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File 150904949064.png - (311.08KB , 1200x1200 , I Am.png )
839906 No. 839906 ID: c88e6d

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No. 844199 ID: 3ce125

Let's check out the Pale Kingdom. (Time to raid the fallen kingdom of its relics!)
No. 844205 ID: 314bcd

To the eastern kingdom!
No. 844301 ID: 0a23ec

Head East, but in a wide pattern so we don't get our whole group ambushed again; scouts ahead of our center Eastward, to the sides Northward and Southward, and behind us Westward should do.
No. 844345 ID: c88e6d
File 151044775035.png - (1.84MB , 4000x4000 , Awakening Crash Site.png )


East it is!

>Spread out

Wise. I'll do this in future to decrease the number of Selves I lose in future ambushes.

Thankfully, Lagraz has knowledge of much of the jungle near the village, and can even accompany me for a significant distance thanks to the dispersal of his selves. After three days of easterly travel, I big him farewell and continue on.

It's another week of traveling before I encounter an anomaly, a trail hundreds of [feet] long. The long, deep scar in the earth appears to have been scored long ago, and while I was fortunate enough to encounter a meteorite in the five years of development I spent in Dorz's village, this is far larger and less scorched. Following the trail I encounter... I am uncertain what it is. It appears to be manufactured, and there are definite signs of the Fulgurines about this thing but.... I have never encountered anything like this before.

What is this?
No. 844355 ID: a363ac

examine anything that doesn't look like a plant in like a 2-4 skut radius around this area.
No. 844357 ID: d887c0

Hard to say.
"Extravagantly broken" would be my guess.
Sweep the area. Scavenge anything you can find.
No. 844358 ID: 3ce125

Looks like a crashed "flying ship". You heard about those already. There's a weapon embedded in it. Is that a really big javelin? Did someone in the Pale Kingdom throw that thing at the ship to take it down? Scary.

Investigate closer. See if there's anything immediately worth looting, or anything worth studying for an extended period.
No. 844588 ID: c88e6d
File 151053181865.png - (208.49KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Forensic Analysis.png )

>Sweep the area

>Scavenge everything

>Search for anything interesting

My scouts immediately begin to search through the crash site, starting systematically from the area around the beginning of the scar and over to the end point of the wreckage.

I discover many fragments of what I think are components of the crashed object, composed of an extremely lightweight metal and coated in some sort of durable cerable that my spears and swords can hardly dent. A few of these fragments are in good enough condition to be used as shields, but most have had the metal substrate crumble beneath them. Somehow, enormous rents were torn in the object's armor by what appears to be claws.

At the exterior of the craft is some kind of rock-pile resembling the figures Dorz used to represent the Fulgurine Union, and limited probing shows it be a shallow, vertical grave. I choose to not disturb the corpse any further and return it, as it has long since decomposed into bonefragments and cloth fragments, and according to Dorz any number of terrible things will happen should a corpse be disturbed.

Near the grave site is something that at first appears to be a helmet, but on closer inspection seems to be part of a massive insect of some kind. Digging a little around the front of the aircraft, a corpse crushed beyond any recognition is found, suggesting this 'head' was shorn off at the neck when the flying ship struck the earth.

While I examine all these things simultaneously, I reach into the cockpit and pull out the anomalous weapon. It feels a little strange in my haaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

No. 844590 ID: 0c3362

Oh god put it down.

... if you can. Looks like it's kind of doing a number on you there. Uh... is there some way to ditch this particular body? It might be, uh, not usable anymore.
No. 844591 ID: 33cbe7

You grabbed the wrong end! Chop that arm off and find something one-handed for this body to do.
No. 844593 ID: 3ce125

It's just one body, stop freaking out. Let whatever's happening happen, but be ready to put the afflicted body out of its misery if necessary. From range, just in case.

This is science! When you encounter a new phenomenon, you observe it.
No. 844603 ID: 91ee5f


I hate to say it, but it is just one body. Observe what'll happen and see if it makes that body stronger or something.

And be ready to put it outta it's misery, should you need to.
No. 844658 ID: 3d229a

No. 844790 ID: 67d5dc

put out of its misery at range, of course.
No. 844792 ID: a363ac

No. 844800 ID: c88e6d
File 151060580352.png - (199.64KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Skutssimilation.png )



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Aaaaaaaah! This is the most horribly weird feeling I've ever had! I try and shoot the arm or cut it off, but I can FEEL my muscles being activated and the blade swings about, knocking the nearest scout's sword into a tree-branch, before it swats an arrow out of the air!

