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File 149966406019.png - (74.25KB , 800x800 , Let's Get Spooky.png )
814448 No. 814448 ID: 241143

>In a dark dark forest there was a dark dark hill.

>On the dark dark hill there was a dark dark house.

>In the dark dark house there were some dark dark stairs.

>At the end of the dark dark stairs there was a dark dark room.

>In the dark dark room there was...
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No. 819328 ID: 7b7ab3

Instead of posting some super long diatribe about how other posters are wrong for having opinions and reactions, you could have actually tried to engage with the character and found something out.
But that didn't happen, did it?
No. 819330 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I noticed. I doesn't help that I'm a slow typer.

Also, since he mentioned us in Lavender's head, we just proved him right. We are the real monsters here by judging him without even giving him a chance to explain himself or even taking the time to get to know him.

>is Peabody gone for good?
Something tells me that, unlike Naut, Peabody's not going to be in the secret area for us to make an apology to him.
No. 819333 ID: 91ee5f

Well I tried to. But like I said, I'm a slow typer, so I couldn't type what I wanted to say fast enough before the quest author updated the quest.

Also, I've been saging these because this is like the 3rd thing in a row that I've posted and I've found out the hard way that, unless you're updating a quest, people don't like it when you don't sage multiple things in a row.
No. 819334 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, everybody's fucking up today, aren't they?
No. 819337 ID: b6ce93

Berate self viciously because YA DUN GOOFED.
No. 819338 ID: 8a947d

Oh well, lets give our dye to Victoria

This is a learning experience really, we can take a lesson from this. Don't judge somebody right off of the bat and try to be more understanding.

and if we're going to talk shit I guess we'd better SPOILER it
No. 819339 ID: a307f1

Well.... This Sucks.

Um. Maybe we should go tell Toblerone?

Also I dont think we should give up on the feast. Lets start Bring (The Rest Of) Us Together.

Especially to mend any relationships that be damaged when everyone finds out about this. If they do.

... Also lets try not to be dicks.
No. 819340 ID: 7b7ab3

Goes without saying.
All of these.
>Lets start Bring (The Rest Of) Us Together
>... Also lets try not to be dicks.
No. 819343 ID: be0718

*Yawn* Let's see what I missed- oh for cheese's sake.
Nice job just waltzing into somebody's abode and telling them that your opinion is right and they're WRONG with a capital WRONG, despite having more experience (that is to say, any) than you on that particular topic!

Well, think of the positives.
1) Rat infestation, gone!
2) You don't have to put your door on the ceiling anymore!
3) Maybe you LEARNED something from this.

Forget Toblerone, let's go back to 8-bit and get the secret door open before we make any more vacancies.
No. 819344 ID: 7b7ab3

You shouldn't pick at an open wound.
You'll cause an infection.
No. 819345 ID: be0718

You shouldn't stab yourself with a knife. Let's talk about our FEEEEEEEEEELIIIIINGS instead!
No. 819346 ID: af2fba
File 150136603843.png - (304.47KB , 800x800 , Spookquest41.png )

> Lavender heads back to the FOYER, mumbling under her breath constantly as she berates herself for making such cruel insults.

> head up the stairs to the HALLWAY
> the COURTYARD looks beautiful tonight
> looks like the LOUNGE is in the basement
> TOBLERONE's painting frame is shifting very quietly
> SAINT JOHN stands stock still in the corner
No. 819347 ID: be0718

Receive discipline from TOBLERONE.
No. 819349 ID: 7b7ab3

I asked Peabody to make some dye for me and they did it and I went to get it and we talked and they said some things that made me really really really really mad and I said some really awful, terrible, not good things and they got really sad and angry and they-they-they-they left! And I don't think they're coming back! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!
No. 819350 ID: af2fba
File 150136682768.png - (306.00KB , 800x800 , Toblerone2.png )

> When Toblerone comes out of the painting, he doesn't seem angry, he seems... concerned, almost. They float down to get a little closer to eye level with Lavender before speaking.

