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File 151120313352.png - (48.74KB , 687x524 , 1.png )
846378 No. 846378 ID: 65a774

“Who in their right mind would read this kind of drivel? Throw it into the furnace at once, Cain.”

-Helios, King of Risavia, Lord of Fire and Father of six.

Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/92354.html
Wiki and previous threads: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Strange_Bedfellows
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No. 849590 ID: d9cd96

Man, the salt would be delicious. Go for Belseth, man! Bring the book.
No. 849612 ID: 33cbe7

Marry a body pillow of your waifu Briannah. Life will find a way, remember?
No. 849639 ID: 600f38

Point out that, according to the book and what Life told you, you can father Bri's children.
Also point out that would probably be taken as a miraculous sign that the alliance has the favor of the gods, which... actually would be pretty accurate.
No. 849650 ID: fe7355

Are you sure Xuv said that? Can you find where she did and post the link here? Because what I remember is that Xuv didn't have enough power available to make it possible for a guy to get pregnant. That's a much taller order than just cross-species fertility between male and female. One that'd take more magic power than Xuv could bring to bear, or at least more than she was willing to use.

...And I just went back and re-read everything that Xuv said and while what I remembered wasn't spot on, it was close enough. I couldn't find any point where she said the blessing she gave Kronos could get Belseth or any other man pregnant. The only time where she talks about such things I could find is in >>/questarch/712092. In it Xuv told Kronos he was lucky she had a change of plans, otherwise she might have had to make it so Kronos would carry Belseth's child, seeing as he was so interested in Kronos.

If Xuv had already made it so Kronos could get Belseth pregnant, she wouldn't have to have even considered making it so Kronos could get pregnant. And since Xuv already had changed her plans to the easier way of Kronos impregnating Briannah, she wouldn't have spent the extra power to alter her blessing to allow Kronos to impregnate guys as well.

Also, if Xuv had made her cross-species fertility blessing also effective with all sexes from the start, she would not have been unsure of what to do when Kronos told her that Belseth is gay in >>/questarch/692001. If Kronos could have gotten Belseth pregnant, Xuv would have pushed Kronos to pursue Bel.

Oh, c'mon! You're really going to base your choice on something as petty as whichever one would make more people saltier about it? But that aside, choosing Belseth isn't going to make more people more salty, since same-sex marriage is accepted in Risavia.
No. 849712 ID: fe7355

Your hesitation in your thoughts of going to Belseth and leaving Briannah behind speaks to how you really feel. Belseth may make your heart flutter, might even be a love for you, but he is not the love of your life. He is not Briannah. She is who you saw your future with. Who you saw having children and raising a family with. The one you'd stand by through thick and thin, and her by you. For her, you would and you did move heaven and earth. You won't just give up on her.

...But you know that she is her own person, and if in the end her love was really for Krotos then you will accept it. You will mourn deeply, but you will not blame her nor try and force her to you. And if that happens you can still turn to Belseth and perhaps find a lasting love there, if he isn't with another by then. Which he very well could, since unlike you or Krotos he's free to find another to be with.

You know Krotos loves Briannah deeply too, and you don't want to put Bri in a position where she has to choose between two men who love her so much, so you'll try and convince Briannah to marry you both. It'll be tricky to balance, but you believe it can be done. And if you do turn into the third wheel, then you can only admit you and Bri weren't meant to be. But you'll do your darnedest to keep that from happening. And it won't be by pushing Krotos down or upstaging him. You'd rather cooperate with him and together give Briannah the love and life one as wonderful as she deserves.

But you do know there is one thing you can offer Briannah that your brother can't: You can have a child with her. A hybrid of Vark and Sakkilian, and one of both our bloodlines. This is possible because the Old Man chose not to remove Xuv's blessing of inter-species fertility from you as a gift for not abusing the River of Souls to become a god.

You know you, Bri and Krotos should have a talk with Belseth no matter what your choice is to find out how much he remembers of the other timeline. If he does remember, you don't know whether he's going to be pissed at you for yanking away his chance to become a god and do great works for the world or if he'll be satisfied with your changing the past making this world was good enough.

>Not only for me, but for my family… and clan…
How big is her family? Did her father marry or have any more children? You know you have two younger siblings in this world because... Y'know...

>You… he… he did spend more time with her… and she remember him more than you… but… she still loves you… right?
Yes, he did spend more time with Bri. And he was her first real love. And it was also when she had fewer mental scars. From all that she would remember him clearer and in a brighter light. But how much of their time together wasn't romance and good times? How much was when trouble happened and they had to work things out? Because a love that lasts is one that weathers adversity, both interpersonal and external. And in the week and a bit you had with Bri in which you two fell in love, you had that trouble in spades. And through it all, you never left her. Through it all, you helped her, supported her. And given the same amount of time she and Krotos had, you believe you'd have formed a even stronger love. And now, we have that time.

>Your heart goes crazy as soon as you see her but… what if it was just Xuv influence that did that?
No, your love of Briannah is true. When Xuv was ripped from your body and her suppression of your fear of Sakkilians went away, your love remained to carry you through that fear. If it was only because of Xuv, your love would have gone then as well. Besides, if Xuv had the power to mold your mind to such a degree she'd have made you love her first and turned you into her thrall.

I'm up way later than I should be to write this and getting the words down is like pulling teeth 'cause I'm so tired. I hope I didn't muck it up.
No. 849776 ID: 65a774
File 151241938254.png - (83.01KB , 686x526 , 27.png )

>Focus on Beatrix. She can't exist if you give up on Bri.
Except… she still can, can’t she? Either through surrogate or… you know, seeing as Krotos was Xuv first choice… maybe he got the same blessing as you do?
>Xuv only opened the way for you. The rest of what happened was all you.
…maybe it was. Maybe you truly do love her…
>...But you know that she is her own person, and if in the end her love was really for Krotos then you will accept it.
Love her enough to let her go even…
>Love is not just an emotion. It is a choice, shown in actions. Actions you actually took in the other timeline.
You did so much for each other… endured so much… sacrificed so much…
>When the mental influence waned in the other timeline, you chose to keep loving her and work toward making things work…
You did, didn’t you… you never did give up on her… and neither did she give up on you.

>Go see Belseth. See if he's super mad at you or something.
Part of you really wants to just leave all this and go see Belseth instead… but you get a feeling that in doing so you’ll… close some doors to open others…
>He is not Briannah. She is who you saw your future with. Who you saw having children and raising a family with. The one you'd stand by through thick and thin, and her by you.
You did… yet… weren’t many of those fantasies conceived by a mind seeking something impossible?
>Yep. All the chemical processes in your brain were flooded, and now your subconscious is compensating to justify your overwhelming emotions, which aren't there anymore because of the temporal collapse wavefunction.
…you… what? You guess it can be some kind of aftereffect from what Xuv did but… um…?
>Marry a body pillow of your waifu Briannah. Life will find a way, remember?
…you’d like to believe you love her for more than just her visage.

