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File 144281132804.png - (326.82KB , 960x560 , 395a.png )
671229 No. 671229 ID: d78cc1

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Static_on_the_Wire
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/72481.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/654197.html

No more questions.

It's time.
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No. 783261 ID: ca6f74
File 148816766122.png - (8.23KB , 960x559 , required.png )

Thus is the pact fulfilled.
No. 783263 ID: 398fe1
File 148816828667.png - (7.08KB , 960x560 , grr.png )

No. 783264 ID: 1f8505
File 148816873602.png - (11.68KB , 960x560 , warface.png )

No. 783265 ID: 398fe1
File 148816874140.png - (6.99KB , 960x560 , aaaaa.png )

my faaaaaace
No. 783267 ID: 9145ba

Ease off on the sharpie, Sev!
No. 783268 ID: 8d4593
File 148816941972.png - (11.99KB , 960x560 , Cy.png )

No. 783269 ID: a363ac
File 148816944690.jpg - (47.33KB , 960x560 , NP8U9EN.jpg )

No. 783270 ID: a363ac

also super secret ultra mega chicken version that should totally win http://imgur.com/nAoyLvS
No. 783273 ID: 3abd97
File 148816983318.png - (35.42KB , 960x560 , Dem perly lights.png )

No. 783275 ID: 4063a3
File 148816992096.png - (77.78KB , 960x560 , man.png )

No. 783277 ID: 521e29
File 148817019725.png - (10.65KB , 960x560 , RobotFace.png )

he's a big meanie
No. 783278 ID: 398fe1
File 148817047996.png - (6.28KB , 960x560 , sev2.png )

We could just do this? So boring though!
No. 783279 ID: 9145ba
File 148817054611.png - (55.65KB , 960x560 , double agent.png )

>maybe it should be a her so we can both be inside robots.

Lips sold separately.
No. 783286 ID: 14f8aa
File 148817100746.png - (15.45KB , 938x558 , face4.png )

Couldn't stop at just one.
No. 783289 ID: 14f8aa

To be clear about that, I submit all 5.
No. 783294 ID: 3abd97
File 148817216256.png - (42.20KB , 960x560 , so anime.png )

No. 783303 ID: 9145ba
File 148817248594.png - (27.59KB , 960x560 , dont let your dreams be dreamworks.png )

You're right. It needs something new, something that's never been done before.

If this is a democracy, I actually support either the vanilla face or the :3 face
No. 783353 ID: dd5b4d
File 148818151665.png - (16.98KB , 840x490 , the_sevinator.png )

2 cool

Hasta a la vista.
No. 783371 ID: 22471c
File 148820162866.jpg - (132.63KB , 892x1001 , Beautiful butterfly 6.jpg )

We fear no pain, no death, no gods
No. 783388 ID: 9f3729
File 148820894773.png - (3.30KB , 200x117 , 148816731078s.png )

73-6-2 more like 73-SEXY-2
No. 783455 ID: e136ae
File 148823748074.jpg - (7.92KB , 200x118 , Face.jpg )

No. 783456 ID: b073ca
File 148823807234.png - (19.00KB , 960x560 , ityxfyub.png )

No. 783516 ID: f6ba27
File 148825474878.png - (10.57KB , 960x560 , 27.png )

Sara caps the sharpie. "Done!"
No. 783517 ID: f6ba27
File 148825475715.png - (7.64KB , 960x560 , 28.png )

"It wouldn't be fair if IRL Sev was the only one with a pretty face mode."
"beautiful, sara."
"really gorgeous."
No. 783518 ID: f6ba27
File 148825478547.png - (13.28KB , 960x560 , 29.png )

"The great nightmare of the Central Bureau."
Monica puts her hand on the warm surface of the reconstitutor. "And now he's floating around in a jar."
"like a spooky evil pickle," 73-6 is at the controls, poring over 38-3's specs and extracting the memories they'll need for the final push.
"Going to be a weird dynamic," Monica says.
"sosa did something to him. i'm not an expert on personality reconstruction or anything but even i can see it. 38-3 was like an emotional flatline. a complete shutdown. with this one big insane peak to him."
"What was that?" Monica asks.
"he hated himself and loved sosa," 73-6 says. "it was specifically programmed in."
"That's... jeez." Monica takes a step back from the pod. "We were up to some grim shit in the Bureau, huh."
"killing him might have been the best thing for him." 73-6 fiddles with the controls. "i'm just gonna slide the sosa lust setting down."

