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File 147948766112.png - (51.42KB , 600x600 , splash.png )
759736 No. 759736 ID: d163e3


CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html
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No. 767891 ID: 180f83

I am worried about Naz and Lisa's safety, but it is what it is. Hope Naz has something to protect themselves with at least.

f) See Angela. Lets see if she followed the kids home and was able to keep the kids safe yesterday. Also, try to convince her to cancel school for a bit until the monster situation is taken care of.
No. 767898 ID: 9876c4

What are we even doing anymore?

If we wanted to ask stuff of Rachel, we probably should have kept Lisa around. D feels like the least retarded choice.
No. 767911 ID: e136ae

C. C'mon. Rachel needs some development.
No. 767912 ID: e136ae


Two reasons.

1. Rachel might open up more to Chuck while they're alone.

2. Rachel doesn't strike me as a threesome type.
No. 767916 ID: 91ee5f

Good points.

I'll also vote for going to C Rachel.
No. 767917 ID: 3e182c

B. Were we Here earlier?
No. 768096 ID: 005d0c

No. 768117 ID: 9145ba

A. Why do you suddenly think going back to Rachel is a good idea? We have no translator and a freshly bruised cheek, if you forgot.
No. 768118 ID: 9145ba

Oh forget it, B. If we can't do the right thing we can at least not do the wrong thing.
No. 768141 ID: 398c51

B. Ask about Marcie and ask for a job
No. 768162 ID: cbadeb

C. if you cant fuck the beaver then fuck the french bara lady.
No. 768172 ID: d4516a

C. Rachel is the best girl.
No. 768294 ID: 3b108e

C. I trust Chuck's ability to deal with someone who can handle him more than I trust his ability to deal with Marcie.
No. 768295 ID: 0b4dd7

C vous plait.
No. 768304 ID: 05758b
File 148278026406.png - (50.85KB , 500x500 , 113.png )

You leave the nerdesses, who both go to the library. They don’t seem to get along well with one another. Rachel’s apartment is attached to the same complex as Naz’s, but off in a separate building with a storage shed attached. You knock on the door, and after a minute or so, Rachel appears.

Rachel: “What??”

You: “Just thought I’d see how you’re faring.”

Rachel: “Faring…”

You: “Doing.”

You: “Mind if I come in?”

Rachel looks frustrated by your choice of words.

You: “Can I come in?”

Rachel: “No.”
No. 768305 ID: d4516a

Has she been taking a shower?

Ask if you can come in once she's dressed. Say you wanted to make sure she was all right after the attack and everything. Put this all in as short words as possible.
No. 768306 ID: 3b108e

Clearly the correct course of action is to just stand there and charm her until she lets you in. Begin with the ultimate seduction technique of eyebrows while you ask her how well she is.

That's what she said, yeah.
No. 768308 ID: 3e182c

The eyebrows serve only to enrage.
Really though we Knew she would be in the shower. Cmon guys. And without any knowledge of french, how can we possibly charm her?
Just apologize for earlier and lets go do something productive.
No. 768311 ID: 3740b1

Start by apologizing for earlier then work it into a seduce. Tell her you know you're a flirt but you don't mean any harm, you've just always been that way around attractive women. You hope you haven't offended her too badly, you just think she's cute too (eyebrows eyebrows). If she's still cold after that cough and avert your eyes a second, then maintain eye contact while telling you really just came over to apologize and make sure she's ok after her reverend run-in. You've been attacked and chased yourself and you know you were pretty shaken up afterwards. Was this the first time she's run into one of them?
No. 768312 ID: 49f18e

get into long conversation, till she gets distracted and the towel drops
No. 768316 ID: 91ee5f

Just tell her that, after seeing how much blood she was covered in, you were honestly worried about her.
No. 768317 ID: 3b108e

alternatively: blush tons, start beeping, and ask senpai if she really meant it when she called you cute
No. 768318 ID: cb27aa

apologize for coming at a bad time, and say you will wait for her to get dressed we just wanted to check on her since she is such a delicate flower after all
No. 768319 ID: 05758b
File 148278408561.png - (27.36KB , 500x500 , 114.png )

That towel is working very hard to cover Rachel, barely long enough to reach her hips. You silently hope for a slip while simultaneously feigning concern for her wellbeing.

