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File 150569797269.png - (117.85KB , 800x800 , 291.png )
831180 No. 831180 ID: bfb318

This is a patreon funded quest, and may potentially have nsfw content.

After we take a break for food, drink, and coming up with a handful of more dares, we resume the poker game.
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No. 867528 ID: bfb318
File 151864254353.png - (199.69KB , 800x800 , 449.png )

Sevener brings out the giant robot version of the empathy gun, and fires it at the UDA.

We eventually get the confirmation that they received it, and while there might be a slight delay on the scheduled love beam on roguetown due to the energy lost in the transfer, it's considered worth it to catch Whiskers. Even if she escapes in a week.

I struggle to process the information fairly, as I am starting to be in an inappropriately good mood, even considering things basically seemed to work fine.

If I'm going to do anything more important, it has to be in the next minute or two before this sensation really gets the better of me.
No. 867530 ID: 6780f5

There's someone on that satellite in need of your snuggles.
No. 867531 ID: c2051e

Call up Rokoa and tell her she's alright. After all, she had the manners to stay out of your Valentine's, mostly.
No. 867533 ID: cb585b

Get Itcher that date with Whiskers he's probably wanted for a while.
No. 867536 ID: 86eb65

Make sure the battleship is not going to fall out of orbit or otherwise do something tricky.

Get the giant robot back into its ship forms before everyone starts fucking the fufa.

Then get back to the station and bring your girls back to the charging room so you can help recharge things for the big event.

And put Whiskers in the same cell as the fufa.
No. 867537 ID: deec6e


Check to see if your current high matches with whatever testing they did on the love beam before hand. Set Bell on record mode, so you can review the effects of this beam on you later, in case there's memory loss. Tell Sevener she's the adult now, and set her on task to ensure that securing Whisker will go smoothly and that you don't make too many biased choices.

If it's really that bad, recommend a lockdown of the satellite until the emotional high settles, with outside support to be brought in to keep operations stable. Can jammers be brought to bear to keep the feeling managable, or is that too late?

Ask Gelatin how it feels and why there are now two neumono hugging in the background.
No. 867538 ID: 2efe4b

Thank Sevener for her work, thank Gelatin for his assistance and ask if he feels he's learned much, and see if you can ask Whiskers why. Just why everything to do with this. The whole story. Is she planning to steal all the holidays?

Also send positive messages to Rokoa and Az and everyone else who helped out.
No. 867539 ID: 3cc68c

Ha ha yeah put Whiskers and the fufa in the same holding facility. It can try to show her what it learned about love.

Other than that get back to base and enjoy a job well done. You did a good job and saved the day. No reason not to celebrate.
No. 867540 ID: c2051e

That's Pink and Pilon.
No. 867543 ID: c88e6d

Eh, do it.
No. 867544 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if Gelatin has figured out what real love is like now that he's gotten a good taste of it. Heck, now that the fighting is over maybe he can practice emotional emulation using the ship's feedback as an aide?
No. 867545 ID: 10c408

Tell Katzati that you've enjoyed working with her and to scrub any further data until the emotional high is over.

Also tell Az that since you caught whiskers, you want a vacation and the mission records never make it onto the tv show.
No. 867546 ID: 91ee5f

Job well done, Agent Polo.

It’s time to sit back and relax for the rest of the day. In fact, why don’t you go back and relax with Ramella and Katzati? Even though Ramella is going to go back to jail with time removed from her sentence, there’s no need to immediately send her back. So just spend the rest of the day with Ramella and Katzati.
No. 867547 ID: 3abd97

Probably should make the decision not to have an orgy with the fufa and rangers while you're still capable of making decisions.

Hopefully someone dumps Polo on her dates after this is she isn't going to be good for much else anytime soon.

>If I'm going to do anything more important, it has to be in the next minute or two before this sensation really gets the better of me.
Read Whiskers her rights. She'll get the arrest thrown out in court if you don't!
No. 867549 ID: 91ee5f

And tell the Waveforce that working with them was enjoyable, especially being able to be in the giant robot. However, you wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t want you anywhere near their equipment anymore, considering what happened.

