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File 145093374232.jpg - (359.82KB , 800x800 , 1.jpg )
690151 No. 690151 ID: ca1cab

Resao is Rezo.

Well I must say it's not everyday you learn your entire history is a lie. The Pariah, the Dance of the Families, Yishic. All just some backdrop to some greater conflict we were never aware of!

Resao is Rezo...dammit it doesn't make any sense and yet the pieces fit! So many unexplained phenomena in our people's origins we cannot hope to understand, and the mad ramblings of Mangalo fill them perfectly!

If so, what's the point to any of this? What's the point of Makag or Gamin? Why bother with the feud between Makag and Rokof? Why should Rezan society exist if it exists on a lie? What's the point to Rezan superiority if that supposed superiority was built on a damned mistake!?

And yet...

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No. 804925 ID: 094652

Administer a hangover cure, some carrot juice, and lesbian prostitutes. Because if lesbians don't arouse her they'll gross her out of the high phase.

Also, where is Goraelden?
No. 806725 ID: ca1cab
File 149688682441.png - (237.75KB , 1400x1050 , 91.png )

I don't think she's in the mood for a Rezan hangover cure. That stuff peels a few layers off your tongue.

"Gwendolyn, where's Goraelden?"

:gwendolyn:"Why do I gotta keep track o' her all the time? She's a grown girl! Answer the question. Whattya mean findin meh? Whar if I dididn't want no findin' then? Whatr ye to do then eh? Eh?"

"I thought you were in danger, and I needed to find you. If One-Eye-"

:gwendolyn:"An' what? 'E was dead! How'd ye even findsh me anyway?"

"The Guardian-"

:gwendolyn:"Oh well pardon me! The GUARJIAN! Oh Holy of Holiest of guarjiansh needed to find me! An' it listened to you like ye were some holy man? Well tell meh holy man, why ye think I couldnae handle One Eye? E was dead!"

"I didn't kno-"

:gwendolyn:"Were ye tryin' ta woo meh? Come swoopin' in like a brave hero savin' the damsel?"
No. 806733 ID: 51b8ec

You either deck her in the schnozz and put her to sleep, or you go full ham and say "Damsel in distress? No, I did it because I am considering you for my future wife."

Also be prepared to get punched either way.
No. 806742 ID: 094652

I'm no expert, but you DON'T leave someone with a death wish unattended. And even if she's lightly watched over by an entire castle of Eldar Nobles... well... they're Eldar Nobles. Go look for Goraelden.

"More like the ruthless hunter catching a feral beast in need of a deep"

Block with right hand
No. 806966 ID: 9dc26d

"Excuse me for giving a shit about the welfare of someone I've fought alongside."
No. 806970 ID: 600f38

You should ask her 'How would you feel if I was trying to woo you?'
Then you should ause so she can respond, then cut her off once you've heard enough and continue with something like 'You've fought by my side, you don't face your battles alone. If you found One-eye alive I'd have kept anybody from getting in your way, and if you fell I'd have made sure he died.'

You might want to ask Gyoji to watch her and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.
Then have Gyoji and her share your bed, and when you wake up tommorow tell her she declared herself your wife last night and you and Gyoji agreed. Get Gyoji in on the prank beforehand so she can play along. See how long it it takes for her to either figure out she's being pranked or to completely lose her cool.
No. 806992 ID: 9dc26d

She's drunk, long explanations won't work.

Caring about a comrade in arms is easy to understand.
No. 808765 ID: ca1cab
File 149775791465.png - (236.66KB , 1400x1050 , 92.png )

Good thinking. Drunk Daoine don't have much logic left in them. It may be best to just let it play out how she wants.

:Gwendolyn:"Hey! I'm talkin' ta ye!"

:Lylia:"Daoine I'm warning you-"

:Gwendolyn:"Ah go plow yerself, I ain't talkin' wif ya. I'm talkin' ta tall, pale, an' clammy. Whacha wan' outta meh?"


:Gwendolyn: "A waif innit? Ye wan' a cutsey little bunneh lass fer wife eh? Thinkin' ifn' ye save me enough, I'll spread legs fer ye?"

"You're pushing too hard on the chair."

:Gwendolyn:"Well whaddya think I think o you milk skin?"

"You don't seem to think much at all!"

:Gwendolyn:"Wot ye say ya ghost faced bampot? Ye wanna scrum?"

