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File 148704560551.png - (219.24KB , 600x600 , The Sunfish2.png )
779392 No. 779392 ID: b073ca

Previous thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/762401.html

Wiki: http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/The_Sunfish

Discussion thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106228.html
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No. 797993 ID: 449741

Keep backing up towards the righthand path. It's dangerous, but we can't spend too much time on it. Keep moving back towards the Starlette, but turn around and check every 30 or so seconds until we're sure it's finally not following us.
No. 797995 ID: 398fe1

...hang on, would those high velocity rounds do any damage to the enemy ship?
No. 797997 ID: 70983e

Maybe if they were fifty times bigger.
No. 798024 ID: 449741

Would a pistol do any damage to a warship? Probably not.
No. 798027 ID: fe7355

Hold your fire. Don't waste your HV rounds on a soft target that's already down. If it gets up and moves to attack you again, then you can open fire to stop it.

Keep your gun trained on the creature while you do a quick check around you for any more creepy-crawlies and look down the tunnel you were going to go down. And pull the creature's hand off your suit, if it hasn't gotten stuck on like that damn leg. If the coast down the tunnel looks clear, start walking backwards along it, keeping the creature in your gun's sights. Once you put enough distance between you and it it won't be able to rush you, turn around and hurry up.

Check your suit's status and diagnostics. How much O2 did you lose, how much breathing time do you have left, and what will you have to do to patch your suit up? You have anything like a field patch kit as standard on the suit?
No. 798047 ID: 91ee5f

If we were going by video game logic, then yes. However, since that's not what's happening, these bullets won't help against that ship.
No. 798194 ID: 9a036d
File 149325305655.png - (146.04KB , 600x600 , 2-83.png )

You back away from the stricken form, gun still trained on it. You feel movement on your chest, look down and swat away the grasping claw with a gasp. It continues to writhe and clutch blindly on the floor.

Once you get a safe distance away, you reattach your O2 line and run a quick check. Pressure diagnostics tell you that the suit is still intact, but there's a slickness to your ear that tells you that it's bleeding. You look down at your passenger: still a leg.
No. 798197 ID: 398fe1

So its teeth aren't sharp enough to puncture your suit. Good to know.

Personally I think you should grab your "leg" and rip it off before it has a chance to react, then toss it over to the main body. Then get back to the escape plan.
No. 798222 ID: 3abd97

If the leg isn't damaging your suit or interfering with you, I think we should let it be.

Let's get out of here. You'll have to deal with your ear later.
No. 798264 ID: 70983e

Shoot yourself in the foot. No, not that foot, the other one.
No. 798267 ID: f0f32d

Keep the leg on if it's not attacking you: You want to encourage that.
No. 798287 ID: daff15

time to go, wasting time.
No. 798288 ID: a3cd80

Wait, are you suggesting that we keep it as a pet? Because I like that idea lets do that!
We should also give it a name: I'm thinking 'fluffy'.
No. 798322 ID: 8111b6

While the 'third leg' joke potential is good, we'll have to get rid of it eventually. It's far too bitey to be a pet, and we don't even know what it eats, other than people that won't let it be a leg.
No. 798359 ID: 91ee5f

We need to get rid of that thing. This might turn into Resident Evil and infect Bucky and turn him into a space zombie!
No. 798611 ID: 9a036d
File 149342831410.png - (93.09KB , 600x434 , 2-84.png )

You raise your leg up and the rogue limb dangles from your knee.
"Sorry bud, not taking any chances." 
You give it a shove with a pulse of the  grav hammer and it's hurled away with a screech. You check your suit: no punctures
No. 798612 ID: 9a036d
File 149342832056.png - (123.12KB , 600x600 , 2-85.png )

It takes you a moment to find your bearings again and you rush for the railgun. Following the conduit, you find yourself in a similar hollowed out room. An identical railgun sits on a recoil platform and anchor lines stretch into the ceiling. 
No. 798613 ID: 70983e

Now climb in and become the Terran Cannonball!
No. 798615 ID: 3ce125

Alright, look for a button or lever to put it into maintenance mode. Then climb on in and see if it's got a tiny airlock in there.
No. 798622 ID: 91ee5f

This place has no power. Pushing buttons isn't gonna make anything happen.
No. 798677 ID: 449741

Open it up, and see you can climb out of it. We're without power, so we don't have to worry about getting fired out of it.