But if they ever need you’re help, you’ll be willing to be their 6th member again.

And if they put any of this in their tv show, request that they please don’t use your real name. Gotta keep our identities secret after all!
No. 867552 ID: 91ee5f

>But if they ever need you’re help
Stupid autocorrect! That’s supposed to be your not you’re.
No. 867556 ID: bfb318
File 151864626765.png - (128.51KB , 800x800 , 450.png )

"Bell, record this. Although we had tests on this love beam, we should review how it affects me. Sevener, make sure the battleship isn't going to fall out of orbit or anything like that."
>"Yeah sure, you damn neumono."
"I assume you're not affected?"
>"Not really. I can see the data, but it's not like my brain was directly hit."
"Then you're the adult now. Make sure Whiskers is secured. Read her her rights."
>"Now split up. The other AIs are getting weird, and you guys are getting weird, too. I don't like how Green is looking at Gelatin."
"Okay. Omega Wave-force, I'm going back into Pink's ship. I recommend you all go back to your ships. I'll be in contact later."
"Fiiiine." says Red. "Good job, everyone!"
"It was nice working with you all.

>Two neumono hugging in the background
Huh, there...
Oh, no, that's just Pink and Pilon. It feels like they're nearby. It's a little creepy actually, for just a moment, before I get used to it.

>Put fufa in the same cell as Whiskers
That would imply that the fufa is in jail, and that would imply he did something wrong. The fufa did nothing wrong. The fufa comes back with me into Pink's ship.

"Have you learned much, Gelatin?"
>"I have. Thank you for assistance."
"And thank you for yours."

We detach. Whiskers is kept with me, but in a side compartment where Gelatin won't reach. Things are in a daze, so I trust others to it.
No. 867557 ID: bfb318
File 151864627527.png - (137.77KB , 800x800 , 451.png )

I'll be seeing Katzati and Ramella on the UDA ship, so I'll talk with others first.

I give Rokoa a call.

"Hey, Rokoa."
"Polo, what's up?"
"Just wanted to say... you're alright."
"... Polo are you drunk?"
"What? Nooo. I mean it."
"Alcohol is bad for you! Don't drink it! Call me back when you're healthy!"

She hangs up. I guess that's okay.

I start to call Az.

>"No." says Bell. "I'm going to stop you right there. Talk to him later."
"Fiiine, just for you, Bell."
>"Ugh." says Sevener. "I'm driving us back to the UDA. I'll stay with Pink's ship until she actually gets it back, cause I don't trust Cube here alone."
>"Sevener, the cube is known to be the most trustworthy shape." says Cube.
>"When will you ever shut up?"
>"My word count to this point has been approximately 25% of your own."
No. 867558 ID: 2efe4b

When Pink comes to pick her ship up again, leave a note explaining what happened and saying sorry for the trouble and that also she is a lovely person.
No. 867560 ID: c2051e

Call Katzati and ask if she has any plans.

Actually, what are the post-Valentines' sales on candy/meat like? Could just have a nice movie night at home gorging on beef and chocolate.
No. 867561 ID: 86eb65

Sevener if you are going to make a move on the cube now is the time. The cube is a perfect gentleman/woman. Don't spend valentines day alone!

Make sure that Gelatin gets a ride back to its ship or something. Whatever leave it up to someone else. Just get back to base and relax.
No. 867562 ID: deec6e


They're getting along splendidly, aren't they?

Lay out some plans for having a good time with the people you're closest to back at the satellite. Spread a little of the joy around.
No. 867564 ID: c2051e

Also, remember that the pyramid is actually the most trustworthy shape, structurally speaking, but don't mention it to avoid hurting Cube's feelings.
No. 867565 ID: 91ee5f

“Oh would you two just kiss already! All this flirting you’re doing with each other is very obvious! .....no, wait, that’s just the Love Beam talking.”

