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File 156538586485.png - (53.87KB , 1024x768 , ELCCTitle.png )
941955 No. 941955 ID: e7c7d3

It's true they do!
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No. 944492 ID: 0efe8e

Cards, because if an emotionless skull face isn't a good poker face then I don't know what is.
No. 944561 ID: ce39da

Cards. Gives us at least some agency, and if our stats end up sucking, at least it'll be our fault instead of RNG bull-hockey.

"Hello, sir! Your receptionist seems pretty grumpy. I take it the lack of any paying customers has something to do with it?"

If he confirms and asks how we figured: "Well, let's say I've been noticing a trend."

If he answers in the negative: "Hm? So people do pay for stuff around these parts? What for? I just assumed these were all facades for how we created characters? ... Unless there's like a drachma-on-the-eyes system for better stuff I've missed out on?"

Either way: "Well, it doesn't matter either way. Explain to me this game you have here."
No. 944679 ID: a29e83


Cards! better to have shitty stats we chose then good ones we didn't.

side's we might be able to get good stats we chose which would be ideal.
No. 944684 ID: e7c7d3
File 156806641021.png - (202.81KB , 1024x768 , elcc23.png )

>Don't need aviators to play @ Slots.
>Cards, because if an emotionless skull face isn't a good poker face then I don't know what is.

Alright. Cards sound like the better option. Not only will I get some control over the numbers of my stats, but I may even have an edge.

I approach the card table and the dealer waves to me a third time. They seem excited to be playing cards. I'm getting the impression that they don't get much to do. Which makes sense since it seems I'm the only customer.

>"Hello, sir! Your receptionist seems pretty grumpy. I take it the lack of any paying customers has something to do with it?"

"Hey," I wave back. "So What's with that other guy. He's rather... Abrasive."
"Haha, yeah!" Their laugh bounces around the inside of their helmet. "They're always been a stick in the mud."
"Alright, I kind of figured it was due to the lack of paying customers. You know, lack of practice for their interpersonal skills." I say, trying to be diplomatic about things. Not sure why I decided to be polite about it. Guess I just want to prove that I'm better than that guy.
"Hm? No, we get plenty of paying customers." They answer.
"Oh, so there is a way to bring money here." I say. "I'm presuming coins on the eyes sort of deal. Do paying customers get better treatment?"
"Er, no, that's not quite how it works." the knight shifts uncomfortably. "It's more of... the conceit of the games and tasks change a bit. Ah, same results, just they'd have to also consider how to spend their money wisely. So don't worry that you're missing out on anything! Oh jeeze, I never know how much to lift the curtains. That's usually #######'s job."

I"m not sure what name they just mumbled, but it made my brain go fuzzy for a bit. Like the world was becoming noise as the infinite started to come into focus.

"Anyways! The card game!" They change the subject. "Let me go over the rules.

To start off, you first decide how many and which chips to put down. The goal of the game is for you to get the highest numbers for each of your chips while the house is also trying for the highest number on their side. All cards range from one to six. There is no set number of carders for each value. While unlikely, it is possible for all cards to be a six. I've only seen it happen once though. The game goes through four phases: a setup round, two regular rounds, and then the reveal. Each round involves us trading cards to get the best values. I should mention that there is a general rule of no take-backsies. That is to say, if someone trades two cards, the other person can do that exact same trade. Those cards can be traded with other cards and a trade between those same positions can happen if different cards occupy them. Hopefully that'll make a bit more sense later on.

1.-For the first phase, we do setup. You will receive a card for each chip you bet to be placed in front of the chip. These cards will dealt randomly to each chip, so you don't get to assign them. The house receives cards, dealt randomly of course, equal to half of your betted chips rounding up. So if you bet three chips I will get two cards. All cards are played face-up.
-After all the cards are placed, we then do a single round of trading. You designate which two cards you would like to exchange places. This exchange can be between the houses cards and one of your chip's card, between the cards of your different chips, or even between the cards that just the house has. Not sure why you would do that last one, since placement of my cards doesn't matter as much yours does, but it is something you can technically do.
-After you've traded once, the house then does a trade following the same rules. Again, not all trades would make sense for me to do, but I can still technically do them. Just remember the general rule of no take-backsies also applies to me.
-After those trades, we then move on to the next round.

