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File 134014933440.jpg - (273.43KB , 800x480 , Magic West - Chapter 1.jpg )
424174 No. 424174 ID: 09e5bf

Discussion Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/54500.html

Prologue: >>410618
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No. 424175 ID: 09e5bf
File 134014941639.jpg - (216.67KB , 750x500 , MagicWest - 1 - 1.jpg )

René, looking for his dad, finds him sitting alone at the top of a hill, talking to someone, but nobody's there.

"You know, your boy has the talent for magic. You and your family should head out West with me. We get away from the Coal Nation. It'd be better for your boy that way." René doesn't hear a voice, but he knows what was said.

René's dad says they should be fine. He mentions that Jones is the town sheriff, so René shouldn't have any problems with authorities growing up 'round here.

"Come on, Ben. We could go adventuring like to good old days."

"Those days are behind me now. I've got a family now. I'm done with that life."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

What should René do? Interrupt? Continue listening in? Leave his Dad alone?
No. 424176 ID: 132b99

"hey. sorry to interrupt but i don't think i can stay here anyway. one of them scarlet knights found me in the other town. i managed to give them the slip but they will probably be checking all the towns near it for me."
No. 424177 ID: 997ce7

Also, "Is that a demon? I always wanted to meet one."
No. 424208 ID: 131de9

Wait politely where you are for the conversation to end, then speak up, I'd say.
No. 424212 ID: 09e5bf
File 134015649498.jpg - (127.33KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 2.jpg )

Dad! I was in the other town when a scarlet knight found me! I gave 'em the slip, but I can't stay round these parts anymore, they're probly gonna search all the local towns for me."

"Haha! Really now? Perhaps you could come out West with me?"

"Don't encourage the boy. He's just playin' games. Now Rene, I don't want you joking about the Scarlet Knights, ya hear? Who told you about them anyway?"

"Mom did! She said t' look out fer them!"

"Good advice."
No. 424213 ID: 09e5bf
File 134015654575.jpg - (187.87KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 3.jpg )

"Who's that you're talkin to, Dad? His eyes are all funny, is he a demon? I always wanted to meet a demon!"

"Rene! That was rude! Apologoize to -"

"There's no harm done, Ben. I'm no demon, René. I'm just one of Ben's old ridin' buddies. Though now I reckon I ain't nobody."
No. 424223 ID: 132b99

okay, now talk about what you were looking for him in th first place about.
No. 424229 ID: 72d49b

Wait a second, you seem young. Is this a dream or a memory?
No. 424230 ID: e3f578

"Mr, are you putting on the dark, depressed tough guy act to impress the ladies? Dad would say you must read too many Penny dreadfuls!"
No. 424236 ID: b85f8c

Tell him he looks like somebody to you.
No. 424255 ID: f387a1

Well now, nice knowing him. Perhaps you two will meet again? However, all the ladies will be yours - well, at least half of them will. He better make a family before you hit the West.
No. 424332 ID: 771d02

oh. oh my. apologize for lying.
No. 424409 ID: fb9917

Man, what IS up with that guy's eyes? Is he a mage? Is that his aura expressing itself? WHAT IS THE DEAL
No. 424467 ID: 09e5bf
File 134023226561.jpg - (205.27KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 4.jpg )

>Wait a second, you seem young. Is this a dream or a memory?

Both, it seems. Well, more memory than dream before; more dream now than memory. I think this happened early at night though.

>Man, what IS up with that guy's eyes? Is he a mage? Is that his aura expressing itself? WHAT IS THE DEAL

I don't know what the guy's deal is, maybe I found out when I was younger

"So, why're your eyes like that? Are you a mage?"
No. 424471 ID: 09e5bf
File 134023248230.jpg - (114.30KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 5.jpg )

"I am a mage, no that doesn't have anything to do with my eyes. I also don't appreciate my memories being watched. Goodbye, dreamcrafter."

And with that, he goes away, without a trace, taking the landscape with him.
No. 424473 ID: 09e5bf
File 134023250761.jpg - (112.80KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 6.jpg )

Huh. This must be what the dreamlines look like.

Well, where should René go from here?
No. 424476 ID: 927efa

Rene never saw the dreamlines before? What a noob. Next time you see that guy give him a shiner, because that dream he busted up was your memory and you had every right to watch it.
No. 424489 ID: 132b99

follow the roots upward. as in, go along the path and go where they get bigger.
No. 424510 ID: f387a1

Don't look at the light, it will blind you. Just wait to wake up.
No. 424525 ID: 09e5bf


They don't really get bigger one way or the other.

Should René go where they seem to be converging, or head outward?
No. 424531 ID: b85f8c

Converging? That sounds interesting, go check that out.
No. 424543 ID: 09e5bf
File 134024804761.jpg - (100.14KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1- 7.jpg )

>Follow the lines to where they converge.

Huh. it kinda looks like a spiderweb.
No. 424544 ID: 09e5bf
File 134024808146.jpg - (156.43KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1- 8.jpg )

I wonder why that is.
No. 424551 ID: 132b99

dive down to under the strings. there is some kind of dream spider. show us the true power of a dreamcrafter in their domain. create a giant rifle. and blow the bastard away.
No. 424553 ID: b85f8c

Diving under the web sounds like a good idea even if we do talk to it.
No. 424556 ID: b0d466

aaaaaaaaaaaaah use your dream catcher man
No. 424586 ID: 132b99

what if this IS a dream-catcher?
No. 424603 ID: e3aff6

People wouldn't carry them around if they turn into giant spiders that sneak up on you.
No. 424606 ID: f387a1

Burn the web. Run.

Not necessarily in this order.
No. 424610 ID: 132b99

no see, you keep them and the spider eats any bad dreams that try to get into your head.
No. 424644 ID: 09e5bf
File 134025969361.jpg - (158.62KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 9.jpg )

>use your dream catcher

You use dream catchers by putting them up when you go to bed. They keep Bogeymen out. This is just a regular nightmare.

>dive down to under the strings. there is some kind of dream spider.
No. 424645 ID: 09e5bf
File 134025972949.jpg - (92.96KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 10.jpg )

>show us the true power of a dreamcrafter in their domain. create a giant rifle. and blow the bastard away.

I'll do one better, I'll blow away this whole stupid nightmare
No. 424646 ID: 09e5bf
File 134025980166.jpg - (107.80KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 11.jpg )

>no see, you keep them and the spider eats any bad dreams that try to get into your head.

I was taught that we use dream catchers to stop Bogeymen, who are too big to make it through the tiny holes. I don't think there are spiders involved, but I guess I could be wrong.
No. 424647 ID: 09e5bf
File 134025987938.jpg - (251.75KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 12.jpg )

See? problem solved. No more giant nightmare spider.
No. 424648 ID: 09e5bf
File 134025990531.jpg - (242.46KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 13.jpg )

...That's a bogeyman.


Why is a bogeyman here? HOW is a bogeyman here? I did have a dreamcatcher, right?

No. 424649 ID: 132b99

yes, but you just blew it up. durr. how did you become a dreamcrafter without knowing how things worked? hopefully you just escaped it and it's not actually on the ground in a million pieces.

anyway, you have unlimited ammo, start shooting and flying backwards.
No. 424650 ID: a2fa74

Shoot it.
"I've better things to do than put up with your nonsense.
Go away. Shoo!"

Can you go visiting other people's dreams?
No. 424654 ID: b85f8c

Destroy what it walks upon.
No. 424668 ID: df3a6b

Hug it. It's probably really friendly but everybody treats it like a monster.
No. 424671 ID: 750c47

To be fair, it could be a nightmare about a Bogeyman? I doubt it, though. When you 'escaped' the nightmare about the spider, you went through and under the web, and it created this odd rippling effect. What could that have been representative of?

Also, gonna need more intel on Bogeymen here. What do they do, how do you defeat one if it does get past your dreamcatcher? If it has trouble with getting through small holes, can you find one to go through? Or is that only in the real world that works?
No. 424687 ID: 223190

three rifles this time.
No. 424688 ID: f387a1

Wake up.
No. 424733 ID: 09e5bf
File 134030792371.jpg - (238.63KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 14.jpg )

René tries to put some space between him and the Bogeyman
No. 424734 ID: 09e5bf
File 134030794793.jpg - (184.80KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 15.jpg )

"I've better things to do than put up with your nonsense.
Go away. Shoo!"

No. 424735 ID: 09e5bf
File 134030797212.jpg - (170.22KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 16.jpg )

>Also, gonna need more intel on Bogeymen here. What do they do?

Bogeyman hurt you in dreams, which hurts you in real life. Some stories say they'll also kidnap people. They usually create nightmares to do the work for them.

>how do you defeat one if it does get past your dreamcatcher?
I've not heard of someone beating one. That's what dreamcathers are for. I don't know about dreamcrafters, but to most people, Bogeymen aren't really stoppable once the person is dreaming.

>If it has trouble with getting through small holes, can you find one to go through? Or is that only in the real world that works?
I'm pretty sure the small holes thing is just real world objects.

>Can you go visiting other people's dreams?

Judging from the guy with the unnaturally black poncho, yes. Have I done so before? No.

>you went through and under the web, and it created this odd rippling effect. What could that have been representative of?

I wouldn't know. It felt like water when I dove under the webs.
No. 424736 ID: 09e5bf
File 134030799865.jpg - (204.67KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 17.jpg )

Stupid monster doesn't even know that's an exploding cannonball.
No. 424737 ID: 09e5bf
File 134030801028.jpg - (233.57KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 18.jpg )

... or it just doesn't care.
No. 424739 ID: b85f8c

How well can you control dreamcrafted objects? Are they anchored in place, or is it a freefloating thing here? Can you throw them around?

I kinda want to make a u-shape or a bowl to deflect and redirect the projectile back to the bogeyman.

I also want to KILL IT WITH FIRE.
No. 424741 ID: 67a08f

> the guy with the unnaturally black poncho
He sent you here, time to pay him a visit. That was your only memory of him? Recreate it countless times.
No. 424742 ID: 132b99

try using impossible objects. shoot a bullet that that negative friction, you are only limited o your imagination here. maybe a giant war golem. a demon, a giant squishing machine. another boogyman loyal to you.
No. 424744 ID: 132b99

also dodge.
No. 424750 ID: 927efa

You might want to try waking up. You fucked up badly, and you're out of your league here.
No. 424763 ID: af25e0

Encase it in a block of ice.
No. 424783 ID: 223190
File 134032218394.jpg - (16.08KB , 320x396 , Dr_ Evil.jpg )

one hundred million cannons!
No. 424787 ID: 08005b

You magnificent bastard.
No. 424793 ID: 107c3d

I see no way this could possibly go wrong.
No. 424802 ID: abbc45

try using FIRE magic on it
No. 424840 ID: 750c47

So, dreamcraft stuff can't hurt it. Can it TRAP it?


Also, gon' want to dodge that thingy it threw at you. Was already present in this part of the dream, so it might actually be dangerous.
No. 425250 ID: a467b8
File 134043807165.jpg - (167.39KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 19.jpg )

>You might want to try waking up.

I have been.
No. 425251 ID: a467b8
File 134043810902.jpg - (223.68KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 20.jpg )

>also dodge.
No. 425252 ID: a467b8
File 134043816498.jpg - (251.72KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 21.jpg )

>one hundred million cannons!

I'm not sure I could imagine that many of anything. Is this enough?
No. 425253 ID: a467b8
File 134043820332.jpg - (146.52KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 22.jpg )

No. 425254 ID: a467b8
File 134043829628.jpg - (183.67KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 23.jpg )

I guess not.

How should René handle the flaming cannonball? Dodge, Deflect, Block, something else?
No. 425257 ID: 04b86a

Make a tennis racket for this.
No. 425258 ID: d5ee6f

DODGE! You haven't been able to put a scratch on it, why do you think that you'll be able to take a hit?

Also make illusions of yourself to confuse it.

AFTER you've dodged.
No. 425259 ID: 132b99

what happened to the spear it threw? also maybe you need some 'real' compents? carve ammo out of the rocks, not imagine them wholesale. for this get a block out of the stone and intercept it.
No. 425260 ID: b85f8c

That's your cannonball. You made it. You can unmake it.

Alternatively you could catch it with a cannon and fire it back... but with how the bogeyman disguised the spear as a hunk of rock before, I suspect it might not be your cannonball anymore, or even a cannonball.

I say summon a giant baseball bat and knock it back at him. Worst case scenario, the bat gets destroyed.
No. 425261 ID: 04b86a

Doh! That spear had been a rock when the boogeyman threw it. Start using those as dreamcrafting material instead of gossamer or whatever it is you're using now.
No. 425264 ID: 9718f3

Make a u-bend pipe to send the cannonball back at it.

After that is dealt with, consider that those stone spires were here before you got here. They may well be more "real" here than your dreams are, while still being dream-stuff. What I'm suggesting is that they may have the capacity to harm the bogeyman. The fact that it used one to attack supports my hypothesis. Try turning one of them into a weapon of your own with your dream crafting.

If that doesn't work, you're going to have to run away and look for someone else's dream to take refuge in. You should fit through their dreamcatcher.
No. 425267 ID: 750c47

Deflect. That thing looks explodey, so conjure something in its way.

Also, I am still waiting to see INSTANT JAIL CELL.
No. 425268 ID: 9b5a1a

Time allowing, block it with another cannonball of your own. Should cancel eachother's momentum.

And hey, once that's dealt with, obviously it wouldn't work in the real world, but seeing how this is a dream and all, could you conjure up a pure silver blade to lot the things head off?
No. 425269 ID: 223190

aw man

maybe you can directly unmake the world around him

make him fall to oblivion
No. 425274 ID: 67a08f

This isn't dead man's volley. That spear. You can make a giant crossbow to shoot that?
No. 425675 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058156562.jpg - (99.62KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 24.jpg )

>Use the rocks to make things.

René tries to craft a bat out of the rocks to hit the cannonball back with.
No. 425676 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058158853.jpg - (113.49KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 25.jpg )

But it proves too hard to work with, so he quickly makes a U bend at the last second to turn the cannonball back at the Bogeyman.
No. 425678 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058163951.jpg - (168.20KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 26.jpg )

... which it missed.
No. 425679 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058166275.jpg - (42.38KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 27.jpg )

But René's efforts weren't for nothing.
No. 425680 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058168013.gif - (20.31KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 28.gif )

René has learned a few things about the rocks
No. 425681 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058170546.jpg - (95.11KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 29.jpg )

1. They are made of Gossamer, just like any of his items.
No. 425682 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058173268.jpg - (157.89KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 30.jpg )

2. They are so well made, that they make his stuff look like Papier-mâché.
No. 425684 ID: 09e5bf
File 134058177958.jpg - (217.97KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 1 - 31.jpg )

And lastly, 3. That they, just like everything else here, were made by the bogeyman.
No. 425686 ID: 86078e

Looks like what you need to do to beat this thing is become better at dreamcraft than the bogeyman. So uh, that's my suggestion, I guess. Weave something out of gossamer as tight and strong as you can.
No. 425687 ID: 6e44d2

Do you have any metal on you?

Also, fuck.
No. 425688 ID: 132b99

there's blood on it's lip. getting hit by that last attack did manage to hurt it. that means it ISN'T indestructible, just stronger then what you can make. do you have a way to make things stronger then normal? even for a limited amount of time? like, instead of making something up, make something REAL. pull out your gun, you should know that thing inside and out and pour ALL your remaining gossamer into it, and make it perfect down to every last nick and scratch.
No. 425689 ID: fa9f7e


Okay, let's look at this logically.

The Bogeyman made you, since you are here, and everything else's antecedent was the rocks. Therefore, it is one of your parents. We met your father in a memory. He may have somehow become a bogeyman, but it is more likely that this is your mother.

Yell "Mommy!" and hug it.

If nothing else, it'll tell us if she can understand/speak language.
No. 425692 ID: fa9f7e

After all, your dad presumably was a magic-user, and magic attracts demons. Everyone assumed it was like flies to Balsamic vinegar, but looks like it means romantically.

You are half-demon.

Jump down a time-traveling well and get UST with a Tsundere schoolgirl.
No. 425699 ID: d88ac1

What if this Bogeyman is made with Gossamer? What if it's made with your Gossamer? There must be a way to defeat it or run away, otherwise there wouldn't be any stories or protections against it.

This, except that you're in a dream. However, you can make things of metal, right? No need to be large or in absurd quantity. A sword, a revolver. Or a dream catcher? Anything. Focus all your Gossamer into it.
No. 425700 ID: 223190


that's not blood. that's his markings. nothing we did even nicked him.

can you directly influence the bogeyman itself? I dunno, create stuff directly inside of it, or shift the bogeyman's shape?
No. 425705 ID: fa9f7e

Above the stripe in the middle of her jaw. Red splotch. Slightly different shade of red and irregular borders.
No. 425706 ID: 09e5bf

The mark at the end of the Bogeyman's chin is part of his natural markings. The ones along the side of his mouth are blood.
No. 425707 ID: 86078e

I don't feel that the evidence supports this conclusion.
No. 425708 ID: b0d466

Make a DREAM CATCHER. In this dream.
No. 425713 ID: 7472ad

Don't try and make solid objects better then this thing. Pretty clear you can't. You need to be smarter about what you choose to make. So if it wants to work with stone, how about you work with your primary element. Use the gossamer that makes up this place to heat this place up, and turn it into a blaze as intense as you can imagine. And then pour every scrap of talent you have with fire magic to feed and intensify the flames you've created. Don't try and alter what this has made using dreamcrafting. Melt it.
No. 425721 ID: 223190


interestingly enough, that's the same spot Rene got scratched by the spear.

dun dun dunn
No. 425732 ID: e3aff6

He has a belt with a buckle on it.
No. 425736 ID: b85f8c

Metal? Metal won't help, he'd need PURE SILVER to banish this thing's stuff. And you can't dreamcraft that.

If making a dreamcatcher doesn't work, it's looking like the best thing we can do is turn this thing's creations against it. Continue reflecting and redirecting attacks, and try to create a gun that you can put one of the rocks into to shoot it. Like a flechette.
No. 425748 ID: 132b99

REAL metal can break dreamcrafted things, but real metal doesn't EXIST in here, this is the dream world EVERYTHING is a dream!!
No. 425763 ID: abbc45


fabricate a dream-maze and place it around you and the bogeyman, then run for it.
No. 425766 ID: b0d466

Dreamcraft a boogeyman to fight this boogeyman!
No. 425775 ID: 09e5bf
File 134059710344.jpg - (187.67KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 32.jpg )

I am very sorry, I just realized I forgot to have something important happen.

The Bogeyman speaks. "I am the spear, reach extending, flesh tearing"
No. 425778 ID: fa9f7e

I am the claymore, haft-shearing, spearman-slaying.

