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File 12915984059.jpg - (196.34KB , 600x913 , BTSC2.jpg )
262261 No. 262261 ID: 531b22

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No. 262274 ID: 531b22
File 129159942574.jpg - (196.59KB , 700x500 , 164.jpg )

"And so it came to pass that Atremius most bold hierarch of these Fae strode forward and made his words 'We have offered the Men of this city life these Men have chosen the cold death self-fashioned... have fashioned for themselves armors of hateful steel and iron, have-' yet his words cut short for from the city came forth lanced light, focused up him keenly shining. He was consumed screaming by the most wroth fires of these men, conjured of glass and ruby... forth came the the tide of the Folk armone in chitens, in leathers, in crystal, and strangely worked woods. Yet upon them too were focused the lights, still they came, still they fell. and one by one these lights winked out. Each as an eye closed in death. Yet from below came drums and the tearing, and wailing, and the gnashing of teeth. The People had come, called by promises made in the dark. The Fair Folk did conjure strange poisons, to overwhelm even the People for the People taught them Fear. To fear the sounds of the angry night. Yet Man taught the People the art of making masks to ward of the poisons and the charms of the Folk... taught them names and number to count the endless...

Damn, there is nothing in here on warding off dream magic at all, is there? Although, is that a tingling at my ear I feel? The viceful voices of the watchful sphere?"

No. 262277 ID: fb10df

We watch and we wait. We're not always present, master, but yet you should wish us to be, for we are able to be aware of much more than you would be, alone. How long since our last communique? Since that night we left you? Hopefully not too long. Are you trying to further defend yourself against whatever that "elf" did to you? The text seems to suggest that humans (Man) gave your people a defense against the Fae (Folk), the masks you wear. You know we've never adequately questioned you about those masks. Please, if you will, tell us their significance in your society. It may be that they are designed to protect you from the very thing the Fae practiced against you, in which case either they've lost their effectiveness or the proper art in mask-making has been lost/reduced.
No. 262339 ID: c71597

Guess you could call us that. And the protection against dream invasions might be further along, once they found out that physical tricks weren't working they might have tried a few new mental tricks. Or the mental tricks are a new application of their magic.

Anyway, how have you been?
No. 262442 ID: 40cb26

Viceful? Harsh, man. We're all kids of things, some of them even almost virtuous. Multitudinous would be a better word.

How long were we out, are you at home? Is that a library? Nice reading setup there by the way. Sure a simple table would do fine but that over-engineered thing has got some class to it.
No. 262474 ID: 0b2a05

Have we mentioned how pretty your name is lately?

Anyway, did you ask Sirus, or did he leave already?
No. 262566 ID: e0c03a
File 129169347523.jpg - (199.80KB , 700x500 , 165.jpg )

Why wear clothes at all, we are not goblins, men or elves who must guard their skin against even the mildest elements.

One isn't properly dressed without some headgear, especially given our sensitivity to the sun's glare, the frequent local precipitation, and as the text points out, traditional reasons. Albeit, perhaps now less effective? I may wish to see how designs have changed, perhaps a collector in the old country?

Sirus' house, makes sense that he would have found something as ludicrous as this and put it to use. Just checking to see if he left anything 'interesting' behind last night in his haste. His collection is so eclectic... it hard to tell honestly. spent the last hour on this book becasue it detailed the First Expansion Wars.
No. 262592 ID: d677cc

You appear to have someone trying to deliver you a hot beverage of some sort. You ask for that?
No. 262606 ID: c71597

Accept tea and keep reading. If it's Sirus stuff then it's probably important somehow. Just have to figure out how and why.
No. 262637 ID: bffa2a

Sounds like gasmasks. You don't want those, they're hot and heavy. And masks beat goggles on class.

So, have you made any progress at all? On anything? Mayby a big toad somewhere? Tea?
No. 262787 ID: 9cf63d
File 129177384460.jpg - (260.63KB , 700x600 , 166.jpg )

Hmm? Really? Perhaps. May need to talk to a Technical for that.

Ugh, I've spend most the morning reading, hell I've spend most of the last DECADE reading. Without direction it feels like I'm working blind. Can't tell what has magic in it or not. Already tried using Symbol of Voors, but Sirus put his study in the loft of Merbouillant's secondary generatorium, the local energy flow makes it difficult.

"Ah yes thankyou Trechrejra."
She smiles and babbles something in kobold, I catch enough to guess she made it herself. Being wild-born I'm not sure she ever learned Lingua.

"Oi, Prince I sent you up Sirus' bold with some tea for yah. Figured ye'd get thirsty with all that work you're doing up there."
No. 262845 ID: bffa2a

A piece of rock, a chest and disorderly stack of papers. Yes, very exciting. Does Sirus bold know about what you need or at least show what he was working on before he left?
No. 262865 ID: fb10df

The difficulty with no heavily-organized centralized filing system is that when it comes to looking for information in texts, you're flying blind. Rather than going after the texts themselves, it's better to inquire about them to those who have already familiarized themselves with them, give them a notion of what you're looking for, and then see what texts/sections you're referred to. A librarian, basically. Of course since Sirus isn't here, in this case it's not so simple. So while reading does in general increase your store of knowledge, in this case it's not likely to produce what you're looking for, unless you're very lucky. Any idea where Sirus went?

Also who said that last line to you?
No. 262880 ID: c71597

Thank whoever that is for their concern. Hmm, that papper with the red squiggly stuff on it looks like it could be useful or atleast more interesting than the book right now.
No. 263036 ID: 9cf63d
File 129186664620.jpg - (214.42KB , 700x600 , 167.jpg )

"Yes thankyou Mycaal, if you're so concerned perhaps you would like to help me?"

"No thanks I've got real work to be doing... don't want to sorting that madman's stuff anyhow. Nope, much safer down here working on a flooded generator."
He's an old friend of my father, from his corsair days I think.
Mhh yes, might be something. I wonder, if he's going to be gone for any length of time I may want to file some of this mess away, may appreciate that.
No. 263040 ID: 9cf63d
File 129186685318.jpg - (211.08KB , 700x600 , 168.jpg )

"Trechrejra, would you be a dear and perhaps show me the most recent thing Sirus was working on, or perhaps any messages or something he left behind? Maybe a somewhere he wanted me to meet him? or- erhm"
No. 263041 ID: 9cf63d
File 129186694856.jpg - (212.40KB , 700x600 , 169.jpg )


"You didn't understand half of what I just said do you?
No. 263043 ID: 9cf63d
File 129186723217.jpg - (158.15KB , 700x600 , 170.jpg )

"Okay, you know Baldrecgus yes. Yes you do, okay I need YOU to GET BALRECGUS. and BRING him HERE. YOU GET BALRECGUS. I want his herp with a few derp herp derp blah blah depr herpa.

so smooth...

and tingly too...
No. 263044 ID: 9cf63d
File 129186733349.jpg - (116.06KB , 600x600 , 171.jpg )

Just borrow... hmmm?
No. 263052 ID: cbdb8b

Oh? Now you can hear us, too?

HI TRECHREJRA! How are you?
No. 263053 ID: d677cc

Oh dear. I'm not sure if August meant to do this.

Um. Hi!
No. 263069 ID: 0b2a05

Hey, we're riding your head for a while. Hope you don't mind. August here needs you to do something for him, think you can handle it?
No. 263077 ID: 8d8786



No. 263081 ID: c71597

No, don't take stuff from someone to just borrow them while not telling them. You will get into trouble if you do that, and then some goblin will show up and put clothespin on your nose.
No. 263170 ID: 08b416
File 129193360330.jpg - (186.58KB , 750x650 , 172.jpg )

hello again manyvoices. you seen master around?
silly voices, is not afraid of cursings. master protects us from... cursings.
but sharing is good 'tween freinds we can share, friends right?
mmmm... Manystones? We take you to Manystones... he is... sigh~
No. 263173 ID: c71597

Oh, seems like you have some intentions towards him.

Anyway, your master isn't really here right now. He can't really do alot to help you. Or maybe you know something about him that we don't know that makes you certain of his protection.
No. 263339 ID: 9cf63d
File 129196400180.jpg - (68.61KB , 700x400 , 173.jpg )

mmm? maybe, maybe Manystones... sometimes is crazyfun around him... sometimes... want to strangle.... but sometimes... something else...

Master Serious away now, worries they would come and ruin his things, to take his toys. so he leads her seekers on a chase.

am not afraid of folk, or people, or arts of man, only to fear fear say Serious. then he gives us charms in our ears... keep us safe.
No. 263351 ID: c71597

Sounds like love~

So master Serious is away then. You wouldn't happen to know where he went since you're such a smart and good 'bold?

Or, and I'm almost certain you know this since you're so smart and awesome, where he keeps his most interesting toys?
No. 263452 ID: 7b904f
File 129201799253.jpg - (33.58KB , 700x400 , 174.jpg )

uhuh... keeps special voicy bits with him, took his special gun and his blackbook too...
No. 263454 ID: 7b904f
File 129201828481.jpg - (93.65KB , 400x640 , 175.jpg )

leaves a few magic sticks, vision pot (not for cooking in, smacks us if we do) icystones, maybe glitter cards as bookmarks... magic blackwingman whistle (in his spare robe pocket)... special potions for not drinking.... uhm... maybe forget something.
No. 263457 ID: c71597

So master Serious has some voicy bits as well? That's interesting.

Anyway, I'm sure master Serious wouldn't mind it if August played a bit with his toys. After all August is a good friend of master Serious and good friends share toys. Don't they?
No. 263602 ID: 8d8786

Fascinating. Interesting that she calls us Manyvoices as well. Also very interesting that our words seem to be translated into the language they understand best. We called a kobold by the name August used and she understood it as her own, just as August's "Baldrecgus" she interprets as the proper koboldic "manystones." Must note coincidence in names manyvoices and manystones, perhaps confirm suspicions later.

Anyway, Wintertongue, if you'd be so kind, take a moment to show us this Vision Pot before you go get Manystones for August. By the by, how do you and the other kobolds view August and his kind?
No. 263817 ID: 87122b
File 129212726779.jpg - (88.52KB , 700x400 , 176.jpg )

guess so...
maybe should have said so before having to climb back up ladder. show sillynose student visionpot later now, Manystones.

sillynose peoples okay, make good food and and keep us safe... but bossy... so bossy... do this... do that... wear more clothes... why you so dirty? deliver messages... pushing buttons... find peoples sweeping floors... scrubbing floors... washings... always cleanings...
No. 263819 ID: 87122b
File 129212758994.jpg - (116.98KB , 700x500 , 177.jpg )

ooopps crazytime week cookings feastings and botherings and afterwards the cleanings and clothsmendings... why so many cloths? not needing so many clothes... if cold then why build houses so big?

but Mr. Serious he's okay... not to bothering... sometimes he get sadsick... or sadsad then sicksick from strongdrink...

but let's us make food and doesn't ask us mend clothes or sweeping too much.
No. 263822 ID: 87122b
File 129212802242.jpg - (120.99KB , 700x500 , 178.jpg )

needing to put in more boards there.

"littlelady lost eya?"

"coming in Tunnelboyz terror-tory, bringing food? maybe strongdrink eya littlelady?"

No. 263826 ID: 87122b
File 129213076691.jpg - (131.58KB , 700x500 , 180.jpg )

stupid tunnelboyz... always just 'borrowing' food and things from other bolds... say they are rebellion... staying down in smallpaths and never working.

"you stupid wildborn littlelady or just deaf? wanna pass you gotta get us stuff eya?"

"Eya stuff. 'cause tunnelboyz make rules down here."
No. 263864 ID: c71597

God damn kobold greasers. Don't hand us over to them, they can't be allowed to "borrow" us.

Try to get through them with the promise that you will get them information on the longnoses and "borrow" valuble stuff for them. Then you can tell August about it, he's smart, he will figure out what to do about it.
No. 263952 ID: 8d8786

Now's a good time to ask whether or not you're aware of what kind of protection Sirus's ear-charm grants you, and whether it'll be applicable in this situation. Regardless, I'm sure bluffing your way through this would be the preferable solution to any outright conflict. We do stress, however, that sillynose August is a very trustworthy person who can find a way to more permanently fix the situation, once we return to him.
No. 263966 ID: 60477c

challenge them to a match of roshambo.
No. 263970 ID: 0405f3
File 129219488714.jpg - (83.36KB , 640x400 , 181.jpg )

don't know rules to that game.
not sure, doesn't stop bumps and scrapings. but protecting... somehow.
"don't have anything, but... can look out for things maybe? we see things hear things..."