You: “Just wanted to see if you are ok.”

You: “I got worried after seeing how much blood was on you.”

Rachel hesitates, then nods.

You: “Do the reverends attack often?”

Rachel: “Not… eh… before.”

Rachel: “Recent. Recently… the reverends stock the town. They cannot see.”

Rachel: “Until now they can’t find the town. Now they… eh… find it.”

Rachel: "I am well. M-"

Rachel: "Meh... don't need protection from the... eh... small cat."
No. 768323 ID: 3b108e

Sure, but being lonely sucks.
No. 768325 ID: 3740b1

Well maybe the small cat needs some protection. You seem to have it handled but all this crazy mumbo jumbo is new to me. Maybe you can fill me in a little. Or at least we can keep each other company. The Plath ladies need some family time and I'm kind of at a loss on where to go.
No. 768327 ID: e136ae

Call me dirty but when she said she didn't need 'protection' I thought of something else entirely and I think Chuck should do a line like that.
No. 768336 ID: e0c8b5

You know, hyenas are more akin to felines than canines *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
So maybe get her another towel, be a gentleman for now, and maybe ask how the dancing has gone.
No. 768341 ID: d4516a

Sure, she can manage it well and won't need any protection from us, but we can't help being worried just the same, right?

Besides, -we- are a little scared. Have no shame admitting this. We're, like she said, very small.
No. 768342 ID: d4516a

Also this. Once the subject matter goes to less serious things, ask her about the dancing.
No. 768344 ID: d2863e

You're dirty.

Go for it, you beautiful mess.
No. 768355 ID: 350a50

"Small cat plan to trap reverends in concrete. Wants Rachel's help."
No. 768358 ID: 9f3729

Yeah, this. If we go for another lewd comment be ready to dodge though.
No. 768364 ID: 398fe1

Ask her for protection instead. You are very lewd and the reverends are drawn to lewdness.
No. 768388 ID: e136ae


"You mean I can go in bareback?!"

Then demonstrate small cat's superior dodging skills.
No. 768391 ID: cbadeb

just whisper omelette du fromage in her ear and your good fam
No. 768416 ID: c18ab0

not really about protection, just concern.
No. 768457 ID: 8111b6

Take mock-umbrage at being called small. Watch out for slaps for eyebrow waggle.

After fun is had with comments, get serious and bring up plan.
No. 768540 ID: a8b64f

arm wrestling challenge, with sexy consequences?
No. 768548 ID: 05758b
File 148289720380.png - (21.88KB , 500x500 , 115.png )

You: “You don’t need protection, huh?”

You: “So that means I can go in raw?”

Rachel looks puzzled.

Rachel: “Raw… what… this means? Does this mean?”
No. 768549 ID: 3b108e

"It's a sex joke again. No condom." Then dodge for all you're worth if you see her going for a slap.

"For real though, let me in, being lonely sucks even if you don't need protection, I promise to think about not making sex jokes."
No. 768569 ID: 005d0c

What did you guys expect when you picked Rachel? Now that we've seen she's okay I say we bail out of this nose dive and go Penny's and figure out how we're going to seduce Marcie the second time around.
No. 768572 ID: 9f3729

Wave it off like someone who isn't looking for a tenderized face.
"Nevermind. Glad you're ok, we're planning a trap for the monsters and might need your help later. Think you'd be down for that?"
No. 768573 ID: 188451

No. 768590 ID: 180f83

I agree
No. 768616 ID: d4516a

Honestly she doesn't seem like the type for this sort of jokes anyway.

Apologise, say you meant nothing for it, ask if you could have her help for trapping the ghosts.
No. 768622 ID: 3740b1

Gloss over the fail joke and then bring up the reverends and your need of cement. Let Lisa explain going in raw to her later.
No. 768623 ID: 2ae7d5

This is the greatest image of our generation.
Wave it off and talk shop about concrete tombs.
No. 768642 ID: 05758b
File 148294969168.png - (43.69KB , 500x500 , 116.png )

You explain your plan to Rachel at length, tripping over the simplified English and beginning to understand why she is always so frustrated by the language barrier. She takes the towel off of her head, letting her wet hair tumble down over her broad shoulders.

Rachel: “The reverends will stop hunting”


Rachel: “I am help.”

