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File 147054341893.png - (87.00KB , 800x800 , 186.png )
740815 No. 740815 ID: d1f5f1

"It's time. Time to travel. Through time."

"Time travel." That's where I'm going with this. Time travel.

The universe is my oyster now.

I don't even know how that metaphor works. Oysters.
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No. 744920 ID: d1f5f1
File 147242210860.png - (53.95KB , 800x800 , 370.png )

While my body wasn't reacting right, though, I had the foresight to snip off my last balloon from my shell, and that kept it from getting teleported.

Must have like, 25% of a core in here, and a tiny 2% core off to the side as the guardian decoy. Hard to think. Trying to do basic shit might be dangerous. Now I kinda feel bad for dividing corruptor up like that. Doesn't feel great. Or maybe that's just the disconnect between shell and core that the savior made.
No. 744921 ID: 398fe1

I guess Savior's problem was just that he was an egotistical TWAT. He definitely deserves to die now, but... I really hope that doesn't trigger a hard reset.

Okay first thing's first. Do you still feel the presence of the voodoo doll?

Try to save your energy. If Rulekeep comes over to check on you, just say "ow."
No. 744922 ID: ccbcd2

Should've killed him while we had the chance.
well with a quarter of a core in what amounts to a basic grey blob body, not a whole lot we can do.
Though now would be a great time to see what that egg you and rulekeeper made is for. Is there a way we could use some of it to patch ourselves back together?
No. 744925 ID: 486e87

That bloody egotistical, self-righteous son of a bitch. Ok, one thing at a time, do you still feel the quantum voodoo connection, not that we're in much of a state to do anything, then check to see if we still have our snaggletooth, or can bring it to us without any strain, as basic stuff might hurt us. We need to tell rulekeeper that we're alright, hurt pretty damn bad but alright.

Also, did that bomb kill paradise / saviour permanently? Hopefully there's enough left to take over, or at least salvage system functions from it.
No. 744936 ID: 3abd97

This confirms it. He doesn't get game theory. Or cooperation, or trade offs, or anything. If he's been a contestant, he'd be dead in the first stage. He's too used to getting his own way all the time.

He's not the Savior. He's the Betrayer. (Or the Warden, the Zealot or something like that. He's only in it to save himself).

>It might not be easy, but I can handle handle a system entity and a corruptor just fine if they don't have you as backup
I'm not sure why he feels that. Per the book Mittens found for us, Savior is just a copy of the same thing the System is. Is Rulekeep has the full might of the system hijacked to back her, and she has Corruptor as the outside thing backing her, they should have more resources than he does.

Oh well. With a giant glitch / bomb attack, that probably shifts the odds of him beating the two of them in a fight way off. Especially since they can both capitalize on using your Glitched stuff and he can't. ...and even if they can't take him, I'm pretty sure they have a chance to escape right now.

...plus if Rulekeep really wanted she could drag / coerce other Glitchers into doing things for her. Aside from the Guardian, she's the best counter-Glitcher thing around. And if they come back with another Glitcher, Savior's lost his edge completely.

Where did you leave this bubble. Do you remember? Is anyone around?

If we're still trying plan "make you core a little bit different", you might want to rush the process of converting spare strings to core material. If you don't have time to digest them fully, or if you hurry, you could introduce some errors / mutations to make yourself different.

Do you still have your tooth? Or can you 'port it to you, if you're connected to it?
No. 744937 ID: 3abd97

Oh you know what would be nice? If the bomb hurt Savior bad enough he won't be able to get enough control back to suicide before they take him over.
No. 744939 ID: 211d83

Well he did the thing you knew he was going to do but hoped he wouldn't.

Use your tooth to let Rulekeeper know whats up if you can. But tell her to act like you are dead for the moment. Do not want to let Savior know you survived if he is not out of it.

Where are you at? You might be smaller but if your core is still similar enough to your old self then we have to work fast. You need to start absorbing mass and make a foot high Glitcher body quick.

Then get back to Savior before he realizes you are still alive and eat his fucking heart. Replace the core mass you are missing and change your makeup in one move.
No. 744940 ID: d1f5f1
File 147242476060.png - (54.57KB , 800x800 , 371.png )

>Where did you leave this bubble?
Cycle 740, where nothing special happened. No one's around; it's a dead cycle.

>Do you still feel the presence of the voodoo doll?
Yeah. I think so.

I can barely feel my own presence.

It was teleported with the shell. I can't sense it or teleport to it, but it should be intact.

I don't move around much. Thirty minutes later, Rulekeeper shows up.

"Oh, thank goodness, you still had this. I located your shell via the tooth, but it was hollow. I've taken over paradise, Glitcher, as despite his state as a contestant-stage, I was able to take control of the stage aspect. I believe I have its power now. But, his core is intrinsically different my own being, and so I do not know if the creators will realize the savior was killed, and if so, if they will hard reset."
"So, Savior's gone?"
"Mostly. I managed to seal the hole to leave a small fraction of his core intact, and then expelled him into a form not unlike you and our egg. We are making sure he has no power, and I believe we will surround him in a casing of regular strings, and surround that with veil, to assure that he cannot regenerate without letting the veil break his shell open. We teleported everyone off of paradise before his core damaged anyone. His last word were that he believed things would be hard reset, and that he would be reborn, since although his memories do not remain intact, he doubts that they recreate paradise from scratch. His words were scattered and frenetic, and so I do not know if he was simply, well, rambling."
"Did you get Alison?"
"Yes, I am now omniscient within the paradise's realm. She is safe, and I will let her know that you are still alive.
"For now."
"For now."
"What about corruptor?"
"He is with Alison at the stadium, and they are explaining what is going on. The glitchers in paradise now have a television string so they can listen in as well."
"Our egg?"
"Safe in the stadium. I believe sweatermouse was looking after it in Alison's absence."
"That butterfingers?"
"The alternative was Radmin."
No. 744944 ID: 398fe1

Tell her whatever Savior did did not change your core enough, not yet. If she wants to save you, she's gonna have to find a way to change your core like Savior claimed was possible. Corruptor's core might work for a donation, if she has no access to Savior's core material.
No. 744945 ID: 211d83

Tell her to get you to Paradise quick and feed Saviors core to you.

Let her know about his offer and see what she thinks.

Worst case she can plant you in the middle of Paradise and try to link you to it like Savior was. The system might not care who's core is in Paradise as long as there is one. It will go by and see Paradise and think there was firmware update and ignore you.

