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File 150453893745.png - (161.23KB , 800x800 , Opening Scene.png )
827536 No. 827536 ID: 0cf890

The moon shines silently down on an old dusty path through what seems to be an ordinary bamboo forest. A small stream leading to a pond, accompanied by the sound of frogs and crickets are all that break the otherwise perfect silence. You awaken slowly. But who exactly are you? What are you doing in the middle of the woods?
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No. 831199 ID: 4d790d

You're one of the unfortunate "too good to promote": Your boss wants you here doing programming work, not trying to manage time and resources for projects.
No. 831200 ID: 4d790d

At least he didn't summon you personally in his office to tell you that, like Ed Bighead's boss did.
No. 831231 ID: b9b4da

Climbing to the top of a highrise sounds like work. You have enough work to do. Maybe your coworker's on to something, some alcohol would help you tackle this project.
No. 831233 ID: 0cf890
File 150574642480.png - (64.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-097.png )

>Threaten to quit
Oh man, you can't do something like that. Even if you could manage to convince them, it might not be worth the risk. You have school debts to pay, and...

Well you don't know if you could talk to Mr. Kiato like that. Maybe you can work up the courage after a couple drinks and try it another time.

You turn to Ken and nod.

You: "Alright Ken. I'll go."

Ken: "Perfect! It will be fun, we can grab a ride after work."
No. 831234 ID: 0cf890
File 150574660498.png - (37.93KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-098.png )

After work, you grab your stuff, but just in case, partly because you are worried something might be lost, you make a copy of your current project. Including the one that was just assigned to you, and save it onto a thumb drive which you slide into your wallet for safe keeping. Then you meet up with Ken.
No. 831235 ID: 0cf890
File 150574677643.png - (55.21KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-099.png )

This is the first time since you started working here that you have actually gone out with someone else after work. Normally you would just take the train home.

Ken leads you through the streets and you two catch a ride to his favorite small bar. Good food and beer for cheap he said.

When you see it, you could see why it might be cheap. Its pretty much a whole in the wall. The inside is dimly lit and a little smokey, but it seems nice enough.

How would you like to spend this evening of drinking.
No. 831238 ID: ecdd61

Stay until they kick you out! Who cares, just try NOT thinking about killing yourself.
No. 831241 ID: 9876c4

2 beers, then onto something stronger. And dem yakitoris.
No. 831243 ID: b9b4da

A drinking game. Every time the sportsball team misses, take a drink!
No. 831246 ID: 2b3198

>How would you like to spend this evening of drinking.
Preferably with a girl. What are the chances an office worker girl in the same situation as you finds herself drinking here?
No. 831251 ID: 0cf890
File 150575416113.png - (98.73KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-100.png )

You enter the bar and find yourself sitting down with Ken, who quickly flags down the waitress and orders the two of you beers.

Ken: "So, Tsumori, how's life been? Outside the office I mean."

That question sorta throws you off your groove. You could have just said 'busy with all the work' but he said OUTSIDE of work.
You scratch your head.

You: "Nothing. I have nothing going on, Ken."

Ken: "Oh, come on Tsumori."

You: ...

Ken: "Oh, you're serious. Well, tell you what man. You are out today, so that's something. Make the most of every chance at free time! Its what I do!"

He sort of makes sense.
The beers arrive, and you thank the waitress.

Ken: "Don't stress over the guys at work. Screw the whole lot of them."

He lifts his beer to toast, and you return it.
No. 831252 ID: 0cf890
File 150575467220.png - (80.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-101.png )

The two of you spend a bit chatting, and you begin to feel a bit better. Maybe drowning in the bay sounds less appealing. The two of you order a second round, and get half way through when all of the sudden Ken gets a phone call.

Ken: "Really? I'm out with a friend right now."


Ken: "Are you sure? It's sort of important on this end too..." He glances at you.


Ken takes a breath and hangs up. He looks at you with an almost worried expression.

Ken: "I'm sorry Tsumori, my mother is calling me home. She says my brother is out of cash and needs a ride from the airport."

Before you get much of a chance to respond, he stands up, finishes his drink, leaving a couple bills to pay for his, and heads for the exit. He turns at the last moment.

Ken: "Don't focus on work tonight. Grab another drink, and something to eat. The noodles here are probably the best in the whole world." He smiles before leaving.

