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File 149384746138.png - (181.25KB , 600x600 , chapter1title.png )
799546 No. 799546 ID: e5b57f

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No. 800174 ID: e5b57f

acute sense of smell, sharp digging claws, and burly strength even.
No. 800177 ID: 3ce125

Well if we're gonna be sneaking you might want to initiate radio silence.

Should there be any personnel out here? I'd expect a groan to be a wounded person, and a rumble to be a vehicle. Check the rumble. If it's nothing interesting (or a vehicle) you can track the muttering since you'll be in the same area then.

I suspect what went down is this: someone came by in a vehicle to investigate the disturbance, got lured out of the vehicle by the trespasser or whatever, and one of the two won the ensuing fight. The victor is now returning to the vehicle to either steal it (if it's the trespasser) or use the radio in the vehicle to report back to base (if it's a guard).
No. 800184 ID: 3ce125

Are you not close enough to hear footsteps if the moving sound is a person?
No. 800193 ID: 70983e

Investigate mumble.
No. 800213 ID: 91ee5f

>If anything, any creatures out there should be worried about you.
And in what horror movie has overconfidence in one's own abilities ever led the victim to escaping the monster? Oh, that's right, none of them!

Stop acting cocky and actually pay attention to the bad omens! You're setting yourself up to get yourself killed like all of the overconfident assholes you've ever seen in movies!
No. 800233 ID: e12db1

If it's just normal people, then why didn't the cameras pick them up? That doesn't make sense.

Go for the moan on the left first. That one seems the least dangerous and would need immediate attention if it's someone injured.
No. 800236 ID: 3ce125

Maybe the cameras are sabotaged? Or maybe they're wearing stealth suits.
No. 800327 ID: 3abd97

Do digging claws and strength really matter as much if say, it's an armed intruder with a gun and night vision?

Or if they're another aardvark?

>what investigate
You've got one to the left, to the right, and center.

Best way to investigate one while keeping the others in earshot if anything interesting happens is to advance down the middle.
No. 800498 ID: e5b57f
File 149427310176.png - (252.80KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-02.png )

You decide to investigate the muttering sound, since it seems like it has the highest chance of being an actual intruder.

Now... you are not stealthy. Noooot in the slightest. You're REALLY good at hiding from stuff, especially if you close your eyes, but when it comes to sneaking up, well - you're not the most light-footed individual.

You veer off the path and pick your way through the towering pillars of trees, twigs snapping underfoot with each step.

There is a sudden and deafening silence, a lack of sound so utter that it makes the fine hairs on your neck and head rise. You freeze. Everything is stillness and quiet, except for the thudding rhythm of your heart.
No. 800502 ID: 3ce125

Back up. See if the silence is attached to a specific area, or if you've been targeted specifically.

If you've been targeted specifically then you're gonna need to hide like you said, at least until you figure out a way of dealing with the silence. Cover the light on your radio as well.

Does your nose tell you anything interesting about the area?
No. 800516 ID: e12db1

Place your hand on the ground in front of you, shaking it and say, "Here doggy doggy. Come here good boy. You're such a good boy, aren't you?". That green light is probably just a firefly.
No. 800518 ID: 3ce125

I believe this is an image of Aubrey in the dark. The eyes are hers, the green light is the radio.
No. 800522 ID: e12db1

But if you look carefully, you'll notice that all the panels until now (except the radar one) have been from 1st person perspective.
No. 800524 ID: 3ce125

This one too:

It's not an exclusively first-person quest.
No. 800528 ID: e12db1

I think that was a mirror, or a self-reflection in the dream. Anyway, from our own perspecives, both of our suggestions are valid.
No. 800531 ID: e5b57f
File 149427627902.png - (290.72KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-04.png )

The sound of a large, ponderous door sliding shut [50 feet ahead and to the left, approximately 10 o'clock] breaks the eerie atmosphere, and the nighttime sounds start up again. A few moments later, a faint rush of air comes from that direction, and you half-close your eyes, focusing all of your attention into your snoot.

The emotions and personal smells hit first, and your face flushes, warmth spreading fingers down into your belly. Lust, arousal, a bit of apprehension, relief. Flashes of the time in high school when you had a crush on a cute lizard girl, stolen kisses, fumbling hands - the fear of being caught, but being so fucking horny that you didn't care. Another scent, unfamiliar, hard to place... aha! Walking down the street after work one evening, accidentally bumping into a dinosaur lady, apologizing, slightly embarrassed, contrite, continuing home.

Next, the incidental scents.

