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File 143951222002.png - (116.92KB , 800x800 , 9-207.png )
662096 No. 662096 ID: dd338c

Ah, right where I left it! It is nice how soft the dirt becomes in area where feet do not constantly tread upon it.
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No. 662097 ID: dd338c
File 143951223867.png - (173.51KB , 800x800 , 9-208.png )

I stuff that emblem under my shirt along with its partner, as I need not wear an emblem while in the outer forts, based on the other kobolds.

And speaking of the other kobolds! They certainly remind me of the kobolds back home when they're anywhere but at home, with their constant slinking about as though they're not supposed to be there.
No. 662098 ID: dd338c
File 143951224963.png - (110.66KB , 800x800 , 9-209.png )

>"Psst. Hey. You." a kobold says from behind me, deeper in the alleyway. That was close, but I do not believe she saw me digging let alone picking up such a significant emblem!
No. 662100 ID: ab7529

Hey you, too.

Can I help you with something, miss?
No. 662101 ID: d90668

No. 662104 ID: 9297f4

To whom is asking for me?
No. 662106 ID: dd338c
File 143951478541.png - (142.28KB , 800x800 , 9-210.png )

"And a friendly hey back to you, miss! May I help you with something?"
>"Come closer."
"Don't mind if I do!"

I do, at the very least, pay mind to my surroundings just in case this is some sort of ambush, but kobolds under an iron rule are kobolds as brethren! That, and there is something I find appealing to her expression, and so I will chance such a back alley meeting for a closer look.

>"I heard you playing at Enlu's, and heard things, too. Take this." she says, handing me another emblem, clapping my hands around it before I can take a proper look. "Open it to reveal the compass needle. Don't wear it in public or let a lizard see it. We'll talk later, but it's not safe to speak right now."

I cannot sense magic from this compass, indicating it is either a physical one or one who's magic I cannot sense!

"Might I ask your name, despite that?"
>"I don't have one."
"Ah, that does make me have many questions!"
>"I know." she says, starting to leave.
No. 662107 ID: dd338c
File 143951479310.png - (82.34KB , 800x800 , 9-211.png )

Many, many questions indeed!
No. 662110 ID: e114bc

Open it. Also, try opening your other emblem.
No. 662112 ID: ab7529

Is she a child, or just significantly shorter than you?

Yeah, try this.

Maybe the emblem isn't so much a fated one, as a kobold liberation movement or something lifted the prophetic symbol for their own use?
No. 662114 ID: d90668

Open them both up.

I think you can follow this compass for a bit. Just have to keep a eye out for Tulip along the way and keep it out of sight. Might find something interesting.
No. 662115 ID: dd338c
File 143951531861.png - (99.74KB , 800x800 , 9-212.png )

>Is she a child, or just significantly shorter than you?
A combined factor of being somewhat shorter than me, and bending far more at her knees than I!

>Maybe the emblem isn't so much a fated one, as a kobold liberation movement or something lifted the prophetic symbol for their own use?
A prime suspect - however, considering how little that lady told me, the first individual who handed me such a thing told me nothing.

I open her gift to reveal a needle, sure enough, pointed in a direction.

My original emblem, however, seems to differ in that it does not have any crease or notch of which to pry open.
No. 662118 ID: d90668

No magic from the original then?

Well keep them both and might come in handy later. Which way is it pointing? If its in the general direction you were planning on searching lets follow it.
No. 662120 ID: e114bc

Might as well follow her instructions. Don't head directly there though. Sortof triangulate where it is from a distance then take a good path there that won't get you in any trouble.
No. 662121 ID: ab7529

Well, you have a mysterious lead to follow up on.

Question is, is there anything more pressing to do first?
No. 662124 ID: 7e752d

Is the compass needle pointing in the direction you would normally expect a compass to point?
No. 662125 ID: dd338c
File 143951760177.png - (208.00KB , 800x800 , 9-213.png )

>No magic from the original then?
From what I sense, no magic from either! But, no hidden contraption from the original, at least.

But, this needle is not pointing northerly, so either there are contraptions beyond my understanding, or magic beyond my senses!

While I am on a mission to search for Tulip, I am shooting blind on that front! Therefore, any direction is fine so long as I am not carried out of these outer walls.

I follow my way through town in a slightly off direction from the needle, keeping an eye out for Tulip. There are so many kobolds in the streets, though, that it would take a bit of luck to simply cross paths!

But lots of dice are thrown as I wander about. It is almost difficult to find a private place to check my compass needle with caution, and mixed with the fact that streets are seldom straight, and when they are, they aren't for long. I must weave between buildings, but given my upbringing in caverns, it hardly throws me off. Meanwhile, I hear much gossip from kobolds in the streets, talking of dragon hoard and riches. Apparently, some kobolds have saught to leave the outer walls and run to the dragon's place in an attempt to find it themselves! However, the palace has guards all over the place - and indeed, I see the occasional lizard guard roaming the streets - preventing the kobolds from leaving.

Soon, however every check yields a significantly different direction. It takes a few more tries before it points into a wall at the back of a building - and upon discreetly maneuvering around, I find that the front has a swinging door, like that of a tavern, but it is rather quiet inside.
No. 662126 ID: e114bc

Go peek inside.
No. 662131 ID: 7e752d

That lady appears to be watching you, however, I would suspect that is because a) you are wearing finer clothing than almost everyone in the area, I assume, and b) you are very handsome.

I would suggest you hang around and see if anyone enters or leaves that building, but given those reasons I just mentioned, someone will notice. I don't think you should peek, either, since someone will notice. I would either take a chance on asking that girl what the building is, quietly, or just go ahead and enter as casually as you can.
No. 662133 ID: d90668

You could stay out here and watch the doors for a bit but that would just get you noticed more.

I say just wander in and see whats in there. Looks like a saloon entrance.
No. 662136 ID: dd338c
File 143951865448.png - (209.16KB , 800x800 , 9-214.png )

>Peek inside
In an attempt to be as subtle as possible, I will simply walk by and and look in as I stroll by, making a decision from there!

As I do so, I realize it is a business that does not have anything for advertisement! And upon my casual entry, it is also a business with patrons that stare at me as I create a looming shadow over the area. I have received many stares during my venture here, my brain suspects due to my clothes, and my ego my looks, but regardless, it seems that new faces here are no frequent thing!
No. 662138 ID: ab7529

>people staring
Well, time to ham it up then. The overt can't be suspicious!

Big grin, sweeping flourish bow.
No. 662140 ID: 7e752d

Well, the young lady heard you playing, that made her come to you and give you a direction, and now you're here in what looks like the kobold equivalent of either a tavern or a restaurant. So offer to play something! It doesn't look like there are any lizards about who'll think it their business to keep you miserable, this time. And if someone is looking forward to meeting you, they'll know who you are once you've got some music going. There aren't that many kobold bards around, after all.

Hmm. The lady also said she "heard things" in addition to you playing. What other things could she have heard, hanging around while you were entertaining at Enlu's, Story?
No. 662142 ID: d90668

Kobold only bar would probably not be able to make a nice sign. Would be odd if they had one really.

Well see if there are any open seats and find out what they are serving. Do you have any money on you?

If need be you can wave the emblem around and see what happens.
No. 662146 ID: e114bc

Umm... are those all kobolds? Talk to whoever is in charge. Say that a kobold with no name directed you to this place.
No. 662427 ID: 91ee5f

This looks like a secret bar for kobolds. They're probably staring at you because they're afraid that a lizard is going to see you standing in the doorway like that! Quickly! Get inside and close the door!
No. 662445 ID: dd338c
File 143960837336.png - (114.98KB , 800x800 , 9-215.png )

>The lady also said she "heard things" in addition to you playing. What other things could she have heard, hanging around while you were entertaining at Enlu's, Story?
No clue whatsoever! There were many things heard, and I do not know which bore significance.

>All kobolds check
They are, although the one behind the bar is quite large!

>Well see if there are any open seats and find out what they are serving. Do you have any money on you?
It seems like a quaint place with simple food and drink, but there are no open seats, at least, not without crowding another kobold! Nonetheless, I do have sufficient funds upon my person.

"Greetings! I am Story Seeker, at your service." I say, bowing as I enter. "I have been directed here by one without a name, and if I am welcome to, I would like to play a song at this locale!"
>"No song."
>"No mood for song."
No. 662447 ID: e114bc

A song would attract attention from outside. I feel like we're going to have to show them the compass. She said not to wear it in *public* and not to show it to *lizards*. They're all kobolds here, and it's in private, so...
No. 662454 ID: ab7529

>not a good mood for song
Hmmm. What about a story then? Eh, eh?

Cast detect gender. Just in case we get weird results and they're not actually kobolds.
No. 662459 ID: dd338c
File 143960959687.png - (183.38KB , 800x800 , 9-216.png )

"Perhaps a story?"
>"No, no..." they mutter. It is certainly a lowly feeling bunch! To the best of my senses, magical and otherwise, they are all indeed kobolds.

I decide to pull out the compass.

"Does this mean anything to all of -"

A pair of kobolds lets out a sharp hiss as they all stumble back, as though an immense earthquake shook the earth from their feet!

>"Put that away, you tactless idiot!" the barkeep hushes a screaming whisper at me.
No. 662461 ID: e114bc

Well put it away I guess and see if you can find out what's going on, in a whispered conversation with the barkeep.
No. 662464 ID: ab7529

Put it away.

Well, that got a reaction at least. I was getting worried!

*Cough*. Sorry about that, it didn't exactly come with a manual.

Unflappable, gregarious, and forthright.
No. 662482 ID: 3663d3

"well that's what happens when someone gives you something and doesn't say what it is"
No. 662483 ID: d90668

Sorry it was wave it around or spend the next half hour beating around the bush.

So could someone tell me why people keep giving me these things?
No. 662492 ID: bb78f2

I'm only tactless if there was a method to learn that it would have been tactless beyond doing the tactless thing. This makes me tactful.
No. 662501 ID: dd338c
File 143962358342.png - (88.15KB , 800x800 , 9-217.png )

"I apologize, but upon no one ever informing me of anything, I'm afraid that quick action is needed! Perhaps one of you could alert me to why people continue giving me these?"
>"Just..." the barkeep says, clearly aghast at my frontal actions. "Go where you need to go, get out of here!"

Hm, strange, that this compass points to the back of a place of which even the caretaker does not seem to be welcoming towards! The patrons themselves look as though they're looking to leave, if not for my presence at the door.
No. 662503 ID: d90668

Well head on into the back room then.
No. 662504 ID: e114bc

Oh, so... it's sending you to the back room? Not just this place in general? Jeez, that was totally unnecessary then. Go on back there.
No. 662506 ID: dd338c
File 143962495254.png - (159.90KB , 800x800 , 9-218.png )

The first door I see opens with no issue, and it leads into a hall! If I were to guess, I would say that these are residences.

Keeping an eye out, I discreetly look at the compass as I go through. Eventually, it points right into this door. In the forming tradition of not beating around the bush over this emblem no one tells me about, I attempt to open the door, but it is locked. This tradition, if I choose to let it escalate, would lead me to attempting to pick this rather mediocre looking lock.
No. 662507 ID: e114bc

Pick it. Everyone's treating you like some kind of criminal, so this must be a test.
No. 662514 ID: 227a05

Make sure to knock first! It's only polite.
No. 662515 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, well, you tried! Locked doors and/or dead ends usually mean give up! You've got more important things to do anyways! Like: finding Tulip, not getting "reclaimed" again, and, most importantly, NOT WALK INTO A MYSTERIOUS BACK ROOM WHERE YOU COULD GET MUGGED AND/OR MURDERED AND NO ONE WOULD KNOW YOU WERE EVER THERE!
No. 662516 ID: dd338c
File 143962701733.png - (175.59KB , 800x800 , 9-219.png )

I do knock first, but there is no answer.

With a natural knack for this sort of thing, of which I am unsure if it is because of my kobold blood or my kobold upbringing or a manner of both, I make short work of the door.

While my senses of walking into a strange backroom merely to get mugged are tingling, I still have the sense that kobolds here look out for themselves, and this is no strange back room! It is a merely a modest abode at the back of a business, with bones laying about that would look forboding if not just looking like the uncleaned remnants of meals long since digested. The whole room would be more of a mess, I believe, if there were more belongings and knickknacks to make a mess of - but as it is, the room is largely bare, and seems to be nothing more than a place to sleep at night.

And so I enter, as this emblem provides the most lead I have towards anything.

And speaking of sleeping, at the far end lies a sleeping gnoll. I would do my best to leave him be and have him not notice my intrusion, but, that is not to be, because with a sweep from one end of the room to the other, I can confirm the compass is pointing right at him!
No. 662517 ID: ad936f

make sure it isn't something underneath or behind him, then wake him up.
No. 662519 ID: e114bc

Don't you have a bardic song that wakes people?
No. 662523 ID: ad936f

any song can wake people if you play it load enough.
No. 662524 ID: dd338c
File 143962953439.png - (136.04KB , 800x800 , 9-220.png )

>Don't you have a bardic song that wakes people?
I do, but the concern is not so much my capabilities of waking him up as much as the consequences of doing so!

>Make sure it isn't something underneath or behind him
I note that holding the compass above and below him makes the needle silently tap the top or bottom of its container, and so it is nothing hidden in the bed, above, or behind him! However, I do slowly put my hands in under him, as it appears pointed at his torso, just in case he is simply sleeping upon the object in question. Considering my next task would be to wake him, there is little risk here!

He begins giggling as though ticklish.

>"Hahaha th'fuck are you doing, 'bold?"
"I am Story Seeker! I have been given an emblem that has pointed to your formidable fur mass!"
>"Ah, another one, huh? Anyone see you with that emblem, 'sides the one who gave it to ya?"
No. 662525 ID: e114bc

I think it is time to lie and say no.
No. 662528 ID: efc34c

Say that since no-one would tell you what the emblem/compass meant, you felt forced to show it to the bartender and ask, and got told to "go where I need to go" and "get out". Also say that one of the other kobolds may have seen while you were doing that. It sounds better than what really happened and will still alert him adequately if he's hiding in fear of his life or something.

Story, forgive me being tactless, but while you were at Enlu's, did you provide... "bedroom services"? Because if so and the lady you met overheard that then there is some possibility this may be a brothel. Don't go blurting that out as a question, though. I'm really hoping we don't have to start telling you what specific stupid things to not do.
No. 662532 ID: b20016

Say no lizard did.
No. 662536 ID: dd338c
File 143963724166.png - (125.34KB , 800x800 , 9-221.png )

>Story, forgive me being tactless, but while you were at Enlu's, did you provide... "bedroom services"? Because if so and the lady you met overheard that then there is some possibility this may be a brothel.
That would certainly be something! However, I would also have serious question why, then, I was led straight to a gnoll.

"No lizard did!"
>"I didn't specify, so you shouldn't either.
>"Cool, good answer, I unconditionally believe you. I'm still gonna move to a new place after this meeting. Now, person who gave you this toy. They tell you anything?"
>"Cool. And you're still alive. That's good. Real good of them. They should stop that shit. Say, you reckless?"
"Well, I have been kno -"
>"Of course you are, buddy. You unlocked my door, come on in, and started feeling around in my personal space bubble. You ain't the first kobold to come in, but you are the first to do that. Then again, hey, I dropped the chaos idol and slept on top of it, so that's new too.
No. 662537 ID: dd338c
File 143963724975.png - (130.52KB , 800x800 , 9-222.png )

>"So since those dumbasses didn't explain shit and just get kobolds killed now and then, here's the deal. You're now invited to the chaos kobold sect."
"Is that like a kobold uprising?"
>"You got a good head on your shoulders, don'tcha? You're cool. Yeah. Lizards here worship order, so of course the uprising would be contrary. They pick up any kobolds they think'll fit in. Dunno what you did, don't care, if the needle pointed to me, that's a good step forward. Anyway, the compass points to their little hideaway now. You get in by kissing this chaos idol to prove your, uh, snrk loyalty or something to the door guard."
"Might I ask why the compass pointed to the idol, first? It seems to me as though this was a rather unnecessary side visit?"
>"Wha -- what, ain't got time to deal with gnolls or somethin'?"
"Ah, excuse me, excuse me! I am always eager to meet gnolls who don't wish to invert my skeletal structure upon first meeting, but this whole thing has seemed amazingly convoluted!"
>"Who said I don't wanna invert your skull?"
"Perhaps I sh-"
>"Hahaha I'm joking you little shit. Good save anyway. You're alright. Look. Buddy. That convoluted shit might be what the dumbasses thinks counts as chaos around here. Anyway, no, I'm significant. Used to be anyway. Think of me like, ah... chaos confidente. Got a nice ring to it, right? Just trust me on that one. The compass is powered by a local chaos artifact. Yeah, I said it. There's your reward for coming in uninvited and thinkin' more than you should. I'll help you more, but you gotta prove you know how to kiss the chaos idol."
"You know, I am not entirely certain the god of chaos would enjoy such a thing!"
>"What, are you a blessed chaos follower or somethin'? How th'fuck would you know what the chaos god would like? This is why I sometimes get kobolds to do it right away, so they don't go hesitatin' when the time comes. Trust me. He likes it. Or I dunno just pray to him or somethin' the idea here is that you show you're comfortable with a little bit of Spearstone blasphemy. Kissing's just faster is all."

Well, this got strange!
No. 662542 ID: 92a560

I say call tom, we're gonna want some info on this chaos kobold things as well as the chaos artifact, if anything too bad will happen if we stole it with the order artifact
No. 662556 ID: 227a05

I am getting a horrible impulse to just try and snatch the idol at whatever moment looks appropriate for snatching and then just immediately book it.

It is a terrible idea, and yet...
No. 662557 ID: 583401

kiss gnoll, take artifact.
No. 662560 ID: d90668

I like the idea of sneaking a kiss on the gnoll while he is up in our face.

Have him hold out the idol and then talk to it.

"Tom if you really want a kiss that badly you should have stopped by when we were playing board games with Minci. But if you show up in person now I guess we can get something going with this gnoll here. Is not the most romantic environment but I have seen worse."
No. 662561 ID: 29e1c8

Give the cute gnoll a big kiss.
No. 662607 ID: ab7529

>chaos idol
You should totally talk to it. Tom won't be able to resist fucking with this person's expectations by responding.

Also just chatting up a god is the funniest and most laid back way to pray to them, technically. (Not that story is a chaos worshiper, but he's definitely more aligned with chaos than order).

>What, are you a blessed chaos follower or somethin'?
No, but I used to hang out with one.
No. 662610 ID: 91ee5f

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That little artifact looks like Tom! XD

He wants you to kiss the idol?!?! Well, since you've actually met Tom, why don't you ask him if he wants his face kissed or not?
No. 662612 ID: bb78f2

Read note, kiss Tom.
No. 662641 ID: dd338c
File 143966301321.png - (134.96KB , 800x800 , 9-223.png )

>Kiss gnoll
There are better times for this, to be certain! Although his waking face is unexpectedly resembling that of bedroom eyes, and perhaps, for all I know, are bedroom eyes, simply kissing someone I just met without warning simply because of such a look is potentially rude at best!

For now, I speak to Tom while the gnoll still holds it up.

"Hello, Tom! Can you hear me through this?.... you know, if you wanted a kiss so much, then you could have joined Minci and myself in that board game!"
>"Haha, the fuck are you doing? Who talks to a god so casually? Ya make it sound like ya seen him before."
"Well, sir, I have! Although I am not a proper chaos follower, I have been around one before."
>"No shit? I dunno if I believe ya or not. Well then listen here. First off, you go blabbing that fact, people are gonna beg you to bring your chaos friend over. But till then, unblessed chaos kobolds been tryin' to get Tom in on here for decades, now, to personally oversee turning Spearstone upsidedown. Course, goes both ways - Lizard church's been trying to get their god to show up too. Both've failed. Know what that means? This place is godless. Yeah, I said it. You ain't praying to Tom to actually get him to come, you're praying to Tom to show somethin' to the flesh and blood here."

Hm, I was certain Tom would show! Perhaps he has his reasons.
No. 662642 ID: dd338c
File 143966302266.png - (185.81KB , 800x800 , 9-224.png )

I take the idol as the gnoll effectively pushes it in my grasp! Although strange, I suppose Tom would take such a thing in stride, so I make a brief kiss to it.

Maybe it's my imagination, but I could swear that I feel it shaking just a bit. The gnoll lets out another... giggle, to describe it most accurately!

>"There ya go, that's all there is to it. Course, if ya get your hands on an idol of order, ya can spit on it or somethin' and really make some friends for life down under. But that's good 'nuff for me, so now I'm willin' to answer any more questions you got, to the best've my knowledge. Help ya out and all that. You just gotta tell me what ya need, an' I'll go an' do it."
No. 662644 ID: 92a560

Being in proximity to an order artifact might nullify tom. Try talking to him once you get further from any order altars
No. 662645 ID: 749923

Hmm. Is that idol for Tom, or the old chaos god? Both should work fine for whoever's god at the time, since we saw the old chaos god manifest through Muo's Tom necklace once, but still it's worth wondering. If this kobold chaos cult has been around for a long time, they might think the old one is still who they're trying to get. Do you have any idea of when the Chaos Gods' switch over was, Story? Ask how long this cult has been around.

My guess is that the artifacts here have nullifaction effects - Zirkala wants to use the order artifact to suck chaos out of the portal, after all. So they don't do anything except prevent anything of the opposite nature from working. So currently, neither chaos or order magic can be used in this region.
No. 662647 ID: ab7529

>people are gonna beg you to bring your chaos friend over
I don't know if she would like to, if this place is really godless. But maybe I could recommend this place to her if people really are missing divinity here. Spreading chaos is technically her job. I think. Rules are kind of weird around chaos people.

Hmm. Could it be the artifacts are working against each other? Like, the chaos artifact is strong enough to keep the law god out, and the law artifact is strong enough to keep the chaos god out?

>ask me anything
Introductions. I don't think we know each others names, yet.

Who is the Lizard's god?

Where are these artifacts, anyways? The law one is locked up in the church, right?

Why are those guys out front so nervous? I'd expect a chaos follower to be more... well not so much reckless, but carefree. My friend always just went with the flow! (Literally sometimes, as a slime).

How does a gnoll end up championing a bunch of kobolds in a lizard city, anyways? That must be an interesting story.
No. 662648 ID: d90668

Kissing the gnoll who's room you broke into and started feeling up is a perfectly sensible idea. I mean what is he supposed to think after something like that? At least give him some behind the ear scratches.

Anyways tell him your plan.

"I need to steal the order artifact the church has so my lich girlfriend can grind it up to stabilize a nearby chaos portal so she can link the neighboring caves and spread her influence."

I bet Tom can't show up unless his chaos followers can get more influence than the lizard church. Both the chaos and order god are watching you and hoping things go there way. I bet you the order god will be trying to influence Kex if the chance comes up.
No. 662649 ID: ab7529

I'd rather not mention the stealing plan, just in case he reacts badly to it. Wait till after Q&A, at least.

...maybe story could make a plan with the chaos people to steal the law artifact, and Kex could make a deal with the church to remove the chaos artifact. We exchange information, play both sides against the other, betray them both, make off with both artifacts.
No. 662652 ID: aceb05

Of course he has bedroom eyes. It tends to happen when you get woken up by someone cute fondling you. The fact that he did not get angry or smack you shows he is interested.

Seduce the gnoll for info.
No. 662663 ID: 0aaf6f

Seduce Gnoll for fun.
No. 662680 ID: dd338c
File 143967086734.png - (151.96KB , 800x800 , 9-225.png )

>Is that idol for Tom, or the old chaos god?
Judging by the more friendly outward appearance, I would say the current Tom!

"I don't suppose there's an idol or order around here at the moment, is there?"
>"Hm? Nope, I don't got one, sorry."
"Regardless, before I forget, I do not have your name!"
>"Sandfin. You can call me... whatever, you can call me anything."
"In the interest of identity, I shall call you Sandfin, then! And once again, I'm Story Seeker."
>"Yeah yea, nice to meet ya."
"Would it be too bold of me to ask if you would like me to scratch the back of your ears?"
>"Fuck no it wouldn't get back there and go nuts."
"Very well! Continuing on this Q&A session, then, who exactly is the lizard god?"
>"They call 'im Reilqin, pretty sure it's just a demigod, but like I said, this place is godless, so who's keeping score?"
"And where are these artifacts?"
>"Haha, why do you care? Order's up at the top floor of the tower. Shit, it ain't even hidden, it's basically just too well damn guarded around the clock by fanatics. As for the chaos artifact, well, that's a ssseeeecret!"
"And what happens if we stole the order artifact?"
>"Whoa whoa whoa, who's 'we'? Look, I'm just the, let's say, chaos confidente. Wouldn't be 'we', it's be you and whatever crazy ass suicidal bolds wanna join ya. To answer your question, though, we just don't know. Best guess is that the chaos artifact can operate at full power. I mean, shit, feels pretty constrained, just limited to pointing compasses and little stuff like that. Might go both ways, too, if the chaos artifact were outta town, then order would reign, and pretty sure most people don't want that brand of order. Unless ya don't count kobolds as people."
"I do believe them to be people, in fact!"
>"Hahaha, of course ya do."
No. 662681 ID: dd338c
File 143967087587.png - (189.79KB , 800x800 , 9-226.png )

"People or not, however, the individuals in front sure seem nervous! I would have expected chaos followers to be more, well... perhaps not reckless, but more carefree! Going with the flow! That kind of thing.
>"Hey, hey, we can't all be familiar with chaos blessed. Who'd ya meet, anyway? I may know 'em."
"Does 'Muo' ring a bell?"
>"Hahaha, her? Yeah, she's alright."
"Do you know her?"
>"Met 'er once. Showed me what the new kinds of chaos follower are like. Anyway, you're right. I didn't say the chaos 'bolds here were any good at it, if ya catch my drift."
"I don't suppose you know if they're trying to get the old chaos god!"
>"Ah!" He starts, like I pinched him.
No. 662682 ID: dd338c
File 143967090107.png - (151.17KB , 800x800 , 9-227.png )

>"Wait, right, of course you'd know that. Yeah, Tom took over, over time. Hard to say, wasn't an all at once thing. He just spread himself out over the land over time, and I met him, probly about 20 years ago now."
"Which does bring me to my next question, just who are you? A gnoll championing kobolds against lizardfolk is, well, a bit of an oddity!"
>"Ah, hey, don't get all deep on me. It ain't much. I don't go tellin' anyone this, but you're special. And cute. So I'll let ya know that I'm just a retired chaos blessed is all. But don't go thinking that means shit. Really, these days, I'm just a bigass, out of place gnoll tromping around a ghetto reliving some empty nostalgia without the responsibility."
"Is that so? I do find that interesting! Did you grow tired of spreading chaos?"
>"Nah, I still like it now and then. Problem is, just now and then. Being a chaos follower means you gotta do it all the fuckin' time like a responsibility."

>Seduce gnoll for reasons
Although I cannot claim to have done this entirely on purpose, by means of physical interaction and casual conversation, I think this has happened on its own!
No. 662683 ID: 3e3c61

Don't concern yourself with the fact that he's 10 times your size, continued seduction is key to success.
No. 662684 ID: c7ab9c

Yeah, Chaos and having responsibilities doesn't sound like something that goes hand in hand. So when was the last time he pulled a little chaos, and what was it he did?
No. 662685 ID: ab7529

I didn't know chaos people could do that!

>I didn't say the chaos 'bolds here were any good at it, if ya catch my drift.
Sounds like maybe we could help them out a bit. Teach them how they're actually supposed to be.

>Although I cannot claim to have done this entirely on purpose, by means of physical interaction and casual conversation, I think this has happened on its own!
You're a bard. It happens.

Not that you really had to try that hard. Sandfin is giving bedroom eyes in basically every panel.
No. 662686 ID: d90668

Sounds like leaving the chaos artifact here would be a good thing for at least the short term. Tom is chaotic but good natured so upsetting the status quo and helping the kobolds would be something he would like.

Ask him what this order artifact looks like. Is it just some shiny rock or do they have a fancy statue up there. Heck maybe the priests sell replicas down in a gift shop on the ground floor. That would make things easier.

Then ask him what sort of adventures he had as a chaos blessed. And maybe tell him some of yours. He seems like a good guy to have as a friend so ask how you can keep in touch after he relocates.

Also ramp up seduction attempts.
No. 662690 ID: bfb318

10 times the size means 10 times the story. Ask him about what the order artifact looks like and continue your seduction.
No. 662691 ID: e114bc

I thought you weren't into dudes. You were very against boning Ralex.
No. 662692 ID: d90668


Ralex was not immediately into Story and was on fire all the time. So maybe not impossible to seduce but much harder.
No. 662721 ID: dd338c
File 143967725355.png - (160.92KB , 800x800 , 9-228.png )

>I thought you weren't into dudes. You were very against boning Ralex.
Although I am more partial to girls, I am not anti-guy!

I was against boning Ralex because for starters, he did not seem romantically inclined towards anyone let alone one such as myself, and for enders, he was a partial fire elemental that I was quite scared of at the time! I do not know if things would have worked out.

"I didn't know chaos followers could retire, actually!
>"Back in the old days I couldn't, nah, but really, no reason why we shouldn't be able to. Follower that doesn't wanna do shit ain't gonna justify the huge power boost, and it ain't like there's any dire secrets that gotta be kept silent to the whole business. Just means there's no goin' back, no such thing as unretirement far as I know."
"When was the last time you pulled off some chaos, and what was it?"
>"Besides helping out these jokers? Last act was a simple thing. Used to be a war faring tribe way out where who's ruler was the one who owned a scepter. All I did was make a buncha replicas and distribute 'em. Course, they woulda just killed each other if it were most other tribes, but these ones stuck to their beliefs, and that included not killin' one another. Ain't much, but I din't feel like doin' much either."
"Nonetheless, it sounds like you have many stories to tell!"
>"Hell yeah, why do y- ohhhh I getcha, you're a literally named fellow, aren't ya?"
"Correct! In my homeland, I used to be called 'yapper'! Well, not used to, I still am, there."
>"Ya know what's lame? All those kobolds were interested in my tales and shit, but they always make me feel like I betrayed them in advance by throwing away my blessing. Shit, I can't blame them, they'd kill their own sibling if it'd make them blessed, so to see me throw it away probly sounds bad."
"It does seem odd that chaos having responsibilities didn't quite go hand in hand, to me!"
>"Well it ain't like there were real responsibilities, all it was is that it was on a use it or lose it basis. Makes sense, since there's a whole lotta competition for the slot, may as well give it to the sleepless folk who'd do nothin' but. Anyway, I'm in a weird spot of respected for once being blessed, and resented for not making it out to be the single most important thing in life."
No. 662723 ID: dd338c
File 143967742896.png - (149.34KB , 800x800 , 9-229.png )

"Well I for one would love to hear your stories."
>"Do ya, now? They ain't short and I don't like people gettin' up in the middle."
"I have no such intention, Sandfin! However, I am on a time table, so I must seek you out once again when I do have all the time to listen for as long as you're willing to speak."
>"You leavin'?"
"Not quite yet! I have been on my feet for quite some time, and have become rather comfortable lying on your fur, for starters."
>"Yeah?" He says, catching me as he rolls around, proceeding to squeeze me into him!
"Very! Meanwhile, I don't suppose you know what the order artifact looks like, do you?"
>"Yeah it's a.... shit. Not a cube. Like, a cube, but with 8 sides instead of 6. Bout as big as your head. Looks like it's made of glass. Sits on a pedestal in the center of the tower. Real clean. Probably. Been awhile since I saw it, but the whole place, was, well, ya know, orderly. Like someone tried to see what it'd be like to have OCD about keepin' it clean and tidy."
"Well, I think I may want to help these chaos kobolds out a bit!"
>"Mm... yeah, guess so, if you wanna. Compass is pointing that way, when you wanna leave. No rush on my end, ya know."
"And as I say, you have made me quite comfortable! You said you were going to go to a new place, though?"
>"Yeahhhh, bout that... look, I don't like to be found more than once by the compass, normally, but for you, I'll make an exception. I'll make it so if you put any of my fur in one of the notches, it'll point right back to me so long as I'm anywhere near the chaos artifact. Even though that's not on a use or or lose it basis, I'm expectin' you to make a proper visit."
No. 662730 ID: d90668

Tell him you will be busy for the next few days but if everything works out well you should have plenty of time to come back for a proper visit. Maybe spend the night before making the actual heist or something.

