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File 149826557380.png - (32.04KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
809939 No. 809939 ID: bfb318

It's a nice day out, but I don't have many good memories of surviving in a forest.

Previous Threads/Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection
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No. 862688 ID: 86eb65

Glitcher sometimes if you want your kids to grow up in a world that is worth living in you have to work your ass of and sacrifice something.

I hope you can work to make the world a better place for your kind.

Get armored up and head out.
No. 862693 ID: 0d45a9

You can't change the past, even if it turns out another option would've been better in hindsight. All you can do is try to make the best of your current situation.

Vanski isn't going to give me another chance after turning against him again, so that's what I'm doing. If this works out no one gets nuked, this hive fights back, and I get to give one last screw you to Vanski.

And maybe some of my hive mates will try to escape in the chaos, I'll be happy if any do. They don't deserve to live like this, under Vanski anymore, after all he's done.
No. 862694 ID: a3f11f

Ask them to play a mournful dirge for Quokko while you do this.
No. 862697 ID: 10c408

"Pretty sure that if we went off into space, they'd have come after us. The government, too. It'd have been even worse.

I'd like some music while I go and stop a mad salikai from killing a lot of people in a false flag operation."
No. 862700 ID: 2efe4b

"I know you'll make the best of it. Don't feel too bad about me, Alison. I'm old anyway. Flesh and blood doesn't last that long, and we make our accommodation with it. Besides, I'm a neumono. Our physiology, our psychology... we're naturally disposed to self-sacrifice. A limb so the body lives, a life so the hive lives. Almost carnivores, which means we weigh to "fight" in "fight or flight". I'm happier dying like this, by my choice, knowing clearly for who and what. Not that I don't have any regrets or wishes, but... this is the best of all the likely alternatives. It's respectable, and if it somehow gets out that I did this, it might help my hive, at least. We won't just be the OPA's lackeys. The world will know we tried to stop this, best we could."
No. 862701 ID: c88e6d

It's too late for regrets. There's just enough time to feel satisfied though.
No. 862702 ID: 91ee5f

You don’t need to find the source of the gas, you just need to demand whoever’s in charge to order the CAI to open the vents to get rid of the gas! And you can demand they order the CAI to stop the countdown on the nukes!

>right now, a couple neumono I think you met should be clearing a path to the bridge. You'll follow them.
It’s probably those two women neumono from earlier. I guess you should drop the jammer so that you can warn them with your empathy. Hopefully they’ll be able to get out of the way in time!

“I agree with Alison on both staying behind to permanently put a stop to Vanski and his allies and not arguing about it right now. So Glitcher, please respect Alison’s wishes and don’t argue about it right now.”
No. 862710 ID: 3abd97

I expect there is very little I can contribute to your arguments on strategy at this point.
No. 862712 ID: 3ce125

Tell them they can try that once they're done with the OPA. Arza should have easy access to a spacecraft of some sort.
If we're asking for music, something hype would work.
No. 862717 ID: 4ceb21

"I can't say anything significant at this point, but if there's still good you have a chance to do, then gritting your teeth and trying is all you can do."

If you're going to blow yourself up, it's essential to also be blasting synthwave.
No. 862726 ID: de6d84

Nothing much more I can do, but I hope you guys are able to make your situation work out to the best of your abilities.
No. 862727 ID: 5db0a7

Ask the CAI if they can connect you to anyone in your Hive before you go.
No. 862731 ID: deec6e


Agreed. No more arguing.

Alison, you've all done your best. Thank you for being so wonderful. Thank you for the music. Thank you for effectively forgiving me for something unforgivable, and then trying to save me. Give yourselves a metahug from me, those of you that want it. You're all incredible people.

Glitcher, buddy. Being able to go out on my own terms, stopping one of Vanski's terrible schemes... it's pretty great.

