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File 149234850480.png - (13.43KB , 600x400 , 199.png )
796241 No. 796241 ID: 6cbace

Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/780239.html Chapter 2.1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/786753.html QuestDis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html

"Honestly, Princess Victoria, I have never once questioned what you decided to do within my city's walls, but a child?"
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No. 803597 ID: 6f97db

I deleted my post coz I accidentally used the word "facts". It's not facts but my assumptions.

>The level 0 proficiencies were likely from observing the combat itself.
The exact reason how we learned those skills was never explained. But yes, this is exactly what my assumption is. I feel that it's illogical to be able to learn weapon proficiency skills by absorbing genetic material or manastone (manastone is for boosting body and spell casting). Also, we were left with lvl 0 skills from killing 25 trained rabbold sentries. If it was possible to absorb skills, then those skills would probably be higher level.
No. 803600 ID: ba56e6

This is sound reasoning.
No. 803747 ID: e05f3e

So what do you guys think....we supposed to deposits the core into someone and it eats them or maybe it turns them into a slime and their self inhabits the core?
No. 803842 ID: 6cbace
File 149552981762.png - (6.83KB , 600x400 , 226.png )

I offer a hand to the big guy, but he brushes me off, getting up on his own before returning to the line. I follow behind him, returning to my place.

"Alright, any other objections? No? Then get ready."

We move up to a wide path that seems to wind around the building, but still within the compound. The others seem to be moving in place for some reason.

Endurance Long - Emils is unable to grow tired. Run as long as you can. Endurance Medium - Keep going until your form can not take it. Endurance Short - Stop after a while. Run - Run as hard as you can. Jog - Run at a normal pace. Walk - Take your time.
No. 803844 ID: b88e47

Long Run
Repair as needed to keep pieces from falling off.
No. 803845 ID: cd9c79

where did you get that 25 guards were absorbed?
No. 803846 ID: fd73fa

Run, medium endurance.
No. 803847 ID: 3ce125

Endurance Medium. Or if we're feeling mean we can do Endurance Long and spend some mass to heal our current form to ensure Emils is the last one standing.
I say Jog, because he said "run", not "sprint". If he wants you to run faster he can tell you to.
No. 803848 ID: 0d1514

No. 803850 ID: cd9c79

Long we're here to learn and if we hold back it's gonna have a negative impact on our training.
No. 803851 ID: cd9c79

also run because we probably wont be able to keep up otherwise
No. 803854 ID: 70983e

Run/Long - When the teacher says run, you run.
No. 803855 ID: 094652

Start off at a sprint, then do a medium jog.
No. 803858 ID: 68445a

Medium jog. We're projecting the image of an above-average sports rabbold, while still not unnatural. Let's keep it consistent.
No. 803860 ID: 48237d

Medium jog. Let them underestimate you at something.
No. 803863 ID: 393ae0

Slow and careful (endurance) jog.

Do you guys know what happens when elephants run? Yeah, ground shakes. That's what would happen if Emils would run.
No. 803864 ID: ba506f

No. 803867 ID: b412df

This is a valid point. Go for a medium endurance jog.
No. 803878 ID: 600f38

Endurance Medium.
Keep pace with the others, but stay near the front.
No. 803879 ID: 8cb228

Medium jog.
No. 803882 ID: d79f26

be the last one to fall
No. 803886 ID: 6cbace
File 149554586227.png - (7.72KB , 600x400 , 227.png )

Medium Endurance Jogging
We began running, and I started jogging.
Very quickly, the others pass me, running ahead the path. Some keep just ahead of me as I keep a constant pace, while others disappear around corners. None of them are behind me.
Eventually the ones that went ahead begin to lap me, including the large guy from before.
But I keep going at the same pace.

It was in the third lap before I felt the strain on my form as I begin repairing torn muscles and ease the stress on my bones. However it is clear that this form can't go much farther as is, and I slow down and stop in front of Rosh.

"My legs can not take any more of this." I tell him.
He stands there, arms crossed as he looks at me up and down.
Frowning, he says "Kid, You are hardly sweating or even gasping for air. I don't know what you're trying to pull here, but keep going."

