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File 150992697061.gif - (412.07KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-open-r.gif )
842786 No. 842786 ID: e0f785



Ok that's enough of that.

SO after a nice nap and a shower, I part ways with my Slime buddy. I’m takin’ my shiny new Super Jump power for a spin around the town! Parkourrr! But nothing too crazy because this does use a lot of energy.
Oof! "Whoops sorry random guy! Didn't mean to bump into you!" Is he fine?
:genericnpc:"Watch it, pal!" He's fine. Boing! Now he's outta sight!
Now, where am I headed?

Tavern (scope out my next adventuring partner, if any)
Shop (scope out equipment now that I have some cash to spare)
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No. 868291 ID: b1b4f3

Only losers take drugs!
No. 868326 ID: f22969

You want to be cool don't you? Take those drugs.
No. 868447 ID: 7fd053
File 151900324230.png - (66.91KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-79.png )

>Take the druuugs
Kleem pops hers in her mouth and chews it up! I do the same. It takes a minute, but the effects kick in and my senses are suddenly expanded! It’s like I can see and hear whole new layers I could never see before, vibrant energies comin’ from everyone and everywhere! The music sounds better now that I can hear new aspects of it, and the light show has more colors and more psychedelic swirls!
:kleem:”So what’cha think? Cool stuff huh? ”
:glinp-happy:”Yeah! What IS this?”
:kleem:”They call ‘em Spadoobers~” The sound of the name has colors and it echoes weirdly.
:glinp-happy:”That’s really silly! I like it though! Spadoobers.” Yep, same effect when I say it.
With this stuff in me, I become way better at avoiding gettin' my feet stepped on or accidentally elbowin' people in the face! At some point I have enough ravin', so I tell Kleem and we head to the chillout room.

:suleuri:"Hey you guuuys~" It's a smokin' Amtsvane! And she's havin' a smoke!
:kleem:"Hey big gal! This's my pal Glinp! Glinp, this is Suleuri!"
:suleuri:"Nice to meet you~ How's the main floor?"
:kleem:"Great set as always~"
:glinp-happy:"I'm Glinp! It's kickin' rad but I'm windin' down. I didn't see you out there!"
:suleuri:"Nooo, I just come for the chillout room. The folks in here are always nice and the music's more my speed~ I come here between adventures to relax."
:glinp-happy:"Oh you're an adventurerer too? Cool." She nods. We have a nice little chat while my drugs wear off. Of course she's got poison, her giant size and strength make her formidable, and she can fit through surprisingly tight spaces. It seems that that stuff mostly carries her through her adventures! She's also got some magic regen and toughness to help out.

Eventually there’s a lull and Kleem pulls on my arm. I pop it off.
:kleem:"Pff!” She bops me gently on the head with my shoulder and puts it back. “So you ready to head out and cap things off~? I know I aaam~"
:glinp-happy:"You bet! Nice meeting ya, Suleuri!"
:suleuri:"Hohoh, likewise~ Have a good time!" We make our way on over to my preferred place for sexin' things up, and it's time for me to make a decision!

Which spell bullets am I gonna use on 'er? Some of 'em seem like they've got combat potential for later.
No. 868456 ID: a45d16

They're cheap and I'm curious if they stack so talk her up then enhance knockers -> induce climax -> enhance knockers -> honk a boob.
No. 868465 ID: 56e50f

No. 868474 ID: 91e1b3

Enhance her knockers.
Maybe enhance your knockers.
No. 868480 ID: f5c698

Maybe it'd be fun to do some sex-swapping with Kleem and yourself for round 2? It might affect the refractory period (possibly eliminating it) depending on how the magic works.
No. 868518 ID: cbc125

Also lets see if ENHANCE KNOCKERS stacks. Ask her if you can hit her with two in a row.
No. 868559 ID: 66b5eb

Doesn't much matter who, but somebody's knockers are getting enhanced.
No. 868563 ID: b7627b

Someone tipped me off that there might be enhanced knockers here, so.
>Enhance knockers
A few times.
No. 868626 ID: 93be1c

hey Glinp this is a bit of an odd question to suddenly ask out of the blue but what universe are you in right now
No. 868721 ID: 7fd053
File 151908648502.png - (35.09KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-80.png )

My culture calls this universe the Tareostaran Planes! I've only left the Calin Plane a couple times, and not recently. On a zone scale, I haven't gone outside the borders of Stiria in uhhh maybe a year? The space station was probably close to a fringe I guess. I could walk a few days south and get to Dorangian or Quenost from the town here. Unlike here, if you go to one'a those places, turning 360 degrees exactly completes a circle!