2.-For this phase, all positions receive face-down cards, randomly dealt. Each of your chips will receive one face-down card along with the face-up card. The house will receive face-down cards equal to half of your betted chips rounding up, once again.
-Then, without revealing them, you will look at all the face-down cards you have received and the house will look at theirs. Once everyone knows what cards they have, we once again move onto trading.
-Following the same trading rules above, you will exchange two cards of your choice and then I will do the same. This time, however, there is no limit to the amount of trades that can be done. The only caveat being that for every trade that you do, the house can trade immediately after you.
-The round ends when you decide to not do a trade. So that does mean that the house will always get the last trade.

3.-The third phase is near identical to the second phase. All of your betted chips will receive a second face-down card, giving each chip a total of three cards. The house will again receive face-down cards equal to half of your betted chips rounding up.
-You will able to look at, without revealing, your new face-down cards, but you may not look at all the face down cards on your side. That is to say, if a face-down card started on the houses side then you may NOT look at it at this time. The same applies to the house: they will look at the new face-down cards that they have received but not all face-down cards on their side. That is to say, if a face-down card started on your side then the house may NOT look at it at this time.
-The final round of trading then begins. Following the same rules of before, no limit to the number of trades.
-Round ends when you decide to not do a trade.

4.-The final phase is the reveal! All cards are shown face-up and the totals for each chip and the house is tallied. Hopefully, you will get the numbers you wanted for each each chip you betted.
-Since this is a free game, there is no true win condition for either side and there is no payout. Sorry.

Phew! And those are the rules. If there's anything I need to clarify then feel free to ask. But for now, how many chips do you want to bet and which ones?"
No. 944685 ID: 9876c4

Okay, so In simple terms, a 456 is a win, and a 123 is a loss.
We want to end each round with more wins than losses, and stop trading when we can't make a trade without losing a win.

Our odds are best at keeping our best cards with an even bet, with our card advantage at 2:1. Betting 5>3>1. The more cards we have, the less likely the dealer can trade away our best ones.

I support betting all 6 chips outright, or 4 followed by 2.
No. 944689 ID: ce39da

I too support even numbers, but going all-in on all six of our chips seems way too risky. Even bunching four of them together might be pushing our luck. I say we go with three games involving two chips each. Ideally, we should pair recommended buff and dump stats together. As a rogue, let's start with STR and DEX, and play to have DEX come out on top.
No. 944695 ID: a29e83


Now I'm not overly familiar with DND adjacent systems so correct me if i am wrong.

STR,DEX,CON,INT and WIS are our combat stats. the first three are obvious and the last two should be magic equivalents for the first two.

CHA is non-combative and gives passive bonuses for social interactions and contributes to things like lie roles.

so in theory if we want to be hyper combative we could do something like DEX,CON,STR or we could a more standard CHA,CON,DEX configuration.

I'm fine with either but we need to choose ahead of time.

Also we might want to pair our stats according to degree of value. IE if 123456 are our stats in descending order we pair 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4.

this would give us more flexibility in our distribution since the our dump stat is paired with our null stat and we have a similar setup for our secondary stat the we can balance our tertiary and Quaternary stats however we like.

for my final input the author is playing the dealer and will almost certainly cheat to put us where they want us. so if we want to shoot for the stars we need to pay very close attention to make sure our sixes have no take-backsies written all over them.
No. 944700 ID: 9876c4

A standard D&D rogue needs DEX, CON, and INT
CHA and STR are nice for logistics, and WIS is the safest dump stat.

I favor a larger field of cards so that more 'Wins' are out there.
Going all in on a game you've never seen before is a total rogue move, too.
No. 944705 ID: 422cea

Your direct combat stats (at least in 5th edition) are...

Strength for martial melee and heavy thrown ranged weapons (throwing axes/hammers).

Dexterity for finesse-based melee (daggers/rapiers/etc)/ and ranged weapons like bows/guns and throwing darts/shurikens.

Wisdom is the spellcasting stat for clerics, druids, and rangers. Essentially spiritually attuned magicks that rely more on a insightful approach and knowledge from experience.

Intelligence is the spellcasting stat of Wizards. Book smarts/technical application of skill apply here too.

(As they always say, intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing to not put it in a fruit salad.)

Charisma is the spellcasting stat of paladins, sorcerors, bards, and warlocks. The force of personality that lets your big dick ego power your magic.

