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File 146879070992.png - (12.82KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
736484 No. 736484 ID: 32d627

TCP is not NSFW, but has suggestive content!
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/98325.html
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~ringor

It appears that your TCPs have been busy getting Dad down from the pillar, and are now having a rousing game of three-way pattycake. Dad notices your prescence first, and mentions that you seem a lot more "there" now- something the others agree with wholeheartedly. Buddy says it's easier to know if you're watching them, and Primus says he knew the Void would only get stronger with time.

They ask you how your conversation with Wretch went, and that if they're going to be safe.

WRETCH: gonna go set up my base ok
WRETCH: lines open so lemme know if you need anythin
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No. 779772 ID: fceae5

Howdy, Whipp.
No. 779774 ID: 91ee5f

It's probably that hole on Whipp's face. That's where the bullets will come out.
No. 779788 ID: 85cc2c
File 148718992156.png - (5.75KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

Dad is the first to welcome her in, the gun type stepping in without much fanfare. She speaks slowly, in a jingling sound that could only be the noise bullets make. She says that this place looks fine, though the horror outside almost gave her trouble. Crunk steps up to apologize, and Seaspray looks tentative around the newcomer. She has a fierce demeanor, and every word she says is very deliberate. Whipp says without hesitation that although her god may be mediocre at his job, she intends to aid this team to her fullest ability.

Upon being asked where her weapon is, she simply replies that it is concealed.

EASTWOOD: Everyone is here. It's time to discuss strategy.
EASTWOOD: Regrettably, there's no group conversation feature on this device.
EASTWOOD: I trust that you'll share what you discuss with the others with myself, and vice versa for everyone in this alliance.
EASTWOOD: Now you must be upset over the prize, and that's understandable. I couldn't tell Wretch myself.
EASTWOOD: Grind is...influential. And something I hope is very clear to you, is that you are an outsider.
EASTWOOD: You don't understand what it's like to be here, in this world, dealing with our problems. There will be things you don't know about our lives.
EASTWOOD: And frankly, unless it's relevant to this game- it's none of your damn business.
EASTWOOD: This was relevant, and I involved you. I don't like to go about shit so sneakily, but Grind would have my hide.
He pauses, thinking of how to word it.
EASTWOOD: Win this game, and you'll be able to become one of us.
EASTWOOD: Lose, and you cease to exist.
EASTWOOD: If you really want this so badly, I don't think you have much of an option.
EASTWOOD: Keeping secrets about the game? Probably a bad idea.
EASTWOOD: About our lives? There's going to be those.
EASTWOOD: This alliance will only survive if you're up front with us, and the same for all of us with you and eachother.
EASTWOOD: Just realize that us with outer lives- we don't have to tell you about every little detail.
EASTWOOD: And I'm not going to.

EASTWOOD: Got it? If so, we got work to do. Talk strategy with myself, the others, and your cats.
No. 779789 ID: a363ac

Sounds reasonable.
No. 779793 ID: 65ec8d


So, do we still have time to create things? We already got the warning so maybe not, but if I'm wrong I still want to make a complete set of god masks, at least for our allies. It'd probably let them communicate with TCPs that aren't theirs, which could be handy. A Spit mask might also somehow be useful. I also want to know if that "sanctuary temple" idea, creating a space where hostile actions are forbidden somehow, would also be possible.

That's just possibilities, though. What we did already decide to create was a guardian creature (are we going with sphinx?), but I don't think we actually did that so we should before it's too late.

Also, I want to take the time now to test some things, which will also sort of be trust exercises. Have our TCPs give our mask to one of the others' TCPs and see if it just allows us to talk to them directly or actually forces us to. Another thing to test would be how fast the magic wand and wizard hat drain health, especially compared to how fast it can be restored by Primus. We want to see what our allies' TCPs can do with them, too. We should specifically test the Dad + Wand combo because that might be the strongest one.

We should be on guard for Spit trying to steal our magic stuff.
No. 779856 ID: 9876c4

Since TCPs are simple creatures, I favor simple, redundant communications systems. If they are well trained, they don't require constant divine intervention.

The reality is simple. We must stand together, or we'll all fall. Even if Spit does make deals, she won't keep them.
Victory is gained by causing disproportionate losses on the enemy.
Control territory, resources, information. Pursue objectives efficiently, not overtly.

Updated to show that Spit is not a Deer Factory. We regret the error.
No. 779862 ID: db0da2

I'd love to launch right into talking strategy and tactics, but unfortunately we're still complete newbies to this game. I think we have a decent enough idea of the raw mechanics of the game, but we haven't really seen them put into practice. It would probably save us a lot of unnecessary foolishness if you'd start out by giving us a quick run down of what strategies have won in the past and why, and if you'd alert us to any noob traps to avoid.
No. 779991 ID: 4b991a

Ok so I have some ideas for combat/defense/whatever and it involves kitty magic
But ya I'm gonna relay these plans to each of our allies if possible

>First strategy I have is to just get the tcp's to fucking rebel. Spit prefers the command by fear route right? Marnet will force a shit ton of armor around them via magic to slow them down, and then Dad will teach them about good shit like freewill, friendship, safety, not living in constant fear, and then rebellion. If a kitty can go stray that should be our first choice.
>Our second choice? Dad's magic can practically mind control a TCP to obey her. We do everything we can without getting too fucked up to get them to go rogue.
>Buddy can create knives in other tcp's, and those knives can replace limbs. what can limbs do? probably involves mobility amirite? they also reduce health. if we have no other option we just force a tcp to have so many limbs that Whipp can Kill them dead with a single shot. unable to move, attack, or defend themselves against what's coming
>Absolute Last Resort? Dadcontrol to keep them still, armor them up to immobility save for a single area, buddy knife swarms, and then whipp makes the killshot.