>Just let it happen

>Study it, for science

As my panic subsides and the other selves withdraw from the unfortunate scout's vicinity, I can feel it moving through my arm and up along my shoulder and I FEEL IT IN MY SKULL URGH IT'S MOVING I CAN- The self being penetrated by the sword shudders as the AWFUL sensations finally subside, but something is definitely happening inside my other self's head. I am receiving sensory input... from the sword. I can detect heat at range, sense light I've never been able to perceive before, and most strangely I can [read/smell/hear] SOMETHING left in the air around this crashsite. It's most potent about the sword and the severed head we found... satisfaction?

Who is there?

Regardless, now that my scout has been so.... thoroughly violated by the sword's appendages, they seem otherwise healthy, weird tubes aside. Poking the tubes doesn't hurt, and if anything they feel armored. More, they provide a sense of touch. The scout self feels... quicker? And I get a sense of 'muscle memory' from it, like I do from the most heavily trained soldier-selves, like this body could fight on its own without any input from Myself, Melora if need be.

Should... I continue east? I can still sense the sword growing through my scout-self's muscles and around its skeleton... But I have full control and do not sense any abnormal thoughts.
No. 844801 ID: 3ce125

Yes, let's keep going. If we find more of these weapons we can upgrade more scouts!
(even if they wind up possessed by what are effectively ghosts of the Pale Knights, we'll be fine since we're not affiliated with their enemy and in fact are opposed to the invading kingdom)

Keep paying close attention to the senses of the altered scout. If you feel anything unusual, focus on it.
No. 844807 ID: 91ee5f

No. 844874 ID: a363ac

send that scout back towards the center of the group where if they break off and become other you can surround and capture them other wise continue savaging and moving east.
No. 844951 ID: 3abd97

>Who is there?
The sword is attempting to communicate with you.
No. 845119 ID: c88e6d
File 151070794978.png - (176.51KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Journey Thus Far.png )

>Keep the Scout surrounded

A good idea, in case that sword turns out to be some kind of nasty parasite

Where is your mind? Nothing is in here.

>Examine the Scout's senses

My senses feel... off? Focusing on the Scout's eyes and ears and the sword stuck to their hand I get the feeling that I can hear things I never thought possible. I can [taste] the satisfaction of the creature crushed under the fallen flying ship, I can almost understand the chirping of the insects in the trees almost like a choir of Elz singing.

Such thunder, but only echoes of greater thoughts.

>Keep moving

I continue heading east, searching for more weapons as I go, but finding little evidence of such. It seems the flying ship was the only craft to fall in this region.

I can nearly feel you... find our lady. She knows what to do.

As I travel, however, farther than I ever have before, I find Myself, Melora three weeks from my former home when I sense something... wrong. At first only my Sword-Scout can sense it with their altered flesh, but within a day even my normal selves can taste it.

The wrongness increases as we move east, until finally pass through a thicket and see the source.
No. 845120 ID: c88e6d
File 151070799549.png - (307.60KB , 2000x800 , Awakening The Pale Kingdom.png )

The Pale Kingdom is dead.

What now...?

There is still hope.
No. 845123 ID: 094652


Send in the augmented scout and a small team of warriors. The kingdom might be sacked, but they left broken technology for the taking! Record everything you can't take with you, from the shapes of buildings to the locations of kitchens and wells.
No. 845125 ID: 91ee5f

Melora, can you not hear that voice? Ever since you picked up that sword, there's been an extra voice saying things to you.

Try talking to the voice.

Obviously, these guys ain't gonna be needing their weapons anymore!

Start looking for any food and/or weapons that you can take!

.....what's that thing at the top of that pole in the distance?
No. 845135 ID: 3ce125

Wait, do you feel something to the north?
No. 845156 ID: d887c0

Send some scouts to investigate the city.
No. 845225 ID: a363ac

No. 845291 ID: c88e6d
File 151078099122.png - (262.55KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening City Exploration.png )

>Loot the place!
A reasonable decision, I am merely... I did not think I would have to use a number like [millions] to estimate a quantity of corpses. The entire field from the edge of the jungle to the walls of the city miles away is CARPETED with decayed corpses.

It seems to be a mix between a race that looks something like Elz (judging by the skeletal structure), and.... lots and lots of very big bugs. There are also hundreds of pieces of wreckage like the flying ship I found in the jungle, some the size of Dorz' entire village by themselves.

