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File 149103335556.png - (13.76KB , 690x690 , 00.png )
792295 No. 792295 ID: d035ee

yo like

theres a void here and shit

you should probably pick a word and make a lil guy out of it

or dont i honestly dont give a fuck
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No. 792501 ID: 70983e

Carlos: Shoot out window, dive out like a badass. We'll create you a parachute. Probably.
No. 792505 ID: 8d4593

Create (On top of living paper): Sticky note explaining how the living paper works.

They'll get to it eventually.

You know space glass is bullet proof right?
This might get messy.

Create Outside: Rainbow Bridges to the beyond.
Create Outside: Wonders, Whimsies, and Terrible secrets buried in the unknown vastness of the void.
Create Outside: Derelict Ships, and Stations
Create Outside: Mysterious floating islands.
No. 792513 ID: 70983e

CREATE: Bulletproof-proof bullet. There.
No. 792531 ID: db0da2

Create: space w/ stars and habitable planets
No. 792532 ID: af3241

create: space w/ black holes and uninhabitable moons
No. 792540 ID: d035ee
File 149109067109.png - (16.35KB , 400x400 , 12.png )

carlos and worthy look out the window fuckin dead silent...
No. 792542 ID: d035ee
File 149109070258.png - (15.48KB , 400x400 , 13.png )

as a whole new world opens up in front of em.
No. 792546 ID: 70983e

Ignore all of that and stay inside playing vidya.

CREATE: Ecksbawks.
No. 792548 ID: 91ee5f

>a whole new world
No. 792685 ID: d035ee
File 149111027518.png - (31.07KB , 420x420 , 14.png )

an ecksbawks is created behind the two, but theyre still watching the outside

worthy asks where the exit is bc it wants to explore all this
No. 792687 ID: 70983e

To exit the space station, one of you must kill the other.

inside the ecksbawks you will find two guns. You may take these guns and walk ten paces in either direction. On the count of three, you are to turn and shoot.

...Oh wait, doesn't one of you have a gun for a head? Seems like a pretty big advantage. Go nuts, DFIs.
No. 792692 ID: 91ee5f

Make your own door.

Don't listen to him! He's lying!
No. 792704 ID: 8d4593

Create (In front of connecting rainbow bridge): IRIS DOOR

Create: Backpack
Create (In Backpack): Grappling hook Carlos can stick this in his face and fire it to get places!
Create (In Backpack): Auto Mapper

Create (On Armor): Grappling Cannon
Create (On Armor): Inventory Compartment

Teach (Both): Kung Fu
Teach (Both): [Memory of] Movie:"The Matrix"

Create (Outside): Shimmering Portals (They link to other shimmering portals elsewhere.)
No. 792808 ID: d035ee
File 149116048472.png - (32.88KB , 420x420 , 15.png )

a whole bunch of grappling and exploration shit is made for the two of em, and carlos goes ahead and puts all his other shit in his backpack too
No. 792809 ID: d035ee
File 149116065590.png - (31.16KB , 420x420 , 16.png )

the two of em stand in front of the door, they cant wait for it to open

before it does though Lax decides to interrupt with some boring-ass game info

Lax: okay so like
Lax: if y'all leave the space station that means you're goin on an ADVENTURE
Lax: you cant make anything during an ADVENTURE, only give your DFIs commands
Lax: ...or your sentient notes, whatever
Lax: point is
Lax: if theres ANYTHING you want to do before you go, do it now
No. 792816 ID: 8d4593

Create (in backpack):Portable Speaker.

Yo take the living paper and magic marker n scissors. Minions could be useful yo.
No. 792820 ID: 70983e

Create: Hand grenade: It explodes into a bunch of hands when you pull the pin out.

...Did I remember to make a pin? Oh, guess not. Fire in the hand!
No. 792824 ID: 9876c4

Jazz Hand grenade.
No. 792864 ID: 8d4593

Upon landing the jazz hands should all suddenly be wearing various hats while doing interpretive dace.
No. 793027 ID: d035ee
File 149119934120.png - (21.28KB , 420x420 , 17.png )

theres a portable speaker in Carlos' backpack now, and a jazz hand grenade is spawned in

...neither of the two know that its about to blow though
No. 793069 ID: 0555b9

Teach Note: Wingdings.
No. 793085 ID: 8d4593

Well at least it'll be handy.
No. 793165 ID: d035ee
File 149126153072.gif - (124.91KB , 400x400 , 18.gif )

the nade explodes right in front of the two...

and then they run outside, not even bothering to wait for your okay

a few of the hands follow them out, but most of them are still inside

No. 793166 ID: d035ee
File 149126167493.png - (21.49KB , 420x420 , 19.png )

looks like theres three paths from here

where should everyone go?