She doesn’t have to mention it, the Cube will detect her thoughts like it did earlier here: >>866641 !
No. 867567 ID: 3abd97

>Read her her rights.
Are AIs legally officers or agents who can do that? Oh well, worst case she can set up a call between Whiskers and an operator to read her her rights.

>We detach.
Who's keeping the other rangers from crashing. Their AIs I guess. Hopefully they count as adults.

>what do
Love-drunk text your hive before someone takes your phone away.

Then I assume we're being dumped out the cockpit on top of a concerned Katzati and Ramella. You should kiss them a bunch. They're your dates, and it's Valentines!
No. 867568 ID: 499d93

Love beam polo is great.
Once we get back to the UDA we should congratulate everyone on a mission well done, maybe we can even get a group hug with all of them.
No. 867570 ID: bfb318
File 151864762672.png - (99.96KB , 800x800 , 452.png )

"Sevener, if you're going to make a move on the Cube, now is the time."
>"I fuckin - mind your own business Polo! I told you, I don't fuck cubes!"
"The flirting is obvious."
>"That's the love beam talking!"

>Can AIs legally read off rights?
The important thing is that Whiskers gets informed what her rights are. As long as they're available immediately, that part of the law is satisfied.

I leave a note for Pink, apologizing for stuff I did to her ship.
>Actually, what are the post-Valentines' sales on candy/meat like?
Who knows? This is the first one. It's probably good though.

Pretty soon we should get UDA backup that hasn't been hit with the beam. They can deal with Whiskers and Gelatin.

I call my hive. I tell them I love them. They act concerned and that's kind of weird but I assure them that this is just a love call to let them know. They tell me to make it back safe.

Then I call Katzati.

"Hey, Katzati."
"Do you have any plans?"
>"Just hangggin' out in my room. With Ramella. You can come join us. Iffff ya wanna."

Pink and Pilon should be able to charge up the satellite in time, now. In fact, reversing the beam on them may have even made it easier for them to focus.

I think once I get into Katzati's room, that's going to be it for the day. The mission, as far as I'm concerned, is accomplished.
No. 867571 ID: a43366

You should at least see how the rogues do after the beam. See the fruits of your handiwork
No. 867572 ID: c2051e

Yeah, at least get a report on the rogues before you have a proper Valentine's Day.
No. 867573 ID: a363ac

check on Pink
No. 867574 ID: 91ee5f

>"Just hangggin' out in my room. With Ramella. You can come join us. Iffff ya wanna."
“I’ll be right there. Don’t start having fun without me.”

She can just turn on a tv in Katzati's room and watch the news. A big love beam hitting Rougetown and making all the rouges really happy is most likely going to be on the news.
No. 867577 ID: c2051e

Yeah but the news isn't always accurate plus let's not bring work to Katzati/Ramella time.
No. 867578 ID: 3abd97

Checking the news to see what's happening in Roguetown might be interesting.

You should leave Sevener and Cube alone so they can do something.

You should take off your helmet and plug Bell in somewhere to search for love. (And you should really ditch the armor before you to Katzati's room).
No. 867582 ID: bfb318
File 151864929146.png - (142.20KB , 800x800 , 453.png )

I confirm that Pink is safe and recharging the gun before I go leave Sevener to do whatever it is Sevener is going to do. I'm told I'll be on standby just in case I'm needed, but in my current state, that just means being around and not getting in the way. So I head directly to Katzati's room. Jammers were turned off during receiving the love beam so that it would properly be absorbed. They were turned back on again across most of the ship, but the internal effects on people will linger for some time, even if they aren't perpetuated by feeling everyone else in the same mood.

Katzati's room, and others, will only have jammer bubbles, so I'll still be able to sense them when I get to Katzati's room. I send her a message to put on the news, so that we'll see how it goes when the love beam is fired on roguetown.

I go in to find Katzati in that 'joke' suit that she apparently had brought with her after all. With Ramella wearing nothing but a pair of what is probably someone else's glasses.

>And you should really ditch the armor before you to Katzati's room.
Oh yeah.

