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File 149334009008.jpg - (376.31KB , 640x720 , Thread2Title.jpg )
798380 No. 798380 ID: e136ae

Previous Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/778045.html
Unlike the previous thread, this one almost certainly will get NSFW.


And here's your hostess, Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaaaaaain Mooooooooooorigaaaaaaaan!

Nem, with the most plastic voice she can muster: Thank-you disembodied narrator! Hi, I'm Nemain Morrigan, and this is BLIND DATE THREAD 2, blah blah BLAH blah BLAAAAAAAAAAH!! How many times MUST we repeat this!

She sighs. She's beginning to wish Sami was as popular as she was so she could get a break. Taking a deep breath, she skips over to a darkened booth -- her sparkling new titanium shoes clip-clopping over the hard stage.

Nem, in her more natural voice: All right spirits of TGChan, this is our new blind date game. You control the destiny of a randomly selected handsome young bachelor, as he must choose from one of three equally randomly selected but lovely young ladies!

There's just one little catch -- just like how *you all* had fun giving my dates little quirks and sabotaging them, each of these three lovely ladies has something distinct about them. It could be very nice, or it could be very nasty, but you'll never know for sure until you're on the date.

Just to make things even more interesting, each of the dates originate from a randomly selected TGChan Author's quest. Just like the Kerikronk, they might be a cheap knock-off of the original with mutated personalities and histories.

And just like when I was the special date, you won't be able to see these ladies -- so be sure to ask lots of questions!
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No. 802484 ID: a363ac

go through the front door but let Taki go first because she is a ninja who knows the territory.
3, and hold off on A and B until bondage.
No. 802518 ID: f08985

Tell Taki you were kind of expecting poisoned something from a ninja, it's all cool, you took care of it.

Also, voting against 6 but not for 5. No strong feeling either way.
No. 802599 ID: 6dc8e5

Yeah, I mean, maybe ask if the milk she gave you would have helped with that poison. I am not super confident we aren't poisoned, it took a while to manifest last time, and we delayed its application considerably this time.

Besides, I'd like to have something in hand besides our rock hard erection to beat this plant into submission with, so door seems good.
No. 802630 ID: 987bda

4, but later. Explaining things now would take too long.
A (Beta's a real anal fiend, and is crazy strong)
No. 802667 ID: e136ae
File 149508332425.jpg - (169.74KB , 640x720 , BD2FutaForceBatteringRam.jpg )


The sight of her mighty futa force makes Taki squeak and leap into your arms.

Taki: FUCK BALLS! You... you... didn't that hurt?

Beta smiles and gives you a thumbs-up.

Taki stares at you wide eyed and hisses "Keep her away from me, OK? I mean, I like being filled but she just took my front door off its hinges with that thing,"
No. 802670 ID: e136ae
File 149508471657.jpg - (188.50KB , 640x720 , BD2FredSpawnAttack.jpg )

rolled 1, 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 5, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3 = 37

You let Taki lead the way, but as soon as you enter the front hall, 3 FRED SPAWN VINETACLES rush from the greenhouse entrance!

You must FIGHT!

Skill: 6 (-3 for unarmed)
Stamina: 8
Luck: 10

Skill: 7 (-3 for unarmed)
Stamina: 11

Skill: 10
Stamina: 20

--= VS =--

Fred Vinetacle 1:
Skill: 6
Stamina: 5

Fred Vinetacle 2:
Skill: 5
Stamina: 7

Fred Vinetacle 3:
Skill: 7
Stamina: 6

The FRED VINETACLES seem focused on YOU, determined to taken you down and drag you away. Fortunately, it means that each Vinetacle must deal with attacks from Taki and Beta.

You may test your luck to inflict additional damage or take less, depending on circumstances.

There are 6 combatants, each rolling 2D6 and adding it to their skill. The first three pairs are Johnny, Taki and Beta respectively while the last 3 are Fredtacles.

A Fredtacle must beat Johnny's, Taki's AND Beta's roll to land a hit on Johnny. Equal rolls tie and do no damage. Strikes do a base of 2 damage; Johnny's does 4. You may test your luck to do double damage if you hit; but failing to do so means the Fredtacle takes 1 point instead. If struck, you may test your luck to take only 1 pt of damage, failure means taking 3.
No. 802678 ID: e136ae
File 149508695430.jpg - (170.98KB , 640x720 , BD2FredSpawnFight1.jpg )

NSFW due to full-frontal combat.

