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File 130266557458.png - (263.41KB , 600x913 , 433.png )
296192 No. 296192 ID: 98a59d

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No. 296195 ID: 98a59d
File 130266625746.png - (162.28KB , 750x625 , 434.png )

Previous chapter

"Ugh, what now?"
I don't want to spend another moment in there, can't breath right, and the corners are a lot sharper than the smallpaths back home. Just glad that fan didn't look to have functioned in decades.

Now, then what do we smell? Cured oak? Water? pepper? salt?... vanilla? Is that vanilla, curious, also, women.
No. 296196 ID: 8c73c8

a church maybe? see some kind of carrot or something to your right.
No. 296197 ID: 07416a

Ah, you're in the women's temple. They did mention they had a fertility cult thingy going on.
No. 296198 ID: cc04a7

I think I've seen that symbol before. Does it mean anything to you?
No. 296205 ID: 1854db

Pepper, salt, vanilla... Are you near the kitchen?
No. 296781 ID: 98a59d
File 130283161042.png - (148.59KB , 750x625 , 435.png )

Well, unless they have a rather more extravagant sense of culinary taste than my own family...
...probably shouldn't be here should I?
'If' my iconography and heraldry lessons are well recalled, this symbol depicts a nail or spike driven into a lunar crescent, with a rose rampant, growing from the head. Looks to be finished in green steatite, gliding brass, nephrite and red ochre. This symbol represents the vindication of the Kingdom of Sperenze in 790.
No. 296786 ID: cc04a7

Can you see anything out through that stained glass? What other entrances/exits are there in this room? Can you see/hear anything through them? Maybe something terribly sexy and totally not for your male eyes?
No. 296915 ID: c71597

You should probably start looking for some other exit from this place. Need to get down to the stables and get the horse, and maybe a change of clothes to make you less easy to catch.
No. 297059 ID: 1854db

This doesn't look like the exit, regardless. Go the other way.
No. 297065 ID: 07416a

The possibilities if you get caught in a fertility temple are either the end of your life or the beginning of a new one, so yeah, you should probably leave.
No. 297068 ID: 98a59d
File 130292696565.png - (194.45KB , 750x625 , 436.png )

Well, then I can hear movement, and the sound of lapping water behind faintly behind the two doors on the left. That stained glass window isn't passable, being leaded into the frame, I suppose I could peek the keyholes, but picking th-
I erh- I see. Well, if you gentlemen truly feel caution should reign over curiosity today? I suspect that is the exit behind.
No. 297069 ID: 07416a

Ah, someone seems to be leaving the doorway.
No. 297123 ID: c71597

Curiosity is fine. But it has a time and place. This isn't one of those times and places. The important priority right now is to get out of here before those two notice that you're not on the top floors anymore and decide to bring in a third watching the stables.
No. 297124 ID: 40cb26

Caution is good, but I'm more in a hurry to get out of this whole place before you're up to your eyeballs in pissed off Sprenzes.
No. 297150 ID: cc04a7

Either that guy and his pair across the hallway are terribly patient or they're STATUES. Can we get a better view of them? And maybe of the stained glass window as well?

(Also refer to the discussion thread for metagame comment)
No. 297294 ID: 5e3923
File 130301533635.png - (200.74KB , 750x625 , 438.png )

What, where? I... oh...
Yes, this 'is' a statue, we passed her and her pair on the way down the hall as a matter if fact. Must be that 'odd perception' you gentle- erh-people were talking about earlier.

Actually on that note, How am I supposed to address you disembodied voice types anyhow, or rather how would you prefer, and I'll call you what I like anyhow?
No. 297295 ID: 8c73c8

you can call us anything really. Orb, Voices. makes no difference. and to your left seems to be a vault style door.
No. 297299 ID: 5e3923
File 130301824912.png - (211.69KB , 750x625 , 439.png )

Good point, if he's clever he'd set a watch on the stables.
Fair enough, curiosity killed the cat, so they say, and I am certainly no cat. Brrrr... creepy things... I've seen one in detail once or twice, the way they just, look into you. Like they merely 'let' you breath on a whim.

Yes, yes, let us put such from our minds, with the more frivolous consideration that it seems they have a dress code in the chapel. Now then, as a man of thought I simply must wonder; are these robes for wearing 'in' here, or have they been abandoned in favor of a less... burdensome set of vestments?
No. 297321 ID: 40cb26

Eh, does it matter? Unless dressing like that is going to be a good disguise here it does't much matter, and to be honest you looked overdressed to hide under it well. And the alternative... is less useful.

Check out where you heard the water, peek through the keyhole there if there is one, otherwise sneak a peek.
No. 297372 ID: 28e94e

Reiterating this.
No. 297427 ID: 617ffd

Well the statues are depicted wearing robes. If the temple practice is actually to wear less or nothing at all then I presume the statues would be naked to make the occupants feel more at ease? I could be wrong.

Wearing a robe might be a good idea either way. You wouldn't fool anyone native to the temple, but you don't know where the exit opens up to. If it's something like a busy hallway then having an obviously male figure exit the temple is very suspicious.
No. 297455 ID: b6ca92

Dammit guys, the quest author is obviously trying to hedge us towards some lewd scene or other, probably stumble on a priestess or something and have some short romantic scene before something or someone bursts in. I can just feel his disappointed at your prudent behavior right now.
August, is it just me or are you acting a little to 'interested' in the priestesses day-to-day behavior? Let's have a little moment of paranoia, then: smell the air for any particularly odd incenses, as they could be burning some incense to 'entice the body' as part of the temple upkeep, and now is not the time to get physical.

Also, concerning cats: I agree with your assessment. Having a cat of my own, I assure you that all you need to do is make it obnoxiously clear who the boss is while providing for them, and they will give up to your authority. The 'too proud to care' attitude never goes, though.
Say, how does your culture feel about pets in general?
No. 297463 ID: cc04a7

Okay well even if we're thinking about escape, in all likelihood there are people around that may hear you if you make too much noise. Opening the vault-style door will definitely make too much noise AND it's impossible to disguise the opening of it. Look behind the curtains, look through keyholes, cracks in doors, etc. We need to know what is/are the safest routes we can take. You could, again, see if we can sneak a peek inside just by you getting close enough to the door, but if possible it's best if you also get to see.

And why ask us what we want to be called while adding that you'll just call us whatever you want anyway? It seems a rather pointless question.
No. 297665 ID: 5e3923
File 130318416957.png - (135.76KB , 750x625 , 440.png )

Can't say I particularly favor the idea of crossdressing, albeit out of desperation. I 'could' do it, but it would only make me more ridiculous if caught I imagine.
Mmm a good point on the statues, I should have considered that.