Yes, this is actually what they were for, iirc.
No. 425780 ID: b85f8c

As we play this Game, I assume we should be dreamcrafting the objects we present.
No. 425800 ID: 3c806d

worst idea, you sir would end up with a spear head in your gut.
I am the shield, weapon stopping, flesh protecting
No. 425801 ID: 132b99

okay a shield does sound better.
No. 425809 ID: d88ac1

What would it gain with this old game that it wouldn't obtain by force? No, let's play poker. Or giant ass spear through its guts. Or bogeyman barbecue.
No. 425810 ID: b0d466

I agree with not playing the oldest game and just roasting the f*** out of it
No. 425813 ID: 132b99

uhhh, did you not notice we are standing on the surface of a dream STAR? as in, it's like a million billion degrees. but because it's technically dream fire we are basically immune.
No. 425816 ID: d88ac1

René still has the spear and poker options. No, seriously. What it wants with this old game?
No. 425819 ID: 132b99

because it's a lot harder to cheat at. and rene cannot make items strong enough to pierce it's hide.
No. 425830 ID: 970282

Votan for shield
No. 425838 ID: 9718f3

Shield seems our best bet.
No. 425840 ID: 927efa

Maybe he wants a conversation.
No. 425847 ID: 659210

Wait, wait. I got this. Rene is half air half fire, isn't he? Let's play to his strengths.

"I am the air intangible, thrust your spear and I will move aside."
No. 425860 ID: 4e3924

I am the fire, haft-charring, head-softening.
That doesn't actually defeat the spear.
No. 425861 ID: 4e3924

I am the fire, haft-charring, head-softening.
That doesn't actually defeat the spear.
No. 425884 ID: d88ac1

Perhaps a haiku battle or a rap battle?
No. 425933 ID: fa9f7e

It does. The point is to thwart his effort to win, usually by BUT not necessarily just by "beating" his form. For example, a bodyguard vs. a sniper. Even if bodyguard dies, the sniper failed in his mission, so the sniper loses.

And he included flesh-tearing, so he's trying to murderlize us.
No. 425963 ID: 09e5bf
File 134066467723.jpg - (216.59KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 33.jpg )

I am the shield, weapon stopping, flesh protecting
No. 425964 ID: 09e5bf
File 134066469792.jpg - (274.51KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 34.jpg )

"I am fire, wood burning, defense engulfing"
No. 425966 ID: fa9f7e

Go with nothingness, water is too obvious. It'll stop burning when deprived of oxygen.
No. 425967 ID: 2bafff

"I am the storm fire drowning warmth leaching"
No. 425968 ID: 132b99

i am a fire mage, flame controlling.
No. 425969 ID: 927efa

I am Réné uh.. your last name. Fire is my bitch. Toast his ass.
No. 425974 ID: b2f225

Cook, blacksmith and dreamcrafter? Fire is your tool? Then it would use "Bogeyman" and win easily. Lame.

Bogeyman? Flame eater, dream destroyer? It would have to reveal its weakness or lose the game. No, that's too boring.

Let's go with storm, water, carbon dioxide and stuff.
No. 425978 ID: b85f8c

If he uses bogeyman we can use dreamcatcher. And honestly, how do you counter a dreamcatcher?
No. 425981 ID: 107c3d

this, crafting a fire mage would be a bit too meta.
No. 425995 ID: b2f225

With a stupid dreamcrafter. If it says "dreamcatcher", let's craft one.

Nothing is meta in this old game. This game should be played between mortals, not by absurdly powerful creatures where the best answer is always the opponent. It says its weakness or loses the game.
No. 425996 ID: b85f8c

If you reuse a concept you lose. If we go dreamcrafter, he goes bogeyman, we go dreamcatcher and he goes dreamcrafter, we win.
No. 426002 ID: b2f225

Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit. It's never enough.

Pure silver? Dreamcrafters are mortals, they have far too many weaknesses.
No. 426005 ID: 09e5bf

While I don't mind debate, it makes sorting out suggestions harder. If you are voting for something, or changing your vote, and not just arguing the merits of an idea, please specifically say so.

As best I can tell the votes are currently

3 for storm,
2 for firemage
1 for specifically going with a dreamcrafter
1 for Bogeyman
and 1 for Nothingness.

But I can't tell if Calling Soft still supports storm or has changed their vote.
No. 426011 ID: b2f225

Sorry about that. I'll go with "Bogeyman. Flame breather, dream destroyer."
No. 426013 ID: 9b5a1a

I'll go with storm. Having something that can take out a firemage next seems like a bad direction to push things in.
No. 426015 ID: 659210

Add a vote for storm.
No. 426036 ID: b85f8c

You can't dreamcraft craft pure silver, therefore it is an invalid choice in this Game.

I will settle on voting for Storm.
No. 426039 ID: b2f225

No, René says dreamcraft, Bogeyman says pure silver. Wait. You mean that they need to craft what they say? Is that an unspoken rule?
No. 426045 ID: 09e5bf

'Summoning what you say' has not been specified as a rule, but it's what has been happening so far.

If you would like to try countering the Bogeyman by just saying what beats his thing without actually crafting an item, let me know. But for now, I'm going under the assumption that René is summoning what the suggestions call for as per >>425780
No. 426047 ID: 132b99

also, saying a mage type we are, fire or dreamcraft, doesn't need us to craft it, since that is what we are.
No. 426049 ID: b2f225

Thanks. I'll go with storm, then.
No. 426129 ID: 09e5bf
File 134068803160.gif - (119.32KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 35.gif )

Ok, the whole thing with the sun not hurting, turns out that's because it's not made to hurt.
No. 426132 ID: 09e5bf
File 134068808625.gif - (138.37KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 36.gif )

"I am a storm, fire drowning, warmth leaching"

Oh god that was really hard to make. I'm not sure I could make something bigger than this.

No. 426133 ID: 09e5bf
File 134068811298.jpg - (322.35KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 37.jpg )

I am the wind,
No. 426134 ID: 09e5bf
File 134068812373.jpg - (329.96KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 38.jpg )

cloud breaking, storm dispelling
No. 426138 ID: 4a328b

I am a kite; wind riding, joy creating!
No. 426139 ID: 2bafff

"I am space air depriving flesh freezing"
No. 426140 ID: 9b5a1a

I am a windmill, taming the wind to grind up grain.
No. 426142 ID: a9298b

voting for windmill
No. 426146 ID: af25e0

Voting for windmill, hoping he counters with a crazy Spaniard.
No. 426150 ID: b2f225

No. 426154 ID: 927efa

I dunno if you're winning but he's having a great time with this. Just look at that grin!
No. 426233 ID: cd8c89

How 'bout phrasing it like so: I am the windmill, wind taming, energy gaining.

Votin' for windmill.
No. 426244 ID: 6768fc
File 134071808209.jpg - (48.69KB , 720x480 , The boulder.jpg )

I am the boulder
Wind enduring
century lasting
im sorry it had to be done
No. 426246 ID: 4bdd79

No. 426250 ID: 223190

a windmill profits from the wind, but doesn't defeat it. nothing can stop the wind the way you have to in order to win the game. we lost.
No. 426253 ID: f7b26e

A vacuum, like space, would stop the flow of wind. But I believe an object which benefits from the wind (ie, windmill) would work.

Wind erodes rock, it just takes a long time.
No. 426274 ID: cf49fc

I am the void, infinite and unchanging.
No. 426275 ID: 9718f3

I am a house, wind blocking, shelter providing
No. 426276 ID: 6768fc


My real suggestion is 'I am the homeor house if you will, wind breaking, inhabitant sheltering'

I wanted to say something like 'the earth' or some other item where the wind matters little on it's scale, but this is a dream battle and Rene has limits. The Home might be one of the better options, since it shelters the inhabitants from the elements for however long the inhabitant(in this case rene) lives there. Sure the wind erodes all things given time, but Rene(inhabitant) would be long dead several times over before that even looked close to happening and so could be said to defeat the wind as a threat.

sorry if this is a bit longer than what you're used to. Just explaining my reasoning as well as suggesting.
No. 426289 ID: b2f225

"The wind doesn't break a tree that bends."
No. 426326 ID: b85f8c

A prime example of a counter that does not work is countering a cow with a farmer, who milks it. The farmer does nothing to the cow, so it's a loss.

You can't just use something that benefits from whatever your opponent just used. It has to eliminate or impede the other thing.

Let's go with a house.
No. 426329 ID: 04b86a

What about hurricanes? You need to get rid of the wind to dispel those storms.
No. 426331 ID: 927efa
File 134074171330.jpg - (30.31KB , 400x285 , funny-pictures.jpg )

I am a fart.
No. 426333 ID: 937bbb

I am the boulder, wind blocking, lee creating.
No. 426334 ID: 937bbb

I am the boulder, wind blocking, lee creating.
No. 426338 ID: b2f225

Although these efforts shows how much we appreciate this quest, I think that's enough. This isn't the place for this kind of discussion, we should move to General Discussion or Traditional Games.
No. 426360 ID: cb97cd

Kite is best. whimsy will always win. dont go with force, but simply move out of the way.

As the kite, you fly.
No. 426368 ID: 2bafff

I am changing mine to "I am the Mountain wind breaking, Eon withstanding"
No. 426471 ID: 09e5bf
File 134076069458.jpg - (133.07KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 39.jpg )

No. 426472 ID: 09e5bf
File 134076073478.jpg - (157.19KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 40.jpg )

"I am the windmill, wind taming, energy gaining"

I made that just in time.

No. 426474 ID: 09e5bf
File 134076076071.jpg - (391.17KB , 800x600 , Magic West - 1 - 41.jpg )

"I am war,"
No. 426476 ID: 09e5bf
File 134076077656.jpg - (216.76KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 42.jpg )

"structure destroying, humanity consuming"
No. 426478 ID: 997ce7

I am victory, war ending, game winning.
No. 426480 ID: 4a328b

I am TREATY; war ending, alliance making.
No. 426490 ID: 2bafff

"I am Famine Army starving, Life ending"
No. 426492 ID: d5ee6f

I am plague, thriving in war
No. 426493 ID: 132b99

i am strategy. have some blue guys appear from behind and sneak attack his reds.
No. 426495 ID: b2f225

Soviet Winter, bitch.

Sorry. Let's go with Poverty/Famine.
No. 426512 ID: cf49fc

I am Holocaust, all-ending, war-consuming.
No. 426528 ID: 842117

I am the blizzard, soldier freezing, supply line severing.
No. 426529 ID: 842117

I am the blizzard, soldier freezing, supply line severing.
No. 426543 ID: b2f225

Oh! I'll go with this! Make it double!
No. 426544 ID: 6768fc

I am awake, nightmare ending, safety ensuring

was kind of wondering why noone did this, it's cheating, but still.
No. 426548 ID: cd8c89

I am the diplomat, war-ending, peace-winning.

What, and end our fun?
No. 426552 ID: 3c806d

I like it.
No. 426703 ID: 223190


No. 426712 ID: a00410

I am hope I will always continue.
No. 426719 ID: b8b253

I've been thinking a little about this dream battle thing. Both the bogeyman and Rene are using their magic to create all of these complex things out of gossamer and whatnot, right? And the Bogeyman is obviously much, much better than Rene, and able to do a whole lot more complex things more quickly, as evidenced by how it conjured up 'war'.

So... if we answer the bogeyman's challenges directly in terms of things of complexity and size, Rene is gonna get totally boned, isn't we? Rene had trouble getting the windmill up, presumably because it was big and complex. He had a similar difficulty with the storm, maybe for similar reasons.

My point is, with every extravagant suggestion we're causing Rene to tire or have to rush to get his defense up in time, I think. Sooner or later one or the other in this battle is gonna run out of magic or concentration or whatnot. Hell, that might be the victory condition; outlast your opponent, either until morning, or until the bogeyman has expended its energy in trying to 'win' over you.

So, we should be cleverer with Rene's magics than the more powerful bogeyman is with its. Counter big things with simple, small things, y'know? Concepts like 'victory' or 'hope', per default, would be fairly complex to gossamer up, because it needs to be 'shown' to work in opposition against the opposing agency. Just look at how the bogeyman did 'war'. It didn't just conjure up a pair of blades clashing or something, it conjured an entire friggin' battlefield to smush the windmill with.
No. 426720 ID: 4bdd79

No. 426722 ID: b2f225

You're right! Good thinking! I'll change my vote again. "Diplomat".
No. 426739 ID: 886a4d

No. 426803 ID: 0b1e7c

this, a treaty is easier than a diplomat since it is easier to make a mock up document than a mock up person.
No. 426805 ID: cf49fc

No. 426810 ID: b2f225

René can change his clothes for those of a diplomat. Anyway, what the hell diplomats wear nowadays?
No. 426902 ID: 9b5a1a

I'd prefer treaty, if you go diplomat, just summon one, because the previous item gets DESTROYED by the next here. It's not a thing you want to personally be.
No. 426906 ID: 4a26e5


The classic response to War, is Time.

I am Time, All Encompassing, All Ending.
No. 426910 ID: b2f225

"War. War never changes."

Where's the fun in that?
No. 426911 ID: 4a26e5


I said Time, not change.

All Wars end, whether by peaceful means or if everyone dies.
No. 426912 ID: 132b99

>dream up a metaphorical representation of time itself

yeah let's not try that.
No. 426913 ID: fa9f7e

You can't repeat forms. Hurr.
No. 426915 ID: 4a26e5


Not that difficult actually, just show that everything already present falling to ruin, all the soldiers give way to old men, the old men to corpses, the corpses to ash, the building as it's wood rots and fail, the masonry being overgrown and broken down by the elements.
No. 426916 ID: 132b99

he has a REALLY hard time changing the objects the boogyman summons, it's like trying to carve a baseball bat out of a oak tree with a toothbrush.
No. 426917 ID: b2f225

They used something similar before? Or you didn't understand my reference? Durr. Urgh, this is incredibly stupid. Let's not do this again.

Not because of time, but poverty, treaty, victory and defeat.
No. 426918 ID: fa9f7e

...They used War. We are, in fact, trying to counter War. You are trying to use War. Why.

If you weren't actually suggesting we use that or saying that the Bogeyman might use it as a counter, I can understand that, but it was a bit unclear.
No. 426919 ID: b2f225

I'm just saying that time isn't a factor, not to use war again.
No. 426920 ID: fa9f7e

Ah. Individual wars do end, given time, but the big question is whether you believe two sides will eventually annihilate each other entirely, like nuking the planet completely and making it uninhabitable or not.

Yeah, time probably isn't a good counter.
No. 426947 ID: 927efa

I am hippies! No wait, wrong era.
No. 426950 ID: 9b5a1a

Wasn't "time" specifically cited as too abstract to use?

Also, further advocating "a treaty"- The same thing can't be used again, and fire's already come up, right?
No. 426951 ID: 72d49b

Actually, war is what the professionals usually use to counter war.
No. 426953 ID: 09e5bf
File 134087503286.jpg - (158.55KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 43.jpg )

alright, lets give this a try...
No. 426955 ID: 09e5bf
File 134087504833.jpg - (153.35KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 44.jpg )

"I am the diplomat,"
No. 426956 ID: 09e5bf
File 134087507225.jpg - (177.54KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 45.jpg )

"war-ending, peace-winning"
No. 426957 ID: 09e5bf
File 134087508904.jpg - (267.67KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 1 - 46.jpg )

"I am Betrayal, Trust-breaking, Peace Shattering."
No. 426958 ID: 6a5a08

"I am the third party, opportunity stealing, battle dominating."
No. 426959 ID: 132b99

ohhh, yeah red and blue are so busy fighting they don't notice GREEN showing up and steam rolling them.
No. 426961 ID: 132b99

ohh ohh, a hero.
No. 426962 ID: 34cbef
File 134087687230.jpg - (49.72KB , 400x300 , teddy_portrait.jpg )

now i have to put my two cents in, I am Fearless- Consequence Enduring, Fear Domineering
No. 426964 ID: 067a04

I am compassion, forgiving betrayal and mending trust.
No. 426965 ID: 4a328b

I am MISFIRE; betrayal negating, user damaging.
No. 426966 ID: b2f225

Now is a good time to use "time", which can be represented by younger generations. Or hippies.

"I am Time, injuries healing, something something."

I'm really bad at this game.
No. 426968 ID: 9b5a1a


Yeah, a hero could work. Unifying the people and fighting corruption and such.
No. 426971 ID: 72d49b

Betrayal doesn't kill the diplomat. In fact it empowers the diplomat. Looks like we're winning.
No. 426972 ID: b14128

Could do 'The Judge', bringing betrayers to answer for their crimes?
No. 426980 ID: cd8c89

I am the judge, betrayal-punishing, law-enforcing.

I am the avenger, vengeance-reaping, conflict pursuing.

Both of these could work, I believe. I favor the judge, though the avenger might be easier to create in situ.
No. 426981 ID: 223190

I am 420

420 solves everything once again
No. 427031 ID: 107c3d

this could work, hard to dream craft though
No. 427034 ID: b2f225

Berlin wall, anyone? Old soldiers and leaders or new generations shaking and joining hands, giving hugs and tears of joy. What had been separated, together again. The bogeyman can't use War or Betrayal again, mainly because both would be very difficult to happen again.
No. 427093 ID: cf49fc

I am Forgiveness, Feud-Stopping, Heart Healing.
No. 427119 ID: 927efa

No. 427121 ID: 132b99

oh wait, i am the BODYGUARD, bullet stopping.
No. 427150 ID: 4a328b

Rene> Hesitate
No. 427165 ID: cd8c89


Except that this isn't 'red versus blue' but concept versus concept. If the blue diplomat gains from betraying the red, as long as the betrayal is the bogeyman's influence the bogeyman still wins, even if blue used to be 'our' side. Don't get tricked by the colour-coding, that's only to easily differentiate the two sides in the imaginary conflict.


Alright, that was me. New definite vote: Hero. As in "I am the hero, betrayal-foiling, respect-winning."

This is solely to start a consensus before Rene does what >>427150 says.
No. 427167 ID: b2f225

We can't run our mouths off anymore? Okay, let's go with Hero!
No. 427177 ID: cdc0e8

Hero is very likely the best idea right now. Remember; The oldest game isn't about overpowering the opponent with big concepts, it's making a concept that the opponent can't counter.
No. 427180 ID: 09e5bf

>even if blue used to be 'our' side

A note on this. Blue was never on René's side. At least not in the sense that it works with him. He has gotten shot at more than a couple times from that side too.
No. 427197 ID: cd8c89


I figured as much! Blue was only ever on 'our' side as a vessel for the diplomat concept.
No. 427339 ID: af25e0


"I am Conscience, hand-staying, peace-preserving."
No. 427730 ID: 09e5bf
File 134111905379.jpg - (171.34KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 47.jpg )

René quickly creates a blue soldier to shoot the betrayer before the Reds can get revenge for their general.
No. 427731 ID: 09e5bf
File 134111907843.jpg - (161.68KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 48.jpg )

"I am the Hero, corruption unveiling, people unifying."
The Hero runs out and reveals that the betrayer was part of a secret organization, and trying to sabotage peace between the reds and blues.
No. 427732 ID: 09e5bf
File 134111914201.gif - (51.61KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 49.gif )

"I am Paranoia, suspicion-building, stranger-accusing"

The Hero begins decrying this secret organization, talking of how they lie hidden amongst us, how they could be anyone. This sets both sides on a witch hunt, looking for spies and conspirators. Suspecting one another, and throwing around accusations.
No. 427733 ID: 09e5bf
File 134111916708.jpg - (229.50KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 50.jpg )

A group of blues, looking for suspicious individuals, have found René in the wreckage of the windmill, and are about to shoot him unless he acts fast.
No. 427736 ID: 6395a4

I am Truth, reason-bearing, mind-awakening.
No. 427737 ID: 6a5a08

I am love, soul-soothing, paranoia easing.