1, 1
2, 5
6, 3

5, 2
3, 2
4, 3

Johnny Combat Roll: 2 + 6 = 8
Taki Combat Roll: 7+7 = 14
Beta Combat Roll: 10+6+3 =19

Fredtacle 1 Combat Roll: 6+7 = 13
Fredtacle 2 Combat Roll: 5+3+2 = 10
Fredtacle 3 Combat Roll: 7+4+3 = 14

This round:
Beta and Taki stop all the attacks, landing hits on Fredtacles 1 and 2.
No. 802679 ID: e136ae

rolled 4, 5, 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 3, 5, 2, 4, 2 = 41

Skill: 6 (-3 for unarmed)
Stamina: 8
Luck: 10

Skill: 7 (-3 for unarmed)
Stamina: 11

Skill: 10
Stamina: 20

--= VS =--

Fred Vinetacle 1:
Skill: 6
Stamina: 3

Fred Vinetacle 2:
Skill: 5
Stamina: 5

Fred Vinetacle 3:
Skill: 7
Stamina: 6
No. 802683 ID: e136ae
File 149508812490.jpg - (179.31KB , 640x720 , BD2FredSpawnFight2.jpg )

Everyone is still naked, NSFW

Combat Roll 6+4+5 = 15

Combat Roll 7+2+1 = 10

Combat Roll 10+4+3 = 17

--= VS =--

Fred Vinetacle 1
Combat Roll 6+6+3 = 15
Stamina: -1

Fred Vinetacle 2:
Combat Roll 5+5+2 = 12
Stamina: 3

Fred Vinetacle 3:
Combat Roll 7+4+2 = 13
Stamina: 6

Beta and Johnny strike down the Fredtacles!
Fredtacle 1 is DEAD due to Johnny's massive strength!
Fredtacle 2 takes 2 damage!
No. 802684 ID: e136ae

rolled 3, 5, 5, 5, 1, 6, 3, 1, 1, 6 = 36


--= VS =--

Fred Vinetacle 2:
Stamina: 3

Fred Vinetacle 3:
Stamina: 6
No. 802685 ID: e136ae
File 149508846637.jpg - (189.77KB , 640x720 , BD2FredSpawnFight3.jpg )

Combat Roll 6+3+5 = 14
Combat Roll 7+5+5 = 17
Combat Roll 10+1+6 = 17
--= VS =--

Fred Vinetacle 2:
Combat Roll: 5+3+1 = 9
Stamina: -1

Fred Vinetacle 3:
Combat Roll: 7+1+6 = 14
Stamina: 2

Johnny, Taki and Beta strike the Fredtacles down!

Fredtacle 2 is DEAD from Johnny's massive strength!
Fredtacle 3 takes 4 damage from Taki and Beta's combined attacks!
No. 802686 ID: e136ae

rolled 5, 4, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 5 = 32

You'd think I'd get the roll and update combination right at least once.
No. 802688 ID: e136ae
File 149508927941.jpg - (323.26KB , 640x720 , BD2Battle1Victory.jpg )

Johnny Combat Roll: 6+5+4 = 15
Taki Combat Roll: 7+4+5 = 16
Beta Combat Roll: 10+6+1 = 17

Fredtacle Combat Roll: 7+2+5 = 14

Fredtacle goes SPLAT!

Johnny and Party are Victorious!

Taki: OK, we gotta move fast! Fred probably knows where some of my weapons are, and I wouldn't be surprised if he can use them too.

You may now decide:

1. Get the Agent Orange from Taki's hiding place in the kitchen.
2. Get weapons from Taki's armoury.
3. Get weapons from Taki's bedroom.
4. Command Fred to surrender to Galactic Police FUTA FORCE.
No. 802715 ID: 6dc8e5

I have the sensation that the armory would be a high value target and heavily guarded by armed Fredspawn. He might not be aware of all the hidden weapons in the bedroom though. Taki said she only found him recently.
So 3.
No. 802746 ID: 987bda

Agent Orange.
Taki is a Ninja. If she can sneak attack that mean green mother with it then he's dead.
No. 803139 ID: fa8f9d

3. Bedweapondry
No. 803269 ID: e136ae
File 149530911825.jpg - (148.75KB , 640x720 , BD2BedroomWeapons.jpg )

You go to Taki's bedroom to obtain weapons. There are no Fredtacles there; apparently your hunch about him guarding the known caches was right.

Taki removes a hidden panel from the wall and obtains a KATANA as well as a couple of small spheres.

She then digs under the bed and pulls out...

DILDO BOKKEN. (Image NSFW due to Dildo Bokken)

And hands it to you.

She just handed you a weaponized dildo.