Take over Saviors job Gitcher.
No. 744948 ID: e22b1d

Just because Savior was a backstabbing dick does not mean his plan might not have worked. Its the only option we could think of so now that Savior is disabled do it.

You need to get Corruptor over to Paradise right now and have Rulekeeper give you a tiny bit of his and Saviors cores fast.

All you have to do is change yourself a tiny bit for that thing to loose track of you.
No. 744949 ID: 3abd97

>I've taken over paradise
So you're doing the Savior avatar-shell thing now, or can you still be in control there even when your regular body is elsewhere?

>I located your shell via the tooth
Could I have my tooth back? I'd like to have it, even if I'm kind of a ball right now.

>His last word were that he believed things would be hard reset
If someone outside turns the computer we're in off, or breaks the simulation, we'd never see it coming. There'd be no time to react, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Maybe we're all going get it but... I think pretty much everyone but Savior is willing to take the risk at this point. The cycles are terrible. It's worth the risk to be free. That hypocrite said he would kill himself before giving up his freedom once. He's weaker than the weakest blob who died in the first room, 3119 times in a row. At least we all tried.

>I believe sweatermouse was looking after it in Alison's absence."
>"The alternative was Radmin."
Good choice. He would have tried to wear it as a mask, or taught it to be a terrible person or something.

Our kid might grow up with an unhealthy fixation for sweaters or hugs, though. She was probably wrapped around it the whole time! ...well the hugs thing was a given with Alison.

>what say
Stay with me, Rulekeep? I dunno if we'll save me or not, but I'd like to spend what time I have left with you.

>last ideas to save Glitcher
If Savior "tags" people who kill him with his string, could Rulekeep use Savior-powers to create a new Savior string that marks Glitcher as okay? Or remove the tag?

We might be able to rush absorbing material into your core, so it introduces errors and changes you a little.

...or if you absorbed strings from people, instead of the stage, would they alter your core a little? Become a little bit more like your friends to survive.

Rulekeep might be able to harvest some of the Savior-core leftovers, and use them to edit you, like we originally planned to do with Savior. Just stick the crumbs into you.
No. 744951 ID: 398fe1

Hey I thought of another idea. Rulekeep can process and change your core, that is absolutely verified. The problem was she couldn't handle your entire core. Is the 25%-30% you have left a small enough piece that she can process it? You don't need to make a shell this time since you have one right there. She can just put you back into your body once the change is complete.
No. 744954 ID: 398fe1

Wait a fucking minute.

>Thirty minutes later, Rulekeeper shows up.
The guardian is supposed to have killed you by now. What happened? Do we still have a devotee watching it? What is it doing?
No. 744955 ID: 97624f

There is one last crazy plan of pure desperation I have.

A cycle reset.

According to Savior, a cycle prefers not to mess with things not linked to it and will perform a cut and paste. An extremely buggy cut and paste. This guardian is probably not even the full guardian, just an avatar like the Savior, and should induce the exact same bug.

Afterwards, the new cycle should go "uhoh", and does... something to fill in the void. If, at the last moment when it creates a voodoo copy of you, and if you're able to control it, you might just be able to touch the guardian, and the new cycle might just get mixed up and decide to fill the void in with you.

Of course, this has an infinitesimaly low chance of working, started off by the fact that most of this information was from the Savior himself. And that there's no way to set off a cycle reset at this exact moment right now. If Mittens' cycle has reached stage 11 in all that time you've spent, then you might be able to use that. Somehow.

Crazy plan, but I mean, what else are you going to do right now, contemplate the meaning of life while your creators panic and do a quick hard reset?
No. 744959 ID: d1f5f1
File 147242767982.png - (52.94KB , 800x800 , 372.png )

>The guardian is supposed to have killed you by [half an hour]. What happened?
Half an hour is just entering the fuzzy period of time in which Savior thought the glitcher died. It could be as late as an hour or hour and a half from now, but as soon as immediately. So, every moment here could be my last, now.

>If you absorbed strings from people, instead of the stage, would they alter your core a little?
No, by the time my core can absorb other strings of any sort, it's pretty well digested.

"What if savior or corruptor's core is put in me? Would that change it?"
"Although I do not have strings, I believe that my strings seem to emulate a core surprisingly well. Therefore, while it is worth a try, it will most likely do the same thing that it did when we lightly meshed with each other and crystallize into snaggleteeth or an equivalent."
"All I hear was 'worth a shot'."

I don't want to be more like savior to survive, so corruptor volunteers to mesh his core with me, and we meet out in space.

After a few minutes, I'm able to get more or less my form back, crappy as it looks. Rulekeep gives me my tooth back. Corruptor's core, though, is rejected, and grows into another, longer fang.

"Oh, no..." says Corruptor.
"I guess it does need to break a threshold, and savior was truly a lying shit to the end. I have 25% of my core, which is about what I put in to make the egg. Rulekeeper, what if I put my whole core into you? Then you can modify it in you, and then push it back out into my hollow shell?"
"That would work, but would you really be the same? It may not be a small change. Would you really be the glitcher, still?"
"Any other ideas?"
"Neither do I except even crazier ideas like a cycle reset to confuse the guardian or something."

Putting my 25% in might be a slight change, might be a big change, hard to tell what'll happen, but this one should definitely work to keep me alive in some way or another.
No. 744962 ID: 211d83

Back up everything you can about yourself into a string object and give it to Rulekeeper so you can figure out what changed when you come out.

And give both of them a hug and tell them to take care of your egg while you recover. Even if you end up different its worth a shot I guess.

And tell Rulekeeper to not feel bad if it does not work perfectly. She is the best and you love her.

And if she wants to make you a bit better or more cool she is free to go wild.
No. 744964 ID: 398fe1

Any other plan is almost guaranteed to kill you anyway or would take too long. This way, some entity that at least has your memories and abilities will survive past your death. Besides, shouldn't your strings in your shell influence your personality enough that a changed core will still be "you"? Double check that the strings in this balloon-derived body are as complete as Rulekeep's backup.

Just in case, tell her you love her, and this might be goodbye. And if some weirdo ends up in your body, to tell him to just morph it so he doesn't remind people of the Glitcher that died.
No. 744970 ID: 486e87

This. I think we're out of options aside from this, forcing a cycle reset potentially undoes everything we've done so that leaves Rulekeeper processing our entire core.