Aside from that I really would like to hear what your TCP's are capable of.
>Also as a whole backup plan in case anything bad happens that we survive Primus can heal our TCP's so probably a good idea to keep him moving often and ready to tent someone

Ask Dad to examine the new TCP's for potential magic
Ask Wretch for maybe communicators? If we're gonna do any scouting or stealth probably a good idea to keep it hushed
No. 780073 ID: b412df

Dunno how to handle strategy until we have more data / info, but one thing I'm sure of it we're going to try and make this the least satisfying game Spit has ever had, no quarter given.
No. 780129 ID: 243b93

we dont want to know everything about everyone's personal life we mostly just want people to be nice to wretch and our cats, ya vape-headed buffoon

on another note: does wretch have a training room? it'd be neat to see what our lil buddies could do, provided it doesn't cause Buddy too much pain!
No. 780412 ID: f65b48

Knife meet gun
Become best of friends
No. 781294 ID: b5d409
File 148755836512.png - (9.54KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

VOIDSY: We need a lot more information before we can properly strategize.
EASTWOOD: Fair enough. Fire away.

VOIDSY: Do we still have time to create things? Crunk warned us that we might not be able to for a while.
EASTWOOD: You'll be able to create things in your base, but chances are the game itself is going to keep you from doing that often. Spit will come for you no matter where you are, and to defeat her we'll need to attack directly. Being passive is not going to work- we need to be aggressive in either turning her TCPs rogue or killing them all.

VOIDSY: We were also wondering if it's possible to make a sort of sanctuary temple...somewhere where hostile actions are forbidden.
EASTWOOD: Hm. I've never seen that before.
VOIDSY: I suppose it could work? You'd have to try.

VOIDSY: Should we be on guard for Spit trying to steal our magic stuff?
EASTWOOD: Absolutely. She doesn't exactly fight fair

VOIDSY: Will Spit try to make deals?
EASTWOOD: Yes. Don't take them.
EASTWOOD: No matter what she offers you, it isn't worth it.

VOIDSY: Any newbie traps to avoid?
EASTWOOD: Making TCPs solely of one type category can go wrong fast. You've avoided that fine, thankfully.
EASTWOOD: Making a TCP based on something really powerful sounds like a great idea, but it backfires fast. Don't bite off more than you can chew.
EASTWOOD: Lastly, and this is more a rule than a trap- every player has to have made 5 TCPs before the game can be won.

VOIDSY: We have to try and cause more losses for Spit than she does for us.
VOIDSY: We also need to control resources, territory, and information. Keeping a tight grip on things is going to be crucial.
EASTWOOD: Full agree on that one. We'll do our best to support eachother on that front.

VOIDSY: What strategies have won in the past?
EASTWOOD: I can think of three sessions in particular that I know about- really made an impression on me.
No. 781295 ID: b5d409
File 148755839451.png - (18.43KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

EASTWOOD: One session, there was this god really fixated on fairy tales. You know- kid's stories. Every single one of her TCPs was something out of a storybook. I don't care for them much myself- way too grim.
EASTWOOD: You got an angel type, based on these hellish cryptid things said to wander our world- I've never seen one myself.
EASTWOOD: A judgment type, inspired by the noble warriors said to fight monsters and protect our people.
EASTWOOD: A horror type, for the monsters that live beneath the ground and scare kids for generations.
EASTWOOD: A dream type, for all of the sleepy wishes of children...
EASTWOOD: And a princess type, to lead them.
EASTWOOD: The angel type to passively make TCPs around it kinder, dream type was able to manipulate reality itself and force dream states upon them... while judgment and horror slaughtered the unknowing TCPs under princess type's commands.
EASTWOOD: There were no deaths on their team, and all who opposed them were killed.
EASTWOOD: It was merciless. I won't lie, the violence was a bit sick to watch.
No. 781296 ID: b5d409
File 148755843293.png - (16.03KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

EASTWOOD: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have a team based around some of the species we got over here. Sort of a collector type- just wanted to make a bunch of fun cats to play with.

EASTWOOD: A karacel type, one of Grind and Wretch's species, known for their long tails and nomadic natures.
EASTWOOD: An OBJ type, some kind of species to the south...not sure about these ones.
EASTWOOD: A beatfox type- same place as the OBJs, I don't know jack about them.
EASTWOOD: A pockitt type...used to be the species of Velvet, but I guess they're nobody's now.
EASTWOOD: Lastly, a ruffneck type. They're Spit's dogs, but surprisingly not bad people.

EASTWOOD: They didn't really do much aside from befriend everybody- session went peaceful. All passive abilities on this team, too. Karacel motivated everybody to hang out together, beatfox got everybody all artsy, pockitt fostered feelings of family, ruffneck kept everybody confident and the OBJ type managed the whole lot.

EASTWOOD: It was a great game, by the look of it. Cute as hell. It's a shame that with Spit, that isn't an option.
No. 781297 ID: b5d409
File 148755845332.png - (8.03KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

EASTWOOD: Now the third game that comes to mind, I never got to watch. It's more of a legend people share- the first session where an entire team went rogue.

EASTWOOD: I don't know the types, even. All I know is that a god managed their team so badly, they all defected. If we can get that for Spit, that'd be our only route to a wholly peaceful win.

VOIDSY: Thank you. We'll keep these in mind.
No. 781298 ID: b5d409
File 148755849350.png - (10.20KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

VOIDSY: I'd like to hear what your plans for future TCPs are, and what they can do.
EASTWOOD: Now this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out.EASTWOOD: My next one's going to be a form type, specifically silk.
EASTWOOD: Before you go saying "well that sounds useless", consider this.
EASTWOOD: A silk type, if it follows my theories on how type abilities work, would be able to turn anything of its choice into silk, so long as it's touching it.
EASTWOOD: You effectively have a way to neutralize weapons and possibly fuck with other TCPs hard. Form types are underrated.
EASTWOOD: Whipp can fire bullets at the cost of health, but it's a pretty minimal penalty. She won't be able to damage some shit, like stuff made of metal, but that'll damage plenty of other types.
EASTWOOD: What are yours?
VOIDSY: One idea we have is to get those TCPs of Spit's to turn rogue.
EASTWOOD: Good plan. Knowing her, it won't be too hard. Historically, she treats her TCPs like shit.

VOIDSY: Primus should keep moving and be ready to store people in case of too much damage.
EASTWOOD: That'll be crucial. Keep an eye out for types that do damage over time. Spit loves those.