"then you can pass, later! no things now no passing now. sure you don't have something eya?"
"maybe hiding something in pockets eya?"
"sure? maybe we can help look?"

drawing ourself together, ready for kicking or running when scarred otherbold come from tunnels

"what is this here? not letting littlelady pass?"
"but lieutenant Thu-"
"not very nice of my tunnelboyz, have to teach some manners eya?"
"No lieutenant Thunderwater!"
"No lieutenant Thunderwater!"

otherbold turns to us and motions.
"please, littlelady coming with us eya?"
No. 263977 ID: 8d8786

We need a better description and/or reading of this Thunderwater guy. He's clearly in charge, or at least higher up than these peons, but going with him might provide its own set of difficulties. If you think he wouldn't object too terribly much, you might do better to explain that you're on a very time-sensitive task and you've got to get back to it.
No. 264025 ID: 0405f3
File 129220273229.jpg - (84.72KB , 600x400 , 182.jpg )

"please Mr. Thunderwater, am on buisness needing to be back very quick.

takes my arm and leads us down tunnels
"No worrying my littlelady come with us, where you going?"
"Going to cliffsides please Thunderwater"

he talks and smiles making jokes, is a strange tunnelboy, soon I hear water and see other tunnelboy with broom on his head like sillynose guard hats.

"eya Yellowgrins, Fallowtide running boats down to cliffsides today?"

"Eya brother lieutenant, gotchaself a pretty littlelady there I'm seeing."

"Just seeing her through there, said she could tell us interesting things later." he says with a wink. "Now go-on gotta be getting back to guarding, make sure mah boyz don't do stupid eya?"

he motions towards the sewer riverboat.
No. 264026 ID: 8d8786

Uhh... do you have any knowledge whether this will actually get you towards where you want to be going? If it will, sure go ahead and accept the charity. Besides, this bold seems to be the big man on campus.
No. 264077 ID: c71597

Tell the oarsman where you're headed and see if he can take you there.
No. 264370 ID: 0405f3
File 129235698765.jpg - (116.75KB , 600x500 , 183.jpg )

asking boatbold if he can be taking us to the cliffs, says yes! getting in when otherbold calls out.
"If ever in trouble with tunnelboyz say Thunderwater says you okay eya littlelady!?"
No. 264371 ID: 0405f3
File 129235718635.jpg - (137.03KB , 640x400 , 184.jpg )

waves to him, then boat carries us away... such strange otherbold. why with the tunnelboys if a gentlebold? strange...

thinking of things... Manystones... strange otherbold... running waters... finally coming to our stop and boatbold helps us onto the ladder.
No. 264372 ID: 0405f3
File 129235723496.jpg - (52.19KB , 640x400 , 185.jpg )

and that is how smart little ladybold like me gets though underground.
No. 264373 ID: 0405f3
File 129235732643.jpg - (72.47KB , 640x400 , 187.jpg )

so close... can smell Manystones, just at sillynose student prince's house.
No. 264374 ID: 0405f3
File 12923574908.gif - (15.36KB , 500x500 , 188.gif )

oh Manystones~ why you so crazyfeeling?

wait... who is strange lady talking to him! and laughing, and talking, with my Manystones! no no no no no! will not have it! no!
No. 264397 ID: c71597

Is she a white sillynose? If that's the case then it's ok, she's got her aim set on someone else and your manystones is safe.

If it's someone else then it might be someone trying to get their hands on your 'bold.
No. 264451 ID: 0405f3
File 129237938254.jpg - (164.69KB , 700x700 , 189.jpg )

is white... why? maybe you know that, maybe she knows that, but does he know that? just look at him hanging off the fence... showing off so... staring so...
No. 264454 ID: 0405f3
File 129237965049.jpg - (182.76KB , 700x700 , 190.jpg )

won't have it, not at all!

"Manystones there you are, master is wanting you quickquick! no time for sillyness talking"

"Ayaahhh! not so hard. Make us deaf girl. Lady just asking after master now!"

strangewhite laughs and mumbles something in sillyspeak.
No. 264466 ID: cbdb8b

It's probably okay if she wants to follow the two of you back to master. Don't think she'll fit through the tunnels though, so you'll have to take the long way back, in that case.
No. 264510 ID: bffa2a

I wouldn't worry, such things tend to pass rather quickly. Or not.

So, did she want to meet with August or just asking around? If so you should probably escort her there. Otherwise Manystones will have to show her around. Alone.
No. 264515 ID: 8d8786

On a side note, I thought Serious was your master? How is it you are both referring to August as your master, specifically?
No. 264527 ID: c71597

Probably wants to find master August as well. Just tell her where he is and then be on your way.
No. 264805 ID: 0405f3
File 129254070745.jpg - (118.03KB , 650x550 , 191.jpg )

>So, did she want to meet with August or just asking around? If so you should probably escort her there. Otherwise Manystones will have to show her around. Alone.

nononono, no!

if strangewhite wants to follow then follow, but Manystones is mine...

not my master Serious is my master, sillynose student is Manystones master. see?

"Owwwa Wintertongue Is tired already, gardening."

"Comeon~ not tired yet!"
No. 264807 ID: 0405f3
File 129254096396.jpg - (133.78KB , 700x400 , 192.jpg )

strangewhite and another following behind.

"What's he want anyway?"

"Boxes and books moving, hmmhmm using strong back.

"Don't wanna move boxes..."

"Yes you do~"
No. 264812 ID: 0405f3
File 129254161152.jpg - (188.54KB , 600x600 , 193.jpg )

"Ahah Gotcha! Just as I suspected. You picked my pocket didn't you little scamp! Well... no more. I'm telling your master when he gets back. If he'd meant for you to have it, you would already have one."

So that's where you've been, should have guessed you hadn't just shut up when this 'bold scampered off. At least she brought back Baldrecgus, among others...
No. 264818 ID: c71597

Yes, and we found out some interesting information. Seems like there is a small rebellious group brewing in your underground. Calling themselves the tunnelboyz. Might grow into a problem depending on how they're handled.

Found anything interesting by the way?
No. 264822 ID: 1854db

Who's the other guy? We recognized your girlfriend but I'm not sure who the other one is.
No. 264844 ID: 8d8786

A great deal of important information for you, master. It seems while you our primary connection in this world we are yet able to connect secondarily with others who possess us. While you lack our valuable insight and advice while we are away, it might be valuable for you to know that we are capable of tapping into the minds and lives of others, should you choose to let them "borrow" us. Of course, in all likelihood some of the other voices would speak up and thus ruin the subtlety of such a covert operation, but in theory we'd be able to spy for you.

Of other important note is that entities such as ourselves are not entirely uncommon or unknown, as even this kobold (her name translates to Wintertongue by the way, and calling her by it might endear her towards you, or may simply confuse her if she doesn't understand your language as well) was not at all phased by our presence. It seems your friend Sirus has at least one such stone or other item that contains the essence of many voice. When you get some free time you might ask Wintertongue to show you Sirus's "vision pot," as it may grant you insight into your research, and independantly you should find and check out Sirus's spare robe, looking for an item in a pocket the kobold passingly referred to as the "magic blackwingman whistle." It sounds ominous and important.

If you want to further increase your reputation with your underlings the kobold, you might indeed attempt to do something about the infestation of renegade kobolds within the kobolds' smallpaths, though perhaps you might wait on acting until Wintertongue or another kobold (by the way your other servant's name translates to Manystones) asks you to do so, so your selfless generosity in being willing to help them is more noted.

Also to note, your friend Sirus may not be nearly as simple as he appeared, at least to us. The kobold relates that he suffers from bouts of depression which then drive him to drink, further souring his mood. Were you aware of this?

Anyway, I suppose you have immediate business to attend to, so while all this information (and more) is important, for the moment let us see what our fair lady requires of us. She was looking for you, you know.
No. 264910 ID: b4e2bb

Also, among these Tunnelboyz there is a kobold that goes by the name of thunderwater. He seems to be in a position of either leadership or respect among them. Either way, they seem to listen to him. He seems to be a more reasonable sort than the rest of them, and was rather chivalrous towards Trechrejra here. And don't be mad at her, as I think we MAY be able to sue her in the future, as she seems rather knowledgeable about the kobolds underground.
No. 265115 ID: 0405f3
File 129270599322.jpg - (159.63KB , 500x572 , 194.jpg )

Interesting, and what is the manner of their rebellion? Stolen goods, trafficking with our rivals, weapons manufacture, plots and sedition? I was under the impression kobold names did translate to some meaning, but isn't that common to most names? I mean I would hardly feel comfortable being called "the revered one" or would I...

Nevertheless, I was aware of Sirus'...issues, they have occasionally afforded me the chance to study a bit beyond the parameters he'd set for me.

As for me, I've found a few things in your absence, a few frostshot crystals, what is likely a wand of sorts, and I'm fairly sure that 'vision pot' is here on his desk. Also some miscellaneous documents you may be interested in.
No. 265118 ID: 0405f3
File 129270657837.jpg - (163.25KB , 500x572 , 195.jpg )

As for the womenfolk... well, they've immediately set upon that talent they posses in sorting and 'straightening out' this mess. It did take a bit of convincing to not let them throw a good portion of it away for simply being too moldered or simply distasteful. Still it allows me the chance to actually look over some of the more interesting finds.

I've gathered other girl is Lucidia's handmaiden, Takkaya a kobold... of sorts.

I've also been informed they wish to take me shopping after all this is done.
No. 265134 ID: 1854db

A kobold? She's a little tall isn't she? Hmm. Hybrid species perhaps?

Let's take a look at those documents... and could you show us the 'wand'?
No. 265139 ID: c2c011

Probably a hybrid of some sorts. Might be a somewhat failed experiment for magic talent breeding, because she has either some funky glasses on that mask or some funky blue glowing eyes.

Anyway, the bolds in the undergroun are probably not worth worrying alot over. It seems like they have a fair number of smalltime bullies who are in it mainly to get to feel big and order someone about. Might be useful in some ways for army recruits.

Anyway, lets take a look at those documents.
No. 265238 ID: bffa2a

Kobold of sorts? Oh oh.. oh. I've just jumped to conclusions and I'm not sure if I want to ask.

Well, you can start with the documents. Is he okay with us "borrowing" things? Explain vision pot. What kind of shopping?
No. 265240 ID: 8d8786

Shopping? Shopping for what? Well depending on how you (and we) view the enjoyability of such an excursion, you might plead that you have a prior familiar obligation you previously made and must politely decline. Of course, that puts you running around in no-no areas again.

By the way, do the different subspecies of kobolds have different statuses? This one even seems to warrant a mask. Or is it for another reason?
No. 265351 ID: 0405f3
File 129281072892.jpg - (152.18KB , 600x572 , 196.jpg )

The rumors that any kobolds of the the rodentia persuasion are the plausible result of inter-species miscegenation is strictly hearsay at this point.

A marked difference in breeding strategies combined with the well documented phenotypical variability of the kobold race has lead most scholars to conclude that it is merely an chance resemblance that can crop up in any line.
No. 265354 ID: 0405f3
File 129281090880.jpg - (223.91KB , 600x572 , 197.jpg )

There is also a lack of.. erm... publicized field studies proving such a co-relation, not exactly a project that garners much funding or public respect you see? (not to say that it isn't the subject of such scandalous novels as certain women are wont to peruse.)

Despite this, such individuals are often seen a a kind of.. go-between for our kinds, and thus are often afforded higher status and education, as well as higher expectations...

Anyhow, about this wand, I'm a bit loath to test it to the fullest inside, surrounded by woman, flammables, and a power plant of all things. However, this is what I know, and suspect of it's properties.
No. 265400 ID: 40cb26

A fair analysis I suppose. The main question is if it has an inherent effect that just requires power being applied, or if it is more of a tool for spells as your dirk is. Or in other words, if it just shoots lightning or fireballs or if you need to learn such spells. But yeah let's test that later and at a considerable distance from anywhere or anything.

Are the rodentia type 'bolds actually any more naturally intelligent than their others or is it just the effect of education? Or perhaps is it just the puppyheads who have the mindset of a young child given too many sweets?

Another idea: perhaps they are not crossbreeds but rather a sign of shared heritage in ages far far past? Not to say one is born of the other or both of another but... ah forget it. It's a likely inscrutable thing at any rate.
No. 265422 ID: 8d8786

I want to know about the shopping. Seriously.
No. 265436 ID: c2c011

Seems like something we should try out in a somewhat more isolated place later.

Found anything else that looks good?
No. 265650 ID: 0405f3
File 129298651437.jpg - (758.92KB , 930x663 , 198.jpg )

Clothes and the like I presume, may find a few gifts to take home to her family as well.Could stand to pick up a few things myself, planning on 'visiting' the Sperenze later.
I've heard it's not that kobolds are particularly stupid. However they usually lack the focus and will necessary to become properly civilized. Living short fearful little lives in huts of sticks or warrens of dirt, till they are inevitably snatched up by something which finds them palpable, a nuisance, or at least amusing to torment.

Ah well here's a rather more complete map I found. Territory to the northeast of us is subdivided into local Verhimen kingdoms, to the southeast primarily elves, goblins or yeeks. Westward the Sea, the Islands, and the Sands of the Setting Sun.
No. 265766 ID: 0405f3
File 129300102089.png - (455.53KB , 791x600 , 198.png )

Oh and I found a Phoenix Egg and here's one of those Frostshot Crystals I mentioned earlier. Engraved stones usually used to store offensive magics, in this case a violent conflagration and a bitter jet of ice respectively. However they have a tendency to burn out irreparably with some regularity.

"Oh would you look at what I've found, I believe you were looking for a whistle? Quite certain it's magical"
"Oh, ah yes! Thankyou."
I didn't tell her that...

