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File 129775118790.png - (268.20KB , 600x913 , titlecard3.png )
281675 No. 281675 ID: d5c481

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No. 281676 ID: d5c481
File 129775148040.gif - (1.75MB , 700x600 , 347.gif )

I see images, dreams, muddled faces and voices, strange scents and sounds...

Symbols and scenes, some strange, others familiar flow around me now fast, now slow, like projections caught in treacle.


Where? a flickering bulb and a tepid tub... the muffled creak of metal walls.
No. 281679 ID: 701a19

If you're feeling up to it, then get out of the tub, dry yourself off, get dressed, and go thank your host for the help.
No. 281691 ID: c71597

Probably in a tub of hot water in the Spearanze castle. You got dragged there by one of the family daughters. Because you used some magic that were a bit over the top of what you should do, and it seems like you got chilled down quite a bit.

Hopefully you didn't say anything that gave you away before coming to. But hey, atleast you're at where you wanted to be to get your mask back.
No. 281698 ID: 815cd1

>Would you wish to play our game?
>Agree or not tis all the same.
>We've all the time in all to play.
>If we lose then you must pay.
>A price no man can ever weigh.

>Prince or Fool the're[sic] all quite tame.
>But pawns and cards to fill our game.
>Never lost, yet never won
>Will you, will you, won't you come?

Looks like those elves are still trying to mess with you.

Anyways, yeah. Dry off and make yourself decent.
No. 281703 ID: 1854db

Realize that your dirty disguise has been washed off. ...they probably didn't really care though, it seems, since you are free to move around at the present moment. Look about the room to see if you can make yourself decent.

...also I don't think the elves are the ones playing the game. No, this is the stage of something mortals cannot hope to comprehend. The six colors.
No. 281704 ID: 28e94e

>six colors
Before August asks: we aren't even sure
No. 281780 ID: 8d8786

Alright, a few things.

First off, we need to determine how long we've been here. The temperature of the water and the melting of the candlewax will give you something of an indicator as to how long you've just been ditched in the tub. If it's been a while, you might get walked in on at any moment, while if it's not been that long, you'll have some time to luxuriate and get your thoughts straight.

Next, make sure to reaffirm your coverstory. Use concern for the travelers you saw on the road as a deflection shield. Express a desire to see them, to make sure they're okay, and maybe get your coat back. Twas a bitchin' coat. And while we're at it, make sure all our various odds and ends are present in the clothing bundle they've provided for you.
No. 281809 ID: 28e94e

No. 281865 ID: 701a19

Unless they put him in a tepid bath and lit an old candle instead of a new one.

Check the water. If it's salty then we really don't have any idea how long you've been there, but if it's fresh then you can estimate by nail softness and skin swelling.

Alternatively? Get out of the tub, dry off, get dressed, and ask. Nothing seems to suggest they would lie about that.
No. 281883 ID: d5c481
File 129783943662.png - (195.33KB , 700x500 , 347.png )

Previously, Before the Storm:
Thread 1
Thread 2
No. 281890 ID: d5c481
File 12978401147.png - (244.91KB , 700x500 , 348.png )

The light in here is cast by a bare bulb, although to be fair, being in the Sperenze fortress, I am a bit surprised they have power and running water here at all.

The walls seem to be made of somewhat corroded iron, chill to the touch. A screen set in the door ventilates warmer air.

My clothes seem to have been well scrubbed and dried, the odd bloodstain remaining here and there. Although, I have no idea where my boots and cloak are, or my horse, or my wand (hopefully with the boots) or even my knife.

Worse, I've been cleaned, stripped not merely of dust, but more importantly the concealing musk. Sooner or later one of them will smell my lineage on me.
No. 281917 ID: c71597

Cover story might need some modifications then. For instance, you could say that you're a bastard and never really knew who your father was. That could explain the lineage.

The bard story still works, just add in magic on top of it. So you're not only travelling to find inspiration for new songs and stuff, but also looking for people to teach you a few new tricks.

Provided that you didn't give everything away while being deleriouis then the story should still work.
No. 281918 ID: 1a693f

Well, August, you're in the hands and debt of the enemy while almost totally helpless and without the planned disguise. You did, however, display quite a bit of bravery, a sense of duty for a man not even bound to you, and an astonishing degree of magical talent for a vehrimen. Even your abrupt lapse into unconsciousness doesn't invalidate that. Imagine what you could do with that amount of power and proper planning- then imagine what THEY are imagining.

Note that you need not be willing to repeat the experiment- this is true either way.

You have a significant resource: Yourself. While lies and escape may or may not still be an option, consider honesty. You could walk out of this with a quite advantageous alliance with an attractive and adventurous woman while burying an old and expensive feud. Your father would undoubtedly approve.

Now, we've barely met the girl and you've been feverish for most of it, so it might be a bit early to start planning this, but keep it in mind.

For now, be polite. Be confident but not arrogant, blah blah blah. Make a good impression. Maybe apologize about the crack at their mother- and themselves- if you meet up with Catterbast? Heat of violating the laws of physics and all, you weren't yourself. If the subject come up. Above all, DON'T repeat that sentiment.

When you're at home with your own family Dowager Sperenze may be whorish. Here she is powerful, in control, and able to take anything she wants. She was able to resist the pressures- and you'd better believe there were many- to marry for power.

Besides, what with your father's history and hers, there's a chance one or more of them might be half-siblings.
No. 281943 ID: b6c6fc

check the door, find out if it's locked
No. 282023 ID: 104c67

Also since you lost consciousness, you might want to get your virginity checked...
No. 282091 ID: b6ca92

He's male.
How would you even...?
Ignore this man.
No. 282411 ID: 68f11f
File 129807807086.png - (282.24KB , 700x600 , 349.png )

>>282023 >>282091
I've really no idea... I mean. Really... Besides isn't that assuming some things about me you have no way of verifying. Well I supose one could use magic, I mean, I'm fairly sure Sirius could find a spell or something and... I wonder if even... Lucidia could?

Best not dwell on it. Besides, I feel a bit sore from all the riding, and casting, and flinging a whole wagon of stonework, and the almost dying bits, oh and that burn on my back still aches a bit from being shot the day before last, and almost being murdered by the fae... and... stuff.
No. 282420 ID: 68f11f
File 129807899737.png - (246.91KB , 700x500 , 350.png )

Well, they say the truth will always set you free, but then a good deception, the wheels within wheels is what separates a mere mageling from the wizard. I remember Sirius said that is why many Fae can 'use' magic, but have pitiably few 'true wizards' in his judgement.

See, I like this story, I rather doubt anyone 'saw' me at my spellwork, and I've still a chance at to revert to the other story should my cover be revealed. Then they'd likely just lock me up until my family came to collect me at worst.

Although, I should remember regardless, be watchful and polite, say as little as needs be said, hear, everything. Now, shall we leave this room, or have we more need of tiptoeing though yon vase of tulips, or probing the contents of a lady's feminine oils, powders, and unguents?
No. 282425 ID: 1a693f

Oils, definitely. Hours can be spent usefully experimenting with those.
No. 282434 ID: 8d8786

See what you can do with the feminine products insofar as disguising your manly man musk. If pressed as to why you did so, you can of course claim that you were just making sure to fully appreciate the hospitaltity you were given. To not at least consider using them would be as if to decline a plate of food. Quite rude.
No. 282435 ID: 1a693f

Wat, no.
No. 282447 ID: 252e1b

Wouldn't that just make him smell inappropriate for his gender role as dictated by society? I doubt it would effectively hide his the genetic markers in his scent.
No. 282452 ID: 8d8786

I'm just throwing it out there. He'd know, I'm sure, whether it'd work or not.
No. 282521 ID: 68f11f
File 129809858250.png - (250.48KB , 700x500 , 351.png )

Given that for all we know I shall to be added to some kind of secret, matriarchal man harem beyond that door one imagines 'that' in particular would be rather egregious waste of time.
That, that might work however, let us see... Lavander, Fallowburr, Sage Powder I think, Blackberry, Clove Oil, Rosewater, Nanroot...really? Oooh Petitgrain that will do, clean and citrusy.
This shouldn't smell too feminine, besides, most lowlanders see my kind as a bit too refined and effeminate, just becasue we aren't all muck farmers or soldiers. This could work, and if we can get to my saddlebags and just avoid getting too nervous or breaking the scent beforehand, there is still my vial of musk to re-apply.
No. 282538 ID: 8d8786

All right then, apply in all the pertinent areas, but be sure to be quick, we wouldn't want someone stumbling in to check up on you while you're oiling up your tender bits.
No. 282583 ID: c71597

Ok, lets get oiled up then. After that it's time to open that door and face down whatever fate has in store for you.
No. 282599 ID: 252e1b


So, the lady who saved you had to notice what you did. If I were them I'd use it as an excuse to politely detain you with minor honors while they try to figure out who you really are.
No. 282735 ID: fcef2c
File 129817699774.png - (264.45KB , 700x500 , 352.png )

Well, here goes nothing...

The door swings heavily yet smoothly on oiled hinges. A dozen scents assault me at once, kobold, verhimen, animal fur, hot iron, swamp, woodsmoke... woman... yesss just the barest hint of Autumn's Fire? Bizarre, it is still early spring. I mean, I've heard of some settlements where it hits them offseason but they tend to be sm-
No. 282742 ID: 28e94e

No. 282743 ID: fcef2c
File 129817813080.png - (259.16KB , 700x500 , 353.png )

-all. Woah, she... is big. Surely no less than two meters, may even rival Terterus for height.

The wood floor is draped in various furs and cushions, and mismatched showentiles cover the seams of yet more bare iron walls. I am dimly conscious of a breeze blowing in a balcony off to my right.

She turns to address me in a somewhat grating if cheery tone."Oyhey? Getten aboot I see? Guess it's fer the best, sooo feeling like talken more nonsense n'sech Mister... eyhh?
No. 282744 ID: 8d8786

Well this is a nice sitting room... Furnace, lumber, little table... Anyway, time to be a gentleman, while at the same time trying to make yourself seem less interesting than you are. Introduce yourself with your alias, but don't over-sell and answer questions you've yet to be asked, as it'd just be suspicious. Instead, verbalize your gratitude and inquire as to the state of the two in the wagon.
No. 282745 ID: 1854db

Give her your fake name, tell her you're feeling much better now. Stick with the story and all that.

Look about curiously, don't linger in any particular place unless you see something pertaining to your fake job.
No. 282750 ID: d677cc

Jeez, that is tall.

Yeah, say hi, introduce yourself, look about.
No. 282821 ID: c71597

Find some place to sit that isn't too close and thank her for the rescue. It was rather timely. And somewhat heroic, offer to make a song about it.
No. 282857 ID: 28e94e

Remember that talk earlier about starting a harem? Yeah, we are definitely going with that,
No. 282876 ID: d677cc


... hell, maybe you should.
No. 282911 ID: 252e1b


He's here for his mask, not for picking up ladies.
No. 282915 ID: 28e94e

Says you.
No. 282917 ID: d677cc

Hey, one doesn't preclude the other. :B
No. 282949 ID: 40cb26

You know I'm sure something to this effect has been said before, but you and harems isn't a matter of what you or we want. Your life is going to involve a lot of women, that's just your lot in life. Just be a gentleman and try not to be overwhelmed, got it?
No. 283204 ID: b6ca92

If you want your mask back, use your real name. This may also open up several diplomatic options considering your lineage, as well as produce several problems.
If you want a little more freedom to maneuver, use your false name and background.

Right now, though, she is purposefully flaunting DAT' ASS, and this certainly seems like private quarters. I would promote honesty with the woman, to get honesty in return. We may very well get her on our side. Remember this is the same one who went creeper hunting for sport, and the fact we took them all out must have impressed her quite a bit. I would say that she is already quite interested in us.
Even if we are honest, we could make a deal with her to keep our 'presence' here relatively secret and get our mask back.

Unfortunately I would hate to see you torn in between this fantastic specimen and your fiancee. Too bad that's almost certainly whats going to happen.

Be honest, just not stupid. Even lowlanders know how to play the game of politics, and your city-dweller wit can only score you points here.
No. 283205 ID: d677cc


No. 283207 ID: b6ca92

Wait a second, is she...
She has her tail wrapped around a large pitcher.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
August, you never told us your species had prehensile tails! This opens up a whole WORLD of possibilities! Imagine the power of a small dagger-tip attack to your tail, poisoned with neuro-toxins, hiding under your travelers cloak until, like a cornered scorpion, YOU STRIKE!
No. 283208 ID: 28e94e

This is a good idea.