Scenes of time spent in book stores, the air thick with the aroma of patchouli.

A field of lavender, full moon smiling down on you as you dug and burrowed, so proud to show your mama that you were just like her now!

A sea breeze, blowing over the sound as you dipped your feet in the ice-cold water.

You add two scents to your Snoot Database.

1x Female lizard, name unknown, (patchouli, lavender, ocean?)
1x Female dinosaur, name unknown, (patchouli, lavender, ocean?)
1x Female fancy rat, Cass
No. 800542 ID: 3ce125

So... you smelled a lizard and a dinosaur in that gust of air, and those brought back memories of similar people?

Well. Go find the door. Report back what you see when you get there. (why don't you have a flashlight?)

Hey, is that a red glow to your left?
No. 800544 ID: e12db1

Since no one is watching us, I see no reason not to slide a hand into our pants touch ourselves. It's not the first time we did it on the job. Also, I think we may have a scent fetish.

Anyway, do any of those smells tell us anything about the lizard and dinosaur in the vehicle? Are they sweaty, tired? Afraid? Do we smell any gunpowder or weapons? Drugs? We should also wait at least a minute to assess if they're hostile or not. Lastly, what is our normal job policy at handling intruders? I'm assuming we're supposed to shout a warning or something first. That this is restricted area?
No. 800556 ID: e5b57f
File 149428110170.png - (263.97KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-05.png )

Due to having very few cone cells in your eyes, you can barely detect red wavelengths of light.

From what you understand of your biology, you peoples' scents with colors. Different people get different colors - the parts of your brain that normally process color vision are mainly used for smell.

Time to go investigate what's going on over there - you were in a low-level pleasure buzz from the dream earlier and that's kicked back in full force, so you hope that whoever's intruding is friendly - very friendly.
No. 800557 ID: e5b57f
File 149428111887.png - (255.30KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-06.png )

No. 800558 ID: e5b57f
File 149428113039.png - (171.05KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-07.png )

No. 800559 ID: e5b57f
File 149428115706.gif - (1.13MB , 600x1060 , 05072017-08.gif )

No. 800564 ID: 3ce125

No. 800566 ID: e12db1

>you associate peoples' scents with colors
Fix'd! Well, that explains why the juices looked blue at the start.

>very friendly
So you're saying there's two sexy girls making love? On your watch? Without you? The shame! This can only be redeemed with nothing less than a hot threesome. So be sure to move there quietly, in a way they won't have the time to dress up, or even worse, escape.

Let's not worry about less important things, such as random bird monsters following us.
No. 800628 ID: e5b57f
File 149430450936.png - (340.32KB , 600x1060 , 05072017-08.png )

No. 800633 ID: c31aac

oh good, you're friendly! Careful lurking around in the dark friend, you might give someone quite a fright!
No. 800635 ID: 15a025

Give friendly head pat.
No. 800636 ID: 3ce125

So what's your story, buddy?
No. 800661 ID: 393ae0

Please don't eat us. Go follow that aardvark or something.
No. 800680 ID: dd4df2


My, what big teeth...
No. 800692 ID: e5b57f
File 149435861786.png - (172.72KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a01.png )

Lurks Amaranth in dark, but frightens never others.

Pat who? Pat Amaranth-so-soft? You are there, Amaranth is here, cannot pat her.

...Will find Aubrey, then many pats, hugs, kisses, much more will Amaranth give to her.

Story? Story boring. Story long. Tell Amaranth will later, yes. Not now.

Eat? Are you food? No! Eat Amaranth only food. Following Amaranth, wanting to surprise Aubrey-so-kind - until interrupted you did. Forgiving is she, however - made new friends now!

Thank you!
No. 800694 ID: e12db1

You know, you weren't supposed to be able to sense interdimensional metapsychic individualities and their injunctions.

But since you're here.. may I see your genitals?
No. 800711 ID: 3ce125

Who are we?
Were you the cause of Aubrey's sudden lack of hearing?
Is that moaning person in the woods your doing? Someone you made friends with, perhaps?
No. 800734 ID: e5b57f
File 149436802297.png - (363.71KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a04.png )

(OOC NOTE: Bolding Amaranth's text makes my head hurt, and it's pretty obvious from context when she's speaking, so I'll leave it out for now.)

You are people, nothing special. Live in your own 'verse, watching other 'verses. Creating connections. Vital. Important. Dies any 'verse without connections. Run all things do on narrative reality, narrative physics. Even 'verse of yours.

