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File 128383120417.jpg - (192.67KB , 600x913 , 0.jpg )
227246 No. 227246 ID: 86b8dc

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No. 227251 ID: 86b8dc
File 128383137842.gif - (147.28KB , 800x800 , 1.gif )


"There! I saw it.

"Good. Now we must hurry, before another finds it first."
No. 227252 ID: 86b8dc
File 128383158437.jpg - (273.64KB , 700x700 , 2.jpg )

"hmm dunna dunna dudun dunna huhmm... euuh?"
No. 227261 ID: 86b8dc
File 128383278065.jpg - (234.07KB , 700x700 , 3.jpg )

"oooooooh~ shiny"

"I heard that. You've found it over there haven't you? Don't you dare touch it or I'll have your nose in the clamps for a week!"

No. 227265 ID: 86b8dc
File 12838330995.jpg - (313.11KB , 700x700 , 4.jpg )

"...wanted to touch it..."

"Ahah finally. Hurry up and pack Baldrecgus, and tell Sirus we've found it. I want to be out of here as soon as we can."
No. 227274 ID: 96f818


I'm afraid I've lost situational awareness; what exactly is going on and what is he talking about?
No. 227280 ID: ea2a3c

You're not a bro. Anyone who uses noseclamps can't be a bro. Go find some other omnipotent power from the stars to fight over.
No. 227351 ID: 0b2a05

UM HI can we help you or something

Your mask looks silly
No. 227430 ID: c71597

Hello Sir. You appear to have gotten some madness for free along with the power.
No. 227522 ID: 86b8dc
File 128388749312.jpg - (210.17KB , 600x600 , 5.jpg )

"Hey don't fuss about it little guy you know I wouldn't really put your nose in a clamp... maybe throw you in the lake but not in a clamp."

"No sirrah, dinna think so sirrah. Nope."

"Then what was all.. wait... who said?"


"Did you hear?"
Oh damn I told her it was too small and...

Excuse me my MOTHER made this and isn't silly at all it"

No. 227525 ID: 86b8dc
File 128388791499.jpg - (228.30KB , 800x600 , 6.jpg )

"Waitaminute... that isn't this thing talking is it?"

'You going crazyvoices now? Want I should get cold water bucket?"

"Well I 'was' expecting something a little... bigger, you know? Maybe he didn't call it right... or... something?"

"...I go get cold water bucket"
No. 227527 ID: 40cb26

Yep. Psychic talking rock. Deal with it. Give us to the 'bold for a moment so he won't think you're crazy. Or he'll think he's crazy too, which is even better.
No. 227530 ID: 3e83e6

Experiment with us. Touch us to the kobold, see if it can hear us too.
Perhaps we have attuned to you on contact, and will advise/torment you for the rest of your life.
Unfortunately our abilities seem to alter over the span of ages and between bearers. At the moment we are vaguely aware of you and the area around you.
Also, we do not approve of servant abuse. Especially not the puppy-heads. We know they need a lot of attention to turn out effective, but the whole slave thing crushes their true potential and usefulness.
No. 227538 ID: a594b9

Are you a guy or a girl? ...I could see you fitting to either standard of beauty.
No. 227541 ID: e40e60

No. 227559 ID: c71597

Congratulations. For the price of one marble of space power or something you got a marble of madness in the same package. So, now lets stop worrying about who made what mistake and lets see what we can do to fix them.
No. 227626 ID: b9bd4f

You may as well tell us who you are, what you do, ect.
No. 227727 ID: d677cc

Seriously, guys?

No. 227737 ID: 0b2a05


HI, doesn't matter much what you call us (just nothing embarrassing please) but we're here, and since you're here, and you're holding us, I think it's only fair you tell us some things, like your name. Really, tell us your name or we'll give you a new one.
No. 227759 ID: e40e60

Did I miss something?
No. 227779 ID: 40cb26

A rising crescendo of Lovecraftian chants.
No. 227786 ID: d677cc

what the hell? you posted two of them! >:V

Oh, right. Hi. What were we supposed to be?
No. 227796 ID: e40e60

I was talking more about the deletion itself... let's get back on topic
No. 227797 ID: d677cc

It's not nice to spam other people's quests for no reason, basically.
No. 227855 ID: 86b8dc
File 128391890262.jpg - (246.51KB , 800x600 , 7.jpg )


That was... confusing.

"erh... oh hey Baldrecgus come her- oh, he must have left already. Well, we should be out of here as soon as we can.

The Sperenze brothers will 'not' like it if they catch me on their land."

No. 227856 ID: 97cb33

agree. book it.
No. 227857 ID: 86b8dc
File 128391917298.jpg - (318.44KB , 800x600 , 8.jpg )

No. 227861 ID: d677cc

So let's not have that happen.

I don't suppose you could explain things while we're getting out of Dodge?
No. 227867 ID: 86b8dc
File 128391955029.jpg - (355.42KB , 800x600 , 9.jpg )

"For I am August de'Sauterelle! Second prince of the house of Sauterelle, a lover of ladies, an envy of the folk, and a master of the arts arcane, mundane, martial, and dare I say? marital...

or rather I will be. After a long and doubtlessly adventurous bachelorhood of course. I am only just now 27 summers, barely out of youth for a vehrimen after all.

But Sirus said that whatever you are can help my advancement in most all those areas."

No. 227869 ID: 97cb33

well while we can totally HELP you, you still need to put in a good chunk of hard work. if you are willing then this shall be great.
No. 227870 ID: 0b2a05

Right. We've been sorta out of it for a few, where would you like to start?

If you're just going to say we should choose, mundane is definitely a good start!
No. 227872 ID: 40cb26

It's not like we can actually do things, mind you. But we bring many perspectives to any situation, due to our many thoughts. But use your own judgment, if you follow a bad idea and fuck up don't blame us.

We also have a good visual range so we can see things that might otherwise escape your attention. And I would like to say it is SO NICE to have that again. Being in the ground so long got very boring... if we were like other minds we'd go crazy. As it is long idleness wipes our memory of all but our own nature. You're going to have to explain everything to us. Like the whole world of everything there is.
No. 227968 ID: c71597

Oh that we can do. You might not always like our council though.

So lets get off of these lands and back to more familiar domains in the hands of less sensitive people.
No. 228052 ID: 4d8750

First bit of advice, if these "Sperenze brothers" would be adverse to your presence on their land then you better get going. You have what you came for, namely us, so unless you have other buisness in the area I suggest you get moving.

Also, you may want to think about treating that kobold better. I know, I know, "He's my servant" and what not, but listen closely: Kobolds have a great deal of untapped potential. Given the right kind of encouragement, he could become very useful. Just give that some thought.
No. 228063 ID: 72f534
File 12839658961.jpg - (277.36KB , 800x600 , 10.jpg )

I begin to take down the tent and pack it away for the trip. Hopefully Sirus has taken some time from his fishing to pack and check the aeroplane.

"hmmm yes I suppose I couldn't expect him to have summoned something that would just 'make' me more powerful automatically.

That wouldn't be like his style... for a mage he seems to disprove of using much magic. Still, I am hoping you have 'some' kind of powers aside from the gift of gab."

>Being in the ground so long got very boring... if we were like other minds we'd go crazy.

"Well, you can't have been in the ground that long... we only called you last night, and how are you sure you aren't crazy?

"The 'Brothers' and I, we have never been on great terms, and it's a bit more than the 'highlander' vs 'lowlander' rivalry just in case you were wondering. As for the puppyheads... I'm getting the impression that you folks have more than a bit of fondness for them ehh?"
No. 228065 ID: 2372b3

Powers? I don't know if we have any powers. When we go a long time with out anyone to talk to we tend to forget alot of things. Such is our burden. Anyways, tell us of your companions. You say you know a mage? I assume he is the aforementioned Sirius, yes?
No. 228083 ID: c71597

We contain infinite madness and fetishes. Seriously try to steer clear of most of our romantic advice or you're likely to end up with a clingy chick of some species you never heard about.

And that mage has the right idea. Magic is just a tool, if you rely only on the tool then you become useless without it. Unless you make yourself more powerful it will hardly have any true value. The power must come from you and you alone.

But that's enough philosophy and stuff. Now lets get out of here while you tell us some more about this lovely new place we have landed in. Drifting through space can be so dreadfully boring, one millenia of staring at stars are much like the next.
No. 228094 ID: 40cb26

>how are you sure you aren't crazy?
We don't think we are, that's about as good as you'll get. As far as being in the ground, all we can remember from this end is darkness. The first thing we see is being dug up, it's hard to tell we weren't always there. Maybe our arrival dislodged something. The "puppyheads" seem familiar though, for whatever reason.

Was it space? Sparkles.. glowing.. a bright flash... Are you sure it wasn't the deep ocean or a land of fairies or the dreams between almost wasn't and never could? I don't know, maybe it's just me who can't quite recall anymore.

Maybe we do have powers, can't think of what they could be though. Maybe we can communicate at a distance, or glow, or channel magic, or make your clothes change color. Take us to your mage friend and we'll see what he says.
No. 228139 ID: 0b2a05

Heh I guess you could say we kinda like the little bastards, though our first impression of you WAS a threat, so...
No. 228568 ID: 624e03
File 128404907089.jpg - (152.79KB , 600x600 , 11.jpg )

"Yes Siru-

No. 228569 ID: 624e03
File 128404918267.jpg - (291.68KB , 800x600 , 12.jpg )

I am now quite drenched, and slightly muddy.

"Good, now are muchbetter. No more voices?"
No. 228575 ID: e40e60

I like this man.
No. 228577 ID: 40cb26

Either you can pretend we aren't here or put us on the puppyhead and we can say hi. The first is convenient but risks later surprise drenchings, the second may result in a panicked reaction but could also be rather fun.
No. 228579 ID: d677cc

Go for the second one!
No. 228591 ID: b9bd4f

No, we're still here. And don't be angry at him, he was only trying to help. So tell us about Sirius. Or Baldrecgus, if you prefer.
No. 228600 ID: 624e03
File 128406047299.jpg - (91.04KB , 400x600 , 13.jpg )

"Why yes... I feel so much better I think 'you' should carry the voices for a while."

"Butwaitno... do not wish to among madvoices"

"Can't help that... we're all mad here."
No. 228605 ID: 624e03
File 128406080844.jpg - (183.42KB , 800x600 , 14.jpg )

Ohhh that is shiney... hello shiney you tingling our nose... smells like lake, and water, and grass, and dirt, and fire, and fishcooked, and strange othersmell.

"Nooos... now must become villain... will become most feasome... uhm.... Bukketo Balto! Master of cunning vengance."
No. 228606 ID: c71597

Nooo, don't put us in the bucket. It's boring and lonely in there. And we can't very well help you in a bucket.
No. 228607 ID: c71597

Just sit down and remove the bucket from your head. Then lets go find the bossman, he surely needs your help for something.
No. 228621 ID: e40e60


Give it back before I go insane.
No. 228626 ID: a594b9

Hehe. Hello, Manystones. Tell us about yourself. Also, who is that human with the guitar?
No. 228657 ID: ea2a3c

What's in the pan? Is it tasty? Can we call you Mr. Bucket Head?
No. 228665 ID: b9bd4f

You going to take that bucket off? Anyways, tell us about your companions.
No. 228688 ID: 86b8dc
Audio SirusStrings - (3.40MB - 160 kbps - 22.05 kHz ) Length: 2:58

Ahhh voices! Manyvoices! I will call you Manyvoices. I am Manystones, a bold, you are manyvoices.... an orb.

Human is master's teacherfriend Mr. Serious learns our master things...strange... secret things. We hear him strumming strings now... and smell his fishcooking, he is good cook.
No. 228695 ID: 86b8dc
File 128407069794.jpg - (188.47KB , 800x600 , 15.jpg )

[a]"Can we go now?"[/i]

"You found it? Where is it?"

"Baldrecgus has it"

"We can go when you dry off, I will hear no end of it if you catch cold... He didn't touch it first did he?"

"No he just uncovered it, I held it first. It says it doesn't do anything. I didn't feel even a tingle of power or anything."

"Haha well then, obviously it does 'something' becasue it could say so."

"You expected it to talk? Are you sure it isn't flawed I mean, maybe if you looked at it It's erh... not very big. The examples in the diagrams were a bit lar-"

"No! It is yours, I am not going to even touch it. Could contaminate it."
No. 228706 ID: e40e60

Toss us over to the human.
No. 228728 ID: a594b9

Dude, stop. You're heading deeper into the forest. Don't wanna get lost, now.
No. 228733 ID: b9bd4f

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFantastic. Just fantastic. If THEY are involved, then we need to get some answers NOW. Could you please pass us to your boss Manystones?

Also, you should try to get to know him a bit better. You might just grow to like each other.~
No. 228734 ID: c71597

Manystones. Sit down and ask for help now. We need to get back to our master. Or else bad things might happen.
No. 228737 ID: 86b8dc
File 12840743714.jpg - (191.52KB , 800x600 , 16.jpg )

"Man not want rubbing nose with Manyvoices? Manyvoices touching noses with us so friends... not want friends too?"

"I am haunted by enough spirits of my own to need not more.


"So, what it's just some kind of advisory or seer's stone? Couldn't I just pay people to do that? I mean that's what you do... wouldn't this be counterproductive to job security? I would imagine a wand or tome have made a more practical gift."

"Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Your kind rarely make even passable mages thus I see fit to give something more practical than some trinket you might only make limited use from. Those voices are the council kings only dream of."

"Master... Manyvoices wants to with to you..."

"Tell them I'm busy eating"

"They want to talk... NOW!"

"Best listen... they can be as petty and troublesome as any prince."
No. 228745 ID: c71597

Now get that bucket off your head. It shouldn't be to hard to do.
No. 228787 ID: b9bd4f

Okay, August. We need you to pry into our origins with Sirius a bit. We thought we heard a....name that we know. And this is VERY important.
No. 228878 ID: 86b8dc
File 128408877449.jpg - (133.05KB , 400x600 , 17.jpg )

"Okay fine fine... here. Now no more water... unless I'm on fire or something or spiders... yes spiders... then its okay."

"Yess Sirrah! Firey Spiders!"

"No no don't rub your nose on my... dammit I was almost dry. Just... go help Sirus"

"Kay... we help Serious."

Now what to you erh 'gentlemen' want?"
No. 228887 ID: ea2a3c


We want to meet Sirius! He sounds like a pretty cool guy.
No. 228889 ID: ea2a3c


Wait, do we? I lost track. Oh well.
No. 228892 ID: b9bd4f

Can you ask Sirius exactly HOW he knows of us? And I think I heard him say a certain name that I recognized. Also why he doesnt want to hold us.

And don't get mad at the little guy, the nose rubbing is a sign of respect. You should try it sometime.~
No. 229118 ID: c71597

Want to get back to our master. And you know we can't very well help you when we're stuck up the nose of some 'bold.

So you can use magic? That brings up all sorts of new possibilities. Or it might depending on how magic works in this place. By the way, shouldn't you be flying out of here before those brothers find you?
No. 229190 ID: b9bd4f

Just a reminder to all the other voices.
No. 229199 ID: c71597

I know nothing about that. It means absolutely 0 to me.
No. 229214 ID: b9bd4f

Its a Lovecraftian Elder God, whom the very glimpse of could tear your mind asunder. ie cosmic scale horror
No. 229676 ID: 86b8dc
File 128425102744.jpg - (122.70KB , 400x600 , 18.jpg )

"Yes, I can use a little magic, or rather I grasp some of the precepts. Radiant Energy, Field Balance, Vibrational Hybridization, Essential Natures, Truenames, some Runic Principalia, Fireflow, Law of Likewise, ect. But it is in the practical application and practice that my skill is a bit wanting."

"Well that is...erh interesting. Sirus?"
No. 229685 ID: 86b8dc
File 128425198983.jpg - (123.92KB , 800x600 , 19.jpg )

"You didn't do anything particularly 'hazardous' about all this did you? Nothing that would yeild say... sanity shredding abomination level danger huh?"

"Ahha, don't you think we should get going soon, those brothers will-"

"Damn the brothers man! This isn't about a lot of unwashed illiterate farmers, only hazard there is their lowland mother never knew when to keep her legs closed an there's more than two dozen of the fool buggers. This is about you 'maybe' violating fundamental laws of nature!
No. 229687 ID: 644ca1

You might want to move, there are a lot of people in the shadows behind you. And I don't think that they are friendly.
No. 229688 ID: 97cb33

it's about both right now. run man.
No. 229707 ID: e40e60

No. 229763 ID: b9bd4f


No. 229768 ID: b9bd4f

No. 229800 ID: 40cb26

>a lot of unwashed illiterate farmers
Well, speak of the devil. You should really learn not to say such things, fate has a bad sense of humor.
No. 230119 ID: 0d7609
File 128433988691.jpg - (139.53KB , 800x600 , 20.jpg )

"...Dis here's the part where's you start up runnen boyo"


That sounds like somethi-

"God Dammit Why would you say that! Never say that! It only ensures it happening!"

...Dammit what the hell man?
No. 230120 ID: 97cb33

never say "they will never" as soon as you say that whoever 'they' are will suddenly do what you said they never would. also never insult someone when they aren't around, they will appear just in time to hear you insult them.

anyway, keep running.
No. 230122 ID: 0d7609
File 12843401979.jpg - (189.54KB , 800x400 , 21.jpg )

I hear a popping whistle and something hot sparks off my shoulder. Practice rounds, I think.

"Gotcha boy! We gunna pin your ass down and feed yah those words and your hat!"

