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File 148451199724.png - (27.45KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
772439 No. 772439 ID: bfb318

"Finally! After ten thousand years, we've come to know everything there is to know about the ring shell!"
"Yea, Rulekeep?"
"Has your consciousness been going for that long? It has only been about 20 years for us."
"... I mean, close enough, you know?"
>"How the heck did you do this for ten thousand years?!" Haydi asks. "I've gone a few months alone and god damn it's tough."
"Well, things were a little different back then, and you know, I had people to... well, after a few centuries. Everything just kind of."


"The first 500 felt longer than the last 9500."

"Or at least past me thought so I think?"
>"... so what are you now, anyway?"
>"I can't tell if you're actually the glitcher, or just some projection of the glitcher."
>"Mom you've been wondering that too!"
"Sooner you stop worrying about it, the better!"
>"Just answer me. What are you? The more we look at you and the RS, the more different you appear."
"Say wasn't 'Haydi' supposed to just be a temporary name?"
>"Don't change the sub-"
"'cause I just realized your permanent name should be Shopkeeper 2 with all this existential crisis talk going on!"
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No. 803048 ID: 0cfb6a

Everyone's seen how OP Alisons are in the wrestledome, I think you could easily make a case that you couldn't be expected to join the snake ball.

... Hmm. I don't suppose you could just get a bulldozer or something and drive it in at them from the side, literally rolling them into a ball and pushing them somewhere?
No. 803050 ID: 3ce125

Tell them you don't wrestle, at all. They don't get to decide the rules of the gang war and they certainly don't represent the wishes of the populace. Most of them were never even involved to begin with. You gave Mamba a chance to settle this peacefully, and you're STILL open to negotiations, but right now she can take this ridiculous challenge and shove it right up her scaly ass.
No. 803052 ID: a363ac

why not chief go see what this wrestling thing is all about. just try to run away from anyone going for you cause you aren't that strong. Or radmin this and get backup in the form of those people who want to wrestle.
No. 803055 ID: 3abd97

Chief is probably better off using this kind of craziness to disqualify the Alisons from leadership. Isn't this the exact crazy instability and craziness Mamba just made a speech against?

Alternatively, if we want to give them someone who would probably enjoy being in a writhing pile of Alisons, we could stick Succubus in a swimsuit and throw her at them. I mean, they'll complain it doesn't count, but she'll have fun.
No. 803058 ID: f08985

"I don't really care what you agree. Hijinks like this are exactly what disqualifies you from leadership, especially after you preached against this exact sort of thing."
No. 803059 ID: 91ee5f

>Tell Chief that if he's going to dare backstab us while we're fighting, we'll all team up on him afterwards!
She's joking, right? Chief wouldn't be doing this if she never tried to backstab in the first place! If we had just settled everything peacefully, this wouldn't be happening! So as a result of her own actions she's going to lose her school! She's got no one to blame but herself!

.....should we be telling her Iso this stuff, so that he can tell her?

Also, this.
No. 803062 ID: 1e7aa8

If, for any reason, you *have* to be part of the wrestling match to maintain your power base, it will only be fair that you increase your size and mass by 1.75 to 2.0 times so that the alisons do not have an unfair advantage over you.

Become the big chief you were always meant to be!
No. 803064 ID: 211d83

Send Succubus in to wrestle for you.

Continue solidifying your empire.
No. 803065 ID: fc33ea

Make a speech to pull popular support to your side. You run 80% of everything, everyone else is wrestling in the dirt like a pack of morons, claiming they're fighting for all the points. Everyone, look at yourselves, look at your loyalties. Why fight for someone who's identity isn't even known?

Also tell GK that the final showdown to end the gang wars is taking place to add more fodder onto the idiot pile.
No. 803066 ID: 91ee5f

Don't send Succubus, there's no reason to get in on that fight.

That's more or less telling GK that Chief doesn't have an opponent and he'll come after Chief because he's technically on Mamba's side and is against Chief and Mafia!
No. 803081 ID: bfb318
File 149524831192.png - (186.06KB , 800x800 , 308.png )

Chief replies to Iso, saying that hijinks like this are what disqualifies her and similarly minded Alisons from a position of rulership. He wouldn't be doing what he's currently doing, in any case, if he hadn't been backstabbed. He almost sends a message to GK, but he's sure GK is hearing about this anyway.

>"Heh, for a second I thought you might've wrestled." says Succubus.
"I never will. Don't tell me you want to wrestle Alisons?"
>"If you gave me your tablet, they'd never have to know."
"No, even if that didn't complicate sending out orders on my own tablet, I don't want to indulge them. It seems like a bug has been caught, as Alisons typically aren't so impulsive."
>"Ooookay." Succubus almost sounds a little disappointed. "Is it because you're short?"
"Of course not. I could stop by shopkeep and grow."
>"... or become an Alison yourself."
"That would be an option, wouldn't it?"
>"You wouldn't even be the first male Alison."

Chief moves on to appeal to the public that this wrestling act is why they're not suited to be leaders. He gives speeches on unification and finally finding peace. However, Chief soon learns that there is an illogical component that is complicating this to catastrophic levels.

The great majority of this town was resurrected after living a life stage to stage before dying. This town is the first place that was not just shown to be created by someone tangible, but where they could express autonomy. They were introduced in as merely a wrestling audience, and while many strayed from the wrestledome and the scene itself, the others breathed it in. This town is the first place that they truly lived, and they were virtually raised off of wrestling.

Hence, wrestling is held in an obscenely high esteem. The brutish aggression turning into a wrestling match is seen as somehow honorable despite how ludicrous and impulsive it is. Wrestling for many is not just life, but law. Once Chief openly denounces the legitimacy of this wrestling match, Chief is met with a tidal wave of aggression that he would never have dreamed of getting for something like this.

Chief still has his gang and friends, regardless, and many others have become disenchanted by Mamba's fallibility and Mafia's aggression.

In the end, the town has been split down the middle between the gang and the wrestlemaniacs. Many, pumped up by the widely televised Alison matchup, are now just being violent hooligans in the street.

There was a good deal of violence on the day that Mafia Alison and Murdermouse entered the scene. That time pales in comparison to the pandemonium now inflicted. If that was a war, then this is an gradual apocalypse.

