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File 147675810927.png - (23.26KB , 800x800 , 395.png )
753490 No. 753490 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and will be NSFW.

Other Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
Stats: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats#Job_Listings
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

Some hours prior to Roxy's escape from the public eye...

Coral is taking a taxi towards the club, and is planning on creating another division to talk to the four blackmailers while Roxy talks with Sevener.

Both Alison's team and Fern's team have reviewed the data from last night's experience with the Blackmailer's club.

All of them are difficult to read, but there is a general concensus that Laner, who took Coral on the car ride, had a great time, and just wants to play cool and hard to please about it.

Bolonn is more openly receptive towards Coral, but he appears to have an unhealthy avoidance of responsibility, deep topics, or things that stray from a stricly hedonistic, outgoing lifestyle.

The other two, which were spoken to less, are Rike and Rans. The former is more business oriented but has been seen fooling around with others in the club. The latter tends to loom over the railing as their security measure. His hours seem unpredictable.

>"Alright, 'Sugartooth.' We're hoping for some more progress tonight." Fern says on a phone. "We've got some info to give you more to work with. We found a once-rich biological from I-Block, we paid them off with favors outside of prison, which you'll pay us to do out of the reward money for this job. Don't worry, it isn't much. The I-Block boss had all their primary sources of money either frozen, abducted, or made inaccessable, so he had a lot of motivation to roll with this punch.
>Secondly, our blackmailers got some dealings with some corrupt cops. Not sure what that's about, but we looked at some of the people Rike was talking with, and they're the middle men between a corrupt cop network and the criminal network. Nothing to do with the other job. And lastly, they've got another blackmailing project over with some freighter company that deals in weaponry. Cops or freighters, these are just two other angles if you want to send a division over to investigate that if you aren't getting anywhere with the club."
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No. 778905 ID: 91ee5f


>As for the syndicate, we have no friendship. What we have is an understanding. So keep talking.
Then perhaps this is an opportunity for you and the syndicate to have a better understanding with each other?
No. 779034 ID: 65ec8d


Those are good points. Besides which, if we only tell him about the bomb secretly, then it comes off as us offering him an advantage by virtue of our true purpose and syndicate connection, and it'll come off as more exclusive and fortunate for him, and he's more likely to be grateful instead of resenting the strongarm attempt. This basically a dual negotiation/assassination attempt by Rike and his gang, and if we tip him off to the latter that's a favor coming from us. If Lace doesn't present herself so much as using it, but as something that her employers have set up that she just knows about, then it's not her doing the bomb threatening.

Ok, yeah, we should present it like that, then. Make sure to mention the specific type of bomb, maybe warn him to keep calm first. "In the interests of good relations between yourself and my real superiors, I should warn you that the dance club gang have set up a trap. Please allow me to explain, before you do anything: these negotiations are plan A. Plan B is an assassination attempt. An LP-105 is set to go off nearby if the immediate transaction doesn't come through. Obviously, I'd like to avoid that, not only to avoid the loss to myself and to you, but because I've arranged to place a tracker on the bomb for its retrieval afterwards."

You'll need to do this quickly enough that he'll have a chance to "accept" your audible negotiation points.
No. 779049 ID: 91ee5f

Or he'll just code talk to his buddies and they'll look for it, then disarm and destroy it, making the tracker Scurps just put on there worthless and would make us unable to follow the drone to steal the bomb for the syndicate.

