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File 150907484954.png - (200.76KB , 1200x1200 , Jack Quest.png )
840029 No. 840029 ID: b6b2b1

"Log...ah, who gives a fuck. This is Jack Thurible, sitting in my usual hellhole of a 'home' if you can even call it that. It's been a total of one year after being changed into this...freak of a person"

He pauses as he reaches for a leg from a cat he had killed recently, and chomping into it.

"The whole eating raw flesh and blood problem has not gone away and has probably gotten worse, and other alternatives are not working."

He stops once again and breaks open a vial of blood, and downs it, "However I am still hopeful there is a way to reverse this and become human again and live a normal life. Despite the fact that whatever these people did here could have done my body irreversible damage. Log end."

Jack stands up and looks around the almost pitch black room. There is broken glass everywhere, dried blood stains, and bits and pieces of what you assumed where scientists after you also had apparently brutally murdered them when looking at the security footage.

>What will you tell Jack to do?
>A: Think back a year ago
>B: Explore your home.
>C: Go outside.
>D: (input your suggestion here)
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No. 840032 ID: be0718

C. You're running low on conveniently placed tape recorders.
No. 840033 ID: 91ee5f

D. Find a mirror and look at how bad the damage is.
No. 840041 ID: 3abd97

No. 840042 ID: b6b2b1
File 150907645950.png - (597.07KB , 720x1151 , Jack looks at himself.png )

>D. Find a mirror and look at how bad the damage is.

Jack takes a long look at himself, and says, "Wow, I beat all the edgy teenagers want to look like this."

>C. You're running low on conveniently placed tape recorders.

Jack looks around the room and actually agrees with the notion to get outside. After a couple minutes of walking up stairs and long winding corridors, he opens a hatch and looks into the night sky. In the distance he can hear the sound of cars going by on a highway, life continues on as normal, he looks around to see barbed wired fences encircling the area, with signs saying, "Keep Out, Toxic Spill."

He gets up and walks towards the fence, their arm unraveling into tendrils as they cling to the fence, and within moments, slice into it and leave a hole.

>A: Should Jack go towards the city and steal more tape recorders
>B: Try and find something else at a nearby junkyard to avoid as much panic as possible.
>C: Stare at the stars, and hope he can wish on a shooting star.
>D: (input your suggestion here)
No. 840044 ID: b6b2b1


As Jack continues to stare at the stars in the sky, he thinks long and hard on how he become who he was today.

This had all started after he was kidnapped for reasons he did not understand, and probably never will. He was forced into cruel experiments, constantly being prodded and injected with unknown substances.

After a week their experiments did not stop, the scientists that were conducting these experiments wanted answers, and he thought, that they wanted answers for the sake of someone else.

As seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned to hours, and the hours turned to days. His psyche had completely snapped out of place and had lost control to something deep within him. And after coming to himself being soaked in the blood of the people who tortured him, and feasting on them to sate his hunger when all other options of food were not working.

He wanted to lock himself up in this place, to protect others from him, and fearing that if he ever tried to make contact with someone like this, he would risk their lives.

And after a tiring eleven months of seeing what his body could do, and catch anything to make sure he did not die of starvation. He had slowly lost what it felt like to have a regular conversation with a person.

All the while recording himself, and listening to them, and listening to the logs of others before they met their demise, in an attempt to stay sane.

But after having a breath of fresh air for almost a year of self-imprisonment, he was ready to face anything and have enough restraint to not cause a panic.
No. 840054 ID: 094652

Junkyard. Practice on heaps of garbage, see if your powers can recycle some of this swill into actual stuff. That can be sold. For money.
No. 840060 ID: 91ee5f

No. 840090 ID: 22b85b

D: Search for others with similar conditions; Any good scientific experiment has multiple test subjects; even ones that are terribly cruel
No. 840140 ID: be0718

Hi Tory!
No. 840147 ID: b6b2b1

Now that's one thing Jack have never thought of trying to do. Thinking as his powers as a way to reuse something, rather than destroy. While also thinking back to looking for people with similar conditions. That also had never arisen in his mind as an idea. There could be more bunkers with this kind of cruel experiments going on.

He finally arrives at the Junkyard, and as you can expect, there are broken down machines and scrap lying about. He took one solid look around before he walks in and tries to find something that might be able to be salvaged or saved.

He comes around to a rather beat up generator, he could definitely use any parts from this to make the one back at the base work, since maybe one of the computers there could have led to other places that run these experiments.