38 is a bit of a wreck. Having an outpost explode around you and getting swiss cheesed can do that.
He was shelled out the ass, though, and with his level of expertise 73-6 thinks he can cobble what's left into one of three suites:

Stalker: Holographic disguise and voice modulation. Same stuff that made 38-3 so freaky in life.
Beast: Pain nullifiers, fast heal, antiballistic skin. 38-4 will have the same level of nigh-unkillability as 38-3 did.
Ripper: Silent step and a HUD that pinpoints weak spots and pressure points mean that 38-4 will be able to instantly kill nearly anyone he gets close enough to with his spike, no matter what kind of armor they're wearing. The exception is people like Penelope, who are as shelled up and expert in melee as he is.
No. 783519 ID: 7b7ab3

You know what the team doesn't have?
A tank. A heavy. A tough guy.
Sev is a great spook, Pen is a melee machine, and Dubs rocks support.
We need a guy who can soak up punishment and deliver it back.
I vote Beast.
No. 783522 ID: 9145ba

Closed casket reconstitution, eh? Must be pretty bad. Anyway, you should preserve Beast mode 38: This nightmare is coming back to haunt Sosa, and it's not going away. The holo-guise is a regrettable loss, but they know 38's coming. They will likely be prepared for it. If we nicked any other shell upgrades when we cleaned out Jericho, this is the time to use them. The point of no return!

About the next point on the list... 14-1's already done a lot for Sev. Should we really ask him to come provoke a Bureau he's already safe from? It might just irritate him.
No. 783525 ID: 9a72f1

Beast; a terminator would really round us out.
No. 783527 ID: 65ec8d

I agree with the reasoning that we need someone who can take damage, so yeah, Beast.

Uh, see if you can find a way to make him ok with that, though. Not like, crazy into it, just fine with a bit of pain. You don't want to make someone into a bullet sponge and also have it super suck for them.
No. 783528 ID: 398fe1

Beast. Sosa has prepared for any holographic disguises by now and will be expecting us, so this will be a shootout. We can't count on stealth or trickery.

Uh, can we fix his face? Make him look not so horrific? Eyes in the right places, that sort of thing?
No. 783533 ID: f6ba27
File 148826001739.png - (10.46KB , 960x560 , 30.png )

73-6 goes for Beast.
He plugs in the final commands, then gives 38-4 a devil-may-care attitude about pain. If you're gonna make a meatshield, you may as well make him amenable to his role.

He finalizes, and his supersoldier starts to bake.

73-6 considers the next point on his agenda.
Should he call 14-1, or let retired moldies lie?
And if he does, what does he ask for?
No. 783535 ID: 9c2915

Dial up 14-1. Tell him that shit's about to hit the fan, and you'll see him on the other side.

He'll probably be happy to know you're alright.
No. 783536 ID: dd5b4d

Call him for advice on storming a heavily fortified corporate HQ. Who knows, he might even be willing to provide a little oversight.
No. 783537 ID: 9f3729

Aye. We can proc this solo, but he's our dad friend buddyguy! We gotta say hi.
No. 783539 ID: 398fe1

I feel like calling him just to say hi would be a breach of the general agreement not to call him unless it's an emergency. Also, the last conversation we had with him really sounded like he expected us to say hi AFTER escaping the Bureau.

So I say, don't call him. At best he'll be angry. At worst he'll outright warn Sosa to keep on good (enough) terms with the Bureau.
No. 783540 ID: fe7355

While I really doubt 14-1 would rat Sev out for calling when it wasn't a emergency, it still isn't a emergency and 14-1 will not be happy if Sev uses what should be a secure emergency contact for less than that. Save the social call until Sosa is good 'n dead and y'all will have legit reason to celebrate.
No. 783541 ID: 8d4593

I don't think we should call him. Not yet. If we do then for advice. This isn't his fight, but the mans got experience.
No. 783552 ID: dd5b4d

Well, if we don't call him now there's no chance to get him involved. The man lives on another continent.
No. 783553 ID: 1226ae

Leave 14-1 out of this. For all we know he's actually our boss's secret split personality.

Have we ever even SEEN our boss's real face? WAS IT ALWAYS JUST 34-3?
No. 783554 ID: 4f1e84

Let retired moldies lie, man. 14-1 already had enough action for his lifetimes.

But do call him after we take down Sosa.
No. 783556 ID: 7db3b6

I agree with leaving 14-1 out of this until we're popping the champaign.
No. 783567 ID: 04c3d3

Give him a call, but don't recruit him for the push. This is our gig.
Ask him for advice about post-murderzombie life.
No. 783572 ID: 0555b9

You can call 14-1 for business, but don't call him just for pleasure. It makes sense to use what resources ya got for the final push.
No. 783589 ID: 65ec8d

Leave 14-1 alone. Let him hear from you when it's all over.
No. 783743 ID: d36af7

Call 14-1, ask if he wants to get involved personally, but spin it less like asking for a favor, more like an invitation to a party. "We're all gonna get plastered on illegal shell upgrades and stolen Tribranch murder drugs, then go dance on Sosa's grave afterwards, you wanna come along?"
No. 783744 ID: b2c471

Don't call, maintain opsec.
No. 783746 ID: 3abd97

Call him. Even if he doesn't come along, he's always given you good advice. And this might be your last chance.
No. 783753 ID: f6ba27
File 148834447991.png - (8.30KB , 960x560 , 31.png )

73-6 has 14-1's comms dialed in.
He is on the verge of requesting a connection.
He shuts it off and feels the little servomotors responsible for long distance communication whir down in his head.
He'll call 14-1 once he's on the other side.

