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File 148024461684.png - (225.84KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
761819 No. 761819 ID: bfb318

This is the reboot of the old Clamp Quest, which has been scrapped and no longer relevant.

"Eurgh...." Never did like waking up.

That's not saying much of anything, but this time it feels like I got stabbed in the gut. Gotta be fair to waking up though, cause I did get stabbed in the gut.

Let me see, how'd I get here... murdered a guy who stabbed me. Right.

I'm surprised the rest of the clan didn't finish me off me back while I was out - ah shit that was their chief I killed in a fairish fight. Which means I'm their chief now, aren't I.
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No. 768107 ID: 309d35

Keep those green tweety bird bastards off our backs. Just push 'em out of their trees and move on if you need to. If you find an asshole named softpaw with a big sword, kill him.

Now get in there and kick ass.
No. 768113 ID: b039e3

get them archers off us, quick as you can, don't care how.
No. 768120 ID: 3e182c

Have him find the Iron Tree chief while you charge Blacktorch. Have him report back to you immediately upon finding him.
Once his location is known, and the blacktorch chief is down, have leaf lead you to the Chief of the Iron Tree and take him down personally.
No. 768125 ID: a107fd

>If you find an asshole named softpaw with a big sword, kill him.

Retrieving that sword is a higher priority than confirming the kill on Softpaw, and neither of those objectives hold a candle next to bringing the blacksmith back to our camp, alive and functional. All those tweety green bastards are here for the blacksmith too, they just don't know it.
No. 768205 ID: 7a524b
File 148271856797.png - (194.66KB , 800x800 , 77.png )

"Murder anything making a bird call behind us. If you see a bigass sword, bring it to me! If you see a Chief, bring me to them!"
>"You got it."

That order gives the stragglers some time to catch up to me and look like they want to be spoonfed orders too, but damn if they shouldn't be able to figure it out. I tell 'em to follow my lead, and I figure the rest of this fight can be done with the usual tactic.

Rampant violence.

Some bastard with no bandana gets the first taste, and I hope to hell that he was a Blacktorch clanmate and wasn't just someone of ours who had their bandana fall off at a bad time. I'm holding back enough to just knock 'em out for awhile. Maybe they'll wake up too soon, maybe I hit 'em too hard and they die. This is the only way I know to test how thick their skull is.

Some arrow whacks me. Motherfucking green arrows.
No. 768206 ID: 7a524b
File 148271859676.png - (204.82KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

Rampant violence continues. I swing the hammer nice and easy. Bones still break, but it's doing wonders for increasing the chances that we'll have some survivors.

Damn green arrows are getting a deathwish. They're focusing up on me, and not even doing their bird calls. Leaf takes his sweetass time.
No. 768208 ID: 7a524b
File 148271872707.png - (225.12KB , 800x800 , 79.png )

I look around. Nothing but bandana wearing runts. Leaf shows up.

"Leaf, I got arrows in me. Why's that?"
>"Sorry Boss, I couldn't kill 'em all within 60 seconds. Killed two, knocked out three. The rest ran off."
"Any sign of anyone important?"
>"The Blacksmith is still tied up right there. Their Chief and about 7 remaining Blacktorches just ran back to camp. That's all I know."

Probably about 15 to 20 of us that are ready to fight. We might've lost six to eight gnolls, but once we collect all the enemy survivors, we'll have 10 to 15 recruits. That's what we get if we leave now.

Who knows what gear the Blacktorch has. Normally I'd charge the bastards down easy, but there's no guarantee that green arrow clan ran off far. Could just be regrouping.
No. 768210 ID: 3b108e

Set fire to their camp and see if that gets them to move out? Forest fires shouldn't be that huge a concern, live wood doesn't burn well and they're good for getting rid of dead underbrush.
No. 768212 ID: 3abd97

Assuming we've met up with the original grab team, I think we've got what we came for. Some recruits, and a blacksmith. Pushing on and dealing with what's left of this clan and the green fuckers at the same time is a problem we don't need.
No. 768213 ID: 211d83

We got most of what we came for and pushing farther in this mess will just get more guys killed.

Have everyone grab a wounded gnoll and lets get back to camp.