"Oh shit! A lion! Where the fuck'ed they get a lion!"
No. 230134 ID: 0b2a05

A fucking LION!? SERIOUSLY WHAT?! Keep running for the love of crap!
No. 230141 ID: 40cb26

No. 230145 ID: c71597

Jesus Christ it's a Lion, stay in the airplane.

Sorry about that, couldn't resist. Ok, run for your fucking life. Not much else you can do right now, unless you happen to have some nice firespell that you can let go instantly that will set the grass on fire. That ought to make for a nice distraction. But skip it if you have to stop and make a target of yourself for pulling it off.

You should probably tell Sirius to distract them or something while you get the plane started and prepped for takeoff. That thing doesn't look like it would stand up very well to damage. By the way, is it a wooden frame and canvas biplane, because man going up in those things are dangerous.
No. 230172 ID: b9bd4f

They dont just have a lion, the guy is RIDING THE LION
No. 230216 ID: ea2a3c

No. 230279 ID: 10247c
File 128438706327.jpg - (142.50KB , 800x600 , 22.jpg )

Sirus slings Baldrecgus into the cockpit and begins pushing as I hit the other side of the plane and join his efforts.

"Hit the starter! Hit the, No! the other starter the red button!"

"Is... trying..."

In a shot of surprising good luck a strong headwind has picked up from nowhere and the engine roars to life.
No. 230280 ID: b2ccd3

Good, now lets get the hell out of here.
No. 230295 ID: c71597

That luck is probably magic. Now hop into that plane and get the fuck out of there before they ventilate you.

Say, you don't happen to have a machinegun mounted in the observers position do you? A bit of strafing from above would probably show those wankers not to fuck with you.
No. 230793 ID: 86b8dc
File 128449097927.jpg - (158.69KB , 700x500 , 23.jpg )

Machinegun? No, but I draw my wheellock and loose a round in their general direction. One or two scatter preventing them from firing on us.

"Bastards the lot of-
No. 230795 ID: 86b8dc
File 12844911837.jpg - (181.05KB , 700x500 , 24.jpg )

Okay what the fuck! Is that Catterbast? I thought he had joined the Knights or something?
No. 230796 ID: 97cb33

aim for ether the arm with the weapon or the head.
No. 230800 ID: e40e60

>muzzleloading pistol
>working planes

Anachronisms aside, the best thing to do would be to shoot him again if possible, or to just try dodging it altogether (not sure if you're high enough to really maneuver much). Otherwise, just stab him in the rip out the spear if he hits the plane.
No. 230802 ID: c71597

Holy crap, dude is insane. Shoot if there's anything left to shoot, otherwise throw the gun in his face. That should hopefully keep him off.
No. 230878 ID: 8bdb6a

Dragon Knights, maybe.

Bank away. Get ready to hit him with your gun.
No. 230920 ID: 0b2a05

Immediately throw off whatever limb he uses to step onto the plane, but not at the expense of getting stabbed!
No. 231177 ID: 86b8dc
File 128459935169.gif - (204.99KB , 800x600 , 25.gif )

I prep for boarders, reading to swing when he gets close.

Turns out he must have picked up some knight training.
No. 231180 ID: 8bdb6a

Baldrecgus: Punch him in the dick.
No. 231181 ID: 97cb33

backflip out of the seat and grab hold of it. this maneuver is only for those confident in their skills.
No. 231182 ID: 86b8dc
File 128459978915.jpg - (151.19KB , 800x500 , 26.jpg )

He slams downward with his spear haft pinning me and nearly forcing me from the seat.

I hear Sirus swearing as he tries to keep the plane level as the extra weight and vibration jostles the plane. Threatening to sent us into the lake below.

Catterbast leans in close and I can hear his guttural voice over the engine's growl.

"Yield or... I will break you."
No. 231183 ID: c71597

Oh this is simple. Say ok you yield while flipping around the pistol. Give him a good solid smash im the temple, the toss him off the plane. Give the other brothers a finger and a good solid yelled out "Fuck you and the whore you call a mother!" then settle down for a hopefully uneventful flight back home.
No. 231187 ID: e40e60

Smash him in the balls. Throw him off the side.
No. 231396 ID: 86b8dc
File 128469366943.gif - (179.03KB , 700x500 , 27.gif )


I hear a slight thud, Catterbast curls and groans for a critical moment, and I pistolwhip him. He scrambles for a moment grasping me for purchase, but a solid kick sends him to the lake below.

"Fuck off with thee and that whorish mother of yours!"

"I did bad?"

"No... no Baldrecgus, you did good."
No. 231403 ID: 175f4a

wait, look back and make sure he isn't holdin onto the tail or something crazy like that.
No. 231410 ID: ea2a3c
File 128470237863.jpg - (95.52KB , 1107x1196 , yup.jpg )


I I think I know what you guys are...
No. 231411 ID: a594b9

No shit, sherlock.

What next? Aside from making sure nobody else is hanging onto the plane?
No. 231416 ID: 0b2a05

Who the hell was that?

Explain yourself, mister.
No. 231431 ID: c71597

Nice work Master. So, do any of your domains per chance border on theirs? If they do then that could become slightly problematic, bastards might come across to your side and shagg your sheep, or steal them if they're smart enough for that.
No. 231503 ID: b9bd4f

Yeah, look to be sure he isn't still hanging on somehow. Anyways, where are we headed to next?
No. 231577 ID: 86b8dc
File 128477946324.jpg - (120.26KB , 800x400 , 28.jpg )

I think we're safe at this height. Well assuming they don't have a griffin or gargoyle up their sleeves. Heavens forbid a dragon!

Catterbast, he's one of the brothers, not the oldest, but older than me by a year or so. A bit of history we have.
No. 231579 ID: 86b8dc
File 128477968353.jpg - (120.79KB , 800x400 , 29.jpg )

Oh my, that that is a fine specimen of the species there.



"No mask sirrah... took it wiff I'm ee must'v."

"Oh Godmannit! Sirus tell me you have a flying cap or goggles or something?"
No. 231582 ID: 86b8dc
File 128478025520.jpg - (264.67KB , 800x800 , 30.jpg )

Sirus mumbles something about fuel and the odd weather as he tosses back a pack full of gear.

I find an ill fitting aviator's goggles and cap (humans never account for people with.. you know... real ears or even the slope of the head.)

I find a map too, our territory is marked here in Orange, theirs is Rust Brown. We just passed over the broad 'Dimeral Lake' in the upper left there.
No. 231592 ID: ea2a3c

As long as you're up there tell us a bit about the history you have with the brothers. Furthermore why were you so deep into their territory trying to summon us? Couldn't you just do that in your place? Or is that something Sirius would have to explain?
No. 231615 ID: 0b2a05

A territory thing, hm? They seem to be DAMN protective. What's the green?
No. 231620 ID: 175f4a

and what's the blue while we are at it.
No. 231653 ID: c71597

Better fly high enough to make sure they can't shoot you down with a lucky shoot then.

Hmm, you place looks like it is in a very nicely defensive position compared to the brown scum. By the way, what's that fucking huge crater doing there?
No. 231665 ID: e40e60

Speaking of which, there seems to be a huge tech gap between you guys and the humans.
No. 233949 ID: 94bae0
File 128547059344.jpg - (107.07KB , 448x469 , 30.jpg )

They are quite territorial, granted the feeling is somewhat mutual. The Green Territory belongs to the the Sealucid Cartel, my mother's home family actually. Fairly reliable allies, we rely on them for sea access via the River.
The Blue Territory marks the local Fae controlled woods. I do not know much of them personally, export some fairly pretty work. They charge an arm and a leg for wood though.
That is some remnant of the elder wars, use it as a mine/quarry. Well, the parts that don't end up flooded more than half the year. Dry season now so it's probably fairly busy.

"Is sleepy now"

"Then go to sleep."
No. 233957 ID: 94bae0
File 12854724577.jpg - (93.02KB , 495x500 , 31.jpg )

You're assuming a lot based on the perceived difference between me and Sirus. He is a wizard of course he's has all kinds of crazy knowledge. I suppose you should be informed that the plane actually belongs to my family, I just don't know much about flying it.

"Hey Sirus why did we have to go all the way into Sperenze Territory to get this? couldn't you have gotten it to impact a little closer to home?"

"Boy, you have no idea, just be glad it landed on the same continent, much less the same damn general vicinity."

"Ah... so how long?"

"Bout ten more minutes, and it's a good thing we found it today too, I'll guess a good rain's brewing up out to sea for this evening."
No. 234079 ID: f245f1

When you get back to a town, consider getting a spare mask, along with your replacement. Or possibly a mask that isn't so easy to tear off. We have a feeling that this isn't the last time you'll have unpleasant company that close.
No. 234104 ID: a594b9

Don't let the puppyface fall out of the plane.
No. 234120 ID: c71597

Interesting. Do you have any grenades by the way? They work pretty well if you just drop them from an airplane.

So, what are the plans when we get back home? The Sperenze are probably going to look for some payback for what you did, so it might be a good idea to get the border patrols to increase a bit.
No. 234352 ID: 545c0f
File 12855528484.jpg - (215.20KB , 800x500 , 32.jpg )

Not with us, besides, I don't want to start a war or something, that kind of decision making is my older brother's or my father's and I don't want to cause either any trouble.

He's just leaning out the side, they seem to like that. 'Tasting the air' or something they call it.

Well I certainly don't plan to wear this ugly thing, should probably invest in a snappy hat anyhow for the upcoming rainy seasons. Maybe carry around a spare mask or two just in case. I'll see what's left of my allowance when I get home.

...speaking of which.
No. 234359 ID: 545c0f
File 128555334846.jpg - (226.33KB , 800x500 , 33.jpg )

"I welcome you to, our state of solace, our mountain of meritocracy, this shining seat of civilization. Merbouillant~.

Behold it's glorious towers, how they glisten with the vapors of industry! It's ordered fields and rivers, full of... stuff... and things that fields are full of-"


"Nobody's going to come here for the turnips! Where was I? Dear God man! Do you need to cut it so close to the towers!"

"Well, you mentioned them."
No. 234367 ID: b9bd4f

Awww, he's taking a nap. He looks so cute when he's asleep, doesn't he?
No. 234455 ID: c71597

Looks decent enough I guess. How big is the population and what are your production levels?
No. 236200 ID: 230121
File 128582041356.jpg - (171.00KB , 640x400 , 34.jpg )

Our population numbers oh, 250 or so Verhimen (little more that half of which are extended relatives) almost four times that many of the kobolds, and perhaps two to four dozen or so of various other species. Oh and my brother, Terterus, First Prince of the House Sauterelle, that reassuringly strong barrier between me, the duties and throne of Merbouillant.

"I see my little brother has returned from his latest adventures?"

"News travels so fast ehh?"

"What am I to suspect when you gallivant off into the lowlands with Sir Eregland's areoplane."

"Dunno? Mayhaps I have a woman?"

"Hahahah a woman!? We could only be so hopeful, perhaps it would take the edge off you. Besides, you need to get out of those shady studies and get a little fresh air once in a while."

Sirus mumbles something to that in his gravelly way and I feel Terterus' strong hand about my shoulder, gently reminding me of just how massive he really is.
No. 236290 ID: 0b2a05

Jeeze, he IS huge. Hey, can we see your house?
No. 236333 ID: c71597

He is quite a big bastard.

Ok, so not alot of people in this settlement then. How many are there in total inside your realm? What are your chief products and exports? How many airplanes do you have? Do you have a food production surplus?

Hmm, that should do for now I think. Oh, almost forgot. Do you have any military forces, and if so then how are they organised?
No. 236630 ID: 230121
File 128589897341.jpg - (188.54KB , 700x400 , 35.jpg )

From here? No, we're on the wrong side of The Mound.
At Merbouillant we produce most of the electrical power for the citystate, the seat of power bears a doubling meaning here. Much of that power goes to the mine, but what excess we find we sell off to the Sealucids. The Sperenze don't buy much power from us, however, they lead us in food production supporting a population of maybe 17000 to our rough 8000. That what you get with more territory and topsoil meters thick.

I don't know much as to the state of the militia, so I ask Terterus.

"So, I was just looking over some statistics and I was wondering, how fairs the military?"

"That's a ah... uncomfortable question to be asking considering. You didn't go starting a war did you?"

"What? no no nono... I mean the Sperenz shot at me bu-"

"They, they shot you? What were you doing on their land how am I going to expla-."

"Just practice rounds my boy, they guard carefully the secret of their fried catfish, we were fishing you see?"

"Yes fishing..."
I laugh nervously with Sirus' joke, Terterus collects himself and continues.

"I see. I should go inform father to expect a nasty message from Sperenze. You should try to clean up before dinner, and get that awful thing off your head. I am not the least surprised they shot at you if 'that' is how you went out."
No. 236638 ID: 0b2a05

You heard the bro! Get to cleaning!
No. 236640 ID: 7d8185

yes, a good dinner would do you some good.
No. 236784 ID: c71597

Go clean up.

And electricity is good, in fact it's very good. But from the sounds of it the militia is in a state of some disorder. It would be a good idea for you to get them up to a decent standard and then maybe form a professional core around which the rest is centered.

By the way, do you have any artillery? Because a well drilled artillery corps can make a world of difference even if the numbers look loopsided.
No. 236793 ID: 7d8185

oh, and i guess showing us your generators would be good to. depending on what you got we may be able to get you a lot better ones.
No. 236898 ID: e40e60

Let me rephrase that:
Good artillery is powerful, good artillery positions on a cliff are nearly unbeatable at your current level of tech.
No. 237329 ID: 230121
File 128605522543.jpg - (221.00KB , 800x500 , 36.jpg )

I take my leave from my brother, taking one of the circumferential roads to reach my own place, I would stop by the generators to show you gentlemen, but we can do that just as well after we eat. Besides, I haven't finished questioning Sirus about you and he lives nearby their location.

"Told you this hat looked stupid"

"Never said it didn't, only that you didn't have a choice."

"We'll have more to speak of after dinner so expect visitors tonight, they seem to be full of questions and you can likely answer more than I."

"Then I will remember to chill a bottle of something."
No. 237333 ID: 230121
File 128605556727.jpg - (178.92KB , 800x500 , 37.jpg )

Funny you would mention the cliffs but I live right on them. I like the view, speaking of which the typical Lowland fog has rolled in and if I am not mistaken some thunderheads behind it.

We have a few revolver cannons stationed on the cliffs, and we could always set up rockets on the hill if it came to that. Why? Do you expect us to be suddenly invaded? The Sperenze are dicks but they aren't going to invade us over the occasional fishing trip.
No. 237345 ID: 13cc3a

we have a phrase, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"
the best, they forget about it. the worst, full scale war.
No. 237357 ID: e40e60

Murphy's Law: "If it's possible for something to go horribly wrong, it eventually will"
No. 237396 ID: 40cb26

Well boss, it just seems like a simple and quiet life isn't likely to be our lot. Though you do seem more the type to go fall into trouble then sit around and wait for it. Still, nothing wrong be being prepared for what you can.
No. 237486 ID: c71597

I was thinking more along the lines of preemptive invasions. But some more information is needed before such measures could be taken. Which brings us to some more questions. First off, are the Sperenze popular as rulers in the lowlands? Do you have a liege over you? And what are your societies view on polygamy?
No. 237490 ID: e40e60

Disregard that last question our harem will be formed regardless
No. 237518 ID: 230121
File 128606795935.jpg - (139.66KB , 800x500 , 38.jpg )

I suppose there's nothing wrong with being prepared.
Why? do you never end up meeting you know, normal people, with quiet comfortable lives?
M'kay, I don't really know, they seem popular enough, by which I mean the Lady Sperenze... See, her husband died before I was even born that didn't mean she stopped having kids. Still they seem popular enough. -wait...wha-
No. 237521 ID: 230121
File 128606834023.jpg - (139.53KB , 800x500 , 39.jpg )

A harem, I mean, I don't really know about that. You probably want to be a little more... frontier to pull that off without too much fuss I mean, farther south, I know the elves and yeeks get up to that kind of trouble, probably the goblins and gnolls too, but here?

Maybe back in my grandfather's day, when Merbouillant was still a first generation colony... but now? Isn't one woman enough trouble?
No. 237523 ID: 13cc3a

haha, well see. there is a good chance it will happen by shear coincidence. and the less likely they are to have that happen the more likely they are now. like the enemy princess, or a pirate lord's daughter, etc.
No. 237525 ID: c71597

Well yes, but they do bring some benefits with them. Like tying their kinfolk closer to you as well as the population of a newly aquirred area. Just make sure you don't kill her father or brothers, shit like that makes for a very rocky marriage.

But that was a interesting thing you said just now. That this place is a colony. How free reigns have you got? And does the Sperenze hail from the same motherland as your colony or are they indigenous? And what about the other neighbours?

Some answers would be nice. We need some good information to work with, otherwise we can't make you rise to the top. Oh by the way, do you want to build an empire that will last for a long time or create a name for yourself that will live throughout the ages?
No. 237617 ID: 230121
File 128608372036.jpg - (104.34KB , 800x300 , 40.jpg )

Our colony was conquered from the local goblins during the days of my grandfather, he was a Major under General Raiz for the Dragon's Thanes, helped conquer this whole territory he did. The Spereze were homesteaders, they were Lowlanders generations back. See, the motherland, it is across the Lowlands to the north. The lowlands are rich but they are also easy to attack from up here, the beastmen and goblins raided the lowlands regularly.

We put a stop to that, established a beachhead and cleared these ruins and others like them of goblins. I grew up listening to those stories at my grandfather's knee. How the fighting grew thickest in the marshes to the south. The beat of dragons wings and the stench of sulfur and whatever had been conjured up to fight them.