>Spend some time, all three of you, looking through that book.
:KronosSB: Huh… it seems to be written from… my perspective? It’s start with a nightmare I had a few days ago… err… in the dream, I mean.
:KrotosSB: Wait, I can’t remember the dream lasting that long.
:KronosSB: Really? I mean… you was kind of dead by that point so…
:BriannahCB: What was the last thing yah remember?
:KrotosSB: I remember… being furious… someone had betrayed me… and was trying to kill father. Then… there was an assassin that I bested and… um… I was attacked by… something… something inhuman, some kind of monster… and I felt how it toke control over my body, turning me into a puppet… and then I woke up screaming.
:BriannahCB: Aw, yah poor thing. Come ‘ere.

Briannah lifts your brother up and embraces him while licking the top of his head lovingly.

:BriannahCB: I wish I could ‘ug both of yah like this… but yah’ll just ‘ave to wait, Kronos…
:KrotosSB: Don’t fret, brother...
:KronosSB: It’s… fine… but going back to the bo-
:BriannahCB: Wait, so yah didn’t remember ‘ow yah died? Or when yah attacked the Zadian military summit?
:KrotosSB: Err… no, I don’t? I remember I was planning on attacking that summit and take everyone there hostage but… wait, how did I die in the dream? What did I do after my dream ended?
:BriannahCB: Oh, it’s not important.
:KrotosSB: …it isn’t?
:BriannahCB: Nope. Hey, do you remember that one time when were in the mountains…
:KrotosSB: Hmm? Oh right… when we built that snow couple… yeah, I remember that… and that night as well…
:BriannahCB: That’s right… those were the times…

>Love is not just an emotion. It is a choice, shown in actions…
Each lick feels like a dagger piercing your heart…
:KronosSB: I-
:BriannahCB: Or the time we “borrowed” those raptors and went for a ride through the wilds?
:KrotosSB: I still remember when we saw that wild wyvern fly over us…
:KronosSB: And-
:BriannahCB: Why, we rode after it as fast as we could…
:KrotosSB: *Sigh* but in the end it got away…

>...But you know that she is her own person, and if in the end her love was really for Krotos then you will accept it.
Each embrace feels soul crushing…
:BriannahCB: OH! And that time we crashed that performance? You had to dress up in full custom to make sure no one noticed that you were Varkian. Why, the scandal if they knew…
:KrotosSB: Ah, yes, that! How did that song go again? “Something something yes you can?”
:BriannahCB: “Take my hand, won’t you understand… yes you can…”
:KrotosSB: “How did you get so fine… lose my mind….” Yeah, I remember…

>Point out that, according to the book and what Life told you, you can father Bri's children.
:KrotosSB: You can…? That sounds… well, I would say implausible, but with everything else that’s been happening…
:BriannahCB: I wonder if that includes Krotos as well? I always wanted to have children of my own…
:KronosSB: Really?
:BriannahCB: I always dreamed of finding the perfect ‘ubby whom I loved more than anything and start a family with ‘im…
:KronosSB: I-
:KrotosSB: Well, if the dream say it’s possible…
:KronosSB: B-
:BriannahCB: We can always try and ‘ope for the best, eh Krotos?
No. 849779 ID: 6780f5

Yeah, either grow the balls to actually say how you feel and by extension how their shows of affection are making you feel, or run off crying to Belseth.
No. 849780 ID: 3ce125

Looks like she just has more memories of loving him than you. Makes sense, really. You knew her for what, less than a week? This was your sacrifice when you chose to change the past. You knew it most likely meant losing Briannah, but you didn't know it would be like this. What would Krotos do if you somehow won this contest and had exclusive access to Briannah? The pain you're feeling could only be worse for him if she chose you.

Anyway, warn Briannah that the last time she saw Krotos, it was when he was possessed by the Nightmare. Sounds like he was already dead, even, with his corpse being used like a puppet.
Also if she can't conceive with Krotos, tell them you'd be willing to help.
No. 849806 ID: d887c0

Kronos stopped the fucking end of the world, and his reward is losing all his friends and getting cuckolded by his wife and brother?!
The fuck is this?!
No. 849807 ID: 33cbe7

Kronos isn't the center of the universe. He passed that opportunity up when he decided to rewind time.
It's also a good opportunity to sow our wild oats, as the most compatible man in the history of everything!
No. 849813 ID: 094652

Risks were taken to undo the past, and this is one of them. You think the world would forgive Kronos if he told everyone "Oh I had a chance to restore the gods or to undo the horrible war that nearly destroyed us and killed millions but I decided to use the power to create a new world order with a better future for everyone who has been broken by losing their families and nearly starving to death"?

You made Briannah happy. Now you're free to find someone else to make you happy.
No. 849815 ID: a633c6

He's the subject of many prophesies, that's close enough.

ask if she remembers some of the things you did, like promising to help her be good or whatever.
No. 849843 ID: 600f38

Snuggle up with Bri.
No. 849853 ID: 8cb228

Say how you feel! These people, BOTH OF WHICH LOVE YOU are doing wrong by you. Stand up for yourself!

Don't blow up at them, but be assertive. Take control of more of the situation. Talk about the times YOU had with her, how YOU all felt, the things you two learned together about one another and about life. After all, she ALSO chose you!

Do not JUST lay over and take this. Don't start unnecessary drama, but by the gods, start some necessary drama! Do NOT let your memory, your feelings, your soul, what you and she shared, be trod upon!
No. 849909 ID: 3e857c

Looking back, it's now rather clear you were always in your brother's shadow. People, both mortal and divine, had often confused the two of you. Xuv recruited you to replace your brother. Your former wife dated and loved your brother; and now you fear may be more compatible with him then you are.

The hard truth is you inherited your brother's destiny, after he couldn't live up to it.
The question you should be asking now: Have you truly made his destiny your own?
The only way you can answer that is if you challenge your brother for her hand in marriage. Not for her heart, for it is only hers to give, but it would prove that your "past" experiences, as dream-like as they are now, have shaped the person you now are.

You could create a series of contests, inspired by the events of your book. Contestants would face safer versions of the challenges you went through for your marriage.
Heck, you could make it a public marriage tradition if you feel like it. You should make them more appropriate for the public but if they're fun enough, it wouldn't be necessary to take the source material seriously to learn from it.

But you now need to confront him with your own experiences with Briannah. You need ask him if he honestly would do anything differently from what you did.
Or, ask him this: Do you undo a great tragedy or do you learn from it?
After he gives his answer, tell him yours: You know you've done both. At the same time. You have proof of the latter on your lap. You have proof of the former under his.

Tell Brie that, regardless of how she feels now, what you shared together was important. It helped both of you grow into people. Yes, you mean "into". Even after all the scars both of you had, both of you helped make each other back into two whole people again. You know, instead of two half people into one whole person, like she said right? Maybe you don't remember this; try bringing up the pirates, of all the good times you had with her, with what you had.
Anyway, you should ask if she feels about the same you feel. And what she feels about you now.
No. 849910 ID: 51b8ec

"Good to have it confirmed that I only ever were a substitute for my brother in that other life."

