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File 149750803385.png - (102.60KB , 800x800 , xq1.png )
807972 No. 807972 ID: 273296

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No. 813289 ID: 01764f
File 149931958277.png - (81.25KB , 800x800 , xq85.png )

What was that?
No. 813290 ID: 2120ee

Sounds like someone is... deploying something to do with the window?

It could be a drone to take photos of your butt.
No. 813292 ID: 3373e2

Time to wake up because it seems as if some one else has noticed us. If they are friend or foe we know not yet so be careful; you might want to hide or at least look around to see if there is any other exit just in case these people aren't so friendly.
No. 813293 ID: 1e7aa8

Violence might be about to ensue. Flee!
No. 813295 ID: be0718

That was just the attention you so dearly seek catching up with you. Go show the window your scars!
No. 813301 ID: 91ee5f

Someone's outside! Quick, hide under the bed!
No. 813304 ID: 47160d

Your back must be killing you in that position
No. 813306 ID: 3740b1

Just maintain that position and play possum until you know what you're dealing with.
No. 813320 ID: f505e7

It's nothing go back to sleep
No. 813332 ID: 6b1d95

Psst Outissa. Your scarf is on fire.
No. 813333 ID: a363ac

grab your yinglet and RUN FOOL!
No. 813336 ID: add027

Quick, hide under the bed!
No. 813346 ID: 8cb228

Alarm! Someone is here to detain, capture, or fight you!
No. 813348 ID: 8cb228

Addendum: Check your options for fighting, hiding, or fleeing. What's most likely to work?
No. 813414 ID: ba56e6

Attention. Subjects of unknown origin know your location and are about to engage. Word choice suggests that they may be military. Seek cover.

Most likely cause: the human female from the first window has alerted security to your presence.

Further advisement when nature of subjects becomes clear.
No. 813423 ID: 01764f
File 149938025297.png - (81.23KB , 800x800 , xq86.png )

Yes! I will run! I must hur—

I drank too much tea. I have to urinate first.
No. 813424 ID: 01764f
File 149938025467.png - (47.11KB , 800x800 , xq87.png )

How do I... oh! Seat up first. Yes. And then... this is much easier outside.
No. 813425 ID: 01764f
File 149938025741.png - (48.88KB , 800x800 , xq88.png )

"Where did sopretty lady go? Oh~! Why are you pointing at my hat? Is it time to leave? We have only been sleeping for a little bit!"
No. 813426 ID: 01764f
File 149938025925.png - (32.67KB , 800x800 , xq89.png )

"Zhis is - I have to get my zhings! Window? I... oh no! Why are you not saying anyzhing? Please explain!"
No. 813427 ID: 01764f
File 149938026373.png - (90.65KB , 800x800 , xq90.png )

"We are running now! He he, you are so fast! It is an adventure now! Danger! Excitement! Zhese are what Beatrix lives for!"
No. 813428 ID: 01764f
File 149938026570.png - (147.89KB , 800x800 , xq91.png )

No. 813429 ID: 01764f
File 149938026840.png - (115.63KB , 1000x516 , xq92.png )

No. 813430 ID: 01764f
File 149938027195.png - (54.54KB , 800x516 , xq93.png )

No. 813431 ID: 01764f
File 149938027328.png - (93.57KB , 800x516 , xq94.png )

"Oh... shit."

Oh... shit.
No. 813433 ID: f505e7

you should go hug it it seems nice
No. 813437 ID: be0718

Show them your scars! Maybe add a few to the collection.
No. 813438 ID: ba56e6

Some sort of living weapon they deployed?

They expect you to get flushed out of the window. If the hallway continues in the other direction, go that way. If the only other way is back into the room, you will need to risk the window.

Beatrix cannot survive the fall. Even if you land unharmed, the momentum will carry her further and she will likely die.

As such, climbing is the only option in the event of a window escape. Expect to be fired upon by ranged weapons. Erratic movements.

If you can swim well, go for the water once you are at a height that will not dislodge Beatrix from you. Water disrupts the firing path of ranged weapons.
No. 813440 ID: 91ee5f

Quick, run away as fast as you can!

Fuck! Not that way! Turn arou-

Oh...shit. We're surrounded.

I would say fight your way through, but I'm not sure how well you can fight and protect your new friend at the same time. So, I think you should pick a door, any door, kick it open, and jump out the window!
No. 813441 ID: ba56e6

To clarify: if the door here >>813431 is not the one you came from, try it.

If it is the one you came from, execute window escape.
No. 813444 ID: 3740b1

You can only go through one or out the door. Whichever you think you'll be better at.
No. 813453 ID: 6b1d95

Hmm, it's a bit strange. Why are these guys trying to kill you together with Beatrix. I'm gonna assume that Outissa's father has nothing to do with this and they're a sort of alien control service. Well-equipped one at that.