How he always wore his coat over his shoulders like a cape becasue he could hide extra rations and smokes in the sleeves. The stand they made at Belfork, Tranitor, and Hrudrell. The colors of magic and the riddle of steel.
No. 237618 ID: 230121
File 128608385586.jpg - (121.45KB , 400x700 , 41.jpg )

"Well then, I'm feeling very military all the sudden. I suppose a uniform matches my mood, besides my mother says I look good in uniform."

"Dangersmell good, make all the girlbolds giddy..."

Erh yes well, no need to fear me, I'm not after any girlbolds."
No. 237619 ID: 13cc3a

you may not be after any but it wont stop them from coming on to you. but enough of that let us depart.
No. 237690 ID: 230121
File 128609277666.jpg - (125.88KB , 700x500 , 42.jpg )

>Oh by the way, do you want to build an empire that will last for a long time or create a name for yourself that will live throughout the ages?

That... that is a strange question.
No. 237696 ID: 230121
File 128609315282.jpg - (125.45KB , 700x500 , 43.jpg )

Because the way I see it. A name is worth less than the lives it touched. What are words but the empty movement of vapors? Bereft of purpose they are empty, signifying nothing.

But an empire? Be for a day, a lifetime, or a eternity... 'that' will be remembered.

Why chose the lesser when you can posses both?
No. 237698 ID: 13cc3a

Enjoys prose.
okay then, thanks. now let's get you some eats.
No. 237726 ID: c71597

Well some empires become truly vast and touch the lives and imagination of alot of people. But they don't survive long after their founder, because it was the founder that was the force holding it all together, and once he died his sons and generals tear it apart in their wish to be the one to hold it all.

Building something that lasts can be a bit harder, and take alot more time. But we can probably manage both, you're still young and some people have built an empire with far less than you currently have.

But that will require some good numbers on your military, how their training is, how good discipline and morale they have. Then there's the political information necessary, like if anyone would see a reason to get involved into a local fight between you and say the Sperenze. Oh and the administration, you can't get an empire set up without some good administration backing you up.

But you can eat while we continue this.
No. 237731 ID: a594b9

I like how that mask looks on you.
No. 237908 ID: fab621
File 128614483357.jpg - (188.67KB , 698x462 , 44.jpg )

Thanks, I would hope my literary delving would improve my prose, and the mask was a gift.

Yes, yes, of course... ahh it's Tatten, he's a friend of mine, actually in the guard, lets ask how he is.

"Ho Tatten, how is it? They have you on guard duty tonight."

"Yeeeup... sokay with me though, ratha breath rain than your chances, or should I say dances."

"Ehh whatcho mean by that? There's not some kind of trouble is there?"

The other, Kerhnil starts laughing... "no no boy don't tell him it's better."

"Wait, wait, you don't mean 'shes' here?"

"Sure as sunshine she is, and there's elven folks too, delegates from the woods, so that means there's no getting away tonight without some dancing either."

"Well... blast all this then. Can't just have a nice quiet dinner huh?"
No. 237923 ID: 660aa0

wow, we work fast. not even a day with us and you already have a girl after you.
No. 237943 ID: c71597

I assume you can actually dance? You don't have to be awesome but it's generally a good idea to be able to handle the social needs of parties like this.

But why don't you tell us about the lady in question? She seems fairly important in the local politics.
No. 237996 ID: fab621
File 128615591424.jpg - (140.83KB , 700x500 , 45.jpg )

I was kinda hoping for someone 'less' familiar.
I can dance, I'm not incredible it's just... who with is the question.

I find my big brother loitering near the entryway and snag him. He seems in good humor and I can smell wine on his breath.
"Terterus" I hiss in his ear "Terterus why the hell didn't you tell me she was back?"

N'nd what? spoil the surprise? What are you cowering for? You aren't... HIDING from anything are you?"

"Bahumut's balls, keep it down! I don't want... look if you can just point me out a seat on the far opposite side of the room."
No. 238001 ID: fab621
File 128615677280.jpg - (132.80KB , 800x400 , 46.jpg )

"No can do little bro, Mother picked you out a seat right over there."

"Jezuz okay... I probably should have expected... wait.. why the hell is everyone wearing green?"

"Oh yeah that, father said it was to help out guests feel more at home, you know... foresty and all. Guess you stand out like a spotlight huh?"

Lucidia de' Sauterelle... remember when you mentioned harems, and I mentioned how you could 'probably' get away with that back in my grandfather's day? Well, maybe he didn't have to deal with the consequences... but I do.

See, maybe we aren't' 'exactly' the first branch on the family tree see? And... maybe that other branch still owns some ah, considerable sway back in the homeland. Can't have the same family with two voices in court see? So, uhm... maybe my parents are hinting... that we need to eh... get back to our roots? Claim our family name? Tighten the bond between separate scions?
No. 238002 ID: a594b9

They want to marry you off to her?

She looks pretty cute, why are you avoiding her?
No. 238004 ID: b5448b

sorry, but we are set on actually wanting shit like this to happen. so suck it up and get over there.
No. 238027 ID: d677cc

Well, I mean, how well do you know her?
No. 238161 ID: c71597

That's actually not a bad idea. It holds the potential to increase the power of both families. Have to be careful with overdoing it though. If you keep it up for a few generations you're going to get drooling idiots, and that puts a damper on everyones good mood.

She looks pretty nice as well. But I'm guessing she has a fierce temper or something. But come on, something like that hardly has to be permanent. If you succced in the plans to forge an empire for yourself then you can set her aside at a later time, and if she refuses that then there's always the headsman, he writtes killer divorces.

So chop chop, get over there and lets meet Lucida and that elf.
No. 238494 ID: fab621
File 12862412427.jpg - (156.30KB , 800x400 , 47.jpg )

Well that's not incredible romantic.

Oh well, if marrying my half-first cousin is such an integral part of forging an empire perhaps we should reconsider our options, I mean, there are other ways to live a good and full life which don't involve me becoming coterminous with yon consanguineous al-

My brother takes the inititive and give me a good hard shove (remind me later that I should probably exercise more) sending me skittering across the tile-work with a wicked grin and a chuckle.
"N'nd don't forget to pull 'er good n close likah gentleman during the slow numbers eh bro?"

Lucidia turns.
"Oh August, is that you?"
No. 238504 ID: fab621
File 128624200453.jpg - (161.40KB , 800x400 , 48.jpg )

"Oh yes it is you, my. You've grown so since we last met?"

"Erh hello Lucidia?"
Well, for one she's eight years my senior, she even used to babysit me when I was young. That and she's a mostly blind albino, and apparently some kind of 'sensitive' on top of that. I suppose this is the part where I mention how her scion of the family actually has been pulling some kind of bizarre breeding program.

What Sirus mentioned earlier about our kind not making very adept mages has more than an inkling of truth, didn't stop some of my ancestors from trying though.
No. 238533 ID: 732129


Consanguinity is not a major concern between half-cousins. I'd need to see your family tree, but I bet there's no genetic problems at all.
No. 238534 ID: a594b9

Unusual coloring, physical handicap, and talented to boot? Sounds good to me. I'd like to point out that half-cousins are more than far enough genetically removed to prevent weird birth defects.

Eight years your senior isn't really so bad when you're like... Uh... how old are you? If you're like 30 or something I don't see any issue with it.

Anyway, sit down and be polite. Ask her how she's been.
No. 238538 ID: 69bee4

sure, I can see why thats awkward to ya; however, it is worth at least giving it a real shot at least once, swallowing down those insecurities, and having a good time about it. If it goes badly then, you have an argument, as of right now, its just the meddling of others that might be getting in the way.

Besides! you have got us to guide you, and you kicked some ass today, be a bit more confident. You've earned it.
No. 238548 ID: d677cc

Well, sit down, man.
No. 238734 ID: c71597

Oh, so I guess the family knows about your little magical attempts then. But it does seem like family intermarriage has already started to have some effects. Atleast for the main house.

Probably something you should put a stop to onceyou come into power. Marrying into the local families of areas you have taken over is generally a decent way to get those areas to calm down and also make the noble families in the area look for more normal political plotting rather than military might to expand their influence.

Well then, take a seat and tell her how that mask goes very well with her colouration. Ask her how she has been and about news and stuff. Be a good listener and try to involve that elf over there in the conversation as well.
No. 239865 ID: 18a0dd
File 128647212969.jpg - (187.31KB , 800x500 , 49.jpg )

I am 27, in three years I'll be considered a full adult having completed my apprenticeship. at which point it is generally expected that one would marry and as a noble I could even legally found my own colony.

I'll give it a try.

I take a seat removing her hand from my shoulder as I take in my exact position tonight. My litter-brother Farvel gives me a nod from my right as I snag a drink from a passing servant.

"Oh, is something wrong? You seem... tense."

"I- this has been a very unusual day, borrowed a knight's plane, was shot at, chased by a lion, engaged in a fistfight on said plane, went fishing..."

"Sounds better than mine" says Farvel with a grin. "I've just been helping father negotiate trade contracts with our guests all day."
No. 239866 ID: 18a0dd
File 12864727514.jpg - (125.53KB , 800x300 , 50.jpg )

>Oh, so I guess the family knows about your little magical attempts then
That thought is a little unsettling, I wonder if they don't have something planned?

"Oh that sounds so exciting, everything here in the country is so much, wilder it seems."

"Ahh well speaking of which, how impolite of me to not greet out guests properly. I would have worn something more fitting myself but I was not aware."

"Oh please~ No offense taken, I do hope it wasn't our lands that you were wandering upon?~"

"What's wrong? Afraid he might have brought back back those workers you oohhh what's the word? Abducted! You know? without having to kowtow to your ridiculous forestry embargo?"
No. 239873 ID: d677cc

Hey, don't be so nervous.

Little surprised she let that comment from Farvel slip by. Guess she's not too proud of her heritage, so to speak.

I suppose you could explain your day a little more (or at least as much as you're comfortable with, eh? :B), and then you could ask her why she's out here or what she's been doing lately or some such thing.

Even if you are a bit squeamish about marrying her or whatever, it'd be wrong not to show her hospitality.

So I don't think you ever really told us, although I guess we didn't ask clearly -- is there any kind of hostile personality "quirk" (like, say, a short, fiery temper set off by the mention of certain topics) we need to look out for here, or is she pretty laid back about most things?
No. 239876 ID: d677cc

Oh, right, that was the elf's comment. My mistake.

Um, well, anyway.
No. 239888 ID: c2c011

Oh their plan is to the right of you. You did say they wanted to breed better mages after all.

And that was terribly rude of your brother, you should give him a stare to let him know that it's not the proper way to adress a guest. You should always be wellmannered towards a guest, even if you do intend to have them beheaded in public in the morning for some slight, or if they're your worst enemy.

But there seems to be quite an interesting story here. You have to tell us more about it later. But for now apologise on your brothers behalf and inform him that it was the lands of the Sperenze you took a small sojourn to. And they do have some very fiery tempers and an alarming lack of self control. Around here you could pointedly look at your brother as well.
No. 239903 ID: cbb20c
File 128648138593.jpg - (100.72KB , 400x700 , 51.jpg )

Derp, should have underlined the elf's text, he was the one hoping that August had stayed off their land.

I shoot my brother that look meaning we will talk 'later' on this, then turn to the elf and apologize.

"I'm very sorry, but I would prefer we not have discussions of such a tone with ladies and wine present. Besides, I was actually on Sperenze lands today, their lake fish tend to be superior to our river fare."

"Well, it is good to see 'someone' here posses proper etiquette. I gather from your dress that you are perhaps the son in training for a military command? I find it preferable for officers to be gentlemen as well."

Lucidia does seem to be easily unbalanced by a local mood. Likely some kind of feedback from her 'gift', but in general she is more quietly clingy than anything else.
No. 239908 ID: d677cc

Thank him for the compliment. :B

And then, uh... I don't know, actually. Whoops. :v
No. 239914 ID: c2c011

Well you could tell him that you haven't really settled on a future carrear path yet. But officers training would hardly be a bad thing, the skills taught in the military has so very many applications outside of the martial life as well.

And you could ask him if he has any experiance in matters military. Try to get him talking so you can find something to build the conversation on.
No. 240449 ID: cbb20c
File 128658783344.jpg - (154.22KB , 745x383 , 52.jpg )

"I have not quite decided 'what' I am going to make of myself, I am now rather more of a... I suppose a scholar? Why? Are you military?"

"I confess we have any dedicated military as you do, however the benefits of immortality have among the leisure to dabble in most any art that pleases one. But you say you are a scholar? Perhaps then you wish to speak with my wife, she has been looking for a specific local 'scholar' of sorts perhaps you are acquainted?"

I continue talking on somewhat trivial matters, trying to build some kind of rapport with him. Apparently his name is Yereadrio Dulcelma, he isn't from around here but was asked to assist the local diplomat in his dealings with our people, due to some experience he has in dealing with beast kingdoms down south.

I am hasty to correct him that Verhimen are by no means to be confused among the common beastmen, he assures me that he is well aware of 'a distinction in our mannerisms and origin.'
No. 240464 ID: cbb20c
File 128658882611.gif - (133.13KB , 400x750 , 53.gif )

It is about then that my father decides to officially begin the dinner with a pronouncement. He has always had a dramatic flair, and despite his age his dress still reflects the wilder days of his youth as a corsair almost half a century past.

"My beloved Guests... and those not quite so beloved but we feed you anyway... those both relative, reverent, and irrelevant I find it my duty as your host to commence this evening of merriment.

I give thanks to the Masterworker, to his many creations, to our Scaled and Most Honorific Lieges and their loyal Council, to our Neighbors for tolerating our troublesome ways, and to my Family for being as best a family as I could hope for. May the bonds we make tonight serve to bind us together in prosperity for generations."

I note that with his last line his smiling eyes momentarily meet mine, and as if in cosmic amusement and to punctuate his meaning the storm breaks behind him.
No. 240497 ID: c59f60

lightning does that. if you say something dramatic and it is stormy there is a good chance lightning will strike as soon as you finish.

anyway. it looks like you will be dancing soon. remember, you are to make an effort tonight. one hand on her's the other at her waist.
No. 240506 ID: c2c011

Scaled lieges huh. You don't happen to have serve a dragon do you?

Hmm, and it seems like your family has already planned out a great deal for you. What about your brothers? Have you heard anything about future prospects for them?
No. 240508 ID: e973f4

Oh hey I missed that line about "scaled lieges." Care to explain?
No. 240589 ID: cbb20c
File 128660600474.jpg - (142.08KB , 600x600 , 54.jpg )

Well, (excuse me a moment, peppered beef noodles are one of my favorites) well... the first dances are usually a bit more switching partners and hectically turning through different formations, patterns and such. Slow couple's dances will come later.

The Dragons rule the whole of the Nations of Verhimen through the Thanes, a council of advisers and aides. Given that they tend to have weird sleep schedules and are rarely in agreement on anything it's fairly rare for them to get directly involved in day-to-day political maneuvering so much as serve as a political symbol and voice in favor of particular causes and actions.

Terterus is married, Myansa his wife should be around here, somewhere?

As for Farvel a month ago I walked in on him working his hands up the skirt of Vanori, a local plantation owner's daugher he had pressed up against a wall. I doubt they noticed me.

Kurtail is only 17, he's still a bit shy around girls his age so no worries there for a while. Besides, that he's likely headed for the Knights in a few years so he can go bugger off an rescue a princess or something.
No. 240593 ID: c59f60

ah, sorry about that. haven't been to one of these things before. talking sphere and all. also he will bugger off and fail to rescue a princess cause you will have already rescued them all. hahaha.
No. 240629 ID: c2c011

So how come the dragons rule if they don't really do all that much?

And I wouldn't bet on Farvel feeling any marital inclinations simply because he was feeling her up. He could just be using his status as the son of a nobleman to get some hanky panky. But it's good to know that two of them are free. That could be useful further on.

So I take it your cousing doesn't do much of the first type of dancing due to her handicap. But you know she would probably think it's quite fun if you were willing to lead her into it.
No. 240753 ID: a594b9

You should talk more to Lucidia. Learn more about her!
No. 240940 ID: cbb20c
File 128667941875.jpg - (151.06KB , 745x400 , 55.jpg )

You would deny a 40ft+ long, flying magic powerhouse a mostly ceremonial title and the chance to occasionally crisp your foes, in exchange for putting up with a few, eccentricities?

We can speak more with her if you wish during the slow dances but... you are correct it would not do for me to dance and just leave her sitting alone.

"Would you care to dance?"

"I-I mean I usually sit out the fast bits becasue well... you know, I'm not very go-"

I take her hand and draw her up.
"Nonsense, our honor may not allow it, you are our guest, and what is more you are family. Any man here will willingly see to it to lead you."

"Oh, I~"
No. 240943 ID: cbb20c
File 128667975040.jpg - (199.70KB , 800x400 , 56.jpg )

Good, and now that's settled I may essentially dance with anyone I please, or rather everyone. Well, until the music slows down in a few hours, then certain expectations must be fulfilled.

I can likely even leave as soon as the dancing is over if I use my meeting with Sirus as an excuse.

I think that elf is trying to get my attention?
No. 240962 ID: c59f60

partner switch!
No. 241018 ID: a594b9

Find out what they want.
No. 241044 ID: cbb20c
File 128668499352.jpg - (151.06KB , 400x800 , 57.jpg )


"August de'Sauterelle?"
She speaks with a clear if curious accent and hold my hand quite firmly for what would appear a slender thing.

"Erh that is I. Have we met?"