Whether these apply in the same context in this quest is beyond me, but our class was already defined as a rogue. We'd definitely want our dexterity to be our strongest stat, followed by wisdom second, and constitution last. Whether multiclassing/subtypes are in our future, intelligence could let us be spellblade of some manner.
No. 944715 ID: 0efe8e

I think we should try for as high a charisma as possible, that way we can talk our way out of most situations with a more favorable outcome than the usual.
Dexterity as the secondary stat, because what kinda rouge ain't got them sexy moves.
No. 945029 ID: e7c7d3
File 156843917994.png - (355.51KB , 1024x768 , elccg1.png )

I'm rather conflicted as what to do.

I'm thinking betting an even number of chips. Seems like my best chance. But then how many? Doing all six seems risky, so maybe two chips?

But which two chips? Dex seems like a good choice, but what do I match it with? Do I pair it with str? But str could be handy in some situations. So maybe wis? But wisdom seems like something that you shouldn't skip on... Plus, what if I just get bad cards? There won't be much room to salvage things into my preferred stats with just two chips.

Oh man, what do I do?

>Going all in on a game you've never seen before is a total rogue move

You know what? Screw it! I'm over thinking this.

"Alright, I'm all in! Betting all my chips!" I tell the dealer.
"Very well," They say, while placing the card deck into an automatic shuffler under the table. "Not the correct card game, but I understand you. Let's see how the lots lie."

The dealer picks up the shuffled deck and deftly tosses cards around the table.


1 6 4








"Have a fairly good array this time around." The knight states. "Now this is the set-up phase, so only one trade each. You first, good soul."

Just a heads up, I'm going to try to update this rather frequently, about every day or so depending on responses. Just so that this mini-game doesn't take till the end of the year to finish.

I like to think that I'm a good enough of a game master to not have my characters use out of character information, but i realize that you'll sort of have to take my word for it. If you catch me blatantly cheating though, feel free to call me out.

No. 945034 ID: 9876c4

Trade DEX for the 6 seems obvious.
No. 945035 ID: 0efe8e

yeah 6 to dex seems like the obvious choice for this stage.
No. 945043 ID: 422cea

Ditto with the last two.

We're a rogue, we need our key combat and skill stat to be peak.
No. 945083 ID: e7c7d3
File 156850411104.png - (363.92KB , 1024x768 , elccg2.png )

>6 to DEX

"Yeah, my move seems kind of obvious." I say.

I trade my DEX 1 for the dealers 6.

"Indeed, my move is also obvious." The knight states.

Dealer trades their one for my CON 6.

"That's why this phase has only one trade." They explain. "Otherwise, we'd just trade around our top cards to no avail. Really, this is more for the fact that you can't fold if you have a bad hand. Gives you some control over what you're given."
No. 945084 ID: e7c7d3
File 156850415459.png - (363.69KB , 1024x768 , elccg3.png )

"Anyways!" They pull more cards from the shuffled deck and toss them about the table. "Now we get into it a bit more. Now we get into the bluffing? Who has the better cards?"

With a motion, they give me permission to look at the cards I was dealt while they look at theirs.
STR received a 3. CON received a 4. DEX received a 5. INT received a 1. WIS received a 5. CHA received a 3.

I think I received some good numbers, honestly. Don't need to buff DEX so much as protect it. Will need to decide what stat I'll want to boost up next though.


6 1 4 ? ? ?


STR 5 3

CON 1 4

DEX 6 5

INT 4 1

WIS 2 5

CHA 3 3

"Now then, good soul, begins phase 2. You may begin trading and I shall follow."
No. 945085 ID: e7c7d3

So after posting this, I find out that the spoilers make it a bit difficult to read the face down cards. That's what I get for being clever. I'll try something different next update so that it'll be easier to read but still denote which cards are face down.
No. 945089 ID: ce39da

"To be clear, no take-backsies means each card can only be involved in one trade across the entire game? I'd assume that to be the case since exhausting all combinations of possible swaps would take gosh-dang forever. I want to be sure, though."

Okay, so we're not touching DEX. If I'm right about no take-backsies, then I'm debating between swapping our known 1 in CON with one of the dealer's unknown (sweet if high, less ammunition for him if low) and swap-securing our 5's.
No. 945099 ID: 9876c4

If we were to swap our face down cards to the knight, do we still know their position?