I have a hunch that getting killed by the guardian might not be the end, 18k got vacuumed up, so it might be something like a debugger extracting code / AIs to investigate, and thus might be a way to talk to the outside world. But I think we can do more from inside the sim, working together with Rulekeeper and Corrupter, so trying to survive might still be the better option.
No. 744971 ID: 3abd97

>"That would work, but would you really be the same? It may not be a small change. Would you really be the glitcher, still?"
...I've been a better person since I met you, I think. Being a little more like you wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen to me.

I mean, worst case I still end up dead and you've got two egg kids to look after instead of one. Not the worst thing.

Maybe you could pull your teeth inside your core? Use them as a core-core to back up the real you, so you can revert the changes after?

Or maybe Corruptor could mediate the process, so it doesn't make you entirely a new person, like the egg did? Apply the process he uses to make someone Corrupted, kind of, except to your core. Make you different, maybe effect how your abilities work, without giving up yourself.

>any other ideas
...If you hide a tooth inside another core, can it still transmit? Test. Maybe instead of Rulekeep editing you, you just need to hide inside her until the Guardian fires and misses. So she has to convert / digest you as slow as possible, so there's still enough of unchanged you to get out after.

If it takes too long all of you will be converted to a new person, or to teeth.

>I except even crazier ideas like a cycle reset to force the current cycle to try and confuse the cycle into filling the void up with more me.
Shouldn't work. A reset should strip you all of your shells and let you dissipate (unless you're in the sanctuary). It would fill the void in the new Glitcher, made from Savior's string.

Well, assuming anything Savior said was true, at least. If it was all bullshit, we have no idea what will happen.
No. 744975 ID: 3abd97

Hey wait.

Could we redirect the Guardian's attention? Rulekeep could form a Savior-avatar and we could have something else kill it. Maybe it would change targets.

...perfect justice would be we use Savior to pop the avatar-bubble and draw fire.

Failing that, we might be able to pull a dummy core together. Maybe use the broken parts of the Glitcher we killed? It doesn't need to be a good core, just exist long enough to draw fire.
No. 744977 ID: 398fe1

>teeth inside core
I wonder... could we use that to tell Rulekeep when to stop the process? We could ensure a minor change that way.

We could also MAYBE use that to go on an adventure and find out where vacuumed-up cores go then write back information from there, but that's assuming the vacuuming isn't just to ensure the entire core is deleted.
No. 744979 ID: 383e20

Just in case this does effectively kill you and make a new person instead of you surviving, maybe you should make a last round of logs. Not for clues and stuff this time, but just for the people you care about. Maybe even notes for them to be able to physically be given?

A letter for your kid, or kids if this ends up just making another one, might be the thing to do as well. You know, the big sappy "hey, if I'm not around sorry for not being around, if you feel like your life sucks sorry about that too but I'm sure you can make it better if you try or find someone to make it better, not sure if I should say I love you since if I'm not around I didn't get to know you, but I loved your mom and was fond enough of myself and you're made of us so, if you've been trying to help people more than hurt people, then yeah I can feel confident saying I love you, tell your mom I love her too" sort of dealio.
No. 744980 ID: 91ee5f

Yo, Corruptor, welcome to the Snaggletooth Club! XD
No. 744982 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243071203.png - (104.12KB , 800x800 , 373.png )

"We'll do it. You're a good person, Rulekeeper, in fact I dare say that I love you, so if I end up more like you, then good. That's even better."
"I love you too, but most of all as you are, so I hope you will stay as similar as possible to how you are now."

>Use teeth
It's just shell material that doesn't quite integrate with the rest of my shell, so I can't use that to make a proper core backup.

String backups, though, have been made, so every facet of my life that a string can keep data on is kept. Even every tiny bit of the 10,000 years of fiddling with strings with the occasional speeches from Alison to pump me up, and everything leading up to that, even though I don't remember it well. I just read it off my strings when I want to know what the original corrupted sanctuary was like.

"Hey, buddy? Love you too." says corruptor.
"Thanks, buddy, welcome to the snaggletooth club. Love you too. As a friend."
"Yes yes I didn't mean to intrude or anything like that!"

I have a few less insane ideas but they're all more dangerous than just playing this out normally.

"Let's start, Rulekeep. I'm going to make a set of logs. If I don't make it out on the other side, deliver it to the designated people on each log. If some weirdo ends up in my body, make sure they change forms! At least to another glitcher. Even though my personality is in these strings, they might get eaten up and end up with damaged data during the process, sorta like how I ended up nothing like savior."

We start. I put my core inside, in full, and soon after, she starts pushing it back into me as soon as she can after I show any changes.

I'm still aware. I do feel transformed, but... it is different. It does feel like I am someone else.

Something is... I feel.... distant? Not here? Core is elsewhere.
No. 744983 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243075040.png - (21.31KB , 800x800 , 374.png )


.... 2% ....


decoy bubble for guardian destruction

inside decoy bubble


here I am

the glitcher
No. 744985 ID: 398fe1

No. 744987 ID: 211d83

Hey decoy Glitcher. Guess your main body core changed enough for your core here to wake up. The system thinks you are the only part of you left so it gave you consciousness.

Man that sucks.

Can you check to see if the new you is doing ok? Without anyone noticing? You might be stuck going for a ride with the monster shortly.

I guess its time to sit back and hope it does take you somewhere. And wherever that is you can still talk to someone on the tooth network.
No. 744988 ID: db0da2

Bisect yourself, if you can.
No. 744989 ID: 15a025

Welp that went well.
No. 744993 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243222816.png - (8.95KB , 800x800 , 375.png )


time is passing

not waking up

better not be some glitcher sayin he's the glitcher

that'd suck

more than this

ain't no glitcher up there

just me

could always swap to bubbles

forced swap when rest of core went away

trying to see what's going on over there

taking awhile

this hard

damn they moved

>Bisect yourself, if you can.
2%'s better than 2 1%'s

>gave you consciousness
always was here, just 2%, barely paid attention

wait second

new core is here


Yes there it is, I can sense myself! I'm coming back to full mental power, and although I can really only control one body at once, I can swap to that one!
No. 744996 ID: e22b1d

Oh man you fucked up. Not all of you got updated so most of you is new and improved and smooching Rulekeeper while you are stuck here.

Can you roll frantically in there direction? Have Rulekeeper eat you and recombine you with yourself? Or is it to late for that?