It's a good thing she doesn't seem to be able to feel fear at least.

RIP scarf. It's fine it will grow back!

>Oh... shit.
I guess it's time you use your ceiling climbing ability. Bypass them by running towards them (don't care which side) and jumping on the wall, then bouncing on the ceiling, and back on the ground after you've passed them.
No. 813455 ID: 1e7aa8

You may have to leave your Yinglet fuckbuddy behind as you escape. It's parkour time, baby.
No. 813543 ID: 01764f
File 149940748202.png - (80.53KB , 1000x516 , xq95.png )

The door is not opening.

"Ze... ze zhings! Zhey are getting closer!"
No. 813544 ID: 01764f
File 149940748464.png - (99.34KB , 1000x516 , xq96.png )

>Run away!
There is no place to run.
No. 813545 ID: 01764f
File 149940748744.png - (161.44KB , 1000x516 , xq97.png )

>Hello. I sing.
That voice. I that voice. I know that voice. I know that voice.

"Sopretty lady? Why are we standing still?"
No. 813546 ID: 01764f
File 149940749066.png - (194.63KB , 1000x516 , xq98.png )

>Sing. Where he cannot hear me.
Yes. He cannot hear you sing here.

No. 813547 ID: 01764f
File 149940749305.png - (154.90KB , 1000x516 , xq99.png )

...brother. I hid. I ate my name and I hid from you. You went away. You could not find me. You could not sing to me any more.

"O-kay. I will be okay if zhese get to us, but I am sure you are not insured! You will get hurt! Please run!"
No. 813548 ID: 01764f
File 149940749563.png - (140.95KB , 1000x516 , xq100.png )

You stole words. You stole songs. You made them yours. You made them broken.

"It was very nice knowing you! Thank you for the sex! Maybe I will find anozher like you!"
No. 813549 ID: 01764f
File 149940749879.png - (128.15KB , 1000x516 , xq101.png )

>Can you say that you are free?
I wanted to be free.

>Run towards them, jump on wall, run on ceiling
I... yes! YES.
No. 813550 ID: 01764f
File 149940750037.png - (205.49KB , 1000x516 , xq102.png )

>Your claws are bound and voice silent
I never had a voice.

"Yay! Maybe we will live, yes? Zhat had me very worried!"
No. 813551 ID: 01764f
File 149940750262.png - (202.05KB , 1000x516 , xq103.png )

>You can't accept and won't concede that this is who you are
I am me. I am OUTISSA. I am Outissa. I accept this. Even with a name, you will not catch me.

"I am holding on VERY TIGHTLY! He he he!"
No. 813552 ID: 01764f
File 149940750496.png - (111.95KB , 1000x516 , xq104.png )

I can outrun you, Brother. You cannot catch me.

"I am very glad that I did not eat very much, or I would be very very sick right now!"
No. 813554 ID: be0718

...What the fuck?

Ditch ballast. She said it's okay, she's insured.
No. 813557 ID: 3373e2

Hold on to your friend tightly and keep running.
No. 813560 ID: ba56e6

Running is good, but also remember to be aware of your surroundings. We are in a building, and the pursuers have a known quantity within which to search for us. Look for an escape route.
No. 813579 ID: 6b1d95

Well well, look who it is. A kid who can't get over the fact that you won't talk to him anymore.

It's best to avoid him. Keep working with your legs!
No. 813626 ID: c88e6d

Your brother is a jerk. Hold tight to your sex friend and run for both of your lives! You don't want her to be forced to pay to come back to life because you let go of her, do you?

Also, your brother's creepy murderbugs look really painful and icky. Don't let them touch you or her. Keep running, ensure your energy reserves are full enough to keep up this chase, and watch out for traps.
No. 813644 ID: b0b9f5

Keep running, and once you are out of immediate danger, switch to an energy conserving, long-distance focused stride.
No. 813652 ID: 01764f
File 149945575152.png - (186.44KB , 1000x516 , xq105.png )

>Sister please wait
No. 813653 ID: 01764f
File 149945575354.png - (116.47KB , 1000x516 , xq106.png )

>Please don't go, I want you to stay

"Wait, scarybugs are a person?"
No. 813654 ID: 01764f
File 149945575629.png - (46.51KB , 1000x516 , xq107.png )

>I'm begging you please, please don't leave me.

"Awww! Pretty lady, what are you going to do? He looks sad! Zhis door looks unlocked and we can go wizhout him, I zhink. Or we can maybe see what he needs? Or bring him?"