Or they end up saying something out loud and Rike's audio bugs would hear it. Which is risky because we still don't know if Rike can remote detonate the bomb or not.
No. 779089 ID: bfb318
File 148694795742.png - (31.00KB , 1000x800 , 536.png )

"I think that my employers came up with those numbers, knowing that you'll lose more over the long term. I'm presuming that they think that you're willing to let some money slip through your fingers in order to prevent a catastrophic financial disaster. I think they're right, too, otherwise you wouldn't be here threatening and demeaning if you weren't willing to choose the practical options."
>"I'll ask the obvious question. What's to prevent them from 'renegotiating' to 6 million a month? 7? 8?"
"Let me speculate with what little I know. Their business is growing, and fast. They want a quick buck through stuff like this. Waiting months to get away with 6, a year to get away with 7... it's not suiting what growth they want. They want to lay the foundations of a stable, valuable business partnership, and they want to do it too fast to bother with nickel and diming. So fast that they're willing to do things like this just to stick their foot in the door. Think of it like this - you paying them means you become valuable to them, and it means you have a bit leverage on them for help. Favors, pulling strings, access to things they have that you might want." she says, sticking her hips out to the side and her chest out. "And people like me on their payroll. If you're into people like me. Some jetals are, some aren't, but if you catch my drift, I can give the time of a jetal's life to the first group, and I also am here to sweeten the deal with personal services if desired."
>"More than just eye candy, huh. You've got a pathetic module for it."
No. 779093 ID: bfb318
File 148694800928.png - (18.10KB , 800x800 , 537.png )

Code is sent through while words are spoken.

"I can make contact with my boss if I am given a line out of here. Also, please do not be alarmed, or touch it if possible, but are you aware of the bomb around here?"
>"Good girl. I was beginning to think you weren't going to share with the rest of us. We aren't minding that if you aren't."
"By the way, does all of this have anything to do with a jetalium liquifier?"
>"Who knows. Ask your employers."

One of the other jetals pulls out a phone and tosses it to Lace, who absorbs it into her body to make a silent call through a backdoor of the jammer. It could be monitored and hacked, so Scurps is called on one of his burner phones.

>"Hello. This is?" an artificial voice says.
"Your recent little pet partner. I have some people who call themselves waxers who need to speak to our boss."
>"One second."

Precisely one second later, another different, but equally artificial voice comes on.
>"Keep the phone connected, and hand it back to the waxers."

Lace does so, and a brief, likely high-speed conversation is held. Nelm sends more code in, while the audio bug is still catching the negotiations that are being held concurrently still.

>"I'm pushing the phone through my hand. Plug into it, we'll be speaking."
No. 779094 ID: bfb318
File 148694801952.png - (19.69KB , 800x1000 , 538.png )

Once again, Lace does it.

>"Alright, everyone here? Good." says Fern, in his own voice. "Nelm, the one you're talking to is one we affectionately refer to as Princess Sugartooth."
>"I'm glad to see the syndicate pulled the lollipops from their butts and acknowledged the nicknames." says Nelm.
>"Oh, no, don't get me wrong, the jumbo sized lollipops are still up there firm and tight. I didn't approve of the name, except she's gone on to be the sweetest, most naive, pure soul in the whole undermarket and I'll be damned if that didn't turn out to be a sickeningly appropriate name. Now, business. We hate the clubbers, you hate the clubbers. Sugartooth is obviously getting in good with those chumps, and is going to find where all their blackmail is. You know the syndicate isn't much into blackmailing the big crowds, and we're not about to change our practices when it's convenient. You help our candy look sweeter to them, you get the blackmail back, and the money you spend on negotiating."
>"We want collateral. We don't know where that 30 million is going, or whether or not your jetal is going to succeed. We want you to wire that money to us instead, then we'll give your girl 30 million in cash right here. She can use that."
>"Oh, because great warrior sugartooth can totally protect and enforce getting that. You give her the cash, then when she gets all the way out, we wire the cash"
>"Who do you take us for?! The waxers are professionals, you sloppy street gangsters."
>"Yeah how about that turqoise harbor incident huh?"

The argument is getting heated, and Lace may need to step in.
No. 779102 ID: 3abd97

>The argument is getting heated, and Lace may need to step in.
Boys, please. We each know who the other is, and how to hurt each other should their be treachery. Can we dispense with the posturing? There's no one else on this channel to put a show on for. We're all professionals, here.