Hearing? Gone went sound itself. Disturbing reality local, arrival of Train Transdimensional. See soon Train Transdimensional. Very soon.

Ha! Person? Mating birds.

Sensing is what Amaranth does. Travels she from 'verse to 'verse as well.

Yes! Behold you will, of Amaranth-so-sultry.
No. 800736 ID: 3ce125

Pff, good grief.
Is this Train gonna cause an apocalypse?
No. 800741 ID: 47160d

Kaaaaayyyyyy now that have seen the um... I am not sure if she is bipedal or not but wolf pussy. Can we goAubrey? She is why you are here na?
No. 800742 ID: 8cb228

So, uh, beautiful friendly teethy creature... where are you, what is around you, and what are you up to? Also, what do you enjoy doing when out and about at night in the dark?
No. 800795 ID: e5b57f
File 149438592438.png - (824.57KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a05.png )

Yes. Go. See Aubrey-so-clever.

Leaving, Amaranth must. Calling, work does to Amaranth-so-busy. Wishes she could have rutted Aubrey, but another time.
No. 800796 ID: e5b57f
File 149438593878.png - (830.36KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a06.png )

You. Watch you shall of Aubrey-so-sweet. Protect you shall of Aubrey-so-caring.
No. 800797 ID: e5b57f
File 149438595194.png - (592.67KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a07.png )

No. 800798 ID: e5b57f
File 149438596744.png - (4.66KB , 600x1060 , 05092017-a08.png )

No. 800799 ID: e5b57f
File 149438597922.png - (2.70KB , 600x600 , 05092017-a09.png )

No. 800800 ID: e5b57f
File 149438599884.png - (227.03KB , 600x600 , 05092017-a10.png )

No. 800801 ID: e5b57f
File 149438601013.png - (475.38KB , 600x600 , 05092017-a11.png )

—t's this? You must have missed it during the inspection you did of this area. You're annoyed that the two ladies completely vanished, because that means only one thing could have happened. You're not looking forward to the paperwork.

You've already let Cass know that you're on your way back, and that you'll tell her the details when you see her.
No. 800802 ID: e5b57f
File 149438602280.png - (334.15KB , 600x600 , 05092017-a12.png )

... god dammit.

You add the Shift-Tec® Lube (half-full bottle) to your inventory.

1x Warehouse radio
1x Half-full bottle of lube
No. 800806 ID: 3ce125

I'm guessing they got sucked through an interdimensional wormhole.

So do you have any friends aside from Cass?
No. 800821 ID: 91ee5f

Sooooooo.....do you happen to know anyone by the name of Amaranth?
No. 800839 ID: 393ae0

>another time
See you soon!

Eh. Things were going so well. So much love Aubrey was going to get. Now both Amaranth and the girls are gone. I'm sad.

>only one thing could have happened
What would that be? That you were dreaming again?

>god dammit
Finally. Getting and giving love should be much more smooth now. In fact, you should try out this lube right now. And not just on your hands.

While going back, anything else you can hear or smell?
No. 800853 ID: 8cb228

So, uhhh... how much do you know about interdimensional or interplanar shenanigans? Is it just something you know of from science fiction and fantasy, or is it a part of your normal life?
No. 800854 ID: 02a552

Did we just teleport through a vagina?
No. 800856 ID: 2a7417

That's ridiculous, we weren't born yesterday.
No. 800867 ID: 3ce125

That was her eye.
No. 800873 ID: 34b636

No. 801045 ID: e5b57f
File 149448601350.png - (366.47KB , 600x600 , 05102017-01.png )

The walk back is interminable, with no unusual sounds or scents to distract you.

Along the way, your mind wanders, and you find yourself thinking about... Amaranth?

Huh. It's been a little while since the two of you last spoke - her current job keeps her pretty busy, although you're not quite certain what it is she does, exactly. Ammy (you grin to yourself at that; she always hated that nickname, doubly so after she watched you play through Okami) has never really been one to be forthcoming with details about anything, and you'd long since learned to not probe too deeply. Huh. You should get back in touch with her some day soon, see how she's doing.

After [muststeerclearmustnotthinkhernamecarefulcareful] your ex and you broke up, you've had trouble keeping your close friends. You pushed away the ones that didn't abandon you, and... Cass and Ammy are really the only two you have left, and Cass is the only one you talk to every day.

You arrive at warehouse building. The door chirps - which you intepret as a happy Aubrey's back, yay - and you enter.

Cass isn't at the guard station, but light pours from the door to the crew area next to it. You sigh. Technically, Cass is supposed to be at the station proper, but last time you brought it up to her, she pointed out that she could see the screen just fine from inside the crew area.