"Oh nooooo, I didn't say you could have it for free did I?~"
"Oh you know I'm just having fun, I wouldn't ask anything of my little sweethief."
"I uhm, you remember that? Haven't in a long time"
No. 265769 ID: 8d8786

I like her longmask. Not that I dislike yours, but the different styles are interesting. And good that she got you that whistle, that saves us some time. Though to note in retrospect to that and the wand, unless you have a method to clearly identify what they do, experimenting with them will be largely fruitless and potentially dangerous and I fully recommend against anything other than pack-rat-ing them until you can gain some method of better understanding their use. But wait, how exactly did she know about the whistle in the pocket of Sirus's spare robe? I mean, it's unlikely such a thing would be found unless deliberately searched for, which means she must have had some knowledge of it. And, in all likelihood, that means that either she picked it up from your hidden stray thoughts (unlikely as you've not even mentally projected it to us), or more likely she picked it up when we mentioned it to you. Which means that her reputation as a 'sensitive' is more than warranted. And somewhat frightening. Which raises further questions, the first of which being "should I perhaps shut up, lest she 'hear' something she shouldn't?", and another being "Why is she hiding that she knows, when even a quick examination of her actions reveals her knowledge?" The Kobold, earlier, was as well quite nonplussed at our existence, and knowing that Sirus at the very least has such a stone/entity as ourselves, perhaps such objects/entities are much more common than we had previously thought. At the very least, she's quite favorably-aligned towards you, and seems to be keeping your confidence, I suppose, but between your shared past together and your prospective future together, I'm not entirely sure what to think. Could you remind us, please, of your relative ages as well as the extent of your familial relations?

Oh and take the lady shopping. She just gave you a pretty, you ought to do the same.
No. 265785 ID: c2c011

Sweet, what does the whistle do?

Oh, and who are those Sealucid fellows?
No. 265790 ID: bffa2a

Okay. I can see how that could get creepy, just something to get used to I guess. I'm guessing this relates to the times when she still was babysitting you.

And do tell the properties of the whistle. While I assume it's as self explainable as frostshot you should correct me if phoenix egg not a lot of fire mayby in bird form. Or second chance born of fire or.. Oh just explain everything. Vision pot too unless it involves poisoning self with herbs and giggling at nothing for a while.
No. 265943 ID: 0405f3
File 129307145576.png - (178.96KB , 400x600 , 199.png )

>what does the whistle do?
Not a clue, yet another thing to test. The egg, well you throw it at people and they catch fire, a bit like a grenade. He's only let me use them once or twice, a bird of flames erupts from the stone momentarily to harass the target/targets.

As for this 'vision pot', it's obviously a divination tool. Could fill it up and try some scrying if I wished to burn a few hours and likely go to bed with a massive headache. I mean damn, just look at that crazy pattern, just keeps going down and down, and it's not even full of water yet!
No. 265957 ID: 0405f3
File 129307267177.png - (435.05KB , 900x600 , 200.png )

>Sealucids, relations, ect...

Well, here's a rather simplified and pruned family tree showing my lineage. I mentioned before my grandfather Orison, well... he had at least two families, we were the later frontline scion of his campaigns. Lucidia is descended from the homeland branch. We are roughly 8 years apart, although I'm not too sure how familer you are with time... given all the other things you seem to need education on.

Okay... I am 27, in three years I'll have finished my apprenticeship and have the full legal privileges of rank. Lucidia is roughly 8 years my senior, a good bit past the prime age for lady's first marriage, especially as a noble.

As for the Sealucids we are fairly close, my mother is one. See... my mother originally married Kerik de Sauterelle, the first son. But... he took a bolt through the throat from goblin raiders. My father came home from sea for the funeral, where they first met. A scant five months later, they were married.
No. 265960 ID: 8d8786

It doesn't look like a pot. Pretty good family tree, though. Do all the families, noble and peasant alike, have deaths occur so commonly? I mean you seem relatively at peace, but wow. Anyway, you really don't have the option of asking us whether we'd advise you to improve your divination/scrying skills. Don't you have other things you should be doing? Like looking for your wayward mentor? Or hunting frogs for a family member in dire need? Or SHOPPING~?
No. 266064 ID: c2c011

Ohhh, interesting. This should be useful in the future.

Ok, you probably have enough stuff right now to experiment with in the evening. Grab a few documents that look promising as well and then follow them to do their shopping stuff. Then we can try out all the neat gadgets later in the evening.
No. 266119 ID: 40cb26

One full rotation around your sun, a full cycle of seasons gone by. You uh... do have seasons, right? Would be quite an odd situation not to. Then divisions possibly by cycles of moons... damn I don't remember even seeing a moon or not. Tends to help with the whole "living" thing so I'm guessing so.

...Maybe you should just explain the local systems. From the top.
No. 266123 ID: bffa2a


Well, more room for that crazy snout of yours then. Probably send the bowl flying everytime you move your head.

I take this hasen't been her decision. Has no one wanted her and the ties she brings or was it decided right from beginning you two must marry? She at least puts on a brave front and tries to make this work I see. You might like her yet, then again you never know.

Let's see, you mentioned documents. Shall we save those for later? Protection against dream magic was a bust. Need a frog. Shopping, let's do that.
No. 266379 ID: fba40f

A year to us is 365 days. Ignore the guy above me.
No. 266975 ID: 5c9b39
File 129341286231.png - (159.56KB , 800x600 , 201.png )

Ahh something I might actually know about, though, I must confess I've always preferred to work my way outward. Spheres within spheres, worlds within worlds, from the secret harmonics of the singing atoms...
No. 266977 ID: 5c9b39
File 129341339216.jpg - (130.14KB , 800x600 , 202.jpg )

To the sepulchral drone of the outer dancers...

Yes that sounds about right, 365 days, lunar phase months? It seems we share at least some concepts, odd that you recognized kobolds humans and elves yet seemed a bit uneducated of my people's habits.

Must say I can't quite grasp kobolds being so ubiquitous as to be endemic even in other worlds?
No. 266987 ID: c2c011

Oh those little buggers end up everywhere. Almost like the multiverse is suffering from some sort of meme or something.

Anyway, what do you need to buy for yourself for this froghunting expedition?
No. 266990 ID: 5c9b39
File 129341431070.png - (514.97KB , 800x600 , 203.png )

Perhaps, for example, there were once two more children in my mother's first litter, another brother and a sister. He went mad when I was just a child, she and several servants went missing, found them slashed up. He ambushed his final littermate in the baths, Tertarus strangled him to death naked and barehanded.

I am aware that in some families there is a fierce competition for the prime position, but that event put an end to any such considerations among us.
"Yes I believe 'that' is quite enough of that, don't you agree? You desired to go shopping yes. Now, where would everyone like to go?"
No. 267039 ID: bffa2a

Consider purchasing a long mask like hers in silver or the color of your choice. Things just rad. Since magic is almost unexistant among your kind I guess it's too much to ask if there is books and charms for sale that is not meant for the gullible? Still hoping for some form of preemptive protection. Finding a proper frog in town would be preferable instead of venturing back to lowlands so soon when they could still be expecting you. Remember how you wished for a proper knife with edges? Keep these in mind as you pick your way. Otherwise I guess we humor her and see what she had on mind.
No. 267154 ID: 8d8786
File 129347367771.jpg - (25.20KB , 900x450 , ElegantMaskRGP.jpg )

Or we could go for something truly FABULOUS! Seriously though, Lucida must have had some thing(s) in mind when she said she wanted to go out "shopping" with you.
No. 267893 ID: 0405f3
File 129375326360.png - (283.53KB , 473x600 , 204.png )

Perhaps, however I am 'not' letting the brother's insult to me just stand unturned. They stole my mask! They shot me! I was chased by a LION, a big cat, like some... some... common rodent! My family is their frontier against the outlands and sylvan rabble, yet they dare chase me off? I was 'merely' wandering about. No... I will 'at least' have my mask back. The toad is a mere sidedish in my designs of mischief.
Well, that depends how I plan to go about it. Shall I sneak onto their land? Seen by no-one, perhaps even disguised, or just walk in there like the highborn I am? Mayhaps even request an audience in a diplomatic position.
Erhm, that's just a bit... too gaudy for my tastes. However, I hope you gentlefolk find these new accommodations pleasing. I am to walk among crowds and markets and won't have any kobold filch you from my pocket, twice that is.
No. 267904 ID: 0405f3
File 129375413558.png - (476.84KB , 800x600 , 205.png )

We make our way to Sandstone Boulevard, the goblin's used to have a Blacktower Temple which was repaired and converted to an enclosed marketplace after the conquest.

Lucidia stops to look at a very colorful Avian in the pens outside while I chat with the keeper. We left the other bolds at Sirus' but Takkaya seems nervous as she approaches them.

{"Mistress p-please be careful, those things"}

"Mmm them things take a finger of ifen yah lookatem wrong, s'posed to be tamed but those souther breeds are moody as they're colorful."

"So it is a southbreed? I've been told they didn't take ocean voyages well?"

"Naaah, didn't... damn bastard thing shit all over the place and gave me nasty cut or two, heard there was a market though for tryen to breed wiff local sto-
No. 267905 ID: 0405f3
File 129375450753.png - (459.91KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

"Gawdamnit you owergrow buzzard I'll choke the shitoutahyourstinkingneckhow'mI s'posetasellyouifenyoutrytogutalltheDamn Customers!"
Lucidia is flung back into my impromptu catch and stagger.
No. 267915 ID: c2c011

Take her back a bit and steady her. Ask if she's ok, then berate that guy for not keeping that thing properly penned up.

Hmm, as for plans, the open diplomatic approach is probably not the best one. Lets go with the sneaking one.
No. 267919 ID: bffa2a

Make sure you don't catch her by the boobs. In my experience that takes all the dignity out of rescuing a damsel. Can't be manly when simple "are you all right?" makes you stammer like a prepubescent on his first date. In fact it somehow leaves the fault on you and somehow you're expected to make up for it. And they imply that it was just a plot even when you have no intrest in them and then get angry that it was not intention and...

... You caught her by the boob didin't you?
No. 267965 ID: 23202b

Steady Lucidia then make sure her handmaiden is alright, you might have to get her away from the bird too.
No. 268010 ID: 8d8786

Make sure the lady is all right. If you'd like to play off your stagger, you might gently lay her to the ground, perhaps drawing her sideways against your chest as you kneel on the ground and gaze worriedly into her eyes? Yes, do that. Anyway, this peasant doesn't know how to treat nobility at all. What foul language. What improper measures of security. What....'s that smell?! OH GOD IT DOES SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Anyway, a covert mission is advised on this end, but this largely depends on how deep into enemy territory you're headed. We'd need to know where it was exactly you found us, as well as the likely location of the brother(s) that so rudely accosted you. If you'd have to remain undercover and undetected while traversing the majority of their land, it would complicate measures. Then again, while sneaking in there and swiping their ill-gotten prize from beneath their noses does show off your admirably superior skill and cunning, it lacks to dramatic flair of walking to the border between territories and announcing "I, August de Sauterelle, do declare VENDETTA against you!"

...On second thought, dramatic flair can take a back seat this time.
No. 268227 ID: 0405f3
File 129390437764.png - (397.60KB , 800x600 , 207.png )

I quickly shift my grip, pull her back and set her down before I fall off balance.
"Are you alright, did it get you?"
"-I'll be fine. Sorry, that was stupid of me."
She says, turning away for a moment.
No. 268228 ID: c2c011

Looks like she is blushing pretty hard.
No. 268229 ID: 0405f3
File 129390512286.png - (279.42KB , 800x600 , 208.png )

"That thing is dangerous, you should have it in a strong pen or chained up better!"

"Look I'm sorry but all've been given is this lot ere, see? Lady shouldn't be touchen the merchandise anyway."

"That is 'lady' is a Lady 'de Sauterelle' and that beast isn't even tamed is it? You've been trying to pass off some wil-"

His eyes widen a bit and he starts talking a lot faster when he realizes we aren't just well dressed merchants.
"Look please, I dunna want any trouble see? S'all I got off the wars uhuh? Jest trying to get the great bastard off mah hands. They told me it was tamed but I think e's wartrained see? I don't care whut happens to emm I jest need to sell em so's I can go home! Please, den't cause me no more trouble sir."
No. 268231 ID: c2c011

Wartrained? What exactly does that mean and could we find a way to use it?

From the looks of it the birdie can probably not carry one of your kind or a human. But a kobold should be doable. Could be good for recon. You should probably consider buying it, at a pretty big discount of course due to the attack and stuff.
No. 268301 ID: bffa2a

Well done, I think we just found the counter to a lion. Avenging your honor is starting to sound more plausible with a speedy mount by your side for a quick getaway. See if you can get a fair deal. You can ride this can't you?
No. 268321 ID: 37ee00


Ask the guy if those things are fast. You might be able to use it to get in and out quick. ...or, use it to mess up whoever tries to stop you from regaining your property.

Perhaps you could just turn it loose in their camp to cause some chaos and use that chaos to get your mask and get out of there quickly.