Grab thy spine and flagellate thineself with it, Prince. In your other life you faced nightmares and gods both foul and wicked for your love for both family and Briannah, and here you are 'again'. Spineless. Your supposedly silver tongue tied and useless.

And if this Briannah, much like the other one in that other life, is simply 'testing' you like when the two of you first met in that other life? No, do not stand for it. Do not accept it so meekly.

They can have eachother or they can have you. If they choose the former, then that is it. Your other self torched a future for the sake of the past. What is burning a few potential bridges in comparison to that?
No. 849929 ID: fe7355

Before you take what Bri said as the final branch on the pyre for your hopes of a life with her, remember that she's gotten your name and Krotos' mixed up before, so get clarification she said the right name. But even if she did, you are not going to just throw in the towel and accept this fate. You're the goddamn Phoenix! You break fates!

Don't see this as a simple choice of you or Krotos' winning out and being with Bri, but rather Bri being blessed with two men who love her with all their heart and soul. Two phoenixes wrapping their wings around her. Together, supporting her and each other, through the trials and tribulations of our lives. This is worth working towards.

And while they have more history to their love, your love with Bri grew and bloomed too. Both quickly and under harsh circumstances, which makes it all the more impressive. You can grow a history with her as well, it just takes time together. Time you'll have if you and Krotos both marry Bri. And unlike that other world, the conditions in this one for you to grow your memories and love with Bri are fantastic. You'll catch up with Krotos sooner than later.

>you know, seeing as Krotos was Xuv first choice… maybe he got the same blessing as you do?
Wait, that doesn't make sense. If he did get the same blessing, then wouldn't he have gotten Bri pregnant in the other timeline? ...Maybe he was "blessed" after he was possessed, but that doesn't work because he didn't have a chance to lay with Bri before the attack on the summit. ...Or maybe Bri lost the pregnancy before it showed when possessed Krotos sliced her belly open. But when does a pregnancy start to be noticeable? And how long were she and Krotos in a relationship and when did they first have sex?
No. 849944 ID: 91ee5f

It's impossible for Krotos to have gotten the same blessing. He may have been Xuv's first choice, but he was dead and/or already being used as a puppet before he met her, so he couldn't have gotten her blessing. Kronos is the only one with the cross species impregnation blessing.
No. 849949 ID: 65a774
File 151249054208.png - (82.62KB , 686x526 , 28.png )

>Looking back, it's now rather clear you were always in your brother's shadow. People, both mortal and divine, had often confused the two of you.
…in the end, you never did manage to escape his shadow, did you… you’ve always been the lesser Krotos… ever since you two were small…
>You are not going to just throw in the towel and accept this fate. You're the goddamn Phoenix! You break fates!
…that’s right. You are the phoenix! You bested the very gods! You rewrote reality! You and not Krotos! If anything, he should be stuck in your shadow! YOU ARE THE PHOENIX AND YOU WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS!

>Say how you feel! These people, BOTH OF WHICH LOVE YOU are doing wrong by you.
:KronosSB: Well… I guess it’s good to know that I only was a substitute for my brother in that other life…
:BriannahCB: Hrnn? What are yah…?
:KrotosSB: Kronos?
:BriannahCB: Oh! I’m so sorry! I got lost in nostalgia for a moment, Kronos… come ‘ere.

Briannah grabs a hold of your shoulder as she falls backwards, forcing both you and your brother to topple over with her. The final result is her large body sandwiched between you and your brother, thus enabling her to snuggle with both of you at the same time.

:BriannahCB: There? Is that better?
:KronosSB: Yes, this is a lot better…
:BriannahCB: I’m so sorry, Kronos, but I’m only one person. There’s only so much love I can give at once…
:KrotosSB: I guess I need to play a bit more fair, eh brother? Hehe…

:KronosSB: So... do you remember what we did as well?
:BriannahCB: Hrnn? Yah mean like… the time we became pirates?
:KrotosSB: Pirates?
:KronosSB: Oh, yeah… that was after I lost my eye and had to wear an eyepatch!
:BriannahCB: Hehe… I do remember how we sailed the royal mattress down the stairs… and I still don’t ‘now where all those ninjas came from.
:KrotosSB: Eyepatch? Ninjas?
:KronosSB: I’m pretty sure the ninja part didn’t actually happen…
:BriannahCB: Oh, and when we found the elemental! Yah remember that?
:KrotosSB: Elemental!? What!? Aren’t they-
:BriannahCB: And the time yah ventured into my deepest, darkness reaches and brought light to my world… wait, did that actually ‘appen…?
:KrotosSB: That sounds a bit made up, yes…
:KronosSB: It was dream magic, remember? I did it to Tim as well?
:BriannahCB: That is true… I guess yah did really teach me ‘ow to be a better person… though I don’t actually need it now, as I was never broken like that in the first place… it’s really strange to think about it like that…
:KrotosSB: I… err…
:KronosSB: I think big bro is feeling a bit left out this time, heh…
:BriannahCB: Oh! Sorry! I keep forgetting there is two of yah all the sudden…
:KrotosSB: It’s… fine. Really… It’s just something we all need to get used to, I guess?

:KronosSB: So… how do you feel about me? Really feel?
:BriannahCB: ‘ow I feel? Why, I love yah, ‘un.
:KrotosSB: and me?
:BriannahCB: I love yah too, love.
:KronosSB: And the both of us?
:BriannahCB: I want to love the both of yah just as much!
:KrotosSB: So… you really want to do this? The both of us?
:KronosSB: We both love her… and she love us both. It’s the only way no one go away heartbroken.
:KrotosSB: I… I’m not sure about this but… if it will get me away from those other brides…
:BriannahCB: I’m not sure about this either… I can barely love one of yah enough as it is…
:KrotosSB: I for one promise to love you with all my passion!
:KronosSB: And I promise to always be there for you, no matter what?
:BriannahCB: Aw, both of yah are such sappy dorks, yah know that?
:KrotosSB: :KronosSB: H-hey…
:BriannahCB: And I love yah for it… so… before we go see the king… I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about this but… I guess we’ve known each other for a while, eh?
:KrotosSB: Wait, where are you going with this?
:BriannahCB: ‘ow about you two show me just ‘ow much passion yah ‘ave for me, eh? Right ‘ere, right now?
No. 849957 ID: 3aef93

It might seem weird, what with your brother there, but damn it lets go all in!
No. 849958 ID: 91ee5f

>‘ow about you two show me just ‘ow much passion yah ‘ave for me, eh? Right ‘ere, right now?
Just to make sure there isn't a misunderstanding, ask if she's talking about sex. And if she says yes, then say, "Ha ha ha! Of course you're talking about sex. Some things never change." Then ask your brother if he's got a problem with this?

Also, make sure you lock the door and shut and lock any windows in the room!
No. 849962 ID: 104c7e

Yes, unambiguously confirm everything, and remind her about your divine fertility blessing, which should still be active, and how you aren't 100% sure how limited it is... and that should inform a bit or what you actually do 'between the sheets' if you do this.
No. 849964 ID: 3ce125

Oh, okay I guess we're going for the love triangle. Sorry Belseth!

