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File 126985181823.jpg - (152.30KB , 400x500 , title_1.jpg )
154508 No. 154508 ID: e2020c

The initial quest probably has been deleted, but nothing's been lost. Fhan is an adventurer from a knot city in the human web. The city is located between jungle and plains.

An evil dragon cult has a grip of Fhan's city and she has aspired to reach higher in social rank until this day. Today, being a member of the dragon cult, Fhan has had an opportunity to train herself to meet a real dragon living in the mountains. The dragon didn't eat Fhan, but is eager to help her in her future duties. Fhan found the dragon guarding her nest atop of a dull hill. The nest was filled with valuables and surrounded a shiny egg.

Fhan had sold almost everything, even her clothes, for the preparations of the journey and the acquisition of the dragon poison she carries in her bag. She told the dragon she had come to loot the nest for valuables. The dragon fed Fhan and gave her a golden amulet. After her lunch, Fhan told the dragon about her cult.

The dragon cult is an undeground society that seems to steer the course of major events in the realms. The cult wields some of the intelligence of the dragons and has developed a science that is breaking into a new era of magic and miracles...
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No. 154510 ID: e2020c
File 126985190137.jpg - (87.97KB , 754x466 , 1_wake.jpg )

It's morning in the mountains...
No. 154512 ID: 34470e

No. 154513 ID: bf49dc

Check current status.
No. 154519 ID: e2020c
File 126985230696.jpg - (132.67KB , 754x466 , 2_stir.jpg )

I'm sleeping by the egg, which is very warm.

Sleeping by the egg... embracing the warmth...

Embracing the...
No. 154523 ID: bf49dc

...It's hatching isn't it?
No. 154540 ID: e2020c
File 126985326535.jpg - (279.73KB , 1508x932 , 3_real.jpg )


Oh no!

I'm hugging THE EGG!

It's gonna roll off the nest and fall down!

How could I??!

So warm......
No. 154542 ID: bf49dc

KEEP HUGGING IT so it doesn't fall then, jeeze!
No. 154543 ID: 632862

Don't let it fall.
No. 154544 ID: 1ac39d

w... what? i am confused by these events...
No. 154556 ID: e2020c
File 12698540448.jpg - (150.33KB , 754x466 , 4_hugg.jpg )


I keep hugging the egg so it won't fall of the terrible nest!
Mmmmmmm... My underwear is open and hanging from my tail bone.

It touches my tralalaa
No. 154558 ID: bf49dc

You need some better clothes.
No. 154566 ID: e2020c
File 126985482992.jpg - (67.27KB , 400x500 , 5_tear.jpg )


"I need some better clothes." Sniff!

For a moment, I thought I lost it. This is so wonderful!

What is my opinion about crying?
No. 154570 ID: bf49dc

Crying is good for you. It relaxes your eyes, relieves tension, and in some cases has magical properties. Too much of it is definitely bad, but on occasion it's helpful.
No. 154571 ID: 8ecfd4

Only approriate for epic moments of emotion and beuty. Otherwise it's for little girls who haven't realised what a harsh and cold world they live in.
No. 154590 ID: e2020c
File 126985604831.jpg - (88.94KB , 400x500 , 6_paus.jpg )

No. 154616 ID: 632862

Crying is appropriate when experiencing strong emotions. Bawling is for the weak, but tears themselves are fine.
No. 154748 ID: e2020c
File 126987394189.jpg - (139.35KB , 754x466 , 7_back.jpg )

I hear distant wing flaps. Empathically I know that the dragon has seen me hugging its precious. I can feel her wondering what this all is really about. I have confused a dragon, I feel.

>"What is this I see? The woman embracing my hatchling, taking over my nest and hatching my egg? I thinks this is very odd! Maybe the woman is hungry? I brought this grilled goat for her."
No. 154750 ID: f1fa90

Grilled goat is very much appreciated.

Explain that it was very cold, and the egg is quite warm, and you wanted to make sure it didn't fall out of the nest.
No. 154766 ID: e2020c
File 126987635869.jpg - (141.62KB , 466x754 , 8_expl.jpg )


The dragon lands around her nest and glares at me and the egg.

"Grilled goat is very much appreciated, o' great dragon!" I tell the dragon.

>"How is it I find you embracing my love one, human?"

"E- eet was very cold and I found the egg quite warm at that point. ! I wanted to make sure it didn't fall out of the nest!"

>"Your care is welcome, woman. But as you might have seen it, there is a hole in the ground I have made to prevent the egg from falling. My little one is sleeping against the bottom and that makes the egg stand firm even in storm wind. I have this all thought out. Then, your comfort is also my task! How did I not see you had so cold? Is your skin not embracing enough warmth in this climate? Do not worry. We will make your skin bear more cold. But how? I'm not knowing."
No. 154768 ID: bf49dc

Clothing. Obtain more of it.