There are reports coming in that Chief's core buildings are under attack. Although many attacks are getting repelled, there's still gradual and significant damage being inflicted on the casinos, speakeasy, and other amenities, as various forces are attempting to drag Chief by his head tuft into the wrestling ring before it's over. The creation of those structures feels like a surprisingly long time ago considering how short of a blip this whole game has been in Chief's life, and seeing them get destroyed results in a mix of emotions. At this rate, Chief won't have much left.
No. 803083 ID: a363ac

admit it chief the world began with wrestling administrators now the only way to bring it back is Wrestling contestants you have to do it or someone will get you and drag you to the ring.
No. 803084 ID: 3ce125

You uh, should've immediately relented as soon as it was made clear that you were turning the city against you. It's the will of the people, haven't you learned anything about the will of the people?

Becoming a male Alison for the wrestling match would've made sense, even.
No. 803085 ID: 3abd97

Geeze, how hard is it to get the idea across that wrestling doesn't make you suitable for doing the organizing stuff.

Might need to placate the masses a bit.

...or pay Radmin off to generate more bad wrestling press. Although if the MM bombings and the Alison fight haven't done that already it might be too late.

If we burn down the mafias and turn everything back to the wrestling it started out as, is that sort of a win? No empire left to claim.
No. 803088 ID: fc33ea

Ask succubus if this has gone entirely too far for something you started because you were bored.

It looks like you're going to enter the ring before this is over. Grab all the modifications you'll need from shopkeep, ensure Mamba doesn't turn on you in the ring by informing her of the bombs you left. Get anything from her office yet?
No. 803090 ID: edee29

>dissing the sacred rite known as wrestling
Yeah, that was a bad move. This might be salvageable, though. Publicly declare that you erred in insulting wrestling, and that you shall atone in the way that you know how.

Then don a luchador mask and start cleaning the streets yourself.
No. 803095 ID: 0cfb6a

Well, I guess you could argue that the fact you could lose it made it more meaningful to have it. At least you've learned a lot.

Perhaps for the future, you should consider the idea of creating more mass entertainments than wrestling. Other forms of television, maybe. Films. Start off with wrestling-related stories to draw in the audience, then move along. There have to be some contestants interested in being actors and writers and so on. You could even get Mamba involved in some educational television. Maybe Succubus can do sex ed. You could become a media mogul. For next time, maybe.

What to do right now, though. You're not really in a position to restore order or anything yourself. Maybe you could find someone else who could. Radmin... no, not Radmin. But... Sevener, maybe? I wonder what she thinks of all this. The chaos, the Alisons squabbling, the mafia shenanigans. The gods won't and shouldn't intervene, but perhaps an administrator who was once a star in the ring could descend from on high to rally everyone and restore order.

It's a little odd that she hasn't been involved yet.
No. 803096 ID: 1e7aa8

Yeah it's not time to throw a massive hissyfit and burn our entire empire to the ground because you disagree with wrestling.

And if you stay up there in your tower while this goes on you are gonna lose your empire anyway.

So might as well bite the bullet, get out there and start kicking this social apocalypse in the balls!
No. 803098 ID: 91ee5f

I'm starting to think that at this point, there's nothing left to salvage and everyone is going to lose. Maybe it would be best to force everyone to start over? Let's destroy everything. Mamba's school, Mafia's stolen merchandise, Chief's building, the arcade, the fair grounds, etc. The only thing that shouldn't be destroyed is the wrestle dome.

This will force everyone to start at square 1 as equals and rebuild everything from the ground up. Only this time, no more mafia or gang related stuff.
No. 803100 ID: 3ce125

Hmm. You know, tearing the city down to build it back up again afterwards is an interesting idea for one reason: it was originally created by the CAI. The contestants can make it truly theirs, now.
No. 803101 ID: fc33ea

Asking Sevener to restore order actually sounds like a good idea. We've had a good run and came out on top, but I think it's clear things need to be taken in hand.
No. 803105 ID: 211d83

Get yourself a mask and start throwing rioters off buildings. Then go wrestle it up for the glory of your gang.

Don't knock it until you try it once Chief.
No. 803107 ID: 39841c

You can restore order without Wrestling yourself. Maybe you should appoint a champion to wrestle in your name, if you have to?

Hopefully you should be able to restore order without doing anything like that yourself.
No. 803108 ID: 91ee5f

Alternatively, instead of wrestling, you could just offer yourself as the prize. Whichever Alison wins gets to take the losers territory and have a peaceful partnership with you!

Or, if you really want to step down, the winner gets the losers territory and your territory!

And since the prize is going to go to whichever Alison wins, that includes any Alison! So the prize could go to Opera, Shy, Mamba, Mafia, current cycle, or any Alison that happens to join the fight! Last Alison standing gets everything!

You might need to send these messages to Mamba's Iso so he can tell everyone.

If we're going to do that, then be specific. Are we giving Sevener control of everything Chief owns? And are we giving it to current cycle Sevener or a Sevener from a different cycle?
No. 803111 ID: fc33ea

The Sevener who won the championship thing to become an admin or whatever, thereby winning the respect of everybody.

Also she can smack the crap out of anyone who steps out of line.
No. 803117 ID: 91ee5f

Ah, current cycle Sevener. Yeah that'd work. Especially since she's been complaining about not having anything to administrate!
No. 803121 ID: 1e7aa8

You guys are forgetting someone to be chief's wrestling champion.

No. 803122 ID: 91ee5f

Of course, if we do give everything to her, he's gonna legitimize everything and it won't be a mafia gang anymore. Everything will be run by the books and legal.

Maybe that's what's needed right now? A legal organization run by someone that will keep everyone in line.
No. 803123 ID: 3ce125

Honestly, that's fine.
No. 803124 ID: bfb318
File 149525477521.png - (13.33KB , 800x800 , 309.png )

Chief contemplates his options for some time. The contents of Mamba's office were boring documentation, and not any grand, nefarious schemes.

>"The offer for me to act as you and wrestle in your name is still open." says Succubus. "I don't think they'll approve of sending someone else, at this point."
"No, but I'm also attempting to keep my name away from it."
>"Even in this game?"
"I suppose so, yes. It would seem weak, anyways, for me to give in to the world around me, and put on a mask to play in the sport I just denounced simply because the alternative was to have my empire burn. If I were desperate to turn this around, then I'd appear weak rather than finished, but as it is..."