>Enhance knockers, and Turn Male!
Turns out she's okay with a lotta stuff. My choices are almost tame by her standards!
Round one we start out just gettin' a feel for each other.
Round two, I fire off one breast-enhancing spell and we have a good giggle before gettin' back to it.
Round three! Further boobage! I use my second Enhance Breasts bullet, and with that I'm out. Her boobs are perfect for stickin' my head between 'em~ There's more gigglin' and it takes us longer to get back into things, but we're havin' fun. Unfortunately, this size does make things a little awkward, so after a while we take a cuddly nap break and let the spells wear off. Then we have a snack and get back in the sack!
Round four, I use a Turn Male spell bullet on Kleem! Not the biggest Goblin dong I've seen, but it is one of the friendliest! And now I have 1 Turn Male bullet left.

After that, it's cuddle time again. When we wake up, she's back to normal. She yawns.
:kleem:"That was fun~ I'm glad I ran into ya!" She hops outta bed. "Hope ya don't mind if I make myself scarce now. This place's a little highbrow, don'cha think?" She starts putting on her clothes.
:glinp-happy:"That's what I like about it! But yeah that's fine, I gotta do stuff too."
:kleem:"Oh yeah yer gonna fight a wizard with a Tozzle or somethin' soon right? Sounds unfair~" She twirls.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, after one more mission to prepare. I hope it's gonna be unfair, that guy's a real prickasaurus!"
:kleem:"Well if I don't see ya before then, good luck! And ta-ta~"
:glinp-happy:"Thanks, you too. You sure you don't wanna take a shower first?"
:kleem:"Nah!" She leaves. Well I'M gonna take a shower!

And I do! But now I'm thinkin', should I go shoplifting for a new outfit again, or just go get Ro and show him some fistastic fun-times?
No. 868728 ID: 56e50f

Go reward yourself with a new outfit~
No. 868736 ID: 1a7afe

Sure dumpster dive to celebrate a nice night out.
No. 868754 ID: 93be1c

Okay so I figure the Calin Planes are your planes of origin.

Zone scale? Fringe?? Hyperbolic non-Euclidean geometry???? WHAT IS GOING ON
No. 868814 ID: cbc125

Should we get more Enhance knockers bullets for combat purposes?
No. 868815 ID: 91ee5f

We could just revert and not use 1 or both of them on Kleem.

That way we don’t have to spend more money and actually save some money to hire Jozi.
No. 868816 ID: 1a7afe

They were cheap and it's kind of a dick move. Just buy some more after this run once we know what the Jozi hire situation's like.
No. 868820 ID: 91ee5f

We already know what it’s like.

Jozi lowered her price to 685 krels after we brought some superconductors to her from the space station mission with Irib. Now that we’re down to 304 krels, we need to start saving again in order to pay Jozi to come with us!
No. 868857 ID: 9d4af9

Lets not spend anymore money. We need to save up for Tozzle Time!
No. 868871 ID: c19946

Get that new outfit, then wear it like you stole it. Which you will have actually done.
No. 868950 ID: 05ff2f

Yeah, a couple more Enhance Breasts and a Turn Male; We can always sell them back for full price if we don't use them. I can see how the Enhance Breasts bullets could be useful against those wearing torso armor, forcing them to remove it so they can breathe. Turn Female could also have the same effect. And suddenly having boobs can screw up a melee fighter's balance so they don't fight as well, or keep a archer from drawing their bow. Turn Male could make a female in armor suddenly have it not fit right or fall off. And if the species has a large sexual dimorphism in body size, going from one sex to another could make them fall out of their armor or clothes or blow them out or be strangled by them. If the size difference is really big, they could even get stuck in hallways or tunnels.

Glinp testing if the Enhance Breasts bullets work on males by shooting one at himself (or using a Turn Male first if he is actually a she,) then reverting would be a decent idea.
No. 869013 ID: 7fd053
File 151917164340.png - (36.96KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-81.png )

Not sure where I came from, but the Calin Plane is where my village is. Stiria is the zone my village is in, and also the one I'm in now! If you go far enough in some direction you usually reach a zone's fringe, and then if you keep goin' you'll be fully in another zone, where the rules of reality might work different! Stiria's one of those ones where basically none of the species are native. So Lizardfolk, Shadows, Tozols, and whatever else all came from somewhere else. Not 'cause here is special, just 'cause they're spread out all over the place and some of 'em ended up here for now. There's a pun in English that doesn't work in Stirian, where it's called that because it's like a stirred up mixture, and lotsa the inhabitants are hybrids. But like, other zones are like that too so it's kinda dumb!
No. 869014 ID: 7fd053
File 151917166147.png - (40.30KB , 1150x1890 , this-looks-familiar-doesnt-it.png )