No. 283211 ID: 8d8786

How about we get a bit more feel for her actual character rather than what we'd like to imagine before we decide whether or not we make ourselves vulnerable through honesty? Let's see if we can shelf the entire situation of whether or not to hide our identity by playing the conversation towards what we can safely be honest about. Show gratitude for your rescue and her hospitality, inquire as to the safety and situations of those you yourself came to the assistance of, and then ASK HER ABOUT HERSELF. Try to avoid allowing the conversation to center on you, as then we'd have to make that call on whether or not to be forthright. Get as much out of her as you can so we can better judge whether or not she's worthy of our trust or if she'd simply turn us over to her brothers and/or her mother were she to know who we are.
No. 283225 ID: 192c6d


... you, sir, have failed at quest. Obviously this was the perfect moment to make terrible quips about the endless possibilities of application in an intimate environment...
No. 283282 ID: c71597

I have to say that I agree with this.

Honesty is all well and good. But simply the fact that someone enjoys risking their life by hunting dangerous things doesn't say a lot about wheter or not they can be trusted. She could still very much be involved with her family and want them to rise, which doesn't really make it a great idea to reveal that one belongs to their main rival in the area. Forced marriages and then being locked up in a tower doesn't have to happen to only princesses.
No. 283389 ID: fbf805
File 129840384876.png - (222.96KB , 600x500 , 354.png )

I take a seat on a few cushions across from her, the room having a notable deficit of proper furniture.
"Chatte, Zira de Chatte of Takerile, I am wandering entertainer. Please, tell me milady, how fares the wagoner and his son? Also, I pray my horse did not escape or come to harm in."
"Wagoner's fine, kid.. Idunno, medicine's not really mah thing, but my mother knows sum things see? Maybe e'll be fine, maybe not... oh and we got yor horse. Nice pony for'a wanderer."
"And my host? That is, if I may be so bold as to ask the name of such a brave maiden."

She chuckles at this, shifting onto her other leg.
"Jolienne, the Second Princess a Spererence and adjunkt priestess of Mari ifen you like, or iffen you don't like... Either way jest don't call me Joey, see? Only mah brothers can get way with that."
"Ah... nice sunset"
"Sunset's onna other side hun"
No. 283390 ID: fbf805
File 129840438655.png - (192.34KB , 600x500 , 355.png )

"I'd heard Saint Mari was popular among the common folk, but not among the nobles, at least that's how it is most plac-"
"It's highlanders for yah, got priorities all askew. But really, it's mother's idea, I'm in becasue, well I'm in."

I don't know what kind of fellow you gentlemen take me for, but before I consider 'any'... intimate relations I would rather like to know a girl first, trust and such, a 'real' relationship should such be possible.

There is a long history of wizards losing their power to dangerous women, a tradition I could stand to avoid.
No. 283392 ID: fbf805
File 129840481115.png - (195.74KB , 600x500 , 356.png )

If I can I would prefer to hold any judgments until I am allowed to act myself. It wouldn't be right to seduce a lady under a disguise only for her to fall in love with the mask instead of the man. Besides, who knows what I could catch.

Speaking of which, how am I to progress from 'suspect guest' to 'searching for my mask' to 'ridding off into the sunset waving in triumph at rivalry and mischief left behi- uh...
No. 283393 ID: fbf805
File 129840513711.png - (222.15KB , 600x500 , 357.png )

"Erm... excuse my curiosity milady but... what exactly are you doing."
"Oh well, See, I can get the first few mahself but... I'm always haven a bitta trouble with the ones lower on down casue, well... you know~"
"I... erm... I see... Ahuh... yeah, I-um"
"Well, could you be a dear an help unlace me sugar?"
No. 283395 ID: 28e94e

See, this is why you should always listen to us. Now go help her.
No. 283396 ID: d677cc

Well, it'd be awfully rude to say no. Just keep your presence of mind, of course.
No. 283401 ID: c71597

Well she's nobility and you're the not noble guest. You should probably help her with that. Just keep your cool and remember that there is to be no hanky panky. Unless you have almost no other possible choice.

As for how to get your mask. Might take some more time than you originally planned for. But if you can keep up your disguise for a few days you should eventually be allowed to wander a bit. That's when you try to find out where they have their powder storage and your mask. Then you use the powder for a nice distraction while you get your mask and then set off on your trusty horse.
No. 283410 ID: 701a19

Do it, but maintain a professional air - you're doing it because she politely asked you to do it, not because you're a lech.
No. 283447 ID: 8d8786

I hope you realize she might be testing out YOUR quality of character at the same time you're feeling out HER'S. What does Verhimen society (upper AND lowlander) say about such things? Perhaps it might be better to excuse yourself, if to honor her request would be to make you seem some common ruffian. I think she's trying to get under your skin, see how you deal with a different sort of pressure. If you're feeling overwhelmed, after all, you're more likely to let certain truths slip, and she'll be holding the advantage over you. As desirable as this situation may seem to the short-sighted person, always try to imagine every implication and consequence that can arise from your actions. In this case if you're ABLE to remain professional and sane while assisting her, do so, but if you're going to become too flustered and begin stammering like a school-boy, decline politely on basis of propriety.
No. 283717 ID: b6ca92

This man has the right of it. We can't advise you on this, but you can advise us. What is appropriate in this situation? And what is she implying here? For all we know she may simply be rather shameless because she normally has a servant assist her in undoing the corset(?).
Tread lightly.
No. 284391 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129871101912.png - (216.60KB , 700x500 , 358.png )

To be fair she could likely have me flogged and thrown in iron with no questions asked just for me being a common foreigner in her room alone. Or for refusing to help her, or even for helping her if she twisted it around. I, I can do this, I'll just be quick, simple, and avoid saying much.

I take a breath...
"Only if you understand, I shall do so becasue you ask me, not of any intent towards impropriety."
"ooh sucha gentleman we have 'ere, well then go on.~"
No. 284393 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129871188297.png - (207.71KB , 700x500 , 359.png )

She is certainly well endowed for our kind... even a bit plump one could say. Perhaps she's some bizarre hybrid of low and highlander, Taking the height of one and the mass of the other?

My fingers work at the laces, twisted by activity and exertion. I can smell the scent of it on her, among other things. If I did not know better I would say she was on the cusp of fertility, or perhaps even nursing? Which would explain well... hard to say... far too early for one, and even a bit too early for the other.

"Mmmm t's good, the girls alwus sayen I work them inta knots too tight fer dainty fingers such's theirs wit the riden and hunten. You hunt much? Don't seem the type, better wiff yer fingers ah 'magine. Whatchu play anyhow?"
No. 284395 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129871249939.png - (230.37KB , 700x500 , 360.png )

"I sing... also I know some tricks."
"Really~ Ye'll have teh shew us some'ovem. That'd explain somethen I'z wonderen."
Does she suspect? Surely she must have seen some of my things, raised questions, suspicions. I try to make my reaction as neutral and nonplussed as possible
She leans in close, her breath on my ear.
"Mmmm? Yer wearing mah perfume.~"
No. 284396 ID: 1a693f

She's smelling you. I suggest you distract her. Now, you don't want to work up a sweat yourself and you need to distract her, so show her exactly how good you are with your fingers... A massage, of course. After all, you know how tense riding makes you and she's been riding all day.

Also, a theory for you: Perhaps her mother is in heat permanently and her daughter has inherited that trait? It would certainly explain the 72 children.

If you added to the number of grandchildren, would it count as a coup for you or them?
No. 284397 ID: 1854db


"It smelled nice."

Alternatively you could say that you're gay.
No. 284419 ID: c71597

Hmm, tell her that you liked the smell quite a bit, and it's rare for you to have access to such luxury iteams, so you indulged a bit. Ask for forgivness if it was too presumptious of you.

Pretending to be gay might work, unless of course she could smell that this is doing something for you. Which would make that a rather obvious lie.
No. 284420 ID: 701a19

"It wouldn't do to leave my scent in such a lovely woman's room. I would hate to leave stories and rumors of impropriety in my wake."
No. 284443 ID: 6ba8b3

"I'm a dainty highlander. We're rather particular about these things, excuse me." Also you can let her draw her own conclusions about you being a complete poofter without actually saying it unless that likely gets you dangling on a rope in your society. Solves many immediate problems and removes lots of unneccesary intrest she might have about your background when she believes you're not a suitable "candidate".
No. 284689 ID: 8d8786

How feasible a claim would ignorance be? Are the scents you applied obviously for women? Would it be a clearly-transparent lie to say that your head was (and perhaps is) still somewhat addled from the events earlier and you simply assumed that the things in the tub-room you were left in were there because they were expected to be used? You have, after all, declared yourself to be of common lineage, meaning that it would be natural for you to be seeming as if you were walking on eggshells. And one way to go about that might be to have applied what you mistakenly thought were perfumes and oils meant to make yourself more tolerable to the more refined noses of the nobility. I mean, you could probably easily claim to have no idea who your rescuer was or what reception you were going to receive, as your only contact with this woman before leaving the bathroom was when you were blinking in and out of consciousness. For all you knew, you might have been walking out of the bathroom and into the audience chamber of the Matron Sperenze herself!

Also in general you ought be speaking more deferentially, lest your manner of casual conversation reveal show that you're not properly cowering in the presence of nobility. Or would such ideologies be misplaced? Ultimately you know more about the relationship between commoner and princess, prince.
No. 284975 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129887447366.png - (383.25KB , 800x600 , 361.png )

"Ahhahh y-yes forgive me milady, I am but a dainty highlander, we are rather peculiar in such habits. Especially as regarding the company of nobility. Furthermore, it simply would not do to leave one's scent in such a lovely lady's room. Would hate to leave stories and rumors of... impropriety in my wake."

"Mmm yes, 'stories and rumors', got yorself a glib tongue you ave..."

"If, if you say so milady. I believe, in addition, that I have reached the end of your laces."
No. 284976 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129887465370.png - (390.94KB , 800x600 , 362.png )

"Mmmhummm~ and you 'are' such ah dainty little thing you are... oh yes... I'm thinken you'll go far here sugar."
No. 284978 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129887489227.png - (347.45KB , 800x600 , 363.png )

"Now, don't getch yorself inta any trouble while I'm taken mah bath. Lights out soon ennuf and it wouldn't do to be wandering round inna dark, who know's what strange places you may wake up round here~."

"Yes, milady"
No. 284981 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129887542921.png - (263.94KB , 800x600 , 364.png )

She closes the door to the bathroom behind her and I take the opportunity to collapse and catch my breath on the floor. I gather am going to be at a distinct disadvantage in diplomatic maneuvering around here.

THAT is an... interesting thought. If they 'ARE' all mutant it could be possible to have them declared Yeeks. Then again, such an investigation would require the attention of the Inquisition in both parties, as well as taking possibly years to resolve, and even then it wouldn't remove them from local power, merely from membership in the Confederation of Kingdoms. A valid target for 'resettlement' but still...

Besides, good luck proving that if they have an abnormally high number of Priestesses of Mari, if anything they might end up canonizing the damn woman as a living Icon or some such nonsense.
No. 284984 ID: d677cc

Perhaps, but she's friendly enough.
No. 284986 ID: 1a693f

I have no idea what you just said. Yeeks? Priestesses of Mari? Could you give us a rundown of the religious situation around here? It should keep your mind off her relaxing in the bath, wet and naked and massaging all her aches and pains away, maybe thinking of all the fun she'll have with you~
No. 284992 ID: 1854db

Dude we're trying to have him NOT break out in a cold sweat and reveal his scent.

Collect yourself and take a peek through the doorway, and/or the balcony. We need to figure out where to go next.
No. 285023 ID: 40cb26

I dunno about her being a mutant, that's an extreme accusation. Just an unusual mix of heritages can produce someone of exceptional dimensions, add to that a possible "false positive" chemical imbalance and you could have a womans body acting like its always about to have kids without any of the actual trouble of it. That doesn't even need to be a natural thing to her, something designed to prevent or encourage fertility can possibly do this.

>I'm thinken you'll go far here sugar.
August... what is she expecting you to be doing here? You didn't get picked up by some pimping ring of effeminate males?

I almost want to say just take off now but since you have no idea where your stuff is it seems problematic. Take a day to get the lay of the place and plot things out.
No. 285039 ID: c71597

Making them a valid target would be nice, but I doubt your family would appreciate the inquisition looking into their own little breeding programs.