But double check that it's powered down, just in case.
No. 798684 ID: 3ce125

Guys. There may not be a power cable connected to this place anymore but there's still a capacitor bank that might have charge left in it.
No. 798685 ID: cbb6df

Also check to make sure we can open the hatch without power, from the inside.
No. 798886 ID: 15a025

Think you might be able to climb your way out of with it?
No. 798956 ID: 682c58

Bucky, see if there are any cables that can be unplugged or disconnected with a breaker, the last thing we need right now is becoming a bunny smear if the power somehow comes back on or those capacitors discharge.
No. 798985 ID: e6e9af


Any chance of a second shot? Could do more than cripple those bastards if so ...

... though you'd likely send yourself drifting in the process.
No. 798988 ID: 91ee5f

The facility doesn't have any power and he can't aim from where he's at. How the fuck do you expect him to get a second shot off?
No. 799213 ID: 9a036d
File 149368696308.png - (125.98KB , 600x600 , 5-86.png )

You peek into the loading mechanism: it's not a lot of space to work with, basically a very tiny airlock. You think you can squeeze inside but you run into a few problems. First, there's no power to open it with. You might be able to force it open with the hammer, or use its battery to power the hatch. 
Second: it's too small to fit yourself and your MMU unit. You'd have to detach it (and your O2) and figure out a way to cycle yourself and the pack separately. If you can't, it means climbing out and making it to the ship with only the oxygen in your suit and no maneuvering gear. You might be able to find a smaller cylinder of O2 mix back in the mine, but you risk getting lost, and that thing is still in there. 
Third: the asteroid is still pressurized. You're not sure how much charge your hammer still has, but if you can't cycle the airlock, then you'll have to smash your way out. That means releasing the entire atmospheric contents of the mine through an aperture only a couple feet wide. Something you'd probably prefer doing from a safe distance. 
No. 799215 ID: 3ce125

Safe distance, huh? Your collar is connected to the hammer. Wedge it in there then get away and activate the hammer to blow the airlock, then wait for the asteroid to vent. Obviously you want to brace yourself somehow. Mag boots might be enough?
No. 799220 ID: b412df

Ugh. I'm tempted to say find a different exit but we really can't. Trace the cables back to which capacitor bank this is connected to, then see if you can rewire it to power the cycling mechanisms but not the rails / linear motor, then use smartfog + collar for remote control. How good of a electrical engineer are you, Bucky?
No. 799232 ID: 70983e

Test fire- I mean, cycle- your MMU first. Carry your oxy tank in hand.
No. 799290 ID: d36af7

Force the inner hatch open, see if you and your MMU can fit inside the railgun's barrel at the same time.
No. 799341 ID: a321e6

Step 1: Detach all cables and beams in this room with the grav hammer, weaken the roof support structure, especially around the rail cannon and anywhere with beams near the roof.
Step 2: Rig up the power from the hammer to the airlock, remote control via collar.
Step 3: Tie your waist with the steel cable, use magboots on the wall, maybe dig out a burrow in the wall with the gravhammer before you use it. Anything like that, just find somewhere strong and quake resistant and hide in it.
Step 4: Force the airlock cycle open, the massive pressure on the 2 foot space should push the area around it and hopefully be enough to make the entire cavern ceiling (or hopefully just the railgun) collapse outwards into space and quickly vent the mine, solving the squeeze, the pressure and the O2 problems.
No. 799384 ID: 9a036d
File 149377299647.png - (103.59KB , 600x474 , 2-86.png )

You briefly consider finding the capacitor and rewiring it but going back into the mine seems like too much of a risk. Besides, engineering of that caliber would require waking up Old Man Bucky. He's cantankerous at the best of times, and you try to avoid waking him unless Sam or Annie are around to bring you back. 
You sigh, hoping they're okay. 

