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File 146516284147.png - (29.44KB , 800x800 , 175.png )
727970 No. 727970 ID: dd338c

This is a patreon funded quest, and will be NSFW.

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/718267.html
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
Stats: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats#Job_Listings
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

The battery charger dings as Unity's battery is filled up, and the connection is closed off.

While waiting, some people used the respective cell phones to gather information about further jobs.

Each Polatt and Fern have a pair of jobs that they are willing to entrust Unity with. Winch does not currently have any. Although there is no expiration date on them, they are still jobs that they are looking to have done, so they may disappear over the next few days.


Polatt explains that if Unity does more jobs with him, the Dead Batteries are willing to give cash advances to Unity, at the tradeoff that a portion of everything Unity makes be transferred immediately to the Batteries.

Fern does not deal with money loans, but he is willing to loan out modules to Unity, especially ones that are required for certain jobs.

The current time is 16:00 minding that the day has 100 hours, on day 399 out of 421 in a year.
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No. 740504 ID: 358228

You should really wash that D module.
No. 740505 ID: 484583

All we have to do is make sure that no matter what we don't get fucked hard enough for our biological cover to drop. No loosing control of our body and such.

With all our practice and experience her d rank should not cause issues. But be careful just in case because we have teased her rather badly and she is going to try and fuck Roxy senseless.

Which should be a lot of fun just remember to take breaks and slowly let ourselves be worn down. She knows we have good endurance so try to match what she expects.

Oh and tease her that while she handled that well the giant arms were probably slightly cheating. A normal biological guy could not pull that trick off.

Mostly just have a good time and let her enjoy her "victory". She likes winning and it does not hurt us to go along with it. Our plan is already a success.
No. 740506 ID: e407bb

Just need to make sure we react properly to everything and don't melt. We can probably take it but be prepared to swap out just in case we need more endurance. As for reacting properly, just remember that Roxy's supposed to be a biological and should react appropriately to really rough use or pain, even if she's most likely in the mood to enjoy it. Remember not to be invulnerable, basically.

Also, I've been thinking, Roxy would probably be jonesing for whatever it is she's taking to deal with her addiction by now. We should play it partially as Roxy wanting this so that the good feelings of enjoying herself with Anya will drown out her withdrawal symptoms, so maybe have her push/beg a bit for more full-body stuff, to be kissed and rubbed and so on all over like she wants to be soothed a little. She's also supposedly wanting to make herself feel good about sex again after having been abused, so, although she obviously wants it to be pretty vigorous, strenuous and exhausting, have her get intimate with it as well, get that sense that she wants to have a good time with someone she likes and who gives a fuck about how she's feeling. Getting in there with the mouths and hands, wanting to look at Anya's face, et cetera. Just a liiittle touch of emotional neediness, not too much.
No. 740518 ID: e407bb

Oh, maybe you should slip the front desk a little tip and an apology for your state of déshabillé. If you have any neighbors who call down about you being noisy they might not so instantly leap to disturb you.

Actually, that front desk girl looks like she's hesitating about calling your attention. Probably to comment on your clothes, in which case the apology/tip and a comment about having an accident that needs you to fetch what you left in your room should be fine, but it'd really suck if she's trying to tell you someone came looking for you and you missed it. Or if there's someone waiting up there for you.
No. 740530 ID: 91ee5f

Sevener looks sort of like a Neumono! XD

Do not say that out loud though! This simulation is pre-contact so Roxy should not know what a Neumono is! So please DON'T SAY ANY OF THIS OUT LOUD!!! DX
No. 740534 ID: ccbcd2

We need to make this so good for her that she wants to come back for more, so we DO get the chance to hack her.
No. 740543 ID: cf169b

If we do get caught, remember to tell her that was the plan, to give her a boner.
No. 740544 ID: e407bb

Well, to help make sure we don't get caught, maybe the person who's going to drive (and whoever will be ready to trade off, if need be) should make sure they've gotten fully in character as Roxy, to reduce chances of slipping up.