What's next on his checklist? Oh, right.
His pulse picks up.
Was last night just like a one-time thing? How do you ask to do that again? Should he ask her out on a date first? Like maybe with his hologram on? Should they play Blastlands? She's so much better than him! Should he ask if she wants to like watch a movie? Should he get a tie? He has no idea where he could find a tie. Maybe DA has one???
No. 783757 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if she wants to watch Netflix and chill.
No. 783761 ID: 92967f

Just be your usual cool, calm, collected self and ask her to join you for the evening.
No. 783765 ID: 9f3729

"Hey bby u want sum fuk"
No. 783788 ID: eb3cf7

Legit do this.
No. 783805 ID: fceae5

This. Just be cool.
No. 783807 ID: 65ec8d


Oh gosh Sev I've changed my mind you need to call 14-1 right away

so he can give you dating tips
No. 783808 ID: 3d2d5f

That's perfect.
No. 783861 ID: 7b7ab3

Chill out.
Just talk to her.
No. 783868 ID: 0555b9

Just ask if she wants to sit on the, uh... server together and watch a movie. Well, pretend to watch a movie anyway.
No. 783880 ID: d05761

you could ask her if she wants to upgrade her firewalls...
or maybe test that earthshattering orgasm function.
No. 783888 ID: 34c3de

Get some candles and some MREs or something from DA's hackerhobo storage! Ladies love a candle lit dinner
No. 783889 ID: d05761

you could also look through her manual for any useful robot dating tips.
No. 783941 ID: f6ba27
File 148841394207.png - (12.51KB , 960x560 , 32.png )

RIGHT. Be yourself. Calm. Collected.


Hmmmm. Does that sort of thing really work? Should 73-6 like...

Chill out, Sev.
Do they??? Even if it's MREs?

Oops there she is. Act chill, 73-6. COOL.

73-6 leans in the doorway of DA's armory. Sara is methodically putting a bullpup rifle back together. The rag in her hands suggests she was just cleaning.
She stares at the gun for a couple of seconds after it's back in one piece, mouth in a thin frown, then goes to start stripping it down again.
73-6 waits for her to notice him, but she doesn't. She seems preoccupied.

"sup," 73-6 says.
"Oh!" She looks up. "Hi, Sev!"
"hey babe."
"Sev?" Sara asks. "Why does your face look like that?"
No. 783942 ID: f6ba27
File 148841394946.png - (7.08KB , 960x560 , 33.png )

No. 783944 ID: 837e86

Sev, you hopeless, undead dork, wipe that look off your face right this instant for fuck's sake.
No. 783948 ID: b412df

Ah good, I was wonder if we had enough firepower to arm our two new members.
No. 783949 ID: 595d54

Look man, she started liking you even without you trying to act fancy, you don't need to start rewriting your personality or anything. Just ask her how she wants to spend some time together.
No. 783953 ID: 65ec8d

"I'm trying to be smooth with intent to ask you if you want to hang out or do a date thing or something like that, but I'm failing because this is not covered in the assassin revenant handbook. Sorry. Got any tips?"
No. 783960 ID: 5aec4c

Quick, talk about guns!
No. 783973 ID: 2ccee9

"the Bureau didn't have a manual for this"
No. 784011 ID: 9145ba

"Uh my stitches are probably getting loose again. Too bad we had to play ding dong ditch with the base doctor."

Anyway, Hhhhow. Are you feeling right now. Are you running hot? 'Cause I can cool you down, baby. Because I'm stiff as a corpse. Unf.
No. 784049 ID: f6ba27
File 148842836887.png - (9.31KB , 960x560 , 34.png )

"uhhh my stitches are probably just loose again." 73-6 hastily wipes whatever he was trying off his face and scrambles for another tack. "i was just wondering if, like-- that's uh, that's a cool gun."

"I was actually wondering something too."
Sara picks the gun up off the table.
"Tomorrow, when you go for Sosa. You're gonna be outnumbered."
"probably. uh."
"You have Keesh and Monica and Dartline and everyone in the control room," Sara says. "You have enough hands there. Hands that don't know how to shoot. But I do."
"I'm a vet," she says. "And a field medic. And maybe I'm not a super-assassin like all of you and maybe this isn't Blastlands, but I've fought before, for stuff I didn't really even care about. And this I care about. I'm tired of sitting on my hands and watching you risk your neck. You and Pen and Dubs and I guess 38-4 now too. I want to come along this time."
No. 784051 ID: 398fe1

Okay but only if you wear a bunch of heavy armor to protect your vulnerable brainmeats.
No. 784053 ID: 9145ba

Well it's not like you didn't have everything on the line already. Having a bureau operator in the field could help too if those permissions still mean anything. One who's so quiet they have to cough to let people know they're in the room. Plus she probably won't set off any metal detectors!