I should've thought of that a moment sooner. There's still time for that. I can plug Bell into the central network from here if I want.
No. 867583 ID: c2051e

Well, time for you to get out your "joke". Gun strapon ahoy! Don't actually use it, of course.
No. 867586 ID: 2efe4b

Just make sure you tell Bell to stop monitoring you.
No. 867587 ID: a363ac

Bell should record for science.
No. 867590 ID: 3abd97

It's a good thing we already did this once or I'd be concerned about being influenced.

>Didn't take off your armor
Time to see if you can turn taking off full combat armor into a strip tease.

It'll be easier to make the uniform underneath sexy. Professional is hot.

Then throw yourself in bed, of course. (Looks like Katzati gets to get laid on Valentines like she wanted)!

>I can plug Bell into the central network from here if I want.
Fly free, little AI. Find yourself a date.
No. 867593 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Bell to not record any of this, take off the armor, take off the clothes you’re wearing under the armor, leap onto the bed and enjoy celebrating Valentine’s with your dates! ~ <3
No. 867594 ID: 86eb65

Careful plugging anything into the central network with what you have been through. Don't need a last minute Whiskers plot to derail things.

Other than that take your time undressing. Give them a show.
No. 867603 ID: 6780f5

Tell Bell to turn off the recording before expertly ejecting out of the armour and into the bed. You've earned it, Polo.
No. 867604 ID: 91ee5f

Wait! I changed my mind! Don’t leap onto the bed after you take everything off!

Instead, do a bunch of backflips onto the bed, like you did during the card game with the Waveforce here: >>833681 !
No. 867606 ID: bfb318
File 151865160616.png - (114.57KB , 800x800 , 454.png )

I strip in front of them, and just move off to the side to plug Bell into the network. I make sure she won't record us, as that's not something we need for science or any purpose. She can go mingle with the other AIs, which I'm pretty sure might get some ideas.

I've certainly got ideas for Katzati and Ramella. I don't have my joke costume, but there's still plenty to work with, so after I strip down, I dramatically roll into bed with them.
No. 867607 ID: bfb318
File 151865161813.png - (127.13KB , 800x800 , 455.png )

In the meanwhile, Sevener, I'm pretty sure, does fuck cubes while no one is looking. She will probably make the most of it before Pink comes back to re-re-calibrate her AI.
No. 867608 ID: bfb318
File 151865165113.png - (118.57KB , 800x800 , 456.png )

Lastly, I learn that the fufa will be stored in a facility for study. It is treated well and trained in various behaviors, and taught a fair amount of what it wants to learn. However, there are measures in place so that it cannot properly act fully like an individual, as we would rather not have a fufa capable of wandering the world looking like a regular individual.

Ramella will go back to jail at the end of the day, at which point Katzati and I will go back to our respective hives to spend the rest of the day with.

For roguetown, the lovebeam fired only a few minutes later than scheduled, but otherwise did so accurately and with intended effects. The event goes without significant incident. Although some rogues do act in ways that they may not be proud of later on, they are generally willing to accept that risk just to be able to experience that kind of sensation.

Whiskers is put in a higher security jail, where she spends what few allowed visits with Itcher. There's a vague feeling that she will escape before too long anyways, but it'll at least interrupt her schemes more than if she was out of jail in the first place.

Ultimately, this holiday was well spent by most, and went over much better than christmas did.
No. 867613 ID: 2efe4b

Hooray! I would have liked to find out more about what Whiskers thought she was trying to do and if she was really responsible for everything, but still, happy ending. Hearts seem appropriate.

<3 <3 <3
No. 867621 ID: 3abd97

Best end
No. 867651 ID: deec6e

Happy endings for all!

Good to see that Sevener found herself a nice and solid platonic relationship.
No. 867706 ID: e1c8f7

Happy Valentine's day, ya'll~
No. 867714 ID: 204fd2

And how was that for timing? Ended on Valentine's day.
Wonder what the next holiday will be?

Also looking forward to the wave force scientist boss goat to build Grey her own ship with Cube as its AI.
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