Unless Leaf can get you more info quick is probably better to not overreach ourselves.
No. 768214 ID: 3b108e

Come on, we saw a cool sword and we're gnolls. What're we supposed to do, leave it alone?
No. 768215 ID: 64f807

Those assholes archers are a pain in the ass. If we can reach them let's kick their asses.
No. 768216 ID: 309d35

About 7 guys who run from a fight shouldn't be much trouble. If we take out the Blacktorch boss, we'll have enough muscle to wrap up with those green pricks too.
No. 768218 ID: e22b1d

Can you wander up to the camp and challenge there leader to combat?

Would be you with your makeshift hammer vs a guy with a probably awesome sword but might be worth a shot.
No. 768222 ID: 91ee5f

No. 768223 ID: 65df20

This is mission accomplished right now. Pressing on into anywhere between one and two ambushes is probably not necessary, and if you want to inspire better loyalty in your OWN gnolls, trading their lives on diving into traps is probably not the best idea.

Better to withdraw for today. Have Leaf cover the rear and make sure the green guys don't follow your inept minions back to your secret tunnel.
No. 768239 ID: b1b4f3

The plan went bad and attacking will result in more losses than you were planning. Return to base and get Leaf on researching this Irontree clan. They're the next target, and taking them out might even get blacktorch to forgive kidnapping their smith.
No. 768256 ID: 7a524b
File 148273345327.png - (289.54KB , 800x800 , 80.png )

I could challenge their boss to a fight, but no guarantee he'll take the offer. Some clans'll do that, some won't.

If we could set a fire in their camp then maybe we could smoke 'em out, but that's got a lot of if's about if it's feasible and if it'll do any good.

Tough pick, but I've had about enough.

"Alright let's get outta here!"
>"Aren't we going to run down the rest?" someone asks.
"Fuck that, ain't worth it, we got what we came for!"

We run off before the archers realize we're leaving so soon. Our forward and backward scouts make sure we're not being cut off or being followed before we can march back home peacefully. By the time we get to the cave, I'm given a better idea about what we got and what we lost.

Raid Complete
Gnolls lost:
2 Scouts, 5 fighters.
Gnolls recruited:
3 Scouts, 7 fighters, 2 Archers, 1 Blacksmith

(+6 Gnolls Total)

Total gnolls wounded: 12

Item Report: Small boost in overall weapon quality. No special items gained.

No. 768257 ID: 7a524b
File 148273346398.png - (177.87KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

We dump off all our crap at the communal area. Our camp didn't get burned down while we were gone or anything, so that's nice.

The blacksmith is dropped off in front of me while Leaf and Matron start digging the arrowheads out of me.

"I hear you're good."
>"Er... what?"
"At blacksmithing."
>"I - yes. I'm probably the greatest gnoll blacksmith you've seen. I know I'm the best I've seen."
"Well now you get to make me the best two handed sword sword I've ever seen. You can show our resident rookie the ropes."
>"... you raided our home and killed that many just for me?"
"You got a problem with that?"
>"Oh, no, it's just nice to be appreciated before even starting."
"Don't get flustered. You're gonna have a ball n' chain for a week just so you don't try anything. Other than that, you'll be comfy and fed."
>"So I live here, now."
"That's right."
>"Hrm, assuming Blacktorch doesn't manage to snag me back. This place looks... kind of a shitty place to defend - "
"Shut the fuck up and start working on my sword alread!"
>"Alright, alright!"



"The hell are you doing?"
>"Testing for poison."
No. 768258 ID: 3b108e

So Matron wasn't the one he was interested in watching, huh? And shouldn't he be looking at the actual arrows for that?
No. 768259 ID: 211d83

Leaf if you wanted to get this close to me you had the chance yesterday when I was with Matron.

But yeah would be a shitty thing if they sunk that low.

We should check if any of the other new gnolls know how to carpenter. Cause we should probably be ready for someone wanting there blacksmith back soon. In fact I would have Leaf set up a ambush at our most undefended point so we could capture said raiding party when they show up one night.
No. 768262 ID: 309d35

>"Testing for poison."
No, really. What are you doing.

So how'd that raid go, clamp? Are you happy with it, do you think the rest of the clan will be unhappy about it?