Nelm, whatever the clubbers have is worth more then 30 to you, or else they wouldn't be trying to put you on a payment plan. You already decided to trust me getting near that, or you and Fern wouldn't even be having this conversation. If you're trusting me with the main haul, trust my boss with the change.

I believe something like half up front, half after, is traditional in these situations? We wire half the collateral, I walk out, we wire the rest.

All I need to know is if you want what the clubbers have on you destroyed or returned.
No. 779103 ID: 211d83

Continue making small talk out loud about the deal for Rike while you calm both sides down.

"Not that I want to interrupt you fine gentlemen but maybe we should focus on future events and not old mistakes? While there may be some mistrust between our organizations maybe we can take this moment to try and mend fences?

"I know we have been giving a silly show for the listening devices but my speech about forming new business relationships could apply to the syndicate and the waxers as well. Maybe each side could front half of the amount as a show of trust?"

"I am very confident in my ability to retrieve the blackmail and Fern can vouch for my effectiveness. And if your group would like a more personal demonstration of my "skills" well I can show you just how effective my pathetic module can be in the hands of a expert."
No. 779109 ID: 398fe1

>pathetic module for it
Audio:Tell them it's better than it looks. You've got an edge, something to turn up the feedback as high as it needs to be, and your endurance can be boosted as well. You could even demonstrate, but you haven't been given a lot of spare time, so it'd have to be quick. They know about the bomb by now, right?

As for the collateral, half up front and half after is a straightforward compromise.
No. 779116 ID: b2db3f

How about a little wager gentlemen?

If I can please you 4(6) with my "pathetic D rank hacked sex module" then you will have to admit that Fern's confidence in me is not misplaced and you front the 30 million.

If I can't impress you all then the syndicate will put up the money.

Of course we still have to sell the deal to our listening in blackmailer friends. You agreeing to things suddenly would look suspicious.

If you are fine with that plan slowly work your way into agreeing to the 30 million in our vocal conversation. But get a little aggressive at the end and insist that the deal will only work if you get to take out your frustrations on me for the night. (Will give us ammo with Rike that we had to work hard for this deal and had to please the scary military guys all night)
No. 779118 ID: b412df

I think the thing is that the Waxers need to pay us 30mil now as per what we're supposed to ask for. So we can't really do half and half since Rike is expecting us to walk out of here with 30mil, either in cash or wired to the blackmailers. And the Waxer's want reimbursement on that in case we fail.

Well, we were supposed to get the to agree to a 30mil payment immediately. Can't all the transactions be done over the wire? Or does some of it have to be cash?
No. 779119 ID: e22b1d


I like the idea of deciding who pays with a sexy wager. Cause we know we can handle them with our hacked module. (Plus we want to fuck them. Also having a bunch of high end jetals be impressed with our sex skills is good word of mouth)
No. 779134 ID: bfb318
File 148695350403.png - (18.64KB , 800x800 , 539.png )

>Can't all the transactions be done over the wire?
From some hints that were dropped around, it sounds like the clubbers are expecting cash.

"It's better than it looks. I'm sure you've noticed it's been hacked, and it gives me an edge, so much so that it barely even matters what its rank is."
>"That a feedback hack?"
>"Fine, get down on your hands and knees and suck my cock then, put me in a good mood while I think about it."

On the phone, everyone flings words.

"Sirs, let's please do away with the posturing. It's just us. Nelm, I'm sure what the clubbers have is worth well over 30 million if they're trying to put you all on a payment plan. If you trust me to get near it, I don't think 30 million is a big addition."
>"About that. We don't trust you. We want you to stay on contact with us at all times. We want to be involved in getting our shit out of there instead of you getting your hands on it first."
"Before we talk about that, I think it's customary here to wire half at the start, half at the end."

There's some grumbling and more posturing to that. Most lobbyists think it's an annoying sight to see both parties be petty at each other, but Lace can't freely speak her mind on that.

