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File 150688521795.png - (233.66KB , 1195x812 , Chapter 8 Title Card.png )
833866 No. 833866 ID: 8a947d

Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it's a long way down to the bottom of the river
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it's a long way down, a long way down
If you get sleep or if you get none
The cock's gonna call in the morning, baby
Check the cupboard for your daddy's gun
Red sun rises like an early warning
The Lord's gonna come for your first born son
His hair's on fire and his heart is burning
So go to the river where the water runs
Wash him deep where the tides are turning

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No. 840515 ID: efcc58

This group is getting a little big. We'll probably need to seperate into teams to decrease attention and find Azerite faster.

Also, didn't the Pagans use blood ravens as messengers?
No. 840522 ID: efcc58


Blood ravens were explained here.
No. 840619 ID: 8a947d
File 150926120332.png - (303.04KB , 1212x826 , OTiNO 55.png )

>Blood Ravens ?
No you use Blood Crows...Do you ? Wait whats the difference between a crow and a raven ?

>Bring the others
Gallows: Of course, all of the heads should come to see this.

You go back inside to inform Pensword and leave a few pagans in charge of the rest. Inside the train furnished in purple velvet, Hakim starts the train up and suddenly the train is flying through a swirling void.

Hakim: This train used to belong to some poor sap who bet it could out run a Lowa. It was just a normal train then but after he lost that bet it traded hands over hundreds a years. Finally after a game of Uno and a few cards hidden in my sleeve I came into possession of it 'bout 10 years ago, with enough work and a whole lotta deals I made it the way it is now.

Hakim: The Phantom Express is basically invisible when it's driving and it's silent unless someone pulls the fucking horn GALLOWS.

Gallows: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hakim: But it's not perfect: it can't cross bodies of water, strong enough magic detection will find it, and it can only make 2 or 3 trips a day. I want you to understand this thing's limits if we're going to be using it.
No. 840620 ID: 8a947d
File 150926171680.png - (187.68KB , 1212x826 , A New Place 4.png )

The train stops in front of small cave after about 10 or 15 minutes a small walk inside leads you to an elevator that leads down into a large chamber lined with gold.

Gallows: So this is the Gilded Cage, If you need it explained more then go up to the red curtain.

After the initial shock of coming across a room of gold you do as Gallow's says and head for the red curtain. The curtain opens to a tall man sitting behind a desk.

Admin: Ah the stage is set, the game has- Oh wait I already did that didn't I ? Hello there! You must be a new addition to the red team. Excellent, a bigger team will make this easier for us.

The tall man who calls himself The Administrator explains the whole concept of the game to you, the enemy team and the reward for winning.

Admin: Now that that's all cleared up, do you need anything else explained to you ?
No. 840625 ID: efcc58

How long after the game ends does the world reset?
No. 840627 ID: 3ce125

(shouldn't Flint have just used the waystone to get here?)
What happens if I kill you? What about killing your counterpart? Or destroying this room, or the other team's room?
No. 840633 ID: d3602f

Actually, would we be considered the victors by default if we kill the other team?
No. 840634 ID: 3ce125

Oh and obviously you should use this as the new Pagan HQ. It's both a secure location and an extremely important place to keep secure.
No. 840635 ID: 094652

Not if Red Team fails to get ten Azerite orbs. BUT, is there a special condition that allows us to seal access to the Cages to our allies only if we do kill the opposing team entirely?
No. 840637 ID: 91ee5f

>someone pulls the fucking horn GALLOWS.
> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I agree with Gallows. How the fuck could you resist doing that?!

>Now that that's all cleared up, do you need anything else explained to you?
Is there an easier way to find Azurite? It's pretty fucking hard to find!

And if the other Head Pagans have any questions, I think they should ask them!