Of course, you take naps on the job, so you're not really the paragon of virtue here.

"Hey, Cass." You squint a little as your eyes adjust. It's not so bright that you need your sunglasses, but it's just bright enough that you can see faint ghosts of color.

"Auuuuubrey!" She bounces up from her seat at the crew table, her chair squeaking in the process, the shrill sound causing your ears to flatten back for a moment. The taller ratlady envelops you in a hug that's hard enough to pop your back - underneath her chub and fluff is a body with muscles that are like steel. Cass is one of the only people you know that can beat you in arm wrestling.

...she's also the most flexible person you've eve—

"Doin' okay there?" You jump and Cass grins, giving your butt a squeeze before releasing you from her arm-vises. "Sorry, you were spacin' out a bit, and tonight you've been hornier than a male forest dragon in a whorehouse."

You flush and stammer a bit, before Cass eases you down into one of the chairs and takes her seat again, the wooden chair complaining only a little in the process. "And you said you saw somethin'? Or heard somethin'?"
No. 801047 ID: 3ce125

Heard a muttering sound moving through the forest and a deep rumbling sound that seemed out of place; you went toward the muttering then encountered an unnatural silence. The silence ended and you heard the sound of a massive door closing, felt the rush of air from it even.
You also heard some birds fucking.

You smelled a lizard and a dinosaur, who are nowhere to be found. They smelled of patchouli, lavender, and the ocean.

Also you found lube! Wanna put it to use?
No. 801076 ID: 6f97db

>your ex
Telling you shall to us about ex-of-yours, ex-so-loathsome.
It's not like thinking about her or mentioning her name would bring her here, would it? Actually, I take that back. There seems to be something wrong with this universe. People popping in and out of it and stuff.

I would not have expected you to be in such a relationship with such a creature. What else do you know about her?

>you saw somethin'
Tell Cass we got paperwork to do, and why. Also, show her the lube, ask her if she has any ideas about it.
No. 801103 ID: e5b57f

(I accidentally left out a segment from the post last night, and it's kind of relevant, so I'll just append it here.)
>As entering warehouse

The sudden disappearance, the sounds - everything leads you to believe that this is likely some kind of trandimensional event.

...which means that it's quite fortunate for you that Cass has her doctorate in Transdimensional Physics. The two of you haven't talked very much about it before - there's usually been much more interesting things occupying your attention, but if there's anyone who would know what's going on, it's her.

Then again, tonight's been a big mess of feelings and stuff - you're still really turned on, for one.

You're not certain that you have time to get into both.
No. 801115 ID: 6f97db

Choices choices.

Tell Cass that you want her. Now.

Why this choice? It's because Amaranth may be watching us, and her commands as to what our policy should be were pretty clear. We must keep Aubrey loved. So this decision is a result of the fact that I don't want us to get killed by a transdimensional monster. And totally not because I just want to see some hot lesbian sex.
No. 801410 ID: e5b57f
File 149463438479.png - (523.53KB , 600x600 , 05122017-01.png )

"I've been, you know - just... like..." You stumble over your words a little, which isn't normal for you at all. Cass just waits, all patience and smiles. "I'm gonna miss you, Cass!" You blurt out, long ears tucking back. "I'm excited about the trip and everything, but thinking of leaving - you're my best friend an—"

"Shhh, it's okay, Aubrey. You know that I can come visit any time, right? And you can come back whenever you want?" She takes your hand in her own, palms slightly rough and calloused, and squeezes gently. "I've been through Station plenty of times, and visited all kinds of 'verses... but I always come back home. I know it's kinda scary to get out there, but you'll have fun!" Reassuring squeeze.

"I've never even seen the Train, let ride on it!" You blink back tears. You have done your fair share of travelling - it's not uncommon for people here in Cherrygrove to do it - but it's always been through specialized portals, set up for point-to-point transfer. And you've never really left for more than a day or two. The thought of riding in a gigantic machine, barreling through the inter-'verse ether... it's intimidating to say the least.

"Auuuubrey." You glance sidelong at Cass when she says your name. "You know what'll help?"


"If we get a bit of us-time in and help take care of some of that pent-up-ness you have goin' on." She runs her claws slowly up your arm, the light touch sending electric tingles along it and down your spine. "How's that sound?"

You blush, face and ears growing hot. "That... that sounds just fine by me." You can't help but smile.

"Atta girl! Noooow... you want me to go down on you, or do you wanna get some licks in on me?"