To use on a giant plant.

Taki: YES I KNOW JOHNNY. But do you have any idea how dangerous it is for an untrained brute like you to use an incredibly sharp, elegant weapon like a katana? You could accidentally slice yourself to ribbons. The bokken is effectively a club. Oh, and there's a couple of hidden things in the hilt.

She shows you to push in a small switch at the base of the weapon, and twists something on the bottom. A sharp spike shoots out the top.

Taki: It's not poisoned, but it will do some extra damage that way.

Both you and Beta stare at Taki.

Taki waves your gazes away dismissively: I'm a ninja.

You and Taki are now ARMED and no longer have a skill penalty in combat.

Taki: We better move quickly; if Fred has spread his tentacles across the house like this, he might even be rooted in the foundations.

Beta: So he might collapse the house on us like in Little Shop of Horrors?

Taki: Yeah.

Beta: Can we sing while fighting?

Taki stares at Beta incredulously.

Taki: ... if ... you want...

Now what will you do?

1. Obtain Agent Orange. Taki suspects you will be attacked en route. You will then need to figure out how to deploy it -- it's toxic to people as well as plants!
2. Attack Fred directly in the greenhouse. Taki thinks that Fred might be caught off guard if you do so; he will have to withdraw his Fredtacles from other parts of the house.
No. 803283 ID: 600f38

If he's aware of the Agent Orange, he probably already disposed of it.
If he isn't, then he would have no reason to guard it and you could attack his roots in the basement with it.

He probably knows about it, so rush him.
No. 803289 ID: 72ed6b

Rush him.
No. 803319 ID: fa8f9d

2. If we got to his main body could we use our superior strength to rip him out of the ground and taki can like cut off his roots?
No. 803342 ID: 8d4593

Yeah rush him. No point in getting the orange if he's just gonna collapse the house on us.

Also, Smik, would it be possible to color the Dildo Bokken in future updates?
It feels... Appropriate.
No. 803385 ID: e136ae
File 149535665726.jpg - (206.17KB , 640x720 , BD2BossFight1.jpg )

You, Taki and Beta burst into the greenhouse. Fred waits for you -- and he takes up most of area.

Fred: Well helllo there. So you went and called the cops on me huh? WELL THAT'S JUST FINE. I KNOW YOUR TRICKS NOW, and ONCE I GET JOHNNY, I'll be IMMORTAL AND YOUR ASS IS GRASS!
No. 803387 ID: e136ae
File 149535999851.jpg - (380.43KB , 640x720 , BD2BossFight2.jpg )


Beta: From outer space?

Fred: and MEAN, GREEN, BAD!

Beta: Good, that means you're under my jurisdiction.

Fred: Shit.

FRED is spread out along the house! It will take 5 turns for him to fully reassemble his Fredtacles.

FRED is made out of several parts:

DEMON EYE - Skill 12, Stamina 20
PIN EYE - Skill 10, Stamina 10
SPIRAL EYE - Skill 10, Stamina 10
FREDTACLE 1 - Skill 8, Stamina 7
FREDTACLE 2 - Skill 9, Stamina 6
GIANT FREAKING MAW - Don't even think about it.

The Fretacles and eyes are all sourced from the GIANT FREAKING MAW, which seems to act as the main root.

The EYES can not attack. Draining their stamina blinds the eye but does not destroy it. Blinding one of Fred's eyes causes him a great deal of pain and will stun him for a round. Fred has enough 'back up' eyes that he's never completely blind. The Eyes's "Skill" indicates its ability to DODGE or angle itself so it takes a glancing blow that will not harm its stamina.

Eyes can not be hit without an Alley-Oop or thrown weapon.

The MAW does not directly attack either; only the Fredtacles are capable of defending him. The MAW is almost certainly suicide to attack directly.


Johnny - The Main Target
Skill: 9
Stamina: 8
Luck: 10
Special: STRENGTH - inflicts double damage.

Johnny can also "Alley-Oop" either Taki or Beta to attack Fred's eyes, which are normally out of reach.

Johnny can also HURL DEBRIS at Fred; there's lots of it lying around. This attack is at -3 to hit as debris isn't optimized for throwing.

Skill: 10
Stamina: 11
Ninja Bombs - 1 hollow (designed for custom poison deployment), 1 explosive, 1 smoke

The Explosive Bomb detonates on contact, causing 10 damage. Taki needs a successful attack roll or it will miss. While the Maw cannot dodge, it can close itself and it's a massive with a thick epidermis.