Thanks for sticking around.
No. 862733 ID: a633c6

Glitcher, You're sure there's no escape pod or ventilation system I can Action Movie Dive into and the explosion can chase me down?
No. 862742 ID: 91ee5f

Since you weren’t paying attention, Likol swallowed a bomb! He’s not planning on running away.
No. 862756 ID: 3ce125

>20 million years
Wait a minute. Glitcher please tell us you weren't conscious for all of that. Or your family. I can't imagine experiencing that stretch of time, even with trillions of people to keep me company.
...do they have to worry about data storage? Their memories are stored somewhere, and those are a LOT of memories.
Yes this is nerd talk, but you are a nerd to the end.
No. 862761 ID: 0d16d5

>"I think we should've gone off on a spaceship, instead of choosing the danger route."

Gonna have to agree with Glitcher on that one. Likol wouldnt have to be blowing himself up if we'd been able to get the CAI off-planet. Timeline splits aside, that is.
No. 862784 ID: 2d1231


Time to set Vanski up the bomb.
No. 862826 ID: 9d4af9

The die is cast. Let's make sure our last moments count.
No. 862883 ID: e1c8f7

"My clock is ticking, Alison. I'd prefer to air everything out now while I still can. You know I would do just about anything for you and the others. I have given up a lot. Loosing Quokko though.. was a lot for me. I would appreciate hearing all your options again."
No. 863028 ID: b7e0a2

Till Valhalla, like seriously.
No. 863030 ID: b7e0a2

play something scandroid and end vanski
No. 863031 ID: bfb318
File 151725287272.png - (57.24KB , 800x800 , 253.png )

Once I put my respirator back over my mouth and confirm my jammer is strapped around me, I move on.

"I don't think much will come of me arguing, either. But as far as 20 million years a day is concerned, I hope Glitcher isn't active for it."
"Noooononoononoonon. We finally managed to set it up so that it can run itself and I can sleep though it instead of going bonkers and ruining everything for everyone."
"What about data storage?"
"It's not infinite, but we'll be in real nice shape if we ever have to worry about it."
"Okay. I would have liked to hear all your options, but to appreciate any decision, we would need to debate for hours. Instead... Alison. Music, please. Keep it instrumental, because I'd like to be able to talk with you."
>"On it!"

She plays. There is difficulty in finding a tone for the music. There's reason for it to be mournful, but in light of my imminent sprint to destroy some of Vanski's assets, it tries to be simultaneously upbeat. Somehow, it works as a relatively fast song with lower feeling tones.

"We're going to shut off the security cameras. Better look suspicious than put the heat on CAI for not reporting a mad bomber." says Glitcher.
>"Thank you for what you're doing, Likol, it's a great deed." Alison says.
"Doing something beneficial is a nice plus, but I'm driven by purely selfish reasons on behalf of my hive. Is it possible to connect to anyone in my hive, right now?"
>"No, I'm sorry. But when we get a reasonable chance, we'll tell them you love them, and anything else you want."
"They already know I love them, but yes."
No. 863032 ID: bfb318
File 151725289320.png - (64.48KB , 1000x800 , 254.png )

I move on.

Even if it's a suicide bombing run, then I don't want to kill those two women in the blast. While I was collecting bombs, Glitcher showed me a visual of the bridge. Unless they literally charge into the center of the bridge room like they're invincible, they won't get the full brunt of the blast. I'm lead through the halls, keeping pace so that Polo and Rokoa converge on my path a little ahead of me.

"For what else to tell them.... me and my ancestors struggled for centuries in a world we never fit in. We never got to live as we wanted, and never got to do all the things we wanted to. In spite of all that, we struggled and survived in hopes that someday our descendants could do all the things we couldn't. We're so close to being in that position, that getting wiped out now would mean maximizing the struggle and still have no payoff. So tell them to survive."
>"I will."
"And you two, promise me you'll do everything in your power to make them survive. After all this time... please, please don't let us die here, so close to the finish line."
"Geez, buddy. Promise."
>"I promise, and many others just did, too."
"It's important you all live, too. Even disregarding the number of lives, you're our hive's greatest product, even if it for all the wrong reasons. If we did die off, we want there to be something that lasts because of us, so that we aren't just one of the many extinct hives out there that may as well have never existed outside their own brief lifetimes."
"Yeah, we're as close as you guys." says Glitcher.
No. 863033 ID: bfb318
File 151725291341.png - (22.39KB , 800x800 , 255.png )

I move on.

