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File 151442463117.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
854128 No. 854128 ID: 12b116

:tronklis: She came to me in my dreams, the most beautiful kobold I've ever seen. If I try hard before I go to sleep, sometimes I get to see her again. I've been getting better at it lately, and tonight I might be able to talk to her. I haven't been able to ask her anything before, but I've been able to see her for longer and longer the more I try. Tonight I'm going to try to talk to her for more than a few minutes, what sort of things should I ask? I have to find her!
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No. 863219 ID: 130855

Don't break this machine. Look in the green window and look at the scroll. Maybe if Oubliss wished for everyone to be able to read you could tell what it says...
No. 863223 ID: 9c2d0c

what if.. what if you wished for your team to have the knowledge to understand the objects you find in this place?
No. 863237 ID: fe7355

That machine looks important. shame you can't read anything on it or what's printed on the paper. Cautiously approach it anyway to get a better look at it and peek behind it, but don't touch it or the paper. Oh, but Oubliss should creep up next to the side hallway first and check it. Take something reflective out of the gear of the least value and use it peek around the corner, checking the hallway ceiling too. A spoon from the mess kit might work for this take. If the hall is clear, then proceed across, leaving someone to watch the entrance and another to watch the side hall for potential incoming trouble.

Before performing any more wishes, Oubliss should confer with the group about wording and what wishes they think would be good. She should also confer with the Crown, running any wishes by it in a "if I wished for this what would the effect be" way first. Hopefully that'll catch any compound wishes or wishes that don't do what you'd like them to.

Next time Oubliss dons the Crown, she should ask the Crown if it could grant seven wishes in total, per person or per group. 'Cause if it can grant seven wishes per person, then jackpot! She should also ask if a single wish could effect or alter everyone in this group of four to the same degree as if it was targeted on one person. Like, if she had wished for everyone in the group to become the strongest kobolds instead of just herself would they have all turned into swolebolds like her? If so, then she'll be kicking herself for not thinking of that first.

A tentative idea for a wish would be for the whole group to be granted universal linguistic understanding; The ability to fluently and accurately read, write, speak and understand any language written, spoken, or conveyed by other means. Another tentative wish idea would be for the group to be granted the ability to know what any object they can detect by any of their senses (sight, touch, etc.) is, what it is commonly used for and its basic operation and any magic effects it may hold, if they focus on it for a moment. Basically a universal identification ability. But don't use a wish for either of these ideas yet and confer with the group on them first.

How many weight points are each of the kobolds just by themselves with their base clothing or naked? That'd be good to know if one of them has to be carried later on.

Also, cutting a short length of the thinner green rope, looping it through the Crown and tying the ends together so it can be secured down would be prudent. That will prevent it from being lost if a the pack it's in pops opens while upside down or thrashed about. Just make sure to check if the Crown will still work if worn while the rope is looped through it.
No. 863329 ID: 12b116
File 151734241753.jpg - (179.95KB , 1000x800 , campus31.jpg )

:tronklis:"Somebody check out that hallway, I'm going to have a look at this crown thing."


--in the interest of brevity, here's how the crown works.--
Each king can only be summoned once per 100 years, there are seven wishes total, no matter who uses them. Anyone can use the item.
They can retrieve magical items that they can physically go get
They cannot impart universal knowledge, and to read/write a single language uses a wish every time.
Changing stats or appearance can only be done to one subject at a time
Nothing can go outside of what the maximum possible for the race would normally be.
There's no intentional malice in regards to wish-granting, so things will be taken as the best outcome possible instead of taking everything literally.
Oubliss is already the best at nose-rubbing

:oubliss:"The hallway looks like it goes in a circle or something, it takes a sharp turn, should I go down it more?"
:tronklis:"Let's have a look at this machine first. It kind of sounds like we can wish for one person to have the ability to kind of 'read' objects by holding them, but it will use another wish"
No. 863331 ID: c88e6d

Tronklis, wish for the ability to roughly understand the purpose and function of a device by holding them and concentrating!
No. 863334 ID: 12b116
File 151734374825.jpg - (232.52KB , 1000x800 , bubbleface.jpg )

:tronklis:"As I look into the bubble, there's definitely a face in it!
The machine itself is making all kinds of beeping, buzzing, clicking, and whirring noises, what's weird is that it almost sounds like it's saying something over and over again


:tronklis: I'm going to use a wish, I want to be able to read objects!
:7kings: It is done.