Well we should obviously run this info by this "Killboss" lady. She sounds like the leader of all of the Pagans. Or she's someone that's really important and knows lots of info. Either way, she's gonna want to know about this.
No. 840656 ID: d9947f

No idea if he would know but we might as well ask:
Is there a way to resurect athmoor If we decide that’s a thing we should try to do along the way.
No. 840657 ID: 8d4593

What did you do to deserve this punishment?
How could we absolve you of it?

What will Happen to the Aether and the crossroads when this world is remade?

If we defeated the enemy team, collected 20 Azerite Spheres, and put the last sphere in each room at the same time, what would happen?
No. 840712 ID: 8a947d
File 150930439512.png - (168.40KB , 1212x826 , The Admin 1.png )

>How long after the game ends does the world reset?
Admin: Instantly, after the last orb of azerite is deposited into the World-Kiln the world will restart right away.

>Killing you or destroying your Gilded Cages ?
Admin: Hehehe. You cannot kill me and you cannot destroy The Gilded Cage, sure you can try but It would get you nowhere. This place has the power to restart the world, do you really thing YOU can destroy it ?

>Killing the enemy team ?
Admin: Well you're going to have to kill some of them during the game, but the objective of the game is to collect azerite. It's not just an arbitrary win condition like kicking a ball into a net, the azerite is what will power the World-Kiln and start the world renewal process. Killing the enemy will set them back, but you could kill 80% of their team and as long as they collect that last orb you'll lose.

>Is there a way to resurrect Athmoor ?
Admin: Not that I know of, unfortunately.

>What did you do to deserve this punishment? How could we absolve you of it?
Admin: What I did is not important, just now it was enough for me to deserve this confinement. My punishment was a voluntary choice, I realized the suffering I had caused and decided that I must atone; the same goes for my sister. I don't think we'll ever forgive ourselves, and if we do then we'll never stop doing our job.

>What will Happen to the Aether and the crossroads when this world is remade?
Admin: The Crossroads will still exist, the Lowa keep it afloat and I have no jurisdiction over them, and as long as you pagans keep your knowledge of summoning and demons the Aether will still be there for you.

>If we defeated the enemy team, collected 20 Azerite Spheres, and put the last sphere in each room at the same time, what would happen?
Admin: If that did happen then the world would reset with no winner. Everybody would cease to exist, besides me and my sister have planted the orbs for you and your teams to find there are only 16 Orbs out there and they're hidden well.

Admin: Is there anything else ? or do you have other business to tend to ?
No. 840713 ID: 0d45a9

What happens if each team deposits 8 orbs into their cage? Are the orbs secure once deposited, or can they be stolen from the other team's cage to prevent a stalemate like that?
No. 840714 ID: d3602f

Seeing as winning will make us into gods, is there a possibility that we may be powerful enough to revive Athmoor?
No. 840716 ID: 91ee5f

What about Prophets and the gods inhabiting their bodies? Does anything happen to them when the world resets?

Or if a Prophet is on the winning team, then what would happen to their god? Because it would be a little odd for a Prophet to win and become a god while they still have their god inside of them.
No. 840717 ID: 9b80a5

heh i just thought of something, a prophet winning and then goes to a new mortal and then that new prophet wins and goes to a new mortal who becomes a prophet with 3 gods in his head XD
No. 840720 ID: 65dabf

Ask if there is a neutral ground, civilians shouldn't get in the cross fire.
No. 840725 ID: 8d4593

Wait... so if the enemy team collects 9 spheres, and we kill them, how would we win the game?
No. 840746 ID: 8a947d
File 150930907806.png - (137.56KB , 1212x826 , A New Place 6.png )

Admin: Then there will be a small stalemate, the orbs of Azerite are stored in the World-Kiln until all ten are deposited and it activates. If their team finds your base or you find their base then you'll have to be sneaky and find a way inside to steal it,

Admin: Or you can search for azerite we didn't plant, there's still veins and shards out there maybe you can find enough.

