently carry it over to me, handing it out.

"Mi dunda ti do riha lo nu mi jisha lo nu do sarkhe mi. Ee aho do sarkhe khu mi."
They smile.

One hand still on the spear, I reach out and take it.
It's all wet and slimy. I just remembered I don't know how to clean fish.

"Thank you," I say, gratitude almost spilling over into tears. "I, uh, thanks, I'm sorry, thank you so much."
"Khu do kanro." They seem a little flustered by my reaction.
"I don't know what you just said, but thank you."
"Mi sruma duhu lu kihe do lihu selsmu lu sankiu lihu mi. Ee kihe shizra zhe fetsi zhe shnino pendo do."
No. 942593 ID: 0fae41

That face... you can't trust them at all. Leave in a direction well away from your camp, and try to find theirs.
No. 942596 ID: b1b4f3

Remember, you need to check before eating it. Rip it apart so that you don't taint the whole fish with your bloodvine, then plant one.
After you've confirmed it's safe to eat(no idea how long that takes), go ahead and eat what meat you can get out of it (watch out for bones) and go fishing for more.
No. 942597 ID: 4f675d

Oh wait, you're no murderhobo.

You may as well try spear fishing while you're here. Get some practice. Might even have combat applications if there is hostile fauna. Any language you figure out is icing.
And remember to test the meat before eating, unless you are dying of hunger.
No. 942601 ID: 2df440

Try not to think about how you’re both almost totally naked.
No. 942604 ID: 0c9a8e

Congratulations, you lucky girl you, you've just accepted his marriage proposal!

... I kid, but it's true you have no idea what deeper meaning this act has for him. Try to move carefully, see how he reacts to how you treat the fish (especially the whole seed-planting thing). Just remember it's not worth food poisoning to preserve his feelings.

You should also try to get that whole 'exchange of words and concepts' going. Point at thing, get him to say what thing is, repeat your word for thing in return. You may get some errors of context to begin with, but it'd be a start.
No. 942605 ID: a9af05

>No, we don't do that anymore. Wait, who's we?
You mean your Neumono hive? Too bad none of them are around to help you.

>Language barrier
Too bad they don't have empathy, like you. Then you'd probably have an easier time understanding them by feeling the emotions connected to their words.

Maybe some familiar neumono terminology can help Rakkani remember something?
No. 942627 ID: e7848c

Well he's cute. Lament the communication barrier. He's helpful at least. Try and prepare the fish nearby. He might offer to show you how to prepare it. Free lesson, yeah?
No. 942661 ID: 8d4593

Is no one going to bring attention to the fact that this man is tagged like a goddamn animal.
No. 942662 ID: cde189

it could just be an earring
No. 942751 ID: 1ed92d

You are a carnivore. You have big sharp teeth.
Chomp that fish. Chomp it hard.
No. 942754 ID: a9af05

Not yet. We need to test it by planting a bloodvine in it first, to make sure it's safe to eat.
No. 942763 ID: 5a1b0a

Cut the fish first. No sense wasting half of it.
No. 942766 ID: 91ee5f

Have sex with them to show appreciation for the fish and to assert dominance.

But seriously, before you eat that fish, make sure you cut off a piece of it and plant a bloodvine into it to make sure it’s safe to eat.

Although, if your that desperate for something to eat, you can just yank off your ears and eat them. They’ll grow back, thanks to the insane regeneration your species is known for having.
No. 942865 ID: 12323b
File 156609055588.png - (23.67KB , 800x600 , ai17.png )

>can't trust that face
I... don't know if I can trust them or not?

>tagged like an animal
I honestly have no context to know if that's something they willingly did to themselves or otherwise.

>try not to think about you both being naked
I wasn't, and now I am. Great. Well it clearly doesn't bother them. Him? I... shouldn't be looking there to check, also I have no idea what alien sexes or genders might be like, even if there's some weirdly reoccuring patterns. It does look like a him. ...to be honest he's a bit too on the weedy side to really be that attractive anyway. Looks like I could snap him like a twig without trying.

>neumono hive
I don't know what that is. Ngh. Do I?
Is it bugs? Am I bugs?

I feel my own emotions reflecting around me like they extend past me, it's all so empty and cold and nothing. I feel like I'm deaf or blind but not deaf or blind. Something is missing, I don't know what it is. Something this alien doesn't have.

No. Focus. Stop getting distracted.

>test the fish
I take the fish, bow slightly to the alien, and head back the way I came. I left the seeds in the backpack, and I left that back at the tree I slept under.