True, you'd be out an irate and dangerous bird (Unless somehow you grow attached to the thing), but it's not like it's doing anyone any good right now.
No. 268521 ID: 26adcd

Buy the horrible thing and take it home.

Your family has a rich martial history. Surely your father, or ~someone~ will know what this killer bird is good for. If it is a war-trained, dangerous animal, or even if it's wild, it has no place in the market or any standard citizen's farm.
Since the seller's desperate and likely uncertain of the creature's true value, you can probably get it relatively cheap.
No. 268800 ID: 0405f3
File 129403999725.png - (308.37KB , 800x600 , 209.png )

May be right, even if it isn't useful in itself the family could try using it as a stud, looks a good bit faster and more colorful, albeit higher strung than our own flocks. Avians can be quite clever beasts, even heard stories being trained to speak and deliver messages. Given the circumstances I could almost have it at eating prices.
"A sad story, I'll give you 40 silver tears for it."
"Forty! Nah Nah I paid at least 30 getting the brute here in food and keep. Simply can't tek less'n 80 silvah!"
"50 Silver or do you really think you will be able to get this horrid thing through the lowland bogs? I hear someone saw a troll in the marshes a week ago...
Aaaah you're really tryen me boyo I'll take erh down to 70 bu-
It's going for 55 silver tears, Understood? good. Deliver it to the keep under my name, maybe if you're lucky someone will give you a few copper extra for the delivery. If you really want to get home so bad ask for my grandfather Admiral Sealucid, he'll toss you on a ship going close enough to home, if he doesn't toss you in irons for bothering him."
No. 268804 ID: 8d8786

Ah yes, the perks of being of the nobility. Anyway now's the time to gather your lady and simply walk away, reassuring yourself of her good health and stability, and then further asking her if there's aught else she wanted to look for, perhaps something safer?
No. 268829 ID: c2c011

Hehehe, excellent...

Ok, now onwards to the rest of the shopping. Got stuff to buy and all that.
No. 268850 ID: bffa2a

A bit harsh don't you think although you can't deny the bargains that you get by flaunting the nobles penchant for oppression. Make sure the lady is alright and ready to continue.
No. 268874 ID: 252e1b

Figure that the asking price of 80 was a 130% markup over a reasonable profit on his time and expenses (i.e. he would not be screwed by only taking 60), then 55 isn't bad at all. Given that he caused offense with his bird, and that he got a referral for a ship he could ride on (likely for work as a ship's hand) then he came out OK.
No. 268975 ID: 40cb26

If he gives you anymore hassle you can offer to pen a little letter to your gramps to give him better odds of getting a ride rather than shackles.
No. 269310 ID: 0405f3
File 129421457618.png - (434.40KB , 800x600 , 210.png )

He had best not give me any hassle, as >>268874
said it's more than a sufficient price given the circumstances. It 'could' be worth 80 tears, if it was pedigree specimen with a three generation racing lineage, but some unknown warbird, the spoils of foreign battlefields? If I'd wanted to be oppressive, I would have just taken the bird, legally too as he likely neglected the proper import and sales fees.

I take Lucidia's arm and we enter the market, giving my eyes a moment to adjust.
"Now that messy buisness is out of the way, was there anything in particular you wished to find?"
No. 269311 ID: 0405f3
File 129421559967.png - (200.22KB , 400x600 , 211.png )

"I was hoping perhaps to try some clothes, the styles are a bit different here though, a bit more, old fashioned compaired to the homeland, if you don't mind me saying. Although I have detecting some subtle, dare I say? exotic influences, elven fabrics and even cuts and patterns I've only seen in photographs of the ghoul kingdoms, they all blend here at the border."

"Old fashioned... what? how?

"For example, high collars are not 'quite' the trend in Originumeros today. Also, I'm only glare-blind not colorblind. I don't recall Orange, yellow, and teal 'ever' being complimentary."

I see, the dreaded outfit shopping, let us see what else is available here before committing myself to said fate.
No. 269337 ID: bffa2a

Outdoorsman for a large knife. I assume you still have camping supplies otherwise get them here. Amerthad for protection and something with frightening boom that produces a lot of smoke but dosen't hurt. Don't want to cause a war but mayby make getting in and out easier. Might be technicals. Need a revolver?
No. 269339 ID: c2c011

Well obviously you need to go get kebabs when you're hungry. Aside from that Orson's outdoors place is probably a good place to visit, preservers are probably good to have a few of, and checking the auction floor for anything useful can be nice and the curiosity corner as well as that brilliant bloke are probably both good places to check out. And bring Lucidia to the curiosity corner, her magic detecting ability might come in handy in there, if you're lucky there might be some really curious curiosities in there.
No. 269456 ID: fb10df

A four-step process is best. Go for the outdoorsmanship shop to do a bit of shopping for your later expedition (make sure not to make any specific comments as to why you're purchasing such things; let yourself seem mysterious) as well as to heighten her anticipation while letting her know that she can't quite push you around. Second, since it's right next door (or at least on the same floor), you'll need to suffer through some outfitting, but it's all for the best I assure you. That'll please her somewhat, and then thirdly head on over downstairs once more to get something for the two (three?) of you to eat/drink, before heading on to the auction floors, which'll provide some entertainment while you eat, and perhaps you'll even find something interesting. Bidding on something unnecessary might as well be advisable, even if you don't need it, as the whole auction process and bidding might get her heart pumping, which is something you always want to do on a date. Hence why so many dates take place at horror movies or roller coasters or... other things you have no idea about.
No. 269476 ID: 67750a

Is it safe to assume that these creatures act and feel similarly to us? I'd hate to assume that we could do the classic 'date' setup with this fine lady, only to experience cultural faux pas.
No. 269636 ID: 0405f3
File 129438007171.png - (428.11KB , 600x600 , 212.png )

I buy some rope, insect repelling lantern oil, some fruit preserves, hardtack, and jerky as well as a serrated skinning knife with something called a gut hook, the use of which I plan 'not' in familiarizing myself with soon.

We take a little time at the Technicals to ogle an Adagio Revolver with bluesteel finish, bone inlay handle, and gliding metal workings... however, given it's price tag of well over 200 silver I have little hope of purchasing it currently.

Amerthad turns out to be a particularly 'eccentric' lighting salesman, pushy too. Tries to unload a refurbished lantern rig on me. Manage to escape with only a pair of flashcrackers and smoke bombs to rejoin Lucidia in the curiosity shop.

She believes she has found two items of actual occult potential, and I manage to locate what I 'believe' to be a piece of verifiable archaic-tech. However, the the storekeeper is shrewd and we can only afford to purchase one.
No. 269640 ID: c71597

The statue is probably a fertility charm. If you can you should probably ask him to hold that one for you for future purchase. Might make for a good gift to someone at some point, but not something you need right now.

The bottle looks like it has a piece of parchment in it. It's possibly a one time use kind of thing. Which leaves the amulett. Got no idea on what that one might do, but it's probably something that can be reused and it might be useful. So I'm going to say go with the amulett.
No. 269666 ID: 632d47

The one on the right is useless to us for now. Examine the other two more closely.
No. 269687 ID: bffa2a

As a piece of archaic-tech do you know what that completes and if it's useful on it's own? The bottle suggest it has something to do with water and we don't need water magic.. on this moment as we know it. And the last piece is too soon and certainly does not imply anything about your duties. If it was picked on purpose with knowledge of it's properties she would be beet red right now. In fact it does not exist.

If no further knowledge can be had then I would have to say the piece. Probably just a curiosity piece but as unknowns go it's safe.
No. 269689 ID: bffa2a

Also is Amerthad without a mask? How scandalous.
No. 269720 ID: fb10df

The fertility statue is a rather blunt hint of intent from your lady friend,a little nudge to get your mind rolling about certain possibilities (and considering her nature as a sensitive, she now knows that you're thinking about such things, you dirty lout), but all things considered the silver disc thing seems to be incomplete in and of itself, so go for the message-in-a-bottle combo, as it'll please Lucida that you're trusting her sense enough to purchase something she picked out for you, as well as... hey, if nothing else that's a pretty pimpin' bottle.
No. 269814 ID: 0405f3
File 129446991658.png - (298.41KB , 800x600 , 213.png )

"? You told me to use my 'women's intuition'. Those 'were' your exact words, no?~"
"Intuition? Oh is 'that' what they're calling it back in the homeland these days."
She nonchalantly shrugs to this.

Can she really hear us, does it even work like that? Saints! Could she 'always' hear my thoughts? even back... no! not going to become paranoid. Not healthy. Besides, she might hear.

Yes let us cross that ominous deep-jade fertility fetish 'off' our considerations for now.

Which leaves a choice between a note in a curious glass bottle (could be a spell, a map, or even a grocery list or advertisement.)

And a piece of archaic-tech which could do anything from blasting holes in people, tuning into the aether, electrocution, or nothing at all given it's age and unknown completion.
No. 269825 ID: b971a3

go for the archaic-tech
No. 269830 ID: c71597

Lets go with the archaic tech. Even if it doesn't do anything awesome in itself, it might be able to be charged and maintain a charge. Lucidia should be able to juice it up and then you can use that to power your spells later.
No. 269841 ID: 632d47

Tech is more likely to actually be useful to you.
No. 269851 ID: bffa2a

Tech will look good as a mantle piece. Don't know if it'll be useful though. Bottle could be anything or nothing at all.

Take the fertility statue. It works, was meant as a joke and I bet she dosen't expect you to choose it. Don't you want to watch her squirm? It's payback.
No. 269855 ID: 8c0848

Take the sexy, sexy rat ass statue. You know you want it.
No. 269873 ID: fb10df

I still say go for the mystery bottle. It'll improve your relations and at least you won't die wondering what's in the bottle. Look at the indentation on the silver disc. It shows you the other elements of technology you need to acquire to work with it; consider the object useless as is until you locate such devices. You might try to reserve it, however.
No. 269908 ID: 1854db

I say we examine the disc a little closer, and see if we can make out anything on the paper in the bottle without opening it.
No. 269922 ID: 0405f3
File 129454403231.png - (309.93KB , 773x571 , 214.png )

"What? That old piece of tinker junk? And after I went to the trouble of finding two nice 'artistic' pieces?"

"I was thinking of expanding my 'repertoire of arts' as one could say. Besides, one could be utterly inscrutable, while the other may attract the sort of 'talk' which would not be proper at all given current circumstances."

"If you say so dear.~ Just, do not suppose that you have a choice in wearing what I chose for you next mmmh?"

"Why, I wasn't under the impression such an option even existed."
No. 269924 ID: fb10df

Err... A question, August. Not that we don't appreciate that we have our lady friend here helping you out finding magical devices and what not, but why is she able to do so? Should that not, perhaps, put you off, a little? Or at least bear a little questioning?
No. 269932 ID: bffa2a


Apparently a breeding program of dubious morality. Their child will be Muad'Dib.

Aww, you didin't even tease about buying that horrid statue. She'll wrap you around her little finger in no time.
No. 269976 ID: c71597

Put in a reservation for the statue before you leave. It could make for a good gift at some point. Besides, it's quite a nicelooking one.

Ok, time for her to have some fun. Do try to enjoy it a little bit yourself.
No. 269979 ID: 701a19

Whisper in her ear that she doesn't need to drop hints with fetishes because she knows you'd love to give her your children.
No. 269991 ID: c71597

No, that's way too forward. This isn't some peasant lass. She's the daughter of a powerful noble house. Which needs a different approach.
No. 270111 ID: 0405f3
File 129463613293.png - (238.88KB , 635x411 , 215.png )

Wait, don't I get a say in all this? I mean, maybe she's not so bad, but... you're acting like this is some kind of done deal. Talking about babies and all, what abou- Oh, Hell, No, it's those yeeks.
"You didn't say we were going 'here'."
"What's wrong with here, they have a good selection and their pricing is-."
"But, they're.. weird... and yeeks..."
"Please, do be polite August dear~."

"Goodfternoon madam Sauterelle, I presume this is the royal ragamuffin you wanted help with, indeed... Frederico, our appointed client has arrived."
>"Ohhh I see Eldee, it's one of those nobleboys. I've been wanting to lay paws on one of them, such fine, slender features, why I could almost fit you in the ladies sizes.~"

No. 270113 ID: 0405f3
File 129463671278.png - (181.53KB , 400x600 , 216.png )

>"Now let's get a good look at you. Come now, such shyness, it is unnecessary. We're all professionals here, are we not? Just trust Frederico, I always get job done~."

This is always the most awkward part, just standing around, waiting. Like some kind of fleshy coat-rack while those... yeeks, rummage around through their inventory for something more 'fashionable' to throw on me.

At least I managed to convince them you weren't completely at odds with their 'vision'.
No. 270133 ID: f0a054

In before Steve shirt.

(Now to engage my own noodle since that's out of the way.)
No. 270138 ID: 8c0848
File 129464261186.png - (141.30KB , 400x600 , notameme.png )

The Steve shirt is an all time classic, with rich colors and a complimentary fit. It comes with shorts, which are comfy and easy to wear!
No. 270169 ID: c71597
File 129466431375.jpg - (18.38KB , 250x548 , Victorian-Frock.jpg )

Something a bit like that. But make sure you can move around freely in it. Tell them that you would want to be able to fight a duel with swords in it if you have to. That should make sure it doesn't limit your movements.
No. 270243 ID: bffa2a
File 129468536415.png - (208.23KB , 397x600 , suchaprettyratyouare.png )

>don't I get a say in all this?