But uh after all that mission prep don't you just wanna sit somewhere and uh... bone? I mean, chat?
No. 784064 ID: 3e6146

See if Dartline can get her some combat suites.
No. 784067 ID: 398fe1

Dartline could temporarily increase her security as well. What if we ran into someone in there who's better at hacking than Sev?
No. 784071 ID: d05761

You couldn't convince sick Penelope to stay behind, so I'm not sure you can stop Sara either.
You'll probably need her help anyway.

She never did CQC so her melee skills may be lacking.
No. 784081 ID: a8bc5c

Way I see it, there's two problems that need addressing if Sara wants onboard.

1: her ice needs to be vetted and improved. do not get DA involved in this. Maybe 73-6-2 can help a bit.

2: she needs to be able to wear one of the bulletproof coats you guys use. Without compromising her ability to see.

Best bet with that is probably trying to just give her access to multiple someone's visual feed in a pinch along with any schematics and cameras we hack during the upcoming shitstorm.
No. 784083 ID: 8dcef8

Spar with her.
See if she measures up.
No. 784105 ID: d36af7

Give her some of the best armor plates that money can buy, and also acquire any spare bodies of the same model, reconfigured so she can pilot them remotely. Call 'em extra life power-ups. Replace the empty brain cases with bombs.
No. 784113 ID: d05761

Keisha isn't gonna like it if we let her girlfriend AND her best friend fight the final boss.
No. 784138 ID: 0555b9

Explain to Sara there's a certain degree of expendability to you Bureau agents that she lacks. You and Dubs have died before, and Penelope's accepted the risk, but there's no way to reconstitute even your body, Sara. You just don't feel right putting that on the line.

If you did end up going, however, hiding a bomb in your head for the mision would be pretty cool. Nobody would see (or hear) it coming.
No. 784230 ID: 5b93d3

This can also nicely segue into some 'wrestling'.
No. 784426 ID: f6ba27
File 148851603220.png - (8.78KB , 960x560 , 35.png )

"i couldn't stop penelope," 73-6 says. "i guess i can't stop you either."
Sara puts the gun back on the table.
"but we gotta make sure your firewalls are airtight. and you gotta wear a bulletproof trench. or like five. or if there's some armored plating around we--"

She shuts him up.
No. 784427 ID: f6ba27
File 148851604157.png - (10.57KB , 960x560 , 36.png )

"Now what did you want to talk to me about?"
No. 784428 ID: e646e7

Sev, if you're ever going to confess your feelings, now's the time.
No. 784429 ID: 2120ee

"I think I'm in love... with your pussy."
No. 784431 ID: e22b1d

Please. Be classy.
With her vibrating pussy.
No. 784432 ID: 398fe1

"Did you want to have sex again"
No. 784433 ID: 7b7ab3

Tell her how you feel, Sev.
You may never get another chance.
No. 784434 ID: 9f3729

"But also with you. You're great."
No. 784435 ID: 9145ba

We were going to kill geoff but that got resolved, so... let's talk about your butt.
No. 784442 ID: 2ccee9

Spill the spaghetti then run away.
No. 784463 ID: d36af7

Activate heel-face turn so you can blush properly. Ask if she wants to go to a dance with you sometime, and then get married and have a million impossible cyborg babies, and also have sex right here, right now, on the armory workbench.
No. 784465 ID: 01171b

No. 784473 ID: 9145ba

No. HFT is a mood killer for Sara. She loves the real Sev, not his facade.
No. 784478 ID: d05761

Confess your undying love for her, then kiss her... ON THE LIPS!
No. 784510 ID: d36af7

Yeah, but in context it's the equivalent of him nervously hiding behind a book, without putting any actual physical distance between them.
No. 784770 ID: f6ba27
File 148861930927.png - (9.62KB , 960x560 , 37a.png )

"i think i'm in love with you," 73-6 says.
"I know you're in love with me, you dweeb," Sara says. "And you know I'm in love with you."
"i do?"
Sara slides the gun off the table and scoots her butt onto it. "C'mere. I'll prove it."

He does, and she does.
No. 784771 ID: f6ba27
File 148861936062.png - (30.13KB , 960x560 , 37.png )

Sev makes sure the cameras are all turned off.

Then he remembers something cooler to do with his hacking.
No. 784772 ID: 9145ba

No. 784784 ID: 7b7ab3

Bravo! Bravo!
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