[TOBLERONE] : ...Are... You alright? You've only started really... existing for maybe 2 days at most, and already you've gotten into a fight with one of the other members of the household, and caused another to leave. The other members are worried about you; Jerry feels like he might have sprung the revelation of monster to human on you far too early, and both 8BIT and Teleste are sick worried about you. I don't understand why you'd snap at Peabody like that. We're monsters, we don't usually get along very well with humans, we tend to convince ourselves they're pretty crummy. Do... You want to talk about it?
No. 819351 ID: 3abd97

I fucked up. Bad.

>Do... You want to talk about it?

>You've only started really... existing for maybe 2 days at most
That long, already?
No. 819352 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, you just answered your own question! I've only existed for such a short time, and I've already had so much dropped on me!
I don't know how things work! I don't know ANYTHING! Everybody seems so sad and resigned. They all say that it'd be easier if I just started hating humans.
But I don't want to hate humans! I don't want to hate ANYONE! I can't stand the thought of living a life of hate!
I'm scared! I feel alone! I don't know what to do!
No. 819353 ID: be0718

If you think it'd help. We've brought this up with so many monsters though, I don't think any of it's getting through. Lavender doesn't have any experience of humans, only preconceptions which feel like they were writ by a very human hand. And even if it was too early to tell us, like us, all you can do is move forward.
No. 819355 ID: a307f1

maybe we're getting ourself worked up about this humans thing. we've never seen one, we have no proof they arent terrible. maybe we just have anxiety about encountering one eventually.

although our only evidence they're bad is the word of our fellow monsters. we really cant make a call until we've encountered some. even then, we can only really make a call on the individual ones we've seen. in that case, if they really are awful, we shouldnt feel bad about doing what we gotta do. and if they arent awful, we dont have to do anything to them if we're careful.

maybe we're just really getting way too ahead of ourseles and psyching ourselves out.

just thinking out loud.
No. 819360 ID: af2fba
File 150136935152.png - (306.00KB , 800x800 , Toblerone2.png )

[TOBLERONE] : Listen... All humans aren't... terrible. Most of them are very good and nice, which is why a lot of the monsters here are so firm in their beliefs. They don't want to think about the fact that maybe the one they've chosen to feed on was one of the good ones. Some of them try to ignore it. Some of them try to focus on ones they know are bad. ...At least one monster that used to live here starved to death because they refused to eat any. It's a tough... decision to make, and it's one that every monster has to make. I think... I think everyone here has tried to rush you through it, because they remember discovering it for themselves, and having to make the decision while they were truly alone. It's okay to be scared. But you aren't alone. Everyone here has gone through exactly what you're going through. We're in this together.
No. 819363 ID: be0718

We do owe our current evolution to eating humans. Maybe if we remember how tasty they are, it won't be as hard to make a decision.
So... No hard feelings about PB? We'll just get back to work then.
No. 819367 ID: 7b7ab3

Thank you, Toblerone. It's good to have friends.
I can't apologize enough for Peabody. I'll accept the consequences, whatever they are.
Is it... wrong? To want to change things? To wish I could make it so we didn't have to live like this?
No. 819369 ID: a307f1

I think if we keep worrying about this stuff we're going to alienate everyone around us. I'm not saying its not a thought to have, but lets save it for later maybe. Or at least not upset everyone with it until we have a plan.

Toblerone said before, "We do feed on human fear. But we don't need much! A good monster can relax near someone and feed off the natural nightmares that occur, and people forget before they wake up."

An old ass house is creepy. If a human that wasnt awful came in, we could still feed off their ambient fear without hurting them.

For now, lets focus on building connections with those around us instead of wearing them down. Folks are worried about us. Lets put our energy into something constructive that will bring everyone together.

We still have a feast to put together, and a few things we could do for people. And we haven't been to the secret area yet! We have to meet those folks.