Like a shirt and pants, maybe a burqa.
No. 154777 ID: 3b6c92

The dragon has an interesting grasp of whatever language you're speaking.

Also yeah you need more clothes. However you can get those.
No. 154778 ID: e2020c
File 126988182316.jpg - (75.06KB , 466x754 , 9_hair.jpg )


"I need clothes! Lots of them, and better if good ones. A burqa, a stola, a skirt, something! Do you know what I mean? I should go maybe, back to the city."

( Leave the nest | Do something else? )
No. 154785 ID: bf49dc

Leave, say you'll be back later if that's alright
No. 154807 ID: 632862

Go back to the city, buy some new clothes by selling the dragon's gift.
No. 155213 ID: e2020c
File 126993899195.jpg - (187.28KB , 754x466 , 10_moun.jpg )


>"I brought you a grilled goat for eating. Are you leaving so soon? We would have had lots of talking, but now I won't ba able to tell you anything, and I won't hear your tales about you humans. This sad ends."

For a moment I thought the dragon would say "This saddens me." But something flips! Something flips and the dragon elevates her resulting use of the human language with so low knowledge she must have of it. Some sort of highly intelligent linguistic mechanism, some kind of an ingenuine originality, thinking of which stimulates my adventurous mind. This all is so arousing to the intellectual mind of mine that it's difficult to begin the journey back to the city through the overly difficult terrain.

"I will take some of the goat with me, thank you for being so kind, o' great dragon!

I prevent a tear from emerging in my eye in a flat, serene state of mind, unconditional and brave.

>"Goodbye, unnamed-human-adventurer. Blessings on your return journey!"

"The name is Fhan, but it's really a no name."

>"My name is Sarixuratiliekiakunha."

"Can't remember that name, hihi... I'll remember you as Sarixu!"

The journey home is now blessed by the benevolence of a mighty dragon and the mood is lifted by the gift that was recieved.
No. 155286 ID: e2020c
File 126994784478.jpg - (698.20KB , 1300x800 , 11_view.jpg )

The city of Gung Gol! And the great river of Gol, from the vastness of the Million Jungles to the endlessness of the Creeping Ocean. I used to live in the jungle side, but now I live in the palace district, changing my home between days and weeks. Just like the old days!

I've eaten all of the goat, now what? I could find a merchant and sell this golden amulet. I could also find work and keep the amulet, but if I sell the amulet, I get so much coins. I should probably buy new clothes in the outer city and then go to the central city sell the amulet. But I don't have any money with me. I could sell the cave spider silk rope in my bag and buy some as fashionable linen clothes as I can get somewhere near the gates. Or I could just dress up like a priestess and claim to be one. Or then I could buy a nice burqa and go to the cult to change into paper money. But what should I do with the poison? Hey, I'm not sure if the merchant's going to take me serious!
No. 155358 ID: 8ecfd4

New clothes first. And then a knife to protect yourself against oppurtunistic scum that might want to take your jewelry.

Don't you also carry around some other jewelry aside from the dragons gift?
No. 155998 ID: e2020c
File 127004275648.jpg - (432.36KB , 800x1020 , 12_inventory_view.jpg )


Yes. I have two pieces of jewellery ad addendum the golden necklace. This is my inventory.

Listen to me... What should I sell and what is really worth what? (3 voices are required to persuade Fhan sell any of the jewellery yet)

Furthermore! I could go down town and find some experts to define the real market prices for these, but to me, their value will still be higher than what they'll pay for them. I don't say that I'm not willing to trade, just that it has an uneven price. The piece underneath the bronze dragon cult necklace is made of some sort of metal. It feels nice under the bronze one. I got that one from my old master. The bronze one is from the cult. Could we just sell the climbing rope and buy something more ordinary? Thinking back, it was a nice trip and I enjoyed meeting the great dragon. The ones in the cult are so small and sly... I want to keep the golden amulet to myself. As well, gold coin clothings aren't a Neccessity me!
No. 156049 ID: 3b6c92

Well I mean you don't need like great clothes or anything. Just something so you can go back and hang out with the dragon without freezing to death. So if you can sell something besides the jewelry that you don't seem to want to sell and buy clothes with what you get, then do it.