Perhaps we should leave this large and doubtlessly attention catching aperture until we 'must' use it.
No. 297671 ID: 5e3923
File 130318476980.png - (167.65KB , 750x625 , 441.png )

It's it's not like 'that' kind of feeling. More a curiosity of the unknown and a thirst for deeper knowledge. Oh how does the limerick my master muses upon go? "A little learning is a dangerous thing, drink deep, or someother something?... drinking deeply largely sobers us again?"... well it's along those lines anyhow.

Besides I rather doubt tha- erhm...mmhmm... okay.
No. 297672 ID: 5e3923
File 130318486420.png - (278.04KB , 750x625 , 442.png )

aaaaand moving on...
No. 297674 ID: 5e3923
File 130318494987.png - (141.38KB , 750x625 , 443.png )

Let's see what's hiding behind door number two, it's... dinner I think? Smells good enough anyhow.
No. 297675 ID: 5e3923
File 130318511295.png - (313.21KB , 750x625 , 444.png )

A pleasing enough piece of glasswork, albeit I suspect the artist's tastes may be a bit... elementary.
No. 297678 ID: 5e3923
File 130318520144.png - (162.83KB , 750x625 , 445.png )

Well, I can at least affirm these three rooms have a wall to the outside.
No. 297685 ID: 5e3923
File 130318578497.png - (199.01KB , 750x625 , 446.png )

Fascinating, a veritable verdant host of variant Verhimen in this vestibule. Well among the other species, both familiar, domestic, exotic, and some I dare suspect merely mythological.

All appear heavily gravid after the manner of their kind. The amount of jade here may represent a small fortune, or at least a certainly valuable, if a bit... uniquely themed collection.
No. 297686 ID: 5e3923
File 130318599988.png - (166.97KB , 750x625 , 447.png )

The fourth room smells a rather herbal, vaguely chemical, and perhaps the whiff of decay.
No. 297695 ID: 07416a

Fourth room looks safest to explore. First room looks like it's being hotboxed for sacred herbs, second room is kitchen/cooking human sacrifices or something I dunno but there is a chick in there, third room looks like a very special statue, fourth room probably storage. So fourth then third.
No. 297696 ID: 07416a

Scratch that, hot-tub/steam room for the first. Sacred herbs may still be involved.
No. 297698 ID: 8c73c8

we may have had contact with a lot of the creatures you think don't exist. anywho, yeah forth room looks interesting but if we want to escape then third room is best idea.
No. 297782 ID: cc04a7

Hmmm let's see what we can conjecture from what we can see... Not sure about the symbol above all those candles, although it looks rather serpentine. Perhaps some ancient image of a serpent-like dragon patron of the Sperenze founders? Complete guess. The stained glass is much more obvious, an upright form (rather more human-like than verhimen-like, to note) surrounded by representations of the four prime elements... And that group of statuettes is clearly related to the jade statue at the market that Lucida said had magical properties. It might be advantageous for you to nab a bunch of them if you can carry them out, but of course if you get caught it's probably a thousand times worse if you're making off with religious relics than if you just happen to be trespassing. Though they might both end in execution, torture by fanatical female cultists beforehand may be a bit excessive.

As it comes to the rooms, it's really less valuable to speculate "what's going on in this one" than it is to simply state which is safest for you to explore for a method of egress. Be sure to be quiet, of course, but let's first explore that last door, probably a morgue or something, and then (if it still appears to be empty and we haven't found a way out beforehand) we'll try the well lit altar room.
No. 297785 ID: 081e71

Yeah, room four.
No. 298013 ID: 5e3923
File 130336359691.png - (161.12KB , 750x625 , 448.png )

This room is exceedingly equipped well in the manner of an herbalist, pigeonholes with individual doors line the room like a proper druggist or pharmacy.

Mortars pedestals, drying herbs and flowers litter the floor in bundles amid mysterious jars.

The sheer variety of scents and odors assault me with an almost stultifying effect for a moment as I try to clear my head. However, despite these distractions it is towards the back of the room, and the rhythmic hum there that my attention is inevitably attracted.
No. 298014 ID: 5e3923
File 130336421466.png - (153.74KB , 629x362 , 449.png )

I believe one of you gentlemen mentioned something about a morgue?
I can't say medicine is my specialty, however, that fellow looks a bit too complicated to be resting in peace. Hoses hiss and I watch the smooth transfusion of fluids into and out of the body as the casket hums with an electrical life of it's own, occupant warmly cradled beneath a dome of glass.
No. 298016 ID: 8c73c8

whoever they are it's obvious they were supposed to be dead a long time ago.
No. 298017 ID: 07416a

If they were enemies I'd say push buttons and pull knobs and all that shit, but they're just rivals, so leave the notdeadyet guy alone. Room three. Be careful that nobody has entered the halls in the meantime.
No. 298018 ID: 8c73c8

oh, you see any herbs that you could use? like a rare root or something?
No. 298032 ID: 1854db

Don't steal anything. Even the smallest thing here could be vital to this guy's survival.

Check out door three.
No. 298036 ID: 1854db

...however I would suggest trying to find out who this guy is.
No. 298053 ID: 252e1b


Looks like a biostasis chamber. I don't know enough about your biology to comment on the specifics, but for humans and many other mammals it is possible to use an oxygen receptor antagonist like sulfur dioxide to out-compete the oxygen available to the body. The sulfur dioxide binds with all the sites oxygen would normally be, and prevents a lot of tissue damage that would happen from anoxia. The trick is getting the dosage of sulfur dioxide right, since if it is introduced too quickly it will displace the oxygen before some cellular systems have had a chance to slow down properly, and thus will cause lasting damage anyway.

If the dosage is correct though, the cells will effectively shut down with almost no lasting damage, and will remain in that state as long as no oxygen is available. When oxygen becomes available and the sulfur dioxide is purged from the body, the subject will wake with little more than a hangover. The state is very similar to hibernation in some animals. This can be used to keep someone asleep for years, as long as their body is protected against outside forces (hence the elaborate coffin, with extra cushioning and gas mask).