In terms of creating this, have the soldier's lover appear and convince him to stop.
No. 427738 ID: d1e9bf

"I am Truth, redeeming, way-lighting."

Bring the two armies to bear against the Bogeyman.
No. 427739 ID: cdc0e8

..Truth might work. In fact, it may very well win this. Think about it, the natural counter is lies. It's the easiest and toughest counter for truth. HOWEVER, he has already been using lies in the form of a traitor(after all, what is a traitor but one who lies about their loyalty). He counters with that, he loses.

And just for that added cherry on top, point to the boogieman and show them the true cause of their war, betrayal, paranoia and chaos.
No. 427740 ID: 6a5a08

Actually this.
Truth, and reveal that the Bogeyman is the cause for their suffering existence.
No. 427743 ID: 72d49b

Oh shit, this is a great idea.
No. 427746 ID: b2f225

You girls have come up with something really impressive. Without hesitation or confusion, Truth. This will be awesome!

What if this is how bogeymen are born? Good thing no one agreed with my stupid idea.
No. 427757 ID: 107c3d

seems like the best idea.
No. 427764 ID: bdb3f8

In my experience, it seems like an innocent child giving tearfully moving pleas for an end to the killing is usually the end of these situations, at least according to the stories. How confident are you in the weight of narrative causality here?

I would like to point out, this is not *quite* the oldest game. This is building a narrative out of random new elements, like a dream. Paranoia does not beat a Hero, it beats what he accomplished in the context of previous events. I think trying to claim victory on a questionable technicality in the familiar rules is going to result in being shot in the face by a dream bullet.
No. 427768 ID: cdc0e8

problem with love or anything of that sort is that it is still left open for various things. Jealousy, kidnapper, those sort of things. It's not really ending the story and trying to get them both to stop tearfully won't help the paranoia.

If we want to go with a natural end, truth would work better. Both ending the game, strategically, and story wise. After all, wouldn't a better story be one where both sides settle their differences and fight the true cause of their wars, betrayals and paranoia? One where the puppet master loses his strings and have the puppets turn on him? Feels a lot more conclusive than just stop fighting.
No. 427774 ID: bdb3f8

Not dissing on Truth, just your analysis of what is likely to follow, and then calling lies=traitors. There are much better contextual counters to Truth anyway, like just not believing it.

If I were going to discourage picking truth, it would be by pointing out how hard it is going to be for Rene to manifest such a lofty abstract concept as Truth in a way that is not easily countered by even the most casual Disbelief. Rene cannot create God handing down proclamations of Ultimate Truth here. The one effective method I can think of is to have your Truth mouthpiece delivering the message in a way that also generates an Emotional response. Tears and child-like innocence can work well for that.
No. 427776 ID: 7472ad

Perhaps, but the truth in this case ends the paranoia by showing who exactly is at the cause of all this misfortune, which we can show through some form of illusion of how the game has taken place. And the cause is the Bogeyman. He started the game, he played War, we ended it, he caused the traitor, which we ended again.
No. 427778 ID: 6395a4


the most perfect form of illusion is not needing it. and illusion is what we give form with dreamcrafting.
No. 427791 ID: c6ec33

"I am the Politician: paranoia-harnessing, bogeyman-blaming."
No. 427793 ID: 0876dd

"I am the Martyr, witness-bearing, self-sacrificing."

Have a respected blue mouthpiece take the shot for you, then with its dying breath (truthfully) reveal the Bogeyman as the architect of the war, the betrayal and the very idea that there are more traitors among them when there isn't. The Bogeyman made the army, so it's turning his own gossamer creations against him.

(Fun fact, martyr means 'witness', i.e. someone who may be called to witness for their beliefs and thus suffer (or die) for them.)

... is what I would like to say, but Truth is heavily in the lead. Which worries me. Truth has the difficulty that it's hard to come up with something simple and convincing at a moment's notice, which is all Rene has. Martyr gives him time to have someone take the shot for him, then take his time to use the martyr's final testimony against the Bogeyman.
No. 427975 ID: 09e5bf
File 134118957433.jpg - (294.59KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 51.jpg )

René tries to use his magic to make to soldiers more believing, but is too weak to alter the Bogeyman's creations. So he has to rely on his words alone to do the job.

"You've got the wrong! He's the reason for the war, as well as all the betrayal and chaos! It's all the bogeyman!"
No. 427978 ID: 09e5bf
File 134118964638.jpg - (162.37KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 52.jpg )

Number 5,783,605 tries to make sense of this rambling, while the stranger looks to the sky over the red army and shouts "I am Truth! Redeeming, Way-ligh- what do you mean you don't see him? Dammit, let me show yo-"
No. 427979 ID: 09e5bf
File 134118967801.jpg - (49.97KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 53.jpg )

No. 427981 ID: 09e5bf
File 134118973125.gif - (430.21KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 54.gif )

No. 427985 ID: 4a328b

Victory goes to the boogeyman!
No. 427987 ID: 99090a

Now, hang the fuck on, that was a completely legitimate answer.

Damn cheating bogeyman :|
No. 427993 ID: bdb3f8

Oh look, he got shot in the face by a dream bullet. What do you know. :P

Saying I told you so is a really annoying thing to do, but that's not gonna stop me.
No. 427994 ID: c790e2

Aww. Game's over. Whelp, our bad.


You've mistaken the basics of this variant of the game. The Bogeyman's power over its own creations was already established as too powerful for us to topple. In hindsight, yes, we screwed the pooch by suggesting he enforce belief in a truth over a bunch of soldiers (which, er, seems to have numbered in the millions?). The Bogeyman had total power over all of those soldiers, and we did the thing we shouldn't have done, which was try and challenge that power directly.

Now we must move on to our local, friendly magic-hunting knightress, who must presumably hunt down a Bogeyman-infested magician or find his corpse or... something.

Or Rene will wake from his dream and nothing bad will have happened. Nope, nothing bad at all. Absolutely nothing.

Or Deus Ex Machina will save him and scold him for getting into whatever he got into by whatever reason he got into it.

So many wonderful opportunities for plot progress!
No. 428001 ID: cf49fc

Hey, fuck ye cheatin' Boogeyman that's no way to treat your son, this is a dream, where our word is law. Summon the Dreambulance!
No. 428020 ID: b2f225

In context.

> Look, a complete and disarmed stranger. What to do? *pew* *pew* The world is saved!
No. 428025 ID: 09e5bf

More like "An crazy gunman who just tried to cast magic on us, PEW PEW". René had his gun on him.
No. 428034 ID: b2f225

Yeah, that's proper procedure for suspicious fellas. You kill them before they tell anything about their goals and provide more information about the organization they belong. I'm vexed! Stop trying to reason with me!
No. 428060 ID: 09e5bf
File 134120154589.jpg - (269.43KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 55.jpg )

René wakes up in the same spot he went to sleep, if not the same condition. He's been headed back to his hometown, Pineshadow, and only has a couple more days to go!
No. 428061 ID: 09e5bf
File 134120158121.jpg - (265.15KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 56.jpg )

Waking up to a pounding headache, René notices his hair is wet. It seems some of the injuries he got from his encounter with the bogeyman came with him. His shoulder is hurting pretty bad from falling on it, he's still got the nasty cut from that spear, as well as the injuries from the windmill falling down around him.

René realizes that he is now a stronger mage, and can do things he couldn't before! His fireball and fire punch/kick are stronger, and he now has a flame breath attack, as well as two other spells; what are they?

René can also summon more things. His gossamer supply has risen to 50, and he can create things that are basic knowledge to professionals in all but the most eccentric of fields.

Unfortunately, after a quick check, René notices that, as an average mage, he can no longer fully suppress his mage aura, at best being able to merely suppress it, making it more like smouldering coals than a blazing fire. But he can do so more easily than when he could hold it down completely.
No. 428063 ID: b2112e

Oh gosh. Is this how new bogeymen are made?
No. 428065 ID: fa9f7e

Is the thing on your left cheek a wound or a bogeyman marking? I ask because so far all the wounds/bloodstreams shown didn't have a black outline, and the bogeyman's markings did.
No. 428066 ID: 09e5bf

It's a wound. I thought I had been drawing lines around the actual wounds, and only doing outlineless red for blood trickling.

Sorry if there has been a point where I've been inconsistent about that.
No. 428067 ID: b2f225

Now what, you need to beat a Capoeira Master? I'll never pick Magic again. Anyway, what about your dreamcatcher, lizard dude?
No. 428068 ID: 132b99

no, sarda is juts bad at looking.
No. 428071 ID: 7472ad

New Spells?

A fire trap! Pillar of flame! A rolling wave of fire! Something that can affect more than one person that isn't point blank!
No. 428072 ID: 09e5bf

René has Capoeira down, it was just a matter of a few lessons from his fighting teacher clicking with him.

As an average dreamcrafter, René's creations now burn like paper when they touch metal, instead of popping like a bubble.

Oh, and since I'm posting things I forgot, here's a quick list of all of René's things:

Trusty Six-shooter with 32 bullets, with a holster
High Quality Guitar, kept in a hard guitar case
Duster, Jeans, Belt, Spare mundane clothing that's a little big for René, and Nice Clothing (A vest, shirt, undershirt, and pants)
Old boots and Nice crocodile boots.
Food-ware (pots and dishes), kept in a sack
Tent and bedroll
Gossamer Backpack
17 days of trail rations. (René's been out for 3 days)
2 days of cook-able food.
Two books by Ed Delatorre: 'The River Strider', and the latest book of the 'Meggiora Highlands' series
Fancy Dress made with Pretty, Sturdy fabric.

René's inventory will also be kept updated here: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Magic_West as I remember to do so.
No. 428076 ID: 4a328b

I like the idea of an AoE fire spell, maybe a wave of flame? And how about a delayed explosion? SPARKBOMB
No. 428095 ID: b2f225

Isn't the breath attack already AoE? Time bombs and fire traps are good ideas, anyway. What about "illusions", mirages?
No. 428098 ID: bdb3f8

as a Fire/air mage, would you have any luck attempting things from the Air/fire school of magic? That is to say, lightning. I am not expecting miracles here, just wondering if it is even a thing to be considered.
No. 428101 ID: b2112e

Swear revenge on the bogeyman. Nobody fucks you up like that and gets away with it.

Might also try contacting that guy from last night again next time you sleep, except less invasively; he might make a good mentor, since he was your dad's friend, and since you seem likely to be departing from civilization soon.
No. 428104 ID: fb9917

Also can you pick up basic air magic?
No. 428107 ID: 132b99

he's fire/spirit not fire/air
No. 428109 ID: fb9917

Fire/spirit is necromancy. Fire/air is dreamcraft.
No. 428110 ID: 09e5bf
File 134120984223.jpg - (139.45KB , 600x600 , Average Fire kick + Capoeira.jpg )

René does not know of a way to get air primary magic, nor can he switch his primary and secondary.

>Isn't the breath attack already AoE?
Yes it is.

>What about "illusions", mirages?
Illusions are the purview of Water/Fire mages. Rene could theoretically make a mirage through hot and cold spots, but it'd just be a somewhat direct-able version of the refraction from heat rather than a true illusion.

Also, so there's more to go with this, this is what René's fire kick is now like. The aura now extends to his knee.
No. 428113 ID: fa9f7e

Mirages are literally made out of nothing but hotter and colder air fucking with light. Worth a try.
No. 428120 ID: 7472ad

Fire breath seems rather point blank aoe. I was hoping for something that doesn't require the group he wants to fry to all charge him at once.
No. 428169 ID: 9718f3

A flight spell sounds awesome. Using jets of flame from the hands/feet. Maybe only useful for short distances at this point, closer to fire "jumping" than flight.
No. 428261 ID: 223190


oooh mama <3

I agree with the whole flame jet thing. if flying is beyond our skills, it'd at least let us dash. which we can use to dodge or punch people really hard.
No. 428300 ID: 72d49b

He could just charge them all at once.

Well, as far as flying goes we could certainly power a hot air balloon. We may or may not have the requisite ability now, but a hang glider would be theoretically viable for a sufficiently potent fire mage to use and grant lift through creation of updrafts.
Flame bursts as explosive propulsion seems like it would require a fuckton of power though, fire itself doesn't exactly tend to create large amounts if directional force much, and even with some sort of chambered boot type thing to direct the force in the right directions for flight, the amount of power needed to lift something as heavy as a person would be pretty damn high.
No. 428382 ID: b2112e

A hang glider would actually require relatively little power, assuming he had a hill to lift it off of; we've already seen him create more than enough thermal energy, and hell, there's hot air coming off the ground in the daytime already. We should definitely look into that as a long-distance travel option. Rocketboots would still be useful for getting around obstacles, launching the hang glider, etc. though
No. 428457 ID: 09e5bf
File 134128909803.jpg - (109.06KB , 800x400 , Magic West - 1 - 57 (spell selection).jpg )

Demonstrated here is René's Flame Breath.

René's Fireball can now explode with a 5 ft radius.

Possible Spells:
Heat haze - Would let René make things look blurry when seen through a spot of his choosing. Range of 20 ft.

Pillar of Fire - Would Let René create a pillar of fire from 10 feet away. The pillar is up to 8 feet tall, and 3 feet across.

Fire Trap - Would let René leave a trap that would activate when people step on it, Basically a pillar of Fire that René sets and leaves alone.

Fire Jump - Would let René jump higher by creating an explosion to propel him.

So which spells will René learn?
No. 428459 ID: 4a328b

Fire Trap and Fire Jump
No. 428460 ID: d7e757

Fuck yeah, rocket jumping.
No. 428463 ID: 6a5a08

How many choices do we get?
I say prioritize:
1. Fire Trap: We're being pursued by the Scarlet Knights, we may need to prepare an ambush or trap in the future if they decide to get dangerous.
2. Fire Jump: Can also be used to augment our martial arts, since they involve a lot of mobility and outmaneuvering the enemy. Also has utility value.
3. Pillar of Fire: Should probably come easier after Fire Trap if they're similar, just one delayed. Also a very powerful sounding AoE, if not very subtle; haha listen to me, when is offensive fire magic ever subtle?
4. Heat Haze: Can also be used to complement our elusive combat style.
No. 428477 ID: b2f225

Thanks! Sorry for the trouble!

Heat Haze and Fire Jump!
No. 428517 ID: 7472ad

Voting for Fire Trap and Fire Jump.
No. 428539 ID: 223190

fire jump, fire trap.
No. 428553 ID: b2112e

If there's no limit to the number of fire traps, that's an easy choice; we can make an arbitrarily large one just by sticking a bunch next to eachother.

Fire jump is also an easy choice. Especially if we can eventually learn to doublejump.
No. 428588 ID: 9718f3

Fire jump and fire trap. It'd be funny if we could combine the two to make a jump spell be the trap, but it is fine if we can't.
No. 429038 ID: 09e5bf
File 134143515675.jpg - (243.66KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 58.jpg )

René gets Fire Jump, and Fire Trap

Alright, René has 2 days travel left, and plenty of food, is there anything he needs to do before continuing home?
No. 429042 ID: cf49fc

Figure out an explanation to travelers as to why you're on fire. I suggest performance artist.
No. 429055 ID: 9718f3

Check his dreamcatcher to see if it is alright. If it somehow got physically destroyed by what he did in the dream, that is going to be a problem.
No. 429057 ID: 7c31d2

You need to become a nudist to better hide your magic powers.
No. 429062 ID: fa9f7e

He'd get a bad case of firecrotch then.
No. 429063 ID: 7c31d2

He didn't seem to have a problem with fire crotch when he was naked earlier, why would he have one now?
No. 429064 ID: 8b5551

Yeah, patch that face up. The cut on your head is probably too small to matter, but the gash on your cheek is liable to get infected. Was it out with clear running water from a stream or creek, that's themy best you can do with what you've got, and it will probably suffice. You may as well clean the head wound and attend to general hygiene while you're at it. You'll need to bandage that cheek when you sleep, but since it's on your face it might be better to let it air out during the day - if it doesn't pull open from facial movements then leave it bare. If it does pull open then that'll fuck the healing right up, so bandage it.
No. 429081 ID: 9b5a1a

Add some more string to that dreamcatcher. Or make a new one if need be.
No. 429089 ID: cf49fc

Maybe you should just forget the Dreamcatcher. The Boogeyman obviously had little trouble getting by (thanks to a certain poor decision), and you're likely to be fooled again. Why bother with such lackluster defenses when direct conflict has empowered you, at the cost of a scratch on the face? Eventually, you might become powerful enough to simply bodily hurl the boogeymen out of your dreams.
No. 429103 ID: b2f225

> Correct, the encounter with the Bogeyman happened to him after he had gotten stronger as a mage, not before.
No. 429119 ID: 09e5bf
File 134145767047.jpg - (243.97KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 59.jpg )

> Bandage head.

René has no bandages, so he makes some. He finds a stream to wash the cuts on him, and bandages them up for now.

> Check dreamcatcher.

René can not find any traces of a dreamcatcher. So he salvages some of the clothes he got from Branson for string, picks some branches, and makes a new one.

He's able to find a nest to get some feathers from there to finish off the dream catcher.
No. 429128 ID: 927efa

Wait... WAIT

The bogeyman stole your boots!
No. 429130 ID: 4bdd79

He took them off to climb the tree.
No. 429131 ID: 4a328b

boot check ASAP

No. 429137 ID: 6a5a08

The boots are in the background of this pic. He took them off to sleep.
No. 429166 ID: 09e5bf
File 134146417041.jpg - (126.54KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 60.jpg )

There was a mistake last update, Rene has bandages, he did not need to create any

>The bogeyman stole your boots!

No, when he woke up, Rene's boots were right where he left them, next to his bed. >>428061

René has an uneventful remaining two days of travel, before finally arriving at Pineshadow.

Is there anywhere he should stop by first?
No. 429168 ID: 4a328b

Maybe home, first
No. 429190 ID: 09e5bf
File 134146761732.jpg - (177.69KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 61.jpg )

René stops by his place, the house attached to the blacksmith shop.