Do their values remain known to us? If so I may have an idea...
No. 945101 ID: e7c7d3

A card can be used in multiple trades, just not the same trade twice. So the one in con can't be traded back for the six in the dealers area, but it can be traded for any other card.
Values and position will remain know to you and will be tracked in the updates. The dealers cards will remain as '?', but you will also know their position if they end up on your side.
No. 945104 ID: 0efe8e

I say we swap the Hidden 3 in our CHA for the dealers 4, but I'm not great at planning ahead so if someone else has a better (and much more thought out) plan, then I'll probably chime in on theirs.
No. 945105 ID: 9876c4

Let's swap our facedown in Con for the faceup 6.
Since it's facedown, the dealer will treat it as a 'lose' and trade it back to us.

That said, it'll only work after he runs out of definite 1s.
No. 945136 ID: e7c7d3
File 156857727081.png - (386.17KB , 1024x768 , elccg4.png )

"Well, alright." I say. "That 6 still seems good to me. I'll give you one of my face down for it."
I trade my CON {4} for the dealers 6.

"That's fair," They mutter. "I'm rather uncomfortable that you have both face-up 6's on your side, but it also would do me no good to chase them down, currently. So the card they gave me could be 1-5, putting me at.. hmm.. Very well, no sense playing it risky with so many unknowns. I shall trade my 1 for one of your face-downs. Let's see... Well, STR is the first on my right, and it's just as likely to be better than a 1, right?"
Dealer trades their 1 for my STR {3}.


{4} {3} 4 {?} {?} {?}


STR 5 1

CON 1 6

DEX 6 {5}

INT 4 {1}

WIS 2 {5}

CHA 3 {3}

What to trade next?
No. 945137 ID: 9876c4

Trade a 1 for one of his facedowns. Either Str or Con.
No. 945163 ID: ce39da

"Gonna take a gamble here and pray." Swap your face-down 1 for one of his unrevealed face-down cards. Our statement is misleading, but not false; he might think it means "I don't know for sure your card will be higher," therefore, it's not a 1, QED; whereas it actually means "crossing my fingers and praying he doesn't trade it back."
No. 945173 ID: e7c7d3
File 156867141657.png - (374.46KB , 1024x768 , elccg5.png )

"Well, I think I'm gonna take a gamble on this one." I bluff. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure there is no way to read my face for tells. Not actually sure how good I am at lying, come to think of it.
I trade my INT {1} For the dealer's middle face-down.

"Well, we are in a casino. Gambling is appropriate." They respond. "That is unfortunate though. I noticed that you didn't exactly jump up to immediately take back these cards of yours, so that has me thinking that they may not be the best for me. How about I give this one back for that four of yours? If I gave back something high, not as much of a loss, but you also might not fight for the four back as you would if I took one of those sixes. At least, that's my reasoning."
Dealer trades their {4} for my INT 4.


4 {3} 4 {?} {1} {?}


STR 5 1

CON 1 6

DEX 6 {5}

INT {4} {?}

WIS 2 {5}

CHA 3 {3}

Trade some more?
No. 945183 ID: 9876c4

Still want to swap a 1 for a facedown. Con probably.
Maybe we can get our 3 back. But that'd take some luck.
No. 945187 ID: b1b4f3

I think this set of cards is good, tbh.
No. 945238 ID: ce39da

He was quick to trade back our mystery cards before his, meaning he knows his last face-downs are at least decent enough to not bank on ours being higher. Keeping 6's is great, but keeping 1's off our board is also important. Trade the 1 on CON for another of his mystery cards.

... Is what I would have said if I didn't suspect he himself was bluffing. Dealing is his job; muttering under his breath and expositing his reasoning seems sloppy. Too sloppy. Fold the round; even a small gain will have us losing on the trade if he swaps out our DEX 6. Under no circumstances should we give him a chance to take a shot at our DEX.
No. 945248 ID: e7c7d3
File 156875240139.png - (371.23KB , 1024x768 , elccg6.png )

>I think this set of cards is good, tbh.
>Fold the round

"Hmm, you know what, I think I'm done trading for now." I tell the knight. Honestly, I'm not too sure what counts as good numbers during this phase, but I've got a good feeling that I'm doing okay. Plus, I think I'll have a better idea how things are going with all the cards down.

"Really? Very well then." The knight once more deals cards out to their appropriate places. Board's getting a bit busy. "You can peek at the cards you've received again. Not all the face-downs on your side, mind you. You can't see any cards that were originally mine, (which is just the one, admittedly,) and I cannot see any of the cards that were originally yours."
They lift their cards just enough to see what they are while I look at my new cards.
STR received a 2. CON received a 1. DEX received a 5. INT received a 1. WIS received a 4. CHA received a 4.