"We! Khu do khaho shliva."
"I need to see if this fish is safe to eat."
"Mi, uh, si, mi sruma duhu da krinu. Ee aho viska do bazi."

I skewer the fish on the spear and wave with my free hand.
They look back, confused, and wave a hand back at me.
"Wanai khu do rinsa."
"You too!"
No. 942866 ID: 12323b
File 156609056654.png - (14.95KB , 800x600 , ai18.png )

I walk back to my backpack, only to notice that I'm being followed very carefully by the same alien.

I pause and glance back and see blue and white fluff disappear down into the bushes.

I keep both hands on my spear and start walking more cautiously.

I get back to my backpack, scoop it up, and turn to head back to the river. I can plant the fish in the sand near my other plants and plant the bloodvine in it, and then I won't lose track of where everything is.

I wander near the planting site and pull the fish off the spear, and look around for any weird aliens following me. No sign. I don't have any clue how to prepare fish, so I take my sharp rock and crudely hack the head off first. This'll probably be fine for the bloodvine at least.

I dig a hole in the ground, throw the fish head into it, and toss a bloodvine seed onto it. The seed feels very, very sharp to the touch. I carefully try to pierce it into the fish head, feeling like this is something I need to do.

The tubers still haven't grown. I wonder what I meant by "decent conditions" if past-me was expecting a couple days. It's already been about a day, I've seen nothing. It'll take a day to see if the fish is edible.
...A whole day. This won't be any good to eat if I just leave it lying around for a day.

I bury the rest of the fish too.

Ngh. I'm so hungry though. I'm not dying of starvation, I think, I can't see my bones yet anyway, but I'm feeling faint and light headed.
No. 942867 ID: 12323b
File 156609057510.png - (17.18KB , 800x600 , ai19.png )

>eat your ears

Is that... is that a thing I can do??

I tug at my right ear. It doesn't feel like it's going to just come off, but I can feel a structural weakness.

Actually no I vaguely recall something about eating ears in an emergency. This is an emergency. Where's my sharp rock.
Okay, let's just, okay, deep breaths, one, two, THREE--
No. 942868 ID: 12323b
File 156609058630.png - (32.63KB , 800x600 , ai20.png )

Okay that was like getting a papercut inside my ear. Yeah it hurt, but I was expecting that to hurt way more than it did.

Okay I've come this far, no use stopping, let's keep going. The worst is over. Rock, cut off the skin and fur. Okay. Now I have a lump of meat and fat and cartilage and--

Y'know what fuck it this will do I don't care anymore I'm starving into my mouth it goesp

...Huh. Looks like I was followed.

"We khu do vimshu le do kerlo, ee zhe do sheetka ta! Ee ihenai khu do fenki!!"

I don't know this guy's language still but they definitely seem to be shouting it this time.

They're walking over to me now, but just walking, and they don't look armed. They do look annoyed, though.
No. 942869 ID: 0fae41

I see he has three ears to a side. Surely he can spare one or two?
No. 942870 ID: e7c7d3

Offer your other ear in exchange for the fish.

Honestly, he's probably pissed cause you just sort of buried his fish rather than eat it.
No. 942887 ID: b1b4f3

Do you know how long it takes for the bloodvine to grow?

He's annoyed that you took the fish but didn't eat it. Honestly, to an outside perspective your behavior is VERY strange. Begging for fish when you could just spear some, then burying it instead of eating it? And he probably just saw you eating your own ear.

I have no idea how you'd explain this with drawings... Maybe it's time to go over the language and piece together enough to explain.
At the very least gesture to the buried fish and pantomime dying.

"finpe" is very likely the word for fish, and fipkalte is the word for fishing or the river. "sheetka" means eat, I think-- it was used when you were pantomiming eating, and when he saw you eating your ear. I think "do na" is at least similar to "do not" since he began a sentence with that after you surprised him, something like "don't surprise me", which means "zhutlei" and "zhutsi" are probably forms of surprise or fear. "khrani" seems to have something to do with threatening behavior. "wa" seems to be some sort of questioning term, not sure if it's what or why. "wanai" seems similar. "khu" is probably "you". "rinsa" might have to do with going somewhere or leaving since it was used to question you while you were walking away. "jisha" has been used very frequently as well, but it's so frequent I'm having trouble figuring out what it refers to. Either spears or the act of spearing, probably.
There are some other words that are only used once, that's difficult to figure out.
I suspect he's going to try to take the fish back, so, "do na finpe sheetka" could mean don't eat the fish. Adding a "khrani finpe", or "finpe khrani" could indicate that the fish is dangerous.