Everything seems to be how he left it.
No. 429193 ID: 6a5a08

Where is your family? And when is your sister's birthday?
No. 429196 ID: 09e5bf

Rene's family lives at their farm. Rene's sister's birthday is in a week.
No. 429200 ID: 132b99

get your dreamcatcher. you are still too weak to fight oogie boogie again. and if you find dad ask about his old friend.
No. 429202 ID: 6a5a08

No. 429204 ID: b2f225

Jumping on the bed! Come on, you know you want to do it!
No. 429220 ID: 68852c

store some of your valuable and burnable items in your room, like the dress and the guitar.
No. 429466 ID: 09e5bf
File 134155754903.jpg - (228.39KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 62.jpg )

>Grab dream catcher

Oh, that's where it was. I must have forgotten it when I went to Jordan.

Rene now has 2 dream catchers.

>Store valuables and perishables.

René puts away his things, keeping the following items on his person:

Trusty Six-shooter with 32 bullets, with a holster
Currently worn clothing
No. 429467 ID: 09e5bf
File 134155758136.jpg - (268.18KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 63.jpg )

René heads to the farm, where he sees his sister at work.

"Hey René, dud you have a nice trip?"

"Hey Vi! Yeah, it was pretty fun. I saw a play while I was out."

"Oh! Your cheek! What happened to it?"

"Don't touch it, I'm trying to let it heal!"

"Alright, but what happened to you? How did you get such a big cut?"
No. 429468 ID: b85f8c

May as well tell her the truth.
No. 429469 ID: 132b99

tell her you forgot your dream catcher here when you left, so you ran into the boogyman, you managed to make him bleed, and had a huge fight. also, he likes to cheat.
No. 429470 ID: 72d49b

Hang the dream catcher from your belt so bogeymen can't get your gun.

Yeah, basically this.
No. 429472 ID: 01f6f1

You almost died, was almost arrested and almost brought a nice chick home, not necessarily in that order. Oh, yeah. You're not hugging your dear sister. What's wrong with you?
No. 429486 ID: b2112e

After you're done catching up, you should secure the money you hauled up. Give some to your family, bank the rest, withdraw part (but not all) when you leave again.
No. 429492 ID: 68852c


No. 429495 ID: 927efa

Some scoundrel busted up my dream with me in it, and before you know it I was face to face with a bogeyman. I would have gotten hurt a lot worse too if it hadn't killed me early on. Take good care'a your dreamcatchers.
No. 429520 ID: cf49fc

Boogeyman cheated and shot me in the face.
No. 429540 ID: bdb3f8

Good gravy are you people still on about this? The bogeyman didn't cheat, you just made grossly incorrect assumptions about the rules of that engagement.
No. 429552 ID: 68852c


nuh-uh! we didn't win, so it clearly cheated.
No. 429559 ID: 132b99

it made it so the army could not see it, but it could see us. having different rules for different players is pretty cheaty to me.
No. 429715 ID: 09e5bf
File 134161962877.jpg - (218.35KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 64.jpg )

"I ran into a bogeyman."

"How did that happen? You remembered your dreamcatcher right?"

"... no."

"Idiot, how could you forget that?"

"So I forgot something! It's not a big deal. And anyway, I was able to make it bleed, but it cheats."

"How do you cheat in a fight?"

"No, it was this game thing, where it made something, and I made something that beat what it made, then it kept doing things that didn't actually beat what I made. And it made things that would only hurt me, like it made an army that could see me, but couldn't see it."

"Alright... so what else happened?"

"I ran into a Scarlet Knight, and was almost arrested, but I made it away. I also went and caught a highway man, and got their bounty."
No. 429716 ID: 09e5bf
File 134161965117.jpg - (245.35KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 65.jpg )

"Well at least you're okay now."

"Oh yeah, I was going to give some of the bounty money to Dad t' help out with the farm, do you know where he is?"

"He should be out that way."

"Alright, later, Vi."

"I'm, glad you're safe"

"Me too."
No. 429717 ID: 09e5bf
File 134161966238.jpg - (159.27KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 66.jpg )

René finds his dad sleeping against a tree, what should he do?
No. 429724 ID: b85f8c

Does he have his dreamcatcher? Maybe forgetting that runs in the family.
No. 429725 ID: 0876dd

Settle down by him. Why ruin the relaxing mood? He'll wake soon enough, and if he doesn't, you can always nudge him a bit.
No. 429727 ID: cf49fc

You're a Dreamcrafter. Take a nap next to him, so you can talk in private. Also, why is your Dad sleeping so restfully without a dreamcatcher?
No. 429729 ID: e3f578

Take off your fabulous flamecoat.
To wear something so magnificent and cityfolky would insult such a tough cowpoke.
No. 429737 ID: 132b99

if he takes it off, something else will just catch fire.
No. 429747 ID: 6a5a08

Just suppress the fire aura to make you stand out less.
No. 429778 ID: b2112e

Talk to your father (in his dreams, if you can) about that friend of his. See if you can find out how to get in contact with him, and if he might be willing to mentor you in your magic. Convey that you hope to go study under him both to strengthen yourself and to ensure that, having attracted a scarlet knight's attention, you don't bring trouble down on your family by staying there, at least until they've forgotten you exist.

He doesn't need to, this is his hometown; they know him.
No. 429779 ID: 6a5a08

And the Scarlet Knights are looking for a guy with a flaming coat, one of which may yet be following us. Fire tends to stand out, she'd see it from a distance and go to investigate.
No. 429781 ID: 132b99

wow, you guys really failed reading comp, he CAN'T suppress it anymore, he's too powerful.
No. 429783 ID: 6a5a08

>René notices that, as an average mage, he can no longer fully suppress his mage aura, at best being able to merely suppress it, making it more like smouldering coals than a blazing fire. But he can do so more easily than when he could hold it down completely.
>he can no longer fully suppress his mage aura
>able to merely suppress it, making it more like smouldering coals than a blazing fire
>such as his pant legs in >>428110
It will at least be less noticeable from a distance than the massive fire around his shoulders right now.
No. 429789 ID: 927efa

> actually using assless chaps for their intended purpose

I am now officially impressed with this quest.
No. 429794 ID: 6e44d2

Dude, your sister's hot.

Anyway, put the dreamcatcher by him, in case he's forgotten his.
No. 429836 ID: e3f578

I'm just saying he looks too cityfolkish, prancing around wearing that fire like some fashion lane walker.

That shit looks like you butchered a fox made out of flame and made an expensive back trim coat that'd you give to your bored rich housewife that you take on business dinners to help woo accounts and keep up appearances.
Wear your fire like a real cowboy would.
As a ponytail. Or maybe a big 10 galleon fire hat
No. 429844 ID: 09e5bf
File 134164408458.jpg - (214.31KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 - 67.jpg )

>Where is your dad's dreamcatcher?

It seems to be in his DRAMA INVENTORY

>Take off your fabulous flamecoat.

This old duster? This isn't a fancy coat.

>Suppress Aura

I'll try, but am not sure how well I can do that in my sleep

>Go to sleep, try to talk to Dad in his dream.
No. 429846 ID: 09e5bf
File 134164414180.jpg - (208.52KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 68.jpg )

Alright, I think I can do this. That one's the closest, so hopefully that's Dad.
No. 429847 ID: 09e5bf
File 134164415232.jpg - (131.39KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 69.jpg )

Nope, it's not this one.
No. 429848 ID: 09e5bf
File 134164417035.jpg - (225.00KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 70.jpg )

7 dreams later...

..Uhhh I'm not sure if I should be here for this.
No. 429849 ID: bdb3f8

Well that was informative. Out you go then.
No. 429850 ID: 132b99

okay yeah, i think this will end in a way you REALLY don't want to see your parents doing. wake dad up i guess, or play with the squirrel for a while
No. 429851 ID: e3f578

Can you back off comically for dreams?
You know what, go chill out with that squirrel.
No. 429852 ID: 01f6f1

It's rude to spy on the dreams of others. No, seriously.

> okay yeah, i think this will end in a way you REALLY don't want to see
Why not?
No. 429854 ID: 6a5a08

Attempt to make the squirrel your familiar.
No. 429855 ID: 72d49b

This is what happens when you go snooping about in another man's dream uninvited. Wake up.
No. 429856 ID: ca5333


This picture compels me to go re-watch Kung-Pow.

But yeah, back out right the hell now.
No. 429857 ID: 68852c

force youself to watch. it'll increase your mental fortitude.
No. 429877 ID: 6e44d2

Solid choice, brotha man.

Anyway, just enjoy your own dreams, no need to share them.
No. 429887 ID: 997ce7

Back to the squirrel's.
No. 429892 ID: 365b01

bug out back to waking land.

go try to find the squirrel in real life. just to kill some time.
No. 429932 ID: cf49fc

Hmmm. Well that was a horrible idea. Ah well, might as well get back to your dream practice. Practice riddles, because apparently riddles are a devastating weapon.
No. 429935 ID: 409543

Uh, just to double check, you have one of YOUR dream catchers with you, right?
No. 429962 ID: d7e757

... Wait, you can just lucidly dream whenever you want?

Are there any stories of mages just... sleeping? Forever?
No. 429993 ID: cf49fc

Yeah, but they were all eaten by Boogeymen.
No. 430018 ID: b2112e

Wups, yeah, let's wait for him to wake up on his own to talk. Chill with the squirrel!
No. 430084 ID: 09e5bf
File 134171426288.jpg - (178.73KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 -71.jpg )

>Go back to the Squirrel

Alright. It's still happily prancing around those acorns.
No. 430085 ID: 886a4d

Dreamcraft a nut and play fetch with the squirrel.
No. 430090 ID: 132b99

dreamcraft a GIANT nut
No. 430091 ID: cf49fc

And a Nut Throne. Build it a teeny tiny kingdom to rule. It shall be the most ambitious squirrel in the universe.
No. 430092 ID: 01f6f1

Wake up. Please.
No. 430095 ID: e3f578

Make the squirrel bigger and make him a mount. Then give him an ultra nut.
No. 430096 ID: c3c502


Recreate your dad's dream. Give the squirrel a mount, awesome nuts, and a squirrel babe.
No. 430097 ID: 01f6f1

No, seriously. Wake up.
No. 430098 ID: 7c31d2

My god, this is awesome, do this.
No. 430099 ID: 04b86a

No! You've given /quest/ a silly situation! Do you have any idea what you've-

Squirrel kingdom!
No. 430101 ID: bf0300

Going with >>430096 because the image is just that awesome.
No. 430105 ID: 6a5a08

Why the hell not.
No. 430107 ID: 927efa

That's already a pretty damn ambitious squirrel. Look at all those nuts!
No. 430142 ID: 09e5bf
File 134172349590.png - (77.57KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 -72.png )

>Giant Nut

No. 430143 ID: 132b99

squirrel bitches
No. 430145 ID: 9202a9

Squirrel kingdom, lets teach it to rule. (I think it would be awsem if this squirrel became our framilar)
No. 430173 ID: b85f8c

Now watch to see how it reacts.
No. 430175 ID: 01f6f1

> Bam
My goddess!

The nuts are now DIAMONDS!
No. 430179 ID: 927efa

You made the nut, but can you lift it??
No. 430193 ID: 09e5bf
File 134173436034.png - (99.18KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 -73.png )

>Squirrel harem

done.. It's still just messing with the acorns.
No. 430194 ID: e3f578

Fuck it I'm out of ideas, take one of the cliche ones
Make yourself tiny and ride him like a mechanical bull
No. 430195 ID: 01f6f1

Steal the acorns and run.
No. 430197 ID: 299ed3

Turn the squirrel harem into a squirrel's made of acorns harem.
No. 430200 ID: b2112e

Might as well have some fun if he's not reacting to our gifts.
No. 430276 ID: 927efa

> Squirrel harem

That only works if the squirrel is a girl, duh.

Didn't you have something you were going to talk about with someone?
No. 430325 ID: 09e5bf
File 134179226872.png - (89.45KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 -74.png )

>Ride the squirrel

I'm starting to think this is completely silly.
No. 430327 ID: 4a328b

Wake up, kid!
No. 430336 ID: 6a5a08

Make the giant acorn into a castle full of miniature bandits for you to train against, and create a part to ride the other squirrels into battle with you.
No. 430337 ID: 409543

Well... Yeah, it is. So what?
No. 430338 ID: 6a5a08

Meant party, not part.
Or perhaps posse is a better word.
No. 430341 ID: b33427

Yes, this has gotten far too silly. Wake up and see if your dad is awake.
No. 430342 ID: cf49fc

While Squirrel does seem to be a good sport about this, I think we should... Yaknow what, I can't think of anything better to do, and waking up your father NOW would just be cruel, so I guess it's Dream Time.
No. 430351 ID: b33427

Actually, does dream time flow at the same rate as real time? Can it be faster or slower? Just askin', 'cause you don't want to end up wasting time in the dream if your dad has already woken up in the real world. Better wake up and check.
No. 430452 ID: b85f8c

Wake your ass up.
No. 430494 ID: e869c1

it is silly but fun.you need to think about a way to get that Laruut off your back you have not seen the last of her.
No. 430681 ID: 09e5bf
File 134188201885.png - (408.16KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 75.png )

>Wake Up

René's dad has already woken up and is waiting in front of him.

"Hey René."
No. 430682 ID: 09e5bf
File 134188205405.png - (383.30KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 76.png )

"Hey Dad, I, err. I'm back."

"So how was your trip?"

"It was alright"

"That's a nasty cut you got there, why didn't you sew it up? You might have been able to keep it from scarring."
No. 430696 ID: 6a5a08

"Girls dig a guy with scars."
No. 430697 ID: 132b99

explain the boogyman thing and how you were in the middle of the woods when you got it.
No. 430710 ID: b2112e

After you explain the bogeyman deal, have this conversation:
No. 430714 ID: b85f8c

Did we have the supplies to do that?
No. 430719 ID: 4a328b

"I wanted to look cool! ;n;"
No. 430879 ID: 68852c

after talking about the scar, ask him about the weird eye dude.
No. 431012 ID: 09e5bf
File 134195901272.png - (315.66KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 77.png )

"I was attacked by a bogeyman, in the middle of the woods, how do you except me to sew it up?"

"Are you saying you don't know how to sew a wound, or that you didn't a needle and thread?"

"Well, I don't have a needle or thread"

"A needle's really the kind of thing you should keep on hand when traveling if for nothing other than patching up your clothes."

"Alright, but "[i]

"Or at least, that's what I'd say if you didn't have the ability to make things out of thin air. If you don't have a thread, and don't want to make one for whatever reason, like you are worried it'd get destroyed, use threads from your clothes, or use an animal tendon."

[i]"I also thought it'd look cool. Oh, I have a question. Do you remember that man with the swirly eyes? He said he was one of your old riding buddies."

"Yeah, I remember him."

"Do you know how to get in contact with him? I ran into him the night I ran into the bogeyman, and he kicked me out of a dream. I thought he might be able to teach me."

"Then you'd know better than me where to find him. I haven't seen him in 15 years, and we didn't keep in touch. Last time we met, he said he was headed out west, and I chose to stay back here. Why d'you want to learn from him anyway?"
No. 431013 ID: 6a5a08

Ask what happens to people who harbor mages if the Scarlet Knights find them.
No. 431015 ID: 68852c

because first swirly dude, then suddenly bogeyman. but whatever. there's a scarlet knight coming, so you gotta go.
No. 431017 ID: e3f578

"I have to go outwest to survive now, dem scarlet knights are on my ass for just being a mage and I don't want ya'll charged with harboring a fugitive. Plus, apparently I accidentally invaded his dream, and generally that means something when magic gets involved. Why did I end up in that guys dream specifically? I dunno, but magic likes having vague reasons for it."
No. 431025 ID: 132b99

it was rather obviously a shared dream. he was dreaming of that time and since it was a memory we also had but from a different perspective we were naturally drawn to it. he must of mistaken us for a random mage and not the little kid.
No. 431060 ID: b85f8c

>you can make needle and thread, stupid
Oh. Yeah. I guess the whole bogeyman thing got us frazzled for a while there. Note to self: Act like Rene has absolutely every mundane supply item at all times. Of course I'm not sure how good our stitching is so it may have left a scar no matter what we did.

Tell Dad that you finally decided to go West.
No. 431063 ID: b2112e

This. But emphasize the keeping-your-family-safe bit, not the conjectured-destiny bit. Also add that you want to be sure you can defend yourself well if/when they catch up to you.
No. 431156 ID: 927efa

Blush furiously at completely forgetting you could make proper bandages out of gossamer that would last long enough.

That guy's the only mage you know, and you remembered he offered to teach you before. Why worry about the details?
No. 431375 ID: 09e5bf
File 134206011906.png - (164.36KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 78.png )

"Because I apparently ended up in his dream, and I think that means something."

"If you think so, but I'm not sure what he could teach you since he's not a dreamcrafter."

"Huh. Do you know what happens to people who harbor mages if the scarlet knights find them?"

"Depends on what they did. Usually jail's as bad as it gets, but that's one of those sentences that don't get carried out, since most judges will accept any claim of doing it under duress. Most of the people who would claim they were sheltering the mage are the kind who would help defend them in other ways though."

"Alright. I was planning on heading out West. I ran into a Scarlet Knight in Jordan, and I'm pretty sure she'll be following me, so I wouldn't want to bring that trouble here."

"That's a pretty big decision. It's pretty dangerous out west. I hope you have other reasons to go, and it's not just to get away from a single threat."

"No, it's something I've been thinking about for a while. It's just recent events got me kicked into gear."
No. 431381 ID: 09e5bf
File 134206072990.png - (184.32KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 79.png )

"When're you gonna leave?"

"I was thinking I'll head off after Violette's birthday. Krigg said he was coming back around then, so he'd be able to take back over working the forge."

"Well, you'd best say goodbye to folks around town before you leave."

"I'll do that when I'm leaving, it'd just be awkward otherwise"

"However you do it, just make sure it's done. Those people helped you become who you are now, the least you can do is thank them before leaving. Now, if you haven't said hello to Violette or Cerise, you need to go do so."

"Alright, see you around later, Dad."

"See you soon, René."
No. 431399 ID: 68852c

okay then, say hello to your mmmmmother.

*wipes off sweat*
No. 431441 ID: b85f8c

Let's go say hi to mom.
No. 431455 ID: 72d49b

Don't think about your mother riding a horse naked.
No. 431489 ID: b85f8c

And ask your dad what sort of mage that guy was. He didn't seem to exhibit any particular elemental aura, but his poncho looked strangely BLACK. Is he some sort of... darkness mage? Void mage? Spirit main type I'm guessing, regardless. Maybe Spirit/Earth.
No. 431617 ID: 7acc27
File 134213498153.png - (394.75KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 80.png )

René finds him mom out working on the field. He calls out to her and says hi.