Endurance Long - Emils is unable to grow tired. Run as long as you can. Endurance Medium - Keep going until your form breaks down. Endurance Short - Stop after a while. Run - Run as hard as you can. Jog - Run at a normal pace. Walk - Take your time.
No. 803887 ID: 395c02

Oh, right, Rosh expects more from us.

Well, uh, go long I guess. But don't speed up or anything.
No. 803888 ID: b7627b


Is it possible for you to permit your body to cool itself via its own mechanism (ie sweating) and not reabsorb the mass? Similarly limit or shut off anything you're doing to supply it with additional oxygen besides breathing and the body's lungs.
No. 803889 ID: c2b271

Run on your hands, then.
No. 803890 ID: 91ee5f

In Thread 1 the only mention of the number 25 is when Cynthia, the guild receptionist, tells Victor that all the guards in Tunnel 25 went missing. Emils' stats only give a vague message of "Defeat >10 enemies in a single battle." There isn't a specified number, but it's at least 11 or higher.

Emit Fluid: Water from body to simulate sweating. Just do a tiny amount!
No. 803891 ID: 8d4593

Ok. Run then.
Medium Long.
Only do minor repairs on your form as you do, repair slower than your form in injured.

Rosh will be satisfied when something inevitably breaks.
No. 803892 ID: 8cb228

Make sure to sweat a bit, pant a bit, gasp a bit, and show the physiological signs of the appropriate stress as you go further.
No. 803895 ID: 48237d

Since this body is a child with no strength reinforces it's no surprise you perform this task worst than trained adults, specially considering how much weigh your tiny legs are caring. Maybe Rosh will understand that.
You can keep going even after something break if that is what he wants, but at some point you should find out if he is going to teach any magic or push you in the hopes you figure on your own.
No. 803897 ID: 6f97db

Hmm. We need a way to prevent this form from falling apart. Once a bone breaks, it isn't repaired instantly. But more importantly, it would be extremely suspicious if a strong child would break its legs with some slow running. Yes, normal people don't break bones from running.

Tell him that you're not tired, but that you're in pain. Ask him if you can get some wraps for your legs. While waiting, see if you can thicken/reinforce the bones in your legs.

Endurance Short - Jog
Basically, go slower when Rosh can't see you, and repair your damage at that time, but go with normal speed when he can see you. Obviously, also breathe harder and harder with every lap, and produce sweat at a constant rate. Is there such a thing as adrenaline in a rabbold body?

25 is a nice round number. The tunnel number is a coincidence.
No. 803900 ID: caa53e

"I said my legs can not take any more of this. My lungs are fine. My muscles are burning."
No. 803901 ID: d63ea8

Go with Jog Long, show Rosh that you may not be the fastest but you can endure more than most people here.
No. 803905 ID: 70983e

Too weak! Run this form into the ground, it's what he knows you're capable of. Endurance - Long, Jog. Try those things he mentioned - they sound like methods normal bodies use to self-regulate.
No. 803911 ID: cd9c79

They are not going to find us out through this, so give it all you got!
No. 803913 ID: 031add

Medium jog, we can't stop now.
No. 803914 ID: 3ce125

Only three laps? Your weight must be putting too much strain on your legs. Or maybe your stride is wrong?

Endurance Long it is. Watch how the other runners' bodies react to exertion and mimic that.
No. 803915 ID: d79f26

do one more lap and then have a leg bone snap in half and face plant.
No. 803916 ID: cd9c79

holding back is making us look suspicious...
No. 804015 ID: 600f38

If he asks, which he wont, then Emils can point out that running until you're sore and sweaty means you're a beacon for predators and weak when predators catch up to you. Also, that sweating wastes water, and running consumes calories.
No. 804058 ID: b2bf87

In mimicing the actions of panting and sweating, you may find that it actually eases a small amount of the stress you're putting on this form.
No. 804111 ID: 339f31

run medium
No. 804127 ID: b88e47

endurance long run
No. 804134 ID: 6cbace
File 149561944473.png - (5.63KB , 600x400 , 228.png )

Long Endurance Jogging

I continue to jog, using my mass to repair my muscles and joints. Eventually I find a point where my muscles no longer hurt as the muscles and bones around my leg grow thicker.
I look at the others who I pass, copying their haggard breathing and using [Fluid Body] to replicate sweat around their mouths. My fur grows matted as I mimic their exhaustion.