VOIDSY: Another is to use our magic wand pretty liberally- Dad can essentially mind control other TCPs, which may aid in getting them to go rogue.
VOIDSY: Buddy can create knives in other TCPs using our magic wand, and perhaps we could use that to replace other TCP's limbs...make them immobile, perfect for Whipp to get a kill shot in.
VOIDSY: As a last resort, we could control a TCP with Dad to keep them stationary, use Marnet to armor them into immobility- leaving only one area open. Buddy swarms with knives, Whipp makes the killing shot.
EASTWOOD: ....that's kind of fucked up.
EASTWOOD: Like, it'd be effective, but you'd risk harming your TCPs to the point of death in the process.
EASTWOOD: Kind of sick, and not in a good way.
VOIDSY:...thank you for the info.
EASTWOOD: Whatever helps us win.
No. 781299 ID: b5d409
File 148755850961.png - (8.07KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

You decide to do some trust exercises with your TCPs, in order to test some things.

Dad gives the mask to Seaspray.
No. 781300 ID: b5d409
File 148755852444.png - (5.47KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

SEASPRAY: ....hello.

It appears that you can in fact commune with other TCPs...but it's not a very strong connection.
No. 781301 ID: b5d409
File 148755854905.png - (14.55KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

VOIDSY: Do you have a training room?
WRETCH: second floor, cmon up

VOIDSY: Wretch, can you make some communicators for us?
WRETCH: you got it!

Wretch spawns in some walkie talkies, one for each TCP.

To test out the magic wand and wizard hat, you will need to choose which TCP to use an ability and their target. Dad expresses a little bit of discomfort over this, saying that they will need to be careful. Primus also says that while he can heal TCPs, it's important to know whether there will be lasting, permanent damage.

You decide to focus on simple communication and training them to be autonomous. You tell your TCPs that to get this done and do it right, they'll need to be willing to talk to eachother, team up, and play off of eachother's strengths. Buddy says that your guidance is appreciated as always, but it agrees that some degree of autonomy is needed. Knowing what's required of them would help, along with asking eachother questions about themselves.

You have multiple ideas for training your TCPs. All you need to do now is decide on specifics.
No. 781309 ID: 350a50

We have one TCP slot left ourselves. We should consider for the future creating something that could heal otherwise permanent damage - a Surgeon type was suggested before.

Wargames. Start simple. Flag football, dodgeball, things to improve reflexes, awareness, and team coordination.
No. 781313 ID: 398fe1

Wait, what? Magic item health loss can kill TCPs? I thought the only way to do that was via the command. Or do you just mean it'll make it super easy for the TCP to get picked off?

Let's try Marnet's wizard hat ability. Maybe the wand ability too. We need to find out what the drawbacks of the extra shell armour are, if any. She can have some jelly to heal the damage afterwards, and we can test if Storing Crunk will help her passive regen.
Primus can't store Marnet or Seaspray, right? They're too big?

Hi. How do you like everyone?
No. 781319 ID: 398fe1

Wait, what happens if someone refuses to make a 5th TCP?
No. 781336 ID: 91ee5f

>....that's kind of fucked up.
>Like, it'd be effective, but you'd risk harming your TCPs to the point of death in the process.
>Kind of sick, and not in a good way.
Oh no! We're thinking like Spit! Which means no more ideas like that! I want to win, but I don't want to become a monster like Spit!
No. 781337 ID: 398fe1

No we're not. Spit would torture the enemy TCPs before killing them. We just want to win, even if it's in a really violent way. I'd rather do it in a way that doesn't involve heavy magic item use because obviously that's harmful to our own TCPs.
No. 781340 ID: 8d4593

I say we capture any tcps we cant win over, and use them as batteries for magic weapons. Then spit will be forced to choose between giving us power or kill ordering her own creations. Dad and Marnet will be very useful indeed.
No. 781354 ID: f0e552

Strategic Defensive training! They say defense is the best offense. So lets focus on how we can survive and get those plans down first before we learn how to be offensive. Stuff like picking out roles, tanks, healers, damage dealers, and what kind of things we could do to basically counter Spit's strategy. I feel like trapping and learning how to bait spit's TCP's into bad situations, whether they be in a violent (snared in a trap) or non-violent (snared into a birthday party) would also be good to learn. Heck, what if we made a TCP that could alter the environment in our favor?
No. 781358 ID: 398fe1

The kill order works the same way as ordering a TCP to attack someone, but a regular attack command has zero chance of finishing off a TCP. It's not a magical death ray, the target has to be wounded first and a TCP has to be around to deliver the kill. Though apparently if the victim is wounded heavily enough already, the ordered TCP won't even have to touch the victim.

In other words, combat reduces TCP health, but TCPs won't normally die from damage even if they get down to negative health. Ordering a TCP to kill a target will check the target's hp after the attack finishes, if it's below 0 the target dies. Or something like that.

The gist is that Spit can't arbitrarily kill TCPs we capture. Also I don't think magic items can even take health as fuel from a TCP that isn't using the item, so that would be pointless.
No. 781365 ID: 79a07e

I'd be down for something like this. Make even the very act of fighting us trecherous due to being able to tilt things to our favor quickly.
No. 781368 ID: 398fe1

For combat strategy, Marnet and Buddy are probably our best fighters (not counting allies), though Buddy might need some training to get over its timid nature. Primus could be okay at fighting probably, but isn't built for it. Dad's smaller stature and powerset probably don't lend well to fighting, but I could be wrong-- maybe she's fast to make up for being small.

If we can make a TCP able to heal permanent damage, then we can get combat training by pitting our own TCPs against eachother, even without equipment made specifically for training purposes. Also I feel like Dad might want to get some practice in using her ability. How strong is it, I wonder? Let's test it out! Have one of our TCPs hold a rock with standing orders to keep holding onto it, then Dad can order them to drop it. Marnet and Buddy could get some teamwork practice in, with Marnet tanking hits for Buddy and Buddy dealing damage.

...considering the Upload/Download machine we have, can we make a machine that produces inert TCP bodies to use it with? Like a pseudo-cloning machine? If we can get some spare bodies for our TCPs, we won't have to worry about permanent damage from training or even from combat. Heck, we might even be able to use it to swap ability loadouts. Like, if we clone Whipp and transfer Primus into the spare body, we'd have two Gun types.
No. 781370 ID: f0e552

If we're going to win over TCP's without fighting, telling our own TCP's to fight might not be a so great idea. None of them have particularly expressed that they want to fight. They would only be OK with fighting should they come into danger.