"I thought you wanted me to woo you."
No. 808766 ID: ca1cab
File 149775833838.png - (204.33KB , 1400x1050 , 93.png )

:Gwendolyn:"Ha! I knew it, ye wantsh meh! All the boys want Gwendy!"

"You sure you don't want me? You seem very focused on me instead of your sister."

:lylia:"Don't encourage her!"

:Gwendolyn:"Pff, Look at ghostface gettin all flammered up!"

"What if I did, as you said, 'want you for wife'?"

:Gwendolyn:"Oh big man tossin wot I said back at meh. Ah tell ye wot. I'd toss ye on tha floor an IAAAUUURP!"
No. 808769 ID: ca1cab
File 149775861624.png - (187.88KB , 1400x1050 , 94.png )

"You smell life fermented fish and death."

:Gwendolyn:"Ye know jus wot tae say to a girl. An' that's why I want ye to stop sillypacin' 'round and just tell me so we can start rollin around in fungobber already!"

:lylia:"Is..is she propositioning you?"

"I don't know. What's a fungobber?"

:Gwendolyn:"Me mar did say to take the horse by the teeth'n' smack it in the eyegob."
No. 808780 ID: b4e802

No. 808785 ID: 600f38

I were you, I'd say "Sure, I'll take you to bed. You seem to need it."
Then have Gyoji help you prank her as per >>806970

Trust me, this is going to be hilarious.
No. 808790 ID: 51b8ec


Then accept her proposal.
No. 808794 ID: 706345

Steal her wine bottle and stuff it up her other thirsty hole.
No. 808795 ID: 9dc26d

Drunk people aren't rational. Sleeping it off is a good idea. Make her brother take care of her, he's still around right?
No. 808797 ID: 58a78f

She's drunk. You don't do drunk people. Put her to bed to sober up, tell her you'll see if she's still up for it.
No. 811131 ID: ca1cab
File 149871913747.png - (278.87KB , 1600x1200 , 95.png )

Are you alright? Her brother is leagues away and Gyoji is even further. How can they help with anything?"

"You're being irrational. Put down the bottle."

:gwendolyn:"You're a bottle."

"Alright, you need to sleep the liquor off."

:gwendolyn:"You're a liquor!"

:lylia:"Wait! My questions!"

"You've met the voices in the jewel, ask them."

:gwendolyn:"No, you're a jewel."

"That's a compliment."

:gwendolyn:"You're a compliment."


:lylia:Well...he said I should ask it but, how do I ask the bauble a question..?
No. 811160 ID: 7fad5d

Not like that, try again.
No. 811162 ID: 8ad5aa

I dunno, but expect a lot of nods.

No. 811165 ID: d79f26

hello, he wanted us to talk to you and you wanted to talk to us, that really is all there is to it. so what you want, future, past, alternate dimension?
No. 811178 ID: 600f38

Just ask.
No. 813312 ID: ca1cab
File 149932535931.png - (142.37KB , 1600x1200 , 96.png )

Alright...you're an abomination. You shouldn't exist. And yet you do. You know things even he doesn't. So what do I want to know?
No. 813313 ID: ca1cab
File 149932542646.png - (2.82MB , 1600x1200 , 97.png )

Everything. Tell me everything about him. Everything you know. If he doesn't but you know, tell me. He will be among the Ascendant. If he is to survive, his Mask must be perfect.
No. 813325 ID: 094652

The others will flesh out the story, but here's the basic version:

Venian is the current king of an island nation called Rezo, located near the heart of the ocean. This nation functions, revolves around, and worships slavery in its purest form: kidnapping various peoples from the mainlands and other islands to be owned as property by the nobles.

Disgusted yet? Good. While the slaves are treated with relative care, it's clear that the Rezans are complete racists, parading their supposed "Rezan Superiority" and preventing hybrid rezans, let alone non-rezans, from attaining high ranks of official power. Note that there are MANY hybrids; hell, Venian knocked up an old lady!

Rezans have a lifespan comparable to elves. At around age 300, they (and other hybrids who are nearing their own adulthood) are sent out as slavers to find and enslave foreigners and their lands. They are not considered full citizens until they complete at least one mission or successfully defend the life of a rezan noble. Which is where our interaction with Venian began.

Venian found us during a caravan raid on the Tsang Naji nation. Tsang Naji are basically wolves with four arms. We were in possession of a princess, whose father used this crystal to enlist some voices as advisers but got bored of them and discarded it, along with his nymphomaniac daughter.