But before he could get close, he hears a voice, "Don't you dare move a muscle, this is trespassing on my property, you better give a good reason to why you are here snooping around and trying to steal my stuff." From what he could tell, the person who is talking is a woman and the person in charge of this junkyard.
>What will Jack do?
>A: Fight
>B: Talk
>C: Run
>D: ???
No. 840176 ID: b6b2b1

For once, the voices that were guiding him just a little minute ago stopped, so he choose for himself.

Jack spoke, "Can we talk this out, and not threaten me?" He asks, turning his face to the woman.

At that point, she froze up. Although seeing as this strange man or thing wasn't trying to kill her, she accepted to talk.

After a good ten minutes of talking, she finally gives into helping him, looking past his unusual looks and abilities, she offers him her junkyard, but on one condition.

"You are going to have to help me out as well, whether it be cleaning this junkyard, or some other mundane task, deal?"

He nods, but before walking away, he asks her a question, "What's your name, mine is Jack."

"Melissa." She then walks off.

Jack now has access to the Junkyard.
No. 840184 ID: 3abd97

Hey cool, you reestablished human contact and got a paying job (granted it pays in junkyard junk, but still). Progress!
No. 840194 ID: b6b2b1
File 150915025110.png - (239.03KB , 1151x720 , The Power is ON.png )

Jack nods to one of the many voices in his head.

Now it's time to get down to business.

After one sloppy montage of taking parts from broken down generators and fix the one back at base, the whole place lights up and everything whirs back up. Lights turn on, the whole place being connected to the internet, and most importantly, all the data that was left behind is booted back up.

He descends back down heads back to the room and sees the computer screen and PC booted up.

He decides to delve back into this mess and go back into the data. There have indeed been more experiments like his, and even more thrilling is to him is that there is another bunker nearby that is still active and actively updated.

And now, a name comes up that is talked about a lot, a person that is in charge of the Operation named as, "Shadow Jacks." His name is, "Doctor Jace." and this operation has been active for more than a decade. Looks like it's time to stack up on food and drink and get ready to storm that bunker and save some more people like him.
No. 840198 ID: b6b2b1
File 150915046936.jpg - (578.00KB , 4000x6000 , Snapped Jack.jpg )

But before he goes out to storm in, he goes ahead and takes a still frame of what he looked like when he snapped and saves it. Just as a memento to make sure that never happens again.
No. 840212 ID: b6b2b1
File 150915254212.png - (324.88KB , 1151x720 , Outside the Bunker.png )

Well, after Jack had fed himself off some of the wildlife, he ends up near the bunker in a little under an hour of walking.

And after he reached it...He literally has no idea how you should go about entering this place, at all.

He's gonna have to rely on those voice in his head to help him formulate a plan to enter this place.
No. 840294 ID: b6b2b1
File 150916565534.png - (191.71KB , 720x1151 , Two More Jacks.png )

Jack decided to try and sleep and think up of a plan, though after being woken up, it would seem that he was captured, and everything confiscated.

He was greeted by two other people, completely different from normal people.

"For fuck's sake..." Jack looked around, "Wait...Why are we just here, in a room?"

The two others look at each other and shrug before finally speaking.

"Well, this is like a school, for people like us." The Red one responded. "My name is Jess."

Meanwhile, the Blue one flips a finger to Jack, "You better not get in my way, I'll kill you, my name is Jeoff, and you better remember it too."

Jack looks at them blankly and thinks to himself.

>How the hell am I supposed to get out now, and how in the hell do they not care about being here?
No. 840308 ID: 9d4af9

Where are you? whats going on? any doors or windows? try those for starters.
No. 840309 ID: be0718

Okay... Well who is in charge? Have you heard of a doctor Jace?
Well, you wanted to get inside, for some reason or other. Now you're in!
No. 840315 ID: b6b2b1
File 150917486580.jpg - (58.57KB , 1151x720 , The Classroom.jpg )

Jack looks around, there's windows, a desk for the supposed teacher, and a door. However, looking out the window, there aren't any signs of how the world looked before he fell asleep. Especially since the outside looked like a city, rather than an out in the middle of a forest with barbed wire fences and guards.

A bell rings and an announcement is made.

"This is Principal Jace, and we would like to celebrate a new arrival to our University. Jack Thurible."

Jack stares at the speaker and thinks yet again.