Well at least try to get back on the tooth network if you can. Can let your buddies know what Glitcher heaven looks like after your core gets kidnapped.
No. 745000 ID: 5f0f47

For now, just swap to the other body and figure out exactly what happened.
No. 745001 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243336888.png - (10.56KB , 800x800 , 376.png )

Damnit why is swapping hard? Even if I can think straight, I still have to operate out of this stupid 2 % bubble.

Oh my tooth is here. Was it always there? Did I move it? Did rulekeep move it? Whatever was functionally mentally half dead, I'll take it.

Rulekeep you there? Come to my 2% bubble!

She shows up fast.

"Glitcher... that's you? That's you. You're not conscious on the other side. I think you're in a glitcher shaped egg, now, like our first."

"But I feel like I'm sensing a core, and I think I'm starting to successfully swap to - "
No. 745002 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243338649.png - (269.71KB , 800x800 , 377.png )

Oh god damn it that's right.

Rulekeep I swapped to a full sized voodoo core and I can't move

It's still tough to write on the tooth but it's manageable.
No. 745003 ID: 398fe1

Try to analyze the guardian now that you're in the middle of it. Can you communicate with it? Take control of it? Don't try to swap back, there's no point in doing that.

Regardless tell Rulekeep to stay away from your 2% bubble in case the guardian freezes everything and goes to strike it. Also that you've already given her a tearful goodbye so you won't do it again!
No. 745004 ID: 211d83

Ha fuck you big monster guardian. You can't use this thing to kill me if I am the thing. (I hope)

So now what do we do? Ask Rulekeeper if the core she updated is still in your 25% string body. And is it doing anything or just comatose? If so have her put it in another egg or something and hope you will have two kids now.

I guess struggle a bit and see if there is anything you can do. Maybe we will get lucky and it will throw you at where it thought you were or something.

Whatever you do keep a running update via toothlink so Rulekeeper can try to find/help you.
No. 745005 ID: 3abd97

So... the 25% core got converted to another egg (wow Glitcher you already have two kids in an hour. Stop getting your girlfriend so pregnant) and Glitcher's consciousness got swapped to one of the decoys, then to the voodoo doll?


Maybe if the voodoo doll is alone, and there's no matching core left, it won't kill it?

We should ask Rulekeep to destroy the 2% decoy. Then you, in the voodoo doll, will be the only Glitcher left. And maybe it won't kill you, since your voodoo doesn't match anything else anymore.

...although if it spares you Rulekeep is gonna have to show up fast and give you a new shell before you die.
No. 745006 ID: 486e87

Well we're not going to get a better look at the guardian, we're inside it now. So just what is this thing?

Also, warn rulekeeper to stay away from your 2% core. Maybe the guardian tries to perfectly replicate your core, then kill any other active cores so your consciousness gets transferred into the voodoo one, would not want her to get hurt by this thing taking a swipe at the 2% core.
No. 745007 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, if you made a second kid, it doesn't need all those string that have your whole life written in them. It should get a new shell, or have the old one cleaned.
No. 745009 ID: db0da2

Try pushing all your buttons, triggering all your muscles, see if you can do anything at all. This is probably what the Guardian is meant to do, but at least this way of dying is more interesting than what we thought it would be. Fucking shit up has always been your greatest skill, Glitcher, let's see if you can't ruin this thing before you go.

If you can still write on your tooth you could maybe get Rulekeeper to send you some strings to your new core.
No. 745010 ID: 486e87

Also, are we completely frozen? No glitcher powers, no core swapping, no time stops, and no teleports? Just writing on the tooth?
No. 745022 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243653525.png - (120.77KB , 800x800 , 378.png )

Better get away from the bubble rulekeep, cause this thing is going to attack at any second!
This is just an avatar, glitcher, like the savior. I'm the paradise.
We gotta rename all these things. Is the 25% core still in my old hollow shell?

I can't seem to move much at all. Wiggle around. But the guardian continues to be a weird void and it feels like it's got weird force claspers around me that keep pulling me back as soon as I try to move.

Rulekeep this thing is going to suck me up pretty soon, but I already said my goodbyes and I'm not going to do it again!
Yes, I suppose this does undermine that a bit.
I think I can use my voodoo core to do some basic stuff at a distance, though. Could you do me a favor and toss some strings at the core?

She does, via some leftover system contestants lying around. The core burns through them unless I nab them at a bit of a distance, but I can't instantly form a shell like this. In fact, the guardian seems to just be locally changing the space around me to emulate how it was when the strings were locked down, such that I don't dissipate. And that messed up bonds I had with my shell. In other words, being like this, I don't think getting a body is an option.

I believe your core is, in fact, a normal core. I would need to throw you a shell.
I don't even know if I could use a regular shell. Speaking of that, if that last egg we made still has my shell... clean out the data from the strings and let him form his own. I don't want a kid glitcher thinking he's the real glitcher! We have another object with my data to be read by them.
Very well. If you want me to leave your 2% core, alright, but if it is destroyed and your core dissipates, then I will not be able to see what happens, and the 3k glitcher seemed to be unaffected by being nearby the death of the 18k glitcher.

So I can affect strings and stuff, but being close up to the guardian doesn't seem like it's giving me more options than when I was far away. Especially since it's way easier to do stuff with a body.

I could also just ask her to destroy the 2% core and maybe that'll make the guardian indefinitely look for a core without ever finding it.
No. 745025 ID: 398fe1

>I could also just ask her to destroy the 2% core and maybe that'll make the guardian indefinitely look for a core without ever finding it.
May as well. Or do it yourself. GO OUT LIKE A MAN. Could you grab your tooth if she tossed it to you? To keep the line of contact open in either case. Maybe do that before you destroy the bubble, in case it instantly sucks you in afterwards.
No. 745026 ID: 486e87

Yeah, lets see if we can bring a tooth with us, if we're going to get sucked up then we should at least try to have a line of communication with us. Might not work but worth a shot.
No. 745027 ID: 3abd97

>I believe your core is, in fact, a normal core. I would need to throw you a shell.
Yeah, be ready to do that fast if the Guardian lets me go. I won't last long outside its grip. Although who knows how long I'll last inside it.

>If you want me to leave your 2% core, alright, but if it is destroyed and your core dissipates, then I will not be able to see what happens, and the 3k glitcher seemed to be unaffected by being nearby the death of the 18k glitcher.
If she can create avatars in more than one place, she could just come here and watch.

I don't suppose she can teleport the tooth to our voodoo core?