C'mon now, focus.
No. 156939 ID: e2020c
File 127010897627.jpg - (168.93KB , 754x466 , 13_down.jpg )


My options for getting better clothes are:
No. 156945 ID: 632862

How about some working?
No. 156959 ID: e2020c
File 127011302345.jpg - (215.40KB , 754x466 , 14_work.jpg )


An old merchant recognised me when I was asking people if they could employ me. He offered me his wife's old stola, if I just kept him company for one night.
No. 156965 ID: cf68aa

Uhm... Try offering money instead.
No. 156967 ID: 632862

This really depends on what 'keep company' refers to, and what your feelings on the matter are.
No. 157028 ID: e2020c
File 127012962682.jpg - (219.56KB , 754x466 , 15_rejc.jpg )

I reject the old man's offer. I'd be bored to death! I say, that I'm not a courtesan, although my reputation might suggest that. I was just an entertainer back then. He says something like that her wife wasn't an entertainer and that he'll find some other girl for the job. I become disgusted by his intentions and tell him that it was already a compromise to come to his villa wearing all this jewelry, and that some copper coins would be in place for just staring so intensively. He asks his servant to give me a drachm for the inconvenience, knowing my reputation.

gained +1 drachm
No. 157031 ID: e2020c
File 127012984155.jpg - (201.69KB , 754x466 , city2.jpg )

I go to a street market to find some common clothes.
No. 157033 ID: e2020c
File 127012987846.jpg - (38.72KB , 358x477 , 17_otft.jpg )

Now, do you have any ideas how I should look like?

[author will be out of town for one day]
No. 158362 ID: 3de05a

Some cheap, warm clothing would be good. Don't care what it looks like really, so long as it isn't ridiculous.

Consider trading in the poison vial so you can afford a knife for whittling arrows and a bow so you can hunt for food up there with the dragon. Or maybe you could get a real job, and go visit the dragon once a week or something? Regardless, it would be rude to always require the dragon to hunt food for you.
No. 158376 ID: 717301
File 127026818453.jpg - (34.33KB , 358x477 , fhan shirt.jpg )

I recommend shorts. They are comfy and easy to wear.
No. 158400 ID: 362f0c
File 127027024386.jpg - (40.59KB , 358x477 , blue.jpg )

I dunno, you might find is perhaps too fancy? But I planned for it to have a hood on the back and the sides are slit for easy movement.
No. 158785 ID: e2020c
File 127031272195.jpg - (480.77KB , 1024x768 , merchant.jpg )


I buy a blue burqa, which I put on. I visit the cult merchant. This is his house.

What shall I offer him and for what price? (votes required to persuade Fhan)

golden amulet (3) && metal cloth amulet (3) && dragon cult amulet (3) && Burqa (1) && Poison (1) && leather bag (1) && cave spider silk rope (1)

Currencies /rough value
copper /1
drachm /10
dinar /100
Imperial denar /200
gold troy ounce /1000
Dwarven gold bar /33000

No. 159027 ID: e2020c
File 127032972639.jpg - (120.88KB , 754x466 , dagger.jpg )

I greet the cult merchant and explain my need for a weapon.

I exchange the dragon poison into a dwarven old bar, which is hecking lot.
No. 159029 ID: e2020c
File 127033045624.jpg - (98.15KB , 754x466 , chamberine.jpg )

I have 330 dinars. This chamberline costs 150 dinars. Its charges are 20 dinars per shot. A chamberline, as the merchant explains, is a complicated weapon, that shoots death ray.

The steel dagger costs 10 dinars, the steel sai costs 5 dinars, and the obsidian dagger costs 10 dinars. Poisons cost from 10 dinars up to 100 dinars per vial. The quicker the poison, the more expensive.

How about buying them all, and a black leather holster for the chamberline and some leather belts, pockets and boots for the knives for 5 dinars?


I'd need to leave one of the knives out of the buy list, but which one? You know, after this transaction I'm technically an assassin.
No. 159031 ID: 717301

Don't buy obsidian when steel is available. Steel's not as sharp but a hell of a lot easier to maintain.
No. 159036 ID: 362f0c

Steel also has better piercing capacity. Obsidion only comes into it's own in a slashing capacity (like razors.)
No. 159075 ID: 15f6d6

Leave off the obsidian, like the above said.
No. 159136 ID: e2020c
File 127033909190.jpg - (69.44KB , 298x400 , 18_full.jpg )


i leave off the obsidian and pay to the merchant. Next I have a lavish meal with the dragon cult merchant. If this was it, i'm heading next back to the dragon's nest.

Work a week as an entertainer || Go back to the dragon's nest || Good ideas?
No. 159233 ID: 717301

What are your longterm goals? For the record, the Dragon seemed like it wanted to tell you some stories and was sad that you left so soon, so I say go back to the dragon. It's not like you're hurting for cash, so you should be able to properly equip yourself and not have to worry about running out of food.
No. 159246 ID: 3b6c92

Go back and hang out with the dragon. She seemed pretty down about you leaving.
No. 159443 ID: e2020c
File 127038488014.jpg - (196.03KB , 754x466 , 19_nest.jpg )


I go visit the dragon now. I find her hatching the egg. I have a conversation with her and answer her inquiries about what it's like to be human, what hardships, and how we feel about things in general.