We were tasked by the emperor's favorite concubine to make her daughter-in-law disappear so she could get one of her brats on the next-in-line. It took some time, but Venian's party found extra allies and pulled off an illusion spell or five to evade hunting troops for about three months. One of Venian's rivals got more slaves, but made the unfortunate mistake of grouping an entire city together and they revolted in the cargo brig. We used engineering to smoke them out, and Venian decided he wanted the rebel leader to die painfully.

Venian made it back, found out he knocked up an old elf, had sex with the princess and she may or may not be pregnant also but we're planning on that, and got crowned. Then he came to this archipelago and you pretty much know the rest.

Also, Venian's part of some ancient prophecy that involves inserting his brain in the body of a hybrid found in the far-future and sticking us in his heart to create the antichrist or something. I dunno, I was too busy laughing at how we overloaded an eldritch demon with dank memes.
No. 813334 ID: d79f26

mostly correct, after much cajoling we have gotten veni to agree that the slavery thing is unsustainable and should be phased out, but you can' just pull the plug and tell all slaves they are now free, that would cause riots and chaos. the only reason it has lasted this long is they have a magic that can enforce the whole slave thing so they CAN'T revolt.

as for the guardians, time travel. they are from the future, and as such they have knowledge of us and veni because it was given that knowledge at some point before it came back.

holding a card gives you a rank, but a better rank and override a lower one, which is why even though you have a card it ignored you earlier, it just considers what we say to be more important.

the new one in the ground has installed a pilot controller into veni, a device in his head that lets his mind and the guardian's combine, giving him complete control over it, after some training, mind linking is a two way street so he feels the guardian's thoughts as well. we actually had to convince it to not crush EVERYONE down there because it's a little.... racist. this is also why his face glows blue sometimes.

question for you, why do you seem to flicker between two appearances? the one you normally have and then you become.. a little more beastly looking and are a golden yellow color.
No. 813404 ID: 2ccee9

He's preoccupied, means well, and does his best to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

He's a leader but he has a tendency to be... unfocused or occasionally uncertain, which is where we come in.

Hopefully he will become more self-reliant one of these days when those doubts he's been having are finally ground away.

Before we got to him he was mostly a self-interested narcissist trending towards hedonism, with firm ideas of right and wrong. Namely he was right and everyone adjacent to him, and everyone else was wrong.

Doesn't crack under stress and can juggle a lot of problems at once.

He can fight, he probably has some sort of musical talent, he was brought up to be an administrator and a director of people, so all these things aren't really surprising.
No. 813512 ID: 600f38

I should note that the set of "Things that should not exist" doesn't include us, unless you're speaking subjectively.
We're a... counterbalance, would be the closest word. We ride a whirlwind of chaos and warp the fabric of reality, insofar as you understand it to be, because it is necessary.
Our actions may be unpleasant, but we're not heartless - you've seen yourself how we try to help those we can, and deal harshly with those who are full of malice.
We do not fit in your doctrine or worldview, but disbelieving that rain could exist won't keep you dry.
No. 815232 ID: ca1cab
File 149989787572.png - (129.25KB , 1600x1200 , 98.png )

Your words sound true, but things yo're telling me are so difficult to accept. Machines back from the future? And that he was chosen for one? A nation lost found again in the sea? And Venian. Such an angry name. VUh-NI-An. A burden of leadership of an empire of domination tied into a play of politics he has little stake in but thrusts him into a prophecy of damnation. And he's a musician? What instrument?

This is all necessary to sculpt his appearance. To be among the Others, he must be ready to assume more than his identity. As to why I am what you See is that is what I once was and will always be. As part of my own imposed exile, I prefer to lock away this part of Me, memories and all, but there are times when it is necessary. I had once been something more permanent than a wolf you know. My family had always chosen to mantle an aspect of things that were ancient and withstood the millennia like sand in the desert. That was before I chose exile rather than existing with the Ascended. The Lattice will do without me.

You say you are a counterbalance, which leads me to believe you yourself do not comprehend what you are. Sentience perhaps? Hard to tell. But there is something about you that is ancient. Something that disrupts the Lattice, and brings disorder, not the disorder you say acts as counterbalance, but the disorder that ran rampant when We...nearly destroyed the world. It's not that you exist that makes me afraid, it's what part you will play in the grand scheme of another that does. And I'm not referring to Venian. He, like you and I, is just another piece. What he is however is frustratingly difficult to ascertain.