Sulfur dioxide can be kept in a solution, and in fact that is the preferred way to administer it, because the sulfur dioxide can be wrapped up in a chelating molecule that will only release the drug when concentration of it is below a non-lethal level.
No. 298058 ID: 28e94e

Looks like a life-support system. Doesn't look like it came with the ship, though. Interesting.
No. 298095 ID: 40cb26

Huh... is there a person of great importance who should have been dead long ago that this might be? But matter who this is, I think this is a pretty major secret. Investigate the area but leave no clue you were here.
No. 298702 ID: 5e3923
File 130361191930.png - (305.53KB , 750x625 , 450.png )

Hmmm, a deep sleep chamber? Still, why, and who-
wait, he has an injured arm, waist and even his leg is especially well bandaged and drained all along the left side.
No. 298703 ID: 5e3923
File 130361195778.png - (56.00KB , 300x500 , 451.png )

I think this is-
No. 298704 ID: 5e3923
File 130361198286.png - (158.29KB , 800x300 , 452.png )

No. 298705 ID: 5e3923
File 130361199715.png - (100.35KB , 600x450 , 453.png )

No. 298708 ID: 5e3923
File 130361205536.png - (313.61KB , 750x625 , 454.png )

No. 298710 ID: 5e3923
File 130361215207.png - (339.56KB , 750x625 , 455.png )

OhSaintsOhSaints. Ineedtogetoutofhere. WhatdoIdowheredoIgo?
No. 298717 ID: 1854db

Door three, quiet as can be. The one that has access to the outside.
No. 298719 ID: 8c73c8

stay under the box and go into the chapel area. then bust out through a window.
No. 298754 ID: 252e1b


The lad injured by the exploding monsters. Goodness, they've got good medical technology at their disposal.

I wondered about the full face mask, but your people have fur. Humans have just skin, and thus air masks can get very good seals against the face (unless the person wearing it is sporting a beard).

If you are caught, you could claim to have just been checking on him; since you had a hand in saving him you have a right to be curious, but they will not like that you came down here uninvited and unescorted.
No. 298781 ID: cc04a7

Hey August, I REALLY don't think that you should be sneaking out of there in that box. In the off-chance you DON'T bump a wall or the door with it, who knows if there are others outside as well and even if there weren't you'd be forced to either abandon the box later or drag it with you until you reached a safe spot. So unless you're planning on using it as a shield when jumping out of the window as >>298719 suggests, I think it'd be better if you just hunkered back down as you were when she first entered. While your ONE MAN SNEAKING MISSION skills are without a doubt unparalleled, your lack of maneuverability and perception in the box is something I'd feel doubtful about.
No. 299094 ID: 5e3923
File 130371257559.png - (152.57KB , 749x567 , 456.png )

To the chapel out the window's yes, that's the plan.
Let us rather not get caught, explanations be dammed.
I cannot abandon the box, far too noisy to set down in the same room.
Besides, he may talk, no-one must know. No I'm fear this humble crate is in up to it's neck in nefarious plottery.
No. 299096 ID: 5e3923
File 130371293713.png - (223.75KB , 750x528 , 457.png )

Though, perhaps it is my own neck which will hurt after all this contortionistic foolery and acrobatic miscellanea? I know it could already do for a nap and only the noon half gone.

Speaking of rest, the trickling of water and the soft stillness of the chapel gives me pause for a moment. It feels quite... reverently calm in here.
No. 299097 ID: 5e3923
File 130371322921.png - (137.38KB , 600x600 , 458.png )

However, I am no longer a feeble child to be wrapped in his mother's warm caresses, nursed upon the tales of other's past glories. No, I am a man, and thus must make my own ta- ohwownowthatsabitsteep.
No. 299099 ID: 8c73c8

good thing you area might magic man. just rappel down.
No. 299103 ID: 1854db

You have 20 metres of rope. Is that enough?
No. 299159 ID: 40cb26

Deal with it. Well at least if it won't get you killed... use the rope if you have to but remember the sign of your exit will be obvious. Maybe you can reach a less steep point with a bit of swing?

You know how much you can do, so do it. If it's really a problem height you might need to wait for that other fellow to leave the area and find a less extreme exit.
No. 299341 ID: 252e1b
File 130380781306.jpg - (63.67KB , 806x432 , Farrimond_friction_hitch.jpg )

Didn't you ever learn how to tie a friction hitch? That's the solution to the problem of losing the rope. I suggest a Farrimond friction hitch, for its reliability, but anything that you can pull loose from the bottom should work.

Ah, you're not familiar with Farrimond's hitch? It goes like this:

1) Pass the working end of the line around a pole or whatever it is you're securing the hitch to. Loop the working end, and lay the loop over the line. Fold the loop around line.

2) Draw the folded part of the loop around the line.

3) Fold the remainder of the loop under the line and fold it over again.

4) Once more.

5) Tuck the working end of the line into the remainder of the loop. If you give the working end a tug the entire hitch will come undone. You can use this to recover the rope from the bottom, or to adjust the hitch if you need to change the length of the line in other applications.
No. 299342 ID: 8c73c8

nice, don't even need to get all the way down with just one rope tie. just to another place you can hold on to and re-tie
No. 299467 ID: 906197
File 130386215206.png - (423.56KB , 700x625 , 459.png )

Okay, let's see, over around and through through the loop and twist it in, twice again, loop into and then you're through...

I think I've got it, maybe. Had to double up the rope though, it's a only thin double stranded line meant more for tent making or perhaps binding than rappelling out windows.
No. 299469 ID: 906197
File 130386241198.png - (140.08KB , 387x580 , 460.png )

Hmmm the face is fairly sheer on this side, well till it a few more meters down, then it's all cobbled together armored plate arranged like sloped terraces or scales till you get to the rear deck proper, or rather, the roofs of what look to be all the bold shanties and lean-tos thereupon.
No. 299471 ID: 40cb26

As long as it's something you can jump to and do the rest on foot by the time you get to the end of the rope. Oh by the way there's another window to the left side of you at this height, in case rappelling down the side of a tower isn't adventurous enough for you and you want to take a peek.
No. 299472 ID: 5caf28

if you can get down all he way then do so. if not then there is another window to your left. get to it and retie the rope.
No. 299474 ID: 5caf28

the way the friction hitch works is if you tug it a bunch of times it will work itself loose, letting you take it with you.
No. 299480 ID: 1854db

There's a window to your left around the side... Feel like checking it out? I'm not sure if it'd be easier to go in the window or keep going down.
No. 299511 ID: 7aedd2

How in the nine hells did you fit your entire body and equipment out of a porthole barely wide enough for your hat?! Don't you have any SHOULDERS, MAN?!
No. 299708 ID: 252e1b


Two data: the porthole likely created optical distortion. They're designed to be strong and water tight (in a war design possibly air-tight), and that means they'll be thick. It's also possible they were retrofitted or designed from the start to be light condensers instead of normal windows, which also would introduce visual distortion.

Secondly, in humans anyway, contortionists have no real difficulty (though it may take some effort) in getting through any place their head can fit. Ultimately it is the connective tissues, ligaments, and muscles, that set the limitations on the potential contortions a human can accomplish. August seems a spry fellow, so I'm not surprised he was able to escape through the porthole without getting stuck.
No. 300295 ID: 424bcd
File 130413368316.png - (122.56KB , 387x580 , 461.png )

Ah good, I've almost reached the end of this rope, doubling it up makes it safer, if shorter.
No. 300297 ID: 424bcd
File 130413374417.png - (132.98KB , 387x580 , 462.png )

Oh come on...
No. 300302 ID: 424bcd
File 130413406824.png - (239.30KB , 700x600 , 463.png )

Actually the hips are the hardest bit, shoulders and ribcages are flexible and have rather more give to them, we Verhimen have a lot of 'give and spring'. About the only thing to match us in that respect are perhaps some of the Fae or some of the more abhorrent Yeeks.