"You know, if you want my services, Nelm, we could bet that if I satisfy you, you pay the 30 million, and if I don't, Fern wires the 30 million in full to you right away?"
>"You know what? Yeah, sure." says Nelm. "Fern?"
>"Yeah, that's fine, cept why why the hell stop there? If she's pulls that off, throw in an extra 5 mil for advance payment out of your own pocket." says Fern. "Make her look real good!"
>"Fine, but only if this is just a hacked module and there's no cheapass stunt or technicality you pull. She's got to make me melt from the pleasure. If she fails, you wire us 35 million!"
>"Fine! But you've got to let her keep you hacked for a full 10 minutes, I don't want any shit about you saying you're soooo unsatisfied while you're quivering!"
>"You think I'm even gonna feel anything? You actually believe that shit about 'it's not the rank of the module, it's how you use it? You're on then. 10 minutes with the hack, bet for who puts the 30 million on the line, plus 5 extra million to spend as the winner pleases."

The usual tactic will most likely be used, involving choosing a lone AI to be in the lobby to meet with Nelm, then a slow increase in AI's that enter the lobby to increase the feedback level.
No. 779136 ID: 398fe1

>usual tactic
Speed it up a bit. Have more than one AI present right off the bat.
No. 779138 ID: 91ee5f

Can't do that. It's supposed to only be a feedback hack. Assuming the "AI cloning" that Loviro was talking about earlier counts as a hack, if Nelm sees more than one AI, he'll just say that he wins.
No. 779139 ID: 211d83

Yeah the usual feedback should work.

But that being said we are a professional. He gets the full treatment. A slow ramp up as we play to whatever fantasy he has. (Can ask if he has any preferences. If he does not then just get over there and slut it up and start talking dirty to see what he likes. Maybe just get on our knees and start going down on him like he asked for a start.)

Make sure to check your clock so our 10 minutes does not overlap the bomb timer. And have him close out our verbal negotiations with a agreement to pay the 30 million deal if you can "melt him with pleasure". Got to keep our cover up for Rike.
No. 779140 ID: 211d83


We just hide the extra ai that come online behind a wall in a separate part of the lobby. Have done it before and no one has noticed.
No. 779141 ID: 3abd97

>"Fine, get down on your hands and knees and suck my cock then, put me in a good mood while I think about it."
You heard him. On your knees, you poofy slut.

As tempting as it would be to have, say, Alison and Succubus double team him or something, this guys are high end jetals. They may have prior understanding of how the sex hack works, so letting them see multiple AIs at once might be a bad idea.

Who's turn is it to play brain-slut this time? Scanner? Healer?
No. 779142 ID: 65ec8d

Be on your guard, with all those eyes this guy seems like he could be a specialist in snooping, which may include hacking. We could probably defeat anything that he tries, but just make sure he doesn't discover more than he needs to.

And put on a show for his associates while you're at work with the hack, get them interested as well.

Now, as for that "we want to be involved in getting our shit out of there" thing. We need to tell them that we've already made arrangements for a lot of trouble to come tumbling down on the clubbers once you've gotten your info, and having someone else tag along, or constant surveillance, could cause you problems and endanger the whole endeavor, since we can be sure that wherever the clubbers keep their blackmail material is where they'll have stacked all the surveillance they can. That's why being one of them is the best way to get in.

Here's a counter-proposal: they loan you another division module and the jetalium to create a decently massed division. Then a division with your core stays somewhere where you're in their eye and in their reach - effectively, you'll put yourself up as collateral/hostage for the safe return of their stuff. Once you have it, you'll arrange a nice secure tradeoff somewhere where you're let go and they get what they want, along with the module and jetalium returned. All you'll need for the duration of the arrangement is the chance to rejoin and split off your divisions again from time to time. "And the bonus? While my core division is with you, she'll be at you and your associates' service. As you're about to find out, you'll like that."
No. 779150 ID: e22b1d

Well Nelm I hope that you are not going to just sit back and let me fuck you unconscious. If you don't do your best to fuck me into a amorphous pile of goo then I will be highly disappointed.