Since you just need to wait for the seed to grow, you can gesture back towards the river and suggest you go fishing for more-- "fipkalte". Gesture to him with "khu" and yourself with "mi" in a questioning way to confirm those mean what they should.

Overall word order *looks* similar to your language. Lots of the short words appear to be... I think "conjunctions" is the correct term?
No. 942891 ID: e7848c

Prostrate. We can't rely on verbal communication here. How far can we get with body language? Let's find out how he reacts to you bowing your head and lowering your guard, so to say.
No. 942904 ID: 5bc683

Get your spear, or at least make sure you're close to it. The alien is in what appears to be an aggressive pose, so while hoping for the best, be ready for the worst. If it gets close to the crops, deter it or drive it off.
No. 942906 ID: 094652

Maybe pray to the buried fish? He might understand rituals.
No. 942907 ID: 9246e9

This poster seems to know what they’re doing
No. 942910 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t worry, your ear will grow back once you provide your body with enough energy for your regeneration to kick in and start healing it.

Make sure he doesn’t take your seeds! Especially the dangerous bloodvine seeds!
No. 942925 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and at some point we need to look under that eyepatch. Both to see how far along the regeneration is, and if there was anything stashed in the eyesocket.
Use a reflection on water or something.
No. 942949 ID: 12323b
File 156615214422.png - (26.10KB , 800x600 , ai21.png )

>bloodvine growth
A day for there to be enough progress to know the meat's suitable and isn't, like, made of toxins or completely useless nutritionally.
I remember enough about my body that eating something nutritionally useless might as well be poisonous, for the amount of energy it'll take to process.

>language guesses
Hm. Yeah. Yeah I think I have an idea what they're trying to say.

>check under eyepatch
Later, when I'm actually alone.

No. I'm willing to get along with this alien but I'm not going to declare myself inferior to it in any way. That's not me. That's not how I do.
...although "how I do" has ended up with me naked and eating my own ear on a remote island where the sky is wrong, so maybe it's time to reevaluate that.
Not right now, though.

>behaviour is strange to outside observer
Yeah I can't deny this looking incredibly weird. I guess I'll try to explain.

>grab spear
Grabbed. They stop walking and pause, and then I make a show of holding it dangling down, but they stay where they are. They raise their hands up towards me, open, palms facing me.
"Uh, uh, ehu do tolfehu. Ee mi na fengu. Ee mi na zanru. Ee mi naljisha le nu ri khrani do."

I hold up a hand and point to my mouth with my other one, chewing.
They flick their ears and dip their head down and up, eyes closed, and fold their arms and sigh.
I realise it's going to take a long time to finish chewing this ear, or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to savor the first food I've had in a long time, it feels like.
I roll my hand towards them to try and let them know to continue.

They just stare at my rolled hand and lower their ears, tilting their head. "Uhu... Ee mi na tersmu le do khanshe poi slilu."
I shrug helplessly.
They keep their head tilted and flick their ears again.
I shrug again, chewing faster and swallowing.

"Okay. Okay, let me put this down. I'll just put it down." I gradually lower the spear, and look for any body language reactions, watching for tension or sudden movement.
They look to relax, more than anything. Their ears raise up slightly while they unfold their arms and rub their hands together nervously.

As the spear goes down onto the ground they sigh again, close their eyes and flick their head down.

I'm going to try and talk to them.
"Do na finpe sheetka," I say.

They stare at me. "Mi na finpe sheetka," they repeat, slowly, as if digesting the words I just gave them. "Do pu shusku shohe jetnu. Ee mi na finpe sheetka. Pehi do skuji lu do na sheetka lo finpe lihu mi."
They scratch at their forehead. "Mi gleki le nu do troshi," and they smile.

They point to themselves. "Mi." They point to me. "Do." They point back and forth. "Mi. Ee do. Ee mi. Ee do."
I point to myself. "Do."
They flick their ears and their head upwards. "Yenai," they say. They point to themselves. "Mi." They point to me again. "Do."
I point to myself again, thinking I might be understanding what they're trying to get across. "Mi?"
"Ye!" They smile again and flick their ears out. They point to themselves. "Do shusku mo sumkahi mi."
I think they're asking me if I know what word to use. "Do?"
"Ye do rapli shu drani!"
No. 942950 ID: 12323b
File 156615215590.png - (26.73KB , 800x600 , ai22.png )

The alien gets closer to me, but takes slow, deliberate steps, making sure I can see them move.