Get a basic agreement on how this is going to go before you start. Play Rock Paper Scissors if you have to for any disagreements, like who gets her glorious rump first in a spitroast or who gets to try to impregnate her(or who gets sloppy seconds if you're both doing that).
No. 849975 ID: 104c7e

I'd say that's a bad idea to use that methodology to try and plan that out. Establish some basic ground rules and baselines and comfort levels in a respectful way, no need to go crazy with specific positions if it isn't called for. You should be familiar with the how-to's of 'respectful pre-sex negotiation', yes? What with your silver tongue and history, right?
No. 849977 ID: 6780f5

Hey, Belseth can still be your mancrush for when Bri is busy with Krotos.
No. 850000 ID: 600f38

"Well, I do recall that you never did get to use that 'special potion' you were so interested in..."
No. 850033 ID: fe7355

You'll do it. While it'll feel strange at first to share this with your brother and there'll be awkwardness, the prospect of working together with him, combining our skills and intimate sexual knowledge of our mutual love, to potentially make Briannah feel a passion deeper than each of us could alone is exhilarating. But it's ultimately Krotos' decision whether to do this or not. If he's not comfortable with this, then you'll totally respect that.

If Krotos agrees, then the three of you need to confer on what you'll do and what you won't. What is Krotos' sexual alignment and what he'd like to do, what he'd agree to do, and what he won't do. And, in chorus, say what you all remember is the safe-word. But before you three start talking, lock and barricade the door, latch the window and draw the curtains. You want no interruptions.

Whatever else you all agree to, there are two things you want: First is for Bri to be gagged or her voice otherwise muffled. Both you and your brother know she becomes extremely loud in the throws of passion, which would draw the unwanted attention of the surrounding rooms, if not this whole wing of the palace. She might also slip up and scream either of your names, which would definitely blow this hiding spot.

The second thing is that only one you two is allowed to plant his "seed" where it could possibly take this time and any other time with Bri for how many days it'd be before a pregnancy test would give a accurate result. If Krotos somehow got the conception blessing too, then this will make it possible to figure that out sooner or later. You should also let Bri and Krotos know that the conception blessing might bypass a contraception charm's effect. We'll have to test for that later on.

>It’s the only way no one go away heartbroken.
...Well, there's still Belseth. He might be heartbroken that he and you didn't get to be together, though likely not since you two's relationship didn't get really deep. Still, you feel a twinge of sadness that he might be heartbroken. ...You did believe you could have a close relationship with him without leaving Briannah short, so could you do that here? Hm... That feels like you'd be stretching yourself too thin, though. Your joint relationship with Bri and your brother needs and deserves your foremost attention now. It'll be tricky enough without inserting a romance with Belseth as well.

Oh, could Calcias end up in a arranged marriage to Belseth once the marriage to Bri is broken off? You think Calcias would be pleased if that happened, but Bel... Less so.

>Oh, okay I guess we're going for the love triangle.
It's more a "love angle" since Kronos and Krotos don't have a romantic link between them.

Hm... Maybe not a romantic relationship, but they could easily become good friends. Perhaps the kind with benefits.

Oh, yeah, does Bri remember what that potion would have been? But besides that, thanks to their other-selves' memories, Kronos and Bri now know that there's all kinds of sexual alchemical fun out there they can engage in to vary things up in bed.
No. 850037 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh, yeah, does Bri remember what that potion would have been?
I think she said she was just messing with Kronos and admitted that it was just colored water. And she said she was gonna watch Kronos drink it and squirm with not knowing what was gonna happen to him.

But she ended up drinking that herself right before we had to rush down to the catacombs to stop the Nightmare.
No. 850076 ID: fe7355

Yeah, she did that, but she also said that she'd give Kronos the "real thing," something more "exotic," after finishing their game with Sisah and Doxan, so she did have a genuine potion in mind. You can read what she said here >>/questarch/833853.
No. 850391 ID: fe7355

If Bri is suggesting what you think she's suggesting, that's the kind of thing you'd expect the other timeline's Bri to suggest, isn't it? That makes you a little worried that a bit of the bad parts of that Bri's psyche may have come through too. Just how much of that Bri's psyche has merged into the mind of this timeline's Bri? How have they mixed? How sexually driven and forward was this world's Bri? Would she have suggested this? ...Maybe you're worrying over nothing, but you'll keep a eye on Bri's behavior for any bad trends.

Tell Bri that you'd be willing to try and demonstrate with your brother the love and passion you two have for her, if he's okay with that. But also ask her why she's asking if we'd do this now. ...She worried your father will reject our three-way marriage proposal and this would somehow end up being the last chance we could do this together? Well, you have that worry about your father too, so lets make the most of this time we have together. Warm our beloved emerald dragon with the burning passion of us two phoenixes.
No. 850395 ID: a633c6

You promised to help her to be good, remember?
No. 850605 ID: 65a774
File 151285985573.png - (28.40KB , 686x526 , 29.png )

:KronosSB: I guess it might be a bit weird with my brother here… but what the hell, let’s go all in!
:BriannahCB: Hrrnn? All in, love?
:KrotosSB: Wait, what are you talking about?
:KronosSB: …err… you… you did mean passion like… sex, right?
:BriannahCB: I meant like lots of kissing and ‘ugging, eh?
:KrotosSB: Dammit Kronos, get your mind out of the gutter.
:KronosSB: H-hey, I wasn’t-
:BriannahCB: Don’t blame ‘im. The me ‘e was with was rather… risqué… and an addict when it comes to the more primal desires.
:KrotosSB: *Sigh* Bri… you were a bit like that when you met me as well… though I wouldn’t say addict…

:KronosSB: Wait, why are you asking that we do this now? Are you worried our father will say no and… and this will be our last chance to be together?
:BriannahCB: I… um…
:KrotosSB: Of course he’s going to say yes!
:KronosSB: You can’t be sure about that!
:KrotosSB: If he says no I’ll simply have to convince him!
:BriannahCB: Yah ‘now… if this really is our last chance together… then maybe Kronos idea wasn’t that bad… after all, we already ‘now each other well… and ‘ave done it before…
:KrotosSB: In a dream, yes…
:BriannahCB: Which we remember as real. I… I guess it counts as a date or two at least?

:KronosSB: So… if we’re doing this… maybe we should put some rules down? I mean… who does what and… err… get dibs and… stuff?
:KrotosSB: We play rock paper scissors for it! It’s as simple as that.
:KronosSB: Hey, no fair! You’ve always been better at that than me!
:BriannahCB: Boys, please… yah don’t make rules like that for a moment of passion. Yah just let it… ‘appen… and follow the flow.
:KrotosSB: Flow…? That’s sounds a bit better, yeah.
:KronosSB: Geez, just because you’re bad at rock, paper-
:BriannahCB: Boys, boys, boys…
:KrotosSB: Speaking of flow… remember that potion? The one you never got to use?
:BriannahCB: Hrrnn? Oh, that! Well… sadly, this me isn’t a potion addict either so… don’t ‘ave anything like that, ‘un.
:KronosSB: Oh… and… um… about other us… I still have that divine fertility blessing?
:KrotosSB: …I’m not going to take care of your kid if you can’t pull out.
:BriannahCB: …yeah, I don’t think… I mean, it’s an imperial tradition to ‘ave a belly at the wedding, but still… I think it’s a bit too soon for something like that. So I guess yah can’t really… yah know…
:KronosSB: Aw man…
:BriannahCB: …still got other ways to please yah, don’t I?