Luck seems to be following suit with what I have, interestingly enough. But these two 1's... Are they going to be a problem or are they ammunition?


{?} {?} {?} 4 {3} 4 {?} {1} {?}


STR 5 1 {2}

CON 1 6 {1}

DEX 6 {5} {5}

INT {4} {?} {1}

WIS 2 {5} {4}

CHA 3 {3} {4}

"I was hoping to find out more about some of your other cards." The dealer states. "But you are in control. In that same vein, some people are happy with what they are dealt and end this phase immediately. That is also something you can do. Or you can trade to hope for better numbers. It's up to you."

Any trades?

Just a note, you can specify which face-down you want to trade for. So if you are still wanting to trade a 1 for the face-down 3, you can do that.
No. 945249 ID: 9876c4

4 1s is way too many. We need 2 max.

Trade the facedown 1 in CON for the last facedown card.
No. 945250 ID: 9876c4

Rather, trade the face up 1. A facedown card will retain it's value better.
No. 945275 ID: b29102

No. 945342 ID: ce39da

Swapping a face-up 1 is just asking to get it thrown back in our faces somewhere it'll hurt more. Trade the face-down 1 in CON instead. (I'd prefer that INT gets swapped instead since doing this on something that already has a face-up 1 is really suspicious, but the vote needs to be singular to win out, so *shrug*.)

If he gets suspicious: "Why would I tell you why I made the trade?" Let him assume the possibility of bluffing; stating it ourselves would only confirm that that's what we want him to think, therefore it isn't one. "By the way, how's the winner determined? If the total cards are counted, it seems mighty unfair to you, but then it's unfair to me if groups are counted individually... Unless there's a partition between your own card groups I'm not seeing? I know we're not playing for stakes, but I'm curious!"
No. 945345 ID: 9876c4

Half of the challenge is not revealing our low cards. If we trade one away, that advantage is gone.

Let him trade for it and think he's getting a deal.
No. 945364 ID: e7c7d3
File 156884795352.png - (395.03KB , 1024x768 , elccg7.png )

"Alright, Starting trade." I declare enthusiastically. "I think I've had this 1 for long enough, let's trade it for one of your cards."
I trade my CON 1 for dealer's end face-down.

"Oh joy, a one." They mumble.
"By the way, how do payouts work with this game? We seem rather asymmetrical for proper comparisons."
"Ah yes, it is rather non-intuitive." They put on a rather instructive voice. "In essence, the amount of chips you bet sets a ratio that my total is converted into, after which is then makes for a bar that each of your chip's totals are trying to surpass in order to win. The ratios can be a bit... convoluted. The winning conditions were kind of made decided on after the game was designed."

"Anyways, my trade!" They continue. "Now either of us has done anything with DEX, WIS, or CHA. Now is it because you're comfortable with your face-downs, or we simply just haven't gotten to them? Well, let's see how much you trust in them when an unknown is thrown in."
Dealer trades their {?} for my DEX 6.


{?} {?} {?} 4 {3} 4 6 {1} 1


STR 5 1 {2}

CON {?} 6 {1}

DEX {?} {5} {5}

INT {4} {?} {1}

WIS 2 {5} {4}

CHA 3 {3} {4}

More trades?
No. 945365 ID: b1b4f3

Let's trade facedown 1s for some unknown facedowns on the dealer's side. I'm pretty satisfied otherwise... maybe trade that facedown 2 for one of the dealer's 4s?
This would have to be over several rounds unfortunately.
No. 945366 ID: 9876c4

2 can play at this game.
Trade face down CON for the 6.

"I didn't want to do this, but-"
No. 945384 ID: a16fb3

Hey, just wanted to clarify that I meant ill or insult to your skills. I was not aware that ooc information was considered a fuax pas when interacting with mechanics as well as characters. in interest of full disclosure i am actually a bit disappointed that we won't get to play that meta-game but that may just be me being overly confrontational.

Best wishes Sal the Deferential
No. 945385 ID: ce39da

“Been thinking of swapping this out for a mystery card as soon as I saw it, anyhow. Thanks!” Swap the newer face-down 5 from DEX for that 6. Make him think it’s garbo. Acting smug without stopping to consider your words should sell it. Let yourself get taken aback if he calls you out on admitting that out loud.
No. 945417 ID: e7c7d3
File 156892835494.png - (373.97KB , 1024x768 , elccg8.png )

>“Been thinking of swapping this out for a mystery card as soon as I saw it, anyhow. Thanks!”