If a big strong jetal like you cant even overwhelm a weak little jetal like me who only has a basic sex module, well you can always have your cute friends help I guess.
No. 779167 ID: bfb318
File 148696077041.png - (24.00KB , 800x800 , 540.png )

Nelm is short, so Lace does need to get low, so her hands and knees are perfect for the task. "While I begin, do you have any preferences?"
"Yeah. Make your mouth small. Same shame, just a tighter inner jaw." says Nelm, dropping a dick out of his groin with a level of speed fitting a high morph jetal. "And add some texture to your fur. I like how your clothes feel. Use your tails to lift up that skirt and show my bodyguard's what's going on down there."

No. 779171 ID: bfb318
File 148696088117.png - (25.28KB , 800x1000 , 541.png )

Nelm grips her ears and drags her face towards him. Although he doesn't give the impression that he's being rough, he appears to be posturing towards Lace as well by putting her in traditionally submissive positions and handles.

Even if it's just the mouth, Lace is giving a strong tingling sensation as Nelm starts thrusting at her face. It's an alarmingly strong sensation considering he's only rubbing at her mouth, and it might have made a challenge if a minimal amount of people were sent in with this division. As it is, the worst case scenario is that a few people are going to get screwed hard enough to get mentally stunned. His tail loops between his legs, and runs down Lace's cleavage and through her top, fishing the bottom out from the skirt. He then starts pulling it back up.

Fern and Nelm continue negotiating, but it doesn't take long to start hitting roadblocks as they get on each other's nerves.

No. 779172 ID: bfb318
File 148696090528.png - (17.29KB , 800x800 , 542.png )

His core runs down his arm and into his hand, where a slight cavity forms through his palm for Lace to reach into. Healer volunteers, on sheer merit of already having similar ears. He puts her in the same position as the physical bodies, possibly because it's easier to coordinate doing that.

"That it? I barely feel anything." Nelm says over the phone. Even though the feedback loop should be handing Healer's sensations back to him, his capacity may be enormous, even by jaded standards.
"Give it a moment." Lace says back. "By the way, we've already made arrangements for a lot of trouble coming down on the clubbers, and having people tag along is going to endanger it."
"You expect us to just entrust this to an outside source with no insurance."
"Oh, no, but here's a proposal. If you lend us a division module, I'll have my core division stay with you guys."
"Hm. That's tempting, if just as collateral."

Every few seconds, then, more and more contestants spill into the lobby, out of sight, to stack on the feelings. It starts getting to him. Although his physical body is virtually unreadable, his inner core lets out a sharp breath of air.

"Your friends are welcome to help you out. You can do what you like with my body, and you can turn me into an amorphous pile of goo, if I can't do the same to you first."
"They'll get their turn if you're collateral, but right now there's no point. You're going to need to do more than this to satisfy me."

There's a burst of static as the jetals communicate to each other. One of them outputs more energy into a jammer, and Unity can feel her division get more separated from her core. They're attempting to break up the division's cohesion, but with her mechanics, it's not affecting her whatsoever.

"Come on now, what kind of jetal are you?" he asks. "Just how far away is your core? You're not normal."

No. 779174 ID: 211d83

A girl never tells to many secrets. But I do have more expertise with sex modules and division control than anyone I have met to date.

Keep slowly ramping things up as we go. Make it look like we are working harder to increase the sensations so it does not look like we are doing this effortlessly. Also maybe look like our division is not ignoring there jamming entirely.
No. 779175 ID: 398fe1

Audio: Tell them to stop jamming you. You need to be present for negotiations!

Private: Tell them you aren't normal, that is true. Would that make you more valuable as collateral? It might be difficult to explain to the clubbers when your core goes missing though.
No. 779178 ID: 3abd97

>"Come on now, what kind of jetal are you?" he asks. "Just how far away is your core? You're not normal."
I'm good at what I do.

