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File 148781226754.png - (326.61KB , 600x600 , Anxiety.png )
782170 No. 782170 ID: cc08c7

I can't breathe. Someone please help.
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No. 821390 ID: ed048e

You haven't done anything bad enough to deserve hating yourself. Hug the other you, and then start pestering yourself with questions about this strange realm you've entered so you know what to do next better you encounter a """"BOSS BATTLE""""
No. 821405 ID: 36de2e
File 150232846259.png - (173.58KB , 600x600 , Victory1.png )


I need to get myself together if I'm going to figure out what's going on lately. Maybe now that I've dealt with this I'll be able to deal with even more in the future...
No. 821411 ID: 36de2e
File 150232872308.png - (184.48KB , 600x600 , Victory2.png )

>Charlotte embraces her other self and feels a warmth overtake her body
No. 821416 ID: 36de2e
File 150232914976.png - (168.11KB , 600x600 , UnderstandableSnark.png )

>Charlotte has gained UNDERSTANDABLE SNARK. She can now combat the creatures of the other world and lower her anxiety level if her fights are successful.
No. 821418 ID: 143250

Chirp a happy little tune.
No. 821419 ID: 712d03

And dance a little bird dance.
No. 821423 ID: 486e87

Huzzah! You did good.
No. 821427 ID: be0718

What if you're clone and that's the real you? You might not be you!
No. 821449 ID: 8cb228

Pish, posh! Charlotte is Charlotte! That's all that matters.

Anyway, congrats Charlotte! Good on you for beating that thing. Do a victory dance and tune from your favorite video game with boss battles?

Anyway, time to take a peak in the world of matter, see what's up there?
No. 821453 ID: 3abd97

“Ged had neither lost nor won but, naming the shadow of his death with his own name, had made himself whole: a man: who, knowing his whole true self, cannot be used or possessed by any power other than himself, and whose life therefore is lived for life's sake and never in the service of ruin, or pain, or hatred, or the dark.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea
No. 821482 ID: a62648

Successfully unlocked Gordon Freeman mode.
You may now grow a goatee anytime at will, watch out for headcrabs.
No. 828203 ID: 36de2e
File 150473192914.png - (66.20KB , 600x600 , WakeUp1.png )

>Charlotte wakes up with the worst headache she's ever had in her entire life. Dr. Albert is standing near the couch and staring at her.

Oh god. What the heck just happened?
No. 828204 ID: e8f4bd

You were sleeping for a month.
No. 828207 ID: 486e87

Ask Dr. Albert what just happened?
No. 828208 ID: 22d3a4

>Oh god. What the heck just happened?
Well, ask.
No. 828214 ID: 9be73b

My guess is you passed out and confronted your inner demons. You may want to ask the good doctor what his perception of things were.
No. 828215 ID: ae9b99

ask him "I didn't hurt anyone again, did I?"
No. 828218 ID: 36de2e
File 150473356299.png - (72.77KB , 600x600 , WakeUp2.png )

(I will end you voice.)


Um, what's going on...?

"You had a severe panic attack and collapsed from exhaustion. I let you sleep on the couch until you came to."

(The office is still in the same condition it was before I blacked out, and Dr. Albert doesn't seem disturbed or hurt.)
No. 828221 ID: 36de2e
File 150473389549.png - (74.26KB , 600x600 , WakeUp3.png )


(I'd better make sure, yeah.)

Did...I hurt anyone again?

"What? No dear, you were out like a light for a good hour or two."
No. 828222 ID: ba506f

guess that means our session is ran out of time then huh?
No. 828224 ID: 3abd97

Oh. Well that's good.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Sorry if I worried you.
No. 828228 ID: 36de2e
File 150473533492.png - (74.71KB , 600x600 , WakeUp4.png )

So, I guess I used up my time huh?

"Well, not exactly Charlotte. I wouldn't call passing out from a panic attack a use of your therapy time, however it is getting very late and the office is closing soon."

(Shit. I really hope he doesn't tell my Mom...)
No. 828232 ID: 36de2e
File 150473564722.png - (72.14KB , 600x600 , WakeUp5.png )


Thanks for keeping an eye on me when I blacked out, I'm sorry I worried you doctor...