Hahahaha, I like you. Oops, you should remember to wear whities. I think I see some greeeen :3
No. 270270 ID: 632d47

No. 270278 ID: bffa2a
File 129468959248.png - (455.89KB , 400x560 , suchaprettyrat.png )

No. 270303 ID: fb10df
File 129469098027.png - (153.71KB , 350x358 , Whitecoat.png )

Let's try this! In whatever color you/they/Lucida finds most flattering.
No. 270481 ID: fb10df
File 129471629136.jpg - (50.84KB , 442x308 , Mage Coat.jpg )

Here's another high-collared one, though this style features an open coat and spiffy vest! All the ladies love it!
No. 270655 ID: 0405f3
File 12947811475.png - (222.64KB , 639x556 , 217.png )

"Ow! dammit, watch that needle down there."
>"Oh I am sorry, I do get careless when distracted so~"
"Perhaps if you took top and I took bottom?"
>"Oh you would say that you scamp. Careful with that sleeve there. It's no- oh now you've done it."
"Oh quite sorry dear chap, although I do say, tis the style Thoroughborough is it not?"
"Wait, do these clothes just pull apart!? What am I paying for here? and these I can't do anything athletic in these."
>"Mmm I'm afraid he may be right, best just tear off that other sleeve and make it a vest, pity and I though he would look so fine in ruffled sleeves."
No. 270690 ID: fb10df

Oh how adorable, the others are having some lady time while you're in there losing your masculinity moment by moment...
No. 270900 ID: 0405f3
File 129485643024.png - (291.71KB , 500x700 , 218.png )

"I feel like a foreigner."
"I think it looks nice."
"Hmmph I swear they tried to take my inside seam at least a dozen times between the both of them."
"Oh hush, I'm sure it fits better than than those old military handmedowns and homespuns you favored since you were thirteen. Would you believe Takkaya, he was always hiding something he'd nicked in those cuffs..."
{"mmphah Yes Mistress."}

At least I won't be so recognizable later, when I make my move against the Sperenze. One man plan, quick in quick out, correct?
No. 270910 ID: c71597

You're looking rather stylish boss. And yeah, one man operation, quick in and quick out. Although you might want someone around to help you with the transportation.
No. 270941 ID: bffa2a

You got it. Quick of course depends on the willingness of your newly aquired mount. And after I design you such a pretty bridal dress you go with this? Well I never...
No. 271157 ID: fb10df

I really doubt he has the time or aptitude to train a largely-wild bird mount before heading off. I mean technically there's no huge rush, but you did indeed promise your family member. If this is all you got for new clothes it's hardly something that'll keep you from standing out. I mean, you don't look like August de Sauterelle per se, but you're certainly not of peasant status, and your state of well dress will attract attention and questions. If you've more peasant wear it'd be easier to simply pose as a traveler passing through, and then, once you've reached your target, steal all the goods and leave a mocking note behind. Still, I like the new getup. Throw back your arm and flare the coat out, see how awesome you look. In the mirror, of course. Practice this maneuver.
No. 271387 ID: 0405f3
File 129498228953.png - (192.23KB , 500x700 , 219.png )

"Mwahahaaah but you see Lord Erlking I had already set in motion my devious plan nigh on thirty cycles ago!"
"Talking to voices again?"
"What? No! I mean. I was just...nevermind, I'll be going out for a day or two, be sure to watch the house while I'm gone."
No. 271388 ID: 0405f3
File 129498234051.png - (195.30KB , 500x700 , 220.png )

No. 271389 ID: 0405f3
File 129498249590.png - (220.49KB , 500x700 , 221.png )

"That does not mean eat all the damn biscuits!"
No. 271391 ID: 0b2a05

He is totally going to eat all those biscuits.
No. 271392 ID: 0405f3
File 129498281838.png - (290.44KB , 800x600 , 222.png )

"Okay, Think I'm about set, nowthen.... What shall be the vehicle of my petty revenge? There's Opri, my personal Avian. That new warbird, or I guess I could see if I could borrow Adrian, Laconia almost never uses him anyhow."
No. 271393 ID: 0b2a05

Take Opri or see if you can borrow Adrian. Not good to ride the new bird you're not used to.
No. 271396 ID: 1854db

Awww look at that bird all sweet on the other one. Kinda reminds you of something huh?
No. 271406 ID: fb10df

I'm assuming the avian mounts can't fly, right? That'd be ridiculous if they could. Hey, but maybe WITH MAGIC they'd be able to, and then imagine your spectacular advantage. All shall learn to fear the dreaded Sauterelle Airborne! Regardless, take the one that doesn't seem to be trying to kill or mate everything that gets close to it. You're saving yourself.
No. 271416 ID: 00a7aa

The warbird seems to be fond of your Opri. It may become (even more) agitated if you try to separate them. Try the horse for now.
No. 271419 ID: 815cd1

I have to concur with this. Borrowing Adrian is probably the best option for a solo trek. Taking Opri would probably just anger the other, which itself has proven to be quite temperamental.

If this Laconia simply refuses to be cooperative, then Opri would be the safest bet. Though the Sperenze might recognize you sooner based on that, then.
No. 271425 ID: c71597

Take Adrian. A pleasant ride through the countryside will do you some good. Just make sure you bring supplies for unforseen events, and spares of important stuff like tinderboxes. Oh, and experiment with the amulett before you head out.
No. 271907 ID: d50288
File 129515186476.png - (428.67KB , 700x600 , 223.png )

"Hey, uhhmmm, Sister would you perhaps have a problem if I borrowed Adrian for an unspecified period of time likely being less than 3 days to go to a series of unspecified places?"
"Ah... okay. Wait, was that a no yes or a no no?"
Yes Yes?"
"Ahuuuuh, see there's this lovely thing called sentences, where you string words into a collection conveying a complete thought and/or meaning. Some even go so far as to string these individual sentences into paragraphs which can in turn form the platform of dialog conveying a veritable spectrum of emotion and meani-
No. 271911 ID: d50288
File 129515253819.png - (447.56KB , 800x600 , 224.png )

"Not today August, but-"

Laconia turn to face me, taking a drag at the perpetual cigarette between her lips. She spends so much of her time gardening in commoner's things I swear that if someone put out a kill order on the whole family she'd be almost sure to survive if only becasue nobody would consider that she was a Lady with a capitol 'L'.

"See if you can't find something interesting while you are out. Perhaps some Murderfern or Viveran Sundews.

"I have no idea what either of those are, but I'll see if I can't bring back anything which particularly catches my eye."

No. 271915 ID: fb10df

What a pity that your sister has not embraced her rightful place as nobility and would instead pretend to be nothing more than a hippe mud-farmer. I suppose there's always a disappointment in every litter. Still, you might keep your eye out for, well, nothing in particular considering the names of those plants she wants are anything but descriptive, and all in all it's her fault if she fails to give you the adequate information to fulfill her request. But do indeed try to bring back whatever does catch your eye otherwise, for everything you take from your sworn enemies the Sperenze is one less thing they have.
No. 271938 ID: 00a7aa

We think she just asked you to try and dig up carnivorous plants for her. Sundew use sticky nectar to entrap small insects and usually spread out along the ground, but this 'murderfern' could be anything.
No. 271954 ID: c71597

You have quite a cool sister. A bit odd but cool. Anyway, thank her for lending you her horse and then be on your way.
No. 271990 ID: 10af19

I like her. And not just because you don't.
No. 272022 ID: d50288
File 129520662999.png - (563.27KB , 800x600 , 225.png )

See, now I wouldn't go so far as to say 'that'. I mean, it would be a bit silly for her to wear fine silks and vibrant colors while digging about in all those roots and stems now wouldn't it? I think she just 'really' likes plants is all.
Oooh lovely, plants which eat things too, seems a bit of a subversion of the natural order.
She's okay I suppose, a bit odd, but there's one in every litter they say. Her naming was quite apt I suppose.
By 'amulet' do you refer to my master's golden whistle? your own new housing about my neck? or perhaps this palm-sized piece of tech?
No. 272028 ID: 00a7aa

carnivorous plants aren't common, but there are many natural examples of them. They simply adapted over time to take in more nutrients than their local soil could provide.
Magical ones, however, are likely influenced by people with horrible senses of humor and little care for what sort of damage they could wreak.
Naturally Magical ones.. I can't even say.

By the way, did you bring an appropriate container for that Frog you owe your little sister? Its very important that adults keep their word, to set a good example to children, even if she acts mature for her age.
No. 272050 ID: 40cb26

Not really a subversion, plants subsist on dead and decaying matter. They just speed it up a bit. In any case an interesting plant for her would be something not found at the side of every stretch of path. Look for something unusual and hidden away. If you happen across a curious out of the way natural area take a minute and give it a look over.

He probably meant the tech, as it is the thing most worth of investigation. And it wouldn't make a bad neckpiece I suppose.
No. 272073 ID: 252e1b

The plants your sister wants grow best in nitrogen poor soil, where they have few other competing plants for the other resources. Look for places that other plants would have a hard time growing in. Look for meadows with good drainage, and places where the leaves of other plants are turning yellow (this is a sign of poor nitrogen uptake, and is a good indicator of soil quality). If wild peas are growing in the area, you're likely to find the plants she wants.
No. 272077 ID: d6a7b1

As well as growing in poor soils sundews can be extremely small, like not-visible-from-horseback small.
No. 272119 ID: c71597

Palm sized piece of tech. Need to figure out what it can do and what we can use it for.
No. 272191 ID: fb10df

Well since it seems you've already headed out, now's a good time to ask you... What did you bring with you?
No. 272328 ID: d50288
File 129530282283.png - (256.63KB , 600x600 , 226.png )

Okay, let us see. Some wear, likely some water damage, long dried now though. A kind of inset crank handle there, a bit stiff. Some rather worn raised writing there, dialect's quite archaic, I'll see if I can make it out.

"something something or other port, something about keeping the vents clear." What looks to be a manufacture stamp and information up at the top. Can you gentlemen make any sense of it?
No. 272334 ID: 252e1b

Oh, it's a device for spinning a strong line made primarily of carbon. That's pretty neat. Make sure all the vents on it are clear, it needs to be able to take in air as your turn the crank (it gets the carbon from the air). The crank would power a little spark-gap generator that burns the air around a shaped catalyst (to make the carbon line) and runs the extruder mechanism.
No. 272337 ID: 0d0666



Spelling errors? Huh.

Anyway, yeah, what the guy above me said.
No. 272339 ID: 10af19

Here's what I could discern. Had to guess in a few places, but even then I couldn't figure out a few words.

Mark XIX Dual-Operation Carbonaceous Polypoly??? Field-Portable Linespinner. Produced And Designed Under Warrant Of Indigo Industrial For Outfit And Supply [scratch, might be another word here] All U??ts (units?) Engaged In The Council Pact Corri?on Action

Caution: Ensure That Both Extruder Port And ???talation Grille Remain Clear Of Debris. Failure To Adhere To Operation Guidelines May Result In Overheating And/Or Jammed Feeder Valve.

Make of that what you will.
No. 272340 ID: 10af19

No. 272341 ID: fb10df

The thing in the middle should be the crank, assuming you're able to make it work at all.
No. 272397 ID: c71597

That seems like it could be quite a useful and awesome thing. Atleast if it still works.
No. 272405 ID: 1854db

Clean the thing first!
No. 272515 ID: d50288
File 129532768782.png - (241.78KB , 600x600 , 227.png )

I clean it as best I can, blowing some air into the vents before I give it a few spins. The crank is reluctance at first to turn, but eventually I get it spinning with some regularity if not in particularly smooth manner or quietly for that matter.

There's an odd smell, like burning, but a bit different, subtly electrical too. Slowly a line slender black line begins to poke out of the hole.

>Produced And Designed Under Warrant Of Indigo Industrial For Outfit And Supply [scratch, might be another word here] All U??ts (units?) Engaged In The Council Pact Corri?on Action

Odd perhaps a piece of military equipment, I can imagine it's use in such a situation? If the line is strong enough to hold my weight this could be very useful inde-
No. 272519 ID: d50288
File 129532802983.png - (595.32KB , 800x600 , 228.png )

"AAH! Ffffmmm... Damn... mmmm weren't kidding about the overheating problem there."

Going to have to watch for that. Managed to spin out about a meter or so of line though. Oh and we've reached the Quarry. Preferable method of taking a horse down into the lowlands. Birds can hop and glide their way down the slopes and cliffs, but I'd prefer not to try that with Adrian here.
No. 272580 ID: 1854db

Were you covering the vents with your hand? It looked like you were. It would probably be best to attach it to some sort of frame that keeps everything clear while you turn the crank.

I wonder how you can refill it? Surely it uses some sort of material to create the fiber.
No. 272584 ID: c71597

There should be trails and stuff going down. If your sister have taken him down a few times then he should know part of the method himself.

