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File 149946988707.png - (112.13KB , 1024x1024 , nice-job1.png )
813730 No. 813730 ID: e0f785

"AAUH! GRBFLBFbfbl....."


Well that sucked! I guess those crocodiles are hungry!
I gotta figure out another way across the water. I have a spear and two very small bombs. I got some sharp claws too. Oh yeah, and I can detach my bodyparts, control them remotely, and reattach them later. I'm not sure if that would help here, but you never know!
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No. 839016 ID: 91ee5f

It looks like there's a plug that was pulled outta the wall over there. And then the plug was smashed so that it couldn't be plugged back into the wall.
No. 839029 ID: c88e6d

This is a longshot but is there a chapel on board?
No. 839043 ID: 91ee5f

Wait a minute, that's only 1 slime! I though Murder said that there were 2 slimes! .....unless that's both of them combined?

>Is it eating through the floor? What's below the AI Room?
Oh shit! What if it's trying to get to Tonzo and the other survivors?!
No. 839330 ID: e0f785
File 150889038246.png - (52.28KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-82.png )

Irib and I go back to Murder and tell her what we saw.
:murde:"There's nothing below the AI room aside from wiring and things. Past that is the hull." Uh oh! "It may be a combination of both of our Slimes. To be so large, it also sounds like they have eaten some of the other crew." I ask if there's a chapel. Turns out there isn't! And no priest types or anything either, even when everyone's alive.

While we wait for Irib to come back with the fruit, I get Murder to come to the bridge with another Irib and me, and bring up the idea of flooding the AI room with the shower water.
:murde:"The water-sensitive components are protected by spellwork. Yes, this is brilliant. If we can get it to work, it should destabilize the Demon Slime excellently. I believe the main problems will be flooding the hallway afterward, and possibly not being able to kill the Demon. Considering the benefits... I will have to live with that." She connects to Tonzo using the Bridge consoles, and se guides her through the process. I'm hoppin' around all giddy! This could be just what we needed! Soon Murder's about to press the button. "I will run to the garden when this starts. Irib, leave part of yourself here. Find me when the situation progresses. Glinp, I recommend coming with me. Is this acceptable?" Irib and I agree. "Here goes." She presses the button, and at first nothing happens. Then we see it get goin' on the monitors, and Murde and I and most of Irib run to the garden! Well, Irib sorta carries me 'cause that Jamos fight really did a number on me and running hurts. On the way, Irib grabs the small Irib who was coming out with a whitish fruit, and we all chill out deep in the garden for a while. Then the Irib we left behind finds us.
:irib-sml:"It woooorked~! I saw the Demon flame out on the screen!"
:murde:"I lament the escape of that Demon..." She takes a deep breath. " However, this is fantastic progress. Irib, don't take that fruit out of here yet. The Neumono might detect it." We go to check out the AI. Kinda ironically, Murder and I chill in the shower room while Irib presses the big door button to the AI room and lets the water out into the hallway. Most of it gets caught in the area where the puzzle used to be, so now we have a big floating pool out there instead of in the showers. We step out and it's kind of goopy. Murder and I carefully walk around the big slimy-water-filled hole in the AI room, while Irib stays outside on the wall. Poor fella, I doubt they're gonna be stepping on the floor around here any time soon. The door closes.

I try the plug even though it looks kinda busted up. It takes two of us to lift it and get it in, and then there's this AWFUL SCREECHING ELECTRO NOISE! Murde turns colours again! I'm about to ask her if this is normal, when the AI's face shows up!
:snektor:"I see there are two demons still on board! Would you like help removing them?" Now that's efficiency!
:snektor:"Okay!" It focuses on Murde. "Would you like to know how to kill them properly?"
:snektor:"You will need the following ingredients..." It goes on to explain how Murder can enchant her knife to project a SPIRIT BLADE that will kill demons, but only when they're escaping their host body, like when Venesi blew up into flames! There's only enough ingredients aboard for a few casts, and each cast only lasts a few seconds. The Holy Fruit is one of the ingredients, and the Space Banana (which is actually a cultivar of the Holy Fruit) can also be substituted, with some other small changes. Whaddaya know! I also learn that the AI's name is Snektor.
We get Snektor to open the armory, where I stock up on... 3 ice grenades. Murde also takes 3, and so does Irib, a bit reluctantly. All the other weapons are too big for us! There's nothing else in there...? Well this is way better than nothin'! They're like grenades except instead of exploding, they instantly freeze an area into a big chunk of ice.
No. 839333 ID: c88e6d

Welp. Acquire the potassium rich Space Bananas and go enchant the Spirit Knife before shanking the Amtsvane Demon in her weakspot.
No. 839339 ID: be0718

Agreed, finish off Jamos as a test run.
No. 839367 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, still no real ranged weapons? Fighting the demono is going to be difficult. Maybe you can set the gravity training room to zero gravity and toss a grenade at the demon silently? It'll freeze him and then you can turn the gravity back on to get to him and kill him.