I keep going as the others slow down and I pass them. I soon find myself the only one on the track, stopping back at the end of the track while continuing to breath heavily.

"Congratulations Emils," Rosh grins, "you just completed 19 laps. Everyone else dropped out about half an hour ago. You just beat the record too."
No. 804135 ID: fa8c1a

Celebrate by falling over.
No. 804136 ID: f0e552

yep, just fall and lie there for awhile, that is what a regular person would do.
No. 804137 ID: 4854ef

Raise your arms up in a small, celebratory manner.. then fall over.
No. 804138 ID: 393ae0

We went too far. A child shouldn't be able to run further than adults. It's highly unusual. It's a good thing Rosh is dumb. Or is he..

Keep panting for a few more minutes and slowly rejoin others. There's no time for celebrations.
No. 804141 ID: bfdaf0

Yes, time for a victory faceplant.
No. 804142 ID: d63ea8

Be sure to join in the next exercise even after the faceplant.
No. 804167 ID: 8d4593

Put up one finger toward Rosh.
Say "Hold that thought" or a similar one liner.
Fall over. Face first. Make no attempt to catch yourself. There should be a satisfying *Thud* as you land.
No. 804173 ID: 3ce125

>Eventually I find a point where my muscles no longer hurt as the muscles and bones around my legs grow thicker.
Wait, this training actually made you stronger?
No. 804174 ID: 0b99d7

Give a thumbs up then fall forwards.
When pressed for the first time, ask for another minute.
When next pressed, get up but try to look similarly tired to everyone around you, take care to lessen the effect as a short time passes.
No. 804188 ID: 339f31

it's more of a THLUP, really.
No. 804195 ID: c88e6d

Agreed, fall on your face.
No. 804200 ID: cba0ea

Fall over, groaning!
No. 804249 ID: ba56e6

Fall on ass. Face might get damaged.
No. 804311 ID: 6cbace
File 149569922008.png - (7.43KB , 600x400 , 229.png )

"I- *gasp*" I try to reply, but between the hard breathing, my mouth organ finds it difficult to talk.
My muscles are overheated and aching now that they have time to rest.
I could force myself to stand, but I let my form rest, falling forwards and hitting the floor as my legs give out below me.

Rosh picks me up by the back of my neck, "You guys cool down, I'll bring her inside."

Emils schedule is now as follows: [Daystar Rises - 0600][Gym - 0700 to 0900][Classes - 1000 to 1400][Guild - 1500 to 1800][Return Home][Daystar Descends - 1800] Pick what awaits Emils.
No. 804312 ID: 70983e

[Daystar Descends]
No. 804316 ID: 47160d

everytime I read daystar I think of that one quest where we terrified a drow about the murderous daystar. Also hmmm return home, I believe Victoria will need to speak with her
No. 804317 ID: 3ce125

[Guild - 1500 to 1800]
No. 804319 ID: 6f97db

I think it would all be interesting.
Class - Still need to interact with more of our classmates
Guild - Need to return books, read more, attend magic classes
Return Home - Talk with Victoria, or visit shrine.
No. 804323 ID: 48237d

[Classes - 1000 to 1400]
There are a few classmates to interact with, like the twins and the prideful bird we barely talked with.
No. 804332 ID: ba506f

let's go to class and see if anyone has hard any rummers about something hunting the graveyard.
No. 804350 ID: 4f0b69

One thing we're gunna need is someone to share our secret with so they can cover for us
No. 804365 ID: d63ea8

No. 804366 ID: 4f0b69

A second mind could also help in finding ways to meet our needs without disturbing the naturL order of things around here
No. 804367 ID: 8d4593


Maybe? But can we trust anybody that much is the question.

Being super smart, super strong, super enduring, fast healing, yadda yadda is all fine and dandy. We could make up stories for days.

But when you tell people that you can have anyone's or anythings face, things change. A shape shifter is the perfect scapegoat. Even if we stayed on our best behavior it would only be a matter of time before someones dog dies and we have a full blown witch hunt to deal with.