Instead you wedge the hammer into the firing chamber and back away. You find a safe looking corner and, using the strap from your gun, secure yourself to one of the structural supports. 
You take a deep breath, steel yourself and remotely crank the output on the hammer up to eleven. 
No. 799385 ID: 9a036d
File 149377300168.png - (199.04KB , 600x600 , 2-87.png )

The railgun chamber erupts in a tympani of thunder as the hammer slams itself back and forth like a caged beast. You can hear the power tool ravaging the inside of the machine, changing pitch as the inner seal surrenders to Thor's drum solo. 
No. 799386 ID: 9a036d
File 149377300779.png - (111.47KB , 600x528 , 2-88.png )

There's one final clang and your heads up display sends you an error: "lost signal."
You barely have time to register the message before you are yanked forward by a tremendous current of air. Your boots keep you rooted to the floor but you feel yourself being crushed against the strap, causing your ribs to creak. The pressure is so intense you struggle to breathe, ragdolled as rock and dust is drawn into the room in a swirling around you in a maelstrom. You think… you might… black out… need to… do something…
No. 799390 ID: fe7355

Fire your MMU counter to the gale's direction hard enough to take the pressure off your ribs so you can breathe and to stabilize you so you're not flopping about. Then increase thrust so there's slack in the gun's strap and shift the gun around to your chest. The gun has a larger surface area, so it won't bite into your ribs like the strap did. Then let off the MMU thrust until you can just safely breathe. You're looking to conserve your MMU propellant since you don't know how long it'll take until the air pressure in the mine falls to where it isn't a maelstrom.

Now that the railgun's inner doors and outer blast door have been forcibly removed, do you think it's possible a radio signal could get back out that way to the Starlette from your collar? Even a weak reply from the Starlette would be a relief since it'd show she hasn't been blown away by that Repo Man frigate.
No. 799392 ID: e6e9af


Well, if we weren't drifting from the Sunfish, we definitely are now with the effective thrust we've just created. Hopefully the Starlette's still tethered, or we're going to have one long spacewalk.
No. 799403 ID: b88e47

Fire maneuvering unit to counter the air current. It will relieve stress on the strap.
No. 799425 ID: 3ce125

Use your allowance! The rush of pleasure should keep you conscious.
No. 799583 ID: 91ee5f

That'll only stop him from feeling his ribs get broken, it doesn't stop his ribs from actually getting broken!

No. 799739 ID: 9a036d
File 149394528870.png - (108.60KB , 364x600 , 2-89.png )

You rotate your thrusters and fire them in full reverse. You feel the pressure ease off of your chest, take a grateful breath of air and watch the tunnel vision of unconsciousness recede. 
Dust and small objects whip past you but eventually the violence of decompression starts to recede. You feel your thrusters start to sputter and you cut them off. 
No. 799740 ID: 9a036d
File 149394529690.png - (128.33KB , 549x600 , 2-90.png )

Standing in the eerily silent room, you survey the damage: the firing chamber had several large rocks and tools wedged in it, but once you clear them out you should have a clear shot to the surface. 
No. 799741 ID: 3ce125

The monster probably got blown in here too. If you don't see it in the wreckage or in the corridor, just... keep looking around every couple seconds as you remove the debris. Don't forget to look up.

Keep in mind without air you won't be able to hear it coming. If you see it and it isn't an immediate threat, threaten it with your gun. It should remember that you can hurt it. If it's coming at you, don't be afraid to open fire.
No. 799745 ID: 91ee5f

Hopefully, that monster was ejected into the void of space because there is a possibility that it is in the firing chamber and trapped in between a bunch of debris. Maybe it was crushed by the debris and you'll just find a lifeless monster body. If it's not dead, then that means it's immunes to getting crushed and it doesn't need oxygen to survive!
No. 800587 ID: 9a036d
File 149429230018.png - (124.40KB , 600x600 , 2-91.png )

You start clearing a path through the chamber. Fortunately the microgravity lets you just shove things out of the way.
It’s a tight fit but you manage to clamber through the much abused passageway and finally see the surface of the asteroid.
No. 800588 ID: 9a036d
File 149429230184.png - (124.40KB , 600x600 , 2-91.png )