I'll knock Ro dead with some new duds! What's my NEW OUTFIT gonna look like?
No. 869020 ID: 12b116
File 151917358582.png - (68.62KB , 1150x1890 , glinp ref.png )

Retro, obscure, and appropriate
No. 869021 ID: a363ac

just put glinp hands in all the important places
the crotch the nipple area and the elbows
No. 869022 ID: 8f7308
File 151917428730.png - (55.37KB , 1150x1890 , this-looks-familiar-doesnt-it.png )

Cleavage, and jorts. feel free to change the tee color.
No. 869024 ID: 52a081
File 151917479916.png - (115.76KB , 1150x1890 , GlinpTearShields.png )

Gotta install those wonderful Tear Shields to show that you're tough!
No. 869067 ID: 91ee5f
File 151918105325.png - (141.96KB , 1150x1890 , B1EA66E9-13D3-42A3-A0C9-44D78692F360.png )

I wonder if Ro will notice that Glinp’s jacket has the same colors as his body?
No. 869129 ID: f5c698
File 151919283374.png - (148.38KB , 1150x1890 , glinp_of_the_north_star-noshirt.png )

Any of the mooks at the Temple of the Fist are already dead.
No. 869131 ID: f5c698
File 151919291879.png - (148.82KB , 1150x1890 , glinp_of_the_north_star-ushirt.png )

There's also this incredibly easy to rip shirt with it.
No. 869142 ID: 830fb7

best so far.
No. 869157 ID: cec176

This one for sure.
No. 869159 ID: caf1de

no we need to save the jojo for the final boss
No. 869181 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not Jojo, that’s Fist of the North Star.
No. 869293 ID: 56e50f

Whatever you wear, remember; pants are optional.
No. 869321 ID: 52a081
File 151925479993.png - (94.40KB , 1150x1890 , GlinpBolds.png )

So many huggingbolds!
No. 869323 ID: 56fca5


I like this outfit
No. 869330 ID: 7fd053
File 151925791790.png - (55.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-82.png )

Yeah, I'll go with this.

:jozi:"Nice outfit."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks!" I spy Ro. "I hope it's a good one for a trip to the Temple of the Fist."
:jozi:"Clothes just get in the way, honestly." She shrugs. I laugh. "Oh right, who's this sorcerer?"
:glinp-happy:"Zorgonok! You know anything about 'im?"
:jozi:"I heard a rumour he was a lich, but aside from that, nah."
:glinp-happy:"Ah, yeah I heard that too. I see you got time to clean up after the paint thing. Where'd that happen anyway? I never saw any splatters around, except on you."
:jozi:"Oh, it was across town. I take my lunch at the Bouncing Betty. It's just a couple minutes away by foot."
:glinp-happy:"Oh, I see- waaaait a minute, that's like... 2 kilometers away!"
:jozi:"Yeah?" I can't handle that!! I back away into the room and point my thumb that way.
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna... just do my thing here!" I say while staring at Josie. She smiles a scary smile with lots of teeth! Aaa!

:roshadow:"Huh, there you are. Hey, sorry if I came off as a dick the last couple times. I'm not a real nice guy, but bein' drunk doesn't exactly improve my attitude."
:glinp-happy:"Apology accepted! But I'm still gonna show you I'm no pushover and get 75% of the cash!"
:roshadow:"Yeaaah, yeaaah..." First I get somethin' to eat. Since I seem to be feeling extra social lately, is there anything I should talk to him about?
No. 869334 ID: 9d4af9

What kind of music does he like? You need to know what to use in your action montages.

inb4 Bob Marley :3
No. 869353 ID: 0081e6

Ask about his hobbies. Bet if he doesn't sleep he has lots of ways to occupy his time.
No. 869473 ID: f22969

What would be his perfect hotdog?
No. 869520 ID: e1c8f7

Buffalo Soldier~

Was he alive at one point, or has he always been a shadow? How long has he been adventuring?
No. 869578 ID: cae082

What’s his go to booze? And is it of or on fire?

What’s his preferred fight style?

Glinp... how much was that massive chili cock your gulping down?
...it didn’t take you long to finish it, huh.

singing in the rain
No. 869639 ID: eaf326

Weird long shot idea:

Get serious. Tell him you know all about his little plans. Then tell him not to play dumb when he denies it. See what he says next.