No. 815233 ID: ca1cab
File 149989798167.png - (1.63MB , 1564x1124 , 99.png )

And worse still, I fear what will happen when you, and Venian come into contact with the Lattice...and father...
No. 816687 ID: 094652

... Is this thread finished? I think your cinematic with a lack of questions caused us to assume this thread was done. Honestly, this seems like a good time to switch to Sergei. If not,

So, you're not really a fundamentalist (s)elf-hating fanatic? Seems legit, you're too unique to be that one-dimensional. Can you give us information about cosmic threats to the fabric of the universe? Also, how much do you know about the universe at large?
No. 816695 ID: d79f26

so long as nobody tries anything evil things should go fine.
No. 816749 ID: 600f38

If there had already been something creating perturbations in the lattice, then would You have taken the actions which resulted in the potentially world-ending levels of disorder?

We do agree that somebody is playing chess with us which we cannot abide.
No. 817709 ID: ca1cab
File 150078984955.png - (288.46KB , 1600x1200 , 100.png )

Are you hoping to learn more from me, or testing my knowledge with yours? I suppose I can humor you either way. There are plenty of threats to existence on this plane. And on to the plane Above, and the one Above that, and the one Above that. However this is such a infinitely small section of a subspace that the worst of them will never notice us thankfully. The Lattice conceals as it protects. If you ask the worst that are aware of this place, the two worst are...I'm afriad I don't know their names. They are kept secret whispered only with tongues that do not speak. I know them only by their myriad titles that are as much names as they are givers of Power.

The Power That Consumes, The Blind Eye That Sees All That is True and Will Be True, The Waiting Wall, The Storm Unabated.
It knows, and it if given the opprotunity could snuff out this reality in an instant if it wished. But it doesn't. It just waits.

And The War Unending, the Domination Eternal, the Chorus of a Million Pleasures and Pains, The Path Forever Open

Broken, but not dead, for things like them do not die conventionally.

Both exist in the Plane Above Ours. And the Plane Below Ours. However, The War Unending, the Domination Eternal, the Chorus of a Million Pleasures and Pains, The Path Forever Open, briefly attempted to transition to this Plane. That resulted in its destruction, and the sundering of its soul.

The disturbances to the Lattice is what nearly caused the destruction of all things, but we prevented it. Fitting as we were the cause. It was before our Ascension. Before we became one with the Lattice.

No. 817713 ID: 094652

Oh @#$%

No. 817714 ID: ca1cab
File 150079035483.png - (621.69KB , 1600x1200 , 101.png )

I am nearly completed with the mask. You're services and company, while welcome, are no longer required. It is best you see to Venian. The Daoine will probably attempt something with him. With my senses free now, I can smell her arousal from here.

You'd best see how Venian fares. Goodbye.

"So you left your sister in the Wine Cellar??"

:Gwendolyn:"Yeah I 'member now. Was gonna ask ye if ye knew ifn'there t'were more of the '23 red."

"So you left her here to drink herself silly."

:Gwendolyn:"Hey, t'be fair, she did most the drinkin afore I even left. Sss'why I wanted tae ask for more of that wine."

"She could have been in danger drinking so much!"

:Gwendolyn:"Nah, if she takes after mum even a smidge, she can handle her drink!"

"The world's spinning too fast. Can sume-can somebody slow it down?"

:Gwendolyn:"See she's fine!"
No. 817728 ID: 600f38

I'd roll Gora on her side so she won't choke on her own vomit, then send somebody to haul her to bed.
Gwen can share your bed, since she's not drunk enough to purge all over it.
No. 817734 ID: af1c83

Yeah, that definitely sounds like the one we encountered. An asshole without an ass.
No. 817742 ID: ba506f

I have to ask, when the crown was placed on your head did you see yourself ever surrounded by drunk horny women and if so how does it compare to your fantasies?
No. 819373 ID: ca1cab
File 150137311121.png - (212.92KB , 1600x1200 , 102.png )

Honestly when I put on the crown I was expecting a few centuries of building the family, expanding our holds and generally exalting my name before someone I get murdered by a rival or my heir whoever that'd be.

I'll admit since having you around, there have been a lot more ladies in that future, but handling drunks? No. I didn't envision that. Ach-ka she's heavy.

"Ach-ka you're heavy."

"No, YOU'RE the heavy."

"You really are her sister..."

"No, YOU'RE her sister."