Should we go to 8bit right away or visit some others first? We still have to figure out what type of a dress Victoria would like. And find Oddrie a fruit of eden. Although maybe we could make that into a dish for him at the feast.
No. 819370 ID: 7b7ab3

You're right. Everything had this sense of urgency about it and we rushed.
It blew up in our face.
Seems silly now. This house has been standing for so long and so much bad stuff has happened already that rushing seems kind of pointless now.
Let's focus on other things. For now, anyway.
We can still have a get-together for the house. That's something positive. We still need to get into the secret are and meet the others. That's something positive. Our friends care about us enough to be worried for our well-being. That's something positive.
We should probably go see 8BIT, Teleste, and Matilda. You know why.
And we'll have to see Victoria about her dress.
No. 819374 ID: 2120ee

But now I'm terrified by the impact of my conduct on the opinions of those around me, and the potential harms that they and myself face as a result. A lack of solitude only means higher stakes.
No. 819375 ID: 8a947d

I think if you spoiler things nobody but us can see them

Toblerone, I can't see it but I bet you gotta nice butt
No. 819378 ID: d79f26

the main problem is you guys didn't use the discussion thread. post actual suggestions in this thread, go to the discussion thread for any emotional responses. that should cut down 90% of the stupid
No. 819391 ID: ba56e6

It is a consequence of being under the influence of this collective of spirits. There are those whose emotions and passions inflame very easily, and it can lead to an existence of impulse and self-loathing for those who cannot find a peace within themselves.

Toblerone, will Lavender ever develop her own sense of self? Or is she merely a shell worn by the many?
No. 819400 ID: af2fba
File 150138026232.png - (306.00KB , 800x800 , Toblerone2.png )

[TOBLERONE] : Lavender DOES have a sense of self. But they don't have control over their mouth. Lavender can't speak unless you do. Didn't you notice her clapping her hands over her mouth after asking the... well the amusing 'which fnaf character would you fuck' question earlier? She becomes flustered easily as well. She's easily swayed by what you say because shes new! She doesn't know much else. She's just assumed this is how things are...

[TOBLERONE] : A feast would... honestly be very nice of you. I would be genuinely surprised if you could make one! Not that, it, ah. Matters, I suppose. If... If you're still having trouble with the Sigil, all you need to do is put it on the corner of the painting. It's the most simple one I think I've seen out of everyone here. I suppose it's because you're so active that the ease of use would make it easier for you to get around. ...Still, uh! You should probably still let anyone you asked to help know that I told you. We... do miss Peabody, but he was always a bit of a loner anyway. We knew this would happen one day. I'm upset, certainly, but I'm not mad at you. Just. Make sure to make amends with people, alright? Some of the house members will be forced to hear it through the grapevine, and might get the wrong impression.
No. 819401 ID: f0d0bb

One round of apologies coming right up!
Thanks, Tobe. For everything.
No. 819402 ID: ba56e6

So the voices are her literal voice, hm? It's a shame we don't know what she's really feeling. Perhaps once she sets down roots, she can spin webs in her room to communicate with us about how she feels.

Did Peabody have any good friends around here? We may wish to apologize to them first and foremost.
No. 819403 ID: f0d0bb

Work on plans for the feast, use the sigil like you said, make amends with the neighbors.
Got it! Thanks, T!
No. 819404 ID: a307f1

Lets start out in the courtyard. Fresh air, plus we dont really see those guys much.
No. 819407 ID: be0718

She has a mouth and cannot scream. Are you *sure* monsters can't experience fear unaided?
Well, back to the LOUNGE to tell 8-bit our search is complete.

Nothing so complicated is necessary, it's Lavender's head too and she can just think back at her thoughts.
No. 819417 ID: 91ee5f

>If... If you're still having trouble with the Sigil, all you need to do is put it on the corner of the painting. It's the most simple one I think I've seen out of everyone here. I suppose it's because you're so active that the ease of use would make it easier for you to get around.
Aw, crud. We did it again! We always over think the simplest answers and make things way harder than they're supposed to be!

And Toblerone.....we're sorry you had to ruin your fun little puzzle by telling us the answer. It, uh, must've been pretty funny to see us over think it, right? Heh heh.....heh.....