"Oh come ooon, damn thing. If I pull much harder I-"
No. 300304 ID: 28e94e

Step sideways to avoid the mass of falling rope.
No. 300305 ID: 424bcd
File 130413431032.png - (259.70KB , 700x600 , 464.png )

The knot gives way as designed with the suddenness I feared, the bare surface of the armor plating leaving little purchase for my toes.

"Cuuuuurse my digitigracilityyyyy!"
No. 300309 ID: 424bcd
File 130413462494.png - (82.76KB , 700x600 , 465.png )







No. 300311 ID: 28e94e

You still have the rope, right? Pack it up and get moving.
No. 300312 ID: 424bcd
File 130413503055.png - (97.78KB , 700x600 , 466.png )

"Ohhh come ON!"
No. 300313 ID: 7aedd2

Wah! What are we going to do in the alleyway?
No. 300315 ID: 1854db

Did you land in flour? Get yer butt moving! You will surely attract attention like that. Find the stables.
No. 300316 ID: 40cb26

Haha! Come on man, laugh! You lived through a ridiculous and largely comical situation. Just another damn good story for the grandkids. Cheer up, dust off, and get the hell out of here already.
No. 300323 ID: 07416a

At least you landed on something soft.
No. 300400 ID: c71597

Atleast you're alive, and off the flor they're searching. Now you just need to get to the stable and get your horse, then make a daring escape that nobody notices and get back home with an awesome story that you can't tell. Oh, and try to find that plant and a frog on the way back.
No. 300406 ID: 28e94e

I think another smoke bomb just went off.
No. 300415 ID: 252e1b


Hips, right, your kind aren't descended from plains apes built for endurance running. No need for the compromise between hips wide enough to pass a baby's head and hips slim enough to allow for each running stride to help self-correct balance back to the center of gravity. Your upright posture is probably from an adaptation that allowed your ancestors to better spot trouble coming. I'd need to see your archaeological records, fossils and the like, to give you anything better than a guess though.


You need to get some climber's chalk and grippy rubber booties if you're going to be doing much more climbing on smooth surfaces.


Check for injuries, but don't take more time than you need to be positive you can move. You've got to get moving. You made a lot of noise rolling over people's roofs, you have to get away before they come out and see what happened. If you can't move because you're too badly hurt, you're going to need to hide or lie.
No. 300423 ID: b50664

Take heart, my friend! This is but a game we play, with little consequence. There are records and witnesses enough to ensure you cannot be silenced in any permanent capacity, and with that in mind the one who seeks to catch you has no reason to place himself on any side of yours but the good one.

All this is for fun and for the gainful honing of your skills. Take an upbeat attitude, and let yourself see the lighter side of things! Get up, dust yourself off, and get going - the game is yet afoot!
No. 300793 ID: c05afd
File 130429730321.png - (399.18KB , 700x600 , 467.png )

*Cough* No kidding huh?
I'd hardly term the thick layer of mingled grime, rust and filth on this section of the deck 'padding', but yes, it could have been worse.
>>300315 >>300316 >>300423
Yes, moving. Let us do so, the less time I have to spend trudging through street offal the better, can't let Catterbast get the upper hand.

"Briddriggerrrr Yippri Daga!"
"Yeah well, you should consider less metallic roof."
No. 300795 ID: c05afd
File 130429763328.png - (286.93KB , 700x600 , 468.png )

Erh, something like that I imagine, albeit the oldest records would be in the 'Caverns of Deep Origin' perhaps the Cathedral of Ossification?

Anyhow, I do believe I have sufficiently demonstrated my 'springiness' for today and thus should get moving before I become simply one extended bruise-
No. 300798 ID: c05afd
File 130429782863.png - (278.42KB , 700x600 , 469.png )

No. 300803 ID: 28e94e

Time to run.
No. 300806 ID: 07416a

Yes, what >>300803 said.
No. 300823 ID: c71597

Looks like the local 'bold gang thinks that you're easy prey, or easy enough anyway. And right now it's probably a much better bet to run than stand and fight against them.
No. 300840 ID: 1854db

Do not run. Go and ASSIST. There could be injured kobolds in there!
No. 300871 ID: 7aedd2

I don't think you really want to be the foreign nobleman in the middle of shantytown trying to explain to the riled up locals that you didn't MEAN to collapse their pathetic housing. Blitz out of there.
No. 300892 ID: d833e0

First things first move your tail away from that opening something's watching and your tail's in reach!
No. 301490 ID: 544dd4
File 130454959689.png - (360.05KB , 800x600 , 470.png )

"Ahah! Away with you bold wench."
For being injured they seem rather active, let us make haste befo-
"Owww! scurrilous whelps I'll-"
No. 301497 ID: 544dd4
File 130455059990.png - (260.77KB , 800x600 , 471.png )

"My there.~ Look at em move, as quickening blood through da veins. I do believe e's reached the decks
Retrieve em."

"Your wish, my command."

"...and Grant."


"In one piece Grant, don't maka bloody mess. Justa bruise 'ere and dere, but doncha... break anything. No showen off today, hmmm dear?~"
No. 301503 ID: 544dd4
File 130455141428.png - (165.83KB , 600x600 , 473.png )

"Faster! Faster! Not be catching us though, faster faster and round we go! Hahahha! Quite merry this no? Yet verily know, marry this no! HAha-!"

"How in the pit do their stumpy little legs let them move that fast? Go away! It can't take that long to rebuild that miserabl-"
No. 301504 ID: 544dd4
File 130455145959.png - (258.49KB , 800x600 , 474.png )

? ... ?
No. 301507 ID: 07416a

Watch out, he's a fugitive too. And someone is after him personally. Also, he seems a bit crazy.
No. 301515 ID: 8c73c8

since you both want off this place yell quickly "i'm escaping too, work together to get out and then split up, deal?"
No. 301571 ID: d833e0

Telling a stranger you're being chased flat-out is a good way to get turned into a distraction.

Push past into HIS crowd of pursuers, edge around if you can. The 'bolds don't seem to be very talkative right now, and if the two crowds overlap, confusion will reign.
No. 301573 ID: b84932

Are those gems on the ground there?
Pick them up.
No. 301581 ID: 1854db

Jewel thief! How to turn this in our favor... Well, there are dual doors directly to your right that we could doubtless duck into but I postulate the pair of pursuing parties would perceive that.