When she gets back you have a chance to ask her something though. Namely what areas you should stay out of if you by chance happen to find yourself wandering the corridors. Or maybe that's something to ask tomorrow. Anyway, that should give you some hints as to which areas her brother controls and where you're likely to find the mask. Then we're going to have to find the powder storage as well before trying to nab the mask.
No. 285059 ID: 7ce35e

I would guess that Saint Mari is a Saint of fertility, growth, good health, or other such things that are vitally important to farmers and common folk?

Perhaps her family is blessed.
No. 285067 ID: 701a19

You might be at a disadvantage, but we are not.
In fact, I think we might be able to turn this strongly in your favor.

It might, for example, be possible to convince her to ally with you, then reveal your family once she's too involved to back out. Risky, but rewarding.
No. 285094 ID: 8d8786

You seem a bit high strung at the moment. Understandable, considering the circumstances. Why don't you step out onto the balcony, get a breath of fresh air, and take stock of your surroundings? Regardless, lying down right now isn't the right thing to do, look what you're wearing. You can't sleep in that! Your hostess will probably insist on getting you undressed so it's best if you take the initiative here and find something suitable to sleep in. Perhaps one of the more intact furs might be suitable, if you can't find anything else.
No. 285274 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129895846253.png - (192.03KB , 600x500 , 365.png )

Yes, a breath of fresh evening air to clear my head. That, that would do me good now.

The Saint of Fertility, Growth, and Motherhood to be precise. The possibility exists, and as a wizard we must consider the truly miraculous within the realm of the plausible. Yet, in the same breath wonder if it could not be of a dozen other, more sinister, arcane, or even mundane sources in which we are learned.
No. 285283 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129895936737.png - (192.43KB , 700x400 , 366.png )

Yeeks, not so much a culture or a species as a term for any of the various multitudes of beast-men, monsters and abberants which roam the wastes and wilder parts of this world. They are a strange and unpredictable lot.

Most merely intolerable, hybridized bastards, too weird to live, too cursed to die. Many crippled by mutation and bad breeding, or even the offcast experiments of madmen. Though some, a few, gain great and terrible powers, and with it often the madness to use them. A warband of Yeeks is a chaotic and unpredictable mess of such beings, a nightmare to even a careful tactician.

These very clothes were actually designed and fitted by a pair of Yeeks, licensed and declared 'fit for society.' They can, on occasion, be a useful if eccentric lot, some making well as freelance mercenaries, wandering traders, or 'adventurers.'
No. 285287 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129895997199.png - (206.42KB , 800x600 , 367.png )

I wish we could see the sunset from this side, if I remember from my schooldays it was quite striking from the lowlands. As if the sky were fashioned all in fire, ruby, and gold, all the humidity in the air.

I can feel the air growing cooler, smell the smoke of cook-fires and smelting furnaces. Feel the vibration of work and movement elsewhere in the structure, generators, a wheel-drive hammer perhaps?

It will rain soon enough, perhaps in an hour or two.

... I am more than a bit hungry now that I think.
No. 285291 ID: 40cb26

They wouldn't have brought you in if they didn't have a mind to feed you, so you might as well go take advantage of that. After that get comfortable and be as gracious a guest as you can manage.

But while you're up there, see if you can figure where the stables are. If you need to get out og here in a hurry knowing where your horse is will help. Or if there are multiple stables or your horse isn't there for some reason at least you can try to grab one of theirs.
No. 285310 ID: 8d8786

Let's worry about short term problems for the moment. Specifically food and lodging. Food will probably be provided for you, assuming your new mistress isn't simply going to have you nurse directly. Proper night-time clothing, on the other hand, may require some innovation... Why don't you search the princess's room while she's bathing and see what you can come up with? Who knows, maybe you'll find all your stuff stashed in a corner and can flee immediately.
No. 285335 ID: c71597

It is quite striking.

Might be a plate of food in there somewhere that you missed. Or you could open the door and see if there are any servants around to take your order.

Try to avoid going outside in the rain. Getting the perfume washed off and then the stronger scents after a rain would be a bad combination.
No. 285797 ID: 4d7f8c
File 12991230861.png - (210.95KB , 800x600 , 368.png )

I quietly peek around the room a bit, finding my boots and my tattered cloak by the door, the boots I put on.

However, my cursory examinations fail to turn up my wand, dirk, or the line-spinner. So far it seems the only artifacts I have remaining are my trusty thermodynamistic coin, that odd shell whistle I found in Sirius study, and of course, you gentlemen.

I take a peak outside.
"Erm excuse my asking, but... where would be the nearest place one could acquire a bite to eat?"
"Ahh yer that fella? Oh I see, worked yeself up a hunger already heve yeh? Yeah's a bar 'n kitchen five doors down an cross the stairs."
No. 285807 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129912387257.png - (276.72KB , 698x475 , 369.png )

I seem to be several floors up, and I take note that the stables are likely near the bottom of the fortress. I also note that the floor slants a bit in places, the roof is low, and there are far fewer lights here than at home, indeed these bulbs are likely of my family's own manufacture.

I make it to the dimly lit kitchen in question and manage to borrow a bowl of soup with little question when a hand claps on my shoulder.
"Who are you, and why do I recognize you? I rarely like people I recognize."
It's Meccoble Sperenze, a contemporary of mine at school. We fought a few times, gave me a black eye once and knocked a tooth loose, nearly bit the tip of his tail off in return.
No. 285845 ID: 1854db

Act like you're trying to remember, and do a bit of a cold reading on him. Allow him to give you information, and reinforce anything that would lead him to thinking you are not who you look like. Discourage anything that would lead him to discovering your identity.
No. 285892 ID: c71597

Look him over like you're trying to remember if you can place him. Tell him you don't recognise him and don't really know where he might be remembering you from. Try to get away without making it clear that you're trying to do so. He might stay a bit suspicious at you but hopefully won't try too hard to find out why he remebers you.
No. 285900 ID: 7ce35e

Try to establish yourself as Jolienne's guest as soon as possible. No matter how 'unrefined' he might be, he is a noble, and there are standards of behavior towards guests, so long as those guests are civil.
No. 285974 ID: 8d8786

Something tells me that in this case, the best way to get rid of his attention might be to appear as if you SEEK his attention. Let me run this idea past you: Act overjoyed that he remembers you from the market, claim to be a traveling bard that sought his attention and patronage, then furthermore claim that his remembrance of your form shows that it is DIVINE PROVIDENCE, showing that he is MEANT to hire you so that you might thrill him with the glory of your SONG! Ultimately, play the role of bumbling idiot. If you seem over-eager, he might take a swing at you OR he might regret that he ever had the misfortune of speaking to you.
No. 286289 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129930497713.jpg - (178.38KB , 700x500 , 370.jpg )

I try to blather him a and take a step back. Set him off balance and avoid giving him a clear moment to think.
"Really? I don't remember you? Perhaps you've seen me preforming in a bar, Sealucid perhaps? Why, first I get rescued by a princess and then I even meet someone familiar wi-"
He pulls me in tighter, but with less suspicion on his face.
"Oh, yor that loon carny my sister dragged in, shouldn't have many worries from the type smelling like a fruit drink. Then again, showed some stones going up barehand against them blast creeps."
He then pushes past me, muttering.
"J'est don't make think that means yer getten a pass, don't treat our women with your fullest respect and we'll feed you those stones. Clear?"
"Utterly Translucent."
No. 286293 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129930573021.jpg - (270.73KB , 800x500 , 371.jpg )

I select an empty spot at a table and try to eat my food, while perhaps gathering enough general information to form a plan?

"Evening gentlemen, seems I've been allowed to eat soup tonight without the addition of my own stones, courtesy of masked and mirthless back there."
"Yeh, Mecco's be a bet uptight somewut, e'm and Catter too, though Catter's keepen low round parts since e's forced tah drop i's spot in the Tourney this year."

"Yah, Matron Mother didn't like that she didn't"

Ohhh reaeelly~ well certainly explains for us why he's riding with a vengeance in random boarder patrols. Any questions you fellows want me to try and drop with these types?
No. 286299 ID: 07416a

I've got so many questions I can't think of any. So. Does that have anything to do with the lion?
No. 286300 ID: 701a19

Ask about your hostess. Nothing that would be impolite to ask behind her back, as it were, just simple questions to get an idea for who she is to these people and what they think of her.
If you need a cover story, then tell them you know nothing about her and explain that among highlanders it's a terrible insult to know so little about your host.
No. 286302 ID: 07416a

Totally valid question too! Ask it and finish quickly, I'm sure they understand why you want to return.
No. 286314 ID: 1854db

Wait a second

is that your mask?

We're gonna have to get that mask. But how? Maybe we should tail him and find his room.
No. 286332 ID: c71597

Ask about what's going on these days. Try to get them going and then just listen. After which they will hopefully start talking with each other again, that should get you some pretty sweet gossip. Which can be rather useful.
No. 286335 ID: 07416a

We can't spare the time. Naked lady ready and waiting, being absolutely starving is permissible but what kind of traveling bard would pass up on THAT?
No. 286336 ID: c71597

The gay kind.
No. 286346 ID: 0a290e

Well, fuck.

At least you know where it is now.

A few options come to mind.
Either a circuitous plan to snatch it off his very face, waiting until he is asleep to take it, trying to buy it, or taking something of his and leaving a note to give your regards. All of them could be amusing, in my opinion. Or you could go the route of trying to get his sister to fall for you. She might be the sort to be enamored with such acts of questionable wisdom and bravado.
No. 286349 ID: 40cb26

Get them to expand on what they were talking about, its more natural for them yo go on about a story they've already started and it can lead to new informayion you couldn't think to ask about. And besides it'll go over better if you don start off with a mess of questions. Do try to get on the subject of your well endowed rescuer though, and see if you can't get your mask.
No. 286350 ID: 6ba8b3

Original mask was green zorro mask and should be with Catterbast. That's Catter' the one we are currently talking about.

Questions: The border guards were looking for someone and asked you to pronounce "Transiktien". Do they know what all that was about?

So what happened to Catter and the tourney? Also if a lion is a big thing among you rats and rumors would plausibly travel ask what's the deal with that too.
No. 286369 ID: 8d8786

How about you ask what's the story behind the Sperenze capitol being a grounded BATTLECRUISER?
No. 286392 ID: 28e94e

Whoa didn't see that
No. 286505 ID: b6ca92

Source, please.

And in-character note, we do not ask this, perhaps we could ask about some legends and such, but I doubt we could get any good answers from that approach.
No. 286547 ID: 28e94e


Look closely at >>285287
No. 286548 ID: 8c73c8

looks more like an aircraft carrier. wide flat top.
No. 286618 ID: 28e94e

Oh god it's Rivet City all over again
No. 286744 ID: 4d7f8c
File 12994782868.png - (287.61KB , 800x500 , 372.png )

Not my mask, still, classy. Good taste, I'll give him that.

I finish my meal and ask around a bit for a few things, manage to get a rough detail of the fortress. Yes, it is a ship, well was... a looong time ago, but I knew that already. Think they even have a few scout aeroplanes and a handy zeppelin tower up top. Back in the Dawn Wars this was an important front due to the steel and iron hull warding off direct Fae assault.
No. 286749 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129947902647.png - (385.44KB , 700x700 , 373.png )

Apparently Catterbast was forced to withdraw from an important knightly tournament this year due to a matter of honor, likely someone blackmailed him. His lion was apparently bought off a circus after mauling someone, everyone dislikes it, gives one the shivers just to look in those cold, feline eyes. Seems he is strong willed enough to break it though.

Jollienne Sperenze is the sixth surviving daughter of the Matron. The majority of the daughters is seems she has been inducted into the 'Mysteries of Mari the Mother'. Gives them a 'lot' of sway over the common folk.

I also note that most here seem to have a rather obnoxiously common accent. Jolienne's in particular is... rather grating. The Brother's must have been somewhat softened by their schooling.
No. 286752 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129947961032.png - (342.71KB , 600x700 , 374.png )

I've decide to find my way down to the stables where my saddlebags should be and see what I can't salvage, the musk at least is a priority here.

The utilities here seem, a bit temperamental at best, no smooth power flow, flickering lights, gusts of steam or chilled air. Occasional leaks, but the people seem industrious enough to put a hand to it's upkeep and repair. The lack of clean, running water must be a constant issue in local design.

>>286350 >"Transiktien"
A shibboleth, selects against North-coast types I imagine, they have difficulties pronouncing 'siktien' comes out 'shiken'. They must be looking for someone, perhaps an outlaw.
No. 286754 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129948036894.png - (448.81KB , 800x600 , 375.png )

I eventually find my way to the stables, if only by smell, and asking around a bit gets me more specific directions to Adrian. Most people here seem just a bit... insular? Reluctant to speak to outsiders, my clothes marking me as such (I may want to thank Lucidia for that later, apparently I look like a Homeland Highlander instead of a local.)