:tronklis: gains psychometry, the ability to see into an object's past and determine its use
No. 863335 ID: c88e6d

Touch the bubble, Tronklis
No. 863338 ID: 3ce125

So there's some problematic item. The weird fleshy arm-gun seems like a likely suspect since it's so out of place. Let's fully explore the area first though.

Also Tronklis you should analyze the purpose of basically anything we're carrying that you don't know what it is. Like the stuff you got from the latest dead guy.
No. 863339 ID: 8bc63f

Oubliss, I hope you never stop posing. Check the far corner real quick.

Tronklis, you could use with wishing for understanding opjects you touch.
No. 863342 ID: 8bc63f

Disregard that last line.
No. 863385 ID: 12b116
File 151735786653.jpg - (158.56KB , 1000x800 , campus32.jpg )

:tronklis:The bubble is made of glass, nothing happens when I touch it.
:oubliss:"There's another hallway, it looks like it goes in circles! That doesn't make sense!"
:slorsnis:"Just don't think about it!"
:tronklis:"Do you have to keep doing that?"
No. 863389 ID: 8cb228

Go around touching EVERYTHING everywhere in this entire place and saying what it is and what it is for and it's history! GO! You must!
No. 863392 ID: 91ee5f

Nothing left in this room.

Everyone catch up with Oubliss before she gets separated from everyone else. Stick together everyone!
No. 863394 ID: 56e50f

Flex on em, Oubliss.
Tronklis, what about the paper coming out?
No. 863404 ID: fe7355

Oh, hell naw! Y'all seen how much crazy, reality warping shit is here? You do NOT want to mentally delve into whatever mad history that stuff has. So keep the psychometry to shit that looks at least reasonably mundane and not bizarre and insane.
No. 863435 ID: 12b116
File 151736773476.jpg - (411.29KB , 1000x800 , banic mode .jpg )

:tronklis: "Hmm, so I should use my power on this machine first, or maybe just the paper. I can't read the paper, I can't, I can read the -!








Tronklis has panicked
No. 863436 ID: 12b116
File 151736775072.jpg - (267.15KB , 1000x800 , nose hold.jpg )

:tronklis:" OW! OW! Stop it! I'm fine! I'm fine!"
:slorsnis:"You're NOT fine! You almost ran out of the door before we caught you! You were ranting and raving about a word, world, word... I can't remember it now."
:tronklis:"It's, I saw, I can't describe it, I saw things. We shouldn't be in here, we need to get out."
:kloldril:"Well we can't go back!"
:tronklis:"something went wrong here. We need to leave as soon as we can."
:oubliss: "can I let him go now?"
:slorsnis:"No, wait for him to calm down."
:tronklis: "You didn't have to pour water all over me either!"

Tronklis is now exhausted
No. 863451 ID: c88e6d

....This power sucks and is useless. All it does is give us EMOTIONAL knowledge about an object. We wanted FACTUAL knowledge. What a gyp!

All we know now is that this place is terrible, and we already knew that.
No. 863456 ID: c0641d

You would even abandon your beloved dream-babe?

Stop. Assess the situation. Create and prioritize objectives based on the situation. Make a plan that achieves the highest objective, and start fitting the rest in. Put that plan into action.

Based on what the situation is, I’d say some pretty good objectives include:
Escape the Labyrinth.
Ensure the other cobalds escape safely.

There’s no reason to assume that achieving objective 1 would necessitate excluding objective 2 as of yet, so we don’t need to take that into consideration yet. We can’t just go back the way we came, so trudging on seems reasonable. This can’t be all there is to this place, after all. Wouldn’t be much of a Labyrinth if it was.
No. 863462 ID: fe7355

Head back to the room with the big beeping machine and rest for a few minutes so Tronklis can wring out his clothes, pop a BEPIS to share and recover a bit. While resting he can ID the items in your group's inventory that y'all don't know the function of or may have additional functionality you don't know. Oubliss and Slorsnis can also run back to the impaled corpse's room to bring the square thing with the buttons back for ID too.