"It's quite fine Charlotte, I'm just glad you aren't hurt. However, I'm going to ask that you take another pill tonight before bed. I wouldn't normally ask patients to take another one so early but since you didn't take your first until the morning we have no choice. Take it tonight and then resume taking it ONLY at night, understood?"
No. 828236 ID: 36de2e
File 150473605309.png - (66.54KB , 600x600 , WakeUp6.png )

(Okay, don't let me forget to take my meds tonight guys.)

>Is there anything else Charlotte should ask Dr. Albert before returning home?
No. 828240 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if you were talking in your sleep or something like that?
No. 828252 ID: 36de2e
File 150473739094.png - (67.47KB , 600x600 , WakeUp7.png )

Um, did I talk in my sleep at all...?

"Actually, yes, quite a bit. I think you and your mother need to have a serious talk with eachother to clear the air between the two of you."

(Shit. I hope I wasn't screaming like that thing in my head was too...)

"Alright then Charlotte, call me if you need anything, your next appointment is being scheduled now."

Okay doctor...

>Charlotte suddenly feels a change in her inventory and examines her Therapy Picture
No. 828253 ID: 36de2e
File 150473745047.png - (129.16KB , 600x600 , ReachingForMe2.png )

>Something has definitely changed.
No. 828258 ID: ed048e

How do we deal with this horrible headache we have? Also, why do we even have a headache? Charlotte will probably have more before she's rid of these anxiety produced thoughts, so it'd be really helpful to get over headaches quickly.
No. 828259 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, it did change! That hand in the bottom left doesn't look like an evil graby hand anymore! Now it looks like a friendly hand trying to catch you so you don't fall!

.....it kinda looks like your hand.
No. 828261 ID: ec5ca0

I actually have to back this. I'd call it a positive.
No. 828271 ID: 36de2e
File 150474072587.png - (84.59KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed.png )

The headache is actually going away already, so I'm not going to bug Dr. Albert about it.

Yeah...the picture is a bit more tolerable to look at now. I'm not going to show it to him unless he actually asks for it though.

>Charlotte returns home and wastes no time throwing off her clothes before collapsing into bed, the entire experience has left her exhausted.

Jesus christ today was long. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as insane.
No. 828272 ID: 36de2e
File 150474077138.png - (56.38KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed2.png )

>Charlotte turns off the light and drifts off to sleep...
No. 828273 ID: 36de2e
File 150474080231.png - (32.97KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed3.png )

No. 828275 ID: 36de2e
File 150474091698.png - (68.93KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed4.png )

No. 828279 ID: ae9b99

No. 828280 ID: 36de2e
File 150474110940.png - (46.42KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed5.png )

No. 828281 ID: ba506f


No. 828282 ID: 36de2e
File 150474132595.png - (45.63KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed6.png )

"Hmmmm, this place is kinda bare..."
No. 828283 ID: ae9b99

shhh, bird is asleep. It is just a hallucination. It's not real. we shouldn't draw attention to things like that or it will raise her anxiety
No. 828285 ID: ae9b99

No. 828286 ID: 36de2e
File 150474161157.png - (48.65KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed7.png )

"...bare in more ways than one apparently."
No. 828287 ID: ae9b99

No. 828288 ID: 486e87

Did she remember to take her meds before bed? Either way, demon looking thing. Shhhhh. Let the bird sleep.
No. 828289 ID: 9be73b

Bloody oath, we forgot to remind her.
No. 828290 ID: 26c0a3

Intruding into a home without the knowledge or permission of its owner is considered felony burglary with a sentence of around twenty years in prison depending on the state. This time is increased with every additional criminal action.

Get the fuck out of here.
No. 828291 ID: 36de2e
File 150474202961.png - (51.18KB , 600x600 , TimeForBed8.png )

"Let's just see what's in this drawer here and then move on to the next house..."
No. 828295 ID: 36de2e
File 150474234758.png - (95.27KB , 600x600 , EndslateP.png )

"Oh wow, didn't think she'd have something like THAT..."


>Pausing for tonight, will continue next time I decide to update. Thanks for your time and patience.
No. 828297 ID: 91ee5f

*takes a deep breath*
No. 828298 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, never mind.
No. 828452 ID: 12aed4

I may be late butt I just gotta say:
Dem Drumsticks!
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