And how are the votes coming in for Champion?
No. 768263 ID: bb78f2

Keep an eye on those archers man. They're practically walking, living spies at this point for when the inevitably turn coat for their dudes, which are a lot better at subterfuge than you are.
You need to have your Main Man Leaf convert them to your cause first. Belief in a Clan without Borders a name.

Now we need an engineer, for base development/research and/or maybe a wizard for more specialized research.

(I have no idea if Clamp is The Boss or Big Boss or Major Zero, or if Leaf is Big Boss or Ocelot or Kaz. Is new blacksmith Sig Int? Doesn't seem like a Huey. Matron can be Paramedic, Eva and/or Amanda. Wind is MOST clearly Quiet though.)
No. 768265 ID: e22b1d

Leaf are you snuggling me? Cause I do not hear sniffing back there and I would think it would be easy enough to inspect the arrows for poison.

Now if you actually want to sample some of my recently improved skills in bed talk to Matron to set up a appointment.
No. 768267 ID: 3e182c

Get with matron. Find out what the old clan name was so we can come up with somethin appropriate.
We should regroup and finish blacktorch soon, but we desperatly need carpenters. That should be fine the next scouting target.
No. 768268 ID: 91ee5f

>"Testing for poison."
Really? Cause it feels like you're actually hugging me like you were worried about me or something.

Hey, Matron, has Waster been behaving herself while we were gone? She giving you any trouble? Cause you have my permission to punish her if she starts giving you shit.

>(I have no idea if Clamp is The Boss or Big Boss or Major Zero, or if Leaf is Big Boss or Ocelot or Kaz. Is new blacksmith Sig Int? Doesn't seem like a Huey. Matron can be Paramedic, Eva and/or Amanda. Wind is MOST clearly Quiet though.)
*insert MGS 5's Sins of the Father by Donna Burke here*
No. 768271 ID: 91ee5f

If I'm poisoned and I have to be stuck in bed again, then I'm going to be so fucking pissed. And when I get better, we're going to go fuck up Irontree as payback.

Also, Matron, we got a name or something? If it's a good name I might keep it. If it's a shitty name, then I'm gonna change it.....and if you've got any suggestions on what to change it to, I'm listening.
No. 768275 ID: 61c7b9

Okay, first of all,that's not how you test for poison, second, if you wanted to cuddle you should have mentioned it some time ago.

...Maybe he's good in bed?
No. 768276 ID: b039e3

roll eyes and mutter something about him being a big softie

"Anyway, that was a bloody nuisance. I can't decide if it's good or bad for blacktorch to be such good targets their ambushers end up fighting each other. Matron, you hear of these irontree guys?"
No. 768280 ID: 3740b1

Victory sex! Push Leaf down and make him a proper lady gnoll while Matron gets on her knees to give Leaf the handy you sure as hell won't be reacharounding.
No. 768284 ID: 8cb228

Don't do victory sex, no time, you got work to do!
No. 768286 ID: 6086e9


also (if it's not already common knowledge/Clamp already knows) ask Matron about clan naming; do you keep one of the old ones (chiefs/ majoritys) or make a new one
No. 768289 ID: 3e182c

Victory Sex?
The operation may have been successful. But Gnolls Died.

Sure Gnolls are less adverse to combat and death than humans are. Sure Clamp probably didn't know them and probably doesn't personally care... But that doesn't mean they weren't someone's sons, someone's brothers.

Even if it's something simple, as chief it's Clamps job to make sure the dead get their last Rites.

There is value in ritual. It solidifies the past, brings value to the present, and help's those who live move forward. Even from a purely pragmatic standpoint, honoring the dead would improve moral, both at home and on the fields of battle.
No. 768291 ID: 3abd97

>"Testing for poison."
You couldn't lick the damn arrows for that?
No. 768292 ID: bb78f2

Came up with a thought, you COULD just threaten the archer's with death if you start suffering symptom's of poisoning. And if you die before that could happen, the next chief here will kill them and take over, if massive infighting doesn't occur in the power vacuum first, but they'll probably be killed in the riot.