...or should they head back in and try to deal with the influx of hands
No. 793168 ID: 70983e

The enemy's gate is down. Therefore, we must go down.
Leave the hand job to someone else.
No. 793170 ID: 15a025

Forward march!
No. 793371 ID: 8d4593

Yeah dont worry about the hands.

They're on an adventure now right?
It's not like we can MAKE SENTIENT all the hands while they are gone.
And its not like we'd TEACH HANDS: Communication . That would be madness!
Then what? I suppose we could do somthing silly like NAME A HAND "BARON VON FINGERS" , but whats the point?
Absurdity. All of it. We cant do that on an adventure. Beaides They are just hands. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN GO WRONG . NO SURPRISES WILL BE IN STIRE WHEN OUR HEROS RETURN. NONE.

So they should go a direction that is not home, post haste.
No. 793382 ID: d035ee
File 149133389112.png - (19.46KB , 420x420 , 20.png )

the two head down the middle path and they find a sign

ahead is another bridge leading to a large planet
No. 793383 ID: d035ee
File 149133392775.png - (22.66KB , 420x420 , 21.png )

they ask the speaker what the sign says
No. 793384 ID: 486e87

It's all welsh to me. "allow no new people do not go further" According to google.
No. 793391 ID: 8d4593

From Speaker:

Nid ydym fyddai mewn unrhyw beth cyffwrdd!
Rydym Addewid!
Rydym yn archwilio!
No. 793424 ID: 398fe1

Probably something like "no newbies allowed". Let's go down a different path.
No. 793430 ID: 70983e

Note: Appropriate language of foreign culture.
Carlos: Become triggered.
No. 793706 ID: d035ee
File 149142582126.png - (21.48KB , 420x420 , 22.png )

some weird-ass gibberish comes out of the speaker: Pam?!?
Nid ydym fyddai mewn unrhyw beth cyffwrdd!
Rydym Addewid!
Rydym yn archwilio!

the speaker then explains what the sign says- 'no newbies allowed', kinda

Carlos is already triggered- he's got a gun for a head!
No. 793709 ID: 8d4593

Carlos and the Note might be fresh out the void, but we arn't newbies!

I guess that means were perfectly welcome. ONWARD!
No. 796617 ID: d035ee
File 149249139637.png - (25.45KB , 420x420 , 23.png )

carlos and the note continue onwards towards the planet, ignoring the sign that may or may not have been telling them to keep out.

sorry for the period of inactiveness, been busy with stuff for awhile.
No. 796618 ID: d035ee
File 149249163501.png - (21.82KB , 420x420 , 24.png )

as carlos reaches the surface another sign pops up.

it says:

Roeddwn i'n meddwl fy mod yn dweud i chi aros i ffwrdd. Dydych chi ddim hyd yn oed gael eich cyfathrebwr eto, a ydych chi?
No. 796626 ID: 8d4593

Oh neat, this is still a thing.

From Speaker: Gwnewch uchelseinydd ar hyn o bryd er mwyn i chi roi'r gorau i wneud arwyddion.

Faint ydych chi eisiau i ni feddu gyfathrebwr? Rydym yn mewn unrhyw brys.
Pwy yn y gêm hon?