You would stay for the night and get to know him better right now but you would be shirking your responsibilities. Have two people counting on you and do not want to let them down.

Oh also mention that you might need to leave town quickly and he will know why if it happens. Will still try to visit but might be a bit of a wait. So tell him where you live and that he is free to stop by if he is in the neighborhood.
No. 662736 ID: 597bd3

You could probably stay for a hour or two and still have time to look for Tulip and the chaos bolds. Otherwise could be awhile before you get to visit.
No. 662737 ID: ab7529

>no such thing as unretirement far as I know.
I dunno, if it was really important to someone, seems to me someone could probably get back in if they showed the current initiates up enough. Tom would probably make a crazy game out of having to prove yourself, but that's just Tom being Tom.

...not that I'm saying he should. Nothing wrong with doing more than one thing in life.

>I'm expectin' you to make a proper visit.
You're expecting you to do so too, unless you're chased out of town prematurely. Which proooobably won't happen.
No. 662822 ID: dd338c
File 143970047132.png - (140.06KB , 800x800 , 9-230.png )

"I wish I could give you a proper time for when I may be able to visit, but between being busy over the next few days, as well as having a slight chance of being ran out of town, I cannot say!"
>"Oh? Why would you get ran out?"
"I hate to be cryptic with you after how cryptic the kobolds were with me, Sandfin, but I can say that if this happens, you will know why!"
>"Haha, alright."

We spend a bit longer together, making idle chat about the town and where I came from. Eventually I feel I must go through with my responsibilities, however, and bid him farewell!

>Kiss gnoll
Now is an appropriate time to do so!

"Till next time, Sandfin!"
>"Yeah yeah, get outta here."
No. 662823 ID: dd338c
File 143970047931.png - (101.33KB , 800x800 , 9-231.png )

Well that was unforeseen! I gather a clump of fur for later use, an easy task considering I expect I will be shedding gnoll fur for a few hours yet.

I leave and follow the compass to the next location. After entering a cellar and knocking on a door, I am greeting by an individual asking me to show me the password.
No. 662825 ID: dd338c
File 143970050576.png - (185.10KB , 800x800 , 9-232.png )

With another Tomkiss, I am allowed in and am greeted by another individual called forth by the door guard.

>"Hello. Welcome to chaos den! You look very nice. Happy to have you. I am Howka. Very nice to see you!"
"Hello! I am Story Seeker. Would you mind showing me around this locale?"
>"Yes yes definitely! Sorry, you were not told much, probably. And sorry for bad common language of me. We are chaos kobolds. We will overthrow the many lizards and make them our slaves."
"Well, that is a straightforward idea! And how do you plan on going about it?"
>"Do not know. We plan and scheme, but I just answer door for new good looking people. Hope to find chaos blessed someday! Till then, party and live unlike ghetto under lizard thumb. You once under thumb, correct, by largest of lizards?"
No. 662826 ID: e114bc

Not exactly. Your arrangement with him is rather flexible.
No. 662836 ID: d90668

I will agree that his thumbs are rather big. Why don't you tell me about your order and your grand crusade against the lizards.
No. 662838 ID: 6086fb

"Since we are sharing secrets now, I will show you some of the same trust you have given me, and say: the largest lizard is not and has never truly put me under thumb! We both wished to travel here and decided that I would need to pretend to be his slave in order to do so. I would tell you not to tell anyone, but I don't think you would speak to anyone who would care!"
No. 662840 ID: ab7529

>another Tomkiss
Tom's totally gonna razz you about this next time you see Muo.

>You once under thumb, correct, by largest of lizards?
It's a rather gentle thumb, with a lot of wiggle room, actually.

But I agree your situation here isn't as good. The lizard thumbs could use some lifting.

Have you considered being a little more... proactive in your chaos seeking? The gods help those who help themselves, after all. I've heard the chaos god even has a scoring system for his blessed followers!
No. 662868 ID: ea0ad9

>You once under thumb, correct, by largest of lizards?
I would say it was more like a constant game of thumb wrestling, made somehow fair despite our different sizes!
Actually, now that I think of it, that was rather chaotic, itself. I have only ever seen him as frightening when his friends or bonds were threatened. Um, that kind of includes if he gets pestered by big crowds that prevent him from spending time with said friends!
>Hope to find chaos blessed someday!
I am sure you will, and hopefully it will not take too long.

>This place is godless.
...You know, it occurs to me, if you take both artifacts away, it will remain so. Everything about this quest is a mixture of both chaos and order. It's an orderly balance, but a chaotic pairing. Even you and Kexluk are Chaotic and Orderly, respectively! I'd try to figure out what Tom would think of it, but really trying to figure out chaos is just a good way to get a headache.
No. 662878 ID: ea0ad9

Come to think of it calling the situation with Kexluk chaotic might not work out. Might just make them want to see him even more.
No. 662909 ID: ad936f

try and fail to not be infected with her accent
No. 662914 ID: ad936f

"well, not exactly. But I am still sympathetic to your cause! I might be able to help you with any number of those things but before that I would like to understand more of what's going on in your operation already."
No. 662941 ID: c7ab9c

Did she just say she only answers the door for new recruits she finds attractive, or am I misunderstanding her poor common?
No. 663396 ID: 088824

Perhaps we should try not to make them too interested in Kexluk and just brush the question off.
I'm presuming it was simply a compliment.
No. 663482 ID: dd338c
File 143986200038.png - (150.16KB , 800x800 , 9-233.png )

>Did she just say she only answers the door for new recruits she finds attractive, or am I misunderstanding her poor common?
I believe merely a compliment!

"A large, but rather gentle thumb, I must say, moreso than perhaps his reputation says! However, I do agree that the lizard society's great thumb must be lifted from over the kobold society."
>"Oh... I am saying that is what is more important, yes."
"I'm sure you will find a chaos blessed someday, too, and hopefully without too long of delay!"
>"Yes, ah... we still try, but no delay is sometimes is hard to hope."
"Now, it isn't every day that I'm introduced to a new society by a lovely girl, so I must ask that you continue showing me around this operation."
>"Oh, yes, yes! Come with me!"
No. 663483 ID: dd338c
File 143986200868.png - (152.58KB , 800x800 , 9-234.png )

"Lizards keep many kobolds, yes, but lizards think lizards are the superior to all things, so most not-lizard and not-kobold people who stay in Spearstone, stay in chaos den. See! Two lamia are there, gambling at fun table. Also have drakes and the pair of gryphons and others."
No. 663484 ID: dd338c
File 143986202158.png - (119.75KB , 800x800 , 9-235.png )

>"Ah, I, Howka, forgot to warn! There are living undead here."
"Living undead?"
>"Ah, um... in basic, living undead sound... dumb and, uh, opposite."
"Perhaps you mean, sapient undead capable of communication?"
>"Yes! Thank you. Do not worry! They do not eat flesh of kobolds."
"I see! I hope it would not be rude if I ask why they are here?"
>"Rude? No, not rude. But undead! Who would take undead to live? Chaos den, that is who. Otherwise, roam the desert! Very lonely, very dangerous even when not needing the water."
"Interesting! Well, I do not mind such things, so worry not! But, aside from gambling and hanging out in a safe haven, what do all of you do to stop the lizard menace?"
>"Do? Ahm... we scheme and plot!"
"And what kinds of schemes and plots are performed?"
>"Assassinate warchief! Kill nobles, steal order artifact, destroy lizard homes, such things!"
"And you do this often?"
>"Yes! All the time we scheme and plot!"
"Ah, but I mean, the scheming and plotting is an important step to action, but who takes the action in enacting the plans and schemes?"
>"Hm? Howza - I do not understand, I say we scheme and plot all day! Very good pasttime."
"How many lizard homes have been set on fire in, lets say, the last year?"
>"Ah, planned on many!"
"But actual homes, not just drawings of homes on the maps?"
>"Oh, um... none!"
"And how many warchiefs killed?"
"Is it not important that someone brings the schemes and plots to reality?"
>"Ah, um, us kobolds... we like the schemes and plots all day. Um... do you not like this?"
No. 663485 ID: 64050b

Perhaps it would be safe enough to say you were witness to a chaos blessed for a time? And then you could tell them that, from what you saw, what the Chaos God likes is actual action, not just planning. And what he likes even more than that is creativity! Arson and assassinations make far too direct and sense-making. There are a lot of things they could do that would be a lot less dangerous for all concerned, but still very pleasing to the divine power they hope to serve.
No. 663486 ID: e114bc

Liberation requires action!
No. 663487 ID: ab7529

Well, you suppose you would enjoy a good plot or scheme, but you rather enjoy doing things to!

For instance, if I had only planned to leave home, I would have never gotten here!

After all, there's more to life than sitting around and telling stories, fun as it is. Sometimes you need to go out and experience something worth telling a story about. You would know!

>Perhaps it would be safe enough to say you were witness to a chaos blessed for a time?
Let's not. I think they would instantly latch on the idea of Story going back to get said blessed for them.
No. 663515 ID: 770318

Well, you are a bard. You could say that that's fine, and included in many a tale, it's just not what you expect from chaos followers, given the stories you've heard about them. Then you offer to tell them such stories. In song! Something that will both entertain them and hopefully teach a subtle lesson.

I mean, you have actually composed some of the stories you've been seeking, right? You've got to have a few of Muo's adventures put in presentable form by now, right? You spent whole time loops practicing bard stuff.

Ooh, that reminds me. Your slime form was originally the result of a chaos curse, wasn't it? And the new version was from Minci, who is the consort of the chaos god. So... that's chaos magic, right? If this order artifact dampens chaos in the area, can you still use it?
No. 663536 ID: bb78f2

Well, for one, I actually WANT the order artifact for myself. So I don't like. Now do you have a good plan to get it yourselves?

Once we get it out of town, Tom may come in and take it over. I'm guessing the chaos-order stalement is caused by the artifacts, making them inert.

Also, I must tell you to be careful if you actually do liberate yourselves. Try to stick to the least lethal actions as possible, surely Lizard children would perish if we lit a house on fire, and that's just clearly wrong. Not to mention if the children survive, they would then think slavery is justified but not enough, and may grow up to argue for kobold genocide. When liberating yourselves, you HAVE to think about self-image and morality, otherwise it will be even harder for you to liberate yourselves.
No. 663641 ID: 93a6e5

Another thing to add to the list is stretchy magic both for us and for others to help us please smaller females and larger males. and smaller males I guess

Before we do anything lets go talk to the undead and flirt with the gryphons before helping the chaos followers help us get to the order relic.
No. 663648 ID: ad936f

"Ah, now I see why you haven't been getting any help from the chaos god! Tom only helps those who help themselves. You'll have to get out there and actually cause some chaos to get anywhere." Steer the conversation towards the order artifact, gauge their willingness to help you steal it. Mention Mou as long you make them think that you aren't in contact with her.
No. 663649 ID: d90668

Well those are all great plans but they might be a bit ambitious to start and a bit to direct. These plans sound like normal things you would do in a uprising. But to get the attention of the chaos god you have to be a bit more creative.

1. Ok so you have a plan to assassinate the warchief right? Well how about a plan to just embarrass them horribly in public? Say during a public event where all the other lizards are watching. If you ruin there reputation it would be worse than just having them killed. Plus easier to pull off. Something like making there mount throw them off right as they pass a manure cart.

2. Instead of trying to kill nobles directly you get them to do it for you. Steal a nobles prize possession and then leave it in the treasure room of another noble and make sure a bunch of servants get a look. Or say plant a bunch of stinkweed in a nobles garden and then leave a bag of stinkweed seeds in another nobles garden shed. Get them at each others throats and they will be assassinating each other.

3. Stealing the order artifact is actually a great idea. Just have to commission a glass worker to make a replica and then distract the guards and replace the real one with a fake. Then have someone cart the artifact out of town so it cant hold back the chaos here anymore.

4. Instead of setting fires to houses you should make them miserable in other ways. Sneak biting insects into the beds of violent slave owners. Start undermining the basement so there house sinks. Spread bird food on the roof so loud annoying birds keep them awake at all hours. Send out flyers advertising that they are moving and need to give away all there stuff.

Your ideas would have the lizards hunting you down and making life miserable for all the kobolds. But my ideas would have them fighting each other and cursing fate. Because all the stuff you would be doing is not easy to trace back to anyone.
No. 663667 ID: 0099e1


Yes get them started on a epic prank campaign. Will cause chaos and disrupt things without the danger and resulting backlash they would face if they actually tried being freedom fighters/terrorists.

Also going from planning to doing is a big step so have to take things slow.

Plus if they are off upsetting things it will be a great distraction for stealing the artifact.
No. 663753 ID: dd338c
File 143994549245.png - (139.58KB , 800x800 , 9-236.png )

>Your slime form was originally the result of a chaos curse, wasn't it?
Hm... testing it briefly, it does seem hard to do so! I believe I can, actually, but changing into a slime form and changing back again, I believe, would take several minutes of concentration as opposed to the usual moment. The act is, however, doable.

"Please do not misunderstand, planning and scheming is of great importance! But if the plans just remain as plans without action, then they are hardly more than idle daydreams. Secondly, if I might say as per my name sake, I have seen stories of true chaos followers!"
>"Oh? Oh? Gnoll always told us tales but they are old and outdated and we do not know what a new chaos follower is like! You are kobold therefore young therefore stories are recent, yes?"
"Although I might protest the idea of being young simply because I am a kobold, this is true, and the tales I have, I guarantee you, are highly relevant!"
>"Ahhh can we hear?"
"Absolutely! Gather everyone who would care listen to the tale of a chaos follower, and simply show me where a good room would be!"
No. 663754 ID: dd338c
File 143994550285.png - (240.27KB , 800x800 , 9-237.png )

And a good room it is! A stage and everything is shown to me, and I expect, perhaps, that sermons, speeches and perhaps plays are put on here regularly.

I begin telling the tale of Muo, using what I have learned of her through hearing her tales and simple scraps of knowledge I picked up by listening to Muo and Tom.

Of course, it's a challenge to spin it right on the spot in order to inspire would-be chaos followers. However, it is doable! I focus on the fact that Muo started out as a simple slime, of all things, who typically slept the day away and only went to the chaos follower not as a devout worshipper, but as a simple person with a simple task. Of course, the most important thing is that Muo was rewarded for helping herself, not expecting it to be done for her!

While I do believe that Tom only takes followers who have a knack for causing chaos but would not do so if left to their own devices, I decide to omit that fact from my present audience. Instead, I continue on saying that Tom far prefers less direct chaos! Simple attacks on the lizardmen are more in the domain of war, subterfuge and disobedience, something the kobolds would be hard pressed to employ without harsh fights from the lizards.

No, Tom prefers a layer of separation, an element of unknown and unpredictability towards the acts. I give examples of some of Muo's past acts to show that what she does forces the target to act in ways no one can know - instead of assasinating, say, a king, simply spread a rumor that the person is dead and make some head leaders ferociously believe it, even telling that very king he's dead! Instead of simply setting a fire with obvious signs of arson, show one million termites their house!
No. 663755 ID: dd338c
File 143994551304.png - (132.90KB , 800x800 , 9-238.png )

I close these tales with a lesson to be learned - if they want to become a chaos follower, they must do more than just plan, they must help themselves! I continue on, adding that since they themselves do not have chaos magic, that simple, mundane measures can be substituted.

I propose the ideas and alternatives - instead of assassinating a warchief, which will just bring another, just as awful chief into the forefront, simply humiliate and dishonor the current one such that he remains in power, but that power is weaker! Instead of killing the nobles, get them to do each other in, something so simple as stealing a treasure and planting it in another noble's bedroom. Instead of setting fire to a home, dig out the basement so that their house slowly sinks! Even a desert kobolds should be well versed in the ways of mining out a hole to do the trick without causing an outright cavein.

"I have plenty more ideas where those came from!" I say, closing my speech. "I plan to be around for awhile, and would be glad to share all of my ideas with the people here and even help enact them, from simply planting weeds in a lizard's garden to the very theft of the order artifact!" That gets some gasps from a few and starry eyes from others, but I believe that that last hint shall be sufficient to display interest in the order artifact, without revealing that it is my primary goal!
No. 663758 ID: dd338c
File 143994554910.png - (154.02KB , 800x800 , 9-239.png )

>"Story Seeker is a fantastic story teller!" Howka catches up to me as I excuse myself off the stage. "Many would like to speak to you!"
"Ah, I was thinking I may pay a visit to the undead or the gryphons, actually!"
>"Howka - I - can bring people over if you just ask. I will do anything you ask too!"
No. 663763 ID: bb78f2

You know, there's a bit of similarity to you both. It's weird. Those horns, that smile, that attitude...
Is she your sister? Or daughter from the future? There's too much similarity to throw into mere coincidence. I think Tom's done a very small and funny thing, and it's something to do with the fact that the girl looks very much like you.
No. 663764 ID: e6fcea

Consider looking into adding Howka to your future and ever-expanding harem.
Heed your Bardic instincts and do it!

As for right now, might as well have Howka help you out!
No. 663765 ID: e114bc

Aaaaanything? Eyebrow waggle.
No. 663766 ID: d90668

Yeah she does resemble you pretty closely. Might just be random but in a den of chaos is something to consider.

Anyways have her introduce you to the undead and other groups. We have a good start on causing a distraction but still need to work on making a duplicate of the artifact and finding more about it.
No. 663767 ID: ab7529

>I will do anything you ask too!
Haha, geeze. That's too easy, even for Story.

If we have to pick people to talk to first, the undead might be a good place to start. You have better than usual insight there from past experience, and it's possible they have some connection to or information about that artifact Kex took from the dragon. (Like, they knew the lich, used to work for her, hated her lack-of-guts, etc).

Don't make it weird. They're kobolds, and they all look alike, obviously. Racist. :V
No. 663772 ID: bb78f2

Kobold's are actually pretty varied and look different, see how many different kobolds are in that crowd right there (I know some aren't kobolds, but a lot of kobolds are still in that shot). The only feature that doesn't match up well with Story is the tail, which could have come from her other parent that isn't story (if this is story's daughter) or the parent Story isn't related to (if this is his sister).

This similarity is just unnerving. We don't even have color to confirm she's got different scales. I'll admit her being Story's sister is a longshot since this is PRETTY FAR from Story's home, but its a weird world.

Don't bone this bold until you meet her father and/or mother, at LEAST, and make sure it isn't you sent to the past to make this present daughter or this is your daughter from the future but she doesn't know it because she's been a slave most of her life.

Do NOT take that risk, Story. You were caught in a time loop for a long time, other time mishaps can happen to you in the future that then makes it the past or maybe getting caught up in time mishaps runs in the family. We can't even tell if WE were sent into the future while going through the desert because we had no landmarks to denote how much time passed.
No. 663795 ID: dd338c
File 143995637467.png - (100.85KB , 800x800 , 9-240.png )

>Howza's similar look
Hm, I do see the resemblance, but I believe the grand majority of it is the large, backward slanted horn centered above the forehead! Beyond that, she has a more feminine look with a girlier snout - one could reasonably think her a relative to me, but the chances of a long lost sister are, well, obscene!

Given recent events, however, the chances are far higher that there are some time shenanigans going on, despite that I imagined the time lord was still keeping an eye on me to prevent that very thing. That, and a chaos den! There is no telling what may have gone on.

Normally all of that would not be worth serious restraint, but there is much to do, and I shall only pursue bedding her if she insists on such a thing! After all, her modest understanding of basic may not understand such connotations of saying I may ask anything of her, nor do I wish to automatically assume such actions were in mind! Granted, I would be quite surprised if she were not interested at all.

"All I ask, Howka, is continued support and seeing to it that the lizards here are shown a thing or two."
>"Yes, okay! You have very good ideas. Best ideas we have ever seen. Please think of more. I will get gryphons!"
No. 663796 ID: dd338c
File 143995638359.png - (212.32KB , 800x800 , 9-241.png )

I am hardly left waiting for the greater portion of a moment before the two gryphons come back.

>"Hello. I am Gust, and my partner is Lossi. That was a rather, to put it plainly, rousing speech for the kobolds you had."
>"Nice to meet you." Lossi says. "You asked for us?"
"Correct! Forgive me, but I am largely curious as to how two gryphons ended up in such a place! I, for one, had never seen one before."
>"Oh, it really wasn't for anything better?" says Gust. "Well, it's expected. Lossi and I came from the forest. We had made our shelter in what is now - or perhaps was - the undead realm that the dragon had made. We sought help from the lizards. As you no doubt understand, that did not go well for anyone. With no home we can get to, we ended up seeking scraps from the outer walls. Us, of all people and species! Eventually we found ourself here, where we can enjoy the slightest amount of both dignity and life."
No. 663799 ID: b6994f

Oh. Have they heard the news that the undead have been wiped out by an adventurer? There's rumor the dragon is still around, but the lizards seem pretty certain the undead are gone.
No. 663801 ID: ab7529

>That, and a chaos den!
Without any chaos.

This whole line of thinking is far too paranoid and cautious for Story, anyways. (We're not bedding her right now cause it would be too easy and we've got other things to distract us).

They used to live in the area claimed by the dragon's undead? Could they tell us anything of how that came to pass?

...have they heard that the undead may well have been cleared out by a traveling warrior?
No. 663802 ID: ad936f

Cast detect gender on the gryphons, you know why. I'm going to assume that they're a male and female and mates, but that might not actually be a hindrance.
No. 663804 ID: bb78f2

>I imagined the time lord was still keeping an eye on me to prevent that very thing. That, and a chaos den! There is no telling what may have gone on.
He's probably not keeping an eye out on any of your future children, just so you know. And chaos WILL spread in the future once we take the order artifact, which might create weird time thingys, even if Tom didn't mean to do it. I mean, its already happened in the future, anything goes. You haven't had any sex with kobolds in the city yet, have you? Maybe the prophecy isn't a standard prophecy, maybe someone came from the future and told the lizards about the symbol?

Cool, great, think maybe you could help out my "Master" Kexluk get out of the city? He's not a dick and would love to help you out, since he's a paladin. If we do end up raiding the order place, we'd a;lso maybe appreciate some air support. Kexluk has telekinesis, so he can redirect arrow fire away from you when he's riding you.
No. 663805 ID: 227a05

"Them, of all people"? What, are they nobles or something?
No. 663806 ID: d90668

You know a pair of friendly flyers could come in mighty handy for moving around fast after or during a major theft.

Ask them about the undead and what caused that mess. Might want to let them know that the rumors are true and that a friend of yours has dealt with the undead menace. The woods are currently full of hunters, spies and idiots right now but they might be able to move back soon if they want.

Oh and ask them what they think of the kobolds here and there efforts to increase chaos in the city. Are they followers of chaos or just enjoying the hospitality the lizards would not grant.
No. 663858 ID: 93a6e5

I'm serious about the stretchy magic, put that on your list, even if you can turn into slim

They see themselves as a noble race.

>"Oh, it really wasn't for anything better?" says Gust.
Was he expecting another reason?
Do they know that all the undead are er dead?
And do you think it would be wise to inform the chaos den that Big K is technically an ally? how much do we tell them about the dragon, stealing the order relic, working for a lich?
No. 663920 ID: 0099e1

We still have no idea what caused your first set of time problems. And now that you are in the middle of a city that gods apparently can't easily get into I would be very careful.

In the next couple of days there has to be at least a slim chance of you tripping over a rock and smacking the order artifact into the chaos artifact. Which in addition to probably being a bad idea might knock you out of time again. So your Time lord might have his hands full of trying to keep alternate timelines in check at the moment. You can always try to ask him when you get a moment alone. If he does not show up be extra careful.

Long story short she could be just a normal girl or a alternate displaced timeline you. Who now has to pretend to be her because that's what you remember happening. Or something even crazier.

I am not saying you are your own grandfather/grandmother Story but if it could happen to anyone it would be you.
No. 663935 ID: ea0ad9

>...have they heard that the undead may well have been cleared out by a traveling warrior?
But the lizards are also swarming around the area to try and get any treasures now.
> "Them, of all people"? What, are they nobles or something?
>They see themselves as a noble race.
Indeed. Gryphons are a very proud race, but it may be worth learning if these two in particular are especially important.
No. 664338 ID: dd338c
File 144017890244.png - (138.59KB , 800x800 , 9-242.png )

>I'm serious about the stretchy magic
I believe this is largely covered with my chaos slime form! I seem to have, within constraints, some capability of changing my real form - although the extents of this have yet to be tested.

>Detect gender
As expected, Gust is a male, and Lossi a fem-

>"What are you doing?" Gust interrupts, staring at me.
"Ah? I apo-"
>"Do not appraise us like unintelligent beasts!"
"Apologies!" It appears that Gust can sense when detect gender is used - perhaps I should be more wary of casting that so casually! "I don't suppose you are aware that the dragon's undead army has been annihilated? Lizard scouts are all over there, I hear, but I imagine in the near future, your old home may yet be safe again!"
>"We will see." Gust says.
>"If it is so, then we will not be here in the near future." says Lossi.
>"Aw, you guys still want to go back?" Howka asks.
>"Of course." says Gust. "We have told you this. We will only assist you in the interest of getting our house back. Nothing more."
"What do you think of the kobolds of this place?"
>"Nothing special. They do what they want to do, as anyone else would."
"And their efforts to raise chaos?"
>"Paltry, at best. As you alluded, to - all planning, no fruition of those plans."
"And I would like to know more of you two - you are proud gryphons, I gather, but are you nobles amongst your own race?"
>"Hrm, no. We keep to ourselves. We have nothing to do with grphon societies, let alone be nobles of them."
"Very well! Now, going back a step - what do you think of the lizards of Spearstone?"
>"As stale dirt that thinks itself gold dust."
"Even if you plan on going back soon - perhaps, I hope, we can receive help from you should we act on any plans soon?"
No. 664339 ID: dd338c
File 144017891281.png - (191.74KB , 800x800 , 9-243.png )

>"No. We will not endanger ourselves much."
>"Gust..." Lossi says. "I won't charge with a frontline for these kobolds, but they did take us in when no one else would. I would offer Story Seeker at least mild help, even if it is to simply carry carge from point A to point B."
>"As long as they don't ask us to carry people on our backs like we're an animal. Even if what Story Seeker says is true of our home, we will still spend the night here. And he has riled everyone into a frenzy for action, I notice."
"Oh? Is that so?"
>"Of course." Gust continues. "Your ideas seemed... right, to them. I expect kobolds slaying lizardmen unnerved them, but the thought of peppering their cereal with spice is enticing."
"I can't say I recall proposing that id-"
>"It's a figure of speech. The pranks, I mean. You'll be glad to know that while the kobolds here have done virtually nothing of effect, their plans are, I admit... well thought out. They have maps of every nook and cranny of the town, schedules that an amazing amount of lizardmen adhere to, and even if the chaos den is a secret, it's simply a core hidden at the center of an intricate spiderweb. Your ideas can simply be taken from existing plans to be enacted soon, is what I am saying."
>"Yes, yes!" Howka says. "We know so much! Give us more ideas and we will have so many kobolds that will do so much!"
No. 664340 ID: bb78f2

Alright, show me some of your plans for heists of the order artifact. Is the chaos artifact similar in shape? Perhaps we can prank everyone by making a switch? Or better yet, charging up my duplicate artifact right here with Chaos, then making the switch!

Imagine, the lizards worshiping chaos by mistake! The POWER Chaos would gain here would be immeasurable.
We should wait a while before pulling that prank off admittidly, it'll be a coup de grace. But I want those plans in my office, now.
No. 664343 ID: 3910ed

Hmm. If chaos is going to erupt soon, even mild chaos, then it'd be nice to find Tulip soon. Perhaps you should ask Howka if they have means of finding a particular kobold, new to town? Make sure to inform her this kobold is not a chaos follower, just someone you feel an obligation to make sure comes to no harm.

As for the chaos itself, the best plan is probably to, paradoxically, coordinate the chaos a bit and hit the lizards with one big wave of pranks all at once. If the pranks come out in dribs and drabs one at a time, the lizards will step up their paranoia and be on the watch for more. Maximize with one huge night of pranks going off at once before the lizards know to be on guard, and then be prepared to be stealthy in the future - hiding away caches of tools and substances for pranking before the lizards crack down on such supplies. There are probably lots of little nooks and crannies and hidden tunnels that the lizards miss for being too small. If the kobolds wait a while after the big night, the lizards might not even realize who's at it - if, for example, the order artifact happens to go missing on the big night when all this nonsense erupts, they might attribute it to a curse from the divine.

Hmm. I wonder if it would be possible to trick the lizards into thinking it's a punishment from the order deity? For upholding such an "unclean" order? Then the disappearance of the artifact and the wave of pranks become the result of the god withdrawing their blessings and letting chaos reign.

I don't know, what's the order deity like? This place worships order, so they should have information about the order god lying around. Do gods get actively upset at people misrepresenting them?
No. 664346 ID: e114bc

>carry cargo from point A to point B
Like, perhaps, a very large lizardman? One that is currently out trying to compete with the scouts to secure the hoard and ensure the dragon is no threat?
No. 664350 ID: bb78f2

They said they don't want anyone riding them, it's degrading.

BUT Kexluk could hide in a box and pretend to be cargo.
No. 664354 ID: e114bc

Oh. Well... they might be able to transport the gold. Like, to an actual bank maybe.
No. 664355 ID: 3910ed

Would they object to picking someone up on their foreclaws and carrying them, thereby making it clear it's not a riding thing?

In any case, thank them for their time and apologize again. Say if it makes them feel better, you've only ever used that spell on people, and maybe mention how it was quite invaluable in the case of that dwarf lady who'd taken all those mutation potions.
No. 664358 ID: 0099e1

Tell them that in addition to the other smaller plans you would like to look into stealing the order artifact.

Explain that its existence is keeping the city stuck in its static ways and that removing it from the area should allow proper chaos to flourish.

Now you don't know if its even possible but if anyone can help it would be someone who could fly.
No. 664359 ID: 0a8fc4

>I believe this is largely covered with my chaos slime form.
Yea but I suspect most lovers might want something a little substantial and solid from a lover. Something to clench around. Or to be clenched by.

Anyway what if we use them to get us out of the tower after we get the artifact? We'll have to find our own way in to the top but with their help we can escape the tower and Spearstone quit quickly and without a fight. The only problem i see is endangerment to them after the fact, if they help they will be enemies of the lizards and they don't live far enough from here to stay protected.
No. 664371 ID: 91ee5f

They have maps and schedules?!?! That's what we need to get the artifact! A map of where they're keeping it and a schedule to know where the guards are posted and to see if there are gaps in their patrols!
No. 664374 ID: d90668

Tell them that you gave the speech to try and get the kobolds used to the little stuff so they could gain confidence.

That being said you think that acts of murder and arson would be going to far in most cases. While the lizard society needs to be changed if it comes on a wave of terrorism and killing its not going to be a good change for either side.

Say that the best way to change things quickly without a violent uprising would be to steal the order artifact and remove its influence from the town. Chaos would bloom and could help a revolution occur. And you are confident that Tom loves chaos more than bloodshed so he hopefully would help steer things in the right direction.