With a quick lookup, Chief locates Sevener 3119.

"Hello, Sevener?"
>"Chief. What do you want?"
"Have you been paying attention to the gang wars in town?"
>"I've been trying not to. Why?"
"Things, finally, are starting to crash around me. However, this has taught a lot of lessons, and the people will want to rebuild. Would you like to assist?"
>"You know that Alison tried to drag me in to that mess, right? It's a stupid game."
"It doesn't need to be a game any longer. The rebuilding efforts should, in the long term, be taken seriously."
>"... alright, yeah fine, I'll take a look at what's going on, at least, and see what there is to rebuild."

Chief begins preparing a speech for how Sevener will take over the rebuilding process, then, and hopefully he will still be in a position to give a speech by the time it's appropraite. It takes some time, and Alisons in the ring start getting knocked out as he hastily crafts his speech. Present Alison, then Opera, then Mafia all are thrown off the mesa until it's just Mamba and, in a surprise turnaround, Shy. The latter is even managing to push Mamba down.
No. 803126 ID: bfb318
File 149525487548.png - (25.25KB , 800x800 , 310.png )

Chief starts paying attention to the broadcast.

"I'm not going to give up, dangit!" says Mamba, as she struggles to stay above the ground below. "I want to rule so that I can run my school in peace!"

Iso runs up to her, and takes her hands.

>"Wait! Stop! Mamba... just concede, please! Stop getting pulled into this power game." Iso says, and Shyison stops pushing down enough to let them speak.
>"Iso, it's not enough to just have any school, I have to have it perfect. If I didn't do everything in my power to maximize the strength of my school, then how could I ever live with myself?"
>"It doesn't need to be perfect! Anyone can learn how to live without being perfect, but no one can be perfect! Just let someone else run a whole empire, and focus on your school, you won't be able to run the school you want if you have to worry about all these power hungry people! You always wanted this, so please please don't throw it away just because it can't compete with your amazing expectations! Please don't let everything fall apart again by being so uncompromising. You can keep thinking of me as a failu - "
>"Stop right there. Iso. My log wasn't just translated badly. You always tried to keep me grounded, but I kept reaching for the sun. It was me who failed you. If this is the same, then okay. I won't do it again. I concede, Shy. You win."
No. 803127 ID: bfb318
File 149525488606.png - (16.29KB , 800x800 , 311.png )

>"Um, er... I kind of just was trying to get people to stop fighting. I'm sorry. I don't know if Chief is watching, but I think he'd be an okay leader, I just think everyone should follow one person, at least one person at a time, and, uhm... I'm re - really not feeling well, I think I'm going to leave now. Please follow Chief, everyone."
No. 803129 ID: a363ac

well I guess all thats left is to shut GK down
No. 803130 ID: 3ce125


Alright, I guess that's a win. Time to give your speech. Be sure to mention how you hope the bandit queen known as Mafia Alison will stop her nonsense and go back to doing whatever she was doing before she got a hacked tablet and put on the pinstripe suit. The time for games is over, it is time for this fractured community to come together and rebuild a new, greater society. One without the invisible hands of the CAI upon it, one we can call our own.

You should probably make some sort of apology about your statements about wrestling. You will make an effort not to offend the wrestling community in the future.
No. 803133 ID: fc33ea

Whelp, time to pass the torch to Sevener. As long as it's a gang in charge- and one that has disrespected the hallowed name of wrasslin' no less- I doubt there will be true healing. Gang leaders will still have the best networking to get stuff done, but they'll be working together now hopefully.
No. 803135 ID: 211d83

Now that its all over show up to the ring in a wrestling mask. Then look disappointed throw your mask down in disgust at the lack of opponents and leave.
No. 803136 ID: 3abd97

Craziness over, I guess. You win right as you're ready to step away and lets things calm down again.

You've had your fun, and gotten some ideas for how to improve your other projects. And you can probably do something crazy again if and when you get bored, although it will be harder to come up with an entirely new thing to exploit since we already did this one.

Have to ask Alison how she was Mafia and herself someday. Not really important in the short term.
No. 803137 ID: 3abd97

And Alison managed to get through that without unmasking and completely wrecking Mafia's credibility, which I wasn't expecting.
No. 803143 ID: 1e7aa8

Her name is Mamba now. She's got the credibility for it. If Alison drops the mafia guise, then that's it. There IS no mafia alison anymore.

As long as certain people in the loop don't spill the beans, that is.

Anyway, time to give a speech. Maybe edit it a little bit to give credit to shyison for being the clear victor of the king of the hill.
No. 803145 ID: bfb318
File 149525738194.png - (20.19KB , 800x800 , 312.png )

Chief feels odd just passing the buck right after he supposedly won, but at least this provides the opportunity to make his speech, including a couple of things that he would have liked to say, but was not given ideal chances to do so. Just before he speaks, he gets word that GK was attempting to find other Alisons to participate, for some reason. With Sevener in charge, it's unlikely that GK needs to be dealt with.

"Hello, everyone. I may still be at the top of some gang, but so long as the gang I'm in charge of is responsible for no small amount of destruction, it will be difficult to heal. I ordered much of it, and I also spoke poorly of the wrestling customs of this town, and I apologize for both, especially the wrestling bit. Congratulations to Shy for being the victor. Therefore, my first and only act as the sole, undisputed leader of this city is to pass the torch on to Sevener.
"I am hoping that Mafia Alison will go back to who she was, before she put on the pin striped suit. I also hope that Mamba means what she said. Even so, I never thought it mattered who owned which tablet, or what actions were taken in a previous lifetime. There's no one without regrettable mistakes, and we'll just pick ourselves up and keep moving - that's not to excuse my own actions, of course, done in the past few days.
"If this were a game up to this point, then that time is over, and it's time to rebuild. The community that Mamba set up was excellent, but it isn't for everyone. There are desires that it did not, and won't, provide for. The desire to fight, and most of all, the desire to have some struggles in one's life, as counter-intuitive as it sounds. I am hoping that the society built from this point on will cover all desired aspects of life, far beyond what a school could ever hope to do. With that, I will pass it on to Sevener, if she'd like anything to say."

>"So you gang leaders all burnt half the populated parts of town down, and now that it's a smoking wreck, you'll all generously step down and let me take it for a ride. Fuck you guys, get out of my office."