"Zo sib shmene mi. Mi. Ee la sib. Ee mi. Ee la sib. ...Sib." They pause and point at me. "Zo, uhhh... si. Zo rakani khu shmene do."
"Rakkani," I say, pointing at myself. "My name is Rakkani."
"Mai, uh, neim, uh, is, sib", they say, struggling with something. Not sure what, the sounds are basically identical to what I just said.
"Your name is Sib?"
"Khu zohoi mai se smuni zo mi. Ee zhe khu zohoi yur se smuni zo do. Ee zoi zoi, mai neim is sib, zoi."

"I can give you my other ear for the fish," I say, grabbing it and pulling it gently towards them.
They stare at me and tilt their head with the typical ear-flick. Their eyes widen as they realise something and they flick their head up and start waving both hands at me.

I let go of my ear and they once again exhale deeply.

"Ohunai mi steba! Ee mi pashna lo nu do zhimpe mi. Ee mi pashna lo nu mi zhimpe do. Ee mi krishi duhu zohe krinu lo nu do sheetka le do kerlo. Ee mi na zhimpe duhu zohe tshashi do."

They hold out a hand towards me as if waiting for something. "Ee mi jisha lo nu mi zhimpe do noi kesfange. Ee mi jisha lo nu do zhimpe mi. Ee mi jisha lo nu mi shilre duhu do nitshu mo. Khu do johu mi shadzu le zdani mi."
"I, uh, don't understand what you want me to do."

They pause, rub the underside of their chin for a few seconds, and then flick their ears. They clasp their hands together, before walking in place and pointing off into the distance, then pointing at themselves and then me, and then outstretches their hand again.
No. 942951 ID: 86eb65

Yeah sure take their hand and go with them.
No. 942953 ID: e7c7d3

Dunno about taking their hand, but head off with them. They might take you to a shelter or even a village.
No. 942954 ID: 9246e9

Do this; if he intended to harm you, he’s had ample opportunity already.
No. 942957 ID: 91ee5f

I think he wants you to come with him. But if you did that, then he might try to give you more fish to eat, which you still don’t know if it’s poisonous or not.

You could just wait here until the bloodvine tells you the fish is good or not and just hope he comes back some other time. But then again, he might not come back.

And leaving the bloodvine unattended could be bad, since something or someone might try to eat it and then the bloodvine kills them by growing in them!
No. 942959 ID: 83bf07

Make a show of taking your spear first before taking his hand. Mark this area so you remember where you planted your crops. You might want to be able to get back here.
No. 942961 ID: 0efe8e

The visual of him placing his fingers between his ears is adorable.
No. 942962 ID: 0fae41

>They clasp their hands together, before walking in place and pointing off into the distance
Did... Did they just default dance at you? How dare they.
No. 942963 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, "do" is you, but "mi" is me, like I thought. This means "khu" is something else... I think "ee" is a general term for "is", or "this". "yenai" is very clearly no, and "ye" is yes. Heh, with "na" meaning "not", that means "yenai" translated literally is "not yes". I wonder what "wanai" is then?
"shu" seems to be something that can be attached to other words, or it's just coincidence that it's part of other words. "Ye do rapli shu drani!" might mean "Yes, you learn this fast"
"Ee la sib" when introducing himself means "la" is like "name" I guess. So that translates to "is name sib"? The word order is a little different.
I think "kerlo" means ear. "Khu" is why, most likely. Notably, in his language there is NO inflection on questions. (absence of ? in the text) This means questions are either indicated via sentence structure, word alteration, or a specific word used. It's possible "khu" is that word, instead of "why" in particular.
Revisiting "Wanai khu do rinsa."... Both wanai and khu being used means wanai is uhhh okay I'm having trouble here. Also I can't be sure rinsa has to do with walking or leaving, that might be "krinu".
"zhimpe" might refer to his home.

Mercifully, he's learning some of your language too. I'm guessing he's going to bring you somewhere civilized now, but honestly that's not super useful. He'll offer you food but you can't trust it yet; for all we know his species can digest a lot of things that are toxic to you. He'll offer you shelter, which would be better than sleeping under a tree, but you need to come back here later to check on the bloodvine. The best thing he can give you is clean water. Unless his village (or whatever) is very close by, you'll be spending calories walking for little benefit.
Indicate you need to watch the buried fish. Like point to your eyes and point to the fish. You could also try drawing in the sand to indicate that you need to be here tomorrow to see if the bloodvine is growing.