My long term goals are to infiltrate the Dragon Cult, make a career as their agent until I can play my cards. But lately I've been convinced that the cultists are pure evil, corrupt and that I should give up and run as far as I can from their influence, how far that ever will be.

Sarixu, the dragon is now my one key to a successful life in the wilderness. I ask her would she always be my friend, even if things went bad. What does the dragon answer?
No. 159457 ID: 701a19

"You are asking to be my mate for life? I am... intrigued by this.
If you wish for us to be lifelong lovers, then I accept."
No. 159468 ID: 717301

I support this line of conversation. Also, ask what it knows about the dragon cult.
No. 159474 ID: 717301

... no.

Companions, though, Yes.
No. 159480 ID: e2020c
File 127039409823.jpg - (108.52KB , 466x754 , 20_ohno.jpg )

[Focus changed to Sarixu]

"You are asking to be my mate for life? I am... intrigued by this.
If you wish for us to be lifelong lovers, then I accept."

Fhan becomes confused, and fills with emotion and says "YES".

"I see your feelings towards me are strong. All, that belongs to me, now is also yours."

>"My feelings towards you are love." As Fhan says this, she comes closer to Sarixu, and embraces Sarixu, and Sarixu gently places her other foreleg behind Fhan's back.

>"I could tie myself to one of your spine spikes Sarixu, and we could fly together... I have leather belts."

"That's too dangerous."

>"I could also tie myself with the spider rope around your stomach."

"That sounds better."

Fhan starts to tie herself to the dragon with her climbing rope, and then rises to the back of the dragon.

>"I love you Sarixu!" Fhan yells and acclaims as the dragon majestically takes off the ground.

The world expands under the wing flaps of Sarixu. At first it is difficult to concentrate in the hights but soon Fhan seems to center herself again.

Where would we like to take Fhan? In south there's the city of Gung Gol. In west are the jungles. In north the mountain range spreads and undulates until it ends in a densely populated bay surrounded by the great plains in east. Far in east and north is the ocean. The jungle would be excellent flight zone for avoiding too much attention.
No. 159484 ID: 701a19

Also, is Fhan acting of her own accord, or is there some manipulation at work?
No. 159503 ID: 3b6c92

Uh, jungle.
No. 159517 ID: e2020c
File 127040243737.jpg - (165.71KB , 754x466 , 21_flyi.jpg )

I fly over the jungle.


"Fhan, I know so little about this dragon cult. You told me that it is evil. To me it appears weird that someone as good as you goes to this cult. Are you going to leave it?"

>"I'd leave it if it came between us. But it has been useful. I'm not leaving the cult. I have a bond to it, see, this is how I was able to find you! If I now start to mess around without the approval of the cult, they'll hunt me down with witchcraft. I can't betray them."

(Maybe I should convince Fhan, that the dragon cult is very dangerous and she shouldn't go back to it, but what should I say to her?)

(Secondly, I know special places within my range that invigorate the soul. One is a waterfall, the second one is an old ruin, and the third one I've been able to find is a steep island in a lake within the jungle. They're all quite beautyful places. But being in the jungle we should watch for the jungle wyrms and a black dragon living nearby in a swamp. There's also a small hydra in the jungle lake. I don't know if the hydra is intelligble, and I wouldn't want to risk Fhan, if it's hostile. The island is enough safe though and the first place I would take Fhan. Maybe...?)
No. 159921 ID: 15f6d6

Lets take her to the ruin. Also, it seems like unless you can protect her from the cult, it isn't best for her to leave it right now.
No. 160322 ID: e2020c
File 127056315099.jpg - (378.83KB , 700x600 , 22_ruin.jpg )


The ruins seem to have been here for a while. It was once a small city, now lost and forgotten. We might be able to land on the plaza.
No. 160323 ID: d8aa80

Yeah, go ahead and land there. Let's check this stuff out.
No. 160327 ID: 2cbe3e


Yeah, go and land. See what's up.
No. 160329 ID: 717301

Let's check that kind of large building down the street after we land.
No. 160333 ID: e2020c
File 127057236337.jpg - (328.40KB , 840x655 , 23_land.jpg )


I land on the plaza and Fhan seems eager to jump off my back, trimming with the rope she has.