Ask what the password was to the armory. I wanna know what the solution was!
No. 839539 ID: 3ce125

...I figured out what the "K" hint was. It's potassium. Because bananas are rich in potassium.
No. 839542 ID: 91ee5f

*facepalm* D'oh! >.<
No. 839678 ID: f2ac81

Ask Snektor if he knows the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
No. 839927 ID: e0f785
File 150905610456.png - (81.30KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-83.png )

:snektor:"That doesn't sound like a question!"

Before Murde runs to the garden and whips up the spells, I make sure she knows about the weak points and the fire burst thing.
:glinp-happy:"Snektor, what was the passcode to the armory?"
:snektor:"The passcode was green purple blue cyan red yellow green purple blue cyan red yellow! There was significant wiggle room, so for example, yellow could also have been orange, and magenta could have been used in place of purple."
:glinp-happy:"Oh. What kinda pattern is that?"
:snektor:"I detected a few patterns. One of them is that the primary colors are alternating with the secondary ones, and the secondary colors are being cycled in the opposite direction to the primary ones."
:glinp-happy:"Good thing I probably won't encounter that sorta thing again! Oh yeah, and where's all the ranged weapons for people my size?"
:snektor:"They are in the gravity training room. It is likely that the Demons moved them there." I gasp! Guns!? Murder returns eventually and opens the door, with a big scary grin.
:murde:"It's TIME." She walks into the Jamos room, and I follow but don’t go in.
:jamos:"Killed Dil, huh?" She eyes the knife. "And now it's my turn?" Ooh ooh I gotta say a one-liner.
:glinp-happy:"It's time for you to slip into something more comfortable! The cold embrace of oblivion!" Wait I might be bad at this. Murder says something to trigger the spell, and the fancy spirit blade appears!
:jamos:"HO SHIT AAAAAAAAAA" and Murder jams her blade into the weak point! She runs the heck outta there and the doors close. A few seconds later they open and a wave of heat comes out. Whoo, Jamos turned into crispy nuggets! Literally! Must be some kinda chef spell. Murder retrieves her knife. A monitor with Snektor on it pops outta nowhere!
:snektor:"Congratulations! You've won! The Demon has been slain." It blows a party horn and displays confetti.
:murde:"Gooood riddanccccce." She rolls her shoulders and tilts her head back to look at me. It looks weird. "Now, there's only one left."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah and there are guns in his room so we can pew pew him! If we can get 'em." I reeeally wanna double-fingergun but I only have one arrrrm so I can only do oooone.
:snektor:"I also have turrets in almost every room, including the gravity training room. When you feel prepared, I suggest that you distract him from those, while I shoot him until he stops moving!"

Am I ready to tackle the FINAL DEMON? If so, do I have any good ideas of my own on how to do it?
No. 839929 ID: be0718

It's a simple yes or no question, the way it was phrased.

Okay, boss fight time! You'll be mostly on the defensive in the beginning, just try to avoid his shots. Keep modulating the gravity strength in the room to make it much more difficult to use a jetpack than it is to walk/jump around! Once he's grounded, ice him. If the training room has directional gravity, try using close coordination with Snektor to run up the walls, then rotate gravity to fall towards him (or vice versa) and impale/smash him with momentum!
No. 839930 ID: 91ee5f

>Whoo, Jamos turned into crispy nuggets! Literally! Must be some kinda chef spell.
I'm going to assume that you shouldn't try to taste that.

>Am I ready to tackle the FINAL DEMON? If so, do I have any good ideas of my own on how to do it?
Wait! Where's the relic? That's the whole reason you and Irib came here!