:KronosSB: Oh right, one more thing!
:BriannahCB: What are yah doing with that chair?
:KrotosSB: Bro, I don’t think that will actually stop anyone from coming in.
:KronosSB: Just wanted to make sure…
:BriannahCB: The door is locked already… besides, no one ‘nows we’re ‘ere, do they?
:KrotosSB: …we probably need to make sure they don’t figure it out either. You don’t happen to have a gag, do you?
:BriannahCB: Heh… I think one of yah can make ye own gag, eh?
:KrotosSB: …huh?
:KronosSB: I think she means she’ll have her mouth full with us.
:KrotosSB: Oh? Oh… OH!
:BriannahCB: Now get over ‘ere and show me some passion!
:KrotosSB: Whoa nelly!
:KronosSB: Easy girl!
No. 850606 ID: 65a774
File 151285987207.png - (68.24KB , 686x526 , 30.png )

A bit later…

:BriannahCB: *Giggle* Why, Kro-
:HeliosCB: -is door open!
:NonSB: Already done, my lord!
:HeliosCB: I have had enough of you two! Stop hiding and come with me at… once… err…
No. 850607 ID: 65a774
File 151285993129.png - (77.52KB , 686x526 , 31.png )

No. 850608 ID: 65a774
File 151285994152.png - (70.60KB , 686x526 , 32.png )

:HeliosCB: … … … *Sigh* really? With her? This is going to be a diplomatic nightmare…
No. 850620 ID: 3ce125


After you've cleaned up tell your dad that the two of you are really serious about this. You're both in love with her. Don't bring up the other timeline unless it's necessary, because it'll be a pain in the ass to explain things and he'll probably have to read the book to fully understand, AND before you show anyone the book you need to read it yourself to see how much of it is... embellished.

Speaking of differences between timelines, what was the Mantis librarian like? You know, the one you brought into the catacombs? Was he bashful? Lewd? Fanboyish?
No. 850643 ID: 65a774
File 151286736894.png - (90.94KB , 686x526 , 33.png )

:HeliosCB: Krotos, Kronos… do you realize what-
:ThaliaCB: Prince Kronos! I think the King might have figured… out… oh…
:HeliosCB: *Sigh* Close the door before anyone-
:KiraSB: Father, I think I know where they are. Do you know where a Briannah is… um…
:HeliosCB: *Sigh*…
No. 850645 ID: 0d45a9

Well, this is now 3 times as awkward. Can we have some privacy please!
No. 850646 ID: 49ff64

Nice. At this rate, Belseth, Tim, your mother, Cain, an assassin, and twenty newly-born earth elementals are also going to pop in.

Good thing you're a shameless playboy, right?
No. 850647 ID: 3ce125

Cover yourselves before anyone else arrives.
No. 850648 ID: a633c6

Go ahead and gawk, I don't have to hide my shame in my own room.
No. 850651 ID: 91ee5f


And if that doesn't work, then all 3 of you can just cover yourselves.

Also, don't tell your father about any of the events in the book, he'll never believe it.

And when your father asks why you and your brother were having sex with Bri, both of you can't say it was love at first sight when you and him saw Bri today! That's an easy way to get your arguments shot down!

All 3 of you are going to have to lie your asses off and pretend that all of you have been seeing each other for a while now! That way it'll be believable that all of you have built up a relationship and make your arguments to be with each other harder to shoot down! .....I hope.
No. 850654 ID: 91ee5f

This is Bri's room.
No. 850673 ID: fe7355

Fuckin' hells, who's gonna traipse in here next to embarrass you three? Belseth? Karas? Your mother? Cain pushing a tea cart? The entire royal army marching band?

Yank up the bedsheets, blankets, clothes or whatever else is in reach you can grab that can adequately block the view and hold it up. "This isn't a goddamn peep show! You heard the king's command! Everybody get out and close the door! You can come back in once we're decent."

Then y'all need to clean up and dress. You'll lick the mess you left off your beloved's cheek, (her sweet taste with your salty,) and she can lick your dick off. As for your brother, did he finish? Bri and him might need at least a sink to clean up. There a bathroom here? And dammit, all you have to change in to is that servant lady disguise.

Lean to Bri's ear and whisper to ask how long she's been here at the palace and in the capital and any previous times and how long they were. If we need to lie about you and Krotos' reluctance to marry being our love for Bri, we need to figure if we had the opportunity and time to have a secret romance. You can explain how it was kept so secret by Cain just being on your side, but if there was never a time we could have been together before now then it'll be seen right through.

So how was your three-way with Bri and Krotos? Before y'all were so rudely interrupted, of course. How did you feel about it from the start to the finish? And what about Bri and Krotos?

You'll have to remember to ask your father how he figured out where you and your brother were. And he knew you two were in here together so he presumably didn't follow the trail of just one of you, so how did he know you two were in here?

>Prince Kronos! I think the King might have figured… out… oh…
Wow, Thalia must have critical failed her perception check to miss that the king was standing in the doorway. And to think, she's your bodyguard. Must fill you with oodles of confidence, that.

>Father, I think I know where they are. Do you know where a Briannah is… um…
Well, it looks like Kira remembers at least some of what happened in the other world. You don't know how else she could have thought you and Krotos would be with Briannah, since in this world you three didn't know each other. You'll have to discreetly ask her later how she came to think you two would be with Briannah, and if she doesn't have a convincing explanation then discreetly ask how much she remembers.
No. 850685 ID: 600f38

"It's not a diplomatic nightmare if it's not a fling."
No. 850708 ID: 312387

It is okay father Krotos and I are going to marry the daughter of the Empress and I am also going to marry the son of the Emperor!
Oh hi sis guess you also remember the other dream life thing please don't hit me.
No. 850710 ID: 8cb228

Please don't say any of this.

Perhaps something instead like, "Think of it as a diplomatic opportunity!"
No. 850717 ID: 1e7aa8

disengage from Briannah. Start throwing things in the room at them. Start with the pillows. DO NOT YELL.
No. 850784 ID: 65a774
File 151293039684.png - (129.56KB , 686x526 , 34.png )

>Cover yourselves before anyone else arrives.
You try in vain to use the bedsheets to cover yourself, but with both your brother and love sitting on them… the end result are three people trying to cover themselves with the same small piece.