Hefyd, a ydych yn gwybod Saesneg?.
No. 796651 ID: 70983e

Beth y fŵc wnaethost ti ddweud amdana i, y bîtch bach? Fyddai'n cael chi gwybod graddiais i ar dop fy nosbarth yn yr Navy Seals, a chymerais ran yn sawl cyrch cyfrinachol yn erbyn Al-Quaeda, ac mae ganddo i dros 300 lladd wedi ei gadarnhau. Rydw I yn hyfforddedig yn rhyfela gorila a dwi yn y snipiwr dop yn yr holl luoedd arfog yr UD. Dy rwyt ti'n ddim byd i mi heblaw am darged arall. Fy fyddai yn dy weipio di'r fŵc o wyneb y byd gyda thrachywiredd sydd byth wedi ei weld o’r blaen ar y Ddaear, nodwch fy ffycin geiriau. Ti'n credu gallet ti gael i ffwrdd â dweud y cachu hwnna i mi dros y we? Meddyliwch eto, fŵciwr. Ar yr un pryd rydyn ni'n siarad mae dy IP yn cael ei olrhain felly fe ddylet ti baratoi am y storm, cynrhon. Rwyt ti'n feirwon, plentyn. Rwy allu bod unrhyw le, unrhyw bryd, a gall i dy ladd mewn dros 700 ffordd wahanol, ac mae hynny dim ond gyda fy nwylo noeth. Nid yn unig ydw i wedi fy hyfforddi'n helaeth yn ymladd anarfog, ond rwyf hefyd a chyrchiad i'r holl arfau 'Marine Corps' yr Unol Daleithiau a fy fyddai yn defnyddio i'w radd lawn i weipio dy ben ôl diflas o wyneb y cyfandir, y cachu bach. Os gallet ti ddim ond deall y dial ansanctaidd fydd dy sylwad "clyfar" bach yn dod lawr arnoch chi, falle fy fydda di wedi dal dy ffycin tafod. Ond ni allest ti, ac ni wnaethost ti, a nawr rydych chi yn talu'r preis, y ffŵl. Fy fydda i yn cachio llid drosot ti nes i chi boddi ynddo. Rydych chi'n feirwon, plentyn.
No. 797005 ID: d035ee
File 149266670381.png - (9.38KB , 420x420 , 25.png )

so you broadcast your responses using the speaker, and for a few seconds no new signs appear...
No. 797007 ID: d035ee
File 149266683060.png - (16.47KB , 420x420 , 26.png )

but then Worthy notices a figure running towards the two of them. It says its name is Leeky, and it's one of Welsh's DFIs. it takes you a second to figure out what the thing is saying, but you get it after a bit.

it says Welsh wants to ask why you barged in here without warning or permission, and also what an english is.
No. 797037 ID: 9876c4

An English is a great disc of sourdough, used for sustenance early in the day. They are commonly toasted to a crisp, and seasoned with butter and marmalade.

We're having an adventure, homie.
No. 797084 ID: b15da4

We came here to laugh at you.
No. 797122 ID: 15a025

We're here to make friends
No. 797123 ID: 8d4593

From speaker: We haven't taught these two patience. The Attention Deficit in them is high and they are just running around gawking at the world. For now, they are harmless.

Besides that, I kind of want them to experience some stuff on their own instead of blindly filling their heads with hundreds of concepts and ideas.

We also may just be fucking around a little bit. Shit has yet to get real.

English is a language. In our world it originated in the large neighboring kingdom to the east of the kingdom where your language (or it's equivalent) originated from.
No. 797421 ID: d035ee
File 149285531520.png - (20.82KB , 420x420 , 27.png )

carlos and worthy relay your mixed messages to leeky, who relays them back to welsh. welsh is a bit confused by your reply, but decides youre harmless for now.

leeky says welsh says that youd better work on getting your communicator and that welsh can help with that, but leeky goes on to say that she doesnt quite know what welsh means by-
No. 797422 ID: d035ee
File 149285551656.png - (27.64KB , 420x420 , 28.png )


that giant temple that just popped up out of nowhere might have something to do with it
No. 797454 ID: 8d4593

Enter, Minions!
Oh who am I kidding your ADD addled selves would rush in there anyway.

From speaker:
Rydych chi wedi bod yn ddefnyddiol.
Yn syth at y pwynt.

Ar ôl i ni gael y cyfathrebwr byddwn yn dweud yn gyfrinach.
No. 797462 ID: 70983e

Random enemy encounter! Carlos, get in an attack of opportunity!
No. 797569 ID: 9876c4

Is he even loaded, though?

