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File 147896817401.jpg - (916.29KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches 1 a 0.jpg )
757996 No. 757996 ID: 547539

A thrilling tale of suspense and horror
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No. 772341 ID: 1f2597

Actually WC, I have a question for you too.

How is your body alive? I get that you are astral projecting yourself as this form, but what about your real body. I imagine it's at wherever you are but who takes care of it? How to you keep it alive to do your work like this? And what do you even do with the money? If you have some kind of nurse that comes to your house to keep you going I'm worried that she might be dead or hurt if the goon Andrew hired showed up when they were there. Unless.... you are in the hospital.... the money pays your hospital care... and that how he got in... are you a comatose patient?
No. 772397 ID: 23060e
File 148448921987.jpg - (1.18MB , 2454x3978 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 489.jpg )

No. 772400 ID: 143250

How much would it cost for the paid version of A thrilling tale of suspense and horror and what are the benefits besides no commercials?
No. 772428 ID: 1f2597

I think this is how 93 became... like she is. Rosalia too for that matter. The black eyes, the spike teeth, the strength and endurance. Whatever is in those needles are probably what gave them those powers/mutations.

And unless you can afford the monthly subscription, this stuff keeps going. Man I'll give Rosalia one thing, she was right about Root's television lineup really sucking.
No. 772432 ID: 23060e
File 148451115183.jpg - (1.68MB , 1748x3163 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 490.jpg )

No. 772454 ID: 143250

In that case, speak with your producer and tell him/her that we might be interested. In the meantime, we'll have Ana save whatever sort of cash we can find in our adventure to possibly buy the paid version.
No. 772486 ID: 1f2597

Begin side mission: cancel Root's shitty tv lineup

I really miss my Thursday night smackdowns
No. 772508 ID: 143250

didn't it move to Tuesday?
No. 772513 ID: 1f2597

No, they moved it back a month ago. Thankfully the anime power hour still airs on Tuesday though. But knowing Root he'll probably just change that too... Bastard
No. 772534 ID: 23060e
File 148453169893.jpg - (1.80MB , 1748x3295 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 491.jpg )

No. 772615 ID: b2e14f

Meh. Re-runs.

Plus they're all wearing the masks so it's just Root trying to be accommodating.
No. 772624 ID: 143250

What are the terms of your contract of you don't mind me asking, or is that confidential.

Nonetheless, that producer was rude. He didn't have to flip you off like that. You should probably think of some way to get back at him.
No. 772639 ID: 23060e
File 148458676314.jpg - (460.46KB , 1748x714 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 492.jpg )

No. 772651 ID: 3583d1

Or jus have a good lawyer look at it too. That could work too.
No. 772680 ID: 23060e
File 148459591294.jpg - (219.70KB , 1496x595 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 493.jpg )

No. 772690 ID: 4e9c99

Yeah so. hey there, Delilah.

What. The. Hell. Is. Your. Problem.

You are one of the most insecure people I've ever seen, I'm kind of amazed I wanted to save your life just a little while ago from your brothers crazed Demon man-toy. You stab someone who was trying to help you after you have a seizure, just because he wouldn't fuck you? You are a creepy disgusting person.

And I'm sorry, but who was it that had him shoved in a box and pushed down a set of stairs for a laugh? And even when he still tries to help you by giving you drugs that will help you instead of going straight cold turkey, which like he said, one more bender and kiss your ass goodbye, and you stamp on them. The fuck?

You are without a doubt the most narcissistic, dependent, whinnying little bitch-bag I've ever seen. Sorry not sorry. So if no one is going to say it will.

Either clean up your act, or you will die. No more help from us. No more free handouts, no nothing.
No. 772696 ID: 3583d1

No. 772707 ID: 143250

Andrew: which member of the cult do you hate the most, and like the most? (mainly asking so I can see how weird Andrew puppet looks).
No. 772853 ID: 23060e
File 148467205894.jpg - (1.30MB , 1748x2244 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 494.jpg )

No. 772866 ID: 143250

You probably won't need to organize Delilah's death to be honest. She's already organized it herself whether she realizes it or not. Just one more bender, and that's it for her.

Who would be second in command after Root?
No. 772871 ID: 23060e
File 148467782579.jpg - (209.50KB , 981x826 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 496.jpg )

No. 772913 ID: c368a1

While she's out, why don't we just give her something to think about.