And since it's a relic of Super Jump, you and Irib could use that power to help fight the demon!
No. 839931 ID: c88e6d

Snektor's plan seems good. I hope he isn't possessed by a demon or just rogue.
No. 839932 ID: 3ce125

We can't get the relic before we beat the final demon, because the relic either requires the two halves of the heart or the relic IS the two halves of the heart.

I wanna try throwing an ice grenade to freeze him. If the room is in zero gravity already you can throw it without him noticing and because it's zero gravity you just have to throw accurately. Don't have to worry about it being too far away.
No. 840066 ID: 6d557a

Can you disable the gravity safety features?
No. 840182 ID: e0f785
File 150914907373.png - (65.32KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-84.png )

That would be terrible! That cute snake, secretly a force of evil!

I think Snektor's sophisticated enough to know that a simple yes or no would be misleading, and it's tellin' me it doesn't recognize "life, the universe, and everything" as a question.

:glinp-happy:"What would happen if I ATE those nuggets"
:snektor:"You would die from the poison! I'm not sure if that would be before or after you were infected, but it wouldn't matter for long."
:glinp-happy:"Aheheh... So where's the artifact?"
:snektor:"It's in a very distinctive box in the gravity room. Both the box and the artifact are indestructible to anything we have here, including the Demon." Snektor displays the box.
:glinp-happy:"Nice. Can we disable the safety features in there?" I think about hitting the Demon with the artifact, but then he'd probably get the Super Jump so that's a bad idea.
:snektor:"I will ask Tonzo." Irib wiggles by on the wall. "Tonzo says yes! Would you like to disable them now?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah!" Everything's comin' together... except my hands, which I'd be rubbing against each other right now. It still hurts to run, thanks to Jamos, so I might need to pull out some extra tricks, but we'll see how it goes. "Okay Snektor, when we go in there, set it to zero-g. Irib, can you hold me to the floor?"
:irib:"I'd love to~"
:glinp-happy:"Aw you rascal! I just need to not go floating, at least until I can touch the artifact." Irib puts some slime around my ankles. The slime gives me a thumbs-up.
:murde:"Until the demon is disabled, I will remain outside. I am too large and slow of a target."
:glinp-happy:"Aw man... Okay. See ya soon! Oh and once we go in and it's zero-g, I'm gonna throw an ice grenade to see if I can catch 'em by surprise. After that succeeds or fails, I need ya to shift the gravity around so flying's harder than bein' on the ground."
:snektor:"Confirmed!" So we're off! I open the door on the distracted demon, Snektor turns off the gravity, I throw the grenade, and the Demon goes,
:stanath:"What the fuck!?" Nooo he spotted us and got out of the way of the grenade!
The grenade makes a giant ice chunk! That's some good AOE.
"This is why I've got no empathy for MORTALS!" Irib and I run in and he tries to fire at us, but the gravity gets all messed up and he misses!
>-blam! blam blam!-
Shit those are big lasers. Irib and I race for the artifact box, which starts rolling toward us as gravity tilts! I hear smaller gunfire as Snektor's turrets pop out and start blasting the Demon. Irib reaches the box before I do. So close! Meanwhile the Demon's flyin' out of control!
"Graaaah! You fools won't stop MEEEEE!"
>-blaBLAblaBLAM blam!-
Some of those were close! Irib touches the artifact and brings it to me. I touch it too. I feel a SURGE OF POWAH again, and this time, I can jump really high, and negate a lot of damage from falling if I land on my feet! I can also jump far, but it's a lot harder to get horizontal distance. It costs some of my energy to use it, so I'll get exhausted quick if I use it too much.
Whoa! Somethin' huge explodes and flings us up and suddenly we're... in space? Except I can breathe? We're in zero-g again. Ulp!
No. 840183 ID: 3ce125

Quick! Time to abuse the heck out of the artifact! Super Jump off of eachother so you can get to the edge of the training room, then Super Jump around to try to hit the demono with your spear.

...I wonder what's with the heart pendants if they had nothing to do with the artifact.
No. 840185 ID: c88e6d

Sooooo that idiot shot out the windows. Granted it's not wise to make windows on a spacecraft in general but he was extra unwise in that he fired a ton of guns wildly. Either way, you need to get Irib back to the station so he doesn't die. Can you provoke the demon into ramming you instead of shooting you?
No. 840186 ID: be0718

I guess the heart pendants weren't demon-related or anything, this is just Jamos' lover.
Push off the chest to a wall and then aim your jump for the neumono!
No. 840191 ID: 3ce125

Oh, if the chest is indestructible you could either put Irib in it for safety or you could use it as a shield to block lasers. Or both!
No. 840206 ID: f5c698

Maybe if you need something sizable to jump off you could use an ice grenade, but even jumping off a single krel might be enough. See if you can savescum it a little to get in some quick new power test time as you head over.