I immediately set out to salvage, but going through this area of the battlefield alone would take weeks. I cannot see the edge of the city's walls past the horizon, and the battlefield seems to encircle it as far as I can see. I will leave the majority of my bodies here and my enhanced-scout will take a dozen other scout-selves into the city ruins.

>A voice
I do admit to feeling drawn to this place, and feeling unaccountably sad upon seeing the... massive dead thing lying in the middle of the city, but I cannot hear any voice consciously.

Our king is fallen.

>That shiny thing in the distance
I get a sense of hope and joy as I look upon the shining thing. It seems to be a light on top of a very tall and thin structure. My enhanced-scout is somewhat twitchy, feeling extremely energized and excited as I move towards the light.

Our lady!

Where should I send my scouts first? There simply isn't enough self-power to cover the entire city at once. The light is a few miles away. There's also that creepy dead thing the size of a mountain lying in front of the ruined gates, and the buildings inside the city itself, though strangely beyond the walls there are very few dead bodies of anyone, bug or Fulgurine.
No. 845316 ID: de6d84

Send a few scouts through the seemingly-crash area.
There might be a reason why it's crashed alongside there, and it could be valuables.
No. 845318 ID: 094652

Head for the star, have small squads of guards patrol your exit strategy. You can start scavenging after you've grabbed the most important piece of loot.
No. 845324 ID: 3ce125

Let's be efficient. Head towards the huge dead thing but peek into buildings along the way. After paying respects to whatever it is, head towards the light. Again, peek into buildings along the way.
No. 845372 ID: a363ac

eat the flesh of the big thing to take its powers of big. If that doesn't work go to the light I guess looting a bit along the way.
No. 845453 ID: 94bef7

If you see something interesting made of metal or something unfamiliar, inspect! They're probably very distinguishable from ordinary trash and rubble.

The big dead thing looks very interesting. How long do you think the big dead thing have been dead?
No. 845490 ID: 91ee5f

No. 845574 ID: c88e6d
File 151087954396.png - (212.79KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Dead King.png )

>How old is the dead thing?
Presumably as old as the rest of this battlefield and all the wrecks. According to Dorz, it was around fifteen years ago that the Fulgurine Union announced their conquest and then abruptly had their armies withdraw from the edges of their territory.

Presumably they were unable to recover from the losses they took destroying this place.


>Seeming Crash Area
At first, I though the buidings with a circular section missing all lined up was a crash too, but there was far too little debris for that. It seems like some kind of force simply tore a massive section out of the structures and the wall.

>Head towards the dead thing, looting along the way
>Head for the star

I can do both, as they are conveniently in-line with one another, the 'star' apparently being near the center of the city.

Despite the sheer devastation of the city's structures, it seems less like there was a true battle amidst them and more that the Fulgurines hurled some sort of explosive weapon into the city repeatedly, gradually tearing it apart.

There do not seem to be any dead locals in the streets barring the occasional creature crushed beneath rubble or eviscerated by a fragment of metal traveling at high velocity. Apparently the populace took to the walls and fields to fight.

This DOES mean that the interiors of most structures, the ground floors and basements, at least, are nearly untouched. While the vast majority of the city's towers have partially or totally collapsed, this means there is more 'loot' here than any thousand or so scavengers could dream of.

Wealth beyond wealth, treasure of this world.

Unfortunately, while there is an incredible amount of stuff, much of that which could be considered most valuable, that being the books which are endemic to this city, are seemingly blank pages. I have no idea why they would create thousands of empty pages...

Find our lady first, then you will learn our words.

Regardless, it isn't long before we reach the dead body of this.... I am uncertain it can even be considered a creature. I know of no natural process which could build something miles long that apparently had wings at some point.

Even testing our iron blades against what is presumably a carapace weakened with age does nothing to even scratch it, yet there is scarcely an inch of the monster's armor that does not bear scars and scratches, not to mention the great and terrible rents in its hide that seemingly killed it.

Thankfully, it seems to have been rotting for a very long time, and does not seem to inclined to get up and begin rampaging. Interestingly, my enhanced scout does not seem able to strike at it, the pearlescent blade deflecting before it hits and scoring the pavement.

Such insolence! Have respect, cur!

Shall I proceed to the 'star' in the distance? I have found vast quantities of jewelry and local currency (though strangely no hand tools), but there's really no purpose in dragging salvage into the inner city. Unfortunately, we have not found an armory either.
No. 845575 ID: c88e6d

Apologies, uploaded the uncolored one by mistake.
No. 845576 ID: 3ce125

Yeah head to the light. Time to find out what that good feeling is about.
No. 845577 ID: a363ac

To the star!
No. 845581 ID: 91ee5f

Go to the star!
No. 845615 ID: 94bef7

To the star!