I find my pack has been thankfully untouched. After re-applying more Hunter's Musk I take a moment to consider if I want to bring anything else with me?
No. 286771 ID: d7a905

Maybe that string producing thing. Could be useful I guess.
No. 286783 ID: cbc0ab

The Yellow creature in the stall behind you, what is it? It looks almost like a person.

Also, Sirius' devices are too valuable to simply be left unattended. He might understand your need for taking them without asking, but it will probably upset him if you don't return them..

Which reminds me, are the bits of the frost shot in the bag? An apology letter may be in order..
No. 286787 ID: 1854db
File 12995106221.png - (448.83KB , 800x600 , 129557852469.png )

(Just reposting our inventory here.)

Do you still have the wand, whistle and dirk on you? I suggest grabbing the Phoenix Egg in case we need some real firepower here. Get the thermo coin too and the smoke bombs too. Don't be seen taking most of this stuff out. Allow you to be seen taking the linespinner out.

Wind out a bit more of that carbon line... and be careful!
No. 286796 ID: 6ba8b3

If you're going back to tall and fruitful's quarters then nothing as you'll just get executed for being an assassin.

Otherwise if you're going to go looking for Catter:
Firecracker & smokebomb combo, spinneret, odd whistle, coin.

Dirk and wand but you don't use them even when some of us forget that they're not mortal enemies. No stabbing guards in back, okay? Just making sure.
No. 286933 ID: 4d7f8c
File 12995655834.png - (277.65KB , 800x600 , 376.png )

This is where I question 'how' exactly you perceive the world around us? I mean, I'd assumed you somehow integrate with my surface thoughts. However, at times like this I gather you do not quite perceive the world via my own senses. For instance 'I' can see there's still a meter or so of that line we spun earlier along with everything else I left in my pack.

However, the Wand, my Dirk, and the even Linespinner were all on my person while unconscious, and were not to be found upon my awakening. I am certain we could hazard a guess as to who possesses them currently? Fortunately she left the whistle around my neck, along with the orb. Not sure why though, I'd imagine you look rather 'interesting.'
Correct I 'could' be implicated as some kind of assassin, thus forcing me to reveal my true identity in a plea of innocence, well, primarily innocent anyhow. Do you suggest seeking out Catterbast and making my strike tonight, or shall we wait for some later time?
No. 286935 ID: 701a19

Anybody arriving or leaving is going to be far more suspect than somebody who has neither done or planned either recently.

Don't bring anything that could be taken as a sign of plotting an assassination. Anything you do take should be left in plain sight in your hostess's room where anybody could see it.
Speaking of your hostess's room, stay with her and try to woo her; having her on your side will help things a great deal.
Speaking of your hostess, hurry back to her since it won't do to keep her waiting.

Oh, and we see from neither your eyes nor from our crystal. Our vision is of an interesting sort; a flair for the dramatic, as it were.
We can smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing; only see and hear.
No. 286940 ID: b6ca92

>This is where I question 'how' exactly you perceive the world around us?
>We can smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing; only see and hear.
Consider us like a spirit that follow you by about, oh, say ten feet behind. Our point of view is trailing behind when you travel, allowing us to see about you, literally 'watching your back' as it were. This skill has save many a host in the past. When you are still we often settle near to you, and our cision is capable of focusing as closely as a mark on your face, to many paces away: when you stepped out onto the balcony, we were able to shift our point of view to many feet in he air, allowing us to realize the shape of the city as a ship in the dying sunlight.
The benefits of this arrangement are obvious, but fickle. We may save your life by spotting an attack from behind, such as the Sperenze attackers from when we first met, or we may serve near useless, such as when your current hostess swooped down to hunt the 'creepers', we were unable to see her coming.

Remember that we rely on you to translate taste, touch, and smell into thoughts, that we might assist you better.
No. 286960 ID: 8d8786

I believe we ought gather more information regarding the current whereabouts of Catterbast before we put our grand scheme into action. Until we've got that information, lie low and play the part you've given yourself. You should probably get back to Joli, as it'd be terribly rude for her to finish her bath and you to be absent.
No. 286975 ID: 6ba8b3

I'm not keen on leaving illegimate children littered around and basically spitting on Lucidia or her family. So I would avoid returning until morning when it came abundantly clear you don't want 'contact' without actually saying no to nobility. In truth I would write them off as losses if not for the wand.

So have one vote for at least faffing about if not actively pursuing your objective.
No. 286976 ID: 07416a

Return. Catterbast can wait.
No. 286986 ID: b17266

Lets go back. We don't have enough information to move yet. We need to know more about the layout and stuff before we can get the mask and make a getaway.
No. 287603 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129982632941.png - (309.58KB , 700x600 , 377.png )

Indeed, normally such a infidelity wouldn't be quite so obvious as my people can rarely conceive outside of a rather festive if occasionally violent week in Autumn. However, she smells... worrying. That being so, I cannot leave my master's artifacts behind, nor am I properly informed enough to carry out my mission as of yet. Not to mention the gross impropriety of leaving a host without warning.
Interesting, so, in theory I could use you to look around corners, perhaps even past obstructions or at distance? I 'did' at first suspect you to be some variant of a scrying stone. The lack of scent is a drawback though, given it is one of my people's deepest senses.
No. 287605 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129982681168.png - (144.68KB , 700x600 , 378.png )

I take care to knock before entering, remembering my host's... laxity in the area of attire.
"Excuse me, are you decent?"
"Ohh good jerback, thought you'd wandered off er sumthen. Come on in suga."
I notice she didn't quite answer my question, not that I truly expected such.
No. 287608 ID: 4d7f8c
File 129982801757.png - (349.96KB , 740x856 , 379.png )

The room is darker now, the fire grown somewhat dim and the sky gone black and gray with fog. Jolienne sits cross-legged on the floor wearing only the green tunic from earlier, albeit, now scented of the bathwater not yet dried from her.
"So, good yer back was worried for a bit you'd gotcherself lost."
"I wanted to check on my horse, see that he'd made it out okay."
"Morrova pony thana horse I'd say, but e' looked fine."
"Yes, well..."
There is, a bit of an awkward pause for a moment, perhaps a moment and a half.
"So, I was wonderen if perhaps you could shew me some of these entertainen tricks n' ways you've gotcherself for we turn in?
No. 287609 ID: 00d3d5

Our strongest sense, however, is sight.
We can read a signpost at a distance where you could hardly see it at all.
I think you'll find that things work better this way; we can spot and identify people downwind and at ranges where you would be blind.
No. 287610 ID: 07416a

Massage. Sensual, but not sexual. If she questions, you can honestly remark that it doesn't smell like the right time.
No. 287612 ID: 40cb26

You could offer up a song, ask as to what her tastes are or just start with something you're good at. I don't think there are many tricks you have that would entertain her aside from the magic ones that I'm sure she'd find a little too interesting.

You could ask about her heritage in a flattering way, as long as you sound duly pleased by her physical uniqueness. I somehow doubt she'd be shy or embarrassed on the matter... coy, maybe. If you're going to ask her about your missing possessions do it last, after entertaining her and softening her up.
No. 287623 ID: 1854db

Don't get raped.

In fact maybe you should try to 'accidentally' insult her? Spoil the mood...
No. 287644 ID: 672aa7

She is holding something, but the angle makes it difficult to identify completely.

Still, as for entertaining, you can certainly sing, and you still recall those magician tricks you began to study magic, right? You should be able to put on a show.
No. 287712 ID: 6ba8b3

I hindsight we should have said we are a traveller dealing in magical curiosities and knick-knack's. Welp, magical entertainer will have to do as I don't think a noble will be fooled just by your horrible warbling. If you know any party trick spells now would be a good time to show.

Otherwise if you can you do a very very tiny Thor's thunderous thingamabob to simulate the sound of thunder for dramatic flare while you recite the tale of the people as told in that book you read. Seems like it would be a smash hit among commoners with exotic magic and tale from dark past. Were you able to make the coin glow to simulate rising sun and beginning of enlightement to end the story? Can't remember. Something like that for end. Sneak symbol of Voors in there because I just got curious.

As for further entertainment. A) You are already promised to someone and are in love surely she can appreciate such a romantic tale. If not. B) You're gayer than the Yeeks. No? C) Scrape 'E' on the ground and sleep on it for she is wicked.
No. 287735 ID: 8d8786

Do not do magic of any kind. That will just make yourself even more of an interest in the way that you don't want to be. Also try and resist any sort of physical contact with her as that may lead to more problems. Best, probably, if you simply excuse yourself, saying that you're more of a large-audience-withing-a-tavern bard, you know with singing bawdy songs and juggling, perhaps doing a few sleight-of-hand tricks... Nothing that'd be truly appropriate or entertaining for ROYALTY... Besides, the lighting is much too dim inside and it's been an exhausting day and... Where might you find suitable clothes to sleep in?
No. 287737 ID: 6ba8b3

Mayby you can even make a series of small cracks for sounds of battle? The silent parts will be even more oppressing after such displays. Come to think of it if you can do these you already have a quite a show in your pockets. Smoke bombs for elven poisons in air part and firecrackers for even more dramatics. Everything you have on you can be explained as stage props if anybody asks. Not for use here of course.


And this is where you reveal a firecracker from your pocket and claim everything as stage tricks, sleight of hand or artifacts. Not that I'm all that paranoid about it but now you have a show that actually holds some water.
No. 287778 ID: 28e94e

This is a good idea
No. 287813 ID: c8f930

Can you juggle? And if you can, can you do it while singing or reciting poetry?

Or you can attempt some sleight of hand tricks if you can do them. Just don't use actual magic. If she asks you why you don't use that then tell her that it's because it's not something to use for entertainment.
No. 287825 ID: b6ca92

>C) Scrape 'E' on the ground and sleep on it for she is wicked.
Agreed. All in favor? We can claim it to be a symbol we learned from a mage/wiseman that help with sleep.Which it may very well do... Bad dreams count as evil, right?

I wouldn't suggest trying to 'use' us, in that way. Apparently the last time you tried to resulted in that massive cold blast, where as on our end... Let's just say that we do not control the item, and that it has many features that are currently unavailable to us.
Much like find a piece of complicated archeotech without the manual. We are not restricted, just ignorant, and the item is liable to 'explode' if mishandled. Looking around corners and such will be up to the Fates to decide for now.
The last time we experimented with inputing commands into the device, we half-killed our host, and indeed locked ourselves out of administrative rights entirely. Simon should know more, should we hunt him down.
If you are keen on understanding and utilizing the item's potential, try scrying into it with it at the focus.
Surgeon General's Warning: May result in mind rape, tearing of reality, brainwashing, soul-scarring, serious injury or death. Do not use after or during heavy exertion, or if pregnant or taking any medication. Contact your local pan-universal entities if symptoms persist.
No. 287874 ID: 8d8786

I'm actually still against using any types of magic, especially something that'd make us seem suspicious like sleeping on a runic symbol.

And who the heck is Simon? Do you mean Sirius?
No. 287881 ID: 07416a

Just out of curiosity, why are you all treating her like she's a plaguebearer of nurgle?
No. 287892 ID: 6ba8b3

'E' was meant as a joke we're not doing that. As for being horribly paranoid about magic I'm not getting on that boat. Destroys all the fun and I like hiding things in the open. Also she has our wand and has already seen our stuff. Can you think how to better explain that?

And she's uncle nurgle because she's in heat outside season with promise of some noble bastards with ties to August's house. Also powerful family from mainland offers their daughters hand to form allegiance and you can trash that with single gird of loins. If not even make new enemies. And you know such foolish notions like loyalty and letting people know gently if it's not working. Not fuck and whoops after.
No. 288030 ID: 252e1b


Most of us believed ourselves human at one point or another. Would you believe that it takes training and the right genetic mutation for humans to even be able to smell truffles ripening? Truffles! So delicious...
No. 288035 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130000745444.png - (259.25KB , 700x500 , 380.png )

I somehow doubt my singing is going to impress nobility, and I didn't bring any of my equipment or fireworks back with me for fear of looking like an assassin. So, I show her a few fairly obvious parlor tricks, some coins and sleight of hand, while telling her a story.
No. 288036 ID: 4d7f8c
Audio - (3.01MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Blues Harp.mp3 ) Length: 2:11

As my story drones on she gives it a kind unsteady melodic of accompaniment on the the Blewharp she was holding.