We're sorry about everything, please don't kick Lavender out of the house! )-':>
No. 819436 ID: f97b68

Let's try to make amends with those who are left and we must try to keep more of an open mind. Let's begin wth Matilda because she for sure already knows the full story. But what to say?
No. 819468 ID: 3ce125

Toblerone you realize we're all humans right? That is why this conflict is happening.
No. 819469 ID: 33eec1

Honestly I guess we were...just kinda thinking about...a solution to the human/monsters coexisting problem. I know, wishful thinking. And I guess I can see now why it was such a...foolish endeavor. Peabody was making a human disguise potion before we "annoyed" him and I guess our prying is what made him so pissed off. Dug too deep into his own beliefs. I just...I don't want humans to be..."infect-able" anymore. But I guess it's something we just...have to live with.
No. 819470 ID: 33eec1

And to add, I guess I'm just not feeling...as welcome anymore. (I think Lavender might be scared she pissed everyone off. I know I'd feel that way. Afraid we'd just be...shunned. We should keep our questions on human, monster interaction to a MINIMUM. We're monsters here guys, remember that. Just ask about monster things. Like was Dracula ever real?)
No. 819471 ID: 33eec1

(One last thing...we should share a moment with Toblerone. I wanna see what that looks like!)
No. 819472 ID: be0718

(That doesn't seem like something you can force. I kinda doubt either party's in the mood right now.)
No. 819476 ID: 25f1b2

Yeah...maybe we should just keep to ourselves for a little while. Having a party would be nice, but this is sure to reach everyone really quickly, and it's going to cause some issues. Best to let everyone cool down first.

And as much as we want things to change, if a human shows up, then we won't hesitate. But maybe we could just hide away for a bit and...do...rancho things.
No. 819480 ID: 91ee5f

>But maybe we could just hide away for a bit
Well, we can finally make a room for Lavender and she can stay there for a little while or we can go to the secret area, away from the main house or we can do both and make Lavender's room in the secret area and stay there for a while.

Unless someone else has something else in mind?

But I think we should go to Victoria to deliver the dye, then visit Teleste to apologize for upsetting her earlier, then visit 8bit and tell him we figured out the Sigil and he doesn't need to keep looking on the internet for answers anymore, but thank him for trying anyways with giving him a "thank you hug" as an optional thing to do, then visit Matilda and apologize for messing up the plan to get everyone together, then go into the secret area to find Naut and apologize to him for hurting his feelings earlier.
No. 819497 ID: af2fba
File 150143708998.png - (302.51KB , 800x800 , Spookquest42.png )

> Feeling altogether refreshed but still very uncertain, the influx of different suggestions on what to do next causes Lavender to only become more antsy. She decides to move to the LOUNGE, figuring she has the most 'work' to do there. She faintly remembers that Victoria cannot actually sew the dress, and she must do that with her own silk. just giving Victoria the dye would be... weird.

> CRACKLE will probably chat if you mess with the TV a little.
> 8BIT is still busy working on some sort of weird device.
> the little whispers of MATILDA gossiping are easily heard
> the PAINTING seems ominous
No. 819498 ID: ff6c67

Matilda, 8BIT, and Crackle first.
Then Teleste and the others.
Then we can F I N A L L Y get to the hidden area.
No. 819505 ID: 8a947d

Definitely Matilda, she probably already knows what happened and we should straighten that stuff out with her.
No. 819508 ID: a307f1

Go to big sis Matilda.
No. 819514 ID: 91ee5f

>Just giving Victoria the dye would be...weird.
Not really. She only asked for the dye, so she might have a dress that needs some color/recoloring.

Also, you'd need to go to her to make the dress because you need to know what she wants to be made.

But we can worry about that later.

Let's go talk to Matilda and apologize for messing up the plan to get everyone together.
No. 819532 ID: be0718

The dye is for recoloring our silk when we use it to make a dress.