That way you'll know for sure.
No. 768299 ID: 7a524b
File 148277865273.png - (175.30KB , 1000x800 , 82.png )

"Really. Cause I don't hear any sniffing, I don't see you licking the arrowheads, and this feels like snuggling."
>"I sniff quietly. It's easily confused. Don't mind me."
"Seems like last night would've been a better time to be doin' this."
>"You weren't shot with arrows, Boss."
"Go see what those two archers are made out of, you big softy. Go have victory sex with 'em to win 'em over to this clan, I don't give a shit."

>How'd that raid go?
In my opinion, was definitely worth it for the clan. Probably not worth it for the ones that bit it, but if we ever do a raid that doesn't involve one of ours dying, it means it was a tiny raid. Bunch of us got hurt, too, and need a few days before they can do much, but no one's in critical condition or had any lost limbs or anything like that.

Didn't get lucky with a proper carpenter or any gnoll with trade skills other than the blacksmith, but said blacksmith does know a thing about woodworking, just enough to make his own tools out of wood. Course, some of that carries over to general woodworking, but he wouldn't know how to make a good guardtower or anything like that. He says he'll have a quick, usable sword for me in a couple of days, but as time allows, can make a superior sword in a couple of weeks.

"Matron, ever hear of Irontree?"
>"We know of them, and that they're a nomadic clan, but otherwise, you learned more about them than we knew."
"Alright. Where's the graveyard?"
"The gravestones to mark the gnolls who died?"
>"... I have no idea what you are talking about."
"For fuck's... alright, apparently that doesn't happen around here. We're going to set up a tradition. Dead gnolls get a marker, with their name, and a small little engraving about who they were. We can put it in the caves people are spooked by or something."
>"Did someone you care for die?"
"I didn't even catch their names, but they still fought to get what we got today, and what, does this clan just not give a shit about gnolls dying for the good of the clan?"
>"Of course we do." she snaps at me. "We share the stories orally. You can start putting physical markers down if you like."
"What was this clan called anyway?"
>"Just Wind's Clan. We should change that. If you have any interest in the name sticking after you die, I don't recommend 'Clamp's Clan'."
No. 768302 ID: 3b108e

Consider apologizing or at least asking about those stories.

As for names, I guess the standard is the neumono naming sense, so... does it have to be descriptive or would the clan be fine with something else?
No. 768303 ID: 3abd97

If you wanna do that right, count the gnolls who died in the battle where the clan was formed. Including Wind.

>If you have any interest in the name sticking after you die, I don't recommend 'Clamp's Clan'.
Pf. I'm barely worth naming after myself. Clan should be something bigger than one gnoll, anyways.
No. 768310 ID: 9ee0cc

Given how easily assaulted this place is, we could name the clan the Deathtrap clan. Plus, it misleads enemies.
No. 768313 ID: 3e182c

Stories? Stories are great. We should have a feast, and in it commemorate those who were lost. Fill the whole night with the stories of the departed. Even those who were captured can share about their old clan-mates who died in today's battle.

Knowledge of basic wood working means our new Blacksmith can build a palisade. It's just entrenched logs really. The important things to have are saws, axes, spades, and maybe bark strippers. It may be wise to get half a dozen unspecialized knolls working under him tomorrow, to train up more smiths, get him some help. It'll be time before they can make Decent weapons, but they will be invaluable for making all sorts of tools. Not to mention, once they are trained up, a team of blacksmiths can make high quality arms quite quickly.

As for the name, I'm gonna throw Storm Hold out there. First off, It's a combination of Wind (Storm) and Clamp (Hold). It's also appropriate since we have enough knolls to literally storm our enemies instead of just raid them, and this place can be built up into a literal fortress (A hold).
No. 768314 ID: 97cee0

Irontree are nomads, huh? That sucks, gonna make it hard to track them down for a bit of good ol' grudgery. I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to continue pestering you, too. We'll have to look into them.

>marker with their name

... Are you sure that many of this lot can read, Clamp? The way Matron snapped at your there makes me wonder if maybe reading's not so common around here and she's sensitive about it.


Sounds like it'd be kinda demoralizing, if the gnolls in the clan start thinking they're in a deathtrap.