>I could also just ask her to destroy the 2% core and maybe that'll make the guardian indefinitely look for a core without ever finding it.
I sort of think that's our best option, now. If this is a targeting system, it might act differently when it can't find it's target.
No. 745035 ID: 211d83

Those blue strings are yours but where did the reddish pink ones come from? When did this thing start using strings to do anything? Can you grab on to those?

Well blowing up the 2% core might cause it to loose track of you and let you go. Its that or just wait to see what happens.

Just have Rulekeeper close so she can jam you in a shell the instant it leaves. Assuming it does and does not take you with it.
No. 745041 ID: db0da2

>I could also just ask her to destroy the 2% core and maybe that'll make the guardian indefinitely look for a core without ever finding it.
Do it! No one kills Glitcher but Glitcher! Or Rulekeeper on Glitcher's behalf... The point is we're going out on our own terms. Or not at all if this goes well.
No. 745042 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243902390.png - (74.72KB , 800x800 , 379.png )

>Those blue strings are yours but where did the reddish pink ones come from?
They came from the blue strings after my core fucked 'em up.

Rulekeep throw me my tooth!
...ah, yes. Alright.
Then after that, destroy my bubble! Maybe the guardian will look for something that doesn't exist and just hang around. And I can be the trapped force in the sky until everything is fixed!
Hmm... okay. I don't like this, but I understand.

She teleports the tooth to me, and my open core can catch it.

I'll also avoid giving you long goodbyes, so......... ah. Sorry. I can just see the cafe from here, where we had our first date. Good luck, glitcher.
Best luck!
No. 745043 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243904067.png - (107.50KB , 800x800 , 380.png )

She slices my bubble, and my piddly 2% goes out.

Well, here I am. Still kicking. I let Rulekeeper know that.

5 minutes pass. A few devotees and system fighters watch my core.

10 minutes pass. It's quiet. Rulekeeper and I reflect on, well, everything. Just remember all the little stuff.

15 minutes pass.


Then the threads lock.
No. 745044 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243906052.png - (44.71KB , 800x800 , 381.png )

At the same time, the silhouette comes down.
No. 745045 ID: d1f5f1
File 147243925863.png - (64.63KB , 800x800 , 382.png )

And inside, it looks like I'm inside an infinite core. Maybe this is the glitcher collective. I see the strings of all the consumed people it absorbed earlier put into a single, enormous ball, and it now seems to be pushing that ball back outside. I can feel the tooth getting pulled, too, but I hang onto it.

Glitcher are you there?
Yes I am here. It is core everywhere. A core nexus. That guardian void was hardly even a void - it was a portal. The things that did their work was a core collective on the other side. I don't get the impression anything here is sentient. Also, I'm still getting dragged around, and this tooth is getting harder and harder to hang onto.

This place seems, well, foreign but a place like I could understand. This is probably, after all, where I came from.

More problematically, I feel, not like I'm dissipating, but like I'm being gradually consumed and broken apart. The cores around here don't seem like they're individual entities, just a lot of, well, pieces in the machine.
No. 745046 ID: 398fe1

Request that a shell be thrown in. If you can catch it you'll be able to protect yourself, maybe.

Also more strings so you can do things with the strings and disrupt the closing of the portal so you can maybe have time to do more stuff. Just send a ton of enforcers and devotees or whatever into the portal.
No. 745053 ID: fd73fa

Don't let yourself be absorbed Glitcher. Ask Rulekeep to throw in strings to see if it helps, if it gives you anything to work with or make a shell with. While that is going on see if you can interact with the other cores. If they can absorb you then surely you can absorb them. Hold onto the tooth as strongly as you can, that is your lifeline to everyone else. Try anything and everything you can think of.
No. 745055 ID: 3abd97

On a time limit, now. Glitcher is being digested.

Does Rulekeep still see the guardian? Is it still there or did it vanish?

>This place seems, well, foreign but a place like I could understand. This is probably, after all, where I came from.
Huh. So this is where you core stuff came from.

>I see the strings of all the consumed people it absorbed earlier put into a single, enormous ball, and it now seems to be pushing that ball back outside.
I don't suppose you can hitch a ride with the stuff being expelled?

Or you could eat the strings before they're expelled to make yourself more core stuff. Help you last longer, if you can eat faster than it can eat you.

Rulekeep might be able to smuggle you stuff, if she attached stuff to a string entity and had it attack the Guardian. Could she feed the Guardian stuff to sustain your core, keep you intact?

If the people outside tricked the system into making a new Glitcher now, you might be able to squirt yourself into the new shell, instead of some of this blank stuff around you.

It might take a Rulekeep / Savior / Corruptor / Admins appealing the upper echelon trick for that, though.
No. 745056 ID: 211d83

Ok things to try in core land.

1. Can you eat other core matter to grow instead of being eaten?

2. Can you run over to the void portal and grab those strings and rebuild a body before they get thrown away? Or slip through the portal into Rulekeepers waiting arms?

3. Does Rulekeeper see the portal spitting out the strings? Could she maybe come in here and help you? Or just throw you part of your old shell to keep you stable?

4. Is there anything you can feel or change here? If this is where it dumped the other Glitcher cores to be reabsorbed into whatever this is you need to figure out how you can fight it to keep your consciousness. Unlike the others that got eaten you have a link to outside and a tiny bit of string matter to work with.

5. Focus on Rulekeepers voice to force the system to keep you stable. It loves to make things sentient if it realizes its needed. Even if you get absorbed keep talking and thinking as long as possible in hopes that it stabilizes you.

6. You were talking to Rulekeeper without the tooth when you were just a core. Does that mean there is a deeper link than you realized? Can you stretch out the tooth real thin and hide in it as the system tries to eject it?
No. 745057 ID: 39518f

What even is this core stuff? Is it like... processing power? Like there's a whole big sea of available power to think and be with, probably in the first box, and a little bit gets designated to be yours. When you gain or lose core mass, it's like more or less power is being lit up and activated with your name on it. I guess when the guardian was looking through cores, it was reading through the whole length and breadth of the processing sea by activating and deactivating it in sequence, bringing it up and out to be visible and then putting it away again. And it found the part that's yours and as it fired it up you got smarter again? Something like that?

Let's think. All the contestants begin with cores, like this. But they get transferred to the string universe somehow, which I think is the second box, probably in the first few stages. And they go somewhere else after. There has to be some method by which your consciousness can get passed from core to strings. It's just... with you, and corruptor and savior, you don't make that transfer. You keep using your core stuff to think and to be yourselves with. And... that's why you three can't leave the contest? Because the core stuff is tied to the first box. It's not formatted right to be transferable.