You start clearing a path through the chamber. Fortunately the microgravity lets you just shove things out of the way.
It’s a tight fit but you manage to clamber through the much abused passageway and finally stand proud on the surface of the asteroid.
No. 800589 ID: 9a036d
File 149429232558.png - (106.06KB , 489x600 , 2-92.png )

Awww beans…
No. 800590 ID: f5a96a

No. 800592 ID: 3abd97

Retreat! Back down the rabbit hole!
No. 800593 ID: 3ce125

No, don't retreat! The gun is on the front, and that's the rear! You're in the clear to approach. DO SO. You are armed, and those inside are likely busy with repairs. Make sure the Starlette is disengaged with the asteroid and ready to come pick you up at a moment's notice, but don't attract attention with it.
No. 800595 ID: b412df

We're out of fuel for our MMU trusters, we can't board their ship unless we want to risk missing the jump and spending eternity drifting in space, because they will shoot the starlette down if we call it over to rescue us. We need to go back down. Darnit.
No. 800599 ID: 3ce125

Dude, their ship is right there. They've landed on the asteroid for repairs. We don't need thrusters to get to it. Also we COULD probably get the starlette over here since I doubt the engines on the enemy ship are ready to go. They landed for a reason!

At the very least we should pull out the tablet and tell the others where the enemy ship is so they can get a boarding party over here.
No. 800600 ID: b412df

That doesn't look landed to me, more like a really big thing close to the asteroid with part of it going below the horizon.
No. 800604 ID: 3ce125

Oh, and even if the MMU thrusters are out of juice, we can use the recoil from the gun to maneuver in space to an extent.
No. 800650 ID: fe7355

No, you're wrong. The frigate has laser cannons on this side. Check the update where they opened fire on the asteroid. (>>795129) The shots clearly came from the boxy lower portion of the frigate on this side of it. Which means if they're coming up over the horizon and not going down behind it, they can and will open fire on Bucky's position the second their sensors detect him. Going out in the open in that case would be suicidal.

They haven't landed. Check the previous images of the frigate, like when they open fire on the asteroid. (>>795129) There's clearly a boxy portion of the ship that is still below the horizon. They're moving around the asteroid. Now, the big question is, are they coming up over the horizon, or heading below it right now.

And why the heck would they need to land for repairs at all? Whether their hull is touching rock or they're floating free, the repairs will still need to be done via space walk. Now, maybe they'd be worried about the Sunfish's mining laser taking a few pot shots at 'em before they can return fire, but they could just hang out on the far side of the asteroid from the Sunfish in that case. Or so close to the Sunfish that the mining laser can't hit them.

With that frigate patrolling about Bucky would be a sitting duck the second he was out of cover. They'd easily pick him off with a laser barrage.
No. 800651 ID: 3ce125

Oh, all right, I misremembered. Then Bucky should stay down and hope they just pass by.
No. 800653 ID: fe7355

Your immediate course of action here is very much tied to whether that frigate is coming up over the horizon or dipping below it. If it's rising, then get below ground now and keep going down 'cause as soon as even one of their laser cannons clear the horizon they will get a bead on your dumb ass and vaporize you. And no, you cannot possibly make a run for it. Even if you did have MMU fuel left you couldn't get over the horizon before they opened fire. On mag-booted foot you're as good as dead out there.

Now, if the frigate is falling below the horizon and, importantly, doesn't start to slow like they spotted you and are reversing thrust to bring their guns to bear, then you have a small window of time to figure out what the fuck you're gonna do. Whether you bring the Starlette in low to get you or run to meet it. But if they do slow up then you're gonna have to duck back underground before they can get a shot on you.

Simultaneously check if you can get a radio link back to the Starlette. It should be near this position so you ought to be able to reach it. If you can't, then either the frigate blew it away already, it's been boarded and taken over, or the frigate is running a jammer. The first one means you're well and truly fucked, the second means you're fucked, and the third that you're possibly fucked. But if you can link with the Starlette, in the case the frigate is coming up over the horizon order the Starlette to release its tethers and execute a evasive maneuver program that'll keep the asteroid between it and the frigate. In the case the frigate is going below the horizon and not slowing up to reverse course, fly the Starlette in low and fast to get you, then keep the asteroid between you and the frigate.