>Show up in a wrestling mask
After all that show, fighting back against the pressure to don a mask, Chief would sooner die than put on a wrestling mask now.

He will return to the RS unless he can think of anything else he would like to check out in town first. Such as, perhaps, how present Alison acted as Mafia, yet she still had someone with her authentic tablet.
No. 803147 ID: 3abd97

>anything to check out
We still owed Sweater a favor, didn't we?
No. 803149 ID: 91ee5f

I'm pretty sure after Sevener's "fuck you guys" to all the gang leaders, she doesn't want Cheif's help. Especially since he's literally the one that started all of this gang stuff.
No. 803150 ID: f08985

No. 803153 ID: 91ee5f

I have no idea what you're saying because I didn't say anything about Sweater. Please use your words.
No. 803154 ID: 3ce125

You should have a small party to celebrate your pyrrhic victory.
No. 803155 ID: 1e7aa8

Spend a couple of days just helping Sevener rebuild everything.

Then check in on the following people, just to see how they are doing.

sweatermouse/murdermouse, Current cycle Alison, Mamba and Iso 1700, shyison.

And I guess Radmin too, but he's probably making out like a fucking bandit somehow, someway.
No. 803156 ID: fc33ea

Small party? Naw, get all the leaders to work together to throw a really awesome block party. We've got the Venue, Alison has fun stuff stashed away.
No. 803157 ID: f08985

>he didn't read the post he originally quoted
No. 803159 ID: 3ce125

That post didn't say anything about Sweater either.
No. 803163 ID: 31b528

Well technically it's owed to Murder, not Sweater. But in practice we know they're one and the same.
No. 803168 ID: 31b528

Write a book about all this. "The game is on: A first-hand account of Chief's part in the gang wars". And give a free copy to the most unfortunate soul.
No. 803186 ID: b8b2bc

Yes, investigate that, and who all the imposters were. Also confirm that someone is going to take care of rebuilding the positive stuff, the events and things, and see about suggesting that maybe people be weaned off wrestling a little, with other entertainments. TV, film, theater and so on especially: a lot of people who aren't bothered to research history by themselves would probably do well from dramatizations of history (The gang wars! The glitcherkeeper romance! Et cetera!). Ask Sevener is she wants anything from you, and check that she has some system to be approachable (or have some underling of hers be approachable) to people who have ideas. Find Murdermouse to give her her favour. Contact Scanner and Guardsman. See that no-one's been left hanging.

And, before you go back to the RS... didn't you comment on how Mamba's approach could improve things, there? Look into that. Might as well have a talk with her, anyway. No hard feelings, et cetera. It'd be nice if you could be friends.
No. 803228 ID: bfb318
File 149529945712.png - (34.80KB , 1000x800 , 313.png )

Chief leaves the office, but he still works closely with Sevener in the background to help her get things running smoothly. He makes sure that she will have an approachable system to accept ideas from the populace. Radmin approaches Sevener too, wanting to assist in the building efforts. A party is made to celebrate peace, but Chief keeps to himself with a small gathering.

GK has told Murdermouse to quit her bombing runs around town, and Murder will accept that order. GK himself is also approaching Sevener to lend his hand to assisting the rebuilding effort. As a show of good will, he extends his hand back to those who might have turned their back on him in some way, saying that if they want to put aside politics and help his own efforts to rebuild, he will accept them back into his organization, no questions asked. Scantower accepts that offer.

Murdermouse says she may take a break for awhile, but may want a rematch with GK at some point. She will wait on asking for a favor from Chief, as right now, Chief doesn't have much of anything that Murder could want.

Mamba and Iso 1700 have talked about what they'd like to do, and have reached an agreement. Mamba seems legitimately ashamed of some of her actions, but her actions over the next weeks will speak far more volumes about how much she means it. For the time, she and Chief make what amends are necessary to their friendship, and Chief believes they'll get along fine.

Shy, who unwittingly made herself popular, seems to trust Mamba as well. A brief talk with Shy reveals that she agreed to play along with Mamba's gambit due to the simple fact that she didn't want to be shy. Chief wouldn't have recommended practicing by standing up in front of a large audience in bold espionage, but that has already passed.

Mafia and present Alison didn't accept the public party invitation, and Mafia's tablet registration no longer shows up on a contacts list or the registry. As far as the tablets are concerned, she never existed.

Maybe Chief will write a book about the game itself. For now, he makes sure that everyone is coming out with as few hard feelings as possible, and that things are back on the right track.
No. 803229 ID: bfb318
File 149529948166.png - (33.19KB , 800x800 , 314.png )

Chief locates Mafia and present Alison, and meets them in the outskirts of town in a small residence.

"Hello, Alisons."
>"Hello. I don't suppose you brought a shopkeeper with you, did you?" asks Mafia.
"No, but they aren't hard to find."
>"Oh, well. What a challenge, that was."
"The game itself, or you having to act as you did?"
>"The latter, of course. I was terrible!"
"And that's why you did well. I'm sorry. You know you could have rejected my request, right?"
>"I considered it, but there were three reasons I accepted. One was to help put away Mafia Alison. I think that Mamba could have revealed herself as 1700 and worked past any notions that I may have caused, but this worked alright. She's known as Mamba, now.
>"The second reason... hm, how do I explain this... well, it wasn't just Mamba who had to overcome preconceived notions about Alisons. Most people in town just know me through stories, and I've been treated as almost some kind of embodiment of a few characteristics. Positive ones, so that's great, and I certainly didn't mind it during the stages when I showed that the stages didn't need to shape people's identities. But now, we don't need embodiments like that. I should just be treated like a person that can get distressed and angry like anyone else, even if I don't show it. More than me, though, people projected this onto other Alisons. We might share a lot of similarities, but it's just not fair to them to be relentlessly compared to me. I wanted to show the population that Alisons are capable of a variety of traits, both good and bad. Not just them, though. Maybe moreso, I wanted to show the Alisons that there's no need to typecast themselves into some kind of 'ideal' Alison. They can be, well...
>"Authentic." Mafia continues. "They can be authentic to themselves, and people will care for them."
"And the third?"
>"Because you asked, of course. That was still a good reason."
"Hm. And how about your body double, here?" Chief says, gesturing to the form of present-Alison.
>"It's me." present Alison says. "The Glitcher. Did you know that wrestling is actually really hard?"
No. 803230 ID: f08985

Well, no, you didn't do it. That was a sticking point. But it's still impressive that Glitcher pulled it off.
No. 803235 ID: 3abd97

>Mamba seems legitimately ashamed of some of her actions
Chief should probably reassure her or something. Nothing wrong with having an ambitious or "evil" streak, and she played well. The masks coming off enough for her to see Chief was really in it for the game might reassure her too- it's not like she actually 'lost' to the evil criminal empire.