The more morally flexible route (or if you want to do a good deed for your rivals) would be to grab the jewels and toss them at the bolds, then run off in another direction while the two crowds fight. The thief may chase after you in revenge or try to get the bag back.

Another option is to try to join forces with the complete stranger you just bumped into who is obviously a thief and therefore probably not of high moral caliber. Unwise.

Finally you could try to detain him yourself, FULLY ingratiating yourself with your rivals.
No. 301582 ID: 8c73c8

you guys missed the grammer.

"My there.~ Look at em move, as quickening blood through da veins. I do believe e's reached the decks
Retrieve em."

talking about TWO people. meaning whoever is being sent is after august AND the thief. meaning if we want to face whoever this is that seems so powerful we should team up.
No. 301646 ID: 1854db

'e' is singular.
No. 301661 ID: bccf7b

Two men about to kiss never looked so much like an a casual bump~
No. 301674 ID: 2613f8

Whatever you do, don't do anything that will get you associated with this man! The trouble you're in now is much less than what you might get into if his pursuers think you're with him.
No. 301755 ID: 40cb26

He's running, you're running, you can get past each others pursuers but they won't get through each other. Best thing to do is just get up and get running, perhaps a quick quip about enjoying the chase or something.

Ignore the jewels, it won't help matters to mess with them.
No. 301839 ID: 7aedd2

Hmm, a jewel thief wanted by Sperenze.... Well, they say your enemy's enemy is your friend, so let's greet our new friend by promptly getting the heck out of there. If you have time, you might want to scoop up some of the gems at your feet and throw them at the kobolds with the hope of distracting them with shinies. However, I think it's a bit too risky to attempt to flee through the group of guards(?) chasing this other guy and hoping they have no interest in you. Instead, hope for another alternative... see if there's a third path, or a house you can jump up onto that seems like it might support your weight.
No. 302500 ID: 45df4f

Tell him to watch out for the lion, and then go your own way.
No. 303272 ID: 544dd4
File 130509237185.png - (301.83KB , 800x489 , 475.png )

"Oh, I say, watch out for the lion!"
No. 303273 ID: 544dd4
File 130509241111.png - (298.70KB , 800x489 , 476.png )

Yes, I think I should probably just mind my own buisness, just keep moving. Just ignore me, not important.
No. 303274 ID: 544dd4
File 130509244714.png - (294.27KB , 800x489 , 477.png )

No. 303275 ID: 544dd4
File 130509246812.png - (295.96KB , 800x489 , 478.png )

No. 303277 ID: 07416a

Cue yakkity sax.
No. 303283 ID: 252e1b

They're in hot pursuit of the thief, coast looks clear.
No. 303292 ID: 1854db

So yeah, it looks like the kobolds followed you in, and we can't see what's going on.

Try to exit? Maybe you can lead the kobolds into the place the other dudes are messing around in, and get them all tangled up with eachother.
No. 303603 ID: 544dd4
File 130517900005.png - (309.86KB , 800x489 , 479.png )

No. 303604 ID: 544dd4
File 130517902697.png - (299.34KB , 800x489 , 480.png )

No. 303605 ID: 544dd4
File 130517905565.png - (297.75KB , 800x489 , 481.png )

No. 303606 ID: 544dd4
File 130517908365.png - (305.94KB , 800x489 , 482.png )

No. 303608 ID: 544dd4
File 130517939036.png - (83.71KB , 473x400 , 483.png )

Okay, I think we are done with that foolishness. Although, that 'is' a catchy tune... perhaps too catchy.

Dun dun da dun dun, da dun dun da dun dun da~" oooor somehting like that, anyhow.
Still kobolds have such short little legs it's a wonder they managed to keep up for so long. I felt I would collapse if they kept me running mu-
No. 303609 ID: 544dd4
File 130517966305.png - (141.39KB , 800x400 , 484.png )

"You tink dis looks like garnet, or spinel to hew?"

"Excuse me?"

"See, I'd guess a spinal buuuut hew see is not sure dey come in green. Ehh?"
No. 303610 ID: 40cb26

He's asking you to help him identify his purloined jewelry. Might as well give him some assistance there, he might be able to lend you a hand some other way.
No. 303611 ID: 07416a

Well, you could test the hardness, but it's really hard without a variety of materials to narrow it down. Besides, even then they overlap a great deal. Call it an emerald and start sneaking out of there.
No. 303613 ID: 0d7a83

Glorious, simply glorious.

Use your superior jewelry appraisal skills to help him out.
No. 303617 ID: 252e1b


We'd need a good microscope to know for sure, but a specific gravity test could tell between them too. Just eyeballing it is chancy.
No. 303637 ID: 8c73c8

he is asking an opinion not a perfect guess.
No. 303639 ID: 1854db

Ask who the fellow is. Where'd he get all those jewels?
No. 303843 ID: 7aedd2

Tell him to speak proper English (or whatever you call your language) and then blame all your problems on him. One of those "I had everything in hand until you brought down the entire house guard into the situation!" type things
No. 303846 ID: 252e1b

August is far too classy a fellow to act like that.
No. 304205 ID: 544dd4
File 130539641938.png - (143.08KB , 800x400 , 485.png )

"Well, That could require a few tests, those minerals both cover a wide range of hues and I don't happen to wander around with a jeweler's lens on me at all times. However I was wonder where exactly you aqu-"

He merely chuckles carelessly and tosses the stone in the sack.
"Ahaaa well, should have really been expecting hew to be taking the question seriously ehh? Augoust de Sauterelle.~"

Hearing my name and family so familiarly roll of his tongue sends a cautious chill through me. I reach carefully for the Phoenix Egg and feel it pulse warmly in response beneath my fingertips.
"...and how is it you come to be so familiar with me when I cannot seem to recall our being introduced?"
No. 304206 ID: b84932

Perhaps he has stolen from your family before?

Also, be wary. Criminal people arn't well known for being trustworthy.
No. 304207 ID: 544dd4
File 130539690010.png - (172.86KB , 800x600 , 486.png )

"Ahah vell den, allow me more properly to introduce mienself. I am, Larcen de Scarlett, and I am the kind of man who is known, for knowing. In more ways than one perhaps, if you are catching our meaning?"

He shoot a familiar grin at me as he begins to descend the stairs.
Lingua, we speak Lingia, albeit I can decipher a bit of English given the time and concentration, and he has an unmistakable Northcoast accent.
No. 304210 ID: b84932

"No, I don't know what you mean."

...Does that mean he is a mage?
No. 304213 ID: 7aedd2

He means knowing in the Biblical sense, I believe. He's a gigolo thief
No. 304216 ID: 544dd4
File 130539755516.png - (60.15KB , 444x400 , 487.png )

"L-larcen de Scarlett?"
He may well have said he was Saint Williams of the Iron Fist. Larcen de Scarlett, a robber, highwayman, privateer, burglar without compare...