>Prophets ?
Admin: Anything inside the Gilded Cage when you win will survive. Your gods will be fine as long as their prophets are fine. If Gallows wishes to make them full fledged gods again he may.

You feel like you should contact Killboss about what you've found here.
No. 840754 ID: 0d45a9

Let's do that. This place can be fortified and used as a base, in fact, in case of a stalemate this will need to be fortified.
No. 840765 ID: 3ce125

Yeah let's report back to Killboss.
No. 840771 ID: 8d4593

Gallows should check in on his girl.
No. 840805 ID: 8a947d
File 150931738137.png - (109.89KB , 1212x826 , Gilded Cage 1.png )

Administrator: I do recommend using my Gilded Cage as a base of operations. It has all of the amenities necessary for comfortable living. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, It's not called gilded for nothing.

You decide to contact Killboss about using the place as a main base of operations but not before you start being Gallows again.

Flint: Of all the things to be down here I did not expect this. Well now we have goal, and a way to put an end to the Church. Just wait 'til Killboss hears about this.

Flint: And I didn't forget about teaching you new things, having other head summoners here will help too. You're going to need it since you're leader of red team and all.

Flint warps off somewhere along with the other head pagans. For now all you can do is wait 'til they get talk with Killboss, you don't want to go anywhere too far in case the Church is on alert after it's raids. Your other friends are doing different things in the Gilded Cage if you want to talk to them.

>Issei and Troy
They took the elevator down to explore other parts of the Gilded Cage.

>Uma and Hakim
They're talking in the main chamber of the Gilded Cage.

>Fiddler Imp
As long as you can play a tune you can summon Fiddler.

>The Administrator
You're not sure he can move from that spot behind the curtains.
No. 840817 ID: 8d4593

I feel we should tell Ada about this.
We should also see about visiting the Aether sometime.
We will need to preserve the entire city of Unter. If the Guilded hall isn't capable, we'll have to figure some way of transporting it or it's inhabitants to the aether.

Ada and Unter should be warned as soon as possible. Unless we Slay the other team, they have a limited amount of time to prepare, and we don't know if we can manage that.
No. 840821 ID: 13fded

If we are just gonna hang out Troy and Issei.
We do need to learn more about the voodoo community. Halkim can tell us what is their deal.
No. 840830 ID: 13fded

I think we can conclude the other team are influential members of the Church. From what we heard from priests the gods are worshiped because they are powerful and give power to their followers. I could be wrong, but I believe that for those people to try to restart the world and become gods is a betrayal to their deities.
If they are willing to go this far it's not impossible that they will try to recruit allies from communities that were condemned by the church. We should establish a deal with the leadership of the voodoo communities and the heads of the arcamagicians before the church got a chance and let they think they have the upper hand to so they don't feel the need to make peace with old enemies.
No. 840832 ID: 91ee5f

>Flint and other head summoners will teach you things.
Don't forget about that Priest Charm knife you found in Barleyville!

>Can't go anywhere too far.
So you can't go tell Ada yet? Oh well, it can't be helped. Just make sure you remember to go tell her at some point.

I'm.....not exactly sure about who you should talk to.

The Administrator has already old us that the Gilded Cage is capable of holding entire armies, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if it can hold an entire city as well.
No. 840837 ID: 0d45a9

I'd say to fill Fiddler Imp in on what's going on, then go meet up with Troy and Issei.
No. 840859 ID: d3602f

This. I want to get an idea of what this place is like, it might help in defending it. I also want to know just how big the place is, because we are going to be bringing tons of people with us I'm sure.

Wouldn't hurt to inform our little imp friend about what's going on either. Who knows, he might have some ideas where we can find the next azerite piece.

And before anyone forgets, Hakim mentioned there was another door that needed azerite to open. Might be a good idea to check that out later.
No. 840868 ID: 9b9146

No. 840880 ID: 8a947d
File 150932683456.png - (236.40KB , 1212x826 , Fiddler Imp.png )

You summon Fiddler Imp and fill him in on the current situation.