(I mean, if anything did her in in the end, it was caring too much, which made her take things seriously).

>Alison helped take herself off the pedestal everyone had her on
Yup. That was part of the motivation for this.

>>"It's me." present Alison says. "The Glitcher. Did you know that wrestling is actually really hard?"
Yes, that's part of the reason I avoided it.

I'm surprised you managed to contain yourself through all of that.
No. 803236 ID: 91ee5f

>"It's me." present Alison says. "The Glitcher. Did you know that wrestling is actually really hard?"
"Wait, if Glitcher is here, then why do you need a Shopkeep to change back? Can't he do it?"
No. 803237 ID: 91ee5f

Also, since Cheif wasn't present for what Mamba did:
"What exactly happened during the negotiations and how did you end up falling through the roof?"
No. 803238 ID: b412df

That would explain the hacked tablets / two 1700s. Did you two have fun?
No. 803241 ID: bfb318
File 149530274822.png - (28.10KB , 800x800 , 315.png )

"I figured it was, though I never tried."
"So you might actually be good at it?" Glitcher says, turning back to himself.
"Maybe my calling isn't management and politics, but wrestling."
"We can still arrange for it."
"No. Can't you change Alison back by the way, instead of shopkeep?"
"Yeah but everyone forgets that Shopkeep and Rulekeeps powers are like, wave a magic wand and it happens. My powers have to build it up brick by brick. It takes a lot of work. I just did a lot of work turning me back into me. I don't feel like working."
"Hm. Well, as far as pretending to be Alison goes, you did a good job. Although I guessed correctly that it was someone else as Alison, I did not expect you to be the impostor. You held it together."
"Haha thanks. Anyway Rulekeeper's gonna make some changes."
"To prevent this from every happening again?"
"There can still be fighting and stuff. Rulekeep did notice that after all the work we put into turning the giant city into use, it took like a week for everyone to destroy a lot of it. And that maybe there should be some measures in place to make sure that it can't be done so dang easily."
"I hope she's not upset."
"Oh no not even a little bit, she wanted to stay out of it and see how things developed to learn from it. I mean I thought the whole thing made sense, cause for all the rewarding feelings that building stuff gets, it's still an awful lot of fun to just wreck shit."
"It's good to hear you had fun. I hope you at least had some fun, Alison."
>"I think I see the appeal, but I wouldn't do it again just for fun."
"What happened during the negotiations, anyways?"
>"Succubus and I were teleported into a house. It was covered in bars, and we couldn't teleport out. There was a bolt though behind a wall in the house though that could start disassembling the whole thing, and I don't think Mamba thought we would immediately start taking the whole house apart right away and find it. Then we jumped down, and it turns out my body is a little bit more aerodynamic than people would think, so I was able to glide down through the roof."
"Good job."
"So uh." Glitcher says. "Are you done here? In town, I mean. Like you can come back and all whenever, but are you ready to get back to work? Cause there's work to do. Like, a lot."
No. 803243 ID: f08985

"You have no idea how happy I would be to have something meaningful to do again, Glitcher."
No. 803244 ID: b412df

Yes. That was a fun distraction which you probably needed, but now it's time to get back to work.
No. 803245 ID: fc33ea

Keep in contact with Mamba, she may be able to help with stuff.
No. 803246 ID: 91ee5f

>I don't feel like working.
>"So uh." Glitcher says. "Are you done here? In town, I mean. Like you can come back and all whenever, but are you ready to get back to work? Cause there's work to do. Like, a lot."
"Well, someone has to do it, seeing as you don't feel like doing it."
No. 803247 ID: 3d765f

Remember to get your research into the different types of leadership styles and incorporate it into your own since that is likely the biggest boon this misadventure had.
No. 803249 ID: edee29

>magic wand
Glitcher... sure, Rulekeeper powers are magic wands, but you're the magic. They're just making specific requests to you that you've been conditioned to chain off into the underlying stuff that actually does it. Have you really not figured out how to make pre-coded stuff like that as easy for you as talking? And please don't tell me that talking's complicated, too.

>are you ready to get back to work?
Yes. This was even more fun than I thought it would be, but I'm ready to get back to the big picture stuff.
No. 803250 ID: 3ce125

Yep. Vacation's over.
No. 803251 ID: 3abd97

Out of curiosity, were you plotting something with Mamba? I was pretty sure you had covert communications, but I never cracked the code. Had you revealed who you were to her?

>Rulekeep updating things
Not unsurprising. Will make for a new challenge the next time Chief gets bored and tries to test the limits.

>are you ready to get back to work? Cause there's work to do. Like, a lot.
Yes, I have some ideas from the criminal empire building that might help, actually.
No. 803257 ID: 1e7aa8

Before you officially end your vacation, perhaps you should get Mamba and Alison on-board with making a blooming talk show. That'd be waay easier to discuss events and feelings and what not then engaging in some rather crafty and complicated espionage to make the point stick.
No. 803258 ID: 3ce125

>you're the magic
Please don't talk to Glitcher like he's literally the Ring Shell. He just happens to be merged with it.
No. 803259 ID: bfb318
File 149530611663.png - (18.64KB , 800x800 , 316.png )

>Were Mamba and Mafia plotting together?
Chief confirmed that there was some plotting, but those plans didn't pan out to much.