So ask them if they are up for helping out with one big job before they return to the forest. Would give them time to wait the gold seekers out and you could use there assistance.
No. 664451 ID: dd338c
File 144026460902.png - (166.87KB , 800x800 , 9-244.png )

"And if you did carry someone, but simply carried them in your talons?"
>"That is acceptable." Gust says.
"Excellent! Thank you, and apologies again. Now, as I have said in the speech, directly harming the lizards or their property may just cause retaliation, and a direct war is not what we want! Therefore, I would like to see many of these plans rebranded into those of inconvenient pranks. However, the most ambitious one, perhaps, would be the stealing of the Order artifact - I don't suppose that you all have schedules and the layouts for such a place?"
>"Ah, we do! We do have the long list of lizards and priests and kobold slaves and stuff. We are sure of where the Archpriest lives! Which is near the top of tower, though..." says Howka.
"I would like these plans! By the way, there is a particular kobold I have been attempting to find. Does this chaos den have means to find a kobold new to town?"
"Yes, very! Not instantly, but I will search for this kobold. Name?"
>"Very good!"
"What is the order diety like, anyways?"
>"Don't know! Only archpriest speaks to diety. Sends message down tower, but don't know what personality is like."
"That is fine! Now, I want pranks to all be done at once, too, such that the lizards won't know what hit them! Then we can lay low and make more specific plans for later."
>"Okay! Howka will speak to chaos den and be sure plans be ready soon as possible!
No. 664452 ID: dd338c
File 144026461732.png - (117.30KB , 800x800 , 9-245.png )

The gryphons excuse themselves, letting me know where they live if I need them, and Howka leaves me be for several minutes before returning.

"Kobolds searching for Tulip! Now, plans are here." she says, handing me many disorganized notes.

Disorganized or not, though, there are many good ideas and lots of good information! Guard switches, a list of guards, the archpriest, 15 priests, 60 acolyes, and about 300 kobold slaves. Quite a low number, but there are mentions of a lizard wizard, heh, that has overseen and assisted the grand construction of spearstone's grand buildings despite a relatively low number of lizards.

There do not appear to be gaps in patrols, however. The security of the order artifact is, to say the least, impressive! However, every night, the archpriest speaks to the order god - or demigod based on Sandfin's idea.
No. 664453 ID: dd338c
File 144026462621.png - (130.51KB , 800x800 , 2-246.png )

It is an inner sanctum in the center of the top floor, and according to this information, there are no hiding places anywhere inside or outside of the tower anywhere within 3 floors of the inner sanctum. Kobolds are not allowed anywhere but the bottom half of the tower during this ceremony. The archpriest during then, is the only time of day that there are not at least 10 guards in the room itself! However, during this, there are 10 drakes circling the outside of the tower, while during normal hours, there are only 2 or 3 at a time.

What I find interesting, however, is that information on these guards and guard drakes seems to imply they are not actually part of the order tower itself, but rather, they are under the rulership of the palace, instead!

While there are a few guards posted in the floor below and above, security is focused on the level with the artifact itself by far.
No. 664457 ID: bb78f2

Ask Howza if they have any contacts that could polymorph or illusion a few bolds (or just one) into lizards for a bit. Would make the climb a LOT easier on us.

I mean, kobold's look enough like lizards, we could just have you and Howza in a priest robe to get up there... no we KIDNAP the arch preist, and then we go as him with you standing on Howza's shoulders. If we can get the illusionist contact, we can then ask for a voice modulator artifact to make it match the archpriest's voice.

Kidnapping the archpriest should be child's play, or at least getting a copy of his robes will be significantly easier.
No. 664458 ID: d90668

Ok here is the general outline of your grand plan.

Lots of drakes and scouts will be wandering the wilderness looking for gold right now. You need to spread the rumor that the dragons horde is still out there as hard as you can. A lot of it depends on what happens to Kex today but if you can keep the gold lust high it will distract a bunch of potential guards and drakes over the next few days. Maybe sprinkle a few kobolds with a single gold coin taken from the trove near the outer walls and concoct some story about how they found it in the woods after someone ran by. The gold will get confiscated and make even more people wander out there to look.

While Gold fever keeps a bunch of people outside town you ramp up the prank war. The more guards you can get investigating sinking houses and feuding nobles the better.

All of that should keep the people in and around the tower busy enough so that the drakes are all to tired to fly much and most the guards are worn out or searching the hills for gold.

The biggest part will be figuring out how to make a fake artifact and distracting the order priest.
No. 664460 ID: 255a09

>they are under the rulership of the palace, instead

Suspicious! I have to wonder how divine this artifact really is. In any case, if these guards are from the palace, it should be possible to distract them with a big enough event at said palace. Hm... we don't want to do arson, but perhaps we can do fake arson? Do the kobolds have the supplies to make large smoke bombs? If we time it with a series of pranks, the guards might be pulled over, and then stay for a while after realizing there's no fire in order to help with the other shenanigans. I wonder how hard it would be to go full Home-Alone on the palace...

>While there are a few guards posted in the floor below and above, security is focused on the level with the artifact itself by far.

... What are the roof and floor made of? If this is at the top of a tower, it can't be anything too heavy, and therefore probably could be cut through quite easily! The roof especially should be made of something light. Is there any cover up there?

Yeah, this overload of guards really reeks of... well, straightforward, orderly thinking. They think more guards equals more security. But you need thieves to catch a thief, and people who can think crooked to guard against crooks, so it's possible they haven't even considered someone coming through the floor or ceiling. The only chance is that lizard wizard enchanting them to be stronger, but would they have even thought to do that?

Could be worth investigating what other magic items those goblins have. Would sure be handy if you had some stuff like you did during the naga heist.
No. 664468 ID: dd338c
File 144026926766.png - (166.31KB , 800x800 , 2-247.png )

"Allow me to ask the feasibility of impersonating the archpriest? Do we have any polymorph capable mages who could tranform a kobold, namely myself, into looking like the archpriest?"
>"Ahh no but we do have alchemist! Made potion but only affects a face of kobold to look like archpriest. But only one kobold with us who is as big as archpriest, and is also terrible actor!"
"I was thinking that we could go in together, and with a replica of the archpriests' clothes, I would stand on your shoulders!"
>"That.... is genius, Story Seeker! We have replica, yes, we thought of this idea long ago but... like said, lots of planning, no action! Um... we cannot change voice, though."
"Hm, I was just about to ask! That is troublesome, I imagine. I don't suppose we have any kobolds who sound similar?"
>"N-no, buuuut, we do have recorder! Magic sound capturer that replays voice. Have lots of vocal records of archpriest! I know couple who can operate it."
"I may look into that at some point! Otherwise, do we have anything capable of creating lots of smoke?"
>"Ah, yes, we have lots of signal brush. Can set on fire! Does not spread fire easily but creates so much smoke."
"Then I may wish to set that ablaze should we attempt to steal the artifact, as we can stand to distract the drakes and guards! Furthermore, I may wish to spread the rumor of the dragon's horde... can we have kobolds spread this rumor, perhaps add in believability if we give them a gold coin to flash around as they talk about how they found it in the forest?"
>"We... do not have many gold coins, but can spread rumor!"
"Worry not, I shall supply the coinage!"
>"Then yes very much!"

From what I gather, the tower is built out of average, ordinary stone from a nearby quarry.

>Could be worth investigating what other magic items those goblins have.
Could be! Although, I should sort as much out here as I can prior to leaving to head back into the merchant area.
No. 664469 ID: d90668

Have her introduce you to the undead here before you get distracted with planning things.

Also meeting the alchemist and finding out if there is anything special he can do if he had more money and ingredients would be a good idea.
No. 664471 ID: ab7529

>What I find interesting, however, is that information on these guards and guard drakes seems to imply they are not actually part of the order tower itself, but rather, they are under the rulership of the palace, instead!
Exploiting the rift slash political power dispute between palace and church might mess up their defenses, then.

>we cannot change voice, though
Okay, messing with your voice has to be in the domain of bardic magic.

>the merchant area
Story doesn't know it yet, but I wonder if we can leverage all that gold Kex gave them into a few big favors. Argue that taking that much money was essentially an investment, or giving them a loan, or setting up a balance we can now pay for things with (like a reverse tab).
No. 664472 ID: bb78f2

Since lizard's are allowed up there, in the tower, we can bring Kexluk as backup in case nothing goes according to plan. My backup basically means healing Nezul and sneaking him in that drake circle guard, and then you, Howza, and Kexluk escape at the top while Kexluk uses telekinesis to protect us against arrows. At which point, we pick up Tulip, meet up with the dragon if he's still on our side, and we all fly away to Zirkalas. Howza can stay behind in the city if she wishes after that, but if my future daughter theory is correct, I think we should keep her around. Also, she'll be a high profile target in the city at that point so it might be best she flees the city with us once everything goes to shit.

Talk to the undead.
No. 664473 ID: 255a09

>From what I gather, the tower is built out of average, ordinary stone from a nearby quarry.

What? That's weird. This is a sandy desert area, right? So the local rock has to be something that eroded relatively easily, or it would be a rocky desert instead. It shouldn't be suitable for bearing the weight of internal floors made of stone. Most stone towers just use stone for the outer wall and make the internal floors out of wood. Plus if you do use stone you have to add all sorts of other internal pillars and reinforcements all over the place.

So, magic must be involved, if the inner floors and even the roof are made of stone. And if they bothered to enchant it for strength, then I have to wonder if they put in enchantments for security alarms and so on. Hmm. That gryphon had some sort of magic detection going on, maybe you should ask him about that?
No. 664496 ID: dd338c
File 144027697812.png - (132.04KB , 800x800 , 2-248.png )

>Okay, messing with your voice has to be in the domain of bardic magic.
It is! It is not, however, in the parts of that domain that I have fully explored. I believe that my advances in magic have been rather steady considering my lack of innate talent for such, and so such a thing is slow! It is, however, on the to-do list of magic to acquire.

>What? That's weird. This is a sandy desert area, right? So the local rock has to be something that eroded relatively easily, or it would be a rocky desert instead.
Hm, I did not think entirely at first, but it seems strange to find solid rock in a place where there is hardly sand! However, I have seen crags and cliffsides now and then, and we are near the topside of a mountain range as well in which a forest lies on the other side not far off. So with this intersection of biomes, I believe that there could be a decent quarry not far off!

"Now, I would like an audience with the undead!"
>"Sure! He is a lizardman but says that he is not one of the lizardfolk from up above."
No. 664497 ID: dd338c
File 144027698641.png - (145.50KB , 800x800 , 2-249.png )

I am shown down into a cavern, perhaps a long lost mining shaft, before a rather offensive smell gets to me. It is no overwhelming sense, however, before Howka knocks on the door and I am shown inside.

>"Hello. Who is this, Howka?"
>"Story Seeker! Did you not hear about the speech?"
>"I heard, but the kobold reporting to me sounded excited, and missed some details. Such as names. I am Laquer."
"And I, as you have heard, am Story Seeker!"
>"What have you come here for? I am sorry for the smell. Even at my most pristine of times where I could pass for living as far as sight is concern, the smell is always a constant."
"Worry not! I admit, my first inclination is to ask, how did an undead come to find the chaos den?"
>"Suspicious, are you?"
"No, merely in search of stories!"
>"Oh - hahaha, right, right.. Okay, I'll share."
>"I'll go do those things Story Seeker!" Howka says.
"Before you go, I just thought of something - please check if those gryphons would be able to sense if there is magic within the towers, could you?"
No. 664498 ID: dd338c
File 144027699521.png - (181.23KB , 800x800 , 2-250.png )

Laquer readjusts himself as though preparing himself for a long tale.

>"Now, then, it's not a very long tale. As you may know, Spearstone as we know it now is not all that old, but beforehand, there did used to be a burial ground. A sacred one, in fact, with necromantic charms to disturb the living should the living disturb us. It was charms so ancient, however, that its energy was depleted. It was merely me and a few other guardians of the graveyard that were raised, while the rest, to this day, await a dead signal.
>"My companions immediately attacked the first Spearstone settlers. Despite the many years that I must have been at rest, however, I seem to have had a preserved sense of self preservation and did not feel it worth attacking a hundred soldiers by myself. Therefore I hid out under the dunes, watching the rise of the town in silence. I dislike it. If you are actually willing to take action against the lizards, here, then I am willing to offer my help - but I am just an undead guardian. I know no magic."
No. 664499 ID: d90668

Ask him if he remembers any of the specifics of the burial ground or what was here before. Might just be old history but who knows what links the old ruins might have to current events.

Tell him that while what we are planning will not destroy the town or anything he might enjoy the resulting chaos and watching the mess it causes.

Also mention that you know some friendly undead that might be willing to take him in. If he is interested in starting a new life somewhere else that is.
No. 664503 ID: ab7529

If he wishes to destroy the settlement that disturbed his ancient burial grounds, we are afraid we will have to disappoint. You're interested in shaking things up and causing trouble more than destruction, although you're pretty sure the people in charge won't be happy when you're done.

Does the burial ground mean there was a previous settlement on this site?

>I am just an undead guardian. I know no magic.
You've been here long enough you might have useful knowledge, if not magic! You've been here since Spearstone was settled, personally.

>It was charms so ancient, however, that its energy was depleted. It was merely me and a few other guardians of the graveyard that were raised, while the rest, to this day, await a dead signal.
Huh. How many are left, I wonder? We might be able to find a way to pump energy into those. (Use the undead artifact Kex liberated?). That would certainly be a good distraction.

Although, then again, I'm not sure it's a good plan to raise his fellows just so they can actually attack, kill a bunch of people, and then be killed.
No. 664509 ID: 255a09

Since it seems the curse raised intelligent undead, ask, was it necessary for them to straight-up attack? Or would it be acceptable to cause some lesser form of "disturbing" the living, perhaps along the lines of a curse of "misfortune"? Or was it just a fluke that he himself retained his intellect and free will? If not, you know a lich who practices some very charming traditions.

Actually... Who set those necromantic charms? It seems kiiiinda coincidental that there'd be a necrenchanted graveyard so close to a dragon who claims a lich was his mother. Is this coming back to her, too? Ask if he knows anything of a lich called Frozque. While we're asking about history lessons, he implied he was able to pass for living occasionally. Does he know anything of the history of the differences between the church and the secular government here? Or anything about the origins of the church? There seems to be a lot of suspicious indications going on around the order-chaos thing, here. Disturbing a sacred burial ground doesn't seem a very order-y thing to do. Perhaps even just providing evidence of that to the current populace would cause some trouble? Could be another chaos trick to pull.

Also, don't ask because I think it would be rude, but what does Laquer look like he was, in life? My assumption is some sort of lizard himself, but I could be wrong. He has what looks like the remnants of feathers on his head? I wonder if Lady Enlu is descended from the pre-Spearstone inhabitants of this area.
No. 664860 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him you don't mind the smell. You've been around enough undead at Zirkala's place that you don't really notice the smell.
No. 664941 ID: dd338c
File 144047908324.png - (168.06KB , 800x800 , 2-251.png )

"No worries over the smell! I assure you, I have slept, eaten, walked and even bathed around worse! Do you remember any specifics of the burial ground or what was here before?"
>"Vague memories at best. As far as I know, the burial ground has nothing to do with the modern day Spearstone other than coinciding with its location itself."
"And do you want to destroy the settlement?"
>"No. I don't like it, but the burial ground is as disturbed as it will get. The guilty ones have already passed away, I presume."
"You make it sound, however, as though you know very little about Spearstone itself!"
>"That's because I do know very little. My focus is on the burial ground, if you haven't gathered already."
"Speaking of! How many guardians were around that were not raised?"
>"A few hundred, perhaps. Not many in number, but only the best warriors of each generation could volunteer, and only those who did volunteer, would become such as myself."
"You also are quite intelligent - were your two other partners who were raised so?"
>"Theoretically, yes, but they were slightly more fanatical about the burial ground's sanctity than I, so thinking was pushed to the side."
"It does seem strange to me as well, that these Order worshipping lizards would disturb a graveyard?"
>"They worship a very... self-inclusive concept of Order. The rest of the world could be turned upsidedown for all they care."
No. 664942 ID: dd338c
File 144047909674.png - (114.48KB , 800x800 , 2-252.png )

"I also can't help but notice that it seems rather coincidental that there was such a necromantic ritual for the graveyard so close to an undead army under a dragon!"
>"My town had exceptional necromancers, and as such, exceptional necromancer paraphernalia. I expect people came here for many years to loot and hunt for these things, and it's no surprise some of the effects lingered."
"I don't suppose the name Frozque comes to mind?"
>"It does not, sorry."
"Not a worry about that! Say, if you don't mind my asking, what did you look like in life?"
No. 664943 ID: dd338c
File 144047910491.png - (189.16KB , 800x800 , 2-253.png )

>"Not much different than I do now, or the lizardfolk up above. The bandages just replenish my flesh. Sorry I am not of more help. If you know of any necromancers or items that can act as a battery, then I believe that I could raise my fellow guardians, and, I hope, as their senior, get them to listen. As I said, I have no personal interest anymore in destroying this town, but I would like to clean the burial ground and return it to how it was.
No. 664949 ID: 57dfcc

Well, we might be able to help with that, although Story doesn't know where Kex hid the artifact. And it's probably a good idea to have the pally around if we were to try just in case the others decided to be less reasonable and more kill everyone.

Not sure we can do anything more immediately to help him, unless the burial ground has a story that needs preserving, or it's upkeep would benefit musically.

There is definite irony he has had to ally with wannabe chaos cultists for what is really an orderly pursuit.

>The bandages just replenish my flesh
If he can temporarily remove / move the bandages like that without ill effect, he might be able to pass as a normal Spearstone lizard. That might be useful to some plan we hatch.
No. 664958 ID: d0c31c

Raising the rest of the guardians would distract the church's guards like nothing else would, but Kex would probably be a little bit miffed at us for unleashing an undead horde without his approval. Also, he's the only one who knows where the artifact is. So, yeah, we need to ask him. How much time is there left to steal the artifact? We need space to prepare this chaos wave/heist properly. Maybe ask Howka if you can be alerted as to Kexluk's movements, if any news of such comes up?

Since Laquer has been hiding out around here for so long, does he know any secret spots or underground tunnels or neat geographical spots that the kobolds don't? Oh! And does he know anything about how this chaos cult got started? How long has he been with them? Also, can't help but notice his striking feathers, which seem absent from almost all the Spearstone lizards. Can he recall whether they were common to his people?
No. 664978 ID: ea0ad9

>If you know of any necromancers or items that can act as a battery
Do not admit to actually knowing of any, just tell him that once you finish up with a few things you'll look into it. Zirkala might be interested, but she also might not be, and there's no telling how Kexluk's artifact works, either.
No. 664991 ID: d90668

Can you show me on a map of the city where the burial grounds are?

And say if you could restore the burial grounds would they still be usable for um new patrons as it were?

Because at this point the town is to big to just ignore a crypt full of undead popping up in the middle of it. But if it was a fully functioning nice looking cemetery the town could use I could see people being ok with it.

You and your brethren could go from just being guards to being morticians and caretakers.

Just a thought for you to think over.
No. 665013 ID: 91ee5f

So, uh, is that face paint around his eyes or is that a black void where part of his face is missing? No offense or anything, just curious!
No. 665042 ID: 0099e1

I like the idea of setting him up as the new caretaker of the newly opened Spearstone public cemetery and crypt complex.

You could use a bit of the money Kex is going to use for reparations to help rebuild the burial grounds and make the city happy by providing a public service. They get a nice place to bury there dead and the status of having it guarded by some revered ancestors. And the guardians get to go back to there jobs and don't have to worry about mobs with pitchforks.

The idea would not fly right now but its something to consider for the future. Maybe after the city falls into chaos for a bit and has some new people running things.

So tell him the idea and see what he thinks of it.
No. 665062 ID: dd338c
File 144054732073.png - (134.98KB , 800x800 , 9-254.png )

"Now, I know you were tasked with haunting the living for disturbing it, but, allow me to propose an idea! I will not even request that you hear me out, you may stop me anytime! However, I feel as though this town is rather large to fully ignore a large burial ground with rising dead - perhaps coexisting is an option? If it is a nice looking cemetary or crypt, I could imagine it receiving appropriate use!"
>"... no. That.... not normally. I do not like the people of Spearstone. But I will think it over."
"That is all I could ask! Even if you wished to move, which I understand if you do not, I know of a good undead sanction! In the meanwhile, a more casual question - what is that black paint around your eyes?"
>"A flaw in my skin. Even if it isn't rotten, it does not get its color back, nor its scales. So I end up looking like a raccoon."
"I see. Now, are there any secret spots or passages around here you know of that the kobolds do not?"
>"Only directly around the burial grounds. One gets close to the palace, and perhaps there is a connection directly into it, but I have lost interest in searching far beyond the burial grounds."
"Forgive me, I feel rude prying like this, but it does seem odd that after all this time, you haven't gathered much!"
>"No. Perhaps when I was alive I would have, but our minds are toned down for guardian duty. We do not grow bored or restless, although the end goal was to make sure that the eternity of idly guarding a quiet graveyard would not drive us insane over time. I do not mind these questions, either."
"Then I would like to ask - those are quite some frills on your head! Were they common in your time, if you recall?"
>"Moreso, yes." Laquer says, putting his bandages back on.

It seems like this questioning is winding down for the time! I imagine I could spend the rest of the night helping with morphing the plans, or attempt to search for Tulip myself if I wish to find her faster.
No. 665065 ID: d90668

Check with the alchemist next. Would be good to hear first hand what sort of stuff they can create. That and you can bounce any ideas off them.
No. 665066 ID: 57dfcc

>secret passages off the burial grounds
Should probably get a few chaos-bolds to scout those, or check them yourself if it's not safe to send them blithely though the burial grounds.

(If we are going to send people through the burial grounds to use the secret passages, be sure to ask permission from the local guardian, first).

>I could spend the rest of the night helping with morphing the plans, or attempt to search for Tulip myself
The locals know the town better than you do, and you put the word out. When someone sees her, they'll get her in touch with you.

Your talents would be better spent on the managing people and helping with ideas and inspiring people end of things.
No. 665074 ID: d0c31c

Hrrrm. Before you go, just ask... is there any sort of particular loophole, exception, failsafe or secret ritual command built into the burial guardians' raising spell? Like, say, that they could be commanded by a living individual descended from them, or that they can be convinced their burial site has been re-sanctified if such a person was buried there again?

Besides that, see what you can find out about this lizard wizard who was involved in building the tower, not necessarily from Laquer. How long ago was it, long enough that they're dead by now? Who's the mightiest spellcaster in Spearstone now?
No. 665087 ID: 91ee5f

We need more intel on this lizard wizard if we're going to deal with him/her later!

Hehehe! That's fun to say! Don't you agree Story Seeker? If you say it once, it's hard not to say it repeatedly! Now, say it with me! Lizard wizard, lizard wizard, lizard wizard, lizard wizard, lizard wizard! XD
No. 665407 ID: dd338c
File 144079980655.png - (172.37KB , 800x800 , 2-255.png )

>Lizard wizard
I am glad I have encountered this, as one of my tales of experience can give me an excuse to say this phrase.

"Would you mind if scouts scoured the burial grounds for any hidden passageways that would be missed?"
>"Yes. Do not do this, or I will most likely be unwelcome here."
"Hm? What makes you say that?"
>"I mean I will most likely murder intruders. I apologize for the forwardness, but that is how it is."
"Very well! In the meanwhile, are there any loopholes, exceptions, failsafes or secret rituals that accompany the guardians raising spell?"
>"No. It is already active - it has simply lacked the power to properly go into action. That is all it needs, and there is no substitute."
"Ah, no, I meant more... could you be commanded from a living individual descended from your clan?"
>"... no. We were only ordered by the grave master first, and our directives second. The first is gone, but the second remains. That is what says intruders must be killed."
"Speaking of death - I don't suppose there is an event in which the burial site can only be re-sanctified if such a descendant was buried there again?"
>"No, the sanctity is only held with peace and respect to the dead. A new patron after all this time would be more of a....... grand reopening."
No. 665408 ID: dd338c
File 144079981719.png - (130.18KB , 800x800 , 2-256.png )

>"Which sounds oddly appealing, now that the idea has been given to me."
"Well, that is all the questions I have for now! Howka, where did you go?"
>"Sorry, I am back here! Undead is polite but smells so bad."
No. 665409 ID: dd338c
File 144079982713.png - (154.94KB , 800x800 , 2-257.png )

I am asked to be shown to the alchemist.

"There! He is alchemist. Very smart. Good at potions! Not goot at words, but Story Seeker is, so maybe make up for his lack of good words?"
>"Thank you, Howka! Hello! I am Story Seeker! And you must be...?"
No. 665410 ID: dd338c
File 144079987366.png - (70.32KB , 800x800 , 2-258.png )

No. 665411 ID: dd338c
File 144079988308.png - (77.98KB , 800x800 , 2-259.png )

No. 665412 ID: e114bc

Is the alchemist a skeleton?
No. 665413 ID: bb78f2

Hello Hi, how are you?
Your dramatic reveal makes me think I'm supposed to know you. Or are you simply a dramatic person?
No. 665414 ID: 57dfcc

>a grand reopening would be appealing.
Well there's a sidequest. Connect the tomb guardians with people who will use it.


He's a skeleton? I suppose that makes certain aspects of potion making safer. Don't have to worry about irritants, or poisons, or fumes. Still have to worry about anything that would react with bone.

Do you recognize anything he's working with?
No. 665420 ID: dd338c
File 144080273098.png - (139.06KB , 800x800 , 2-260.png )

>Is she a skeleton?
No, only a smoothly scaled, wide eyed kobold!

>Do you recognize anything he's working with?
I do not! Only that it smells oddly... crisp.

"Hello, again! You seem to have a flare for the dramatics - have we met each other before? How are you?"
>"I'm feeling good."


>"We probably haven't met. I don't remember you."
"Very well! I am curious, what is it you are making?"
No. 665421 ID: dd338c
File 144080274693.png - (95.01KB , 800x800 , 2-261.png )

>"........ potions."
"And what do they do?"
>"........ oh, my god, Howka, this one is just so... naive."
>"Don't be mean!"
>"No, no, I'm not. I didn't say anything bad. I'm saying he can't tell how high I am right now."
No. 665422 ID: 0099e1

Interesting eyes.

Ask what he is working on.
No. 665424 ID: e114bc

Oh, drugs! Is that why her eyes are so wide, then?

Ask what else she can make. Smoke bombs, invisibility potions, annoying things like stink bombs or glue bombs?
No. 665425 ID: 9ddf68

>he can't tell how high I am right now.
Well I knew something was up but thought that would be rude to point it out
No. 665428 ID: bb78f2

...Detect Gender?
That is ONE androgynous bold.

How are you at polymorph potions for the face, and maybe the voice too, if we can spring for that. How about you also douse the archpriest's robes with a scent that make lizard people less intelligent too? I mean, he's a drug user, dude's got to have some skills in aromatherapy-based alchemy.
No. 665429 ID: d90668

Tell him about your adventures with that dust you got on the caravan trail.

Also its impolite to point out how high someone is.
No. 665433 ID: dd338c
File 144080452250.png - (123.22KB , 800x800 , 2-262.png )

>Detect Gender?
Ah! She is actually female.

"Don't misunderstand, miss! Believe me, I have encountered rather formidable drug dust in my travels. Suspicions were present in my mind, but it is rude to point out! Especially if I end up wrong, and you simply have wide eyes!"
>"My eyes are always wide. "
>"... wait miss?" Howka asks.
>"Yeah, I'm a girl."
>"Why did you never correct me when I say him?!"
>"It was funny to me."
>"You ARE mean!"
"... regardless! If I may ask, what else can you make? Perhaps anything with polymorphing a face, or for the voice?"
>"I got all sortsa shit for that. Easy. Cheap. Plentiful. Problem is is that it's... not effective. See, for polymorphing, I can do just the face - but I can't specify what face. I can probly fix up something that'll choose randomly from your memories. So, you know a lot of people? If so, bad chances. If you don't want a familiar face, no chances. If you don't know a lotta people or are feeling lucky, we can give it a shot if you got the gold. For voice? Less random, more time consuming. I can modify voices but only in one aspect, one at a time, and it's tough to pinpoint it right. So we'd have to make a whole lotta batches to slowly get your voice how you want it. Possible. I guess. Time consuming. And, you know, you'd have to drink a dang lot of random junk. Anyway, I got all kinds of shit. Wanna know how it is to be incredibly dumb for a few minutes? Maybe have extraordinary strength with only temporary blindness? Or maybe good sight at the expense of all your other senses? I got all kinds of what you want, you name it. Satisfaction not guaranteed. You know what they call me back home? The Alchemist of Technical Success."
>"But this is your home!" Howka says.
>"And that's what you guys call me!"
No. 665437 ID: 6d3b32

Wait a minute.

>"You must be...?"

Oh gods we have a funnygirl here.

Anyway, polymorphing to look like the priest seems to be out. What about some sort of pheromone or chloroform thing that will make people believe whatever they're told for a while? Like, that "being dumb" thing. What kind of dumb? Any way to make that easily deliverable, like a spray bottle to the face or something? Maybe a blowdart?
No. 665439 ID: 9297f4

Can the dumb potion be dried up and turned into a powder of some kind? Cause if we can get to the drakes, we can hook it up to the saddles and have it tear open while they fly, causing the people around the tower to fall under those side effects, and if the tower has open windows, it'll have a chance of getting inside.
No. 665445 ID: bb78f2

I have an idea, get a temporary memory erasing potion, annnnnd just before it's about to wear out, show Story who the archpriest looks like, have him drink the changing potion, and boom.

Ask her how her aphrodisiac's are, like what's technically successful about those. And if she can make herself exponentially better at alchemy by drinking Alchemy improvement potions that she continually improves.
No. 665450 ID: dd338c
File 144080756262.png - (153.29KB , 800x800 , 2-263.png )

"What about a potion - or perhaps some form that is easier, more deliverable to those who don't wish it to be delievered - that makes people believe whatever they're told for awhile?"
>"Oh, yeah! I got that. Side effects include, uh... what were they. Well, I once tested it on a kobold, who I told that the moon didn't exist. But then when he went outside and looked at it he basically went nuts and started going on about how a star fell really close to us. But hey yeah most of my potions can be condensed down to stuff like gas or foam or in a blowdart or dust or you know whatever."
"And what about that being dumb thing?"
>"Uh, exactly what it says on the glass. They get dumb. I dunno how to say it differently."
"Right, right! But you say it is possible to make it a gas?"
>"Yeah. Like air. Air you can't breathe."
>"Correct! What would be the effective range?"
>"My stuff is so cheap you couldn't believe. If you just want a small room like this then that might be like 4 potions to take 5 minutes to take effect, if you want, say, the perimeter of the palace, we'd need to make a huuuuge batch. Like. 100 potions. Which I can do. I can get help. Yeah. I just need ingredients. Easy ingredients, but depends what you'd wanna make. Good gods let's do that I've never gassed a big area before.
"Memory erasing potions?"
>"Got 'em. Only sometimes do they just mess up there existing memories!"
"And - forgive what must give some rather questionable indications - how are your aphrodisiacs?"
>"Ohh, into that, are ya? How bad of you. Yeah I got them. They're good, of course. And you know what? They only have..."
No. 665451 ID: dd338c
File 144080757167.png - (119.59KB , 800x800 , 2-264.png )

>"A 42% or maybe 33% chance of shrinkage."


>"Also an even lower chance of itchiness."


>"Some people are into that, ya know."
No. 665452 ID: e114bc

Shrinkage? Of the whole body or just part of it?

Oh hey what about a shrinking potion?
No. 665454 ID: d90668

I personally have no problems attracting well honestly just about anyone or anything.

Sometimes making a crowd horny can cause a entertaining amount of chaos and distraction. And I have found that a embarrassing distraction keeps people from talking about it later.
No. 665455 ID: 57dfcc

>Gas an area with potions
Well, there's one plan of attack.