:HeliosCB: *Sigh* This can’t get any-
:SbktaSB: KRONOS! Are you alright!? We heard you screaming and came running as… soon… err…
:TimSB: We’re not going to let you be forced into something… wow… I didn’t…
:WogSB: …this one is confused about what it is currently witnessing.
:KronosSB: By the five, who's going to traipse in here next to embarrass us three? Belseth? My other brother? My… m-my mother?
No. 850785 ID: 65a774
File 151293040898.png - (179.87KB , 686x526 , 35.png )

:BelsethCB: Ah, there you are my liege. I’m sorry to disturb you but we need some time to discuss the marriage between Calcias and… err… K-K-Kronos!?
:CalciasSB: … I don’t think it needs to be discussed anylonger?
:KronosSB: Of course…

:KarasCB: Father, can I have a word with you about… brother…?
:KarenCB: … … …this is just like one of my Janian stories!
:KronosSB: This isn’t even fun anymore…

:DoxanCB: Lady Briannah, Captain Qelba and an archeologist called Xarrin is here to see… oh, I see you are busy…
:QelbaSB: …did this happen in your dream as well?
:XarrinSB: Um… probably? They were together in it after all…
:KronosSB: This is just getting silly…

:MomSB: Helios! I have to ask you to stop harassing the boys- MY DOVES!?
:SisahCB: My queen, please let me secure the room before you run in like that!
:KronosSB: Seriously!? Pretty much every character in this quest is here now! COME ON!!!

>The entire royal army marching band?
No. 850788 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, Kaktus, as funny as this is, I think you're going just a little overboard with random people bursting into the room. Can we please get everyone out of the room so that Kronos, Bri, and Krotos can get dressed?
No. 850791 ID: 3ce125

Sisah is your mother's bodyguard now, huh? I wonder who she's getting sexual relief from. Or maybe she's masturbating.
>bedsheet isn't large enough
Oh come on. Grab a pillow then. Once you've got your crotch covered, just fucking walk up and start pushing at the crowd to get them out.

Tell Belseth you're sorry he had to see that.
No. 850801 ID: 8cb228


So what is going on is there is some causal force that is conspiring to gather as many 'relevant' people here as possible. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action. So assume it will continue to happen. You do, after all, hear that marching band.

So it's time to take matters into your own hands. If Fate or whatever is going to do this, than you are going to treat it as an opportunity rather than futilely try to stop it! As covered up as you can be, using the bedsheet, the fitted sheets, the pillows, some nearby furniture, the comforter, etc. etc., begin dressing. Throw clothes to the two others as you move around. Don't visibly react as whoever-it-is comes in the next few times. Instead, once you are vaguely decent, walk to the door yourself with all possible dignity, and in as majestic and royal voice as you can, announce, 'now that everyone is here, this is going to be a two-part meeting. First, I need to talk to those that remember the Dream. Dreamers on the inside, everyone else, outside. Dreamers, you know who you are; if you don't know what I am talking about, you aren't a dreamer. Come on, we don't have all day!"

Then, when everyone does this, look to those outside the door and calmly state, "Don't worry, this will just take a moment, all will be explained, but we need to talk amongst ourselves for a bit. Please excuse us." Call anyone out if you think they are not a Dreamer, but don't object too strongly if they cite something along the lines of 'royal privelage' or 'safety' as a reason to stay. It's not worth making a fuss. A 'very well, though this will likely be confusing' would be good enough.

And then close the door yourself before anyone else comes in!

Then, once you talk to all the dreamers, first ask, "Does anyone not have full and complete memories of the other timeline yet?" If they don't, try to jog their memory with partial prompts that leave some details out.

Perhaps open the impromptu meeting with, "Does anyone have any major actions they want to do because of the dream? The three of us have obviously come up with an action, and we do want to try and take this further than just the bed. Perhaps some way of explaining things to the others? Some sort of proof?"

Then open the floor, manage the impromptu meeting with all dignity as befits your rank and respect for the urgency and gravity of the situation, and then present a united front to the others who will inevitably be gathering outside in the hallway or wanting to know what's going on.
No. 850802 ID: d887c0

Well, so much for secrecy.
Go ahead and get dressed. Don't bother hurrying. What are they gonna do? Stare at your dick a little longer?
No. 850810 ID: a633c6

You're sure this isn't your over active imagination?

Get Bri a moist towelette or something, then dress yourselves. Wait for the peanut gallery to stabilize in size then explain you intend to do the honorable thing and marry her.
No. 850817 ID: 600f38

"Seriously? Are you all just going to stand there and stare after breaking into a locked room?
I'm disappointed in all of you. Have some decency!"
No. 850820 ID: 91ee5f

>Talk about the dream.
I'm pretty sure none of that is going to work.
No. 850821 ID: 50bf10

"I suppose you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today."
No. 850824 ID: 8cb228

Well, please give a better alternative, mmm?
No. 850830 ID: 91ee5f

Not saying anything that'll make us sound like a crazy person and get us thrown into the insane asylum.

And even if others agree with us, the king won't believe any of it and say that we payed them all to play along with some half-baked plan to get out of marriage.
No. 850833 ID: 8cb228


Okay... so what DO we say to take control of the situation, then?
No. 850842 ID: 33cbe7

Every character together in one spot... they'd be vulnerable to an explosion! Yell 'Look out, there's a bomb!'
No. 850856 ID: 8cb228

HELL NO! Do you want to cause your friends and family to trample one another to death?!?!?!
No. 850878 ID: 98f485

If you must curse, do so quietly. If you must curse someone, curse fate.
So do that. This is probably his revenge for messing up his web.
Well hopefully some humor will help diffuse the situation and after you're dressed we need to talk to the people who might remember the dream first.
No. 850880 ID: fe7355

Okay, considering the situation has shot from plausible straight through improbable to incredibly ridiculous, there's way more people piled up in that doorway than makes spatial sense, your father's bodyguards didn't stop any of these folks and you just verbally poked a hole through the fourth wall, this most likely isn't really happening. You're probably dreaming. You, and maybe Krotos, fell asleep in the arms of your mutual beloved after finishing your passionate three-way and you're having a bad dream wrought of your worries. ...Well, that's what you really, really hope this is.

Alternatively, you have a feeling this is somehow Chronicler's doing. It was the one who weaved that divine-level power to bring about this world, so maybe it nudged things around so this confluence of people had a high chance of happening. After all, Chronicler does like a good story, though looking at this situation you have to question what it considers "good."

Alright, just in case this is really happening, you're gonna have to take direct action since your father seems to be so overwhelmed he can only sigh and not tell everyone to leave and everyone else seemingly either doesn't have the common decency to leave or at least turn around or look away or is so shocked they can't. And since all of them have unfortunately already gotten a clear view of your naked, fully erect and just-came-on-Bri's-face form, them seeing it a little more while you move to cover yourself, Bri and Krotos isn't going to be any worse than this already is. You're also fast and agile, so you can hopefully make quick work of covering up.

Move towards the nearest item large enough to offer decent visual blocking of your genitals, take it and keep hold it so it blocks the view from the crowd, moving it as you turn. And when you turn, make sure you favoring turning your back towards them. Then move to grab a sheet or blanket from wherever they ended up and haul it up over Krotos and Bri, or at least up to where her or him can grab it and pull it the rest of the way over themselves. Then move to grab the servant gal outfit you were wearing and pull it over yourself. It should cover everything so drop whatever you were using to hide your boner. Then scoop up Krotos and Bri's clothes and hand them over to their owners so they can dress under the covers.

