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File 150971028954.png - (225.36KB , 1212x826 , Chapter 9 Title card.png )
842196 No. 842196 ID: 8a947d

Do you get it yet? Can you see through this?
You know all too well you cannot make things perfect
No, I'll be shifting through lists of these possible loves
With this pain in my brain it feels scattered like doves
Through this sky where my eyes have been drifting towards recently...

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No. 857551 ID: 9e4723

A restaurant you say? Well if their liqueur was good, and i hope you still have that one, it would be a shame not to have a decent meal.
We can go to the market latter, we owe a new jacket to Uma.
No. 857555 ID: 701418

Focus on getting the Azerite back to safety, but also look for Unter cuisine that's worth saving (who gets to move first).
No. 857565 ID: bfced3

Hey, you know what would be cool?
Arcamagicka equipment.
Lets browse weapons and other stuff at the market to see if there’s anything cool we can use.

Then on the way back we can find some food!
No. 857580 ID: 830fb7

We should ask while we can if they have a piece of tech that would allow you to try out being a Spinnensch like the people from the church where able to do to blend in. I think it would be fun to try out and it’ll cause less of a commotion if a two legged person isn’t walking around getting a tour scince the whole no surface dwellers thing was previously a thing.
No. 857585 ID: 1e7aa8

Hitting up a restaurant and then maybe check out the marketplace. Assuming you don't cause a stir by walking around on two legs.

(Don't even think about changing into your disguise roland. You'd still have the same problem as before except it'd be way more weird)
No. 857587 ID: 91ee5f

>There's still plenty of stuff I can show you, but I will understand if we must go back to the Cage.
"Well, we do have to go back, but we don't have to go back right now. And we can't leave yet, since we have to wait for Klara to arrange that party that's going to be coming with us."

>Restaurant? Market? Something else?
*insert the sound of Roland's stomach growling here*
"Oh! Uhh, well, that answers that question. I guess that fish I ate while I was trapped in a cat, stayed with the cat. Do you have a particular restaurant in mind? And, uh, would you mind helping me order something that's safe for humans to consume?"

We can always check out the Market and other things after we eat.

Make sure you stop by the Waystone Room and insert your Waykey into one of the Waystones, so that you can have a quick and easy way to travel to and from the Unter in the future.

Nobody seemed to complain about Roland when Ada was leading us around earlier. I'm guessing that nobody will care as long as we've got a Spinnensch guiding us. Or maybe everyone knows who Ada is because of her father and they think that if Ada and her family are ok with us being here, then we're not dangerous. Which might explain how Uma got on that boat with Ludgir.
No. 857592 ID: dc91a0

Show me your favorite restaurant!
No. 857790 ID: 8a947d
File 151566552770.png - (247.07KB , 1212x826 , Down Unter 1.png )

Your stomach rumbles loudly before you can answer Ada. Your normal body may not have been through a lot but you still feel like you've been chased all over the city. Food sounds good right now.

Ada: Great! I know a perfect place not too far from here.
No. 857791 ID: 8a947d
File 151566602219.png - (284.44KB , 1212x619 , Down Unter 2.png )

Ada leads you to the restaurant. It doesn't look like anything too fancy, but compared to the mess halls and prison cafeterias you've eaten in it's a 5 star. As you enter you get a few looks from the patrons, the talking dies down a bit as people mutter. Ada orders for you and you talk a little while you wait for your food.

You: So...it sounds like the Spinnensch have a bit of a bad history with the Church. Like, I know everyone has but that speech Dietfried gave made it sound like it was pretty bad.

Ada: Yeah, the Church seems to show an extreme prejudice to non-humans. Apparently we were created by devils and evil spirits, not gods. They used that as an excuse to enslave us and treat us however they liked. I would tell you more but History was my worst subject, not as interesting as making bombs.

Your food gets here. You know Ada would never poison you, but the meat is green, the mushrooms are purple and the other things on the plate are squirming around. You're drink is sweet like cherries but as far as you can tell non-alcoholic. You're...iffy on eating this food.

Ada: What?...You are not scared of some food are you ?
No. 857792 ID: b47934

After the cafeteria surprise this morning it pays to be cautious.
No. 857799 ID: bfced3

“A little, yeah.”

Then try it because you’ve already come this far and there is no way exotic food is going to be the thing that finally stops your record winning streak of almost dying.
No. 857812 ID: 094652

Ask if the waitress can take it back and deep-fry anything that is still alive.
No. 857815 ID: d3602f

We hate raw fish fresh out of the river today, this cannot be worse.
No. 857816 ID: 91ee5f

>As you enter you get a few looks from the patrons, the talking dies down a bit as people mutter.
The Church did a really good job in making sure the Spinnensch don't trust humans. Hopefully, we can fix that.