"No, but my husband, he spoke of you in saying there was a scholar among your people. I am looking for a certain scholar. What is it you study?"
No. 241062 ID: a594b9

Uhhhh... stuff? Tell her the basics of what your field is but try not to get into any incriminating specifics.
No. 241216 ID: c2c011

Well you could tell her that you have a childish fascination with magic lore. Makes it sound like you know a few things but haven't gotten very much in deepth yet and certainly doesn't betray the fact that you can actually use a little bit of magic.

Just check that your cousin is doing ok. It would be somewhat of a disgrace if you promised her that everything would be fine and then someone lets her fall.
No. 241230 ID: e2020c


Inquire wheter she's introduced to magic.
No. 241477 ID: c8956d
File 128674880570.jpg - (169.44KB , 500x700 , 58.jpg )

>Just check that your cousin is doing ok.

Can do, she looks fine, more than a bit hesitant but, oh okay father's got her. The lights are low in here, so she shouldn't have too much glare in her eyes.

"Oh a bit of history, physics, and philosophy, perhaps a childish fascination with the fantastic and arcane?"

"You study magic?"

"We as a people are utterly inept in it's application but I am familiar with some minor theory."

"I see, fortunately I am not searching for a mage who 'is' a Verhimen, merely one who lives among them."
No. 241670 ID: 40cb26

Almost certain she's talking about Sirus. Unless you have a cluster of mages around, and that seems unlikely. What you should do about it is another matter... tell her you know how of whom she speaks, and if she wants to arrange a meeting you can relay a message to him. It's a precaution just in case Sirus decides he should decline the offer and skip town after setting fire to his belongings, his home, and to a mysterious pile of corpses you will later discover in a back ally sometime next week.

You know, hypothetically.
No. 241698 ID: e40e60

That would be Sirius. I'd say tell her where he is, but really her timing is just too perfect.
No. 241712 ID: c2c011

Ask her why she's looking for such a magician in particular.

Seems strange that she has such a specific individual in mind. Especially asking you about it. So, one thing you should not under any circumstances do right now is excuse yourself and go talk to Sirius. Because then she might be able to tail you. Neither should you ask a servant directly to go to him and tell him. Instead you should ask the servant to go speak with someone you trust and hand over a piece of paper. On that paper you will instruct whoever it is you trust to not go see Sirius immediatly. But rather wait a couple of hours to make sure they loose intrest and then go speak with Sirius, and make sure they're not followed on the way there.

That should hopefully make sure they don't find him before we know what they want with him. If they already know where he's at then there's not much you can do right now.
No. 242123 ID: cbb20c
File 128682320840.jpg - (201.63KB , 800x500 , 59.jpg )

Mmm, Yes this is just a bit too coincidental, the summoning could not have gone 'completely' unnoticed given it's literally astronomical nature. Time for plausible deniability till we can discern more.
"Well then, I must you the best of luck in such endeavors. Should you ever feel the need to refer back to me feel free, as I am always interested in making connections with the academic community."

"I assure you, you will be among the first to know of my success~." She says with more than a hint of amusement.

Creepy... time for a partner change, let's see who's up?
No. 242134 ID: cbb20c
File 128682526492.jpg - (152.24KB , 800x400 , 60.jpg )


"Hello dear~ Enjoying your day?"

"It's been more than a bit... unusual. Why was I not informed we would be having guests tonight?"

"Oh, I wanted it to be a surprise. Besides, I think you stay cooped up too much in your studies, and I'm sure some nice girl here could teach you a thing or two you won't find in books.~"


"Can you blame me in looking out for my sons? You should consider who you are going to marry when your apprenticeship ends in two years."

"Three years mother, I have three years left, besides I was thinking about being a bachelor for while, I mean, father didn't meet you till 37."

"Nonsense, your father spent near two decades roaming the seas and fighting pirates, you've spent most of one figuring out how to light candles without matches, I think you could do with a woman to take care of you.
No. 242141 ID: 0b2a05

Say you'll think about it, it's the ultimate noncommittal agreement.
No. 242198 ID: e973f4

Man, everybody wants you to pick up a chick!

Or, in some cases, chicks.
No. 242236 ID: cbb20c
File 128684317014.jpg - (169.98KB , 600x700 , 61.jpg )

[i]"I'll think about it, really, I will."[i]

"You do that dear~."

Okay, lets grab a drink for a bit and put at least some part of this plan into action.
No. 242240 ID: c71597


Don't drink too much though. Seems like you might need your wits about you during the entire evening.
No. 242242 ID: cbb20c
File 128684420538.jpg - (47.59KB , 500x800 , note.jpg )

Don't plan on it, Terterus is likely to become the drunk of the family and Sirus, well he spends some weeks so washed up he can't even remember how to speak in sentences so you don't need to tell me the dangers of a little wine and song.

But on other matters, what exactly should my message consist of? I mean 'Sirus, I think this elf lady may be stalking you, what do?' seems a bit... Inno not very useful?

It's not that I don't like women, quite the contrary. It's just... I would like to see the world a bit before I settle down and one can't rightly do that with a litter of children hanging off one's arms.
No. 242249 ID: c71597

Depends on if you're sending the letter directly to him or it goes through someone else first.

If it goes through someone else then it should just instruct them to go tell Sirus that an elf is looking for him and that maybe he should keep a low profile for a few days until stuff becomes clearer.

If it's written directly to him then pretty much the same thing. Keep the message simple and don't sign it for the love of any diety. Ideally you should probably write with your left if you're right handed or the other way around. Should make it impossible to identify it as your handwriting.
No. 242256 ID: e40e60

"There's an elf here asking around about you. Best that you lay low for the moment.

- You know who"
No. 242266 ID: cbb20c
File 128684642588.jpg - (213.85KB , 800x600 , 62.jpg )

Brevity, the soul of wit, ect, ect... gotcha. One short, anonymous warning ready for delivery. I just need a courier.
"...and speaking of children hanging off one's arms."

"Talking to yourself big brother?"

"Shouldn't you be grounded or something, I remember a bit of a fuss about a troublesome little waif what loosened every third lightbulb and covered them in tacky glue."

"Papa says I'm out early tonight for the party."

"Fascinating, I still don't think Trebletrumaldes has all the burns off her fingers. Still, I need a letter delivered in about 3 hours."

"Depends, what's your offer?"

Family politics, lovely isn't it? Even the youngest grasp it.
No. 242268 ID: dc80ab

hmmm, you got any candies? candy is a great kid bribe.
No. 242273 ID: e40e60

Money would also work.
No. 242279 ID: e973f4

Ask him what he wants for it, and then haggle.

Well, hey. Maybe you can see the world and find women, eh? |3
No. 242283 ID: c71597

Obviously a return favour at a later point. That's the way one deals with family politics.
No. 242528 ID: cbb20c
File 128690581198.jpg - (203.67KB , 800x600 , 63.jpg )

I have no candy, and I prefer not to start a habit of doling out money to relatives, especially not Milli. She's a clever thing, too clever.
"Perhaps a favor? What do you want?"

"Can you turn someone into a toad?"

"I won't ask for specifics except to say no, I cannot turn anyone into anything."

"Mkay, but can you 'get' a toad? Oh a Giant Marsh Toad?"

"How giant are we talking?"

"Bigger than my head! Oh, and I need it before the week is out."

"Ah, good, for a moment there I thought you might want something actually difficult."

"Good have we got a... heeeey! Fine you wanna be like that make it twice as big! It's gotta be alive too!"

"I can do it, just make sure in an hour or so to sneak out and get this to 'the man'... you know who I mean. Don't let anyone know, and especially nobody who isn't family."

"Gottcha, but you promise a toad remember~"

"I promise."
No. 242550 ID: c71597

Clingy little thing isn't she.

Well looks like we got that out of the way. By the way you're gonna have to raid Sperenze land again for that toad aren't you?

Probably not alot else to do except enjoy the party. Talk with important people and get to know them a bit, dance and get to know their wives a bit. Be social and gather information. Those sort of things. First of all you could check if there's anyone else taking a breather at the bar and chat them up.
No. 242559 ID: e2020c


No. 242972 ID: 2df95e
File 128700054815.jpg - (273.25KB , 800x750 , 64.jpg )

Milli snatches up the letter and scampers under a table. Fairly sure she still fits through the kobold paths so if she’s lucky she won’t even have to wet her ears all the way there and back.
>By the way you're gonna have to raid Sperenze land again for that toad aren't you?
Likely, then I didn’t plan on letting them keep my mask either.

Ah it’s Grandfather Selucid and Farvel, perhaps we can probe further his complaint against that diplomat?
”Grandfather, keeping well I hope?”

”Well’s be ‘xpected boy. Cold wet night, feelen the season I’ma bones. Does mah heart good though see yah wearen yur colors. Nona this namby pamby stuff, gotta show em fae’s some strength in business.”

”Well, don’t be too quick to lick him clean. August hushed me like some child when I started calling him out on the bullshit with the woodcutters they want to pull on us.

How can they expect us to refine glass or ore without ash and charcoal? I’ll tell you what! They know they can offer lower lumber prices than the Sperenze and just want to clamp up our local production. Make us dependant, and you know those workers won’t come back ‘right’ at all.”

Not sure if it’s wiser to interrupt his rant or just head back into the dance?
No. 242976 ID: 4643fd

ah well, there is in fact a way to turn electricity onto heat. get enough of it and you can melt just about anything.
No. 242991 ID: c71597

Stay and listen a bit. It's usually a good idea to have some knowledge on what various family members think. He might let slip some stuff right now that he wouldn't say otherwise.

Besides, it's also a good way to find out what your grandfather thinks about the whole deal.
No. 243016 ID: d677cc

Sure, listen in. Why not?
No. 243273 ID: cbb20c
File 12870311278.jpg - (260.28KB , 800x750 , 65.jpg )

”Well now boy, that there doesn’t sound vera family like, ‘mbarasing him in front of our guests whatcha got to say to that?

”You should always be well mannered towards a guest, even if they're your worst enemy. To do otherwise is dishonorable as a host, even and most importantly when they are troublesome. Besides that couldn’t we just use electrical furnaces?”

” And cut into our energy production? Unless you’ve hidden a spare generator up your big ass it wouldn’t be worth it, didn’t you hear? I need potash for the finer glasswork, unless you want to start reading by candlelight, we cannot allow our glass manufactory to be impacted thusly. Even importing the parts and refitting for arc furnaces could cost weeks of production! Any way you look at it we lose production, have to pay parts and labor just to end up back where we started.”

Something in Farvel’s speech sparks a light in Elder Selucid, he pulls on his pipe and quietly murmers.
”Life’s a race nobody wins my boys. , iffen you run too hard, get to the end before you know what’s waiting for you there ‘nd if you run too slow you’ve got tah finish it alone.”

The music slows and more strings join in where drums once beat.
No. 243277 ID: 4643fd

excuse yourself, as slowing music would be your cue.
No. 243286 ID: d677cc

That is indeed your cue.
No. 243366 ID: c71597

Well then, seems like it's time for some slower dances. Excuse yourself and see how your cousin is doing.
No. 243818 ID: 0b493c
File 12871677548.jpg - (146.77KB , 750x500 , 66.jpg )

“Well gentlemen must I apologize, but this big ass is obligated to find itself on the dance floor shortly, thus I take my leave from this riveting socio-economic dissertation. Speaking of which Farvel; shouldn’t ‘you’ be dancing?”

“What? nah came alone…”

”Vanessa sick?”

”Hmm w- no her mother’s due in a month so she isn’t aval.. wait wha- how do you?”

”Later brother, gotta dance~”

Just straighten my jacket and-
No. 243819 ID: 0b493c
File 128716785493.jpg - (188.56KB , 600x750 , 67.jpg )

Okay found her, courage my boy, courage its just- oh motherfucker it’s that elf again.
“-and so I says to him if he wants Murukal he’ll have to get him himself or raise the price because I wasn’t getting paid for extraction! But seriously dear you have the look of clientele about you, see if you can’t get a card from my beau.”

“The ‘look’?”

“Oh you know what I mean, somebody with money and problems, We’re in the business of removing the maximum of one for the minimum of the other. But really dear I specialize in research and acquisitions.”

“Really? Research and ‘acquisitions’ you say?”

“Oh yes dear, you know, finding things, places and people and getting them to other things, places, and people.

“But, I don’t really need help finding what I want.”

“Ahh but do you have it?”
No. 243820 ID: 0b493c
File 128716805267.jpg - (186.44KB , 600x750 , 68.jpg )

“Well, not exactly bu-”

“Perhaps you need to be a little more proactive in ‘acquisitions? That’s where we come in, but it takes a little to grease the wheels you know dear? You know what the Fae say? Pleasure drinks best when mingled in pain if you know what I’m saying?”

“Ooh, oh my~”

Okaaaay, lets get her out of there before she starts elucidating her as to the '41 Precepts of the Blooded Lance', or tries to sell her a copy of 'Dark in the Garden'.
No. 243822 ID: d677cc

Good lord that elf can talk.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go for it, man!
No. 243835 ID: 1854db

Oh wow she's wrapped her tail around her leg in nervousness that is so CUTE

Rescue that fine maiden. Just walk up and ask her to dance.
No. 243845 ID: 69bee4

Now, now! we could just steal her away, but what we need to do it with is style!

something like: "Excuse me ladies, but the music has slowed... and thats the cue for the devilish rogue to sweep the princess off her feet"
No. 243847 ID: 0ca778

just be like "excuse me it seems the music is slowing down so that means it is time to dance"
No. 243953 ID: c71597

Yeah, time to save her before that elf talks her into doing something stupid. Possibly something related to you, which might upset your plans and stuff.

Oh, and get her card later. She handles problems, which might be useful, just make sure to use her for the right problems. That elf seems to have an agenda of her own and on the truly important stuff she's probably not a very good tool to use, she would probably succed. But then she would have a hold on you because of the stuff she has done for you.
No. 244134 ID: afeda0

"Apologies for the intrusion, ladies, but I believe I have yet to fill my quota of dances for this fine event. Might I abscond with one of you to the dance floor?"

Just brushed up on your situation a bit. So... as a race, you're not that adept at the flashy magic stuff. However, it seems that you are moderately adept with technological matters. Is there currently anybody tinkering about with combining the two in some manner?

Also, try and have some fun with the dance. Fun is important. Not enough people partake of it at times. You may not be looking at her with marriage in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time with Lucidia. Maybe you could be friends. That's bringing the branches of the family a little closer, right? True, not as close as a wriggling, screaming, allegedly adorable newborn baby, but still closer.
No. 244270 ID: 146c5a
File 128726872994.jpg - (214.50KB , 800x500 , 69.jpg )

That is a bit endearing, I must...
Okay… okay… then smooth intercept.
"Pardon my intrusion ladies, but perhaps we ca, acquire your business information later? for now I believe is the time when a devilish young rogue must abscond with the princess to fulfill his quota of dances this fine evening.

”Just think about it won’t you darling.”

“Lucidia, would you care to accept?”

“Oh August yes, thankyou… I would love to.”

Perhaps she is not a threat herself, but some kind of freelancer? I'll see if we can't find some way to make that useful.

We do hold an edge over most threats in our technology, and I know of some houses who have been specializing in recovering or developing working examples of archanotech.

However, the inherent danger of such pieces in disassembly and engineering is akin to drawing a runesheet or spellcircle over multiple interlocking surfaces while accounting for wear, interactions, and multiple orientations. When your kind have difficulty grasping it's natural flow and manipulation this danger is compounded, unlikely to notice a hazardous orientation's warning signs until too late.
No. 244319 ID: 1854db

Oh, a goblin/kobold couple! How scandalous~

It's time for some small talk with your dancing partner.
No. 244362 ID: c71597

You should ask her what that was about. She might react in an interesting manner.

By the way, while you don't seem to have any heavy emotional investment in this match she seems to be a bit more keen on the whole idea. That could prove a bit problematical if you make sure it doesn't happen.
No. 244365 ID: 1b42c5

it think she ACTUALLY likes you and isn't doing this just because the family said so.
No. 244457 ID: 1dcc11

Hmmm... I wonder what she'd think of sneaking off on an adventure instead of staying at the party, like some manner of childish secret game.

So archanotech is a hazardous field to work in. Understandable, I suppose. How's the safety equipment for working in said field?
No. 244482 ID: 146c5a
File 128728412964.jpg - (222.17KB , 800x700 , 70.jpg )

That... that is seeming increasingly likely.
"Enjoyed your evening my dear?"

"Oh yes, everyone has been so helpful and polite, even those strange elves."

"I hope they weren't a problem. She seemed a bit pushy."

"Other's secrets will snare her, butterflies should not play the spider's harp..."
Ludicia hesitates. I feel a shiver in her cool hands and I hastily change the subject.
"Tell me Lucidia. What have you made of yourself since my youth? It must be difficult, a lady of your condition in a land of crowded streets and towers?"

"It is not so hard, I've taken up music and become quite proficient by some circles. My master she says, perhaps I could make a profession of it, even become a master myself some day!"
No. 244489 ID: 1b42c5

oh, musical talents are a very nice thing.
No. 244498 ID: e973f4

What sort of music? Singing? Clavier? Some manner of stringed instrument? Something else?
No. 244618 ID: 1854db

Oh, I think she just used magic there, and that was a little prophecy.
No. 244623 ID: 1dcc11

"Ah, I may fiddle about with the arcane, but a good musician is magical indeed. What's your specialty?"

Don't think on jokes about singing out in the bedroom!
No. 244807 ID: c71597

Nice, ask her what instrument she prefers. Hmm, maybe you should ask her to put up a small demonstration here some day. Would probably be a good boost for her confidence.
No. 245144 ID: 5b724b
File 128735603255.jpg - (250.03KB , 800x700 , 71.jpg )

She does that, makes very peculiar statements out of no-where with little explanation.