"What, no double-action?" Your smile grows wider.

"Nope! I want eye contact!" Her whiskers twitch and she chitters in that way she does when she gets really, really turned on. "So, who's going down on who?"
No. 801433 ID: 3ce125

Cass on Aubrey.
No. 801456 ID: be61f7

Aubrey on Cass. That aardvark tongue!
No. 801507 ID: 6f97db

It's not like we can't do both one after another but.. I think Aubrey should go down on Cass first.
Two reasons.
Firstly, I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of other characters going down on Aubrey in the future, so plenty more chances for that.
Secondly, because this is closer to the dream Aubrey had in the start. Gotta live the dream!
No. 801784 ID: e5b57f
File 149479382494.png - (739.65KB , 600x600 , 05142017-01.png )

"You know that dream I was having earlier?"
"I'd just gotten finished going down on you when you woke me up."
"Oh. Oh." Eyes bright and shiny, chittering again. Her heart beating just a bit faster, muskysweet scent of arousal. Your memories flash before you, of the countless times you and Cass have fooled around - more positions than you'd thought possible, more things with rope than you thought possible. Probing fingers and tongues and warm, whispering breath, darkness and light and many things.

"Auuuubrey." Oh. Right. Sex. Right now. In a haze of pre-sex pleasure, you ease out of your chair and head to the crew room cabinet. You're pretty certain that the management here knows why you store blankets and pillows in it, but they've never inquired. Nor have they asked questions about exactly what the two of you get up to at work.

Except for that one time, and that was only because the usual locksmith that Cass uses was out sick. Cass still teases you about it.

You glance back over your shoulder and squint at the vaguely rat-shaped blur - it looks like she's still sitting in her chair, which meaaaans...

You return with a just a single pillow and crawl under the table, setting the plush pillow down so that you don't bruise your knees, and turn to your task. Well, someone's an eager rat - her pants and cute pair of black underwear are already down around her ankles.

Cass's chubby, cream-furred thighs are spread just a bit, and you peer up along her torso - you can't really see her face too well, but you do you best to make a brief bit of eye contact. You're rewarded by those heavenly thighs opening just a bit further, and wet heat washes over your snuffling snout. "Aubrey..."

You need this. You need it with a desperation that's only really making itself truly known right now. You press your nose home, a broken moan quavering from your throat as your friend, your best friend, gives herself over to your mercy.

Your trembling hand fumbles at your belt. You grunt in frustration. Finally, you manage to unfasten it. You shove your hand underneath the waistband.

You're so wet that you get two fingers knuckle-deep without even trying. "Fuck!" Squeeze. Squeeze.

Cass gives your head an encouraging pat, and you focus for a moment on reminding her of just how long your tongue is. Your saliva is naturally quite sticky, but her own arousal and wetness ensures that that isn't much of a problem, and before she knows it, you've filled her.

Speaking of filling - two fingers isn't going to do it.

Three. A bit of a stretch, and you squeeze your eyes shut. You stop for a moment, then slowly rock back and forth. The sensation is torturous and incredible.

You slurp your tongue out of Cass for a moment, drool and wetness coating everything. Every panting breath you inhale is Cass's scent, and you need a moment to recover.

Cass gives an encouraging chitter, waiting to see what your next move is.

What do you do next?
No. 801817 ID: 6f97db

There's several unique options. More tongue action. Talking dirty for an occasional tongue action. Helping spread her pussy with a hand for smoother tongue action. Moving your head closer for deeper tongue action. Licking her clit and inside her pussy at the same time for double tongue action. Did I mention anything with the tongue? I keep forgetting.. yeah, and don't forget to rub your head against her fur and to look her in the eyes.

Jokes aside, I'm pretty sure that tongue could make her come in a minute if you'd want to. Try to prolong things at least a bit. Or maybe not. Doesn't she recover really fast?
No. 802006 ID: e5b57f
File 149489787521.png - (184.01KB , 600x600 , 05152017-01.png )

Option after option runs through your brain, and...

...you realize something.

Despite the wetness, despite the arousal, despite everything — you're not into this.

Desperation that strong, need that strong - it's not normal for you. Sure, you're a bit of an exhibitionist, and sure, you're the kind of person who loves pleasing their partner, but this?


You worry that you're trying to drown out the anxiety from earlier, the questions and hesitations you had... and... hold on a moment.

>I think Aubrey should go down on Cass first.
>Aubrey on Cass
>I believe this is an image of Aubrey in the dark.


Since when have you ever thought in third-person?