The Smoke Bomb explodes in an area. Taki does not need to make a skill roll to hit, and can blind one of Fred's eyes.

Taki can also NINJA TRICK - she will vanish from the field of battle. She can then either attempt to get something to help from another part of the house, or land a surprise attack that does double damage. This takes 2 turns to do (one to vanish, one to attack) and she still has to roll a successful attack (but her target is at -4). If Taki attempts to instead retrieve something, it could take her several turns depending on how much trouble the other Fredtacles give her.

Skill: 10
Stamina: 20
Spunk Shot - ranged, can hit eyes. Reduces target's skill by 4 and may horrify it.
Galactic Scan - needs to be called, attack roll of 18
Galactic Stunner

Beta can scan Fred to create an appropriate stunner shot. She needs an attack roll of 18 to land an attack that obtains enough of a sample for scanning. Scanning takes 3 turns. Afterwards, if she can land an attack she will completely immobilize Fred for 5 minutes. This attack will be -1 to hit each time it's used as Fred will be more and more wary of it (although she won't try to hit the Maw with it; too dangerous).

If Beta's Galactic Scan fails to roll at least 18 she misses and does no damage, even if she rolls the highest.

Fredtacles will always target Johnny first.

You may assign someone to DEFEND Johnny; any Fredtacle going for him will have to beat both Defender and Johnny's attack roll to harm him, and failing either will result in the Fredtacle being struck for damage. Both Taki and Beta can elect to protect him at once. Fredtacles WILL change tactics after being hit and will fight the Defender (unless Johnny's the one who hit it of course)

While DEFENDING, neither Taki nor Beta can use their specials.

What do you do?

SUGGEST AN ACTION for Johnny - such as naming a target. HURL DEBRIS requires a target to be named. ALLEY-OOP requires an ally to be named and a target to strike. Allies involved with ALLEY OOP can't do anything but attempt to strike the target.

SUGGEST AN ACTION for Taki - you can name targets, tell her to DEFEND JOHNNY, or use a SPECIAL ATTACK.

SUGGEST AN ACTION for Beta - you can name targets, tell her to DEFEND JOHNNY, or use a SPECIAL ATTACK.
No. 803388 ID: 8d4593


Taki: EXPLOSIVES on Fredtacle 1

Johnny: Target Fredtacle 2
Beta: DEFEND Johny, Target Fredtacle 2

Destroy the Fredtacles quick before the ones from the house arrive so we don't get overwhelmed!
No. 803398 ID: 600f38

What happens if Taki throws her explosive into the soft unprotected bits inside the Maw?

General plan: Hold out until Fred gets his vines in here, then smoke bomb and run for the Agent Orange.
No. 803414 ID: f08985

I'd say the explosive is better spent on one of the 10-stamina eyes for a stun. Johnny can attack Fredtacle 1, with double damage he should have a reasonable chance of one-shotting it despite its higher stamina. Beta can handle another fredtacle or whatever.
No. 803511 ID: e136ae

You'll have to figure that out for yourself.
No. 803756 ID: 600f38

That seems like advice. :D
No. 803808 ID: 0d1514

Spunk shot the demon eye and while it is screaming in rage and horror Taki goes to bomb the maw. Johnny HURL DEBRIS at tentacle 2.
No. 804678 ID: 8d4593

Someone vote for a suggestion to break this 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 tie.
No. 804760 ID: fa8f9d

Do this one
No. 804766 ID: 17c2ee

Do that one.
No. 804767 ID: fa8f9d

some people just want to watch the world burn
No. 806967 ID: e136ae
File 149698219434.jpg - (118.26KB , 640x720 , BD2JohnnyHasNoIdea.jpg )

Being unable to come with a clear strategy you just wave your arms about and ramble on about several things at once.
No. 806976 ID: 143250

Wait, that strategy is perfect! Run at it while waving your arms like that like a madman
No. 806979 ID: e136ae
File 149698421111.jpg - (129.36KB , 640x720 , BD2JohnnyHasNoIdea2.jpg )

Undaunted, Taki and Beta come up with a plan of their own.
No. 806985 ID: e136ae
File 149698601932.jpg - (320.48KB , 640x720 , BD2BossFightBetaAct.jpg )


Attack Roll: 10+7=17
Demon Eye: 12+3=15
No. 806986 ID: e136ae
File 149698603177.jpg - (220.74KB , 640x720 , BD2BossFightFredDoesNotWant.jpg )

It strikes Fred dead in his demon eye.

He is stunned in utter horror.
No. 806987 ID: e136ae
File 149698682076.jpg - (82.24KB , 640x720 , TakiIsDissapoint.jpg )

Fred: OK, if that was just a SET UP for something else, fuck this. I give up.