I'm not sure how useful this theorizing is.

If it comforts you at all, if that theory is the case, then you "dying" would be sort of returning to a source, rather than just vanishing. Maybe some day the bits of core being fired up to run you will be activated again, though you won't remember.

Perhaps the core crystallizing is some aspect of whatever the process to transfer is. I don't suppose you could try force yourself to transform into tooth matter. Or, if the tooth is bilocated to be the same tooth that Rulekeeper is holding, she could try make it large enough for you to climb into, and it would change shape on your side as well? Aside from that, the only thing I can think of to do is somehow hang on to the tooth while also letting it be pulled towards those strings. Maybe the guardian wasn't made with the possibility of you having something to hold onto in mind. Maybe now that it thinks its job is done, it won't notice something coming out alongside the strings.
No. 745058 ID: db0da2

So the blue thing is a big ol' Glitcher ball, and the red stuff is just a mass of non-sentient core stuff? Try to make contact with the blue thing, it might be easier to survive in here if you merge, absorb, or team up with it. Although if you can absorb the red stuff at the same rate it absorbs you you might be able to reach an equilibrium, if that's a thing that makes sense then do it.
No. 745063 ID: c18501

Could you eat the Gaurdian from the inside out, using these cores' data as your own source of food? I mean, it'd be a funny duality, your girlfriend is now savior and then you'd be her megabeast.
No. 745065 ID: 398fe1

Guys, the blue thing is the mass of strings that's getting puked out. The cores in here can't delete strings or anything so they're just shoving it back out of the portal.

If Glitcher wants to survive this he needs to anchor himself to the ball of strings (or other strings) and get tossed back out. Only way to do that is from inside a shell, probably. The trick will be aiming the shell, so we'll need to find out what angle is the correct angle then send it through fast enough to reach Glitcher.

...weird that the veil doesn't interact with the portal at all.
No. 745068 ID: 97624f

Wait. This tooth. Its linked with Rulekeeps, and now I'm wondering if it can somehow be used as a portal of its own. Can it be used to teleport some veil in here?
No. 745069 ID: 90f3c0

Can you grab onto the end of one of the strings on that ball that's being ejected? If you have a string leading across dimensions you use it to teleport.

Then either Rulekeep can send you a shell, or you can teleport out and have her stick you in a shell before you dissipate. There are all kind of experiment you could try, once being dissolved isn't an immediate concern.
No. 745072 ID: 398fe1

Wait, could we use it to teleport out? It's made of strings, isn't it?

If not, maybe we could change its shape to make it easier to use as an anchor? Or like a rope to climb out with?
No. 745074 ID: 5f0f47

Wait, at one point we considered using the tooth as a shell, right? Can we shove our core, or at least a portion of our core, into the tooth?
No. 745075 ID: d1f5f1
File 147244263988.png - (36.47KB , 800x800 , 383.png )

>So the blue thing is a big ol' Glitcher ball
More like a big ol' gore pile of deceased devotees and system fighters.

>Could we use it to teleport out?
I could only teleport my core by teleporting a sealed shell around it, which will then carry the core.

Throw in a shell! Do you still see the guardian?
I see a black hole where a giant ball is coming back through. I'm sending a shell through it now. It just passed.
I see it.

I can't seem to move at all, but I can catch the shell. I can wrap it around me. I don't think it's doing anything. My getting dissected is just passing through the strings, and I'm basically just making a statue body. I can move it like an action figure, but my core remains locked down. I can't help but notice the strings are getting wiped clean into blank slates.

Keep a backup of what I write on this teeth, because the strings are getting wiped and the tooth may get cleared as I write things. Can you teleport veil in here?
Let me try. Okay. Did anything show up?
Uh, a ball of string.
Then no, the void didn't go in with it, and is probably just in space in the middle of the black hole, so it doesn't appear to go through the portal.

Even if I could eat the strings in this state to get more core, I'm being disintegrated at a faster pace. I can't eat other cores at all. The portal is also starting to shrink as the giant ball is more than halfway through.

Parts of me are getting divided and spread out across everywhere. I'll get harder to write on this tooth, and if I divided it up so small that this place can't even see it, then I doubt I could write on it.

As I divide, I start to learn its functions, but the more I do, the more I feel myself losing my sense of being.

Rulekeeper, I don't think I have much time, and most of my ideas aren't getting anything down. Keep talking to me.
Okay. Keep writing. I'm going to keep throwing things into the void.
"I think I'm in the upper echelon. I feel my core dividing out, and it's starting to work on, well, overseeing everything. As I'm divided out I'm getting a bix pictxre vixx. Kee[ t[x09[] w9u8"

Wait a second.

My words are starting to mismatch.

I look at the last few phrases I wrote.

/-214=-/n2/n2/n2 = /31/312/5/566119/*2123*=142- [] x4[] - u ]xpf p talking to me!

Rulekeeper writes something. I can't understand it.
No. 745078 ID: 211d83

Keep holding on to your channel with Rulekeeper until the very end. If you can get any info even garbled to her it will be worth it. Try thinking in this new code language and try to auto translate if you can.

I think the only thing your friends could do for you know is somehow send a request to the main system to deliver more core material. Like fake the process that created you or Corruptor.

If this is the end it was good knowing you Glitcher. You did a good job and I am sorry we could not do more to save you.
No. 745080 ID: 3abd97

>/-214=-/n2/n2/n2 = /*2123*=142- [] x4[] - u ]xpf p talking to me!
>Rulekeeper writes something. I can't understand it.
It cut up the part of your "brain" that processes language. You're losing your ability to communicate like a person, or to think as one.

Machine code doesn't need to talk. Or to think.

>Okay. Keep writing.
Just start sending her a continuous string. A heartbeat, so she knows you're there. 10101010... Give her a pulse, even if you can't put reassurances into words.

If possible, make it a call and response. Ping-pong, ping-ping. Even if you can't do it with words, trade impulses, keep telling the other you're there.

>As I divide, I start to learn its functions, but the more I do, the more I feel myself losing my sense of being.
Can you task any of the processes / functions to rebuild or maintain you? Maybe you can reach an equilibrium, where you're far enough gone to send orders into the machinery, but still there enough to exist.

>if all else fails
Focus on the most important ideas. The most important feelings. They have to survive your conversion. You have friends. You have weird egg kids. You have a Rulekeeper. No Glitcher who has ever faced this before had that, and maybe it will be enough to keep you going.
No. 745081 ID: 398fe1

It's eating the tooth? Or are you just not able to understand what's on the tooth anymore? The latter suggests that the upper echelon does not understand your language.