...alternatively, you could just trust your nose and taste buds to identify toxins and eat whatever prepared food he offers that seems appetizing. That's how your ancient ancestors did it. On the other hand you also evolved to detect toxins present in your home planet's ecosystem, so foreign toxins might not be detected at all...
No. 942965 ID: 0efe8e

I think "ee" might be "I" and "la" possibly "am" the sentence structure is quite similar to many Latin based languages.
No. 942970 ID: b1b4f3

Can't be:
>They point to themselves. "Mi." They point to me. "Do." They point back and forth. "Mi. Ee do. Ee mi. Ee do."
No. 942972 ID: 0efe8e

you right
No. 942975 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe "wanai" is like "I don't know"- "wa" could be some information-related word, so wanai is information negated.
No. 943064 ID: 12323b
File 156625905467.png - (37.74KB , 800x600 , ai23.png )

>tell him you need to come back
I pick up my spear and my backpack, and hold up my hand to try and tell the alien to wait.

I point to my eyes, then to the planted fish, then try to figure out how to demonstrate the passage of time. I point to the sun, trace an arc across the sky, then point to the other end of the sky and trace back, pointing back up to the sun. Then I point to my eyes again, and back to the planted fish.

They rub their face and look contemplative. "Wa..." They point to the place I buried the fish, and pantomime looking at it, bending over and scrutinising it. Then they stand up and look expectantly at me.
I nod.
They pause.

I remember that they only moved their head one direction last time when saying I got something right. Downward, I think. I bow my head. They flick their ears and say "wa" again. Then they rub their face again and scratch their head. They look around and motion for me to put my spear into the ground. That or to start digging with my spear.

I stick the spear into the sand. They crouch down and draw a line where its shadow falls, and then they draw a line elsewhere.

I think I get it.

I crouch down myself, point at the line in the shadow, and draw a circle all around the outside until it comes back.

They stare at my circle, and flick their ears a few times excitedly. "Wa! Ee wa wi! Ee zo bavlamdei! Ee do jisha lo nu do ba muvdu buhu ti le zdani be mi sha le bavlamdei!"
They start drawing in the sand with their digits. A long wiggly line, a dot, and then another dot.
They point at the dot near the wiggly line. "Buhu ti."
They point at the dot and then to themselves. "Le zdani be mi."

Then they go back to the impromptu sundial and draw a small arc, and then draw a small line between the two dots. "Ee me zhohu do ba klama tu. Ee ra shu shashra li zhihi re."
Then they draw another small arc, then they point back to the small line. They point back and forth a bit to cement the relationship.

About an eighth. Hm. I guess they're trying to tell me it's not a long time from here to there.

>mark the crop site
I take one of the rocks in my backpack out, draw a circle in the sand around it, and wedge it into the sand in the middle of the circle. If the other drawings hold, I'll just need to look for the drawing with a bunch of sand sketches around it.

>follow them
Alright. Let's go.
Even if all they can offer is shelter, I'll take over sleeping in the rain again.
No. 943066 ID: 12323b
File 156625917795.png - (26.57KB , 800x600 , ai24.png )

The alien can hardly contain their excitement at me joining them. I'm not sure what they're so happy about but they start singing as we walk. Nothing with any real words, just melody and repeated sounds. Unless they do have a meaning, but the trills make it hard to believe that. They're very different sounds to what they were saying before. I'm pretty sure "uu we uu we uuweuuwe uu we" can't really have much of a meaning.

As we walk the singing gets quieter and slower, more melodic. It stops being slightly grating and starts turning into something oddly enchanting. I find myself humming along to repeated sections, provoking the alien to turn slightly back to me and flash me a dumb but earnest grin as they keep going.
No. 943067 ID: 12323b
File 156625919553.png - (49.30KB , 800x600 , ai25.png )

The singing gets quieter and more nervous, though. I stop joining in.

We walk through another part of the forest I've not been in, and I hear a rustle in the bushes. The alien hears it too, as they immediately stop singing completely and look nervous.

"Ee ko do klama ti," they say, in a hushed whisper. "Ee zohe zvati va."
"Is something wrong?" I answer back, whispering, and they tap their mouth a couple times, pointing in the direction we've been walking.

I nearly jump out of my skin as I hear a horrific warbling screeching, rising in pitch and volume, somewhere in the distance.
Similar sounds blare out and get closer and closer to where we are.

The alien grabs my hand and tugs. Given the circumstances I decide not to smack them with the spear for touching me uninvited.

We make our way through the forest, fast but trying not to make too much noise. The awful noises keep going and blaring.
It might be my imagination but I catch glimpses of lights in the edges of my vision. Nothing else.

We start running in a different direction to the way we were going.
The alien makes several course changes and I lose track of where we're going as the screeching gets closer and closer.
No. 943068 ID: 12323b
File 156625922899.png - (67.01KB , 800x600 , ai26.png )

We get to what I can only consider some sort of crater. In the crater is some sort of dark metal pod, seamless and solid.
I can't hear any screeching for now.