You'd better not complain loud enough for the restaurant staff to hear you. They might take offense at you complaining about the food!

Besides, when the Spinnensch move into the Gilded Cage, they're gonna bring their food with them, so you might as well get used to eating it now.

>What?...You are not scared of some food are you?
"Uh, normally, the food isn't this.....color. And it usually isn't squirming around on the plate. But I'm willing to try anything once.....and you ordered it for me, so it's gotta be safe for humans to eat."

Then pick up one of the squirming things with your fork and say, "Here goes nothing." Now start eating your food and make sure you clean your plate!
No. 857817 ID: 91ee5f

No, Kome, don't be rude!
No. 857819 ID: deec6e


Narrow your eye at the challenge to your androgynity.

Stab and kill a wriggly, then mix it in with the meat and the mushroom for maximal food synergy! Take a hesitant bite. Remember this isn't the last time you'll eat Unter cuisine. If it's not very good, at least you'll know what not to ask for next time. The Unter is bound to have SOMETHING that will fit your palate.

Besides, this is Ada's treat. YOU MUST EAT (or at least sample) IT.
No. 857820 ID: 9e4723

Come on, the worst thing that could happen is that you don't like it, so start biting.
And Ada is right, bomb making is funnier than History.
No. 857836 ID: dc91a0

Eat it.
No. 857838 ID: 3ce125

Take a bite of something and ask what it is.
No. 857839 ID: 28cb85

Not that it wasn't good, but last time I was exhaling fire and bits of mouth.
No. 857859 ID: 8a947d
File 151570272504.png - (221.00KB , 1212x826 , Ding.png )

You: After the little surprise I had in the kitchen today ? Yes, a little.

You take a bite of the food starting with the green meat, It's actually delicious! You don't know how to place the taste, its sort of like beef but not the same. The mushrooms are crunchy and a little sweet too. You stab one of the worm things with your fork and take a bite it has a fishy taste to it, kind of like some sort of shellfish. Ada giggles and takes on of the worms still alive and eats it whole.

Ada: They taste better alive. It's not bad though is it ?

You: No, it's actually really good! What is it ?

Ada: Grubswine steak with a side of sweetspore mushrooms and live shell worms. I always order it when I come here!

The meal sounds disgusting but that doesn't stop you from eating. You haven't had a meal like this since Luucc's bar. You wonder how Luucc is doing, you haven't seen him in a while. While you have a moment to rest and eat you think now might be a good time to level up!

You feel like being in a cat's body has increased your agility! [Agility-8 ==> Agility-10]

Choose a skill to upgrade.
[Pistols 3] ==> [Pistols 4](+5 to rolls involving Pistols, can roll to ricochet bullets)
[Summoning 3] ==> [Summoning 4](+5 to rolls involving Summoning, summoning has a chance to not consume the Catalyst of the ritual)
No. 857861 ID: 9e4723

Oh boy, this is a tough one, i really like shooting at things, but summoning is like in what we excel at.
I think i'll go with pistols this one.
Hey, somthing funny, if everyone can see us leveling up, why don't we ask Ada? at least for the giggles, i'll stil go for the pistols any way.
No. 857868 ID: 094652

More summoning efficiency! We'll make Fiddler an Eidolon yet!
No. 857873 ID: 91ee5f

>Choose a skill to upgrade.
This is a tough choice.

Improving Pistols will let us do trick shots.

Improving Summoning will give us a chance to keep any Catalyst we use, so that we can use it again.

Hmmm, I'll choose to Improve Summoning!
No. 857883 ID: 90f3c0

Summoning. The chance to keep the catalyst could make a huge difference during combat.
No. 857885 ID: ad51b8

No. 857887 ID: 13fded

Summoning! Summoning!
No. 857891 ID: b47934

Pistols, we're usually well stocked when it comes to summoning ingredients and summoning itself uses few rolls.
No. 857894 ID: dc91a0

I like where this is going
No. 857921 ID: 8a947d
File 151572038136.png - (308.02KB , 1212x826 , Down Unter 3.png )

Your [Summoning 3] becomes [Summoning 4]!

You and Ada continue to have a conversation over dinner, it feels odd with the ceiling lights outside shining inside. The entire Unter feel so alien which makes sense of course, but you'd never thought you'd get to see such a place in your life.