Anyway, you need to lean back in the saddle when going down, brace with your hands on the saddle pommel right in front of you and then lean backwards so you don't make the horse tip forwards. And try to find gentle slopes.
No. 272599 ID: 252e1b


It uses carbon right from the air to make the string. Most of it is casing and spark-gap generator, but the real miracle working part would be the catalytic substrate that the carbon is deposited on. Basically it uses the high voltage from the spark-gap generator to burn carbon out of the air and make it bind in a specific pattern on the substrate such that a carbon line is woven. Individual filaments in the thread are likely made from nano-scale carbon structures, as that's the scale this trick works best at. We'd need to examine the line under magnification to know for sure though.

Since it's a field device, and it's designed to use atmospheric air to generate the line instead of a block of graphite, I'm certain that it'll be easy to take apart and clean. It has to be, otherwise it'd be of no use. Just don't touch the substrate (you likely won't be able to) when cleaning.
No. 273042 ID: 92b648
File 129549471055.png - (552.10KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

Suppose I should find a technical for that tune-up shouldn't I? I mean, ancient machinery is hardly my specialty... (that and if it breaks then I won't have myself to blame.) Works as long as I let cool back down and don't spin too fast.

Okay.. lean back in the saddle, no don't stop you stupi keep goin- oh okay...
No. 273043 ID: 92b648
File 129549474841.png - (478.33KB , 800x600 , 300.png )

No. 273044 ID: 92b648
File 129549479246.png - (539.43KB , 800x600 , 301.png )

No. 273045 ID: 92b648
File 129549492767.png - (394.27KB , 800x600 , 302.png )

Gets dark fast down here, smell cookfires burning... boar perhaps? Perhaps a stew of onions and tubers?
No. 273072 ID: 92b648
File 129550221080.png - (344.89KB , 800x600 , 303.png )

Seems as good a spot as any. Won't be wandering into the bogs and fens in the twilight hours. Oh wait you fellows wished to know what I brought with me, yes?
No. 273097 ID: 1854db

Yeah. Also, we just watched two guys carve a boulder into that block you're resting against. Must've taken hours to get through that chasm.
No. 273131 ID: c71597

Yes that would be nice to know. Need to know what we have to work with.

You should probably take care of the horse before you settle down though. A good rider always makes sure that the horse is taken care of before he sees to his own needs. So rub down the horse and then tether it in a place where it can reach some grass or other food. Then you can settle down, make a fire and show us what you got.
No. 273206 ID: fb10df

Tell me you brought the crackers. The crackers, Keith. OH GODS DAMN YOU FORGOT THE CRACKERS DIDN'T YOU? Damn it, Keith, I can't take you ANYWHERE! -Oh, wait, wrong line. What were you saying, o-wise-and-rugged-one-true-master?

Yeah, show us what you've got in your pants. Or backpack. Whatever. Also, you got a creepy eye thing going on, boss.
No. 273207 ID: 28e94e

>Yeah, show us what you've got in your pants.
No. 273282 ID: 92b648
Audio Accordion_-_Fast_Italian_track.mp3 - (674.69KB - 64 kbps - 22.05 kHz , Accordion - Fast Italian track.mp3 ) Length: 1:26

I brush down, water and feed Adrian. My own muscles feel a bit sore too, not having ridden much since Autumn.

As I settle my things into place I hear music among of the nearest workers. One of them playing an accordion, perhaps a kobold on a slide whistle or harmonica.
No. 273283 ID: 92b648
File 129557852469.png - (448.83KB , 800x600 , 304.png )

I took Sirus' things with me, as well as any general camping supplies I had at home or bought today. I also have 9 silver and 31 copper tears remaining with me. Brought a few canvas bags with me, at least one for holding that 'Giant Toad' my sister wanted, I suppose we could fit a few plants in another.

>Also, you got a creepy eye thing going on, boss.
Why? What is wrong with my eyes? I didn't bring my mask with me for risk that I be discovered, besides, lowlanders prefer hats to masks in casual situations anyhow.
No. 273286 ID: 92b648
File 129557888243.png - (373.36KB , 800x600 , 305.png )

Wait... dammit! Did I leave my pistol at home? I can't believe aggh-
"Ehhya you over der Traveller? Come and join us, we'll let you sing your supper yes? You look the minstral type.. surely you know a song or two yes? Maybe one 'we' do not know eya?"

...wat ...are they serious? What are they bothering me for?
No. 273287 ID: 99433a

Damn, they're pretty good.
Alright, first, how sharp is the wire? Seems like it's thin enough that it'd cut pretty badly holding a signifigant amount of weight. Second, what is a Thermodynamistic Coin? Third, is "Hunter's Cologne" urine to mask your scent?..
No. 273288 ID: 99433a

Company? A song? Can't hurt and the food is doubtless better than dry rations.
No. 273291 ID: 28e94e

No. 273298 ID: 5d4888

I think he was referring to how YOUR EYES ARE DARK RED!
No. 273306 ID: 1854db

Yeah what's with the red eyes? Is that kind of thing normal for your race at night? Nightvision mode?

Anyway I don't see the harm in singing a bit, if you can handle the task. If they wanted to rob you, sneaking up on you in the middle of the night from where they are now wouldn't be much harder than if you were in their camp.

Also aren't these guys workers or something?
No. 273318 ID: c71597

They're a bit drunk and tired and looking for entertainment. Do you know any songs? Or maybe stories? Free dinner is always nice, especially when it's a hot meal and the alternative is using your own rations.
No. 273320 ID: 99433a

Should we teach you some songs? We have lots of them. LOTS.
No. 273515 ID: fb10df

No. 273697 ID: 00a7aa

You are dressed pretty fancy compared to the locals. Since you didn't go for an Inn room and you don't have servants with you, they must think you're some sort of entertainer, dressed well without actually being rich.

Can you sing, August? It may be better to come across as a minstrel than have them wondering what you really are.
No. 273885 ID: 92b648
File 129575061737.png - (284.96KB , 800x600 , 306.png )

Hunter's Cologne is distilled from the musk of Seaenthers, a kind of large marine mammal who's odor is unfamiliar to land based prey. It is not unpleasant yet masks one's scent, even against other Verhimen, although a particularly sharp kobold may not be so deceived. The Thermodynamistic coin is a kind of meditation tool Sirus gifted me. Can light candles or chill a drink with it with a bit of concentration.
I do have 'some' experience singing, a lot of magic I have aided in involved prolonged chanting... albeit I doubt these workers would find such entertaining.
Any suggestions as to the direction of this musical endeavor?
"Well then... a song?"
No. 273963 ID: 8d8786

Don't look at me, I always figured you more for the wandering magician type.
No. 273983 ID: c71597

Should probably be something simple and folksy.
No. 274060 ID: 99433a

The Irish Ballad
No. 274252 ID: 92b648
File 129584589539.png - (274.40KB , 800x600 , 307.png )

Yes, something rustic, yet unfamiliar, this will do. I give a flourish of my cloak and begin.
"Ooooooabout a maid I'll sing a song, Sing rickety-tickety-tin, About a maid I'll sing a song. Who didn't have her family long. Not only did she do them wroooong. She did ev'ryone of them in, them in. She did ev'ryone of them in..."
No. 274253 ID: 92b648
File 129584594282.png - (119.23KB , 800x600 , 308.png )

...and so a prince learns to sing for his supper.
No. 274301 ID: 8d8786

You can always make a note of their names so you can hunt them down and make them pay for this humiliation. Or, heck, maybe you like this sort of thing.
No. 274326 ID: c71597

Nicely done. It's usually good to experiance new things. And possibly learn a little bit of humility in the process. And now they shouldn't remember you too clearly. Which is good since you didn't really want to be noticed.
No. 274461 ID: 92b648
File 129590832363.png - (565.07KB , 800x600 , 309.png )

Well, that was okay, could have used some pepper in the stew. That and I now can see myself playing an alternate identity.

Not as if I am going to just be able to sneak into the very heart of my opponent's dwelling and rifling through their things without talking to 'anyone' now is it? Lowlanders are rather obligated to make their homes above ground though, so that gives some leeway in the realm of 'breaking and entering' I imagine.

Now, our target will likely be in the capital 'city' of Coquedefer, but to get there shall we take the byways and country paths and hope we don't get lost, or just follow the Mainway and hope we don't get checked?
No. 274475 ID: c71597

How often do people have proper papers to show that they're who they say they are and all that? Also, how easy is it to bribe your way past any such need?

Because using the mainway has some nice advantages to it. And if the chance of detection is rather small then it's what we should use.
No. 274483 ID: 1854db

Country paths! 'Getting lost' is synonymous with ADVENTURE!

Also, is that a giant crack in the chasm wall?
No. 274515 ID: 8776e6
File 129591784112.png - (569.26KB , 800x600 , 310.png )

>Also, is that a giant crack in the chasm wall?

What whe-... oh... that? That is a tree, though ugly and quite gnarled it be. Non the less, not a crack made just for me.
No. 274519 ID: 8d8786

Well I figure that if you take the highroads and we take the lowroads, I'll get to Coquedefer before ye. But I degress. I'd say to stick to the main road, as you've less chance of getting lost, won't run into the difficulty of explaining why you're NOT taking the main roads, and all in all, you're too noble and badass to hide from these peasants.
No. 274525 ID: 99433a

Rub some quarrydust in your fur to disguise your fur color or something.
No. 274857 ID: 92b648
File 129602113014.png - (354.01KB , 800x600 , 311.png )

Ugh... I feel like some gritty mineworker, and the humidity isn't helping any. Doubt I'll be able to take a proper bath till I make it back home too.

Still, at least I'm not down in that muck. It's made the Sperenze quite prosperous being the breadbasket of the region, although the word 'rich' could well be used to describe the odor I imagine.

It's not just the rice either, bog iron, peat, accessible forests(fae forbidden) wild game, and even blast oil are all plentiful products. The people are a bit on the short side, but of solid build and I must say what their women lack in the delicate elegance of our highlanders they make up for in what can well be described 'a physique well suited to fecundity.'
No. 274883 ID: 92b648
File 129602421049.png - (368.32KB , 700x500 , 312.png )

Lovely, just as I expected, the local goon patrol checking traffic. One with a gunpike moves to block my path.

"Oy der hold yer horse now. Gotta getcher toll there, Maken sure yah aren't pullen any contraban-

The other a fellow with a bow and saber interrupts him.
"Gebert doncha be sucha prick, ees not any mercantile sort cantcha tell? Fer one thing e asn't got enuff stuff with'em."
"Well wots if e's a smugler or spy or summat eh?"
"Sorry sir gunna have tah excuse mah brother, blaster season's got him jumpen at shadows. We just gotta ask you a few regula questions then we'll let yeh off see?"
"Very well, ask away."
"Okey, We jest need yer name? Where you hail from? Where you're headed? Your profession, and your reasons for travel? See?"
No. 274938 ID: c71597

Name, make up something easy to remember. Preferably local, haven't heard enough names to give you any pointers on trends. You're a smart boy, you can figure something out. Where you hail from should probably be the border region, since then it's not too strange that you don't act like a lowlander or speak like one. Profession is something that you already established, bard. Reason for travel, learn new songs and further your art as well as see new sights for inspiration and make some money on the way. Destination, make something up yourself. Don't know what kind of destinations are avalible in the area.
No. 275144 ID: 92b648
File 129610622268.png - (292.01KB , 600x500 , 313.png )

"I am Ziria de Chatte from Takerile, Sealucid. I'm a itinerant musician seeking my fortune wherever the fates takes me."
"Mykay, carrien any trade goods or guns?"
"Verywell, get goen, taxes are only on import goods so you're clear. Oh.. waif almost forgot... say 'Transiktien'.
"Just say it
"Okaaay, Transiktien?"
"Kay... not em, didn think so anyhow, that was all."
No. 275146 ID: 92b648
File 129610655487.png - (343.88KB , 700x600 , 314.png )

Weird... must be looking for someone specific, someone with a selective shibboleth tell too.

I continue on into the afternoon, passing small farming communities and plantations.

Occasionally I pass a cluster of other travelers, but it's a bit too early in the season for much goods traffic. The quarry was partially flooded during winter and there aren't any harvests to trade for yet regardless so-
No. 275152 ID: 92b648
File 129610686342.png - (385.96KB , 700x600 , 315.png )

I hear a shout, then muffled blast up ahead followed by the cries of birds and a drawn out wail of anguish.

I get that knot in my stomach telling me something awful has just happened.
"Adrian, Hurry, NOW!"
No. 275163 ID: 99433a

Bandits with explosives maybe?.. This must be what blaster season is referring to. Well, if you're feeling heroic, rush forward and check it out. If you're not, pull off the road.