So, this may mean that your group's illiteracy is actually a plus if you ever run across this "equation" in full or part. Well, unless it does that funky thing the big entrance sign did where y'all could read it without actually knowing how to read.
No. 863465 ID: 3ce125

Well we know there's a way out, we have to throw something into the anomaly. Does Tronklis know what the "anomaly" is at this point?

Is it the circular hallway that isn't supposed to be there in the first place? Hmm... try throwing the gun-arm into the hallway. If that doesn't work, retrieve it, and throw Outissa's gear necklace in.
No. 863469 ID: 12b116
File 151737779499.jpg - (262.20KB , 1000x800 , anomaly.jpg )

:tronklis: I'm not using that on anything that's part of this place. That was a terrible idea! We settle down for a bit and I use it on some of the stuff.
Tossing a few things into the hallway doesn't do anything.
The thing with the buttons is some sort of game it turns out, though I'm not sure how it works exactly. Two of the things we have are weapons, looks like you just have to point them at something

"Ok, ok, let's finish checking out that passage to the left of the m-machine room.

We stay together, and make about five or six right turns before coming to a door. I have a very bad feeling about it.

:tronklis:"Th- That's it! That's the Anomaly! We need to leave it alone! Let's get out of here." I have a terrible feeling looking at it, and briefly catch a glimpse of someone sitting in the chair, reading each paper, and placing it on the stack to the side.
No. 863471 ID: 772fe4

have obliss throw a rock or clay ball or whatever it is you use into the anomaly
No. 863472 ID: 3ce125

The stack of papers must be the equation. Don't go into that room, ever.
Is this the last room in the place?

Before you do anything like throwing a slingstone at it (the voice just said "item" which means it may not matter what we throw into it), check out any unexplored rooms.
No. 863473 ID: 3ce125

In this room there's some gray thing on the floor that looks like a box maybe? What is it?
No. 863476 ID: 130855

That looks like a whirligig anomaly! you'd better find some bolts to throw in it.
No. 863566 ID: 56e50f

Maybe it's time for rest. Examine Oubliss's necklace while resting.
No. 863572 ID: 12b116
File 151743329270.jpg - (242.41KB , 1000x800 , box1.jpg )

:tronklis: The Anomaly room is the only one we hadn't been in, and I'm not inclined to go in it again. I think we should leave it alone.

Oh hey, there's a box we overlooked earlier in the fish room. It's got some more of those cylinder things that I found in the other building! And there's a little paper inside that says how to use it! It looks like you pull the ends off, and then stab a needle into your thigh or shoulder!? I don't think anybody is going to want to try that! There's a lot of tiny words all over it too that even if I could read would probably take hours!

:kloldril:"The top picture looks like a fying pan and a brain, kind of. Do these have something to do with food?"
:slorsnis:"I do like fried brains in milk gravy! Maybe they make things taste like it if you have some nasty food you don't like?"
:tronklis:"I'll take your word for it, I did not like eating that when I was little. I've only seen brains in a gross blob that somebody tricked me into thinking was scrambled eggs!"

:oubliss:"I still think we should throw something into the anomaly and see what happens"
No. 863574 ID: 772fe4

I think the needles are full of a fluid that keeps you sane when seeing things that should not exist
No. 863575 ID: c2051e

Test it out on Oubliss, as usual.
No. 863580 ID: 56e50f

So like Sedatives from Bloodborne. Fuck frenzy btw

Maybe.. we should keep them. Seems like it's meant to protect your brain/mind.
No. 863612 ID: 12b116
File 151743934844.jpg - (230.04KB , 1000x800 , oublisstalk2.jpg )

:tronklis:"Maybe we should test one of these out on somebody"
:oubliss:"Why are you even looking at me? I'm not going to let you poke me with that. If you poke anybody with that it's going to be yourself!"
:slorsnis:"We probably shouldn't waste them now. The picture isn't a frying pan, it's a shield! It looks like it might stop things from harming your brains. If we had this earlier we could have poked YOU with it to stop that freak-out you had!"