In the case you have to duck back below ground, check your O2 level, pull back into the tunnels and expect a Repo Man team to drop in to hunt you down. Thankfully the iron-rich asteroid will block their comms back out, so if by some miracle you or the creatures in here wipe them out the frigate will be none the wiser. ...Assuming they don't come packing a bag of comm relays to stick down as they go along. And you'll probably end up having to search the mine for a charged O2 canister as well. The atmo generation system for the mine likely has one.

Oh, and make sure to mark the tunnels you've gone down. Grab one of the ruined tools you cleared out use it to gouge in the left hand wall of each tunnel entrance you go into.
No. 800720 ID: 5f2b81

No one's shooting at Bucky. They need him alive and intact.
No. 800727 ID: 5b93d3

It's also possible the frigate bas belly-landed on the surface and the lower module is obscured behind a lump of the asteroid's surface.

If Bucky has a good knowledge of starship sensors (i.e. whether they are even able to detect a human moving against a rock background from off-axis at a few tens of metres, which may not be the case for a broadband array meant to look for metallic objects at megametre distances) then it may be feasible to approach on foot undetected. If so, simply external sabotage like inserting rocks into RCS ports and the main engine bells if possible would be extremely effective. Such action is minimally detectable until the engines are fired (because who installs a non-pressure-based FOD sensor in a starship engine?) and does not carry the risk of actually trying to enter the ship.
No. 800761 ID: 9a036d
File 149437432513.png - (131.74KB , 600x455 , 2-93.png )

You send the Starlette a quick update: moments later the two tethers detach from their moorings and the corvette's thrusters burst to life. Your ship drops below the horizon just as the frigate's weapons pod rises into view.

Lasers lash the surface of the rock in frustration and you duck back into the hole.

You check your O2 levels: your mix levels are starting to get low and CO2 is up slightly as the scrubbers struggle. The Starlette is programmed to play cat and mouse, keeping the asteroid between itself and the Repo-men. It'll end up costing you fuel, but hopefully the Repo-men aren't in any condition to give chase. However, pinned as you are, all they have to do is wait you out.

You're surprised when a message flashes onto your HUD: Shut down engines and surrender immediately.
No. 800762 ID: 70983e

Don't reply, your electronics are compromised. Can the Starlette handle evasion by itself or do you need to remain outside the asteroid?
No. 800763 ID: 3ce125

They think you're on the Starlette? This is fine. Keep watch on the enemy ship. Optimally what we want to do is jump to it and start a hostile boarding action by entering through the hole in their hull.

I wonder if you can accomplish this by complying with their demands then sneaking up on their ship when they dock with yours?
No. 800820 ID: 91ee5f

You said you couldn't fit through there while wearing your jetpack thingy, so is there a reason it won't fit while you drag it behind you or push it in front of you? That way you can put it back on after you climb out.
No. 800829 ID: fe7355

But Bucky can fit through the barrel of the railgun while wearing his MMU just fine. It was the railgun's loader airlock that he couldn't fit into while still wearing it and be able to cycle the airlock. And thanks to the airlock getting smashed open Bucky could then squeeze through while still wearing his MMU. It's how he got to where he is now, at the muzzle of the railgun's barrel.
No. 800845 ID: b88e47

Do not answer.
No. 800848 ID: e01e87

I don't think Bucky... wants to try a hostile boarding action. A handheld blaster versus... everything they've got?

The problem is the Starlett is their only ticket out of there, so he can't just go hide in the Sunfish. Unless he could hide the Starlett inside the Sunfish somehow?

I don't know if there's anything he can do at this point. He's already accomplished the impossible and destroyed their ship with a broken railgun. If that only slightly inconvenienced them, then all I can think is he needs some other way to sabotage them. Explosives, maybe?

