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File 139792396742.jpg - (54.30KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ2.jpg )
571492 No. 571492 ID: 10636b

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No. 571495 ID: 10636b
File 139792459185.jpg - (507.38KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ5.jpg )

Oh hai there.
No. 571496 ID: 49b933

Get ye can?
No. 571497 ID: 7e0def

Get tore up, son!
No. 571498 ID: 10636b
File 139792509064.jpg - (489.84KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ4.jpg )


Yes, it seems that Phonithia here is standing next to a can.
No. 571499 ID: 37aa84

Is Phonithia going to have themselves a nice refreshing drink then?
No. 571500 ID: 10636b
File 139792537580.jpg - (169.24KB , 352x800 , Ποτο1.jpg )

She looks at the can confused for a bit, for she didn't really understand what a can is.

Thankfully you told her that its a nice refreshing drink.
No. 571501 ID: 37aa84

>Griffon Claw Lion's Ale

How is her alcohol tolerance?
No. 571502 ID: 10636b
File 139792609052.jpg - (415.62KB , 1007x996 , Τεμ41.jpg )


Phonithia doesn't really know what to answer to that, she has never drunk anything stronger then wine, and at that never more then three cups.

She assumes she can take it without that much difficulty.
No. 571503 ID: 37aa84

Sure, knock yourself out. I know nothing about alcohol anyway so I have no idea how strong it is relative to any other alcohol.
No. 571506 ID: 10636b
File 139792674146.jpg - (490.25KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ4.jpg )


Oh ok then. She gets up and prepares to do what is needed.
No. 571514 ID: 60fee2

Ok, to open the can you should see a little metal tab on top. You want to pull up on one end of that tab. It is kinda like a little lever to open the can.
No. 571516 ID: ca0da5

It helps to have both hands/claws while doing so, one to hold the can steady and the other to open it.

...Might need to sit on your haunch if you can't normally balance on your hind-legs.
No. 571519 ID: eb10ea

If all else fails, you could just pop it in your mouth like an aluminum fruit snack. That beak isn't just for show.
No. 571520 ID: 9ddf68

if all else fails just use one of your talons to poke a hole in the top. Just try to aim for the top of the can were there's that small rectangle indent next to the tab. Don't hit the can to hard though just enough to open the top.
No. 571521 ID: 10636b
File 139792824840.jpg - (304.43KB , 540x622 , Untitled-1.jpg )


Phonithia is perfectly capable of doing it as she is. She picks up the can with her delicate claws, careful now to drop or scratch the can it self. She then proceeds to examine it.
No. 571524 ID: 10636b
File 139792861945.jpg - (240.84KB , 622x449 , Untitled-2.jpg )

Well, here's the metal tab they were talking about.
No. 571528 ID: 10636b
File 139792939569.jpg - (92.73KB , 369x249 , Untitled-1.jpg )

And a with a simple move.
No. 571529 ID: 10636b
File 139792993182.jpg - (422.48KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ1.jpg )

Well, that was easy.

And look, now the can is open for consuption.
No. 571530 ID: 37aa84

Well go ahead and drink. How is it?
No. 571534 ID: 9ddf68

ok now place where the hole you just open next to your beak and tilt the can so the stuff in the can will fall into your mouth/beak.
No. 571538 ID: 10636b
File 139793209548.jpg - (262.69KB , 851x709 , Τεμπ1.jpg )


Well then, shall we begin>
No. 571540 ID: 37aa84

Of course dear, enjoy your beverage.
No. 571541 ID: 10636b
File 139793235117.jpg - (259.23KB , 760x606 , Δ1.jpg )

The can nears Phonithia's beak, and as the smell of beer and alchohol enter her nostrils she pecks up.
No. 571544 ID: 10636b
File 139793268286.jpg - (230.20KB , 542x550 , Δ3.jpg )

Slowly the liquid starts pouring out of the can, increasing in volume like Phonithia's thirst for the drink.
No. 571546 ID: 10636b
File 139793273387.jpg - (377.65KB , 750x712 , Δ2.jpg )

Drops of beer fall by her beak as she cannot contain it. She is determined to enjoy every single drop of this.
No. 571547 ID: 10636b
File 139793294302.jpg - (297.08KB , 692x698 , Δ4.jpg )

Finally she slowly contains herself and the bottle starts moving away, her tongue trying to savor whatever drops are left or are falling out of the can.
No. 571549 ID: 37aa84

So was it to your liking?
No. 571551 ID: ba8629

That is a really well drawn pigeon.
No. 571552 ID: 10636b
File 139793351574.jpg - (420.80KB , 1007x996 , 1324182.jpg )

Phonithia takes a moment for the sensetion to fully wear off.
No. 571556 ID: 10636b
File 139793374603.jpg - (422.82KB , 1007x996 , 42.jpg )

You get a feeling that she may have enjoyed it.
No. 571560 ID: 10636b
File 139793419093.jpg - (484.12KB , 1007x996 , Τεμπ45.jpg )

Phonithia puts down the can and faces you, unsure of what to say after drinking that.
No. 571561 ID: 10636b
File 139793434928.jpg - (414.97KB , 1007x996 , Τεμ44.jpg )

She takes a moment to conteplate, and after a small silence sitting just ahead, you hear the first and last words she will every utter to you.

"Thanks you~"
No. 571563 ID: 37aa84

You're welcome. So why are those going to be the last words she ever says to us?
No. 571564 ID: 10636b
File 139793466404.jpg - (2.99MB , 3935x1615 , Σάρωση0004.jpg )



(pic is the art I did and used)

2014 TheGreekowl
No. 571565 ID: 5e3c6c

I need to hug you
No. 571566 ID: c12703

This quest was brought to you by Giffon Claw® Lion's Ale.

Suck on a Griffon Claw.™
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