The problem with that, is that we are told playing passively won't work against Spit. It's a conundrum.
No. 781380 ID: a363ac

While the TCPs are training it might be a good idea to actually see if Wretch can Spawn in a item to force non-violence, discourse with the other Gods if there are any know TCPs that can create fields that prevent violence, such as Peace, Sanctuary, Truce, or Reconciliation.
No. 781393 ID: 4b991a

Let's go full transparency...
Tell our TCP's the win condition, going rogue plans, and that they have the free will to go rogue, but if they do they need to know they'd still be in danger against Spit, even with any alliances.
This includes telling them about Spit's winning team we learned of, and that unless a TCP is on the side of our alliance they can't be trusted until they permanently go rogue.

ask allies to do a joint-creation? This would be a fast travel system between bases. Self-building road machines that go from base to base making easy to traverse roads, for allies. For Spit/Enemies? Roadspikes pop up. This would slow down movement for Spit's team off the road, and when on vehicles/tcps would be damaged.
I do think we'd need to prevent it from being hacked or anything...
In general I think some sort of base fortifications, and increasing our mobility will be valuable...
But is there a way to reduce the issues of magic use, and increase the range? Say if we found a way to sniper rifle a tcp with the silk change
No. 781416 ID: 9ac535

The kill order kills any tcp with no hp. otherwise they're immortal. So if that tcp already has no health then it kind of is a death ray.

I saw no rules banning 'always on' magic items.
We could make a mask that always heals tcp's belonging to or allied with us when worn. Or one that redirects the magic cost of items we created to the wearer.
Then force the catured tcp to wear it.
No. 781424 ID: 09efad

If we can spawn anything why not spawn ELEVEN BARRELS OF HELL?
What are the rules around what we can create.
No. 781465 ID: 8d4593

Do we even know how to make a Bane Blade?
Cuz yeah if we could do that then why couldn't we make any sci-fi weapon?

I second your question.
No. 781484 ID: 315280

We should try and get a tcp that can manipulate the environment to our advantage. I'm not sure what that would be but a earth or ground tcp seems like a good potential choice either for us or our allies
No. 781526 ID: b412df

It is fucked up, but that's kinda the point. Spit's going to be a vicious sadist, these are strategies she probably would think of, Spit doesn't know us or how we operate, she might assume we're every bit as vicious. The enemy knows the system, if we think about how she'd go about things with our situation, then we can think about how we'd counter them.

For example the lynchpin with that idea is our magic shit, so we got to stop her from stealing it from us, because if our TCPs can do that with it, then who knows how it affects TCPs she spawns specifically to cause us pain.

Or those walky talkies that just got spawned, IDK if there's a way of verifying who's on the other end, so if Spit gets her claws/whatever she's got on one of our TCPs, then she can listen in. So it might be helpful to occasionally ask our TCPs to check in with each other, and have some sort of pass or panic phrase to confirm things are all OK, might be going a bit paranoid with that though.

While we can hope we'd be able to get her TCPs to defect, things are going to go wrong whether we want them to or not. At some point we'd going to have to play the most vicious, cutest version of lethal speed chess with Spit, and it that case it'll be helpful to think of all the tricks we can pull off, and all the tricks Spit might pull off.

In short, think of how Spit would do things with our situation, then think of how we'd break that; think of how we would do things, then think of how Spit could break that; think about how anything and everything could break. In the end hopefully we can come through with a minimum of losses, as well as wipe any sort of enjoyment Spit might get out of this, make this her least fun game ever.

Wretch did say magic stuff drains health, we don't know how it does that. Whether it just reduces our kitties' HP or if it causes physical damage as well.

That is the most adorable group of TCPs I've ever seen (Barring our own group).
No. 781541 ID: 4b991a


I'm also for the code phrases.
The stealing brings up that all bases should have a forcefield generator, anti-theft device (no stealing items from a base), and probably some sort of warning system to let TCP's know that someone is nearby, who owns them, etc

I think I may have come up with a TCP that will truly piss Spit off...
Anti-Magic TCP
some sort of tcp that can passively generate, or actively nullify magic and other tcp abilitied
We may also need to ask the others how we'll handle a sad, angry, or traumatized tcp.
Ask if anyone wants to make a Therapist TCP?
No. 781558 ID: 4b991a

Hrm if Spit wants to win in a 5v20 game, she'll probably want to use a built team like the fairytale team, AND stealth.
Have half the tcp's practice stealth, the others practice detecting stealth, and then switch
No. 784689 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859892677.png - (6.88KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

You explain the win condition to your TCPs, and a great silence settles over the room. They quietly ask the other TCPs if this is true, and they confirm it. Buddy makes a low rattle, visibly distressed. It asks if there's any way to do this without killing them all, and you respond with the plans to make them go rogue. Even they can go rogue if they wanted, you add in, to which your TCPs go quiet again. You tell them that the danger is great, and Primus interrupts to say that he'd never turn on you. The others agree wholeheartedly.
No. 784690 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859897295.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

You try to ease everybody up after that heavy moment- starting off by asking how everyone likes eachother. Everyone bursts into happy chatter, the only exception being Whipp. She gives a single thumbs up, which is about as good as you hoped to get. It looks like the group gets along wonderfully so far, and prospects are looking good!

The next order of business- you decide to create a security system for the walkie talkies. If things are going well, the word "catnip" will be used to both confirm that and the TCP's identity. If things aren't going well, "mousetrap" will be used. You are very proud of your themed code words.

Primus confirms that he cannot store Marnet or Seaspray with one look at the larger TCPs. Whipp and the rest however, should be fine.
No. 784691 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859900941.png - (14.39KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

Now it's time to discuss things with the others. You confer with all of the gods one by one.

VOIDSY: Are there any sort of TCPs or items that can force non-violence?

EASTWOOD: Sure, but thinking about it further... you might not want to do that. Doing that just provokes another player to make something that forces violence. A sanctuary or item would probably be your best bet, but it could go wrong. It's up to you whether you want to take that risk.

WRETCH: hmmmmmm
WRETCH: yea i think so considerin this is kinda a limitless game
WRETCH: idk tho it sounds like thatd be an abstract kitty type
WRETCH: and you do NOT wanna fuck around with those too much

MILLER: If so, I'd love to make one!!
MILLER: I'll do violence if it's absolutely necessary, but keeping my kitties safe is my main goal!