Fiddler: I'd say you was fulla hot air, but it's sorta hard to doubt it when I'm standin' in a room made 'a solid gold.

Fiddler: So...dat means da lounge was torn down too huh ? Dat's a damn tragedy, You ain't dead doe so, It ain't so bad.

You head to the elevators with Fiddler. Troy and Issei went to the second lowest floor, the first lowest being where the World-Kiln is.
No. 840883 ID: 8a947d
File 150932724667.png - (328.79KB , 1212x826 , Door 1.png )

A lot of the doors are barred up, after some walking you find Issei and Troy standing in front of a door, Troy's out of breath for some reason.

You: Hey you two, what's going on ?

Issei: troy's been trying to open this door for a while now, but for some reason he refuses to try to enter the code on the wall.

Troy: Because that's too obvious! I know a trap when I see one! I can just break this damn thing down if I needa !

Issei: you have been bashing at the door this whole time to no avail, at least try to put it in. roland what do you think ?
No. 840884 ID: 9b80a5

go to all the floors and get a quick look in each and see what they look like
No. 840886 ID: 9b80a5

have fiddler imp open the door if issei is soo worried about it
No. 840887 ID: d3602f

Considering this is supposed to be our base, I don't think they would put a trap in for us. Besides, if this place has survived for multiple world renewals, the door is unlikely to break that easily.
No. 840888 ID: 8a947d
File 150932815243.png - (133.12KB , 1212x826 , Door 2.png )

You: We're supposed to be using this place as home base, it wouldn't be trapped.

Troy: Sure like I'm gonna trust mister fuckin' smiles in that cage back there...Fiddler can ya open this for me ?

Fiddler: Seriously ? Fine ya baby.

Fiddler Imp walks up to the door and types the word DAWN into the screen on the door, the screen on the top of the door flashes the word MORNING.

The door stays shut.

Fiddler:...Dat didn't do nothin' what gives ?
No. 840889 ID: 3ce125

Try "MIDNIGHT" instead.
No. 840894 ID: d3602f

Midnight is very specific. How about dusk? Or just regular night? I vote dusk though.
No. 840896 ID: 91ee5f

It's probably got something to do with that dot in the middle of the door.

I would say go ask the Administrator, but he'd probably just say something unhelpful like, "If you can't figure it out, then you don't deserve what's behind that door."
No. 840898 ID: 91ee5f

Are there any other doors in this hallway? If so, then maybe try looking at them to see if there's a pattern of some kind that'll help you figure out how to open them.
No. 840901 ID: 8a947d
File 150932950845.png - (126.45KB , 1212x826 , Door 3.png )

You move Fiddler out of the way and type MIDNIGHT into the panel, the panel on top flashes NOON
No. 840904 ID: 3ce125

Uhhhh... the first result implied it was a flat time difference, now it's like it's reversing the time... oh wait maybe we're supposed to predict what the next time is.

That would be AFTERNOON.
No. 840905 ID: d3602f

Dawn bottom, morning top, noon top. Seems to be in chronological order. Perhaps we need to go backwards, and top will go forwards? Try dusk now.
No. 840906 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, the arrow next to the word "DAWN" is pointing at the top panel.

Maybe the hint is to type in a word at the bottom panel until the word "DAWN" appears in the top panel?
No. 840907 ID: d3602f

Wait, not dusk! Evening! Evening comes next.
No. 840909 ID: 8a947d
File 150933037574.png - (133.30KB , 1212x826 , Door 4.png )

You type EVENING in next, the door replies with DAYBREAK.
No. 840911 ID: 3ce125

I'm not seeing a pattern at all anymore.

Dawn: Morning
Midnight: Noon
Evening: Daybreak (which is... not dawn????)