What next?
No. 431620 ID: 68852c

I dunno, chit chat, explain scar when she notices it, ask how she's been, etc. etc.
No. 431622 ID: 132b99

hug mom and help her a little while talking about what happened.
No. 431666 ID: 6e44d2

Who's that squatting guy in the background?
No. 431668 ID: 997ce7

Looks like a werewolf or other beast-man hybrid. We shall call him Enkidu.
No. 431673 ID: 6a5a08

It's a Gnoll, as seen in the Discussion Thread. Presumably a farmhand.
No. 431677 ID: 7acc27
File 134214393636.png - (423.96KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 81.png )

>Who's that squatting guy in the background?

That's Sam. He's one of the farmhands working for René's parents.

René gives his mom a hug.

"So how'd you get that cut?"

"Forgot my dreamcatcher"

"At least you won't forget to bring it in the future, right?"

"Of course I won't forget it."

"So otherwise did you have a nice trip? What'd you do?"

"I had a good time. Met a nice girl, saw a play, helped a crow woman get her merchandise back from a highwayman. Ran from a scarlet knight. You know, basic stuff."

"Sounds exciting."
No. 431798 ID: 334456

Jesus christ, how does she stand?
No. 431810 ID: 6a5a08

Ask how things have been on the farm and in town while you were gone.
Human Adaptability.
No. 431874 ID: 3734f6

That behind gives her plenty of structural support :P
No. 431908 ID: fa9f7e

Whatever you do, do NOT pop a boner.
No. 431938 ID: d500c7

make sure Sam is working and not whacking it off to your mom like I would. oh, and tell her about how you wanna go west.
No. 432226 ID: 7acc27
File 134224689133.png - (412.73KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 82.png )

"So how have things been on the farm?"

"Thing have been going well. Not much has really happened since you left."

"Oh yeah, about that, I wanted to let you know. I plan on heading out west."

"Is this because of the scarlet knight?"

"Partially, but I've been thinking about it for a while. I've wanted to for a while, but always felt like I had something left to do here. Being gone for two weeks helped me get a perspective on things. I plan on heading out after Vi's birthday."

"I'd recommend just heading out now. Go on your adventure before something else comes up to hold you back. Not that I'm trying to get rid of you of course."

"I'll think about it."

What should René do from here? head back to town to see what he missed and to situate his things? Help out at the farm?
No. 432228 ID: 72d49b

Sure, help out. Maybe be ready to timeskip soon, but don't forget to have plenty of that good home cooking, because before too long you won't be getting nothing like that.
No. 432229 ID: d8f016

Harvest moon sequence go.
No. 432324 ID: 306af1

eh, why the hell not. do chores one last time, for old times' sake.
No. 432404 ID: 6a5a08

Say farewell to everyone you need to and give Mom the present to give to your sister on her birthday. Mom's right, the knight will be following you close behind, and you have arrived. Thus, logically, she will arrive soon after. Remember how our only crime was being a Mage? Well now we've added resisting arrest. We don't have any time to waste.

What shops are in town, who are the important people you need to say farewell to, and is gossamer food actually nutritious or just filling enough to ease hunger?
No. 432504 ID: 72dd1c

Go back to town and see how your stuff shook down. Here is pure faffing.
No. 432660 ID: 52f50e

Yes, they have information about René. Besides, he already decided to stop creating excuses to stay here. He can have some time with his family when he collect more stories to tell and don't have someone chasing him.
No. 432686 ID: 7acc27
File 134232544237.png - (342.22KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 83.png )

René helps his mom finish off her work for the day, and stays for supper.

They had some tools break while he was gone, so he fixes those the next day.

I will be updating as René's week goes by, if you want him to do something in particular, say so. Otherwise he will be on auto-pilot until his sister's birthday.
No. 432687 ID: 4a328b

Make sure to do some shopping before you head out, and give a good chunk of change to your family!
No. 432690 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah we didn't mention our huge sum of cash. We should probably like, give some of it to our folks.

We'll probably need money out West though.
No. 432703 ID: 306af1

make homemade rations.
No. 432704 ID: b33427

Throw together a "bug out" bag; A pack with provisions, money, tools and supplies you'll need if you have to take off one step ahead of trouble. Keep it on or near yourself at all times, and don't let it out of your sight.
No. 432709 ID: 6a5a08

No. 432713 ID: 7acc27
File 134233099530.png - (172.05KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 -84.png )

>Money for parents

René was going to do that when he left, would you prefer he does so now?

>Keep traveling gear on yourself at all times.

Really? I mean, that stuff isn't weightless

René makes a ready to go traveling pack. What should go in it?

>Go Shopping

What should René buy?


The next day, René visits the guy who taught him how to fight, Dion, who's out gambling.

They play together for a while, as they catch up on things, René losing $50 in the process. As the two part ways, René lets Dion know he'll be headed out west soon, and thanks Dion for teaching him how to fight.

Dion tells René to stop by his place later that week, if possible.
No. 432714 ID: b26bd8

this guy gets all the bitches. he also seems pretty cool, so you should visit.
No. 432716 ID: b33427

Well, OK, you don't want everything in your "to go" pack; Lighter is actually better, so you can keep ahead of whatever is tailing you. Pack in enough food and water to get you to the next settlement on the way out West, plus a bit extra, and enough money to buy what you need there to finish the journey. The food and water is so you can keep moving without stopping to hunt or gather water. Put in your dreamcatcher, extra ammo, bandages, and maybe one or two sentimental items, if you have some, and there you go. Any tools you need you can dreamcraft on the spot.
No. 432721 ID: 252e1b

He can use magic to make food and water, can't he?

What he really needs to be able to carry with him are things he can't, or wouldn't want to, make with dreamcraft. Durable goods that need to be able to stand up to interaction with metals, and hard cash.
No. 432744 ID: 72d49b

>René was going to do that when he left, would you prefer he does so now?
Later is fine.

>Really? I mean, that stuff isn't weightless
No grown man is too weak to carry a pack of about 60lbs or so, and it should be easy for one as visibly fit as René.

>What should go in it?
A proper bedroll
a change of clothes. Bring plenty socks because you can't wash them except when there's a stream and dirty socks can give you all kinds of foot troubles. Plus they get just fucking disgusting after a couple days.
plenty food, you can make carbs from dreams but have some dried meat too, and dried fruit if you can get it. Also make sure you have a bag and some rope so you can string your bag up between two trees where bears can't get it, although I reckon that can be dreamcrafted.
a water filter (if such things exist at this time)
a decent medical kit including a good disinfectant in addition to bandages. Normally there's a few other little things you'd want, like tweezers for ticks, but you can do that with magic.
A deck of cards and a pair of dice. You don't want people thinking you're a cheat just because your dice pop at knifepoint.
A container for water, probably won't need to be real that badly but if you made one from dreams and it brushed up against metal while you were in a dry place then you'd be fucked.
Only other big thing would be a source of light and fire, and a container for water, but that and assorted little things can be made by magic.

>What should René buy?
Anything he doesn't have out of the shit that I just listed. A proper knife is usually a good idea too, but lol dreamcraft.

A normal pack isn't going to slow your walking speed down unless you're woefully out of shape anyway, although you won't do much running and climbing with your pack on.
No. 432818 ID: b2112e

You want him to carry 60lbs of gear at all times around home? How about he just prepares such that he can run and grab it on very short notice if necessary.
No. 432827 ID: b85f8c

Dude, he recreates his clothes every day. He doesn't need to change them, ever. I think medical supplies are best made via dreamcrafting as well. The cards and dice make sense, and so do travel rations just so we don't use up like 3 glamour every day feeding ourselves.
No. 432836 ID: 72d49b

Yeah, that's more like a travelling pack, not what he should keep in his back pocket. But that's what he should have ready to grab and go.
No. 433501 ID: 5f8420

> You want him to carry 27kg of gear at all times around home?
No. 433506 ID: b18143

Pass the money to your dad now, just in case. Tell him to keep it quiet until you leave perhaps?

This is decent. Prepare pack with some clothes, but perhaps omit the bedroll. You can dreamcraft that with little or no risk. Definitely get some solid gambling supplies though.
No. 433796 ID: 9718f3

All he needs to carry with him is 3-4 days of rations, a canteen, dreamcatcher, gun and ammo, and some cash. The bag for this should also be real, as having a container that can't hold metal things you might pick up would be inconvenient. Shouldn't be more than 15 lbs, at the outside.
No. 434037 ID: 7acc27
File 134257790439.png - (215.13KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 -85.png )

After parting ways with Dion, René decides to put together an emergency leave pack. he buys the following:
A Canteen - $25
Whiskey - $40
Bandages - $10
Backpack - $35

And keeps the following in his new backpack.
Canteen of Water
Thread and Needles
Nice Clothing (vest, shirt, undershirt, and pants)
Spare Normal Clothing (jeans, shirt, vest, bandana)
Deck of Cards and a Pair of Dice
15 days of food

>Water filter
They exist, but that's not something René could carry around.

René puts his original dreamcatcher on his holster, then spends the rest of the day learning how to make his high quality guitar.

Over the rest of the week, René goes around to old friends and tells them he's going to be headed out west. They all wish him luck.

The day before his siter's party, he stops by Dion's place. Dion gives him a Pocketwatch.

Krigg makes it back that night. René is glad he gets a chance to say goodbye to him.
No. 434057 ID: 6e44d2

No. 434058 ID: 4a328b

View tearful farewells.
No. 434070 ID: 6a5a08

Athena: Interrupt tearful farewells.
No. 434112 ID: bbee3d

Give him a hug and compliment him on taking such good care of his teeth.
No. 434151 ID: 2972f8


it's not the birthday yet.
No. 434772 ID: f793db
File 134274899204.png - (99.49KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 -86.png )

The day of his sister's birthday, René grabs his money and things, then heads to the farm.

He leaves the stuff he's won't be taking along in the shed. And puts his gifts for Violette with the rest of the gifts people brought. His current inventory can be seen here: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Magic_West

Is he forgetting anything?
No. 434773 ID: 4a328b

THE TEARFUL FAREWELLS---Actually forget those, yeah. Leave on a high note.

No. 434802 ID: b33427

Nope, not forgetting a thing. Have fun at the party. Enjoy the last good food and drink you'll probably have for awhile, flirt with every gal guest, and make sure to see the look on your sister's face when she opens your present.
No. 434803 ID: dd287a

Give sister present, give parents surplus moneys, final farewells, then off we go, TO ADVENTURE
No. 434854 ID: 2972f8

naw bro. go partay.
No. 434861 ID: c6ec33

Don't forget to talk to Dion. :|
No. 436077 ID: f793db
File 134320373497.png - (430.77KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 - 87.png )

>Don't forget to talk to Dion. :|

René already did that. Dion wanted to give him a pocketwatch. But sure, René spends some more time with Dion at the party.

>Give parents surplus moneys

René gives his dad $10,000. He thanks René for the money, but wonders if René doens't need to money more. René says it's fine.
No. 436078 ID: f793db
File 134320374751.png - (400.00KB , 600x600 , Magic west - 1 - 88.png )

René takes the chance to have some nice food before heading off, and hangs out with more friends and family.

Eventually, his sister starts opening presents, and thanks René for the gifts.
No. 436079 ID: f793db
File 134320375829.png - (373.48KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 89.png )

However, the celebration is cut short by the sound of an explosion, coming from town. What should René do?
No. 436080 ID: 4a328b

Make sure everyone you've ever known and loved is not dead!!
No. 436084 ID: b33427

It's pretty much a given that everyone at the party is going to go to town to help, or to at least see what happened, so you will too. Go ahead of them, and don't be surprised one whit if it's something after you wrecking up the place. Take your pack too, just in case that Scarlet Knight shows up and you have to skedaddle.

Ahahaha. Oh, that's adorable.
No. 436085 ID: 6e44d2

Grab your pack and investigate from a distance. Be ready to start running. Don't let anyone see you. They're here for you now.
No. 436088 ID: bf54a8

full speed
No. 436091 ID: e3f578

Jet rocket flame your feet there!
You can do that right? Make jets from your feet and fly really fast?
No. 436127 ID: a7a256

Forget the pack for now, just go full speed. If someone's injured, every moment is precious.
No. 436143 ID: c6ec33

Conjure large bird and/or dragon, fly over town. :V
No. 436157 ID: c9673b

An explosion? Better go see what happened and help as you can. If it's redshirts, there's probably nothing you can do that'll help more than beating feet.
No. 436420 ID: 6e44d2

Rene isn't especially useful in this situation. He's not a doctor. What're you guys on about? He needs to be ready to run at a moment's notice. Grab the pack. Everyone should understand.
No. 436423 ID: 2972f8

No. 436482 ID: 4bdd79

Haul ass to town.
No. 436483 ID: 6a5a08

No, but he can conjure objects with his mind and fight whoever's attacking.
No. 436510 ID: cf49fc

Probably the Boogeymonster, or the Knights. Let's go kick their arse. We can always run away.
No. 436615 ID: f793db
File 134334469334.png - (382.26KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 90.png )

>You can do that right? Make jets from your feet and fly really fast?

No. René could do jumps, but flying is too out there.

>Grab pack

Pack grabbed

The town seems to be gaining a soft glow to it.
No. 436616 ID: f793db
File 134334471411.png - (433.01KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 91.png )

That is not a scarlet knight.

Also, it seems that a fifth of the town is on fire.

No. 436618 ID: f793db
File 134334482685.png - (437.83KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 92.png )

No. 436619 ID: bf54a8

the fuck is that?! you are like immune to normal fire now right? that seems important.
No. 436620 ID: b85f8c

That's a fucking demon, isn't it? Looks like that knight was right.

Open up the fight with a bullet to the brain.
No. 436622 ID: a3b384

Guess that's you. I suggest taunting her and leading her out of town, fighting her here won't do the town any favors.

A bullet to the head should taunt her just fine, if it doesn't drop her. Give her a lead greeting.
No. 436624 ID: 7472ad

How far behind you is everyone else who headed for town? If not far, locate a route from where you are to leaving town on the opposite side of where everyone else will be coming in. Then poke your head out and yell "Whatever you want, you have to catch me first" and start running that way.

If this isn't a demon, I'm thinking this might be a Fire/Spirit Mage, since they do fire and undead.
No. 436628 ID: bd5edb

You can extinguish the fire? Gather and concentrate it? Swallow it? Anyway, what do you know about demons? Concentrate your power to defese and dodge, measure its power and try to keep it from destroying the city even more. What it wants here?
No. 436629 ID: e3f578

"Can you use names please? We have them for a reason. You're just calling out for any old dreamwalker and that kind of get confusing."
No. 436630 ID: afbc40

Oh bloody hell, do NOT provoke that thing! She is already mad enough that it set fire to a fifth of the town to draw you out, so do you REALLY want to piss it off and have it set fire to other four fifths?!

Fighting her with fire is a bad idea, bullets would likely be unable to handle the fire, and getting close to someone ON FIRE seems like a bad idea. Just calmly face her, show yourself and try to be diplomatic. If we try to fight here, we will be putting lives at risk.
No. 436638 ID: 4a328b

"Love the ribcage, babe. You look HOT"
No. 436738 ID: 17cebf

She's kinda cute. Introduce yourself. Politely, of course. Then politely tell her to stop burning the town. Unless she attacks immediately upon seeing you, of course, in which case she should be repaid in kind. But ideally we don't want to fight her here, both because of collateral and because non-combat interaction might have interesting results.
No. 436746 ID: bd5edb

We still don't know its motive, but it certainly isn't to get René's attention. Anyway, I do agree that it shouldn't be provoked.
No. 436875 ID: 3734f6

Why are you assuming it to be female from just having long hair? I see no boobs.

On the one hand, my first instinct would be to talk... but it burned a fifth of the town down so violence seems inevitable... BUT, I am more then a bit curious to know why the fuck it is after us so talking might achieve that. (aka "Hello, have we met before? what do you want with me?")
No. 436876 ID: 0c2247

Use magic to put out the fires.
"What the fuck?!? Stop burning down the town, you psychopath! I wasn't even here!
I'm not talking to you until the town is safe!
Either help me fix this or wait outside of town!"
No. 436889 ID: 5c0329

tell her to stop setting your town on fire.
No. 436908 ID: c6ec33

Do this:
No. 436912 ID: cf49fc

This would be a good idea. Then ask her what the hell she thinks she's doing, burning down the entire frakking county.
No. 436919 ID: 6a1ec2

Considering she's shouting for you when she clearly has no visible lungs, I don't think a bullet to the brain would do more than piss her off. You're pretty much screwed. Try to lead her away from the town before she sucks out your soul.
No. 436938 ID: cf49fc

Well, you're a negative nancy, aren't you. Lead her out to minimize collateral damage, then hit her with Broken Dream Glass, or a Dream Anvil or something. Don't just give up and get killed like a berk.
No. 437011 ID: 835489

It could been a warning.
Did it sound like a warning or a threat?
No. 437038 ID: b2112e

This is important. Make sure you work out which it is; assuming wrong could get you killed.

Probably a good idea to ask her to stop burning your hometown to the ground regardless, though.
No. 437078 ID: 9e9597
File 134346914973.png - (466.42KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 93.png )

>Anyway, what do you know about demons

Not much, just that there are four types. One for each element.

René steps out and calls to the woman, "Was that a warning or a threat? Also, you could please stop burning down my town?"

No. 437079 ID: e3f578

"Can I have a name? There's a number of dreamwalkers around here. I think, they're kinda tricky, they might all just be the same guy with weird disguises. I know ONE of them has a bounty, but that's it. You here for that one's bounty or to claim some other one's soul? And another one is leaving town to go out west."
No. 437080 ID: bf54a8

well she seems nice. say she's looking at him.
No. 437083 ID: e3f578

Also I would like to say that if you go with this that she just might retaliate and call you useless or a liar and try to instagib you or something, so be prepared to pull of some gnarly dodges.

But I think she's actually stupid and angry enough to fall for it. I mean, hell son don't you have your fabulous flame trim thing going on? And she doesn't immediately put two and two together what you are?
She's a big dumb bimbo!
No. 437084 ID: 0c2247

"Which dreamwalker?
I can probably tell you, but OUTSIDE of town."
No. 437085 ID: 0c2247

Conjure water to put out fires.
"Then catch me if you can!"

Then run out of town.
No. 437086 ID: b85f8c

Okay, so this is a STUPID demon. Tell her that the dreamwalker is out in (some secluded location). Then when we get away from the town, open fire upon her and proceed with asskickings if she isn't dead from the bullet fire.

This is definitely not a fire/spirit mage, guys. Mages have their element manifest in their CLOTHING, and this person has her element manifesting in her FLESH. It's a fucking fire demon! We need to kill it.
No. 437089 ID: cf49fc

He's in the far east, in a big building with "CRIMSON KNIGHT HEADQUARTERS" written on it. To get in, give the traditional human password of running at the building, screaming at the top of your lungs.
No. 437090 ID: 9718f3


But really, if she hasn't immediately identified you as probably being who she's looking for, she's not very smart. Or she's really distracted by apparently searing her own flesh off continually.