If we tell someone and they tell anyone, even by accident, we're screwed.
No. 804393 ID: 4f0b69

But obviously it'll happen eventually. Let's engineer it in our favor. We already have people who are friendly to us.
No. 804398 ID: 600f38

We need to get started on grooming our Magical Girl partner.
No. 804406 ID: 8d4593

But wouldn't the best way make it swing in our favor be to remain totally hidden long enough to make ourselves a local reputation?

That way when the secret does get out people already inherently trust us.
No. 804452 ID: ba56e6

No. 804579 ID: d208b7

Let's read those books we sto- "borrowed" last night.
No. 804611 ID: 600f38

If we're totally hidden then people will assume the shapeshifter ATE Emils and started impersonating her at some point, which would turn all the trust we built up into hatred.

If we have somebody who knew the truth from early on they can verify Emils identity when the truth gets out.
No. 804616 ID: 3ce125

That is a very good point.

On the other hand, we already sortof told Bea? She could vouch for Emils if we get exposed and people think she's an impostor, since we can go "I told Bea but she thought I was joking" and she can confirm the story.
No. 804647 ID: 8d4593

They would only some that if we were discovered, and only then if we were discovered in a negative light. If emils reveals herself after garnering a reputation no one will think she was eaten. To do so would be unreasonably paranoid under most circumstances.
No. 804650 ID: 600f38

That's predicated on Emils choosing when and where the reveal will happen, which runs contrary to our goal of it not being public knowledge.
That means the reveal would be unintentional, which means that by definition it would happen at an inopportune time.

Your plan is entirely abandoning the idea of keeping it secret indefinitely, while getting Bea onboard is a small concession to secrecy in exchange for a great reduction in the potential harm from exposure. It's hedging bets so we're in a good position either way.
No. 804656 ID: 8d4593

My entire plan is to wait until we've developed past the stage of bizarre unknown infant before we start off on grandiose plans.

Telling anyone only serves to increase risk and forward your own end game "Magical Girl" fantasies.
No. 804668 ID: 6cbace
File 149588265842.png - (6.72KB , 600x400 , 230.png )

[Classes - 1000 to 1400] Who does Emils hang out with: Alice Bea and Hoor Charls and Forest Strot Eliot None - Explore
No. 804669 ID: 70983e

Strot. We need to see if he's going to blow our cover.
No. 804670 ID: 6f97db

Charls and Forest.
Of the class, I think these two are the biggest mystery, so I wanna see what we can learn from them.
No. 804673 ID: ba506f

Charls and Forest
haven't spoke to them yet
No. 804674 ID: 48237d

Alice. Her wounded ego will make it easy for her to either love or hate Emils.
No. 804675 ID: d63ea8

Charls and Forest can probably help us the most with our studies, the most glaringly underdeveloped aspect of ourselves.
No. 804676 ID: 8d4593

Strot again. He's Neat.
No. 804683 ID: d208b7

If it was strot yesterday we should consider that he's currently scared of us, which gives us some level of control over him. We can bully him into not revealing our secret and order him to do stuff we ourselves are not capable of.
If that was him.
In theory.
No. 804689 ID: 3ce125

Charls and Forest.
No. 804697 ID: 91ee5f

Charls and Forest
No. 804704 ID: cd2dbc

Bea and Hoor
No. 804705 ID: 3abd97

Bea and Hoor
No. 804729 ID: da72f1

Charls and Forest

And how come we haven't seen the chick that has Bag? Are they not part of this "school"? Is there another school?
No. 804749 ID: 600f38

No. 804774 ID: 15a025

No. 804777 ID: ba56e6

No. 804819 ID: 103a6a

No. 804900 ID: 5f0923

kind of in this as a package deal with this guy/gal.
No. 805333 ID: 98f8b1

Wondering if we should try to get our hands on some useful fluids to replicate with our fluid body ability, like medicines, poisons, oil, glue or nitroglycerin.
No. 805587 ID: e9a9c5

I love this idea....achememical magical pricess sounds fantastic
No. 805593 ID: be0718

No. 812993 ID: b220ff

No. 813088 ID: 308602

Punching magical girl.
Or Bag.
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