No comments about her being used to swinging a large bat around.
No. 740554 ID: 2d64c6

Can we go back to sevener not havinga dick? the one time we getto see her fuck and its ruined by shemale garbage.
No. 740555 ID: 595d54

Hey, I prefer her female too and I also feel like the oral scene earlier could have been longer/more explicit but there's no need to be rude. Other people's fetishes get a turn too, neither of us commissioned this.
No. 740559 ID: e407bb


She's in a body made of shapeshifting science goo, just imagine it's a really advanced strapon or something. We already had some girl on girl and it doesn't make sense for us to be able to turn into a guy right now, maybe another time. In any case I think this is great as is and I'd bet there are plenty who agree with me.

If anyone wants to say anything else in regards this let's take it to the discussion thread.
No. 740563 ID: 211d83

She was worried about hurting you earlier. So give her a safe word so she can do her stuff without worrying about us.
No. 740565 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043809264.png - (20.79KB , 800x800 , 386.png )

Roxy gives a modest tip to the receptionist. She accepts it, and doesn't seem to say anything more.

Before entering the room, Roxy's lobby has a brief, high speed meeting to make sure no gaffes happen. Nothing about real-world knowledge in the contest or what little is known about real world, no jokes about Anya swinging around large bats, and no screaming the name 'Sevener' is included.

She also introduces Anya to the concept of a safeword just before entering. Once they do enter Anya latches the door behind them.

"So." Roxy says. "Is this where you show me the full extent of the l - "

No. 740566 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043811489.png - (20.08KB , 800x800 , 387.png )

Her sentence is interrupted by getting tossed on the bed. Anya doesn't have any quips, trash or dirty talk to say. She simply grabs Roxy's hips, lets the jacket fall off, and gets her shaft in position.
No. 740570 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043819343.png - (19.49KB , 800x800 , 388.png )

She goes in balls deep in one thrust, which Roxy spares any lectures about how going in in a single thrust from behind often doesn't work as well without an experienced, warmed up girl. Instead, both of them scream.
No. 740571 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043821214.png - (27.27KB , 800x800 , 389.png )

Anya lasts about 10 seconds before she starts having an orgasm with an over the top amount of jetal-crafted fluid being squeezed into Roxy.

"What's this shit about refractory period? Was that supposed to be it? Whatever, being a jetal now." Anya states, to which she grabs Roxy's horns and begins to pound.
"Y-yes, keep it going! Touch all of my body, I've got to feel you all over!"

Anya obliges, and hugs Roxy as she ruts her. Roxy attempts to keep things as sensual as possible by keeping eye contact with Anya and trying to give her attention with mouth and hands. However, Anya doesn't seem interested in flipping Roxy over into missionary, hugs her tight enough to restrain much of her movement beyond staying on all fours and taking it, and has a tendency to use her horns as handlebars. To help in a fully body massage without turning into a giant puddle, Sevener reduces her density to get a bigger form.

No. 740572 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043822862.png - (34.21KB , 800x800 , 390.png )

More of a chance is given, though, over the course of over 40 minutes of vigorous thrusting. Anya gives Roxy's crotch a rest by using her mouth, then tits, a round, before returning to missionary.

Lobbyists hope that Anya sticks to playing the victim on her future criminal hunting, as they will be worried about any legitimate biologicals that might not live up to the false bar that Roxy has set, despite attempts to make Roxy, at least, feasibly tough. Anya continually changes the shape of her junk to challenge Roxy's physical limitations as it plunges in and out.

No. 740573 ID: d1f5f1
File 147043824642.png - (19.77KB , 800x800 , 391.png )

After so many rounds, Sevener falls and slumps at the side of the bed where Roxy is laying on her back catching her breath.

"Bet.... better go take a shower. You don't have a whole lot of time before the court will let us separate, do you? Then I can drop you off someplace."

It is about 20 minutes until the designated release time, but nothing is saying that Roxy and Anya have to separate exactly then. Recluse notes that Anya did not, after all, use handcuffs on Roxy.

No. 740575 ID: c441c1

I fought the law and the law won. Maybe we should set up a time for a second date using making sure I haven't been killed without my big strong Jetal there to save me as an excuse.
No. 740578 ID: 211d83

Let out a contented moan and tell her that you will remember to try teasing her again sometime.

Then take a quick shower and mention that we still have at least 20 minutes and she does not have to run off right away.

Plus we wanted to help her practice for any Vice assignments she might go for with some sexy cop/criminal roleplay. I mean we never got to make any nightstick innuendos or see her dressed up in a sexy cop outfit or even get handcuffed.
No. 740579 ID: 24100f

Woo! Sevener Anya thoroughly corrupted and Roxy thoroughly fucked.