Fascinating, I was beginning to suspect a somehow, humanish point of reference. Well that or goblin to be honest. Strange...
No. 288040 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130000887036.png - (236.86KB , 700x500 , 381.png )

Continuing on her eyelids gradually growing heavier, I've had Sirius demonstrate hypnosis to me and while he would not yet teach me how to do so then, I try to emulate the tone, soothing, calming, deceptively nonrhythmic but for a slowly undulating undertone.

The air is heavy and warm making the task easy, so I speak of the hard fought wars, of tasks not easily done, of the battle of Niandag where the people held the line line so long they dropped from walls onto their foes for they could not lift their arms to strike at them...

In time my mind strays from war and I speak of the Ghoul Wastes far to the south, and the Holy Lands of the east wherein the ash falls, the sands shift and the caravan dissipates into shimming mirages.
No. 288041 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130000941350.png - (179.26KB , 498x648 , 382.png )

Eventually I notice her playing has stopped. She almost starts at my pause, looks up from my lap with smile and languid eye mumbling sleepily.

"Mmmm that was nice sugar... meybe we'll hear the end oft latea. Should... be turnen turnen in..

befor we go tucken ourselvs in doncha wanna make yerself mor comfortble... a mite warm 'n here wiffa fire goen an all these skins 'gainst our skin. mmm~?"

No. 288048 ID: 00d3d5

A bit of tactical thinking: Assume she knows who you really are, but maintain the act as if she doesn't. I'll explain why in a bit.

Her argument is valid, and it can be done without much risk. Remove your shirt and coat, but keep your pants on.
She'll question the pants, which you can use as a natural lead-in to expressing concern about her fertile scent, which will push her to either explain or try to change the topic.
If she presses you for sex then tell her you'll see to it she's satisfied; there's far more to sex than putting Tab A in Slot B, and now would be a good time to learn. You have hands and a mouth, I'm sure you can figure it out from there.
So far this is a good thing - being covered in her scent will mask your own to others.

Now I want you to listen, because this is important: If she tries to physically force you into sex then don't resist.
She's too strong for you to fight her off, and the more you fight her the less lax she'll be about making sure you stick around.

The reasoning is simple:
If she knows who you are and is attempting to birth an heir to your family then she'll want to keep you from being able to produce a legitimate heir:
*If you fight then she'll expect you to run afterwards and won't even grant you the illusion of freedom.
*If you don't fight then she'll think you're unwitting and try to keep you from uncovering her plot by using softer methods to keep you under her control.

It's best to not sire an heir for her, but failing that you must ensure that you can sire a legitimate heir to foil the plot.

Oh, and it's quite possible she knows who you are; you have no idea how long you were out, or what happened while you were out. There was plenty of time in which she could have done any one of a number of things to get a good whiff of your scent, and all you had to mask it when you woke up were scents she provided - scents to which her nose could easily be dull.
No. 288055 ID: 2a799d

You should probably keep up the act and do as she says. Just keep something over your nether regions and make sure your back is towards her for sleeping.

Hopefully nothing will happen during the night and then you can gather information the next day.
No. 288070 ID: 392a0f

Try to just lull her to sleep gently. continue speaking in low tones and gradually lower your voice. Once she's asleep you can go exploring. Maybe you can bribe one of the kobolds to give you a tour of the place, pointing out where all the important people stay.
No. 288075 ID: 6ba8b3

You're already promised to other. Even if you wanted to you should break off prior arrangements before you're free to sleep around. Even nobility must agree to these basic ideals. Also it's a horribly stupid thing to do and reprehensible for a reason. You can woo her later through proper channels if you really want to. Why are we even having this conversation August?

She's not going to cut off your head for turning her down for now.
No. 288077 ID: 40cb26

No need for an act or plan here, just enjoy the ladies company and be a gentleman. Just make the being a gentleman part clear to her and you should be ok. I mean I rather doubt you'll be forcibily molested during the night... but that's hardly a *horrible* fate.
No. 288127 ID: 192c6d

It would be bad form to be rude to our guest. In the very worst, we'll just have some kind of embarrassing moment to look back upon later.

The best? Well, that's up to you.
No. 288205 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130009072210.png - (137.10KB , 445x548 , 383.png )

I opt to remove my jacket and shirt, but keep the pants.
>>288075b>Why are we even having this conversation August?
Exceuse me, but you gentlemen 'just' made it clear that you can neither smell no feel any of this. This is a lot harde-erh-more difficult that it appears to a sexless piece of starfallen jewelery. Ideas, politics, and civilization are powerful, but it is only scant days of hunger that separates man from beast.

"Mmm yeh don't have anything tah be shamed of yerself hun, already know that.
"Perhaps, perhaps, yet I fear I am not overly warm tonight milady, and my propriety forbids my offense."
No. 288206 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130009120963.png - (178.76KB , 700x500 , 384.png )

I wrap my shirt around my head and lay down facing away from the princess. She instead works her way up behind me, her warm exhalation on my ear, her fingers absently tracing loops and patterns on the fur of my belly.

I can feel the heaving of her breath against my back, the warm lulling rhythm, working a curiously comfortable disquiet on my body.

"Mmmm yer a funny one Zira, we'll... have teh *mumble*breakfast*mumble* morning~"
No. 288207 ID: 4d7f8c
File 13000913042.png - (148.78KB , 700x500 , 385.png )

...and so we spent our first night in the Iron Fortress of the Sprenze...
No. 288209 ID: 8d8786

Here's hoping you wake up before her and are thus granted the first move.
No. 288210 ID: 1854db

Yep I think we're gonna have to basically RUN in the morning, she probably just said she's gonna fuck you over breakfast.

Btw August, we're not exactly sexless. We still have urges, sortof. It is definitely easier for us, but... yeah. Kinda sucks having to turn down a perfectly willing lady like that.
No. 288211 ID: 00d3d5

Enjoy the comfort of a shared bed, and since she's not aggressively out for your seed you can relax a bit.
No. 288258 ID: 1854db

Zira de Chatte of Takerile is our man's fake name.
No. 288261 ID: 28e94e

Okay, disregard that then
No. 288511 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130022593296.png - (282.67KB , 700x550 , 386.png )

"Ziira Ziiiiira~"
"Abrrruge belele?"
"Wakey wakey eggs n bakey."
"Iiaaagh, I overslept!"
"Bit 'customed to late evens and mornens arntcha Mr. Zira? Tried rousen yah twice befor so's we could go'n eat breakfest with mother, she's interested'n meeten our lil 'ero sometimen."
"Ahh forgive me I-"
"S'no trouble, jest you rub the sleep out yor eyes n keep yer head turned 'bout about while's I dress up, no peeken now~"
No. 288517 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130022701341.png - (280.60KB , 700x550 , 387.png )

"I must thankyou again milady for your more than generous hospitality."
"Doncha feel yer deserven of it afta putten yerself in sech dangers?"
"I... am a bit unused to being warmed at night by the company of a princess priestess. If it pleased you, I could be arranged somewhere more fitting, I could rent something in the lower decks or the village itself."
"Mmmm let me think on it...

Nahhh, think I could use a few more bedtime stories 'n tricks

"As you will milady, tell me what have you planned for today?
"I'm gunna check up on rumor ova robba camp over in eastwoods. Brother's been tryen all season track these fellas down, but I's gotta tip.~ Ow 'bout you, anythen yah gotta get done today?"
No. 288524 ID: 40cb26

If you're up to it this could be an opportunity. Offer to ride with her to help with what she's doing. Ask about your missing possessions and your mount, if you play it right you might be able to ride out and not ride back. Or at least have your stuff while crashing here with tall brown and buxom.

Also, we're getting the view you're missing. Not bad... [maintain focus!]
No. 288531 ID: 8d8786

The longer we hang around Jolienne, the more likely we are to run into some of her family that recognizes it or even the Matron herself, which I feel we may not be ready for yet. And if you assist her with her chosen task for the day, whichever brother it is that she seems to be upstaging will be quite cross with some highland foreigner assisting his sister to outdo him, earning you his enmity (which you might have already, to be fair). Not to mention the fact that, in general, the more time you spend around someone the harder it is to keep all your defenses in place, as it were, and the more likely you'll let something slip that you oughtn't. Besides, you're not down here sightseeing, either as your alias or in reality. Why don't you see if she's got any information on the frog you're supposed to catch (or the plants, if you really care)? She seems like the outdoorsy type that'd know such details. In fact she might get along well with your sister, even if she might ultimately bore Jolienne to tears. Also it's probably better if you find your own place to spend the night, as aside from the chance that your self control might slip, it's unwise to be nestling so close to your quarry (Catterbast), and it's also probably rude to impose further.
No. 288650 ID: b6ca92

I'm getting the vibe here that it might, just might be safe to reveal your identity to her, preferably while out bandit hunting. We seem to have captured her attentions, and I have no doubt that the Queen will be able to 'sniff out' our royal upbringing. She may be... prolific, but she is neither stupid or blind. It would be best to have the third princess on our side in any case, and a firm supporter of our case.

The longer we stay, the faster we lose our momentum, and while we are not prisoners, we are not exactly free to leave.

Can you guys do a quick refresher? What are our goals? I remember getting the frog, and now the mask, was there anything else?
No. 288654 ID: 8d8786

What, exactly, gives you vibe that we can trust her? (Maybe we should QuestDis this)
No. 288669 ID: c71597

This can give you quite the opportunity to go wandering around the place without her supervision. And Catterbast might be out as well. In either case it would be a good chance to wander around and map out the place for yourself and talk some with someone else than the princess.

There is also the conquest of this territory and then eventually the known world.

And we happen to be one of the princes of her house main opponents in the area. She would probably tie up August and deliver him to her mother like a trussed up pig if she knew who he was.
No. 288749 ID: 6ba8b3

>scent etc

Yeah, ok. But still it's stupid in our current situation. Make arrangements for ending the rivalry by marriage if you're that smitten but keep eye on the ball here.

That being you want to know if Catterbast has your mask in his room where getting it is going to be incredibly hard or if he carries it on his person as a grim trophy until he sees your head on a pike and your skin as a rug. And that will be creepy. You can start by finding where he lives. Also finding more about forever fertile rats would be nice. Magic or mutation?

What you're going to say is you're still a bit shaky from the attack before so you're taking it easy for today and just getting to know the locals.

She's taking enough troops, right? Not that I care but she does seem a bit brash.
No. 288861 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130034195938.png - (281.94KB , 800x600 , 388.png )

"I was considering wandering around a bit, getting a good feel of the locale and all. I've heard the view is quite nice topside. Oh, by the way, have you seen some anything odd laying about, I had some possessions of mine I haven't been able to find since I lost consciousness."
"Mmmmm so, looken 'round. Is that why yer really 'ere?
"yeh know, don't 'ave to be keepen all yer secrets from me. I know what y'are."

No. 288864 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130034271049.png - (290.42KB , 800x600 , 389.png )

Her breath on my ear, I tighten my grip on the, on the-... spoon... Who eats scrambled eggs with a spoon? She must have given it to me on purpose! No, calm, calm... tense our legs for a leap, just a subtle shift, I try to hide the quaver in my voice.
"Really?... and what are we milady but your humble servant?"
"Don't talk quite lika servant, don't walk like one neither. Knowen too much... n' if ye were a proper entertainer ye'd 'ave an instrument e'r someone what could play yeh one... 'nd ye've gotta 'orse.

Oweva the real deal what sets it up, what properly let's us know, is the way they died... like God breathed 'is winter onta packa ripe blasters. Frosted ova inna middla the road, 'nd you facen em, twitchen all funny like 'n outa breath.

... no I know what yeh are"

No. 288865 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130034292640.png - (269.15KB , 800x600 , 390.png )

"I am?"

"Y'are, ah dragon..."


"I am?"
No. 288866 ID: 07416a

Well, that's a... Theory. So, CAN dragons do that walk around as a human bit around here?..
No. 288868 ID: 8d8786

Okay, there are two possibilities here. Either she believes what she's just said or she doesn't. What we do depends on whether or not you think she is or isn't.

If you think she IS being honest and actually believes you're a dragon in disguise, then quickly clamp a hand over her mouth and look around quickly, then whisper to her something along the lines of "Watch what you say! No one can know this..." And then you can go on in playing that role, drawing yourself up and making yourself as physically intimidating as your smaller form allows. You'll probably have to do some posturing, some hypothetical questioning of whether or not it's safe for you to let her live now that she knows her secret (which of course you'll concede is safe), but ultimately you play off of your species' awe for dragons and tell her that aside from keeping your 'secret' she's free to do whatever she wishes, but what you do today is something she cannot look into.