He has ventured ancient temples of serpent men from the farthest south, delved into the darkest ruins, fought goblin, fae, and tyrant alike. He sailed to seek the Throne of Sunset upon the farthest shattered shore, tricked Triscalion the Law from his treasure, then gave it away... sought the Grail Sanguine on the Ashwalk Crusade... and some say... he found it.

He legend was already long when my grandfather was short.
No. 304220 ID: 544dd4
File 130539786578.png - (124.79KB , 800x600 , 488.png )

...and he has been known to make off with softer treasures than the purest gold.

"Yes, is what I said. Now den, hew coming or just waiting to meet dat lion were speaking of?"

This doesn't make sense, somehow I remember him. His accent, his scent, something about him is too familiar for this.
No. 304221 ID: 0d7a83

Clearly he was who the border guards were looking for when they asked you to say 'Transiktien'.
Strange though; what is a seemingly immortal thief and adventurer doing here?
No. 304222 ID: 00d3d5

Probably because you HAVE met him before, and he's using something to mask his scent. Assuming it IS a him.
Lets play nice and assume the name isn't a lie made up by a street crook. Ask him how long it's been since his mentor retired. Couldn't be very long, since identifying valuables is a vital skill that would be developed VERY quickly - as is not getting caught.

"Interesting. How long has it been since you took up the mantle?
Oh, don't worry, I'll keep your name secret."
No. 304229 ID: 40cb26

Maybe you've seen him sometime when he was disguised for whatever reason. But who cares really? He seems like best kind of trouble to hang out with, so get going already. You can talk on the way about whatever known knowings he knows that you wish to know.
No. 304235 ID: 5a2d39

Perhaps becoming a legend has made it so -everyone- knows him, at least once he's introduced himself. Perhaps magic in his name?
No. 304256 ID: 252e1b

Or he could genuinely be the man he claims to b. That biostasis chamber we saw earlier hints that there was much better medical technology available once. He could have undergone a longevity treatment, mundane or magical. Or perhaps he uses the trick of just skipping over long periods of time in cryostasis and surfacing periodically to check on things.

A man does not become a living legend without reason; his may be paternalism toward your species.
No. 304751 ID: 544dd4
File 130560981130.png - (156.44KB , 800x600 , 489.png )

>>304256 >>304235
Indeed, He could be immortal or even magical...
Given the evidence, that is exceedingly unlikely.

"Tell me then 'Sir Scarlett', has it been long since you took up the mantle? No fear, I'll keep the name a secret, but clean getaways and the analysis of treasure seems a skill one would pick up after... all those years hmmm?"
No. 304753 ID: 544dd4
File 130561018511.png - (151.73KB , 685x357 , 490.png )

"Ahhhh Augoust~ Should have known could not be pulling wool over your eyes. H'was always good student at academy, so perceptive, always watching. Hew remember us yes? Hew remember-"
No. 304756 ID: 544dd4
File 130561064365.png - (218.13KB , 685x357 , 491.png )

"-the day we met, hew almost had one of doz fits, attack panics? Yes? Was first day of academy, was afraid you might go all strange on us."
No. 304761 ID: 544dd4
File 130561264380.png - (151.10KB , 685x357 , 492.png )

"Dessil Pasvert"
"No longer, now, Larcen de Scarlett.
"You were one of my roommates for years, but..."
"Come, must be leaving dis place. Had no further plans here did hew? Needing to get someting, perhaps know a way out?"
No. 304765 ID: 07416a

Ask him if he has rope. If you both have rope... Combine!
No. 304766 ID: 07416a

Then climb down the wall again.
No. 304767 ID: b84932

You could try the front entrance. You'd be amazed at what you can get away with if you just look like you're supposed to be there.
No. 304840 ID: 7aedd2

Okay so you know this guy. Well WE don't, so do a quick mental rundown of all you know about him and your experienced together. It'll better help us help you in regard to him. Also, you'll clearly want to do a bit of catching up with him later to find out why he's impersonating a legendary criminal or whatever. But for the moment... >>304766
I'm not entirely sure, but I figure that the first 'wall' August climbed down was from the carrier's 'tower' down to the main deck, where they are now and where the kobolds seem to have erected a village. Getting down the side of the carrier to the actual ground, however, would be a much bigger 'cliff'... and pretty much impossible, meaning that they'll probably have to find some other way down. But, wait, aircraft carriers don't typically have tunnels running all the way to their bases, do they? Which means the Verhimen and kobolds must have made their own, internally or externally. Sadly we were unconscious on our way in, so we don't know... Ask your friend.
No. 304931 ID: 252e1b

You don't need to damage the structural integrity of the vessel to have regular traffic. Scaffolding would work fine for normal traffic, and heavy loads could be moved using cranes. Nets hung over the sides could work for individuals.

This isn't really a dedicated aircraft carrier though, is it? I mean it doesn't have a launcher or much space for hangers. It's more like a late-period battleship with capacity for a couple of scout planes (probably for U-boat spotting duty). I wonder just how big the guns on this thing are?
No. 305195 ID: 544dd4
File 130578441851.png - (193.35KB , 800x600 , 493.png )

Seems he doesn't have any rope with him. No matter, innumerable poorly lit passages, ducts and pipes lead up and down through the body of the warship-come-fortress. Significant scaffolding, and re-engineering has been done in so many ways over the years that I very truly doubt the vessel would hold together in water, much less float.

"-even listening to us?"
"Yes Dess-
"-Larcen, yes. But you aren't planning on, killing anyone are you? Me and mine have dealings with them and-
"Vhat, now, here? Und tarnish good image? Is so hard playing bandit but hew try being volk hero, always cleaning our image, keeping a pulse on de peoples. De like a liddle blud, but not too much see? Styling for keeping de dagger wet und de blade dry ehh?"
"So those two guards?"
"Distract dem can you?"
No. 305216 ID: 1854db

You still have those firecrackers, right? Tossing them somewhere to lure the guards away should work fine.
No. 305304 ID: 7aedd2

What exactly are they guarding? Do you even have to go this way? Regardless, a bit of truth might be the best distraction. They're not after you, right? So run up to them out of breath and tell them that you've seen the legendary thief Larcen making off with a bag of jewels and then point them off on a false trail.
No. 305306 ID: 35e1a0

that's an INTAKE door. they are guarding from people coming down the hall to our location. meaning we are already behind them.
No. 305364 ID: bccf7b

Not only that, but I think he liiiiiikes you~
No. 305617 ID: 544dd4
File 130595595514.png - (211.61KB , 677x600 , 494.png )

"-Yeah, we been 'lerted tah keep 'n eye out fer a fella matchen sucha description."
"Oi Kellos m' thinken we should ring this in eh?"
"I just saw him, if you hurry I'm sure-"
"Ain't getten no prizes fer seein things so we gotta ring it in, 'es a oily bastard sir n' w-
No. 305620 ID: 544dd4
File 130595620121.png - (234.79KB , 677x600 , 495.png )

'Ouf! Mgghghurrhghmmmm'


"Technically not treason, you see as I'm not actually a citizen and merely a visitor this falls under...