"Hahaha, we're going to have to do that again some time. You learn quick."

"...I feel so bad. I've never dragged a jetal down from the sexless 'ideal' before, or taken someone's virginity twice, or seduced someone into putting themselves out there like that. And it's been a damn long time since I've been ridden that hard by just one person."

>It is about 20 minutes until the designated release time, but nothing is saying that Roxy and Anya have to separate exactly then.
You could ask her what she's going to be doing next. (One advantage of the Roxy identity is as a contact to keep tabs on Sevener so she can't blindside us).

You should ask her if she could give you a more permanent phone number? She gave you a temporary one before, and you'd like to keep in touch. (I think we made enough of an impression on her she'll agree, and if we're texting or talking every so often, that leaves the doors open to future encounters, keeping tabs on her, and/or leaking her information. For example, I think we should accomplish the Problem Officers job by telling her they're dirty later, and letting her do the work for us while we get paid).
No. 740586 ID: c441c1

First we would have to see if the problem officers are actually dirty before we give Anya anything we don't want to lose her trust if we can help it.
No. 740590 ID: 91ee5f

You're right, nowhere on the job listing does it say that the Problem Officers are dirty. But it also doesn't say they're not dirty either. So until we get more info on them that confirms or denies that they're dirty, we should wait on using Anya against them. But if they are dirty, then we're going to tell Anya.
No. 740595 ID: 24100f

My impression that they were dirty was based on follow up questioning with Fern:

>Fern says he hasn't sat down and had any heart to hearts with them, and they look liks a classic example of using crime in the name of justice to fight crime. Like other cops, they're likely watched intensely by EIN, but as long as they don't use the tactics on innocent people, they have allowances.

They're not dirty in the sense they're on a gang's payroll, they're dirty in the sense they're using illegal methods. Which Sevener might be a sticker enough to object to, especially if we maneuvered it so they were hurting people she might be sympathetic to, (This whole stripper justice angle seems to show she's got a lot of empathy for people in Roxy's position) or if we suggest they've stepped outside of what would be tolerated.

I'm thinking it would be relatively little data gathering / evidence planting on our part complimented by Sevener doing most of actual work for us while we're on other jobs.

We'd need to wait till tomorrow at least for it to be reasonable for Roxy to be dropping her cop buddy a tip, I think.
No. 740596 ID: c441c1

Let's do it. Prince Cookiebatter might be able to give Sevener what she needs to arrest them.
No. 740599 ID: 91ee5f

Are you sure Scurps would be willing to go near a cop like Sevener to give her the info?
No. 740600 ID: e407bb

Maybe you should act a bit sore, then, while making it clear it's the type of soreness you're loving. Ask her to have a shower with you, and to give you more of a proper massage all over with the help of the hot water to make you feel better. Maybe mention that you're feeling some aches from withdrawal as well as what Anya did, but that what she's done helps you. The only reason you'd have to leave right away is to go get some help, and what you've been doing is help.

And then with the shower warming you up, suggest that you both round off her education by doing something more slow and gentle.

A possible way to cover Roxy's high-end appetite and body may be to "reveal" to Anya, now, that though she's organic, she's not 100% natural. If we wanted to do that, you'd tell her you once signed up to be part of some experiments, the way a lot of desperate organics do. It was an experiment related to sex, but turned out to be under a noble who had very particular... personal interests, and the empire cares for people who sign to sex-related experiments even less than they do normal ones. You managed to escape with your mind intact, thanks to some friends. But before you separated, you wanted to tell her: be careful about trusting nobles. And maybe be a little understanding of people who don't trust them, or their government. Then smile, and add: Also, organics who can go through all that you both just did are pretty rare. So don't expect that much every time.

Telling that story would both cover our inbelenosian endurance/desire, spare Anya's future partners a little, and sow a little distrust between Anya and her superiors that could slow down her advancement some more.
No. 740615 ID: c441c1

To get other cops off of the Syndicate sure. We just have to confirm with him and set up a call or a meeting if she needs a face to face.
No. 740628 ID: ccbcd2

I'm not sure that such a story will be believable. Perhaps we should say that we have some experience bedding Jetals, and that we have a jetal friend (one of the divisions, preferably one with the core) who could show her a better time
No. 740630 ID: 24100f

I'm not sure expending social / political capital to get the job done nets us anything. We want to say "I manipulated the police into doing the job for us, pay up" not "I asked Scurps to do the risky part for me".