Without knowing what she wants with us it is difficult to determine our approach to her.
No. 437095 ID: bd5edb

I wouldn't be so hasty to label it as an idiot, it's apparent that it is ignorant about the "mortal world". Nevertheless, I really advise against any kind of provocation, attempts to trick it or compliments about its fabulous hair. It's obvious that it is in a foul mood, trying to rationalize with it isn't a luxury that you have. I see no alternative but to assume that you are the man it is looking for. Godspeed.

> Not much, just that there are four types. One for each element.
If you manage to survive, you should search for a demonologist.
No. 437113 ID: 5e7568

I'm not sure we're the one she wants. But on the positive side, she has proper tits now.

Tell her we walk dreams, and we're the only one here who does. And "stop burning the town" is an order now too.
No. 437116 ID: 4a328b


Then fire-jump awaaaay
No. 437120 ID: afbc40

Hang you lot, there was one person we met in the dreams. Remember that one mage who seemed to have booted us out of his dream at the beginning? The creepy looking fellow with the black poncho? I think she is looking for him.

Ask if that man is the person she is looking for and if it's true, inform her that you have not seen him in the real world and only a bit in the dream world before you were booted from that dream.
No. 437128 ID: bd5edb

I thought that too, but then I remembered what René's father said.

> "If you think so, but I'm not sure what he could teach you since he's not a dreamcrafter."

Maybe "the man with swirly eyes" is a demon.
No. 437140 ID: 6a5a08

Well, she did say DreamWALKER, not DreamCRAFTER. Maybe there's a difference? Maybe she's just confused or has a different word for it? Either way, I doubt she's going to cooperate for any interrogating right now.
No. 437144 ID: b85f8c

We asked him if he was a demon, and he said no. He's a type of mage that we aren't familiar with, is all.
No. 437175 ID: 5c0329

maybe you should shoot her in the face.
No. 437312 ID: 53d7a2

Why not just point her back the way you just came from? That Crimson Knight there should be able to handle a demon, right? Isn't that basically what they do? Plus, it'll keep the town safe.
No. 437550 ID: f793db
File 134367807664.png - (494.51KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 94.png )

"So, are you looking for a guy with swirly eyes, black hair, black poncho?"


"How did you not know it was me?"


"Stop burning my town, this is an order."

No. 437551 ID: fa9f7e

"You just admitted I have the advantage over you and you can't afford to kill me. Try again, with less stupid this time. Towns can be rebuilt."
No. 437553 ID: bf54a8

"say please." and have a totes neutral face.
No. 437558 ID: 1d084b

She's totally hitting on you.
No. 437559 ID: bf54a8

also you can mention she's 'hot' whenever.
No. 437567 ID: 6a5a08

Don't piss her off more, just cooperate for now. If the Scarlet Knight shows up maybe we can get a chance to turn on the demon, but for now our focus is keeping the town safe, and the further she is from the town the safer it is.
No. 437569 ID: e3f578

"I do not respond to threats ma'am. I understand what you're capable of, and I will help you since a lady should not have her face taken from her, but after this is over I will expect compensation, like cash or you paying for all food and inn fees. It will mutual beneficiary contract that is NOT some bullshit one, like just letting me live. Trust me, when we both stand to gain, we can easily trust and work with each other. Do we have an understanding?"
No. 437570 ID: b85f8c

Ask where she'd be taking you. Apparently she isn't here to kill you, so that's good.

She did of course burn down half your goddamn town, and that's bad. Summon a water hose and start putting out the fire, while asking what she is. A demon? Or a fire/spirit mage? It looks like she has a face to you, anyway.
No. 437573 ID: 1d084b

Perfection. Let's go with this.
No. 437575 ID: b33427

"Alright, I was kinda looking for him as well. I'll get my pack."

Can you, or her, move the fire out of the town? Perhaps in a single cyclone or pillar so it'll burn itself out.
No. 437579 ID: 0c2247

"Put the fire out and lead the way."
No. 437602 ID: 68b5bf

"Sure, I was headed nowhere in particular anyway. Let's just get these fires put out and then we can be off." No need to get mercenary about it.

It might be a good idea to ask where we're going, as we work on the fire or get going, but it's not really that important.
No. 437611 ID: 5c0329

bullet goes in face.
No. 437624 ID: 7472ad

Wait, before it seemed like her body was continually burning/disintegrating itself, but now... I'm pretty sure she's healing/regenerating. Does a demon being around a mage heal it, or does she destroy her body when using her powers or something? The first would explain why demons are attracted to mages.
No. 437640 ID: 32e092

Craft up some water, perhaps?
No. 437642 ID: 4a328b

"Sounds fun, but you're going to have to explain that a bit better. First, let's put out the town, then I'll get back to leaving it."
No. 437677 ID: 334456

"I'm standing right in front of you. Would you mind just talking instead of screaming?"
No. 437692 ID: 6e44d2

Notice that her body is becoming more and more fully formed? Either that's due to her proximity to Rene, or because she's been burning shit.
No. 437722 ID: 96a1b7

No. 437761 ID: 9718f3

Works for me.

Might consider dream-crafting up a top for her to wear as a gesture of being a nice guy. She's almost certain to scoff/scream at it, but whatever.
No. 437763 ID: cf49fc

Seems reasonable. Be nice and give her a shirt, we can retaliate for her setting everything on fire later.
No. 437840 ID: b6178d

Uh oh. I sense a suggestion for Renérant comin' on. Here goes!

Step 1: Fold arms.
Step 2: Take a deep breath.
Step 3: Say the following;

"Well, I ain't gonna be some chump either, so my best offer is give and take. You help put my town back out and explain what's goin' on, I go with you to find your guy pronto. You don't help or explain, I -will- go away, and it won't be with some hot and bothered demon lady who is blithely burning down the town I grew up in just for the sake of getting my attention and then threatenin' to burn down the rest as if that will give her any kind of fucking leverage over a sensible man. Burn the world all you like, miss, I'll set out once this town is safe or once it's half burned down. Why half? Because while you waste your time burnin' down the rest, I'm gonna get a damn good head start. You bet your firm demon ass I ain't gonna be this easy to find ever again, or as inclined to go with you. I might not match you in power, or have any command over you, but unless you want this quest of yours to become a ton harder, you -need- to simmer down some and deal. Chew on that, if you want your face back any time this year."

So! I think the trick to dealing with this enraged demon woman is by bartering the fact that she wants us to leave with her to find hollow-guy as soon as possible. Attacking, womanizing or making otherwise goading comments seems a little unwise at this point. We've no idea how strong she is, other than the fact she's regenerating and she's set roughly a fifth of the town on fire. Maybe hollow-man sent her, even, and his having her face is some kind of binding ritual thing with the order 'bring the boy back here'. Running away and threatening to become more of a headache to her is our only real bargaining chip as I see it.

Of course, if she goes for the 'I'll just knock this idiot unconscious and carry him back', you may want to ready yourself to FIRE JUMP away and start running for the edge of town. With any luck, she'll follow and the townsfolk will have less to worry about!
No. 437844 ID: 1d084b

I like this approach even more. I wonder if he'll have time to say everything, however.
No. 437915 ID: b6178d


True. Maybe just "Burn the world all you like, miss, if you stay here wasting your time and spite burnin' this place down, I'm gonna get a damn good head start, and you bet your firm demon ass I ain't gonna be this easy to find again. Unless you want this quest of yours to become a ton harder, you -need- to simmer down some, stop the fires and explain things. At least if you want your face back any time this year." will do.
No. 438179 ID: f793db
File 134386031888.png - (434.58KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 95.png )

>Create Water

Water is a very inefficient material for René to dreamcraft. He can get 1 oz per gossamer.

"Sure, I was headed nowhere in particular anyway. Let's just get these fires put out and then we can be off."


"So what are you, and where will we be going?"


René holds off on further questions, and gathers his things to leave.
No. 438180 ID: f793db
File 134386040722.png - (489.32KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 96.png )

About an hour after Pineshadow has gone below the horizon, the woman speaks up

"I am a salamander."


"Living Fire, an elemental. I will be taking you to Nowhere. It has no name because he destroyed it."

"So, how will we be traveling? Will you be paying for inns and food, or should I?"

"I thought you would have not wanted towns destroyed."

"What's that have to do with i-"

"You either overestimate my capacity to allow filth like that to exist, or don't understand what you are asking. We will be staying out in the wilderness, and actively avoiding towns. Food will be what you catch."
No. 438181 ID: f793db
File 134386043733.png - (441.05KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 97.png )

"Would you like a shirt?"

"I am fine without one, but I am not one to refuse a gift."

René makes the Salamander woman a shirt.

"It's not much of a shirt, is it?"

"I didn't think you were accustomed to wearing clothes, so I tried to make something light."

"I am accustomed to wearing clothes, but I appreciate the thought. Thank you."

She seems to be much more receptive. Is there anything René would like to ask her?
No. 438182 ID: c1a7db

What's up with the shifting holes you seem to be burning through yourself?

And what's the story with your stolen face? As far as I can see, it's right there- plain as the nose on your- well.
No. 438184 ID: 0c2247

"No, I don't understand what I was asking, but I would like to. Would you be willing to explain?"
No. 438185 ID: e3f578

"If you would like something more fashionable, I'll be glad to make some for you later. But you do look very nice. Minimalistic suits you, as does the color white. I suggest keeping it away from metal though, in case you weren't aware of gossamer items' weakness."
No. 438187 ID: 6a5a08

"Do towns make you angry like you were back there, then? You seem calmer since we left."
No. 438188 ID: 4a328b

Ask WHY the Nowhere man stole her face. Didn't he have his own?
No. 438192 ID: a3b384

Ask about the deal with the face stealing, and then chitchat about what demons are. As you said, all you really know of them is the fact of their elements. Let her describe her kind then we can ask follow ups, instead of asking questions blindly.
No. 438198 ID: b85f8c

Ask her what she meant by "filth".
No. 438208 ID: 168f9c

Surprisingly receptive for someone who threatened to destroy an entire town just to find you.
No. 438219 ID: 7472ad

Ask about elementals rather then demons, since she called herself an elemental, not a demon.
No. 438234 ID: 6a5a08


I'd take a guess and think maybe larger buildings and other artificial structures like that are offensive or angering to an elemental. As an incarnate force of nature, something like that probably seems like a challenge or insult. Note she only became receptive after they were out of sight of the town. And she called it an 'abomination you call a town'.

Of course, they could also hate people, but she never once threatened the people specifically. Only to burn the town itself. And she's perfectly reasonable to René right now, unless Mages don't count.
No. 438238 ID: 168f9c

Don't even try to justify what she did. Let's just get this over with.
No. 438239 ID: 6a5a08

I was speculating on a question that was asked, not justifying anything.
No. 438272 ID: 100061

i wonder if she killed anyone when she set fire to the town, ask her if she knows. we should try and find out if anyone we knew is dead now. also is it just me or dose she have fewer holes in her now that we have moved away from the town? that might have something to do with why/if settlements drive her berserk. (note, even if they do send her into a rage she's still responsible for any damage she inflicted because she chose to approach the town rather than try some other means of getting our attention)
No. 438289 ID: c6ec33

Apologize for upsetting her earlier. Explain that you've never met one of her kind before, and don't know what is considered offensive. Politely ask what she meant earlier (about the town), and if she is receptive enough, ask about what this person you're seeking for did.
No. 438312 ID: 5c0329

why she so mad
No. 438330 ID: 168f9c

We have a common goal and that's enough, any information about that man is important. We also need names, using Ms Slamander and Mr Dreamcrafter is stupid and awkward. Besides that, I'm against any other kind of question, especially those of personal nature. She will tell something about herself when and only if she wants. She's the one who should apologize.
No. 438331 ID: 3d5f60

Being a mage with the element of fire and leaving your hometown after its burnt down probably aren't going to look good for that bounty on your head.

As why this crazy asshole decided to destroy your old stomping grounds.
No. 438339 ID: 0c2247

Hopefully there are witnesses who saw the whole thing: Salamander attacks, Rene show up, Rene talks it down, Rene makes it put the fire out, Rene leads it away from town.
That way when the Crimson Knights show up the town will defend his reputation as heroically saving them from her, which will certainly perplex Ms. Bugeyes.
No. 438357 ID: f793db
File 134393089877.png - (449.51KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 98.png )

"No, I don't understand what I was asking, but I would like to. Would you be willing to explain?"

"Imagine if, in your home, or some kind of place otherwise very dear to you, someone had done the most despicable thing you could think of. Something that assaults all your senses. Just by being there, it disgusts you to your core. Being there is like taking a hike underwater while carrying a boulder. Except all the water is waste. Would you stay in this place peacefully? Wouldn't you try to clean it up?"

"So what do you mean by filth?"

"Advanced Civilization, at least the kind that the Coal Nation seems to pursue. The Crow Nation isn't too bad. King Jonan and Freeholm are bad too, though for different reasons than the Coal Nation-States. Something about cities or buildings with foundation scrambles magic."

"Why do you keep saying your face was stolen? It seems pretty clear that you have one already. Also, why would he do it?"

"The closest way I can explain it, is that a salamander's face is like a mask, some even confuse it as such. It's an external appearance that's shown to others. Everyone has one, salamanders just have one in a more literal sense, generally made from bone. He took that from me.

As for why it was stolen, he did so to control me. If I don't do what he says, he'll destroy it. No, I don't know what would happen then, maybe I'd die, or lose my self control or rationality. Considering his magic, I might never exist to begin with. Nobody's supposed to be able to take it in the first place."

"Does the Crow Kingdom 's wearing of masks have anything to do with yours?"

"Maybe at one point it died, but they wear them for different reasons. Crow people wear masks as a sign of equality. You'd have to ask one of them for more information, I never really delved to deep into it."

"Oh, so we don't have to keep calling each other "Dreamcrafter and Salamander, my name's René. What's yours?"

"I'm Chrysanfōs"

"You're surprisingly receptive for someone who threatened to destroy an entire town just to find me"

"I didn't threaten to destroy your town. I offered to leave it standing."
No. 438358 ID: f793db
File 134393097219.png - (493.71KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 99.png )

"So, what are demon- err, elementals?"

"We are are beings of magic, concentrated and pure. Unlike the mortal races, who generally have a small spark of it, the only kind of elemental who isn't magically powerful is a dead or dying one. Losing my face seems to have weakened me too, even through it's not where my magic comes from. What we're called changes by time. When the mortal races were young, many of called us gods, but now that they've moved to using modern technology, we get labeled as demons."

"Where does your magic come from?"

"It varies by elemental. For Salamanders, their magic is from the heart, like a furnace that burns away everything except the purest of fire. Undines keep magic concentrated in their blood. Sylphs filter magic with their lungs, and gnomes solidify magic in their flesh and bones."

"So do all elementals attack cities? Or is that just salamanders?"

"No. But it's not a thing about what type of elemental they are. I've never heard of an elemental who isn't completely nauseated by cities. Halfs are hit really hard too. But as far as attacking cities, it's more down to how they feel about it. Ones that actively seek out cities aren't the norm to my knowledge. Though most will try to deal with cities that break into their territory, and there's nary a spot on the continent that someone doesn't feel close to."
No. 438361 ID: f793db
File 134393128312.png - (459.25KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 100.png )

"Why do mages attract demo-- elementals to cities?"

"Because you feel like a weak elemental. And there are very few good reasons for one to be in a city."

"Wouldn't it be better to assume it's a mage?"

"Sure, if you don't care about others. Most of us would rather destroy a city because of a misunderstanding than leave a fellow elemental trapped in a city."

"Did people die while you burned down the town?"

"Probably. Even if I wasn't specifically attacking people, I was setting buildings on fire. Even healthy adults can't always escape a fire in an emergency, let alone those less able. As helpful and comforting as fire is, it can still be very dangerous. I'd have thought you'd known that."
No. 438362 ID: 997ce7

"Why should I help you? It seems clear that you'd go and destroy my town anyway after you got your face back. Or, if your loathing is that strong, it wouldn't be worth it to go back, since it won't persuade me. You've already killed the townspeople. Killing me won't help you, and I can't exactly say I'm afraid of you. Why should I help you?"
No. 438363 ID: bf54a8

"yeah i know it's power but i was trying to be optimistic."
also, if elementals and magic are a natural part of the world then pure silver which can cut magic must be some kind of bad shit.
No. 438364 ID: 997ce7

Why? Natural isn't necessarily good. Unnatural isn't necessarily bad.
No. 438369 ID: b85f8c

Well yeah, fire's dangerous. The question was more to find out if she knew if people actually did die, if she purposefully blocked people from getting out of their homes, or if she controlled her fire so that it didn't kill anyone. It sounds like she didn't care either way and just threw fire everywhere.

Personally I feel like it's not that likely that people actually died. You arrived rather quickly and got the fire put out fast. Severe burns and smoke inhalation based illness are likely though.

Time to change the subject. Ask about the mage- it sounds like his magic is based around nothingness or void. That isn't a branch of magic we're familiar with... what's up with that? Is he unique or just rare?
No. 438370 ID: 0c2247

"Hmm... I think I could get people to build towns in different ways if it would prevent attacks. Would you be willing to help people work out a compromise?"
No. 438373 ID: a3b384

"I don't make a habit of burning down buildings. And if I did, I would manage ways to let people escape. Cities I can take or leave, but I don't like people getting hurt. But what's done is done."

Did we know any people from that part of town?

Also, it might be prudent to ask her what specifically offends her about cities. I mean, if there is some way that humans can gather and do their thing without being a such an offensive blight to elementals it's worth looking into.
No. 438376 ID: f793db

>You arrived rather quickly and got the fire put out fast. Severe burns and smoke inhalation based illness are likely though.

Rene arrived when 20% of the town was on fire. Like wall of flames on fire. While he talked to Chrysanfōs, she was setting entire buildings on fire at a time. The area that she's shown putting out is the part of town that wasn't burning yet when René arrived, and even there the buildings were burned to ashes.
No. 438377 ID: 4a328b

Man Rene don't you know how fire works you are embarrassing yourself in front of the cute girl! Shape up, man. Stop focusing on the horrible way those people died!

Ask for more information about the nowhere-man's powers/goals/whatever!
No. 438378 ID: 100061

so she probably burned some children to death, and she doesn't even care. she said she would rather burn down a city full of mortals rather than risk leaving one elemental trapped. we are going to end her, as cordial as she has been so far she's a monster, and she probably killed some of our friends. we play along for now but first chance we get we end her.
No. 438380 ID: f793db

>and she probably killed some of our friends

Basically every friend René had was at his sister's birthday party. The only exceptions are Krigg, who doesn't live or work in the side of town that was burned, and people he knows outside of Pineshadow. Though, she did burn down the homes of quite a few of René's friends.
No. 438387 ID: e3f578

"Can I call you Cris, for short?
No. 438390 ID: 168f9c

Fire is a destructive force. It is only beneficial to flora and fauna when these are prepared to withstand its power.