Perhaps the books' pages have been bleached by the rains and shines of years past.
No. 845724 ID: c88e6d

>Towards the Star
Heading towards the star takes longer than I had thought, and it takes until sunset to reach the base of the spire near the center of the city. It's strange, but despite the great damage to the tower, the spire, somewhat bent in the middle, seems to stand as high as ever. There is no obvious way to climb it, but at the base there is a monolithic stone, apparently dragged from the rubble of the palace that stood around the spire.

There are three figures here, but all of them are very, very dead. Two warrior creatures, still gripping their weapons and standing guard, and one squat, round creature with wings, dead in the midst of carving. From the way they are positioned, I think they might have starved to death.

The monolith they guard is a declaration of unequivocal victory and defiance. I can tell because it appears to be written in every language, and Dorz' Elz writing is around ten feet up. The rest are incomprehensible to me, but my Enhanced Scout can detect an intense aura of pride and jubilation around the stone.

Joy! Glory! Victory! Our lady is safe below! Check behind the last scribe's great work.

Interestingly, from what my Enhanced Scout can see with its better eyes, the monolith's writing starts out crude but gradually improves as it goes along. The words the squat creature is carving into the stone (with its fingertips no less) is... I can find no other words to describe it than 'beautiful'.

Melora has developed an interest in fine art.

Regardless, Should I try and climb the spire? Or is there something else I should do?

Enter the palace you stupid deaf rats!
No. 845725 ID: c88e6d
File 151095217246.png - (155.05KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Monolith.png )

Forgot the image, sorry!
No. 845728 ID: 3ce125

Check behind the tablet.
If such a direct instruction cannot be justified, investigate the immediate area around the scribes and guards, looking for an entrance to the spire. Heck, try to take guards' weapons to enhance a couple more scouts. If the same thing doesn't happen, put the weapons back for now out of respect.
No. 845738 ID: 91ee5f

>Enter the palace you stupid deaf rats!
Suddenly feel insulted by the "voice" coming from the sword and refuse to do what it wants until you get an apology! >:'-(
No. 845745 ID: a363ac

Yeah apologize sword!
then steal the guards weapons and the bug creatures finger and start climbing
No. 845981 ID: c88e6d
File 151105876553.png - (423.41KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Special Door.png )

>Get the sword to apologize
While I get a vague sense of anger and contempt from the sword, having my Enhanced Scout whack it against the floor a few times seems to calm it down.

Cut it out! Fine, I'm sorry!

>Climb the spire
I literally cannot even estimate how tall it is. it just stretches into the sky and has no handholds. Climbing it is not going to happen short of my selves developing wings.

>Grab the weapons
While I have several scouts stack up into a pyramid to grab the weapons' hafts, it doesn't cause the same response at all. They are also a different color to the pearl-colored sword I found, and don't seem to be 'alive'. Without the enhanced abilities the sword gives my Enhanced Scout, I cannot wield them, and thus can simply leave them here.

Good, let dead heroes lie.

Prying the writer's finger out of the stone, meanwhile, is not possible without destroying either the stone or the deceased creature's body, and I get a very, very foreboding feeling from contemplating that.


>Check behind the Tablet
Behind the tablet is a rather small door, only a little above my own head in height. It extends at an angle downward to a winding staircase that goes even further into the earth, supported by material that resembles the Scout Sword.

As I go deeper, I can see pale roots pressing through the stonework around my scouts in increasing numbers, to the point where after descending half a dozen floors the staircase seems more luminous plant than stone.

Finally, at the end of another lengthy and gradually widening corridor, I come to stand before a door wrought in something that resembles the shell of the dead king-creature on the surface.


With a thunderous echo in my mind, I at last hear the voice of the sword and my Enhanced Scout abruptly loses muscle control, right arm and leg extending fully and throwing the scout at the door. The blade slides into a slot in the center.
No. 845982 ID: c88e6d
File 151105882192.png - (371.49KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Opening Door.png )

With a loud hiss, the door slides into the floor as the blade is withdrawn, and blinding light floods the corridor.
No. 845985 ID: c88e6d
File 151105893524.png - (374.84KB , 1200x1200 , Awakening Open Door.png )

???:"Hello there."
No. 845986 ID: c88e6d

Chapter 2: Exploration Concluded
No. 846096 ID: a363ac

oh hey cool its a giant tentacle monster stuck in a portal/large room. when do we get the cool Magibeast powers?
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