:Gwendolyn:"Goooooor, yer mah sister."

"No, YOU'RE my sister."
No. 819379 ID: d79f26

ask if they want to bond down here or if they want a comfy couch or something.
No. 819388 ID: 094652

Waste of good wine. And the bill is on you.

Burn their clothes, get some fancy frills from the closet. Ignore this ever happened.
No. 819411 ID: 600f38

You can't drag her very far.
Your best option is to roll Blue here onto her stomach, then take Gwen to your bedroom.
Since she's blackout drunk, when she wakes up you can tell her all about accepting her drunken marriage proposal and how she's now your second wife.
No. 823405 ID: ca1cab
File 150293845536.png - (215.94KB , 1600x1200 , 103.png )

Good advice. I dumped Gora on her side and draped some cloth over her. I think it was an old sack. I don't know. I'll get some better clothes for them later when I'm sure they won't be sick all over it.

"I know I've said this already, but you. Are. Heavy."

:gwendolyn:"Mebbe ye just have weak arms."

"You are by far the worst drunk Daoine I've ever met."

:gwendolyn:"Aw did I hurt pasty boy's fee fees? Come on ya bampot, prove ye stronger than a wet biscuit!"

"No, now get your shoes off and sleep this off. I need you sober."

:gwendolyn:"Ye need me? The pasty boy needs me? Oh me stars, aren't ye a sweet talker."

"That's not even close to what I meant."
No. 823406 ID: ca1cab
File 150293864681.png - (191.72KB , 1600x1200 , 104.png )

:gwendolyn:"Hey. Hey pasty boy."


:gwendolyn:"Wanna wrestle?"


:gwendolyn:"Yess'ye do. It's all gud fun. Jus' take off yer shirt, oil up an' I'll try tae pull yer pants off and you try to pull mine off!"

"Are you even wearing pants?"

:gwendolyn:"I dunno. If ye wanna know, better take yer shirt off pasty boy."

"This is just an attempt to get me to bed you isn't it?"

:gwendolyn:"Show me yer arms are stronger than twigs pasty boy!"
No. 823415 ID: 600f38

I'd as her if she really wants to be your concubine, or if she's just looking for a quick plowing.
After that you can sit on her and pin her down. Tell her she's not even strong enough to undress herself, let alone you. She's too drunk to fumble her clothing off with you in the way, and once she's lying down she'll pass out pretty quick.

Regardless, stay here with her.

Meanwhile, why don't we see if we can talk some sanity into her?

Hey, Gwen? What brings this on?
No. 823417 ID: 094652

Give her a few back scratches. Literally.

What's next on the agenda?
No. 823426 ID: fc72e2

Leave, saying that you'll see if she's still up for it once sober.
No. 823438 ID: 3abd97

Nail that bun in the butt.
No. 823537 ID: 65f295

Don't rape your friends yo.
No. 823541 ID: 600f38

Oh, of course not.
But you know what the son says to do with a drunken sailor, right?
No. 825566 ID: ca1cab
File 150387677990.png - (239.34KB , 1600x1200 , 105.png )

I'm sure somewhere out there the Breeder is laughing at me right now. Fine I'll get on top and give her some scratching but that's it!

:Gwendolyn: "Hah! Knew ye wanted to tussle!"

"No Gwendolyn, you're drunk, I need you immobile before you do something stupid."

:Gwendolyn: "Oi gerrof! That's cheat-oooh! That's good..."

"Gwen, you know who my people are. Do you really want me, or just stress relief? What do you want?"

:Gwendolyn: "What do I want? Huh. Never did think o' that fer a long time. I dunno."

"What do you mean you don't know."

:Gwendolyn:"I mean all this time I been thinkin' about me brother Kells, avenging me Ma n' Pa, getting a clan back t'gether. Never done thought what I'd want fer meself an' only meself."

"Then give it thought. Don't rush into things you may regret when you sober up."

:Gwendolyn: "Pish posh, I'm sober 'nuff. You think this pisswater's enough to get me drunk?"

"You were stumbling over yourself not a moment ago trying to get your dress off."

:Gwendolyn: "An act. Thass all it was. I know wot I want."

"No you don't. You don't even know that being with me could make you my concubine."

:Gwendolyn: "Naw, it'd make me a queen wouldnae?"


:Gwendolyn: "Ye're one o' them noble types yeah? Ye ferget you folks were tradin' with mine fer a while. I pick up wot yer sailerzz say. Piece it wif wot you said to tall pasty, an' elfy downstrrs."

