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File 149462424547.png - (34.02KB , 250x188 , OP3.png )
801367 No. 801367 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Quest may be NSFW at times. [Warnings: Gays, Smash Bros, Magic, Nudity, Dangeresque Situations]

Frillsby and Gallsby are the only damn cops on the force. They still need to get their badges to prove it, but they're too busy with real cop duties in the small but magic heavy town of Dorb.
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No. 856922 ID: c88e6d

Tell him that, in future, he needs to not break up roads. People use those roads, it's a big hassle and someone driving along it crash their car or fall in at night or something. It's not the copper scavenging that's a problem, it's the destruction of public property.
No. 857006 ID: 10c408

Anklecuff him to the closet door. "Okay, no smash for the retro hater"
No. 857018 ID: 2d1231


Ho ho! This smarmy flippant of a criminal is attempting to rustle your jimmies!

... let's rustle his.
No. 857041 ID: bfb318
File 151544444876.png - (86.35KB , 800x800 , 323.png )

"We're not the agency of copyright. That's just for creation and distribution anyway. Probably."
>"Frillsby, are you just gonna let that 'party game' stuff slide?"
"I'm not taking the bait, Gallsby. Poor taste should be a crime, but it's not."y
>"What bait?" asks Jamie. "Is it poor taste to like a bigger roster, better graphics, a huge amount of music?"

Jamie makes a decent point about the music.

Jamie also gets his ankles tied to the closet door.

"Maybe the copper has been part of an abandoned line, but the destruction of the road is absolutely a huge crime. It could cause a big accident when a driver falls in."
>"What moron wouldn't notice a big hole in the road?" Jamie asks.
"A person who doesn't believe people like you exist to make holes in roads."
No. 857042 ID: bfb318
File 151544445969.png - (160.11KB , 800x800 , 324.png )

We try playing some smash, but Jamie does his best to mess up the vibe. We ignore him for the most part, before we hear a car start pulling up outside the apartment.

Jamie starts trying to take his clothes off.
No. 857046 ID: c88e6d

He's trying to strip so he can transform without destroying his clothing. Sit on him so your antimagic stops him, and tell him if he breaks your apartment you'll break his face.
No. 857047 ID: a363ac

Frillsby go see who pulled up. Gallsby watch the cave troll.
No. 857048 ID: 17c2ee

The cuffs have the same antimagic as Frillsby and Gallsby, he can't transform.

Sounds good.
No. 857051 ID: 33d4be

He probably has a friend who can control clothes to make them explode or possess their owners or something! He's taking off his clothes so he doesn't get caught in it too.

You two need to take your clothes off too, right now!!
No. 857055 ID: 1a9fe2

He's trying to make it seem like you guys were doing Illegal Things to him, that villain's clothes need to stay on!
No. 857056 ID: 91ee5f

No. 857058 ID: 3ce125

Frillsby restrain the criminal so he can't accuse you of outright sexual harassment or something. Gallsby go see if it's finally time for the pickup. When they actually get into the room, call to confirm the guys picking him up are legit.
No. 857203 ID: 1e7aa8

Seconding this.
And also this. Adjust his cuffs so they are behind his back so he can't get his shirt off before you remove the cuff off of his ankle.
No. 857362 ID: bfb318
File 151552869704.png - (174.86KB , 800x800 , 325.png )

"Gallsby he's trying to take his clothes off to make it look like we're sexually harassing him."
>"What a criminal."
"We have to make sure his clothes are on."
>"Do we have to?"
"Don't sound disappointed! Just... go check on who pulled up."

I buckle up Jamie's pants and get his hands behind his back.

>"Hey, fellow officer of the law!" Gallsby shouts outside. Jamie starts looking a little more desperate.
>"H-hey, you know, I don't really want to go to jail, you know. C-could you put in a good word for me?"
No. 857363 ID: 3ce125

No. Tell him if he wants a plea bargain he's going to have to spill the beans about who robbed the warehouse.
No. 857372 ID: 6780f5

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. And get some better taste in videogames.
No. 857373 ID: 33d4be

"I dunno, do you have any honest bad words about anyone else?"
No. 857374 ID: 28cb85

No. 857420 ID: 86eb65

Its nothing personal buddy. The copper eating would probably only get you a slap on the wrist.