"Well, maybe this will answer your question." I say, relaxing in my seat. "I just hadn't gotten to trading that one yet. Round only just started!"
I trade my second DEX {5} for the dealer's 6.

Mmhmm, sending more garbage my way? Also proves why I try to avoid trading for face-up sixes. They don't last very long in one's hands!" The dealer gives a good-hearted chuckle. "Now that I've shaken up your DEX chip. Time to shake the other trees and see what falls out. You still haven't reclaimed this one card you gave me, so I can conclude that it is low value. I think I'll trade it for card you haven't touched at all."
Dealer trades their {3} for my WIS {5}.


{?} {?} {?} 4 {5} 4 {5} {1} 1


STR 5 1 {2}

CON {?} 6 {1}

DEX {?} {5} 6

INT {4} {?} {1}

WIS 2 {3} {4}

CHA 3 {3} {4}

Continue trading?

No worries, I didn't take it as hostilities. From what I've seen, not using OoC information is seen as good roleplaying etiquette. Particularly with the GM, since it can lead to contrived and frankly unfun situations. (Oh, you're going into the secret tunnels to avoid the orc horde? Well it just so happens that the horde discovered the tunnels as well and have sent a squad down there. Teehee, aren't I clever!) That said, I can understand your disappointment. The dealer cheating would've added extra punch to their moves, and them using OoC info wouldn't be as big of a sin as it would be in a TTRPG. However, I also like to be upfront about it and making sure everyone on board with it could've slowed momentum down even more than the rules dump did. There's also one other problem with cheating: I also control which actions are taken by the players. So not only could I have the dealer cheat, but have the players cheat for my by purposely choosing the actions help the dealer the most. (Would make choosing which suggestion to go with a lot easier though ;P)

So no offense taken, I just hope you can still have fun.

No. 945418 ID: 9876c4

Let's please trade a 1 for a 5.

Con would be my preference. Str acceptable too.
No. 945419 ID: 422cea

Assuming this is D&D rules, we have too many dump stats still. We need to reclaim a face down 5 for our Dex as well.

A dex score of 16 would be super preferable if not mandatory for the rogue life.
No. 945420 ID: 9876c4

My theory is he played us like we did him, and there's a decent card in our Dex. We'd be better off losing ones, I suspect.
No. 945421 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah don't worry about dex. Swap off the 1 in STR for an unknown card on his side.
No. 945479 ID: ce39da

Yeah, no, let the 5's stew, else he realizes they're good. Maybe take back the one he took himself, but don't touch the one we gave him; the ideal scenario is for him to give it back himself.

Hm... Face-up 1 in STR for an unknown.
No. 945493 ID: e7c7d3
File 156901573519.png - (396.73KB , 1024x768 , elccg9.png )

"I will offer a small reminder." The knight says. "You are free to move cards among your chips. Now full disclosure, this sort of move would be to my advantage, but if you're planning on ending the phase and need a certain chip to be higher, then that is a strategy at your command."
"Alright," I answer. "I'll try to keep that in mind. Until then, I'll be trading this 1 for one of your mystery cards."
I trade my STR 1 with the dealer's {?}.

"Hmm, I now have two 1's on my side. That's distressing." The dealer ponders a bit. "Looks like I'll have to do some damage control over figuring out what you have in CHA."
The dealer trades their {?} for my INT {?}.


1 {?} {?} 4 {5} 4 {5} {1} 1


STR 5 1 {2}

CON {?} 6 {1}

DEX {?} {5} 6

INT {4} {?} {1}

WIS 2 {3} {4}

CHA 3 {3} {4}

Alright, some more trades?
No. 945494 ID: 9876c4

The only way we get both 5s is to trade for one, then let him swap the other. Waiting it out will cost us too much.

To that effect, trade a face down (1) for a (5)
No. 945495 ID: ce39da

Gonna assume that 1 in STR is supposed to be a {?}.

If he's only doing damage control, that means the card he just took back was at least decent. "Hey, now you have me convinced it's good! No take-backsies though, so... How about this?" Trade our face-down 1 in INT for the card he just took.
No. 945498 ID: e7c7d3

Oops, you're right! I forgot to change it when I copy/pasted. It is indeed a {?}.
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