You bring up the idea of forcefields and shielding to everyone.

EASTWOOD: On it. My base is a proper labyrinth of tunnels, but I'll set up some shielding around the main area when Whipp gets back.

MILLER: Good idea!
MILLER: I'll put some up when I can...I have some ideas already.

WRETCH: on it
WRETCH: one big ol forcefield comin up

VOIDSY: Is there any way to reduce the issues of magic use?
EASTWOOD: Nope. There's always a cost, the more powerful, the bigger the cost.
EASTWOOD: It's how the game balances out people going nuts with their items. Machines work similarly.

VOIDSY: How does it even cause pain to our cats?
EASTWOOD: Drains it, no idea how. Depending on the TCP itself, it may also cause physical pain and emotional distress. Some cats, it just wears them out alongside the health drain.
No. 784692 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859905151.png - (8.28KB , 500x500 , 101.png )

You relay your plans to Wretch on creating a MACHINE to produce INERT TCP BODIES, which she makes without question.

The BODY MACHINE can produce TCP bodies, though they will not be able to move, feel, or anything else until they have a CONSCIOUSNESS and TYPE uploaded into them. You can achieve this by using the UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD machine, however you will still require a corpse to operate. The body machine has no cost to use.
No. 784693 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859910830.png - (7.59KB , 500x500 , 102.png )

Marnet strips and puts the wizard hat on, careful not to ruin her clothing by accident. She carries the wand in one of her secondary arms, equally careful not to snap it in her pinchers. She concentrates, and nearly instantly, another of layer of shell armor bulks up on top of her. Marnet's health is now FANTASTIC.
No. 784694 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859914583.png - (9.80KB , 500x500 , 103.png )

She sheds it not too long after, leaving you with excess shell. Marnet's health is now GREAT. It appears that shedding and bulking up are considered two seperate acts, and will drain health accordingly.
No. 784695 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859917619.png - (6.36KB , 500x500 , 104.png )

Crunk volunteers as target for her next experiment, and she's outfitted with a proper set of armor as well. She comments that this is pretty much the coolest thing that's ever happened to her. Ever. Marnet's health is now GOOD.
No. 784696 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859921895.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 105.png )

Marnet tries directing the shedding onto Crunk, and it strips her of the armor. Marnet's health is now OKAY, and she asks in a low, strained gurgle if she please can stop now.

Crunk approaches her slowly, and hands over a bit of jelly. Marnet pushes the jelly against her face, and it is consumed. Marnet's health is now GOOD.
No. 784697 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859924677.png - (16.92KB , 500x500 , 106.png )

Your team has already chosen roles for themselves! Dad is the LEADER of the group, Buddy is the SECOND IN COMMAND (and possibly the fighter, it pipes up.), Primus is the SCOUT and NAVIGATOR, and Marnet as their MUSCLE and GUARD.

Seaspray, Crunk and Whipp talk to their gods, and relay that their roles will be DEFENSE, HEALER, and SNIPER respectively.

Seaspray's ability lets them create shells on any surface, not unlike Marnet's ability with the magic wand. Wretch puts down a simple plastic cube for them to demonstrate on, and within seconds, shells have formed on the surface. They murmur that they're not sure if it'll work on living creatures, and that they're kind of scared to try.

Crunk reports that her ability is about average in strength- jelly heals pretty decently, and has a solid regen rate. She isn't going to be pulling any miracle cures without losing an entire limb, but it'll grow back. She seems relaxed about the whole affair.

Whipp keeps it simple. She shoots bullets, each bullet takes a little bit of health. Easy.
No. 784698 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859927888.png - (7.22KB , 500x500 , 107.png )

Primus agrees to help Dad practice, holding a small cushion up in the air. You order him to keep holding it, which he does with an affirmative whistle. Dad steps back, stretching out before demanding that he drop the cushion.

He responds almost instantly, dropping the cushion on the floor. He asks if he did well to Dad, eager for praise. She's taken a bit off guard, but tells him he did a wonderful job, uh, dropping the cushion.

Primus is elated.
No. 784705 ID: db0da2

>There's always a cost, the more powerful, the bigger the cost.
>Machines work similarly.
I can understand how this would work with things like the body machine and the force fields, but what about entirely physics-based contraptions like something copied directly from Earth?

>Doing that just provokes another player to make something that forces violence.
And we've already decided that we're trying to avoid an arms race... What if we made an area where violence was impossible, but only if you voluntarily chose to enter it, understanding that that was the case? Like neutral ground for safe negotiations or conversions.

We should train our TCPs in anti-guerilla tactics, like spotting ambushes and stuff, ideally with help from the other more experienced gods who know what guerilla tactics look like in this game.

Assuming that psychological warfare is a standard part of Spit's repertoire it might be prudent to start building up our TCPs resistance to witnessing messed up shit using progressively more horrible shock images. Thoughts?
No. 784714 ID: e37a06

Considering our TCP's mental makeup, explaining them the concepts beforehand might help them be prepared.
No. 784718 ID: 398fe1

Well that was easy...? Primus you do realize the point was to try to resist Dad's orders, right? I understand if you thought that would be rude or something. Did it feel strange in any way to have your standing orders overwritten?

Oh right. Primus, shall we test using Storage to heal Crunk so that she can heal our larger TCPs more frequently?

Do the inert bodies not count as corpses? ...would we have to "kill" one of the inert bodies to make it work with upload/download? Hmmm... I just realized the upload/download machine might not heal the corpse. So we'd swap into a damaged body. From what Wretch said about there always being a cost, I'm guessing we will not be able to use this for anything except restoring permanent damage. We can, after all, damage the inert bodies in non-permanent ways in order to "kill" them.
No. 784730 ID: 8d4593

In addition to the physics based things, does it matter how many creates we use?