:tronklis:"OK fine! Nobody is geting poked with it! I'll give one to anybody that can hold one, and put the rest in a pack."

:oubliss:That guy stuck in the machine is the Lord of Marvelous Devices, and I think he wants us to do something to the Animaly! It's the same guy from my dream!"
No. 863616 ID: c88e6d

Ask why he's in the machine first.
No. 863622 ID: 12b116
File 151744162729.jpg - (1.65MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis:"Well why is he stuck in that machine anyway? That's what made me lose my mind when I tried to see its past!"
:oubliss: "I don't know! I didn't ask that last time! Maybe he's not stuck inside, it. Maybe he just talks through it?"
No. 863624 ID: c88e6d

Throw a chair at the anomaly.
No. 863639 ID: 12b116
File 151744677565.jpg - (219.66KB , 1000x800 , campus33.jpg )

:tronklis: We take a bit of a rest, I close my eyes to concentrate because Oubliss won't quit posing. Using the power on the necklace isn't as helpful as using it on the black and orange shooters. The only thing I can get from it is the guy falling off the pier and breaking his neck, though. He got dizzy when he tried looking under it and lost his grip, turns out.
Now, the question is, do we fool with the anomaly or do we try to leave?

:oubliss:"If you don't make up your mind soon I'm going to throw a chair into the thing."

:oubliss: Is no longer fatigued
:tronklis: has gone from exhausted to fatigued, but is still shaken
No. 863642 ID: c2051e

Sure, she can hurl a chair in.
No. 863646 ID: 56e50f

Let's explore before messing with reality.
No. 863647 ID: 91ee5f

There’s nothing to explore, we’ve already been everywhere here.

Messing with reality kinda seems to be the only thing left to do.
No. 863658 ID: 130855

The only proper thing to throw in anomalies is bolts. If all you've got's a chair, I'm sure you can make something work, though.
No. 863668 ID: 12b116
File 151745351899.jpg - (157.64KB , 1000x800 , campus34_001.jpg )

:oubliss:"So it's settled then!"
:tronklis:"I really don't think we should be messing with-"

Oubliss tosses the chair at it! There's a horrible scream of metal being compresed and stretched in unnatural ways as it's sucked into the Anomaly...
No. 863670 ID: 12b116
File 151745354108.jpg - (193.91KB , 1000x800 , anomaly2.jpg )

:tronklis:To my horror, one of the legs catches the giant stack of paper, which starts falling in as well. The anomaly begins pulsating, pulling the table in as well.


I think we should run! But to where!?
No. 863671 ID: 130855

Run into the infinite bathroom! It's probably like the matrix, where eventually there will be a door at the other end.
No. 863673 ID: c88e6d

Of course, the infinite bathroom! If we're lucky, the infinities will cancel out, BUT WE HAD BETTER RUN!
No. 863686 ID: 56e50f

Bail to the other building!
No. 863704 ID: 12b116
File 151745964226.jpg - (239.18KB , 1000x800 , campus31.jpg )

:tronklis:"GO GO GO! GET TO THE BLUE ROOM!" Everyone starts running! The place is getting pulled in behind us, but I think we can outrun it! The building is being ripped to pieces! I can see daylight through the holes!
No. 863705 ID: 12b116
File 151745968419.jpg - (309.67KB , 1000x800 , campus25.jpg )

:tronklis: A horrifying scream starts coming from the pipe room! Or is it a laugh? There's so much noise and screeching metal I can't tell which! We're almost to the blue room!
No. 863706 ID: 12b116
File 151745972156.jpg - (304.41KB , 1000x800 , br02.jpg )

:tronklis: "We made it. Is, -huff- ,everybody OK?!"
:slorsnis:"blegh-, -mmmph- -llgf-, not, -murph-, dead,-huff-"

:tronklis: "Now looks like a good time to set up camp..."

No. 863707 ID: c88e6d

....Clearly we should find more of those chairs.
No. 863709 ID: 12b116

Any further questions need to go in the Questdis thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/119222.html
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