Try putting in Sunset.
No. 840912 ID: 91ee5f

Type "MORNING" into the bottom panel.
No. 840914 ID: efcc58

Try "Twilight".
No. 840917 ID: d3602f

Maybe it isn't a pattern with an order. Perhaps whenever we put in one answer, it will always give us one answer? if we put in dawn, we might get morning again, and we will always get morning if we use dawn?
No. 840919 ID: 3ce125

That would be a pure trial and error puzzle and I hope it's not that.
No. 840920 ID: 91ee5f

I actually think that the arrow here: >>840883 is pointing at the top panel because we're simply supposed to get the word "DAWN" to show up in the top panel.

Or maybe the dot in the middle of the door is a hint of some kind?
No. 840922 ID: 8a947d
File 150933184627.png - (127.79KB , 1212x826 , Door 5.png )

You type in TWILIGHT, the door replies with DAWN and opens.
No. 840923 ID: 8a947d
File 150933190591.png - (56.23KB , 1212x826 , Inside 1.png )

Inside there's an odd device in the middle of the room with nothing else. There's a small port in the front to look through. ON the front the machine says

"Make you better, look inside"
No. 840925 ID: efcc58

Take a look.
No. 840926 ID: d3602f

I was expecting the world engine. Oh well, Whatever you say ancient machine of mystery. Could always use an upgrade.

Also, after we go outside, we might want to type in Twilight again, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.
No. 840927 ID: 91ee5f

Called it! All we had to do was get DAWN to show up in the top panel.

I guess take a look.

>I was expecting the world engine.
Gallows said that was on the floor below the one we're on right now.
No. 840929 ID: 9b9146

Go take a look I guess
No. 840939 ID: 91ee5f

You'd better hope that when you look inside of that thing, it's not something that requires you to have 2 eyes! Because if it is, then you're outta luck!

Also tell everyone that there's nothing dangerous in here and they should stop hiding outside of the door and get in here already!
No. 840976 ID: 8a947d
File 150934566996.png - (144.92KB , 1212x826 , Inside 2.png )

You peer into the hole on the machine. There's a screen inside with text you don't understand, after a while the light inside scans your eyes. Then more text scrolls across the screen...
No. 840977 ID: 8a947d
File 150934579054.png - (189.92KB , 1212x826 , Inside 3.png )

Before the screen goes dark and a needle shoots from the inside of the machine stabbing you in the eye.
No. 840979 ID: 8a947d
File 150934599415.png - (142.13KB , 1212x826 , Inside 4.png )

After a lot of yelling and cursing with your friends coming to check in on you afterwards the bleeding stops and eventually you can open your eye again. It feels weird though, everything seems much more in focus than before. You don't know how to describe it but your sight feels better!

You've lost a trait
[Cyclops] (You cannot critically fail a perception roll, but you can't critically hit either)
No. 840984 ID: 094652

There's another eyeball in your eye! EW!

I wonder if this machine works on fake eyeballs.
No. 840987 ID: 91ee5f

You might want to warn the others about what just happened! .....and then explain that you can somehow see better now.

Are there anymore doors in this hallway? We could check those out.

Or maybe we should head back upstairs to see if Flint has come back?
No. 840989 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, just to cover all of our bases, unwrap your other eye to see if it's back. I mean, there's a machine here that can reset the world, so I don't think it's too farfetched for there to be a machine that can give you back your eye.
No. 841008 ID: 65dabf

"Guys, i can see! I can see the FUTURE!" Hehehe that would be funny. Let's try with other doors, keep exploring.
No. 841009 ID: 61a285

think it'll restore Bridgetts eyesight?
No. 841021 ID: 91ee5f

>I can see the FUTURE!
No. 841028 ID: 91ee5f

No, because she was born blind, so her eyesight wouldn't be restored.

But can it allow her to see for the first time in her life? Probably.

However, I don't think we should try that without asking her first. Or at least asking the Administrator if the machine can do that.
No. 841077 ID: 8d4593

As this machine serves solely as an in-universe solution to an entirely meta( >>/questdis/116226) problem, I doubt it would do anything else.