That and the idea was to lean on Anya trusting Roxy and therefore giving credence to her tip. She won't trust a criminal jetal the same way.

I think that's overthinking it. We literally taught Sevener everything she knows about sex. We don't need to cover for inconsistencies she hasn't noticed. Providing too many answers without cause will ring hollow.
No. 740632 ID: 398fe1

We don't need to explain anything to Anya, and Roxy really shouldn't. They've only known eachother for like a day, so despite them getting along well there shouldn't be enough trust for Roxy to spill the beans. Plus Anya is a cop, why would Roxy tell her story about doing illegal shit or BEING illegal to a cop?
No. 740634 ID: c441c1

she already knows we are not on the right side of the law we pretty much told her so when she came to request our testimony against Bluestone and his group and based on how serious she was this would seem like a good move for her career to bring in a couple of corrupt cops which will make exposing the truth about Roxy even sweeter when the time comes to Dio her.
No. 740644 ID: db0da2

Guys, if we need to involve Scurps at all (I don't think we do) we can just have him gather the info and then give it to Anya ourselves. We're getting ahead of ourselves though, we still have 20 minutes to kill, which I think means lewd shower times?
No. 740646 ID: 595d54

Making it lewd might be a mistake, either in using too much time or being unrealistic for a biological's endurance. A shower would be great, though.
No. 740652 ID: c441c1

While a lewd shower would take too much time I do think it would play up the exashted biological to get her to help us wash.
No. 740664 ID: db0da2

We don't actually have a time limit, we just don't have to be with Sevener after 20 minutes. It's actually good for us to waste time here with Sevener, because every minute we're here is a minute Sevener isn't out competing with us. We have divisions, she doesn't.
No. 740677 ID: c441c1

So at this point we should set the Roxy division up to stay with Anya for as long as possible while we go help out at the club.
No. 740690 ID: f683d5


Roxy should still be under the effects of withdrawal, and wary about staying out in public. We can justify hanging out with Anya a little while (so long as she's giving her own "treatment" for Roxy's symptoms), and it's probably even a good idea to not move at exactly the time anyone with a fast-acting grudge will be looking for her to move, but it would be very suspicious of Roxy to stay with Anya for too much longer.

So, I say have some nice gentle wind-down sex while getting clean in the shower, maybe give that little story about Roxy being a little enhanced by biological means (perhaps that's too dangerous, though we've been hinting at her having some dire past for a while and Anya would be less suspicious of it now she's "earned" the reveal) so that Anya works better with biologicals in bed and worse with the government in her job, and then go. Maybe have Anya escort Roxy to some suitably secretive location where she could conceivably disappear safely.

And before we go, let's not forget! Ask how the trial went, how those two other girls did, and inquire whether Anya could see her way to helping Marchi.
No. 740699 ID: 24100f

There's an upper limit to how long we should be able to hang out, though. Roxy's supposed to be biological, and she's been with Sevener the whole day. And what we just did should have been pretty tiring.

>It's actually good for us to waste time here with Sevener, because every minute we're here is a minute Sevener isn't out competing with us. We have divisions, she doesn't.
In that line of thought, if we want to waste Sevener's time after she's parted ways with Roxy: she as much as told us she's going to be out trolling for criminals / people willing to cross a line in slut-mode. One way to slow down her from making a bunch of busts is to break that up with the attentions of people who won't cross a line, or give her a reason to bust them. Waste some of her time with "honest" Johns and/or pickups. (The roudies might be interested in taking a turn at an undercover jetal cop, or it might give us another shot at Sevener in a different disguise).
No. 740757 ID: 486e87

I'm a bit hesitant about trying to manipulate Sevener more, any sudden false reveals or trying to sic her on the dirty cops would arouse suspicion. I'd go for winding things down, shower, and ask about March; nothing new just following up on things we've already mentioned.
No. 740799 ID: d1f5f1
File 147053759647.png - (25.12KB , 800x800 , 392.png )

"Gnf, it's not like I'm the one in a hurry." Roxy lightly states.
"Yeah, well, justice doesn't wait! So hurry up and clean my mess off you."
"Okay, but help me up! You really worked me over."
"You gonna be alright?"
"Oh, yes, I'm tough, and with that, uh, drug problem, I mentioned... well, full body attention really does help soothe withdrawals, so thank you. I might not be able to take another hour of heavy pounding, especially not with a shorts shredder like that, but I'm lucky to have my endurance."