[ Take control over Fhan | Cotrol Sarixu ]


>"It's some kind of a palace! Did you see, there are more buildings under the treetops so you can't see them from the air well. This plaza was the only place that wasn't yet covered in all kinds of vegetation. The one building on the other side of the brook seemed interesting. I think there was blood in huge bowls! It must be some sort of a temple!" I hear Fhan say in excitement.
No. 160334 ID: d8aa80

Fhan is the only one that can fit inside the buildings it looks like, so lets control her. Lets go look at the temple and see if the blood is fresh or old - i.e. determine if someone or some group is actively using this area.
No. 160343 ID: e2020c
File 12705773589.jpg - (546.62KB , 1600x1200 , 24_bowl.jpg )


Doesn't look very ancient. Someone's here!
No. 160352 ID: 24aa45

I'm sorry for what I'm about to say...
IT'S A TRAP!... or at least very likely to be one...
No. 160366 ID: e2020c
File 127058334174.jpg - (198.55KB , 600x800 , 25_dfnc.jpg )


I'm not unarmed.
No. 160367 ID: d8aa80

Don't pull out weapons or anything. Let's just see whats going on. I mean, you've got dragon backup, so there's really nothing to worry about.
No. 160368 ID: 717301

Let's catch them. If they don't talk we have the dragon eat 'em.
No. 160374 ID: e2020c
File 127058428077.jpg - (204.23KB , 600x800 , paused.jpg )

No. 161203 ID: e2020c
File 127072353864.jpg - (301.06KB , 800x600 , 26_grdn.jpg )


I quickly walk through the dark temple to its courtyard.

There's one! Damn! What is he doing?
No. 161211 ID: e2020c
File 127072577639.jpg - (162.40KB , 800x600 , 27_eyed.jpg )

No. 162810 ID: e2020c
File 127101763674.jpg - (767.91KB , 1600x1200 , 28_escp.jpg )

I become stoned to my ground and my thoughts escape from my mind... I stare at the folded mand without blinking my eyes so long that color escapes from my sight. A feeling emerges inside of me, but it's hard to say what it tries to evoke in me.
No. 162848 ID: 7524b0

It is a feeling of... eternity.

Try to move? You don't really want to stand here forever. Try to speak. Say hello.
No. 162916 ID: 717301

uh oh, looks like some kind of powerful ascetic of some sort. Can you envision yourself anywhere else?
No. 163254 ID: e2020c
File 127105919867.jpg - (42.47KB , 800x600 , 29_blbb.jpg )


I greet the man.


I realise he is some sort of a powerful ascetic. I try to envision myself somewhere else.

My vision distorts.
No. 163293 ID: e2020c
File 127108576472.jpg - (339.94KB , 800x600 , 30_sprw.jpg )

>"Fhan! You have transcended into the spirit world! Can you see the dark wyrms in the vision? They must be in the vicinity. Can you see something about the man in the garden? Even from up here I can see that the man has a dark sphere around him. Something's off about him. Maybe it is caused by the wyrm that feeds on human blood. I see weak humans and strong humans here. Most of the weak ones have been slaughtered by the strong ones." I hear Sarixu explaining.
No. 163391 ID: 7524b0

The wyrms are eating the blood... and creating power from it, which they give to the man? The man is responsible for creating the blood, somehow...
No. 163415 ID: 15f6d6

Is Saraxu there in the courtyard with you? What the fuck is going on?
No. 163629 ID: e2020c
File 127114290379.jpg - (19.42KB , 810x600 , 31_srxu.jpg )


"Sarixu, what the fuck is going on?"

>"Fuck? No? It might be confusing, but you've breathed in wyrm incense, which is the stench from the mystic waste the wyrm creates inside it after consuming souls and their blood. The garden might be fertilized with the waste under the tiling."

"Are you seeing this?"

>"I see this all the time. I was a little wary of the wyrms so I flew on top of the temple. The wyrms are now somewhere in the ruins or in the jungles nearby."


>"The man in the garden has killed the weak people to fulfill his contract with the wyrm that is bloodthirsty. This gains the man power and makes him seem stronger. His wyrm fertilizes the garden with its waste. This is an old contract that has become heriditary long ago. The process has it's own soul and is worshipped by some humans here. The other wyrm is the spouse of the bloodthirsty one and soon will be carrying offspring."
No. 163723 ID: 7524b0

"Then... should I kill him, you think?"

One of Fhan's weapons is glowing in astral sight. Check it out a little closer.
No. 164129 ID: e2020c
File 127123725917.jpg - (169.50KB , 500x810 , 32_cmbn.jpg )


I examine my chamberine in the astral light. It looks interesting.

"Sarixu, do you mean I should kill him?"

>"Fhan, tell me about that cult of yours again. This person has a reason it comes here, maybe it's power, but suspect he is in the Dragon cult."

"Are you in the Dragon cult?" I inquire.