Go to 8-Bit. It seems he's already finished his search, though.
No. 819540 ID: 91ee5f

Well, we can't make a dress without Victoria telling us what she wants the dress looks like (long, short, frilly, ballroom, etc.). So we'll need to take the dye to her and ask what she wants the dress to look like.

But, we'll get to that later.
No. 819553 ID: ba56e6

Local information broker is probably a good place to start. Matilda.
No. 819632 ID: 33eec1

If I may speak to our own Lavender for a moment to help her mood...We're sorry Lavender. We messed up. We didn't MEAN to make you do things you're not proud of. We're just...jumbled. We're all different, and have our different views and opinions, but our main goal is you, our "host", so to speak. We'll figure this out, and we'll straighten ourselves out. We're to blame here, not you. And as soon as I find the mote calling himself "Ass of Hat" for making you ask that fucking FNaF question I will...well I don't know what I CAN do to him seeing as we're just motes of light but I will guarantee it'll be violent.
No. 819648 ID: 3ce125

Matilda would have seen what happened with you and Jerry and she likes you. She can give you her opinion. Also, maybe warn you about who we pissed off by doing that.
Also maybe give you an idea about what kind of dress design Victoria would like!
No. 819651 ID: be0718

It'd be more polite to just find this information out from the monsters involved.
No. 819652 ID: 91ee5f

No. 819653 ID: af2fba
File 150147982389.png - (224.65KB , 800x800 , Matilda.png )

> You head to Matilda first. Before you even have a chance to speak or react, she reaches down and pulls lavender close into a tight hug. She smells ever so faintly slightly sweet, almost sickly sweet, and their voice is forlorn, tired.

[MATILDA] : This is my fault... I should have told you, should have given you better guidance...
No. 819654 ID: 869004

Matilda, No. Don't blame yourself.
We're the ones that lost our temper. You couldn't do anything about that.
We're the ones who are sorry.
No. 819655 ID: 25f1b2

Not at all really. We're the ones who did a stupid and just couldn't hold our tongue. That was completely on us, not you.
No. 819656 ID: be0718

Don't blame yourself. We wouldn't have listened. Now, we're sadder but wiser.

We came to apologize, but I guess there's not much else to say. The Painting looms behind the couch.
No. 819658 ID: 7b7ab3

None of that! I won't hear it! This is on me! I'm the one who flew off the handle. I'm the one who jumped to conclusions. This is my fault. I'm sorry and I wish I could undo it.
No. 819666 ID: 91ee5f

Hug "Big Sister" Matilda and tell her that it's not her fault and she's not the one to blame! Tell her that you're the one that's supposed to be apologizing for messing up her plan to get everyone together!
No. 819699 ID: 25f1b2

The ironic thing is that I'm not even sure your little warning counts. I'm not even one of the people who said anything. I just don't know if what you said counts or not, or if you absolutely need to spoiler it.
No. 819701 ID: 33eec1

Last post deleted because I probably should have spoiler-ed this, and am doing so now.

Oh and before we move on, I NEED to say this, this ISN'T for Lavender to say...
...you two...YOU TWO. You two are some real piece of work you know that? First have you FORGOTTEN THAT LAVENDER WILL SAY SOMETHING IF IT FORMS A SENTENCE SHE CAN SPEAK? You literally made her say what you said directly to Peabody. That's why he got so mad at us and left. And your OUTBURSTS are CHILDISH when they are like this. Next time you two, or ANYONE HERE, gets emotional? BITE YOUR TONGUE. Remember, WE CAN BE SEEN, AND HEARD.

And this is just a warning in general that here we should probably REALLY watch what we say, unlike usual.
No. 819703 ID: 33eec1

Especially you. You're probably the reason Peabody got angry at us. Because Lavender probably said this. All of it. RIGHT TO HIS FACE.
No. 819714 ID: ba56e6

Regret serves no function if it does not affect one's decisions in the future.
Hopefully our collective learns from these mistakes.

However, you made no such error. You could not predict the interaction with Peabody, and even aware of it as you were during its happening, there was not time to intervene.