>Don't think on jokes about singing out in the bedroom!
I wasn't till you mentioned it, and don't think I'm not starting to catch on to which voices say what... I mean us sneaking off during the dance, the kind of talk to be heard, and I can't be sure something wouldn't transpire with her possible motives.

"What kind of music does milady specialize in?"

"Oh Primarily the Cello, a some Viol and uhm..."
"My father, he insisted that I be able to play 'something' martial."

"Which would entail?"

"Mmmm bagpipes, no don't laugh please, I'm not really very good with them and I-"
No. 245149 ID: 5b724b
File 128735615630.jpg - (212.61KB , 800x700 , 72.jpg )

"No no I won't laugh. However, perhaps you could be engaged in a demonstration of whatever you please sometime later? It would be nice see some, professionalism in the finer arts out here."

Lucidia seems to consider this for a moment and leans into me, her whiskers twitching against my cheek.
“Ah well, perhaps I could be persuaded along such lines. I must confess I did not come prepared for a performance, but perhaps we could find a way to make do~. However, I simply must invite you to attend to our coming Solstice Concert, I am sure the family would be more than happy to put you up and your hospitality demands I return in kind.”

Wait… did I just imply something I was unintending to imply. Perhaps some subtext I missed...did I want to imply something?
No. 245154 ID: 1b42c5

yes, you did. we'll get that harem in no time if you keep this up.
No. 245155 ID: 40cb26

I think she just roped your implication into implying something you didn't mean to imply, but she knows full well that you weren't implying what she is implying you implied.

Just... go along with it.
No. 245161 ID: c71597

Oh I think there might have been all sorts of implications implied here.

But you should accept the offer. For two reasons, first it's discourteous to decline such an invitation and secondly it's a very good chance to gain new allies and see how things lie closer to the centre. With the right connections you might be able to spread tales of how incompetently the Sperenze rule their lands and how well your own lands are maintained. Then at the right moment you could get some sanction from above for a takeover.
No. 245173 ID: d677cc

Oh jeez Mib August's right eye should not look like that. Don't even know if it should be visible from this angle. Creepin' me out. :<

She's playing with you, a little. But sure, run with it! :B
No. 245316 ID: 26b34e

Bagpipes? Heck yeah! Bagpipes are awesome.

Well... awesome if played right.

Also, it's all in good fun, my fine fuzzy friend. Life's too important to take seriously all the time.

As for the recognition of voices, there are ways around that if wanted, but why bother? It's more fun to be called out for being a mischievous scamp. The real trick is telling when a voice is serious or just messing around with ya.

Also... "A demonstration of whatever you please"... If she did feel a certain way about you, what might a sharp mind be able to twist that into? But then, perhaps it's just a case of things being simply what it seems.
Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Though it's often funnier when it's not.
No. 245413 ID: 146c5a
File 128737881753.jpg - (228.45KB , 800x700 , 73.jpg )

Yeah, sorry I went all cubist on you, redrew that pic 3 times due to various file fuckups and a freeze so the last time I rushed it.

"I feel it my duty to consider such hospitable offer. I feel almost certain my family would not find issue with such a visit."

"I would hope they could still trust you in my care. Why, can you believe it's almost been two decades since we first met? Watching you at play, ensuring you didn't wander off the cliffs. Ahh, but you've grown so, tell me, what have 'you' made of yourself these past years?"

"Well, for one thing, it will doubtlessly amuse you to know I now live right on those cliffs."
No. 245479 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she wants to visit sometime and check out your house.
No. 245506 ID: 69bee4

Wax poetic a bit about the view from the cliffs, your appreciation of the beauty, move to beauty in general, and maybe while saying so a smile and a wink her way...

Although all things considered, you don't seem to have sorted out your feelings on the matter, and her being this assertive seems quite out of character from what little I understand. Do be careful id say, and keep the flattery harmless, until you can sort out what you think on her. I personally approve thus far of her, as she obviously does of you. Matters of the heart be a road most dangerous...
No. 245565 ID: c71597

You could mention that you have taken up the study of magic, as well as try to keep in shape by running around on said cliffs. You do actually do that last one right? Because if not then you should start with it. Staying in shape is important, and as a noble you should be able to practice atleast a few sports and know how to use a couple of weapons as well as how to ride. If nothing else it's good to have wellrounded skills.

Other than that I guess you could describe the place you live at. Should have some nice views or something.
No. 245770 ID: 4387da
File 128745092125.jpg - (196.28KB , 700x700 , 74.jpg )

I blather on a bit about my house, studies, the lovely view and peace of a quiet morning looking over the fog. How I should probably start to exercise more before I unwittingly hit middle age and become wizened instead of wise... She just leans her head on my shoulder, occasionally adding in a little exclamation or acknowledgment.

I'm, a bit hesitant to do so, I don't want to add layers upon possible layers of misinterpretation.

I don't know, perhaps I just resent my family meddling in what I consider personal affairs? Did I seek to become a wizard for power or did I just want to get out of the house? Maybe I wanted a challenged, perhaps this seems too easy? Maybe it's her influence, like a calming sea when she is near and I somehow fear it's dulling, smothering influence? Perhaps I resent the talent that flows so naturally to her yet I must slave to even grasp at-
No. 245776 ID: 4387da
File 128745132213.jpg - (63.92KB , 500x600 , 75.jpg )

"August, is something wrong?"

I take a breath.
"No... I think, you just brushed against the shell burn on my shoulder."

"Oh I'm sor-"

"No, please don't apologize, it wasn't your fault."

We dance on a bit, her body warm and fluid against mine as the music winds down. I put the mental exercises Sirus taught me to good use.
No. 245782 ID: 4387da
File 128745156297.jpg - (54.60KB , 500x600 , 76.jpg )

"I think that was the last song."

"Yes, I fear the evening must draw to a close milady."

"It was too short, thank you. I wouldn't have usually but,"

"I try."
No. 245789 ID: 4387da
File 128745237440.jpg - (189.16KB , 800x600 , 77.jpg )

I help Lucidia gather her things and see her off to the inner corridors. I now stand before the front entrance, the storm still pouring outside, mother is waiting to see me off.

"Well dear if you insist I'm not going to stop you, but I'm sure we could bed you down somewhere here tonight."

I am the only close family member who doesn't regularly sleep in halls and tunnels of the Fortress Mound. It can be very cozy but, I prefer a bit of distance between myself and others at times, a bit of solitude communal living cannot offer. I've never been quite sure if mother took me moving out to the cliffs the wrong way.
No. 245801 ID: d677cc

Oh wow that's quite a bit of rain.

I suppose you couldn't stay here, just this once...? Your family might appreciate the gesture, which couldn't hurt.
No. 245885 ID: c71597

Hot damn, it's really pouring down out there. And you live by some cliffs you say? Eh, couldn't hurt to sleep here for the night. Maybe talk a bit with your mother and stuff, let her treat you a bit like a kid again to make her happy.
No. 245981 ID: dde931

You may risk sending the wrong message again if you brave the storm simply to get home tonight. Is there anything absolutely pressing awaiting you there? A running experiment perhaps?
If not its best to stay in and attempt to enjoy your family's hospitality for a while.
No. 246519 ID: 146c5a
File 128763987814.jpg - (191.03KB , 800x600 , 78.jpg )

Yeeesh... it really is pouring, I'd have to roofrun if I didn't want to be up to my ankles half the time.


"Yes dearie~?"

"You wouldn't mind if I took you up on that offer? You know... just the weather and all."
No. 246521 ID: 69bee4

You seem really hesitant to stay, is there a reason beyond just a preference towards solitude? Or maybe you just come off as unwilling, its hard to tell. It is family though! and you were getting along just fine earlier, go with the flow.

Also, give your mother a hug or something of affection! Not all mages have to be recluses.
No. 246522 ID: 146c5a
File 128764042296.jpg - (111.28KB , 489x520 , 79.jpg )

Her eye's light up as she takes my hand and firmly leads me away from the exit.

"No of course not dear, I simply will not have my children catching cold when I have a warm bed waiting for them. I'll see if I can't find you a suitable room while you go get a bath."

She stops and lowers her voice for a moment before continuing.

"You know dear, I'm quite proud, your father thought you would be more resistant to the idea but I think you've really made an impression on the young lady. I've gathered you were quite courteous tonight, even got her to dance early.~"
No. 246529 ID: d677cc

Heheheh. Your parents really are pushing for this, aren't they? Even if you're not sure if you really want to get involved with Lucidia, so to speak, she's pleasant enough that making the effort in front of your parents and for their benefit if no one else's is probably worth it.

I guess you ought to go see about that bath, then, eh?
No. 246548 ID: c71597

Well then, onwards to the baths. I suggest you lock the door both there and at your bedroom. Never know who might come around sneaking and things might get hard to explain and stuff.
No. 246648 ID: 40cb26

When would you expect Milli to return from her task? Some kind of feedback would be nice... and if she isn't expecting you to stay here tonight you'll maybe have to seek her out to know what his response was.
No. 247017 ID: 146c5a
File 128781141396.jpg - (114.42KB , 549x508 , 80.jpg )

Well I- No, you are right... family is family.


"Yes dear?"

"I want you to know that whatever I do, it is never in my will to disappoint father or you. Yet, I am still my own man, such decisions I make shall not be considered lightly nor by a single night."

[u]"August, I know it's just-
No. 247018 ID: 146c5a
File 128781154792.jpg - (102.21KB , 549x508 , 81.jpg )

-Myansa’s due in a few months and… I’m going to be a grandmother and ever since… since Reckel I’ve always worried that somehow I haven’t watched over you boys close enough… like I might have done something wrong and, and it’s just I want to make sure your taken care of, because I love you.”

“It’s okay Mum, I know, I love you too. I’ll be fine whatever happens.”
No. 247019 ID: 146c5a
File 128781170988.jpg - (123.58KB , 549x508 , 82.jpg )

“…I’ll just go, find you that room or, something.”

She leaves, her slight sniffles disguised under the sound of rain as the storm continues it's assault upon the highlands.
No. 247022 ID: 146c5a
File 128781236347.gif - (97.11KB , 549x508 , 83.gif )

"So, did he get it?"

"Corr, did papa really have these bars sealed in?"

"Can't say, but it wouldn't surprise me. Why didn't you take the tunnels?"

"Wiff all the rain's just as wet there as it is up here. First rain's alwus wash all the crap outa the sewers."

"Well, that explains what your doing like a songbird on our windowledge, but did he get it?"

"Ayea one thing at a time, yeah your boyfriend's got it... gotta message for you too but you gotta find me a way in first, and Mum can't know I was out."
No. 247064 ID: c71597

Well we can't really break open the bars to let her in. Hmm, lets find a balcony and let her in through that door. Then sneak her over to her room before people notice that she's gone.
No. 247065 ID: 5c4201

agree, one has to be around here somewhere.
No. 247604 ID: 0daa27
File 128795264222.jpg - (119.43KB , 549x508 , 84.jpg )

"Anything look good on the upstairs balconies?"

"Mmmm yeah sure, think the faries left their door open, silly gits. If you can go distract them I'll just slip on through."
No. 247607 ID: 0daa27
File 12879528864.jpg - (123.45KB , 500x650 , 85.jpg )

"Okay just don't do anything before I get there, I don't trust them at all."

I hear her scampering up the wall towards the second floor.

"Nottah chance, they got goblins wiff em and you know what they say about goblins, no way I'm letting 'them' get fingers on me."

Where the hell does she hear these things? I wasn't half so 'aware' at her age.
No. 247609 ID: 0daa27
File 12879531396.jpg - (77.88KB , 636x292 , 86.jpg )

"Okay, sounds like some laughter, some talking, drinking and such, and a vaguely sweet cloying smell, Turnikin Dust perhaps? Torpha grass? Meh, doesn't really matter.

Supose they don't like to end their parties till the sun comes up, not that elves really sleep properly anyway according to my studies.
No. 247612 ID: 0daa27
File 128795353884.jpg - (156.09KB , 400x640 , 87.jpg )

I knock and turn the doorlatch to be greeted by a... something.

It looks up at me with distinctly unsettling eyes and a sharp elfish grin then calls out over it's shoulder.
"Oyah someone ordered up a Verhimen blueblood?"

"Oh it's you? Found what I'm looking for yet, or did have some other buisness planned with us?"
No. 247704 ID: c71597

Wow, those are some truly freaky eyes. Shit man, like truly fucking weird. Don't spazz out or anything though. Just tell them that you just wanted to make sure they were having a good time and didn't need anything extra.

Hmm, they seem to be having a rather wild party in there. Hmm, maybe it would be fun to send your brother in here, might get him to open up a bit towards elves. Or maybe not.

Hmm,not exactly sure how we could get them to get distracted enough to let your sis get through unnoticed. Doesn't really look like they're gonna pass out anytime soon, or are likely to move the party to the bedroom once the fun times start.
No. 247761 ID: 0daa27
File 128796938377.jpg - (85.95KB , 400x640 , 88.jpg )

I know, they're so weird I can't stop looking at them. Wait, okay there's Milli if I can, distract them long enough or... maybe try to just diplomatize our way out of this, dammit stop staring at me you little freak. I cannot let the elf intercept that message.

"I was just checking that our guest's ahhh, accommodations were satisfactory and... erhm."

Damn what is that goblin doing with that bold is it male or female or what I can't even-?

"Really? Is that all? I think I 'do' remember you mentioning something about acquiring some buisness information from me later. Perhaps you were hoping for a change of scene to discuss more... delicate matters?"
No. 247764 ID: 1854db

That goblin is showing the kobold a good time.

Hey maybe you can just straight up ASK why he has different eyes?
No. 247773 ID: c71597

Does it really matter when it comes to what goblins do to kobolds?

Anyway, this could be the chance. Tell her that you would indeed like to discuss some delicate matters. Because you do need some information. Like how to best go about retrieving your mask from Sperenze lands as well as information about which ones in the Sperenze family that are a bit fed up with their family and would like to belong to a new family.
No. 247781 ID: 40cb26

No way you're just going to sneak him through, either you find another way or you convince ALL of them to head elsewhere. Invite them to a private evening with some of your families fine wines in a nice area, ask them of their travels and such. It's not like you meet elves every day now. You could maybe convince them that you like them and aren't just being nosy.
No. 247892 ID: 1854db

All of them? Nah we just need to distract the ones that are paying attention.
No. 248512 ID: e7b76d
File 128812449154.gif - (228.34KB , 550x650 , 89.gif )

"Well then perhaps we could discuss private matters, shall we move this then downstairs? My brother has a fine collection of drinks I'm sure he would not mind sharing."

"No no, we've just settled in here, besides nothing you cannot discuss before my compatriots they wouldn't hear later anyway. Although, I must say these rooms could do with a pit more... cloth laying about don't you think. Something to warm the place up?"

"Ahah well, I must confess we don't usually 'live' in the upstairs rooms here, it's mostly storage or defense thus the decoration is a bit erhm, sparse."

"Please, please, do take a pipe and pull up a seat, no need to stand in the door so awkwardly, would think I was gunna bite you eh?"
The wyrd-eyed thing chuckles as he gestures toward the table. I am becoming keenly aware of the fact that my studies to not prepare one to be the center of a social setting.
No. 248521 ID: c71597

Well fuck, the goblin noticed. May not have noticed exactly what's going on, but probably noticed that something is going on.

Quick, need a distraction. Start mentioning kobold noses and clothespins, might get him or her to focus on something else.
No. 248536 ID: 1854db

You should sit at the table, on the side opposite the door so that while they look at you they can't see the door.

As for what to talk about... Hey! Say that if she doesn't want to discuss anything elsewhere then there was something we were interested in. Ask about magic theory and such. You're an aspiring mage, yes?
No. 249172 ID: e7b76d
File 128824151331.gif - (132.22KB , 500x650 , 90.gif )

Hmmm yes, direct engagement and diversion, staples of illusion and the lesser arts of sleight-of-hand. Would you believe Sirus taught me nothing but for months until he realized I was truly serious about becoming a mage? But that is another story...

"So, you planning to borrow some clothespins or just testing the shallower waters tonight."

The bold squirms a bit and she takes the moment to get a firmer grip and flash me a toothy grin.
"Neh, net fur a whel. Gunna worker waiz up, kent be pillen oot alla'm tricks so soon."

I turn back to Mrs. Dulcelma and continue.
"Well then, I suppose I could get to those questions."



"I don't generally provide 'any' of our services free. However, I will fully answer a single question of indeterminate length and complexity as a good faith demonstration of our inquisitional skills, so long note, as it does not breach the letter of any previous standing contractual designs.

Any further questions require full prepayment, and 'special operations' require a binding contract. "

"Ahhuh, let me think on that a moment."
What do you think? What shall I ask and how can I word it in such a way as to gain maximum benefit?
No. 249200 ID: c71597

Well you could ask for full information about all of the Sperenze family members. Where they live, what they think about stuff. Things like that. They are your rivals it's hardly surprising that you ask something like that and it's quite good information. Just need to word it in a way that covers it all in a single question.
No. 249303 ID: 1854db

"How would I best go about retrieving my mask from the Sperenze family?" should cover it, I think.
No. 249367 ID: 40cb26

Eh I don't think asking about the the Sperenze family is worth spending the opportunity. But without a real good subject to focus on it's a bit hard... I almost one to say something along the lines of "what are the ten biggest secrets you are allowed to give" but that seems cheap.