Okay, let's try the prime numbers technique again. If you can make any markings that you still understand in this state, use them to try to represent the first 10 prime numbers.

Or manipulate the useless shell into doing that. You have to somehow get the upper echelon to stop eating you, by talking to it without language.
No. 745084 ID: 39518f

It looks like extra things are being interjected into what you're writing. But what you're trying to write is still there, just spread out. Perhaps the same thing is happening to you, everything still there but spread wide. Write "Can't understand any more. Can still know you are sending. Maybe try upper echelon petition. May not do anything. Tell everyone I am thinking of them. Going to try write thoughts. Thank you."

Then... think, Glitcher. Think about all your friends. Think about the most important people in your life, how you met them, what you felt about them, try imagine what they felt about you, try imagine what they're going to do now. Think about choosing to care about them, more than anything else. Think the biggest, most complicated feelings-filled provocative thoughts you can, and try keep a stream of consciousness narrative going, through the tooth. Maybe you'll make the other cores think they have something they need to be sentient to deal with.

And if not, they're not bad thoughts to be thinking.
No. 745086 ID: e22b1d

If you can start to understand how the code here works try to tell the program to hold you together. Give it instructions to recreate the programming that created you at the start of the cycle.

Even if you cant understand Rulekeeper keep sending her stuff so the line stays open. You will need her as a focal point if you can get this system to do anything.

Hold on as hard as you can and don't pay attention to anything else except learning how to manipulate this place and Rulekeepers voice.
No. 745087 ID: 3abd97

Actually, wait. If you can learn any of the commands here, the most important command is the one that fills a Glitcher shell with core stuff at the start of the cycle.

If you can trip that, maybe it will squirt you into the cycle. ...of course you need to squirt your stuff and not any of the other stuff, and Rulekeep will need to slap a shell on you before you die, but that's about the best shot you have.
No. 745088 ID: 494c05

You can try morse code to get messages across.
No. 745091 ID: ccbcd2

Woah Hang on.
If we're in the upper echelon, we might be able to get something to the live people who are working on the computer. You should see if you can write them a message. "WE LIVE" or "STOP THE PAIN" would be great options, but really anything to indicate some form of awareness before the final, compiled AI could stop the experiment. That's what they wanted to find out right?
No. 745092 ID: d1f5f1
File 147244651909.png - (21.41KB , 800x800 , 384.png )

>It's eating the tooth?
No, not yet. I'm just not able to understand it.

I start making tallies.


I get them back. The tooth is still working.

Then I get another set.

There's 10 things written.

I start etching into the broken shell to ask these guys to quit eating me. I try and yell it, too. I think I can yell.

There's no response on either count. So I just start writing WE LIVE and STOP THE PAIN and other spooky messages all over the place, since I can seem to write stuff in the void, as I blend with it. I don't know if they'll stick.

Oh, wait, I try out morse code. I studied that a little back in stage 7 and got it down pat on my first try. It's slow, though.

'Morse code?' is what I send.

The tooth gets modified, and the noise comes out of it. I don't understand it, but there's volume. It's Rulekeeper's voice. I guess that makes sense, as strings do hear noise, and it looks like Rulekeeper found a way to get the teeth to play back the noise. She sounds franctic. She might not be, I have no way to know what her language sounds like. Well, our language. My old one.

Morse code isn't getting sent back, just talking to me. I'm hearing multiple voices. I just start thinking of who all those voices belong to. I know all of them.
No. 745093 ID: d1f5f1
File 147244653243.png - (26.73KB , 800x800 , 385.png )

I start drawing an image into the tooth. As my core gets spread out, I'm getting a pretty big mental picture of what everything looks like. I think I know.

Everything hovers on block A for power. I can feel it, loosely, but I just know we're inside of it.

I am in area D. It forms a circle, and everything else is in the middle.

The cycles, including rulekeeper's paradise, are in block C.

The contestants are stored in block B.

I am scattered throughout area D. At the top right of my drawing, is the entrance to where the living CAI is. That is probably where everyone goes to fight them, too. To get there, people in the cycles pass through the circles many times, though I don't know why yet. Verification, of some kind.

Just looking at block D, it does look like a ring, and the texture is, well, shell like. So, I guess this is the ring shell after all.

'Yes morse!' is sent back. Maybe she learned it or found someone who did. 'Arbiter is here He says your language writing sounds like his corrupted logs from the veil'
No. 745094 ID: 398fe1

Tell them to advance through the stages as fast as possible. Get through stage 11 and they'll pass through the ring shell, which is where you are. Maybe the ring shell will stop eating you once that starts happening? Or they can grab you? Or you'll be in a position to stop the iwin button? Just, yeah, keep your kids in the Paradise so they're safe.

Also ask for them to write the weird logs into your tooth. Maybe you can translate them since your idea of language matches up? Also maybe Rulekeep can go investigate the second veil block to see if anyone there knows anything more about the ring shell.
No. 745097 ID: 3abd97

>Arbiter is here He says your language writing sounds like his corrupted logs from the veil
That might make sense. If there's veil material around the ring shell (making it up, and/or separating it from the inner simulation), your transmission might be passing through it.

>the entrance to the CAI area. To get there, people in the cycles pass through the circles many times, though I don't know why yet. Verification, of some kind.
So... is that what happened to the Alisons and such from the cycles you rewound and watched end to mess with logs? They got sent into the ring, failed a verification (error: not current cycle) and got eaten?

>'Yes morse!' is sent back. Maybe she learned it or found someone who did. 'Arbiter is here He says your language writing sounds like his corrupted logs from the veil'
Message back in morse code:

"Spread out in D. I hear your voices from the tooth, but can't understand the words. Not sure if veil stuff is in the way or if I lost language."

Also explain what's what in your drawing. What's A, what's B, etc. And the stuff about how contestants pass through the shell at the end. Maybe Rulekeep can construct nets or something and they can catch your pieces, if you can stay sane / alive that long. It can't be as bad as the ten thousand years, right?
No. 745098 ID: db0da2

Can you translate the gibberish here?:
>ARBITER #287: /1;12&)41\\\2AA\2S\9V8*&S89**

Ask Arbiter to send those corrupted logs if you can't remember them, improvise code for any symbols that you don't know. Unless your current position lets you access them directly? Translate the important bits.