You sit alone at your table. The rest of the building suddenly feels a whole lot emptier.

What do you do now?
No. 831253 ID: 205cb0

Consider the pros and cons of throwing yourself in front of the train
No. 831262 ID: 9876c4

It's time for yakitori and self-pity.
And either sake or the World's Saddest pina colada.
No. 831263 ID: eaa493

Well, what Ken said is not wrong. You are already here, so thats half the battle. Next, spend the whole night drinking and eating and forget your pain. Let [future] self deal with it
No. 831270 ID: 2b3198

Order some noodles and look around. Maybe there's someone here who would look interesting. If not, and if nothing else grabs your attention, then leave and go for a walk.
No. 831275 ID: 92b598

Drink until they kick you out! Then go out for a walk through the city and eventually find your way home.
No. 831279 ID: 0cf890
File 150576223967.png - (89.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-102.png )

>consider the pros and cons of throwing yourself in front of a train
You probably would not do it like that. You are too polite to make anyone late to go home or work for your sake.

But you decide, once and for all that Ken was right. Screw those guys at work. They could not see your potential, but you have loads of it. You have just been spending all of your time, even your free time, being not much better off than a slave.

You order a bowl of their noodles, yakitori, and sake, and another beer. You glance around, and see the bar is mostly empty save for a few people who seem to be on name basis with the servers. Regulars you assume.

You vow to enjoy the night, so help you.
No. 831280 ID: 0cf890
File 150576228008.png - (25.53KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-103.png )

No. 831282 ID: 0cf890
File 150576246467.png - (87.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-104.png )

Its near closing time and the server stirs you from your depressed stupor. You have spent the last half of your stay hating your life.

The first half was alright, you conversed with some of the other patrons, mostly office workers and dockworkers. Apparently your trip with Ken took you near the sea side of the city.
No. 831284 ID: 0cf890
File 150576256517.png - (83.31KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-105.png )

You pay your bill with a wad of cash and slowly stumble over past the door. You are the last one out and they close the door behind you.

The last train departed an hour ago, and you think you are clear across town from your apartment. You have no friends, and you don't know what you could do. You could begin taking a walk through town you suppose.
No. 831285 ID: a633c6

Go out and look at the ocean, as long as you're here.
No. 831287 ID: a8b3ad

Take a walk through town and find a park. Strolling through parks is usually a fun time.
No. 831295 ID: 2b3198

In this case, one would normally call a cab. But I feel a relaxing walk would do you just fine here. What's the worst that can happen!
No. 831315 ID: eda54c

you better run all the way home mother trucker
No. 831316 ID: 0cf890
File 150576877643.png - (46.52KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-106.png )

You decide that you can make it home pretty much any time with a cab, so might as well take a walk. As you step through the city streets, it seems much quieter than your part of town. At every time of night you would hear the rolling or cars or people talking in the apartments around yours, but here its just a distant city hum.

You eventually come across a city park on your path towards the sea, and you decide to have a detour. You feel a little bit like some kind of fantasy character. Being able to make decisions of what to do, as you go along. Living minute by minute.
No. 831318 ID: 0cf890
File 150576896812.png - (76.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-107.png )

You decide to rest for a minute and sit down on a park bench. The night air is comfortable, and you silently consider your life so far.

Average childhood, top of your class in high school, graduated college, could not find work for ages until you found your current job.

That's where you are, but you feel its just a dead end.

You glance around at the trees and plants. How much simpler life would be if you were born another time.
No. 831320 ID: 0cf890
File 150576911714.png - (64.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-108.png )

That is when you looked up and saw a stranger smoking a cigarette. He carries a bag over his shoulder and wears a patched jacket.

"Boy, you sure look like you are in a sorry state. What's your problem?"

He talks sorta gravely, like you would expect a smoker to.

What do you say?
No. 831323 ID: eda54c

"I'm still breathing, help a stranger breathe less by lending a cigarette?"
No. 831327 ID: 2c1085

Tell him you are just thinking about things and needed some peace so you came out here. Ask him what's going on with him too
No. 831334 ID: 2b3198

Tell him that the stress of being an office worker and planning your life is bearing down on you. Ask him if he's got any advice.
No. 831340 ID: 8d4593

I work too hard because I'm a pushover.
No. 831342 ID: a633c6

Tell him nobody respects your time. You've lived your life by the book, and all you've got for it is walked on and passed over.
No. 831456 ID: 0cf890
File 150582644468.png - (45.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-109.png )

You sigh. Guess opening up to a stranger is better than nothing.