Question: how do we navigate a gassed area? Is there protective gear or spells we can use? Or do we just have to send in an undead who doesn't breathe anyways?

Hmmm, you don't think you're really interested in size changing sexytimes. Maybe later.
No. 665458 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, okay do that first potion instead of a polymorph, but we'll test it out in public first and then say we're the lord of the palace and see what happens when we say we're somebody who we're not.
No. 665459 ID: bb78f2

Oh, and we're going to gas the church with an aphrodisiac during the ceremony, to induce regular chaos. A prank leading up to a bigger prank.

The shrinkage IS temporary, right?
No. 665460 ID: 57dfcc

Aside from the gassing idea, it might be a good idea to acquire a few potions with other useful bad effects to have on hand. By distracting them with charm, you might be able to drug someone if you need to (slip some in food or drink or something).
No. 665461 ID: 6d3b32

Do you have an antidote to the believe-anything or get-dumb potions? Or like, for the dumb one, another potion that makes you smarter? You could douse yourself so that you give off a cloud of the stuff.

Or, would either of those affect a lizard, but not a kobold? Or not a, say completely for example... slime?
No. 665491 ID: 91ee5f

>Chance of shrinkage.

.....sooo, it has a chance of making your penis smaller. Maybe? That would be funny, but if it ends up being permanent, then it would be psychologically scarring. We don't want to permanently damage someone, do we?
No. 665560 ID: dd338c
File 144087000697.png - (130.49KB , 800x800 , 2-265.png )

>"Yes! No potions of mine do permanent things. Except the poison. That just kills."
"And if we did gas an area - is there protective gear I, or anyone, may use?"
>"All potions are easy to make a counter potion to! Either as a cure or as an immunity. Immunities are temporary, too, of course."
"Oh, what about a shrinking potion? Not the one you just mentioned, bu-"
>"Yeah I get you. I can do that. Enlargening potion, too. Side effects include body dysphoria, loss of balance, and being weaker."
"Anything that would affect a lizard but not a kobold, or vice versa?"
>"Uhhhhh wellll, sorta. Probably! Not reliably? Yeah no I don't recommend it since from what I heard, you're gonna need the potion to do what it says it do."
"Oh, I don't suppose there are potions of increasing one's ability to create potions?"
>"Oh, yeah, sure, and I'll just ask genie's for more wishes and buy 10 gold for 1 gold. So what's it gonna be? We can get potion crafting if you got the scrap, and talkin' about my every potion under the sun ain't gonna make every potion under the sun. What do you wanna do?"

That potion that makes someone believe anything does sound tempting, but it seems that there are a great deal of options, here!
No. 665564 ID: 91ee5f

The believe anything one sounds good!
No. 665567 ID: 2f4b71

A mix of believing-anything, makes-people-dumber and mess-with-memory sounds good for bluffing your way into pretty much anywhere. Totally not a magical Neuraliser.
No. 665571 ID: 57dfcc

So... what I'm hearing is a potion made for a lizard won't necessarily work on a kobold, but not reliably enough we'd want to gamble on it.

Go for the gassing the room gullible and forgetful. That's the perfect working environment for a bard.

Also, get a few potions that work on yourself, just so maybe we can have with them later, if we need to. It'll be fun. Shrinking, maybe the disguise one (we could pretend to be Kex?), something else.

Disguise price. What will her efforts to aid the chaos cost?
No. 665577 ID: bb78f2

Oh, your final request should be:
I would like to get high with you later when most of my plans are done.

Make it a date?
No. 665578 ID: e5fe09

For pranking: Shrinking potions, given to male lizards to make other lizards think they're kobolds. Lots of other potion prank possibilities, too.

For artifact stealing: Gas tower with gullibility, dumbness, or some drug that makes people super chill. If the kobolds can stealthily arrange for poor ventilation on the lower levels, and for it to be warm on the lower levels, the whole tower will act like a chimney drawing the gas upwards to the guards and priest.

Then two kobolds, immunized, stand on each other's shoulders under a robe, or one male kobold takes an enlarger if the immunity won't interfere, and they bluff their way up to take the artifact.
No. 665579 ID: d90668

Order a 100 vials of confusing and dumb gas and see how much it would cost. We can get the money from Kex later to get started.

Oh and see if she can get any of that dust drug you were exposed to earlier. It would make a nice last ditch weapon to throw on someone who might be otherwise protected.
No. 665582 ID: dd338c
File 144087959367.png - (163.45KB , 800x800 , 9-266.png )

"I believe I would like to gas a large area with the Believe Anything potion, added together, perhaps, with making people dumb and forgetful memories!"
"How much would this sort of thing cost?"
>"Pulling out that many ingredients for multiple types of potions turned to large gas is gonna take time to restock! Along with needing to pay assistants to help make that many short notice potions, I'm gonna want 20 gold. 30 gold if you wanna overdo it just to make sure it covers the whoooole area."
"I would also like to purchase a variety - a sample pack, perhaps - of various potions, good or bad, to work on me and others!"
>"Just one potion of all kinds?"
"Yes - disguises, shrinking, enlargening, putting to sleep, anything you have?"
>"5 gold and you get a wide variety, all you said and more! 10 more gold and you get like, 20 other potions!"
"What do those other 20 potions do?"
>"I dunno. They're strong though, I just haven't gotten any volunteers to test 'em. They won't kill you though, there's no poison. No chance of that."

I only have 46 gold and change on me. I could buy all of this - 30 for the full package for the tower, 5 for additional potions, and 10 for mystery potions if I wish, but it will leave me nearly broke - granted, 1 gold can still go a far ways here for basic needs, and I can get more when Kexluk returns.

>Oh and see if she can get any of that dust drug you were exposed to earlier.
I describe this, but she says she has nothing of the sort! However, to bring her some if I find any. I do not have this on hand, unfortunately.
No. 665583 ID: dd338c
File 144087959983.png - (119.62KB , 800x800 , 9-267.png )

The plan, although I have not described this to the alchemist, I believe will be to gas the tower with gullibility, dumbness, and forgetfulness. Two kobolds then, one on top of the other - or perhaps just me with an enlarger - will be immunized and scale the tower, bluffing my way through it. Confirming that the potions shouldn't interact badly with one another, I can both be immunized and enlarged.

.... I have remembered that I am not actually good at planning.
No. 665585 ID: d90668

Its a work in progress right now. Your job is not to micromanage everything but to inspire the troops and get things started. Leave the planning up to someone here who knows the layout of the city better than you.

Also any complex enough plan never survives past the first few minutes. You just need to have something in place to distract all the various forces and hope it all goes together well.

So buy it all and start rounding up a group of the senior kobolds to help set things up.
No. 665587 ID: 57dfcc

>gold spending
I would spend 35 for the gassing and sample pack. 40 for the 20 pack isn't worth it- we're never gonna actually use 20 potions, even if the unit cost is less.

>I can get more when Kexluk returns.
Haha, that's funny, since Kex is broken again after spending all the money at once. (Although Story can probably negotiate something from the goblin trades in return for that).

>I have remembered that I am not actually good at planning
You're good at improvising, which is what will matter in the moment.

The chaos bolds are good at making plans, and the practical end of things. Now that you've inspired them to actually act, you can probably trust them to figure out how to deliver the potion gassing, and how to get you in place. Then you just do your thing.

I'd go with the stacked kobolds, personally.
No. 665589 ID: 2f4b71

>10 more gold and you get like, 20 other potions!"
>They're strong though, I just haven't gotten any volunteers to test 'em. They won't kill you though, there's no poison. No chance of that."
Ask if we can get a discount if we can tell her what the potions do. Have the Chaos followers each take a potion, drug a random lizard with it, and record what happens.
No. 665590 ID: 3663d3

actually yeah, call the unknown potions "bottled chaos" and that doing something random with no fore thought is like, the most chaotic thing they can do.
No. 665592 ID: bb78f2

It will be less awkward if you're enlarged instead of standing on Howza's shoulders, but it will be a more boring story and you won't be making the great escape with your potential future daughter
Spend 35 gold
Heal Nezul - maybe ask alchemy girl if she can create a healing potion for Nezul's eyes - have him hide among the tower drake circle for an amazing escape in case everything goes wrong. Since he's palace-faction and famous, he should be able to convince them to let him fly around the tower if he's healed
Immunize Kexluk as well, have him as backup in case stuff goes wrong and we're leaving the city immediately after the heist, plus we need his telekinesis

Then wing it as we get up there. It's what bards do best.

Simple plan story.
No. 665593 ID: e114bc

No guts no glory! Buy them all! In a crisis just throw the random potions at people. Effects stack so even if you get a beneficial potion you can toss another one.
No. 665595 ID: e5fe09

Always keep a little gold for the unforeseen, Story. Skip the mystery potions.

In fact, if she wants to see what they do, why not give them to the kobolds for use in the random chaos pranking? Just keep track of which potion was used on who and she'll find out, which should be worth the production costs in the first place.
No. 665601 ID: 1430b4

Definitely spend 30 on the tower package, and optionnally 5 for the mystery potions sample. But no more on the mystery potions (at least, not yet), we may need the cash.
No. 665623 ID: dd338c
File 144089477689.png - (114.62KB , 800x800 , 9-268.png )

"I will order the gas as mentioned, as well as the variety pack, but for the time being, I must pass on any unknown potions!"
>"Suit yourself. Show me the gold and I'll get started."
"By the way, do you know any potions that can give sight to someone with no eyes?"
>"Yep! For like, 5 minutes. Probably. Aw yeah." she says, as I sort out the coins into her hands.
No. 665625 ID: dd338c
File 144089481152.png - (130.83KB , 800x800 , 9-269.png )

>"Ciska! Get the assistants!"
>"How many?" a new kobold says, popping out.
>"All of them. We got ourselves a real order this time!"
No. 665626 ID: dd338c
File 144089482170.png - (140.21KB , 800x800 , 9-270.png )

>"Get outta here, rich guy and... whatever your defining trait is, girl! We gotta have a lot of room in here if you want it done asap."
No. 665629 ID: e5fe09

Time to make plans, Story! Mostly you want to judge how much time you have, what time would be best to coordinate the wave of chaos pranks with the artifact heist, and make sure that the kobolds who are going to be doing the pranking have a decent idea what they're doing, aren't going to be tripping over each other, and are actually being creative. We don't want a dozen kobolds thinking "uuh put booze in the water" and then each separately going and putting what they think is a fair amount in, so it ends up being poisonous rather than tipsy-making. No to that.

Though, as a desert town, water supply probably is limited. Is there one main water source, or a few? Is there a reserve? If there's only one water source then don't mess with that.

Anyway, Story, you successfully managed weeks of time loops, you can do a bit of scheduling. Get a read on mood, too, make sure enthusiasm isn't going down again after the initial rush.
No. 665630 ID: bb78f2

All right then, we'll need to give Nezul a beer hat of the stuff, then.
I guess we paint eyes on him?
No. 665631 ID: 57dfcc

>fix eyes for like five minutes
That's more cruel than cure. We'll hold out for a real healer, I think.

Right, skeedadle. Get the kobolds who are better at making plans and know the tower layout thinking on how we get the potion gassing actual in there.
No. 665672 ID: 91ee5f

You know what would be funny, but also extremely awkward at the same time? If the enlarger potion is just a male enhancement and only enlarges your penis! Looks like that's a risk we're going to have to take! XD

But, if it does work the way we think it will, just imagine what would happen if we gave it to Kexluk! He's already a giant and if we gave that potion to him, he would be absolutely MASSIVE! O_o
No. 665727 ID: 57a3c2

Maybe make sure the kobolds' chaos tricks aren't all just bad things? Mostly bad things for those who deserve it, of course, which is most of the lizards. But include some more pleasant things, like sudden perfume in someone's bathwater, some nicer person's copper coins turning to silver (you'd have to provide though), that sort of thing. And perhaps arrange for some kobolds to be pranked as well (or to appear to be pranked, by getting their consent first), so the lizards don't instantly suspect them for being mysteriously immune to all this chaos stuff.
No. 666066 ID: dd338c
File 144106544914.png - (149.66KB , 800x800 , 9-271.png )

I leave with brief farewells towards the alchemist, of which I never did learn the name of.

Aside from being bad at planning, however, I also realize that I can still direct the goals and missions of those who are, along with proper schedules! I look over the plans, which have been marked up quite a bit with replacing words like 'kill' with 'give a sneezing fit' and 'destroy' with 'hide' and so forth. Overall, I am pleased!

I present the idea that perhaps not all the pranks should be bad - perhaps give one house the impression its haunted by a ghost that does chores, or perfume in bathwater, and other such things. However, while the levels of anticipation and eagerness towards enacting these plans seems at a high, the thought of giving some lizards good pranks seems to diminish this, so I quickly stop.
No. 666067 ID: dd338c
File 144106545883.png - (187.04KB , 800x800 , 9-272.png )

Instead, I propose the idea that kobolds receive bad pranks too, or at least the notion of bad pranks towards volunteering kobolds, such that it appears that the chaos does not distinquish between kobold and lizard.

Some, perhaps rightfully, feel that the lizards will blame the kobolds anyway, but I quickly intercept this with counter ideas to prevent that from downing the mood! If the lizards blame the kobolds for anything anyway, it may as well be for something the kobolds actually did.

Otherwise, I spend a couple of hours making rounds, occasionally singing songs I picked up during breaks and other such downtime, doing my best to make sure that the mood only gets higher in favor of doing the best one can in these plans.
No. 666068 ID: dd338c
File 144106546667.png - (148.91KB , 800x800 , 9-273.png )

Eventually dusk arrives, and I am hastily greeted by an individual who nearly ran right into me.

>"Story Seeker! Hello, I am Cerzani - I am to deliver a message about Tulip!" He pants, quite vocally out of breath.
"Ah? What is it about?"
>"We have found her - but we were unable to speak. She was seen talking with a priest at the foot of the church tower, before walking inside with him."
No. 666072 ID: bb78f2

Were you aware of her previous movements? Like, why would she have done that? Surly she asked some kobolds over here somethings to hear from the grapevine, I'm interested in what information led her to the church.
No. 666076 ID: 57dfcc

Huh. That's weird. Don't know why she would have gone there, but in fairness, we don't know her that well.

She shouldn't know our objective. She might think a church is a place to look if she'd trying to find a paladin? If she was still looking for Story, I don't know what could have led her there.
No. 666079 ID: e114bc

...I'm guessing she decided to run away and seek out a new owner, because of the rumors about Kexluk being a brutal owner. That's a place she'd have to go to do that, isn't it?

Well, she's honestly not important. Just leave her, she'll be fine. Continue with the mission.
No. 666080 ID: d90668

I bet she is asking at the church for Kex. Which means he will have to be the one that goes there to pick her up. Ask the kobolds if they can keep a eye out for if she leaves.

I have a feeling you should not go there because they might notice the chaos on you a mile away.
No. 666098 ID: dd338c
File 144107132987.png - (107.35KB , 800x800 , 9-274.png )

Hm, it sounds as though Tulip may have been looking for Kexluk after all.

"Were you aware of any previous movements of hers?"
>"Yes! That is, that is where she was last seen, but I've been told more. For one thing, apparently she was a recent slave of Kexluk too, but maybe you knew that? Anyways, before she was in the church, she was around town asking people about what's been going on in Spearstone lately, since she's been in Whitewind for the last few years and only heard rumors from here. We don't know much more than that, sorry. This is new news, but so far none of our contacts who said they had conversations with her knew she was going to the church."
"Is it possible to keep an eye on her if she leaves?"
>"Uh, yes, I'll tell them your request when I go back."
"Understood and good job!"
>".. ah, there is another thing! You might not care, but apparently, there's a rumor of attempting to assassinate Kexluk."
>"Yeah, uh... we heard it from Mosxa's slave crew, but we have no idea if it was actually Mosxa that's doing it."
"Tell me of Mosxa."
>"... he's a dick? There is not much to say about him, he is ambitious, violent, and it's an open secret that he wants to be the next warchief of Spearstone's palace. We have no idea why he would wish to slay your former - er, current? - master. Apparently the ambush is to happen when Kexluk returns, as he was last seen sprinting towards the dragon's lair. But maybe before? Mosxa's scouts were seen following Kexluk's, uh, rather traceable footsteps."
No. 666102 ID: d90668

Well they cant really hurt him but I had better try and warn Kex anyways so there are not any unwanted casualties.

I mean he could probably take on the whole town at once and come out unscathed if he had a mind to. But I don't want to put him in the sort of situation where he has to deal with that sort of stuff.

Having to kill people would make him sad.
No. 666104 ID: e114bc

We can warn him right as he gets back, but we can't catch up with him now.
No. 666105 ID: 57dfcc

Hmmm. Well, you certainly don't want Kex dead. Although he's rather hard to kill, in any case.

Maybe if the rebellion and planning is well in hand here, you should follow up on this one? It'll probably veer into politics when you investigate, and you're a good bard to keep your head there.
No. 666121 ID: dd338c
File 144107423861.png - (132.80KB , 800x800 , 9-275.png )

Hm, well, I am certainly hardly more than mildly concerned for Kex's safety! No, I am more worried about how his mindset will be affected should he be forced to fight so many of this town. Regardless, short of ridi- being carried by the gryphons, I expect I have no way to catch up to him. And even if I did so, I could not find him in the forest!

From our planning, I will be scheduled to infiltrate the church's tower at approximately 9:30 to intercept the Archpriest. The ceremony commences at 10 PM on the dot - to which I hope the exact time will be supplied for me. If it goes well, I will exchange the real order artifact with the fake one. Whether or not it goes smoothly, the chaos kobolds will go out in all of their numbers and enact their plans of pranks and mishaps!

There can be more mood rising and planning yet, but perhaps in the interest of warning Kexluk, I should follow up on this somehow. And if the latter, how I would go about doing so?
No. 666124 ID: bac0ea

Could you just ask the gryphons to go warn him without you? Then they don't have any of that "feeling like they're being used for a ride".
No. 666130 ID: 658f9d

That gryphon has some sort of detect magic ability, remember? He sensed you using the Detect Gender spell. So, ask him if he can detect someone using other spells. If he can detect holy spells, then he should be able to find Kexluk that way. The only problem is, the gryphon's favour is to the chaos kobolds, not to you, and it would be hard to convince them that it would be paid off by helping what they'll assume is an upstanding orderly lizardman!

Alternately... this town is supposed to be full of gossips, right? If the assassination plan gets out as a widespread enough rumour, Mosxa will be forced to call it off. Maybe Lady Enlu could help with that? It should be relatively easy for her to at least plant a rumour quickly. Unless you have any reason to believe she's allied with Mosxa, then she should be interested in undercutting his power, and may help in other ways.
No. 666133 ID: d90668

Asking the gryphons for help is a great idea. You can send a note along saying to watch out for a ambush.

Also you can mention that your day is going well and you have made lots of new friends in town. They have a party in your honor planned starting promptly at 9 so hurry back if you can. Also Tulip stopped by the church to look for you so you can probably find her there.
No. 666150 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if you do warn him about the assassination attempt, make sure you also warn him of staying out of the tower when you gas it with the "forgetful, stupidity, believe anything" potion! We don't want him to be affected by accident!
No. 666155 ID: bb78f2

Yes, request that the Griffs find Kexluk on their own while you do things here. You're going to slow them down and timing is crucial. If Kexluk doesn't make it back in time, we'll need to be here to pull off the plan in action.

Shit, if Kexluk doesn't get back with a proper healer, Nezul is out as a backup plan choice. For Nezul to become part of the guard, he must be publicly known to have his eyeballs back, then make a request to fly around the tower to the palace. Which is when we extract Tulip from the church and ride off with Howza and Tulip on Nezul when things go inevitably south.
No. 666160 ID: c7e3fd

The gryphons don't owe Story any favours, they just want to help the chaos kobolds in return for their stay. Plus, they said they want to stay low tonight because they don't want to be involved in the chaos storm. They'll need something extra to convince them.
No. 666169 ID: 57dfcc

If you had some idea which faction in town is trying to kill Kex, you could tip off a faction that opposes them, or who might benefit from his being alive. Use politics and bardic skill to play them against each other.

Also, this would mean he wouldn't have to suffer all the lizards being against him, as some would be helping him.

What time is it now? After dusk? So... sixish? That mean we have a few hours to maneuver before we head in?

Did you make any contacts or learn anything you could use when you were in Enlu's household?
No. 666256 ID: bb3898

Can we also plant a chaos idol somewhere in the relic chamber? I believe Tom might wont to witness this whole shebang if not take part in it.
No. 666345 ID: dd338c
File 144114926348.png - (122.95KB , 800x800 , 9-276.png )

>Did you make any contacts or learn anything you could use when you were in Enlu's household?
Hmm... in hindsight, perhaps I did. Despite that people enjoyed my presence, I was new, and I do have the impression that there were secrets of which would not be so easily shared with me. There were a few slaves I know of that had dealings with other slaves in various parts of towns - nobles, churches and palaces alike, even if just so mundane of tasks as errand kobolds. Even that, though, would be enough that they would hear rumors going through those locations.

I believe if I wished to pursue this information and learn what faction wishes to harm Kexluk, then I could have luck doing so.

>Can we also plant a chaos idol somewhere in the relic chamber? I believe Tom might wont to witness this whole shebang if not take part in it.
I don't see why not!

"Thank you for this information! I hope to remain in contact, but that is all for now."
>"You're welcome!"
No. 666346 ID: dd338c
File 144114928162.png - (203.20KB , 800x800 , 9-277.png )

I head with Howka towards the gryphon's abode.

"Hello, Gust and Lossi!"
>"Hello. Why have you come to us now?" replies Gust.
"I have thought of a task that I must ask for your assistance in. My master, Kexluk, may be in grave peril! Or at least enough peril to merit me wishing to send him word that people intend to assassinate him."
>"Hrm... we can do that. Where is he?"
"Ah, near the Dragon's lair! That is a wide area I know, but you seem formidable at detecting magic - if you sense holy magic abound, then I am sure it would lead you to him."
>"We can try. Is this master of yours important to the chaos den after all?"
"Not directly - however, he is not with the lizard people, and will come to some form of aid, I am sure!"
>"... weak words."
>"Gust!" Howka says. "It is important because Story Seeker says it is important!""
>"... fine. What else do we tell him?"
"Ah, yes, please let him know that Tulip has gone into the church, and I believe it's because she was looking for him there!"
>"No, I mean..... so someone wishes to assassinate him? Is that news to him? Most people have someone who wants them dead. Who is to assassinate your master? When, and why?"
"Ah, I am hoping to learn why, but for now I simply wish for him to be on his toes?"
>"I have a better idea. I will go first. Then if you learn anything, Lossi can be sent after me with more news than to tell a powerful warrior to be on his toes."

I see no reason to argue against that logic, and thanks to these gryphons, I can seek some other task. If not planning for a heist in a few short hours, perhaps I may find out more things out from Enlu's slave party, now that I have a far better idea on what to press about.
No. 666349 ID: e114bc

Hey you forgot to mention the rumor came from Mosxa's slave crew. So it's either Mosxa or someone affiliated with him. Or someone with the ability to spread a rumor among other nobles' slaves.
No. 666366 ID: 57dfcc

I think we should follow up on what politics are gunning for Kex, and maybe who wants him dead.
No. 666373 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you mention that Kexluk should stay out of the tower when we hit it with those potions! We don't want him to be affected by accident!
No. 666413 ID: dd338c
File 144116508141.png - (153.70KB , 800x800 , 9-278.png )

"Very well, but I remembered a couple of other things! Please do not have Kexluk enter the tower between 9 PM and midnight, and the fact that the rumor came from Mosxa's place!"
>"I understand." Lossi says, as she begins making preparations to leave.
"Excellent, thank you! I will see what I can find about this assassination, and hopefully return with enough spare time to share my findings."
No. 666414 ID: dd338c
File 144116509281.png - (168.42KB , 800x800 , 9-279.png )

So long as I have any emblem - of which I still wear Enlu's, blank side out - I can enter the merchant area without issue.

However, re-entering Enlu's may be another issue altogether!

"Howka, I don't suppose there is a hidden pass to Enlu's?"
>"Ah! Maybe. We get word fast from Enlu from sound hole through walls because lizards investigate slave quarters too often! Would find actual hidden passage. But hidden passage exists! Just... goes through wine cellar and other thing. Need to sneak past guards. Good at sneaking? Good! Otherwise, cannot enter Enlu's."

While I would be tempted to simply approach the front gate and request entry, this has a high chance of being turned away I fear! And normally that is no concern, but then again, normally neither is the time!
No. 666417 ID: e114bc

Yeah we can sneak. Got a spell for it, even.
No. 666423 ID: d90668

Go sneaking route. While you can probably get in the front with no problem sneaking is more exciting. Plus you might get to listen in on conversations along the way.
No. 666433 ID: 57dfcc

Go for sneaking, use bard magic to make the sneaking sounds quieter.

If you go through the front door, she'll likely tie up your time for a while.
No. 666788 ID: dd338c
File 144124610629.png - (179.13KB , 800x800 , 9-280.png )

"I will choose the sneaking option!"
>"Okay, be careful! I will show you the many routes one can choose to have."

Howka guides me through increasingly unkempt, questionable looking passages and alleyways. For awhile I can hear voices above me, indicating that we seldom are far from above the ground! Indeed, it looks like these passes may have been old Spearstone roads that were simply built on top of.
No. 666789 ID: dd338c
File 144124611750.png - (183.71KB , 800x800 , 9-281.png )

Eventually Howka wishes me well, and I clamber out of a small hole in the floor and round the corner to find my first obstacle. My bardic magic prevents what noise I make from getting far, but I end up in the wine section. I have seen this room before, and I know immediately where I am! However, two lizardmen - who were certainly not there while I got a look at this location - seem to be hanging by the only exit.

They appear drunk and talking about past exploits.
No. 666792 ID: e114bc

Eh... well, what spells we got?
No. 666804 ID: 57dfcc

Hmm. Either you need to make a distraction to lure them away from the door, or you need to bluff past them, like you're kobold who works here. The later might not work with all the fuss Enlu made earlier, though.

No. 666819 ID: d90668

Ok conjure a bed on them and then cast escape bedroom because having a bed in it makes this a bedroom now.

Or just listen in on some exploits for a minute and see if there is anything interesting.
No. 666825 ID: e114bc

Oh I thought he had more than that...

Can you slime your way around them? If you stick close to the floor they might not notice you in their drunken state.
No. 666828 ID: 8f8600

Hmm. How big is this wine room? Is the shelf you're standing by the only one, or are there other shelves behind you? Seems kind of a small wine cellar for a lady like Enlu, if not. I'm wondering if, if you loosened a barrel somehow and had it pop out, they would come down to put it back. But if there's no space to sneak forward while they do that then it's not likely, and probably only one of them would come down.

Do you have that potion variety pack with you? What's in it? It'd be nice to save it all for the big heist, but if you need to you need to.

Hmm... how stealthly and at what range can you cast sound dampening? If you dampened their voices just a little, maybe they'd start shouting at each other. Then you take it off suddenly, the shout goes out at full strength, and someone up above comes down to investigate. They find the guards are drunk and the guards get told off, and get told to leave, so then there'd be a little window before new guards come down.
No. 666866 ID: 91ee5f

He doesn't have the variety pack with him. He just barley ordered it, so the potion lady has to make it first.
No. 666888 ID: 678ad2

Wait are we in Enlu's place? If we still have her emblem we can just put it on and try convince the drunks we're one of her slaves.
No. 667462 ID: dd338c
File 144148617971.png - (155.88KB , 800x800 , 9-282.png )

>Conjure a bed to make it a bedroom you can escape from
I do not have this capability!

There are more shelves around the corner as well, and so this room is not as small as it may seem!

>Do you have the potion variety pack?
I do not! Although the alchemist seemed to imply she had some of those potions available, she is going to make me a fresh batch.

>Are we in Enlu's place?
Yes! I still have her emblem, but I fear for ramifications of saying that I am Enlu's slave. I will do so if no other options present themselves!

>Listen for a moment for exploits

I eavesdrop. At first all that comes up are some of their tales of battling the dragon's undead army as it attempts to scale the wall. However, after a moment, the large one mentions there is a rumor that Enlu is secretly mad that Kexluk killed Luzona! Apparently, Enlu had an eye for the dragon's hoard for quite some time.
No. 667463 ID: dd338c
File 144148619149.png - (154.35KB , 800x800 , 9-283.png )

The subject changes. With nothing more of interest, I dim the sounds that they make, and after just a moment, one of them looks like they're going to shout. I drop the sound dampener, and his voice rings at full blast.

>"I said open your ears ya fucking salad eater!"

It's loud enough that I hear an audible echo!
No. 667466 ID: dd338c
File 144148625929.png - (131.54KB , 800x800 , 9-284.png )

>"... is there a problem down here?" Ah, it's Miss Nece!
>"Nah, no problem. Just deafears here can't hear worth a damn." says the large one.
>"Shut up, you - "
>"That's enough! I've defended you buffoons for some reason that I'm starting to lose track of, even ignoring those drinks you have! If you can't even hold your alcohol for a single shift, then don't drink! Lady Enlu is going to have a party tonight, and if a barrel is so much out of angle and you two aren't the most shining examples of Spearstone's guards tonight, I'll throw your boots into the gutter myself! You'll be lucky to guard a rat's outhouse! Now sober up, shape up, and if I hear a peep from down here, that's it!"
>"Yes, miss, I'm sorry. Not a peep." the large one continues.
No. 667467 ID: dd338c
File 144148626534.png - (110.02KB , 800x800 , 9-285.png )

Miss Nece leaves, which does open a few options of distractions and the like!

And one other option is to turn into a slime - as I recall, there are a few sizeable cracks in the wall that I believe I can seep through to more open halls, but given the order artifact's influence in Spearstone, I cannot turn into a slime quickly! I expect it could take upwards of 20 minutes just to get to the other side.
No. 667470 ID: e114bc

Can you, perhaps, mess up one of the barrels so they have to deal with it?
No. 667478 ID: 57dfcc

Ooh, good night for snooping. Lots of social wheeling and dealing.
No. 667550 ID: 91ee5f

Let's do an inventory check! We might already have something that might help us right now!
No. 667557 ID: dd338c
File 144150033430.png - (109.10KB , 800x800 , 9-286.png )

>Inventory Check

Using my dagger, I am able to carefully, and quietly, carve a hole into a barrel to make it leak. I realize, however, that if I make a significant leak, I may not be able to hide the fact that the incision was made with a knife! Perhaps a small one will do as long as they can hear it.
No. 667559 ID: d90668

Yeah make a smaller less noticeable leak and use your sound magic to enhance the drip.
No. 667564 ID: 57dfcc

Cheating with sound magic to make it sound worse than it is is good.
No. 667591 ID: dd338c
File 144150534927.png - (106.48KB , 800x800 , 9-287.png )

I push just enough to let a small trickle out!

A splitter splatter of noise comes out, but after moving back out of the way, I boost the noise to make it sound like a splash sploshing noise!

"Oh shit what is that?!"
No. 667592 ID: dd338c
File 144150535816.png - (162.96KB , 800x800 , 9-288.png )

>"Oh god oh no not now why?!"
"Shut up and put and plug it!" says the large one.
>"I don't have anything!"
"Jam your spear in it or something?! Just get some wood from somewhere and cram the hole shut!"
No. 667593 ID: dd338c
File 144150537084.png - (153.55KB , 800x800 , 9-289.png )

>"That's a terrible idea oh good god it's everywhere! What good is plugging it gonna do it's fuckin' everywhere!"
"Shut your tooth hole I'm working on it!"
>"Oh fuck off you get to have the wine?!"
"You fuck off I gotta have stone foot whatever in my mouth you just keep that plug shut we will get through this! Goddamnit stop stepping it in you're gonna get it everwhere!"