If you think she's joking, on the other hand, feel free to burst into laughter.
No. 288871 ID: 00d3d5

Never pretend to be an authority if that authority is still around to kick your ass.
"Mmm, I wish. Would make my life so much easier."
No. 288873 ID: 8d8786

Ah but if he picks his words carefully he'll never actually have to lie. "Watch what you say... I cannot allow my secret to be so easily heard." etc etc. Implications up the wazoo, but no falsehoods.
No. 288874 ID: 07416a

Disabuse her of this notion. Gently. Try not to laugh.
No. 288876 ID: 6ba8b3

... huh

And we're on time limit. If she really thinks the way we act is completely wrong then claiming they were artifacts and pyrotechincs for a show won't work. I really don't think you can play the part of a dragon without running into serious problems before too long. So we gotta do this in the time she is away and leave before she comes back. Ideally.

Mayby just go along without actually confirming anything or taking any priviliges because of it. If exposed you can claim that your magical nature has made you a target in the past and just going along seemed safer. Just say "I knew I forgot something." Which you did. All in all this is horrible but otherwise cover is already blown.

By the way would this be dragon behaviour or has she read one too many trashy romance novels?
No. 288877 ID: 40cb26

Aha.. hahaha! Oh my... interesting indeed. How do we play this? I don't think we should lie to the woman, but do not reveal the truth of it!

Clearly most of her evidence could point to any number of tings, but flash frozen creepers isn't something your very species should be capable of by any means. So let's go with that:

"That little trick... is something no Vehrimen should be able to do, of course. It shows clearly that I am not quite what I seem, and I would not insult your intelligence to say otherwise. But seeing how I took such risks to save your people, may I ask a favor? I would rather not have to confirm or deny your theories, and I ask too that you keep them to yourself."
No. 288878 ID: 6ba8b3


No. 288879 ID: 8c73c8

this this this.
No. 288896 ID: c71597

Tell her that you're far too fuzzy for a dragon, and your mom was far too small for such a coupling to work out.
No. 288932 ID: 192c6d


August, my good man, you have just struck a bounty...
No. 289236 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130051688611.png - (243.49KB , 798x559 , 391.png )

I... I suppose I never looked at it that way, I've always been aware of the planning and effort put into my skills. From an outsider viewpoint it is not an unreasonable conclusion, I've read and heard of such stories, Dragons walking hidden.

Confirm nothing, implying anything, obfuscation and edification.

"Mmmmm well, that 'is' one reasonable theory is it not? However, if such a theory were to be true, well...
No. 289241 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130051757348.png - (258.08KB , 798x559 , 392.png )

"Well, I would hate for such ideas to reach beyond this room, could be dangerous. Hmmm?"

For once it's almost pleasing to listen to her voice suddenly jerking nervously and stumbling upon itself.
"Ohnono I w'ldn't I-course I 'avent. I mean, I was jest thinken it ova and it 'curred to meh an-"
"Put it from your mind, I merely wish to observe a few things, a few trivial tasks to complete today Some things I must acquire.

Oh by the way dear you 'are' taking some kind of guard with you on such a possibly hazardous mission today are you not?

"Aha yes yes I am it would be silly to-

"Good I would hate to think you in any undue danger. Anyhow, I've some things to pick up and then, then I fear I must be on my way. Ah I think my hat is erm... now where is it?"
No. 289243 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130051786170.png - (253.33KB , 798x559 , 393.png )

"Here milor-"
"Please don't call me that, especially not in public. Anyhow, about those things of mine?"

"Yes of course, I'll... I jest- ye'll be gone when I've gotten back, wontcha? I- will I see yeh 'gain?
No. 289244 ID: 00d3d5

"If I said for certain it would be a lie, but I can say that I will surely try."
No. 289257 ID: c71597

Tell her that it is probable that you two will see each other again in more favourable conditions if you succed.

Wait for her to leave and then it's exploration time.
No. 289296 ID: 91f1d1

This could be an issue. She's acting very kindly, though the sudden servile slant to her attitude is worrisome. She's a priestess, to some extent, a noble, and a bit of an adventurer. If she finds out later on that she's been deceived, and you let her know you'll be in the area, she may track you down for the satisfaction of her dignity.

Maybe you could tell her part of the truth? She would make an excellent contact within her family and kingdom if you can leave her on good terms.

I guess it all comes down to weather or not she's the type that would turn violent if she found out your real family, or if you were a wizard. Both very difficult to test.
No. 289325 ID: 6ba8b3

Inquire into Catterbast's blackmail situation and current residence/activities. Reassure her you're not here to make the situation worse if she shows concern. You can get the inside view on this.

As for being here still probably means we have failed and it's unlikely she will be happy to see you even if we don't. Promise to write a letter to her after you're done with your business. I think a formal apology is in order after this. Let's hope it dosen't lead to scorned woman.
No. 289348 ID: 28e94e

No. 289418 ID: cc04a7

Please don't rhyme. Something along the lines of 'no promises' seems about right, but you're doing enough dramatic posturing as is, August, no need to throw in a bad rhyming scheme.
No. 289577 ID: 867af1

At the very least leave a letter when you leave to explain that you are many things, but not a dragon.

Ask if you could have a servant or some such seconded to you for the day to help you find your way (to your mask).
No. 289741 ID: 5d929f
File 130068584577.png - (255.69KB , 800x550 , 394.png )

"If I said for certain, then that would be a lie, but I can say most certainly that I will surely try."
I make to pull her to her feet.
"Now then, no more of this, you and I are more equals than anything else, and such is all I ask of you. So... about those things of mine?"
No. 289742 ID: 5d929f
File 130068636913.png - (319.57KB , 800x550 , 395.png )

"Course I 'ad 'em in 'ere."
"Very good, very good, now, if you don't mind telling me, Catterbast, where might I find him?"
"Catterbast? Why'd yeh want teh talk to em?"
"I allowed him have something of mine I would like back now, and believe that he'd be a bit loath to part with it were I not to favor the element of surprise in reacquisition. No fears, I'm not here to cause him any further injury to honor nor self."
No. 289743 ID: 5d929f
File 130068703614.png - (196.63KB , 800x550 , 396.png )

"So, yeh know 'bout all that then?"
"I know he is already moping around here somewhere with an injured pride and a big enough cat to lead one."
"I can't say much bout it, don't keep up wiff it mehself, but, 'es roomen up in the tower decks. Watch'er step round there, mother keeps it dark through most of the midday, so hallways 'll be mostly clear then. Just stay clear of the shrine, men arn't 'loud in it. Regardless."
"I will keep that in mind, also, I am more than I look, but less than I seem. Remember that should we meet again."
"Yew 'are' bit strange inna head arncha suga?"
"Perhaps milady, perhaps."
No. 289765 ID: c71597

Hmm, probably going to have to be done with all of this today. Oh well, can most likely be done. So lets go find the appropriate area and ask one of the 'boldservants about Catterbast.
No. 289790 ID: 192c6d

She likes you.

No. 289807 ID: 6ba8b3

Only around ladies, it's called a neckbeard. Well off she goes and so should we. Get some fruity perfume. They way things are going we'll probably end hiding for our lives in that shrine anyways. I would rather not be caught in that case. Also our stuff downstairs and we're set.

If for some reason you must confess something in addition to deceiving her because of what basically boils down to maschismo and petty honor you can do so in a letter.
No. 290280 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130085730241.png - (195.46KB , 800x550 , 397.png )

>some fruity perfume.
Already wearing it, and some musk, and I just... yes I suppose I technically just slept with her so, I can't get much more 'non-distinctive' without being covered in shit. And before you ask, no, I have standards.

>our stuff downstairs and we're set.
and done

That particular look is called servility, not an expression she is particularly good or even or used to wearing I imagine. However, it would be somewhat appropriate, could I actually immolate her with but an exhalation.
No. 290281 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130085758210.png - (324.83KB , 800x550 , 398.png )

The Deck offers a pleasingly commanding view of the surrounding countryside. Albeit primarily monotonous rice fields for a good distance on both sides, looks poetic when the breeze ripples it though, like a sea of grain though which this mighty vessel once again sails.
No. 290284 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130085790913.png - (247.30KB , 600x700 , 399.png )

"Ferst time seenen the Tower up close?"
"Is it always quite so, large?"
"Yew gunna stand there all mornen or m'I gunna have teh jest edge round yeh like er somat?"
No. 290286 ID: 252e1b


Once upon a time I was on the run in a forest from a giant metal thing that could see body heat (do you know how much heat humans radiate? It's a huge amount), and I had to hide in a pile of burning corpses to avoid being caught. When your ass is in a sling, you'll find that your standards just don't hold up anymore. Or you'll be dead, but I like you so I'd rather that not happen.

That said, you're in a good position. You don't need to go rolling around in shit anyway.
No. 290290 ID: cc04a7

So nothing at all is missing, right? Other than what we used up?
No. 290302 ID: 6ba8b3

Okay, first thing to do is to find out exactly where Catterbasts residence lies. Next to determine if he's moping in there with a big cat. Hopefully not. It would be hell to clean the litterbox every day. Then decide on approach. I assume he would have a porthole or a balcony so lowering yourself from the floor above is a good option.

Can you hire a bold to knock on his door to determine presence? If he's in just tell the bold to say that the matriarch told him to get out and stop feeling sorry for himself.
No. 290307 ID: c71597

Move out of the way and ask where Catterbast lives. He's probably going to live in some pompous place, like the top of the tower or something like that.
No. 290316 ID: 252e1b


Oh, it's the superstructure part of the ship. It will be a combination of conning tower, armored weather bridge, flying bridge, and possibly the radio shack (depending on when this ship was last refitted). If this ship had radar, the primary arrays would be at the very top too, with a couple of secondaries wherever the designers could place them and not occlude lines of fire for the gun batteries.

I'd need to see the bridge itself to tell you more about the ship. Well, the bridge, or the engine room (which should be where they're making the electricity for the household). Hopefully this was a coal or oil boiler type of battleship, and not a nuclear powered retrofit. And if it is a retrofit, then hopefully they properly disposed of the spent fuel and encasement before they refitted the turbine into being a more conventional generator.

If possible, try to get a view of the ship from the conning tower. You'll be able to see the deck plan very plainly, and I'll be able to tell you a bit about the sorts of things this ship was designed to fight. If you get a chance to look at the bridge, don't pass it up.
No. 290317 ID: 00d3d5

For all we know it could be fusion powered. Heck, for all we know this ship is so old that a reactor core would have decayed to being harmless.

Speculation does us no good. Research does.
No. 290319 ID: 252e1b


Which is why I want a look at either the engine or the controls in the bridge.

Though, if it is a refitted nuclear vessel I doubt it has been 24,100 years since the fuel was loaded, so whatever plutonium is in those rods (if, indeed, this is a nuclear ship) would still be pretty dangerous.
No. 290349 ID: 40cb26

Oi, all this speculation. What do you actually know about the story behind this giant mass of scrap, August?
No. 290838 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130110575501.png - (202.33KB , 700x600 , 400.png )

I step aside to let the boy pass for a moment as I consider the possibilities.

I don't know what power source this vessel used, or currently uses. The flight Deck is still somewhat operational, with some smaller scoutplanes housed further down the ship, but the tower, I can see they have a working communications array on top, at the least. Do you gentlemen have any idea where the engine on this style of warship would even have been? Aside from the fact that it's likely well guarded, or possibly even hazardous.

Hell if it 'was' a radiative core they would likely have sold it to the Church to deal with ages ago, one could hope anyhow. I mean it wou-
No. 290839 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130110594217.png - (236.42KB , 700x630 , 401.png )

Who from the blazes? That doesn't 'look' like any of the brothers, and... while I can't lay my finger on it, he somehow perks a spot in my memory.
No. 290844 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130110640516.png - (227.09KB , 600x600 , 402.png )

Before I can consider it further he turns and leaves my sight, I hurry up to help make myself seem useful and perhaps gain a bit of information.
"Oi thankyeh, damn decent of yeh"
"No worries I am not in any hurry I fear."
"Noteced, wishen I could say that 'bout now."
"Well you see, I'm looking for a certain place of residence."
"Realy now? t'odd, well teh get teh the top ye'll wa-"
"I'm looking for Catterbast."
"Ooh ehm? Wotcha wanna see em for? He's roit sour last few days, still e's only two floors up. I'll warn yeh though, best havaself good reason teh see em."
No. 290857 ID: 6ba8b3

"I don't suppose I could bribe you to deliver the bad news that he's to stop feeling sorry for himself and that while he's been cooped up his sister found without even looking the band of outlaws they've spent the whole season tracking?"