The man speaks for the first time. "Drakimo kulto? Yam."

Fhan has now an opportunity to turncoat and kill this man.
No. 164165 ID: 701a19

No. Cutting ties now would get her killed.
No. 164170 ID: 7524b0

Hrm? How so?

I think we could kill him with the gun. It has an astral power. Question is... will the drakes immediately know and come to attack us?
No. 164193 ID: 701a19

They can see us, and what would be worse is if they report her betrayal back to the cult.

If she's going to leave, then the best way to do it would be vanishing. Fly away, never to be seen again.
No. 164220 ID: e2020c
File 12712550376.jpg - (213.52KB , 810x500 , 33_cond.jpg )

>"Dula?" the ascetic asks.

"Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying."

I should go...

No wait. It seems like Sarixu is talking to the man on his language. I follow the conversation of Sarixu and the ascetic.

>"He knows what the Dragon cult is, and has taught some of its disciples the art of remote viewing. He was instructed to train them by the tribal elders, who also serve the dragons. He asks if you have been sent to recieve this gift?"
No. 164294 ID: 7524b0

That could come in handy. So long as it doesn't involve getting involved with the dark drakes.
No. 165101 ID: e2020c
File 127140393512.jpg - (213.12KB , 810x500 , 34_conv.jpg )

"So long you teach me yourself. I also don't want anything messed."

[Fhan begins to train remote viewing with the ascetic, some time will pass]
No. 165109 ID: 7524b0

No. 165239 ID: e2020c
File 127144794967.jpg - (186.34KB , 754x466 , 35_lvlp.jpg )

Fhan spends three weeks under the guidance of Aranachi, the shaman of Ek Chuah. She discovers that there are two other shamans in the ruins and that they're holding four sacrifical hostages underneath the temple. The shamans are about to appease Ek Chuah.

[Fhan has gained a new level - Seer]

Vitality: 24
Self Image: 32
(Average: 10)

You can:
Inquire about Fhan's abilities | Instead, turn into a shaman of Ek Chuah, the dark wyrm | Instead, try to become an Equilizer | Accept the Seer level and leave
No. 165242 ID: 701a19

Leave. Fhan is mated for life to a dragon, and should stay with her.
Said dragon has an egg to tend to.
No. 165260 ID: e2020c
File 127145059669.jpg - (126.09KB , 754x466 , 36_nest.jpg )

Telepathize with Sarixu | Go fly | Leave Sarixu | Remote view
No. 165289 ID: 7524b0

What's telephathizing about?

What's an Equalizer? Would that have involved killing the cultists?
No. 165322 ID: 701a19

Telepathizing sounds like a good idea. Do that.

Why would you even consider leaving Sarixu? Being her mate is the greatest thing that ever happened to you.
No. 165581 ID: e2020c
File 127149505518.jpg - (124.28KB , 754x466 , 37_talk.jpg )


"Sarixu, I could have saved the prisoners and killed the shamans."

>"You would have risked yourself. They were strong and I saw them carry sharp knives."

"Right... That was what was on my mind too. And I'm not an assassin. Sometimes I think about how we telepathize. And I think what if you're able to read my unintended thoughts? Can you?"

>"Some I can, some I can't, because I don't always understand what your thoughts mean."

"I learned telepathy in the Dragon cult. My teacher was a small spectral or prismatic dragon and he made me think in a whole new way. Maybe it is difficult to understand my thoughts, because they are influenced by a dragon of chaos."
No. 165621 ID: 7524b0

Ask her if she could teach you to be more ordered.
No. 166076 ID: e2020c
File 12715906823.jpg - (55.02KB , 754x466 , 38_firm.jpg )


"Could you teach me how to be more ordered?"

>"Be with me. You will learn by time."

[quest firmness has increased, now select quest graphic style*

*Calligraphic & tint
*Reaver's style
*Pencil & color
*Oil-painted (Basically much like the style of Cutebold Slaughter Fest)
*Outline & tint
*Varied styles
No. 166098 ID: 7524b0

I like variety!

Wait, does this actually have any context in the quest or are you just asking us for a change in visual style? I mean, if this is just for looks it should be in a discussion thread or something.
No. 166123 ID: e2020c


Well, didn't pay anough attention to that. Ignore it here and see to quest style in the quest discussion thread.
No. 166136 ID: 362f0c

Variety is the spice of life...
No. 166896 ID: e2020c
File 127169059192.jpg - (189.82KB , 754x466 , 39_plan.jpg )

Legends don't just camp and babysit. They combat chaos and corruptness!