...what should I do? I do not know. There was a scary burning light earlier. There might be more. I can hear people outside. If I leave my brother here, then he might not survive.

I must decide now. Bring him or leave him or something else?
No. 813656 ID: be0718

Begging doesn't suit you, brother!

...Welp, bye. Don't think we forgot about the murderbots.
No. 813657 ID: 3740b1

It would help if we knew something, anything about your brother. You know better than us at this point whether he's dangerous to you and whether he deserves to be helped.

With nothing real to go on apart from appearances, I say leave him unless you feel you should help him.
No. 813658 ID: add027

I agree with this radical dude.
No. 813660 ID: 01764f

(Hey, it's your Quest Author stepping in again in response to some concerns I've heard from people about voting.

If you find yourself facing an extremely difficult choice, it's better to vote for something than to not do anything. I promise you that the quest won't just end if you make a choice that you feel might be uninformed or suboptimal. <3)
No. 813661 ID: a363ac

Kiss the yinglet's flower. just cause.
No. 813662 ID: 7fad5d

Hold the yinglet at him and squeeze gently to make her say random phrases until she asks "Why not?".
No. 813663 ID: 486e87

Leave him. He chased you, and now that escape is possible he is trying to guilt trip you. Actions speak louder than words.
No. 813664 ID: a363ac

you know what NO BROTHER LEFT BEHIND grab your brother and bolt!
No. 813671 ID: c88e6d

I agree with that guy before me. You know better than we whether or not he's actually willing to abandon your creepy father, and whether he's willing to change and be GOOD rather than controlling and using you. You will need to choose.
No. 813675 ID: 6b1d95

>It would help if we knew something, anything about your brother.
We already know plenty about him from the last update. He just assaulted her and based on his words, he's a psycho. It's likely he's been hurting her for her whole life and he's one of the reasons she ran away. He's really really bad news.

>...what should I do?
He's one of the reasons you ran away, isn't he? I wouldn't forgive him. You shouldn't forgive him. Sooner or later he will hurt you again. Steal from you. Nothing good will come of this.

And yet, I can't force myself to leave him here.
Something else.
Tell him that if he stays in.. this form, and acts nicely, that you'll allow him to follow you until you reach a place that is safe. And then the two of you go their separate ways.
No. 813696 ID: 0fa7eb

He can make friends with someone else.

Go through, lock the door behind you.
No. 813703 ID: 91ee5f

No. 813714 ID: 21d707

First of all... can you communicate with your brother in a useful way? Do you have thought-speech to him or were those just your reactions? And what do you know about him that would be relevant?

I would suggest expressing guarded permission for him to follow, and travel with you, AT A DISTANCE. A distance sufficient for you to successfully flee him if need be. And only while he behaves! You can express this with just body language and movement or thought-speech if you have it.
No. 813715 ID: 21d707

And then when he's in a safe place, after behaving the entire time, you all can go your separate ways. But he'll need to keep the creepiness down.
No. 813716 ID: c57f6b

Forgiveness and trust are not the same. You can let go of desire to hurt him for what he did, while remaining alert if his behavior hasn't changed. Take him with you.
No. 813746 ID: ba56e6

Target is vulnerable. Feign compliance and then go for the kill.
No. 813783 ID: 7f7ea0

Outissa... I normally don't advise such things, but VERY VERY careful try to communicate with him. If he can be trusted at all then we should help and he would be very helpful
No. 813843 ID: 01764f
File 149948980765.png - (153.59KB , 1000x516 , xq108.png )

>You choose/more info/you know best/tell more
I do not have time to answer questions! We are all going to die! Please help! Do not tell me that I know best. If I knew best then I would not ask for help!

"We see the target... someone else..."

"You stopped again! I see people at ze end of ze hall! HALLO PEOPLE! BEATRIX GREETS YOU!"

"...goddamn yinglet!?..."

Should I take my brother? Or leave him?

...or do nothing? Maybe I am useless after all.
No. 813850 ID: 91ee5f

>"We see the target...someone else..."
It sounds like they were chasing one of you, but weren't expecting the other to be here!

>Take? Leave? Do nothing?

Alright, bring him along!

>Maybe I am useless after all.
NO!!! BAD OUTISSA!!! Don't you ever say that about yourself! You're not useless, it's us voices that are useless, since we can't give you a clear answer!
No. 813851 ID: 0fa7eb

Guide him to an escape route, but don't let him follow you. If he's infected, you won't stand a chance.
No. 813852 ID: c88e6d

Bring him. It's the right thing to do.