But apparently you have been a bad bad boy and caused a mess elsewhere. So it's off to the court system you go.

As for good words you have not pissed us off to badly. So stop resisting and go along with this calmly and we will mention that in our report to the court.
No. 857435 ID: daa216

Make sure they know to house him in something he cant eat when you trade him off.
No. 857448 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure whoever you're handing him off to, knows to not let him near anything made of copper.
No. 857457 ID: 2a13fa

No. 857513 ID: 3abd97

>C-could you put in a good word for me?
I don't know. Have you been demonstrating good behavior in our custody?
No. 857524 ID: bb78f2

We're the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of this town. Better make real nice with us if you know, you DON'T want the strictest punishment possible...

I don't know what that makes the mayor, now that I think about it. MAYBE also Executive. But we do make the laws and execute them, as well as judge the cases.

I guess she's... the financial branch of the city government?
No. 857617 ID: bfb318
File 151561360641.png - (187.86KB , 800x800 , 326.png )

"It's nothing personal, but good words are only given those who have good behavior in custody. It's not our good side you need to be on, it's all the other places you've made a mess of." At least I assume Jacksonville has a court. I don't know much about that place.
>"What are Jacksonville cops like?"

The cop knocks at the open door, taking a step inside.

>"Well first of all, in Jacksonville, we wear pants. This the guy, or did I just come at a bad time?"
"That's him. Make sure he doesn't get any copper."
>"Don't worry your little frills off, Frills. We've already got a whoooole separate document detailing how to contain just this guy. For a couple of pajama wearin', monster handed pair of cops, you guys did good catching him."

>Where does the Mayor fit into the legal system?
I have no idea.

>"So uh, is that it Frillsby? Nothing else?" asks Gallsby, who's still hanging just outside the door.
"Am I forgetting something?"
>"I dunno I'm asking you."
No. 857619 ID: a363ac

ask the cop if he would like to SMASH before he goes.
No. 857620 ID: 1a9fe2

Ask if the law dog is interested in any variation or interpretation of smash
No. 857622 ID: 6780f5

Ask the law dog if he wants to RAW dog it.
No. 857625 ID: 91ee5f

>"Am I forgetting something?"
>"I dunno I'm asking you."
Jamie mentioned that there was someone else in town that steals copper.

Ask the cop if he knows of anyone else that steals copper?

No to all of these. We shouldn't interfere with this guy's job.

Plus, any distractions just gives Jamie more chances to escape. We don't want to earn a reputation as the cops that fucked up and let a big time criminal escape!
No. 857626 ID: 3ce125

Well you could verify that this is a real cop.
No. 857628 ID: 91ee5f

If he's fake, we could just give him a friendly handshake and he'll lose his disguise. But if he's not using magic, we'd have to think of something else.

We could go and check if he's got a real police car and maybe touch it to verify it's not disguised also.

Then again, we might just be overly paranoid about this.
No. 857648 ID: 9e4723

Should we tell him about the magic karma?
No. 857650 ID: 2efe4b

Ask the lawman if he knows any associates of this perp or anyone else who might also have stolen a load of copper.
No. 857663 ID: 3abd97

>"Am I forgetting something?"
Jamie did deny stealing or eating the copper from the junk yard didn't he? Is he only ate the pipes we still have another criminal to find and goods to collect.

Might wanna give Jamie a last chance to see if there's anything he can say to help with ongoing investigations that might be taken into consideration before he's hauled away.

I mean he's calling Frillsby "Frills" so it seems like they know each other already but if that's not the case Frillsby could check his badge and transfer documents.
No. 857676 ID: 2d1231


His shirt looks a size too small. Tell him that Ante has some sales on good shirts; probably has one in his size, too.
No. 857679 ID: 91ee5f

His shirt isnt too small, he's just got his sleeves rolled up.
No. 857680 ID: 86eb65

Do this properly.