"And...what do they say?"

:Gwendolyn: "By being wif ye, I could be a queen."


No. 825617 ID: 094652

"You do realize how @#$%ed in the head the concubines and consorts get when they argue over whose child gets to be Xth in line. Gyoji's stepmother got her exiled, disowned, and enslaved, and marrying me means you have to share with her."
No. 825621 ID: 600f38

I'd tell her "No, I already have a queen. You would be second under her. Mistress, not a queen, and not line for the throne.
The quality of life is the same, but with less power and authority.

Knowing that, do you still want me to claim you?
What do you really want? What's your goal here?"
No. 825622 ID: 3abd97

>"By being wif ye, I could be a queen."
Sure, but fucking isn't marriage. There's politics to marrying. There's more hoops to jump than getting drunk in bed if you're after a title.
No. 825639 ID: ca1cab
File 150390105652.png - (240.34KB , 1070x892 , 106.png )

"You do realize how messed in the head the concubines and consorts get when they argue over whose child is in line to inherit the throne. Gyoji's stepmother got her exiled, disowned, and enslaved, and marrying me means you have to share with her."

"I already have a queen. You would be second under her. There's politics to marrying. A lot more work to it than getting drunk in bed and getting shafted if you're after a title."

:Gwendolyn: "Sounds like fun. I don' mind sharin' since it ain't the tile I'm after."

"Listen to me-"

:Gwendolyn: "No you listen, I wanna be a queen! I'm sick o' bein' some no-nothin' tart wot gets married off by her da tae some wood choppin lackwit! My da is dead which means gettin plowed by a pig feckin' farm sloot is too high fer me!"

Oh hells she has a strong grip!

:Gwendolyn: "I dun care if I be a queen o' a nation, a city, or a feckin puddle! I don't care who else ye have! I want it, that power tae kill all the blue fecks an' the basterd clans! I wanna see em grovel when ye put em in collars! An' I want you tae do it! I wanna powerful man tae be my king! Ye got the power, I know ye do! Makag name used tae pull 'lotta weight back home. I saw the folks ye'd take away to be slaves. Oh that control o'er others! That power to control! THE POWER! Take me pasty boy! Make me yer woman! Make me yer queen!"

"You just want me for power?!"

:Gwendolyn: "Oh that's a real big part yeah. But I also want ye. I see ye fight, I know ye can kill any fecker wot shiks ya easy! I know ye must gots armies wot listen to ye, and you can fight the lot o' them! I want that in a husband! I wanna man wot can fight an' kill fer wot he wants! There ain't none left alive back home, and I sure as feck ain't gonna be some sow fer a southern blasphemen' shlat! I want that fer our kids! I wanna be yours pasty boy! An' we can kill every fucker wot standss in our way!"

"Now hold on!"

:Gwendolyn: "No more holdin!"

"Are you honestly gettin turned on by a power fantasy?!"

:Gwendolyn: "Damn straight I am! Make me a proper woman an' plow me! Put yer babies in me and let's start ruling like proper kings an' queens!"
No. 825640 ID: ca1cab
File 150390112132.png - (136.67KB , 1400x1050 , 107.png )


:Gwendolyn: "Oi!"
No. 825641 ID: ca1cab
File 150390114937.png - (65.56KB , 933x671 , 108.png )

:Gwendolyn: "Oi I ain't done wif ye!"
No. 825642 ID: ca1cab
File 150390118357.png - (144.01KB , 1400x1050 , 109.png )

Gods I knew it! I knew she couldn't fall for me so quickly! She wants me for power. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!
No. 825643 ID: ca1cab
File 150390121342.png - (197.41KB , 1400x1050 , 110.png )

No. 825644 ID: c65420

"Why the hell didn't you just lead with that? Get your sweet little ass back on the bed, it's time to make with the scandals."
No. 825650 ID: 4854ef

Well.. that's actually unexpected from her, but she does seem to actually enjoy the natural strength you exude, not just the power from the title..

But that one does make sense, she seems to respect physical and mental strength quite a bit. But it's definitely surprising this is what turns you on loverboy.
No. 825652 ID: 68f785


No. 825653 ID: 094652

Your culture has issues.

But let's crank it up. Now that you're raring to go, do a 180 and tease her by claiming you're going to hit on her sister.