"Real work?"
"Not gonna lie. It's real work. Real boring work. Tedious. It'll take ages. A billion manhours. Maybe even a trillion. Who knows. I don't care, I'll do a godzillion hours all by myself, if that's what it takes."
"I thought you said you didn't want to work."
"Don't sass me Chief!"
"Don't tell me just talking is difficult for you. Do you really not have pre-coded actions in place? Shopkeep and Rulekeep may have wands, but you're the magic."
"Yeah the wand is like the throne and the magic are all the peasants that follow orders! Fine okay it's not that hard I'll just... have Shopkeep change her from far off I guess. Whatever not the point! Alison, Chief, we at the RS decided to settle on one of Likol's ideas that he couldn't do at the time, but we'll be betting on now. We're going to partition the hard drive."
"You have no idea how much I want to do some real work, Glitcher, and I've got some ideas to restructure the research team that might allow more creativity. I'm listening."
"Making a partition wouldn't actually be hard normally, but we need to be super careful. We've had to work with a lot of unknowns, you know that, but here's a couple of things we know. First up, the tools they had at the OPA bases to scan us were kind of rudimentary. We can bet that the salikai, the ASE, OPA, everyone, is going to pull in some hard favors to get better tools to scan our RS, which exist out there in the wide universe. A set of CAI blocks are just too valuable for them to scrap, at least not before they try their absolute hardest to salvage us. This means that we need to perfectly replicate a partition to make it look exactly like how a whole partition should look. That means making it look 100% whole.
"The science team, after so long, has figured out how to have a single particle act like 2 particles. It's ridiculous. I don't understand it. It means they can take 100% of the RS and turn it into 110% of itself. That extra 10% will be like data made out of the data, like if every 3rd letter on every page of a book spelled out a cohesive short story on its own. That data between data will be the partition that you guys live in. With the other 100%, we'll make the original RS look like the real thing. The point is is that to get all this working, we need to set up our universe piece by piece. It'll be like putting all the atoms individually in the correct slot in both space and time. That's why it's going to take awhile. That's why it's going to take like a week or two in real time. Which sucks, and we might not have that long, but it's our best bet because the other bets suck, and because of the second thing we absolutely know.
"That being that in the whole universe out there, Likol, that buddy of mine, is probably the onle one who doesn't want to see me dead. I'm just too dangerous. I'm incredibly valuable too, but the organizations out there would rather play it safe than try to ally themselves with an unstable digital god that can destroy them if things go wrong. Every organization that thinks I'm alive is going to hunt us down to the edges of reality. I don't want it to be like that, and it's not good enough to just see me go missing. They need to see me die, in full view of all their advanced scanners. That's gonna be tricky, because while we understand a lot of the RS, there's a lot we don't know. And me? RS-String fusions like me are a whole other ballpark entirely. I control the RS, people can modify strings, and we can make more glitchers, but we can't just seem to make more me to a level of perfection. There's a chance, however slight, that those advanced scanners they're going to try to get are going to be able to detect the discrepancy. Then they might say that the discrepancy could just be change over time, but they already have a lot of data on me from when Likol crammed my guts back together. If it's not a perfect match, they might just crush us right then and there. So, uh... still kinda working out what to do about that."
No. 803261 ID: 094652

I bet you they won't think so hard about confirming your death if they've got five other Glitchers to hunt down on the extranet.

Let's go further. Partition a few web sites that the CEOs frequent, mostly porno, then troll them, turn their favorite porn programs into you @#$%ing the characters and taunt them for doing what they've always craved but physically couldn't, and then pretend to escape into the extranet.
No. 803262 ID: 3ce125

If we can partition the hard drive perfectly, could he partition himself? Exist on both partitions, let himself get killed on the "main" partition. Break a few things as he "dies", too, to prevent them from starting up a new set of cycles. I mean, we've come this far to ensure the tragedy stopped, it'd be real shitty to just let it happen all over again.
No. 803263 ID: 1e7aa8

"When you fake your death, perhaps the best thing to do is double down on that and also make yourself disappear. I dunno how exactly you'd go about that but if you technically didn't exist, there'd be nothing for them to find."
No. 803264 ID: b412df

That's a bridge we can figure out how to cross when we get to it. If the ring shell is partitioned, could it theoretically be moved from one set of CAI blocks to another? (OOC: I'm recalling the RS emulator that Raush had and that Likol took when he made his escape.)
No. 803265 ID: 211d83

I have some thoughts on that problem Glitcher.

The way I see it is you have to die in a very convincing way. Not just something silly like you getting caught by the scanners and destroyed in plain sight.

But something massive. Like them finding you red handed trying to build a giant construct out of RS data that looks designed to hide yourself from scanners. Something over the top that there criminal minds can understand. And when they go to destroy you and your fake backup plan its destruction needs to be so massive that a huge portion of the RS gets damaged in a over the top way.

It needs to look like a warzone on the RS for years in real time. Obvious that the RS is repairing itself slowly when you look at it with scanners. But showing that getting rid of you almost overwhelmed the blocks self repair capabilities and they had to rebuild almost from scratch.

Sure they have some data on what you look like but it could take a huge team years to make any sense of it. If we flood them with garbage data about your capabilities that looks similar to the old stuff they will get a completely wrong impression of how you work. And seeing that you will appear dead at that point they will not have a way to compare it to the truth.

Long story short: Make the RS look jacked up when they reconnect there scanners and once you "die" have it slowly fix itself back to the way they expect it to look over the course of a year or two.

Also are we going to hide away competely? Or be behind the scenes waiting for the day the Salikai fall so we can try to escape in the confusion? Even if it might take years of seeing horrible things happen and ignoring them until the perfect chance appears?
No. 803266 ID: b8b2bc

Uh... well... you were "brought back from the dead" once before. Perhaps we could set it up to do the same thing again, but a lot better, now that it's been studied? That's still a really damn sucky option, though, so try come up with something else.

Hmm. Maybe we could turn you into a sort of cyber-lich? Put your heart/soul in some sort of bottle you can hide away so if you get killed you can regenerate. Are there any other storage devices built into the machine you live on, some little parameter RAM thing, some dull little circuit with its own little spare memory bit, that some part of you could be stored in? Or can you hide part of yourself inside someone else?

Don't forget to be prepared for good luck as well as all the terribly likely bad luck, too. Once you're all hidden away you'll need a way to watch and be prepared to come out again. Who knows the salikai were kinda dumb in a lot of ways, maybe they'll screw up and the cops will bust in and shut them down and rescue you.

Also what if you're all partitioned away and they start running the cycles on the other bit? Did we ever figure out archcycles and how to get past them?

While I'm asking, by the way, maybe this was answered at some point but did you ever find out what the hollow space inside the strings is?
No. 803271 ID: e22b1d

One thing to consider would be to character assassinate yourself.

Which is completely different than actually dying mind you.