Otherwise, just... keep staying out of their sights, and hope for the best I guess? If you surrender, they'll take apart your ship to repair their own, and blow up the rest. So, if that's your only option, you're gonna have to blow it up first.
No. 800859 ID: d36af7

Shut down the Starlette's engines and tell them that no one currently on board the Starlette will resist, but you can't be held responsible for everything on the asteroid or the Sunfish.

Assuming they fall for that lie of omission, and send a boarding party over to the wrong place to capture you, seal the Starlette's airlocks and screw around with the life support settings to keep them alive but contained, and presto you've got hostages. Assuming they're not willing to risk killing their own boarding party, that gives you the option of shooting at their ship, using any weapons on your ship, with minimal worry about return fire.
No. 800861 ID: 91ee5f

That's not going to work. If they send someone over to capture whoever they think is on the ship, they'll have weapons in case of resistance, so they'll just shoot apart the Starlette to get out. And they also have smart fog, meaning they only need to spray it all over the Starlette's controls and they'll have taken over our ship!

We better not let them onto our ship!
No. 800866 ID: 8d4593

Could just Kamikazi the Starlette into the frigate.
Sure you'd be stuck here too, but the single repoman boarding party would quickly be overwhelmed by the Sunfishes sheer numerical superiority. You'd be left with two ships worth of scrap to pick over. With Old Buckey's help you might have hope of building the sunfish a pinch drive. Or maybe one for a shuttle. At the very least, with all that scrap conditions on the sunfish would get a bit more comfortable.
No. 801001 ID: 9a036d
File 149446387987.png - (106.43KB , 600x600 , 2-94.png )

You settle back into the narrow passage and think about what you have at your advantage.

It doesn't seem like the Repos know your position and are broadcasting on a wide bandwidth. You might be able to use that to mislead them.

Also to your advantage is the Frigate's weapon system. Anything that can vaporize slabs of iron is going to produce an enormous amount of heat, and managing your temperature is one of the hardest and most critical things to do in space. It's fairly easy to fry yourself with your own weapons if you aren't careful about dumping heat; and with that recent light show, they're probably running a fever right now. With any luck, your attack may have even damaged their heat pumps.

Your third advantage is the Starlette itself. Now that you've reestablished contact with it, you have access to its ship to ship defenses: which are...limited, but better than nothing. It's primary defense is it's "shields": essentially massive reflective sails several times larger than the ship itself, but only a few molecules thick. The idea is to unfurl them and place them between yourself and enemy laser fire, while trying to position yourself to snipe around the enemy shields. It's kind of like jousting... but with a lance of infinite length and shield a kilometer wide. The problem is that shields are extremely fragile and easily destroyed by projectiles, which is why most combat takes place over vast distances.

Also onboard is a chemical laser of modest power. Normally you wouldn't trust it to go up against a military grade warship, but you diiiiid just put a gaping hole in its armor, as well as compromised the dorsal weapons system.
No. 801002 ID: 3ce125

In other words, if you engage in combat with them they're going to overheat?

Hey, if shields are laser defenses that can be pierced by projectile fire, why don't you lay down some projectile fire once the fighting starts? Shred their shields and you can do some damage with that mining laser.

I say go for it. You could even pilot the starlette to try to play peek-a-boo with the repo men to get them to waste shots and overheat even faster.
No. 801141 ID: 5b93d3

High-risk-high-reward strategy would be to let the shield free-float around the asteroid towards the frigate, and fly the Starlette around the other way. Got to time it so the shields crest the Frigate's horizon just seconds before the starlette does: the goal is to get the Frigate to see the shields, oreint their 'best' side to it to being to bear weapons and position their own shields, then have the Starlette pop them from behind before they can re-orient again. The main risk is if they have a working weapons array on the other side too.
No. 801162 ID: fc33ea

is it possible to damage their shields with small arms? You shoot at the shields and draw their attention, the Starlette comes outta nowhere and finishes 'em off.
No. 801172 ID: a1190b

Go for it. Let's dogfight.
Consider pinging the Starlette's comms to send a message via the ship broadcast. Something to get the enemy ship going, like "Suck my dick, slave owner."
No. 801214 ID: 70983e

Compromise that weapons pod even further.
No. 801242 ID: d36af7

Awesome enough to be worth a try. Since this is way inside the usual engagement range for ship-to-ship stuff, you shouldn't have too much trouble picking out specific targets. Top priority would be the source of their beams, since even a tiny flaw in the lens of a weapons-grade laser rapidly deteriorates into acute gun-blowing-up-in-your-hand syndrome. Once their weapons are disabled (or hidden behind armored shutters) the next best thing would be the hole you made with that railgun, since it's a known breach in the armor. Heat deposited on internal structures whose plumbing is already out of commission will be a lot harder for them to deal with that any sort of surface damage.