Perhaps we should not look the gift horse in the mouth.
No. 841108 ID: 61a285

Let's show this thing to Ada she's interested in those machines.
No. 841124 ID: 8a947d
File 150941418516.png - (248.96KB , 1212x826 , A New Place 1.png )

When you go to investigate the machine again the screen inside is no longer lit, there's no scanning or anything. It's too big to move or do anything with. You decide to move on with Issei and Troy to investigate more of the rooms but a lot of them are empty or locked. There isn't much to investigate on this level of the Cage so you decide to head back up.

The Administrator pulls his curtains back to speak to you.

Admin: So you opened one of those locked doors huh ? Sometimes people from previous games leave things in my cage and I'm too lazy to clean them out. A lot of the time's they are helpful but I've never seen any of them myself. The lower layers get shed away every time a world resets and a new one is added on top, so I just let the older rooms waste away.

You can maybe do one more thing before you'll go to bed.

>Uma and Hakim
They're talking in the main chamber of the Gilded Cage.

>Fiddler Imp
He's hanging out in the cage marveling at the golden walls.

>The Administrator
You're not sure he can move from that spot behind the curtains.

>Just go to bed
It's been a long day.
No. 841135 ID: 61a285

I'm tempted to say that we should find out more about our newest ally. Let's see what Hakim is up to, but if he's busy reuniting with Uma it can wait till tomorrow.
No. 841139 ID: 3ce125

Shouldn't we actually find out more about Fiddler Imp's old master, from Flint or whoever? Also I think we can upgrade him again now, don't we have two priest items?
No. 841154 ID: 91ee5f

>Who to talk to before bed?
I don't know.

>Fiddler Imp's old master.
Well Flint isn't here right now so we can't ask him.

But, yeah, we should get on that real soon because if the world resets, then whatever info we're looking for about that guy will end up being erased!

>2 Priest Charms?
No, I don't think so. I think the only one we've got was the Priest Charm Knife we found in Barleyville in the safe under the abandoned house.
No. 841176 ID: d3602f

Uma and Hakim. Ask Hakim about that other azerite door he found.

Actually, I think we still have the pool cue.
No. 841187 ID: 91ee5f

>Still have pool cue.
No, we gave that one to Flint and he taught Roland the spell Instant Summon: Demon Flagellum.
No. 841196 ID: 3ce125

It'd be nice if the Pagans had some priest relics lying around in storage to donate to Gallows.
No. 841205 ID: c155a8

I vote for fiddler imp.
No. 841239 ID: 8a947d
File 150943196943.png - (219.33KB , 1212x826 , Uma and Hakim.png )

You decide to speak Hakim and Uma. You're a little hesitant to speak to guy who's ordered your death on multiple occasions, but you're sure he's harmless as long as Uma's here. The two are sitting on a bench off to the side of the chamber speaking to each other.

Uma:...There are 4 choices A.) 25% B.)50% C.) 60% and D.) 25%. What are the odds of you picking the right answer at random ?

Hakim:...50% cause there are two 25%'s right ? Or wait... maybe it's just 25% regardless ?

You: Hi Uma, Hakim. What're you two doing ?

Uma: Asking Hakim dumb questions to see if he get's them right

Hakim: I can't be 60%...can it ?

Uma: Did you wanna ask us something ?
No. 841243 ID: 13fded

i was thinking about the voodoo community, what are they like and how should we approach them, but it all can wait. I love dumb questions.
Since both 25% and 50% are possible right answer you have 75% chance of picking a right answer by chance.
No. 841244 ID: 3ce125

It's 0%. None of the listed answers are right so you have to give one of your own, which isn't a random choice so it still counts as valid.

Ask how they met. And what voodoo is like.
No. 841247 ID: 91ee5f

>Did you wanna ask us something?
"Yeah, I was just wondering how you guys know each other. Are you brother and sister? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Or did you only meet because of Gya?"