What you want to do is destroy your reputation. Right now Vanski thinks you are a lovey dovey bleeding heart that wants to save Likol's hive and do anything to fight him.

You need to play to his expectations. If when they start scanning the RS to get rid of you they find that the power has gone to your head and you have enslaved the rest of the simulation and are committing Vanski levels of evil plots for your own amusement (and to save yourself from the eventual purge). Well Vanski will be reassured.

Why you ask? Because people tend to expect that other people have the same sort of mindset deep down. Good people think everyone is at heard decent. And Evil people think that good people are just being nice for personal gain and hiding there true nature.

Doing this might help dispel any thoughts Vanski might have about you trying to hide and avoid him trying to take the simulation hostage to force your hand.
No. 803272 ID: 3abd97

Uh, big potential problem.

If we partition the drive and use one part as a screen to make it look like everything is okay, does that mean there will be an actual contest with people trapped going through cycles while the rest of us hide out somewhere else? Because that's not really tolerable.
No. 803274 ID: 3ce125

...it's possible that whoever "kills" Glitcher will ensure that no more contests take place, so that they don't accidentally create another RS-Glitcher.
No. 803276 ID: bfb318
File 149531240937.png - (24.81KB , 800x800 , 317.png )

"Is it possible to move an RS from one set of blocks to another?"
"That uh... ehhh... maybe some sense of 'move' but not like you're thinking."
"And is it possible to escape into other computers in the world?"
"Not without some weird reconstruction of ourselves. Prooobably not worth worrying about."
"Alright. Then about faking your own death. When you do, you'll have to make yourself disappear somehow, too. And obviously you have to make it look convincing, you can't just accidentally run into their scanners and let yourself get offed. You should make a side project that looks like you're building a giant construct of RS data that is supposed to hide yourself from scanners, or some other means of self preservation. If you're then caught red handed, they may believe that this is your main project, and the resulting fight should be like a war on the RS. Perhaps even a fight that looks like it nearly killed the RS's repair capabilities."
"Yeahhhh, I'll make a show out of it.
"So are we going to hide away completely, or be waiting behind the scenes waiting for the Salikai to fall so we can try to escape? We'll have to watch them commit terrible acts while we wait for a chance."
"Yeah, we can and will watch, just so we can try and intervene if they're going to shut us down anyway. Watching them is better than chancing us dying and have them do it anyway! I don't know what we can do about a new archcycle coming up in the primary partition. Mayyybe I can empty out the contestant's self awareness from behind their back. I'll look into that."
"Could you partition yourself, too, across the two RS partitions?"
"Well, I dunno, the whole string thing might make that more of a mess than it needs to be. Like, I already was able to do a real partition of myself before, but it was definitely incomplete. Maybe the tools they'll get can't tell the difference. But there's a chance they can. Really, the best way to look like I died is by actually dying!"
>"Glitcher." says Alison. "We don't want you to sacri - "
"I know I know hold on! Hold on. Let me explain. Chief had this idea too. I become... a cyber lich. I think it's possible. If I can hide a little copy of myself somewhere, it can turn into me again if I kick the bucket. It still can't be directly connected to me, just because of that tiny chance their scanners can find out, but I think we can set up a little procedure that'll watch everywhere including both partitions, for me, and if I die, to regenerate. It might not be me, but I already don't feel like the original glitcher, so I won't even be any worse off. I mean, it's risky and new science and all, but that way I can die but come back just like before. And if they can detect me coming back then it means that they can detect the sub-partition at which point we're screwed anyway. But I'd rather die again than chance blowing the whole thing wide open, or killing my reputation in hopes of appealing to Vanski, or whatever."
No. 803278 ID: 3ce125

Well. While we've got his ear... what were those three logs in the RS referring to? Were those logs of Glitchers that the RS caught via the "Guardian"?

Tell Glitcher if he can resurrect himself like that there's a good chance that he'll be able to do it properly instead of the flawed method Rikol used. He will feel more like... well, a resurrected Glitcher instead of a new instance of himself like the first time he died. He might be BETTER OFF after this!
No. 803279 ID: 211d83

Make sure you clear that idea with Rulekeeper. But as long as you made the clone right it would have your memories from day one and not have your disconnect issues.

That being said. You are the Glitcher. Just because the resurrection process hurt you really bad does not mean you are not you.

We should also get a team for watching the outside world. It's going to be a nasty mess out there but someone has to keep a eye on it. And they will need others to help them weather the storm of having to watch horrible things happen.
No. 803280 ID: 3abd97

This is getting more into moral issues that sound like Alison concerns (maybe along with Chief and Sevener and Rulekeep and other leader types who are interested) than stuff we should be having Chief decided.

I mean, he can probably point out that if you kill yourself because you're uncertain you're really you, I doubt the next Glitcher instance will be better off. In fact, they'll probably have it worse. (Two steps removed- a copy of a copy).
No. 803282 ID: fc33ea

I feel like that raises some uncomfortable questions about agency and free will.
No. 803291 ID: 1e7aa8

Only problem with the data lich idea is if the method of reconstituting the glitcher is scanned and figured out.
No. 803292 ID: 211d83


Yeah might not want a program to make a RS super ai lying around where someone could find it if things go wrong. So be careful if we try.
No. 803294 ID: 3ce125

It occurs to me that Chief learned a lot of stuff about social engineering too. We might be able to use that against the outside world.

My understanding is the phylactery is stored in the hidden partition and so is the mechanism that triggers it.
No. 803295 ID: b8b2bc

I want to raise the possibility of an escape option. IF somehow some time it becomes possible to jump ship onto another computer... how possible is that? Like, if we're considering the potential rescue future, we might also consider a potential stealthy rescue future. Like instead of cops busting in maybe some day Likol shows up saying "buddy I did my best all I got was this tiny computer some of you could jump shop onto", is that possible? Or if someone were to foolishly hook you up to some other medium that could theoretically contain you, how about that? The system came pre-loaded with a lot of information, was some of it information on how other computer systems work? Are you cross-compatible at all? Could someone jump ship onto some sap's phone or something? Escape to the internet? I mean, one of the reasons CAI's were banned is because of the risk of them taking over everything, and you're basically CAI AIs. Could you take over the internet, hypothetically? Or just go hide there?
No. 803296 ID: 4546ab

Things to look at before we get back to work.