Don't think anyone's asked yet, but how does your inventory work? Just thinking if you can put the artifact away somewhere he can't reach similar to a bag of holding that would be preferred. Can you sell them, or are they something like an unstable power source that fails after heading beyond a set area?
No. 840333 ID: 1026ca

Remember that if you end up close enough, shove a grenade down their throat.
No. 840336 ID: c2051e

Is that Stanath's butt?
No. 840371 ID: e0f785
File 150922305401.png - (72.84KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-85.png )

I don't remember seein' any windows around...
:glinp-happy:"Hey Demon guy! Why don'cha headbutt me instead of using those lasers!"
:stanath:"If you can outlast the batteries, maybe I WILL!" Suddenly, we're in a grassy field, and the Demon's falling down to us! And boxes and stuff! We fall a short distance to the ground too. Oh, the walls are screens! That explains it. Irib seems to figure it out too.
:glinp-happy:"Jump and try to grenade him when we get close!" Irib nods. We use our new SUPER JUMP powers to leap toward the falling Neumono. I equip my spear, and the turrets stop firing when we get close to him. Looks like he's got bioarmor! Might be magic enhanced, too. I manage to nick an ear, and Irib tosses a grenade, which just barely catches his foot in the icesplosion! If we could get one to go off right next to him, I think it'd be big enough to freeze his whole torso!
:stanath:"Tryin' to keep me from hotfooting away, eh! Well don't WORRY ABOUT THAT!" He swings around so the ice is between us and him, and shoots the ice, sending fragments everywhere!
I try to shield Irib with the box, but I can't protect both of us. Looks like these grenades are a double-edged sword, unless we can freeze his arms... We land on the "grass" again, and I've got some cuts but Irib looks fine. The turrets resume firing on the Demon, whose jetpack either runs out of fuel or he decides to stop usin' it. Oh! it mighta gotten ice bits in it! Anyway, stage two! This is goin' pretty good, but I might wanna re-evaluate my tactics now that he's not flyin'. I should keep in mind that while we're all on the ground now, I can't count on that to keep being the case.

As for the inventory, I can't put artifacts in there, and I can't warp out with 'em. They gotta stay where they are!
No. 840372 ID: be0718

BOX STRATS. Irib gets in the box and scoots along like a snail and you use it for cover! Circle around the demono - take him up on his offer to outlast the batteries. We'll see if the turrets outlast those too!
No. 840373 ID: c88e6d

Shouldn't the defracting laser zap him just as much? Demons are weird. Either way if you open the box towards him its indestructible nature should provide a little more cover.
No. 840374 ID: 3ce125

Now that he's on the ground I think you can start freezing the terrain around him with the grenades! That'll make it harder for him to dodge the turrets.
No. 840681 ID: f5c698

See if you can super jump to the other side of the Neumono to flank with Irib, on the way over try dropping a grenade right between his shoulder blades. If you get them caught in it, his arms will be locked in their current position.
No. 840683 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if he's still got the same knockout methods as a regular neumono? Because if we can knock him out, he'll be easier to deal with!

All neumono knockout methods are here: >>/questarch/392205 . And I think hitting his stomach would be the easiest! .....unless being possessed by a demon has made these methods unusable.
No. 840782 ID: e0f785
File 150931401392.png - (72.54KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-86.png )

It miiight not be a laser exactly. Could be some other kinda beam, I dunno.

:glinp-happy:"Try using the box like a snail shell!" Irib does so.

"Freeze the ground!"
I prime a grenade and try to hop over him, but his jetpack must have a little more juice, 'cause he boosts up at the same time (to avoid Irib's next grenade, probably) and we bump into each other!
We're stuck together! My feet are frozen near his head, which is trapped in the ice!
:stanath:(muffled)"AAAAAAA!" We hit the ground! The turrets focus on his exposed feet, which quickly get shredded! I can't really go anywhere, but neither can the Demon. But I don't know how much of this cold I can take.
No. 840784 ID: c88e6d

Glinp, you have detachable limbs and the power to turn into mundane objects. Either turn into something and hope it's free of the ice or pop your legs off and screw with the Neumono's jetpack so he can't escape.
No. 840788 ID: 3ce125

Turn into an object! That'll get you out of the ice, then you can turn back and get Murder in here to kill the neumono.
No. 840792 ID: 91ee5f

Stab his stomach! His neumono body will be forced into hibernation for several hours to prevent starvation as it patches itself over!