Rachel: “Uh… to… uh…”

She covers herself more.

Rachel: “Sssorry. I’m not know these words.”

Rachel: “Lisa li pale franse. Uh… please.”

Rachel: “What is concree?”

You: “Concrete.”

You: “Cement?”

Rachel rubs her head.

You: “Mortar?”

You: “Liquid rock.”

Rachel: “Mòtye!

Rachel: “Wi, yes… I have it from the well fill.”

Rachel: “Please… I am stupid to angle…sh. Please walk Lisa to talk.”

Rachel: “Leave, I am naked.”

You would not mind ending this painful encounter, but you wish that you could break through to speak with her. You think that she has agreed to help, and you know that she has a lot of concrete left over from filling in the well, but you are completely unable to explain the finer details of the plan. It is a step in the right direction, but you don't have much else you can do here.
No. 768646 ID: 5f2b81

kk, let's jet. Go to the warehouse.
No. 768652 ID: 49f18e

her towel is slipping, if you could keep her talking just a little longer . . .
No. 768662 ID: 180f83

Tell her to meet Lisa and Naz at the library for more details on the plan when she is done. (And to potentially protect them from reverends just in case)

Might as well.
No. 768680 ID: efa855

Don't we need bolt cutters for the warehouse? Head to penny's for now.
No. 768681 ID: e136ae

Dang it, crude, corny come-on lines ruined by the language barrier.

For those hoping to arrange a threesome, maybe your better bet is with Lisa & Rachel -- if only because Lisa seems to be a requirement.

OK, let's head back to the Plath house. Nelson was responsible for this whole mess, maybe we can find some clues there.
No. 768683 ID: c236ec

Keep making innuendo until your shit eating grin stretches your head into the sky, then see how far the forest extends.
No. 768685 ID: 3b108e

Only reasonable answer
No. 768690 ID: 36295c

Keep talking, make hand gestures to try to cross the language barrier, see if you can get her to mimic you and cause the towel to slip.

Try to explain the full plan with the reverends as this is very important.
No. 768700 ID: 91ee5f

Ask her how her dancing is coming along.
No. 768709 ID: 350a50

Let's head to the cafe.
No. 768722 ID: c441c1

Plath house
No. 768723 ID: 3b108e

Changing my vote to Plath house
No. 768724 ID: 398fe1

Go to plath house. That didn't smell like revyee so let's find out what it was.
No. 768731 ID: 3740b1

This. That towel must fall. Your legend can't accept this abysmal a failure.
No. 768732 ID: 9f3729

you know what? This is a gold suggestion, but we have been told to leave now. Back to the plath's!
No. 768733 ID: f27f8c

No. 768734 ID: 47897c

Madame, avant que je parte, pourrais-je vous dire combien vous regardez ce soir, même dans une serviette.

Madame before I depart, might I say how utterly fetching you look this evening, even in nothing but a towel.
No. 768736 ID: 9145ba

Well that was about as useful as I expected.

Now quit wasting time and return to Plath HQ.
No. 768747 ID: 05758b
File 148299003989.png - (56.80KB , 500x500 , 117.png )

You don’t know French. Even if you had your French book with you (which is likely overdue by now, but you could probably finger-bang an extension out of the town librarian), you wouldn’t be able to string together a coherent pick up line to hit on Rachel with. Your efforts to woo her or at least get her to drop her towel are fruitless for the time being, but you entertain the thought of tickling Lisa’s chin about a threesome in the future. The prospect gives you a much needed pick-up.

You say au revoir to Rachel and go back to the Plath House.
No. 768748 ID: 05758b
File 148299005049.png - (67.63KB , 500x500 , 118.png )

Much of the scorched-plastic odor has left the house, as the Plaths have just about every available window cracked. You find them, mother and daughter, standing near the kitchen door. Both of their tails are wagging slightly out of time with one another. Behind them is an elaborate alchemical set up that looks like Edgar Allen Poe’s meth lab.

Ramona: “Oh, Chuck.”

Ramona: “You’re back so soon?”

You: “And you thought you could keep me away.”

Ramona: “Oh stop…”

Sally: “Hi Chuck!”

You: “Hello young lady. What’ve you two been up to? Smells like you’ve been sauteeing grocery bags.”

Ramona: “We looked into Nelson Plath’s recipe book.”