Shhh. Don't spoil Uma's fun by helping Hakim. Just let him answer on his own.
No. 841250 ID: 8d4593

there are only three choices, so the odds are one in three.

Hey Hakim.
What could you do with an object that contained the trapped mind, body, and soul of a defeated priest?
No. 841262 ID: d3602f

You know about dead people, right? Could you by any chance track a dead person by using their belongings? Like, say, a violin?
No. 841274 ID: 9b80a5

we should probably put these on a to do list:

go get Ada,
Ada (and possibly their people) could be amazing help if they are willing to help us with their magic tech especially as they now have to pick a side or they will get wiped from existence soon and i HIGHLY doubt that they want to help the church

get the rest of the shadow men:
sense haikim is with us, and i don't think they actual hate or are that mad, as for the majority of the people they have sent after you you have let live, though issei may have objections to a few of them cause they may be corrupt

get resources and info on the church:
oh and we cant forget that troy had a lot of contacts, we could use that to get info on the church's movements, azerite, and also they could be a supplier of resources like weapons ammo and summoning supplies for going to full blown war with the church

tell me if im forgetting anything
No. 841276 ID: 094652

Honestly, you're wondering when they're going to screw you over. Sure, the odds of them defecting to the blue team of backstabbing self-righteous rubes is pretty low, but there can be only one Overgod, and Hakim's been playing the protagonist role in his story for decades. How long until he decides to take center stage by force? Well, you'll wait. And you'll be ready. Right?

Of course, you're not going to say any of this. You're going to pick E)Boobs.
No. 841304 ID: cd9dbb

Let's give em some riddles of our own!
I'll start: When I was four years old, my brother was half my age. Now I'm 18. How old is my brother?
No. 841371 ID: 8a947d
File 150948170274.png - (126.23KB , 1212x826 , Hakim.png )

>How do you two know each other ?
Hakim: A while back I saw Gya rip apart a couple of thugs in a back alley, she showed up a few times in Itsdin doing who know's what. She seemed capable so I decided to hire her to help me despite her attitude. She stayed in our hideout

Hakim: The next day I checked in on her and it was like she was a different person, all of that murderous rage and childish sadism was gone. That's when I met Uma. I decided to keep Gya employed to make sure I could keep an eye on Uma, I had no idea what a prophet god was capable of doing to her.

>What's voodoo like ?
Hakim: It's not really as spiritual as Paganism seems. It's less religious and more a technique to tricking Lowa out of their stuff, sure you need knowledge in rituals and spirits to make it work but all in all its mostly talking, bartering, or cheating if you can get away with it. The voodoo community isn't as closely connected as pagans, lots of voodoo users keep to themselves or have small groups to follow them.

>Tracking the dead
Hakim: Well it'd be hard, I'm more used to tracking living people but I'm sure I could find a dead person if I got a belonging. But doing this will destroy whatever I use.

>Karas' Card
Hakim: A human mind soul and body trapped in a portable object ? Oh boy what I couldn't get for that! There are plenty of Lowa who'd kill for one of those. I can barter some important information out of them with that and maybe more.
No. 841378 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm sure I could find a dead person if I got a belonging. But doing this will destroy whatever I use.
Crap. Guess we can't do that then, we need the violin to summon Fiddler Imp. And I'm sure Fiddler Imp wouldn't want us to destroy the violin.

>Could do lots of stuff with Karas.
Well, he's a Priest and, according to Issei, he's rotten enough to deserve whatever happens to him.

But Flint still has Karas, so Hakim will have to wait for him to get back before he can do whatever he's gonna do.

I'd ask Hakim what kinda info he'd get? Locations of Azurite or something else that could help us out?