"Auggle! Be useful.
No. 305623 ID: 35e1a0

pull the switch on the wall to kill the lights.
No. 305626 ID: 1854db

Look out, incoming 'bold. Knocking out the lights would work well but be wary of that spear!
No. 305629 ID: 07416a

That is a manly looking bold. Close your eyes, wait a few seconds for everyone to adjust, then turn them on again.
No. 305633 ID: 7aedd2

Even assuming the switch is the on/off for the lights, he'd be turning his back on the armed guard to flip it, unless he groped for it without looking. While I'm generally loath to take a direct approach, considering your proximity to the guard and his primary weapon being a spear, perhaps merely grabbing at it and grappling with him for a time will distract him enough for your friend to complete his SNEAK ATTACK and then help you finish yours.
No. 305640 ID: 40cb26

Oh for heavens sake just punch the fools already.
No. 305697 ID: eba49f

Yeah, you look close enough to just grab his spear. I don't see any short sword or dagger on him, but he might have a dagger hidden somewhere, so keep an eye out for that.
No. 306125 ID: 544dd4
File 130612631549.png - (275.64KB , 850x600 , 496.png )

For a moment, a dangerous moment I am caught in indecision. The guard shifts his attention between me and his entangled friend. If he were to go on the offensive, or reach the intercom, looks a 'lot' stronger than me, light-switch would grant me an advantage, hat shades my eyes, the helmet does not, but his spear grants him reach, does he have a dagger? But if, if I was to step and turn, no...

My tail it prehensile.

I multitask.
No. 306129 ID: 544dd4
File 130612714112.png - (61.93KB , 850x600 , 497.png )

He attempts to wrest the spear back, away from my hand, I feel his thick, muscular tail lash at my face, seeking the neck to choke me. I am not strong enough to hold back his fist, but I hold onto the spear regardless, knowing the bladed end must stay pointed away.

I feel the guard's fingers go slack, his breath labored, and hear Dessil, whispering.

"No, no do not struggle, vhat profit is dis. None, just be relaxing... be sleeping... what harm can come, none. Vill not hurt hew hwe promise. Juzt a moment, no shame in slumbers, yes?"
No. 306132 ID: 544dd4
File 130612751465.png - (314.26KB , 850x600 , 498.png )

Dessil instructs me to bind and gag the guards quickly, as they will not stay unconscious for long.

I wince as the lights snap on again, and hear a kind of muffled thud followed by the sound of another, smaller body hitting the floor.

"..and be tossing me sum small bit of rope for dis one yes? Also, hew have a horse, go get it, I'll take care of dem now, we'z gotta plan."
No. 306137 ID: 35e1a0

okay nice, tie em all up and let's blow this joint.
No. 306157 ID: 1854db

Sounds like a plan. Hand over the rope, and let's get to the stables.

...ask what the plan is though. Where should we meet up?
No. 306230 ID: 0d7a83
File 130617570672.jpg - (46.55KB , 508x690 , zorro.jpg )

Whistle for your horse, then jump on it, Zorro style.
No. 306253 ID: eba49f

Since its not actually your horse (borrowed), it is probably not well trained enough to do fancy stuff like the whistle thing.

Can the horse fit in these hallways?
No. 306570 ID: 544dd4
File 130630252252.png - (196.51KB , 711x444 , 499.png )

"Okay, I've got the... why are you?"
"Disguise, most important part of being clever, hew knowing de story how King Adejand outsmarts dragon using broken mop, butterknife, and damp sponge?"
"I... no. I don't."
"Course, making up a quick story is actual 'most' important part, but de right threads help too. Now hitch my bird to your pack, taking off dat hat und cape, annd we go."
No. 306572 ID: 544dd4
File 130630313977.png - (268.54KB , 850x410 , 500.png )

"Well, fella's whater yew two types goin bout fer."
"I was but thinking good sir, milady has ridden out to find bandits. Upon finishing such exertion, she may find herself in the need of relief of her burdens and aches. A task of succor I find myself obliged to return having been rendered in kind."
"I... what? Oh, oh yerh 'that' fella. Yeah. Damn boy yer whipped fast. Yeah, mmmm, she went erh out that way yonder."
No. 306577 ID: 544dd4
File 130630382262.png - (406.27KB , 850x600 , 501.png )

We make our way out through the fields, gradually losing sight of the massive bulk of the fortress through low hills and fog, to finally make our way to a forest backpath. After a bit Dessil-erh- Larcen looks about, backtracking a bit carefully, and listening closely to the wind before mounting up and declaring his victory.

"Viva Excelsior"

Now, then, what now?
"Also, vhat vas dis ting about 'miladly' story, where hew getting dat kind of cleverness ehh?"
No. 306579 ID: 35e1a0

the best kind of lie, one that is entirely true.
No. 306587 ID: 7aedd2

Just wink at him and tell him obscurely that people are most likely to believe what they want to hear and what best fits their own personal paradigms. Best to make him think that you might be a better Larcen than even he is. And you wouldn't have a ridiculous accent either. Also, you still haven't given us a decent background history of what you know of this guy and your 'experiences' together.
No. 306606 ID: 40cb26

"It was less and more than you might expect, and done only out of pure necessity I assure you. Of course if I had a mind to..."
No. 306653 ID: c54519

Might be nothing, but it looks like there's something looking out of the bottom of that bush to your right.
No. 306662 ID: eba49f

> bottom of that bush to your right.
Looks like that may be the frog we were looking for.
No. 307057 ID: 544dd4
File 130647187922.png - (379.72KB , 850x600 , 502.png )

"It was, well you see it was one of the best sort of lies."
"Hew mean?"
"Yes, that sort which are primarily true."
"Aaaah Augoust~ Hew must tell me, what is she looking like, smelling, tasting even? I knew hew would come into yerh own some day haha! Didn't presume doe dat hew would be getting a taste for dem lowlanden type girlies. Is very, down to earth, how hew say, primal an-
"It is... a bit more complicated than that I assure you."
No. 307064 ID: 544dd4
File 130647274869.png - (353.00KB , 850x600 , 503.png )

"What are you doing over der anyhow, is starting to get damp und probably vill rain soon.
"Gotcha, Done! Nevermind me, just, had to get something."
"Ah, well, I see den. Hew still have dat old family crazyness anyhow. Anyhow, should probably be splitting up so are harder to find, buuut if hew want to am having a camp a ways from here. If you've nowhere to be, is sure de boyz vill not mind an extra fellow wiff de loot is bringing in tonight."