Maybe something similar, ask what the most tantalizing secret they are allowed to give is, a matter that will most tempt you into hiring them for further services. Draw out the question with prose and eloquence. Maybe even rhyme it, that'd tickle their fancy I'm sure.
No. 249422 ID: fba40f

Oh Jesus Christ it's a lawyer

What have we gotten ourselves into
No. 249817 ID: e7b76d
File 128839131223.jpg - (193.13KB , 700x550 , 91.jpg )

While it would be nice to simply ask for her greatest secret, I somehow question if that isn't too easy to twist around. For all I know she might just smile and pull some 'love is the true power of the universe" or 'the 33rd pharaoh tomb is located under two crossed palms in some godforsaken desert I've never heard of,' but rhyming, that's good, I like that.

"Tell me now, this I plea, the secrets hid by the misty sea, the finer points of those who stand pon' marshy soil and fertile land, if to my side of them I bade, which would spring then to my aid?"

I hear one of them give a short clap behind me whilst keeping my eyes locked on her face. She smiles and nods.
"Well then milord I must confess, not judged a poet by your dress, but surely as the sun does shine and moon doth gleam at eveningtime, the sons and daughters of that mother hide a secret from all others.

Some of it I cannot tell, for fae contacts bind as a spell, but freer speak than aught I would, to venture pain for poet's good.

Their mother spoke the primal tongue learned by heart in cave alone, when grief fell hard upon her heart, an emptiness with end nor start, she spoke the words she cried a cry, 'whatever shall become of I? this fate unfair, to mortal's doom, of death and emptiness of womb' but answered was again her call, from the forest, yet not our halls... and... and... "

No. 249819 ID: fba40f

Mission accomplished.
No. 249823 ID: e7b76d
File 128839163867.jpg - (191.47KB , 700x550 , 92.jpg )

For a moment it seems she tries to focus through a kind of haze
"and told of life both great and small, a power that gives life to all, of... birth now strange and the mother strong that even death may not becalm. Seek then among those elder ones, those who father feeds the worms. Whose parentage now writ in stone, not of those conceived of gloam."

She finishes, and breaths a not imperceptible sigh of relief.
No. 249839 ID: c71597

Well that is interesting. Dark secrets and riddles. Thank her for her effort. Preferably with another riddle, maybe even something about her beuty and wisdom. Possibly kiss her. But don't get stuck here, reputation matters, can't have it said that you stayed here for long.

So check that your sister made a safe getaway. Then go back to your room, write down everything that was said. Your own thoughts about it, what was implied and then sleep.
No. 249843 ID: f5d873

you can compliment her, but don't give kisses to people.
No. 250271 ID: e7b76d
File 128846361187.jpg - (200.26KB , 700x550 , 93.jpg )

"Thanks I give to one who would, risk their pain for mine own good."

"I think that's enough for tonight dear, you really shouldn't twist so against our contracts."

"I'm fine, really I just, ugh, yes that is quite enough for tonight, I think you had best leave. I don't need to prove our usefulness I think?"

"No no of course I'll remember to call on you should I have something appropriate."

"Yes just... go borrow our card from your girl or something... later... I think we may be out right now."
No. 250272 ID: e7b76d
File 128846380717.jpg - (95.32KB , 636x292 , 94.jpg )

I take my leave, Milli is already waiting outside.

"Took you long enough, then I was afraid you might be in there longer with all that talk of 'sampling our services' and such."


"Hey you still owe me."

"Fine, let's see what that letter says, and you go get your bath, you're filthy."
No. 250274 ID: e7b76d
File 128846414531.jpg - (127.67KB , 500x650 , 95.jpg )

I give Milli a hug and perhaps a kick on her way, then take a glance at the contents of Sirus' note.

Taking a trip, meet you later, take care of things and don't touch what you shouldn't

P.S. keep it secret... keep it safe...

"Oh what is this bullshit? He's just gone and buggered off! I still have questions! He can't just... motherfucker!"
No. 250275 ID: e7b76d
File 128846438253.jpg - (47.33KB , 650x500 , 96.jpg )

Ugh, this day has been wretched. Too many surprises... I just was expecting maybe a slight boost in spell-casting, instead I get

>I don't trust you. I don't trust your sanity. I do not trust your malleable little mind and the lack of judgement that comes with it. I d-- don't trust your blue ball-shaped friends. I don't trust their long-nosed boss, their incest fixation, chubby bunnies, building games, or their fucktarded network of--"
No. 250276 ID: e7b76d
File 128846450986.jpg - (49.79KB , 650x500 , 97.jpg )

"Hey, fuck you lady, yeah, fuck all you fuckers. Fucking fuckvoices. My nose is fine, and furthermore IT'S A POLITICAL ARRANGEMENT DAMMIT!"
No. 250277 ID: 840d0e

dude, we didn't say anything. think you should go lay down.
No. 250278 ID: 40cb26

Whoa wait what. Uh sorry some signals got crossed or... something.
No. 250283 ID: 1854db

Hey, no crossovers.
No. 250391 ID: fba40f

It seems we have a serious problem here. We didn't say any of that that to you.
No. 250448 ID: c71597

That was a different longnosed incest thing. You thing is just fine all around. And stop shouting at imaginary stuff in your head in what seems like a deserted hallway, servants see things and talk.

Besides, you will be fine. Shit will improve.
No. 250636 ID: 4576d4
File 128855132616.jpg - (104.72KB , 650x400 , 98.jpg )

Erhm... we feel somewhat, lightheaded as we slide down a wall into a crouch, but this herd of minuscule examples of family Cervidae clustered around our feet gives us little room to lay down.

Yeah, I just... need to catch my breath, I... guess...
No. 250640 ID: d677cc


Go have that bath. You need to calm down and I think there's some kind of magic something messing with your head at the moment.
No. 250641 ID: 31e5bb

dude. you are cracking. you REALLY need to get lay down. just lay down anyway, those tiny deer aren't there.
No. 250643 ID: c71597

Oh man, that elf smoke was some really potent shit. You got a glimpse of stuff through dimensional barriers and shit. Also, there seem to be alot of tiny deer here, is that natural or are you just tripping balls right now?

You should probably get back to your room, or into any free room and lie down. Sleep it off and then hopefully things will be better in the morning.
No. 250647 ID: fba40f

Are those real or figurines? If they seem to be real then we've probably been drugged pretty heavily.
No. 250648 ID: 1854db

I think you should get rid of us for a while. Give your mind a chance to rest.
No. 250688 ID: 4576d4
File 128855915760.jpg - (101.48KB , 650x400 , 99.jpg )

Yeah... must be the drugs... what was that stuff? I feel like I am swimming through pudding.

"Frankly my deer, I don't give a damn, won't be pushed around by some mere hallucinations and dreamthings. I am a prince and what's more, a mighty magus among my kind."
No. 250690 ID: 4576d4
File 128855962245.jpg - (100.98KB , 650x400 , 100.jpg )

"Hah, you? You will never be half the prince I follow."

"Yes quite, do I smell the scent of derivative dross? Why, here I gaze upon you and wonder if perhaps your tailor would benefit from staying closer to the origional? I mean really? I'm an outcast from society and have better fashion sense."

"Ehh his mask's 'okay', but it could use a bit more coverage I think. Could say the same for your 'magic' at that, I mean, we haven't seen you cast even one spell."

"Weird, why does this all feel so familiar?"
No. 250721 ID: 4576d4
File 128856303163.jpg - (62.19KB , 400x650 , 101.jpg )

I move to stand and escape the babbling apparitions when a shadow falls upon me.

"Enjoying my... hospitality? Your such a good host I thought it only fair to... return the favor. This your first time in the realms?"
No. 250732 ID: 4576d4
File 128856356993.jpg - (111.92KB , 650x400 , 102.jpg )

"You know what they say, it can get a little... messy."
No. 250739 ID: 31e5bb

uhhh can you disable him really fast? break his arms?
No. 250740 ID: c71597

Wow man, you're really tripping some serious motherfucking balls right now. That guy is sadly very much real though. Seems to be quite crazy as well, those eyes of his must see stuff like this alot more often. Or something. Try calming down and focusing on what's before you right now.

Anyway, he's got a knife, and it looks like he has used it. Use one of those pedestal things to get up on your feet. Once it looks like he's close enough for you to hit him then throw one of the busts at him.

You're really in no shape to fight right now. So he either needs to go down really quick or you need to get help. So alot of yelling is probably to recommend at some point.
No. 250788 ID: fba40f

The elf is real and he has a BIG knife. I'd suggest dealing with him.
No. 250852 ID: 4576d4
File 128857935279.jpg - (77.10KB , 800x500 , 103.jpg )

"You'll excuse me then, but I have little time for your odious optical oddities. GUARDS!"

I sling a weighty bust at him whilst steeling myself for attack.
No. 250853 ID: 4576d4
File 128857957678.jpg - (122.62KB , 800x500 , 104.jpg )

"Oh, but I would be loath to cut this entertainment short!"

He somehow lunges and twists like a serpent, I duck, but not quickly enough.

"Haha you've got some spirit! I like it when they struggle, but I'll have your knowings yet, you can't escape me."
No. 250885 ID: d677cc

Get awaaaaaaaay. :<
No. 250888 ID: 31e5bb

kick straight up, then roll to your left.
No. 250896 ID: 40cb26

Kick him! Get him away from you and hopefully his knife!
No. 250960 ID: c71597

Kick the little fucker!

God damn, he seems quite quick and nimble. Running is probably going to be very dangerous with him at your back. If you're still close to the elf place then you could try to make your way back there, what he's doing is probably a solo action, possibly brought on by him sensing us or something like that. Anyway, they would probably be able to deal with him, if they're alive that is, that knife looks like it got used before he came for you.
No. 251069 ID: fba40f

Running right now is a bad idea. Best we disable him. Hit him before he can recover.
No. 251260 ID: 212a36
File 128866174479.jpg - (115.26KB , 800x500 , 105.jpg )

"Run Run Run little mouse!"

"Fuck you to hell! Freak!"

"Ahahaha but you are the real freak, I can see that clearly"
No. 251261 ID: 212a36
File 128866188214.jpg - (88.59KB , 800x500 , 106.jpg )

I kick. He is shockingly light. His body flings upwards out of sight into the darkness trailing what look like ribbons of... him?

"Oh, goddammit!"
No. 251264 ID: 31e5bb

grab hold of his 'neck' and bite and rip it apart.
No. 251267 ID: 40cb26

No, grab his neck and swing him by it, slam the rest of him into the ground and walls. And have fun while doing it!
No. 251283 ID: fba40f

Don't think we're strong enough to do that. Let's just settle for RIP AND TEARing.
No. 251313 ID: 69bee4

now boss, things are a bit confusing, so since we never asked what magic you know, if you know anything for purifying, now is the time to use it!

On our end, im going to see what we can do. Its odd we are effected the same way you are, because we haven't always been tied to your senses...

[attempt to shift to our own perspective]
No. 251387 ID: c71597

Ok, dude is made up of springs. This is just fucked up. Just start making your way over to the elves quarters, or wherever you can get help closest.
No. 251724 ID: c99f30
File 128876065342.jpg - (203.24KB , 650x650 , 107.jpg )

I bite down trying to pin him in place or sever his... neck or something? You're right, he's too dangerous to let out of my grasp and too quick to run for help. The guards must surely hear this racket, damn them! Where are they?


I taste blood, but flesh is tough, like leather belts or straps fluttering in the cold darkness.
No. 251728 ID: c99f30
File 128876129556.jpg - (216.62KB , 650x650 , 108.jpg )

I feel his head dissolve under my hand into yet more strange ribbons of flesh as I grind my teeth, trying to sever what I can.

Nothing in my magical education prepared me for this kind of combat? Is he some kind of shapeshifter as well? Is he even remotely an elf?

Much of my magic requires the aid of various tools, devices, or hypergeometric diagrams to carry out. I 'do' however have a packet of an analgesic wound sealing powder in my inner pocket, a thermodynamistic coin, and my etching/blooddagger. I remind you though, I've managed to pull of very few effects on my own power without Sirus' direct control.
No. 251729 ID: c71597

It's probably some sort of magical construct. You probably injured it but I'm willing to venture that it's not dead yet.

You already got some blood flowing. So get out the blooddagger and see what you can set up. Preferably something quick but somewhat potent.
No. 251772 ID: 309f60

It's simple, really. Just paint the man, and cut the lines.
Paint the man, cut the lines.
Pa͠i͜n͘t th͝e m̵a̡n͜, ͡cưt the͘ ҉l͠įnes.
P̵̕͡a̧ì̧͢n̴t̴ ͠t̀h̕͝҉e͏̶ ̶man,̵̢͟ ̢͜c̸͝ú̷͞t͟ ̷͜t͏h͠è ̢l̷i̷͡n̡e̕͢s͘.̷̷͟
P̸̛͝A̶̵̧͟I҉̡̧́Ǹ̕͠T̴̶̕͢͠ ̷͢͢͞T̷̸͡͠H͏̢̀É̡̨͝ ̛͏̴͘M͟͝҉̕A̴͠N̵͞͞,̀҉ ̢҉̨͢C̷͟͢U͟͝Ţ̸̨̀͘ ̸̨̨͢͝T̶̶͜H̡̛Ȩ̸́͘͏ ̶͟͝L̛͜I͜͡N̸͟͡E̷̴͞͠S̸͘.͏
No. 251793 ID: 40cb26

I'd like to say we could help with that, but I have no idea really. Maybe we can replace some important component but I don't see you having time to use it. Is that dagger any good as a weapon? Try taking a slash at this thing, but make sure it doesn't bite you first.
No. 251832 ID: fba40f

The dagger might have been be useful earlier for cutting his head off. Bare minimum, you might reduce the amount of mass he has available. It might be a little late for that now, though. I'd advise trying to escape.
No. 251894 ID: fd6d7e

Woah, that weird elf guy just got twenty times more awesome. Too bad he's trying to kill you. Also you're tripping balls.
No. 252402 ID: c99f30
File 128891718450.jpg - (128.31KB , 500x700 , 109.jpg )

Not sure how much time I will have bef-
No. 252406 ID: c99f30
File 128891732176.jpg - (127.33KB , 500x700 , 110.jpg )

"Is that a goddamn tree! and this stone doesn't look familiar at all! It's so chilly here."
No. 252409 ID: c99f30
File 128891747383.jpg - (126.98KB , 700x500 , 111.jpg )

I feel a hard yank as the straps tighten about my wrist and arm. A horrible, strange moon drifts through an alien and hauntingly empty sky.

"Oh... FFFFFFFFFFfffffff"
No. 252412 ID: c99f30
File 128891766427.jpg - (129.97KB , 700x500 , 112.jpg )

I dig my knife into the stonework trying to find purchase against the tension ans it's skittering tip throws sparks into the cold air.

No. 252414 ID: c99f30
File 128891772684.jpg - (114.75KB , 700x500 , 113.jpg )

No. 252428 ID: 31e5bb

stop trying to resist dragging and cut a bitch.
No. 252432 ID: d677cc

Wait, you're taking the knife to the wall?!

Take it to the "straps!"
No. 252439 ID: c71597

Cut that fucking bastard instead of those innocent stones. And make alot of sound.
No. 253390 ID: c99f30
File 128909207763.gif - (137.98KB , 500x500 , 114.gif )

I am dragged no insignificant distance across moonlit cobblestone as my hands work frantically to avoid being battered and dashed to splinters by obstacles, while still sawing away at the leathery straps binding my arm.
No. 253395 ID: c99f30
File 128909222681.jpg - (130.89KB , 640x400 , 115.jpg )

It occurs to me that should I survive this I might invest in a serrated skinning blade to supplement the stiletto point of my blooddagger.
No. 253399 ID: c99f30
File 128909250216.jpg - (128.67KB , 700x500 , 116.jpg )

Despite this I manage to shred enough straps and my animate bonds loosen their grip as I roll to a stop. A metal grate slams down behind me blocking my exit.

Spit some blood and my body is sore as hell, but I think all those stairs were probably the worst of it.
No. 253406 ID: c71597

Ok, time to draw up something quick and beneficial. Might be easier than you think here. And you should have enough blood to work with.
No. 253407 ID: 31e5bb

yeah, get yourself ready and try to clear your head of any effect that smoke had on you.
No. 253486 ID: c99f30
File 12891015353.jpg - (153.14KB , 700x500 , 117.jpg )

Okay, I have a few quick options

Ocular Pentacle of the Flaming Frond: Repels certain kinds of Deamons and their servants, as well as helping to block their powers.

The Runeword of 'E':Nearly impossible to screw up, most wicked creatures will not approach if you stand upon it, they may even flee your gaze if you intone the spell properly. I don't think it works if they are blind, and it is Elvish so I'm not sure if will work against Fae.

Symbol of Voors: Allows one to momentarily see beyond, can be useful against hidden foes, and also aids the next immediate act of spellcraft via seeing the 'flow' of energies.

Thor's Thunderous Thingamabob: This rune creates a directional thunderclap to stun a foe. Can be charged to trigger when sufficient magical energy crosses it, or activated manually so to speak (though I must be touching to to do so.)
No. 253489 ID: 5311d2

Symbol of Voors would be good to start with, so that you can keep an eye out for hidden foes. Also, it'd aid the next spell you said.

Ocular Pentacle of the Flaming frond might or might not be as useful against fae, but it might be safe to cover all bases.

Runeword of E could probably be substituted, but you said it might not be effective against elves and fae.

Thor's thunderous thingamabob might be a good trap on the door, but for now it strikes me as optional. Need to gather your wits. Does it have any actual concussive force? It wouldn't be too good to have it bouncing around the room and hurt yourself accidentally.