You: “Sally… knows about that stuff?”

Ramona: “I told her about all of it.”

Sally: “I cried.”

Ramona: “We both cried.”

Ramona: “We put together one of the most complicated recipes. It was copied and revised on MANY pages. He wrote extensively about it being able to temporarily induce something called ‘the speech’.”

Ramona: “The last page in the book has his plans for testing it on someone, and then the rest of the pages are blank.”

You: “Ok, so, fun fact.”

You: “You have no fucking idea what I had to put up with with the mayor today.”
No. 768749 ID: 05758b
File 148299006490.png - (50.67KB , 500x500 , 119.png )

You proceed to explain everything that Susanna told you about carnal speech, along with what you remember of the vivid and disturbing visions of Nelson Plath. Ramona and Sally’s smiles begin to fade.
No. 768752 ID: 398fe1

Right, so. Are they convinced now the Mayor isn't pure evil or anything? Man, she is gonna be VERY interested in what they just made, too.

Also, yeah, we're probably gonna go down into that well once the reverends are dealt with. I'm guessing that the catacombs are the nexus of the town and the screaming is part of how the town is powered. Probably tortured orphan souls or some shit.
No. 768753 ID: 9f3729

"So yeah, turns out the Mayor's an immortal but also not evil, just misguided."
No. 768755 ID: 91ee5f

>He wrote extensively about it being able to temporarily induce something called ‘the speech’.
Sounds like Carnal Speech.

"So Ramona, now that you've heard all of that, do you think you and the Snayor can finally stop fighting with each other? Maybe even work together?"
No. 768756 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, yeah, Chuck should also tell them about the Reverends.
No. 768761 ID: 05758b
File 148299262315.png - (49.19KB , 500x500 , 120.png )

You explain that the monsters stalking the town are some kind of revenants of the reverends who executed Nelson and Susanna.

Ramona: “Let me get this straight, dear.”

Ramona: “Susanna claims she knew Nelson Plath personally.”

You: “That’s right.”

Ramona: “And… you believe her.”

You: “Yes ma’am.”

Ramona pours herself a clear drink from a decanter well-hidden in one of the lower kitchen cupboards.

Ramona: “Why

You: “Because she has no reason to manipulate the whole god damn town like this. I know for a fact she doesn’t want this place to be a dry prudeville.”

Ramona sips while squinting.

Ramona: “I have no choice but to be wary of her.”

Ramona: “But…”

Ramona: “If there is any chance of eliminating these monsters”

She looks at Sally.

Ramona: “I don’t really know how long I have left. If there’s any chance to make this place safer for you and Sally after I’m gone.”

Ramona: “I’ll work with the mayor.”

Sally: “What are we going to do with the stuff we made?”

Sally: “Are we gonna…”

Sally: “You know… test it?
No. 768762 ID: 398fe1

Not now. Let's bring it up at the meeting tomorrow. Of course Chuck will volunteer as the test subject.
No. 768763 ID: 3abd97

Let's not, yet. If I understand it right, Bad Things happened when Nelson tested that recipe. Probably better to be cautious.
No. 768765 ID: 91ee5f

Ramona, Susanna's memories literally leaked into my head. When that happened, I could feel everything she felt, including when those Reverends killed her with their barbaric ways of "purifying" her by trying to replace her blood with holy water. I don't think that's something you can fake.

And you've gotta admit, no one deserves to die like that.
No. 768771 ID: 350a50

Hell naw.
Not yet.

We need to get more detailed... well, details, from Susanna first. About what it actually does.
No. 768776 ID: 398fe1

What do you mean? All I remember hearing is that Susanna said he was researching how to grant Speech to others.
No. 768779 ID: 180f83

We still have the picture, right? was us leaving it behind for Susanna just a dream? If we still have it, show her and ask for an explanation. If not, oh well.
No. 768786 ID: 9145ba

I for one would love to test it. At Sophie's office, with the doctor standing by. It's closer to the snayor's bedroom, too.
No. 768796 ID: 005d0c

Some how we need to get Sally to bed tonight. This should be our last goal for the day. Enough with the foreplay we've been having to deal with because of all the shit going on around us. It's time we gave her the ride of her life.