"Hnnh! Sorry," you mumble.

"Everythin' okay?" Cass sounds concerned. She's such a sweetheart, even with your head between her legs and her body trembling on the edge of a now-denied orgasm. "If you're not into it right now, it's alright." She rubs your ears, comforting, soothing.

"I'm sorry, Cass." You slide your fingers out, and as you talk, you scoot out from under the table. "It's been a weird night. Saw some crazy stuff, and now I'm thinking in third-person, apparently?" You wipe yourself clean on a few paper towels. "It's almost as if my thoughts aren't... oh shit."

"Aren't what?" Cass's cleaned herself up as well. She does a very good job of hiding any disappointment in not finishing.

"I'm an idiot, that's what. Hold on." You head over to your locker, dig around a bit, and return with an envelope. It arrived earlier in the mail today, and you were so busy packing that you forgot to actually open it. Since it was addressed to you from Station, if you figured it was just additional confirmation of your Ticket, which you'd already received.

You slip a claw under the envelope flap and slit it open.

Inside is a single sheet of paper. You unfold it, briefly scan the text, and sigh. "Yeah, I'm a freaking idiot, with a scoop of ice cream on top." You pause. "And extra sprinkles."

Cass blinks, then perks her ears up. "Is that a...?"


"Really? Effective when?"

You glance at the wall clock, its oversized, high-contrast numbers showing that it's nearly 4 in the morning. Almost time to go home. "About an hour ago."

"Oh. Ohhh."
No. 802009 ID: 3ce125

Well that's just inconvenient. Stupid tourism industry putting voices in your head.

Well if you're not gonna bone you should tell her about the lizard and the dinosaur most likely using a portal of some kind.
No. 802027 ID: 8cb228

Hiiiii!!! By the way, when were suggesting the topic of Amaranth, we were thinking of some sort of extra-dimensional sapient quadruped, who apparently also was following your feed here, and cares about your happiness as well! Anyway, you ever need quick advice or expert suggestions or insight or whatever, and have a few moment to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, just think it! Oh! Can you tell our voices apart any?
No. 802029 ID: 47160d

Oh, well this is awkward, caught with our metaphorical dicks out. Well hey, hope this isn't too freaky
No. 802030 ID: 8cb228

Oh, also, we tend to be an epicurean bunch, so romantic themes, including those great dreams, are very touching to us. We'll tend to give lots of suggestions along those lines; take of that what you will. Also, just you know we DID kinda see the dream when you dozed off there, it was where the feed started! This voice felt it relevant that you be aware of that, rather than not know.
No. 802228 ID: 6f97db

Yeah, thinking in 3rd person is definitely weird. In fact, it's better if I ignore all these 3rd person thoughts from now on and focus only on the real, 1st person, my own thoughts.

I should ask Cass how she feels, knowing that this experience started over an hour ago already. Now that I know what's going on, it does feel kinda kinky. Maybe we could still continue if she's not bothered with it.
No. 802262 ID: 10194b

Also, f-y-i, some of us are jerks. Jerks! Keep your moral/personal goals filter tuned to modulate ANY thoughts in your head!
No. 802351 ID: e5b57f

[Data received - establishing contact with the Station Director.]

[...contact established.]
No. 802352 ID: e5b57f
File 149498063838.png - (745.80KB , 800x600 , thedirector1.png )

Hello. I am Station's Director. You may call me The Director. Pardon the interruption, but Aubrey's quest cannot continue until you all settle an important matter.

Aubrey has in her possession a Ticket for the Transdimensional Train, and it is with this Ticket that she will be travelling to Station. Tickets are known to be hideously expensive, and beyond the means of most people.

The question you have to answer is this: How did Aubrey acquire her Ticket?

You have different answers to this question that you can vote on, and each answer is associated with a different Trait.

Aubrey's Trait will shape how she interacts with other people, and will also provide her with a Perk and a Flaw.

Perks give Aubrey more options in situations, and Flaws restrict Aubrey's available options.

Additionally, Traits (and Perks and Flaws) may have other effects on Aubrey's journey. You may also encounter other opportunities to acquire additional Perks and/or Flaws, but you will never be able to gain an additional Trait.
No. 802354 ID: e5b57f
File 149498068305.png - (788.28KB , 800x600 , thedirector2.png )

Answer: Aubrey has one of the biggest channels on Youtube, and one of her fans bought the Ticket for her after she mentioned in a video that she wanted to travel.