Any other doors in the room?
No. 253514 ID: fba40f

Okay, I've got it:

Put them in a line. Start at the door, go straight back to the wall. Do the thunder trap, then the Ocular Pentacle, then the Runeword, then the Symbol. I'm not quite sure how the Pentacle works, will it stop a demon without you being on it? If it does, it would be basically one-way cover. If not, forget the Runeword and just draw the Pentacle. If the thunder trap goes off, get your ass on the nearest defensive rune and start praying (and stabbing).
No. 253622 ID: c71597

Lets set up the symbol of Voors and then the Thor's tingamasomething.

Do it as quickly as you can while still making sure it's done right.
No. 253736 ID: 51570c
File 128916516233.gif - (274.88KB , 400x640 , 118opt.gif )

Yeah, there's another door, on the opposite side of a long stone hall, 'it' is standing there, a mess of bloody straps writhing into place where it's head should be.

I move my hands along the proper gesture for the symbol, straining my eyes to catch a glimpse of the revealed secrets.

"But... how?"
I see no standing spellwork or craft woven into the twitching form as a homunculus or mage should, no bond lines or contingencies. Merely an indistinct mess of unfamiliar energies drawn up around it like a fog blanket, and yet, something else isn't right.
No. 253743 ID: c71597

So, he's made up out of magical power holding him together. Well then, lets see if we can't force his energy into one of your rituals. If we drain enough he should simply disperse on his own.

Lets set up Thor's Thunderous Thingamabob and see if we can get him to fuel it. Then we simply discharge it against him when it's good enough to kill him.
No. 253754 ID: fd6d7e

Whatever you do, no matter what happens, do not call for your master. Just trust me on this.

Also there are benches to your left and right, and a closed door in front of you.
No. 253762 ID: 27fe93

you seem to be under an extremely powerful tactile illusion, your ear is fine. just start bullshitting magic all over the place to suck all the magic out of the room.
No. 253790 ID: fba40f

Apparently he's just a giant blob of vaguely coherent energy designed to look like an elf. Exactly what I thought. Alright, physical weapons are out. Offensive magic would probably work well, but the only semi-reliable magic user in town just bolted on us. Explosives would probably be your only chance at taking this fucker down.

Another thing to note about him is that in the last moment I saw a white light directly over him. Make of that what you will.

Also, your ear being missing is just an illusion and it appears that there are several hidden objects in the room (two long rectangular objects to either side of you) though that may just be my untrained eye misinterpreting what I saw.
No. 253830 ID: 51570c
File 128918227059.jpg - (101.59KB , 640x400 , 119.jpg )

So, he's either some kind of bizarre aberration?
An feverish, drug-haze illusion?
Or a sorcerer? Or even some blasphemous hybrid of all the above? Nice to know that my ear might be okay, somehow. I'll just avoid the walls, hold my ground, can't tell what's real and what isn't.
>Explosives would probably be your only chance at taking this fucker down.
Okay, the Thor's Thunder it is. If we can lure him close enough, I don't fancy tangling with that knife again, but perhaps, I could use 'him' to fuel the spell.

He approaches, his tangled form weaving back into the semblance of solidity.
"You have not disappointed me..."
No. 253836 ID: 51570c
File 128918310850.jpg - (159.19KB , 700x500 , 120.jpg )

"I expected a good fight and you have managed to at least resist, so far, but I can keep this up for days. You however, will fail, and then I shall reap as I wish if your spirit, your flesh, your will... your pride. I have all the time in the world.

It chuckles, mirthlessly.
"Time, I can control even that, here. Yet, I could let you go if I wished, the door is right there.

Perhaps you could even find a way out of the maze, surely you must know some power who would release you from this cold hell?"
No. 253839 ID: 27fe93

respond with a face blast.
No. 253842 ID: c71597

Looks like you hurt him atleast. OK, lets get this spell set up. We need a way to get his energy to fuel the spell. Hopefully it will slow him down a bit, maybe even hold him still.

And you don't need someone elses power to get out of here. You own power will do just fine. You can tell him that as he is ripped apart by it.
No. 253851 ID: fba40f

Arrogant little fucker. Alright, it seems you're doing more damage than he's letting on. Keep at it and you may eventually wear him down.
No. 253935 ID: 7470bb

I'm assuming as it was written on the animation that we where suppose to be able to figure this out. If not just ignore this.

You're currently caught in a dream world and he wants you to reveal who your 'master' is. He also seems to be being told what to do by an outer force(probably just his real non-dream self). You're in a narrow hallway and the door is straight ahead (I think it might even be between you and him). Your best bet may be to just distract him as you try to escape through the door.

And an obligatory monologue in case you need the time to set up 'Thor's Thunder' or maybe even distract him with the monologue itself.

"You're really bad at asking questions. Not that is matters, I really do have no master to call out to anyway believe it or not. The only one revealing things is you. You're not very good at this whole gathering information without giving away things about you and your master, are you new to this or just slack because people generally just give up when they come against some dream attack"
No. 253939 ID: fd6d7e

Sing "To Dream The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha, while preparing your `Thor's Thunder` attack and approaching him slowly. Because that would be hella badass.
No. 253941 ID: a09a03

If his strength is endurance, you'll have to beat him in intensity. Throw everything you've got at him without concern for reserves.
No. 254322 ID: c99f30
File 128928030740.jpg - (101.02KB , 640x400 , 121.jpg )

So, that's what this is, oneirlogical warfare. I've read on such things, elves are supposed to be quite skilled at it, their trance-like sleep makes navigating the mutable dreamscapes as natural as breathing.

Still, if I can make contact with him, I could try to channel that power into my waiting rune-structure. There will be backlash. I could become like a fuse in a overloaded circuit, but still, preferable to being trapped in the fantasy of a torturer for subjective eons, having my psyche torn apart and rebuilt.

Hell, don't even know if backlash could hurt me really. I mean, if my ear truly 'is' fine despite everything my senses tell me. Still, I must lure him over here.
No. 254323 ID: 27fe93

sbest way to make a pig go the direction you want, is to pull the opposite. beg him not to get any closer.
No. 254324 ID: c99f30
File 128928093273.jpg - (127.94KB , 700x500 , 122.jpg )

A slight tension and the faintest of clicks is all the notice I receive that rune is complete and awaits only my power to trigger. I shift into a more combative stance.

"So, You must be new at this then, or perhaps you've gotten sloppy? Psychological torturing I mean... Because if you've come looking for my secrets you'll find none here, and I must say you are looking rather worse for wear than I am.

Do all of your targets just keel over to your supposed 'godlike' powers? Or do they even realize you aren't any more threatening than the normal nightmares brought on by bad food and cheap liquor? Perhaps your regular clientele are all kobolds pups under the age of two? No shortage of a customer base there I suppose, although competing with the boogie man must be pretty harsh."

No. 254333 ID: c99f30
File 128928188078.jpg - (96.15KB , 500x500 , 123.jpg )

He caresses his blade carefully with his fingers, resting his chin upon the tip thoughtfully before replying.

"Well then, you 'are' a bit more than a 'mere scholar.' Perhaps a fellow of your station lacks the... patience for my gentler methods mmmm? Perhaps you hope that pain in a dream in any less 'real' than so-called 'reality?'

I assure you we could have plenty of time to discuss the philosophical problems associated with assuming you will 'ever' wake again or were awake in the first place, but I doubt we both want to wait here till the sun rises hmmmm?

What say you? Your eyes say yes, and your body tells me it too is ready to taste the blade once more."
No. 254339 ID: 4309ad

Yo. Just wanted to step in for a moment and tell you something. You got this, buddy.

You got this.

No. 254371 ID: c71597

Oh this is going to be fun.

Tell him to stop caressing his ego and get moving.
No. 254386 ID: d8cbb4

I think the Symbol of Voors is a good idea here, as it may give you an idea of what you're up against. ALso, do you happen to know the....Elder Sign?
No. 254388 ID: 27fe93

we already have a spell ready and waiting.

anyway, taunt him a little more, "i dare you"
No. 255106 ID: c99f30
File 128945213833.jpg - (89.29KB , 500x500 , 124.jpg )

Yeah, I got this, do or die...
"Well then, quit playing with yourself and come at me."

"The pleasure is all mine."

His left arm begins to unravel and twist about like ribbons in an intangible wind as he brings his blade to the ready.
No. 255108 ID: c99f30
File 128945217945.jpg - (135.44KB , 500x500 , 125.jpg )

He charges.
No. 255126 ID: c71597

Well then, better do your thing and make it work.
No. 255318 ID: 772671

That blade seems to be his main killing tool so watch out for that. The left arm thing could just be a distraction.
No. 255810 ID: c99f30
File 128962724327.jpg - (153.17KB , 750x550 , 126.jpg )

He's fast, but light, can't put too much force behind that blow from above, if I can just pin him in place... If I can just...
No. 255811 ID: c99f30
File 128962730861.jpg - (100.63KB , 750x550 , 127.jpg )

No. 255812 ID: c99f30
File 128962736442.jpg - (78.79KB , 496x425 , 128.jpg )

"Hmm good aim, but... I didn't feel that."
No. 255813 ID: c99f30
File 128962748311.jpg - (88.52KB , 496x425 , 129.jpg )

"As for you however... mmmm guess I'll have to make this quick. Have to use deep technique I supose, can't say this isn't going to hurt."
No. 255815 ID: c99f30
File 128962763738.jpg - (105.39KB , 496x425 , 130.jpg )

I begin the power siphon.

"Likewise. Tchecteck athisiro metineta"

No. 255818 ID: 24a9bd

His weapon is still a danger to you, slam on his arm!
No. 255819 ID: e31b11

it isn't REALLY a danger, but the psychic feedback of dying would probably interrupt your spell.
No. 255853 ID: 623906

O hey we're attached to the spell! Can we help? Shiny rock dream nullifying powers set to MAXIMUM!
No. 255907 ID: c71597

Nice, now lets just try to keep him from stabbing you while you drain his energy.
No. 256326 ID: 882063
File 12897809183.jpg - (176.48KB , 400x640 , 131.jpg )


I raise my arm in an attempt to block his frantic hacking at my shoulder, he is wickedly fast but weakened and his body begins to lose coherency.

I can see the raw power flowing out of him, that isn't right, I shouldn't bee able to see it. It feels as though it's compressing my heart, the weight of it drawing me down. I try to force it into the runes as something bright flares to life behind him.
No. 256332 ID: 882063
File 128978141351.jpg - (247.32KB , 787x605 , 132.jpg )

Cracking power suddenly snaps him backwards, his body shredding as his shouts become an incoherent shriek.

Yet more power flows into me, I can't hold this in it will suffocate me I can't, breath, I can't...
No. 256335 ID: c71597

Better let it out then. Make a runeword of E. Wheter or not it works it should use up power. Pour as much power into it as you can.
No. 256343 ID: 6d73d9

[shut down all magical effects in 50 meter radius and remove all magical energy]
No. 256352 ID: fba40f

Almost there. At this point he's pretty much dead, so for now just focus on getting rid of all that excess energy so you don't kill yourself.
No. 256386 ID: 1854db

Shove it into US!
No. 256474 ID: 659076

Can you try channeling the raw energy at the portcullis? Maybe it'd warp into something. ...like a tiny bunny.

Either that, or you could try keeping it up. Either potentially stretch how much your body can work with, or burn out entirely. Or pass out. Or die. Or become the most awesome of your race seen in ages. Or gain even better understanding of the workings of the arcane just by working with such a high amount.

It's kinda an unknown, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?
No. 256571 ID: 387fea

Normally i'd be all for a sizable snack of magic, but if our opponent survives this, redirecting his magic may draw attention we're trying to avoid.
Plus, there's a chance that we aren't made for that kind of power either, and we'd shatter into dust from the attempt.
Rechannel the power into the Symbol of Voors. Get a fresh look around now that your opponent is suffering a setback.
No. 256811 ID: 41a7ba
File 128987683431.gif - (409.53KB , 500x700 , 133opt.gif )

Something snaps, perhaps the runestructure, perhaps me. Something snaps, perhaps the rune structureperhapssomething söm³th¦Ñg sÑápsรภคקร perháps m3 p³rháps§nÅp§përhÅp§mëpërhÅp§ร๏๓єtђเภקєгђคקรpërhÅp§Ñáps
No. 256823 ID: 41a7ba
File 128987789614.jpg - (102.00KB , 700x500 , 134.jpg )

Are... we... still alive? I feel... numb... I guess... it's gone... now. Are *cough*... are you doing that... fog... I guess?
No. 256825 ID: e7afbc

Whoa... you did it. Congrats. ...don't think it's us doing the fog, but I might be wrong. It might be the dreamscape breaking down. Hold on. Keep fighting. You can do it.
No. 256826 ID: 5dc653

naw, we are the glowing thing with lightning coming out of it.
No. 256852 ID: 69bee4

I think we just either stole or took alot of that electrical energy... I have to say, for not a fighter or some expert mage, ya did damn good boss.
No. 256929 ID: c71597

God damn good work there boss. Seems like the little bastard contained quite a bit of energy. And no, don't think it's us doing that fog. It's probably an aftereffect from the magic. Or possibly you're outside.

When you feel up to it you should probably get up. Have to find out where you are now and then get back to your family. Oh, and those elves have better offer some sort of reparations to you, they brought a crazy magical construct into your house.
No. 256956 ID: c99f30
File 128992423018.jpg - (113.26KB , 800x500 , 135.jpg )

Oh.. well I guess.. can't blame you... for that giant... shimmering door...thing an inconvenient distance away... looks kinda metaphysical like...
No. 256966 ID: 5dc653

oh cool. usually you need to go through those.
No. 256977 ID: c71597

Probably the door you need to pass to get out of here. Probably want to get out of here before you decide to lay down and rest. All sorts of crazy shit might happen if you sleep in a place like this.
No. 257006 ID: fba40f

Try walking towards it. Check self for injuries.
No. 257082 ID: c99f30
File 128995230028.jpg - (111.81KB , 800x500 , 136.jpg )

can't even jump... to limp and scramble across stones like a beast... or an insect... towards the light... can smell water... and... and soap...
No. 257083 ID: c99f30
File 128995253157.jpg - (91.54KB , 500x600 , 137.jpg )

Not sure... what doesn't hurt... is numb... can't feel my left leg... my shoulder locked up, gut wound won't stop bleeding if I move maybe my kidneys...

The door defiantly looks like water... smells like it... to... odd... can't taste the blo-
No. 257084 ID: c99f30
File 128995257047.jpg - (116.85KB , 500x600 , 138.jpg )

No. 257089 ID: d677cc

Wake up and find yourself in the bathtub.
No. 257115 ID: 669e52

that's... odd.
No. 257145 ID: fba40f

Wake up to find that a bucket of water has been dumped on your head.
No. 257229 ID: c99f30
File 128996856969.jpg - (186.67KB , 500x600 , 139.jpg )

"Dammit boy stop struggling or I swear, if you've gone mad, your mother will never forgive me for letting you study!"

*gasp* "I... oh God... I... I'm alive?"

It's as if my senses suddenly flood in, where there was cold, there is warmth, where there was pain, flesh is whole and unmarred. Like waking from a nightmare and perceiving it as so obviously unreal in retrospect.

My father's voice.
"You won't be long if you make a habit of staggering around bathrooms in a trance with a knife out I'll tell you that! I'm shocked you didn't disembowel yourself or someone else."
No. 257235 ID: 669e52

take a few deep breaths then say you are calm. then explain that the elves need to leave, one or two of them cast a spell on you and tried to 'extract' information out you. if it wasn't for your training there is a good chance they would of turned you into a vegetable. also tell him to not say any names right now, in case they are still watching.
No. 257239 ID: d677cc

So you weren't just asleep, then. Kind of a walking nightmare, I guess.

... Y'know, you are already in the bath, and you did just go through what I can only assume to have been a relatively traumatic experience...
No. 257240 ID: d677cc

Yeah, also that.
No. 257353 ID: c71597

Check yourself for wounds. Then ask if the elves are still there, you need to speak with them. Oh, and check what knife it is you were apparently waving around.
No. 257369 ID: 24a9bd

Check the knife. You should look at the elves, the backlash might have hit them.
No. 257398 ID: 1e728b

I agree on informing your father on what has transpired, then advising your family's 'guests' that they have overstayed their welcome and should leave.

If they don't, they should be escorted off the premises by force.
No. 257619 ID: c99f30
File 129006132356.jpg - (206.68KB , 500x600 , 140.jpg )

I hastily explain that my near state of enthrallment via sorcerous means and my suspicion of the elves complicity in this matter. "... and I suspect they are looking for something.. or someone important and believe 'me' to know it."

"I see... I shall not allow such fae witchery in my house but..."

Farvel bursts in excitedly wearing a sleeping robe and begins ranting in that manner all his own. "They've left. The bastards just left! I was going to check on them, heard there was some noise up there and he slick-skinned little fucks must have wandered off into the night! They didn't even pass the damn front door I'll bet, guards didn't see a thing. We weren't finished with the negotiat-"

"Farvel.. just... shut up and go to bed, doubt those were even 'real' diplomats and I don't want to hear about any more damn elves, or dancing, or diplomacy, or anything tonight!"
No. 257622 ID: 24a9bd

Fucking bastards. Okay, you need to work on defenses in case that ever happens to you again. And not just that, how to bring people out of it, and maybe sense it going on in the first place. At least you killed a psychotic thing.
No. 257658 ID: 69bee4

How are ya feeling Boss? I'm a bit concerned about whatever that spell did to ya, and if siphoning off that energy might have empowered or done anything weird to you or us.