Orrrr spin out some wire and set up a tripwire to crash any horsemen fleeing your way.
No. 275239 ID: 8d8786

Please explain your theories about that word you were forced to say. Also, do you have any combat tactics advisable against fighting a non-corporeal entity? Cause it looks like you're about to fight some kind of swamp ghast thing.
No. 275290 ID: c71597

What kind of muffled blast? Like someone was just shot or like somone happened to be lying on top of explosives that just went off?
No. 275303 ID: 1854db

I think we should go check it out. Perhaps we can lend assistance.
No. 275884 ID: 92b648
File 129628141718.png - (318.96KB , 700x500 , 316.png )

That was too heavy sounding to be a handgun. I ride quickly up the road and the unmistakable scent of blast oil assails my nose, the outline of a wrecked cart and an Avian squawling.
No. 275886 ID: 92b648
File 129628171940.png - (676.85KB , 800x600 , 317.png )

I come to stop before a twisted pile of steaming plant pulp and find a man kneeling, cradling the head of a youth in his arms.

"Oh Saint's Host please. It came out of the swamp I can't stop the bleeding! I- Please! Nonono-"

Oh... that, that is a lot of blood.
No. 275922 ID: 28e94e

We know medicine.
Show us the wounds.
No. 275925 ID: 252e1b

Ok, time to do triage. Examine the wounded youth for obvious wounds. With landmines and other small explosive devices, traumatic amputation and shrapnel damage is common. I don't see any missing limbs, so it's likely he's been injured by shrapnel. Concussive force injuries to his brain and internal organs are also a possibility, but that's a longer-term problem.

First we need to get the bleeding under control. Look for wounds near major arteries (you do know your own physiology well enough for this, right?) and slow the bleeding by applying pressure. If there is shrapnel inside him, apply pressure around it. Do NOT remove any shrapnel yet.

Elevate injuries that are not on his trunk above his heart. Use anything handy to get the wounds elevated, a log or whatever.

If a main artery is severed he may well die before any help can arrive unless it is pinched off. You can do this by hand (wash your hands and keep it pinched until it clots) or by cauterizing the torn artery.

As soon as he's not bleeding to death, get a blanket over him. Instruct the youth's companion to keep him warm, and go ride for help.

If there are internal injuries or cranial swelling he will need expert care for an extended period. If the injuries are just shrapnel wounds he will still need a good surgeon.
No. 275936 ID: 8d8786

it's important we know what caused the damage. See if you can get a coherent story out of the conscious guy while we do some of our own investigation. What do you know of blast oil? Anything regarding the plant matter? What's stuck in the youth's leg? What wounds are visible on him?
No. 275950 ID: c71597

Looks like he's got something stuck in his leg, leave that there for now. First assess the level of damage. Much of that blood might be birds and panic might make the other dude see wounds that are graver than they are. Once we know how bad the wound is we know how to continue.
No. 275954 ID: 99433a

IMPORTANT: What came out of the swamp? Was this a mortar attack?
No. 276248 ID: f0527e
File 129635970231.png - (392.08KB , 800x600 , 318.png )

'Blasters' are one of many titles for a profoundly moronic plant creature, showed up as part of the retinue of the Swamplight Witch over three hundred years past, her kingdom was razed and taken by the Epincendre family under the Dragon Mephestendon.

They are usually quiet muckeaters, and timid omnivores but eventually conditions become appropriate for them to 'ripen.' Then they use their primitive eyes, and superb sense of hearing to seek out and explosively create fresh carrion into which to spread their spores. Their oil can be harvested if you manage to deflate or burst them prematurely.

"Hold on, don't try and move him. We have to stop the bleeding. Just keep him calm and breathing. Don't let him fall asleep.
"O-okay... it's going to be alright Samyal, no, no don't close your eyes just keep on-"

I've helped dissect a few bodies and can say the wounds look like shrapnel from both the Avian and the Blaster. Infection will be hellish if we can stop the bleeding.
No. 276264 ID: 1854db

Leave the largest shrapnel in until you've got the other wounds' bleeding down. It restricts bloodflow by plugging the wound. Hey, you know that carbon fiber thread? Could be used for stitching, I think. However, you should probably give us a summary of what medical supplies we have- any bandages, thread&needle, disinfectant?
No. 276277 ID: 252e1b


The leg wound is worrying, but the trunk wound may have caused some real damage. With any luck it didn't pierce the abdominal wall. If it did, check for lacerations to the organs. A lacerated liver is just as bad as a damaged artery for blood loss.

Get the leg and arm elevated.

As to infection, you'll need to irrigate the wounds and treat them with a good fungicide once the patient is stable. A broad spectrum antibiotic would be in order as well.
No. 276306 ID: 99433a

What are the odds of the checkpoint having medical supplies? Might be worth turning back for.
No. 276350 ID: 8d8786

Aside from normal risk of infections, considering these creatures detonate in order to spread their spores, is there risk of something growing INSIDE the wounded guy? Or do the spores only flourish in carrion?

...More importantly, do these creatures make any sort of distinctive sounds..?
No. 276388 ID: 701a19

Fucking creepers.

Alright, if this person isn't going to be properly useful then have him go to the guards for aid. At least basic medical supplies if they won't fetch a healer or come out to help.
If you can't keep him awake long enough for a round trip to the guard post then he's probably better off asleep for it anyway.
Yes, I did mean it that way; we're not miracle workers here.

Apply a snug bandage to the leg to reduce blood flow, but don't apply a tourniquet unless you plan to amputate. The same goes for his arm.
Elevate his wounds - consider rolling him onto his right side.
Irrigate the abdomen wound and look for any signs of organ damage. If he suffered intestinal damage then he's almost as good as dead, but fortunately there isn't anything too vital in the area.
If you see any minor veins or arteries that have been nicked and are pulsing blood then cut them - this will cause them to retract into the surrounding tissue and collapse. Major veins and arteries must be stitched together.
Once you've got bleeding under control there stitch it up and move on to the leg, then the shrapnel-impaled section of leg, then the arm.

These wounds look much worse than they are, and most of the blood isn't his.
No. 276398 ID: c71597

Wow, that is quite a big leg wound. You're going to need a shitload of compressors and bandages. Then bandage up his wounds to keep him from bleeding out. Get him on the cart of the wagon, unhitch the dead bird and then make the living one move.
No. 276872 ID: d7bfc7
File 129651853096.png - (440.33KB , 700x500 , 319.png )

That skinning knife will go to a good if unintended use it seems.
"I need alcohol, stronger the better"
"I've got some grog."
"Yes, and needles thread, cloth... and get rid of that avian we need to get him out of here as soo-"
"I have no needles or thread, have some blankets and a tarp."
"No! that won't help, just, get the cart geared to go."
I use the grog and some water from my canteen to flush out the wound so I can see, nicking or searing shut anything still leaking with knife and coin.
"Damn I can't tell what that is, ascending deep circumflex of the ilac, maybe? Can't smell any bile, just mud... that's good, I guess. Here hold th.."
I don't think he can hear me, perhaps shock is setting in or he's been deafened? Nevertheless, I manually guide him to at least keep some pressure on his left arm.
No. 276874 ID: d7bfc7
File 129651891553.png - (416.99KB , 700x500 , 320.png )

"Will he be okay"
"If I could promise that I would, can we get the cart moving?"
"The load is too heavy for one bird"
"Then dump it."
"It's block from the quarry, I'm going to need help."
"Just, give me a moment, need to get this tightened up. I'll need your help to carry him too."
There goes much of my cloak, pity really, I was starting to get used to it. Will have to apologize to Ludicia.
No. 276877 ID: 252e1b

What's a cloak compared to a man's life? She'll understand.
No. 276878 ID: d7bfc7
File 129651962796.png - (389.33KB , 700x500 , 321.png )

"Saint's no..."
"Ah... well... best laid plans and all."
No. 276879 ID: 252e1b


You have a choice. You can cut the other avian loose and scare it away, thus luring the creeper off after it, or you can send the horse off to serve the same function. Could the horse or the avian outrun the creeper? If so, pick the faster one, as it will have the better chance at survival.
No. 276881 ID: 8d8786

Flee. And take your horse. Just get out of the blast radius. You tried to do the right thing, here, but it's just not feasible. Nothing you can do and no use feeling guilty about it.
No. 276883 ID: c71597

Well you did say you have a dirk with you. Can you manage a throw well enough to deflate it?

Then the Avian goes. That horse belongs to his sister, she's going to be pissed if she doesn't get it back.
No. 276885 ID: 252e1b


I think she'd rather have a dead horse than a dead brother. No matter what he decides, she'll understand as long as he comes out of it alive.
No. 276889 ID: 1854db

Use one of your magic expendables on it. Phoenix Egg or Frostshot. Whichever one would be best here. Kill it quick before it's within blast radius.
No. 276892 ID: 15b51b

Throw firecrackers to distract it, then zap it with cold.
No. 278567 ID: d5c481
File 129671531769.png - (270.51KB , 700x500 , 322.png )

I cannot assuredly get to Adrian fast enough to either flee (as if I could be so dishonorable) nor get the Phoenix Egg or firecrakers from the saddlebag. Nor am I of sufficient skill to throw the dirk with any accuracy, if it were even weighted to be thrown so.

I pull the Frostshot Stone from the brim of my hat.
No. 278573 ID: d5c481
File 129671575610.png - (312.04KB , 700x500 , 323.png )


I feel a shudder of chill run down my arm and that smell of... something unidentifiable, yet 'winter-y.'
No. 278579 ID: d5c481
File 129671599618.png - (318.47KB , 500x600 , 324.png )

There is a hiss as hoarfrost and slick ice coats the front of the beast. It shudders and recoils from the unnatural chill, the explosive oils and spores surging beneath it's flesh coalescing and solidifying momentarily... a pause...
No. 278581 ID: d5c481
File 129671628528.png - (311.29KB , 500x600 , 325.png )

Yet a merely temporary one, I hear a metallic click next to me and before I can register it's source the blaster steps forward again, drawing breath for it's dreaded hiss.

I desperately try to open up an energy channel for the Frostshot Stone, I know can pause it again. Perhaps even overcharge it and burst it's veins wi-
No. 278590 ID: d5c481
File 129671702821.gif - (165.73KB , 700x500 , 326.gif )

The shot startles us both, like a duel thunderclap born of and ending in flames.

For a moment the beast struggles to remain erect, in the next it slumps to the ground. Ceding the battle to the internal inferno, the twitching corpse popping like a barrel of firecrackers.
No. 278591 ID: 252e1b

Hell yeah, someone with a gun! Who is it?
No. 278604 ID: 815cd1

Hopefully it's not one of those guards or a Sperenze Brother.
No. 278625 ID: 99433a

Well, we're covered in dust and are wearing unfamiliar clothing... I don't know what visual cues they go off of, but that might give us a moment of confusion, at least.
No. 278632 ID: 8d8786

Oh look, saved. Well I hope you learned your lesson, August. That being that playing a hero can and will get you killed. Were it not for the timely assistance received, you'd be a messy pile of gib right about now, spawning grounds for more of these creatures. Does the prospect please you? You're going to have to be a bit more flexible when it comes to what actions are and aren't "honorable" or at least "tolerable," as you don't have enough personal power to enable you to afford such luxuries.
No. 278653 ID: 99433a

Oh, and remember your manners. Turn and say thank you.
No. 278654 ID: 28e94e

Oh good. Look to see who's there.
No. 278661 ID: 252e1b


Self-righteous much? August's only mistake was not having the firecrackers or egg on him (that, and the earlier mistake of forgetting his pistol at home).
No. 278662 ID: 28e94e

Which reminds me, we really need to get another weapon. There a place along the way where you can get a gun without drawing attention?
No. 279103 ID: d5c481
File 129687193941.png - (620.03KB , 800x600 , 327.png )

"AHAHAHHA! Headshot and kill! No worries boys I've got the road, To the hunt Onkimor!"

No. 279105 ID: 28e94e

...What the hell is he riding.
No. 279107 ID: d5c481
File 129687249532.png - (318.10KB , 700x500 , 328.png )

With a kick to spur her Otton and a howl of raucous laughter it's gone again. Like some crazed bloody Morrigan yet another apparition lost to the mist...

I sit for a moment before another distantly muffled blast jerks me to my senses and I hear the tradesman at my shoulder.
"Damn crazy lowlanders, it their men are crazy their women twice so. 'Owever, should go, help me with him."
No. 279108 ID: 28e94e

So a crazy redneck Burmecian just came riding down the road on a giant otter hunting creepers.

What the fuck.
No. 279114 ID: 8d8786

Clearly noise attracts the creepers, so you really ought to get moving, as one boom and another might draw yet more.
No. 279125 ID: da028b

A crazy redneck Burmecian LADY just came riding down the road on a giant otter hunting creepers.
No. 279150 ID: 1854db

Not a bad looking lady either.

Anyway, don't get mesmerized by the booty. Continue the rescue operation!
No. 279160 ID: 252e1b

Crazy or not she saved your bacon. Next time you see her, be sure to thank her.
No. 279738 ID: d5c481
File 129705513840.png - (490.82KB , 800x600 , 329.png )

Well, I would hardly say that was a 'lady' per-say however, she verifiable did have certain... aspects not displeasing to the gaze. But uhm... ah yes, rescue operations.... yes.