Hmmm, should we take him up on that offer? I could probably get home before night if I ride soon, might even beat the rain if I make it to the highlands, but it would be a good chance to catch up with an old friend.

We shared a room together for a few years at the Owensdale Academy for Young Gentlemen. He was the only son of a rather successful brewer from northcoast, he had to withdraw though the last two years due to financial problems at home. I think there were some Sea People raids followed by a nasty crop plague that year, was never clear on the details there.
No. 307067 ID: 252e1b

He's right that splitting up would be the best option. Make plans to meet him at a later date instead.
No. 307090 ID: 0d7a83

urg, its tempting to go with him; who knows who he's got back at his camp, but it's risky. besides its not like you need a share of the loot. I think it would probably be better to decide on a date for a proper reunion, if his... schedule permits it.
No. 307102 ID: 07416a

Well, you haven't found the flower yet. You could go with him and get one of them to find it... But it's smarter to split while the splittings good and look for the flower on the way.
No. 307105 ID: 07416a

Scratch that, you have no idea what the flower actually looks like, do you? Go with him, get someone to grab a few samples of both, then hire them as an escort, maybe.
No. 307158 ID: 441b13

If you delay, there may be trouble waiting on the border tomorrow.
However.. your friend is a roving, dashing rogue now. It could be a long time before you meet again.

Also, that's not one of those frogs that has hallucinogenic-laced skin or sprays poison blood from its eyes is it?

Then again considering the other fantastic creatures you've come across I suppose those could be safer options. It could be a baby gigantoad or something that grows to the size of a carriage.
No. 307215 ID: 44b73c

I'm going to second this.
No. 307223 ID: 104c67

I vote for going with him, or at least rendezvousing at his camp. It might be good to get some clout with the underworld, as it were, and your family may actually approve of your becoming something of a benefactor to a group of villains who are being a thorn in the side of their political rivals.
No. 307784 ID: 544dd4
File 130673663575.png - (297.65KB , 642x519 , 504.png )

"Mmm I should probably be headed home, my family likely didn't expect me out so long nor far. Perhaps we could arrange a later, safer meeting? Besides, if I try and cross the boarder tomorrow, there could be trouble. Women trouble."
"Ahahaha dat's mah Auguost! Hew and me, like brothers yes? Me, I am de big brother, and hew, hew are like little brother never had. Yes, yes we must surely meet later. Perhaps go out on de town, two fine scary sexy fellows like us, I wiff dese rugged good looks and muscle tone, hew wiff dose fine features and clever tricks, make all da ladies scream and tremble we will!"

We walk a bit further along the common path, say our goodbyes and take our separate ways.
No. 307787 ID: 544dd4
File 130673709821.png - (197.14KB , 748x425 , 505.png )

The rain begins to drizzle over the lowlands for the rest of the afternoon like a gravy boat held by a harrowed kobold, which is to say, it intermittently dumps heavy droplets all over the landscape at the slightest provocation or excuse.

The worst bit was perhaps the ascent from the bottom of the quarry as strange gusts of wind through the rocks made slow going. Listening for the sounds of sliding stone over the eerie moaning music of cavern mouths in the breeze.
No. 307791 ID: 544dd4
File 130673737208.png - (64.93KB , 850x600 , 506.png )

In the uplands the precipitation eventually drops off, or perhaps it had already passed, leaving behind the smell of damp grass and sounds of crickets in the dusk. I make Merbouillant just at nightfall, damp, uncomfortable, and thoroughly exhausted.
No. 307793 ID: 252e1b

The quarry likely radiates heat at a faster rate than the surrounding terrain. That, coupled with the shape of the quarry, would create a low-pressure area with a good channel for high pressure to flow into.

It's like a big wind catcher.
No. 307794 ID: 544dd4
File 130673845132.png - (174.59KB , 850x600 , 507.png )

I rouse Baldrekgus from the couch, surrounded by a small nest of biscuit papers and the random odds and ends he is wont to collect in his goings about and set him to setting me a bath.

"I don't know if... I can take every week being so interesting. Hahh hah ha see? my hand's are shaking so at the thought of all of it, I had to fumble for a solid minute just to work my belt. I dug up a magic space rock, chased by a lion, engaged in fisticuffs on an aeroplane, danced with a prospective cosanginous mate and childhood friend, entertained the Fae, was assaulted by one of said faries in a twisted dream maze, 'killed' him, with a magic! ransacked my mentor's artifact stash and library, went shopping, snuck out of town, assumed a disguise as a minstrel, fought creepers, preformed emergency medicine, killed a mess of creepers, with MAGIC! went mad for a bit, woke up naked in a rival noblewoman's bath, technically slept with her, impersonated a dragon, tricked a knight bartered with a kobold, discovered a 'dirty little secret' ran from a knight, into a female fertility cult, snuck out of that, ran into an old school buddy, who's now a legendary burglar and helped him pull of an escape!

It's only been.... four days... Saints! I need a bath. I've never done anything like any of this mess before. It all feels so strange..."

No. 307796 ID: 544dd4
File 130673855036.png - (123.06KB , 850x600 , 508.png )

"So very... very strange..."
No. 307797 ID: 00d3d5

Err... You sure you can handle this? 'cause what you called the most exciting four days of your life we call a long weekend.
No. 307798 ID: 252e1b


Aren't you glad you met us?
No. 307821 ID: 40cb26

Don't fear the strangeness, fear getting used to it. But not too much because you probably will have to at some point.
No. 307825 ID: 35e1a0

is another of our powers. make your life much more amazing.
No. 307834 ID: 0d7a83

That's an interesting point actually. While I can't confirm that it's caused by us most of the people who carry us find themselves getting into exceptional circumstances quite often.

On the flip side though, they also find themselves gaining strength, power and allies at an accelerated rate.

Its sort of a 'high risk, high gain' thing. Don't worry about it to much though; we have a good track record for keeping our carriers alive.
No. 307835 ID: 252e1b

We ought to write a song about August.

Brave, brave, August de Sauterelle
Knew how to give his enemies hell
He flew on a plane
Down to the plains
And retrieved a retarded magic ball

Someone come up with the chorus
No. 308443 ID: 544dd4
File 130698876160.png - (646.88KB , 1011x1011 , 509.png )

No. 308460 ID: 7aedd2

So... got any unresolved issues?
No. 308501 ID: f9092d

No. 308510 ID: b6ca92

>*illuminate scene*
Might not want that. If I may attract your attention to the lower left corner...
No. 308982 ID: 23884c

Is this an amazing dream?
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