I do want to ask if there is anyone in particular we should prioritize for apology; Peabody's friends, essentially.
No. 819776 ID: 8cb228

"A voice suggests to say: 'The voices. Is there any way to manage which I say, and which I don't say, and to know when to do one or the other? I'm so new, it' so difficult. Some of them may be malicious, or just damaged, and I haven't the experience to know when this is. And I don't have a means to communicate without them.'"
No. 819781 ID: be0718

Lavender is unable to discuss anything too meta with non-meta monsters. Meddling in affairs beyond our control only invites disaster...
No. 819786 ID: ba56e6

To be perfectly frank, I think the person we need to apologize to most is Lavender.
No. 819863 ID: dd4df2


No. 819864 ID: 33eec1

I do agree with this.
No. 820524 ID: ca661e

Why are we moping around with everybody we come across? Yea, shit happened, but if we keep this up we're gonna end up the same as the rest of the residents here, spending our days cooped up in our room being lonely and sad over things that happened in the past that we can't change. I think the best thing to do now is have a chipper attitude about all this.
No. 822389 ID: 22b85b
File 150265244808.png - (581.26KB , 800x800 , Spookquest43.png )

> Matilda has been holding Lavender for what feels like ages, silently. She gazes solemnly at the spider for what feels like forever, just silently contemplating what to do next.

[MATILDA] : How foolish I've been being. I had thought to myself that I could guide you along, as you were only new to this world, unaware of it's mechanisms. I see now that you are your own person, and are capable of making your own decisions, fixing your own mistakes, celebrating your own triumphs. ...Thank you for the apology, though I do not think I, or indeed anyone here, is the one that needs it. Forgiving yourself is a good first step. ...You are very kind, and very brave. And I hold you very dear to my heart.

> Lavender and Matilda share a MOMENT. Matilda's DATEABILITY has increased by 1.
No. 822392 ID: 7b7ab3

She big.

Give her a kiss before we go. She deserves lots of love for being so cool.
No. 822393 ID: 91ee5f

WOAH!!! Well, that answers my question of "how big did Matilda get from evolving?"!

Also, since it's been a while, here's a reminder for everyone: Lavender will repeat everything we say out loud! So if you don't want Lavender to say something, make sure you put it in spoilers!

>Matilda's crying blood.
Wipe away her tears and give her a hug with all 8 of your legs!

Thank her for the hug and the kind words, you feel much better now!
No. 822407 ID: 3abd97

>How foolish I've been being
It's never foolish to want to help, even if people are going to make their own choices, mistakes, and successes.
No. 822413 ID: 22b85b
File 150265855454.png - (290.98KB , 800x800 , Spookquest44.png )

>Lavender adjusts herself, giving Matilda one last hug before she goes. She's feeling better now.

> CRACKLE will probably chat if you mess with the TV a little.
> 8BIT is still busy working on some sort of weird device.
> the little whispers of MATILDA gossiping are easily heard
> the PAINTING seems ominous
No. 822417 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go to 8bit and tell him that you figured out what to do with the Sigil and he doesn't have to look for the answer on the internet anymore. Then give him a hug and thank him for trying anyways!
No. 822424 ID: 24f307

Also tell him about our recent faux pas.
No. 822426 ID: be0718

C 8 Bit.
No. 822429 ID: ba56e6

8bit, I mean he's right there.
No. 822438 ID: 22b85b
File 150266581521.png - (69.52KB , 800x800 , 8bit.png )

> 8BIT seems surprised about your return, and before he can speak, you tell him you've figured out the sigil. He looks a little embarressed and rubs the back of his head.

[8BIT] : Yea, hah... I couldn't find anything on it. Guess you're better at this than me... Which figures! I'm not good for much.

> Lavender describes the recent turn of events, and 8BIT looks a little bit grave.

[8BIT] : Pretty sure everyone knows already, Lavender. Peabody leaving was a big upset, one we'd been expecting for a while. He never really got along too well with Toblerone, due to Toblerone's more lenient ruleset for humans. Most places have them as 'kill on sight'. It was... sorta expected.
No. 822440 ID: 3d94c3

Well, it still feels bad being the last straw.
No. 822451 ID: 91ee5f

>Yea, hah...I couldn't find anything on it.
Well, you tried and that's all that matters!