Well, they seem suitably distracted.
No. 667594 ID: 57dfcc

Jamming a spear will just pry the crack bigger. They should be trying to plug it with cloth or something. Or finding an empty barrel to collect the fluid with.

Sneak past them, then. Off we go.
No. 667597 ID: e114bc

Now's our chance! Poor bastards.
No. 667611 ID: 91ee5f

They seem EXTREMELY scared. Kinda makes you wonder how severe their punishment is going to be. I almost feel sorry for them....."almost" being the key word in that statement.
No. 667615 ID: bac0ea

If we're giving the lizardmen advice so they can be less distracted, they could just spin the barrel so the spill is on top, while they go try and get a more permanent solution.
No. 667709 ID: bc7248

Now that's our /quest/, always solving problems, even the ones we deliberately cause. :-)
No. 667718 ID: d90668

Well that worked well. I think a horse could sneak by them right now.

If you are worried about them you could always grab some rags and a wood scrap from the kitchen and then have another kobold drop them off so they can patch things and clean up.

Anyways make with the sneaking upstairs.
No. 667755 ID: 91ee5f

One of them should put their mouth over the crack and start drinking, that way it won't spill on the floor anymore! For the sake of comedy, this must be done!
No. 668412 ID: dd338c
File 144175622673.png - (203.33KB , 800x800 , 9-290.png )

I imagine that they posess the muscle to simply rotate the barrel such that the leak is at the top. Or, perhaps, use some other object to stifle the leak than a spear, or move an empty barrel over the leak, or any other such maneuver!

And although I am tempted to help them if I can, all I am able to do for now is hear them as I take my first step up the stairwell.

>"Hold on I'm drinking it right out of the barrel!"
>"You fuckin' idiot, there's too much! Get your sick mouth off it!"
>"Gah, it's loose on here! Wait a second, if we roll it forward, it'll stop leaking!"
>"Oh, shit, yeah! Roll it - watch the other barrel you fuc--
No. 668413 ID: dd338c
File 144175626437.png - (235.36KB , 800x800 , 9-291.png )



>"What is going on down there?!" an unknown, booming voice from upstairs calls down.
No. 668430 ID: 57dfcc

Quick! Hide somewhere near the stairs.

If possible, we'll try to sneak up the stairs after whoever that is comes down the stairs and goes over there to yell at those guys.
No. 668446 ID: e114bc

Yep time to hide, avoid whoever's coming, then sneak up there.
No. 668487 ID: d90668

Time to hide and see what happens. Wait until whoever it is comes down and sneak up the stairs while they are busy with the guards.

Make sure to let lady Enlu know later not to punish the guards to harshly and maybe drop off a few golds to pay for things. But right now if you get caught down here it will be bad news.
No. 668572 ID: 91ee5f

Quick! Find a cardboard box to hide in! They'll never think to look in there!
No. 668573 ID: 78923e

An unknown voice, you say? Someone you've never met? If you're sure about that, you could bluff your way past them. Get Enlu's emblem on, scamper on out of there like a kobold slave who wants to be away from a trouble area, and when they come by and demand to know you can tell them what happened, the guards spotted a leak and accidentally messed things up.

If the guards get involved and mention not seeing you, or you get asked what you were doing, you say you had just come down the stairs in time to see/hear what was going on with the barrel and that they didn't see you before you decided to leave. You came down to, uh, get a bottle of something, if there are bottles as well as barrels around.
No. 668605 ID: 2bc1c4

Oh god what have we done, this is beautiful, this is the kind of shit the other kobolds need to be doing.

Fucking hide
No. 668703 ID: dd338c
File 144184541372.png - (140.78KB , 800x800 , 9-292.png )

I must hide from what is likely an angry overseer!

>"You mother fuckers, I heard Nece talk about not fucking up not one minute ago!"
>"We didn't cause the leak, we swear it!"
>"Are you calling this a leak?!"
No. 668704 ID: dd338c
File 144184544246.png - (146.44KB , 800x800 , 9-293.png )

Yes, he was so enraged at the guards, he did not even think to look around for hidden kobolds! I begin sneaking up.

>"Wait, wait, there's a fuckin' kobold in here! He's-"
>"Stay put you raving idiot! You might've fooled Sokni with that 'a slave did it behind my back I swear', but that's not gonna work out for you this time!"

Ah, that was nerve racking for that moment! I am surprised they noticed me through the open line in the barrels.
No. 668705 ID: dd338c
File 144184545823.png - (157.28KB , 800x800 , 9-294.png )

I make my way upwards still, this time able to intermingle with whoever I may. Guards, I have already noticed, seldom familiarize themselves with known slaves, and instead look for people who simply don't belong! As a result, simply keeping my eyes forward like I have a task at hand is the stealthiest thing I can perform.

Eventually, I move into one of the side doors that tends to be unlocked during daylight hours, and apparently a bit into the night.
No. 668706 ID: dd338c
File 144184548486.png - (170.90KB , 800x800 , 9-295.png )

"Ah, Cindel! Hello!"
>"Oh! Story Seeker? Why are you back?"

Cindel is one of the average slaves in this location, who listened to my songs and stories with calm yet focused interest.

"I am back, hoping to ask about certain going ons in town! I don't suppose you are busy?"
>"Ah, I am to help some lizardfolk relax and retire for the night, but that is not for a half hour. Do you need a thing?"

While my primary point of interest may be to learn about who would wish for Kexluk's head, perhaps that is a heavy thing to ask about right off the bat. While rumors spread like wildfire in this town, highly secretive stuff like this would not be spoken about so openly!
No. 668726 ID: 57dfcc

>sneaking just by not attracting guard attention
Just make sure not to draw their attention, since you were in the middle of all that fuss, earlier. They'd probably recognize you if they had reason to pay attention.

>rumor lead ins
Start with how the nobles and people are reacting to the purported defeat of the dragon, and the confusion therein. (That would lead naturally to who doesn't like it, and opposes Kex).

Or maybe you hope you didn't cause too big a fuss earlier? How did people react to that?

Or even lighter, you could ask how the party is going, and build from there.
No. 668730 ID: e114bc

Ask if she's heard the rumors about the dragon still being alive.

Also, keep in mind we can SPREAD rumors. Like maybe you can spread one to sow discontent amongst the nobles. Get them paying attention to eachother instead of Kexluk.
No. 668763 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, that's a good idea! Let's spread a rumor!

Let's say: "Have you heard? Some of the other nobles are jealous of Lady Enlu's gorgeous body and beautiful feathers. In fact, they're so jealous, that there's a plan to try and trick her into drinking a potion that will make her fat, ugly, and make her feathers fall out! I even heard that they're going to make the potion's effects permanent! Isn't that just terrible?"

After that, we'll try to learn about who's trying to kill Kexluk!
No. 668764 ID: 57dfcc

It would probably help if we had some idea who the player were and how they were currently aligned before we tried to manipulate them or set them against each other, but yes, that's not a bad idea. (List to current gossip, then offer our own made up rumors?).
No. 668792 ID: c54703

Hmm, if one of those guys spotted you, that might be problematic later. But, he likely didn't get a good look. Look out for another kobold you can swap shirts with, a different color combination might throw him off.
No. 668880 ID: dd338c
File 144192560408.png - (145.15KB , 800x800 , 9-296.png )

>If one of those guys spotted you, that might be problematic later
Yes, although I doubt he did get a good look at me, I will need to be careful! I will keep an eye out, but given that my shirt's color is a standard cloth that Enlu distributes to many slaves, I need not swap shirts with a hapless slave.

"I spent so much of my time talking, I would like to hear news! Tell me of this party that Enlu is having?"
>"Oh, yes! Much of the town is rejoicing that even if the dragon is not dead, it is proven that the undead that have troubled us for so long can't be found! So, many nobles and the palace will be having parties tonight."
"Ah, I see! I hope I did not make too much of a fuss earlier?"
>"If you did, it has been forgotten. Don't fret!"
"Very well! Speaking of the dragon's defeat, how are people handling this as well, parties aside?"
>"Most of the town is happy of course! Kobolds certainly. But, there... ah."
"Keep going, I plead!"
>"No, no, I can't say! Well, some nobles, slaves report, aren't as happy about it as they are on the inside. Our warlord, and, ah, Mosxa too, they are sending so many scouts, because they wanted the dragon's treasure so much! So much, that people think that the warlord isn't as happy as he looks, as it is possible that Kexluk stole the hoard first."
>"But you tell me! You're a busy kobold, and so talkative to new people. You must have heard things too? What is going on with Kexluk?"

And if I am to spread a rumor, this is where I shall think of one, Kexluk or otherwise!
No. 668882 ID: d90668

Ok no rumors that would make Kex directly look bad. We agreed to be careful about that sort of stuff.

How about saying that you only got to see him for a bit but he is worried about the dragons family. Maybe leak the info that the dragons mother was a powerful lich with a large brood. And that after hearing the rumors Kex is headed back out into the woods to make sure no siblings are moving in on the territory. And that there are no magical failsafes in place that the dragon might have left for its defeat.

As for the horde you do not know what happened with that but seeing that Kex is a noble paladin if he had found it most of it would be donated to citizens hurt by the dragons rampage and invested in local infrastructure.

Want people to think that Kex getting the horde is a good thing compared to a warlord making off with it to expand there power base.

Also mention that Kex was moved by the blind drake Nezul's plight and is going to try to find a healer that can fix his eyes. For a hero like that to have gone so long without healing is a travesty.
No. 668885 ID: c54703

Say that Kexluk heard about a dragon still being alive out there, and that he was concerned that another dragon had turned up as a result of his actions with the former, so he went out after the scouts.

You could say that, though Kexluk didn't tell you much about the hoard, he did mention something about needing to hide a powerful necromancy artifact... Dragon's hoards do usually contain magical items, often ones very dangerous to the untrained and those around them. It wouldn't surprise you, you could say, if Kexluk had needed to hide the dragon's horde until he could ensure everything in it was safe to be recovered. I'm sure you could spin a small, quick story, Story, about this sort of thing happening before. The horde being dangerous is even sort of true, if you take the perils of necromantic artifacts as a metaphor for the effects of a sudden influx of gold into a small economy.

Though it wasn't a reason he gave you, you could muse aloud to yourself, you have to wonder if perhaps another reason for him to leave the city again so soon was to make sure none of the scouts came in contacts with such deadly items, accidentally... or deliberately? You have heard stories that this area was once inhabited by lizardfolk who practiced necromantic rituals... could any remain who carry on their ways, in secret perhaps? You had heard a rumor that someone in the city was seeking Kexluk's life, and you had dismissed it, but now hearing about the warlord and Mosxa being unhappy, sending out scouts...! No, no, it couldn't possibly be. Couldn't be. Could it?

You see, Story, a rumor about a possible necrocult seeking dread artifacts from the dragon's hoard, and Kex being in danger from them, is much more interesting and exciting and likely to spread, rather than one about someone just being greedy and disgruntled and wanting to assassinate him because of that. And it should still have the same effect that we wanted, in addition to portraying Kex quite positively, building on his existing undead-hunter reputation.
No. 668900 ID: c54703

Something else to consider spreading as a rumor: the idea that, when great powers (such as the fearsome dragon) rise or fall suddenly, it creates an opening for the chaos god to work his influence.

You could present it indirectly, like just asking "what do you do here in spearstone during a Chaos Shade?", or some similarly fanciful term, and when you're asked "what does that mean", you express some surprise they don't know, explain it, and say that in other places they know that during such events they have to try and ward away or placate the god of chaos so that his attention isn't attracted any further. Are you sure you don't do anything special? Really? No, I'm sure it's fine, but if you'll excuse me, I need to go... elsewhere.

You save this for when you want to leave, of course. The idea is to seed the notion that the upcoming wave of chaos will be a curse from the chaos god.

You could also spread rumours that a "slime plague", a curse from the chaos god, has appeared in the city. Then later, with some bystanders who won't recognize your face, you provide evidence for the plague.
No. 668903 ID: bb78f2

Kexluk didn't tell me anything about taking the hoard, but if he did, he DID earn it. None of the nobles have any proper claim over it. He'd have every right to lie about it too, since, well, people WOULD torture him for its location.

I've heard, like, five rumors, none confirmed by Kexluk.
One was that a lich poofed off with the hoard and dragon's corpse, then raised it.
Another was that the dragon was actually a hostage to a lich and its undead, and that Kexluk befriended and freed it from the lich's clutches
Another was that Kexluk befriended a morally good lich and fought the dragon to retrieve an artifact from its hoard for that lich
One was that the dragon shapeshifted into a beautiful woman that seduced Kexluk for her freedom and hoard
Finally, Kexluk fought the dragon but spared her child and left it its hoard in exchange for it running away.
No. 668904 ID: 91ee5f

Since Kexluk showed up at Enlu's home, it would make sense other nobles would do something to her as well! So even if we're making it up, giving some sort of warning might actually end up helping Enlu! So I say you should spread this rumor ( >>668763 )!
No. 669273 ID: dd338c
File 144210656754.png - (121.30KB , 800x800 , 9-297.png )

"If you must know... I believe that Kexluk is afraid that the dragon's family may be coming down for retribution!"
>"Ah- family?!"
"Correct! Although he did not give me every little detail, apparently that dragon was the offspring of a powerful lich with a large brood. Now, as far as the treasure goes, Kexluk is a noble one who does not care for riches beyond what he needs to survive. As such, I am willing to bet all of what little I own that should he be the one to find the treasure, he would use it to everyone's benefit!"
>"Ah? He will not start his own estate?"
"Certainly not! Even if he could, he is not one to sit in one place for long. He is looking out for everyone but the undead itself, you see! I believe he let slip, as well, that some of the hoard was dangerous - some kind of necromantic relic that powered the dragon's abilities, and that if it falls into the wrong hands, the 'dragon' would simply become someone new! And now I hear rumors that someone wishes for Kexluk's death? I cannot imagine why anyone would want him dead except to take the dragon's hoard, take the dragon's relics, undead army, perhaps even territory and, for all intents and purposes, become him."
>"A-ahh, that's too heavy! Story Seeker, are you sure about this?"
No. 669274 ID: dd338c
File 144210657817.png - (138.37KB , 800x800 , 9-298.png )

"Miss Cinder, I am not saying that I can tell the future or am omnipotent - but this is the evidence that is presented to me, and such is the very reality that the evidence seems to point to! Whoever is hunting Kex is no ally of Spearstone, as even if I am wrong, between Kexluk wishing to spread the treasure and even going so far as to seek a healer to cure the drake hero Nezul's eyes, that in of itself must be treasonous!"
>"The powers that are - besides Lady Enlu, of course - may be notorious and ruthless, Story Seeker, but to accuse them of treason?"
"Again, Miss Cinder! This is merely me seeing where the evidence leads. Would you not think it strange?"
"And yes, they are ruthless - even Lady Enlu, as I have been told, has people conspiring against her! And her unique frills and feathers? And since Kexluk himself went into this estate, in my time outside, and in my questions, I have learned that they wish to poison Lady Enlu with a potion to make her feathers fall out! And to make her unshapely and grotesque, such that no one would want to serve her, and the effects would be permanent!"
>"Ho- where did you hear that?!"
No. 669275 ID: dd338c
File 144210658999.png - (134.74KB , 800x800 , 9-299.png )

"The very place where word from Mosxa's slaves said Kexluk was targetted. After all, scouts are out en masse, a great power has been tossed to the side and in its place great treasure. Everyone's mouths are hard at work, and information seems to flow even freer than usual about further upsets in power!" I say, noting that a small crowd seems to have been amassed. "Such is why I came back here, as I know lots of things would have been learned. Such as anything about Kexluk's assassination?"
>"Ah, I heard about that!" One kobold says, coming up. "Lady Enlu tried to keep Kexluk here in secret, because she knew about the assassination, even though she is not supposed to know at all!"
"Oh? But why did she not say he was a target?"
>"Lady Enlu has spent so, so many years getting into Mosxa's good graces. If she could keep Kexluk indoors where it is safe, then she could continue to keep him safe while denying that she knew about Mosxa's plan to kill him, while keeping Kexluk out of Mosxa's scouts and drakes' path as they try to find the hoard! It was clever of her to get in Mosxa's way in such a manner as to appear to be of help. But, that treasure! Are you sure you do not know what happened to it?"
No. 669276 ID: dd338c
File 144210660328.png - (122.72KB , 800x800 , 9-300.png )

"Kexluk had his reasons! The moment he stepped foot in this town he knew of the other nobles' greed, and if he knew where it was, he may still lie that he did not - after all, how many in town would attempt to capture him and inflict unspeakable acts of pain upon him to get him to reveal its location? Kexluk is a Paladin of Order, but it is ironic that he has caused so much chaos on town, even if he knows things will be less turbulent in the long run. Ah, but I'm sure that Spearstone as adequate measures against a Chaos Shade!"

The kobolds look at one another at that phrase, obviously wishing to ask the question of what a Chaos Shade is. Of course, the only difference between them and I is that I know that I made it up!

"All of you know what a Chaos Shade is, correct?"
No. 669277 ID: dd338c
File 144210661297.png - (110.20KB , 800x800 , 9-301.png )


No. 669278 ID: dd338c
File 144210662626.png - (127.26KB , 800x800 , 9-302.png )

"Then I shall share, since it is of utmost relevance! When the chaos god senses that a region has developed a great deal of chaos, it will attract his attention like a ding of two coins hitting each other would attract a merchant! And like merchants who would take two coins and transform them into something not unlike a dragon's hoard, so too would the god of chaos stick his tentactles into a gash in order and wriggle and pry open that gap as far as he could manage!"
>"What... what do we do to help against a chaos shade?"

Perhaps it is effective enough that this rumor will spread to make tonight look more of a divine act than a lot of kobolds getting up to no good, but maybe I can further leverage this inquisition about a made up event.
No. 669290 ID: a73fd4

"Ah, other lands must envy that Spearstone has been so well-ordered for so long, that you have not needed to remember how to deal with a Chaos Shade! But it does create a problem now. I'm afraid that, as far as I can tell you, each region tends to have its own methods on what to do during such an event! You see, the specifics are based on what manifestations of order already exist! Some places attempt to reinforce what they have, doubling their efforts to adhere to duty and ritual, hoping to keep it strong enough to survive whatever the chaos god does, through sheer endurance and momentum. However, this can offend him, making his curses far more cruel! Others overturn their usual traditions for a short time in an attempt to appease the chaos god, holding a festival in which the normal rules are released, and hoping that he will be pleased enough to spare them, or at least be less malicious. However, many find abandoning their ways, even for a short time, to be unthinkable. Often for very good reason, as their traditions exist for good reason! I am a foreigner, of course, so you would know better than me what your most cherished strictures are, and what method is needed."

You could also spice it up with a story about a Chaos Shade. You could spin a tale about, oh, a lich wiping out a naga city-state, and the chaos god bursting forth and bringing a terrible contagious slime curse, and that the local inhabitants had to deal with it by following a precise schedule, over and over, so that they felt they were repeating the same days again and again.
No. 669351 ID: d90668

Tell them that whenever they see something that seems odd or out of place it might be a sign of the chaos shade working.

When they do they should try to create some order to balance things out.

Like say if you tripped and spilled something and the spill sort of looks like a image of the chaos god make sure to spill a little extra on the other side and make it look like the order god to even things out.

Or if you are moving boxes and some get knocked over and the boxes happen to line up to form the secret sign of the pyramid cult then you will want to pile some of the other boxes in a reverse pyramid sign.

You know that sort of stuff.
No. 669414 ID: dd338c
File 144217555768.png - (127.38KB , 800x800 , 9-303.png )

"Aha, I can only imagine how much other lands must envy the order of Spearstone, then, that Spearstone itself forgot what a Chaos Shade is! I recall the story, which I can guarantee is true, of the Lich that once wiped out the entirety of an entire naga tribe. The rest of the caves did nothing, and soon the chaos god burst forth and brought a terrible and contagious slime curse. It was only stifled by following a rigorous schedule so tightly followed and consistent that it felt like time itself had stopped, and every day was precisely the same! Although the slime disease stopped spreading, it left its mark on many folk.
"Now, to fix it, is relatively simple! Some attempt to reinforce the idea of order moreso, but for every push the civilization makes, the chaos god pushes twice as hard back! As odd as it seems, the best luck has been had by toning things back! But that may be too much for Spearstone to think of doing, and so perhaps it is best left up to the locals to decide on how to deal with this."
>"But if doing less orderly things pleases the chaos god, why did following a rigorous schedule for the caverns in your story work?"
"Did it? I said the slime disease simply stopped being contagious, but..."
No. 669415 ID: dd338c
File 144217557842.png - (117.63KB , 800x800 , 9-304.png )

"It never truly went awayyy!"
No. 669416 ID: dd338c
File 144217561282.png - (134.60KB , 800x800 , 9-305.png )

Ah perhaps I should not have been so dramatic as to start turning my arm into slime halfway through my story.

>"It-it is not contagious you said?"
"Correct! But if Spearstone does not choose its actions well, then the fate of the denizens may be something similar!"
>"F-finding out a kobold is a slime is not orderly and a chaos disease means penalty is death! Fate would be death! Everyone tell everyone to - "
>"To what, Cinder?!" one in the crowd shouts. >"Tell us!" another says.
>"I don't know Story Seeker do we try to please the chaos god or try to follow order and what do we do if we do either?!"
No. 669419 ID: d90668

As you know the order god is to orderly to go cursing anyone out of the blue. But the chaos god is so chaotic you have to be careful when he is around.

So if you see something chaotic going on you can please the Chaos god by helping add a little chaos to things. This will make him happy and he will be unlikely to turn his attentions on you.

Nothing big that would get you into trouble or anything. Just a little bit of chaos to show the forces of chaos that you respect them.
No. 669429 ID: ad936f

It'd probably be easier to spread bits chaos than to organize order, but as slaves you might get in trouble if you're caught. Order is very specific and it takes careful concerted effort to spread, but chaos is fairly broadly defined as "anything opposing order."
No. 669470 ID: a73fd4

Normally I would suggest chaos; the gods have many calls on their time, after all, and if the chaos god sees that there is enough chaos going on already, he may decide to go elsewhere. If not, it would at least put him in a good mood.

Unfortunately, the lizards are a problem! Tell the kobolds that you wish you could warn them as well, but they certainly won't listen to such from a slave, especially if it would distract them from their own festivities. If chaos does come, they will likely try to stamp it back to order. Perhaps the best route for the kobolds would be, when they see the lizards trying to enforce order, help them! Otherwise, try to appease the chaos god. Going fully either way would likely be better if it were possible, but this is the best they can manage. There is always the hope, you can tell them, that the chaos god may have been distracted, and you are all still safe. They can understand why you'd feel it would be better to be safe, of course!
No. 669499 ID: 91ee5f

Just tell them that it's not contagious anymore. It only acts up during Chaos Shades, which surprisingly, doesn't happen as often as you'd think!
No. 669761 ID: 91ee5f

The only time it's been inconvenient is when I'm standing over a crack in the ground. You have no idea how many times I've ended up falling into the sewers like that! Just thinking about it is enough to give me nightmares!
No. 670001 ID: dd338c
File 144244580915.png - (177.43KB , 800x800 , 9-306.png )

"Nothing too big! Don't raze the town, just show Chaos that it has some respect. But, at the same time, Order should have some respect too! Therefore, I believe that it may solve itself if us kobolds plan on doing chaos, but should the lizardfolk demand our assistance with their order rituals, than so be it!"
>"It seems a little... against each other, yes?"
"And the chaos god loves it like that."
>".... ah! That makes sense."
"But never mind me, just know that, once again, I am no longer contagious, and all it means is that I must be wary of when I step over cracks and sewer grates!"
>"Okay, everyone, you heard Story Seeker! Let's prevent a chaos shade!"

A quiet yet energetic affirmation is shown by the crowd, before scattering. Actually, they are scattering quite quickly!

>"What is going on in here?!" another unfamiliar lizard voice bellows.
No. 670002 ID: dd338c
File 144244582252.png - (167.27KB , 800x800 , 9-307.png )

>"Yeah yeah, get back to work, you slackers!" It continues, coming into view. "Outta my way, we got - "
>"That's him, boss!" says the far more familiar face of the large guard of the wine celler.
>"Whoever 'he' is better be important enough to make you have a nice and compelling reason for you to interrupt me, you fork eater.
>"That's the kobold I told you about!"
No. 670009 ID: 211d83

Yes sir?

If he starts to go on about you being suspicious try to butter him up and get on his good side. Tell the other guard about the valiant attempt he tried to make to save a leaking barrel of wine. And how if not for him that whole shelf might have collapsed.

Basically if you can help get him out of the mess he is in he will be more likely to shut up and go along with your story.
No. 670017 ID: bb78f2

Well, yeah, you saw me. You two were making such a racket I had to come down and see what was going on.
I THOUGHT you were doing a comedy bit or something. That's what you're doing, right?

Then start throwing a fit and slowly turn into a slime.
"What's going on? I'M MELTING! HELP ME!"
No. 670018 ID: ea0ad9

>Then start throwing a fit and slowly turn into a slime.
That would be a good way to get yourself killed. Penalty for chaos curses is death.
No. 670019 ID: 149da0

Be respectful and polite to the lizard, play dumb. Occasionally nod or greet other kobolds by name as they pass- show you know them and belong.

Maybe apply subtle sound magic- make the accuser sound loud, or like he can't control his volume. It'll make him seem more irrational, or like he got drunk.
No. 670048 ID: e114bc

That's one of the guys from the cellar! Time to come up with a cover story. Or prepare to run.

Possible cover story: you heard yelling, went to go look and see what was going on, then immediately decided to leave before you were told to clean all that up.
No. 670098 ID: 91ee5f

Point at him and say, "Hey, it's you! You're the very thirsty guard that was trying to drink an entire barrel of wine through a crack in the barrel! So, how are you not drunk?"
No. 671271 ID: dd338c
File 144281625647.png - (104.90KB , 800x800 , 9-308.png )

"Ah, hello and yes! I heard some yelling from the wine cellar, so I ran from my previous duties to check. However, upon my arrival, I saw that the guard before you making a valiant attempt at clearing the leak from the barrel. With that, and Miss Nece clearing everything, and my own duties of laundry cleaning still waiting with impatience for the party, I immediately ran back to clean! I apologize, I realize that my frantic movements must have aroused suspicion."
>"Hrm..." the new guard thinks."
No. 671272 ID: dd338c
File 144281629224.png - (95.71KB , 800x800 , 9-309.png )

>"You, kobold!" says the guard, pointing to a kobold conveniently passing through. "Do you know this other kobold?" he says, gesturing at me.
"Ah, yes! Very energetic. He has the blessing of Lady Enlu herself, and therefore the jealousy of many kobolds!"
>"And if this guard says he is the cause of a leaking barrel?"
"I cannot imagine. Story Seeker has only been here for a short time, but has shown nothing but utmost obedience."
>"Damn it all!" says the large lizard gaurd who caused the leak in the first place. "You know these kobolds would back any one of their dirty kin up!"
"And you know how Enlu responds to lizards blaming the little bastards for their own incompetence! Get out of here! Story Seeker, was it? Get to doing your laundry, then!"
No. 671275 ID: 5b01b1

You probably don't know where the laundry room is, do you? Buuut I bet you know where the bedrooms are, so say something about collecting more laundry and be off in that direction.

Though, that does make it hard to go back to the barrel room to get out of here. You could ask if help's needed cleaning up there, or say that's what you're checking for if you get caught going back there.
No. 671319 ID: 149da0

>Get to doing your laundry, then!
Yes sir!

Hmm. Hopefully you picked up the general layout of this place in the short time you were here, so you can leave in the right direction.
No. 671341 ID: 91ee5f

Say, "Yes, sir! And I hope that wasn't his" *point at wine cellar guard* "favorite shirt that got stained with wine! Because I've heard wine stains are impossible to clean and I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done to save it!"
No. 805509 ID: bfb318
File 149636558171.png - (174.98KB , 800x800 , 9-310.png )

"Right away, sir!" I say, and the next thing I know, I'm at the laundry room, doing just that, with the other laundry-duty kobolds.

... ... ...

Ah, I blanked out for awhile! Laundry can be relaxing to do. Instead of taking the escapist route, however, I will use the easy task to reflect for a moment upon this mission thus far!

The original goal was simple enough. The caverns that Muo inhabits, and the caverns that I inhabit, have been linked together using a chaotic portal. Zirkala would like to remove the chaos from it and make it a more permanent link. To do so, she requires a relic endowed with great power of Order.

That relic is at the top of the church tower here in Spearstone! We have a mere 7 days to return with the relic, but we reached Spearstone at the beginning of the third day - which is also today! It has been a long day, but with any luck, we'll soon have it. The trick, however, is that it must be taken without the lizards realizing it, as otherwise, they will launch a holy fight to retrieve it, and that will no doubt be an excuse to further abuse the already unfortunate kobold slaves within town. I have also learned that there is a counter item of equal strength that is imbued with chaos instead of order, but the details and location of that are lost on me.

I have learned what it looks like, and it should be possible for my newfound friends to recreate the object. These friends of mine worship chaos, a natural progression after being consistently beaten down by the order worshipping lizards above. With the help of gryphons, and a network of kobolds that has memorized the town's layout and schedule, I'm sure that a plan can be concocted to steal the relic, especially since my good friend Kexluk appears to be well respected in parts of town, especially after dealing with the dragon named Luzona.

Except I suppose for the part where Mosxa, a local lord, is attempting to kill Kexluk for unknown reasons. Lady Enlu, another lord of town that is far kinder than most lizardfolk and owned me for a brief period of time, may or may not have Kexluk's best wishes in mind, as well. It was her who attempted to stall Kexluk by keeping him within her walls, a rather clumsy attempt to be sure, but an attempt nonetheless. Supposedly, she wished to protect him from Mosxa, yet by doing so, she also gave Mosxa the time to gather all of his drakes and fly off to try to gather what parts of the dragon's hoard Kexluk couldn't bring back with him.

That didn't stop Kexluk, of course, who simply ran on foot to assure the dragon's safety, as Luzona was merely a harmless dragon that was caught inbetween fates, or so I was told. Kexluk shall return before long, where I'm sure he can handle himself.
No. 805511 ID: bfb318
File 149636585941.png - (95.37KB , 800x800 , 9-311.png )

Those are all details of the past, however, and do not directly assist with the task at hand! I have spread rumors to create discord and chaos within Spearstone, hopefully weakening the church's defenses around the relic.

Right now, there is planning to do, using the assets we have! Using my friends' notes, we have a fine layout of relic room itself, where it is protected.

The current, barebones plan I have now...

Of our assets to employ, we have at least 100 kobolds to work with, a pair of gryphons willing to carry kobolds to high places, and an alchemist currently working on a high order of various potions. There is also an undead lizardman on our side, though the use for him seems limited. I will also my friends create a replica relic, as to properly steal the real relic without them noticing! The real relic has simply been an object of worship rather than a magical item, so the replica we make may not be so easily identified with a simple ability to detect magic, although my knowledge on this is sorely limited.

So! I believe I have enough to enact a plan, but perhaps I should decide on what sort of plan should occur.

A) Do it quickly. We could spend the rest of our week planning a perfect heist! Doing it fast may have its risks, but once the real relic is out of the picture, the chaos relic will be the sole relic in town, and I doubt that the chaos god will allow too terrible a fate to happen to the kobolds, should the worst happen.
B) Do it carefully. Better safe than sorry! It does carry its own risk, though, as the longer we plan and probe, the more likely it is the church will realize what we're doing.
C) Attempt to regroup with Kexluk. I feel like he has the power to simply walk in and take the relic himself!
D) Or something else. An infinite amount of options, I'm sure.
No. 805512 ID: 9a2274


You have been personally blessed by the chaos god. So throwing caution to the wind will end with the best results.