Let's see, we have those two sets of cliffs, above and below, and hopefully one day we'll have towers to look out from them. Something with "watch" in it, maybe? It's a good word, makes you think of vigilance and awareness and discipline. Implies power, too, that you've got an eye on things. And the red-brown fur spectrum seems common here. Redwatch? Rustwatch, like you're looking out on the rusting remains of your enemies' gear?
No. 768315 ID: 91ee5f

>Something with "watch" in it, maybe? It's a good word, makes you think of vigilance and awareness and discipline.
No. 768330 ID: 7a524b
File 148278834725.png - (177.06KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

"Right, lemme think. Stories are cool too, but we'll throw in physical markers for them and the ones when I took over the place."
>"What about Wind?"
"Yeah the bastard can have one too."
>"... how oddly generous."
"You got a problem?"
>"I have the opposite of a problem with that."
"Damn right. May as well share stories about some of 'em with a good feast tonght. Figure we may as well celebrate since all in all, it was a success. I got no attachments, but I figure they had siblings or someone that cared."
>"You would also want to honor your siblings, if they died?"
"No fuck that, if any siblings of mine died then good riddance. Just figure that not everyone's got a mutual state of ignoring one another when it comes to their siblings."

>Does it have to be descriptive or would the clan be fine with something else?
Clan's gonna be fine with whatever I give 'em.

Descriptors are most common even back at my homeland, like the Slicers or the Wagon Rollers. Still some that're more figurative though, like the Salamanders.

So far, leaning on Storm Hold or Redwatch. Maybe say fuck it and go Deathtrap.

The votes come in a bit later when it starts getting dark, and Stoneback's the winner. Apparently he fended off three gnolls by himself for a good 30 seconds or so, and without him, the three Blacktorches could've snatched up the blacksmith and carried him back to base, and we'd have had a tougher fight against a regrouped clan.
No. 768331 ID: 3b108e

Well, good to know Stoneback's got some experience now. Go congratulate him and announce you're clan Redwatch now. Plus it's time to get some grave markers. We might as well put the graveyard on the other side of the river, it'll get in the way of stuff otherwise.
No. 768332 ID: a107fd

Stormhold sounds good to me. Plus it covers the 'our base would be really easy to attack' angle without being quite as obvious as "deathtrap."
No. 768334 ID: 3abd97

I like Storm Hold. It references our plans to fortify, our fury and your signature move, the clamp, is a kind of hold so it connects to you in a roundabout way.
No. 768335 ID: 91ee5f

>Clan name.
I vote Storm Hold.
No. 768337 ID: bb78f2

Moonstone Mongrels

Stormhold's fine too. Sounds more like a Fortress though
No. 768338 ID: 3e182c

We will Make it a fortress!
A Dwarf Gnoll Fortress!
No. 768357 ID: 7a524b
File 148279835470.png - (702.49KB , 1000x800 , 84.png )

"Storm Hold. That's our clan name."
>"Hm. That sounds good, although like the name of a fortress."
"That's the only way to make this place defendable, and I don't plan on having to run multiple places like I ain't already tired of dealing with so many runts all - wait a second. Wind already had a gravestone, didn't he?"
>"Yes, you got me. Still, it's just a monument to prevous chiefs, and having one with your blessing would be special, I think."
"What am I, a priest?"

I go over to the feast table and have at the meal. All I can eat, and Stoneback gets the same treatment.

Leaf shows up. Tells me the archers got potential. Not much for tactics or hand to hand fighting, so there's work, but apparently their marksmanship is top notch. Figure as long as people keep an eye on 'em, after a few weeks they'll be as good as ours.

He also gives a set of reports from the scouts returning with word on the outside. Apparently there's 4 nearby clans that are joining forces.

The sentiment's that they had a decent thing going with Wind, but it wasn't on equal footing, so now they want equal allies. Apparently half of it is an expectation that I'm going to go rampaging through the countryside, and they want to be able to stand up to us.

Knowing gnoll politics, an alliance like that probably won't last, and I'd just as soon let it collapse in on itself. Two problems with that; it sounds like a pain in the ass to be around while it does last, and apparently there's a couple good carpenters in that mix. Plus, just to get 4 clans to do that, it sounds like there's a real negotiator in there too, somewhere. Somewhere in the report was a mention of an old tactician that Wind used to know, too.

I want all those skills and damnit, I may need to expand after all.
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