That's pretty much a guaranteed way to knock out a neumono!
No. 840794 ID: c2051e

Detach legs. Grab leg bones and jam into jetpack, if it still works, I guess.
No. 840809 ID: be0718

Try transforming before you try detaching. You still feel the bone-chilling cold through detached limbs!
No. 841306 ID: f5c698

Detaching your legs at the knees seems like it will work in freeing you from the ice. Disguising then undisguising yourself to pop out may be preferable, only way it might not work is if the object remains half-frozen like you. Either way do that then go for his belly with your spear. Don't cross in front of the lasers just in case, he may be frozen and probably motionless, but testing that is unnecessary.
No. 841395 ID: e0f785
File 150948959114.png - (85.12KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-87.png )

I try to stab his stomach, but my spear doesn't get through his suit. He fires a laser and the force of it wrenching me around hurts my chest enough that I almost pass out!

>turn into an object, detach legs if needed
I turn into a big splintered-off piece of a crate! There are sure a lot of those here now. My pain dissipates quickly, which is a serious relief right now! The Demon's heat melts the ice enough that he can get it off of himself, but the gravity gets really low and he ends up with a lot of water on him. I guess he gets some in his lungs too, 'cause he doesn't say anything, and after shakes himself off, he blows out a gust of steam!
:stanath:"HRUUURRGH! " He summons his guns back and tosses them away repeatedly to propel himself toward some of the debris from the boxes, but Snektor's turrets keep him from reaching them! He's about to start aiming for the turrets, when I turn back into me and distract him so they can shoot him more. Irib comes up and pulls me out of the air where I was starting to float.
:glinp-happy:"H-hey ear-breath! What were you try'na do before we came in here anyway?" Crap the pain's coming back ow
:stanath:"What, you want EXPOSITION? All I've got is EXPLOSION!" ow
He misses me, but the shot goes close enough to blow off everything below my knees! So I drop that part of my legs off. It still sucks a lot. Irib takes some damage, but they start reforming quickly. The backdrop changes and I feel the gravity get really intense, and the Demon hits the ground HARD, like damn! I'm basically pinned here, and he was pretty high up. I think I hear some of his bones break! Snektor shoots his hands to bits, gravity gets lower, and the big doors open and Murder runs in! She activates the SPIRIT BLADE and jams her knife in the Demon's eyes while he screams with a terrifying, not-neumono-sounding voice! She stabs and stabs until he's violently incinerated, and the spirit blade cleaves the flame in two.
:snektor:"Congratulations! You've slain two demons! (party horn)" Oh my gods Snektor please don't make me laugh right now I'm gonna fuckin' die...
Well that was successful! I can go back and try to do it with less suffering on my part, but I kinda wanna get this over with and grab the free heals and move on to the next mission. Irib and I coulda just warped out as soon as we touched the artifact, too. But then we'd miss out on Tonzo's reward for clearing the infected/Demon guys out, which we now can get!

Is there anything more I wanna do before we finish up the mission and blow this pop stand?
No. 841398 ID: be0718

I'd suggest something lewd, but you're only half the man you used to be. Okay let's heal up.
No. 841404 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure the demons didn't set a bomb or something somewhere that'll blow up the station.

And for the hell of it, grab the neumono's heart necklace and see what happens when it's put together with the one you got from Jamos. If nothing happens, then just give them and the lewd book to someone and tell that person to give them to the neumono and the amtsvane when they're revived.

And finally, ask Snektor why the fuck the amtsvane and neumono summoned the demons here?
No. 841408 ID: 948f31


Second all of this

optionally Ask snektor what caliber his turrets are~
No. 841409 ID: c88e6d

Okay, save now and do not reload before this fight. Now get your ass to Medbay and ask Tonzo for a reward.
No. 841446 ID: f5c698

Ask Irib if they will carry you to Tonzo and the rest of the crew. Thank both your buddies for helping to kill the demon and Snektor for its support.