>This is either a virtual reality or some brainwashing school, either way, I don't like this.

As Jack attempts to get up from his chair he had woken up in, the teacher comes in and seems to be another "Shadow Jack." from what he could tell, completely inhuman looking, the same as him, Jess, and Jeoff.

Jack sits down and doesn't try and make direct eye contact with the teacher.

"You there, Jack." The Teacher speaks, "We aren't going to have a trouble with you, are we?"

As Jack looks up at the Teacher to meet eye to eye from across the room, he is stricken with the sense of an incredible pressure.

"Because if there is one thing I hate, it's people who try and break the rules." And the stare from her, caused his skin to crawl.

>Shit...Looks like I have no other choice but to follow along with what is going to happen now, she seems completely different from anything I have faced in the single year I had, it feels like she could kick my ass if I tried anything.
No. 840334 ID: b6b2b1
File 150919884578.png - (71.57KB , 800x1000 , Important Map.png )

After what amounts to about two hours sitting and having to listen to this Teacher, he is finally released, and after walking out and closing the door behind him, the pressure was suddenly lifted, and the fear was gone.

After aimlessly walking the halls and coming outside, he finds a map. He takes a minute to study it and get a sense of what this is all about.

After he was done, he feels even more lost and confused.

RED STAR: You are here
ST: Stadium
WH: Writing & History
MS: Math & Science
AD: Admission
MD: Male Dorms
FD: Female Dorms
??: Unlabeled areas, but for some reason put on the map.
No. 840518 ID: b6b2b1

Well, if what anything Jack learned up until this point. Was that it was pointless trying to save these other Jacks by himself.
So, he decides to just go into a full on sprint towards the city, and try and get back home, if there even is one. Though, as soon as he broke away from the boundaries of the school, sirens blared and a code was yelled from the speakers of the school.
Looks like you just dug yourself a hole probably too big to crawl out of. People are now going to actively look for you, and kill you.
Melissa, the woman from the junkyard, turns on their radio to the news station and listens, just to see if there are any new reports or at least some news.
And it repeats from there.
She sighs and gets their keys, "I knew this whole idea for a new weapon to fight against other countries was a stupid idea. What's even more stupid is that people agreed to pass that bill by 80%."
Loading up into her truck, she turns the keys and shoots off towards the city.
"And by the looks of it, that Jack fellow can use all the help he can get, he's not a weapon, he's a person. Plus besides, he agreed to help me with my junkyard."
-Back to Jack-
Well, looks like you have dug yourself in a hole that you cannot get out of. People are now out to get you. Their intent is to now kill you. And to make things worse, you are hungry. This day is just getting worse and worse. And you are to only blame for this escalation. If you just stayed near your home, and that junkyard, this would have never happened.
"What can I possibly do now? The voices in my head are increasingly getting quieter and quieter, and the voice that plunged me back a year ago that made me snap is getting louder and louder. Please...I need some help."
No. 840543 ID: b6b2b1

In the end, Jack succumbed to this world. He was killed on the spot and gave no resistance.

Melissa never found out what happened to Jack, and never found him, she instead moved on and continued with her junkyard duties.

And the Shadow Jack operation went on smoothly, and Doctor Jace continued to make more Jacks.

In the end, Jack had failed his Quest, and his story albeit short came to a close.

No. 840548 ID: 094652

Well, that was sad.

If you want us to get invested in a quest, you need to sink your hooks into the audience. Remember, this is play-by-post, not publish-and-pray-for-readership. You have to build your core story with width, not depth, and let the readers decide what to focus construction on. But to do that, you need to gain a very large readerbase very quickly:
Sell out. Add comedic moments. Fanservice. Cute kids and little pets for mascots that steal the show. Anything you've made up on your own that isn't breathtaking but is eye-catching, use it. You don't have to give a fuck about copyright infringement or intellectual properties, so if you have a weird spin on an old tale, go right ahead. When you've got enough readers, you can retcon the previous chapters as 'based on a story but not copyright canon'.
What garners responses involves grabbing opinions. The options you gave were too simple, too cut-and-dry. Sometimes, just use >___ and wait. You also submitted a large puzzle when we didn't fully comprehend Jack's powers and personality to solve said puzzle.
Finally, keep in mind that some of us have things to do and we won't reply for days. You had a small fanbase, and they might have all been busy all weekend. Good luck.

No. 840552 ID: be0718

RIP Jack, lived fast and died hard.
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