Let's ask Uma when she met Gya and how long ago that was?
No. 841379 ID: 0d45a9

How are Shorty and Slim doing?
No. 841386 ID: 3ce125

Holy shit what if we could get the locations of ALL the azerite orbs from that deal?!
No. 841390 ID: 13fded

For Hakim:
Can he tell us about that Lowa we saw? What are the terms of this deal he have little time to fulfill? What is he competing with Gallows? How can one of us be more just than the other if we have the same objective and are working together?

For Uma:
It's great to have someone intelligent around, but we hadn't many opportunities for mutant fish fights and she doesn't seem prepared for conventional fights. Does she want to keep risking her life with us or would she prefer to wait in the Gilded Cage?

As I was going to the fair, I saw a man with golden hair. He had 3 sons each with another one. How many people were going to the fair?
No. 841403 ID: 7e8b3d

Do we still have Fiddler imp’s summoning ritual instructions? That would count. Or would a violin string work?
No. 841407 ID: 8a947d
File 150949216070.png - (133.85KB , 1212x826 , Hakim 2.png )

You hand Hakim the music sheet. You've memorized it anyway.

Hakim: ...Yeah this should work, I'll see what I can do but it won't work right away. You'll have to wait a little.

>Does Uma want to stay in the Gilded Cage ?
Uma: Well...It sorta seems like you don't need me outside, I can stay here if you want me to. And if you do need me later you'll know where I am.

Hakim: Well probably not, we'll have to see how the negotiations go. I'm good but I ain't a miracle worker.

>Short and Slim
Hakim: They're just fine, in fact I still need to check back with them soon. Getting the Shadowmen situated here might be a good idea.
No. 841412 ID: 91ee5f

>...Yeah this should work, I'll see what I can do but it won't work right away. You'll have to wait a little.
Would giving him a name help? If so, then I guess we can tell him we're looking for Mason Anthem and his pagan name was Mojo.

>And if you do need me later you'll know where I am.
Actually, there's still 2 things that she's gotta do. She should go visit that bug museum, because she might not get another chance to do so, and she should go warn her friends and family about the end of the world.

Obviously, we wouldn't send her out alone. So who should we send with her?

>Well probably not, we'll have to see how the negotiations go. I'm good but I ain't a miracle worker.
"If you can't locate all of the Azurite we need, then at least try to get a location on some of it or at the very least a location of 1 orb."

Maybe ask him if we should try looking behind that door he said he found in Itsdin?
No. 841448 ID: 8a947d
File 150950197027.png - (148.05KB , 1212x826 , Your Room.png )

>Itsdin Door.
Hakim: Of course we'll have to check the door, last time I looked though it was locked. We can go in the morning.

The Administrator opens the curtains to his cage again.

Admin: Yes that was a door I created for when the game started. I remember exactly where I put it too. Since you've already started the game I might as well unlock if or you...there.

Admin: I forgot what I put down there, but I'm sure it's something meaningful or else I wouldn't have made the room.

You feel like you've enough for today, it's time to go to bed. The Administrator points you to a free room for you to sleep in. Inside the room has the same golden color scheme as the rest of the Cage; there's a closet, a desk, and a bathroom in the back. The first thing you do is make a list of what you should do next. Of course you're going to look for azerite but gaining more resources will make it easier.

>Ada and the Unter
You're sure you can get some help from Ada if you show her what you found here.

>The Door
The Door Hakim found must have something behind it.

It's only two things but they're important.
No. 841449 ID: 8a947d
File 150950207251.png - (130.67KB , 1212x826 , He Sleep.png )

That can wait for tomorrow though, right now you're tired.

No. 841453 ID: 91ee5f

>Administroator unlocked the door Hakim found in Itsdin.
That saves us the trouble of finding Azurite to unlock it!

>The Door Hakim found must have something behind it.
And the Administrator put it there. Looks like we're gonna see what he left there for us!

I certainly hope the mattress isn't made of gold also! Otherwise you ain't gonna get any sleep on that bed!
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