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File 150423822607.png - (10.27KB , 600x400 , B001.png )
826501 No. 826501 ID: 6cbace

"Sargent Stanford. What's the story here?"
"Grave robbing. The groundskeeper reported at first daylight, delirious about some kind of monster. Not sure what happened here, but this place is a mess. The grounds are all dug up. Bodies missing and there are body parts all over the place."
"What did the groundskeeper say?"
"He was kind of out of it, kept whispering about a large monster out to get him."
"Hm... Any sign of drugs?"
"Not that we could find, but the shack is filled with alcohol."
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No. 829474 ID: 12aed4

Emils and her "sibling" are red slimes but seeing as everything is in black and white maybe? This may also be a sewer slime or some other slime muscling in on our turf

quick what do you know about predator slimes? How smart are they? Can they understand speech?
Try struggling a little less while talking to it.
No. 829476 ID: 3ce125

Emils is only red because she ate a whole bunch of dragonblood. Her sibling was not given the same treatment.
No. 829480 ID: e8f4bd

Those are some really far-fetched theories. The way I see it, this is entirely in line with how Emils could act and fight.

I'll keep voting for Give up. And I suppose doing >>829423 wouldn't hurt to try.
No. 829490 ID: e4b014

Don't cut off your legs, geez.
No. 829492 ID: 1b77c6

Keep struggling, do not remove legs.
No. 829494 ID: be0718

Give up, you'll just die tired.
No. 829497 ID: 486e87

As embarrassing as it was, that gave you a bit of time, if it's gotten through your boots there's no point in continuing to try and remove clothes.

Keep struggling, keep activating your beacon, hope help comes. Since it's gotten a solid hold on your feet, I think it's either hope for help, or unfortunately, remove your feet.
No. 829501 ID: 6cbace
File 150505447779.png - (13.39KB , 600x400 , B025.png )

Fuck it, I'm not letting this thing take me.
I twist around, clawing at the ground trying to pull me away from the slime.
Predatory slimes are rare and hard to kill since they are immune to stabbing and magic, which is what I'm good at. Unfortunately. Best way to deal with a slime is to slice off chunks of them or to break their core, which I can't do either of.

I start yelling for help, building up mana into my legs, ready to freeze off the slime around my feet. Unfortunately without the same enchantments as my gloves, it would end up freezing my feet as well. That would be unpleasant.
I can hear sounds of yelling and running, people are coming. I don't know how long I can stay free as the slime's pull is getting stronger. If it gets a good grip on me, it can pull me off to who knows where until it completely digests me.

Investigate: Panic Struggle Give up Remove legs
No. 829507 ID: be0718

Let this slime take you back to its lair so you can find out where it's hiding.
No. 829508 ID: 830fb7

Can't you cast the ice blades on your hands and use them like ice picks to pull yourself harder and faster out of the slimes grasp. Just jab them as deep in the ground as you can and drag yourself forward
No. 829509 ID: 69fef8

If you can re-manifest an ice blade and use it to hook into the ground, you might have enough leverage to drag yourself away, at the very least it'll make a good anchor.
No. 829511 ID: 1b77c6

If you hear someone coming then that should mean you don't need to hold out all that much longer. Keep trying to pull yourself away!
No. 829512 ID: e8f4bd

Make sure you wiggle your butt as you struggle.
No. 829513 ID: 91ee5f

Keep struggling!
No. 829517 ID: 486e87

This. Keep struggling, use ice blades to anchor yourself or drag yourself forwards. Help is on the way Resida, don't give up!
No. 829518 ID: 41c9bc

Make sure to use the freezing magic in your legs at the right moment to loosen its grip, you need to be ready to put the distance in when you do.
No. 829530 ID: 600f38

Freeze it.
You'll need a pyromancer to treat your legs for frostbite, or failing that a warm water bath (95f), but the ice should provide enough of a barrier between you and the slime and provide it less purchase.

No matter what, keep struggling.
No. 829546 ID: c88e6d

Freeze your legs solid. That should lyze the creature's cells. Don't let that patrol die in vain and allow their sacrifices to be for nothing!
No. 829575 ID: 12aed4

Keep dragging yourself along while yelling obscenities.
And get ready to frostbite those legs but only as a last resort.
No. 829582 ID: 3abd97

I like the ice picks option. It can't drag you off like that.
No. 829692 ID: 3ce125

Do the planned freeze. You can get your legs healed afterwards, so long as they're still attached.
Also watch the fuck out it's about to grab you.
No. 829767 ID: 6cbace
File 150511898258.png - (16.06KB , 600x400 , B026.png )

I fire off ice spears ahead of me, using them to climb forwards, pulling myself away from the slime, feeling a burning sensation in my legs.
I build up the rest of my usable mana around my legs, I gritting my teeth as an additional burning sensation floods my lower body.
I can hear the voices get closer as I yell out for help, but the slime's pull gets stronger. I don't know if I can hold on before I start feeling weak from using too much mana.
I only have enough energy for one last action.