Like would it cost health to use a "Nuke" we created in one go, as opposed to if we used dozens of creates to assemble say...
A Launch platform, Engine Chassis, Fuel Tanks, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Hydrogen, Flow Regulation valves, Electric ignition device, Battery housing, battery-cathode and anode assembly, sulfuric acid, Lead radiation shield/neutron reflector-tamper, Reaction chamber housing, reaction mass assembly, plutonium reaction mass, detonator assembly, Plutonium Detonator plugs, Gunpowder, More electric ignition devices, Transformer, Radio, antenna, Electric Switches Rocket Skin, electric motor, stabilizer fins and flaps, 1Km Tall steel tower, Several battery housings, annodes and cathodes, more sulfuric acid, another transformer, radio, and antenna, Linear amplifier, Observation deck, telescope, Control panel, Welding goggles, ear plugs, several recliners, glasses, and a bottle of brandy?
No. 784731 ID: 2c734f

Congratulations, Dad, you're a substitute us. Good, considering you're the leader down there.
Without magic, I imagine it relies on the TCP liking you or respecting you as a leader. If Spit's tcps seem lonely or jealous of our group, that might be a chance to get them.
No. 784780 ID: 2c0bc1

Hey Crunk can you store the jelly, like can you take bits off and store them in a box then regen then take another bit off and store it etc ad infinitum.
No. 784790 ID: b412df

Even if a HP cost could be bypassed by creating the parts and having our cats assemble it, it'd take time, require our cats to understand the principles of rocketry, nuclear, and mechanical engineering, and it'd still be a freaking nuke. Please no nukes.

If that was just a example to explain the concept, then maybe? It seems like it'd be a significant time investment to build things manually and require CREATE which might not always be usable.

Thanks for testing that Dad, hopefully if Spit has something that can order other TCPs like you then both you and us saying the same thing will override that.

Also, Thanks for testing the magic Marnet, sorry if it was straining / hurt you.

Aw heck yeah, team pose.
No. 784835 ID: 85cc2c
File 148866288406.png - (5.55KB , 500x500 , 108.png )

You thank everybody for participating so willingly in your tests, and ruminate on what to do next.

VOIDSY: What about machines using physics?
EASTWOOD: Probably still has a cost...but maybe a lesser one? I can't say for sure.

VOIDSY: Hmmm...what if you created parts for something powerful or dangerous, instead of just the object or weapon itself?
EASTWOOD: That may work, actually.
EASTWOOD: I've seen people do that before...building up resources and creating much larger objects.
EASTWOOD: It works great, but only if you have the time and skills for it. If you want to go this route, I'd say work with what you already have instead of making a million new things. Your cats may get overwhelmed fast otherwise.
EASTWOOD: Though you know, here's a thought...
EASTWOOD: Let's say you do make something like that, or anything- and you keep it secret.
EASTWOOD: They wouldn't be able to make something on tier or greater, because they don't know shit.
EASTWOOD: Now don't go making any sort of life ruining shit because then nobody's gonna be happy, but keep it in mind.
EASTWOOD: If we play our cards right, that could come in handy.

You ask Primus if he was resisting Dad's orders. He whistles that he was doing his best to, but Dad's command just felt more... He gestures, trying to figure out what to say. It felt more natural to listen to Dad, and the praise he got for doing so felt great to boot!

Crunk is asked to take off some more chunks of her jelly, and Wretch makes a handy little cooler to keep them in. She tears off as much as she can bear, replying that her regen will take a little while, but not too long. The jelly itself looks fine for now, though Whipp says she'll check up on it in a little. Seaspray pipes up and says that if this works, it may be possible to carry them around in little cooled bags, just in case.
No. 784838 ID: a363ac

might as well put jelly in Primus while she is healing.
No. 784842 ID: 398fe1

You mean put Crunk in Primus?
No. 784850 ID: b412df

Hang on, what's the difference between CREATE-ing parts, and building a thing in secret, and just CREATE-ing the thing and not telling anyone, in terms of keeping things hidden? Is there some way for gods to see what each other are CREATE-ing, or are we misunderstanding what you're saying, Eastwood?

All for blind-siding Spit with something if it works as you say though.

What's the low down on abstract types? Sounds like powerful but risky from what's been said.

Directed toward the collective:
Well, we've got magic stuff, music stuff, alchemy, and a herb garden. What could we do with that, some kind of academical weapons, healing potions, knockout gas, poison? Maybe see if there's a way to add magic into the music stuff for DnD bard-like abilities.

Could fashion shields or makeshift armour with the bits of shell Marnet made just now, assuming it doesn't disintegrate or something, or let Wretch have it since we'd have to carry it back to base.

Also, should we ask the others about the knife we found ages ago, with the note about "Watch your back"? Cause that was kinda spooky, might have been a random loot spawn, or a warning?
No. 784876 ID: db0da2

>What's the low down on abstract types? Sounds like powerful but risky from what's been said.
An example would be helpful, in fact, just assume we want an example from a past game every time we ask a question like this. Theory is useful, but to really understand a concept in it's entirety a practical example is essential.

If it's necessary to use world materials and not CREATE-d parts when constructing our complicated stuff, it may be useful to assign our less battle-ready TCPs to jobs like mining and carpentry. Is there any limit to how much we can TEACH TCPs, because as it stands I'm having trouble understanding why we shouldn't make all of our kitties full-blown polymaths.

One advantage we've found to being from Earth is that we know of animals that the other gods have never heard of, would it be a viable strategy to CREATE some T-Rexes or whatever to catch Spit by surprise?
No. 784947 ID: 350a50


Agreed on these questions.

We were already planning on making a guardian for our base, like a riddle-asking Sphinx or something. Less obviously powerful, less power creep.
No. 784989 ID: 15a025

Store crunk in our lil tent boy for healing.
No. 785026 ID: 85cc2c
File 148868688621.png - (5.61KB , 500x500 , 109.png )

Crunk is stored within Primus. Primus comments that she's very weird to have stored, considering she's so squishy! She just laughs and reclines, thanking him for being chill about it.

VOIDSY: What's the difference between creating parts to build something, and just creating the thing?
EASTWOOD: Well, I guess you could do either.
EASTWOOD: You could technically just teach your cats everything, but that might muddle their heads up. Jack of all trades but nowhere near masterful at one, you get me? No matter how much they know, they can only really apply so much.
EASTWOOD: I'm also going to guess that having cats manage their own item crafting would come in really handy when travelling outside of the base.