The clever part is, you pick your target with the Starlette's laser as if the shield was gone, and then aim your corner gun at the conveniently bright spot on their shield, shattering it with kinetics at the relevant point, all while keeping your delicate organs behind several meters of rock. Might need to lead your shots to account for a moving target, but there's no significant gravity or atmo to worry about.
No. 801255 ID: 7b3f54

Keep in mind that they're probably aware of the tactic to shred the guy's shields with bulet so your lasers can get them. They can do it to your ship just as much as you can to theirs. The heat issue would probably be the best advantage. Not only are their systems compromised, your disadvantage at operating remotely becomes an advantage when your ship doesn't have to keep the insides at comfortable temperatures.

If only there was some way to turn up the heat for this battle... but you're far away from any star or other heat source.
No. 801371 ID: 449741

The hell we are. Do you think the Sunfish's engines still work?
No. 801372 ID: 449741

Oh, wait, nevermind. Comms is out. We have no way to signal them.
No. 801416 ID: 9a036d
File 149463622211.png - (88.64KB , 600x345 , 2-95.png )

You grin to yourself in the dark as you relay instructions to the Starlette
Above you, the frigate flares into evasive maneuvers as a shimmering golden curtain explodes over the horizon. The Repo-men silently deploy their own shields, positioning them over their damaged midsection. You cackle.
No. 801417 ID: 9a036d
File 149463622775.png - (135.24KB , 700x350 , 2-96.png )

Seconds later the Starlette crests the opposite horizon at full burn. The Frigate's turret swivels in a panic to counter your feint as the detached shield drifts by, forgotten. The Starlette's laser cuts a boiling scar across the black surface of the hull, slips inside and pours its deadly light into the heart of the slaver ship. 
"Choke on my giant! Laser! Co-"
No. 801418 ID: 9a036d
File 149463624258.png - (95.01KB , 340x600 , 2-97.png )

You look down, still screaming.
A familiar gleaming eye winks back at you in the darkness as jagged rows of teeth sink into your flesh. You flail your leg against the wall in exasperated fury, feeling the fangs saw deeper as the jaws tighten. 
No. 801419 ID: 9a036d
File 149463624802.png - (234.11KB , 600x600 , 2-98.png )

You stop. 
"Fuck! No, no, no!"
You signal the Starlette, frantically dumping the maneuvering thrusters into space as momentum does its terrible work. You watch helplessly as the Starlette lifts its nose and tries to twist away before slamming into the enemy frigate. The two ships wrap around each other violently like broken-necked swans before pirouetting away in opposite directions. 
No. 801420 ID: 9a036d
File 149463625370.png - (70.00KB , 600x600 , 2-99.png )

You climb out of your hole, heart sinking and pain momentarily forgotten as you watch your ship drift away into the void. 

No. 801421 ID: e5b57f


Holy shit.
No. 801423 ID: 3ce125

Nipped that problem in the bud! Call your friends and arrange for a pickup.

Or I guess you could just jump over to the sunfish.
No. 801429 ID: d79f26

take rage out on leg biter
No. 801436 ID: 91ee5f

We're out of communication range. Which means we've gotta be pretty far away from the Sunfish. So far away, that it'll either be a tiny speck in the distance or we've drifted far enough away that we can't see it anymore. I think Bucky's stuck and, unless Sam and Annie can convince the Sunfish's captain to get the ship moving to follow the asteroid, he's gonna die from lack of oxygen.
No. 801443 ID: fe7355

It's a terrible loss, Bucky, but even if the cost was too high you removed the threat of that frigate and left the Repo Men on the Sunfish with nowhere to go and no backup. Now just focus on staying alive and getting back to Sam and Annie.