Roxy considers telling a tale of her undergoing an experimental reconstruction to give her the body that she has, but lobbyists hesitate, thinking that they should know what nobles do experiments like that, and know how to spin a believable tale as to how she got out from under the noble's thumb. It is certainly possible, however, as changing the looks of biologicals can and does happen, and as a result, there are girls who have been given bodies that are made to suit particular tastes.

Alison will also wait until the two are in contact again before giving Anya a tip about the dirty police job, at least so that Roxy can assure Anya that they are as corrupt as they were suggested to be, and maybe even how corrupt.

The shower is turned on, and Anya helps her inside before respectfully leaving.

No. 740801 ID: d1f5f1
File 147053766455.png - (28.28KB , 800x800 , 393.png )

She then disrespectfully pulls the curtain back.

"Fuck it, and fuck you. I'm not done finding out what makes biologicals tick."
"A-anya? There's only 10 minutes left, short of doing things that should never be done to a biological, you're not going to finish in time!"
"Leaving your legs as anything but dead weight is an injustice. So in the name of the law, I'm going to fuck you till you scream. Again. More. Till we feel like stopping. Whatever."
"I just fought the law once, and it won!"
"The law isn't afraid to double up on charges."
"Fine, then, as long as you don't beat me with your nightstick!"
"No, but I'm going to handcuff you to the towel ring there so you don't even think of escaping!"
"Fine, but it looks like I dragged you down from the sexless 'ideal' with me!"
"Your fault for making it too damn stupidly fun."

No. 740803 ID: d1f5f1
File 147053775245.png - (33.33KB , 800x800 , 394.png )

Anya toys around with Roxy, occasionally having to get told to slow things down rather than speed things up again. As it winds down,
Roxy ends up calling a rental car to drive away with after convincing Anya that she doesn't need an escort to where she's going. Anya makes sure she makes it down a few blocks before switching directions.

Roxy also acquires a more permanent number from Anya so that she may be contacted at any time, at the request that Roxy contacts Anya to at least let her know she's doing well after a couple of days at most.

"You look excited for something." Recluse says to Alison.
"I don't want to assassinate her, but whether we do or we don't, someday I want to pull her in here and be the one to fuck her silly." says Alison.

No. 740805 ID: 24100f

>Roxy considers telling a tale of her undergoing an experimental reconstruction to give her the body that she has, but lobbyists hesitate, thinking that they should know what nobles do experiments like that, and know how to spin a believable tale as to how she got out from under the noble's thumb. It is certainly possible, however, as changing the looks of biologicals can and does happen, and as a result, there are girls who have been given bodies that are made to suit particular tastes.
Honestly, if we were going to spin a story like that, we should have a specific subject we're framing. The whole point would be to set Anya against someone by making it clear they wronged Roxy in the past. We don't have anyone we need to set Anya on right now. (Long term, maybe the RnD guys?).

Whoo! Sevener fully corrupted all right.
No. 740806 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe we really should let Roxy lay low for a while and just go to her work as someone else to be a customer. That way, if Bluestone's friends come by and start asking for Roxy, we'll be able to spot them.
No. 740809 ID: c441c1

We need to let the DB or Syndicate know that the Roxy persona is probably not a good idea to use for a couple of mouths their is a jetal cop that might approach anyone who uses it.
No. 740811 ID: f683d5

We're gonna need to make another stripper girl. Different horns and face for sure, maybe try a different (but equally sexy, of course) bodytype.
No. 740828 ID: 91cfcf

Gotta get those hips and thighs.
No. 740835 ID: f683d5


I enjoy hips and thighs, but Roxy had plenty. Maybe more of a delicate-looking girl next time? But this is hardly the time to talk about it.
No. 740858 ID: 91ee5f

How about slightly chubby? No one would ever expect that!
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