Make sure you dodge the speeding vagina.
No. 825656 ID: e8f4bd

Based on the fact that she just revealed her whole hand, it looks like she's pretty harmless. The morality of the situation is sound because she understands what she wants, what she's getting into and yet remains modest in the grand scheme of things.

Tell her that the babies can wait, but that you have no problems showing her your power. Let her feel it deep inside of her. On the bed. Did I say bed? I meant the against the wall. But the floor is fine too.
No. 825658 ID: 3abd97

So... a win-win situation, then? You're both getting what you want.
No. 825660 ID: 600f38

You might as well do it.
You can make her Gyoji's bodyguard, which would be extremely useful.
No. 825681 ID: 8b2654

I wanna see you slam her against a wall and plow her like a team of bull elephants in musth!
No. 825687 ID: d79f26

[negate quote]
No. 825830 ID: fc33ea

Oh man, remember when you were running away from knocking over that caravan and you were worried about fetishism infecting your ranks over getting spanked or whatever? How far things have gone now.
No. 827311 ID: ca1cab
File 150441821326.png - (240.16KB , 1400x1050 , 111.png )

Fuck, this is your fault isn't it?! I never felt this way before! Never before have I seen a woman that I just want to bend over and-

:Gwendolyn: "I knew ye weren't done wit me pasty boy."

"I have a name."

:Gwendolyn: "Oh do ye?"

"It's Venian. Remember it."
No. 827312 ID: ca1cab
File 150441827526.png - (247.80KB , 1400x1050 , 112.png )

Because you'll be screaming it all night!

:Gwendolyn: "Oh I better. Don't disappoint me pasty boy."
No. 827316 ID: 600f38

No. 827317 ID: 094652

Hey Venian, sex scene in your universe usually means we pass out or transition to someone else. Kay bye.

And see if Gwendolyn can bend enough to lick her clitoris while you pound her labia.
No. 827318 ID: fc33ea

Git 'er dun buddy, we'd power you up but that would end in absolute fucking disaster so we'll just leave you lovebirds to it.
No. 827320 ID: c31aac

fuck that, empower that dick
No. 827322 ID: e8f4bd

Be very smooth and gentle. Just kidding. Hold her tight and plow her like she wants.
No. 827462 ID: d79f26

[switch to whoever we know that needs us the most right now]
No. 830931 ID: ca1cab
File 150560248726.png - (271.02KB , 1400x1050 , 113.png )

:Gwendolyn: "Oh come now ye can try harder than tha

:Mangalo: "Commander Hadrius, you summoned me?"

:hadrius: "Mangalo, there is no need for rank here. This is more personal, and we best keep this between us."

:Mangalo: "What about the Guardian is so secretive we can't even tell the other Dominore?"

:hadrius: "Because I do not trust them with this information. You're research into Resao may give you some insight into this that they won't see. Which is why I ask you. And only you."

:Mangalo: "Of course, but what is it?"

:hadrius: "This is a section of the Guardian we had sealed away, few know how to access it or even that it exists. For the most part, not even a light shone here since we began using it. Yet now, the place hums with life. It happened a little before we warded off the attack from the South. I do not know what to make of it."
No. 830934 ID: 094652

How have you NOT figured out what this is?!

That's a person. This is a preservation module. And if this thing works on regeneration rather than cryostasis, they're coming back from the dead.

And given the straitjacket they're in, I don't think you should let them wake up just yet. Try to disable the power supply, but don't destroy the pod itself.
No. 830937 ID: a633c6

Don't mind us, we just dropped in. What's this about wanting to keep a secret?
No. 830954 ID: 600f38

We can field this one.

That looks like a person because inside that suit is a person. That person is being held in stasis to preserve them. Alive, but unaware of the world around them.

I believe that is the guardian's pilot. They are the legitimate owner of the guardian, and by rights would be the the heir to the facilities of the nation that preserved them, such as this one.

If you would direct your attention to the glowing panel, and get Hadrius away from it, we'll try to translate so that you can properly awaken them.

[Translate control panel for Mangalo]
No. 831002 ID: d79f26

i would advise caution, veni may be the only one around that this person would be amicable to, because veni has an interface system for the guardian lodged in his head.
No. 832143 ID: 9dc26d

It's Grandma! Hi Grandma, how are you in there? Is the water a comfortable temperature?
No. 833870 ID: ca1cab
File 150688605752.png - (97.80KB , 1400x1050 , 114.png )

Oh good you're here, that should make this much easier. The text is unmistakably Rezan but the word and structure is so radically different than what I know translation would have been spotty.