Kex can handle his junk. You just need to get the artifact and accidentally overthrow the city before he comes back.

Oh and get on seducing Lady Enlu already. You are making yourself look bad by not having done it already.
No. 805514 ID: 3bc54d

It's alive!
A) Do it quickly.
The sooner you get out of this town, the less likely it is for your cover to be blown.
No. 805517 ID: 91ee5f

It's alive! And holy shit, looking at the newest pictures vs the rest of the thread, you can really see the improvement in art style!

>What do?

It's time to get this show on the road!
No. 805518 ID: 3abd97

>No hiding spots close to the target
Clearly you need to be hiding under a lizard-lady's dress. The guards will never check there!

The trick is wooing a lady lizard who's allowed to be there into helping you.
No. 805595 ID: a363ac

A. Quick and dirty makes for a fun time.
No. 805597 ID: 262ceb

D), a variation of C): find and send some interference/chaos to Kexluk's general vicinity. Not targeted at him, but at the general area. Some random potions in the supplies going out to the people looking for the dragons' gold, some upsets on the roads out to there, et cetera. Kexluk, as a well-traveled adventurer, will be better capable of riding the shenanigans than any of the comparatively sheltered lizards from around here.

Not only will that help him, but whoever's out there will call for more resources from their supplies and holdings in town, leaving you better capable of carrying out your plans.
No. 805637 ID: bfb318
File 149644962548.png - (190.98KB , 800x800 , 9-312.png )

Best to get this set of plans moving, I think - and as it's inherently a chaotic action in principle, it is only appropriate that it's chaotic in execution as well.

I make my way back through the emptied cellar to the chaos den of kobold resistance members, where I meet with Howka.

>"Hello Story Seeker! How was the stay at Lady Enlu's?"
"Short, but hopefully productive! And how are you, miss?"
>"I am good thank you. What is it that we do?"
"I believe that tonight is as good as time to strike as any, and there is a such thing as too much planning. So send the word, we will perform acts of chaos all around town, today, but none will be as significant as the act to steal the order relic. Also, before that, might we run some intereference? Kexluk is out there competing with drake riders to gather a dragon's hoard, and I would like shenanigans to get in the way."
>"Okay. Very difficult! Outside of established plans, but exciting. I will send word. Relic stealing, ah... we will be having someone illusioned as high priest and try to, uh, what is word... take over ceremony?"
"Precisely the word."
>"What will Story Seeker do?"

Much of this planning is reliant on these kobolds, and I only have reasons to trust in them, yet...

A) Get involved with the plan anyway. I've never tried to impersonate a lizard priest before, and I'm sure that would make for a good story!
B) Actually still meet with Kexluk. Everyone else probably has this in good order, and can implement the plan to steal the relic at least as well as I can. My communication with him is still sketchy at best, and I hope we won't step on each others' toes to get to the same goal.
C) Seduce Lady Enlu. The fact that I haven't done so is, thus far, Spearstone's greatest injustice, and it will not stand! I'm sure there's goal-orientated justification to this as well, but the only way to find out what that is, is simply to do it!
No. 805639 ID: 3abd97

You'd probably do better taking over the ceremony than one of the others. So probably A.

Do we have time to do C too? Because it's right, that is the greatest injustice.
No. 805641 ID: a363ac

C. what kind of bard would you be if you didn't have sex with the highest person you can find in every city.
No. 805648 ID: 91ee5f


Just so we actually have it and know where it is and the only thing we'd have to do is meet up with Kexluk to leave town and go back home.

And as the saying goes, "If you want something one right, you've gotta do it yourself!"

But she isn't the highest! She's just an important person. The highest would be some sort of priest or something, but since we're about to steal from them, Lady Enlu is a more reasonable seduction choice.
No. 805660 ID: e86ba1

The trouble is you probably don't know how to impersonate a lizard high priest. They are high priest for lizards! The kobolds probably don't get to see how they act and speak, since the high priest would be too high rank to deal with them? If you want to impersonate the high priest accurately, you need to know what they're like. You'd need to find out from a lizard who knows.

By seducing it out of them.

... Or some other method, maybe Enlu would be suspicious of you asking about the high priest and then the order relic going missing because of an impersonator. She seems smart. She might be too busy with the chaos to think about it, but... I dunno, risky.

I kind of want to set up Enlu with Kexluk, actually. Big guy's been keeping away from the ladies lately, and he's been doing a lot of good, he deserves it. I think Enlu likes him anyway, and she seems better than most of the girls around here. Besides, in addition to the reputation for his own successes, let it not be said that Story Seeker is incapable of being a great wingman to his friends! So you could go help set that up. Perhaps somehow work some inquiring about the high priest in there somehow?
No. 805661 ID: 9a2274

C. All your old problems were solved by seduction.
No. 806336 ID: bfb318
File 149677951650.png - (172.85KB , 800x800 , 9-313.png )

"Hmm... my first thought would be to help impersonate the high priest, but I just thought of something. Do we even know how the high priest acts?" I ask Howka.
>"Oh, yes! Uh, we have rough idea of how ceremony goes, but we see high priest outside ceremony, sometimes. Probably good bet! We can tell Story Seeker how high priest acts, if he would like to do impressions?"
"Ah, but then, it would merely be an impression of an impression. It may be best to leave it to those who have seen the high priest in person, to act as he acts, speak as he speaks and walk as he walks. I may attempt to learn some things about the ceremony myself... yes, I think I will research! Continue as planned, regardless, but I will be taking my leave for the time."
>"Okay good luck!"

There is still plenty of time before the ceremony would start, and I feel like I may be able to approach the subject with Lady Enlu, and so I head to her estate. I am aware of the suspicion it would cast if I simply asked about the high priest to her and immediately have the relic stolen afterwards. However, considering how prominent the church is, in both presence and conversation, I feel like it would not be difficult at all to naturally talk of such matters so long as I catch Lady Enlu in a talkative mood!

It need not be a classical, head on case of seduction, either. The idea of having her and Kexluk be an item together is not lost on me, for the big guy has been doing a lot of good and could use some good company. That, still can be a decision made on the spot. Before any such thing, though, I meet with Cinder, one of my old contacts at the estate. Or was it Cindel? I have not seen it in writing, and the pronunciation is some blend of the two.

"Hello again, Cinder!"
>"Hey, you're back! Again! Why?"
"I'd like to have a talk with Lady Enlu! Where might I find her, at this moment?"
>"Probably in her high chair, doing her work. Best not disturb her while she's doing business."
"And how long will she be doing business for?"
>"Not long at all, I don't think. Any time now, she will go to rest back at her bedroom as usual. Best not disturb her while she's relaxing in her chambers! Her guards certainly would not allow you to enter, and if you took the secret entrance, ah, there is no telling what fate would befall you!"

Well, it has to be one or the other, I would think.
No. 806337 ID: a363ac

well there is no seduction without risk we must wait for her upon her bed with roses candles and a trail from her door to the bed of the prettiest blooms.
No. 806343 ID: f08985

This. You're a bard, Story Seeker, go for the most interesting option. You have escape routes if need be.
No. 806367 ID: bfb318
File 149678723702.png - (194.08KB , 1200x800 , 9-314.png )

"A risk I'm willing to make - I would like to be shown the secret entrance, if you would be so kind."
>"Okay, since it is you, but if questioned, say you snuck by the guards!"
"Understood. Then until we meet again, Cinder!"
>"I hope so!"

By the generosity of the kobolds of Enlu's estate, I am allowed to borrow a couple of candles and some of the freshest flowers available, which admittedly aren't that fresh, but they'll just have to do considering the time constraints.

With the preparations made, I await Lady Enlu! Just as Cinder said, it is not a long wait before I hear the door open.
No. 806368 ID: bfb318
File 149678724486.png - (193.99KB , 800x800 , 9-315.png )

Thankfully it is the Lady herself, and not simply an attendant preparing for her arrival.

Although my stay at the estate was short, I learned many things, and of those things included the variety of expressions that Lady Enlu would use to communicate wordlessly. And so, her subtle yet distinct expressions spell out a series of words as they shift from one to the next.


And then, her face settles upon one word with piercing demand.

No. 806371 ID: a363ac

No. 806377 ID: 3abd97

I apologize for my presumption, but I did not wish to bother you while you were busy, and hoped for a more casual conversation, Lady Enlu.
No. 806381 ID: fad693

Wiggle your eyebrows
No. 806382 ID: 9a2274

Give her your "I am a bard and this is what bards do" expression.
No. 806423 ID: bfb318
File 149679646398.gif - (65.49KB , 800x800 , 9-316.gif )

"I wished to engage in casual conversation, Lady Enlu, but did not wish to bother you while you were busy. I apologize for my presumptuous behavior."

So I say, but my expression, sends a silent message back to Enlu.

I am a bard, and this is what bards do. Romance.

It is difficult to know her true feelings, as she is the sort that, when guarded, has every bit of self awareness of herself, not just in words, but in expression and body language. She sends a hand signal behind her, and I hear the door shut, after she left it open while entering her chambers. Her expression changes, and points it at me to express a new sentiment.

What you are doing is punishable by death.
No. 806434 ID: 49d1a6

Lady Enlu, in my travels I have become rather acquainted with death, at this point I would dare say we are very good friends.
No. 806443 ID: 3abd97

>What you are doing is punishable by death.
The best things usually are, I've found.
No. 806450 ID: bfb318
File 149679990440.png - (162.10KB , 800x800 , 9-317.png )

"Punishable? I've ran across death so many times, Lady Enlu, that I dare say death is a fine friend at this point."
>"Death is no one's friend or enemy, impudent kobold." she says with an unexpectedly lighter tone to bear such words. "It's unbiased, delivering itself to the deserving and undeserving alike. Is it that you, Story Seeker, that lacks a healthy fear of it, or is this simply the behavior of kobolds, where you come from? Tell me, and tell me what is it that you've come for?"
"The kobolds I come from are poor, but free of owners, at least in the village where I am. Yet slave or otherwise, a person is free to do as they please, so long as their minds themselves aren't owned! Ownership simply shapes what is a good choice to make, and what isn't."
>"Then, do you act as a free kobold despite being under Kexluk, or simply make terrible decisions?"
"I act freely, Lady Enlu, as much as I can! As for my decisions, I am the worst to ask. They could have been terrible, but seeing the results of my decisions has left me incapable of me thinking of them as 'terrible.'"
>"And if I killed you for this? I may only be holding off to satiate my curiosity, as by the time I was born, kobolds would never dream of doing this. If I did as I should, would you find your decision to be terrible?"
"Perhaps a regrettable outcome, but I would not regret making it. I have found that the best things often are punishable by death. As for my purpose here, it is as I said, I have come to engage in polite conversation?"
>"And in what land of free kobolds," Enlu says, gesturing to the petals on the ground, "does all this signify polite conversation? It seems as though you've got something else, something immensely scandalous, in mind."
No. 806453 ID: 2120ee

That could be. Would she care to have her curiosity on the matter satiated?
No. 806463 ID: 3abd97

Well, the conversation so far as has been polite. Any scandalous developments that follow would be another matter altogether.
No. 806480 ID: 91ee5f

No. 806486 ID: 214cda

The conversation thus far has been remarkably polite and I thank you for your forbearence Lady Enlu. Scandal, too, is the business of Bards.
No. 806489 ID: a363ac

Well what night is ever complete without a scandal involving a beautiful lady and a bard.
No. 806490 ID: 3ce125

Is it a scandal if noone else ever learns of it?
No. 806491 ID: bfb318
File 149680610815.png - (143.39KB , 800x800 , 9-318.png )

"Well, Lady Enlu, we've been having a pleasant conversation! However brief it was, I've already had what I came for. Any scandalous developments that follow would be a whole other matter entirely."

Lady Enlu lets loose a ladylike laugh. A good sign, I would hope!

>"Clearly that was your aim. Unless you're truly devoid of fear, I doubt you came here to give me a surprise, then give brief answers about your home town. After all, what would be in it for you, little kobold, to have a conversation with me? Even if it has been pleasant, it's been little but little pleasantries. What I am curious of, is what your real intentions here are."
"Lady Enlu, it is not my intentions that would run deep, here. I am, in the end, still a simple kobold. Would you care to have your curiosity on the matter satiated?"
>"If your intentions are shallow, then you're after a simple scandal, are you?"
"Is it a scandal, if no one else learns of it?"
>"At the least, we would learn of it, so it would be a scandal among us. Even if it remained that way, what is there for me, in a simple scandal? I could have my pick of people to occupy my bed, and they are prime and proven lizardfolk, who's attention would not be scandalous. Why, I could invite Kexluk himself in your place. What is it about you, that you've decided it's in your place to sneak into my room, and lay yourself on my bed, when no one else would? Do you think of yourself so highly? Or perhaps, what impressions have I left on you, such that I would find this behavior of yours acceptable?"
No. 806492 ID: 3ce125

As for me, sometimes the adventure of seeking something seemingly out of reach is enough reason to try. As for them, do any of them know bed magic?
No. 806498 ID: 91ee5f

I actually don't think of myself so highly, I only see myself as the only one brave enough to try!

No. 806499 ID: 2120ee

She's confident and self-assured. For real, not as a consequence of her position, so it's a fair bet that she wouldn't feel constrained by her position when she doesn't need to be.
No. 806500 ID: a363ac

If one does not risk their all to be with you lady Enlu can it truly be said they are deserving of your time?
Although I must admit back home I have been rather taken by a large lizard lady that took me into her home after I ran a couple of errands to a dragon for her.
Also have you ever heard of the bedmagic spell it is a specialty of mine. *eye brow wiggle*
No. 806505 ID: 3abd97

If one does not think highly of oneself, how can anyone else?

For good or for ill, I have decided to be bold. A Story isn't worth telling if you're not willing to take risks.

As for your impressions, I was rather hoping they would be made on your mattress.
No. 806506 ID: bb78f2

I only offer you something new. You've always had your pick, but they've always been the same picks. Even Kexluk, though progressive and chivalrous, is still a big, meaty warrior among all others. Yes, he'll sensitive and kind, and wanting unlike the other meatheads, but he's still a meathead.

And your pick of kobolds, should you desire to dominate a slave, well frankly speaking using what's yours seems a little too vanilla. Would they even have the spice you may crave? The big question is, could YOU ever have a kobold in your possession even for just a moment that is a little bit on the wild side without quickly domineering that wild side away once he sees your greatness?

Why, you'd have to have a mad kobold in front of you to take part in that rarity.
No. 806508 ID: 3abd97

The first line is gold, but I'm not sure the rest of the bragging actually helps our position in this moment.
No. 806510 ID: 9a2274

While I do not mean to brag I do think of myself rather highly. I have been on many adventures and made good friends everywhere I have gone. For a kobold I have many skills and am a rather impressive specimen I would say.

As for impressions of you? In you I see a lady who would love to change her society for the better but has not found a way to do it yet. Someone who takes the best care of her slaves and wishes she could do more.

A wonderful woman who dared to possibly make a enemy of the most powerful person in town just because she thought he might have been abusing me.
No. 806516 ID: bfb318
File 149681109200.png - (182.50KB , 800x800 , 9-319.png )

"High enough? Only because self esteem is important, but I've no demands for others to think the same, nor need for people to think so highly of me! Rather, all I show here is to be bold enough. And that might be new to you - how many men have you been with, that would show such daring as to risk it all to be with you? Would they truly be deserving of your time?"
>"Daring? I wonder if you're crossing the line between bravery and stupidity."
"If it is stupid, Lady Enlu, then it is applied stupidity. And even if that does not appeal to you, how many men of yours know bed magic?"
>"If bedmagic exists, I'm sure I could find some mages."
"Then I can, at the least, match those on that front! And my impressions of you? I have not seen other lizardfolk be prepared to make enemies with the strongest warrior in town out of a suspicion that they abused their slaves. A lady that would change her society for the better, if she could find the path to do it."
>"It is true. Despite my attempts, I have earned disrespect from my peers due to my generous attitude towards slaves. This reputation may have gone too far, for you to show up like this."
"Have no such fear, Lady Enlu! During my stay here, I have seen no kobolds here breaking rules out of some belief you would go easy on them. It is me and me alone that believes that you may not be so interested in my demise, blunt actions or no."
>"It is true, though, that my peers would denounce me as heretical if I let you off so easily, let alone give each other impressions on the mattress."
"Imagine what they'd do to me!"
>"Ha! You don't want to know. The town would be in an uproar."

She says it while taking off her necklace.

>"There would spoken outrage." she says, taking off her belt next. "Our society wouldn't stand for our scandal. The thought is incomprehensible. What do you have to say, about a society like that? Is that what you want, Story Seeker? To spit in our society's face?"
No. 806518 ID: a363ac

I am here to spit wherever you wish my lady.
No. 806519 ID: 3abd97

Truly, I might find some entertainment in provoking such a society for the sake of it, but my wants are rather more immediate. You are worth pursuing on your own merits.
No. 806523 ID: 72ed6b

"I would have strong words for any society that would stop two or more people from enjoying each other as they see fit. But I have better uses for my mouth than to spit. If you find my words so objectionable, then come closer and let me keep mine occupied."
No. 806530 ID: 72ed6b

Or, a little more cheesily: "We can talk about changing a world later; now is the time for rocking one."
No. 806549 ID: e97f18

Why pass up the opportunity to be cheesy?
No. 806551 ID: 91ee5f

"I would never spit, that's such a vulgar thing to do! However, making faces while saying, 'Neener, neener!' is something that I would do!"
No. 806554 ID: 3ce125

Perhaps some spit would be the best thing to wipe off its dirty face with.
No. 806640 ID: 4e4014

She's acting pretty confident, but that would be an act she carries on all the time, from habit. Perhaps a little trade would help? Some small confession of existing scandal, to show trust. And an assurance that, should she go on, she will not have been the only lizardfolk she knows of to have done such a thing.

"For something so simple to be incomprehensible, seems a sign of ill education! I could never believe a mind such as your own would be unequal to it. Why, I'd say you would find it easy to comprehend something even more scandalous... such as the fact that Sir Kexluk himself knows my more intimate skills, and I his."

[pause for effect]

"... Of course, there was a lady we were both attending to at that time, but she did not demand all our attentions at every moment, so the point stands. Another of your race, in fact. Perhaps the point of contention between us, Lady Enlu, is that I have had more than enough experience informing me that close relationships between kobolds and lizardfolk are not merely possible, but potentially quite wonderful. I can't help but feel that forbidding such things is a black mark against a society - and if there is nothing cleaner to hand, sometimes spit must do for polish."

If she still seems troubled, you could insinuate that anyone who knows she's in here alone with you has more than enough reason to suspect you're some sort of spy or intelligence gatherer for Kexluk, and that you're here carrying out some secret collusion between the two, which some will suspect already. (Add that you'd be more than glad to arrange a close meeting between her and Kexluk. I think I might have missed the chance but I still support an Enlu/Kexluk hookup.)

Hope she's not taking that belt off to smack you with it, but if she is you're probably better off taking the lumps.
No. 806645 ID: bfb318
File 149686763931.png - (167.55KB , 800x800 , 9-320.png )

"I can understand why some may like to do so, but while my mouth can be used to talk about changing worlds, it can also be used to rock them. My wants are more immediate, after all, and you are worth pursuing on your own merits."
>"Hm. So it's just about me, after all. I see."
>"What would Kexluk think, anyway, if he found out about this? If it got out, it wouldn't just be you and me. As your owner, it would be a disgrace for him."
"I assure you, that Kexluk and I are well familiarized with each other's intimate skills."

I pause for effect, and Enlu looks at me carefully, wanting more. I give just that, of course.

"Admittedly, there was a lady we were both attending to at the time, but she did not demand all of our attention at every moment, so the point stands. I have laid with both kobolds and lizardfolk. Likewise, the girl we were with was a lizard woman as well! Forbidding such interaction is a black mark of society. That, I will say, is something that spit could polish over."

She watches herself drop her dress, while muttering softly to herself.

>"With a kobold, huh."

There is a brief pause as she seems to hesitate, then speaks clearly to me.

>"Your activities with Kexluk are informative. Relieving, in fact. But that is not entirely my concern, little one. Although frowned upon, especially for esteemed ones like myself, it's no secret that sometimes us lizards look to kobolds for this sort of thing. I am thinking what he will think of you, acting so freely as to invite yourself in my room? Your acting freely is just that, an act. He is still your owner, and your actions still reflect on his name."
No. 806653 ID: 91ee5f

Why does she think Kexluk owns us?

.....oh, wait, I remember. Story Seeker and Kexluk agreed that they'd pretend to be master and slave in order to better fit in around here. Even though Kexluk is against slavery, he agreed to pretending to be Story Seeker's owner.

I would say that we should go ahead and tell Enlu that we're not actually Kexluk's slave, but I'm not entirely sure if we could trust her with that information.
No. 806660 ID: 3ce125

Oh, wait, didn't Story promise not to do anything that would damage Kexluk's reputation?

I guess we should at least ask her if this would cause any problems for him outside of this city. That is a genuine concern, and Story doesn't know everything about the culture of the world. He should at least make it clear that he and Kexluk are friends and he already screwed up once and made him look bad.
No. 806663 ID: f08985

Dang, we're worse than Kexluk, try and get some pussy and suddenly spilling the secret's on the table.

Tell her that you've sworn not to do anything that would tarnish his reputation, and you're confident this will be fine. After all, you took the secret entrance and certainly you don't intend on sharing any gossip about this.
No. 806666 ID: 4e4014

"My lady, at this point I should admit that, because your society's laws limit public relations between kobolds and lizardfolk to only a few de facto permitted forms, I and Kexluk had to make a choice as to how we should present our relationship while among you. We are bound together by a higher authority, Kexluk is responsible for me in many ways, and I am of course at his service and owe him duties, but our true positions relative to each other could only be represented inaccurately, here. In truth, I had more part in deciding to present myself as his slave while here than he did, judging that I would be better protected if I did so. I also encouraged Kexluk to behave, in accordance with my act, as if he were a harsher master than he is. He is in fact uncomfortable with both these things, though he did agree with me on their practicality. There is in fact another who has a better claim to be my owner, even more powerful than he, but again the truth of that relationship is more complicated than more rigid hierarchies allow for."

That's a long bit of words, but if you skip them or not, there's a more important matter, so say something like this:

"Honestly, my lady, if you feel the slightest bit of discomfort, or harbor the smallest anticipation of regret, I would be happier for you to follow those feelings! The core of my pride is in leaving the people I like happier behind me, and you are certainly one of them."

Then maybe add:

"If you are uncertain, then perhaps later you could address your concerns to Kexluk himself? With or without my presence as well, I am sure he would be happy to see to your satisfaction."
No. 806667 ID: bb78f2

The social mores he's had to adhere to while here has brought him nothing but shame to himself. He hates it here. He wants nothing more than to fluster the nobles here, make them uncomfortable as possible, and maybe punch or even kill the worst one here on the way out, but he has far more practical matters to attend to, paladin duties, and those come before his own honor.

He wants this more than anything, really. No doubt he'd like to be here too and partake, if work didn't pull him away. He's no kiss and tell though, so you wouldn't have to worry about that. That would ACTUALLY shame him, the kissing and telling. FYI, you're one of the few nobles he respects here, if there are any more besides you. I wouldn't know, haven't had much time to talk to him since we got him.

If it gets out, he's gonna take this shame in goddamn stride, and hopefully get to hurt one of your rivals for you.
No. 806671 ID: 3abd97

I assure you, my actions are well within the bounds of what Kexluk expects of me. In fact, he would probably have trouble believing that I restrained myself this long.

If you are still concerned for my welfare, or the nature of our relationship, perhaps the fact that he trusts me to act as freely as he does should reflect well on him?
No. 806672 ID: 91ee5f

I just thought of something.

If she refuses to do what we were planning to do with her, then the least we can do is offer to give her a relaxing massage instead!
No. 806675 ID: 3abd97

Another possible angle to take:

My lady, neither Kexluk nor myself are of your society. Slavery doesn't always work exactly the same everywhere.

Did I ever tell you about the week I worked for two drow? (Even leaving out the chaos god reveal, the way they treated you is very different than the way the lizards here do).
No. 806676 ID: f66698

I can't help but think he'd be proud.
No. 806678 ID: 91ee5f

Or jealous it wasn't him. But, not jealous enough that he'd cause trouble over it.
No. 806679 ID: 35d188

"kexluk would be rather indifferent i believe should he learn of our actions, afterall despite the titles of master and slave he is still my friend and vice versa."

Don't let her know we know about the secret entrance. Maybe when we need to leave we can ask if she has one.
No. 806680 ID: 9a2274

More than being my owner Kex is my friend Lady Enlu.

To be honest your misunderstanding about our relationship was due to a bad choice on my part. I cast a shadow on his sterling reputation and have been working hard to correct that.

Kexluk owns me yes. But that relationship is by choice on both sides. If he knew what I was doing right now he would wonder why it took me so long.
No. 806786 ID: 4e4014

Ooh, by the way, considering that you've set up a giant surge of "chaos", the sort that, oh, say, will send someone running frantically to inform authority figures such as Lady Enlu, this might not actually be the best time for lovemaking.

At the very least, if you do go through with it, use some bardy magics to amplify your sense of hearing through the door, so that you can swiftly retire yourself to somewhere hidden if you sense someone coming. Unless you happened to get a superior "sense interruption" or "conceal intimacy" spell? I don't know, perhaps after what happened with the archmage and her father and the fear spell you thought to do such a thing, or perhaps it's in the standard bardic repertoire. Some sort of "sense peeper/eavesdropper" spell would be handy, too.

Do something about it, anyway. Story Seeker does not play chance with a lady's reputation! Nor should he with his friends', but Enlu is pretty trustworthy and our admission of intimacy with him is just our word versus what Enlu says our word is, and we can claim to have been merely in attendance while Kexluk was dealing with another lady. Enlu would have to tell the scenario in which she was discussing bedroom encounters with a kobold if she wanted to tell anyone, anyway.
No. 806823 ID: 214cda

Considering she hasn't murdered him or called the guards, now is -precisely- the right time for lovemaking.

This isn't an opportunity that just comes around again.
No. 806850 ID: 262ceb

>Considering she hasn't murdered him or called the guards, now is -precisely- the right time for lovemaking. This isn't an opportunity that just comes around again.

This isn't some magical alignment of the stars, if a lady's willing to take you to her bed she'll likely be willing again in the future, until her opinion of you changes. If there was some mystic alignment of circumstances that made her willing now and only ever now, that would be extremely suspicious and probably mean that you shouldn't take advantage of her at such a time!

And if you're speaking of logistics, that one or the other of Story or Enlu will be busy/gone/etc past this point, then the likelihood of Enlu being called upon during the activities qualifies just as much for that condition as any other preventative circumstance, and the opportunity isn't rightfully present to begin with.
No. 806859 ID: 3abd97

>this might not actually be the best time for lovemaking
Like this has ever stopped Story Seeker. I mean, come on, poorly timed lovemaking makes for very entertaining stories!
No. 806876 ID: 91ee5f

You're right, this never stopped Story Seeker before, so it shouldn't stop him now!
No. 806881 ID: 262ceb


Story Seeker has never dealt with a lady who had such a concern for her public standing before! At least, not in this exact way. Morgana was concerned with her appearance, and Story Seeker did in fact try to take care with it! I believe he showed concern for Zirkala's reputation at some point as well, promises to change names and tell certain stories only far away, for example. He also hesitated to bed Minci from concern about her relationship with Tom. But in any case, mostly he's dealt with people and societies in which there was no real stigma attached to his activities - of all the ladies he's been with, you'd have expected such a thing most from the naga archmage, most likely, and in the end neither she nor even her father minded so long as the particular kobold she was with was one well-thought-of by virtue of his actions.

With Enlu, and with this society in general, things are different. Things have kind of been different the whole desert order heist arc, actually, with more planning and consideration asked for than in other adventures. Is leaving such a thing outside the bedroom door really a good idea? If I recall right, Zirkala outright stated that she expected this trip to be a learning experience for Story and Kexluk. She wanted Story to see a society where he wouldn't be as free and couldn't be as bold and careless as he had been before. We need to keep that lesson in mind.
No. 806884 ID: a363ac

My lady Enlu I thought you would have realized by now that Kexluk is no more my owner than the Lich King who watches my every move. Or the timelord who watches my surroundings so they do not explode around me.
No. 806885 ID: bfb318
File 149696106540.png - (208.92KB , 800x800 , 9-321.png )

"Contrary to who owns who, above all else, I consider Kexluk to be a friend."
>"Hmm, you're just full of scandalous traits, aren't you?"
"It's a wide world out there, and a wide range of slaves and equals. Yet all the same! I would not want to tarnish Kexluk's reputation. I have done it once before, and intend to do it never again. We are travellers mind, and I wonder if anything here would affect the outside world? He himself has said that he despises this place."
>"He said this?"
"Yes, and that he is ashamed to be of the same race that leads Spearstone!"
>"Then I would like, more than ever, to be his friend. If this act does not risk such a thing..."
"I'm sure he expects this of me. In fact, an act between us would only show you are not part of the mold that is Spearstone. Know that just as I do not want his reputation to be tarnished, I would not want any acts upon this mattress to end in regret for you, so if you have hesitation, we can convene with Kexluk, and - "
>"Do you have concerns?"
"Hm? Only of if there is a chance that someone will barge into this room. I myself can escape, but if it is trouble for you..."
>"That is disappointing, Story Seeker. To you who would barge into my room uninvited and solicit me for such scandal, you're concerned that another would do the same? To be concerned about my regret and Kexluk's reputation? It seems that you are the hesitant one. You lay yourself on my bed, yet would keep your clothes on. It's as if you weren't all that dedicated to what you seek."
No. 806886 ID: 3ce125

Ah, of course. You're being rude, Story. Apologize and begin stripping yourself. Make a show of it.
No. 806887 ID: a363ac

cast Undress Self. say nothing
No. 806889 ID: a363ac

also begin Kobold sized lap dance
No. 806890 ID: 262ceb

"Lady Enlu, to answer that I will only say, with all respect: step into this bed, and in a while I will challenge you to question my dedication again."

Magic/bardskill your clothes off at some appropriately dramatic/erotic point.
No. 806903 ID: 91ee5f

If your bedmagic allows you to undress yourself without moving, then do that while saying, "What clothes?"

To her, it'll look like you undressed without having to undress the same way she's undressing.
No. 806904 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. Being interrupted by another attempting to do the same, rather than an angry guardian of some kind, would be a new experience. I did not anticipate your bedroom would see such high traffic!
No. 807952 ID: bfb318
File 149750268067.png - (167.45KB , 800x800 , 9-322.png )

No. 807953 ID: bfb318
File 149750269269.png - (125.55KB , 800x800 , 9-323.png )

No. 807954 ID: bfb318
File 149750272116.png - (170.55KB , 800x800 , 9-324.png )

>Cast Undress
No. 807955 ID: bfb318
File 149750273169.png - (128.88KB , 800x800 , 9-325.png )

No. 807956 ID: bfb318
File 149750280562.png - (193.31KB , 800x800 , 9-326.png )

Lady Enlu shows that when she makes up her mind to do something, her actions are swift and decisive!

>"You are past the point of returning now, before you get any second thoughts."
"My dear Lady Enlu, people have enough difficulty getting me to have first thoughts."

Say what I will about lizardfolk, they are certainly energetic.

>"I can see why. Did you... no, enough questions for your intentions, those are also behind us. Let's just make this a monumental, private, scandal. Show me how easily this society can disso - "
No. 807957 ID: bfb318
File 149750285213.png - (187.92KB , 800x800 , 9-327.png )

>"Lady Enlu I'm coming in!"

A familiar voice of another lizard girl, one who I cannot place offhand, calls out as we both hear her begin to run in.