Take photos of the wrecks of the Starlette and the frigate and sensor readings so you'll know where they're drifting to. It may be possible to tow and salvage them using the maintenance skiffs from the Sunfish. There's also that boarding craft the Repo Men used that could possibly be used if it's captured in working order.

Hurry back into communication range of the Sunfish and contact Sam or Annie and give them the bad news. Upload the images you've taken, along with the one of the monster, and the sensor data so maybe a salvage crew from the Sunfish can get to the wrecks before they're out of range.

Yes, that did nip that particular problem while creating a much bigger one. The Starlette and that frigate were the only two FTL jump capable ships in the system. With them both destroyed, Sam, Annie, Bucky and everyone else on the Sunfish are trapped in this star system. Trapped either for the rest of their lives or until another ship jumps into the system and finds the Sunfish. And if these Repo Men sent back a report to ReNu on where they were going before jumping in, that next ship will likely be another Repo Men one, or more than one, and will come much, much sooner than anyone would like.

And don't suggest anything like salvaging the pinch drive from either wrecked ship, bolting it to the Sunfish and jumping away. For one the Sunfish is much, much larger than even the frigate and would need a pinch drive of appropriate size. Two, it almost certainly takes more than just the drive to make a ship jump capable. Stuff like the ship superstructure being built to take it and a suitably large power source. It's not a drop-in and go module.

Don't! If it's bitten into flesh that means its compromised the suit's integrity. Pulling it off may result in damage too severe for the suit's auto-repair to fix.

What the fuck are you basing that on? That Bucky couldn't reach the Sunfish while inside the asteroid? He couldn't because the asteroid is iron rich, and that blocked the radio signal. And if you're basing it on the Sunfish not being in view right now, it's probably because Bucky is on the far side from the Sunfish. And the asteroid was not that far from the Sunfish, so even with the tether cut it won't have gone far. And that's taking into account the force of one railgun shot and one rapid decompression from the opposite side from the railgun that did shoot pushing in the opposite direction.
No. 801490 ID: 8d4593

It's a bitter victory, but a victory none the less.
Contact the girls.
No. 801506 ID: fe7355

Take a photo of the goddamn legbiter as well to send alongside your query as to what the fuck it is and request as to how the fuck you get it off yourself without ripping your suit beyond auto-repair.
No. 801519 ID: 8a204b

"Good news everyone! The Repo ship totally beefed it.

The bad news is that our ship also beefed it."
No. 801520 ID: 5b93d3

In the event you do need to salvage parts from them, check the time and try and remember the stars the ships are drifting past (make up your own constellations to make them memorable). That should be enough to figure out later what their trajectories are in order to catch up with them.
No. 801556 ID: 3ce125

I was trying to be funny. Yeah, losing both FTL-capable ships is a huge, huge problem. We are absolutely going to have to try to retrieve them. The Sunfish itself can chase after them if the skiffs don't have enough range to do so by the time we can organize an attempt; it has engines!

It occurs to me that the wrecked ships are likely still in orbit (it depends on how much Tox is fudging how gravity and momentum are working here) and that orbit may not be stable. We may not have a lot of time to pull them into a more stable trajectory, either. Bucky needs to do some math to calculate the danger and how much time we have to fix it.
No. 801559 ID: 8d4593

Yeah it takes a lot to disrupt an orbit. they didn't really have enough room to accelerate to seriously alter their orbital arrangement in any quick way. though salvage should be done sooner rather than later as fuel is surely at a premium.
No. 801583 ID: 3ce125

Well if the orbit is stable then we can just wait for them to come back around. Depends on if we're willing to wait long enough.
No. 801600 ID: 8d4593

True but if they are sharing roughly the same orbit that could take WEEKS.

The difference in our velocities is going to be miniscule when compared to the speed required to maintain orbit.
No. 801743 ID: 8111b6

Well, we could drop periapsis to catch up. ...or raise apoapsis so they orbit faster.
No. 801984 ID: 9a036d

Next Chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/801983.html
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