Secondary Unit Detected. Attempting contact. Commence Handshaking.

Unit suspension deactivating -WARNING- Unit suspension exceeds recommended time threshold. Brain scanning suspended.

Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182
Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A

No. 833879 ID: 600f38

Begin Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Define: Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A
No. 833937 ID: 094652

Resume Brain Scan
Define Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182
No. 833981 ID: 9dc26d

Oh no, Grandma is dead. Damn. We should fix that so she's alive again.
No. 836088 ID: ca1cab
File 150779004697.png - (110.04KB , 1400x1050 , 115.png )

Begin: Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Medical Confirmation Number Required :

Define: Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Begin revival process.Following input of Confirmation Number by medical team, Tank shall attempt cold shock revival process. May cause cardiac arrest.

Define: Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A

Tank shall attempt transfer of mindscape via brain wave pattern synchronization. Warning: Unit component will expire upon completion. Platform and Unit integration shall begin Platform system restart.

No. 836121 ID: 5b93d3

>Tank shall attempt transfer of mindscape via brain wave pattern synchronization. Warning: Unit component will expire upon completion. Platform and Unit integration shall begin Platform system restart.

Nope nope nope. Do not want to upload some random corpsicle's mind into the giant robot.
No. 836139 ID: 600f38

Well, we seem to need a confirmation number.

Lets [Spy on when this was last used] to get that, and find out more about the process.
No. 838624 ID: ca1cab
File 150865480455.png - (4.89MB , 3500x3500 , 116.png )

"Pilot's brainwaves erratic. Feedback loop more damaging than previously anticipated. Procedure not recommended."

"He's sustained horrible injuries, he won't survive without preservation!"

"Acknowledged. Entering confirmation code. Stand by."


"Scans concluded. Sustained damage exceed expectations. Beginning emergency integration."

"No! The shock could kill us all if the pilot rejects the mech!"

"In middle of conflict. Lack of pilot ensures survival inconclusive."

"We can't just-"

No. 838629 ID: ca1cab
File 150865634324.png - (7.45MB , 3500x3500 , 117.png )

No. 838630 ID: ca1cab
File 150865652101.png - (4.08MB , 3500x3500 , 118.png )

"Dominore Mongicello, we have found another chamber. It appears there is life within."

"Hmph, the stone speaks. It says there is none. Seal this up. All within is for the Holy and none other."

No. 838635 ID: 094652

... da @#$%? Was that an Asari?

Not important! We found out he's one of the Guardian pilots! We found the security key to awaken him!


BUT, and this is extremely important, he's only in here because he took enough damage to be re-classified as plant food! He went in that pod insane and dying! He might still be insane and dying! And according to the logs, since he's a pilot, his brain feed could hijack the guardians and kill us all! So think REAL carefully if you want him to wake up, preserve his ghost, or do the lethally non-violent thing and let him die, because the first two might resurrect a mind-ravaged trigger-happy gundam captain with immediate access to the strongest titans on the planet!
No. 838638 ID: d79f26

except he is already dying waking him up will still just have a time limit without some serious healing mojo.
No. 838663 ID: 600f38

Begin Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182. Code 77177282730199-223-11-42342-33312-93747-00912

[Heal target as necessary]
No. 844317 ID: ca1cab
File 151043391980.png - (226.62KB , 1400x1050 , 119.png )

Command accepted. Initiating.

Wait no! We aren't ready!

:hadrius:"Mangalo, what's happening?!"

:mangalo:"The device! It's releasing the person inside! Get your escort here now, they'll die without proper attention!"

"aprotunilakshatabooff! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"
No. 844319 ID: ca1cab
File 151043455883.png - (136.60KB , 1400x1050 , 120.png )

:mangalo:"Hurry up holy damn it! They're in shock!"

"Pull back! Pull back and regroup! Enemy reinforcements inbound!"

:mangalo:"Do you understand me? Focus on me miss. Focus on me!"

"Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10. Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10. Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10!"
No. 844320 ID: ca1cab
File 151043461446.png - (116.49KB , 479x364 , end.png )

"Walker compromised. Prime detonation sequence!"
No. 844330 ID: 600f38

You should touch us to her!

"BELAY THAT! STAND DOWN, MAJOR! These are friendlies! You're wounded, you've been in stasis, medics are inbound. Your walker is secure."
[Freeze time for Major Hala Rokof until medics arrive]
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