The alien motions for me to stand and wait, and I keep my spear gripped.

"Toltelgau," says the alien.
"ZHAPUHVLA," says a cold mechanical voice from the pod.
"Ee lu lo prami zhihapro khebni, ee zhe panpi zhihapro zhamna li'u."
"EHANDE," says the mechanical voice, and...

The pod opens up an entrance despite looking completely solid. I've... well, I've seen things like it, sure, but not in front of me. Mostly on video channels.

The alien walks up to the pod, turns back, and must see me looking stunned.

"...Ti snura," they say, after some pause. They bang on the metal and then outstretch their hand to me again.

I, uh, might have been wrong in assuming this guy was a native.

I ponder whether or not to head inside before I hear more of the blaring from before. The alien's ears prick up and they frantically gesture for me to get in.

I decide that I'd rather take my chances with this guy than whatever else is out there.
No. 943069 ID: 12323b
File 156625924552.png - (76.66KB , 800x600 , ai27.png )

Inside the pod, the construction is oddly radial. A circular cushioned surface, a central... something, and a lot of panels on the walls.

"Telgau! TELGAU!" screams the alien at the pod, and the doorway I just came through seals itself away, turning into a wall.

They pant, shaking nervously, before falling backwards onto the cushioned surface. "Eenaaaii..."

They shakily point to the surface opposite them, nervously smiling, as they close their eyes, shaking.
Seeing them this terrified is freaking me out. Just what the fuck did we narrowly avoid?

I sit down and decide to focus on something else. This pod, for example. It seems way too small to be a spaceship. More like an escape pod, but better furnished. Kind of makes me wonder where whatever I used to end up here went. I definitely remember being on a spaceship, that's for sure. The events between that and the beach are so foggy it's impossible to figure out what happened.

It's... slightly colder than I'd like in this pod. I shiver a little. It's colder than it was outside.
The alien looks at me, and pulls a sheet of teal fabric out from a wall panel, offering it to me.

I take it. It's soft, fluffy and warm. Around me it goes, as I become increasingly and embarassingly aware of the intimacy of this situation.

"Lo nu do shliva buhu ti kei shu dukse shkape sha le shabdei," says the alien, ears nervously twitching. They look at me, and awkwardly look away. "Ee oha, mi sha se vitke pa zdabartu khabzhu noi lunbe." They look back to me, making sure to look at my eyes and only my eyes (which frankly is more uncomfortable than anywhere else they could choose to look), and point to what looks like a panel with a handle.

They rub their hands over their ears and upper chest and upper arms-- they're mimicking cleaning. I can't tell if my new host is telling me where the facilities are or if they're telling me I need to clean up.
I take the fluffy fabric, stand up, and try the handle on the panel.

It opens, revealing a cavity that lights itself up as I step inside.
No. 943070 ID: 12323b
File 156625927310.png - (11.37KB , 800x600 , ai28.png )

I close the panel. It's opaque, but, hey, at this point, we've both seen far too much of each other's naked bodies. It's not like this could get any more awkward.

Why is an entire wall mirrored?! Well, at least I can take off the eyepatch and check to see if there's anything underneath it...

...yeah okay I'm completely blind in this eye. I can see light or dark like on or off but that's it. I guess if it's growing back it's not quite done yet. Also exposing it to light is like tiny daggers so I'll just keep that eye closed. Now I know why I was wearing that eyepatch.

Missing an ear on the right and an eye on the left. I guess that's almost a symmetry.
No. 943071 ID: 12323b
File 156625932391.png - (47.28KB , 800x600 , ai29.png )

Speaking of being awkward, while I recognise things like a shower handle and drain, I... can't figure out how to make it go.

...oh fuck, it better not be voice activated.

"Uh... start."
"Aw, fuck."

Well. There also seem to be some... unmarked buttons. Great. Either I blunder my way through this, or I ask my alien host how to turn on the fucking shower like I'm a complete dimwit.
No. 943072 ID: e7c7d3

Go ask the alien how to operate the shower. It's his species fault for not marking the buttons with anything.
No. 943073 ID: 0fae41

Tolzhimpe to you too, showerhead.
You should probably say that to the alien until he starts making sense.
No. 943074 ID: 82e5f2

Ask him for help, there's no shame in it. Besides, perhaps you can use this opportunity to learn more about how their tech works.
No. 943076 ID: e7848c

Oh no, the ancient dilemma. You've already come this far, might as well go the full nine yards. Ask for assistance for your host. Sib, was it? Try not to come off as you wanting to take a shower with him. Unless you want too, of course.