> Something about cities or buildings with foundation scrambles magic.
As mountains and plateaus? We can't depend on caves to protect ourselves from weather and beasts.

> Though most will try to deal with cities that break into their territory, and there's nary a spot on the continent that someone doesn't feel close to.
These lands were here before your birth and will be here after your death. Territories are nothing but imaginary lines maintained by force.

> Wouldn't you try to clean it up?
What you did back there... Should I kill you, then?
No. 438393 ID: 168f9c

How much control René has over fire? He can't extinguish it, apparently.
No. 438406 ID: 6a1ec2

How much control has René over fire?

No. 438417 ID: 32e092

Inquire as to why she thinks it's okay to kill numerous innocent people on the off chance of rescuing a single elemental--or, in your case, merely getting in contact with a single mage. If her answer is unsatisfactory, indicate that you refuse to help her in her search. Murder's not cool, kids. Especially not mass murder. Especially not casual mass murder.

Might want to consider outright shooting her, even.
No. 438418 ID: bf54a8

>a being that even scarlet knights have trouble taking down, while in a group, with weapons that do massive damage.

yeah no. let's not.
No. 438450 ID: 3ab5f6

> Should I kill you, then?
That was a rhetorical question, I don't think we have any chance against her in a direct combat. This in no way diminishes what I feel for her, however. This question must be asked seriously, even if she ends mocking René.

There are three reasons which lead me to accompany her: to protect the town and gather more information about that man and demons. Until now everything that scarlet knights said about demons wasn't contradicted by this meeting.

Anyway, it's astonishing how some feel that we should apologize and act cordially.
No. 438451 ID: bf54a8

keyword: act
actions don't have to mean we actually feel that way.
No. 438457 ID: e3f578

The elementals should establish relations with the mortals through acts of diplomacy, and work together to make architectural technology that doesn't disturb elementals.

This is the most practical solution for society to improve itself in these lands. It will minimize conflict to essentially just being about racism. Otherwise, these lands will be at conflict with these creatures for a good long time until that happens, or a few mortals decide to work with elementals and trick other mortals into using their anti-interference architectural improvements into all structures. Should we run into a Silver Knight, hopefully out of the Coal Nations where they want you and won't disturb you (except maybe to tag you at most), we should try and pry into their own diplomatic efforts with the elementals.

Unless you don't give a shit and just want to have a fun unplanned life, that's fine too. Just saying, good potential to get famous here René.
No. 438485 ID: 3ab5f6

I understand, but that's not how diplomacy works. She did all that without remorse and ignoring any consequence, she simply doesn't consider mortals worthy of her compassion or fear. Indeed, she thinks that "leaving us to live" is more than what we deserve. To have diplomacy both parties need to understand the benefits of a partnership and the consequences of a conflict. Easy to say, however. How we'll handle this situation?
No. 438501 ID: b85f8c

We can help the situation by offering to communicate to the Coal Nation the proper way to build its cities to make them less offensive to elementals.
No. 438506 ID: 3ab5f6

What if they do it on purpose? Moreover, René has a bounty over his head and this is a measure of medium to long term.
No. 438509 ID: b85f8c

Why would they piss off those they see as DEMONS on purpose? They want to AVOID demons- that's the entire purpose of the Scarlet Knights, to get rid of mages so that demons don't show up. Also we can use a middleman for communicating the proper way to build.
No. 438539 ID: 3ab5f6

I don't trust them, that's what I'm saying.
No. 438546 ID: bf54a8

yes and athena thinks that talking to one in a civil way is a literal impossibility. someone higher up the chain of command is lying to someone.
No. 438565 ID: 9718f3

Halfs? There are half-elementals? How does that work?
No. 438702 ID: 7472ad

Don't be a dick to her.

"You know, if you put some effort into not killing people when you destroy a town, you'd probably see at least a small drop in people who think you're demons who need to be purged, and people who know you're not demons but who still want you dead for killing their friends and families while going after objects."
No. 438754 ID: b6178d

Yannow, how about we don't have René argue morality and the practicalities thereof with someone who literally thinks on a different level than him and seems as much a force of nature as a person? You adjust yourself to the environment, not the other way around. At least if the environment is capable of singing you soundly if you step out of line.

Done's done. Grousing over what happened (even though it weren't right) isn't going to help anything at the moment, and we're just too ignorant of how the world and elementals operate to offer to fix anything. René can at least take solace in that it doesn't appear to be his fault she lost her cool in the search for him.

"Sure, it's easy to let fire get away from you, but you seemed to have real good control over it, so I thought maybe you'd... I dunno, herd people out 'fore you charred everything. To be honest, I like crafting stuff like that shirt a lot more than just burning things. Feels like I'm making something worthwhile, even if metal can make it go away again."

"Yanno, let's talk of something more pleasant. What kinda stuff do you favor doing? I like games of chance, so if you'd be up for it when we camp, I got some dice. Oh, 'n how long is this trip gonna take us, d'you think?"
No. 438766 ID: 5c0329


when a man and a demoness love each other very much...

would pure silver destroy an elemental like it destroys magic?
No. 438782 ID: 3ab5f6

Sorry, but I'm contrasting all the ridiculous permissiveness. Let's not confront her directly, apologize or make small talk. Besides, she's an overly egocentric and arrogant chatterbox. For once we should just shut up and let someone else do the talking.
No. 438962 ID: f793db
File 134403350189.png - (436.32KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 101.png )

>How much control René has over fire? He can't extinguish it, apparently.

Not as fast as Chrysanfōs can make it, no.

But he can extinguish fire, move it around, make more, sustain it, empower it.

It takes a little more concentration than normal to do things that aren't on his specific list of abilities, so inside combat, or stressful situations, they aren't always guaranteed.


"Can I call you Chrys for short?"


"What can the Nowhere Man do?"

"One, don't use that as an actual name. Otherwise I'll lose another description of him. He's got really weird magic. His fighting is kind of like a denial of existence. Sometimes it's just making something go away, other times it's like there was never a thing to begin with. He also does not have a magical attunement. Nobody is like that. A giant with the absolute minimum possible amount of magic would be spirit attuned. Even a common ant, or something with no magic power at all has an attunement. There's even a guy who has every attunement perfectly balanced, that's weird, but not unheard of. But the one with my face has plenty of magic, without any of the four elements or spirit to color its nature.""

"What does he want?"

"You dead. And probably to see how effectively he can control me. If I killed you now, or back in town, he might just try to use my face as leverage to do something else. I don't trust him to just give it back like promised if I don't have any leverage of my own. But until it's back, I can't risk losing it."

"Isn't that just proving that he can control you?"

"I guess. But I can't afford to lose my face. Especially not by him. So my only real option is to go with it until I can figure out how to secure my face."

"How could we make cities that don't offend elementals?"

"Little things, like not using electricity, or refined fuel. Villages were fine just a thousand years ago or two, and cities were more tolerable then. More mobile communities might help too, or smaller ones. Coal nation towns have a tendency to latch on to a spot and grow out like a mold, overwhelming whatever is in their way. Very few Crow Nation towns are permanent, and that fact helps give us reason to overlook the settlements that are. Even if you could just stop the Coal Nation States from expanding West, that would be something to work with. Anything more specific would almost require making a new town from scratch, and seeing what parts specifically mess with magic. Maybe an Undine or Gnome could help with that, but not me."
No. 438963 ID: f793db
File 134403352433.png - (484.42KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 102.png )

"Don't you care about people?"

"Sure I do. Cities are completely infuriating to be around, but people are mostly fine. Heck, apart from how it occasionally results in things that mess with magic, people's ingenuity and creativeness is pretty admirable."

"Then why don't you try to let people escape when you destroy a city? It seems like people wouldn't think so badly of elementals then."

"I'm not one to discriminate what I do merely because I like or dislike something. Anyway people think badly of us because it's a face to attach to their misfortune. If people don't have anyone to blame for an earthquake or for winter, then they focus on rebuilding, and mourning any loss. But have an elemental actually be there, and now it's a monster who took their homes away, whose death will avenge their loss."

"Fire is a destructive force. It is only beneficial to flora and fauna when these are prepared to withstand its power."

"Wait, you only know fire as destructive? That is indescribably sad. Give me a moment, to try and gather myself."
No. 438969 ID: 6a5a08

"Warmth isn't destructive, and some powers associated with fire magic are even creative, such as Dreamcrafting, but things like that blaze back in the town reminds me just how easily it can get out of control. The same can be said for other elements I guess, but a thing about people is they tend to single out the things closest to them first. Apologies if I offended."

"So... on a different topic than that, we're going to try to tangle with a guy whose ability is basically un-creation? My main ability is making things, he sounds like my antithesis. How are we supposed to fight him?"
No. 438980 ID: 4a328b


By that I mean dreamcraft an instrument or if you brought your nice one with ya play that~
No. 438981 ID: 8109b0

C'mon, you totally have to ask about the shifting burnt to the bone patches she displays. It kind of seems they're related to emotion- they stopped when she calmed down, and reappeared when you just got her worked up.
No. 438982 ID: bf54a8

well i haven't really seen any fires bigger then a small one do much of anything except burn things. small fires can cook but other then that...
No. 438989 ID: 6a5a08

The Sun.
No. 438990 ID: 61e8ef

Fire itself is destructive. It changes what it touches to a simpler state. That destruction is an important part of many cycles, and the world would die without it, but it is still destruction. Fire's destructive power can also be harnessed to sustain life, and create many new things, but it always requires sacrifice, and the flame must be controlled.
No. 438991 ID: b33427

You do know fire can create and aid, as well as harm and destroy: The warmth of a fireplace in the Winter; The fire of a baker's oven; The blaze of a forge to work metal, as you personally know; Heck, even the Sun itself, which makes life possible on this world. It's just that so many only remember the destructive side, and you're ashamed you did as well. Of all people, you ought to know better. You're sorry for saying that.
No. 438997 ID: 3ab5f6

> Wait, you only know fire as destructive?
No, no. That was within the context at hand. You can't just use fire indiscriminately, that's what I meant. Damn, I don't want to enter the discussion about heat. Of course all life depends on heat, but this heat is within a very specific value. A little more or a little less means death, you can't just toy with it.

> But have an elemental actually be there, and now it's a monster who took their homes away, whose death will avenge their loss.
Your kind has no control over themselves? I can't talk to an earthquake, rationalize with a force of nature. They don't hold concepts, care little for what happens on the surface. They just happen because there's no perfect balance. Life has little choice but to adapt or die. They occur for a reason, however. There's no justification or explanation for what you back there.
No. 439003 ID: 5c0329

fire is awesome. which one of you assholes said that? shame on you.
No. 439211 ID: f793db
File 134409562849.png - (403.93KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 103.png )

René plays a tune to try and cheer Chrys up.

"I'm sorry, I know there are things that fire does that are good."

*Sniff* "Fire is just as responsible for things being able to live as any other element. Its warmth and light makes plants grow. If living things get too cold, they stop and die, fire brings life and movement. The ashes it creates clearing away dying forests refreshes the land and makes way for new life. That's not even getting into all the uses people have come up with for fire."

"The reason the idea was so sad isn't because I'm a fire elemental, it's because you're a fire mage. If doesn't cost you anything to work with fire. You can heat things up calmly and warm things up as long as you have the magical strength and knowledge. Using it just to hurt people is like a water mage who only uses their ability to drown things or an earth mage who only uses his magic to crush things. Yes, you can do other fantastic things by combining elements, but to just dismiss the core of it as some sort of weapon that has to be used at full blast every time? The mindset required to think that is just horrible."

"So what is up with the burns?"

"Like I said before, a salamander's heart is like a furnace of magic. If it gets worked up, it gets hotter, and the default is burn away everything except fire. It burns us so that we don't harm the world. Out face is part of that. Keeping things we don't want exposed closed up. Not letting our emotions lash out and hurt things we don't want hurt."
No. 439212 ID: f793db
File 134409571607.png - (494.04KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 104.png )

"What right do elementals have to destroy cities that "break into their territory"? These lands were here before your birth and will be here after your death; terri-"

"I might only be old enough to have seen the last time the ocean split the lands, but everything is made of elements, and elementals are the elements embodied. Some of us are older than the land, sky and sea. Some are the land, sky and sea. I've met the Salamander who made the sun. And we don't die just because time has passed, so it's perfectly likely most of us will outlive this land."

"So are you actually gods?"

"I guess it depends on how you define it. To some of the indigenous people, gods are just powerful beings. You would be a god according to them. The Coal Nation-States believe in god as the source of life; The thing that gives people ghosts and an afterlife. We would not be that."

"Don't elementals have any control over themselves?"

"Of course we have self control. Actions we take are based on what we want, or think are right. The world would be in complete disorder if our magic and actions weren't controlled. That's why I'm so worried about getting back my face."

"I can't talk to an earthquake, rationalize with a force of nature. They don't hold concepts, care little for what happens on the surface. They just happen because there's no perfect balance. Life has little choice but to adapt or die. They occur for a reason, however."

"I know there's a reason for them. They happen because of how we made and continue to interact with the world."

"It's getting pretty late, and you're looking pretty tired. We should stop here for the night. If there's a cloudy day before we reach Nowhere, there's a spell I want to show you."

What will René do?
No. 439214 ID: 4a328b

Sleepy time! Did you bring a dreamcatcher?
No. 439215 ID: 526f7b

It is indeed getting late, and there's been altogether too little womanizing lately. Confirm that you can physically touch her without burning.
No. 439225 ID: d6c330

Sure, turn in. Accept her generous offer of teaching you a spell. More non-combat options could be useful in the long run.
No. 439227 ID: e3f578

Never stick dick in person who may or may have not killed your longtime friends trapped in burning buildings, regardless of intentions or understandability or if that was their intention.

Not for moral reasons, but if anyone from your hometown figures out they'll go straight up "What the fuck, our friends get killed and you get laid with an exotic woman"
No. 439228 ID: b85f8c

>The mindset required to think that is just horrible.
Admit that you're just a little dim and you don't even use fire in combat. You've been relying on your gun and unarmed fighting techniques for that. List off ways you've used your fire to give her a better idea of how you approach it. Haven't you used it for helping with the forge?

Also ask why electricity specifically messes with magic. And refined fuel? I don't get it.
No. 439241 ID: 6a5a08

Is there such a thing as a Spirit elemental?
No. 439245 ID: 8c4f25

How much René knows? About the world and the forces that govern it, about the nations created by mortals and their gods, about magic. Who taught him to dreamcraft? It's just a raw talent that he improved through trial and error over the years? If this was a battle of wits with dreamcrafting...

Enough, nobody else cares about this. I just wanted to know why she burnt the city. She understand how rare and precious life is? How unnecessary and mindless her actions were? How the elements can demand respect and determine rules if even a dreamcrafter doesn't know about their existence? If they are indeed the origin of everything, why they treat their creations this way? If power is all that matters, it means that with enough resources we can subjugate all the elements to our bidding?

What is the role and objective of that man in all this, however? Why do they need René?

Everything René does with dreamcrafting uses the elements. He and Chrysanfōs aren't stupid, they know that. Is she toying with us? What are dreamcrafters, after all?

> Also ask why electricity specifically messes with magic. And refined fuel? I don't get it.
Because the common man is taking control over the forces of nature? They fear us?
No. 439258 ID: b85f8c

It's not fear. Cities with these features DISRUPT magic. And *of course* dreamcrafting technically uses the elements. She was specifically talking about pure fire. Pay attention! Plus, Rene is objectively a bit dim; I mean, look at the conversation he had with the scarlet knight. Or with his father re: the scar.
No. 439262 ID: 8c4f25

We are a bit dim, you mean.
No. 439265 ID: 4a328b

Seduce her~
No. 439316 ID: 6a1ec2

Ask her to build a city.
No. 439342 ID: b33427

Considering the crazy thoughts going through your head and what's been coming out of your mouth recently, it would be best to turn in. It's too dark now to travel safely anyway.

Tell Chrys you're still sorry for what you said; It was ignorance and the fatigue from the long day talking, though that's a poor excuse for making a lady cry.

Dreamcraft a tent big enough for the both of you, and a bedroll for Chrys if she cares for one. Double-check that your dreamcatcher is tied on tightly before laying down.

Before going to sleep, wonder out loud what kind of entity the Bogeymen are. Are they the result of the union of a fire and air elemental? You guess this 'cause the one you met can easily dreamcraft far, far beyond anything you can do.
No. 439366 ID: f793db

That I don't feel are adequately discussed elsewhere

>What does René know about the world and the forces the govern it?

What he has seen, what Athena has said, and what Chrys is telling him now.

>About The nations and their gods?

The Coal nation-States are a republic. The Main religion believes in a nebulous god which gave people souls and an afterlife. The Crow Kingdom is a monarchy. The current King is Corevis. He doesn't know about Freeholm, other than Chrys keeps talking like it's as important as the other two. There are other minor countries, but they don't really matter.

>Everything René does with dreamcrafting uses the elements

René could make gossamer fire, but it wouldn't be the same as fire. It would act, look, and feel like fire, but at its core, it would still be gossamer, not fire. He does not think that dreamcrafting gossamer is the same as working with the four elements.
No. 439367 ID: f793db
File 134412804265.png - (463.61KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 105.png )

René decides this would be an excellent time to see if touching Chrysanfōs burns him. It doesn't.

"Cheer up, Chrys. I'll help you figure out a way to get your face back."


"Do you need anything?"

"No, it's a really nice night. Get some rest, René. We have along day ahead of us tomorrow."

The weather looks good, so René finds a nice spot in the field to lie down and sleep.
No. 439368 ID: f793db
File 134412839193.png - (466.42KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 106.png )

8 minutes after René and Chrysanfōs have lied down to go to sleep...

"Chrys, are you awake?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Are there spirit elementals?"

"I've never met one. The closest thing there really is, are people. Mages notwithstanding, ghosts are pretty much pure spirit magic. But it's still different than elementals are. If there's a true spirit elemental, it would be the god or gods that the Coal Nation-States believe in."

"I wonder what Bogeymen are. Are they some kind of Fire/Air elemental?"

"No, Bogeymen aren't elementals. Sorry I can't tell you what they specifically are, but Bogeymen don't bother with Elementals. They don't really gain anything from us. And all said and done, they're the masters of dreams, so even if I really wanted to know, I have no way of making one answer me."


"Oh, and René?"


"Thank you. For cheering me up. The music was really nice."

"I'll have to play more for you then."

"Yeah, I think I'd like that."

"Goodnight, Chrys."

"Goodnight, René."