Taki: Awww but I was gonna do something cool.

Fred: No, I fucking give up. Any plan that STARTS with someone nutting in my eye I do not wish to see any more of.
No. 806989 ID: 91ee5f

Taki, don't listen to Fred! This is just a trick to make you let your guard down! Go ahead and do your cool thing!
No. 806993 ID: e136ae
File 149699073593.jpg - (156.36KB , 640x720 , BD2YourStrengthRunsOut.jpg )

Fred surrenders completely; Beta has him transported in the galaxy police version of a squad car and takes him away on charges of environmental terrorism and interference of a minor world.

As you watch them leave, you feel your strength fade. You sink to your knees and then to the floor. Taki initially thinks you're just losing consciousness due to the toxins, but then something happens to your pallor and she rushes to your side.

Taki: Johnny?

You try to speak, but your lips don't respond. You feel very cold.

Taki: Johnny?! Oh shit... Johnny, hang on. Hang on, I'll get an antidote. You're just... having a reaction to something, OK?

It's not her poison. You know this.
No. 806994 ID: e136ae
File 149699138912.jpg - (213.81KB , 640x720 , BD2NemRevealsTheTruth.jpg )

Nem: I never promised a happy ending, Johnny. Just ... a chance to change it. I'm sorry, I don't have the energy to keep you alive any longer.

You think you understand.

Taki can suddenly see Nem, and she feels the chill in the room.

Taki: Wha... wh...

Nem: I think you know who and what I am.


Nem: Well, it's sort of one of my part time jobs, if you will. But this is my day job, so to speak.

Taki: But... why? I... I didn't use a fatal lipstick...

Nem: It's not the lipstick, Taki.

Taki: Then why?

Nem: Johnny's been dead since the cab ride, Taki. I've been keeping him alive as best I could, and now my energy has run out. I have to take him away now.

Taki: Dead? How?

Nem: Something very bad happened on your date. Johnny wished for a second chance, and due to the connections he had with me... I was able to give him one. So I took him as far back in the date as I could do alter the outcome.

Taki: But... he didn't.

Nem: Oh no, he did Taki. He did everything he wanted to do.

Taki: What do you mean?

Nem: The reason he came back was to save you and prevent the deaths of many innocents. But mostly, I think it was about you.

Taki is quiet. Your body has gone cold, and you are privileged in having the unique experience of feeling your spirit separate from its shell; most people are too busy being unconscious to appreciate it.

After several minutes, Taki speaks.

Taki: ... how did he die, originally?
No. 806995 ID: e136ae
File 149699170625.jpg - (333.06KB , 640x720 , BD2NemRevealsTheOtherTruth.jpg )

Nem's voice goes icy.

Nem: You know what you were going to do.

Taki: I changed my mind.

Nem: No you didn't.

Taki: NO! I DID!

Nem: You know full well that I mean when I say no, you didn't Taki.

Taki is silenced as this sinks in.

Nem: He came back to save you anyway.

Taki: Did I die too, originally?

Nem: We all die, Taki. I don't think he wasn't interested in saving your body.

Nem takes you away.
No. 806997 ID: e136ae
File 149699193075.jpg - (242.21KB , 640x720 , BD2End.jpg )

In the time that followed, Taki abandoned all environmental terrorism. She abandoned her poisons, and she abandoned assassination.

You succeeded in turning her.

Chiseled on to your tombstone is the legendary phrase "Doesn't matter: Fucked a ninja in the ass. Twice".

Your achievements inspire other legends throughout time.

Date over.
No. 807013 ID: fa8f9d

R.I.P, Beta never got none.
No. 807015 ID: 600f38

Taki X Beta?
No. 807022 ID: e136ae


Beta gets plenty, just not on screen. She also really creeps Taki out so no Taki x Beta.
No. 807050 ID: 72ed6b

Did you have this planned since the beginning of the "second chance", or just since the indecision of the battle?
No. 807121 ID: e136ae

I had this planned very early on after giving Johnny the second chance. If Johnny was eaten by Fred, then it would make him immortal and thus Nem would be allowed to kill him.

If Johnny survived to the end he'd die shortly after victory and thus we had the ending we did -- and Nem would reveal to Taki the whole situation so she would be shamed into changing her ways.

I knew it would be a major mood whiplash but it was also the only thing that meshed properly with Nem's lore.
No. 807155 ID: b4793d

I can't believe I missed this whole quest.
Loved it tho!
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