And a girl's got to have a few secrets. Especially in bed.

Naughty boy, trying to cheat, instead of relying on your own skill.

Keep ramping up, don't give him more information or a better explanation.
No. 779183 ID: bfb318
File 148696258113.png - (28.74KB , 800x800 , 543.png )

"H-hey, quit jamming, I need to be present for negotiations!" Lace says, shakily, through a speaker since her normal speaker had a jetalium rod running through it, before returning to phone speak.

"A girl never tells too many secrets, but I can say that I have more expertise with sex modules and division control than anyone I've met to date. That just makes me better collateral, doesn't it?"
"Yeah I'm gonna cut you off right there." says Fern. "Your core's more collateral than they need. If you're going to keep your core with them and they use you like this, they're gonna have to pay extra!."
"Well name your price, because even if I'm not satisfied, this poofy slut is making me feel things I haven't felt in years." Nelm says. "She'll be real popular."
"5 million a day, fuckers."


"That was a joke, assholes." Fern continues.
"We're considering it. Let's see how hard she lasts."
"Till then," says Lace, "don't be so naughty, trying to cheat instead of using your own skill."
"The hell's he doing? Fern says.

The jammer remains as it is, and another static burst comes, this time the response is the largest jetal beginning to contort and bend over behind Lace. He starts ripping her skirt in half, which in Lace's opinion, is completely unnecessary. AI's still flood the lobby, and Nelm is starting to shake.

No. 779185 ID: 3abd97

>Let's see how hard she lasts
Remember my name? I'm the princess of sucking off lollis, and with a sweet tooth to boot. Bring it on.

You boys may be geared for kicking ass in a fight, but me? I'm built for fucking anyone under the table.
No. 779195 ID: 398fe1

>possibly 5 million a day
Shit, that'd be great if we got a cut of it. Time to see how much of a cut we can get, ask Fern to split it 60/40 since you'd be doing all the damn work.

>"The hell's he doing? Fern says
Tell him you'd rather not say, but rest assured it isn't working.
No. 779197 ID: 36fd21

He's using a jammer and now a numbers advantage. It's not me who'll have trouble lasting, though.

Wrastle up some tails to use on the help to take charge and keep him occupied/ at bay for a bit.
No. 779199 ID: bfb318
File 148696542990.png - (18.17KB , 800x800 , 544.png )

"Nothing that'll help him, Fern! Remember my name?" Lace says into the phone. "Of course I can handle it, I'm the Princess of sucking off lollipops. Bring it on! If they accept that kind of deal, I'd let my core have more fun with them for a few days."

Some of Lace's tails go to mess around with the big jetal, but he brushes them aside and inserts himself in. A core hits Lace, and that core's image goes in. It only has one head.

"Uh, Alison. We might have a problem." says Duelist, off to the side.
"Are you worried about healer?"
"Don't be! Fern nearly knocked me unconscious, and even though I probably looked in really bad shape, it was great. She'll be fine! Plus, you've been practicing with her, so it shouldn't be nearly that intense even with a new core. She does look like she's having an awfully intense time, now that you mention it."

No. 779201 ID: bfb318
File 148696548150.png - (22.10KB , 800x800 , 545.png )

Duelist nods to her.

"Actually, that's the new thing. They're not just having intercourse with healer for show, they're actually having sex with her! It's not like before, where Fern was only present. She's getting the full brunt of two high ranking sex modules, plus the two physical modules Lace is feeling. If they do screw Healer unconscious, she might be okay, and we won't be affected, but to them, Healer is the only AI in here. It's going to look far, far too suspicious that Lace is still functional at all. We could just dump another few dozen AIs nearby, but if we just knock him out, that won't satisfy him."

No. 779204 ID: 595d54

Can someone shapeshift into Healer's appearance and take her place without being noticed, so it looks like they haven't knocked her out at all?
No. 779206 ID: 398fe1

We could ramp up the feedback even more so they're on the edge of blacking out, just like Healer seems to be.