Does René dream?
No. 439371 ID: 4a328b

He does!
No. 439388 ID: 197c1c

mmh... has he a dreamcatcher?^^
I assume the one we surprised earlier wants to kill us for some reason...
So, situations for our dream would be
1. dream together with our salamander
2. another/the boogeyman comes again
3. the strange effect of meeting this dark guy occurs again...

So, with a dream-catcher, sure, otherwise... maybe?^^
No. 439413 ID: 0c2247

See if you can dream your way into Chrys's mind. It would be interesting to see how she sees the world.
No. 439414 ID: b85f8c

I think it would be quite rude to do that without permission. As we've seen from the first time we tried it (dad's dream), private things can be going on in dreams.
No. 439435 ID: 8c4f25

Dreams and elements are different things? No use wondering, I guess.

> What he has seen, what Athena has said, and what Chrys is telling him now.
Makes sense. We're definitely screwed.

> Does René dream?
Why not? No one asked Chrys what she meant with "dreamwalker", let's check it out by ourselves.
No. 439439 ID: 8ffedb

Are we sure it was trying to kill us or was it another scenario like the salamander and the city?
No. 439466 ID: 32e092

The bogeyman? Those don't kill people, they just attack them and feed off their emotions. Nothing unusual going on there.
No. 439556 ID: 67ad2c

Try to find your father or familys dreams again. Maybe you can give them a message to say that you're alive. The person who burned down the town isn't entirely blameless, but is being manipulated. You're investigating the matter.
No. 439586 ID: f793db
File 134418180844.png - (197.86KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 107.png )

René goes to sleep, and is now in the dreamline. A glow above him catches his eye. He didn't notice last time, but it seems the dreamlines are an upside down sky.

He backs off to get a better view of what's glowing.
No. 439587 ID: f793db
File 134418182110.png - (462.84KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 108.png )


What will René do from here?
No. 439588 ID: 997ce7

Er... hello. Am I intruding?
No. 439590 ID: 0c2247

Say hello, and ask if she would like some company.

Rene, as a dreamcrafter can you pay attention to the world around you while you sleep?
No. 439591 ID: 8c4f25

Go on, you never asked for permission before.
No. 439593 ID: 901808

She appears to be sleeping in the dreamworld. Perhaps that means she hasn't fallen asleep yet, or perhaps if we interact with her sleeping form we can enter her dreams, because that always works out well. I guess try gently prodding her tail, and see what happens.
No. 439594 ID: 4a328b

Don't pull her tail! Some lizards drop their tails when startled as a defense mechanism. Cool, right?

I wonder if it would be a good idea to look for the Spiral Eye guy again, or if we should surprise him...

Before jumping into a dream, see if there are any other spiders around!
No. 439597 ID: 7472ad

Don't disturb her, she seems to be sleeping peacefully. I say practice some Dreamcrafting since you're not as limited here.
No. 439602 ID: f793db
File 134418448297.png - (210.31KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 107.png )

It occurs to me that some important detials were missing from >>439586

I apologize for the inconvenience.

No. 439619 ID: b85f8c

Flip upside down and go zooming along the landscape. See if we can see anything interesting towards the West.
No. 439620 ID: 0c2247

>I wonder if it would be a good idea to look for the Spiral Eye guy again, or if we should surprise him...

Fuck no, and no, respectively.

Yes, lets see what happens if people willingly let us into their dreams.
No. 439625 ID: bf54a8

let's leave swirly alone, besides, how would we find him? poke dat salamander.
No. 439628 ID: 8c4f25

Yes, let's pay that man a quick visit. Who knows, he may not be a bad guy. Maybe we can go buddy-buddy with everyone.

There must be some kind of connection between Chrys and her face. Let's try this.
No. 439629 ID: 6a5a08

That's a good point, if face and elemental are connected, maybe we can track the face through the dream?
No. 439722 ID: b33427

I'm reluctant to suggest tracking Chrys' face in the dreamline. I suspect it would draw the attention of the Nowhere Man to what Chrys is trying to do. Before attempting anything of that sort, René should get Chrys' attention and ask her if it's possible, and what the consequences would be if that man found them together.

René, go float up to Chrys' ear (after judiciously surveying her glorious form) and whisper "Chrys, is it safe to talk here?" Speak louder and louder until she responds. Keep your hands off, since touching an elemental in the dreamline might be bad for you. Touching without permission is at least rude, anyway.
No. 439755 ID: 6a1ec2

>Speak louder and louder until she responds.

grabs popcorn
No. 439808 ID: f793db
File 134428978876.png - (432.54KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 109.png )

René flips upside down, and jostles the end of Chrys's tail to wake her up.


She looks much bigger up close.

"Chrys, I want to talk to you about something."

No. 439812 ID: f793db
File 134429005683.png - (524.67KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 110.png )

Chrys wakes up, or whatever it would be called here.

"Hey René, did you need something?"

"Is it safe to talk here?"

"It's probably safer than talking in the real world. There are more tricks to overhear conversations in real life than for dreams."

"Would it be possible to track down your face in dreams?"

"Probably. But you or another dreamwalker would have to be the one who does it. Can you see magic?"

"You mean like people casting spells?"

"No, the energy itself."

"No, I can't. How would you do that?"

"You'd have to learn how to use spirit magic to see auras. Until then you may have a problem finding it. It should be somewhere in Nowhere though."

"So, why did you call me a dreamwalker?"

"You're a mage who walks the dreamlines."

"Oh, I've always heard them referred to as 'dreamcrafters'."

"I guess dreamwalker must be a more outdated name now. That, or people just use dreamcrafter because that's the main part of it they see."
No. 439814 ID: 48f315

Why does this remind me of James and the Giant Peach?


I'm tempted to have Rene start eating Chrys out. That'd probably lead to vore/unbirthing though so probably a bad idea.

Aaaanyhow, ask where you would learn about spirit magic.
No. 439815 ID: e7c1ad

touch fluffy salamander tail.
No. 439820 ID: bf3f27

> giantess
> vore/unbirthing
I'm trying to control myself here, but you're not helping.

> You'd have to learn how to use spirit magic to see auras.
She can help you with that?
No. 439822 ID: e3f578

My god
that is
motorboat paradise
No. 439827 ID: 0c2247

Kinda jumping in with both feet there, aren't you.
Maybe Rene should test the waters first.

Actually, no, the first thing he should do is say "If you can't teach it then I don't think I can learn Spirit Magic tonight, but I might be able to help you out just a little... Can you show me what your mask looks like?"
If he can resize himself to match her then he should do so, if for no other reason than convenience.

What Rene is going to do is take advantage of dreamcrafting inside dreams not costing any gossamer to find out what exactly Chrys' mask looks like. Ostensibly so that he can recognize it if he sees it.
Then, when they wake up tomorrow, Rene will dreamcraft that substitute for her. It's not her mask, but will do some of the things it's supposed to do. Most importantly, it's a kind gesture that will make her feel less exposed.

Obviously there's no chance we can trick the face-thief with a duplicate, but we might be able to trick the face-thief into thinking we tricked Chrys with the duplicate. Or, at least, make him think we've made a 'good enough' substitute that the mask doesn't give him power over Chrys anymore.
No. 439828 ID: e7c1ad

Rene, get bigger. It's annoying having to crane your neck all the time.

Ask if she knows anyone that could teach us about Spirit magic...or if she could.
No. 439831 ID: bf3f27

> Rene, get bigger.
I'm completely against this.
No. 439837 ID: 4a328b

No pervy crap.

We're keeping it classy.

If she can see spirit, we can probably take her with us when we go a-walking and have her act as a compass
No. 439838 ID: 48f315

I'm okay with it *after* we ascertain that we can't have any kinky size-difference sex.

If we can't, then fine. If we can, do so straight away.

Is it still cheating on your girlfriend if it's in a dream?
No. 439839 ID: 4a328b

What girlfriend?
No. 439840 ID: 48f315

Florence, that crow nation chick from the prologue
No. 439844 ID: 4a328b

Hobby: Womanizing

I see no girlfriend here.
No. 439846 ID: 9718f3

Not Rene's girlfriend. Also not crow nation.
No. 439852 ID: 48f315

Ah. So are we ignoring the "classy" bit, then? Full steam ahead with the weird sex!
No. 439897 ID: b85f8c


Also ask why she has a tail here but not in the real world. Or why she is here at all- normally we see dreams in the dreamlines, not people. Also we only just now noticed the landscape and the fact that it's reversed; info on that could be interesting! Do cities show up on the landscape, or just natural things?
No. 439900 ID: 4a328b


We are just doing our womanizing in a CLASSY fashion
No. 439970 ID: f793db
File 134431178612.png - (528.21KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 111.png )


Sorry, while René is not discriminating when it comes to what kind of woman he pursues, he is not into being eaten."

>Touch Salamander tail

René just did that. It was comfortably warm.


René is about to make himself bigger, so he can talk to Chrys eye to eye, but she scoops him up with her tail.

"There, now we can talk better. Is there anything else you'd like to know?"

"Could you help me learn spirit magic?"

"No, you'd need another person to teach you. Elementals don't use magic other than their element. From what I've heard, even though mages have an advantage from their reserve of magic, their non-spirit attunements are generally so strong, it makes finding your spirit attunement difficult. Even for people with a spirit secondary, it's a matter of focusing on it without letting their main element color it."

"Why are you here, and not like a dream?"

"Well, elementals don't dream like people do. A lot of us just prefer to rest, and maintain the land gently as we sleep. But we are still sleeping, so we end up on the Dream Planet."

"why are you so much bigger here?"

"Probably because of something symbolic, like representing my impact on the earth, or how magically strong I am or something. Same for why my hair keeps reaching out to the horizon."

"Your tail is very beautiful, but why do you have one here?"

"Well thank you. I used to keep a tail for a while, but I put it aside a few hundred years ago. It's still part of me that I identify with though, so it shows up in dreams."

"what's your face like? Maybe I could make a copy out of gossamer, so I know what it looks like"

"Oh, that's a nice idea. Have you seen a dragon skull? I suppose not. Start with a cow skull, but with forward facing eyes. Put some teeth along the entire jaw. End the skull about there it'd hit my horns... There's generally some wear to it, so add cracks. Yeah, that's about right."

>Questions about what the dreamlines themselves are like

René thinks that these are the kind of things that would be much better to find out for himself, and that by asking Chrys things that he could easily find out by himself, he would lose some respect from her. He makes a personal note to explore after this conversation ends, barring something else coming up.
No. 439982 ID: 0c2247

"Would you like me to make you a mask to wear while you're awake? Not as a replacement; that would still be beyond my power even if it wasn't. Just for your comfort."

Match her size, then spend the rest of the night dreaming about being in each others arms.
No. 439984 ID: b85f8c

>exploring rather than asking
Well okay that's a good point.

You know, I bet cities that disrupt magic also disrupt the Dream Planet. I would be interested in seeing what that looks like.

Compliment her on how intimidating her face is.
No. 439991 ID: 4a328b

Try and find the city you just came from on the dream planet~
No. 439995 ID: ec9ba1

I'd ask to sit between her breasts, but that would be too forward.
No. 439996 ID: bf54a8

yeah making one that she can wear may be nice, but ask, making one without her permission could be a faux-pas.
No. 440018 ID: 0c2247

Don't comment about it being intimidating, since that's probably not the point.
Instead Rene should ask where their masks come from and what they are supposed to convey to others.
No. 440022 ID: bf3f27

Nothing more to say.

Last time you went to where the lines converged, now go in the opposite direction. Maybe you can find a teacher.

> match her size
No. 440047 ID: 6a5a08

Or maybe, our teacher could be a boogeyman.
No. 440050 ID: 4a328b

This is crazy. I like it.
No. 440257 ID: 6a1ec2


Hey it worked the last time, right?
No. 440260 ID: 8ffedb

I think it has something to teach us, another bout of the oldest game with it would probably do us good (or get us killed).
No. 440263 ID: bf54a8

it doesn't kill. it eats fear not death. it wants to scare you.
No. 440265 ID: f793db
File 134438804768.png - (519.18KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 112.png )

"Would you like me to make a mask for you to wear when you're awake? Not that I think it'd be a replacement, just something for your comfort."

"I appreciate the thought, but it wouldn't really be the same. As much as it might not seem to be the case to you, my face is an actual second face, and not just something that goes over my head."

René grows

"Do you mind letting me see how you'd look with the mask on?"

"I'm not sure. I feel like it would be a little off"

René extends his hand to Chrys.

"No worry. I'll just have to see when we get your face back. Here, I've got one last thing for you."

"What's that?"
No. 440266 ID: f793db
File 134438808275.png - (515.41KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 113.png )


"I'm going to look around for a while, I'll see you in the morning. Have a nice dream, Chrys."

"You too. Goodnight, René."

Which way should René go? West to look ahead? East to Jordan?

>Last time you went to where the lines converged, now go in the opposite direction. Maybe you can find a teacher.

There are no converging lines. Just stars, which, judging from his experience last time, represent dreamers.
No. 440268 ID: 0c2247

Second star to the right, and straight on til morning.
No. 440270 ID: bf3f27

East, then. Greet the Sun.
No. 440272 ID: b85f8c

Go west! Or just head to the closest human settlement.
No. 440281 ID: b33427

Chrys said her hair stretches to the horizon in the dream, but did you notice if it keeps pointing in the same direction? If it does, then follow it; It may point to where her face is, though I doubt it would be that easy, but do it anyway to rule it out.

Otherwise, go east, to the heart of the Coal Nation, and see what it looks like in the Dream. It probably won't matter, but make yourself tiny so you're harder to spot.
No. 440284 ID: 4a328b

Find a boogeyman~
No. 440292 ID: 6a5a08

No. 440294 ID: cf49fc

THIS PLAN CANNOT FAIL. Give it a whirl. All the last one did was shoot you in the face. What's the worst this one could do? Shoot you in the ass?
No. 440339 ID: af25e0

My guess is that the "horizon" is the opposite of "where the lines converge". So, yes, go where the hair points.
No. 440373 ID: bf3f27

We really should check how things are in home. Then, if each star represents a dreamer, maybe we should look for one that's "different".
No. 440376 ID: d6c330

If stars are ordinary dreams, we should look for weird ones.

Find a binary system. Or a black hole. Or a pulsar. Any dreams that are weird on the outside are worth investigating.
No. 440381 ID: dd287a

If we're hunting down a bogeyman, we might actually save someone if he turns out to be attacking someone who's derp enough to forget their dreamcatcher... you know, like us that one time.
No. 440383 ID: 6a1ec2

I take back my vote about finding another bogeyman by the way. That would be a monumentally stupid idea. It was the encounter with the swirly eyed guy who made you better anyway, not the bogeyman.
No. 440389 ID: bf3f27

René matured because of the experience gained through this adventure, not dreams.
No. 440391 ID: 6a5a08

What >>440389 said. Besides, Boogeymen seem like fun guys, and it's not like lethal injuries carried over.
In the case of experience, imagine how much we would get if we won? Even just fighting normally ought to give him good practice dreamcrafting, especially under duress.
No. 440395 ID: bf3f27

Are you guys really... Never mind, here.
No. 440398 ID: 997ce7

>Lethal injuries don't carry over
True, but it wouldn't take a lethal injury in the real world to fuck us over. We're on the run from the police force. Imagine if we break our leg(s) or even our spinal cord and end up being paralyzed.

Or we could be blinded, or lose a limb entirely.

I'm not saying we shouldn't. I'm saying we should weigh the risks against the reward of making summons immune to metal, which is supposed to happen anyway if we get powerful enough. The blood is a shortcut.
No. 440399 ID: 4a328b

Look, I just want to pick a fight with a boogeyman. Things like 'safety' and 'prizes' are secondary concerns.
No. 440401 ID: 997ce7


How about this? If we end up paralyzed from the waist down we won't be able to womanize anymore. We could still flirt, but you know what I mean.
No. 440402 ID: 4a328b

Wow, that is the one arguement that I could care less about.

No. 440403 ID: 997ce7

...Do you mean couldn't, or do you actually care about that?

And I'm trying to convince Rene, so yeah.

It really is a stupid argument, but whatever works.
No. 440494 ID: ce47da

up, up and away!
No. 440664 ID: f793db
File 134446468874.png - (572.62KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 1 - 114.png )

>Follow Chrys's hair

Chrys's hair generally just went to behind her, but when she was lying or sitting down, it fanned out in multiple directions.

>Head East back to Jordan, look for bogeymen along the way.

I think I found one.
No. 440666 ID: 0c2247

Tell it you're looking for somebody who can teach Spirit magic, and ask if it knows anybody.
No. 440670 ID: dd287a

Be cautious, those things are not known for being friendly, we may have to have a re-match with one.
No. 440674 ID: ce47da

observe it without being noticed.
No. 440675 ID: bf54a8

you have your dream-catcher now, if it gets aggressive you can just get behind it.
No. 440676 ID: 4a328b

Agreed. Show no fear!
No. 440677 ID: 9718f3

Poke it.
No. 440689 ID: cf49fc

Say hello! Honestly, if it wants you to die, it could easily kill you without much difficulty, so why bother being afraid?
No. 440691 ID: f793db

I realized I didn't explicitly state this, and the picture doesn't show the end of the tail, so for reference, the Bogeyman is going into the star.
No. 440693 ID: 4a328b

Oh, so it's attacking a dreamer. Let's go help that guy out!
No. 440694 ID: 72d49b

Tail-poking worked out well last time, let's try it again.
No. 440695 ID: dd287a

Perhaps it's someones dream, and perhaps we'll do better since the potential battleground isn't our own dream.
No. 440708 ID: 6a5a08

Go into the assailed dream. Maybe the person will be important, maybe not.
No. 440721 ID: 4c133b

Huh? It's the same bogeyman as before? And with the same form? Or are they all alike and unable to shapeshift? I wonder if we'll be as lucky as before.
No. 440734 ID: e7c1ad

...this is a horrible idea.
go chase it

also you might want to consider if leaving the planet means leaving your dreamcatcher
No. 440744 ID: 4c133b

> ...this is a horrible idea.
Indeed. It will challenge us to another game? How we'll succeed where we failed before? In case of direct combat, what hope do we have? We're not even inside our own dream this time.
No. 440745 ID: d6c330

Worse than that. Maybe we're perfectly safe going boogeyman hunting. Maybe. Doesn't make it safe for the poor sap whose dream we decide to fight in. He or she could be used as a hostage, or made to pay in our place.

Of course, if they're already at substantial risk anyways, they're not much worse off for us trying to help. How serious a threat is a boogeyman to a normal dreamer again? Are they out for blood, or just mischief?
No. 440749 ID: 4c133b

> Are they out for blood, or just mischief?
Hard to tell. We're alive, but what about others? Why do they do this, anyway? We can actually antagonize them if that's how they feed or reproduce? Are they necessary to the balance of the "Dream Planet"? However, we don't have much choice after seeing one attacking a dreamer. Let's go and hope for the best.
No. 440780 ID: f793db