Personality Trait: FAMOUS
Perk: “Admired” - A star can get away with a hell of a lot more than other people.
Flaw: “Conspicuous” - It’s going to be a lot harder to go unnoticed, and you can expect complete strangers to approach you at inopportune times.
No. 802355 ID: e5b57f
File 149498070085.png - (798.62KB , 800x600 , thedirector3.png )

Answer: Aubrey traded it to some rich guy in exchange for anal sex.

Personality Trait: BRAZEN
Perk: “Unfettered” - You’re willing to try just about anything and go just about anywhere, even things that would make others flinch. Fuck the consequences!
Flaw: “Low Impulse Control” - You have a lot of trouble turning down ideas that are unusual or “random”, especially when under the influence of booze or when sleep deprived.
No. 802356 ID: e5b57f
File 149498071866.png - (784.62KB , 800x600 , thedirector4.png )

Answer: Aubrey knows a lot of people in a lot of places, and many of them owe her favors. She called in one such favor to get the Ticket.

Personality Trait: SOCIAL
Perk: “Contacts” - When you need shit done, you usually know who to contact to make it happen.
Flaw: “Errand Girl” - A lot of people have helped you in the past, and they’ll expect you to help them in return.
No. 802357 ID: e5b57f
File 149498073387.png - (779.38KB , 800x600 , thedirector5.png )

Answer: An accomplished hacker, Aubrey used social engineering to get into the Ticket system and have it issue her one.
Personality Trait: MANIPULATIVE
Perk: “Credulous” - You are damn good at lying to people, and bullshitting opens up many options.
Flaw: “Keikaku Means Plan” - You feel compelled to make any plans hideously overcomplicated.
No. 802358 ID: e5b57f
File 149498075416.png - (755.74KB , 800x600 , thedirector6.png )

Answer: Aubrey bought it outright, but it cost her a year's earnings, her savings, and she had sell everything she owned (aside from toiletries and a few changes of clothes).

Personality Trait: DETERMINED
Perk: “Unflappable” - You are extraordinarily good at being patient, and you'll go that extra mile in order to accomplish what needs to be done.
Flaw: "Obsessive" - You don’t know when to let things go, and you’re incredible pushy, especially if sex is a possibility.
No. 802360 ID: e5b57f
File 149498080240.png - (732.04KB , 800x600 , thedirector.png )

There is no right or wrong choice - each of these answers is equally valid.

EACH PERSON GETS ONE VOTE. Feel free to discuss among yourselves which you feel is best, but please make sure you still vote.

Voting will be open for 48 hours. At that time, votes will be tallied, Aubrey's Trait will be chosen, and her quest will resume.

Thank you. <3

(Note: Due to Station policy, The Director is unable to answer any questions. Please contact a friendly Station staff member if you have concerns or inquiries. For your convenience, all Transdimensional Train cars have an on-site Station staff member.)
No. 802363 ID: a0f522

5, determined! We're real go-getters.
No. 802368 ID: 8cb228

Thinking either Social or Brazen... interested in suggestions, peeps!
No. 802402 ID: be61f7

Social! Nobody likes pushy people.
No. 802407 ID: 3ce125

Both of these things sound like advantages to me. Errands are fun!
No. 802409 ID: 70983e

Social! We love side quests, even to the extent of the detriment of the main quest!
No. 802439 ID: c57f6b

No. 802440 ID: 90f3c0

No. 802453 ID: 3ac858

FAMOUS, who wants to be a star? I DO.
No. 802490 ID: 393ae0

>1. Famous
I like having privacy and I would find it really annoying to have a bunch of stalkers following us the whole time, no matter how advantageous it might be. Technically, our suggestions here would carry less risk, but they would also be more limited.
AKA Public Sex

>2. Brazen
This may seem like a pretty good trait at first. The way I understand it, it would cause Aubrey to almost always follow our suggestions, no matter how stupid they are. But once you think about it, it's a really good idea to have Aubrey protect us from ourselves. I trust Aubrey's perception to be way better than our own and if anything's going to keep us alive, that would be it. So because I like being alive, I don't like this trait.
AKA Kinky Sex

>3. Social
The benefits of this trait are pretty nice and the flaw also doesn't sound bad at all. At least not until you realize that we *cannot* turn down those who we owe favours to. And that might would turn out to be quite inconvenient and dangerous. The way I understand it, picking this trait would mean ceding a part of our power over Aubrey to someone else.
AKA Group Sex

>4. Manipulative
To where we're going, being a good liar would be a pretty useful skill. The question here is, how bad would 'hideously overcomplicated' be? I think that this trait would cause Aubrey to progress in the plot much slower than usual and you better pray she doesn't find herself in some sort of action-packed situation because if I'm correct, this trait would cause our suggestions to always come out a bit twisted.
AKA Roleplay Sex

>5. Determined
The benefits aren't great but I don't see anything bad in the flaw either. This is my choice because it carries the best ratio of benefits vs risks.
AKA Orgasmic Sex
No. 802507 ID: 8cb228

No. 802508 ID: 3740b1

No. 802538 ID: 65b493

voting social here
No. 802575 ID: b412df

I say social
No. 802751 ID: e5b57f
File 149515296957.png - (784.62KB , 800x600 , thedirector4.png )

Voting is closed.