I think that will be all for questions, oh noble narrator.
No. 772921 ID: 143250

Too bad it's just a puppet though.

Yeah, no more questions. And hey, narrator, psst. if you ever need help getting back at the producer, let us know ;)
No. 772922 ID: 23060e
File 148469863981.jpg - (650.67KB , 1552x1410 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 497.jpg )

No. 772957 ID: 3b3fcc

You have done what I would have done regardless, but thank you for making my job a little easier.

But I do this because what I want isn't to help her. What I want is vengeance. And it starts with her betraying her brother.

For over a thousand millennia, I haven't felt this. Grief. Rage. Hatred.

I grief at the loss of my brother, Absolution, I saw him as he passed. As the final sleep over took him. I could do naught but ease his passing and give his mind a visage of peace as he faded away.

I am enraged at the man, the monster, who dared to take his life, and I now know what true hatred is. I have never felt it, only seen it within the minds of mind who enter the realm of dreams and of sleep.

Many have passed through my realm including, Ana. I watched her conversation with The Ash Tree as that too was part of my realm. Just as my brother made dreams a reality within the real world, so do I bestow those dreams upon those I see fit. I hold dominion over the dreams of men and Root and all his followers will have only nightmares from hence forth.

So swears, the dreamwalker, Morpheus, Muse the God of Dreamscapes
No. 772958 ID: 3b3fcc

Now, on with the musical number!
No. 772965 ID: 23060e
File 148470432233.jpg - (165.66KB , 993x683 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 498.jpg )

No. 772984 ID: 3b3fcc
File 148470632310.jpg - (125.12KB , 500x642 , IMG_3098.jpg )

In truth I have as many forms as the human mind can imagine. The Greeks thought of me as a winged man with a bag of sand.

Some thought of me as an old hooded man who could blow sand from his palms.

But my form expands as far as the human mind can go. If you wish to give me shape, this is how I often imagine myself. I think of my self as very similar to my brother but from my body flows the ever changing streams of imagination and dreams.
No. 772996 ID: 23060e
File 148470937768.jpg - (236.19KB , 1243x598 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 499.jpg )

No. 773066 ID: 23060e
File 148475115322.jpg - (396.03KB , 1748x1234 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 500.jpg )

No. 773081 ID: 3b3fcc

No flash photography, and keep the theater clean
No. 773171 ID: 23060e
File 148479081348.jpg - (2.24MB , 1748x4086 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 501.jpg )

No. 773172 ID: 23060e
File 148479084196.jpg - (2.75MB , 1748x5286 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 502.jpg )

No. 773173 ID: 23060e
File 148479088394.jpg - (1.95MB , 1748x3616 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 503.jpg )

No. 773174 ID: 23060e
File 148479090970.jpg - (965.20KB , 1748x3488 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 504.jpg )

No. 773253 ID: 3583d1

Bravo! Magnifique! Encore! Bravo, I say, Bravo!

That was perfect! That was absolutely perfect!
No. 773270 ID: 23060e

From the author
If you love the first one just wait until I do the second act
No. 773287 ID: 23060e
File 148483758523.jpg - (39.74KB , 610x512 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 505.jpg )

No. 773436 ID: 3583d1

And so it begins...
No. 773460 ID: 23060e

congratulations are in order
No. 773574 ID: 23060e
File 148494110820.jpg - (1.20MB , 1748x4496 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 506.jpg )

No. 773575 ID: 23060e
File 148494116218.jpg - (1.46MB , 1865x5009 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 507.jpg )

No. 773576 ID: 23060e
File 148494120774.jpg - (1.10MB , 1748x4457 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 508.jpg )

No. 773579 ID: 3583d1

Bravo! Wonderful!

No. 773837 ID: 23060e
File 148504313112.jpg - (690.08KB , 1748x2648 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 509.jpg )

No. 773838 ID: 23060e
File 148504318897.jpg - (403.92KB , 1240x1360 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 510.jpg )

No. 773896 ID: 143250

Take all the time you need during your break. Good stories take time and a lot of thinking.
No. 773899 ID: 23060e

thank you
No. 773932 ID: e478fa

Too true. Can't wait for ch. 2, good luck!
No. 777152 ID: 47be15

From the author
This thread is over the the story continues in the other thread, here is the link
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