No. 943082 ID: b1b4f3

Oh well that's a revelation.
...I think this guy might be from that weird thing in the sky. ...the thing showed up once more when you were cutting off your ear.

I'm guessing you need to figure out the right word to turn on the shower.

"wa" is definitely knowledge-related, but it might have a secondary use as an exclamation like 'oh' or 'hmm'. "Toltelgau" seems to mean open, and "telgau" is close. That means the "tol" prefix reverses a motion, or just reverses in general. I wonder what "tolfehu" means. "TOLZHIMPE" is 'not understood', as "zhimpe" meant 'understand'. ...that's not reversing, that's a negation like I thought "-nai" and "nal-" was for. Maybe you just use them in different situations. That wouldn't be too unusual in a language. Or maybe "tol" is something like 'cannot' or 'unable to', like a failed attempt rather than a negation.
"ti" might mean 'this'. "wi" seems to be used similarly to "mi", but less often. 'I' instead of 'me' I suppose. Also, yeah, word order might be reversed-- subject last, object first.
I think "jisha" is 'want'. "naljisha" is to not want.
"buhu" is always paired with "ti", and "buhu ti" just seems to indicate the current location, so let's call that 'here'.
I'm going over previous conversations and translating them... Sib introduced himself very quickly, it turns out. Or did he? ...there seems to be some reluctance about it later when you decided that was his name. There might be a misunderstanding, like that's his job or something. "shmene" seems related to this issue, whatever it is. I don't think "shmene" means name, or he thinks 'name' means something else. "zohoi" seems related too.
"lo nu" is something important and frequently used. It seems to join two concepts together, for instance "Ee mi pashna lo nu mi zhimpe do" partially translated is 'IS ME WANT lo nu YOU UNDERSTAND ME'. "le nu" might be a different form of it.
"rinsa" refers to waving your hand.
"zdani" might mean 'home'?

Anyway, we're looking for a word that will make the water go. "shliva" might work, or "khaho", both might relate to movement. "rirkhe" might mean river, you can try that.
Where did the towel go?

If you need to ask your host for help, try saying "TOLZHIMPE".
No. 943092 ID: a9af05

Ask for help. Repeat the word the computerized voice is saying to the guy outside, so that he understands the problem.
No. 943097 ID: caf1de

just call him in if you end up fucking then you end up fucking
No. 943098 ID: b1b4f3

Here's my translation progress so far:
Translated words are in allcaps, words I'm not sure about are in parenthesis, or are like that sometimes just for clarity. There's slight overlap with the latest update since the pod speaks in allcaps but it should still be clear. I left a lot of update text in for context.
No. 943107 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, "lunbe", "khabzhu" or "zdabartu" might refer to cleaning, too. "khabzhu" was previously used while speaking of the fish, which would of course need to be cleaned before eating. The other two words are new, and are somehow related to you going into the shower.

Hmm I hope the alien soap doesn't irritate your skin too much.
No. 943121 ID: 91ee5f

Once you figure out how to turn the water on and off, make sure you remember to get down on all fours and oscillate so that you can dry yourself off!
No. 943208 ID: 12323b
File 156641164504.png - (64.53KB , 800x600 , ai30.png )

>name's Sib
Yeah, I'm pretty sure his name is Sib, now that I think about it.

>ask Sib for help
Yeah, there's... let's do this. Deep breath.

I open the door, point inside the shower and say "Sib? Tolzhimpe."

The alien, who definitely responds to me saying Sib, looks up at me, and looks away, flicking their ears.
Then they stand and awkwardly shuffle over the cushioned circle, walking over and just outside the shower room.

I'm just going to have to accept the fact this alien is male because, while that's not how male neumono look down there, they don't look female to me. I feel a blush coming on.

"Shfari," says Sib.
Water starts coming down from ceiling spouts and I yelp as the water hits me without warning.
"Ohanai!! Fauhu!! Sisti!"
The water shuts off.

I get down on all fours and shake the water off and then feel kind of embarassed for shaking like an animal.
I get back up and Sib is covering his mouth. "Khehehe..." He looks like he's trying to stop himself from laughing, and failing. "Fauhu," he says quietly, before looking away awkwardly.

I look up at the ceiling spouts, and try the word Sib just used. "Shfari."
The spouts come on and I get drenched again. The water is nice and warm.