Aubrey's chosen Trait is: SOCIAL.

The answer to the question, "How did Aubrey acquire a Transdimensional Train Ticket?" is...

"Answer: Aubrey knows a lot of people in a lot of places, and many of them owe her favors. She called in one such favor to get the Ticket."

Thank you for your participation. I now return you to Aubrey's quest.
No. 802753 ID: e5b57f

[Closing connection...]

[...connection closed.]
No. 802756 ID: e5b57f
File 149515304449.png - (115.34KB , 600x600 , chapter1end.png )

"Soooo, Aubrey, what's it like?" You've sat back down, and Cass has a hand resting on your thigh.

"It's like... it's hard to describe. It's like having little thoughts skitter across the surface of your brain. And they sound like my voice, almost?" You think back on the past hour. "It's like - it's like I'm in a big room, and I'm talking out loud, but there are whispers all around me. Sometimes they shout and drown out my own voice, and it's kind of distracting."

Cass blinks. "That sounds like ADHD."

"Eh." You make a noncommittal motion with one hand. "I wouldn't know. Anyway," you continue, "I can actually remember everything that they've said. Which... which is weird."

"Bad weird or good weird?"

"Weird weird. Good weird a bit. And I gotta admit, the thought of countless strangers watching my every room, experiencing everything I feel,"—a sharp jab of regret for cutting the play session with Cass short—"it's a huge turn-on."

"I bet!"

"Oh! I meant to go into more detail about what I found in Quadrant Fiv—" You cut your sentence short at Cass's grin. Her eyes sparkle with mischief. "Goddammit. You totally know what it was, don't you."


"And you've known for how long now?"

"Since the first alert." She tilts her head to the side and brushes a stray bit of hair back behind one ear, her grin even wider now.

You facepalm. "Right. What about the cameras? You said they didn't show anything!"

"All lies. Saw two people, figured you might get lucky and get a good humping."


"What?" If there's anyone more terrible at looking innocent than Cass, you've never met them. "They didn't look dangerous! Besides, I went back and reviewed the footage after you left, and they arrived via portal. Which means they were Tourists, and thus 100% safe."

"Cass! Seriously!"

"If they looked like weirdos, then I'd have let you know, I promise!"

"Cass, I could have been accosted, or worse!" You look down at your hands, with their oversized claws. With the amount of sheer muscle you have driving them, they're perfect for fending off anyone who'd mess with you. "Okay, maybe not, but still." Resigned sigh. "Well, did you at least figure out who they were?"

"Naw, couldn't get that good of a look. If they were Tourists, though, then that means you might bump into them at Station. Ooo..." Cass's eyes go wide and she leans closer to you. "If you do, lemme know, 'kay? I don't want to have to go to TGchan and find out after the fact."

"Fine." You glance at the clock again - shift's almost over. You'll stop by your place to make sure you haven't forgotten anything (although most of your stuff's already been shipped forward to Station), after which you'll hop on the Train and start your adventure. You're nervous and excited in equal measures.

No. 802761 ID: e5b57f

Disthread here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111674.html
No. 802914 ID: 6f97db

Sexual encounters evaded: 2/3! (Evaded Ammy and the tourists hehe, but not Cass!)

Hmm, if Cass is able to read about what Aubrey does on TGchan, then wouldn't it mean she's also able to write suggestions? Unless, of course, she promised not to do that. So many implications. She could turn out to be an ally giving us hints, or a foe leading us to dead ends.. and evading sexual encounters!

Anyway, nothing really to suggest here. Maybe talk with a station staff member, but I don't think they would tell us anything we don't already know.
No. 802915 ID: e5b57f


Well, that's a good question - I think you'll find the answer if you go check the date on the letter she got and compare it to the date the letter was sent. =)
No. 803004 ID: 6f97db

No. 804377 ID: e5b57f

Next chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/804373.html
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