Get his id and badge number and check his paperwork. Then sign off on the prisoner transfer in official fashion.

No paperwork no transfer. Also make sure to touch the cop at least once to check for illusions or shape shifting that would be disrupted by your anti magic. (him avoiding your touch is possibly bad news)

If he gives you any crap insist that while you might be a small town cop you still take your job seriously and are not planning on handing this guy over to one of his shape shifting friends.
No. 857688 ID: daa216

We should ask them if they have any leads on the other copper theft that Jamie claimed they didnt do. Then of course offer to show them the bonus of going pantless
No. 858265 ID: 15a025

Ask for his name and ID. This could be a ruse to get Jamie out of here.

If he checks out alright, see if he's got any leads on the other thief?
No. 858637 ID: bfb318
File 151605773812.png - (160.09KB , 800x800 , 327.png )

"Jamie did mention there was someone else in town stealing copper. I doubt the law dog from Jacksonville would know much of it."
>"Fer fuck's... I'm not a dog. Quit assuming I'm a dog."
"You look like a dog."
>"And you look like a watermelon."

Gallsby's eyes light up.

>"He is a watermelon! He even tastes like one!"
>"Then I guess you smartasses from Dorb can be judged by your covers, but up in Jacksonville, things are a bit more complicated. Anyway, we don't know about any copper thieves down here. We'll ask about it in interrogation and let you know if we find out anything."
>"Wanna smash though?" asks Gallsby.
>"We also do our jobs up in Jacksonville, not whatever you kids are calling 'smash' these days."
"Then let me do cop things and let me check your ID and badge just to avoid any shapeshifting shenanigans."
>"Oh yeah, you guys got one of those, huh." He hands his stuff to me, and pats my hand to get my anti-magic. Nothing's wrong here.
"Yeah. Jamie, if you want a good word, you'll talk about your accomplice."
>"Snitches get bitches." he says. "Wait, uh... stitches. They get stitches, that's the thing I don't want."
>"Snitches get a break, so you'll just get broke." says the cop whose name I now remember as Baxton.

>Tell Baxton that his shirt is too small
All my room to talk about misfitting shirts is taken up by my current shirt.

I sign the paperwork and supply another pair of handcuffs that should last long enough for them to get Jamie put away. Baxton starts to take him.

>"Quit drooling, you delinquent."
>"Then gimme some copper, real high quality copper! I don't drool at all after a good meal!"
No. 858638 ID: 86eb65

Don't feed him copper it might give him super powers or something.

Box up the leftover pineapple pizza and send it with him.
No. 858640 ID: 3abd97

You can't eat copper, you still have the anti-magic handcuffs on, you're just going to hurt yourself trying.

Be advised the prisoner, without antimagic, will literally eat metal and is strong enough to rip up highways to do so.

How Braxton and his peers feed Jamie and keep him locked up is officially another jurisdiction's problem.
No. 858642 ID: a363ac

Buh bye now left pineapple eating mother fucker
No. 858644 ID: fda98a

Yeah, fucking heretic.
No. 858646 ID: 3ce125

Give him the pizza.
No. 858649 ID: 91ee5f

"You're not allowed to have copper! You'll just have to enjoy a no copper diet while you're in jail!"
No. 858652 ID: c31aac

Resist strong urge to make a "You can have a mouthful of this copper before you go" joke
No. 858788 ID: 2d1231


There are only pineapples on pizza where he's going.
No. 858856 ID: bfb318
File 151614632410.png - (152.97KB , 800x800 , 328.png )

I box up the remaining pineapple pizza.

"Get this travesty out of my house. It's all pineapple pizza where you're going anyway."
>"Eh?" Baxton says. "If you don't want it, give it to me. I love pineapple."

Now Jamie's eyes light up.

>"I knew it! I knew some - "
>"Shut your idiot mouth." Baxton takes him away.
No. 858857 ID: bfb318
File 151614633556.png - (175.40KB , 1200x800 , 329.png )

There's probably a couple things and people to check in on later, but exhaustion calls.

End Chapter 5
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