Also you could ask what he knows about the mystery figure.
No. 290907 ID: c71597

Tell him you have one.

By the way, there was an omnious figure standing in the doorway behind the dude you didn't recognise. Might be quite risky to go into that tower. Hmm, and if Catterbast is inside there being grumpy then we need something to get him out of there so we can get the mask back. We need someone to carry a message to him to get him out of there for a while.
No. 291012 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130118529035.png - (345.48KB , 750x600 , 403.png )

"Aye, I have one, have to deliver a message, tell him that his sister found the secret location of that bandit camp he's been looking for all month, and is on her way now..."
"Akayaaa~ don't envy yeh there mate."
""So true, still I was hoping I could find someone else more nimble and cunning than I to deliver the message."
"Hey, I have teh live 'round this 'ere place, yeran outsida 'ts on yer 'ead."
"Oh I see."
No. 291013 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130118536998.png - (349.19KB , 750x600 , 404.png )

"Oww much?"
"See, I thought you looked like a gentleman of buisness and negotiable industry.
No. 291014 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130118563980.png - (127.92KB , 750x600 , 405.png )

"Oi, Catterbast Sire, 'ts trouble sire, big trouble I ear."
"Eh? What's all this 'bout?"
"Sire, yer Sista, Miss Jo, she done found out that theiven camp and jest left wiff some types fer rounden em up and stealen yer thunda!"
No. 291015 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130118592970.png - (202.79KB , 750x600 , 406.png )

"Ahhhhh! Sonsabitchesnwhoooores! 'ts NOTFAIR NONONON I WON'T have it! DAMN PREISTESSES! Ahhhhhhh! Outamyway runt!"
"Oi gentle onna messanger dere!"

Like a tornado of desperation, indignation and proper sibling rivalry Catterbast bellows his way down the hallway and the stairs in haste.
No. 291023 ID: 28e94e

Beautifully executed. Now let's get what we came here for.
No. 291040 ID: 252e1b


Engines are one of the most critical parts of a warship, and so they would be deep in the belly of the ship, just below the main armor belt. Likely aft of the superstructure, since the magazines for the guns would be located near the guns and would require just as much protection.

If this vessel has a torpedo belt, the engine will be level with it. In any case, the engine will be below the old water line, just below the armor belt.

Does the green rank device on the gentleman in red's coat mean anything? I've never seen that particular piece of heraldry.
No. 291181 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130120990190.png - (224.50KB , 750x600 , 407.png )

I pay and wave off the boy for his service in distraction. Wait a moment for the hall to clear, then enter.

Well then, seems like a kind of drawing room, doors on both left and right side. Not poorly, nor too ostentatiously decorated either. Hmmm I'm almost certain that painting is probably one of my late Uncle Sedger's works.

Wait, I hear someone or something moving in the room to the left.
No. 291186 ID: 07416a

Exit the door and hide. Or stay in here and hide. Hopefully that person will leave. You have your stuff, so if discovered threaten them. Be completely honest: All you want is your mask back, it's the only thing you want, and it isn't worth anyone dying over.
No. 291192 ID: 252e1b

I'd be lion to you if I told you I thought it was anything but a big cat. Luckily my pride won't let me, manely because I'm too concerned with getting a bad reputation as anything less than a purrfect assistant.
No. 291202 ID: 40cb26

I would hope they don't keep their giant cats inside bedrooms, but you never know... Get near the area you are hearing things from and let us try and look around the corner for you. At least you can get a heads up on if you need to fight or take flight or whatever.
No. 291207 ID: c71597

Exit the door and then knock. See if whoever is in there is allowed to open it or if there is something secret going on here.
No. 291234 ID: 1854db

Getting us to take a peek would work best before you make any moves to exit or advance.
No. 291309 ID: 28e94e

That's probably the lion. It's probably for the best that we don't fuck with it, it will tear us apart.

I won't lie, I really want to hurt you for that post
No. 291622 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130137305983.png - (276.59KB , 687x587 , 408.png )

Are we doing it right? I mean, one doesn't become much closer to the other room without actually being 'in' the wall.

Verily I am in stitches, but remember. If I'm going down the maw of that 'thing' I am taking you with me. I won't have to watch my own remains being passed by some obscene predatory pet, you might.
No. 291624 ID: 07416a

Ah... It's not a lion. We, uh, just found Catterbast's secret, I think. It's a kobold girl. All dressed up and looking pretty in Catterbast's tabard. The implications are... Yeah. I don't think they want this secret getting out.

Oh, and also, she's just about to open the door.
No. 291634 ID: 6ba8b3

I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Fact is she's about to open the door and you should hide behind it. In the likely event that she's going to discover you as soon as she closes it I think you should play up straight as to what you want. No threatening and just politely request if you could have the mask. Remember nobody here is the enemy and if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar don't make it worse.
No. 291641 ID: c71597

Looks like Catterbast has a thing for small bignosed girls. Or maybe it's a boy. Anyway, they're about to open that door, so you should probably either hide or come up with a good explination for your presence.
No. 291642 ID: 1854db

...her nose looks rather sharp. Is that a halfbreed?! Or maybe just a type of kobold we haven't seen here.

Anyway there's a girl in the next room. Dressed up pretty. I don't know if you can hide at the moment. If she opens the door... consider using your size to overpower her and cover her mouth so she can't scream, then ask where your mask is.
No. 291667 ID: 91f1d1

There's a 'bold in the other room. She(?) is looking at the door near you with what seems to be a worried expression. She may peek out, or possibly find a spot to hide in the room she's in.

Also, she is dressed rather fancily compared to most kobold servants we've seen, both at your home and here.
No. 291693 ID: cc04a7

Time for some good old fashioned kobold strangulation.
No. 291834 ID: 252e1b

Hey August, knock on the door. Fast. You don't have time to get clear, and the kobold should be able to smell your perfume. Then tell her that you had a message for Catterbeast and deliver your lie.
No. 291980 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130154032827.png - (175.39KB , 692x564 , 409.png )

He... Catterbast...
No. 291981 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130154038241.png - (335.15KB , 600x600 , 410.png )

... a... kobold?
No. 291983 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130154066398.png - (231.58KB , 748x580 , 411.png )

"H-hello? Where is Sir Sperenze? Why are you in in our home?"
No. 291984 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130154076145.png - (246.32KB , 748x580 , 412.png )

"Ahahahaha ahahahah ohoahaha oh nononono ohahahaaaa!"
No. 291985 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130154136941.png - (226.93KB , 748x580 , 413.png )

"Ohnono I-wait, I mean wait. Just, hold up a moment. I, I came to deliver a message to your master and he had to leave very suddenly. However, I still need something of mine he has been keeping for the past few days. A mask, cloth, green."
"Because it is mine"
"Don't you nope me, little trollop. Why not?"
"Knowen you are. Not 'posed to."
No. 291990 ID: e02378

if it already knows you then stealth has lost all meaning. barge in and take it.
No. 291992 ID: 07416a

Don't underestimate her too much. She may be tiny but she might have a knife or magic or something.
No. 292016 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Probably loyal. Bribery won't work. Force might cause her to yell. Let's try bargaining.

Just ask what she wants in return for the mask.
No. 292091 ID: 6ba8b3

Inform her that after everything you've gone through you're just not giving up now. She was not even supposed to be here. Just who is she anyways? It's time to break the big guns out, which is to say beg and bargain.
No. 292111 ID: 6ba8b3

Also tea, yes. Asking for to be hosted as a guest would be better than talking through a door. Not that we'll have much time drinking it as the chances of a extremely dissapointed Catterbast coming back is high. On that note try not to insult her further or touch her on the chance that certain somebody really would kill for her honor.

On how to obtain the mask be polite, try to make her see you're not a bad fellow and see if she'll concede to your point of view. Or get tired of your whining and toss it at you. Topics: Who is she? Catterbast, really? What's up with the blackmailing? Really, Catterbast?
No. 292116 ID: 40cb26

It won't do any good to focus on bargaining or threats against her, she's going to be too loyal to budge on it. So we use her loyalty, and make implied threats but not against her...

"Look it was my mothers gift to me and very important, I'm not leaving this place without it. Now I realize he'd be upset if you gave it to me, and he's going to be quite upset already for the reasons he's run off. But I promise he'll be far more upset if I find myself idly waiting until he gets back, hanging around others and wondering out loud what he and his pretty little kobold lass do during all the time they spend alone together. Or if I am to leave without it my mind will surely wander here again and again, as I continue my storytelling.

Or I can get my mask now, leave, and never think or speak of this place and what happens here ever again."
No. 292130 ID: c71597

Looks like you won't convince her with just arguments. Try the blackmail card, tell her that if she doesn't hand over the mask then you will make sure that everyone learns about what goes on in here.
No. 292136 ID: 6ba8b3

While blackmail might be tempting I would urge you to consider the legal, moral and plain not being a prick aspects of it. I'm sure they take a lot of shit already about it and it's reminescent of certain cultural situations that we already know about. Your actions might be the last straw that breaks any last hope of life together they might harbor. And all for a green piece of cloth. Regardless of your opinions of racial relationships that's low.

Blackmail is for serious stuff and when it's a real enemy I'm all for it but now is not that time. Or if you buy a white cat and pet it in darkness then it's required. I don't think you would look good with a cat August.
No. 292231 ID: cc04a7

You know, Catterbast has delivered a blow to your pride by driving you off Sperenze land earlier and taking your mask and all, now's your chance to possibly return the favor. Let's say you take the kobold as something like a hostage and leave a note saying that you've done so. Now there's no need to actually put the kobold in danger, but he's clearly attached to the little thing and I'm sure he wouldn't simply let things be (unless he'll just take ANY kobold, but considering he's left this one alone in his private quarters wearing his things, it seems more personal), thus he comes after you. So you construct an elaborate dramatic scenario possibly involving you tying the kobold maiden(?) to a railroad track in which Catterbast must heroically confront you and publicly (at least somewhat) announce his intentions and passions for the kobold before rescuing her in a most scandalous fashion. Everybody wins, in a way. You get to see Catterbast embarassed and get to make an elaborate scheme for revenge against him, the kobold gets to have Catterbast's feelings publicly declared and no longer becomes Catterbast's dirty little secret, and Catterbast as well is forced to recognize his feelings and can't be blackmailed by this anymore.

No. 292281 ID: 28e94e

I support this. Well, the more serious parts at least.
No. 292642 ID: 252e1b


You are a crazy man. Everyone knows that you need a waxed mustache and black top hat to properly tie a maiden to a set of railroad tracks, and August would look very silly with a waxed mustache.

No, the proper thing to do here is to ask her who she thinks you are, and then lie about it.
No. 293263 ID: b870d3
File 130178174679.png - (209.74KB , 750x650 , 414.png )

>I don't think you would look good with a cat August.
Neither do I, hate the things.
Somehow the drama, the idea, it appeals to me. Like some story I've heard somewhere.
"Well, maybe I can help you out, I could 'kidnap' you an-"
"No, Ibiteyou"
"I didn't"
"Just hold on-"
"ThenMasterbeatyou... a lot"
"Look nevermind, I just want my mask back. I've come a long way for it and I don't want to cause anyone any trouble. It's not even a very nice mask it's just, it means a lot to me... My mother made it herself."
No. 293265 ID: b870d3
File 130178182769.png - (239.47KB , 750x650 , 415.png )

"Look, I know you aren't going to scream. Becasue your bo-, your master. He's in trouble isn't he, and you don't want to cause him any more trouble. Because he's important to you isn't he, becasue you are the reason he is in trouble?

I'm not here about that, it's not my buisness, Not anyone's. But I, I have people important to me too. My parents, they... well they're getting old. My father, he walks with a cane for goodness sakes and... This isn't about my pride, becasue I'm here bargaining through a door with a half-naked kobold now aren't I? I'm bargaining here, what do you want?"

"Jest... go way."
No. 293266 ID: b870d3
File 130178189809.png - (216.33KB , 748x580 , 416.png )

"I'm not going away."

"What do you have?"
No. 293268 ID: c71597

Well what do you have on you right now? I guess maybe the linespinner might work. Or just some thread from it.

Or the offer of a favour or a service. Like leaving when you get the mask or something like that.
No. 293270 ID: 1854db

We could give her the Phoenix Egg or some Frostshot, or the hunter's cologne, or the firecrackers or smoke bombs.