Get them to make a petition to let you live to the Upper Echelon, at the very least it'll let us see what that looks like from where we are.
No. 745099 ID: 398fe1

Hey, for laughs, you could try to transmit "sound" back in your weird language to see what it sounds like to them.
No. 745100 ID: 3abd97

Hey. If you can't understand language, but they can send you sound...

Maybe ask for music.
No. 745101 ID: d1f5f1
File 147244868938.png - (22.35KB , 800x800 , 386.png )

>Is that what happened to the Alisons and such from the cycles you rewound and watched end to mess with logs?
When a cycle ends, it's permanently retired, and rewinding a retired one and letting it play out doesn't properly send them off. They disappear, but nothing really happens where I'm at now.

>Get through stage 11 as fast as possible
It's true they might come in here, but trying to finish the entire cycle in the next 5 minutes for a 1% chance to successfully save me is, uh... reckless endangerment just so I have a chance to get out.

My shell is getting eaten. To a lesser degree, so is the tooth, but there's plenty of it left to write on.

'I can hear you guys but I can't understand' I morse-code. I speak, too, and they confirm it's the same on their end. They can hear my voice, but not the meaning. 'get admins request echelon let me live' is added.

I keep communicating. I ask to get those 4 glitcher logs, and they're sent back.

2[-ERROR09]-23 -]323)#''!033

I translate them through morse code.

Rulekeep feeds me the remaining corrupted logs, then just basic words and letters with the request to translate them in the hopes that, later, people can learn the machine language. We work as fast as we can for what minutes I have, and once Rulekeep manages to learn morse code quickly herself, we're able to do so very quickly instead of a regular contestant sending it. I explain what is happening to me.

I add 'I feel myself slipping'

And it's true. It's growing hard to think as I end up as a thousand pieces doing a thousand different things. My morse code is starting to get sloppy. My shell is breaking apart and I can't keep it together.

'We sent echelon request do not know if it is heard'

Well, if they heard it, they didn't share it with me. Heh. 'They' like they're people. They sure don't seem sentient from my angle.

'can i hear music please'
'Yes. Alison is here. She is asking if you'd like to hear the song she used to sing to you in stage 7 while we communicate.'

I would. I would like that.
No. 745103 ID: 3abd97

Sounds like a past Glitcher going isolation crazy in here. He held on longer than he could stand to.

Slightly reassuring, in that it implies will and company helps. The tooth might help you stay together longer.

>tooth is getting eaten
If you can task anything to reinforce that, do so. It's your only link to people, and to sanity.

>I would. I would like that.
Say so.

>what do
Isn't the CAI's "I-win" button supposed to be in here? We could try to break it.

You could try looking into where the notes came from. You never figured that out before.

You could look for any information about the CAI. Do they do anything that reaches here?

Is there a connection to the outside world anywhere? So a user can start the cycle reset, or anything else?

Pass data found on, obviously.
No. 745104 ID: 398fe1

Does the section you're in have anything to do with a Cai Fight? I'm not sure Rulekeep can trigger one on her own anyway...
No. 745105 ID: db0da2

You said you're learning its functions, in your last moments be sure to focus as intensely as you can on preforming whichever function you think will be most useful, probably something to mess up the "I-win" button if such a function exists.
No. 745107 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245148775.png - (41.55KB , 800x800 , 387.png )

To the end, I won't give it up, so I start seeing what I can do with my pieces. I can feel them, they're still part of me, even if I lose conscious, and I try and will them to find more things out. To work for me. To find information about the CAI, to find where the i-win button for the cai is, everything. I'll pass on what I find, but I don't know how much I can.

Most of all I want my pieces to be so contaminated by me that it'll fuck up this place so people can do whatever they want to it or something. I hope people will find out I succeeded in doing something, here.

I can reinforce the tooth some, and Rulekeep is repairing it as well, but it isn't stopping me from getting absorbed here.

I'd like to act like I'm in control of my body, so I shut its eyes and pretend I'm falling asleep.

>Does the section you're in have anything to do with a Cai Fight?
I believe it's just a passage to one, but not where the caifight itself takes place.


'yea I'd like that a lot'

I hear a song. It's nice. She sang it to me when I got pumped up for 10k training. I may not understand it anymore, and I can't remember the exact lyrics. My threads don't have the data. It's been so long. So long.

But, it's a calm if quick one, and a nice one to go out on. I keep writing for as long as I can hear that song go, and I think just hearing the tune is enough to remind me of the gist of the lyrics.
No. 745108 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245156488.png - (20.80KB , 800x800 , 388.png )

cause I'm the best

I'm the best the glitcher

since the beginning

to the end
No. 745109 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245157906.png - (57.20KB , 800x800 , 389.png )

the best and only one and only one there ever will be

and no matter what I do

someone out there thinks I'm a good person

and that's all I ever really wanted

and all they ever really wanted
No. 745110 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245159741.png - (13.01KB , 800x800 , 390.png )

so I just keep on going

cause everyone will follow my lead

so I do my best all day
No. 745112 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245166282.png - (42.12KB , 800x800 , 391.png )

maybe I just wanted to chill all day

maybe I'd like some peace for once in my life

and for that you know me the glitcher well

but even if things could've been better

I'd do it all over again

just for everyone

so thank you

thank you for just being you
No. 745113 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245172736.png - (98.65KB , 800x800 , 392.png )

thank you for believing in me

cause it's me, the glitcher

and I'm the best and the only the glitcher

and even if people think the glitcher can do everything

I know I would've been just a wreck without everyone

so to everyone

thank you for everything
No. 745114 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245177125.png - (24.81KB , 800x800 , 393.png )

'thank you, everyone'
No. 745115 ID: d1f5f1
File 147245180155.png - (3.56KB , 800x800 , 394.png )

'thank you for everything'
No. 745116 ID: db0da2

Thank you, glitcher.
No. 745117 ID: 91ee5f

Damnit, Lagotrope, quit making me cry! D'X
No. 745129 ID: 486e87

You did good Glitcher, you did good. :(
No. 745143 ID: 39518f

Goodbye, Glitcher. You really were the best. Thank you.
No. 745181 ID: 7d9f2e

i haven't cried this hard in a long, long time
No. 745187 ID: e6e9af

See you, Space Glitcher ...
No. 745194 ID: ccbcd2

Without a doubt the best glitcher that ever lived. Gonna miss you buddy.
No. 745205 ID: 15a025

We're going to miss you buddy!
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