You: Y'know, I may have almost died here and everyone keeps looking at me like I'm some sort of freak but I like this place!

Ada: Yes...It will be gone soon though, There is no way to keep it once the game is over.

You: Then we'll just have to build another one won't we ? This time it'll be above ground, it won't really be an "Unter" then but you know what I mean.
No. 857922 ID: 8a947d
File 151572046118.png - (73.22KB , 1212x674 , Down Unter 4.png )

Ada looks down with a worried expression on her face.

Ada: Yeah...If we when.

You reach over the table and grab her hand, she looks up at you.

You: When we win...
No. 857928 ID: 8a947d
File 151572080459.png - (263.14KB , 1212x826 , Down Unter 5.png )

Issei: hey you two!

Issei comes out of nowhere startling the both of you. Uma and Flint are both behind him.

Issei: we're ready to head of now, the party's been made and they can come up to the gilded cage anytime soon.

Uma: Wait! Can we get some food while we're here too ? I saw all the plates people ordered and I realized I haven't eaten anything all day.

Flint: I'm curious about the food giant spiders make too. I managed to get some money for sealing the deal with the Konich, they use scraps of paper for money which is weird but if it works...
No. 857931 ID: 830fb7

something we should do before we leave the Unter is to get another Waystone key so we can set up a trade network between here and the gilded cage so it makes transporting things there and back easier.
No. 857941 ID: 9e4723

Well, if they want something to eat, then we can't stop them. It would be cool if we can stay a little bit longer anyway, and we still have some things to check in here, like that shop and the waystone.
Put your best annoyed face you have Roland, let the World know that you are upset!
No. 857942 ID: dc91a0

You'll prolly like anything that has these little purple mushrooms with it!
No. 857947 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, okay, let's pack a meal.
No. 857949 ID: 91ee5f

Look down and realize that you're still holding Ada's hand and blush hard enough that it can be seen through your bandages!

And if they want food, then you should recommend the dish you just ate. And tell them to not judge the food based on the name or how it looks and to just put it in their mouths and enjoy it!

Once they're done eating, then we better get going. We don't want to keep that party of Spinnensch waiting for us!
No. 857958 ID: 91ee5f

Also, you don't have to let go of Ada's hand. ;-D
No. 857988 ID: f1d190

Phenomenal timing, guys...
Do you think this place has strawberries?
No. 858037 ID: f1d190

Issei, where have you been this whole time?
No. 858038 ID: 1e7aa8

Don't ask this. We don't want to know and besides, if he doesn't tell us we can maintain plausible deniability about it.
No. 858147 ID: 8a947d
File 151584070143.png - (330.91KB , 1212x826 , Down Unter 6.png )

Before you can really respond to them they've already sat down at another table. Ada looks at you and shrugs before moving over and calling a waiter over to order for everybody else. For a little bit you almost forget about the impending doom of all you love and stand for, for now having a meal with your friends is all you focus on. Your conversations go from serious topics to more friendly banter. Issei shows his bird-watching journal to you, the images inside are detailed and amazingly life-like. From what you hear it sounds like he's been interested in being a bird breeder but due to wandering so much has never really started. Uma asks Ada about the various insects found in the Unter and if there's anywhere she can read about them. Flint is mostly silent, but interjects here and there. You also go through three plates of fish which you're guessing is a side effect of being trapped in a cat

You can't help but feel a bit relaxed in this moment even with your situation, especially now that you've managed what could be a strong alliance with an advanced secret nation. You've strengthened the red teams numbers and power significantly today and brought your team closer to victory. Hopefully you can keep this up until the end.
No. 858148 ID: 8a947d
File 151584071638.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , Blackout.png )

No. 858149 ID: 8a947d
File 151584074263.png - (39.52KB , 1212x826 , Heaven 1.png )

No. 858152 ID: 8a947d
File 151584090773.png - (47.35KB , 1212x826 , Heaven 2.png )

Luna est clavis et ianua ducit ad paradisum

End Chapter 9

No. 858153 ID: ad51b8

where'd you get those peepers?
where'd you get those eyes?~
No. 858154 ID: d3602f

The moon is a key, and the door leads to paradise. Perhaps the door is the Gilded Cage, and the moon is Azerite?

Is this a god of the church?
No. 858169 ID: 91ee5f

"The moon is a key and a door leads to paradise."?

Well, that's ominous!
No. 858172 ID: 3abd97

Oh hey, ophanim.
No. 858182 ID: 9e4723

That thing has to be evil.
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