VOIDSY: How about abstract types? Can you tell us about them?
EASTWOOD: Might just be a good plan to give you quick rundowns on the type categories, considering you've got your last cat ahead.
EASTWOOD: ABSTRACT types are probably one of the most plentiful, but definitely the most powerful. They're based on abstract concepts, and their abilities are dangerous as all hell. Abstract types can enter an ELEVATED FORM where they can warp both the world around them and both TCPs and players. Having one of these go rogue is the one cause of player death- actual, literal death. You'd cease to exist entirely. If you're going to make one, please pick its type carefully for the sake of us all- TCPs don't have to follow your orders. It's also worth noting that their abilities, depending on what they are, can drain them down to critical in a single use.
EASTWOOD: If those risks are worth it to you, fine. But I don't want to see shit like a god type or a death type running around. That shit just invites more trouble than it's worth.
EASTWOOD: WEAPON types are kind of misleading. Not only actual weapons fall under this type, but things like certain tools, and even toys. I've seen somebody make a pillow type and have it end up be a weapon TCP. They're up there on top of most powerful in terms of damage they can deal, but as you probably know by now, there's a cost to it...like everything in this game. They're frail defensively, but if you play your cards right, they can be a vital asset to a team.
EASTWOOD: FOOD types are healers, most of the tim You can take a chunk of em and have another TCP consume it for buffs and possibly bonus effects. You have to watch out, though- food types ingesting other food types can change what they do, and not all food types are good for your cats to consume. Food covers anything that's typically consumed- including drugs, poisons, and other nasty chemicals.
EASTWOOD: STORAGE types contain things- be it objects, creatures, TCPs, you name it. I've seen ones based on places- like a literal store type, or a restaurant. Whatever the TCP is determines what they store. A box type could store anything, a fridge would store food. You get the gist. Their storage capabilities are limited to what they can physically hold, so you get a lot of huge ones cropping up. Abilities vary all over the map.
EASTWOOD: MACHINE types work similarly to actual machines. Put something in, get something out. These can be electronics, or stuff like simple machines. Levers, computers, phones, whatever. You talk into a phone type, a recipient talks back. You push down on a lever, the other side goes up. Easy. Very useful if you've got a specific goal in mind.
EASTWOOD: FORM types are based on materials, shapes, and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff I can't quite pinpoint. Their abilities involve changing the materials and shapes, you know, of other objects and creatures. They work on TCPs sometimes, but that requires a lot more exertion and health cost. Neat stuff, way more effective than people give them credit for.
EASTWOOD: NATURE types are based off of environmental stuff. Weather, biomes, types of plant...as you'd imagine, they can create what their type is. Like form and body types- we'll get to those last- they need to be physically touching whatever it is they want to change or create. This excludes weather or other floaty nonsense, but you can get the gist from there. Great for editing terrain on the fly.
EASTWOOD: CREATURE types have passive abilities, and are based off of any sort of living creature OR something resembling one, like a plush toy or statue. There's too many of these for me to really pin down similarities between them, seeing as their abilities vary wildly. Generally a staple on teams due to being unpredictable in terms of what they can actually do, but you gamble getting a type with a shitty ability.
EASTWOOD: BODY types...like Seaspray, are based on parts of the body, sicknesses, and injuries. They're the biggest kind of TCP and extremely dangerous. Their excellent strength is matched with being pretty hardy. If they get in range to touch you, you're in a lot of trouble. They can and will create things like extra limbs, sicken your cats, or even spontaneously create cuts. The downside to these types is mainly in their size and speed- they're easy to spot and most other TCPs can zip around them with ease. We're lucky to have Seaspray on our side, to say the least.
No. 785034 ID: 398fe1

I bet we could make someone a blacksmith and create a little forge for them to make stuff with. The create all sorts of cool materials for them to bang on the anvil.
No. 785052 ID: db0da2

Do occupations count as concepts? Dad is a creature, but "GOD" is supposedly abstract. One of us would do well to get a negotiator type, to help with turning Spit's cats. Maybe we should propose that to miller. A body type woud be good I think, or maybe a turtle type, it seems to be easier to enhance offense than defence in this game, seeing as we can always just hand our cats bigger guns and know where we'd even start with trying to make are cats tankier using mundane methods, plus larger cats can wield heavier weapons.

Ask the gods what body types they'd reccomend. Would a fist type be body or weapon type?
No. 785065 ID: 350a50

I feel like a Mask Type would go horribly wrong, or horribly right.
No. 785070 ID: db0da2

What if we made a treaty type or some other abstract to enforce some kind of limit on what weapons can be used to avoid an arms race, would that work?

Regarding our immediate plans... We should test all our tcp abilities extensively, we can use the empty bodies to test the more dangerous ones. I want to know if Buddy's wand ability can be used through walls. We should also stockpile weapons of varying degrees of power, seeing as Spit has no way of knowing what we create it won't start an arms race as long as we don't use them. I don't want to be stuck in adventure mode after having held back only to find out that Spit has built a mountain of death rays or something. We should start our tcps on a training regimen, with team building exercises, combat drills, the practical application of various things we've taught them to make sure they actually have the skills to apply their knowledge, and maybe some type of conditioning to prepare them for the horrors of war.
No. 785126 ID: 8d4593

What if we made a Void type?
No. 785171 ID: db0da2

Can we make cats using proper nouns? Can we make cats using languages other than English?
No. 785190 ID: db0da2

What would happen if we tried to enter "food", "body", "creature", etc., as a cat type? Would we get the platonic ideal of that archetype?
No. 785222 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875053175.png - (4.73KB , 500x500 , 110.png )

You decide to have the rest of your TCPs test their abilities using magic items on the inert bodies while you ruminate over types to make.

There appear to be customization options for the ears and eyespots of the bodies, but Dad exclaims that there's no time for that now. She presses buttons until you have a proper pile of them.
No. 785223 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875069146.png - (7.22KB , 500x500 , 111.png )

Marnet volunteers to be Primus' guinea pig, and Crunk seconds. Primus heals Marnet from afar, and is pleased to report that even with an apparant health drain, he doesn't feel much pain. Primus' health is now GREAT, Marnet's health is now FANTASTIC.