I wish we knew what the whistle or wand did. Then we could tell if we would be willing to give them up. Interested in a little experimentation?
No. 293275 ID: cc04a7

I don't think it's safe to experiment here. If anything magical, we should give her the frostshot crystal, as we have a spare. However, if we can avoid something magical and vauable. the better. Perhaps the firecrackers or smoke bombs might work... You've got her to open up at least insofar as being open to the idea of trade, the question is what appeals to kobolds? Shiny things and curiosities we've got, but we don't want to lose anything irreplaceable.
No. 293418 ID: 40cb26

Of these I would offer until she is interested, in order: Firecrackers and smokebombs (easily replaced but she might not be interested), a frostshot, the phoenix egg, and finally the linespinner (the most interesting one for her probably, and not terribly powerful but we'll honestly never find another one). Not the whistle and certainly not the wand, lets not even mention that one.

If you have any other minor trinkets, feel free to offer those up first.
No. 293420 ID: 07416a

Honestly I'm all for kicking the door down and then running.
No. 293422 ID: 6ba8b3

Frostshot crystal is twinkly and something I could see you affording to replace for your mentor. Linespinner is the only intresting thing that is yours.

Or you can give permission to start a rumor of them that they can then claim to have evidence that it was started by you. And if you don't deny it people will consider any further claims as sour grapes orignating from you for some magnificent victory Catterbast had over you. The loss of face will be slight and will primarily have people speculating how Catterbast has humiliated you. Any real tension will be fake as the head of Catterbast's family knows the real deal. And you can do a public visit back here to apologize to the matriarch if so wished that will hopefully consist of tea while the everyone else thinks it's to appease her. A pretty good deal I say and I think they should take it. Oh and Catterbast owes you big time after this.
No. 293423 ID: 07416a

Odd plan, but really the magic doodads are the only thing I'm willing to give up. Linespinner is OURS dammit.
No. 293430 ID: 6ba8b3

Not odd. Perfect.

And one August should take instead of offering useless trinkets as it not only works as protection for them from further blackmailing but could grudgingly bring the families slightly closer. Allies behind curtains so to say which is always good as it comes as a surprise to others. Oh and Catterbast will owe us big time.
No. 293845 ID: b870d3
File 130194836424.png - (231.24KB , 750x625 , 417.png )

Well, the frost crystals are replaceable, I've even made a few myself, the process it just a bit laborious to select a proper rock crystal then etch in all the proper engravings by hand.

"Well, I could offer to start a rumor for you two that would be traceable only back to me, also, I have this, a magical stone."

"What kinda rumorstory?.."
No. 293847 ID: b870d3
File 130194871464.png - (251.28KB , 750x625 , 418.png )

"Is prettystone... and special tingly maybe.. but how say is magical? Must think us stupidbold to think you have magic. Master says you just tricksy juggler, oilytongue, and pocketsnatch in schoolyard."
No. 293851 ID: 1854db

You could instruct her in its proper use, or you could demonstrate yourself right now. Ask her if there's anything she wants frozen.
No. 293852 ID: 7f017c

Just do a few basic cantrips if you can, summon a small fire, or hell, a magic 'trick' or two could even work. This shouldn't be that hard.
No. 293853 ID: 40cb26

"And if I were those things and found myself in mortal danger, I would need some dangerous trickery to get myself through it, wouldn't I? That's what this is for. So is this." Then you show her the phoenix egg, which might just be so shiny and nice looking that she makes a deal for it. Just be sure she understands its dangerous.
No. 293854 ID: 8c73c8

don't show the egg, she just wants to know what makes the crystal magic is all.
No. 293858 ID: 6ba8b3

A rumorstory that would allow the two of them to live together without getting blackmailed. Catterbast can take the offer or leave it. As token of acceptance you'll have the biggest and ugliest toad that can be found here. That is all.

It's a pretty stone useful as paper weight and stop offering potentially dangerous objects to the bold like the ball of fire. Or showing how to use them for that matter. Master was a bully, thick-headed, cro-magnon. Also a kid and has since grown up like everyone does. Mayby.
No. 294169 ID: cc04a7

Most likely the best way to do this is to 'demonstrate' use of the stone in some harmless way, maybe freezing Catterbast's aquarium, and then giving the stone to the bold. That way, she'll have her 'proof' that it's magical, but in all likelihood will lack the actual instructions on how to make proper use of it. We wouldn't ACTUALLY want to give her (or Catterbast) anything dangerous or potentially a weapon. Methinks the kobold will all in all misremember the key wording used to invoke the stone anyway.
No. 294271 ID: 98a59d
File 130206518462.png - (239.66KB , 750x625 , 419.png )

"Bring me something to drink and I will show you."

She fetches a goblet of wine while I absently wonder what it is that's driven proud Catterbast to take his time, so to speak, with a kobold maidservant. A knight in his prime should be drowning in available, even unavailable women.

Suppose it's not 'really' my business, but still, I'd like to think I have an inquisitive mind. The threat of dishonor it could bring, the size differences, and well... kobolds have never been known for their longevity. Surely he must know that.
No. 294274 ID: 98a59d
File 130206547429.png - (285.02KB , 750x625 , 420.png )

I mutter under my breath as I open up the channels. A gout of coldfog wreaths it's way around our wrists and tiny icebergs are left floating in the wine.
The girl gives a little gasp, her hands trembling at the sudden chill.
"Is magics. Yes!"
No. 294275 ID: 98a59d
File 130206570219.png - (276.17KB , 750x625 , 421.png )

She sets down the drink and scampers to the untried door turning back a moment to say "No peepen." before disappearing inside. She re-emerges momentarily with my mask and the respective items trade hands.
"Thankyou, but be careful with that. It is rather more troublesome than a homemade mask. I assure you"
"Yes, is cold, fair trade we say."
No. 294276 ID: 98a59d
File 130206582745.png - (157.34KB , 750x600 , 422.png )

I exit the door prize in hand. Finally, we can be gone from these wretched swamps. Perhaps my mask gains even more value fr-
No. 294281 ID: 8c73c8


okay, play it cool. offer him a quick deal, you say nothing, he says nothing and no one has to get hurt. get a hand on something to hurt him with if he attacks but don't start it.
No. 294283 ID: 07416a

Tell him not to worry, you didn't touch a hair on her head. Or anywhere else.
No. 294284 ID: 1854db

Tell him you've seen his secret, and you're just going to leave now. It's none of your business, and you don't want to tell anyone.
No. 294293 ID: cc04a7

He doesn't NECESSARILY recognize August, what with the disguise and everything, but unless we're quick enough to hide the mask in our hand it's unlikely that he's dumb enough not to make the connection. And considering that Catterbast has training as a knight, I'm sure he can kick your ass if it comes to any sort of physical conflict. Perhaps this might be the time to utilize one of those smoke bombs before making your escape?

It'd be rather poetic... Catterbast returns from your cunning distraction only to see his rival stepping out with his prize, only to vanish in a cloud of smoke.

Then again, that's assuming it's a NINJA VANISH smoke bomb and not a "let the three-second long fuse burn down and it'll eventually make quite a smoky cloud" type.
No. 294343 ID: c71597

Well that's hardly ideal. Say hello to him and tell him you were looking for him. His sister said something about wanting some mask from his room or something.

He's probably not going to buy that, but it might give you time to find something heavy enough to brain him with and then tie him up in his room and leave some not on the door about not disturbing. Probably going to have to tie up the 'bold as well if you do that.

But don't just start running away. That just gives you away as guilty.
No. 294354 ID: 00d3d5

Say "Hello" and keep walking as if absolutely nothing is out of the ordinary. When he confronts you act a bit confused as if you have no idea why he's acting like that.
You'll be FAR more convincing than if you offered an excuse right away, and he'll be much more likely to believe that you believe what you're saying.
No. 294355 ID: 6ba8b3

Since we don't care and no support was received for a mutually beneficial plan I guess it's time for violence. I thought it was good.

Smoke bomb is a good start, firecracker thrown at face is known to distract people and swift kick to abdomen should allow you to pass him by. Extra kicks depending on how vicious you wish to be. Then it's just seeing if you can lose him long enough to get home.
No. 294361 ID: 337b51

He certainly sorted that out quick.

"She's waiting for you in there." Might be a nice, ambiguous way of splitting his concentration, as it will tell him that you know of his kobold ladyfriend, but not necessarily the condition she's in.

Either way.. Catterbast's relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, may have been inspired by something beyond 'beauty'. But these mysteries are not for us to learn now.
No. 295344 ID: 98a59d
File 130240217485.png - (146.31KB , 534x625 , 423.png )

"Oh well, hello there Sir Catterbast Sperenze, you're back early. No worries, your secret is quite safe with me. In fact I do think she is waiting to show you something of value she acquired recently."
No. 295345 ID: 98a59d
File 130240229977.png - (88.86KB , 493x600 , 424.png )

"What? Who are-"
No. 295346 ID: 98a59d
File 130240241127.png - (222.10KB , 724x637 , 425.png )

"What me? Just a dragon, Raaawr.~"
No. 295352 ID: 98a59d
File 130240261420.png - (327.92KB , 419x616 , 426.png )

"Ahahha *cough* *cough* Haha! Well met and we'll meet again I'm sure!"
"Aaaahggg I'll*cough* I'll tan your hi-*cough* your hide Aug*cough*!"
No. 295356 ID: 28e94e

Excellent. Now get out of there before the guards can mobilize.
No. 295360 ID: 8c73c8

great job! now book it!
No. 295363 ID: 1854db

Yeah let's just run for a bit. Once we're in a populated area try to slacken the pace so people don't immediately try to stop you though. Act like you're in a hurry but not running away from anyone.
No. 295366 ID: cc04a7

Don't run into any walls.
Tuck your mask away somewhere safe.
Don't drop anything.
Remember, you'll be wanting to head down and out.
No. 295425 ID: 252e1b


Tough luck you had to blow your cover for the kobold, as now your best bet is to make a hasty escape.

Since this was a warship, some of the bulkheads should be sealable from one side only. You might be able to buy time by sealing and dogging a hatch. But Catterbeast knows this vessel far better than you, and would know ways around. Only do this if you're certain about how to operate the hatch.
No. 295428 ID: c71597

Great, now you need to find a good ambush corridor and something to smack him hard in the head with so he goes down.

You need time to get the horse, and that would be quite difficult to accomplish if the guards are after you as well as this guy. So you need to take him out before he can raise the alarm too much.
No. 295577 ID: 98a59d
File 130249899959.png - (161.76KB , 578x527 , 427.png )

"Why I never!"
"Aaahhhhh, Slow *cough* down August we need to... talk~."
No. 295578 ID: 98a59d
File 130249919322.png - (126.48KB , 721x422 , 428.png )

"Haha gotcha punk."
"Odd, do you smell something burning?"
No. 295579 ID: 98a59d
File 130249932659.png - (174.96KB , 721x422 , 429.png )

No. 295580 ID: 98a59d
File 130249966798.png - (222.63KB , 545x640 , 430.png )

"I though you 'had him'?"
"Ell 'old up a minute, e jest sploded like."
"Yeah... that."
"Into paper confetti and baker's sugar?"
No. 295582 ID: 98a59d
File 130250019426.png - (53.69KB , 725x650 , 431.png )

"He's around here somewhere, find him."
"Shall, ah raise the 'larm?"
"Yes, wait, no. I mean... no. My mother, she doesn't need to be bothered about this. It's... a private matter.

Get one or two you trust tight-lipped, maybe a bold or something, just... find him, watch the exits. I... have to go check on something for a moment."

"Watever yeh say sire, yer call."
No. 295583 ID: 8c73c8

nice exit, very dramatic. can you keep going through the vents ? if not then i guess wait until he leaves then get out and see about a disguise. just raid someone's laundry and wear something different.
No. 295584 ID: 07416a

Be wary. If you can fit in there the bolds definitely can. They'll probably be in frequent use.
No. 295598 ID: cc04a7

Most definitely do not move yet, it'll make too much noise and y'all have too good ears NOT to hear it. Wait a bit.
No. 295599 ID: c71597

Excellent, make your way lower and then get out. Need to go to the stable to get the horse. And possibly steal a change of clothes alongside with an alternative mask. Also possibly check the kitchen for that frog.

Then it's time for a daring escape.
No. 295601 ID: 1854db

Wait until there is nowhere near and come out again. Do you have a change of clothes that looks different? Or some way of changing your appearance? Now would be a good time to switch into something new.
No. 296194 ID: 98a59d
File 130266578927.png - (203.89KB , 700x625 , 432.png )

Mmm yes, will want to wait here a bit before moving on, but not too long. If one of them get the bright idea to shove a kobold in here there will be no end to our troubles being caught in such a tight spot. Doubt they could manage to squeeze themselves in though, imagine it's the sole advantage of a scholarly musculature.

Next chapter:
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