Also, you should have more self esteem. You've muddled along this far without any real problems! Grab him too and drag his crazy ass with you while escaping the guys at the end of the hall.
No. 813854 ID: 3373e2

Take him and get out before those people deploy something more deadly.
No. 813857 ID: efcc58

You should take him with you for now. Save the big decisions for when you're not being chased.
No. 813858 ID: ba56e6

So be it. Take him with you and go.

Take comfort in knowing that your father would not want this. For his children to unite against him.
No. 813865 ID: be61f7

Leave him and run for safety. It's time to find friends.
No. 813872 ID: 359bc6

>Maybe I am useless after all.

Weakling, weakling! Only one shall stand on top of the world!

>You're not useless, it's us voices that are useless, since we can't give you a clear answer!

What the hell are we, anyway? Some Eldritch Abomination tugging at the strings of fate? Or blind idiot gods bickering over the affairs of mortals?


Either way, grab your brother, but be careful of backstabs. Cautious but optimistic. You need all the help you can get.
No. 813883 ID: 3740b1

Leave him. Run for your life. Yell at him to run if he doesn't want to die.
No. 813885 ID: 6b1d95

Again, take him with you, but make sure he understands that you're doing so with conditions.
It's extremely important that you mention them early and that he agrees with them, otherwise you're just doing more harm to the both of you. If he doesn't agree to compromise, then he would never stop being clingy and immature. Not only that, things would turn into a shitshow as he would assault you again the moment you mentioned something he wouldn't like.
So don't let him have any expectations. He needs to be prepared for the two of you to go their separate ways.
No. 813894 ID: be0718

Do nothing! You cannot be 100% absolutely certain that openly embracing a bunch of psychopathic murderbots is the right or wrong decision, so you should sit here until enough facts come along that tell you otherwise.
Also, the radio voices are rude. She is a filthy yinglet, not a goddamn yinglet.
No. 813896 ID: be0718

If No One doesn't have time to answer questions, what makes you think she has time to ask them?
No. 813918 ID: 7f7ea0

Alright let's take him, trustnis good
No. 813923 ID: 6b1d95

First of all, there's a lot to explain about her brother. Second, she's not good with explaining stuff to being with, requiring extra time to choose the right words. Third, she's distressed and can't think right now.
So yeah, while she may not have the time to talk about her brother, asking her brother to obey her can be done in a short sentence.
And lastly, in case there really is no time at all, I specifically wrote "early" and not "immediately". Which means, she can first take him, and then explain the conditions while they run.
No. 813997 ID: 01764f
File 149955853885.png - (77.62KB , 1000x516 , xq109.png )

>Bring him
Beatrix and I urge my brother to follow. He must hurry!

>Give me time I will be clear, given time you'll understand
>What possesses me to right what we have suffered.
That can wait until we are safe.

"Bye, people! Maybe we will see you later, yes?"

"...they're escaping!..."
"...flanked... team in position..."
No. 813998 ID: 01764f
File 149955854010.png - (191.45KB , 1000x516 , xq110.png )

No. 813999 ID: 01764f
File 149955854316.png - (376.26KB , 800x800 , xq111.png )

No. 814000 ID: 01764f
File 149955854570.png - (175.98KB , 800x800 , xq112.png )


Friends made: 2/3
Secrets found: 1/1
People sexed: 1/3

Voices tainted: 6
No. 814002 ID: 01764f
File 149955867325.png - (165.50KB , 800x800 , xq113.png )


(No characters will hear anything you write until the next update, so take this time to discuss your thoughts and next course of action! I will be posting a link to the new thread when it is up.)
No. 814007 ID: 01764f

(Since this thread will be closing in a couple of days, you can hop to the disthread as well if you prefer: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html )
No. 814008 ID: 56ffef

darn he is going to be there for a while.
No. 814012 ID: 3740b1

Waah, all those sexins we didnt have! Tragic.
No. 814015 ID: 17c2ee

Sure, it's tragic that neither of Outissa's family members who showed up raped her.
No. 814165 ID: 3740b1

I doubt there was a way daddy was Astral projecting to bang her or we were getting bug fucked in the 30 seconds we had before getting killed by the mystery light. I imagine it was back in the tower or some of the other windows.
No. 814174 ID: 91ee5f

>Friends made.
Beatrix and.....Amaranth?
No. 814180 ID: 486e87

I wonder what it means by voices tainted?
No. 814184 ID: 91ee5f

Probably counting whoever's loyal to Outissa's father.
No. 814224 ID: ba56e6

Probably the human woman from the tower.
No. 814242 ID: c88e6d

People who sided with Outissa's dad.
No. 814272 ID: 6b1d95

It's interesting how they're mentioned as having been "tainted". I mean, they made an intentional decision and the only thing that happened was a formalization. Something changed, but what.
No. 814275 ID: 01764f

Thread 2 is live! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/814273.html
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