Then revert the save and don't do that because wow, rude.

Oh, then ask him if he can really make ANY part of his body bigger.

...Then revert the save again because wow, rude.
No. 869708 ID: 7fd053
File 151942030609.gif - (257.64KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-83.gif )

I put on a serious face!
:glinp-happy:"I know all about your little plans."
:glinp-happy:"Don't play dumb!" He rolls his eyes.
:roshadow:"Whatever, weirdo."


No serious face this time. I already know the answer, but...
:glinp-happy:"Hey... Can you really make ANY part of your body bigger?" He grins smugly.


From what I understand, his kinda Shadow starts out as a normal livin' person, and then... I dunno what happens, but they wind up in this undead state somehow or other.
:glinp-happy:"So how long've you been an adventurer?"
:roshadow:"Not too long after I ended up like this." He gestures to himself and makes his shape all wavy for a second before snapping it back. "Used to work at a power plant. Now I'm ah, not such a hot candidate for that kind've environment. So I thought, hey, I'll try something a lot different." He swirls his drink. "Been a handful of years now."

:glinp-happy:"Whoa..." He might be sensitive about how he became an undead, so I'll move on for now. "And what kinda music y'like?"
:roshadow:"Eh? Punk rock, I guess. Grungy stuff especially. Ever heard of The Mech-heads?"
:roshadow:"Psh." He rolls his eyes "Give 'em a listen some time."

:glinp-happy:"Will do! How abouuut your go-to booze? And fighting style?"
:roshadow:"Odd's Bodka. It gets you drunk pretty well and it tastes good. For fighting style I'm sneaky, brutal, and fast, not so flashy. But I can pull out some berserker shit if I have to."

:glinp-happy:"Good to know! What about hobbies? Got any of those?"
:roshadow:"Y'know anything about video games?" I nod. He nods back, less enthusiastically. I overdid it slightly with mine. "I like sandboxy, open-world stuff, 'specially if there's good movement and sweet guns. Other kinds of shooters are good too. Heard of Killtronic Deathray?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! I played the second one like 3 years ago."
:roshadow:"Good shit, right? The fuckin' Grav Cannon... Mmh! So satisfying."
:glinp-happy:"That thing was a beast! I used to make people so mad in multiplayer 'cause I'd keep one shot until everyone forgot how many were left in the stage, and then use it when the enemy team thought they could bunch up again."
:roshadow:"Pfahahhh, that's good! Everyone I played with would try to use it for quick guaranteed kills. I did too. It got too hectic for real strategizing, least for me." I nod and kinda shrug.
:glinp-happy:"How do you feel about REAL guns? It's no Grav Cannon, but I'm a crack shot with a Caster gun." I twirl mine on a finger and mess up and drop it.


:glinp-happy:"How do you feel about REAL guns? It's no Grav Cannon, but I'm a crack shot with a Caster gun." I twirl mine on a finger and don't mess it up this time. He doesn't look impressed though. He does lean forward to look at it.
:roshadow:"What kinds of bullets ya have there?" I tell him about... most of them. "Good selection... I'm almost startin' to feel like my wallet's gonna be in danger." He leans back. "But we'll see."

:glinp-happy:"We sure will! Soon! Mm, now that I'm almost done with this chili dog, what'd be YOUR perfect hotdog?" He coughs.
:roshadow:"I'm not real picky about that." For a second he looks kind of odd and he looks away from me, but he returns to his more relaxed attitude right after. How odd! But now I'm done, and it's time to go!

:jozi:"Have fun with your fist-related explorations, folks."
:roshadow:"Right." He shifts his clothing into something more... adventurey? And looks at me. "That what you're wearin'?"

And with that, we warp to the Temple of the Fist. Good thing trips to stony underground places full of traps and corridors don't have any history of ending especially badly for shadowy shark men, or bipedal lizards that can come apart!
No. 869712 ID: 93be1c

>Good thing trips to stony underground places full of traps and corridors don't have any history of ending especially badly for shadowy shark men, or bipedal lizards that can come apart!

We're doomed.
No. 869713 ID: 56e50f

I'll be the roundabout~

What's the first thing you see?
No. 869715 ID: 62e66c

The To Be Continued isn't just for fun - Nice Save is taking another break, and will be back with a new thread at some point!

Thanks for reading/participating!
No. 869726 ID: 91ee5f

>He rolls his eyes.
How can you even tell? His eyes look like they’re painted on and can’t really do any rolling.
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