You: "I'm still breathing, help a stranger breathe less by lending a cigarette?"

You don't really smoke, but it might help even your nerves.

The stranger chuckles and takes a seat next to you, pulling out a busted box with maybe three cigarettes left. He sparks one for you.

You: "I feel like I have been tread on all my life. Playing by the book has gotten me nowhere, and no one respects me."

Stranger: "Trust me, buddy, I get ya."

He sets his bag next to him and stretches.

You: "I'm just a pushover. No one respects a pushover, and everyone forgets about me until they need something.
No. 831457 ID: 0cf890
File 150582681391.png - (88.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-110.png )

You take a drag before speaking again.

"Got any advice?"

The stranger chuckles and leans forwards a bit.

Stranger: "All I can say, is the only one who can sort yourself out is you. Don't expect nothin' from no-one, because all they want is what you got."

You breath deeply. The smoke burns your throat a little, but you understand.

You: "So what brings you here?"

Stranger: "Well, to be honest, I was going to rob ya, but seeing you in such a sorry state, sort of made me feel sorry for you. Looks like you got more issues than I do."

He smiles and laughs before standing up and walking down the path. After a bit, he is out of view. leaving you there, alone with your thoughts.

You don't have much left to do tonight, except maybe go look at the sea.
No. 831464 ID: c13b78

Woah, we almost got robbed. I guess us admitting we were a total loser was a good thing. Make sure your wallet is still there, then make your way to the sea
No. 831468 ID: 2b3198

So you gotta sort your life by yourself. You could say that living by the book isn't living as you'd choose yourself. Maybe he's right.

Go check out the sea.
No. 831483 ID: 2fe26a

Sea the see. Make a plan for getting out of this place and seeing the world.
No. 831486 ID: 0cf890
File 150583444548.png - (76.13KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-111.png )

You stand up Honestly kind of shook up about your encounter. You check yourself to find your wallet missing, instead replaced by a note.

"See Ya Around - Jimmy"

You sigh and walk through the park. Taking a few last glances at the ponds and trees, and you follow the scent of the sea all the way to the suspension bridge over the bay. A clear view in towards the city, and out towards the sea.
No. 831488 ID: 0cf890
File 150583463661.png - (81.56KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-112.png )

You walk out onto the bridge and climb over the railing so you have a good view of the sea. You stare westward across the water, your mind drifting from one thought to another, wistfully thinking about almost anything.

A deep regret pains your side, and the wind picks up softly. Maybe Jimmy and Ken were right.

You take another deep breath. Maybe you were right.

No. 831489 ID: 0cf890
File 150583479596.png - (52.02KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-113.png )


Your phone begins to ring.

I gotta be, a Macho Man

You check it. An unknown number. Do you pick it up?
No. 831490 ID: 2b3198

If it was your boss, then I'd say no. But an unknown number is A-Ok!
No. 831491 ID: 2fe26a

Put that hand back on the bridge support and answer it with your other hand.
No. 831499 ID: 20e6cf

Nice ringtone. Pick up the phone. Lets see what happens.
No. 831502 ID: 0cf890
File 150583839236.png - (76.20KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-114.png )

You scoot over and grip the support to your side.

Your mind fills with thoughts you wish you had before you had reached this point in your life. You hate your existence and the waste of time you had become. You had many chances to be much more, but here you are. On a bridge over the sea.

With a click you flip open the phone and put it to your ear. Unsure of what to expect.

At first, Silence. Just the sound of the wind blowing.

You: "Hello?"
No. 831503 ID: 0cf890
File 150583849935.png - (75.85KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-115.png )


End of Chapter I
No. 831505 ID: 91ee5f

There's that eye symbol again! What does it mean?!
No. 831566 ID: 2b3198

Is this gonna continue here or a new thread?
No. 831584 ID: 8648d8

New thread tomorrow by the looks of things
No. 831671 ID: eda54c

well I really liked that
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