"Will he be o-"
"That's the fifth time you've asked that and I still don't know. I do know that none of us will be okay if we don't get moving."
"Samyal, He's my son, please..."
"I've done 'most everything I can for him here, we need to get him to a hospital, to a proper doctor."
No. 279742 ID: d5c481
File 129705545823.png - (521.71KB , 800x600 , 330.png )

"Dammit can't we go any faster!"
"It's only one bird on a full load!"
"Well on of the factors in this equation is about to be altered!"
I strain against a stack of stone block. I am no laborer nor strongman, but even a child of our kind has enough strength in their legs to leap to a rooftop.

Speaking of which...
I assume this in some way is referring to my kind?
No. 279743 ID: d5c481
File 129705549971.png - (624.24KB , 800x600 , 331.png )

No. 279758 ID: 67750a

You know, it's moments like these where I wish we could temporarily gratn our bearers with otherworldly powers.
Say, such as the power to punch stone into small regular cubes, which may be then instantaneously placed upon the ground in a regular, cubic foot of stone repeatedly.

No. 279759 ID: 67750a

Oh, and see what you can do about charging up your Frostshot Stone again; now with some stability on the cart you should be able to open up a proper mana channel. It's time for some caravan guarding. (Majora's Mask style)
No. 279768 ID: 8d8786

Just tell me you didn't leave your horse behind.
No. 279790 ID: 40cb26

The only way to stop these guys is to get far enough and detonate them from a distance all at once. If you can go faster and without tiring your mount too soon you'll be fine. If your ride is going slower then them, you have a problem. Dump what you can from the cart and if that isn't enough then tell me, compared to the cart and your pursuers how fast can you run?

Ah, remember how we knew of the bolds but less of the varieties and specifics? In the same way we didn't know anything about your people but knew of your race, and that term relates to that. The visual we gave you earlier of the white verhimen adorned in red? We recognize that as one from a "Burmecia" but we couldn't explain what that might be to you. I fear the matter may be completely inscrutable. But we should ponder this when getting blown to bits is less of an issue.
No. 279959 ID: cd691a

>I assume this in some way is referring to my kind?
Yes and no. Some of us had seen a race like the Verhimen before, on a distant world, except people called them the Burmecians and that's what we assumed to call you at first. I suspect some of us are still doing it as a little joke.
No. 279973 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, a joke, let's go with that
No. 280437 ID: d5c481
File 129723087277.png - (465.16KB , 700x600 , 332.png )

Bailing ballast...
No. 280439 ID: d5c481
File 129723098163.png - (489.32KB , 700x600 , 333.png )

behold bounteous ballast...
No. 280441 ID: d5c481
File 129723107579.png - (477.00KB , 700x600 , 334.png )

...behold bailing bounteous ballast ballistics.
No. 280442 ID: 75d7a9

... do you have any torches? throwing a couple should let them on fire and if one explodes then it will cause a chain reaction a take them all out.
No. 280453 ID: d5c481
File 12972321829.png - (431.29KB , 700x600 , 335.png )

Bailed block behind, Ballistically bashing balance-less blasters, something something else with 'b'... uhm... bringing bountiful bruising? Bah... Besides running out of 'b' words.

Let us try something else.
No. 280455 ID: d5c481
File 129723232233.png - (362.35KB , 700x600 , 336.png )

Iasashhzzz'aictak ...

I manage to stun a few, watching them fall behind as they stumble ungainly on poorly jointed and stubby legs. Then in the midst yet another intonation, I hear a snap and feel a gust of bitter wind.
No. 280456 ID: d5c481
File 129723242388.png - (459.79KB , 700x600 , 337.png )

"Damn, and I have run out of things to throw, and nearly the strength to throw them."
No. 280460 ID: 1a693f

Well, there's one last piece of excess weight... Get on ye horse. It'll let you escape if things get even more pear-shaped and it'll give them a better chance of escape as well.
No. 280461 ID: 1854db

Why is the horse not pulling the cart.
No. 280463 ID: 1a693f

Can't fit the harness.
No. 280467 ID: 1854db

Damn. Alright, well, I guess we can just ride it then. If that STILL doesn't make the cart fast enough, we may have to use the phoenix egg...
No. 280629 ID: 105294

Let's try something crazy. Put us between the broken peices. Hold it all like it's one complete piece. Try to intone the spell exactly the same as before. Maybe we can bridge the gap.
No. 281028 ID: d5c481
File 129748820870.png - (532.67KB , 800x600 , 338.png )

I 'should' probably try and jump to Adrian. I really should, yet...

A kind of curiosity takes me, I want to see, even if it sounds silly, a ridiculous idea even. I would still like to 'know'. Gripping your sphere tightly between the two fragments I brace myself and raise my arm to speak the spell.

There is a crack of thunder in the distance, the smell of blood, a slight breeze, it feels right somehow, portentous even.

No. 281033 ID: d5c481
File 12974888697.png - (261.68KB , 700x300 , 339.png )

tHea--zhhfd A WIND... SaintsssssssaaaaSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
SSSHHHHHHKKKKKT a suddengustfrostlike bellsorthunders"odd, resonance"
No. 281043 ID: 252e1b

Oh man that was great. We just need to tie you to the cart the next time we try that.
No. 281045 ID: 701a19

No. 281047 ID: 1a693f

L̷̷̠͉͈̘̅̽̀e͈͉̲̹ͨ̔ͩ̉̔ͤ̔̊t̘̼̖̼̩̠͉̰̽̇̍̏̚'̷̫͔̩̥͊ͧ͝š̳̣͙̣̳̖̺̻̓̽̒̕͜ ̨̦̬̪̠̠̻̜̈́̏̉ͅn̷̯̙̒ͩ̎͊̉ͬͧ͐͗o͇̪̟̙̽ͧ̄t̗̲ͫ̓́̓̍ ̸̖͙̝̙̲̤͇̠̭̓̔̿͛̔̓̏̅d̷̜̜̭̹̝̝̹̝̽̏ͭ̄ͭ̕o̮͇̞̠̹̰ͧ͆ͦ ͓̣͓̣̰̼̗̅ͮ͋͐ͬ̔́̕t̖͕̤͚̣̠͇ͯͅh̶͎̮̘͐̏ȉ̜̞̃s̴̡͓͉̗͙̠̪ͬ̏̋ͪ̓̿ͭ͘ ̭̝̥̈̈ͩͩà̻̞̗͆͋̔͒͆ͬͭ̍g̵̺̗͙̥̖̮̽͒͌̆̀̚͠ả̊̈́͏̪͎̬̣̜̠̮̰́ḭ̧̠̍͆̓ñͨ͒ͬ̐
No. 281048 ID: 1a693f

If they're totally frozen the dude can stack them in the cart in place of his stone blocks, it'll probably pay for the medical fees and then some.
No. 281050 ID: 1854db

Wow, that was pretty cool.

Get it?

Anyway get on the cart again. That should slow them down *considerably*
No. 281059 ID: 8d8786

No. 281070 ID: 252e1b


No. 281071 ID: d5c481
File 129750349445.png - (427.12KB , 700x600 , 340.png )

Auhbuhlu... I... I feel a bit ill, and sore... everything feels sore very suddenly. I can... hear someone saying something.
No. 281072 ID: 252e1b

Oh man we got to try this with the heat coin thing.
No. 281074 ID: 1a693f

Áu̸g̷̶͟ús̴̛t͝ ͠҉i̶s̀ B͢ĻAC͏K̴̵҉I͜N̨G͏͢͡ ̢̕Ò̕U͘T̴́.̵̡͠ ̸͟We ͜͠s̛͡ḩ͝o͝u͏l̶͜͠d ̴̧n̡o͞t ͟d̶̢o̶͞ ͘t̡͡hi̛s a̴g҉̸ai͘n̵͞.̢́̕
No. 281075 ID: 252e1b


That's because he fell off the cart. Next time we just need to have him wear a safety line before he tries it.
No. 281076 ID: d5c481
File 129750486261.png - (389.93KB , 700x600 , 341.png )

Cold... someone is moving, touching, rolling me over.

"Ova eer, think I've found my prize in this here hunt. Gimme a 'and with em."
No. 281079 ID: 1a693f

Take her hat.
No. 281082 ID: 0210ff

Can you speak?
Croak out asking if the people on the cart are okay if you can. They probably are, but doesn't hurt to check.

Try not to look too pitiful and helpless, old bean.

Also, hooray for doing something slightly stupid, but quite impressive. Perhaps doing such things a bit more could build a name for yourself. If you don't croak first.
No. 281083 ID: 28e94e

Okay, that was awesome and we are totally doing it again
No. 281089 ID: 105294

>>280629 Here.
I was right. That WAS crazy. We probably reduced the frost-shot to gravel, pushing it like that.

With some practice and temperance, who knows what August can use us for?
No. 281121 ID: 1854db

Ask for your hat back.
No. 281286 ID: d5c481
File 129763084097.png - (413.77KB , 800x600 , 342.png )

I mumble something... something about hats... before drifting in... and out a fitful rhythmic reverie...
No. 281290 ID: d5c481
File 129763150026.png - (513.50KB , 800x600 , 343.png )

Oh! yor up, and even awake too.~"
"Ehbluthhuuu? Cathil Mak anter... seeeds without shellsss hidden in fotressess without walls.."
"mmm betcha gotchyoursef have a fever, just rest yor little head on mah should there hun. Fog's boutta clear, and we're mostways home and we'll get you cleaned up, fedded, and bedded."
"-no I don't nothing... what... everything's so soft... I've got no-where to rest my hands, and... my hat's melting a I-I I don't even
"Oh I'm suuuure yor gunna be quite the conversationalist you are. Anyways iffen you 'do' go all feverbrains no better place finden a use for a hotpanned man.~"
No. 281292 ID: 28e94e

August: Don't go crazy.
No. 281304 ID: 105294

Here's hoping your hands are tied so you won't fall off.
No. 281316 ID: c71597

You appear to be slightly crazy from magical overload and or hypotermia. You should probably not try to do anything but rest right now.
No. 281318 ID: 8d8786

Passing out is probably the appropriate thing to do at this time. It saves you the trouble of actually being responsible for anything embarrassing you do or say, including the reactions of your body. She DOES seem to be a bit larger that Lucida, though, doesn't she? In so many ways...
No. 281324 ID: b6ca92

Passing out sounds very good. Trying to talk may end up with some very secret and/or personal things being heard by your companion.
Think, don't talk. Your head is a mess.
If you can't do that, try focusing on the fact that YOU HAVE YOUR HAT BACK! HUZZAH!

I know it's in the culture, but I would think that both recovering you and your hat would spell out a beneficial ally, yes?
No. 281376 ID: d5c481
File 129765607866.png - (702.21KB , 800x600 , 344.png )

"Welp, I do believe we, are here. welcome to home sweet home."
"Buhuh... mudhole...frog tied... hathands. Need fewer fog. Yes. Fewer. Abso-Absolutely. Need...going to, just pass out now. Reboot to drive and... Spearence."
No. 281457 ID: c71597

Hey, that actually made some sense. There is a bit too much fog around. Now pass out to awake in some awkward position later.
No. 281475 ID: 1854db

Yeah we know your hands are tied. It's so you don't fall off the damn horse, I assume. Relax for now, we'll see what happens later, once you're more lucid and there's actually an opportunity to *do something*.
No. 281491 ID: c3a469

Did you seriously restrain yourself there? Stop trying to talk and try to piece your thoughts back together instead. Did your master teach you any methods for such things?
No. 281503 ID: 7b0457
File 129769997242.png - (734.87KB , 800x600 , 345.png )

"Ahh Miss Sperenze, enjoy your hunt today? I see you have aquired some... peculiar game."
"Haha, oh you know it hun~
"Yes, well, the Dowager will certainly have words about you wandering around in the Elder Pines, yourself this time of season, regardless of the results."
Somehow dear, I'm really doubten you can guess at workens of the Mother's will better than I. Regardless of how you got your comfy little post here.~"
"I shall most certainly keep that in mind, milady."
No. 281510 ID: 252e1b

You are August de Sauterlle. You are under the assumed name of Ziria de Chatte from Takerile, Sealucid. If anyone asks your name, you are Ziria de Chatte. Remember this, for now you are Ziria de Chatte. Don't slip up.

You were in a tight spot and used a magical artifact in an inadvisable (but awesome) way. While you are presently disoriented, that will fade.

Remember, you are Ziria de Chatte. Your real identity is August de Sauterlle, but today you are Ziria de Chatte.

Ziria de Chatte.
Ziria de Chatte.
Ziria de Chatte.
No. 281530 ID: 28e94e

>Miss Sperenze
I REALLY hope this is just some distant relative
No. 281575 ID: 1854db

...they're not going to EAT you are they?

Consider some manner of escape.
[attempt to repair user's mental faculties]
No. 281581 ID: 8d8786

What IS that rocky thing in the background? I thought the lowlands didn't have cliffs
No. 281585 ID: c71597

Oh, seems like you're in the care of one of the daughters of your rival. Sister to those guys that got your mask. So yay, now you're where you want to be, sort of. Just not in the situation you want to be.

Better keep your identity secret. Just play dumb until you feel better and play it off as being feverish later.
No. 281677 ID: d5c481
File 129775158682.png - (590.65KB , 800x600 , 346.png )

Next chapter continues...
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