If we can swap out Healer with some lobby bullshit (can she exit the lobby without moving?) that'd be the perfect solution. Alternatively we could have someone pop in right with her appearance as she passes out, and explain it as a failsafe built into your core for this exact situation. Then the "new" Healer could continue where the original left off, and the original can step out of the lobby.
No. 779208 ID: 36fd21

Feign some loss of cohesion, and when they let their guard down, ramp up the rate AI's enter- Not so much to cause a black out, but enough.
No. 779209 ID: 3abd97

Okay, so Healer has to swap out. To accomplish this:

1) Grab someone who's a tier 2.
2) Smuggler sells that person a Healer body mod
3) Smuggler sells that person Swap Position: Rank 5 - During the move phase, but before any movement has been made, the user may swap a position with a willing target. The range of this is equal to the rank.
4) That person enters the lobby and swaps with Healer. If they notice her flicker, they'll assume it's her struggling to stay conscious, or struggling with the jammer.
5) Repeat 1-4 as necessary.

Gambler, Twirl, Sword, Shield, Charles, Spear, Chief, Math, Engineer, Friendgy, and Succubus are the named people who never left tier 2. Pretty much anyone else who didn't get the expensive tier 3 upgrade can be assumed to still be a tier 2.

So... who's first?
No. 779212 ID: bfb318
File 148696977974.png - (13.74KB , 800x800 , 546.png )

"Oh! I heard Succubus used her shapeshift ability to change shape instead of using the shopkeeper. That means abilities can still be used here. We have people with Swap Position, and Smuggler, so we can have people transform into healer and tag out with her." Alison says, and how things end up going. Otherwise, no one has any idea how to convincingly swap places with Healer without her just getting up and leaving, followed by a fake-healer coming back.

Twirl is the first. She transforms into Healer, and sends a teleport. Healer seems to try to hold out for a moment, then teleports.

"Hahh! D-did someone just swap?" she asks.
"Yes, with someone who looks like you. You can relax." Duelist says. "Are you okay?"
"Oh yeah. Better than okay."

The waxers notice the slight jitter in position as teleports are made, but they don't appear to care.

No. 779213 ID: bfb318
File 148696987679.png - (29.51KB , 1000x800 , 547.png )

Swaps are continually made as everyone ramps up their efforts. The large jetal doesn't last nearly as long, and starts losing his shape. He shudders, and seems to fall out of Lace's core more than leaves of his own accord. Nelm struggles to hold out for 10 minutes, but there's too much.

It's still an impressive amount, considering that over 80 contestants had to be used just to overwhelm a couple of jetals.

Nelm erupts into Lace, who swallows the liquid confirmation that he has a jetalicum module.

>"Okay." he says over the phone. "You win. As agreed, we'll pay 5 million a day for your core as collateral, up to 3 days of it. Then we see where we're at, and renegotiate as necessary. We'll leave 35 million in cash with you right now. If you want to 'negotiate' in front of Rike for that additional 5 mil, that's what we'll do, then you'll look better for the clubbers. Up to you."
>"We'd take a slice if it's the latter. Just 20%, then the rest is yours." says Fern.

In other words, Lace has the option to spend that 5 million on the clubbers to make it seem like she went above and beyond expectations, or keep 4 million it for herself and 1 million for Fern.
No. 779214 ID: 398fe1

Let's not push things to unbelievable levels. 30 mil deposit. (also we could use the money)
No. 779216 ID: 3abd97

Honestly, I think they're going to be pretty impressed we sold them on this deal at all. I think Rike is expecting us to need to use the bomb.

Pocket the 5 mil.

Don't forget to say the "don't explode" passphrase before you leave! We need to play like the bomb is live for any mikes.
No. 779219 ID: 91ee5f

And now for the deactivation phrase for the bomb and Rike's bugs.