The secret entrance is a bit far, just in the other room! Even with my magic, it may be difficult for me to get back in the way I came, but the top priority is to do something.
No. 807959 ID: a363ac

"Quick Lady 69 position as low as possible"
No. 807961 ID: f08985

Find someplace to hide in the bedroom and use Sound Dampener. Ideally you could hide under Enlu, but there's a good chance she'd have to move off of you so that's probably not practical. Still, if you can manage to hide between her legs and use your tongue to tease her mid-conversation, that'd be ideal.

There's sheets, pillows, and the like, right? Or someplace she keeps her clothing? Go do that if using Enlu as cover isn't practical.
No. 807963 ID: 3abd97

Threesome? I suppose Enlu might be less interested in roping one of her slavegirls into that, though.

...can you cast conjure bed? So there's a bed blocking the door?
No. 807964 ID: f08985

...actually, if this girl is bringing news about the order artifact, hiding under Enlu and teasing her is probably a good way to get her to stay put and buy the chaos operatives some time.
No. 807970 ID: 3ce125

First priority is getting out from under her (perhaps rolling off the bed so that it's between you and the door) and casting Dress Self. That would prevent any scandal; she could claim you were there for any number of mundane things, such as a massage or collecting her clothes. Optimally you could cast Escape Bedroom and appear in the hallway behind the lizard girl, before she even sees you in here.
No. 807971 ID: 91ee5f

Quick! Under the blankets with Enlu still riding you!

Also, judging from the look in Enlu's eyes, I'd say she's pretty much ready to murder someone! Or if she stares hard enough, daggers and/or lasers will come flying out of her eyes!
No. 807990 ID: fe7355

You have the magic to throw your voice, right? If so, then throw a whisper into Enlu's ear and very quickly tell her to let go, roll over onto her side with her back to the door and make like she was trying to take a nap and she's annoyed she was disturbed. Her body will hopefully block view from the door enough that you can cast a sound muffler spell and crawl with as much haste as you dare to the far edge of the bed unseen and unheard. Once you slip over the edge, you can cast Dress Self to get your clothes back on and position yourself to slip under the bed if this unwanted visitor comes around the side.

Alternatively, if Enlu's form doesn't offer enough coverage, or the bed is too wide or low, to slip over the far edge unseen, then tuck yourself in tight against her and out of sight. Hopefully whoever is barging in will stay back due to being unsure at Enlu's nakedness and her biting annoyance at being disturbed.
No. 808006 ID: 262ceb

Uhh... ok, first, you need more time, so do the old obi-wan trick and make a sound in the corridor behind the girl to distract her for a second. Then... let's see what we're working with. (>>806367) Ah, this bed! We haven't seen them directly, but with that frame and the lacey stuff on top, this is one of those beds with the curtains that can be pulled around it, right? Do that, quick. Also, that pillow is large enough to hide you.

The trouble is you need Enlu to let you go, though, to do any of that. If she doesn't do that quickly then you're in trouble. You could slip out of her hold easily as a slime, and off the bed or under the pillow like that, but that'd make a mess and raise so many more questions from her. Still, it'd avoid scandal.

She might have some measure of her own in mind, too, so you need to anticipate what she's going to do. Probably just shove you off the far side of the bed, it's not right up against the wall or anything.
No. 808011 ID: 64053e

I forget exactly how the spell Escape Bedroom works but this may be the time to use it.
No. 808015 ID: 12e88b

Basic illusion is in the bardic spell repertoire, right? Just silent image yourself into a lizardman. Still scandalous, but small enough scandal that a loyal servant will keep it quiet. The illusion will have to cover the bed a bit, exaggerating how much "you" sink into it to keep Enlu's position right, but whoever's coming in should instinctively avert her eyes as soon as she gets the basic impression of what she's seeing, so it only needs to fit the generalities enough to fool a first glance. Enlu should move her hands immediately, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

A shortish, slender (but obviously, handsome) lizardman would probably be most likely to work, but if you really wanted to profit, you could imitate Kexluk. Enlu's use of him as an example of who she could attract implies any rumours of her seducing him would hardly be shameful for her, and any further confusion as to where Kexluk really is will help add to the general confusion and divert more of the trouble going after him.
No. 808016 ID: 12e88b

You COULD use Escape Bedroom, but then Enlu's questioning of your determination would be right. Your reputation with a beautiful woman is at stake, Story! Obviously, you need another solution. And it would only deposit you in a possibly worse place to be running around naked, anyway. Even if this girl sees everything that situation would still be potentially salvageable. Enlu looks more annoyed than concerned so she may trust one of her girls not to spread scandal. Have courage!
No. 808017 ID: 015058

Slap her ass and suggest a 3 way.
No. 808031 ID: 72ed6b

Disguise your voice as a lizard, and call out "Not unless you want to join in you're not."

If there's still a threat of impending discovery, then hide underneath her and a blanket, and tease her constantly.
No. 808106 ID: f66698

Turn into a slime and run up her cooch.
No. 808113 ID: e94191

I agree with this.
No. 808221 ID: bfb318
File 149758534449.png - (175.68KB , 800x800 , 9-328.png )

While I can cast summon bed, it is hardly a worthy piece of furniture, and in fact is more of a cot than a true bed!

>Minor illusion
While this does fall under bardic magic, my magic is still too much within a novice's domain to do something so abusable.

"Unless this is to be a threeway," I say, flapping my tongue as fast as it will go, throwing my whispered voice right by Enlu such that she may hear me. "I will hide under the covers." My limited magic use makes easy work of throwing my voice like this, but to do something like imitate a lizardman, I would need to train my impressions much better. Regardless, Lady Enlu takes the cue, and spins around as she brings the covers up over her legs and over me. I believe that her plan was to cover me with her tail, but I, perhaps too mischieviously for good taste, spun around as well such that I land over her tail. My face ends up right in front of her loins, and I continue my work, using a touch of magic to hinder what miniscule noise it causes.

>"Lady Enlu!" I hear her call out, now at the door way. "Er - "
>"What is it, Nece?"
>"I um..."

Her thighs squeeze on me - I almost wonder if it's her trying to get me to stop, but another squeeze after I do halt says otherwise! If anything, she is trapping my head right where it should be.

>"Are you feeling okay? You look distressed." Nece continues.
>"A slight fever, nothing to be concerned about. What are you barging in, for?"
>"Erm, sorry, but it's... about the relic. We have reason to suspect that kobolds are attempting to steal it for some reason. The church is asking that we hold the relic, here, overnight."
>"How ironically disorderly. And me, of all people? I thought I had too much of a reputation for being too kind to my kobolds."
>"Yes, but the palace recognizes that that means your kobolds are the most loyal, and are unlikely to have insiders, unlike everyone else, so...."
>"Fine, enough, I'm in no position to deny the palace. Make the preparations, spare no expense. We all know what would happen to my reputation if the order relic were to be stolen while in my care."
>"Okay. Um, should I run the bath for you? Bring you some food?"
>"No, just leave me be, tonight."
>"Okay just call out if you need anything please!"

She leaves, and Lady Enlu simply whispers down to me, 'continue.'
No. 808225 ID: f08985

Continue, but don't let her climax so easily. See what sort of reactions you can get from her.
No. 808227 ID: a363ac

work your bedmagics.
No. 808247 ID: 91ee5f

>Erm, sorry, but it's... about the relic. We have reason to suspect that kobolds are attempting to steal it for some reason.
Alright, who talked?

>The church is asking that we hold the relic, here, overnight.
Well, that makes things easier! Unless it's a fake in order to draw out the thieves.

>"Fine, enough, I'm in no position to deny the palace. Make the preparations, spare no expense. We all know what would happen to my reputation if the order relic were to be stolen while in my care."
..........damnit. Instead of being easier, it's now gotten harder! There's gotta be a way to take it without harming Enlu's reputation!

Maybe we can intercept it before it arrives? That way, it'll be the palace's fault and not Enlu's!

>She leaves, and Lady Enlu simply whispers down to me, 'continue.'
But your stealing plans will have to wait until later. Right now, Lady Enlu gave you a command and it would be quite rude to ignore it! So give the lady what she wants and continue!
No. 808249 ID: 3ce125

It might still be easier, actually. If we intercept the relic while it's being transported, Enlu takes no blame. Another possibility is that Enlu wants it stolen and will be willing to claim the delivered relic is a fake and it's already been stolen. Then in the resulting confusion we steal it for real and replace it with the fake she claimed it is.
No. 808250 ID: 91ee5f

That's a big risk and it all relies on Enlu wanting the relic stolen in the first place! If she doesn't want it stolen and we tell her, we'll be in big trouble!
No. 808251 ID: 58a78f

I too am in favor of stealing the relic while it's being transported, as it would be beneath us to dump the blame on lady Enlu.
No. 808252 ID: 3ce125

Note that I did not suggest we tell her. Basically we'd be hoping she figures out on her own that Story is trying to steal it and says she wants to help.
No. 808256 ID: 91ee5f

True, but we'd still need to hope that she'll actually let us take the relic and not try to actually stop us!
No. 808287 ID: 72ed6b

> It might still be easier, actually. If we intercept the relic while it's being transported, Enlu takes no blame.
No. 808288 ID: 262ceb

You heard the lady. Make sure she's particularly satisfied, her good will is essential to anything you might want to do. Perhaps while pillow talking afterwards you can carefully probe her opinion on the matter by pretending to be ignorant and going "what's this order artifact thing about", that sort of thing. But a warm fuzzy afterglow for her will only help, so demonstrate your "dedication" and bardic skills first.

Once that's done, you can slip out to warn the others that the lizards are on to them, and make a fresh plan. This move might not be as good as the original plan going off without a hitch, but it might present opportunities. Maybe it will even delay things enough for Kexluk to be back and help out. I can't remember, did you have a replica of the artifact made at some point? Perhaps the order god will be "displeased" enough at his artifact leaving the tower that it loses its efficacy. Or it might be "discovered" by an upstanding paladin-type that someone replaced it. You can hold objects inside your solid body that you put there while a slime, right?
No. 808300 ID: 3abd97

>She leaves, and Lady Enlu simply whispers down to me, 'continue.'
You heard the lady!

>relic is being transported right to us
The gods have a sense of humor.

But yeah, we probably want to hit it in transit to or from Enlu's place. Tanking her reputation would be a dick move.
No. 808452 ID: bfb318
File 149767077441.png - (155.32KB , 800x800 , 9-329.png )

And continue is what I do, not as though Lady Enlu would have it any other way, as she continues right after Nece takes her leave. After this, I will aim to organize an interception to steal the relic while it is in transit, so that Lady Enlu needs not suffer a reputation hit.




That is, however, after I manage to leave in the first place! Although I let things move slow initially to deliver satisfaction instead of a rushed job, perhaps this was an unnecessary task. Despite how much energy I end up putting forth, Lady Enlu is turning out to be insatiable, and I am having trouble deciding on how to approach the subject of excusing myself. Time is passing, and I realize I do not know when they plan on moving the relic!
No. 808455 ID: bb78f2

Shut up and enjoy it while you can.
It turned out to be a necessary task because now we know, and now we can MAYBE stop the reputation hit somehow. Or not, whatever, there's no real choice in the matter anyway.

If you could somehow GET a note to escape the bedroom, or your voice, I dunno. Use a loophole through the magic rules in a creative way. I forget where you end up if you escape the bedroom, so escaping a note might be bad.
No. 808456 ID: 3abd97

Well you have two options here. Either you need to make a shameful escape from the lovemaking, or you need to double down and break out every trick you can to exhaust her.

And there's no way you can leave a lady anything less than satisfied.

Once you've gotten out of the bedroom we can try and figure out where the artifact is, when they're moving it, and how we try to get at it.
No. 808457 ID: f08985

That's not really important unless we specifically want to grab it on the way here. Grabbing it on the way out works fine too, and it's not like they're going to cart if off without getting Enlu's say-so first. Keep going, don't let your conquest best you in stamina.
No. 808462 ID: 91ee5f

This raises the question of if she's always like this or if it's been a while since she got to relax like this and she's desperate?

No. 808493 ID: 3ce125

Honestly Story should probably try to do something.
Tell her you weren't expecting to spend all night doing this, you have a prior engagement you must attend to soon.
No. 808500 ID: 262ceb

What, is this the best you can do, Story? The man who's successfully served under legendary chaos followers, ancient immortals, a goblin queen, and a literal succubus? Defeated by a lizard noblewoman? She questioned your dedication, remember, so you have an excuse to seek her surrender. Show her your true power, bard! Leave her not knowing which way is up and too blissful to care!

>I realize I do not know when they plan on moving the relic!

She said "The church is asking that we hold the relic, here, overnight.", so that gives an approximate timeframe. What time was it in the day when you got in here, and what time should it be now?
No. 808505 ID: 262ceb

Ok hold on I've been re-reading a bit and there are actually quite a lot of details I forgot but one of them was that Nece said Enlu was having a party tonight. It was said to be starting in 30 minutes last time it came up, not too long ago before Story zoned out doing laundry, so it should be happening any time now! If Enlu hasn't given instructions for that to change, then that confuses things quite a lot, if they're moving in the relic and a bunch of security as well. Maybe they plan to disguise the relic move as moving supplies in for the party?

In any case, perhaps a little reminder along the lines of "I had heard you were going to have a party tonight, won't that be difficult with the relic" would divert Enlu's attention to her own affairs. After you've given her enough attention to avert dissatisfaction, of course. Maybe say something along the lines of "I would certainly enjoy entertaining you all night but my original intent was to cheer you up and leave you a warm glow for the evening's festivities", or something like that. She was probably originally coming in here to change clothes.

Also, the infiltration plan was supposed to start at 9.30, replacing the archpriest for a ceremony that's supposed to happen at 10. The "confuse/stupefy the whole tower" gas plan was supposed to begin before 9.30, then. If the lizards' plan of storing the relic overnight with Enlu is supposed to happen after the ceremony, then it's possible the plan will still go through, and a replica will be what's delivered here! Maybe suggest to Enlu that, if her reputation depends on protecting the relic and there's someone planning to steal it, she should make sure it's the real relic when it arrives.

If they're moving the relic before the ceremony... well, it seems unlikely given their order worship, that letting the schedule slip would be a sin. But if so, then not performing their religious duties would be an excuse for some chaos to slip in, eh?
No. 808506 ID: 015058

Continue pleasuring her until she is a quivering mess. The poor lady has obviously been starved for attention. Might have to get Kex in here later to help you relax her if time permits.

As for the plan there are more options than just stealing it in route.

You could steal it from the party while disguised as a agent of one of the other warlords in town. Frame one of Lady Enlu's enemies so that they take the reputation hit.

Cause a upswing in random chaos at Enlu's mansion the instant the artifact arrives. Then start rumors that the artifact was already stolen and or corrupted and the church just moved it here to try and hid that fact. Then steal it and replace with a look alike chaos copy in the confusion. (note this might be counteracted by the artifacts order field?)

Or just steal it anyways and leave Kex here while you go to deliver it. He can help Enlu take over the town in the chaos after the artifacts removal. Plus provide Enlu with some much needed male companionship.

Just remember that however this plays out this whole town is going to get crazy very shortly. Other than stealing the artifact all you want is to make sure it falls to the good sort of chaos and not the Murderous rampage sort.
No. 808526 ID: 262ceb

Another plan idea: find out more about the god/demigod they worship, then stage an appearance by them (maybe in the tower, with the mind fog in effect?) where they declare how displeased they are and that they're withdrawing their blessing and the power of the relic, blaming the priests and the palace. Then they check the relic at Enlu's, where it's been replaced, and they discover that "the relic" no longer has any power. You get away with the real relic and no-one even suspects it's been stolen!
No. 808581 ID: f66698

Lets be real, while Story Seeker has a mission, bedding the most powerful of women is his calling in life. Who cares if he has to steal the relic back, he's not leaving a woman unsatisfied while it's in his power not to.
No. 808602 ID: bfb318
File 149773319480.png - (157.43KB , 800x800 , 9-330.png )

Right now, it is late evening, and the sun is low in the sky. The ritual itself was to take place at night, in just a few hours tops.

It's unlikely that literal order-worshipping lizards would let the schedule slip so easily, and so perhaps the transit is to happen after the ritual. In that case, I still have plenty of time to feed Lady Enlu's voracious appetite for attention, and think up plans.

But, what kind of person, man, and bard would I be if I were to fail this task by worrying so hard about some other task?! No, I will shut my big mouth, and handle Lady Enlu as energetically as I can and still maintain my stamina. I will have her fold, and close out this session before I let myself show the slightest bit of lethargy! I must prepare myself to spend hours on this if that is what it takes, but if I am able to get her to fold early, and have it appear as it were her own idea and not my pressure...

Of course! That should be starting momentarily, if not already proceeding. I put on a shocked face, more theatrics than honest surprise, in front of Enlu. She says nothing, but looks at me quizically.

"Ah, I apologize, it is nothing, I just realized that I heard you had a party, and I while I would like nothing more than to keep this going throughout the night, I also would not wish to keep you from..." I trail off, looking at Enlu's own expression.

As soon as I mentioned 'party', her face contorted as though she bit into bread with a rotten core.

>"It's called a 'party', but mark my words, it will just be a pack of lizards patting themselves on the back for benefitting from Kexluk's actions. I need not be present during the entire length."
"As long as I do not harm your reputation, Lady Enlu. I would hate to imagine that the relic were to be delivered to you, only to find out that it was already stolen and you were given a fake!"
>"... why would that be?"

Hm, my plan to keep my big mouth shut seems to have already failed.
No. 808605 ID: 015058

Because me and Kex are going to steal it and replace it with a fake of course.

That or you could say:

"Well this whole idea that the kobolds are going to somehow steal a artifact of pure order seems silly. It seems more likely that someone is using this situation to try and ruin you. Why else would they insist on storing it at your place?"

"I could just be paranoid but after watching all the politics around here it seems like you are the only decent noble in town. And with you being the only one to personally meet with Kexluk they might be trying to damage your reputation before you can get him on your side."

"In there view whoever wins over Kexluk could probably take over the town. So seeing you have a amicable relationship with him so quickly might be causing people to panic."
No. 808607 ID: 56ffef

"Well I assume if the church is so concerned they would move it then someone must be planing to steal it. But that is none of my business let me get back to mine!" keep your mouth busy SS! >:l
No. 808610 ID: e22b1d

Because the whole affair feels like a trap my lady.

Are we really supposed to believe that some random Kobolds have suddenly organized a group capable of stealing the churches most important relic? Right as a very powerful Paladin has come into town who could overthrow the current political balance overnight if he wished? That same Paladin who has only met with one Noble? And who left his personal slave in her care?

If I was a scheming noble I would wait until the peak of the party and then show off the "relic" for a fake. Then blame you for it.
No. 808611 ID: efcc58

Honesty is the best policy.
"The forces of chaos are at work tonight. Kexluk and I seem to have been caught in the middle of it. As we speak, Kexluk is returning to the dragon's lair to defend its inhabitant from the greedy lizardmen who sought its death. The kobold underground, after plotting for years, have decided to put their plans into action. As much as I would love to spend the night in your pleasant company, I may need to assist in the collapse of society."
No. 808613 ID: 5b93d3

"Because the relic would be nowhere safer than in the church under guard. Why would they move it unless they intended to pin the blame on another party?"
No. 808615 ID: 17c2ee

Don't be delusional.

Much better. Go with these.
No. 808626 ID: 91ee5f

No. 808638 ID: 3abd97

>"... why would that be?"
If there was not some threat to the relic's safety, I doubt the relic's guards would be so anxious to hide it away. And you mentioned yourself, if it were to go missing, you would be blamed.

Hmmm. Perhaps one can see the hand of her rivals in this? Not only is Enlu arguably a reasonable person to hide the relic with, but there's someone who would like to see her fail, and is giving her the chance.
No. 808646 ID: 262ceb

"Well, my lady, hard as it is for me to even conceive of it from my current position, I know there must be people who wish you ill, some of whom have been displeased quite recently! Even if the move itself was motivated honestly, I find it too easy to imagine someone immediately thinking to take advantage of it."
No. 809113 ID: bfb318
File 149790849782.png - (178.95KB , 800x800 , 9-331.png )

"The whole thing feels like an elaborate trap, if I say so myself. Unless there is reason to believe that some group of kobolds out there suddenly gained the capability of stealing the church's most valuable possession? Even if its location is known, where else would be safer, unless your security is far better than I have witnessed?"
>"You would speak ill of my security?"
"I would never speak ill, however, my actions have led me right within your bed chambers."
>"Yes, you could be an assassin. To be slain by a kobold? That would have been the biggest farce of all."
"'Could be'? I should hope I've convinced you otherwise!"
>"I'm convinced you're not a very efficient one."
"I can't make an argument otherwise, as I can't imagine what assassins are like! I am much too open, and can only imagine other situations. Say, a scheming noble! Then I would wait until the peak of the party, and reveal the relic as a fake! Especially after you and Kexluk, that paladin that could upset the orderly balance of this town overnight, have hit off on such a cordial relationship."
>"It's barely cordial, at that."
No. 809114 ID: f08985

"Excuse me, it seems Nece's spotted us."
No. 809116 ID: a363ac

oh no it appears we have been spotted whatever shall we do with this voyeur lady Enlu?~
No. 809118 ID: 91ee5f

"Wait, was that the door I just heard opening?"
*look at Nece*
"Uhhhh.....it's not what it looks like???"
No. 809120 ID: 3abd97

>as I can't imagine what assassins are like!
Really? You've known a few of them, so hopefully you can remember what they're like without need for imagining.

>Nece spotted us
The only appropriate answer is to double down.

I'm sorry, Nece, did you want to join us?
No. 809121 ID: 262ceb

"Compared to others of your standing in this city, Kexluk has a high opinion of you, you can trust. Speaking of trust, I hope you have a great deal of it for servants - such as our onlooker, here?"
No. 809122 ID: 262ceb

Oh, if she tries to run, maybe you can Escape Bedroom to where she is and trip her up?
No. 809148 ID: 29c4aa

yeah Nece should join if Enlu doesn't mind!
No. 809152 ID: 015058

You did have him tied up and were goading me into shooting him with a crossbow at the time. He was worried that it was all a trap for you to just shoot him yourself. Once he knows that you are not like the other nobles in town he will warm up to you nicely.

Also ignore the fact that you have been spotted and start nibbling on her chest. Got to perform for your new audience.
No. 809787 ID: bfb318
File 149817364272.png - (131.43KB , 800x800 , 9-332.png )

>You've known a few assassins
I realize now my wording was poor - while I have an impression of what they are like, I would have a difficult time placing myself in their shoes, at least moreso than more social individuals.

"Well, it's as cordial as one can expect, considering you had him tied up and had me point a crossbow at him! As I've said, though, he would be more than willing to make things more cordial as well, that you can trust! And speaking of trust, do you trust your servant, because it appears that Nece has showed up."

>"You will never speak of this."
>"I... I know! But... really?! I mean..."
"Perhaps she would like to join in?"
>"No." says Lady Enlu. "Nece must help organize and progress the party in my absence. You appear concerned, Nece."
>"I... am! Is this okay to do?" Nece asks.
>"Do you take issue with kobolds, Nece? That I would lay with one?"
>"Speak freely, Nece. Are you judging me?"
>"N-no, of course not, but, your fever!"
No. 809788 ID: bfb318
File 149817365197.png - (114.68KB , 800x800 , 9-333.png )

The silence that follows for the next moment is more deafening than my magic could ever hope to accomplish.

>"There is no fever, Nece."
>"What, but... ohh. I really messed up coming back didn't I?" says Nece.
>"You did. Are you just here to watch?"
>"No! I mean, I could - I mean no! Kexluk! He got in a fight with Mosxa's agents, and rumors say that Mosxa and Kexluk are going to have a duel!"
>"Now! Well, when Mosxa gets ready anyway, there's the ritual, and we have to wait for our Warlord to oversee it."
>"Well, then, I suppose Story Seeker here has a good reason to excuse himself. I'm sure Kexluk will want his attendant."
No. 809789 ID: a363ac

there is no rush I shall attend to you then to Kexluk
No. 809790 ID: 6dbdff

"I have well-earned faith in Kexluk's abilities, Lady Enlu. While I do have good reason to excuse myself and leave, for a woman such as yourself no less than a superb reason would do! So, I shall not take this excuse to depart, then, but rather, to not stretch this as long as I would love!"

Then unleash your full power and get her off one more time. I'm sure an expert bard such as yourself has been scouting out her favourite spots all this time. If you've saved mana for the basic safety spell then I'm sure she wouldn't mind you satisfying yourself as well. You won't be able to help Kexluk much with a critical case of the sapphire scaled scrotum.
No. 809796 ID: 015058

Give her one last nibble and grope before you go so she is worked up enough to regret your leaving.

Then wish her well as you head off to steal the now in route relic before it gets to her house. With Relic in hand stop on by the duel to wave Kex good luck.
No. 809798 ID: 3ce125

Story really should go. We need to get at that relic.
No. 809807 ID: 3abd97

I suppose we do have a good reason, but that's no excuse to leave a task unfinished!

Double time it. Gotta burn Enlu out then get over to help Kexluk and/or steal the relic in the chaos.

Man you're going to be tired when this mission is over. Good thing it's easy for Kexluk to carry you.
No. 809827 ID: 1c8358

Storyseeker has a deeply involved task to finish. Two, if he can convince Nece to stay. She wants to watch. More importantly, Lady Enlu might derive considerable satisfaction from doing some watching of her own after she's been properly attended to.

Kexluk is more than capable of taking care of himself. Especially if Storyseekers good-work here can pave the way for him into the same bedroom.
No. 809838 ID: 91ee5f

I say we finish pleasuring Enlu, then go join Kexluk.

And, yes, I know Kexluk is a big boy and he can take care of himself, but if it's a duel, then I'm sure Kexluk will follow the rules of the duel while Mosxa will try to cheat! I wouldn't put it past Mosxa to try some sort of mind control thing on Kexluk to make Kexluk be his servant or something.

.....then again, it might be something as simple as a woman with big tits nearby and that ends up distracting Kexluk. And we all know how distracted he gets when a woman with big tits is nearby!
No. 809895 ID: 2b0a30

Duty first, pleasure later.
No. 809897 ID: f08985

Well, the mood's probably ruined anyway, but give her a last little farewell and promise to do this properly next chance you get.
No. 809901 ID: bfb318
File 149824854846.png - (160.28KB , 800x800 , 9-334.png )

"If you wish me to leave, then that is precisely what I will do, but is there such a hurry to leave right away?"
>"Are you offering to stay for awhile, even while your master has a duel?"
"I do not intend to miss it, but he is capable! And I believe I, too, am capable of pleasing both of the people that are, or once were, my master."

So I say and so we continue, and I spend the next 10 minutes in rigorous exercise attempting to wear her down. All I manage is to get signs of light fatigue from here, and I must concede that satisfying her would require an all night affair.

>"Nece, I know you are not far. Come and help me clean and dress."
>"Okay I'll draw the bath!"
"Perhaps sometime, Nece may wish to join in?"
>"Focus on Kexluk, you little horny kobold."
"Worried about him?"
>"Not really. Mosxa is most likely the strongest fighter we have, but he has only proven himself here, in this isolated town in the middle of a vast world. Kexluk has proven to be strong anywhere in all of the known lands. Nonetheless, you should be there, if only for presentation. If you are late, send my apologies to Kexluk for keeping you for so long."
"I will pass it along, but I do doubt that apologies will be necessary!"
>"Do return sometime."

I could immediately go to Kexluk, but I do have faith in his ability to remain on guard against any underhanded techniques that Mosxa may use, and so perhaps it would be more effective of me to go to another location instead of merely being present for Kexluk.

A) Go to Kexluk
B) Investigate Mosxa's estate to find out if he's attempting anything underhanded.
C) Go back to the chaos den to alert the residents about the relic's imminent transit.
D) Elsewhere?
No. 809902 ID: f08985

>"Focus on Kexluk, you little horny kobold."
Hey, she complimented your horns. You can finally tell Sisi and the rest they were wrong, having unbroken horns finally came in handy.

C. I'm sure Moxsa is pulling some bullshit, but Kexluk should be capable enough, the main mission takes priority after all this faffing about.
No. 809903 ID: a363ac

go to the chaos Den and let them know of the change of plans so they can start planning to rob the order artifact from Enlu or in transit. Then go to Kexluk they are good at scheming they won't need your help there.
No. 809906 ID: 84ac62

Drop by the chaos den then go to Kexluk.

Remember that there's a dumb prophecy about your six-lined badge and a kobold stealing the artifact.
No. 809909 ID: 91ee5f

Drop by the chaos den then go to Kexluk.
No. 809911 ID: 3abd97

B seems silly. Of course he is!

C then A.
No. 809931 ID: 84ac62

Remember that the fears of kobolds stealing the artifact could just be news of that prophecy you got earlier, and also that if they still plan to go on with the ceremony the original plan might still work fine, and even be favourable since it would remove the real artifact before it got to Enlu's. We planted the idea of a replacement into her head so in that case she should check it right away and not be blamed... though I think with the chaos being planned there might be suspicions. Hopefully Mosxa's shenanigans will divert even more resources.
No. 810022 ID: 015058

Before you go anywhere you have to tell us. What does that big fluffy tail of hers feel like?

C. Kexluk can deal with anything thrown at him. We need to get that relic stolen while he captures the towns attention. People will be so busy watching the duel they will not watch some kobolds running around.
No. 810280 ID: bfb318
File 149841908586.png - (159.92KB , 800x800 , 9-335.png )

>What does that big fluffy tail of hers feel like?
Exactly what it looks like. Big, and fluffy.

"I intend to, Miss Enlu!" I say, dressing myself, and leaving through the place of where I came from to meet with Howka back at the chaos den.

"Greetings again, Howka!"
>"Story Seeker hello how are you?"
"I am well. I bear an update - there is word that the relic will be transported to Lady Enlu's place! I do not know precisely when, but that should be accounted for in our plans."
>"Oh okay I think that makes great sense because of weird movements of the church! We will make new plans. Then act on new plans for a change. Would you like to be involved."
"I have great faith in your capabilities, Howka, and I feel like I may just get in the way."
>"Not true!"
"Regardless, I do have faith in success without me, in the way or otherwise. I do have business elsewhere, as well."
>"Okay. Chaos kobolds will do best!"
"I know it. Now, I must leave, goodbye again!"
>"Good bye!"
No. 810281 ID: bfb318
File 149841920317.png - (178.00KB , 800x800 , 9-336.png )

It takes a little bit of asking around, but Kexluk is not a hard man to locate. Apparently my identity as Kexluk's property is becoming well enough known that I am practically ushered in to Kexluk, where I find him in a house, left alone, heated by rocks that have sat in a fire. A cheap luxury amongst lizards, I'm sure.

>"And there you are, Story Seeker. I've been wondering what you've been up to."
"A tale best told soon, but not now! I hear that you are going to duel Mosxa?"
>"Yes. I did not expect him to confront me directly. If you ask me, after his assassination attempt failed, he had to openly confront me to save face. I am not worried about my ability to win, rather I am more concerned about what consequences there will be for beating the fort's pride. Do I make it look like he is capable and can fight on even ground, or do I simply crush him embarrassingly? Forgive my arrogance, here."
No. 810283 ID: a363ac

just beat him up we are leaving soon enough and have no time to play with annoying lizards who don't know to leave well enough alone.
No. 810284 ID: 015058

Do we care about the forts pride? If things go as planned we will be gone with our objective soon enough.

If the lords of this town were not a bunch of jerks I would be more inclined to take there "feelings" into account. I think the best bet would be to fight him with your full power. If you go easy on him it will just improve his reputation as the lord that could fight the mighty Kexluk on a even footing. People will start to think they can take on anyone and if they come across a real threat they will be badly outmatched.