But I may choose to babysit until the hatchling is born. Sarixu tells that it will take half a year to hatch the egg. I made a bed out of mountain goat hides. I could use this half year moving around in the astral, spying in the realms and making plans. I have nothing else to do here, except talk with Sarixu.

What astral research should I begin?

-Realm Politics
-Geology & Archeology
-Dragon cult
-The Human Web
No. 166897 ID: 0b2a05

Other: Basis of magic
No. 166986 ID: 7524b0

Dragon Cult.
No. 171517 ID: e2020c
File 127247838946.jpg - (270.93KB , 810x500 , 40_lect.jpg )

This is going to be a long journey.

It took some weeks to locate a place where lectures on the basics of magick were held. The city is Lunoban and it seems to be located on the coast and belongs to the Empire. I remote view those lectures, and surprisingly, they're held by the Dragon cult.

The lecturer speaks.
"As Above, so below. The world around us reflects the properties of the dimensions beyond. By approaching the world we have here in a focused manner, we can find something found in the other dimensions as well. And how could it be otherwise? If it were so, we wouldn't be able to perform any studies on the nature of it.

Now. The world around us has another meaning than just being glue to the dimensions above. It goes by the name of Anima Mundi, this "glue", and the subject of this lecture.

Anima Mundi is the plane between this realm and the higher dimensions. Everything in it parallels with that which is found in this world. Anima Mundi is as far as most of you will go with astral travel. It is the easiest to access and closest to our physical existence. It is the world where in our spirits go and where they live."

| Go on with the lecture || Find another lecture || Start another research |
No. 171523 ID: 13fc35

Go on with lecture.
No. 171715 ID: e2020c
File 127253233466.jpg - (210.96KB , 810x500 , 41_lect.jpg )

“There is a chain from the First Cause all the way to our world. In the First Cause all things are one, combined. When descending down to our plane, this oneness has become gradually divided into ever smaller systems according to the design Themu and by the realization of Anima Mundi.

In this event, at first like beings attract like, opposite begin to repel one another. This causes a vast diversity of energies. After this separation, qualities of reactive and unreactive are created. Eventually First Cause has become Themu and Anima Mundi, Themu has become “rock”, “magma”, “tree” and so on and Anima Mundi has become “mood”, “observation”, “love”, “realisation” etc. If you can grasp this perfectly with your minds, you will pass into the trials of an adept.

Anima Mundi comes into the scheme by this very important division. Anima Mundi has the tools the adept will learn to manipulate. In realization, it is clusters of pure consciousness brought down from the higher dimensions to maintain the experience that material people think they have, and do have because of this. These “angels” of pure consciousness create a weave of magic, or the Weave! The elves call this weave ‘guldur’ and have become very advanced in guiding it by what they call the pacts. It is by the ways of dragons that the method of true magic has come to Our bidding. We don’t have to appease and excel before the “angels” of magic, like the elves, to affect the Weave. We can command them by the voice of our own scheme.”
No. 171775 ID: e2020c
File 127254982897.jpg - (208.48KB , 810x500 , 42_lect.jpg )

“Gone are the days when you practiced holy symbols and controlled flows of energy by symbols, pacts and mysticism! Dawned has a new era on wonder and true magic. Break free from the old restrictions I say – to become an adept transcends you from the laws of this world to the laws of magic and the First Cause!

Now this is true magic. It is a much more awesome effect to achieve, however, by the understanding of how to actually detach Anima Mundi from a subject and directly instill it with your own desired will, in effect "reclothing" its spiritual and intelligent weave. The results of this can be as miraculous as imagined, though the learned magician knows perfectly well that his operations depend on natural laws and not divine intervention. A cat may be raised to think itself a pig. A rock may go from hot to cold as if of its own accord. An entire house may instantly scare those who enter it. Looking at a particular magic ring may strike terror or peace into those who gaze upon it. A stone corridor may catch spontaneously on fire and melt down upon hostilities entering it; the prospects of such manipulation are many.

The oldschool magicians would have thought that for example salt would repel evil. And that leaving a marriage ring in the nest of a dove couple would bring love to the relationship. This all was good practise at that time, and does influence most dramatically many of our lives, but now we can go straight and freely to the core essence of things and bypass all this ceremony. Just like necrotic chamberine brought instant death to our weapons’ arsenal, true magic has brought freedom to our spirits. We no longer have to risk our very flesh in close combat, but in endeavor of far more noble achievements than death of another. The universe reveals its secrets before us.”
No. 172143 ID: 7524b0

Hmm, that's some interesting stuff about magic. As for the Dragon Cult... not as much, though we did find out that our chamberine is an instant kill weapon!