While performing these maneuvers, put on a level tone and rapidly ask everyone here to please have the decency to at least turn around or look away, if not step back into the corridor. Say you know suddenly seeing the three of us like this is surprising, even shocking, but that's no excuse to keep standing there watching. Tell them we'll speak once we're clothed and decent, so if they'd kindly leave and close the door, that'd speed that along greatly.

I agree, though there might be another angle to this we could use. Notice that almost the entire royal family line of succession is grouped up here, save Kern who's in some country far to the south. That's a big damn no-no as far as security protocol is concerned because it presents a big, fat target of opportunity for assassins. The king's bodyguards as well as Sisah and any bodyguards Kira, Karas or Karen have with them should know this and move to escort the royal family members apart.
No. 850897 ID: fe7355

And also be rather pissed off and sad that this is when and how you and Krotos get to first meet your previously-long-dead mother in this timeline. It shoulda been with the chance for heartfelt hugs, and definitely not her seeing you two in a three-some.
No. 850906 ID: fe7355

Wait, a better plan would be, before you try moving to get anything yourself, to try ordering Thalia or the guard to grab a sheet or blanket and throw it over you three on the bed before getting y'all your clothes. They're your subordinates, so they should follow your orders. But if they don't for some unfathomable reason, then Bri can order Doxan to do it. ...He is her subordinate, right?

Meanwhile, you, Krotos and Bri can move to lay flat front-side down on the bed to keep your privates out of view of the throng. Unless Krotos is still balls deep in Bri, in which case only you lay flat. This is because Bri's copious behind blocks the view from the doorway of both their genitals and Krotos withdrawing would show more than otherwise. Bri can reposition her tail to help block more of the view back there, though.
No. 850974 ID: fe7355

Oh, and if when you say you can't pull up the bedsheets because you three are on them you mean not just the bottom sheet but the top sheet or blanket, then that's easy to fix. Just tell Krotos and Bri to grab the edge of the sheets with you and y'all roll over simultaneously, away from the door. That should pull them up and over.
No. 851486 ID: 65a774
File 151319247650.png - (110.48KB , 686x526 , This.png )

>Sisah is your mother's bodyguard now, huh?
Apparently she is today. The Serpent mercenary group she belongs to have a long history of loyalty to the Risavian crown, thus when we need extra protection we bring them in as an elite guard. You guess she’s here because of all the noble families currently in the palace?
>I wonder who she's getting sexual relief from.
…with the other Serpents?

>Go ahead and get dressed. Don't bother hurrying. What are they gonna do? Stare at your dick a little longer?
Right, enough of this. You get up from the bed and start dressing yourself as if nothing had happen… and while you hand your two companions their clothes as well you can hear people excuse themselves as they try to leave… but it seems that the door has become a bottleneck, ensuring they are all stuck here with you.

:KronosSB: I suppose you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today.
:TimSB: …to show off your dick?
:KarasCB: Trust me, I for one didn’t want to walk in on this!
:KiraSB: I’m pretty sure we’re here to witness you two throw away politically important marriage because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.
:KronosSB: Actually, we have a far greater marriage to give. Not one only of political importance, but one of love as well.
:KrotosSB: Let me present to you Briannah, the daughter of the Imperial Empress herself and the love of my… our lives!
:BriannahCB: Um… ‘ello?
:HeliosCB: …you two can’t be-
:MomSB: Why, my doves! You finally found someone special!
:HeliosCB: Both of you can’t marry the same woman! …and not to mention that she is-
:MomSB: Helios… *Deathglare*
:HeliosCB: …*Sigh* yes dear. Fine… you two… we can at least discuss this, yes…
:WogSB: This one is still confused…

:ChroniclerSB: And so Kronos story is coming to an end. From a humble beginning to a slayer of gods… his path has been an interesting one. But in the end, this story has to do as all other stories do… and end.
No. 851487 ID: 65a774
File 151319248787.png - (17.63KB , 686x526 , might.png )

:DreamerSB: But there are still stories yet to be told… each of the people you’ve met through your journey have their own story to tell... each one has their own ending to show. Let me tell you a few of them…

:HeliosCB: At the time he abdicated the throne he was known as King Helios the magnificent for the great deeds he had accomplished in his lifetime. By not only stopping the drums of war but even forging an alliance strong enough to last generations, he enabled both Risavia as well as the empire to flourish and enter an age of peace and prosperity not seen in for hundreds of years.

:MomSB: Behind every great man, there is an even greater woman…? Unless you’re not into that… or are a woman in the first place and… um… Behind every great person, there is an even greater significant other? Either way, in the end, she was the one who dedicated her life for her sons and daughter, and made sure they grew up to leave a better future after themselves.

:KiraSB: The wise, the queen of iron or the Lady of shadows, Kira gathered many names under her reign as queen. While beloved by the people, she was hated and despised by the nobility... or was, until she had those going against her will crushed beneath her iron heel. While she did not officially have anything to do with the slave uprising and civil war that broke the dynasty to the south apart, many know that her hidden influence stretches far beyond the borders of Northrians countries. In the end, her reign left Risavia without any enemies on their borders or within them, thus enabling the lords to build instead of destroy.

:KarasCB: With coins and honeyed words, Karas finally managed to construct the largest trade fleet the serene sea had ever witnesses, and with it he brought goods and gold back to Risavia from the isles and all the way to the edge of the endless abyss. He also reopened the way east through Lorentia, enabling trade to commence once again with the eastern sea. Suddenly, the world became smaller, as he connected all four of the Northrians nation to the rest of the continent.

:KarenCB: Unknowingly getting a chance at life, Karen of the royal family spent her days in libraries and archives around Northrian and other nations close by. She became a great historian and is best known for her collected works of Northrian nation’s history and the forming of the new alliance.

:NonSB: Kern, the wayward son of the royal family, traveled all over the continent in the search of adventure. Known as a renowned explorer and gentleman, Kern managed many great deeds in his lifetime. From bringing down the great demon wyvern of Xansinal to climbing the Sky Mountains, his accomplishments will be sung for the generations to come. Though, little did he know, his most important part of history was to happen in the often forgotten country of Occidavia, in a story yet been told...
No. 851488 ID: 65a774
File 151319250112.png - (53.76KB , 686x526 , be.png )

:BelsethCB: While suffering a broken heart after seeing Kronos chose Briannah, Belseth managed to mend it by finding love elsewhere. While nearly ten years his senior, he was able to find a common ground and love with a General Calcias, someone that shared his altruism and joy of philosophy. Because the gods was unmade, Belseth was never struck with the visions of the future (as I never saw it fit to give it to him) nor did he grow religious. Instead, he sought his father’s and “mother’s” path and became part of the politics of the empire. He was even nominated for the seat of emperor when his “mother” stepped down, but was never able to reach it fully.

:SisahCB: With the great tragedy of her youth unmade, Sisah never became the lone mercenary she was in the other timeline. Instead, she remained a member of her old mercenary company, a company that showed great skill and loyalty towards the crown of Risavia over the coming years. While she personally never reached the same renown as her other self, it is clear that she is happier this way.