But to do this we're going to need to get dog mom to go to bed early or something, and for that I'm fresh out of ideas.
No. 768804 ID: 8a204b

Ask them if they've ever seen Star Trek.

Then explain that The Speech is kinda like a Vulcan Mind Meld, but not.
No. 768805 ID: 693e9c

test it on chuck
if he dies the quest is over but he lived life the way we would expect .
if he lives we don't need french
No. 768807 ID: 36295c

If you can't get towel to drop just go around the side of the house and look in a window for when she drops it.
No. 768810 ID: 790549

Test it, The mayor knew he was trying to pull this off but believed he had failed. With how suddenly the reverends showed up it could be possible that he just didn't have time to tell her he'd finally succeeded. We'll need someone to drink the formula as well as someone to have the speech used on them. We know Chuck's system doesn't have enough reveyee to block the speech; Chuck has actually had carnal speech used on him while being aware of it, so he'll know if it's working or not; and if the Plath's have any remaining doubt about how close Chuck has gotten to the mayor they may not want to risk giving him such a power with one of them undefended against it. Have one of these fine ladies use the speech on you, Chuck.

Don't say anything about this, but I'm sure it's gonna be Ramona. She has little enough time left to be risking side effects on unknown concoctions while Sally has too much ahead of her.
No. 768824 ID: 3e182c

Deffo test it. But let them know revyee will disrupt it if its thier system.

Just know Chuck, that there is a chance that they could find out that you've fooled around with both of them. Be ready.
No. 768825 ID: e136ae

Volunteer for testing! It's not like you haven't done this before so you'll know if it's working properly.
No. 768828 ID: 8d8ba4

See what happens if you give some to the mayor.
No. 768829 ID: 180f83

Don't even offer to test it, just go over and test it yourself without asking in your own Chuck way
No. 768853 ID: bb78f2

Ramona, you're technically supposed to be immortal though, you know, from Nelson's Plath's experiment. The spell's obsuvicating your memories of time is supposed to be strong enough that you think he's your greatxwhatever grandfather, when could be your dad or brother. Even if the part about him being your greatxgrandpa being true, since he and Susanna were immortal speakers, you could have still met him in the flesh then the spell made you forget whenever Susanna finally took over Nelson's work after accepting it and killing the Reverands.

I mean, my running theory is that the Reverie and/or blood connection to Plath IS the reason why only the Plath's are allowed to grow old and die, but if that's NOT the case, you probably won't die and forget about the cancer eventually thanks to the spell's effects.

Also, maybe we should bring up the fact that Sally's dad is probably a Zombie out there, walking in infinite fields of infinite. I mean, we don't have to, since he's a HUGE DICK, but no, yeah, he's a zombambo.
No. 768864 ID: 9f3729

this is wild conjecture at best and complete dickery at worst
bad suggestion, -1 to all ideas presented
This, on the other hand, cannot POSSIBLY go wrong. Just be sure ramona knows it's possibly unfinished, so uh, be ready with a doctor before we try it
No. 768931 ID: 4754ce

Be the test subject, Chuck.
No. 768964 ID: 49f18e

never give up, live the dream.
one day towel will drop
No. 768973 ID: 05758b
File 148307291586.png - (28.04KB , 500x500 , 121.png )

You: “I… guess so.”

You: “Where is it?”

Sally walks to the kitchen and hands you a glass jar containing an oily, murky tea that is brown in color and completely opaque. You feel a knot in your stomach.

You: “I hope you’re storing the rest of it in a safe place.”

Ramona: “The rest of it? That’s all of it.”

You: “Wh”

You: “All that shit boiled down to this?”

Sally and Ramona nod.
No. 768974 ID: 05758b
File 148307293505.png - (40.53KB , 500x500 , 122.png )

You are insanely good at belaying the fear of consequences, so you gulp down the strange concoction.

You: “Oh”

You: “Oh God that’s harsh”

You: “Fuck ack”

Ramona: “Nelson’s notes say that this will make you see the world as he saw it.”

You: “I don’t feel any different.”

The Plaths look at one another.

Sally: “Should take about an hour.”


No. 768976 ID: 3abd97

Maybe they should tie you up just in case it makes you crazy.
No. 769117 ID: 9cdcfd

We're about to learn carnal speech
No. 769120 ID: b15da4

the new thread's >>768999 already up, take it to questdis.
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