>"Polo and Rokoa are just ahead, Likol. The path is clear, now. If you're ready, please sprint."
"Alright." I squeeze my ear comm. "Meta-hug."

I start wrapping wire in my teeth, arming bombs, and wiping off my eyes.

I figured I'd need to sprint, so I wore very little armor. I toss my jammer. Aside from the weight, I wouldn't want a bad misunderstanding with Polo and Rokoa when I run at them with bombs.

"Please raise the volume, Alison."
No. 863034 ID: bfb318
File 151725293524.png - (7.41KB , 800x800 , 256.png )

I move on.

Those two got wounded, and Rokoa is passing out. It's good enough. They helped make this possible, intentionally or not. The alarms are going off as the lights turn red, but it's too late.

"Thank you for sticking with me as I do this. Make the most of it."
>"We will."
"Thanks, buddy."

The bridge is right there. It feels far, but there's nothing else left for me but to get there.

No. 863035 ID: bfb318
File 151725295762.png - (13.58KB , 800x800 , 257.png )

I move on.
No. 863036 ID: bfb318
File 151725298691.png - (3.56KB , 800x800 , 258.png )

No. 863038 ID: bfb318
File 151725307976.png - (15.26KB , 800x800 , 259.png )

No. 863039 ID: bfb318
File 151725310042.png - (44.89KB , 1200x800 , 260.png )

No. 863040 ID: bfb318
File 151725312762.png - (48.13KB , 800x800 , 261.png )

No. 863054 ID: 6780f5

Is that Okei? Being the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded? Told her it was contagious. No, I'm not crying.
No. 863057 ID: 91ee5f

I’m not an expert in how quickly neumono grow up, but it’s only been 4 years since we parted ways with her. I don’t think she would’ve grown up that quickly.

That might be a different neumono.
No. 863058 ID: 86eb65


That last panel is Likol many years ago looking up at the stars with his queen pre first contact.

Its the photo in the museum display.
No. 863060 ID: 6c2cf5

RIP Likol

cause you’re the best
you’re the best Likol
since the beginning
to the end

the best and only one and only one there ever will be
and no matter what you do
someone out there thinks You’re a good person
and that's all you ever really wanted
and all they ever really wanted

so you just keep on going
cause someone will follow your lead
so you do your best all day

maybe you just wanted to nerd all day
maybe you'd like some peace for once in your life
and for that we know you Likol well
but even if things could've been better
you'd do it all over again
just for everyone
so you’d say thank you
thank you for just being you

thank you for being you
cause it's you, Likol
and you’re the best and the only Likol
and even if people think Likol can save everyone
you know you would've been just a wreck without everyone
so you’d say to everyone
thank you for everything

Thank you likol
No. 863062 ID: deec6e

No. 863064 ID: 0d45a9

Rest in peace, Likol.
No. 863068 ID: 10c408

Goodbye, likol. May you rest in peace
No. 863075 ID: 56e50f

Sleep with the Stars, Likol.
No. 863076 ID: 9b80a5

is this a to be continued or the end, idk wich would be beter as this is a good spot to end it, but there is a couple of loose threads
No. 863077 ID: 86eb65


Just the end of this thread. Likol's part in this story has come full circle.
No. 863100 ID: 0b3539

Yes, there are loose threads but I'm sure they''ll be covered in a future thread.
No. 863128 ID: 4ee93b

Rest in peace, you deserve it.
No. 863170 ID: 130855

...See ya Likol. It was one hell of a ride.
No. 863239 ID: 33430a

I wonder if Korli ever dug up Likol's cache
No. 863259 ID: 1c8358

What about Polo and Rokoa though?!
No. 863281 ID: b7e0a2

no, im not crying, DONT LOOK AT ME
No. 863285 ID: c2051e

Read the AsteroidQuest intermission. https://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest
No. 863302 ID: 90124d

Yeah, except blown up Nuemeno are significantly harder to revive than AIs.
No. 863324 ID: e85af8

Probably after Polo Quest, if successful.
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