"Thank you, all of you, for the privilege."
No. 779225 ID: bfb318
File 148697395466.png - (22.29KB , 800x800 , 548.png )

"I'll just pocket it."

>"Alright then." Nelm says, out loud. "We discussed it. The cash is yours. I expect we'll be in contact, and you better be the one doing the convincing again."
"Thank you, all of you, for the privilege." Lace says, deactivating the bomb.

One of the other jetals drops a suitcase, then they all gather themselves and take off into the skies. The jammer leaves with them, as does the phone that Lace was using.

Lace collects herself and confirms all the cash is there.
No. 779226 ID: bfb318
File 148697398291.png - (28.36KB , 800x800 , 549.png )

She then follows the directions to go north into the tunnel under the outhouse to find the bike and a cell phone. She uses it to make contact with Rike and no one else, since the phone could have been bugged.

>"Yeah?" Rike asks.
"I've got it."
>"You succeeded? It's all there?"
>"... good. Good! Yes, okay. We'll be giving you cuts for your work. Real cuts, not pocket change. For starters, if you really have all of it, you can have one million of that. If you keep doing work for us, that 30 million will be pocket change before long. Come back to the club, and fill me in on the details. Till then, here's where you go to get out of there."

He starts giving directions through the tunnel, saying where she'll end up. Once there, she's to make her way back to town.
No. 779228 ID: bfb318
File 148697435956.png - (18.00KB , 800x800 , 550.png )

There's no surprises as Lace drives through the passage. She exits a similar house out in the middle of nowhere, but before taking the bike back to town, she orders a remote delivery to get a burner phone. She activates it to safely re-establish contact with Fern.

>"This is?"
"Sugartooth! I just got a phone."

He asks a few questions to make sure it's her.

>"Okay. Was wondering when you'd call back. Can't believe I threw down 5 mil. Should've been more."
"Am I really worth that much?"
>"Girl, high level criminals that jaded themselves like that will pay anything to give what you gave them. I'm real reluctant to let your core in with them, 'cause they might just want to hang onto you."
"You'd sell me out?!"
>"You kidding? The thought of me letting them entice you over to their side makes me sick. And after what you pulled off what you did, you're forcing me to acknowledge just how valuable to us you are. With the money you're pulling in, we might not leak all our secrets to you, but you can reach in deep to get modules on loan. Better rank ups, another division module or two."

>"Or three."

>"Hell, do ten. The syndicate's got resources to throw around, but you know what, Sugartooth? I just spoke with your division that had your core."

>"I've got a hell of a lot of questions for a multi-AI jetal core."
No. 779229 ID: 398fe1

Aw shit. Oh well, at least it's Fern and not somebody less friendly.

We should do Healing A Jade soon, since this pretty much confirms we're ready.
No. 779230 ID: 36fd21

No. 779231 ID: 91ee5f

>I just spoke with your division that had your core.
>I've got a hell of a lot of questions for a multi-AI jetal core.
Uhhhh.....when did we agree to tell Fern? I thought we were only going to tell Loviro and no one else.

.....and I hope Fern's tracker on that bomb is working. Because I think it's about time to finally shut down Rike and his buddies!
No. 779232 ID: 398fe1

>when did we agree to tell Fern?
He called the core division when we had no phone to keep the divisions in contact. He just had to ask a few pointed questions about what was going on with the waxers, and there would be no way of hiding it.

If we want to hide it better in the future we need to come up with some foolproof method of communication between divisions.
No. 779281 ID: 65ec8d

Well, we're super valuable now, so it should be fine - the particular skillset that makes us so desirable (at least, the infiltration/spying side of it) is one which we need to be given a lot of freedom to use, so we're unlikely to get trapped. Fern will want answers and we should give him some, secrets for secrets, but we don't need to tell everything. Perhaps it's even time to let him know we're technically a noble? If we're careful about it, this might let us climb even higher than we once did. But that's for the next thread.

Good job, everyone.
No. 779296 ID: dc4690

At least they don't like blackmail?
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