Explode mana
Give up
No. 829768 ID: 205799

Explode Mana

Final Explosion, go out like Vegeta!

Do not go quietly, and all that.
No. 829769 ID: 3ce125

Blow that fucker up.
No. 829771 ID: e8f4bd

I've no idea what exploding mana is. You're not a pyromancer so it definitely wouldn't be a fiery explosion. So I guess it would just.. freeze you and stuff around you? A suicide that wouldn't accomplish anything heh.

Give up
It's the only option we haven't tried yet.
No. 829774 ID: 3ce125

She's planning on creating a bunch of ice around her legs to force the slime to let go. This would also freeze her legs.
No. 829780 ID: e8f4bd

That's not what your "Blow that fucker up" suggestion implies tho. Anyway, I'll stick with my vote because, if I'm right, the slime already absorbed most of that mana out of the legs and the freezing will just fail.
No. 829781 ID: c31aac

>ask it nicely to please stop trying to eat you
No. 829782 ID: fd306a

Just give up, you know you aren't going to make it so you may as well go peacefully into whatever afterlife you believe in.
let your last thoughts be not of struggle and pain but rather the life you've led with it's ups and downs.
No. 829786 ID: bfdaf0

What does the mana explosion do?
No. 829787 ID: bfdaf0

>>829771 >>829780
If a predator won't let you flee, giving up on fleeing is giving up on life.
No. 829792 ID: be0718

Give up. Your deliciousness will be added to our own.
No. 829796 ID: 486e87

Freeze the fucker. Sorry about whatever happens to your legs, but if you're starting to feel weak I don't want to risk you getting dragged off before help gets here.
No. 829811 ID: b9b4da

give up, you won't feel a thing as the slime numbs its way up your extremities. Maybe enjoy your last moments instead of screeching and shooting ice everywhere while your pants fall off?
No. 829812 ID: 486e87

To clarify, I'm voting for the explode mana option here. Don't give up! If this doesn't work then it'll be the same as giving up, but if it does they we're free (potentially sans legs but still).
No. 829814 ID: 91ee5f

Explode mana!
No. 829819 ID: 41c9bc

Explode Mana
No. 829827 ID: 8d4593

Keep Struggling! Almost there!
No. 829883 ID: da72f1

Are we talking ice explosion or regular explosion cause I thought the plan was to flash freeze your legs.
No. 829897 ID: 91ee5f

Seeing as most of her spells are ice based, I think it's going to be an ice explosion focused on her legs that ends up flash freezing them and the slime.
No. 829898 ID: a633c6

Keep struggling
No. 829929 ID: 3abd97

A slime seems like it would be explosion resistant. What does mana explosion do? Is it a literal explosion? You expending your entire mana reserve in one go? Is it a suicidal tactic?

Barring better information, I'm inclined to keep up the struggle.
No. 830090 ID: 23a020
File 150522292956.png - (15.44KB , 600x400 , B027.png )

Shit! The slime has gotten enough leverage to pull me off the ground, quickly pulling me towards it!
I hope I've got enough mana not to kill myself,
"Ignite, That with flows though my veins, [Mana Forge]!"
No. 830091 ID: 23a020
File 150522314063.png - (19.81KB , 600x400 , B028.png )

My body flips, unable to properly re-orientate while in the grasp of the slime.
I feel my blood boiling as my mana burns in my veins.
I concentrate onto my legs and "Frost, heed my call and fire upon my foe, [Ice Spear]!"
No. 830093 ID: 23a020
File 150522346459.png - (8.03KB , 600x400 , B029.png )

The air around me freezes cracks as my mana runs wild.
My legs are frozen as ice bursts from my flesh and spears the slime, freezing parts of it with me.
The added weight causes the frozen slime to shatter and I fall, only able to block my head as I hit the ground hard.
"Captain!" I hear, but my vision is blurry. I can't see who it is, but I can hear people running towards me.
"Get a medic!" she yells, but I can feel my blood chill inside me, sapping my strength.
My breath mists as my vision darkens.
I am exhausted.
No. 830095 ID: 2fe26a

What a waste of good slime food.
No. 830101 ID: 2870fe

Hope she recovers by the time we see her next time!
No. 830112 ID: 91ee5f

When you wake up, you need to tell the other soldiers that you all need to work on your response times to distress signals! They were almost too late to save you!
No. 830202 ID: 3abd97

Pyrrhic victory.
No. 830277 ID: 3ce125

I kindof wish the captain went to talk to the information brokers or criminal groups. Would've made for some cool worldbuilding. As it stands all we really did was get her completely wrecked by a predator slime.
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