Create Long Island ice teas.
No. 797572 ID: 70983e

Well he said he's already triggered, so he must be ready to go!
Can't create here, we're on an ADVENTURE.
No. 797599 ID: 15a025

Explore temple!
No. 797790 ID: d035ee
File 149307850697.png - (23.16KB , 420x420 , 29.png )

the three head down into the temple...
No. 797791 ID: d035ee
File 149307857656.png - (20.62KB , 420x420 , 30.png )

...and come to a sealed door. there are two other passageways, one to the left and the other to the right. Leeky suggests that maybe the way to open the door is down one of those hallways.
No. 797797 ID: 398fe1

Go left!
No. 798483 ID: d035ee
File 149336201076.png - (24.96KB , 420x420 , 31.png )

at the end of the hallway is a bunck of tiles on a wall

oh look a puzzle

No. 798485 ID: 3ce125
File 149336297573.png - (49.06KB , 721x635 , Puzl.png )

I did it.
No. 798560 ID: d035ee
File 149341539305.png - (27.83KB , 420x420 , LeastgoodSlide.png )

the tiles lock into place, forming a picture of... something.

a rumbling is heard from down the corridor, and a convenient expository voice decides to explain what we're looking at.

Leastgood is the deity of bad luck and being a sore loser. He is often seen in a depressed state, saying that he 'lives up to his name'.
No. 798564 ID: 8d4593

I'd be a shithead too if I were a broccoli pony. Neeext!
No. 798574 ID: 3ce125

Seems like we need to go to the other branch now?
No. 798639 ID: d035ee
File 149343598739.png - (29.70KB , 420x420 , 32.png )

the dfis head to the other corridor. As they pass by the door, they notice its still closed. this puzzle has a similar setup, but with a... very different picture on the puzzle.

No. 798654 ID: 8d4593

Huh... What's the "Flip-Flopper"doing here?
No. 798665 ID: 3ce125

Shoot it.
No. 798692 ID: 4a505b

I tried doing this puzzle, then I puked all over my monitor.
No. 799940 ID: d035ee
File 149405738428.png - (22.29KB , 420x420 , 33.png )

the three of them just stand there for a bit, unsure of what to do

then leeky steps forward and begins solving the puzzle

in a lil bit the puzzle is solved and the door in the main room opens with a loud rumble

leeky says welsh got tired of waiting for you guys to solve it
No. 799941 ID: d035ee
File 149405747231.jpg - (24.29KB , 400x400 , mitt.jpg )

as the three walk back to the main door, you hear another booming voice

Mitt is the god of kindness and empathy. While her face is unsettling to most, she is actually a kind, easygoing person to talk to.
No. 799956 ID: 8d4593

From Speaker: Rydym byth a fwriadwyd i ddatrys y pos oherwydd nad oes neb yn hoffi posau sleid.
No. 799994 ID: 3ce125

Hahaha god damn it fine.

Let's see if the door in the center is open now.
No. 800163 ID: d035ee
File 149412874636.png - (25.17KB , 420x420 , 34.png )

the door has in fact opened, and a long hallway leads down to...
No. 800166 ID: d035ee
File 149412877941.png - (23.17KB , 420x420 , 35.png )

a stone chest locked with two bolts.

guess what guys more slide puzzlesssss
No. 800167 ID: 3ce125

Fine. One cat per puzzle. Have at 'em, kitties.
No. 800242 ID: 086081

From Speaker:
Did you bring the living paper like I told you too?
If so, make some flat horrible orogami mouth creature, and stick it into the gap under the chests lid.
Then feed it paper until it gets so fat it breaks the lock.
No. 800491 ID: d035ee
File 149426968471.png - (19.06KB , 420x420 , 36.png )

leeky and worthy set to work on the puzzles as carlos gets to work creating...
No. 800492 ID: d035ee
File 149426973274.png - (26.22KB , 420x420 , 37.png )

...a flatmouth!

carlos then sets to work sliding it into the small crack into the chest...
No. 800493 ID: d035ee
File 149426976279.png - (15.24KB , 420x420 , 38.png )

...only to have the flatmouth bite his hand in protest as it slithers away.
No. 800520 ID: 3ce125

Well so much for that. I guess we gotta solve that puzzle for real.
No. 800543 ID: d035ee

leeky can't figure out how to solve her puzzle, and after consulting with welsh, hands it off to carlos.

both carlos and worthy are now asking for help.