>Guess you're better at this than me... Which figures! I'm not good for much.
Make distressed spider noises and say, "Nooo, don't say that about yourself!" Then hug him and tell him, "I'm not letting go until I've hugged away all those bad thoughts about yourself! None of them are true!"
No. 822463 ID: 91ee5f

And then tell 8bit that the only reason you found out what to do with the Sigil is because Toblerone saw how much you were struggling, took pity on you, and flat out told you the answer. It turns out, all you had to do was put it on one of the corners of the painting.

And now you feel kinda dumb for over thinking such a simple puzzle.

Here's hoping 8bit will say, "You're not dumb." or something to that effect.
No. 822476 ID: ba56e6

>Guess you're better at this than me... Which figures! I'm not good for much.
Come now, surely your talent for shitposting on chinese message boards is unrivaled?

Besides, we didn't actually figure it out, we used a cheatsy hint from Toby.
No. 822484 ID: 22b85b
File 150267417926.png - (69.52KB , 800x800 , 8bit.png )

> The sudden hug causes 8BIT to fluster and stumble over their words to the point it's a little hard to understand for a moment, before the mentioning of her feeling dumb causes him to stop, and very lightly pat her on the back.

[8BIT] : Hey, it's okay to ask for help. That's not dumb at all. It might be a bit hypocritical of me, but... I don't think you should downplay yourself like this. It's not healthy. I know you're a little stressed but, chin up, alright? It gets better. It always does.
No. 822486 ID: 3ce125

I hope you're right, sweetie.
Speaking of things getting better... does he know what kind of dresses Victoria likes?
No. 822487 ID: be0718

Well that was all we had to tell him, let's head back across the room. Bye!
No. 822489 ID: 91ee5f

Give him a big squeeze and thank him, that made you feel better.

Then let go of him and tell him that you're going to check out the secret area now, but you'll be back later. Bye!

.....and give him a 'Rancho Butt Wiggle' as you walk away. :3

>dresses Victoria likes?
Wouldn't it be better to ask Victoria herself instead of someone else?
No. 822539 ID: 22b85b
File 150268525807.png - (290.98KB , 800x800 , Spookquest45.png )

> The robotic monster flusters again as Lavender does a very purposeful 'butt wiggle' away, before quickly turning, and typing in 'how to impress spiders' into his search bar, apparently thinking you're not watching.

> CRACKLE will probably chat if you mess with the TV a little.
> 8BIT is still busy working on some sort of weird device.
> the little whispers of MATILDA gossiping are easily heard
> the PAINTING seems ominous
No. 822540 ID: be0718

It's time. To PAINT.
No. 822543 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go to the Secret Area! To the painting!

Wait, where's the Sigil? Did you drop it by accident?
No. 822554 ID: ba56e6

No. 822572 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm torn.
>Explain recent failure to household.
>Enter painting.
No. 822574 ID: ba56e6

We do have the painting residents to meet/apologize to as well. Naut in particular.
No. 822581 ID: a307f1

Lets go explain ourselves and apologize to everyone we already know first. It might give a weird impression if we rush into the painting before apologizing to everyone else.
No. 822586 ID: 91ee5f

8bit already said that everyone already knows and they've been expecting Peabody to leave for a while now because he didn't get along with Toblerone very well.
No. 822588 ID: fede64

I'd really prefer to not wallow in self flagellation, y'know?
No. 822589 ID: 3ce125

I think we've done enough groveling. Let's go into the painting and say hi to Naut, find out what he needed help with. Also say hi to the others and maybe try not to get super worked up about any human-hatred or self-delusions that they might have.
No. 822660 ID: d8df18
File 150273349486.png - (88.47KB , 800x800 , Spookquest46.png )

> Lavender decides to Enter the painting! It feels like swimming through molasses at first, but she's quickly shunted out the other side...

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