Say to Irib in private that at least you know you won't start off on the wrong foot if the two of you decide to get up to anything.
No. 841451 ID: 3ce125

Is that fire in Murder's eyes or just reflected off them?

I feel like you're basically done. The only change would be to immediately freeze the demono again once he thawed, to give the turret time to disable him so Murder can kill him.

Collect reward, get healed, lewd the slime.
No. 841772 ID: e0f785
File 150958304554.png - (35.79KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-88.png )

I'm sure it was just a reflection and not her being a Demon!

:murde:"Am I needed further?"
:murde:"In that case, if you two don't need me, I'm going to take a nap. Your help was much appreciated, Glinp and Irib. If we meet again, then I will have to prepare meals for you."
:irib:"Oh~ That sounds lovely~ I'm sure we can handle things from here."
:glinp-happy:"hhguhhh yeah... havagood... nap. (wheeze)" owie. Talking's hard.
:murde:"Be well." She leaves. She looks a bit less crazed now.

They open individually, but I'll wait until I have 'em both.
:glinp-happy:"Irib, necklacccce." I point at whatever food item the Neumono turned into. I ain't fuckin' know, something fried again. Looks tasty. I'm hungry. Irib brings me the other half-heart and I put them together and open them up at the same time!

Oh, I see... That's what happens when you do that. It makes your eyes water a little! Mine were already doing that though. I close the lockets again. "Thankss rrrgh. Let's go see (cough) Tonzo." Irib carefully picks me up and carries me out.

>ask snektor about the ritual
"Snektorrr why'd they summon Demons."
:snektor:"Lokra and Slelia never intended to summon Demons. They were attempting to perform a much more harmless blood ritual, and made key mistakes in the process which opened them to demonic attack. Remember! Always get permission from commanding personnel before attempting blood rituals!"
:irib:"I suppose when you're caught up in love, you might forget things like that."
:snektor:"Sssss." Then I pass out.
No. 841773 ID: e0f785
File 150958309175.png - (49.41KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-89.png )

>lewd the Slime
I wake up in the med bay feeling better but still in pain. Irib is holding me. They're lookin' big! must've gathered all their bits together.
:tonzo:"Ah, you're awake now? Good, good. We had some anesthetic left, fortunately. You'll be wanting your reward money now, I presume?"
:glinp-happy:"You betcha," I croak.
:tonzo:"I wasn't able to scrounge together much, I'm afraid, but here's 150 krels for your services. I've already given Irib their share." Nice. Considering se didn't have to give us anything, AND we took a bunch of dough already, I sure ain't gonna complain!
:glinp-happy:"Thanks a bunch~" I salute hir.
:tonzo:"What's left of my crew would also like to extend their thanks." They all say thanks! Irib and I tell them all they're welcome! Once that's done, I look up at Irib. "Ya ready?"
:irib-big:"Mhm~ Goodbye, folks~"
:glinp-happy:"Bye-a!" We warp out and have some privacy. "At least I know I won't start off on the wrong FOOT if we get up to anything frisky~"
:irib-big:"Haha~" Then I get healed and we go to a place I like to go when I'm gonna get busy! Because we're gonna get busy.
:glinp-happy:"You were no slouch in that mission! Except literally you were slouching the whole time. What gives? Tryin' to conserve energy?" Irib rears up to their normal shape, a curvy biped with a tail and two arms.
:irib-big:"That's right~ And now I've got plenty~" Boy howdy, they weren't kiddin'! They don't skimp out on the aphrodisiac, either. It's a good time with lots of squishin' and squirtin' from both of us! I don't even feel the need to rewind to the highlights repeatedly. The hits keep comin'!

OK... maybe I'll rewind a couple of times...
No. 841776 ID: 3ce125

...I still can't tell what gender Glinp is.
No. 841778 ID: 91ee5f

>Lokra and Slelia never intended to summon Demons.
Oh, ok.

>They were attempting to perform a much more harmless blood ritual
But...but...what was the ritual supposed to dooo???

Oh, well. It's probably not worth rewinding back to the point where Glinp is in extreme pain just to find out what they were trying to do.

I'm pretty sure he's a male.
No. 841814 ID: 5767a6

Rewind and show us details so we can figure out what the hell is going on
No. 841822 ID: f5c698

Thank you both for showing us all a great time~
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