No. 800547 ID: 3ce125
File 149427913498.png - (77.94KB , 813x534 , Slime.png )

No. 800549 ID: 3ce125
File 149427951116.png - (118.38KB , 813x537 , Face.png )

No. 802503 ID: d035ee
File 149502196247.png - (43.23KB , 400x400 , blah.png )

the two both solve their puzzles at the same time, causing the resulting informational broadcasts to overlap each other, forming one last puzzle of sorts.
No. 802504 ID: d035ee
File 149502207698.png - (17.82KB , 420x420 , 39.png )

but hey, at least the chest is unlocked now
No. 802512 ID: 1a3973


>Welsh is the god of being Welsh. Literally everything he does pertains to Wales somehow. The country doesn't even exist and yet somehow he manages it anyway. Also, he's made of black slime so watch out for that.

>Killer is the god of murder and death! Killer will openly admit to being what she is, and never bothers with things like deception and subtlety. She kills people, everyone else knows it, and she loves it.
No. 802516 ID: 8d4593

Open the boooox.

Also killer sounds useful AF.

From Speaker:Rwy'n gwybod Killer! Hi oedd yn eiddo gan y Brenin Edward y Cyntaf!
No. 802556 ID: 3ce125

What's in the boooooox?
No. 808868 ID: d035ee
File 149782133728.png - (22.57KB , 400x400 , finale01.png )

the box has a lil doodad in it

its got a screen and a small retractable antenna

carlos picks it up and it immediately starts beeping, which scares the shit out of the poor thing
No. 808869 ID: d035ee
File 149782136560.png - (24.56KB , 400x400 , finale02.png )

looks like you got a phone call
No. 808870 ID: 8d4593

Answer that shit.

Yo, What up? Hows it kickin'?
No. 808874 ID: be0718

Let it go to voicemail.
No. 808907 ID: 636dcb

Choose the sideways crescent over an X.
No. 808914 ID: 3ce125

Answer it!!!
No. 809006 ID: d035ee
File 149786822720.png - (19.55KB , 400x400 , finale03.png )

carlos looks a bit conflicted over which button to push, but leeky steps in and pushes the left button for him

a new figure appears on the screen
No. 809009 ID: 3ce125

Who are you, some kind of Mom TCP?
No. 809010 ID: be0718

You're not my real dad TCP!
No. 809025 ID: 8d4593

What brings you to this session, dad?
No. 809068 ID: a363ac

oh shit my parents are home quick guys hide the TCP game!
No. 809285 ID: d035ee
File 149794571033.gif - (333.15KB , 400x400 , finale04.gif )


Hey. You've been quiet for a while. Are you alright?
No. 809310 ID: 3ce125

Ummm... yes.
No. 809321 ID: be0718

That's my girl! Status report, Daddy-o.
No. 809329 ID: 8d4593

We are but a fragment of Voidsy. Most of the masks have ignored this session, choosing instead to meddle in the affairs of other worlds.

But yes. We are quite alright.
Has time passed in the other session?
We need it's admin to open us a window if we are to interact with it once again.

Until then we are locked out.
No. 809361 ID: d035ee
File 149798266130.png - (12.75KB , 500x500 , finale05.png )


We've been playing some games amongst ourselves to pass the time. Primus noticed you'd gone quiet, and thought something might be up, so I put on the mask real quick to check on you.

You seemed to be... in an odd state. Some of you were gone completely, and other bits were talking nonsense to themselves. There was mention of living paper at one point, and I think you started talking in complete gibberish for a bit, too.


...Huh. If you're asking whether time has passed for us, it has, but it hasn't been long. Jasper seems happier here, and everyone's gotten to know them a bit better.

Oh, Seaspray's over right now. They were about to head out and start gearing up again, but they wanted to say hi one last time before things started getting hairy.

Miller says you might've been asleep and dreaming, whatever that means- Ah. Okay. That's kind of an odd way to regain energy, but whatever works for you guys, I guess.

Everything seems quiet currently. Seaspray's leaving now, but they told me to say hi to you for them. Everyone else says hi too. I suppose you should get some more rest now that we know you're okay- I'll wake you as soon as we need you.



Hang in there, fellas! Tiny Cat People will return soonish!
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