Though I honestly thought with the water it was going to be a kobold... Good thing ya gave out that warning too. Ya did good Boss.
No. 257699 ID: c71597

Well, not much you can do right now. Should probably go to bed and get some rest. And you did get some nice information out of them. Just be extra cautious and wary when dealing with them in the future.
No. 257714 ID: 40cb26

Ok just get the hell out of here, dry off and get to bed. If Farvel has even the first word of any questions, just say "elves" and be done with it.
No. 257724 ID: d8cbb4

So now that's done with, how are you feeling August? Headaches, bumps, bruises, odd feelings/inclinations, stuff like that. Anything?
No. 258025 ID: 387fea

That was some real wizardry you did there, dream or not. You used what you had in a way your opponent did not expect and he paid out the nose.

I suggest you check the chambers they were using, see if there's anything the more mundane search party may have missed. We know you're probably a bit worn out after that, but you'll rest better knowing that they aren't just hiding, or if they've left means of sneaking back IN.
No. 258523 ID: c99f30
File 129030737758.jpg - (172.31KB , 700x500 , 141.jpg )

"...but they just left! They can't do that, why would they do that, what do you mean you don't think they were real diplomats, why the hell are you soaking wet in all those clothes, without your mask?"

"Farvel, all your questions have a simple nay, even monosyllabic answer..."
No. 258529 ID: c99f30
File 129030768097.jpg - (151.41KB , 700x500 , 142.jpg )

I exclaim slinging my wet jacket back at him.

"ack you sonofah"

My father pipes in.
"Whatcho about to say there boy? Becasue I thought I heard you about to imply some very unkind things about the relationship between your mother and I, as well as perhaps your own claim to nobility?"

I'll just leave him sputtering for that explanation.
"I was just... I mean he- but-"
No. 258536 ID: c99f30
File 129030806374.jpg - (95.51KB , 400x640 , 143.jpg )

I feel sore, exhausted, and a bit confused. Aside from that however, nothing 'really' unusual, no urges except for the usual ones, and you gentlemen I suppose.

Mmmm perhaps we can hope Sirus didn't take most of his books in his haste. Perhaps I can look something up on dreaming.
Ugh, Do I really have to? I mean, all I want to do right now is just fall into bed. Sleepwalking, or whatever I 'was' doing, is apparently not a state of relaxation.
No. 258547 ID: c99f30
File 129031095455.jpg - (95.92KB , 400x640 , 144.jpg )

I mean, Inquisitor Feuéchelle and Uncle Wern can ensure the security of the grounds once father gives the word.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Wern wasn't already trying to figure out how they left, paranoid as he can be. Probably throw a fit or something when he hears of it. Have Tatten and the rest of the guard doing new drills all month.
No. 258549 ID: 24a9bd

As much as would be nice to rest... you probably should go have a look. You might pick up on stuff others don't.
No. 258551 ID: 7bfbae

hey, a health sense of paranoia is good. too much is bad, but a bit is good.
No. 258552 ID: fba40f


Beautifully done.
No. 258559 ID: 40cb26

I don't trust their eyes in this case, they simply aren't trained in the ways yours are. Heavy as their lids may feel you need to get a look before they rummage around.
No. 258640 ID: c71597

Just tell your father to make sure they don't mess up anything in the room until you get there. As long as nobody is messing around in there then the clues will stay where they are. Then you can go and get some sleep.
No. 259264 ID: c99f30
File 129055816173.jpg - (129.80KB , 700x550 , 145.jpg )

Very well, I begin making my way upwards though the coiling main passage to the upper levels, managing to re-acquire the mask I must have lost somehow on the way down.

A surprising amount of hallway traffic at such an ungodly hour. Must be either those servants still cleaning up after the party, or the wake of noise Farvel's passage surely left behind him precipitated a lot of groggy puppyheads trying to look busy.
No. 259268 ID: c99f30
File 129055902248.jpg - (122.48KB , 636x292 , 146.jpg )

"Ah, tis the prodigal one 'fraid you've no more buisness here tonight. The Fair Ones have already take leave of this domicile as is their manner."

"Ah Inquisitor Feué-"

"Please, I prefer the title 'Brother'."
He interjects with a wave of his claws.

"Erh... Brother Feuéchelle how did I know you would already be here?"

"A shepherd's eyes have no place for sleep, yet they've no time to bandy about words either, I would ask you to return to your beds and let me finish the questioning and the inspection of the scene."

A bold next to me pipes up.
"Not leaven wiffoutem, mother said couldn't be letten anyone be taken him off not any goblins or noth-"

"Please, just stay outside. I need to begin the investigation without half a warren over my shoulders."
No. 259295 ID: e973f4

Dunno if you're going to be able to talk your way into getting in there.
No. 259338 ID: bffa2a

Do they know magic? You know magic and this has everything to do with magic. Not letting you help them would be detrimental to the investigation. But if your help is not wanted...
No. 259339 ID: 69bee4

It seems things are awake and secure enough... just check ryour room once in the light for the sake of paranoia, and get some rest. Ya deserve it boss.
No. 259378 ID: c71597

Tell him you just want to check if there's any magical traces in there.
No. 259401 ID: 40cb26

I was in the room shortly before this event, I can tell at a glance what has changed as long as you don't mess with anything.
No. 259611 ID: c99f30
File 129065165367.jpg - (131.71KB , 500x600 , 147.jpg )

"I was in the room shortly before they left and could tell if anything have been moved."

His manner is guarded, and terse. The Inquisitor was only a recent addition to our city only a few years past, augmenting the judicial and religious positions previously held by only two ministers, and the occasional reclusive monk on the cliffs.
"Interesting, our witness corroborates your presence but few minutes before their departure. We've kept a close eye on them almost their entire visit. The presence of an unfamiliar Fae mercenary band near our boarders is sufficient cause for my interest."

"I see, I just wanted to see what trace magic could have been left beh-"

"You, see magic? Your dabbling makes you overconfident. Still, after I have finished my examination you 'may' aid me in the cleansing, should you so wish."
No. 259621 ID: fba40f

Detecting magic is one of the few things we can do :V
No. 259710 ID: bffa2a

Cleansing? Wouldn't that be counterproductive to the investigation. Wait, is there a body or the remains of one weird eyed freak there? Then again it might just be normal spell leftovers. Ask.

Agree to come later if you're still unwelcome.
No. 259717 ID: c71597

Ask if you could just stand in the corner and observe while he conducts his examination, just because you want to see how such a knowledgeable guy goes about it. Atleast that's what you tell him, hopefully he's got an ego that you can use to your advantage.
No. 259821 ID: c99f30
File 129073871262.jpg - (153.12KB , 650x500 , 148.jpg )

"It so happens that uncovering traces of spellwork is one of the few things I 'can' accomplish."

"Very well, if you insist, but let me finish the debriefing at least."

"You wouldn't be trying to hide something would you Brother? Perhaps the body of a wyrd-eyed fae?"

He stops, giving me a curious look.
"What?.. a wyrd-eyed... yesss... I do think it's best you stay, I shall have some questions for you too I think."
No. 259830 ID: c99f30
File 129073935712.jpg - (114.84KB , 636x292 , 149.jpg )

I wait... a kobold stands nearby fidgeting, female from the smell of it. I wonder where Uncle Wern is?

I ask the guard,
"So, uhm?"
"Wellik, Wellik Sabal."
"Well then Mr. Sabal, has Wern been told about the disappearance yet?"
"It was decided he didn't need to be bothered about such unmanageable troubles so late at night, little hope in finding elves in the dark. He can be just as onry about all it in the daylight Sir."
"Yes... I think I can can see the logic there."
"Thankyou... Sir.
No. 259834 ID: c99f30
File 129073992872.jpg - (109.33KB , 636x292 , 150.jpg )

The door opens and I enter as a gray kobold leaves.
"Kudutoldus! Looken you! What you thinking? You nose is rubben almost raw, mamma will 'palled"
"Akastrigus~... I was justa..."
"No! no justa, you come wiff me now."
No. 259841 ID: c99f30
File 12907426771.jpg - (178.48KB , 600x700 , 151.jpg )

"Looks like someone made a mess in here.

"It is as I found it, I pride myself on a careful inspection. Still, why did you think there would be a body in here, and why a specific one?"

"Why not?"

"Don't play games with me, our purposes are not contrary to the others."
No. 259843 ID: 40cb26

You were attacked by an elf in a strange semi-dream-like state, and successfully fought back. Whether he was physically there or how he were effected by your efforts you couldn't be sure, him leaving a body was mostly wishful thinking on your part. If presses you for details on how you can probably tell him that it was a mana transfer trick. Hardly a dark and fiendish power, that. Just so long as you leave us out of it.

And get on with the magical detections, as soon as you are able.
No. 259844 ID: fba40f

No. 259856 ID: c71597

Because it was a wyrd eyed magical construct that attacked you. You managed to probably kill it through using the magic that keept it alive to fuel a spell.

Also, point out that blue stuff on the floor. Might be important.
No. 259893 ID: fba40f

On second thought, this is better worded.
No. 259895 ID: 40cb26

If there's one thing I'm not as good at, it's saying just enough. Better this than my own lines. Unless he gets pressed for more info I guess.
No. 259908 ID: c99f30
File 129080658355.jpg - (180.61KB , 600x700 , 152.jpg )

"Very well, the aforementioned... thing which accompanied them, I do not believe it an elf for the abilities demonstrated. It attacked me shortly after I left the room. I turned it's own sorcery against, it apparently wounding it grievously"

He removes his hat and steps forward, eying me closely.
"Really, you fought in the halls?"

"I believe so, yes."

He mutters to himself momentarily before remembering and addressing me.
"...resting... ..fliction.. of -count, Still I suppose you want to look about now mhh? Feel free, but make it hasty, it will take me a few moments to prepare the cleansing."
No. 259914 ID: c71597

Go check out the scratch marks and the blue stuff near the top of the tipped over table.
No. 259922 ID: bffa2a

Yes, check the stain. Would symbol of Voors let you see just what was going on here or do you have better spell for that? I'm hoping you would be able to learn how they did that and see if you can do it yourself.
No. 260007 ID: c99f30
File 129083662859.gif - (250.03KB , 700x500 , 153.gif )

Feuéchelle goes to work, spreading a fine gray dust in a circle on the ground. Giving me ample opportunity to use the Symbol of Voors surreptitiously.

"Huh, what was that?"

"Nothing, I was... just noting that stain on the ground there, something feels unusual about it."
No. 260010 ID: c99f30
File 129083728267.jpg - (131.57KB , 700x500 , 154.jpg )

I think I caught a glimpse some aging disconnected spell fragments drifting about, something unusual about Feuéchelle (no surprise there), and some, organic-looking pattern spreading out from the stain.

Feuéchelle stands, backing away from his completed circle.
"Ah well, we shouldn't have to worry about that stain too long, I hope... anyhow, you will probably want to close your eyes for the next part. Also, if you hear anything particularly strange please grab me and drag me out of the room, yes?"

" Erh, wait what? Is this dangerous? Why do I have to keep my eyes closed? Afraid I will steal church secrets?"
No. 260011 ID: c99f30
File 129083749515.jpg - (107.91KB , 550x700 , 155.jpg )

He, frowns, turns, takes a very deep breath and...

I instinctively close my eyes against the sudden brightness, like the sun itself overwhelming one after stepping from a windowless, light-less warren.
No. 260012 ID: c99f30
File 129083808027.jpg - (168.97KB , 550x700 , 156.jpg )

"Good God! You didn't say you were going to set half the room on fire!"

"ahh bah dose, alus getz buck en bah dose... anyhuh, datz bout it yes..."

"Well I really hope mother wasn't planning on using that table again. Really..."

"Coudn't be 'voided, adda blow nuff powa tah, owawelm dur growen dreamwoven spell."


"Yah, lika... growen 'visable gate runey tiggy ting yah? Make'em getten back en much easya, lika back door see? Weaken spot intween worlds like, lika marker."
No. 260047 ID: 11d842

So there was a growing backdoor? Sneaky.

Any plans for tracking them down?
No. 260053 ID: c71597

Hmm, so they had a door for sending stuff into the dreamworld. Interesting. But you should probably check out the blue stuff that appears to be growing. It's probably something that you shouldn't allow to get much bigger.

Wonder who hired those elves to do this? I think they might have actually been honest about being mercs. The Sperenze family wouldn't have seemed that likely before, but if it's true that they have made some dark deals then they might have known that you got a new nice little orb and cool powers. So they hired the elves to chase off your teacher, possibly get the orb and get their hands on you as well, or find out who is your "master". Actually the part about master makes them more possible. If they gained power through dark deals with stuff from beyond, then they might assume you did the same thing, so they want to find out who you made a deal with.
No. 260071 ID: fba40f

Was that circle he was standing over something he made? I saw it glowing too.
No. 260103 ID: 5f020f

One thing that may have nearly been overlooked.
That lil bold that was being molested by your goblin guest is still in the manor. For her safety and that of the whole manor she should be checked over as well. Our opponents may be the crafty sort, leaving more than one avenue to return.

Or worse the poor girl could be under a compulsion to wander off once things have cooled down, into the unkind arms of a perverted goblin mage, never to be seen alive again.
No. 260936 ID: c99f30
File 129115910498.jpg - (180.38KB , 700x500 , 157.jpg )

From the looks of it I really doubt the stain/dreamwoven will be a problem at this point. If it was only an immature spell that burst likely torched it, as well as probably setting the local aether energy currents into disarray.

"If you want my opinion, you should have that girl checked, just in case she's under any compulsions or enchantments."

Feuéchelle takes a swig from a hipflask to clear his throat before aswering.
"*cough* Girl, what girl?

"The one who just left, the little bold girl their goblin wa-"

"Oh, you mean HIM? He's one of my agents, just turned him over to his sister, still, I must watch my flock carefully. Or rather, carefully enough that I can at least tell who is what."

"ahh huh"
Awkward... damn kobolds, how was I to know, didn't catch his scent, was busy smoking dreamdust, or something. So... I guess, we are done here? The room smells, frankly quite awful, now that half the furnishings are glowing embers.
No. 260949 ID: bffa2a

This is a spell we must learn. Tell me you saw the basic principle when you caught a glimpse of it. Could probably even use this as last measure when you eventually fail a spell. Useful if you survive the third degree burns.

But yes, can't think of anything to say. Several things about the human mages safety but I guess you don't want to share that. The security around here or how to defend yourself so they don't get into your head in the first place.
No. 261034 ID: a695ae

dont worry, 'bolds seem to completely lack gender issues and likely won't take any real offense from mix-ups like that. We're pretty sure they're socially androgynous. Its enviable, really.

Either way, Brother Feuéchelle clearly has things in hand. Time to rest and recover. I would advise against having anything alcoholic before bed, given the amount of mental gymnastics you were forced through. It would be like rubbing salt in a fresh cut.
No. 261077 ID: c71597

We're done as soon as we're certain the spell is broken up. Don't take chances or risks with magic.
No. 261117 ID: 0b2a05

Thank him for letting you watch, no reason not to be polite.
No. 261443 ID: 73bf61
File 12913427954.gif - (315.76KB , 600x500 , 158.gif )

Yes, it's defiantly had the bits kicked out of it, even looks to have a bunch of the smaller astral bottom feeders and planktonic life swarming around to take advantage of all the energy what got stirred around. They'll take care of the rest.

Not sure about that spell he used on it though. "Any chance you could show me how to do that?"

"Church secrets you said it yourself, besides I was under the impression you already had your... sources, hmmm?"

"Well, as of late 'my sources' are not as close as I could prefer, and this is primarily a matter of self-defense on my part, should the Fair Folk show interest in me again.'
No. 261447 ID: 73bf61
File 129134301428.jpg - (111.45KB , 636x292 , 159.jpg )

"Hmmm, I really doubt you even are 'capable' up pumping in the necessary amount of energy needed for a proper blast ignition, still, let me think on it."

"Yes Inq- Brother."
No. 261451 ID: 73bf61
File 129134398583.jpg - (186.32KB , 700x550 , 160.jpg )

I manage to find my mother, she hugs me, almost squeezing the life out of me before boxing me about the ears. She has already heard of my experience from my father.

Still, I am shown to my room, and kissed goodnight.
No. 261453 ID: 73bf61
File 129134474088.jpg - (195.62KB , 700x550 , 161.jpg )

I hope not 'every' day shall be so, unpredictable. Still... it 'was' interesting wasn't it?
No. 261454 ID: fb10df

Quite interesting indeed. So for the moment let's assume that the "elves" and their prophecies/advice aren't necessarily to be trusted. Do we have any plans for tomorrow? Anything we have to do? Responsibilities, perhaps?
No. 261456 ID: a695ae

It will all depend on the weather. Relax and get a good night's sleep, plans can be made over breakfast.

And as for the exorcism we witnessed: perhaps its simply a refined version of what was done to our dream-assailant: A spell that pulls in other magical structures and breaks them down, releasing light in the process.
No. 261478 ID: c71597

You learned quite a few things. Set up a runeword of 'E' around your bed to make sure nothing tries to get into your nogging while you sleep. Then you can drift off into the sweet embrace of sleep.
No. 261602 ID: 850d78
File 129142314220.jpg - (151.64KB , 700x550 , 162.jpg )

I should... probably get that frog thing Milli wanted or something... Need to check on stuff Sirus left behind, if he left anything behind. Find lore on dreaming and protection... should write down that... stuff the elf lady said...Mhmhm... Rune... word of... mmmhmmm... E... magical... structures....
No. 261603 ID: 850d78
File 129142316951.jpg - (150.32KB , 700x550 , 163.jpg )

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