What now? If the lecture is over, attempt to remote view more about the Dragon Cult. Try to figure their motives. Are all sects evil or just the local ones involving dark dragons?
No. 172546 ID: e2020c
File 127274373744.jpg - (324.49KB , 810x500 , hallucidragon.jpg )


I spend weeks remote viewing different cult centers and find out that the cult seems to be all about messing with dark dragons. It is created and directed by the perverted will of a dark dragon host. The dragons I've seen have been small and sly type. There seems to be plenty of experiments going on in each center I am able to remote view. One night, I discover a dark dragon painfully copulating with a female disciple. I don't dare to assume this is the first time a half-dragon is attempted to be bred.

As I do more research on the cult, I discover that humans in it serve two purpose. They're servants to the dark dragon masters, but also an indepth apprenticeship... or an apperception of the dark dragon way is present. But the dragons are somehow booby in keeping the strings in their hands, yet something is making the organisation subtle and efficient. As my research goes on I am starting to get to the conclusion that there is an elite inside the Dragon cult and that elite seems to have leads to something interesting. Should I remote view more on the actions of the dark dragons of the cult or try to excavate what's so attractive about this human elite?
No. 172588 ID: a594b9

Find out about the elite.
No. 172613 ID: a56bd0

hmmm so they are trying to offer some fast track magic to attract members? Likely chaos sorcery from their instance on inborn power and a utter disdain for proper protocol, this would also explain the attempts to breed half-dragons.
No. 172735 ID: 701a19

Sounds about right.
See if their half-breeding attempts have had any success. Either way, research dragon/human pairings to find out how to safely perform your duties as Sarixu's mate.
No. 172886 ID: e2020c
File 127281392490.jpg - (207.00KB , 810x500 , 44_cont.jpg )


Grand success. In the presence of Sarixu I blast the heck out of the "mental" defences of the cult. I search thoroughly through one suspiciously large cult complex and find a solid containment chamber underneath. There's a poor male creature, which without doubt is who I was looking for, contained inside bedrock. I'm instantly attached to him. What should we do? There's something grand about this poor half-dragon, but in the captivity of the cult he seems so diminished.


Propelled by my lucky discovery I impetuously look into human involvement in this matter and follow suspicious members inside the same complex. Several of them actually do turn out to be members of a human elite, roughly half of the group women and all most bright intellectuals. Many of them wear strange clothing and use devices of amazing refinement.

After a few weeks follow-up I realize things. These people have come from OUTSIDE. The mission they seem to conduct in my world appears to be plainly associated with dragons. Maybe they are here to breed a new human race to work as something in a bigger picture? Maybe they're working for an organisation flexing across void from another world or a collection of worlds or at least for a human web of many worlds? Maybe they see dragons as a natural resource they are aiming to exploit? Perhaps they use dragons to steer this world into a course of a greater utility?

Secondly, I am spooked to stop the investigation as many of the subjects are making clear that they know about my surveillance.
No. 172890 ID: a594b9

Communicate to Sarixu what you have learned.
No. 172891 ID: 701a19

Can you speak with the half-dragon, or is he inanimate?
No. 172892 ID: 9cf63d

Hmm it would be a shame to pass up the ability to recruit this half-dragon. But what you say of these humans worries me. 'Outside' you say? Devices of strange refinement?

I wonder if how much aid from 'outside' they can call on with any regularity? Regardless, if they can we must move swiftly as they are already aware of our presence.
No. 173067 ID: e2020c
File 127287008757.jpg - (149.30KB , 510x500 , 45_sarx.jpg )

I inquire Sarixu's counsel on the matter and she ponders that the outsiders might be powerful telepaths and thus be able to follow my thoughts even under her guidance. First I should learn to seal off even a powerful telepath from my mind. She thinks that she can teach me this in time, if Fhan starts to grow dragon scales. Otherwise the task might show difficult. I ask how it is possible to grow dragon scales, and Sarixu tells that she's been working with shapeshifters under a green sun world and knows a method that relies upon a deeper intercourse between our two souls. She explains that it is "a full scale magic ritual".

To rescue the half-dragon I should return to the dragon cult and get a transfer to this power center where the half-dragon is held. Gaining the trust and knowledge of the outsiders would take some years.

Then Sarixu throws herself into the plot by an exceptional conviction. She ponders that if the cult is all about dragon associations then maybe I could sneak into the high complex accompanied by her baby, in case I can take care of it, which would convince the cult of a my high talent with the dragons. They might even give me a chance to associate with tha half-dragon in a reasonable time by that method.

The half-dragon seems to be sealed off from the outside of his cell by a powerful spell.
No. 173068 ID: 701a19

Deep soul-intercourse? This sounds like something you should be engaging in on a regular basis even without the side benefits.
No. 173078 ID: a594b9

Growing scales? That sounds nice. Let's do that.
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