Sib starts gently closing the door, before I look to him and hold up a hand. "Wait. What about soap?"
I mime cleaning and then try and fail to mime the concept of a bar of soap.
"Ee ma noi dashti?" It sounds like he mimics my intonation. Maybe he's figured out how I ask questions, or he doesn't know why I'm rising in intonation. Hm.
Sib repeats the motion I just made.
"Soap?" I say helplessly.
"Sop," repeats Sib.
I mime rubbing the bar on myself and I'm sure this makes no sense.

Sib flicks his ears, and wanders off, and returns with... some sort of rough looking bar-shaped sponge. "Sop," says Sib, and hands it to me.
I don't know what this is but it's not soap.

I mime trying to lather something on my head and tilt my head. Sib sighs, flicks his head down and gets into the shower with me and points to the panel on the wall, pressing the left button on the second row. Directly above the drain, where neither of us are quite standing, a jet of goopy transclucent green liquid drops down and drains away.

I nod, then correct myself and do a slight head bow with my eyes closed, trying to move my ear. It doesn't work very well. Sib returns my gesture and then gives me a weird jerking head nodding motion, and then steps back out, closing the panel.

Okay. I guess I can just get clean now without issue.
No. 943209 ID: 12323b
File 156641166021.png - (50.68KB , 800x600 , ai31.png )

It isn't until I start trying to lather up that I almost start crying at how good this feels. I feel like a person again. I'm going to have to end up leaving this weird pod to go examine my crops and I'm entirely reliant on an alien's goodwill who I can't fully understand and who can't fully understand me.

This is such a fragile situation. I want to take my time here.

I don't understand how I feel so vulnerable and alone in the one situation I've had since waking up on a beach where I've been safest and in the company of at least another thinking being.
No. 943210 ID: 12323b
File 156641167393.png - (129.60KB , 800x600 , ai32.png )

I hear shuffling outside the panel, and I quietly sneak over and put my functioning ear next to it.

I keep everything running but open the panel a slight amount to peek through to see what might be going on.

I see Sib at the thing I didn't recognise, but it looks raised, and he's staring up at... an image of his species, and... well, it looks like the females of his species share some traits with-- oh fuck they share traits with me.

And Sib is staring up at it, leaning forward, looking focused, both hands near the central thing in the room, and then he does something with his hand and brings up what looks like an image of... me? What took the image??

He looks... confused and determined, leaning over and resting his head on top of his hands. I was worried I was about to catch him in the middle of something he probably ought not to be doing with company over, but instead it looks like he's trying to puzzle out a mystery. He's flicking his ears like he did when he was having trouble understanding me. "Wunai... wunai..."

I should probably get back in the shower. Or I guess I could grab my towel and get out now at this time.
No. 943211 ID: e7c7d3

Shower a bit more. Showers are nice.

Perhaps you both come from the same ship and your escape pod landed in the ocean? And the crash scramble your language skills, I guess...
No. 943214 ID: 83bf07

He's just trying to figure out what you are. Enjoy your shower. Clear your head as best as you can. Reality can wait until the water gets cold.
No. 943216 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, "fauhu" is definitely 'sorry'.

You said this is a fragile situation, so take your time in the shower.
I wonder what the other buttons do? Why not just try them out.
No. 943217 ID: b1b4f3

Also it occurs to me he's trying to learn your language too, so you might want to talk more.
No. 943222 ID: 0cbbb1

Wasn't there a note written in a language you can't read?
Show it to Sib
No. 943228 ID: ad51b8

finish shower, you don't know when you might get a chance to do something like this again so enjoy it while you can.
No. 943229 ID: a9af05

>Vulnerable and alone
That's because you're not with your hive. Feeling the empathy of other neumono helps with communication.

>Who took this picture of me?
You know what's weird about that picture? You've still got your right ear! So whatever took that picture was outside of this tiny capsule looking place you guys are in.

Perhaps those eyes you keep seeing in the sky are surveillance drones that belong to Sib? That would explain what took your picture and how Sib got your picture.
No. 943282 ID: 58b4f3

He's probably trying to decide if it's safe to fuck you, knowing that there's a possibility that your bodily fluids could be acidic to him and melt his dick off as soon as he sticks it in you.
No. 943309 ID: caf1de

hes trying to see if he can give you the D
No. 943314 ID: 8d4593

Shower more.
When you eventually get out mimic this action of his. "Wunai, Wunai"
Teasing is a universal language.
Since you're both gonna be in here a while. Might as well spend some time trying to learn haw to talk to him.
No. 943325 ID: b1b4f3

>who took this picture
The eye in the sky, probably. Looks like it was taken very early on, when you were lamenting the fact that your backpack had only one working strap.

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