He speeds up Crunk's healing using the wizard hat, and starts to feel a bit woozy. Crunk reports feeling better than ever, and that her health is at its maximum of GREAT. Primus' health is now GOOD.
No. 785224 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875071468.png - (7.90KB , 500x500 , 112.png )

Whipp agrees to let Dad mind control her, and the results are instantaneous. Dad is gentle, only making Whipp wave her arms in the air a bit before letting go. She reports that she had no control over Whipp's thoughts, speech or feelings- nor could she access them- but instead had a mental control over Whipp's actions. When asked if she feels any different, she grunts and says she's fine. Dad's health is now GOOD.

Dad doesn't see much point currently in testing the hat right now, seeing as her abilities work without it just fine for the time being, and she doesn't want to go and waste any health.
No. 785225 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875074203.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 113.png )

Buddy is last to go. It starts with the magic wand, and creates a small knife in the arm of an inert body. It makes a small screech and clutches its own arm, seemingly feeling an equal pain. Buddy's health is now POOR.
No. 785226 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875085246.png - (8.15KB , 500x500 , 114.png )

Buddy is apprehensive when putting the wizard hat on, and at first the only sign of its ability being used is it staggering back and crying out, clutching at its head. The hat falls, revealing its head knife retracted. Its flower and rubber cap fall to the ground, Buddy following suit. It says that it's okay in between strange grinding noises, not unlike the sound of crying. Buddy's health is now HURTING.

No. 785227 ID: b412df

Ok, that's enough testing of our TCP's abilties. Might have been too much at once actually, although on a purely utilitarian view it's best to know the limitations while it's safe. We know not to push things to far with magic now.

We didn't know you'd get feedback from that Buddy, we're sorry. Primus, would you be willing to shelter Buddy for a bit when we next have to travel? Might be useful to use a tiny bit of the jelly in the cooler so Buddy isn't hurting, poor Buddy.
No. 785228 ID: 15a025

Quick, get Buddy in Primus or have Primus use healing magic on Buddy. Only the latter if Primus is up for it.
No. 785233 ID: 9f3729

Oh jeeze. That's rough, sorry buddy. It looks like your head knife vanished, that's bizarre.
No. 785248 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no, Buddy!

Someone heal Buddy! D-':>
No. 785249 ID: db0da2

That was the point, the hat gives better control over the knives in Buddy's body.

Let's get some gel on buddy ASAP.

I want to know if Dad can force TCPs to use their abilities and/or stop them from using them. I also want to know if Buddy's wand power can be used without line of sight. The latter should definitely wait, but we might test if any other wand powers work without line of sight as a substitute. It's also probably best to get all this testing done now, before Spit is ready to make a move, we wouldn't want our cats being ambushed while low on health.

I also want answers to my questions here: >>785052 >>785070 >>785171 >>785190.
No. 785253 ID: 398fe1

Okay I thought we were done testing? Let's just recuperate for a while, please?
No. 785282 ID: 350a50


Get Buddy some healing slime and let's take a break. Let the TCPs practice with their instruments.
No. 785309 ID: db0da2

Done? We've barely started. Trying our abilities in their most basic capacities is one thing, but if we really want to be able to utilize them to their fullest extent we have to find their outer limits and edge cases. Right now we don't even know the range on these abilities, for example. Game-winning tactics don't come out of nowhere, we need to know what our options are before we even think about using them.

A break is fine, Buddy certainly needs one, though I feel the others could keep going, and we have other things to work on, but I want to get back to testing as soon as our cats' bealth replenishes so that we can get all this testing over with before it becomes a liability.
No. 785326 ID: 85cc2c
File 148877549235.png - (9.13KB , 500x500 , 115.png )

You try to bring up the idea of doing more tests, and Dad snaps at you. Buddy needs rest, she growls, and lets the knife type rest its head on her lap. It'd be ideal for all of them to take a break. Everyone agrees, sitting down to rest-
No. 785327 ID: 85cc2c
File 148877550658.png - (6.06KB , 500x500 , 116.png )

You have an incoming call.
No. 785330 ID: 8d4593

Take a break in Primus, Buddy.

Talk mad shit while Flirting Incessantly.
No. 785333 ID: 15a025

We've already got enough trouble here. Don't answer it. Don't just hit no/hang up though. Leave it ring till it stops. An immediate hang up/no seems like something that'd set spit off.
No. 785334 ID: be6e97

Answer, but be cautious with what we say. Perhaps act like we don't know as much as we do about the game, and if she asks us any details about what we have, LIE. We cannot and I stress this CAN NOT give her any information that she can use against us. Don't let her know we are in an alliance or we lose any fraction of an element of surprise we had. Act like we are foolish and trusting to get her to think we will be easy to manipulate. Get her to underestimate us. And under no circumstances give her any kind of advantageous information.
No. 785373 ID: d36af7

Answer, but say nothing.
No. 785374 ID: 91ee5f

But we did say you could take a break! .....oh that's right, we're a collective. So you couldn't hear some of us say, "Take a break" because, for some stupid reason, there were more of us telling you to, "Keep going"!

I agree with >>785333 on not answering it and not hitting no. Just let it ring until Spit gives up.

Afterwards, we should tell everyone that Spit tried to call us.
No. 785375 ID: 350a50


Be friendly and naive.
No. 785390 ID: 9876c4

Free enemy intel?

Yes, please.
No. 785391 ID: 85cc2c
File 148878527667.png - (15.21KB , 500x500 , 117.png )

You answer the call.

Smoke billows from the corners of her crooked smile, eyes unblinking and neck twisted around like a piece of bent metal. Where hands should be, she has shards of broken glass, shoved into her own flesh haphazardly.

As you take her in, she speaks, voice a hoarse giggle.

SPIT: Hi, newbie.

No. 785392 ID: 1f1cb5

Well, hey there, friendo!
Need a hand with that smoking problem?
Cause I bet it's a real pain in the neck.
No. 785402 ID: 9876c4

Tits and GTFO.
No. 785403 ID: 91ee5f

.....you know, for someone that ate a god and a high god (I think that's what Eastwood said she did) I'm surprised she's not fat!

Either gods are really healthy to eat or she's got an amazing workout routine!
No. 785408 ID: a363ac

aww its such a cute puppy!
No. 785463 ID: aff0f6

I am thoroughly underwhelmed.
No. 785467 ID: b412df

Hello, Spit.

(I don't think we should try anything fancy here, just keep in simple and avoid giving out any information. As well as not giving them a reason to pick on us other than us being the newbie with the most to lose.)
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