:TimSB: While Tim was never able to find his perfect mate, he instead found love in his work of elemental theory. Being one of the first mages to witness a newly born elemental, his scriptures and research in the subject took the mage academies by storm. In fact, with his hard work and dedication... as well as the favorable backing of a certain influential Prince, he now sits as a candidate for one of the twelve seats of the archmages.

:SbktaSB: As the lack of war enabled the crown to spend more coin on cultural ends, the royal library grew in size and knowledge. S’bk’ta the librarian became the headmaster of these facilities and proclaimed them open for the public, enabling the common people to both learn and enjoy the splendor of Risavia itself. Though the long hours was not appreciated by his wife, S’bk’ta still succeeded in where Tim had faltered and started his own family.

:WogSB: ...Whisper of growth is still a gardener just as it was in the beginning of the story... and will still be one until the day it wither. Still, the garden in its care have never flourished as it does now, even though Whisper itself doesn't understand why... and these strange little stone men keep running around stealing his tools…
No. 851489 ID: 65a774
File 151319251567.png - (44.90KB , 686x526 , Some.png )

:DoxanCB: While not entirely sure why, Doxan felt an undying loyalty and love for Lady Briannah, and thus swore himself as her manservant for life. Even though he himself never found a mate, he was always happy to be by his lady’s side… even though he started to get confused feelings from watching her eat…

:ThaliaCB: Thalia slowly and steadily rose through the rank of the military, and while they managed to slow her down thanks to her young age, that is something that changes over time, isn’t it? When she reached the middle of her life she finally achieved her dream of becoming a general… though by then she was far happier about her marriage then rank.

:XarrinSB: As he was never forcibly drafted to the war, Xarrin was able to continue his career as an archologies. With his help, the empire unearthed many wonders of the old empire… as well as definite proof that there was a sixth god that had been long forgotten. The grand temple of Risavia is to this day still discussing the implications of these findings…

:CalciasSB: Wait, who was this guy again? Didn’t he appear like once in the whole story? I guess he is banging Belseth now or something…

:QelbaSB: …he didn’t get murdered? That about it? He’s still a grumpy old man after all…
No. 851490 ID: 65a774
File 151319252666.png - (36.73KB , 686x526 , kind.png )

:ChroniclerSB: Of course, not everyone made it to the end of the story, did they? Some were less lucky than others… while others got what they deserved in the end, did they not?

:ZelaSB: Poor little Zela, born too late to be saved. As the war was unmade, so was the reasons why her birth came to be in the first place. As you unmade the war, you unmade the painter, Zela, from reality itself.

:EleteSB: Scheming and manipulating, the old Archbishop thought herself untouchable. But when her plans fell apart, her desperation for a war made her slip up… and in the end, her life ended in the noose.
No. 851491 ID: 65a774
File 151319253787.png - (102.24KB , 686x526 , of.png )

:DreamerSB: Then there is one final story we should look at… the story of Kronos himself. He and his brother managed to convince their father about Briannah, ensuring one of the biggest wedding of all of Northrian came to past…

:archCB: -take these men as your sworn ember until the great flame brings you apart?
:BriannahCB: I do…
:archCB: Then I proclaim you man and… men and wife…
No. 851492 ID: 65a774
File 151319254559.png - (89.71KB , 686x526 , ending.png )

:ChroniclerSB: And so… like most things… this book came to an end…
No. 851508 ID: 3ce125

Hey, I still see another page in that book.
No. 851510 ID: 33cbe7

That's just the endcap where they advertise other books from the publisher.
No. 851511 ID: 600f38

Hey, Fate, make Zela one of Bri's kids.
Partially for shits and giggles, but mostly because that's important.
No. 851514 ID: efcb9a

Can we please see the little birbzards?
No. 851519 ID: 91ee5f

Yay! ^_^

Awww, we don't get to see the baby? )-':>

>The End...?
Alright, where's the real ending?

No, it's not important.
No. 851532 ID: 65a774
File 151320032750.png - (35.00KB , 686x526 , Vrrr.png )

>Hey, I still see another page in that book.
No. 851533 ID: 65a774
File 151320033514.png - (36.59KB , 686x526 , Vrrrr.png )

No. 851534 ID: 65a774
File 151320034274.png - (46.87KB , 686x526 , Vrrrrr.png )

:ElementSB: Vrrr?
No. 851535 ID: a633c6

Consume them all, little stone man.
No. 851546 ID: 3ce125

Steal all the tools!
No. 851665 ID: fe7355

...This is a beautiful sight. More than I had hoped for. For me, this makes all we've done worth it.

I too was hoping to see little Vark-Sakkilian hybrids. I imagined they'd look something like anthro versions of the feathered dinosaur precursors to birds.
No. 851666 ID: 600f38

It's super important.
No. 851671 ID: 91ee5f

Only for you.

It's not important for the rest of us.
No. 851689 ID: 7e6b7c

but at least he's happy.

But did everyone else who was down in the crypt remember the dream? Did they ever explain the dream to anyone? Did Kronos hug his mother and cry? Did Kronos get to take Thalias, Belseths and/or Sisahs cock?
No. 851705 ID: 094652

So... GolementalQuest?
No. 851749 ID: 65a774
File 151327186261.png - (41.79KB , 686x526 , Didnt.png )

No. 851750 ID: 65a774
File 151327187253.png - (39.19KB , 686x526 , it.png )

:NonSB: I have returned, my lord.
:ForgottenSB: …did it go as planned? Did you retrieve the artifact?
:NonSB: There was some… complications. The siblings rewrote time itself to try and stop me but… I was able to retrieve it.
:ForgottenSB: …show me.
No. 851751 ID: 65a774
File 151327188528.png - (44.30KB , 686x526 , end.png )

:NonSB: A cradle of souls… filled with the souls of the gods themselves.
:ForgottenSB: Then it has begun. All that is left is the forge… which is your next goal.
:NonSB: As you wish, my lord…
:ForgottenSB: Oh, and good work…
No. 851752 ID: 65a774
File 151327189658.png - (25.41KB , 686x526 , DundunDUN.png )

:ForgottenSB: …Cain.
:NonSB: I am simply serving my master…
No. 851754 ID: ec849f

Qu'est-ce que fuck?
No. 851756 ID: 2fe26a

He's a very able servant.
No. 851770 ID: 3ce125

>filled with the souls of the gods themselves.
You mean the souls that Life already claimed?

Methinks Cain is not being honest, here.
No. 851834 ID: 91ee5f

It's like a Marvel movie. Just when you think it's over, something else pops up!
No. 851956 ID: ac270a

And just who the hell is this guy??
No. 852094 ID: fe7355

The Forgotten One. The Serpens who ascended but eschewed all that god malarkey and instead created "metal men" and forged a army against the rest of the gods and the world before they and the Forgotten One were defeated and forgotten. ...And who's body is oddly not Serpens shaped, but bipedal. Perhaps they placed their mind and soul into the shell of one of their metal men. I dunno. We'll find out the why and how this happened at some point.
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