The best we could do for this town would be to make sure that someone reasonable like lady Enlu ends up in charge after the chaotic power struggle that is sure to follow once the artifact disappears.
No. 810286 ID: e7940b

Crush him. He'll probably play dirty anyways. Any sort of dishonor his defeat will bring will be nothing compared to what results from his cheating.
No. 810287 ID: e94191

You don't really like the fort right? There's no real need to spare their feelings.
No. 810290 ID: 84ac62

I think there is more awareness among the lizards here that they're not that great than they let on. There are some who are pretty delusional about it, but others I think just try not to think about it. A good thrashing will only help wake them up.

Besides, Kexluk is the man who single-handedly destroyed an undead army recently, I doubt even Mosxa himself expects to stand any decent chance. In fact, a truly sound beating will probably save more face, because it will reinforce the idea of Kexluk as someone who's beyond normal. A common footsoldier doesn't feel ashamed for losing to a knight, right? The higher above him Kexluk seems, the more face Mosxa could save, ironically.

If I were you, I'd go full force on him, and worry about what his plan is for that. Is Kexluk sure of his ability to detect and neutralize poison, for example? I know he said curing poison is the first thing a paladin learns, but is he sure he'll know when he's been poisoned? Or, what else could he be planning to have done while he distracts Kexluk?
No. 810292 ID: fc33ea

I think it would be worse to be seen as toying with him. That said, it's more likely he has some kind of underhanded trick up his sleeve.
No. 810293 ID: 3ce125

Crush him. The fort could do with less pride.
No. 810295 ID: 84ac62

For example, if someone had but something into that fire that would produce smoke of some kind, would Kexluk be able to tell?

Also I'd tell Kexluk not to just assume he's all that and give his opponent the chance to surprise him, but he's an experienced warrior so I assume he'd know that much.
No. 810297 ID: 91ee5f

>If you ask me, after his assassination attempt failed, he had to openly confront me to save face.
It's been a while since that happened, so could we possibly get a reminder on what happened and why he tried to kill Kexluk?

>Spare feelings or embarrass him?
"I think you should embarrass him. If he was trying to save face, then he would've been better off by just saying, 'I'm sorry for trying to kill you.' But instead he challenged you to a duel and is going to end up losing even more face!"

Does anyone think Mosxa would try to have someone kidnap Story Seeker before the duel and then meet with Kexluk before the duel to tell him that if doesn't throw the fight, he'll kill Story Seeker?
No. 810299 ID: 3abd97

Depends on the fort's culture, really. If they're the kind of culture that would look down on you for not allowing a losing opponent to maintain "face", or if they're the kind of culture that would see holding back as weakness, or drawing out the fight as cruelty or toying with your opponent.

I think the people here have some idea of your strength, and they do seem to value strength, considering how they rule. I haven't been here long enough to be an expect in the city's moods myself, but my best guess is going easy on your opponent is will cause more problems than going hard on him.

Be careful, though. He may have some kind of trick to his favor, even if he can't beat you in a fair fight. A noble does have resources, even if he has less martial skill than you. If you are too reckless or give him reign to set something up, you may regret it.
No. 810316 ID: 5e855e

Don't drag out the fight, crush him. He might play dirty.
No. 810317 ID: 84ac62

Oh, if there's a fire in here there's ventilation, so be careful someone isn't listening. Have you got bard magic that can keep sound contained within a particular area, such as for private performances (or not waking everyone in the same house during night-time bardic bedroom activities)? Put that on the list to learn if you don't.
No. 810323 ID: 2b0a30

I say go all-out, crushing him hard and fast, but make sure everyone sees you're going all-out. Don't make it look effortless, make it look efficient.
No. 810959 ID: bfb318
File 149868434681.png - (122.78KB , 800x800 , 9-337.png )

"Tell me, Kexluk, are we really in the business of maintaining the fort's pride? Do they really need to keep it?"
>"Hm... you raise a good point. They could do with a bit less pride, it's true! Then I will not hold back against Mosxa, even if it turns out he is not that strong of a warrior."
"Probably for the best! If he wanted to save face, he would apologize for trying to kill you."
>"Well, I don't know if that would save face under the dirty light of a dirty town like this, but the point stands, that the town will know what the gap is between Mosxa and myself, big or small! And then - ah! That's right." Kexluk says, lowering his voice to a whisper. I also help silence the room. "Provided I win, I am to secretly report to the church to move the artifact to Lady Enlu's. Now, would you like to watch me fight Mosxa? You need not feel obligated."
No. 810962 ID: a363ac

make sure to get closer to kexluk to whisper to him and make sure no-lizards are listening in. "don't let anyone else know that you are transporting the artifact. try and go to the chaos kobold den make sure to go through the middle of the outer wall area and pick up tulip if the church tries to follow you beat them up and claim they were spies from the chaos faction. I have to finish some business with Enlu and it might take a while. go hang out at Enlu's party once you are done with the stuff. I will find you."
No. 810964 ID: a363ac

oh and stroy seeker go to Enlu's get a headstart on the business and don't make lago draw a fight scene
No. 810965 ID: 9e9eae

>Provided I win, I am to secretly report to the church to move the artifact to Lady Enlu's.

Ah... hm. Perhaps he should drag the fight out a bit, then. If they're waiting on him, that's more time for the chaos kobolds to make their attempt at the tower, before the artifact is moved. One assumes the original timing and the ceremony are still on.

Perhaps even make a bit of a show out of it? Kexluk is a renowned guy, and around here so is Mosxa. Maybe play it up. Before the duel, have Story go out ahead to announce/sing of Kexluk's accomplishments and stature, and act obviously expectant that Mosxa do the same thing. Have a little ceremony. It might also attract more onlookers, diverting more of the city's attention.

I hope, Story, that while you were traveling you heard enough stories from Kexluk to appropriately herald him as a bard accompanying a knight should?
No. 810977 ID: 3ce125

He's going to be part of the security detail? That would give us a huge opportunity to steal it.
No. 810983 ID: 3abd97

You're moving the artifact? That makes things easier.

It had occurred to me the best time to steal it, or to swap it out for a fake, would be while it was in transit.

>what do
Well, we either try to counter any foul play against Kexluk, or... we need to set up preparations for the theft and swap. Kinda thinking the later is more important.

To protect Enlu, you'd have to be prepared to accuse someone of delivering a fake as soon as it reached it her door. Then the guards (add Kex) take blame, instead of her.

Although. Hmmm. We did promise not to hurt his reputation, didn't we? I suppose we should talk this plan out.
No. 810985 ID: 91ee5f

Isn't the artifact already in transit towards Enlu's as we speak? That would mean that Kexluk was lied to and he's going to be escorting a fake artifact!

Actually, that's a good way for this city to get rid of 2 problem lizard people with 1 stone!

We've already suspected that someone would reveal the artifact is fake over at Enlu's, so if it's fake when Kexluk is in charge of guarding it, that would make him a suspect, since he's an outsider in this town! And since everyone suspects both Enlu and Kexluk have been building a friendship with each other, they would pin the blame on Kexluk and Enlu working together to steal the artifact!

.....maybe I'm being a little too paranoid?
No. 812401 ID: bfb318
File 149911968483.png - (98.81KB , 800x800 , 9-338.png )

>Isn't the artifact already in transit towards Enlu's as we speak?
It may not be too long, but I did not hear of it already being in transit, only planned to be tranferred. I expect it will wait until after the ritual.

"Hm, I may not, though perhaps we can play up the fight, and I can sing tales of your exploits leading up to the fight?"
>"I approve of that, yet, do you know many of my exploits?"
"I have heard your stories, yet you were not one to state the smaller details. But, there is no small detail worth fretting over, as I can simply fill in the gaps myself until I manage to pry you for more later. However, in good respect to Zirkala, I do need to address business first! If you are to guard the relic, then I would say this makes it easier, but you would not want a reputation hit if the relic disappeared, would it?"
>"Hm, no, I would not. Yet, I have already agreed to help steal the relic, and that is already the kind of activity I like even less! Just thinking about how I agreed to that makes me see how far I've fallen, but I have agreed nonetheless, and I intend to see it through. In other words, Story Seeker, I am willing to put the mission first at the cost of my own reputation, since it would only be disgraceful to protect my outward image at the cost of my inner image. Mind you that it would be too big of a problem if they knew I stole it, but if I was merely suspected? As long as there is the known chance that it could have been a fake before us guards even received it, then that is acceptable. If you can arrange some kind of attack on us, the flashier the better, then I can swap out the relic in the chaos. Are you able to arrange such a thing?"
No. 812445 ID: 3abd97

>arrange something flashy
In all likelyhood, yes. I'm going to need to hurry to put something convincing in time.
No. 812450 ID: 015058

I should be able to easily enough.

The big problem is it would be a open attack by the chaos followers in town. Who's forces are made up of mostly kobolds. And while it is exactly what they want it would most likely lead to a major slave war during our departure.

A good portion of the slaves love the idea. But having met nice people on both sides of this society I would honestly love to figure out a way to keep the violence to a minimum. The thought of lady Enlu getting torn apart by kobolds or the kobolds getting killed in mass by the lizards worries me.

And if that is not a prayer to a certain chaos god I know then I don't know what is.

How did the affair with the dragon end up?
No. 812468 ID: e121d3

This is probably the time to fill Kexluk in on the whole secret chaos kobold society plan thing.
No. 813384 ID: 91ee5f

"Would you be able to tell if the relic you're guarding is a fake? Because it would be nice if we came up with some kinda signal you can give to let the Chaos Kobolds know that the relic you have is real or let them know it's fake and the real one is still in the temple."
No. 815094 ID: bfb318
File 149986538258.png - (154.73KB , 800x800 , 9-339.png )

"In all likelihood, yes, but I must be hasteful about it! Have I told you, yet, about the chaos followers in town?"
>"Hm? I don't believe so."
"Well, there is a place called a chaos den, you see, primarily of kobolds, but a surprising amount of other folk are involved as well, and they have had their own plans to steal the artifact. I can have them stage a mock attack on you. A slave uprising may be poised as well, but I hope to keep violence to a minimum. In fact, in my early baked ideas, Enlu herself would be put at the top, and with her excellent reputation among slaves, would be able to keep peace while making improvement. If that's not a prayer to a certain chaos god, then I have no idea what is! By the way, how did the affair with the dragon end up?"
>"That is a tale that I may need time to, hrm... how do I put this... find the words for."
"Then I will wait, and for now, we will focus on our objective. However! I have one concern. Would you be able to to tell if the relic you are guarding is a fake?"
>"Hmm, I hear that it isn't magic in the traditional sense, and so I do not know if I can properly gauge it. But, I have a good relationship with a priest, and I can, and will, ask him to verify it for me."
"Then, we should come up with a sign you can give to the chaos kobolds to signify whether or not the artifact is a fake. What if you call them 'cretins' if it is a fake and the real one is in the temple, and if you don't call them that, then it is real?"
>"That I can do. Then, shall we part ways again?"


"That group outside sure is getting noisy."
No. 815095 ID: bfb318
File 149986539816.png - (97.91KB , 800x800 , 9-340.png )

Although I am keeping ourselves quiet through use of magic, I can still hear people outside going towards the arena. It appears that the fight between Kexluk and Mosxa will have a grand audience, and there are signs of impatience and anticipation for it.

I know that I should be making haste, as the sooner I get back to the chaos den, the more time there will be to plan for the transfer and make a scene for Kexluk to take advantage of!

But the chance to perform in front of a large audience about the travels and trials of my traveling friend? That chance is now and only now, and I have to admit that the size of the temptation within me is larger than the gathering audience.
No. 815097 ID: e121d3

To be honest, Story, you are still a kobold and if you step out and up to make pronouncements there'll probably be trouble. It's an injustice, but it's the way of things here. It might work if Kexluk himself "commands" you to speak for him, and then you do a very good job (which might assist in the opinion of kobolds around here), but it's still risky, especially since you will mostly be engaging in improv.

On the other hand, of course, what is any adventure without risk? Besides which, from a position of speaker, you could cast your eye over the crowd and maybe spot any shenanigans that are in effect. Perhaps Tulip will be around, since this is a moment of Kexluk being known to be on a specific place at a specific time. And if you delver a rousing enough performance on the topic of Kexluk's good deeds, virtue and nobility, anyone who has been contracted to cause trouble for him might have second thoughts about doing so. A touch of emphasis on the exotic (for these people) places and people Kexluk has encountered might also shake up this society just a little.

All in all, I think I'd say go for it, Story.
No. 815111 ID: 56ffef

while their is great happiness in preforming you will have chances to do it again later. Which is not to say you shouldn't do anything sing of Kexluk's praises as you walk to the outer wall and the kobolds be a mobile advertisement.
No. 815146 ID: 3ce125

This audience will not appreciate you, Story.
No. 815165 ID: 015058

As fun as it would be this audience is a group of lizard men bigots who are here to see blood sports.

They would probably not appreciate you.

So just like Kex is fighting against his weakness to women you should fight the urge to play for this audience and get back to the plan.

(Maybe just a quick intro though)
No. 815182 ID: 2eb6ac

Also, he hasn't told you about the dragon yet.
No. 815407 ID: 3abd97

Perform, and then run off to to kobold stuff at double speed.

You never play things safe anyways.
No. 815417 ID: 91ee5f

He said he needs time to find the words to tell the story. So he'll tell us later.
No. 815432 ID: 2eb6ac

That's my point: No point in performing if we don't know the hottest story yet.
No. 815517 ID: bfb318
File 149997600465.png - (158.22KB , 800x800 , 9-341.png )

I know I shouldn't, and I was hoping to talk about the current events of the dragon most of all, but I will just have to resist the urge. Kexluk and I set up some key phrases and better communicate where we stand so that there will be no easily prevented disasters, before a voice calls out to us.

>"We're ready for you to enter, Kexluk!"

If it's already time, I will indulge myself in giving him an appropriate introduction as he enters the ring. I ride him into the arena. Just before he enters, I yell his praises.

"Behold, the paladin in training, the slayer of liches approaches! He who pushed the Unyielding Skeleton onto its tailbone! He who scattered the Mana Collective! He who broke the Steel Lich! Kexluk the Paladin! In training."

Hm, I don't think he's used to people singing his praises. He might have to get used to that!
No. 815518 ID: bfb318
File 149997601249.png - (188.17KB , 800x800 , 9-342.png )

Perhaps it's because I'm in where the lizards expect me to be - in subservience to Kexluk - that leads them to not mind my theatrics. They mostly cheer, but there are a few hisses and boos, no doubt from those directly under Mosxa.

I excuse myself to exit the ring, though I peer back to see the fight that quickly starts. Kexluk does choose to trounce Mosxa, and I hope he was able to assess Mosxa's strength before choosing to show. I believe what he does is his favorite method of intimidation and showmanship, which is hardening his scales with his magic, and simply letting Mosxa strike his side. The sword may have cut through the tanktop, but there is a pathetic, muffled 'clink' as though he struck padded iron. There is a gasp, and although Mosxa can only harden his expression, I can tell that he has just realized the position that he is in.
No. 815519 ID: bfb318
File 149997603909.png - (119.84KB , 800x800 , 9-343.png )

As for me, I sprint off to find the chaos den again, having spent more than enough time dawdling.

>"Story! How are you again? I have news!"
"I am well, Howka, and hope you are too! And I, too, have news, regarding the relic."
>"Oh? My news is also of relic."
"Is it that it is being transferred to Lady Enlu's?"
"Then you are well informed! Yes, and what makes this convenient is that Kexluk will be one of the guards escorting the Relic directly from the church to Lady Enlu's."
>"..... eh?"
"Ah, don't worry, Kexluk is not as much of an ally to Spearstone as some would believe."
>"Er, no, it is just, word is that it does not have guards, and it is not to be moved openly. We heard words saying it is to be secretly moved."
No. 815521 ID: 56ffef

easy enough to fix and quite expected really why wouldn't they try to confuse anyone going after the relic. the better question is if it is being moved at all at least two teams will be needed for now a weaker one with numbers to hit kexluk and the stronger one to hit the secret route which could be entrusted to Howka.
meanwhile SS needs to go to either finish Enlu or carry the relic with Kexluk.
No. 815522 ID: fc33ea

Sounds like a canary trap. How did Howka get this information?
No. 815531 ID: 015058

I see a few options for what could be happening.

1. Kexluk is being used to move a fake Relic out in the open and the real relic will be moved in secret.

2. Kexluk will be guarding the real one but the chaos bold network has been fed bad info to trap them when they go after the fake one.

3. Kexluk will move the real/fake relic but in secret.

4. The relic is not being moved and the temple has cast out a wide net to try and lure in anyone to attack one of the convoys.

5. Any combo of the same but one of the misc nobles or other powers in the city are interfering to cause a mess.

Unless you can get rock solid evidence for where this relic is you might have to split into 3 teams. You or Sand Gnoll will have to hit the tower in case they are leaving it there. The other team will hit the secret convoy. And finally Kex will just steal his relic.
No. 815532 ID: 91ee5f

Hmmm, sounds like someone's baiting a trap to see if they can find out who's leaking information.

The secret route could be a trap where there's only guards and no relic. But then again, it could be real and Kexluk's group is supposed to be a trap. Another possibility is that the relic isn't gonna leave the temple and both the secret route and Kexluk's group are traps.

If only we had some way of actually knowing what's going on!
No. 815533 ID: e121d3

Troubling. Kexluk's transfer could be a fake, to cover the real transfer - or it could be a double bluff and Kexluk's will be real. But Kexluk will ask the priest for confirmation, and presumably order priests are supposed to be honest... but could the priest be deceived as well? Enlu would be expected to check as well, though, even she wasn't specifically warned. Shaming Kexluk with the loss of the relic on his watch might be a backup plan on the warlord's part, too. What a tangled web.

You need more details on these leaks. Where did the information come, and how? What time is the transfer supposed to be? And what about all the alchemical shenanigans that we were going to dose the tower with, are they still going through? We might end up with chaos anyway. Which would be... appropriate.

... At some point, you need to spare some thought for how you're going to get the relic out of the city and across the desert, you know. If everyone knows it's been stolen, they'll be watching for it to leave. The best thing would be if no-one knew it had been stolen in the first place, though that seems... tricky, now.
No. 815535 ID: 3abd97

>word is that it does not have guards, and it is not to be moved openly. We heard words saying it is to be secretly moved
So it's being moved openly, and in secret.

Troubling, since either delivery could be a decoy. You have to hit them both, preferably at the same time.

And if this is a shell game, we have to consider the fact the relic may never actually leave at all. Both transfers could be fake, and the real one could stay put.

Only way to be sure was if you were on it the whole time.
No. 816979 ID: bfb318
File 150051773051.png - (125.42KB , 800x800 , 9-344.png )

"Concerning! I sense that there may either be false information being handed out, or multiple transports taking place!"
>"With only one real artifact?"
"Maybe, but we cannot rule out the chance that the relic isn't being moved at all. How did you gather this information, Howka?"
>"We have kobold slave spies under priests who tell us. Oh, this is getting complex."
"It is, but there is no reason why we cannot address a complex problem, simply! Did you hear what time this secret transfer will happen at?"
>"Yes, it is to happen tonight, after the temple's ritual!"
"The same time as Kexluk's movement, then. We may just need to strike at all three places at once! Are we still able to set up an ambush on the temple?"
"Then I think we may do just that."
"What's wrong?"
>"Oh! I think it is your good idea, but Story Seeker may need to convince people to attack secret movements. We have confidence in tower attack because all kobolds know its schedule so well. Guard movement is tricky, but with Kexluk on the side of chaos, we will move. But attack secret guards, with no knowledge, with no inside lizards? Very dangerous. Very hesitant. Story Seeker may need to find good help, or convince people to help."

This may be tricky. I may need to find something to bolster the den's confidence in assaulting such a convoy, if not simply attempting to convince them outright. On the other hand, Sandfin, that retired chaos gnoll, may be willing to help as well, leaving more kobolds around to assault the tower, or stage an attack on Kexluk's group.
No. 816994 ID: e121d3

Weren't you originally planning to nab the artifact before the ceremony, anyway? Something about a giant cloud of confusion/gullibility smoke or something?
No. 817151 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you tell them what Kexluk's signal word is and what it means, so that they know to listen for it!
No. 817182 ID: 90f3c0

Hows that gas potion order coming along? You ordered an awful lot for the tower attack, maybe you can spare a bit to help with the other thefts as well.

Sandfin didn't sound like he wanted to get involved directly, but you might as well ask him if he's willing to help.
No. 817372 ID: 3abd97

Sandfin is retired, and you promised him a proper visit if you came back. Running up and expecting him to join in on this mess on very short notice might not go over well.

Stirring the kobolds with inspirational stories of greatness sure seems the bardly thing to do!
No. 817784 ID: bfb318
File 150083103677.png - (149.00KB , 800x800 , 9-345.png )

"Actually, I just remembered. We were planning on stealing the artifact before the ritual anyway, weren't we?"
"So if we manage to do that, we can avoid worrying about where the artifact goes or stays, can we not?"
>"Yes!" Howka repeats.

I also just recalled that Sandfin was retired, and wanted to stay that way. Therefore, I shall refrain from dragging him into our grand schemes.

"I ordered a great number of potions. I may wish, now, to check in on our friendly alchemist to see its progress."
>"Oh, I'm here." The alchemist slides out from behind a corner.
"Hello! What were you doing, hiding behind there?"
>"Avoiding social interaction. I have potions, found a new stash of ingredients, and old potions I forgot about. Also, I have some filtering scarfs to prevent breathing in some kinds of gas, which'll keep us from getting affected by some kinds of potions. The important ones. We have a lot of potions now. I guess a plan, too, I dunno."
"You don't seem too confident in it. Do you have recommendations for improving the plan?"
>"Oh, no, the plan's fine, but it is a plan. And the problem with that is that we have like, no actual practice executing plans. You know that, right? If the planned approach gets a hiccup in it, people won't know what to do. But if you guys just threw in potions, got the artifact, got out, no one's going to be all 'oh I don't know what to dooo' about it. Well, whatever, it's just my potions being used, my butt's not on the line, but I still don't know what your plan is."
"First thing is first - I will regale the chaos den with tales of valor!"
>"That's adorable and all and I'll be there for that, but during the heist? Should I give you the potions needed to let you impersonate the high priest, or give you the potions of forgetfullness, dumbness and gullability so you can sneak in to the top and gas the place just before the 'high priest' shows up? Or you know just have everyone run in and have it all sort itself out."
No. 817815 ID: e121d3

I just had an idea: the presence of the order artifact is inhibiting your ability to turn into a slime, right? Well, if it's based on proximity, maybe when you get right up next to the artifact you won't be able to do it at all, and as it got away you'd be able to do it easier. We could use that to test where the real artifact is. It would have been nice to have spent a little time testing it be wandering around town and trying it in different places, and the presence of sandfin's chaos idol might make it more complicated as well, but... well, when you're up near where the artifact is supposed to be, you can try it.

Speaking of, I wonder if going with an orderly plan rather than a chaotic rush might work better because it would fit better with whatever order aura the artifact has. Like, maybe the artifact's effect will literally make a planned approach work better?

Anyway, why is "impersonate the high priest or use gullibility/etc potions" being presented like a choice? Wasn't the plan to use both? We were going to like, smoke the whole tower with the confusion effects from below, since it has no windows most of the way and would work like a giant chimney, and then you'd use the impersonation effects to climb the tower of gullible people and get the artifact? So you'd be doing both? And we were also encouraging the chaos cultists to simultaneously prank the whole town so that the rumours we spread of some giant surge of chaos would make everyone think everything was just Tom's doing somehow? So the plan was "smoke the tower, cause "mysterious" chaos across the whole town, talk our way up the tower and gank the artifact in the general confusion". I'm pretty sure that's what we'd planned.

If we get some chaos to strike all over town, and the tower was effectively gassed, we could also stage an appearance by the order deity telling the lizards that they've sinned (maybe something about using order to promote their own selfish greed and glory or something) and he's taking the order artifact's mojo away, so that the replica we put in its place won't be questioned for having no power.
No. 817845 ID: df00b4

No plan survives first contact with implementation anyway.
Besides, "chaos followers", we'll do fine.
No. 817903 ID: 3abd97

>Should I give you the potions needed to let you impersonate the high priest, or give you the potions of forgetfullness, dumbness and gullability so you can sneak in to the top and gas the place just before the 'high priest' shows up?
Those hardly seem mutually exclusive. Wouldn't my disguise work better if the people I was using it against were forgetful, dumb, and gullible?

>hard plan is bad for chaos followers
Let's face it, Story is better at winging it than sticking to a plan. The art of this will be stirring the chaos in our favor when things go crazy.
No. 817914 ID: ce5c8b

Wing it. You will get more blessings from your good that way.
No. 817916 ID: 56ffef

true and it lets SS get more Enlu time and maybe also a promised visit to sandfin real quick.
No. 819113 ID: bfb318
File 150127817519.png - (145.09KB , 800x800 , 9-346.png )

"Using a mix of potions and impersonating the priest was the original plan, was it not?"
>"Yeahhhh, I mean, it's not like we can't do both, I just mean, we shouldn't have too many if-thens. Like, we should toss the potions everywhere even if the impersonation fails. Lemme reword. I think the plan shouldn't be 'here's a chain of events that are going to be done in this order', it should be 'let's do all this no matter what.'"
"In that case, I am inclined to agree! I am willing to be the priest, but if possible, I would like additional potions as well. Regardless of my success, though, do have people attempt to steal the relic whether I am present or otherwise."
>"Okay okay. That's fine."
>"We will also steal high priest!" says Howka. "We have schedules and will kidnap him when he is alone and helpless."

I would say 'then let's be off' or some equivalent, however! I have just gotten a clever idea.

I'm sure that the lizards would find it distastefully disorderly to cancel or relocate the nightly ritual, but I cannot shake the possibility that the relic is not where we think it is, especially with all the activity tonight. I could declare that a slim possibility not worth pursuing, but I have realized I can pursue it! So, instead I say...

"Then it is a plan, or at least a plan to act! I must hurry elsewhere, I will be back before long, but there is something I must test." I tell them, before running with as much speed as I can muster without overly exerting myself. "Howka, do you have an hourglass? A fast one, preferably, but it doesn't need to be a specific amount of time!"
>"Yes! Somewhere! I can get it!"
"Then let's do that, I require one for a test, and the sooner, the better, so that I can get back here in due time!"
No. 819114 ID: bfb318
File 150127819074.png - (126.95KB , 800x800 , 9-347.png )

Although I cannot directly sense the relic acting against my chaos abilities, the farther to the outskirts of town I get, the faster I can morph into a slime. These tests have to be rushed more than I would like, but by attempting to do so at different parts of the city, it is confirmed then that proximity is a factor! The town, although spacious, is not terribly large, and I am able to run to a few locations in short time before resting to test how fast I can slime myself.

Fully turning myself into a slime would take a good 20 minutes. Although reverting works much faster after all, 20 minutes is still too long, therefore I just focus on a single hand.

In fact, I think I may turn my midsection into a slime so that I can store objects as needed. The relic itself may even fit.
No. 819115 ID: bfb318
File 150127824740.png - (219.56KB , 800x800 , 9-348.png )

I run back to the chaos den in order to get a map and mark each point I slimed with how much time each took. It was a five minute hourglass, yet I still had to eyeball how much sand was left and approximate the time in how many hours and seconds it took me.
No. 819126 ID: 3abd97
File 150128367954.png - (195.74KB , 800x800 , triangulate.png )

>In fact, I think I may turn my midsection into a slime so that I can store objects as needed. The relic itself may even fit.
Storing an order artifact inside your own body with chaos magic seems like a really bad idea. What if it messes with your transformation, or tries to turn your slime back to kobold meat?

Okay, using the extremely scientific method of sliding a bullseye around the map, trying to position it such that higher numbers were closer to the center, I got this. It looks like the center is on the SW tower of the palace. Is that where we were planning to rob?
No. 819132 ID: 91ee5f

>Storing an order artifact inside your own body with chaos magic seems like a really bad idea. What if it messes with your transformation, or tries to turn your slime back to kobold meat?
Yeesh, good luck getting that back out of your body without having to be cut open!

.....if you're not already dead from your stomach exploding due to a large object stretching it more than it could stretch!
No. 819133 ID: 173b46
File 150128505625.png - (194.96KB , 800x800 , artifactlocation.png )

No. 819164 ID: 91e940
File 150129351594.jpg - (97.11KB , 800x800 , Heatmap.jpg )

Some non linear least square fit model thing
No. 819207 ID: 3ce125

Hey, let's not forget the Chaos artifact would boost Story's power. Do we know where that is? Are the two artifacts currently in exactly the same location? If not, then the location of the Order artifact is not quite where these readings imply. It's offset.
No. 819209 ID: 91ee5f

I'm pretty sure Sandfin has the Chaos artifact and we know he's not in the tower. So, no, the 2 artifacts are not in the same location.
No. 819217 ID: 3abd97

If there's a chaos artifact somewhere in town that would speed up Story's chaos spell, and an order artifact that would slow it down, that does mean there's going to be an interference pattern across the map.

So our models above assuming a single source would be inaccurate. Even if we assume that chaos is weak in this town, so that artifact has much less an effect, that still introduces error in our calculations for the location of the order artifact, that could easily be off by a building or a block.

Add in the fact that Story himself admitted his measurements were imperfect at best, the tl;dr is that this method isn't accurate enough to triangulate the location of the order artifact definitively. At best, it can be used as an imperfect checksum. Are we getting readings consistent with what we would expect based on where we think the order artifact is?
No. 819229 ID: 91ee5f

Like I said, I'm pretty sure Sandfin has the Chaos artifact with him.

So, would it help if Story Seeker marked Sandfin's location on the map and then we try to figure out where the Order relic is using the same methods shown above?
No. 819256 ID: 12b6bf

We'd need to ask sandfin where the chaos artifact is, though there's good chance the chaos kobolds know or have it right there with them in their cave.

In any case, it seems a pretty good bet that the order artifact isn't in the church tower. One of the possibilities for where it is is the palace, and we have already heard that there are tensions between the palace and the church. It's very possible that the order artifact was already taken. Call off everything to do with the tower! Get news to Kexluk! Good thing we told both him and Enlu to be careful, but tell him anyway.

A couple of brief questions of where the chaos artifact is and if the tensions between palace and church started/increased a lot after a specific time recently would be good.
No. 819257 ID: 12b6bf


Sandfin had a chaos idol (basically a holy symbol) with him, and said the compass was powered by a local chaos artifact, but there's not much indication the idol is the artifact.
No. 819316 ID: bfb318
File 150136032535.png - (582.53KB , 800x800 , 9-349.png )

No. 819317 ID: bfb318
File 150136036279.png - (137.25KB , 800x800 , 9-350.png )

I return to the chaos den!

"Hello, Gust, Lossi!"
>"Hello." Lossi replies. "What is that you have there?"
"A map! I am looking for a spot, but although I loosely understood the concept of which I pursued, I am realizing that I am having trouble deciphering my own data." I explain the concept to Lossi. As for Gust, he doesn't seem to care to talk to me if Lossi will do so.

Lossi thinks for a moment.

>"It's too inaccurate to act precise, but are you confident that you didn't make any mistakes?"
>"Then you should also be confident that the artifact is not in the church tower."
"However, it also occurs to me that there may be a chaos relic in town, and if the order relic denies my ability to turn into a slime, the chaos relic should boost it, and it may have made the results murky."
>"That's smart, but I don't think it would mess with the results too much. In a place like this, the order relic would be much stronger. A chaos relic here would be much too weak to sway the results too much partially because the chaos worshipers around here are so ineffectual. Even if your data was perfect, we still couldn't pin it down to a specific building, but it would still be in this area, and not in the church tower at all. Use that information as you will."

Sandfin merely had a chaos idol, and as for the relic itself, he told me that its location was a secret. Knowing him, he might not have even known himself! I didn't pry further.