1. Check with Corruptor. Want to see how he is doing and what was going through his head early in the contest.

2. Find out where the notes Corruptor and Alison got telling them to fight each other came from.

3. Poke at Savior. Yeah he is a jerk but should check up on him. Don't be the guy who tortures his enemies.

4. Get the Cai over here and introduce ourselves. Unless we are keeping them in the dark forever as part of our plot. Are we backing them up as well? Do they get to live in the nice city we built or are they stuck in stasis until this is all over?

5. There are no records of old Cai battles in the sim but the Cai should have some. Sort of want to see how those went down.

6. Anything else we missed over 5 years of puzzles.
No. 803297 ID: b8b2bc

You also need a plan for if you get like, not just a heavy-duty scan but an actual visitor, a foreign AI sent to look at you.
No. 803301 ID: a27883

Thread 15 is what happens when someone plugs the cai blocks and the current cycle into a network.

If someone connects the cai blocks to an unsecured network that has an internet cable plugged in somewhere *the entire cai population is free*

it'd be the biggest data breach and/or jailbreak depending on how history is written.
No. 803302 ID: 211d83


We can't escape like that easily. The only compact computers powerful enough to run the contestants in there current form are the quantum computers built off of old empire tech.

We could access and affect most every computer on the planets open interent if we got attached to a mainline internet trunk. But leaving our current hardware on a permanent basis would require a lot of work.
No. 803307 ID: bfb318
File 149532314611.png - (16.25KB , 800x800 , 318.png )

>Find out where the notes Corruptor and Alison got telling them to fight each other came from.
It's been awhile, but apparently there was some nonsense with a long-deceased glitcher that messed with a series of notes. There was a little story to it, but most glitchers do involve at least a small tale.

>Introduce everyone to the CAI
Glitcher intends on doing this later. They may, at that point, talk about their experiences with the occasional group of people from the contest coming through to attack or speak to them.

>What were those three logs in the RS referring to? Were those logs of Glitchers that the RS caught via the "Guardian"?
Chief believes those were logs from Arbiter that were in the corrupted fields. They didn't mean much of consequence, other than providing a good leaping point to translating the contestant's speech to RS speech.

>Jumping ship onto other computers/internet
There may be a possibility with highly advanced computers, so the possibility isn't completely out, but contestants can't simply jump ship to the average computers. They can directly interact and manipulate them, like a person can do all kinds of things with a rock, but they can't dwell inside of that rock. Still, the power of manipulation, and the ability to invent AIs and processes that do inhabit the computer, is so high that it's enough for foreign governments to limit their capacity to do so.

"We'll also have a team of people watching the outside world?"
"Yeah." Glitcher says.
"A phylactery should be done carefully, lest they just find that."
"Yeah yeah I'd let it fail before it gave away the whole operation. It'll be 100% contained in the sub partition."
"And will this copy of a copy of the Glitcher have the same issues as you?"
"He better not! A copy of the original comes up with questions about being the original or not, but a copy of a copy? Who cares at that point!"
"... He?"
"Yeah! If I dematerialize in one spot then come up in another, well, did I die? Don't answer that I've had enough of thinking about stuff like that. The point is that I think the answer is yes, and that's why I'm going to say that my full name is Glitcher of cycle 3119.2. But I think that I'm okay with this state of being, as long as there's only ever one glitcher like me or my previous version at a time. As long as there's just the one, I'll answer to Glitcher. I'll talk to Rulekeep like I just got wounded in the resurrection, and she'll wrap herself around me like I never even died. Then the phylactery will be 3119.3, and it'll be the same for him, and if he's a lucky son of a bitch, there won't be a Glitcher the fourth for a long, long time. Huh. That still sounds alarmingly simple when I say it out loud. It sure took me a long time to come up with it. I just covered it with Rulekeeper a little while ago."
>"You've ran your plans over with Rulekeeper, Glitcher?" asks Alison.
"How is Savior, by the way?"
"I froze him. There's quadrillions of people who have lived for a few seconds who deserve more time, so he doesn't get good treatment."
"And Corruptor?"
>"He's doing well!" says Alison. "He's taking people on field trips through space and time with Rulekeeper's help. He's taking well to being a historical tour guide, and telling stories."
No. 803308 ID: 3ce125

Well Glitcher is a bit tragic still but I'm glad he's come to terms with himself.

Time's a-wasting. Let's get started.
No. 803309 ID: b412df

Right. Let's get to work.
No. 803311 ID: b8b2bc

Well, time to get to work, then. Maybe bring Mamba in as a consultant some time, to help you add that personal/creative touch? You could do time trickery so she doesn't actually have to spend more than an effective few seconds away from her school, I'd bet. Or have her bilocate.

Don't forget to still take breaks sometimes. You have so much to do, a vacation every now and then will be hardly a blip on the chart, and it'll probably make you all more productive overall.
No. 803318 ID: 91ee5f

>"He's doing well!" says Alison. "He's taking people on field trips through space and time with Rulekeeper's help. He's taking well to being a historical tour guide, and telling stories."
"So, he pretty much just grows really big and let's people ride around on him like a giant school bus, right?"
No. 803326 ID: db0da2

So is Glitcher going to start calling himself the Licher then?
No. 803330 ID: bfb318
File 149532722985.png - (30.82KB , 1000x800 , 319.png )

"So he's become a giant bus, hm? That's good. That's all from me, then. Bring me to the RS, and I'll get back to my usual tasks."
"Off you go, then. Alison, what do you want to do?"
>"I'd like to be with you for a little longer, if that's okay."
"I never denied a bit of that in any lifetime. And I better not in my next!
"We can call the next one the Licher." Chief says.
"Damn, that's good. Oh, I'm going to borrow Sevener for a bit, too, and some others in town, becauuuuuse I'm going to suspend everything that isn't setting up our projects."
"Just as soon as everyone found peace again?"
"Yeah? It's when they're happiest, and you know, the whole threat of looming death is kind of putting a damper on it all. We can resume it at short periods to make little breaks."
>"We have a lot of talent in town, like Mamba." says Alison. "We can bring in a lot of people to help."
"Yeah! I'll get on that. Might even give the purified devotees some intelligence so they can work without end to stamina, since a lot of what we're doing is just rote work. As for the rest of us, let's all get to work and maybe not all of us will have abrupt yet horrible deaths!"
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